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5+1 Times The Agency Learnt New About Dazai and The One Time He Tells Them Something

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Yosano has spent countless months trying to figure out Omasu Dazai. He had a billion tightly wound walls built around him and she knew that it would take a bulldozer to get through them.

All she knew about Dazai was that he was hiding a lot of things behind a cheerful asshole smile. Some days as she listened to him mindlessly chatter about suicide, she wondered just how much of that were jokes. He was a mystery she couldn’t yet seem to unscramble.

She was had been wandering to get some groceries because The Agency was starting to run low and having hangry individuals running around was never a good idea. They had ignored the need for groceries for a few days once and by the end of it two people had broken noses and one had a broken wrist, since then everyone was in silent agreement to never let the food supply run low.

She had just finished getting the eggs, milk, bread and countless snacks for Ranpo (apparently he could only focus when he was eating something) when she heard the faint murmurs of chatter. She was usually one to just ignore it; curiosity killed the cat and all, but someone about this chatter seemed almost familiar.

She rounded a corner and quickly ducked back around the wall, peaking out slowly. Out of all the people she expected to see around here, Dazai was not one of them. From what she could see, he was leaning against a wall with his arms crossed and a lazy smirk etched on his face; she shuffled a little bit closer in the hopes she would see just who he was having an almost civil conversation with. She caught sight of a red ponytail and waistcoat, a boy with his fists clenched and mouth caught in a snarl. With a jolt she realised this was Chuuya Nakahara; a famous Port Mafia Executive. Still she was puzzled as to why Dazai was talking to an enemy.

She doesn’t know just how long she stood, hiding behind that all; long enough to hear fractions of an interesting conversation that she didn’t quite understand. She did know that whatever was happening right now, Chuuya was angry and Dazai was being a smartass (as per usual)

“Fuck off Dazai, or I’ll punch you in the fucking throat.”
“Oh really now, can you even reach my throat Chibi.”

Suddenly she heard the sound of flesh being hit and Dazai let out a soft moan, she peered round even more; almost standing in plain view to see Dazai keeled over and with a red mark on his cheek.
“Oh well I definitely can now.” To her ears Chuuya sounded almost cheerful
“God damn it Hat Rack, you’re such a shit” came the pained reply.

Suddenly both her and Dazai’s phones buzzed, she quickly ducked out of view and checked it

“Meeting Now. Get here.” Kunikida was always so blunt, sometimes that was great and other times it was plain annoying.

She peaked round for one final time before going on her way and she saw Chuuya and Dazai shaking hands with blank looks towards each other.

“Oi dimwit, don’t fucking die alright. If anyone gets to kill you it will be me”
“Please the only way I’m dying is with a beautiful lady, Chibi”

She could read behind the lines and could clearly hear the “take care of yourself. I will” hidden in between the snarling words.

She heard them begin to hear a pair of footsteps exiting the ally and walking towards the exit. Quickly she shuffled backwards and began to walk in the opposite direction when;

“Oh and Yosano” She steadily turned around, coming face to face with Dazai’s blank stare “keep this to yourself alright”
Apathetically nodding and beginning to walk in the direction of the Agency, she couldn’t help but to think about just who Dazai was behind the smiles, and the bandages.

He was a mystery, and the puzzle seemed to just get bigger.

Oh and if anyone asked why she kept glancing at Dazai when they got back to the agency well they didn’t have to know, a simple “the grocery store was fucking weird” would do.

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Kyouko remembers Omasu Dazai. She hadn’t been there long, and even once he rebelled, she still heard the stories of ‘The Demon Prodigy’ but she remembers what he was like in the Mafia, how apathetic, how calculating, how merciless he was. She remembers seeing him coming out of rooms covered in blood, and him leading massive assassinations. She can remember the stories of the dynamic duo that managed to bring down a gifted organisation in one night. She remembers him back then which is why it’s so unnerving to see him now

She’s probably the only one in that room (maybe Ranpo has an idea), who has any idea what Dazai went through in the Mafia. How much torture, and reprogramming, and training went into becoming a perfect executive. They don’t know how Dazai was being prepared to take over the Mafia, to become the new leader. Before Mori become paranoid that is. She knows, she understands that sometimes the Mafia breaks your mind as well as your body and some days you look in the mirror and cannot even recognise yourself anymore.

She wonders if that ever happened to Dazai, if he ever thinks back to the things he’s done and feels the acidic bitterness of regret, if he can still remember his victims screams, their begs as they pleaded for mercy, and the sound of bones breaking. She hopes he can’t remember it.

She’s wandering through a graveyard, they somehow managed to give her a sense of piece when she hears the faint murmurs of talking, she had been trained to pick up on noise and voices from a large distance away and from what’s her ears were telling her; it was Dazai speaking.

Silently she wandered over to where the noise was coming from. Sitting in front of a slightly damaged (old) grave was Dazai. He had his back to the grave and was casually resting his shoulders on it; an almost peaceful posture. As peaceful as he looked and the casual words that were coming out of his mouth, there was a note of something in his voice as he spoke. She just didn’t know what it was.

