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Horn D'oeuvres - scribEye's 1K Prompt Collection

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I have a discord now! Come on over to The Steakhouse and join us. See you there :)

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I have a discord now! Come on over to The Steakhouse and join us. See you there :)

Queen Henriette’s quill tapped the table as she calculated. Eventually, she made her mark with an elegant, swift circle across the brunt of the page. “So We can spare...this many. Would that suffice, Prince Hrid?”

Hrid gawked at the massive circle she created and the contents within. “T-that’s more than generous, my lady! Nfil couldn’t possibly accept that many supplies!” he insisted, trying to focus on the queen’s face and not her barely constrained breasts. ‘Nfil’s sake - why did she INSIST on holding conference in her bathrobe, of all things?!’

The barely-clothed queen protested. “Nonsense! On behalf of my honored kingdom, I insist you take as much as I can offer you!” she leaned over the table, letting her bosom hang down. Her legs crossed, giving him the barest hint of her inner thigh...and the distinct absence of smallclothes.

Hrid was suddenly sweating worse than he had in Muspell.

“Does something ail you, Prince Hrid?” she asked, clearly concerned.

“It’s Nothing, Queen Henriette,” he waved her off and downed some more water. His eyes glanced around the room for anything...untoward. But it was still just them - No guards, no retainers, not even an advisor.

Just the Queen and the visiting Prince...Alone. In her chambers. With her wearing only her robe.

He wiped away the drips before asking her. “Actually...I must ask ask why you insisted on such an...informal, occasion. Do you not fear for your own safety?”

Henriette laughed, a musical, airy chortle that stirred something within him. She lifted her wine glass and lightly swilled it. “My dear, what would I possibly have to fear from you?”

Her rosy lips touched the glass.


“Hahhh! F-Faster Prince Hri-IIIIIEEEEEEEEEH!”

Herniette’s voice cracked over the lascivious slaps. Her back rubbed into the tabletop, knocking over more and more of the freshy drafted papers. Her green eyes rolled back as she was fucked the only way she really liked it - hot, hard, and heavy.

The Queen’s curvaceous legs stuck straight out as Hrid’s balls slapped against her ass. Her robe loosely hung from her waist. Her massive tits were pinned down by the prince’s chest. She blindly groped back to hold the edge of the table for dear life.

“G-Gods Please! I-I’m Cumming!”

Hrid struggled to endure yet another of her cock-breaking contractions. Her vaginal vice clamped down around his throbbing dick, begging for his seed. Once more he fought her off...but it was clear that this battle was only just beginning.

Her calves slammed down on his shoulders as he sped up his pace. He reached down and wrapped his arms around her back for support. The busty queen’s breasts pressed around his neck.

Ooooh, Harder! Harder!! Oh god, Hrid! You-you’re gonna break meeeee!”

One more climax ripped through her body before he succumbed. Hrid dumped the progeny of Nfil into her wanton womb, filling her with the sires of a King not her own. Henriette’s body spasmed in euphoric bliss as he filled her to the brim.

The prince released her and pulled out, letting his load spew out of her. Now free, Henriette rolled onto her stomach. Her thighs squirmed together, dislodging more of his cum from her twat. The sight of the well-fucked Queen of Askr in such a state was enough to make him raring to go again.

Henriette moaned as she felt him slip into her well-used pussy again. His stomach curved around her globulous ass as he compressed himself on her back. His hips quickly sped up until he was ramming her down against the table.

This bone was anything but prone.

The Queen’s arms reached over the edges and rattled against the wooden top. Her bare nipples grinded over the boards, stimulating her further. “Aah! Oh! Oooooooh!”

Hrid reached around and seized her breasts, transforming her yelps into a long, drawn-out moan. His coarse hands palmed and squeezed her with the ferocity of a King, making her next mind-shattering climax literally squirt down and drench the accords.

Henriette’s head was pushed into the table, rubbing her cheek against the surface. His hand dug into her bun, making it unravel around his fingers. The friction of his thrusts caused her other bun to also come apart.

Hrid pushed further into her, making her ass come up with him. Her knees buckled as she struggled to hold herself aloft. Her toes curled with every spine-crackling second. Her tongue flopped out and bounced with abandon.

“Fuuhck!” her voice echoed through the chamber and out into the hall. Hrid could endure no more, and succumbed.


Hrid rammed into her twat and exploded. His blast disturbed her already jizz-compacted womb, causing his earlier loads to blast back out onto the table.

Hrid’s vision was spotty as he came crashing back down. He rolled to his side and pulled out. The prince struggled to breathe as the weight of his sins crashed over him. “Gods...what have I done?!”

The prince wallowed in his despair, all but assured that his trespass had damned his kingdom. He didn’t realize that the supposedly addled Queen was already back up and at his side until her hand closed around his sore cock.

“You barely even left a scratch, is what you did,” she cheerfully informed him. He gawked at her flushed, fucked body and her nonplussed reaction. The queen carried as much cheer as if she’d invited him to afternoon tea and not just been plowed into a table in her royal chambers, “Come now - don’t tell me you’re done already?

“I..I...I mean, you...I?!”

Henriette giggled at his stupor. She flicked away her disheveled hair and looked to him with a kind, pitiable smile. Her deft fingers pumped him back to full mast...painfully. She rolled herself atop him and shimmed down between his legs. She gave him a long, sloppy lick from his balls up to his tip.

“Oh my really don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?”

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I have a discord now! Come on over to The Steakhouse and join us. See you there :)

Shout out to Shir0qq for the awesome Akali subway scene. Check out the rest of thier work as well!

Akali bit back her moans behind her face mask. She struggled for balance between her hands on the glass and her toes against the ground. The bald nobody behind her slammed into her gushing pussy.

He wasn’t in her crew, he wasn’t even a fan - just some random guy that she’d found in the nearly empty station. Next thing she knew she was on a train, hands flat against the glass and bucking her hips back against a more-than-average cock. Her shorts had been torn off and thrown aside, leaving her bare bottom to be plowed by some nameless, lucky bastard.

His hands squeezed her hips as he fucked the superstar snatch. He was fighting to balance himself as the train sped through the underground. The handrails around him went unused in favor of using the tight, sexy starlet’s body for support.

Years of dancing in the streets and honing her body in the gym had paid off for her. The moves she did on stage were a pale shadow of what she did in the streets...and right now, she was pulling hard from her street days as she partook in an old pasttime.

Right now, Akali wasn’t worried about anything - certainly not being the youngest member of K/DA out fucking in public with a man a few years her senior. She had his silence - she knew that for a fact. One glare as she pulled up her mask made that more than clear.

She shook her hair aside and arched her back. Her ass slapped against his stomach with every thrust. She couldn’t hear the sounds of sin over the roar of the subway...but that was fine - she felt every bump all the same.

Akali hummed as she felt another jolt rocket through her body. His cock was mashing against her pussy, hitting erogenous spots that were often left neglected. Her hand dipped down on the door as she started pushing back. The idea of any passerbys being able to see the faintest glimps of her being railed from behind made it all the sweeter.

She wasn’t shy about her tendencies, and she wasn’t picky about where she’d get porked. But there was just something about the rattling rails and the swaying, fully lit cars that made her drawn to a good, long ride in the underground. Buses, boats, planes - none of them gave her the kind of thrill that a long subway could offer. It's why she always picked the longest, most remote routes before comping for two tickets, and always had her pants off and holes ready the moment the station was out of sight.

Her leg swooped back as she balanced on her toes. The man behind her was really railing her now - desperate to push her against the glass until she left a starlet-shaped imprint for the next riders to see. She dipped her head down and let the pleasure overwhelm her.

She had to admit - he was good. Not the best, but far from the worst. There was still a long ways to go till the next stop, and she was eager to cut loose after a particularly grueling video shoot. So instead of going out with her co-stars for drinks, she slunk into the slums for some underground action.

Akali felt him throbbing in her snatch as he sped up - it was almost time. The young, virile starlet started grinding against his lap with every slap. Even as she waited his release, she was fantasizing about what to do next.

The hand rails were always an option, especially if she talked him into carrying her so she could wrap her legs around him. She could always push him to the floor and start riding his dick like a cowgirl in heat. Or they could prone bone on the bench.

Maybe she’d let him take a sit for a breather and give him a nice, long suck once they cleared the tunnels and started around the upper rails. There were lots of options to her. That was what she liked about subway cars - so much to do in such a small, controllable space.

Akali tilted her head up, taking her ponytail with her. She gave the man an unrestricted sight of her sweaty,shapely body. His wide eyes drank in every curve of her sinful form, from nape down to her ass. He’d remember this more than any of her videos - the sight of her distinct purple jacket and golden dragon above bare, bucking buttcheeks.

Her whole body moved with her hips. She was determined to get off now and move onto the next act. She was certain that at least two handprints were being left behind so far, and was kinda eager to add more mess to the pile. Maybe she’d even unzip her jacket and let him cum on her tits as thanks for being such a good lay.

He rammed her faster, actually being able to be heard over the subway now. Akali wasn’t worried about the any of that. After all, the train was empty. least that’s what a she had assumed before he started fucking her.

[So, can you handle wha-]

Akali winced at the intrusion. The little display on her hat brim lit up, much to her ire. ‘Damnit, I thought I muted this thing!’ she bit back a growl and blinked open the notification through her lidded eyes.

It was from K/DA’s private line. She had an update on the global trends. A stream with her hashtag was at 1000 hits and rising. ‘What the hell?’

Before she could ponder this, a DM from the group chat flashed across her screen. She recognized it as the leader of their little quartet. A link to the indicated stream that made her blood freeze. A message popped up a moment later.

[AhriOfficial - Look like you have a new friend - smile for camera! 파이팅 ^3^ b]

Akali rolled her eyes and glared to the side…

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The rhythmic rain outside matched the pounding of flesh.

Officer Jenny reached back to clutch the bars. Her exposed ass was pushing into the cell between the gaps. Her gloves squeezed tight as her back smashed against the cool poles. She let her lustful cries out in the empty station. “Aah! D-detective…”

The man known as Looker was oddly composed as he gave the sensuous policewoman a good pounding. He let her little pet name slip by, especially given the context of how they’d come together. It doesn't take a detective to put two and two together, especially when the variables are a flirtatious officer bent over with no panties on.

Jenny’s toes curled in her heels. Her ankles slipped out as she was pushed up the bars. Her skirt was hiked up to her hips as he pounded her sopping wet pussy. Her trimmed blue muff was drenched with a slurry of cum and quim.

Jemmy’s breasts bounced freely as her shirt hung open at her sides. Her rock hard nipples stood out against her pale, sweaty skin. She struggled to buck her hips back against his slaps. “F-fuck it like you own it!”

If there were any of her co-workers here, they’d be aghast at the profanity spewing out of her lips. Her - straight-laced, hard-as-a-rock Officer Jenny, acting like a wanton slut. Especially with an unoficatied superior from the International Police of all places.

Well, Officer Jenny had gone home the moment she’d been slammed against the cell bars.

She was no fool - a sleepy little station like hers only had an overnight cell as a mere formality, and she was more than accustomed to finding some bunched up tissues or used condoms tucked into the sheets. Tomorrow she’d be getting the rookies to clean up their sordid little love nest...but tonight, she’d be giving them a damn good reason to clean it.

Starting with the bars.

Looker wasn’t one for banter right now and merely doubled his pace. The rhythmic slaps of wet skin and the clacking of her heels on the floor passed over him. Not even the clangs of her head against the bars fazed him.

He just wasn’t feeling as... spirited , as he usually did. This case had been going cold for too long, and he’d already scoured across Johto and into Kanto for any leads. He was pent up and more than a little frustrated, and jumped at the sultry call. Maybe it was just lethargy...though that wasn’t stopping him from slamming sexy Jenny.

Looker slammed up into the officer’s box, reaching a point that her fingers or toy never could. Her head smashed against the bars with a concerning bang. Her screams tore through the disheveled little station

Jenny’s hands flew up from the bars and wrapped around his neck. Her bare arms rubbed against his finely tailored lapel. Her bare breasts squashed against his chest. Her left heel dropped off her toes.

His hands reached back to grab the bars, further pinning her between him and the cell. Jenny’s nipples poked against his custom-made suit. The soft yet firm touch riled her even more. ‘Arceus sake...what do I have to do to get clothes like this?’

Her admiration for his suit was put on hold as Looker really started to go at her. He took advantage of her pinned state and his better leverage to speed up until his hips were almost blurring. Jenny’s arms tightened around him as she endured his thunderous attack.

Twelve hours - that’s how long they had before the rest of her staff would be coming back. She had little doubt that two of them would be late (the same two that were the reason she’d be avoiding that disgusting little bed in the corner), but the other one was more least in matters that didn’t involve ‘passing time’ in the empty cell.

Oh she had plans for this little hovel, and none of them involved that rinky little cot. There were three solid walls to get slammed against yet, not even including the floor. She had a towel on hand for the latter one - didn’t want to risk either of them catching something.

Her feet were growing tired of balancing on her toes. Her legs drew up and wrapped around his waist. One shoe still clung to her foot as she bucked against him.

A particularly hard thrust caused the bars to rattle. It also shook the pokeballs on her desk, but they managed to stay in place. Jenny had recalled her partners before she sprung her little trap. She didn’t want to expose any of them to the sights or especially the smells of what she was doing. Especially not her dear little Growlithe.

Jenny rolled her sore neck, wincing at the pop. her body felt like mush, ready to melt down onto the floor. Somehow, the officer managed to pant out through her erotic exhaustion, “Y-you’re close, aren’t you?”

Looker’s grunt was all the evidence she’d need. Her grip on his body locked down and held him in place deep in her twat. One look at her blazing eyes nearly reduced the globe-trotting agent to ashes.

She literally spat out her last words, “Well fucking do it! Cum in me!”

He accepted her invitation, and blew the case wide open.

However long it had been, it was now all pouring out into her waiting womb. His sticky cum filled her to the brim and poured back out into her channel. The floor at her feet was stained by a slurry of sin, sticking out against the cool tile floor. She shuddered and went mostly limp in his grip.

Only mostly .

Looker tried to pull away, only for her thighs to hold him in place. He glanced down before turning back to Jenny with clear interest. The disheveled deputy smirked as his cock hardened inside her twat.

“You need to work a little harder to pay off your service, detective.”

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“Hey, your tail itches.”

Velouria perked up at Selkie’s comment. Her eyes peered through the darkened void of her messy quarters. She looked down her underwear-clad body to the perky kitsune between her legs. “Y-you stopped to say that?”

Selkie nodded. She was down to her tabi, gloves, and a thin strip of cloth as her underwear. Her ears twitched under Velouria’s fingers as she explained, “Well yeah - it’s tickling my boobs.”

Her complaint was met with a vigorous wiggle between her exposed breasts. Selkie hissed, exposing her pointed canines. “Uuuhg, it feels funny. You should take better care of your tail - like me!”

Velouria scoffed. Her nails dug into the back of Selkie’s ears and made the kitsune yelp. “Says the girl that spends all day getting it messy,” the wolfskin huffed.

“Aww, don’t be like that,” Selkie pouted. The kitsune’s tail arched up from her back and came to a rest above her head. The tip swayed lazily between Velouria hands. “C’mon, Feel it!”

The wolfskin averted her eyes, trying to ignore the inviting, fluffy appendage wriggling by her fingers. “I, uh….N-no.”

“Feel it, or I stop snuggling.”

“...Okay,” Velouria relented.

Reluctantly, the wolfskin took her nails off Selkie’s ear and grabbed the offered appendage. Her fingers sunk into the luscious golden fur. All her reservations simply melted away from there.

Despite the bits and pieces in it, Velouria had to admit - the kitsune’s tail was so soft . Not as soft as her daddy’s (or Kaden’s for that matter), but it felt like...well, like silk.Velouria couldn’t help but purr in contentment.


Satisfied, Selkie’s tongue resumed- running long strokes up and down her slit. Her fingers stroked her labia folds as she held them aside. The coarse tail between her tits wagged and tickled her tit-flesh.

The sounds of mewls and moans echoed through Velouria’s room. Her fingers stayed on Selkie’s tail, clutching it like a lifeline. Selkie never was able to settle for just simply eating out - she ravished her meal with gusto.

Velouria arched back with a yelp, losing her grip on Selkie’s tail. The kitsune pulled it away and let it settle on her back. The wolfskin’s fingers ultimately settled in her hyper friend’s hair, weaving her thumb through the off-color lock. Selkie’s ears twitched in response.

Selkie shook her head, running her tongue down Velouria’s snatch in an erratic manner. Satisfied, she finally let her tongue pierce into her friend’s moist pussy, happily lapping up the juices within. The kitsune’s exuberant energy translated into her sloppy, eager slurps.

Velouria’s yelps turned into outright howls. Her body shook and thrashed under Selkie’s ministrations, but the kitsune’s shockingly firm grip kept her from breaking loose. Velouria’s thighs clamped down around her friend’s head as the latter happily chowed down on her snatch.

Selkie reached down and grabbed Velouria’s ass, hoisting up the wolkskin’s hips and diving further into her sopping wet twat. Her nose prodded against Velouria’s erect clit, sending spasms down her spine. Velouria yelped and bucked against the sudden assault. Her nails dug into the sides of Selkie’s head, but the kitsune paid it no heed.

She massaged Velouria’s ass, silently marveling at the globulous glory of the wolfskin’s rear. Her thumbs reached the base of her friend’s tail and ran her nails around where it joined with her body. The fluffy appendage in her breasts spasmed and pulsed in response.

The kitsune pulled out of Velouria’s snatch, much to the wolfskin’s protest. Selkie’s fingers quickly replaced her tongue as she dipped two in up to her knuckle. Velouria gasped and arched her back under the crafty minx’s deft fingerwork. Selkie’s smug smirk burned into Velouria’s blurred vision.

“W-why did you-uuuu…” the wolfskin’s question died on her lips as a third digit pumped into her pussy. The trio of fingers wriggled and stroked her velvet walls. The kitsune’s grin widened at Velouria’s thrashing.

“So I could do this !”

Selkie reached down and bit Velouria’s clit. Her teeth lightly squeezed the sensitive nub before her tongue slobbered all over it. The coarse, slimy touch made Velouria’s eye fly open. “EEYAAAAAH!”

Velouria’s hips smashed into Selkie’s face. Her grip on the kitsune’s head pinned her in place. Selkie definitely responded with even more vigorous finger pumps and tongue bathing. Her keen nostrils were choked with the scent of wolfskin quim.

Selkie’s attack persisted on Velouria’s loins. Her fingers vigorously pumped in and out of her pussy, coated in her vaginal juices. The Kitsune’s tongue slapped against her clit, filling her shallow hood with warm spit.

She was at her wit’s end - straddling the razor thin line that separated woman from bitch. Her mind and body were under constant siege as jolt after stimulating jolt wracked her to the core. The wolfskin bit down on her lips so hard that she drew blood.

Velouria’s shoulders scraped against some oddity on the floor, snagging the fastings on her bra. She didn’t even care at the riiiip! As her underwear came undone. The primal need took her.



Velouria’s juices drenched Selkie’s hand and shot onto her neck. The kitsune always forgot that her friend was...rather explosive, when it came to her climax. She tried to pull out her fingers, but the vice-like grip of her walls kept them firmly in place. All she could do was lean in and start to lap up the nectar staining her hand, occasionally brushing against Velouria’s folds with her tongue.

