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eyes on the prize

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Bakugou Masaru was, unfortunately, the first to be made aware of the situation.


It came in the form of a lonely Saturday when Mitsuki was off working in France and Katsuki was holed up in his dorm preparing for exams. He wasn’t unaccustomed to being alone as the fashion industry didn’t pause for anyone. He or his dearest mate were often distances away from one another consulting with a medley of designers and agencies, and other than for required annual heat weeks, his son avoided coming home unless absolutely necessary (or at least until his lovely mother lost her temper and demanded the boy visit before she drove up to the school and dragged him out of the building herself).


In any case he wasn’t expecting visitors. Occasionally, Midoriya Inko would drop by unexpectedly and they’d share a refreshing cup of iced tea while catching up, but she’d been invited out to lunch on a date from what Maseru was made very aware of after spending two hours on the phone explaining that she could and would not wear her hideous vomit green crocs (it didn’t matter what Izuku told her, they were not still ‘hip’).


Their neighbors would pop in from time to time as well, but it wasn’t often since they lived in an area polluted with elderly who despised leaving their musty couches and ancient sitcoms. So he was quite surprised one of the old people had managed to struggle to his entry way without perishing and knock on his door.


Arching an eyebrow, Masaru quickly grasped his phone before he raised from his kitchen table, checking for any notifications or notions that he’d be receiving a guest as he made his way to the door.


The only text he’d gotten recently was from Katsuki, asking if he could drop off a few scent blockers at the campus for him (however with a lot more profanity). And while the omega had two working legs and credit card, and Mitsuki would’ve immediately reminded him of that, Masaru had always had a weak spot for his son and couldn’t bear telling him no, so he typed up a quick ‘of course’ before peaking through the peephole to find out who he’d be hosting.


A mop of green hair wasn’t the first thing he expected to see.


It perplexed the alpha momentarily why Midoriya Izuku would be on his porch. The kid hadn’t been at their residence since last year when they hosted a houseparty for the successful launch of their winter clothingline, and before that it had been several years. He liked the kid well enough and was sorry for all the years he had blindly allowed Katsuki to mistreat him; and he had been elated to find out they were getting along again seemingly from the way they had civilly coversed at the party. But other than a rare, awkward greeting whenever they ran into each other somewhere in town, he had no other connection to the younger alpha.


Briefly his blood ran cold as he considered the worst, that maybe his son was in danger or something bad had happened to him and Izuku was just relaying the message. But then his paranoia was cut short when his phone chimed with his pup’s response of ‘thx old man’, and he was immediately tossed back into the pits of confusion.


Sighing, Masaru decided it was probably smart to ask, and opened the door just as Izuku had raised a fist to hesitantly knock again.


He had flowers. Beautiful multi colored peonies assorted with white roses, Mitsuki and his favorite flowers. He was also wearing a suit, with an AllMight tie that didn’t really surprise the fashion designer knowing this was the same boy that would enthusiastically ride his tricycle three miles to the nearest shopping center just to get the newest merch as a child. And there was a familiar red tinge to his cheeks that grew more vibrant every time he raised from his dozens of bows.


“Oh, Izuku, hello,” he stuttered out as the younger finally concluded his formalities, opening the door wider and stepping aside to let him in. His brain was on the verge of malfunctioning as he tried to reckon what he had managed to forget that brought the boy to his house in such fancy attire, an anniversary of something perhaps. But there had been nothing scribbled on the calendar and Mitsuki would’ve called him yelling and screaming by now if he’d neglected something important.


Figuring all his answers rested in the inquiry of an appearance standing before him, he decided to wait until the boy settled into his house before bombarding him with questions.


But instead of joining him in the household like a normal visitor would, the green haired boy only chuckled awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck, standing still as Maseru regarded him with a newfound interest. “Or if you would rather talk on the porch I suppose-”


“Uh, Mr. Bakugou, for what I need to ask you I need to be invited into your home on a dynamic level,” the boy admitted, his head resembling a tomato with how red he had gotten. And with the question, the elder alpha’s stupefactions vanished and everything about the seemingly random interaction, the flowers, the suit, the blush, clicked into place.