“I saw Anpo the other day, he still looks like a sly bastard. I know you told me to move on and be on the side that saves people, but really all I wanted to do was pound his head in with a brick. I hate him for what he did to you.”

“But heh anyway, I think I’ve mentioned him before but there’s this new kid at the agency; an orphan. His name is Atsushi and he is so much like you, he’s too good, too caring. I’m doing my best not to let him die like yo-like you did”

Kyouko could hear the hitches in Dazai’s voice. He turned around suddenly and the first thing she noticed was the slightly glassy look in his eyes and that’s when it hit her; Omasu fucking Dazai was sad. She had known him in the Mafia and never once had he shown any sadness. He was cold smiles and chilling laughter but never was he emotional.

“God damnit Oda, why did you have to do this. Look at me, actually showing my emotions heh. What a sight.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, I’m sorry I was too late. I promise I’ll do my best to help people, I’ll do my best to make sure you didn’t die for nothing.”

“Oda? I really miss you”

She heard Dazai begin to brush off the dirt that somehow covered his pants and start to stand up. Quietly again she began to move backwards, shuffling out of view and going back towards the other half of the graveyard. Dazai probably knew she had been there, he had some of the best abilities on knowing when people were there. Still, she felt like she had intruded on a personal moment that she wasn’t meant to see.

Well it was confirmed now; Dazai definitely remembered all the things he did, and as much as the other Mafia members liked to believe that the ‘Cold Dazai’ didn’t have emotions. She knew better, she knew the feeling of heartbreaking regret and guilt, she knew that he was trying his best to shoulder the burden of blame, and pain and move on.

She silently made a deal with herself, no one else had to know about what happened, what she saw today.

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Kunikida had a very firm opinion of Osamu Dazai. To him, Dazai was just a lazy, dramatic, idiotic man. Someone who had very loose ideals and questionably grey morals. As firm as he liked to tell people his opinion was, there were times when it wavered, when his emotions and opinion on Dazai seemed to falter and he saw things he normally wouldn’t.

He say how Dazai seemed shy ever-so-slightly away from people touching his neck, how his bandages seem to have a red tint to them and pale white lines underneath them. He saw how Dazai sometimes couldn’t make eye contact with Fukuzawa. How his gaze a little too dark, a little too empty.

Even as he noticed these things, he couldn’t connect the dots on why Dazai acted how he did. He relied on these opinions and his ideals to keep himself sane. It was because he ignored all of these signs that what he saw shocked him so much.

He had been wandering down the agency halls when he realised he had to duckp into the bathroom before he left. Doing his best to ignore the nagging irritation of being thrown off routine by his own body need. He quickly ducked into the males restroom.

He had barely even made his way into the cubicle area, when he heard a bang and muffled curse. Curiously and cautious he peered round the corner, careful to still stay hidden in case it was an intruder or something.

The moment he looked round the corner he was shocked to see Dazai just standing there, hands gripping onto the side of the sink and face glaring in disgust at the mirror. He didn’t realise what was bothering him at the sight, apart from the unsettling dead look on his partners face.

Raking his eyes across Dazai’s body, he took in the look in his eyes, the frustrated curl of his lips, and especially the red scratches marking his.. friends arms.

Wait- arms?

Sure enough there was Dazai standing in his idiotic glory. Kunikida realised this was what was odd about the sight. Dazai has the bandages on his arms pulled off, resting messily on the basin.

As Kunikida notice before, Dazai had long, red marks going up and down his arms. Startled, he peered closer (keeping hidden still), he noticed the faint pinkish-white colour of scars nail marks, claw marks and bite marks. The round shaped scars couldn’t be anything but bullet shaped scars.

It was only from shoulder to wrist that was uncovered but he could bet that what laid under the rest of the bandages. He could imagine the pain, and blood that was the outcome of those injuries.

Seeing Dazai without those bandages was like seeing someone without their skin. It felt like he was seeing Dazai’s most vulnerable parts of himself. Like everything he thought hidden was laid bare for the world to see. For some reason it made guilt churn in his stomach and his skin tingle uncomfortably.

What he didn’t understand was why Dazai was so insistent to keep the bandages on, what laid beneath them wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what the Agency members had seen before. He came to the conclusion, accompanied by Dazai’s face that it was probably disgust towards his scars. Kunikida didn’t quite understand but who was he to tell Dazai what to do.

Silently he backed out of the bathroom, his need to be forgotten. He glanced at the door and realised he had completely missed the “closed for cleaning” sign that had been pinned to the door. That would explain why Dazai didn’t seem particularly worried about anyone walking in.

He backed away and made his way to the exit, prepared to go finish his errands. He was already way to late for what his routine needed so he best be fast.

As he made these errands his thought, while Dazai is silk dramatic and lazy; that was only the surface and it seemed like there was so much more he wasn’t aware of yet. He’d certainly try to find more out about his secretive partner.

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Fukuzawa was wary. Him and the agency were currently on there way to a neutral grounded park area in order to have a meeting with the Port Mafia Boss; Mori and all his cronies. No matter how much Dazai or Mori assured him that it would be fine and no murders would take place, he couldn’t displace the thick feeling of dread coiling in his stomach.