Velouria collapsed, heavily gulping down air. Her hands went limp at her sides, letting Selkie slip away. The wolfskin didn’t care where her friend went- she was too preocupied with riding the orgamsic high that she’d been taken on. Her bra hung loose and disheveled against her swaying chest.


Velouria’s eyes fluttered open to see a pair of puffy pussy lips hovering above her head. Selkie’s thighs rolled around her ears. The kitsune looked down at the panting wolfskin with a big, beaming smile.

“My turn?”

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I have a discord now! Come on over to The Steakhouse and join us. See you there :)

Shout out to Nemesis for the amazing concept of Reese's Cup that sparked this work! MAJOR NSFW WARNING!

“Reese? Five minutes.”

“Mhm, Mhm, Mhm, Mhm”

The woman ignored her manager and kept sucking off the lucky stagehand she’d pulled aside. Mismatched eyes stayed locked on his face from behind her thick rimmed glasses. Her hair was wrapped up in a garish orange towel. Her sensuous body strained against a matching short bathrobe. The next show’s outfit was hanging nearby - a sweet little number of rich brown and amber. Chocolate and peanut butter - the colors of her life.

Being the face and mascot of an international confectionary company was...taxing. There was very little time to kick her feet back and relax, or take things at her own pace. If she wasn’t on her feet strutting her stuff for faceless crowds, she was on her knees or on her back drowning in benefactors, superfans, or whatever lucky bastard caught her undiscerning eye. It was nice to take a little break and leisurely down a cock or to guzzle man milk.

And Reese wanted her milk.

Her head bobbed up and down, sticking to the upper half of his dick. Her hands stayed on her lap, displaying her manicured nails. Few women could make such a garish collection of orange, gold, and brown and make them work. But none of them were Reese.

She leaned in, taking more of his girth down until she felt him at the back of her mouth. Reese paused long enough to take a deep breath before she pushed down. Her throat took him down with complete ease.

He wasn’t the biggest, the widest, or the heaviest she’d ever had. Honestly, she’d probably forget this one within a week, once she was halfway across the world in a swanky hotel with her ankles up to her ears. Still, she’d give him her all, and maybe a few dozen pounds of chocolate for his trouble.

Reese pulled herself down until she was kissing his groin. His dick bulged out of her throat. She gave him a moment as she collected herself...and then she fucked her face on his cock.

Up and down at a speed that would make pornstars gawk. She left a sloppy trail of spit in her wake, only to have it splash back against her face as she came back down. Her freckled breasts bounced out of her bathrobe and wildly swung in sync.

She was humming something, though the lyrics were lost in the vibrations. Not that he’d be able to discern it even if wasn’t smelling pure white euphoria. The star made a show of being as loud and sloppy as she could, even if it was faked. It wasn’t her style. She never believed in mockery or pity sex - to her there was no ‘wrong’ way to fuck.

Buried beneath the primal need to nut was the timid, rational voice that had been screaming at him from the moment she’d pushed him down and settled on her knees. The voice that reminded him that he was on borrowed time and that every second would put his ass back at the employment services. Then again he had abandoned his post for a half hour in absolute heaven.

...He was probably fired anyway.

Reese’s trained throat coaxed out his loads. Rope after rope of salty cum splashed down her gullet into her tight stomach. Very few of the company’s confectionary treats made it past her lips -she had a figure to maintain after all.

As she felt him slow down, her head pulled back and took him back in her mouth. The last few spurts managed to fill her cheeks, making them balloon out to retain it all. Once she was sure he was done, she swiftly pulled back, extracting him with only a dollop of spunk landing on her freckled breasts.

Reese was feeling a little saucy and decided to leave the stagehand with a final show. She crawled back on her knees until he could see every inch of her sexy body. Once she had his attention, her mouth opened wide and displayed the bubbling, curnning cumcoction pooling around her teeth. Her tongue lazily coasted for a few moments, like a fin through the water. Quick as it begun, it was over as she swallowed every drop down and was on her feet.

She ignored the man on her couch and threw off her robe. Her captivating dark body was on full display as she reached for the outfit. The top was pulled up and hugged her fat ass, making it ripple as she finished bringing it over her big cups.

Reese prepared with the skill and practice of a world-class icon. It didn’t matter if it was between shows or between sheets - she was always ready for her next show. Her laced boots were back on the ground before he could even catch his breath.

He wasn’t a fool - it was best to just slip away and maybe try to beg for mercy. Make up an excuse that didn’t involve admitting to being sucked off by one of the hottest women in the world. He reached down to his pants.


Reese turned around. She’d just finished applying her brown lipstick and was puckering her lips. Her outfit was complete, right down to her now-styled hair and the little cup hat. She strolled over to him with sensuous ease. He laid still as she pushed him back onto the couch. His cock stood, with the small spurt dripping down his shaft.

Without a word, she took him back down in her mouth in one swoop. He felt her tight lips glide down his dick until he hit her throat...and kept going. She took him all down until her lips were kissing his base. Reese quickly pulled him back out with a loud, wet POP.

His cock was now devoid of cum. A smeared lip mark was left against his groin. He looked up at her, but she was already applying a second coat of lipstick. “That’s better.”

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I have a discord now! Come on over to The Steakhouse and join us. See you there :)

Shout out to Nemesis for the amazing concept of S'more that sparked this work! MAJOR NSFW WARNING!

The campfire’s warmth was nothing compared to her incredible tits.

The camper shuffled back on his log, giving her more room to settle between him. Her furry neckline was pulled down, exposing her perfect brown breasts. Her nipples perked up in the cool mountain wind. The lotion she’d used made them shine in the firelight.

Her name...she called herself S’more. The camper wasn’t sure if that was a real name or some kind of pet name...based on how skilled she was with her marshmallows, he was leaning towards the latter. He didn’t really ask what she was doing out there, or why she was dressed in a way that would make Jessica Rabbit wilt. One look at her mischievous brown eyes and the bottle of lotion in her hands was all he needed to know.

His jacket was on the ground, protecting her bare knees. Her dress was at the side, exposing her white, dripping panties. Her hair pillowed down around her ass, like a flow of rich milk. Her long sleeves ung at her elbows as she used her wrists to keep her boobs squeezed together.

S’more grinned at her new friend, showing pearly whites framed by rich dark lips. Her arms rocked up and down, smothering him in her hot bosom. ”Like my marshmallows?”

The camper didn’t answer right away. ‘Okay, deep breath - be cool, be cool…’

“I uh….Y-Yeah,” he admitted.


S’more giggled at his failed bravado. She leaned down and left a kiss on his glans. “Well lucky you - they’re all yours tonight. All I want in return…is your milk.”

Her elbows pushed away and were quickly replaced by her hands. She started alternating her boobs, letting one go up as the other dropped. Her fingers dug into her heaving bosom, leaving imprints that smoothed back into her heavenly tits.

Her lips busied themselves with his crown. Her tongue swirled around his glans and tickled his slit.she dipped down and started smooching around his cock. Each kiss left a smurred brown mark behind.

S’more paused and spat on the camper’s dick. She adjusted her arms so that a free hand could smear it down his shaft. She drooled out more to help lube up her puffy prison. However, she had an idea and turned up to him. “Hey, squeeze the bottle in my mouth.”

Her request made him perk up. He picked up the lotion and turned to her with confusion and concern. She shook her head and smiled. “Don’t worry - it’s edible,” she explained before holding her mouth open. Her tongue rolled out of her lips and waited in anticipation.

He squeezed the bottle right into her mouth. A steady stream of creamy-looking lotion pooled on her tongue.she signaled him to stop before closing her mouth. S”more swished it in her mouth before looking up at him. She winked.

Wait, is she gonna…



His roar echoed through the clearing, disturbing the little critters around them. S’more ignored him and focused on sucking him off. Her tongue smeared the lotion over his cock. He felt his loins growing hot as the effects began to kick in. a few dribbles leaked out of her lips and dripped down his dick into the crack of her breasts.

It good.

S’more pushed her boobs down, giving her more room to bob her head. She stayed near the top of his cock and lavished every inch with her attentive tongue. His dick basted in her mouth, churning closer and closer to a rich, salty release.

She pulled off his cock and drooled out the rest. The lotion poured down over his cock, warming him up even more. She leaned down and ran her tongue up his shaft. “Hah, hah...what’d ya think?”

He couldn’t muster up the words to respond, so she kept on. “Up for another round?”

He reacted too quickly and started squirting before she was ready. “H-hey, easy!”

The camper was impatient, but obeyed. The second her mouth was open, he squeezed the bottle and filled her mouth with lotion. She quickly closed her mouth, wincing as some of it hit her chin.

S’more dipped down and took him back in her mouth. But the moment her lips closed around his cock, he exploded. Her eyes widened before she spat him out, letting the first load pour down her chin. She tightened her grip on her boobs and let him bathe her in rich, syrupy seed.

His cum bathed her face, turning her mocha skin white. The shot that got in her hair disappeared into her creamy locks. The strands that landed on her cracker hat looked like glazing. The rest poured down to her jiggling tits and gave them a nice, creamy finish.

She kept one eye open and her tounge out to take as much as he could offer. She let his spunk shoot to the back of her mouth and down her eager throat. By the time he finished, she was coated in a mask of white.

“Mmmm, yummy yummy milk,” she cooed. Her sticky fingers pulled a boob up so she could start licking off his spunk. Her tongue occasionally flicked between her fingers to scoop up the webs of cum between them. She was voracious in her treat

The camper watched her go for a few moments before he had to lean back. His body felt like jello after the earth-shattering orgasm she’d drawn out of him. ‘Jesus...who...WHAT is she?”


Her call brought him back. He looked up to see that she’d moved...and what he saw made his struggling dick rock hard.

S’more was next to a rock, looking back at him. Her hair split over her perfect butt. He noticed her panties were pushed aside, letting her nectar drizzle to the ground. Her hands were propping open her ass and the puckered star.

“Want to stuff your stick in my chocolate?” she winked.

‘Best camping trip ever!’

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"Oh, Oh, Oooh."

Cookie moaned freely as her rich dark ass was split. Coffee creamer leaked out onto the patio. Manicured nails clutched the table and the back of the chair. Her blonde hair swayed and bounced, slick with sweat. Her husky voice carried through the empty balcony and reached down the stairwell. The looming flickers of the rising sun cast shadows down the alley below.

She paused her thrusts and rolled her rear, letting her plush cheeks massage the chef's crotch. Her hand reached back and pulled him by his neckerchief into a deep, simmering french kiss. His mustache tickled her nose as she slid her tongue in his mouth.

She'd arrived earlier than expected, hence their wilful, wild romp outdoors. He'd expected someone a little more...professional,to lease out his attic. Certainly not a lovely woman in a trendy dress with chocolate chip leggings and gloves.

Though frankly, he wasn't going to complain about an exotic beauty with a clear dress and a black one piece pretty much raping his mouth as she pulled him up the outside balcony. He also hadn't noticed her pilfer a pitcher of coffee creamer until they were crashing into the chair.

Cookie pulled away, leaving a strand of spit between them. Her lidded eyes burned with a passion that threatened to burn. She traced up his neck from the chair's back and drew shivers on his sweaty, glistening skin."Aaah. Don't be so coy, monsieur - you can touch me as you please," she insisted with a smile.

Her rump started bumping up and down anew. She hissed at the delightful pain of in her ass. The cute little beret on her head bounced along with her. His hands stayed on her hips and guided her up and down his rock-solid cock.

His hips sped up until they were audibly slapping together. There was little doubt that they could be heard, and they had not but a chain across the outside stairway to act for their dignity's defense.

Yet neither one could possibly care if they were caught. They were outside, on his own property, facing away from the main roads. They were less likely to be brought under scrutiny as much as being cheered on by anyone who stumbled on their fucking.

The chef finally reached up and seized both her tits. His sudden grip made her gasp in shock. Her back arched, giving him more access to her perky, covered breasts and her choker-clad neck. He leaned down and bit into her side. His hands massaged and palmed her sensitive bosom. "A-AAH!"

Her dulcet tones spurred him on. He suckled her neck, leaving delicate little nicks and nips on her sensitive flesh. His hands reached for the outline of her nipples and gave them a firm tweak. She twisted her hips to give him more access, bringing a leg over his thigh in the process.

The chef let her straddle him as he balanced her on his lap. He slapped her tits a few times, eliciting further moans. His hips smashed into hers as he rammed her tight, globulous ass.

Suddenly he leapt to his feet, bringing her along. Cookie squeaked in shock as she was suddenly struggling to balance on her toes. The chef's hands closed around her supple thigh, holding it open and outstretched as he pounded her ass.


Cookie's hands reached back and grabbed his hips for support. Her rump grinded over his pelvis, clapping against his disheveled shirt. Her head tipped into his shoulders.

The chef increased his pace, enjoying the lascivious song of moans and mewls out of her lips. His mouth popped off her neck and licked in her ear. "EYAAAH!"

He reached for the half-empty pitcher and tipped it over her. The stream of french-vanilla poured down her neck, into the thin crack of her choker. He brought it up over her addled face. Cookie winced, but stuck her tongue out and downed whatever slipped into her mouth. The runoff drizzled down her neck and wound up atop her boobs, leaking into her cleavage.

He brought the pitcher back down and admired his handiwork. Her lovely dark skin was painted white. The erotic sight of her bathed in cream was the last straw.

He collapsed back into the chair, and took her down with him. His cock was planted deep in her ass just in time for dessert.

Cookie's eyes rolled back as her mind crumbled away. She went limp in his arms and surrendered to her orgasm. Hot, syrupy cum filled her ass. His fingers dug into her still-covered breasts. His spunk dripped out of her stuffed butt, landing on the metal chair beneath them.

The two basked in the afterglow as the sun peeked over the distant rooftops. He could see the flushed, satisfied look on her face. But when she opened her eyes, it was clear that there was still more work to do. She'd need much, much more than that to quench the passionate flames of desire.

She struggled up his shaft, eventually prompting him to gently guide her to the top. His cock popped out of her ass, letting spunk drip out. She cooed in bliss. "Oh, la, la - such a friendly welcome!"

Cookie flicked back her hair, exposing the brown choker around her nape. She adjusted her dress and pulled down her top. Her creamy, rich dark boobs bounced out. She stood up, letting his cum leak out of her crack.

He watched her strut to the door, letting her ass gyrate with every sensuous step. She came to a stop at the door to his home, and turned to face him with her arms splayed across the frame. The chef glanced down at her glistening folds and trimmed muff before he looked at her cream-covered face

She raised a coy finger and beckoned. "Now that we're acquainted, perhaps we should talk about the finer details of here?"

The cafe stayed closed that day.

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Ohhhh, S-Sir Olberic!”

“Should I stop?”

“Please, no! N-Not nowwww”

The cacophonous revelry of Victor’s Hollow was a mere buzz to them as they celebrated a great triumph in the inn’s furthestmost room. Their effects were tossed around the many corners of the room, leaving her in only her opera gloves. Her hands were pressed against the wall, much the like the rest of her body, as he took her from behind. His massive balls clapped against her outstretched thighs every time he slammed into her gushing twat.

The Flamebearer Ophilia herself, being taken so vigorously by the legendary Olberic the Unbending. Vigorously...and gladly.

Her feet dangled above floor, shaking as her pussy was stuffed the pride of Hornberg. Her knees knocked against the wall with every thrust. Sweat poured off her body and stained the fine carpet below. Her cheek rubbed raw by the boards of the wall.

Neither one was too concerned about how aggressive they were going, least of all Olberic. The desk-bowing coinpurse he’d dropped in front of the proprietor would cover the damages, and then some. With the tournament firmly past his shoulders, his only focus now was on being a mentor to Ophilia . The one she wanted.

Thier long-passed banter from the Saintsbridge had rung in his ears, even as he carried her past the threshold of the innroom. A single frank yet coy statement had irrevocably shattered his attempts to see her as just a comrade.

She wanted him to be her mentor on being made a woman...and he obliged.

Ophilia ’s body was overwhelemed by all the pleasures she’d been feeling. She didn’t know if it was minutes or hours since they’d entered. - the night had darkened into the early morn, and still the ever-bustling city droned on, outside their private pocket of heaven. Her pussy clamped down on his cock as she felt another spasm wrack her being.

“Gods, Ophilia ,” Olberic grunted. He’d dropped the ‘sister’ from her name. Given their circumstances, it wouldn’t feel...proper, to address her as such. He wasn’t sure if he ever would be able to call her ‘Sister Ophilia ’ again.

Olberic’s powerful thrusts echoed through the room. The stench of sex was heavy in the air, with not but a slitted window to let it escape.

There was scarcely room left where they hadn’t defiled. The dresser was pressed firm against the wall from where her back had shoved it. The chair in the corner where she’d sat on his lap - forward and back. the table was drenched in her sweat, as was the floor. And the bed…

The bed was immaculate and untouched, as she’d insisted.

Ophilia’s mind was restored for the briefest of moments. A realization finally dawned on her after gods only know how long. “S-Sir Olberic...why do you not cum?”

Olberic paused his thurst at her inquiry. He said nothing at first, letting her heaves fill the gap. When at last he spoke, it was barely a whisper. “It takes much for me to finish. There is a certain way...but it’s quite taxing.”

“H-how so?”

He didn’t answer her right away. Instead he pulled her up his cock until she was level with his head. Olberic leaned into her twitching ear and hotly whispered his proposed intent. He could almost see the fires blazing on her pious cheeks.

“Oh, my!”

“As I said - it’s quite taxing. You don’t have to concern yourself with it if you wish to decline, Ophilia-”

She cut him down with a quick peck on the lips. He relished the sweet taste of her mouth, if only for a fleeting moment. When she pulled away, he saw the fire in her reserved yet kind eyes. “I...I will.”

She struggled to lift her legs, finding it quite the labor. Olberic took over quickly and wrapped his bulging arms under her. He brought them up, leveling her ankles with her ears. His hands clapped togehter at her back, weighing it down.

Olberic growled at the increased tightness from her crotch. He resisted the impulse to start wantonly thrusting and elected to check on her first. “Does this hurt?”

She winced and spoke frankly. A...A little. But I can manage.”

Her words would soon be tested.

Her gushing pussy made it so easy, even for his engorged dick. Olberic dropped the pious girl on his loins even as he thrust her up. She no longer had even a modicum or illusion of control - her body was truly just a sleeve.

Ophilia’s voice descended back into squeaks and moans. The way she drew out the syllables of his name, or spoke unholy words, spurred him to even greater heights.

There was something about this - holding a woman in such a way, taking a woman in such a way. It resonated with him and called to an almost primal pride. The knight’s composure finally crumbled away.

He stopped thrusting and began to fuck.

He slammed up into her sopping wet pussy, causing her small frame to shake with every thrust. His balls clapped against her crotch. His meaty fingers pressed into her delicate nape.

Ophilia’s world was lost as she dove deep into the white void. Her pussy gleefully clamped around his thick cock. Her tongue flailed out of her gaping, drooling mouth. Her senses were robbed of her as the eternal mark of sexual dominance seared into her fair skin. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever recover and assume her responsibilities as Flamebearer again...but nor did she really want to.

At last, at long, long last - Olberic rammed up and stayed there.



His roar thundered through the room and out into the night. Neither one addressed the sudden stillness as the village reeled, nor the rancorous cheers once it became clear what they’d just heard. Instead, they were too busy dancing with the stars - devoid of mortal draws even as his cum pooled in her womb and drizzled out onto the floor...