This day was inevitable. Ever since hearing that his son wasn’t the alpha everyone expected him to be, that he had gone into his premier heat in the middle of a junior high dodgeball game (which he was very proud to say he won even all dizzy and sick), he knew it was imminent that he’d be dealing with suitors one day.


Omegas were well sought after in the current age with their demolishing populations, and Katsuki had always been considerably attractive. His mother was stunning, so Masaru was sure one day his son would grow to attain the regal grace and effortlessly perfect poise that characterized her. And though he was originally abrasive and brash, his pup did eventually rise to his namesake and now constantly appeared in tabloids as the most sought after upcoming heroes .


He was still explosive and aggressive (which apparently worked in his favor to make him unique amongst docile stereotypes), but he seemed to have tempered down over his four years in high school. Gradually, his awkward, lanky body morphed into something to be desired and his attitude followed suite. Instead of immediately going off, he had begun to consider the outcome of his words. And slowly but surely, he had become more caring and thoughtful. In some malformed way he was the model omega, Masaru had read enough magazines and fan letters to find that out.


Even as inexorable as it was, he had hoped and prayed the day would never come.


He remembered asking for Mitsuki’s hand in courtship, and being turned down by her snobby, aristocratic parents numerous times. They thought he was a scrub, that he wouldn’t be able to provide for her, that he wasn’t rich enough and couldn’t make her happy. He could recall feeling worthless, like the woman deserved better than him, but most of all a burning determination to make himself worthy and persistently returning again and again. In the end, it had taken him twenty-seven times and two years before her father finally conceded and told him he better take good care of her.


At the time he couldn’t fathom why it had taken the man so long to agree, him and Mitsuki were in love after all and he assumed that as long as she was happy than her parents should support her. He never did understand why her parents sustained from conceding, not until in that moment.


He swallowed thickly as a sudden wave of possessiveness crashed over him, trying to ignore the twisting feeling in his gut that was making the sweet little aspiring hero standing before him resemble more of a child stealing villain by the second.


“Izuku, don’t you think you’re a little young to be asking such questions?” he asked steadily, refraining from growling out what his instincts were telling him to. What do you want with my son? How could you be worthy of something so fine, so precious? What do you have to show for one of the brightest lights in my life?


The younger alpha grinned, and even though Masaru knew it was all in good nature, he couldn’t help but visualize a razor sharp edge to it. “The average age for a courtship to start is eighteen, and it’d be safer for him since the hero industry is dangerous for omegas,” Izuku began to explain, wincing when Masaru barred his teeth slightly.


“Of course Kacchan is more than capable of being a hero and beating everyone he wants to up- it’d just help keep him from being affected by commands and other scents which would ultimately make him a greater hero. Which he wants and could totally do, I mean he’s one of the big three- the second omegan big three the school has ever had. And he already has internships lined up for his graduation, people already predict he’ll hit the top ten heroes in his first year...”


Izuku continued to ramble, but Masaru's thoughts wondered elsewhere, considering the young alpha before him. He was definitely strong enough to protect his son, not like his son needed protecting, but still. His family was already friendly with theirs so he was okay with Katsuki being inducted into their pack, but he wasn't positive if it was what his pup would want. Fingers hovering over the keyboard of his phone, he had just looked down in time to miss the appearance of his second visitor of the night.


He had just clicked send on his question ( Have you thought about courting anyone? ), when Izuku's rambling came to a sudden stop. An apology on his lips for missing the gushing and proclamation of admiration, Masaru raised his gaze just in time to catch the grim look on Midoriya's face as Kirishima Eijirou approached.


The phone chimed with a what the fuck , that fit the eldest alpha's thoughts very nicely as the redhead approached his house in a nice polo shirt, roses clutched in one hand, and a perplexed expression.


“Midoriya? What are you doing here?” Kirishima questioned, almost accusingly.


Masaru had met the boy four years ago after he walked Katsuki home one day when his heat started unexpectedly at campus, and since then he had visited their residence countless times just to hang out. At first he'd been slightly suspicious of the alpha's intentions, but over time came to the realization that his smiles were genuine and saccharine and grew to enjoy his presence. Especially since he was such a good influence on Katsuki, and Mitsuki even claimed they looked nice together more than once.