The had just entered the empty park. Most citizens knew that the Mafia and Agency frequented this place and nobody wanted to be caught up in the inevitable crossfire that would occur if both sides were left together for too long.

The Mafia had not yet arrived at the scene, it sadly wouldn’t be long though. As much as he wanted to deny it, wanted to take his team and march right out of the park and solve the case on their own; he knew that they needed The Port Mafias help to solve this blood-filled case.

Fukuzawa knew that nothing monumental was going to happen but he still felt like something was going to take place at this meeting. He knew that Dazai has had a very lengthy involvement with the Mafia and Mori especially and no matter how calm and detached Dazai was, Fukuzawa was always worried he was going to snap and something would go down again.

As he had predicted, not even five minutes later the Mafia rolled onto the scene, looking as pristine and evil as usual. Mori was wearing that sly expression that he only wore when he had a plan. Instantly that dread became thicker. Mori’s cronies just looked like they would rather be anywhere but here, well with Mori as your boss, that must become your default expression.

He could feel Dazai next to him, almost unnoticeably tensing up and he saw his feet slide into a battle stance. He felt slightly bad for Dazai, it was hard enough for Fukuzawa to look at his old partner and not put a knife through his eyes, he could barley imagine the dread Dazai was feeling, knowing that nobody knew just how involved Dazai was in the Mafia.

Mori strolled forward, sticking his hand out for Fukuzawa to tensely shake.

“Well, it certainly is a pleasure to see you here isn’t it Fukuzawa” Mori said with the usual sugar-coated tone.

“Of course Mori, now may we get into the deal.”

“Ah yes, please tell me what you have for me.”

“Well, we know it’s an organisation that hunts down gifted users. Their corpses have been showing up along the shore line with severe injuries on their bodies”

He saw Mori’s eyes darken for a moment, before returning to that lighthearted mask.
“Well, That is certainly troublesome. Why can’t your agency handle the organisation themselves?”

I gritted my teeth slightly, knowing that Mori wanted me to admit we couldn’t handle it, and I was going to have to in order to get their help.

“Because they are extremely good at outmanoeuvring us and fighting back.”

He saw Dazai begin to step forward, ready to defend the agency and its honour. As he did that, Fukuzawa saw Mori’s eyes glint dangerously, He could almost see the sick satisfaction Mori would get from whatever he as planning to do.

After a second of silence while Mori and Dazai stared each other down, Mori finally opened his mouth.

“I haven’t the faintest idea why that organisation is still in place, after all you have Dazai up your sleeve and he was always excellent at wiping out organisations, well him and Chuuya of course.”

I felt the questioning looks from the other agency members standing behind him. He could feel Dazai wince from beside him, knowing he would be obligated to explain everything that was said right now, later tonight. He noticed Chuuya’s face harden even further at those words, neither one of the old duo liked to be reminded of what transpired between them. Fukuzawa glanced over at Dazai from the corner of his eye he saw Dazai’s eyes darken slightly and his easy-going smile turn slightly sadistic. Fukuzawa knew whatever conversation was about to happen was not going to go well.

“Maybe so, either way I was extremely efficient in my interrogating methods. Wouldn’t you agree Mori-san.” Ice dripped from Dazai’s words, the air seemed to harden at the sound of them. A dark sense of dread encased Mafia and agency members alike.

“Of course, there’s a reason you were my successor.” Mori’s face portrayed a sick delight at the thought of being able to expose some things about dearest Dazai, in front of the very members who thought he had never gotten his hands dirty.

“You say that like you weren’t planning to off me Mori-” Dazai’s voice cut off, as though he was thinking of how to phrase his next words. “They say that evil expects evil and that was quite true wasn’t it”

“Hm, well in this position of power, one must always be ready”

“See what I think is, I think you were aware that I was beginning to surpass your skill level and you were paranoid I’d stick a knife through your neck; just like you did to your predecessor.” Mori seemed to grind his teeth at that sentence. Fukuzawa knew he had to bring this conversation back to the important matter-at-hand before this turned to bloodshed.

“Can we get back to the matter at hand Mori.” Fukuzawa said in a almost bored, monotone voice.

“Ah of course Fukuzawa, where were we?”

“We we’re discussing the plan of action on how to take down the other organisation.”

“Hm yes. I will loan you some of my subordinates, they will be able to eradicate the vermin. Who knows, maybe double black will be together again”

“In your dreams.” Came the snarling remarks from both Dazai and Chuuya.

“We’ll see, well this has been a meeting Fukuzawa, shall we shake on it.” They both stepped forward, their hands gripping the other firmly, you could practically feel the distrust coming from them both. Soon enough they stepped back with their arms at either side.

Fukuzawa waited, holding an iron gaze until the Mafia turned and walk away, and they did but not before Mori said one last thing.

“I’ll be going now, but Dazai; my offer still stands, you can come rejoin the Mafia, you may even be an executive again.”

“See I have so many other better things to do with my time, like throwing myself off a building”

“Very well, I’ll see you all around later.”

Fukuzawa waited till every last one of them had turned, walked away and disappeared from view before sighing softly and turning to face his employees.

“Let’s go, we have work to do.”