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Kagero’s back arched, struggling against her shadowy bonds. Her breasts were coated in milk as it seeped out of her engorged nipples. Her hips squirmed as she struggled through lighting fast thrusts in her pussy and ass. She struggled through teary, unfocused eyes. Her sobs echoed through the dim chamber. “A-Aah!, P-pleas-”

Ophelia’s hand clamped down on the kunoichi’s mouth. “Hush. this is punishment,” she lectured. The usually bubbly dark mage was unusually dour, almost cross. She watched her mother’s defilement with a certain coldness, not even raising a hand of aid as her shadows railed the kunoichi into the ground.

On a whim, she conjured another tentacle, a thicker one that the others. She swirled her hand and had it affix itself to her crotch. She hissed a little at the wriggling mass of darkness, but stepped up to the imperiled kunoichi.

Kagero groaned as the masses around her limbs pushed her down on her knees, still pounding away at her holes. She glanced into her daughter’s eyes, all signs of defiance or authority drained away. “Here, why don’t you put your mouth to better use,” Ophelia offered before slamming the shadow cock down her mother’s throat.

Kagero gagged at the mass in her gullet. Her gags rippled through the arcane shell and reached its conjerour. Ophelia moaned as a ripple of darkness lapped at her folds, like a tongue. ‘YOu’ve outdone yourself here, Ophelia,’ she silently mused.

“Mph! Mph! Mph! Mph1

The kunoichi’s throat was pounded by a wrist-thick shadow cock stretching her apart. Tears poured down her eyes as her body was utterly ravaged. Her nose was stuffed against Ophelia’s star-patched muff.

Kagero was powerless, rendered airtight by her daughter’s powers. They were hardly surprises by now, yet no less effective. But even she didn’t expect the next part.


Sticky, viscous spunk shot into her every orifice. It passed through the pliable darkness and poured in her tormented body. Ophelia pulled away and shot thick, syrupy ropes of cum over her mother’s face. The dark cocks pulled out of her pussy and ass, staining her body in torrid seed.

Kagero coughed out spunk, gargling the rest in her mouth. Ophelia tsked and pushed up her mother’s neck. The kunoichi was forced to swallow the rest before her daughter released her throat. ‘C-Cum?! H-how did yo-?”

Ophelia held up a familiar looking tome - one filled with ridiculous arcane rune and scriptures into parts unfathomable. “I found a little something - only seemed right to use it on you first, hmm?”


The shadow on Ophelia’s crotch flew up and stuffed Kagero’s mouth. Ophelia tsked and shook her finger. “Hush now - there’s only one word I want out of your lips…”

With silent command, the tentacle mass shifted Kagero’s body until she was spread eagle in the air. More masses came about, aiming for her weeping tits and her engorged clit. A final tentacle settled between her breasts, aiming up at her face. All six tentacles were poised - ready to strike along with the one in her mouth.

Ophelia raised her fingers in warning.

Kagero said nothing.


The kunoichi’s body was consumed in darkness. Her orifices were plugged to the brim as tentacles wildly wriggled and coiled in her ravaged body. The ones near her nubs latched over and started flicking her buds like a thousand little fingers. The tentacle between her breasts thrashed her knockers around.

Kagero’s blood-curdling scream was masked by the gag down her throat. Her eyes rolled back, tears flowing down her cheeks. Her tits were vigiorously milked, leaving the sweet treat to pour down her chest. Her clit felt like it was caught in a whirlpool, constantly keeping her just over the edge of orgasm.

She lost track of everything - time, orgams, even her own daughter seemed like a distant light in an euphoric void. She felt her body almost warping, collapsing further and further into decadent darkness. Kagero passed in and out of consciousness for what felt like hours. Until finally...


Ophelia perked up at Kagero’s labored cry. She hollowed the tentacle in her mother’s mouth, giving her room to speak even as her gullet was still stuffed. “Well?”


The tentacles stopped immediately before swiftly reacting. One by one they pulled away, popping out of her holes or leaving her abused body behind. Finally, the four on her limbs retreated, finally releasing her.

Kagero collapsed to the ground, cum spewing out of every orifice. Her labored breaths echoed through the chamber. Ophelia watched attentively until the busty kunoichi rose to her knees. Sweat, milk, nectar, tears, and cum pooled around her.

Mother and Daughter faced each other. Ophelia crossed her arms.

“Alright - now change us back.”

Kagero nodded. A click of the tongue, a flick of the wrist, and a flash of light...revealed nothing.

Kagero struggled to her own feet, wincing at every sore muscle. She had none of the sensations, only the soreness. “ Oof ...I did do a number on you, didn’t I?”

Ophelia looked away, clearly ashamed. Her body was perfectly fine, but she still felt the sensations - the stimulation and orgasms that had been wrought upon her by her own hijacked being. “Y-yes mother..”

The two were silent, letting the flicker of torches and the drizzling of obscene fluids fill the void. Her punishment had been...eclectic, inspired, and admittingly disturbed. And yet, she couldn’t say she necessarily hated it. “

Mother...does this absolve my sin?”

Kagero pulled out a wad of cum from her hair before answering. “I think it does, yes. That covers your little... checklist, at least. Now go, and try not to break anymore dishes this time?”

“I promise!” Ophelia swiftly nodded. The young dark mage fidgeted in place, squirming as her mother flicked away the copious amounts of spunk. She acted without thinking, and swiftly flicked her mother’s teat.

Ahh!” Kagero turned to her retreating daughter.


“Hmph, cheeky little girl…” Kagero shook her head with a smile.

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“Hah! Haaaah! Hah!”

Idunn’s tender hips struggled against his girth. The Warfather’s trunk-like cock pumped in and out of her constricted sex. Her soaked dress clung to her body, pushed down by the roaring falls above them.

Duma paid the waters no heed. His powerful fists stayed on her sides. His bare muscles rippled and glowed under the pounding streams. Water pooled down the finely cut contours of his war-formed temple, lightly sheltering the manakete as she struggled to worship on his alter.

He’d been so adamant upon her arrival - so insistent that she could be saved. Though her soul had been restored, there was still much that she needed yet. Idunn needed someone to help her rediscover her lost heritage as a Divine Dragon..and Duma stepped forth.

“You are improving,” he admitted. His voice boomed through the clearing, well over the cascading waterfall. “Did you see anything that time?”

Idunn panted as she shook off the vestiges of her last orgasm. “A-A glimmer, Warfather.” she turned away, ashamed.

Duma nodded, his face never shifting. “That is progress. Resume.”

She collected her breath before pulling herself up. The Warfather’s mighty tower came free, slick with her copious juices. Her knees shook and buckled as she struggled near the top. His knot remained in her snatch, awaiting her descent.

To restore her Divine heritage, she had need of another’s touch - a powerful member of the Divine Dragons that could offer untold years of wisdom and experience, distilled through words and the loins. She was really quite fortunate that her only true option was Duma- the Warfather of Rigel.

This had not been his first suggestion, nor even his fifth. In fact he never even considered this kind of act to be an option, simply because it wasn’t his way. This was more his sister’s field of expertise, not his.

Regardless of where, she’d learned of it. He couldn’t possibly speculate the source. The only ones that could possibly know of this kind of act were Naga’s child, or the False Dragon. He simply had no idea where she’d gotten this notion...but he wasn’t inclined to rebuke her either. ‘Failure bids growth - how long can you stave off failure, young one?’ he mused.

Her grunts grew more labored and wild as she struggled against his girth. It was only her draconic heritage that spared her body from being irrevocably sundured. But there was no sense in deluding herself - she was growing tired.

As he expected.

Idunn’s shoulders slumped over. Her knees buckled and threatened to give out beneath her. Before her strength utterly failed, she cried out, “L-Lord Duma- guide me ple-eeeeeeeeee-ease!”

Duma stirred at her cries. His grasp on her hips tightened until she could no longer control herself. His calm, booming voice thundered in her twitching ear and sent shivers down her wet-backed spine.

“As you wish”

With that decree, she was no longer of her own power. The Warfather slammed her down, treating the damaged dragon as little more than a sheath for his mighty falchion. He would offer her counsel, but first she had a lesson to learn. ‘Strive ever higher, but be readied for the merciless sun.’

Idunn furtively kicked under his onslaught, disturbing the water. Her toes curled beneath the surface. She dug her nails into his fists, not even denting his knuckles. Her body shook and spasmed as he sawed up and down her loins. He didn’t merely hit her g-spots - he hit every spot with every single thrust.

Duma’s lips sunk into a scowl as they continued on. He’d long since lost patience with the sun as it coasted through the forlorn sky. He was no longer so certain that they would return before dusk...but nor did he care.

Idunn’s growth came first to him. Her struggle for a simpler solution had obviously cost her in the end, but even he could acknowledge her tenacity. It would take time - perhaps weeks, months, years, or even centuries...but she would recover. Recover...and flourish.

She would grow strong- of that, he was very certain.

He felt his release, ready to strike out. For the briefest moment he thought of his young ward - not as a lost one in need of guidance, but as a brood that could rear hatchlings. He considered the notion of marking her - claiming her as the one and only true mate of the mighty Warfather.

And then that moment passed, and he reached his release.



His roar tore through the trees, uprooting the weakest ones. Rocks were blown aside, the dirt shuddered from his voice. Unfathomable amounts of divine seed poured into her womb. Her stomach expanded until she looked as a human ready to bear child.

Duma released her, letting her limp body fall back into his chest. He watched with patience as she absorbed his essence. Her bloated womb shrunk back down as she received his gift. Her dress hung loose and drenched, exposing up to her nipples.

“Are you well, young one?”

“Y-yes Warfather...” Idunn whispered. She peeked through her disheveled hair, only to balk with a cry. “Ah! It’s so...its so bright!”

Duma spoke clearly. “That is your divine eye, awakened once more.”

Idunn closed her glowing green eye, taking slight relief in the comforting darkness. She gazed down, appraising her reflection in the waters. “Do you think...will my other eye as well?”

“Perhaps in time...but only if you strive for it. Seize it, with every moment of your days ahead.”

Duma’s hand reached down and cupped her face. His mighty hand dwarfed her proud cheeks. She flinched as he rubbed beneath her right eye - her bad one.

“What they did to you is a struggle - a heady burden to overcome. But do not forget yourself, young one, you do not have the luxury of giving up - you are a dragon, one of Naga’s chosen...and you must make ready for her arrival. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Warfather.”

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Urbosa hummed in content as she swiftly pumped her fist along his cock. Her other hand gently stroked her breast, holding it in place for the hero's hungry lips. She felt the boy’s teeth graze her nipple, eliciting more of her precious milk. His hand tweaked her other nipple, letting it seep over his fingers.

It was the Gerudo chieftain’s time of the month, meaning that her sweet treat flowed from her teat. She’d been ready for this night, and quickly stole into the Hylian Champion’s private lodgings for their late night rendezvous. The risque maid’s uniform was...a choice of hers, to indulge in a little fantasy of her own.

“That’s it - drink as much as you like, Link,” she cooed . In response, he rubbed against the back of her dress her fist jerked him off even faster, until he finally erupted between her fingers.the first of many tonight - she would make sure of that...

“Oooh, that’s it, Link!”

Urbosa’s wanton moans spurred him on. The Gerudo was straddling him, taking his cock deep in her eager, gushing pussy. His hand was wrapped around her back for support, much like hers was around his nape. She held his head in place as he suckled more and more of her rich milk. In kind, he used two fingers to milk her prostate, pumping in and out in rhythm with her thrusts.

Her finger reached up and twirled one of his blonde locks. She let go of her breast, letting him keep her in place with his vacuum-like lips. Instead she reached down and tweaked his nipple. The muffled yelp and nip on her teat were mere bonuses to his orgasmic reward.

Urbosa flinched as his nails scraped against her ass. The sensations of being milked, fingered, and fucked made her toes curl in utter delight. She shoved his head even further into her weeping teat.

“Mmm, good boy,” her husky appraisal drew his eyes up to her. They locked gazes - two warriors and Champions now bonded by flesh. She reached back and untied the redundant cord around her misplaced maid’s garb and dangled the black rope before him. “Are you ready for the next step?”

Urbosa squirmed against her bonds, more out of habit than any real desire to break free. Her body was too preoccupied with being plowed into the sheets, staining them with milk, sweat, and sin. The Gerudo’s lips were also busy as she endured the invasion of Link’s tongue.

He had her on her back, bond, and utterly at his mercy - a fantasy that she’d invoked. While the chieftain took great pride in her status and her heritage, there was something about being able to cast away sword and shield and don a simple attendant's gabr that sung to her.

It was almost alarming how swiftly her finely honed bronze muscles and perfect body took to being used and filled to the brim with a man’s seed. Even one that was well her junior. To be taken in such a way - to have her toned ass and rippling back forced into dirty sheets...she’d scarcely felt so alive..

Her legs arched up and wrapped around his back, limiting his thrusts. She felt his hips slap against her pelvis, staining her loins and disheveled panties. His hands squeezed her tits as she freely spewed more and more milk. Her tongue pressed down on his, pinning him to her teeth. “Mmmmph.”

Urbosa’s eyes rolled back as her womb was painted white...

“Oh my...I’ve never made this much milk before.”

Her admission carried over the steady hiss of the shower. She’d done away with the stained maid’s outfit and her jewelry, leaving only the headdress to be soaked by the water.

Link was between her leg, pressing his balls against her rippling thigh. His mouth was wide open as he accepted another stream of her breast milk. She reached between his legs and gently stroked his still-hard cock, marveling its persistence even after so long. Her other hand squeezed the tit, shooting a constant stream into his gaping lips.


The Hylian latched onto her breast, much to her amusement. She let go of her breast in favor of caressing his balls.

Urbosa pulled her leg away and adjusted until they were even. She rubbed his glans against her abs. Her hand squeezed his nut as she kept speculating, “Hmm, perhaps you’ve left me with a little vai? I’d need to wean you off in that case.”


Link’s cock erupted in her grasp, staining her bronze stomach with his seed. A few shot even managed to make it up to her bosom. The Hylian pulled away with a gasp, milk still dribbling from his lips. The Gerudo was impressed, even a smaller load like this was still rather copious

Her finger traced along his slit, she cooed in delight, “It seems that excites you… well-”

Urbosa tugged him down until his dick was lined up with her pussy. She let his head prod against her gushing folds for a few moments. After what felt like an eternity, Urbosa pushed him in. her arms swiftly wrapped around his neck and pulled him with an inch of her panting lips. She eyed his outstretched tongue with amusement before laying down her delightful proposal.

“-Why don’t we just make sure that’s the case?”

With that, she slammed down on Link’s lips. Her tongue scraped against his as the engaged in another private war. His hips pounded away, detached from the more tender scene above.

His hands reached down and cupped her bottom, using them as leverage and support. Urbosa was pushed back against the wall, forced to arch her flat foot up for support. Her leg rose up, letting her caress the back of his thigh. Her body trembled in excitement, waiting for the next load to mix in her sloshing womb.


Neither one knew what the future held...neither one cared to dwell on it now either.

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Queen Mikoto’s throat opened up as she pushed his cock in deeper. Her cheeks caved in, creating a tight vacuum that squeezed against his shaft. Her tongue lazily played around his girth, running between the grooves and bumps of his pride. She looked up to Roy with kind eyes as she serviced him and his draconic impulses.

It took her a single glance at the legendary young lord and she knew what his parentage would entail. She stayed close to him, ready to act the moment he needed her most. It came soon enough,  so after returning from the last grueling battle she offered to comfort him the most efficient, thorough way to relieve him that she knew how.

Roy’s knuckles dug into his sheets, bunching them between his fingers. His young, toned body was bare of all for her to see. In kind, she was equally nude, and gave him the distinguished pleasure of watching the curvaceous, mature queen’s voluptuous body as she sucked him off.

The queen cared little for decorum, and loudly choked and slobbered over his cock. Her lips smashed against his crotch as she vigiourulsy facefucked herself. She felt the stirring of her loins, dripping onto her discarded dress between her knees. He may not have been the largest she’d blown, but that mattered little to her.

Mikoto demonstrated her oral skills well. While she never possessed the singing talents of her older sister, her throat was at least as capable with a certain type of instrument. A skin flute, as it were.

Yet while she could easily work her second husband to completion with just her throat, she knew that wasn’t the case with Roy. Young though he may be, he was more in line with her first husband - and she would cherish him as such.

Roy felt her lips dragging over his dick, her tongue slapping his shaft. He fully expect to cum down her eager throat, and was teetering on that frustrating threshold for far, far too long. Yet before he could ponder what was keeping him back, she pulled back and relinquished him with a loud, wet pop!

Huh...huh, Y-your majesty, why did you-”

Mikoto silenced him by squeezing his nuts. Her other palms busied itself with rubbing her spit over his cock. She offered him a kind smile as she gently explained. “Fellatio will only take you so far, young man. Don’t worry - I know what dragon’s crave.”

She rose to her feet with flawless grace. She gave him an unfettered show - from her massive, heaving breasts, her full bush that sat over glistening puffy folds, right down to her slightly reddened knees from sitting between his legs for so long. She was an incarnate beauty - one that was more than willing to debase herself in service of a dragon’s needs.

Roy watched as she mounted the bed and crawled past him. His neck almost snapped as he followed her settle near the pillows. The queen hunched over, pusing her cheeks and breasts against the bed. She reached back and pulled open her ass, exposing her gushing pussy. “I give you the right of my loins. Use it, and me, as long as you see fit.”

He scrambled behind her, seizing her shapely, gyrating hips. His touch was shockingly cold, but it was merely his mother’s heritage manifesting in small, insignificant ways. What mattered was his cock...and it was hot as the resplendent sun.

Mikoto mewled into the sheets as she felt her walls being pushed aside. She bucked back, pushing her ass into his lap. “I will do as you will - act as you please. You need only guide me, blazing lion.”

With that, she let him take control. Mikoto bit down to muffle her moans.Her body was wracked by fierce, powerful slams. It was clear that she wasn’t his first, and it made the experience quite a bit more enjoyable for her.

Time melted away, masked by loud slaps and animalistic grunts. Their skins grew slick as sweat flew off their bodies. Her shapely, child-born hips grew sore. Her toes and fingers curled as shock after shock of pleasure seared her. She was growing frustrated.

True, he was being hard on her...but not hard enough.

She finally spat out the sheet in mild irritation. “You’re still holding on - still clinging to your humanity.”

Mikoto abruptly  slammed back, fully grabbing his attention. Her voice was still calm, but no longer as kind. “Roy - you need to let go. You need to ravish me until your body gives. You need to let instincts drive you where your mind and heart waver. You should be leaving me a sweaty, disheveled mess - begging for your cum like a pauper’s feast!”

Mikoto paused and reached back to her disheveled hair. She blindly bunched and coiled it until it was a loosely woven tail. The queen tossed it back at him, where Roy barely managed to catch it. He gawked at her midnight tresses and then back to the stern, lustful woman’s snarling face.

“Young man... you need to fuck me.”

Her harsh words resonated with him, deep beyond his kindness and his rational fear. The yearnings, the cravings, the almost primal desires that screamed from his dear mother’’s blood. He listened, to both the queen mother before him, and the queen mother within him.

And he obeyed.

“Yes! Yes! T-that’s it. More-oh gods MOOOOOORE!”