“What are you doing here?” Izuku demanded back, even though the eldest was sure he was already aware by the snarl in his tone. Masaru felt slightly exasperated, it was just his luck that two courtiers would attempt at asking for his blessing on the exact same day at the exact same time.


“Uh, I asked first,” Kirishima pointed out, crossing his arms over his chest as he came to a halt on the first step of the porch. The strawberry red roses pressed against his shoulder as he stared his fellow classmate down, all traces of a characteristic amiability gone from his countenance.


Masaru grimaced, already feeling a challenging aroma take over the air. As a fellow alpha he was unable to tell the distinction between both teenager's scents, but he was almost positive that Izuku was the first to start omitting a provoking smell by his next statement. “And I got here first,” he snarked, and there was a threatening duality to his words that was easy to catch onto.


If looks could kill, Midoriya would have been ruthlessly slaughtered by Kirishima's glare. There was a tense second when the redhead opened his mouth as if to say something, but he was quickly cut off by the crunch of gravel under wheels as a limousine came to a stop in front of the house.


Masaru felt his heart plummet in his chest, begging the vehicle to be for another house or maybe just some lost celebrity. But with how the day was going thus far, of course that wasn't the case, and Todoroki Shouto stepped out of the car.


“Iida told me what Midoriya planned to do today, and I can't just let that happen, can I?" the Half n Half hero coolly announced in way of greeting as he shut the door behind him. He was dressed the most classy out of all of them (a Bakugou fashion approved outfit), held the biggest bouquet of flowers, and had a steady look to his gaze that practically oozed in self confidence.


Masaru recalled meeting the boy when he was tailoring an outfit for Endeavour two years ago. He had taken Katsuki with him and immediately the two had sensed each other and Todoroki had come out to “annoy him.” He couldn't remember a time when he saw his omegan son so worked up, and the current number one hero apologized and claimed his child was being uncharacteristically abrasive and normally never left his room for anything (unless it was Bakugou Katsuki apparently).


While he had originally loyally been on his pup's side, after hearing a few of the alpha's tactics to rile up the omega, he couldn't help but snicker. He hadn't thought much of the snide remarks and teasing at the time, but he didn't miss the way Todoroki's smirk turned into a grin the second Bakugou's back was turned. It was endearing, especially on such a stoic boys face, enough so that he could recall it even years after.


His reminiscent of thoughts were halted at the sound of a growl, and he quickly realized that if he didn't intersect soon he'd be dealing with a brawl in the middle of his front lawn. Moreso to save his hibiscus than the boys with impulsive powers, he called out just before Izuku could throw the punch his fist was forming.


“Uh, tea anyone?” he offered, hesitantly opening his home to the three. And dreadfully, opening his nest as well.


“Dude, you smell so… Bakugou,” Kaminari claimed, brilliantly.


Kirishima grinned at the murmur of agreement that rose up in his friend group, basking in the few moments of sanctuary he had before the hot-headed omega burst into the room. Masaru had warned them that the omega would not be amused by them flaunting around his pack scent, but he couldn't help himself. Even if Midoriya and Todoroki trampled his style a bit with their matching odors, he refused to let that ruin the fun he would have with the mating ritual.


“Yeah, like Kat smells amazing don't get me wrong,” Mina chimed in, eyes glazing over and she took a huge whiff of Kirishima- as if to prove she adored the smokey, spicy fragrance. “But you, Midoriya, and Todoroki at once is a bit of an overkill. I can't even smell myself when you three are in a room together,” she pouted, crossing her arms.


“Honestly, I didn't expect him to agree to letting three alphas court him. I didn't even know he was into mating,” Sero admitted, clearly as perplexed by the whole ordeal as Maseru was. He nervously folded a piece of tape as they approached the classroom, which already heavily held Bakugou's scent, even from down the hallway.


Kirishima grimaced, rubbing the back of his neck as his friends stopped before the door. “That's, uh,” he paused, momentarily, trying to conjure up the best way to address the situation. Taking a deep breath, he uttered out: “Idontexactlyknowifheknowsyet.”