Queen Mikoto’s shrieks echoed through the chamber. Her nails dug into the sheets as she endured his fierce pounding. Her breasts slammed down on the soaked mattress with every titanic thrust. Her neck snapped back as he yanked her silken black tresse.

The once-regal woman was a wreck - every inch a strumpet and far from a queen. Tears leaked down her cheeks as he pulled her hair harder and harder. It hurt...but she beared it. Happily.

She’d given him full rights, and he intended to honor her kindness - at least until the next evening.

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The moon rose high over Scuttle Town. nearly every light was extinguished as the denizens slumbered. All save a single light in the Dance Parlor’s tower.

Shantae twirled around the pole, bare of all but her golden effects. Her rich dark skin glistened with sweat and gleamed in the torch light. Her sensuous leg straddled the cool metal rod, rubbing her dripping labia against it. She spared a smoky gaze at the burly man jacking off on the couch nearby.

It was an impromptu arrangement. After wiggling her hot little hips off until she was drowning in gems, the proprietor wasn’t able to pay her for the amount she’d been promised. So insead, Shantae had taken her payment in the form of the bouncer and a private little room in the dance parlor. She was simply too exhausted to even make it back to her lighthouse.

The genie pulled away from her pole, wiggling her fingers in mesmerizing spirals. She brought her hands above her head and began to shake, letting her breasts bounce freely. The sight alone made the man pump faster and faster.


Shantae perked up at his grunt and swiftly dashed over. She sank to her knees and held her mouth open just in time for the first blast to strike her face. His aim was more exact from then on as he targeted her outstretched tongue and shot into her waiting mouth. The genie’s hands stroked her breasts as she relished the salty tinge on her tongue.

The bouncer finished and crumpled back, still hard but slightly winded. Shantae made sure he was watching as she played with his cum, letting it swirl and bubble in her mouth before she closed her lips.

But she didn’t swallow.

Instead, Shantae rose back to her feet and began a sensuous dance. She slowly turned in place, letting him see every inch of her curvy body. Her ass rolled in hypnotic circles over his renewed desire.

The half-genie looked back with a wink, her pointed ears twitching. Her cheeks were billowed out as she swished his cum in her mouth. She squatted down, bringing his dick closer and closer to her trembling folds.

The bouncer did nothing, as he’d been ordered. He let the hot little half-genie dictate everything, including when and how far she’d take him in her snatch. He may not be smart enough to run a shop or anything like that, but he knew when to control his impulses. The reward would be more than worth it.

Shantae didn’t take him right away, but instead rolled her hips until he was sandwiched between her ass. Her hands reached back to smoosh her buttcheeks togehter, trapping his dick between them. She bounced on her knees, simulating the age-old dance. Her hair swung like a ribbon around her bare, toned back.

The bouncer heard her soft gargling, as if she was humming a tune that only she could understand. The half-genie kept going as he sat back, content in the knowledge that it was only a matter of time. And as she pulled up and over his erect cock, he got his wish.

Shantae slammed her hips down with one fell swoop. A deep rumbling groan issued from his mouth, while her’s stayed firmly shut. Her hands grabbed his knees as she began to bounce up and down along his girth.

The candle burned lower and lower until it was concealed in the clay basin. The lights shifted up to the rafters above, with the shadows drawing up to fill the void. Their bodies fell in darkness, letting wet slapping skin and muted groans tell their sinful tale.

“Arrrgr aagra, graaa...”

Her muted gargles kept himi hard and ready. He felt her tight channel squeeze and tug along his girth, sucking against ever groove and vein. His hands dared to rub against her thighs, sending sparks through her shapely body.

Shantae’s hips worked tirelessly against him. Her moves were every bit as varied as her dance - rolls, twists, shakes, and grinds that seemed to melt into each other. The bouncer reached her shapely rear and gave a light but swift smack.

The half-genie shook at his trespass. Her gargles morphed into a choked yelp. He saw the silhouette of her head bowl over as she gasped for breath.


One finger snap sent a ball of fire to an untouched candle. Instantly, the room was filled with light, allowing him to see her sweaty, sultry body once more. The bouncer’s eyes drew up from her pulsing hips to her trembling shoulders. Her mouth hung open, letting now-cool spunk drool down her chin. Whether it was her fucked stupid face, the cum drool, or anything in between, he reached his limit.

The bouncer fell back into the couch as he shot fistufls of spunk into her eager womb. Cum splashed back against his lap as he packed her as full as he could manage. Shantae waited until she felt a his load stretching her before she swiftly pulled up. Her gyrating ass took the rest of his release as he painted her back white with hot, sticky seed.

Shantae reached up to wipe her chin clear of sperm. The load she’d spilled had wound up down her collar and across the top of her tits. The genie scooped up as much as she could from her boobs before plopping it into her eager mouth.

Mmmm, Now that’s more like it!” she beamed before slurping down the rest of the cum on her fingers. She reached back to rub the spunk on her ass, letting it smear over her buttcheeks. Large clumps of cum bubbled and poured out of her pussy and dribbled down her legs.

Shantae released each digit with a loud, wet pop. the half-genie turned to her man of the evening, devious desire still swirling in her sapphire eyes. A coy, spit-soaked finger came up to her tongue.

“Soooo - you got any more for me, handsome?”

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Katara’s back hit the alley wall, knocking the wind out of her. Her assailant was on her before she could even moan. Rough, muscular hands pulled her top undone and exposed her dark, pebbly nipples. Her loins grinded against him, rubbing the sizeable hardon in his shorts. ‘He should do nicely,’ she admitted with a lustful smirk.

She’d stolen away from the group, claiming to be looking to pick up some supplies. In truth she had one focus on her mind - to get fucked until she was a gibbering mess. Weeks of travelling through the Fire Nation without release had left her wanting - and she was keen to collect.

Katara’s hands made quick work of his shorts and exposed his dick. She rubbed him off from head down to balls, appraising the length. Satisfied, she pulled herself up on her toe tips and struggled to whipsed in the rugged dockworker’s ear. “No tricks - no teasing, no foreplay. Just fuck me.”

He chokes out a shocked reply, but ultimately obliges. His hands reach down and rip off her dress, exposing her puffy, gushing pussy. She pulls herself around his neck and lifts her body over his rock hard cock. The dockworker holds himself steady with one hand until he’s lined up with her folds.

She pushed down.

“Ooooh.” Katara’s moans echo through the alley. Her sexual mewls are drowned out by the bustling port, already active this early in the morning. She doesn’t really know how long she’ll have him for, and intends to wring out as much of her time as she can. She hissed out, “More…”

His hands slam against the wall as he rams into her. Katara’s hands squeeze his neck as she holds on for dear life. Her smaller body bounces along his girth. Her modest breasts sway with every thrust.


The dockworker sped up, slamming down on her wide hips at blinding speed. Audible slaps polluted the alley, reaching over the heavy roars and bustle as ships were serviced. Katara’s nose burned with the smell of coal and sulfur. Tears poured down her eyes as she constantly panted.

“More, damn you!”

The dockworker silenced her with a heavy hand across her snarling mouth. His dick brushed against her g-spot and sent her clear over the edge. Her teeth clamped down on his hand as she screamed out her climax. Katara’s already tight pussy milked him dry and he dumped a weeks’ worth of buildup in her young, tribal twat.

She drooped over, balanced only by his dick. He let go of her mouth, letting her gasp in noxious air. His thick cock pulled out of her snatch and left rivers of cum leaking to the ground.

Katara struggled to stay on her feet. She wasn’t too worried about being knocked up - some waterbending afterwards would do away with such concerns. For now though, she was far from sated, and let her displeasure be known.

“I said more!”

The dockworker looked down on her as he was wringing the pain from his hand. She met his ire-soaked gaze with her hands on her hips. One look at her naked, sweaty body was enough to get him back up to mast again...but he had other plans for the little brat.


The dockworker dragged her by her hair to a nearby shipment. He threw her over the crate and swiftly lined up behind her. Katara barely has time to grab the edges before he’s sending her forward with the force of his thrusts. She bites her lip, trying to stifle her screams.


Katara’s eyes widened as pain seared from her ass. Her nails dug into the crate’s lid as she struggled to stay composed. Her hair poured down her back and scratched over the wood.

Whap! Whap!

He smacked her dark ass raw, leaving angry marks where his palm had struck. His heavy balls slapped against her thigh, sending sweat and sin flying.

Tears poured down her cheeks. Katara’s lips were littered in bite marks as she tried to stifle her sobs. She’d wanted it rough, and that’s what he was giving her. It hurt so much... but it was everything she wanted, and so, so much more.

His beatings suddenly stopped, even as his hips kept plowing away. Her unspoken question was answered as he pulled her wrists back and locked them around his arms. His speed increased as he hammered her against the crate. Her knees bounced against the sides with every thunderous thrust.

She felt him unload in her again, stuffing her already compacted womb with more cum. He released her and let the exhausted girl collapse atop the crate. Her breasts pushed into the wooden planks as her body spasmed.

He only gave her a few moments respite. Katara yelped as he seized her hair and pulled it straight back. His wrist slapped against her stomach, holding her close and balancing her on his cum-splattering dick.

The dockworker reached over and dragged the heavy crate aside, exposing the tarp beneath. He still wanted more, and he would make sure this cheeky little brat took every single drop that he had to offer.

Katara yelped as he pulled her free. He held her above the ground by her shoulders, letting her feet furtively kick the air. He spun her around before dropping her on her back.


She hit the mat unceremoniously, knocking the wind out of her harried lungs. The dockworker was already over her, pulling her legs up over her head. He shoved back in, stretching out her barely-recovered walls. He wasn’t sure how much time he had left, but he’d be damned if he wasn’t gonna fuck this haughty girl to submission.

Katara’s head tilted back, mouth open and drooling. Her eyes rolled back as she endured another mind-shattering orgasm. Her hands dug into the tarp as she endured his pounding thrusts.


She’d make it back to camp at somepoint...probably around midday after a long, long soak.

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“hah...hah...d- d’autre ...”

The principal’s office was dark while he was absent. An overcast day peeked in, casting shadows against the immaculate room. The two occupants were not at the desk, but against the window

Mitsuru’s exposed breasts squashed against the glass, smearing it with her boob-sweat. Her nails clacked against the window, her boots tapped against the floor. Her bare thighs bucked back against the man’s thrusts, matching hips with loud, wet slaps. She dipped her head down until her forehead was pressed against the panes. “Oooh, Officer…”

Kurosawa kept his mouth firmly shut as he pumped into her tight snatch. He’d stripped down to his undershirt and left the rest of his uniform against the chair nearby. He reached up from her sweaty hip and stuck his fingers in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his digits as she happily gargled on.

This was not part of the arrangement...not the one that he’d signed up for at least. Accept money and acquire arms and armor for the student president and her exclusive little club - that’s it. Sure he was already working outside the law, but dealing with the heiress’ ‘tastes’ was just adding to the pile. And yet...the thought of jail didn’t rile him nearly as much as Mitsuru’s tight body and her husky, breathy moans.

Kurosawa reached up and grabbed her chin. Her open shirt now swayed free of any obstructions. The honor student’s head tilted up until her jaw was tapping against the window.

Knock knock knock

Mitsuru winced at the sounds of her chin against the glass. It made her doubt her meticulous machinations in setting up this liaison. Everything should be perfectly arranged to give her an hour of unmolested time with S.E.E.S.’ weapon liaison. ‘D-Did I forget something?’

The funds were left on the desk as he plowed her against the window. The door should still be locked after she snuck him in. a quick glance outside confirmed that the courtyard was empty. Everything looked to be in she went back to enjoying herself.

Kurosawa grunted as she pushed back. Her waifish body belayed a great strength, and soon she was propped up by her hands. Mitsuru turned back, her exposed eye blazing with need as she hissed out, “Grab them!”

The officer took her consent and seized her assets. His rough hands frisked her sensitive boobs, rolling them between coarse fingers. Mitsuru yelped and mewled in approval. Her ass slammed back and rubbed against his crotch. He felt the thin silk of her panties tickling his balls.

He pushed her up and left her on the tip of her boots. Her knees bumped against the wall, adding to the illicit private symphony between student and officer. It was the kind of raunchy union that she craved, and was more than willing to use her means to make a reality.

Kurosawa sped up as he neared his peak. His nose crinkled under the heavy odors of lust. Mitsuru seemed mostly unaffected by the least in a negative way.

Her hand dipped between her legs and vigorously fiddled her erect clit. Mitsuru turned back to him, eyes wide as she spat out. “Harder, damn you!”


His hand pushed her back down, smashing her tits and cheek against the window. She made no biting comments about police brutality. In fact, she seemed almost excited at his rough treatment of her. “Ah! S- S’il vous pla -aaaaaayyyye!”

Mitsuru’s eyes rolled back as her body shut down. He felt her pussy clamp around his cock like a vice. His struggled thrusts came to an end as he slammed deep in her twat and stayed there.

Kurosawa pressed her against the glass as he pumped his loads directly into her core. Her ravenous womb grew fat as he packed her full of cum. She collapsed against the window. Her eyes were covered by her hair, leaving only her plump lips exposed. A wet pop echoed through the office as she sighed, “Ahhh...C’est Magnifique .”

Kurosawa guided her to the adjacent chair and set her down. She splayed out, gasping and wheezing against the pricey leather. She was a far cry from the proper, composed heiress and exceptional student that she normally kept herself as. He appraised her sated body one last time before he turned to his effects.

“...Already leaving?”

He was busying himself with his uniform as he answered. “I have to - I pulled some major stings to answer your little call. Didn’t expect to spend so much time here.”

She hummed in response and said no more. Kurosawa focused on tightening his belt when he felt her brush past. One sight was making it quite difficult to keep his interest down.

Mitsuru loosely buttoned her shirt as she walked to the desk. The officer had the distinct pleasure of her lovely, tight ass bouncing with every step. Cum seeped out from the sides of her red panties and dripped down her legs. She ignored his stares and picked up the briefcase before returning to him. “I trust this will suffice?”

She popped the lid and exposed stacks after stacks of yen in crisp bills. Kurosawa nodded in affirmation. “That should do - I’ll have what you need before the next full moon.”

Parfait. I will not keep you.”

Kurosawa finished adjusting his uniform and was prepared to depart. He walked past her as she leaned against the wall, in no hurry to recover her skirt. Her voice broke out in the dark office. “Officer Kurosawa….I appreciate your cooperation and discretion in our...activities.”

He paused and turned back to her. The heiress to an empire like no other, who wielded her limitless power to make a difference...well, that and scratch a certain itch as part of the transaction.

“Just don’t let me catch any of your classmates out during school hours - have to uphold the law after all.”

He took her deep, sincere chuckle as a bonus.

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Compared to her, he was a wall - a solid mass of coiled muscles and discipline almost comically stuffed into a tailor-made suit. His fist was bigger than her head, and as she could testify, his dick was thicker than her wrist. So it only made sense that when she bounced on his lap, she was practically consumed in his black coat.

Mari O’Hara happily panted atop her bodyguard’s cock. The heavy pounding rain rattled against the limo as it sped through Tokyo. Its destination was the airport, and her company's private jet. She’d ordered her chauffeur to take things slow before she put up the modesty wall and shuffled out of her drenched panties...

Her underwear lay on the floor - worth more than most men would make in a single month. He sat utterly still, only letting the occasional bumps from the road disturb him. His trimmed head brushed the top of the limo, well over her own bubbly blonde noggin. The sight of the proud heiress as a disheveled, sex-drunk mess was a privilege reserved only for the man who would take a bullet for her.


Mari squeaked as the limo rolled over a bump in the road. Her bodyguard frowned at the sudden jolt. Years of disciplined training roared in his head, telling him to forgo his sinful pleasure in focus of his mission to his charge. Unfortunately for him, not even two decades could prepare him for Mari O’Hara...nothing really could.

Her little body managed to keep him down as she grinded against his cock. Her tight pussy squeezed and pulled along his girth as she struggled to speed up. Luckily for her, another bump in the road was all she needed to go right over the edge.

Her bodyguard's hand clamped over her mouth as she roared in orgasmic bliss. While the walls were suitably soundproof, he’d be remiss to leave things up to chance...well, anymore than he currently was. Feeling his charges tongue against his palm was just a part of the mission...and part of their arrangement.

He’d take a bullet for her, she’d take a load from him...several, if it could be safely arranged.

Mari crumpled into his arms as her body shorted out. For all her natural vigor and fire, even she was always hard pressed when it came to dealing with her bodyguard’s cock. He let her stay there, collecting her breath, until they both hear a sharp series of buzzes from the clueless chauffeur.

They had five minutes.

The bodyguard didn’t even hesitate as he reached over and ‘accidentally’ spilled some liquor on his trousers. He’d easily slip the chauffeur a few bills and embellish the truth about bumpy roads jostling things - anything to keep the focus away from his charge.

Mari fumbled with her panties, letting the designer-made underwear slide up her legs. A loud squelch echoed through the limo, making both occupants wince. Still, she let them her now-stained panties settle as she smoothed down her dress.

The lights of her private jet came into view through the rainy haze when Mari realized they’d forgotten something critically important.

“Where is my umbrella?”


The bodyguard sniffed before swiftly wiping his nose. His massive body was drenched from head to toe, especially around his chest. His soaked jacket hung in the corner, along with his equally drenched shoes and pants.

The plane had taken off without a hitch or fuss. Mari had handled herself like an heiress should and kept the focus firmly away from her sordid little stain between her legs. All it had cost him was his jacket...and that was a price he could easily pay.

So now he sat in a lounger in her personal quarters. With the millions that were poured in everywhere else, it was little wonder that she’d have the finest, even ten thousand feet up in the air.

He heard the shower turn off, but paid it little mind. His focus was on the booklet in front of him. But instead of the latest weapon breakdowns or security reports, the magazine in his hands idols.

He looked up as she walked out of her bathroom. Hot water drizzled down her shapely body, staining the carpet. She’d opted for the smallest, tightest little bathrobe she had - one that could scarcely cover any part of her body. A bundled towel was wrapped around her wet hair.

“Have your focuses turned naughty since I've been gone, Signore?” she mused. He set down the magazine and stood up to greet her.

“Just seeing what you’ve been up to, Miss O’hara,” he calmly explained. His crisp, curt voice contrasted with her almost melodic tones. Especially the verboten sounds that he alone could hear her make.

Still, six figures and world travel could be thrown on the line in favor of a little informal banter. “I must say - you seem to take to this little club of yours far easier than running the enterprise…” he mused.

Mari’s smile widened as she played along. “I’ve been thinking of a change of pace…”

Her admission seemed to take him by shock, and he acted accordingly. His performance was convincing enough to have her corpse after a few moments. “He he he! Is joke.”

He joined her chuckle, right on cue. “A ribbing one indeed, ma’am.”

With that, he sat back down, presuming that she’d be making her way to her desk for some much-needed work. Instead, she strolled over and swiftly claimed his lap. “Not getting into bed, ma’am?”

Mari’s newly shaved pussy rubbed against his crotch as she settled into place. “Mmm...No. I think you’re comfy enough.”

Her bodyguard merely sighed and brought the chair back. Mari O’hara- the heiress to one of the world’s biggest empires, curled up against him like a common cat. Her wet head laid against his damp shirt, lulled by his heartbeat. He let her settle into a comfortable slumber as the world passed by beneath them.

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Professor Kukui laid back on the couch with a big, stupid grin. “Oh Yeah! Remind me to throw down with Incineroar more often!” he boasted. His good arm reached behind his back.

Professor Burnet rolled her eyes but kept bobbing her head. Her bare thighs squirmed against her simple black panties. Her knees pushed against the floorboards. Despite his antics, a beaming smile was clear across her outstretched lips.

She looked up at her husband with warm, loving eyes. Her palms squeezed his knees as she shoved her face further down his cock. She made it halfway down before pulling back and off.

“Pwtoo!” she broke he spit ropes with her tongue before letting her hand take over. Tanned, supple fingers glided over his slick girth. “Don’t get any bright ideas - I’m not gonna be able to baby you forever.”

Kukui’s rumbling chuckle reached Burnet’s ears, prompting her to squeeze his shaft. Once she had his attention again, she continued, “ Some of us have a job to do, you know. Now keep eating before it gets cold.”

With that, she resumed her blowjob and left him to his meal. A nice, hot steak cooked to perfection and sliced into easy to manage strips. Kukui jabbed his fork into a nice, well-done strip and popped it right in his mouth.

His mouth practically exploded at the texture melting on his palette. It felt like he was melting, right down into her outstretched mouth. “Ooooh, yeah. You’re the best, love,” he cooed.

Burnet felt warmth spread over her at his praise. Something about the way her darling husband said that just made her feel...right. Whole. She pulled back up and pushed against his tip with her bottom lip. an awkward kiss, but the intent was clear.

Kukui froze with a piece of steak hanging from his lips. He felt his wife’s crafty tongue feathering around the underside of his glans. Her wet, silky tongue that knew where to find his weakest spot...and she knew it.

Burnet’s teeth lightly grazed his shaft, making him hiss and drop his utensil. She reached over to pick it up, still sucking him off. Her simple ring clinked against the fork as she brought it back up to him. His good hand stayed on hers a little longer than necessary...but neither one really minded.

They kept their pace nice an light between their meals. Her eyes fluttered shut as she leaned into it more, taking him deeper and deeper until he grazed the back of her mouth. She wasn’t gonna try to throat him, not so soon after the last time had ended...poorly.

Kukui finished his steak and set the plate at his side. He patted his stomach and gave a contented sigh. “Arceus... you really know how to make it just the way I want it, Burnet.”

She couldn’t answer with his dick in her mouth, but his wife’s loving hands on his knees were all the answer he needed. Satisfied that he was done eating, Burnet decided to switch things up and get a little more wild.

Kukui’s smile dropped as she picked up the pace. His chuckles morphed into moans, and then deepened to growls. He grabbed her head.

She winced but kept going. Her husband's strong, callous hand gripped her hair and made each bob more and more of a struggle. Still, she was determined to finish him off, and what Professor Burnet wanted, she’d get.

One look at her blazing eyes made even the great Kukui twitch. Her cheeks caved in as she gave him a long, hearty suck. Her teet nipped at his shaft in the exact place that would take him straight out.

A critical hit.

Kukui’s head flew back as he roared, “Wooo! H-Here it comes!”

Burnet’s eyes rolled back as her mouth filled with cum. Her head tilted back, letting the excess spunk slide down to her waiting throat. She slurped down every drop, filling her stomach with his wild, unfettered seed.

He let go of her hair and lovingly stroked it. Burnet’s head bobbed up and down a few times, hoping to coax out a few more stickly spurts. Eventually she pulled all the way off with a single dribble of cum passing down her lips.

She used his knees to stand up, putting his gaze right in line with her panties. Burnet took his plate and moved it to the table, out of harm's’ way. She picked up two glasses of orange juice and handed him one. “Drink up - professor’s orders.”

Kukui and Burnet clinked glasses before they downed the juice. She finished slightly before him and waited till he handed his cup back. Satisfied, she set them aside and gestured him to relax.

Her husband slid down until he was reclined on the couch with his cast up in the air. Burnet laid down against him, squeezing her tight rump against his soft dick. His good arm reached up and wrapped around her chest.

He leaned in and softly spoke. “You know...I think it's supposed to be raining tomorrow. Not sure if you’re gonna be able to get back to Akala for a while.”

Burnet hummed in agreement. She could already see the dark clouds brewing off the southern beach. Kukui’s lab should be okay from the storm, but it’d be unlikely that she could hitch a ferry back before then...unless she left right now.

One light squirm into her husbands naked chest abolished that idea.

“Well, I guess you did give me an excuse to get out of the office,” Burnet chuckled. She turned around and gently pulled his sunglasses off. He sat there with a shit-eating grin as she leaned in and breathed out, “Tell you what - I’ll do this for you...but you have to return the favor.”

Kukui chortled and tightened his grip. Her ring-clad hand cupped over his. They made eye contact. “Oh yeah? Sounds like a deal to me.”

The battle began anew.

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It was a little known fact that some Hokage’s liked to eat in their office. Just light, quick meals between their duties in the privacy of the office. Though usually ‘quick’ meals weren’t kobe steak with a side of rice and beets. Nor did they usually entail your pants around your ankles and getting sucked off by your wife.

“Oooh, Kushi...that’s the spot,” Minato groaned. His hand fell away from the desk and grazed her soft, red hair. Kushina’s lips were preocupied with suckling his balls and lathering them in spit. She finally spat it out with a loud, wet pop.

Pah! ... Damn right it is, ‘ttenabe.” she boasted. A little piece of the Red-Hot Habanero always seemed to come out when it came to their matrimonial ‘spars’. There was a reason the office now had silenced walls and shading seals on the windows after all.

His legs shifted and accidentally brushed her stomach. Kushina mewled as she felt a little reverb - almost like a kick. Minato swiftly pulled his leg away and scooted back, ready to pull her up. “Are you okay? You didn’t have to come all this way just for me. Not with- ULP!

Kushina let go of his shaft and gave him a long, loving lick up to his tip. “Minato, I’m fine - I wouldn’t have been able to make it here if I wasn’t, would I?”

“Well, I-”

“Exactly. Now eat up - you’ve got a meeting in ten minutes, and I can’t have you making yourself look like a fool in front of everyone, right?” she mused, still rubbing him off.

Minato sighed but ultimately relented. Once she had her mind on something, there was nothing that would pull her away. If anything he should be grateful that she was aware of his meeting, otherwise he’d have to pull it all in here with his cock trapped in her throat.

Satisfied, Kushina scooted back under the desk, taking him with her. She waited until she heard his soft chews before resuming. Her fingers glided down and made room for her ripe, full lips. She licked them wet before closing her mouth around his hard, throbbing cock.

Minato froze mid-chew as he felt her oral trap lock around him. Her tongue slashed against his shaft as she took him deeper and deeper. He hit the back of her mouth...and then she took him past that. “F-Fuck!”

‘Heh, I win again, Minato.’ Kushina grinned. One of those stupid little games that children play and adults hide - hardly the kind of thoughts that should be had while giving a clandestine blowjob in his office during hours. Still, the life of the shinobi was a risky just so happened that not all risks were lethal.

His wife’s tight throat constricted around his dick. His girth sealed her tight, completely cutting her off from much needed oxygen. If she was a mere genin, that might’ve been a cause for concern...but a little chakra to her lungs meant that she had nothing to worry about.

Kushina bobbed her head, never letting him exit her throat. His dick was pulled up and down, letting friction rile him up. Her hands reached up and began to tickle his balls. Her smooth, manicured nails traced around his moist nuts and lightly pricked the sensitive flesh.

Minato resisted the urge to throw his desk forward and ram his dick down his wife’s gullet. Partially because he was trying to be a caring father-to-be, but mostly because she had him literally by the balls.

Kushina pushed her hair back behind her ear and kept sucking down. Her other hand busied itself with tickling the space between his nuts, pushing her nails lightly against his sac. Her tongue rolled over his throbbing shaft, sometimes getting a taste of his pubes when his lap entered her mouth.

Her husband tried to focus on the meal she’d lovingly prepared for him. The meat was growing colder as time ticked on. His office was dead quiet other than the light sounds of sucking and slurping beneath his desk.

While she was stuffing his cock down her throat, Kushina was also keeping track of time. She had only three minutes left before he’d need to be finished and ready for the meeting with his advisors. And she’d be damned if he had to leave her before she finished him off. Kushina Uzumaki did not leave anything half-assed.


Minato choked on the piece of beef in his mouth as he felt her shift beneath him. Kushina had thrown herself into his lap, essentially impaling her head on his fleshy kunai. As much as she wanted to enjoy herself, she needed him to be less ‘Minato’ and more ‘Yellow Flash’ - fast and quick to finish things.


Kushina’s hum echoed through her stuffed throat. Her free hand made a single hand seal - the Tiger. ‘Kunoichi housewife art - 500 Years of Death!’

Kushi, what are Y-YYYOUCH!!”

Her humming persisted even as she drank down buckets of rich, nutritious cum. Kushina’s throat coaxed out every drop she could muster, giving her husband’s seed a much needed place in her stomach. Her palm reached down and caressed her still-growing belly. ‘Maybe one day, you’ll have a little brother or sister…’

Minato slumped over, feeling winded from the whole experience. Whatever nutrients his lunch was meant to give him had been literally sucked out by his beloved wife’s devilious lips. ‘Hell...I’ve only got a minute left and all i want is to fuck another kid in her!’ he lamented.

Kushina wiped away the mess on her lips with a spare napkin. Once her face was clean, she reached in and swiftly licked off any remaining cum from his deflating cock. Before he could even react or get hard, her swift hands had already pulled up his trousers and zipped them tight. She gave his crotch a loving pat. “Now get going - and make sure you’re home in time for dinner, alright?”

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Son Goku’s mouth opened wide as he stuffed a nice thick piece of steak down his gullet. His bare, cut chest rippled with every twitch. His neck bulge out as he forced the meat down to his waiting stomach. “Oh man… You’re the best, Chi-Chi!”

“Urgh! Urp Urrrmph”

His beloved wife Chi-chi was equally stuffed, though she didn’t have the luxury of chewing her meal. Her soft, naked body strained against the intentionally tight apron as she struggled to blow him. Her teeth lightly touched his shaft as she busied herself with her tongue. Her intent was to get him as wet and slick as possible before she dared to take him down her throat.

Giving Goku head was as much a fight as it was a self-declared duty as his wife. She could take him easily enough, the problem was he was just. So. damn. LONG. Worse, he seemed to still be growing even years later, making each blowjob more of a challenge than the last. Still, she was a retired martial artist - the challenge excited her. And her nipples.

So as he stuffed down fistful after fistful of perfectly cooked beef, Chi-chi struggled with his meat. Her cheeks pulled in and out with each laborious breath. Her

“Man, it was nice of your dad to take care of Gohan for the weekend - It’s been a while since I was able to train so hard!” Goku admitted. He stuffed another of his wife’s lovingly cooked steaks in his mouth before responding. “Ulp! - I was even able to get those pesky wolves around our house!”

“Mreallee? Hat’s hrea-haaaayk!”

Chi-chi’s genuine praise had led to his cock sliding into her throat. Her eyes widened in alarm as she was suddenly cut off from air. Her bun scraped against the table and came undone. A thick blanked to her silky black hair covered her face, blinding her.

Blind, choking, and pushed to her limits...she loved every second of it.

Maybe it came from a childhood of fighting dinosaurs and armies of men, or having to constantly work off limbs from her husband’s vigorous poundings. Chi-chi may have the temper that could quell the world champion, but he had the tools that could break her. Some might consider it abusive...she preferred to think of it as euphoric .

She lurched forward in the darkness, taking more and more down her throat. She felt her body screaming in protest - telling her to turn back before it was too late. But with her hair acting as a blindfold, she couldn’t tell where she was...only that she wasn’t at the end.

The sloppy sounds above sounded almost faint as she leaned forward. She felt him pulsing between her lips, throbbing against her compressed tongue, and squeezing in her tight throat.

Her’s screech echoed in her confined gullet and resonated with his long, girthy intrusion. Goku actually dropped his chopsticks into an empty bowl and grimaced. His free hand flew down and clutched the table’s edge.


Chi-chi winced at the sounds of wood cracking, but pressed on. Her nose was filled with the raw, unfettered stench of Son Goku - the wilds of Mouth Paozu and the sweat of a man’s limits. It was an intoxicating aroma that made her already weak legs buckle and the smolder in her loins practically ignite.

“Hah...Hah...Ah, C-Chi-chi…”

His voice sounded so distant. She didn’t know if it was the hair covering her ears or the lack of oxygen threatening her brain. If she kept going, things were gonna get a little...odd.

Using the Dragon Balls to wish back his wife after she asphyxiated on his cock...probably a better wish than Bulma’s panties, at least.

She could feel herself reaching her limits. Her sweat kept her hair matted to her cheeks. A few dry strands finally parted away and let the light back into her eyes. She winced in the sharp brightness, but slowly grew accustomed to it. ‘I-I’m so close!’ she realized.

Chi-chi gave a choked sob as she reached his base. Her lips were still a good inch or so from his crotch, but she could feel the thickest hairs tickling her swollen lips. Her teary eyes glanced at his pubes ‘W-wait - were they just glowing...and blond?’


That question quickly escaped her, along with the rest of her coherency.

Chi-chi’s eyes rolled back as she struggled to not drown under a flood of cum. Her throat bulged as bucket after bucket shot down her gullet. Her stomach bulged out slightly, pushing against her apron. Her face was locked in a lascivious, addled gaze.

She fell back, pulling him back into her mouth. A few shots managed to fire straight up her nose and out through her nostrils. Her face and lips were coated in burning hot spunk. A gush of quim splashed out from between her legs.

“Uuuh...oh wow, that was something.”

Goku’s hand reached for his temple. He shook off his orgasmic headache and eyed the last few pieces of beef. They were already down his gullet faster than you could say ‘Shenron’.

Satisfied, the great warrior finally leaned back from the mountain of used dishes. He slapped his stomach and gave a deep, hearty burp. “Oh man...that really hit the spot!”

“Umbada….aah-hah faaa.”

Her husband pushed his chair back and pulled his cock out. A thick spurt of cum shot over her face. She didn’t wince as it hit just above her eye. Chi-chi only mumbled as her husband pulled her up and gently placed her in the adjacent chair. Not even his light peck against her clean cheek could rouse her.

“Bye Chi-Chi! Thanks for lunch!” he called back.

Just like that, he walked out the door - still shirtless and with his dick swinging down by his knees. The kitchen was an utter mess of discarded dishes and disheveled everything. Her attempts to speak just led to a cum bubble popping in her mouth.


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“Cherche, I hardly think this is necessary!”

Cherche merely tsked as she rolled down his pants. She was already on her knees before his bed, bereft of her usual plate in favor of the servant's clothes she wore beneath. The cold air of Ragna Ferox bit into her exposed skin. “Nonsense, Lord Chrom - it is Rosanne custom to see to the Lord in times of war.”

Chrom’s protest was cut off as her gloved hands rubbed his traitorous loins. It didn’t matter that his arousal came from someone besides his wife. ONly his pitiful excuses dared to find exception to her hospitality. “B-But, Virion-”

Cherche squeezed his dick, winning his abrupt silence. Her fist rolled up and down his shaft as she tsked, “Ah, but master Virion is...deposed, and now under your employ. That would make *you* my least for now.”

“But my wife-”

“Is she here, Lord Chrom?”

Chrom said nothing and merely looked away - away from her, and away from the glint on his finger. Cherche took his silence for the defeat it was, and nodded in approval. “Then that is that. I trust you will accept Rosanne’s hospitality? Then please, permit me to do my duty.”

She said no more and turned her attention to his personal blade. It was a mighty sword - a worthy sidehand to the renowned Falchion. Her two palms could barely grasp it, and still left a generous portion exposed. Cherche hocked a little spit against his girth for lubrication before she really started her service.

Up and down, with practiced ease. Her palms glided over his dick, feeling every rippling inch and pulsing vein. Cherche leaned in, letting his msuk fill her nostrils. The smell made her head feel lighter than air and her mouth water.


Chrom groaned as her hot breath rolled over his dick. He felt her reach down and gently clutch his balls. She groped his nuts, marveling the royal jewels of Ylisse. “I can see where Princess Lucina’s strength comes from...though perhaps you shouldn’t have contributed quite as much and let your lovely queen’s tributes pass along.”

The Lord wilted at her playful jab at his daughter’s traits...or lack thereof. She heard a soft growl pass through his lips, one that wasn’t connected to her deft fondling. Cherche laughed, a soft, airy tone that cut through the harsh Feroxi cold. “Ah, merely a jape my lord - accept my apology.”

Her lips touched his glans in a soft, reverent kiss. He felt her tongue slip out and lap against his crown. Her head dipped down, taking her tongue down his mighty shaft. Her loud slurps echoed through the little chamber.

Chrom’s knuckles dug into the sheets. He watched her head bob up and down the side of his cock. Her hair swept down, letting him see her exposed back. If Chrom dared to focus, he could make out the crack of her generous ass.

Cherche came back to his head, eyes half-lidded. She reached up to tuck back her errant rosette locks behind her ear. Her pools locked with his gaze as she leaned down and swallowed him up. “G-gods, Cherche!”

Whatever magic her fingers weaved were parlor tricks compared to her mouth. Her hands pulled back and let the secret weapon of house Rosanne cross the boundaries of both stations and inter-kingdom relations. She used her tongue with far more eloquence than even the finest diplomat...and played his flute with the skill of a renowned flautist.

Cherche’s hands settled on her knees as she let her mouth take over. Her head bobbed down, taking more and more of his cock. Her tongue slapped against the sides, bathing him in spit. Her cheeks caved as she loudly sucked him off.

Chrom’s head rolled back as a mighty groan passed his lips. For all the platitudes he’d heap upon his queen, her fellatio skills were a pale shade compared to Cherche. It was like being blown by an honest to gods’ angel.

‘Virion, you lucky bastard.’

As if sensing his bluster, she merely rolled her eyes and smirked around his dick. Her mischievous gaze practically spoke to him. ‘Trust me - you haven’t seen a thing yet.’

Cherche pushed further down until he bumped against the back of her mouth. She pulled her lips back and forth over his girth, slowly lubricating it for the journey ahead. Finally she braced herself before pushing him back - and beyond.


Down and down she took him without a single ounce of concern. Her lips finally smacked against his lap and left a wet kiss on his loins. Her knuckles clenched against her leggings for comfort. ‘He...he’s quite big. Almost too big.’

She left him lodged in her throat and simply hummed. The intense vibrations wracked his loins. Her tight, scalding gullet squeezed him far beyond the breaking point. He reached down and seized her head as he exploded.


Her eyes widened in shock, but she managed to stay composed. Her trained throat coaxed out load after load of royal exalted seed, sending the precious ichor guzzle down to her stomach. She worked with diligence, not even letting his copious girth and generous portions sway her.

The maid felt him lessen and pulled his dick back into her mouth. She let his lingering loads fill her lips. Her cheeks billowed out as she worked to contain him. His fingers slowly released her head, letting her lightly bob against his cock. Eventually, Chrom’s load’s dwindled to nothing and allowed her to safely pull away without a single spilt drop.


Cherche settled back with her mouth open wide for the Exalt to see. He watched her tongue breach over the sticky white waves. Lucina’s siblings bubbled between her teeth. Her palms lay in waiting on her knees.