Kaminari arched an eyebrow, Mina frowned slightly, but it was Sero who finally broke the silence. “Uh, what?” he asked, the piece of tape in his hand unfoldable in its most diminutive form.


Kirishima sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as he considered the best way to explain the situation without seeming like such an asshole. He knew it was wrong, to court without asking them first, but he had deemed the situation different with Bakugou than with any other random omega. So he had decided to go to his kin first and get the easy part over with.


Surprisingly, him and Midoriya had the same thought process and decided the Saturday two weeks before the school's annual Spring Festival was the best time to confront his parents. Both seemingly had come to the conclusion that it would take Katsuki two weeks to become used to the mating process, and that at the two week point it'd be a good time to test out markings- and what better way to end a spectacular day of merry festivities than with a mock mating.


The problem was, asking the parents’ permission without consent from the omega first was an old tactic and was occasionally considered demeaning. It was believed that it meant the alpha wanted something from the family, and more a mate (power, wealth, ect), and in recent times with evolving society it was just extremely auspicious and cold. But Kirishima had decided it would all end well eventually, Katsuki would eventually understand why he asked his parents first and then they could continue living happily.


Kirishima sighed, ready to pour his heart out and explain his situation to its greatest extent, but before he could utter a word out, he was yanked into the classroom by a burning hot grip. He hissed out in pain as he was dragged in, growling out in irritation when he was shoved into the two alphas he hated most at the moment.


Oh fuck was his final thought as he realized how almost comically fast his situation had progressed.


For a second the room was silent as Bakugou Katsuki studied each of them individually, gaze so heated with hatred it could melt flesh.


And though Kirishima supposed he was supposed to be intimidated at the moment, he couldn't help but melt for entire different reasons when the omega's eyes set on him.


Bakugou Katsuki was goddamn gorgeous, and that was an understatement. From freshman year he had grown to become more lean and svelte, his physique changing until he couldn't be mistaken as an alpha or beta any longer.


His waist had stayed almost nonexistent, his muscular form had evened out and become smoother- like the statue of a Greek god, and his hair had become softer and lighter. He became thicker in certain areas, god bless, and overtime even his gaze had become more alluring and calm.


Though right now the vivid red, the gorgeous pools of color, were firey with anger.


“What the actual fuck,” Bakugou demanded to all the three of them at once, face pulled into a snarl.

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[ ]


Aizawa was not a father figure.


He rejected the title, absolutely detested it. And even though it was a running gag joke between students, clearly not intended to cause any harm, he couldn't help but find it aggravating every time Midoriya Izuku almost let the forsaken word slip from his lips or Kaminari Denki spitefully called him dad after being hounded too harshly for his theatrics during class.


He couldn't count the number of times on his fingers and toes combined that he'd been referred to as the parent of Class 1-A, either by accident or playfully. And he absolutely abhorred it.


The first time it happened, it had been Bakugou Katsuki to actually let the name slip.


It was towards the end of their second year after a particularly gruesome field exercise, one that left even Todoroki Shouto groaning and moaning out his complaints- which took a lot knowing the alpha's tendency to mask his emotions fiercely. Cementos had been the one to lead the period and the alpha had been in pre rut the entire day leading up to it, meaning he was extra brutal with the teenagers. Aizawa demanded Iida Tenya give him a brief synopsis of what the exercise entailed and found himself prickly with his coworker for the rest of the day.


Needless to say, after their chat, Cementos made sure to never be on facility during his pre rut again.


However, the damage had been done already, and so he was the one left to deal with a batch of complaining teenagers and their disgruntled moods. Or rather, one in particular.


Bakugou Katsuki had been emotional for the entire week leading up to the practice from hell, and Aizawa had already theorized that the omega would be going into heat soon. It didn't take a rocket science to figure out after he snapped over the smallest things such as how “Deku was breathing way too fucking loud” or shocked the class by hugging Kirishima randomly one day before class (the redhead had been paralyzed with fear and bliss for a solid ten minutes).