With a single gulp, they were gone forever. She flashed her clean mouth before curling her lips in a proud, confident smile. “Was that to your liking, Lord Chrom?”

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“Oooh, Prince Chrom. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Chrom tried to avoid gawking at his fellow Spring Hero...well ‘hero’ was a stretch given who he was talking too. “Loki. you’re looking...festive.”

The trickster hummed in agreement a she walked past him to the archery side of the training center. “Isn’t it so? I just had to make a few...adjustments, and it was simply perfect for me. Wouldn’t you agree?”

He stuttered to reply, much to her amusement. Loki reached one of the dummy horses and hiked herself up, prominently displaying the high heeled boot on her leg. “Well, I guess I should practice now - riding and shooting isn’t a skill i’m very used too.”

Loki wriggled her hips and nocked her first arrow. Her arm pushed against her breast, making it jiggle before the Spring Exalt’s eyes. With a sultry smile, the trickster pulled her carrot arrow back.

She licked her lips...

“Hah! Hah! Ha-mmph!”

Loki’s mouth was plugged by her carrot, stifling her moans. Her heaving breasts slapped against the shaft, threatening to break it between her tits.her wrists were pulled back in one of Chrom’s powerful hands. The other pulled her head back as he pounded her gushing snatch.

The trickster’s hair was pinned between her bare back and the dummy horse. The tear in her leotard crotch slit all the way up to her navel. Her eyes were squeezed shut as tears trickled down her cheeks.

“F-Fuck! How are you so damn tight?” The Exalt grunted. Loki struggled to bend her head back, showing her flushed face, her bound mouth...and the damnable twinkle in her eye. Her answer practically roared in his head, even if she didn’t say anything.

‘Trade secret..

Chrom’s response was to yank her hair down, making her scream in pain through her carrot. He shoved her wrists through the locks of her hair and quickly fastened a sloppy knot. Loki was taken aback by the sudden act, but found the Exalt’s antics enticing. It was sporadic, chaotic - and that was arousing as hell to her.

Chrom’s free hand reached down and hiked up her leg, making her snatch clamp down on his cock. Any worry of harm on his end was mitigated by the literal flood seeping from her walls. Her calf smacked against the dummy’s side, creating a rythmic knocking sound with every thrust.

Knock knock knock knock

Loki’s spit made the carrot turn to mush in her mouth and fall out. Her now-free tongue lulled out as she rode down the warren hole to an explosive climax. “F-FUUUUUUCK!”

Chrom came with a roar, slamming his spasming dick in her messy twat. Rope after rope of Ylissean’s progeny packed her womb. Loki’s head fell back on the Exalt’s scalp, with her floppy ears tickling his exposed collar.

The trickster went limp against the dummy, pressing her shapely, sweaty body against the mockery of a horse. He pulled out of her, leaving his cum to leak onto the floor. She blinked away the stars in her eyes and turned back to him with a labored, yet haughty grin. “Huph...huph...well that was a good warmup, but don’t tell me you’re done already?”

Chrom bristled at her teasing and said nothing. The trickster took that as a sign to continue. “Tell me something, Prince Chrom - am I your first?”

Loki rolled around until she was facing him. Her chest was pushed out, almost popping out her top. “Am I the first woman you’ve marked with your noble seed? Would I be the woman you’d take as a queen if I could bare you child?”

She glanced down, feigning coyness. The bite in her lip was just overkill. “ I merely a consort- a mistress that expels your frustrations when your queen cannot?”

“What are you saying?” Chrom snapped. Loki’s smile lit up as she saw he’d taken the bait.

“Just wondering what we should do next. Tell me - what if instead of rutting in your own children, I offered you another place to quell your fury?”

She spread her legs, letting the cum seep out more. Loki leaned back until he could see the flickers of her barely exposed ass and the tight hole within. “I assure you - it’s quite clean. Clean, tight, and hot.”

The Exalt slammed against her, knocking the wind out of her lungs. She felt his erection sawing between her legs. The trickster wheezed and sneered. “W-Why bother with pageantry? Ram it in - i’m just a harlot, am I not?”

Chrom was tired of her words and simply hoisted her over the dummy. Loki’s back arched around the saddle, making her tits stand straight up in the air. He ripped her leotard in twain and slammed right in her tight butt.

“AAH! Y-You’re so deep, so hard in me-eeeee...” she whined. Chrom paused to see what her next ploy was.

Loki looked up with that damnable smile. “Now what would happen if I screamed?

Chrom swiftly stuffed another carrot arrow in her mouth. Loki coughed around her gag, but nodded in approval. “ Muud Moy...oww uck eee!”

He obeyed with gusto and started hammering in her ass. His fists dug into her thighs, pushing them apart. Her coiled wrists rubbed between her back and the saddle. The trickster’s head was flat against the dummy’s flank as her body convulsed around his dick. He was fierce, harsh, and merciless.

Just like she wanted

Loki’s flailing tongue and clenched teeth made short work of her arrow. The carrot dropped out of her mouth and splattered on the floor. The trickster swiftly turned and bit down on the edge of the dummy’s saddle, using her new gag to mask an ear-piercing, orgasmic screech...

“Well done! You’ve taken to a mount quite well,” Xander praised her. Loki glanced down from her wyvern and offered her usual smirk.

“Let’s just say I had plenty of practice,” she cooed as her eyes drew to the Exalt nearby…

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The wind blew through the clearing, filling the sudden silence in their conversation.

“Manspawn...think very, very carefully about what you say next.”

Panne glared up at the towering masked man before her. The Taguel’s slight body in the face of his broad form was a sharp contrast, but the fact that she was clearly the one in the position of power was strikingly clear.

Bruno dipped his head aside as he tried to weigh his direction forward. ‘I knew this was going to be...a challenge, but I can’t give up now!’ “I know this is churolous of me, but I beg for your aid. It would mean the world to me.”

The taguel squirmed and pondered his request. “...I will assist you, on one condition.”

“Name it.”

Panne stepped up to the emblan prince and made her term known. “It's simple - I’m in heat.”


“Hah! Hah! F-Faster, Manspawn!”

Bruno grunted and doubled his pace, driving into the taguel’s pussy at blinding speed. Her nails scraped into his back as she held on for dear life. He felt her dig into his back and winced, but kept plowing her fertile field.

Panne’s back scraped against the tree, causing her own scratches on her back to match his. Unlike him, she paid it absolutely no mind. Her body was consumed by the fires of her heat, stoked higher and higher by the friction of his dick.

“Ngh! Y-You’re insatiable,” Bruno panted. He grabbed a fistful of her ass, buried beneath her overgrown hip fur. He marveled at how such a gloriously globleous butt could be hidden by a little fur.

Panne growled before wrapping her legs around his hips. He struggled to keep thrusting, especially as her toned calves squeezed him closer to her. “Stop talking and breed me, Manspawn…”

The Taguel lept on him, forcing the Emblian off balance. Bruno’s back hit the dirt, knocking the wind out of his lungs. He still found the strength to keep her upright as she fucked herself on his rock hard dick.

Panne’s hands reached up to squeeze her covered breasts. She growled in frustration at the meager amount of pleasure, and dug her nails into her top before tearing it clean off. Her tan boobs swung freely as she kept slamming down on his crotch.

The Taguel’s legs uncouled around his back and slid out from beneath him. Before she could plant them in the dirt, Bruno recovered and swiftly grabbed her hips. Panne yelped as he rolled them around until her back was flat against the ground. The Emblian seized her legs before they could flop to the ground.

Her amber eyes matched with his milky white mask. She snarled at him and exposed her pointed teeth. Bruno simply bent her legs up until they were almost touching her shoulders. His tone was calm - eerily so.

“You want to breed? Very well…”

With that, he slammed down on her. Hard. Panne’s body shook into the dirt from the force of that single thrust. Her braids flopped around wildly before coming to a pause. He pulled back until his tip was still sheathed...and rammed back down.

“Hah! Huh huh huh-Hah!”

The Taguel squirmed in his grip. Her feet flooped in futility under his assault. Her hands couldn’t do anything but dig into the dirt beside her for support. Her scraggy tail stuck out between her buttocks below.

Bruno pulled back up, slow and arduous as ever. He reached the top and left her waiting. He struck down again...and swiftly pulled back up. Then down. Then up.


Panne yelped as he sped up his thrusts. Bruno traded raw power for speed. Wet slaps now echoed through the clearing, alongside grunts and howls.

“Ah! Ah! AH! T-That’s it-More!”

He ignored her words and simply focused on plowing her - pounding her fat ass into the dirt. Her fur was coated in sweat. Dirt streaked over her tan skin. Her braids came undone and exposed her floppy ears.


Panne howled a thunderous roar. The trees of the forest shook as the native creatures fled from her orgasmic cry. For Bruno, it wasn’t the fact that he was cumming that came as a shock...but the fact his dick was still attached to his loins.

His cum blasted into her greedy womb, dousing the raging inferno that had burned in her core. Her eyes rolled back as her sensitive body shut down from stimulation. He pulled out of her stuffed pussy and painted her stomach white.

The Emblian struggled to his discarded staff, his steps were labored and stilted after being ridden by Panne for so long. He managed to reach the tree where his weapon had been left behind.

Bruno grasped his staff and channeled his magic into it. His body healed first, stemming the bleeding and stitching his skin up. But before he could focus to fix his outfit, a voice sent a chill up his spine.

“Who said you were done?”

Bruno sighed and tossed away his staff. He reached down and simply tore off his shirt before she tackled him back into the tree...

“What do you think, Veronica?”

The spring princess was too busy nuzzling her cheek against the taguel’s body. Panne stayed completely still, flat against the ground, as she let Veronica stroke her fur. “She’s warm…”

The transformed taguel cracked its eye open and glanced back at the princess. Off to the side, Bruno, Xander, Chrom, and Loki watched on.

“Veronica seems quite pleased, Prince Bruno - well done.”

“Bruno, how did you manage to convince Panne to do this? She was never this...accommodating, back in my world.”

Loki looked at the men with a knowing smirk. “I’m sure it had something to do with acting like rab-Mmph?!”

The trickster’s mouth was covered by Bruno’s fist. She rolled her eyes and stared at the disheveled looking man. He glared at her through his mask and harshly declared.

“Not. A. Word.”

“Fuzzy Creature…”

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“Hah! Hah! Hah! F-Fuck!”

Titania’s curse echoed through the chamber at Folkhalla. Her head smashed against the bed, sending her red hair splaying out around her weary form. Her knuckles pulled up the sheets until they were torn off the mattress.

Cum dripped down her lip from their earlier tryst. Her sweaty body rippled and bounced with every thunderous slam. She gazed at her younger partner through the matted locks of her hair.

His body was already a fine tapestry of muscle, practically rippling as he fucked her into a stupor. Her supple, sinuous legs wrapped around his waist. She felt his coarse hands lock around her shoulders, bringing him mere inches from her face.

“Titania...I’m close!”

Titania released the mattress and reached up to pull him down. His head smacked against her collar, leaving his ear within reach of her clenched teeth. The mature knight leaned in and hotly whispered in his ear.

“Give it to me, Ike - all of it!”


She pulled her young leader close, letting him unleash his loads in her waiting womb. Her walls were glazed white as he swiftly filled her core wit spunk. Yet despite how copious his seed was, she had no fear of growing fat with child. It was an unexpected boon - the gift of Askr.

Ike collapsed over her, trying to collect his breath. He felt her warm body grinding against him, trading sweat for sweat. While he didn’t necessarily hate this arrangement, he always had to recall that there was a purpose -her guard skill.

It was almost a perfect plan, and the other three of his squad were more than ready. Yet before he could join Camus, Olivia, and princess Veronica in storming the abyssal portal, he had need of a skill that didn’t come naturally to him. So he went to the woman who could readily offer it - his teacher, confidant, superior-turned-subordinate... and friend.

And she did...for a price.

Titania reached down and touched her bare stomach. She felt his loads sloshing in her womb. Her hand reached to the nightstand and tossed him a small book. “That was two...but you still have one more slot to fill.”

Ike was already shuffling away, leaving a trail of cum across her bedspread. “I think I can survive with what you’ve taught me.”

His insistence made her frown, but he turned away before she could protest. Ike reached down to his discarded pants, already focused on the battle ahead. Her firm yet soft arms wrapped around him, making him pause.

“...Are you sure?”

His voice was barely a whisper, but she still heard him loud and clear. “I am, Ike. If this ensures your survival, it is a price well worth .and one I’ll gladly pay.”

She pulled away, and he followed.

Titania mewled as his hands rubbed her buttcheeks. The cool slick lube sent a shiver up her back. “M-Make sure you start slow, okay?”

Ike removed the bowl from the bed before lining up behind her. His dick was equally slick, ready to strike her puckered rear. Titania reached back to pull her cheeks apart, exposing her gaping hole.

His hands clutched her hips as he pushed against her ass. She bit down on her pillow, but managed to stay mostly composed. Inch after inch was fed into her tight rear...and all she’d do is bite down harder. Her body had endured worse - barely.

At last, she felt Ike’s balls against her crotch. A heavy sigh escaped her nostrils. She spat out the spit-soaked pillow and turned back to face him. “G-Good work. Now pull back.”

Back and forth, in and out - Ike kept his pace subdued and restrained. Titania’s body unwound as she grew accustomed to his cock. The same process had happened before - to her mouth, and to her snatch. By now it was coming far quicker and easier...and she was eager to move things along. “S-speed up.”

“Uh! Unh! Unh! Ooooh!:

She’d abandoned the pillow in favor of grasping the iron rods of her headboard. Her knuckles whitened as she struggled to endure the rigorous pounding. Titania felt him latch onto her nipples and gasped.

Ike reached up and knocked her hair aside, exposing her sweaty nape. His lips crashed down over her neck, trapping her supple skin between his teeth. She hissed out. “F-fuckkkkkk…”

Their hips crashed together, sending sweat and sin flying. He drilled her ass with a ferocity that was almost maddening - always keeping her on the edge but never enough to tip over.

The harsh glare of the sun struck Titania’s eye like a wad of cum. She winced and tried to ignore the warning of lost time. She bucked back against him faster, trying to reach that threshold.

He slammed her down, rubbing her clit against the bed.



The bars in her hands buckled under her grip. Pain coursed through her arms, but were beaten back by the wave of euphoria. Her tight butt was stuffed with spunk as Ike deposited his third, and last, climax in her body.

She winced as he pulled free. His cum bubbled out of her ass and trailed down to the ruined sheets. Ike was too busy catching his breath to notice. The two sat on her bed in utter silence, letting the light leak through her window.

He looked down at her panting body. He’d been so used to seeing Titania as a confidant and a mentor that he never once considered her as a woman. After last night - after this morning ...he’d never make that mistake again.

“So that’s it?”

His soft voice perked her up. Titania rolled around, exposing her heaving breasts and messy snatch. Slowly, she nodded. He was done.

He was ready.

Her bare, sweaty skin glowed in the rising sun. Titania reached over and attempted to toss the last tome to him. He managed to catch it and held it with the other two.

“...take it, and live on.”

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The Beachrealm Anna had offered a private little retreat for the clandestine couple - a ‘themed’ area quite a ways from the rest of the beach. Neither one was really sure what to make of the ‘progressive’ surroundings, but they enjoyed it nonetheless.

Robin pulled out of the pool, letting the water pour off his hard, chiseled body. He stood next to a table with an errant, water-warded tome for ambience with the pool. He slicked back his snow white hair - yet another stark contrast to the woman he’d shared a clandestine wedding with.

There were multiple reasons the two kept their union a secret, chief of all being the clear distance between them in height and especially age. But war did not discriminate - and one man’s blood was the same as another. Still, there were concerns to be had, hence why they kept their relationship close, and why they both leapt at the chance for a little privacy..

He heard wet feet slapping against the tiles and turned to face his beloved wife. Part of the arrangement had included new attire for them, courtesy of Anna. while his was a simple pair of bathing trunks, Lucina had received something else.

It was quite the exotic swimsuit - a seemingly modest one piece, but it was so tight against her that he swore he could see her perky nipples. Her small, lovely breasts were compacted against the top, while her far more voluptuous butt hung behind her.

“This place is quite nice, isn’t it Robin?” she asked as she wrung out her hair. Her husband said nothing, too preoccupied with how the droplets cascaded down her svelte body. One of her shoulder straps came loose, letting the tight garment droop ever so slightly.



“Oh! Oh! Ooooh, Robin~”

Her hands groped at his naked back as he plowed her into the bench. He felt the wet strap of her swimsuit slap against his balls with every stroke. Her ass rubbed against the towel between her supple skin and the wooden seat. Lucina’s voice carried across the pool, utterly unfettered as she enjoyed her husband’s cock.

Robin tightened his grip on the towel beneath her and increased his pace. His hips slammed into her at a breakneck pace, sending sweat and sin flying with every clap. He felt her calves wrap around his as she struggled to follow his pace.

Lucina pulled herself up and crashed against his lips. Their tongues sparred with all the ferocity of two fiercely competitive warriors. The shorter princess was forced to tilt her head up in order to properly kiss him, but neither one really cared. They were both used to the differences between them now - time, age, and height included.

He didn’t know how she managed to do it, but somehow Robin was now on his back with her riding his dick like a cowgirl. He gawked at her slender body as it arched back against his girth. Her every curve was further accentuated by her swimsuit. His wayward hands made their way to her hips, keeping her lined up as she bounced with wild abandon atop him.

“Lucina, I’m gonna-”


The mention of their grown daughter threw him for a loop, but his hips couldn’t deny how hot her wanton screams were. He pulled her straight down on his cock the moment the first blast of cum shoot straight up to her womb...


Lucina’s back hit the wall with a yelp before he was all over her again. Her now-free breasts rubbed against his chest as her hips crashed against him. Her leg wrapped around his back for support.

Their journey post-climax was brief, into a standing stall that Anna told them could be used to clean themselves. It looked like the showers that could be found back at Ylisstol, sans the rainfall collectors on the roof. At the moment though, showers were the furthest thing from the horny couple’s minds.

Neither one wanted to get clean - they wanted to get filthy .

Lucina yelped as he seized her globulous cheeks. Her other leg pulled up around his waist for support as she rode against his big, bulky dick. Their thrusts knocked something over nearby - several somethings in fact.

Neither one kept track of time as their voices grew hoarse. Robin’s arms screamed at holding her for so long, but he persisted on. The sight of his young wife’s lulled tongue and fluttering eyes were incentive enough. He reached between her legs to flick her throbbing clit...and then the world turned white.



Lucina collapsed into his arms, utterly spent. She felt his cum sloshing in her womb, and could only hope that one of those was their precious ball of sunshine and impish destruction. She spared a glance outside and blinked at the amber sunset. “W-We need to head back.”


Robin didn’t move - not away and certainly not out of her. She felt his cock pulsing in her snatch - still mostly erect and ready to waste more of their precious time. “S-Should we take a shower?”

Robin mulled her concerns for a monet before nodding. He reached over to a handle on the wall and quickly twisted it. Cool, sharp sprays of water struck them and ignited gooseflesh across their skin. He felt her shivers dwindle as the water warmed.

“We are now,” he smirked before pulling her up for another passionate kiss.


Anna leaned over the counter at the secret couple. “Soooo? What’d you think?”

“It was great!” Lucina beamed as she handed back her slightly disheveled swimsuit. Robin reached into his cloak for a bag of coins, but saw something on the counted that made him pause.

‘Wasn’t that the book that was at the pool?’

Anna shook her head and pushed both the suit and the gold back to them. Her smile never left her face for a second. “Oh don’t worry about it, princess - just your satisfaction is payment enough.”

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“What were you thinking?!” Celica screeched. Even bedridden, Saber remained nonplussed.

“You tell me - leaping head-first into a occupied temple and almost falling for some ruse of a curse? What would happen if I wasn’t there, Celica? What would they do to you?

Her rage withered at his needling. The queen glanced away, not able to match his gaze.“I-I…”

His hand reached up and gently stroked her cheek, pushing her back to him. Saber’s cold anger had slipped away, leaving only warm concern for her. “Don’t worry about it - they’re both dead, and they can’t hurt you anymore lass.”

“B-But you-”

“Heh, come on - you really think one more spell to the chest is gonna take me down? Not likely. Especially not with a personal healer ready to take care of my scrapes.”



“Mmph! Mmph! Mmmmmph!”

She tasted the tart sting of the elixir he’d downed, but paid it little heed. Her focus was on his pips and on slamming against them as many times as she could. Her nails traced through his scalp as thier hips slapped togehter.

Celica straddled atop him, bare as he was. The sheets were tossed aside so that she could happily thrust against his engorged cock. The spit from her warmup blowjob mixed with her qum juices.

The queen pulled away with a gasp, leaving a trail of spit to fall against his lips. He smacked them together, getting the lingering taste of her mouth on his tongue. “ Hah … isn’t this a little rough for some bedside assistance?”

She scoffed at his barb. “You’ve had worse  now be silent.”

She balanced herself up until she was riding her resting horse. She slammed down and held herself there, letting her jiggling breasts come to a still. His fingers relaxed against her sides until they were simply placed against her fertile hips. The pious queen clasped her hands together and spoke with duty and lust.

“Oh Earth-mother - blessed be you and your kindness, that I may be joined in my union.”

Saber grunted back. “W-What she said.”

Celica smirked and resumed. Her tight pussy squeezed against his girth, eager to coax out another load of potent seed for her womb. Her body was eager to receive his offering, and in kind reward his service with a child. Perhaps more.

But the notions of rearing young were soured as she thought back to her harrowing ordeal. She sped up, trying to blot out the revolting memory. Attempting to erase the stain as her shapely rear smashed down on his lap with every wanton, thunderous clap.

Celica was no fool - she knew what that wretched pair were planning for her. The queen had been ready to simply coast along - play the weak, inexperienced wife that would succumb far too quickly. It could’ve worked...for a while at least.

But thanks to her loyal guard, she didn’t have to debase herself in such a wretched, pointless way. Instead of acting as a virgin with a traitor, she could be herself with the man she trusted above all else.

Celica’s leaned down and took him in another sloppy kiss. Her lascivious  tongue coaxed out his. Her fingers entwined with his, relishing his strength and heat. Rigel had raised a fine son, and a finer man for its future’s queen.

The two danced, unconcerned with showing force or lording over the other. Here - in a simple cottage a ways from the reclaimed temple, they could shed away stations and be as they truly were - not a queen and her guard, but as a woman and a man.

As lovers.

Saber’s eye glanced down to see the streaks on her cheeks. He pulled her hand up and used his thumb to wipe it away. She flinched at his touch, giving him time to comfort her. “No tears - not from you, Celica.”

“Saber…fuck me. Fuck the pain away.”

Those were the last words out of her lips. He obeyed her decree and pounded her with all the strength he could muster. And all she could do was arch back and scream to the heavens.


The queen’s voice echoed in the lonely cabin.The cot groaned under strain of their love. Loud slaps echoed against the walls, mixed with her euphoric sobs. Sweat flew off her body as she accepted his loyal embrace.

She was happy. She was sated. But more than that…

She was safe.



Celica collapsed on his chest, convulsing as he filled her womb. Her fingers tightened around his digits, almost buried in his burly knuckles. Her breasts squashed against his pecs, scraping against hard muscle and sending more shocks through her addled body. Drool poured against his neck as her eyes rolled back.

His seed filled her core until it dwindled away. She pulled out and collapsed at his side, with his arms swiftly coming around her. Saber’s hot breath struck her flushed, sweaty skin. “ Huph...huph... Y-You’re insatiable as ever, your highness.”


Silence passed between them, marked only by the steady night wind. She squeezed his chiseled body, the same way she’d done so many times before. The band on her finger glinted in the torchlight, warm against her digit .Both the regal piece of royal union and the simpler sign of devotion and love nestled within its shell.


He cracked his eye open and glanced at her “Hmm? What about it?”

Celica rolled over untils he was straddling his lap. Her stuffed pussy leaked over his abs. A familiar gleam blazed in her eyes. “That’s how many times you stabbed that wretched traitor...and that’s how many times I’m gonna pay you back~”

Her loyal guard audibly gulped at her tone. The queen reached over to the mostly depleted potion and swilled it in her hands. “..Gonna need a little more of that elixer then, lass.”

Celica smirked back before swigging it down. Saber watched as it sloppily overflowed out of her lips

Glup Gluk

“... Men hum het et~”

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“So you DID do what I taught you!” Ruby cheered. Her smile beamed brighter than the sunset blaring in through the window. Across her desk, her former student-turned Huntsmen rubbed the back of his head. He’d missed his favorite teacher exuberant personality, though she’d never worn something so... striking before.

“Uh, Ms-” he started, only for her to cut him off.

“Ruby - you’re not my student anymore, and we’re equals as Hunters, aren’t we?”

“Okay. Ruby. So what’s with the ah...the new clothes?”

She glanced down at her ‘semester break’ attire. “Oh this? It’s my old outfit from after the assault on, the second one. How’s it look?”


“Mmph! Mmmmph!”

Ruby pulled back and panted out, “T-That good, huh?”

His answer was to seize his former teacher’s mouth again. She threw her arms around his back and reached up to squeeze the back of his head. His chest pushed against her erect, covered nipples.

Professor Rose was pushed back against her whiteboard until her ass squeezed against the marker shelf. She felt his arm wrap around her back to push himself closer to her shapely body. His blatant arousal rubbed against her crotch, beneath her short skirt.

It was quite an elaborate setup for something so blatant - the corset and heels alone would’ve gotten her fired on the spot if she hadn’t have come onto campus with a long coat. She certainly didn’t plan to wear this after hearing he might be coming back to Beacon for a visit. Not at all.

Professor Rose loved all her students equally...mostly, there were a few meatheads that needed a little more tenderizing from time to time. But she always had a soft spot for the gifted types - the kind that worked their asses off to get to the top and fought tooth and nail to stay up there. Like the one that was grinding against her dripping crotch, right now.

She felt him push her skirt up, exposing her lacy, side-tie panties. His fingers pushed them aside and exposed her gushing wet pussy. This was getting intense - fraternizing on academy grounds was something that, as a teacher, she should be firmly against.

‘...Eh, he was always a cute guy, and he was one of my best students.’

Her legs shuffled apart, letting him jab into her hot, needy twat. She hissed into his mouth as he forced her folds aside. His pace was brisk, pumping in and out of her sex with soft, wet slaps. Her gargled moans echoed between their mouths. “Mooooh, shooo guuuuud.”

Her lustful coos spurred him on, driving him to make his sinful dream a reality. Even in her usual, classy attire back then, Professor Rose was the source of many a young man’s dormitory desire. To think that the only thing he’d have needed to do was wait a made all those nights worth it.

Thunk thunk thunk

Her boots knocked against the wall with every thrust. Ruby’s hands reached down to grip the board’s shelf for dear life. Her younger lover pushed up until he was on his tiptoes against the taller woman. “R-Ruby, I’m so close.”

“Aah! M-Me to-oooo!”

Her shriek echoed through the classroom as he knocked her into a mind-melting climax. Her tight walls squeezed his dick, coaxing out all the cum and repressed desires that he’d built up for her since his first day at Beacon. He stumbled back, out of her stuffed folds and back against her desk for support.

Ruby gasped for breath, silver eyes lidded with need. Her hands pulled apart her white top and ripped it clean off her chest. Her lacy black bra was struggling to hold back her tits. Her pebbly nipples were clearly outlined against the material.

“P-Professor Rose-” He was cut off by her finger on his lips.

“Hush. You need some remedial lessons...on the desk - now.”


“Hah! Hah! Hah! C-Come on, put your ba-aah!-k into it!”

Her coaching pushed him beyond his aching limits. His hips rose to meet her crashing ass, creating a thunderous clap that tore through the classroom. The cool light of dusk hung just outside, beyond the sanctuary of light that was their den of lust.

Her papers had long since fallen to the ground, giving the two space to rut with utterly wanton abandon. She’d long since lost track of time, or even cared if anyone else was still on campus to catch them. Neither one cared.

His focus was on her. The sweat that flew from her perfect skin with every stroke. The way her breasts heaved and bounced with every thrust. The sounds pouring from her outstretched lips as she tilted her head back and screamed. And he joined her.


She slammed down on him, accepting yet more of his rich, potent spunk. Her womb was packed with his seed, stuffed tighter than her sister’s tits in whatever unfortunate bra Yang would’ve tried to wear. It left her so warm. So full.

So hungry for more.

Ruby pulled her hips up and off his cock. She let his load pour out of her pussy and drizzle over his half-hearted erection. The sight of his sweaty, flushed teacher perched over him like that was certainly enticing...but his body was loudly protesting against further indulgence.

“I-I think that’s enou-”

Ruby cut him off by pulling him up into another wet, fiery kiss. Her tongue swabbed the inside of his mouth, collecting all his spit to send down her choker-clad throat. The one constant of all her years, and something he’d long since yearned to see bulge out of her cock-stuffed gullet.

She pulled back, exposing the lustful tempest in her silver eyes. “Not even close - you still have the rest of the chapter to go the oral exam and ass istance material to to deal with. After that, lunch. Tomorrow.”

Professor Rose might love all her students, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t an absolute slave driver.


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Weiss looked up from her scroll and offered the intern a small but genuine smile. The light from her pad illuminated her face in the half-lit, mostly empty conference hall.  “I can assure you - the parties involved with this will be brought to justice. You’ve done my company a great service, young man.”

The little rabbit faunus nodded at her praise, offering his own thin grin in return. Her mood dropped as she adopted her usual face of stoic professionalism “I trust you will be quiet about well as the other thing you saw?”

“I-I-I...I, I mean, that shouldn’t be a p-problem, Ms. Schnee.”

Weiss wasn’t wholly convinced, especially not with the way he squirmed and tried to hide his pants. Her keen eyes honed in on him, and the possibilities of an additional service he could offer her.

Money didn’t need to buy silence, after all...

“Ah Ah! M-Miss Schne-eeeee!”

The former huntress merely cooed in response, running her hair through his head. Occasionally her fingers would brush his fauns ears, making the long, fluffy ears twitch in response. Otherwise they were flopping wildly along with the rest of his feverish body as he pumped in her ass.

Weiss pushed his head close, burying him in her small little hills. They’d grown since her days at Beacon, but were still not really anything to write home about. But she’d long since lost her concerns for her body - not when she was among the most powerful women in all the kingdoms.

She’d planned this all to a tee, especially after the intern had caught her ‘unwinding’ from a long stressful meeting with her favorite knight construct plowing her butt. A feverish night had broken away to a calm, calculated morning as she called him to the central meeting room for a private meeting. It just so happened that she’d also chosen to wear one of her old dresses that showed off her simple cups and shapely legs that same day…

But that was then, and this was now - now that she had his little body pressed against the glass walls of the conference room. His taller superior straddled against him and ramming down on his dick. He wasn’t even twice as big or potent as her ‘usual’ fiare, but there was still a certain quaintness in the dynamics of power between them.

“Ooh, that’s it - go a little faster,” she demanded. The intern compiled and almost doubled his pace, much to her shock. His little hands gripped her hips as he pounded her down on his girth. The friction of his cock in her ass was actually starting to burn again - just the way she liked it.

She pushed down on him, sending him further into the cold glass. The faunus gasped at her frankness and squirmed. His shoulder accidentally tapped the holographic privacy controls for the boardroom.

Oh hell…’

Weiss winced as the glass depolarized, revealing the interior of the compromised boardroom to the outside. Luckily the foyer was mostly empty...mostly, save for two conversing employees that turned in shock at their boss's antics.

The CEO made eye contact with her employees. Slowly, she reached for the controls and re-engaged the privacy settings. The glass polarized and once more concealed her. And her young subordinates lascivious display.

Weiss wasn’t concerned that the duo would speak out - she had full, complete confidence that they weren’t foolish enough to try and pull anything against her. Especially not with a very public corporate execution looming on the horizon. Still, she’d be remiss to let the incident happen again, and locked down the controls before she leaned in to his flopping ear. “Take me to the table.”

The intern yelped at her sudden command, but promptly obeyed. Weiss let him guide them back, still plowing her ass in the process. He shuffled in his discarded pants until her butt touched the cool glass of the long conference table, like she wanted.

The Ceo reclined back until her body was flat against the table, with her legs dangling off. She rolled her hips, keeping him active and aroused in her rear. His hands wrapped around her sides and squeezed the top of her bubble butt.

“Hmm..You know, I could always use a personal assistant - someone that’d be willing to run my errands or compile my notes. Put up with me for long, long days and nights... Maybe you’d be interested?”

She rolled her hips back to spur him to keep thrusting. Her heel-clad toes tapped against the cold tiles after every loud clap.

Weiss continued. “I can assure you, there’d be quite the benefits behind it - better insurance, more clearance. You’d be spending a lot of time with a world-class CEO of one of the biggest companies of the world.”

The CEO suddenly grabbed his wrists and pulled herself up. Her flushed, sweaty face hovered before him, letting him see the way her disheveled hair clung to her old scar. “I’d even give you a private tour of my house - especially my bedroom. Sound good?”

He nodded

“Good. Now cum.”

He promptly complied.

Weiss’ eyes fluttered shut as she felt quick, thick ropes of faunus cum in her ass. Her tight rear stayed sealed, retaining every dollop of syrupy spunk shooting up her bowels. He shoulders pressed against the clear table, leaving streaks from her buttchecks and shoulders behind.

The intern collapsed atop her, gasping for breath. His boss felt her breath escape, but managed to keep herself composed. She relaxed her legs and let them drop.  Her nails reached up and ruffled his ears in a way that would just cap out this HR nightmare.

“Just think about it. I’m sure you’ll make the right choice.”

She knew he would, as would the pair of employees that were back at their stations working double time and denying that they ever saw a thing outside the conference room.

Weiss Schnee, CEO of SDC, ran a tight ship after all.


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Blake glanced at the perp’s file. Her white coat wrapped firmly around her body, displaying the badge that marked her as a commissioner for Vale’s security and police force. A far cry position from her extremist, wild youth, but she took to the role well enough. It helped that she knew how to persuade some kids before they went down a very, very dark path.

Speaking of, that was the young man she was dealing with right now - young, dumb, and with a head full of clouded, muddled thoughts. The kind that could attract Grimm if things kept going the way they did.

The little delinquent was pouting in his cell as he watched the shapely commissioner go over his entire rap sheet. The faunus finally clicked her teeth and shook her head. “One more incident and you’re getting escalated to a jail sentence. Not good…”


The ex-huntress sighed at his antics. Ordinarily she’d just shrug and let the juvie side handle this matter, but a certain little facet convinced her this was worth working overnight, after the rest of her staff had gone home. “One of Ruby’s kids, and I doubt she let a bad apple through…”

“Yeah? Does your file also mention how much I hated that sadist?”

Said ‘sadist’s’ teammate cocked her eyebrow at his assessment before grinning. “Oh? Well alright then. Guess I won’t feel so bad about this then.”

The commissioner tapped her scroll and spoke aloud. “Override- disconnect all recordings until next prompt. Access code - 09202018


The delinquent was now a little anxious. “W-What the hell’s that abou-ooooo?!”

Blake’s hand squeezed his groin between the bars, she kept her passive face locked on him as he bowled over into her grip. “Simple -you’re acting out, and I need some relief. You scratch my back, I make sure you don’t get your little ass split in Vale’s prison. Sound fair?”

“S-Sounds like an abuse of power.”

The commissioner nodded with a thin smirk. “Smart kid. Now drop your pants.”


The perps’ fists tightened around the bars. His feet struggled to balance on the shallow support bar about middway between the floor and roof. Commissioner Belladonna’s head bobbed against his girth, still firmly on her high heels. She’d made it blatantly clear that he was gonna be doing the work, and he was almost eager to obey.

Blake’s frown was covered by her stuffed lips. Her jaw felt sore as he sawed between her cheeks, rubbing aginst her flailing tounge. She couldn’t deny that he had the girth, that was clear as day.

The problem was...he was small - smaller than she’d anticipated. he wasn’t gonna make it down her throat, or even have a chance of grinding against her full, plump booty. Her nose was already jabbing against his crotch, and she couldn’t even feel him bumping the back of her mouth.

Maybe he was top shit in whatever delinquent group he ran with, but for a woman who’d taken far, far more impressive dicks from human and faunus alike… ‘Well, not like I was gonna be boasting about this one anyway…’ she sighed.

Still, the commissioner had a mission - a thinly veiled excuse to frisk a perp for her own, selfish benefits. She’d deal with this short changing and make sure his rehabilitation was as through as possible.

“Mmph! Mmph!”

Blake bobbed her head, sucking on the shaft caught between her lips. Her faunus ears twitched with every coarse groan and subdued curse that passed his lips. She didn’t really bother to  experiment, not when it was clear that this punk was already past the point of no return.

“F-Fucking cummin’”

Her mouth was stuffed with cum - copious, salty cum. Blake didn’t really mind the taste, but wasn’t in a hurry to stop it from sliding down her throat and into her grumbling stomach. ‘Knew I should’ve grabbed something to eat...though that’s what the bar WAS supposed to be for.’

She pulled off his cock, leaving a little dollap of cum hanging from her lips. The spent delinquent slid down the bars, gasping for breath. There was no denying that the woman was by far the best lay he’d had...all three of them so far. ‘Heh, and all I had to do was wash outta Beacon for this? Worth it!’

Blake stepped back, eying the prone young man. She reached up and unbuttoned her jacket before letting it slide off her shoulders. His eyes honed on the black tattoo on her shoulder before he gawked at the rest of her attire. “The hell uniform is that?!”

Blake glanced down at her crop top and tight pants before shrugging. ‘A reminder that I could’ve been out enjoying the night, you little shit. “Perks of power, kid.”

Blake reached down and undid the buckle on her belt. She zipped down her pants and struggled to roll them off her shapely hips. A simple black garter and basic white lace panties greeted his sight. For added measure, the commissioner also unzipped her top and let her matching white bra pop out.

She let him get an eyeful of her underwear before turning and presenting her full ass. Her fingers hooked the sides and rolled down her panties, exposing both holes. “Well? I’m waiting…”


Blake rolled her eyes at his ineptitude before spelling it out plain. “You’re gonna need to put more into it than that - I’m still not convinced you’re actually rehabilitated. So get it back up and pick a hole. Depending on how you do, I may give you a reward...maybe.”

That jarred him to action, and he quickly slammed against the bars with his hard cock waving near her loins. She offered him a thin smirk before leaning back.

Tampering with surveillance equipment. Illicit, sexual relations with a suspect. Fraternization on precinct grounds. All crimes that went unheeded in the lens of the inert cameras of the holding cell.