Aizawa had already notified Recovery Girl of the situation, and her response had come with a handful of painkillers for all the headaches he'd get and advice to be gentle and patient with the situation. He didn't quite understand her sentiments until watching Bakugou and Todoroki's calm banter turn hostile record fast.


It had started as it usually did, a snide remark followed quickly by a snarled insult, but it quickly took a turn for the worst as the blonde stood up from his seat in the middle of Aizawa's lecture and began to yell. Todoroki, not one to be outdone, managed to keep his cool composure sitting, but still egged the omega on. The teacher didn't even know what was said, at the time he'd simply crossed his arms and waited for it to end, afterall everyone was too exhausted from the training to listen to his boring lecture on hero laws anyway.


That had been a grave mistake, because than Todoroki said something- and it was a stupid playground banter insult (a “fuck you” followed by an “I wouldn't with a mutt like you if you were the last person on the planet”) and then Bakugou's pheromones were set free.


After that, Aizawa had to harness the entire population of alphas in the room away from Todoroki, all while trying to control his own irritation. The omega's scent was as strong as his quirk, and an omega in distress with a scent that strong could rouse an army of the highest dynamic into action. It wasn't as if Bakugou could control it, not that close to heat, but by the end of the situation he was still a vivid shade of red, as he cussed through apologies.


And that's when he said it. After a heartfelt apology to Todoroki, which seemed to shock the other and make him completely flustered, at a loss of words for once, he turned to Aizawa and muttered, “sorry dad.”


And it was as if a switch had been flipped in the dreary classroom. Kaminari's face lit up like a Christmas tree, Yaoyorozu had turned a bright pink reminiscent of Ashido, and even the self dubbed “edgy kids” such as Tokoyami and Jirou had let out a stream of hysterical laughter. And although at the time he had welcomed the change of demeanor for his class, he couldn't help regret letting it slide later.


Because after that day, everyone used the nickname. It quickly spread from his class to 2-B, and then all the way to Shiketsu in a way that left him befuddled and unnerved even still. Hell, Principal Nezu had brought up the nickname once or thrice, and even his fucking lover joked about it.


“It just fits. You're always doddering over them and you clearly care beyond their education. Face it love, you're pretty much a second parent to most of them,” Present Mic had distressingly told him one day, betraying the faith he had in him. That night the lousy, loud mouthed pro hero slept on the couch.


He had a hypothesis for why he hated it so much. He saw the term of endearment as a responsibility he wasn't quite ready to take. His husband and parents always nagged him about adoption, assuring him he'd be an amazing father, but he couldn't help but think otherwise. And now that the beta had proof that he was a good parent, there was no way to run from his proposals of finally taking in a child.


Except there was, because Aizawa didn't go down without a fight. One that included battling down the use of his student's nickname for him by halting it whenever he heard it.


But, of course, there were certain times that he embraced it. Yamada did make some sense when claiming he cared about them beyond their education, as the teacher allowed it to be said without admonishment on select few occasions.


Like the time Yaoyorozu had a kendo competition her parents couldn't attend and he had shown up in their place. He had accepted the hug and the term then easily.


Or when Sero had left his wallet at home during a field trip and he had paid for him and told him not to worry about owing him anything. If he smiled at the excited shout of the nickname and the beta's wide grin then, it was no one's business.


Or even when Kouda had given him an end of the year gift with a mug that said Number #1 Father on it- so what if he still presented it on his desk like a trophy even now? That didn’t mean anything .


He also had a continuous habit of taking the title somewhat seriously when it came to the person who called him it first.


Bakugou didn't call him dad ever again after he slipped up the first time. Though he was teased for originally starting the nickname, he had said it the least of all the students, placing him right down next to Todoroki (who'd said it once during a very meaningful conversation about Endeavor), Tokoyami (who was 'too cool for that’ but had informed him he saw him as a father figure nonetheless), and Mineta (who thought it'd be weird to call him that).