Crime just came too easily to Commisioner Belladonna sometimes.


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Based on Sakimichan's series of the main RWBY girls aged up. Check them out here!



“You guys suck at this, you know that?”

Yang crossed her arms and sneered at the mass of bodies around her. Just another group of hapless thugs that couldn’t recognize a huntress when they saw one, and mistook her dismemberment for weakness.

She brushed off her bare shoulder, letting her tattoo ripple on her skin. Her coat was a ways away, having been discarded shortly after the fun had begun. Her mechanical hand silently whirred as she brought it up to flick away her hair.

Another day, another bar trashed in the process, with her as the last woman standing.

Except she wasn’t the last person standing this time. Turns out she’d missed some snot-nosed brat, clearly still a novice at this whole thing. She watched him adopt a shaky stance with a raised brow and hands on her hips.

“So what’s your call, kid? Gonna take a knee, or put up?” Yang’s sneer sent a tremble down the little punk’s back, but he held firm. Seeing him stand his ground made her grin even more until it threatened to split her face. “Well okay…”

Click. THUNK!

Her mechanical arm crashed against the ground, taking half of Ember Celica with it. Yang ignored his bewildered expression and simply raised her real hand. Her fingers came together in a bone popping fist. “...Then let's have some fun with it.”

Ooh! Oh! Ooooh!

Yang’s nails dug into his shoulders. Her boot-clad toes pushed against the cracked floor as she drove his weary, beaten body into the ground. The wraps around her boobs unraveled as she bounced along his dick. “F-Fuck - at least you’ve got something of value,” she literally spat at him.

Her tattered top and hip-hugging jeans had been torn off her shapely, rock-hard body. Meat-grinding abs and wide, baby-baking thighs rippled with every thrust. Her ass rippled and clapped against his balls with blinding speed.

Yang grabbed one of his feet and bent his leg straight back. The punk growled in pain and choked out. “F-Fuck, you sadistic bitch…”

The huntress over him grinned at his words - no sense being ashamed of the truth. If he’d just kept his nose clean, she could’ve at least been a little more playful to him...but she had no tolerance for bandits, especially not utterly shitty ones.

She leaned down, pushing her jiggling breasts closer to his captivated eyes. Yang licked her lips and cooed out, “Still have some fight in you? Hmm...I think i like that.”

She slammed her hips down and pressed her full, hard muscle on his body. Each thrust led to a grunt of agony as he endured the weight of a hardened Huntress. “Huph huph huph...I could use a little brat like you - punchable face, crumples like a wet bag. Perfect material for an insider.”

Without slowing down, Yang reached up and plucked a few long, golden hairs out of her scalp. Her eyes blazed red, but she kept her cool as she tossed them into his squirming fingers. She reached over and pulled up his scroll before quickly pounding in a new contact - for ‘Momma.’

“So here’s what you’re gonna do - tell your boss that you managed to pull a few of these out. That should get you some points and maybe a cheap lay or two. Keep your mouth shut and outta trouble. Then once a month, you give your momma a call and tell her what this raggedy-ass little group have been up to. You lot keep your heads down and I may look the other way...maybe.”

Yang dropped the scroll on his chest before bringing her knuckle right up to his wide eyes and activated Ember Celica. “Otherwise, this fist? It won’t just be directed at a few weakass Beringal. Got it?”

He swiftly nodded, smacking the back of his head against the cracked floor. She gave him a mocking smile and patted his cheek. The cold steel of her gauntlet rubbed against his ankle. “Good boy - you’re gonna work out juuuust fine.”

She paused long enough to adjust her hips, sticking her boots in his face. His legs fell limp behind her, giving her time to flex and wrap her calves around his back. She pulled off the rest of her wraps and let her boobs bounce free. “Now sit back and let momma take her first payment out of your balls.”

Yang’s thighs flexed as she rode against his cock. Her hips rolled and crashed against the punk’s lap. Her hand squeezed his shoulder as she felt him flail beneath her.

Her new friend’s eyes were locked squarely on her massive tits. The way both halves of her chest crashed and smacked together, actually leaving marks behind. She remained utterly nonpulsed - being totally used to how her puppies worked.

Her ass clapped down on his sore loins. Her pussy squeezed his cock, eager to drain his balls dry. She was fired up...and he was ready to burn out.

“Hah! Hah! G-Gonna cum?” she chided him. His whimpers were all the answer she needed. “You better hope this fills m-eeeEYAAA!!”


Her thighs crushed his hips. Her fist pulled his shoulder until he mercifully passed out from the pain. His dick acted on its own and filled her womb with cum, packing her so tight she felt it bubbling in her core. Yang’s head tipped back and let a hiss of content escape her teeth.

Things went quiet, save the pathetic whimpers and moans of the other bandits. The huntress blew her hair out of her face and looked down at her work. A few cracked ribs and a sprained shoulder - he’d live.

Yang rose up, not even caring that her gushing pussy was on full display. She recovered her jacket and her arm before tossing a few lien cards at the bar. The huntress walked out, nude, sweaty, but still raring to go. The foundations rattled as her motorcycle roared to life.

Another day for Mistress Xiao Long.

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“Do I dare ask where Morgan is?”

Her husband’s bemused voice made Tiki perk up. She glanced over from the couch to see Robin hanging up his coat. Her darling son kept plowing away at her ass. His mouth was occupied by her weeping teat sticking out of her open bathrobe.

Tiki tried to answer, but the combination of lust and pleasure made it quite the feat. “M-aah!...Morgan...Lissa.”

Robin pieced things together from there. “Lissa’s taking care of her...for how long?”

Marc was the one that spoke up this time. He pulled off her lactating nipple without slowing down his thrust. His long tongue slurped up the milk on his lips before he finally spoke. “A-All night….H-Hey dad,”

“Oh hi, Marc - you two had a good day?”

“ goooood.”

Her son blushed at his adopted pet name from his sexually insatiable mother. His father’s chuckles echoed in the young half-manakete’s ear as he leaned down to re-take her breast. Robin watched the incestuous coupling with bemusement - he was more than used to this sorted little side of a manakete family.

The tactician temporarily departed for his private study to drop off the papers he’d brought home. He left his son and wife to rut on the couch. It was like a minute distraction after hours of sinful sating.

TIki’s arms wrapped around her son’s head, pulling him closer to her breast. Her shapely rump pressed into the cushions by every slam. Her butt was constantly stuffed by her darling Marc’s sizeable girth. “Hah...M-Mar-mar!”

Marc’s hips quickened at her putative mewls. His balls smacked against her asscheeks with thunderous claps. His lips suckled her milk as it flowed freely. It didn’t taste as addictive now that he was mostly calmed down, but the warm, sweet liquid pouring down his throat was the greatest thing he’d ever tasted.

Tiki reached down to play with her neglected, still-covered breast. The milk spewing out had long since stained her robe and left a massive damp spot. The wet material clung to her tender skin and riled her even further.

His mother shrieked with delight. Her eyes squeezed shut as another climax wracked her body. She didn’t know how long she was consumed in orgasmic white - years, centuries, millennia. It all bleeded together for a manakete.

She came back at something soft caressing her cheek. Tiki glanced up at her husband’s touch and gazed into his loving, gentle eyes. “Tilt your head down, love.”

Marc pushed her up the couch a bit to let her head go over the armrest. Her blurred sight was filled with her darling’s mighty loins. Robin’s potent cock passed between her lips into her hot, moist mouth.

Tiki reached back and grabbed his butt, pulling him closer. His dick hit the back of her mouth and sent a jolt through the lovers’ spines. Her head tilted back further to give him access to her tight throat. It took some coaxing from her tongue, but soon her gullet was as stuffed as her ass.

Robin’s throaty growl assaulted his family’s pointed ears. Heightened manakete senses could hear every throaty rumble and reacted in kind. Marc was intimidated by his father’s inadvertent display of dominance, while Tiki was simply turned on.

Feeling her husband’s cock choking her taxed throat. Her son’s dick pistoning in her butt. It was intense...and she loved it.

His wife reached down between her legs and played with her sensitive twat. Her honed nails flicked over her clit and into her wet folds at a rapid pace. She wanted the end to be something special, fitting only for her two favorite men.

And what mama Tiki wanted, she’d get.

Robin struggled to thrust against her tongue tight milking. Even while addled after hours of anal pounding, his wife’s mouth work cut straight through his stamina and brought him right to the line with their son.




The family came together. Marc’s cum shot deep into his mother’s tight butt. Robin’s load blasted down her bulging throat. Tiki’s juices shot out and smeared her bathrobe, leaving a sizeable wetspot. The divine Voice went limp between her two men.

Marc pulled out of her stuffed ass and shuffled back. Robin finished pumping his cum down her gullet before pulling free. Her tongue uncoiled from his shaft and hung loose down her cheek.

Her husband gently lifted her body and adjusted it on the couch to help her swallow. He glanced down at her flushed, sweaty body barely covered by her scarlet robe. “You’ve been going for a while, huh?

Marc nodded, not even ashamed at his state of undress. “What should we do?”

Robin hummed in thought. “Tell you what - you go make dinner, and I’ll get her washed up.”

Marc nodded and reached for his discarded shorts. The young manakete’s nose crinkled as the stench finally hit him. Robin added, “Oh, and open the back windows - don’t want the smell to set in.”

His son saluted. “You got it, dad!”

Robin scooped up his darling wife and brought her upstairs. She was squirming in his arms, rubbing her thighs together. Her nipple brushed over his thumb and spurted milk over his digit. Her husband casually asked. “That bad?”

The manakete hid her face in his chest, trying to conceal her flushed cheeks. Robin laughed at her reaction. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered. You’re not even sated, are you?”

Tiki whimpered and nodded. “Don’t worry - Marc and I will fix that after dinner. How do the cords sound?”

Her excited squeal was music to his ears. The thought of soft scarves being pressed against her body sung to her.

The couple reached the washroom door. Robin was forced to let his wife go, but kept a firm grip on her ass and bust. “We’ll talk later. For now I think someone needs a bath...and I’m feeling a bit peckish.:”

Nothing wrong with a little snack before dinner.

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Her eyes were locked on the opponent as she brought out all the stops. Her dainty fingers blurred over the keyboard perched below her, never even needing to glance down at her keys. Her bare legs squirmed as she lined up for the final blow. “Nerf...this!”

Victory came fast, and with it some more bright flashes from the feed and another load in her stuffed snatch. Her head felt light as the adrenaline of the last match wore off just in time for her to feel hot streams in her pussy. She pushed down into the cushion on her stomach as her compact body shook from his climax.

Hana liked using the standing desk from time to time, especially when it came to her private streams. A few people questioned why she always had a cushion on top of it, but her answer was always ‘it’s just there’. In truth there were maybe a couple dozen people that knew what its real purpose was - and one of them was currently behind her plowing her tight pussy as she streamed.

“Oh shit…” he groaned. His hands came down on her shoulders for support. His stamina helped him recover quickly as she fired up another round against a rando.He struggled against her tight pussy, trying to thrust in and out. He couldn’t make out the monitors, or the chat going at breakneck pace between the 30 or so patrons allowed to watch.

[Go man, go!]

[Marry me, Dva <3]

[i did her better]

Hana rolled her eyes at that last one - turned out the old adage was false. But she wasn’t thinking about the quickshot shrimp that’d disappointed her three months ago, but about the man who’d shelled out $10,000 to enter her ‘lucky fuckie’ lot.

Hana flicked off her mic for a second to whisper back, “Speed up a little”. Her thumbs kept flicking over the keys, keeping her on top of the game even as she got a good drilling. She bit her lip to keep her moans from polluting the audio.

She must’ve been making that face for a while, since people started making quips about it. The time-limited ‘pussy view’ filtered out as people chose to ignore her stuffed, messy snatch in favor of her lewd expression.

Hana busied herself with building up her forces. She let her fan go at his pace and do everything he wanted to her - rub her asscheeks, massage her thighs. So long as he kept her on the desk and focused on the game, it was fair play. Even bringing her feet up to massage her toes, oddly enough. ‘Uuugh...that...that actually feels kinda nice.’

The game went on, as did the stream and the sex. Her eyes stole over to the hot pink tip jar. It was filling up pretty quickly and would soon be at the ‘kink pick’ threshold. That meant two whole minutes of doing whatever the lucky patron that donated wanted. The requests flashed by until it finally froze at the very top.

[$1000/00000 - mute and go loud]

She wanted to mess with him a bit. ‘Let’s see...what was your kink again?’ she mused as she tapped off all the sounds. ‘Oh right - you’re that weirdo that likes raceplay and breeding...ugh, whatever.’

“Cum cum pussy! Give me all fookie!”

‘I already hate this idea...damnit!’

Her fan actually stopped for a moment, even as he grew rock hard in her snatch. A few more debasing words had him pounding her like a piece of meat, much to the roaring approval of her ignorant chat.

Hana kept the act up, spewing crap that went out with the aughts and the tens. It was squeaky, vapid, and fake, but the results were very, very real.

“OOOOOH! Me take you home and suckie suckie!” Uhh Uhh…. Baby! Give many baby!”

‘Oh god that was bad...and now I need a shower.’


Like a switch, she immediately shut up and reopened the sounds. Her fan was actually stunned at her sudden shift, but quickly recovered in and started sawing away again. He dug out the load he’d just spewed from her little act and kept going.

Hana did her best to focus on her game and try to repress the embarrassment of what she’d just done. Somehow, acting like a wanton slut with bad english made her feel even dirtier than being a cam whore. ’It’s bad enough that he gets a copy of the stream, but now there’s gonna be me acting like THAT out in the wild? Fuck me…’

She was so preoccupied that she wound up being pushed back. It was only after a paid chat of [Pay attention you slut!] that she snapped out of it and quickly adapted. Her fingers flew over the keys faster than his hip thrusts.

Suddenly, the Stream cut out - 0:00:00:00. The bar froze at $9998.68/2.32 - [push her down and grab her hair] . Hana winced at the thought, remembering the last few times her chat had told her guest to be that wasn’t fun. Certainly wasn’t good for her K/D ratio either.

She nuked her opponent and ended the match. The pilot took off her headphones and turned back to her fan. Her shoulders ached a bit from the last two hours, but it was nothing that couldn’t be worked out. “If you tell anyone what I did there, I swear I will hunt you down. With MEKA.”

He gulped and swiftly nodded. He pulled away, leaving his load to spill out of her stuffed pussy onto the tile floor. “So that’s it?”

Hana shook her head with a wink. “Stream’s done, yeah...but i’m still horny.”

He gawked as she turned around on her back and pulled her legs straight up. His spunk bubbled in her honeypot, but his focus was on the gaping star below it. “-and you still have a hole to fill.”

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GLrk! Glrk!

“M-Mmph Mmmph!”

Riju’s face was smashed into Link’s crotch. Spit flew with every vigorous thrust. Her lipstick left blue splotches over the long, potent girth. She looked up at him in the weak light, showing how her mascara ran down her eyes. The look in her emerald pools wasn’t hurt, or rage - it was bliss.

With the regular patrols that now walked through Gerudo town, that left the places they could have fun quite limited Luckily, Padda the seal attendant had a few days off, leaving her quarters in the palace unoccupied. That made it the perfect place for the amorous couple to get in some midnight antics, like the chieftain between his legs having her mouth thoroughly abused.

Riju’s bonds smacked against her bare knees. After their antics in the wildberry grove, Riju found that she had a liking to having her arms tied. This time it was with a pair of stirrups rather than her hair, and her wrists were in front of instead of behind. Her long ponytail was instead coiled around his wrist as a lead to pull.

Link’s fists dug into her temples as he used her mouth as a sleeve. Her choked gargles and wheezes were clear as day to his sharp ears. He felt the coarse wood of his impromptu seat on his ass. Link spared a quick glance over to the doorway to confirm they were still alone.

This wasn’t necessarily roleplay like the silk scarves she had stashed away in her bedchamber - it was just sating a particularly wicked kink of hers. In truth Riju missed roaming around the town at night, finding whatever dark corner she could to pull him aside for some dirty, quick fun. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed that night in the grove…’

The delightful burn of leather on her wrists answered that question. ‘Worth it.’

Link pulled out of her mouth, leaving her to hack up spit and precum. Her lungs were screaming in relief as precious air was sucked down her throat. The chieftain’s labored wheezing ensured her lover stayed hard and ready as he gave her a meager mercy.

“Ih-ih-is that all?”

Link glanced down at her and her utterly disheveled face. Her cheeks were caked in spit, tears, and mascara...but her eyes told a different story. Even after he’d ravaged her throat for Trio only knows how long, she still had a spark of pride and defiance in her blazing green pools. “I told you to fuck my face, not just clear out my throat.”

The Hylian growled. He knew she was goading him - he knew she was taunting him. Time and again he’d endured her sass and wit, and paid it back with every inch of her tight little body. Tonight wouldn’t be any different.

Riju smirked at him - that damnable, sexy grin that left them both exhausted on numerous occasions. One hoarse command and he would have her flat on her back...and around her finger.

“Should I call for someone to judge your worth?”

Link simply rammed his dick back down her throat. He didn’t even give her room to react before he was hammering away at her abused mouth, pounding her ripe lips with more force than a sledgehammer. Riju’s eyes widened before she smirked in triumph. ‘That was too easy.’

Link leapt to his feet and pushed her head back. Riju choked on her shock as he slammed down her sore neck The Hylian pulled her wound hair back in time with his merciless hips. She was pushed back with every brutal, choking thrust, causing further pain in her shapely hips.

It was exactly what she wanted.

Riju’s bound wrists reached under her dress for her utterly drenched panties. Her thumb struggled to prod her covered pussy, or at least the painfully erect clit. The chieftain only managed to reach the hemline before she was pushed too far back. Her hands were left helpless between her legs as her back smacked against her ankles.

Link was squatting over her, hands pressed down on her head. Her sloppy lips smacked against his groin. He felt her flailing tongue being pinned down by his girth, trapped in her mouth. Her messy cheeks had caved in.

She was wheezing for breath, gasping for air. Pleading for cum.

He gave her the latter.

Rich, potent, syrupy cum - the kind that had stuffed every orifice of her body Din only knows how many times. She never tired of the taste, or the feeling of it covering her nubile body. It was almost a shame that it was all being pumped directly into her stomach...almost.

Link’s dick blasted rope after rope of Hylian seed down the Gerudo’s throat. He watched her eyes roll back. Her head went limp around his cock. His fear was abated by the dopey smile on her outstretched lips.

He waited until his balls emptied out before rising out of her throat.. Her lover slowly pulled out of her sore mouth. She drooled seed from her slack jaw, looking quite unseemly for her standard as Chieftain. But that didn’t matter to his eyes.

He untied her wrists and gently placed her in the bath, letting the runny makeup and cum wash off her. She offered him a smile, even with her eyes closed. “Sarqso…”

Link turned around to give her some privacy. The Hylian reshuffled his pants to hide his softened loins. How he’d managed to hide his identity until then was a marvel to him, but he didn’t question his good fortune. He’d gotten close to a year out of their relationship, by now it was just a question of which he’d have to face first - the Calamity, or Buliara’s wrath.

He felt her weight on his shoulders, pushing her perky, naked breasts into his back. Her small arms wrapped around his neck in an embrace. She leaned into his ear and cooed, “So about this trip of said it would be cold?”