Aizawa liked to think the hot blooded blonde said it in different ways. It was a panicked look during dynamic training that notioned for whatever lesson it was to come to a close, an annoyed eye roll that had lost its edge over the span of four years, a familiar stream of curses that had somehow become amiable. Though he never outwardly said it, by the way he would ask him snippets of advice occasionally and stand closer to him whenever they were in a dark woods reminiscent of the one he had gotten kidnapped in first year, it was clear Bakugou Katsuki trusted him greatly, and it admittedly warmed Aizawa’s heart.


He responded in kind for whatever reason, notorious for cutting interviewers off mid question whenever it was clearly going into an inappropriate direction, floking Bakugou despite his protests when there were a crowd of nosy journalists nearby during field trips, and being “overprotective”, which he was not .


Or at least he thought he wasn’t until numerous people brought up the time he forced the omega to wear his sweater on that one recon mission. But even then he had his reasons, it was cold and he had seen several alphas already look in his direction (okay, so maybe after Bakugou pointed out that Kirishima was basically in the same boat as him, he should’ve noted his over precautionary actions and recognized that it wasn’t his place to tell the blonde what he could and couldn’t wear; but if he saw one more person glance at his fucking shoulders he was going to lose it).


Or that one time an older alpha had been openly flirting with the blonde and Aizawa “had the fucking audacity to ask him the definition of pedophilia” (to say the least Bakugou wasn’t pleased on the bus ride back to the school, but the teacher simply ignored the angry shouting because yes, six years was way to big of an age gap for a seventeen year old no matter if the old, perverted hag was wearing gucci or not).


Or really, any of the other times Aizawa had lost his composure and told the omega he couldn’t leave campus dressed like that or that he didn’t want to see him hanging out with whatever gangster had caught his attention that month. (Because as much as he liked his classroom smelling like burnt cigars and gasoline, he was pretty sure Todoroki, Midoriya, or Kirishima were going to commit murder one of these days if they saw Bakugou so much as smile at another delinquent from another class).  


Yamada, after spending way too many hours on Twitter flipping through numerous fan posts, had come to the conclusion that their relationship was sweet enough to rot teeth. Meanwhile, Aizawa found the amount of pictures of him having to shield Bakugou from an unreasonably angry alpha with a camera to be all too concerning.


But so what if he was apprehensive?


He was anxious about all of his students. Next year they’d be off on their own, trying to make their dreams realities; of course he was nervous since Kaminari still wore velcro so he didn’t have to tie laces and Aoyama still insisted on his hero name being his questionable decision from his first year. However, after his dear lover read one too many tabloids and interrogated him on it, he had to admit his unease was much different for the omega. Much different for all his omegas actually.


There were only three in the class. Bakugou Katsuki, Asui Tsuyu, and Kouda Koji. For each student to present into the lowest dynamic, Aizawa had been put off slightly. Normally in the hero course they were lucky to have one, but he supposed after all the movements and stigma around their positions in society, it was about time the child bearing class rose up to meet their actual full potentials.


Each of them were strong and talented and worked hard to reach their place at UA, and Aizawa was incredibly proud of them daily and often was the first to smirk whenever one of them bested an egotistical alpha. They had their conflicts occasionally, Bakugou would be more susceptible to lash out during the week leading up to his heat and Asui would often be too exhausted to even pick up her pencil before hers- much less do classwork. But they persevered and pushed onward even when the times became rough enough that even Kouda was in a bad mood.


Contrary to popular belief however, dealing with “emotional” omegas was much easier than dealing with alphas.


Omegas were admittedly more docile and compliant. All three of them were top students and were kind enough to aid those around them (even Bakugou had raised the most hopeless group of kids in class to B average students). They listened well and took his advice obediently without barking back. Over the years, he’d watched each of them become more nurturing in their own ways, Asui openly doddering on her fellow classmates and sharing helpful counseling, Bakugou nagging and pushing others to be the best they could, and Kouda offering a quiet sanctuary of relief and ear for anyone who needed to talk without judgement.


He knew they could take care of themselves, they were fierce on the field and had grown into fine people who's simple appearance could mediate a room into a calm state in an instant.


But he supposed any alpha teacher would be worried for the only three suitors in their class when Courting Season rolled around.


Dealing with a class full of twelve hormonal alpha teenagers was a nightmare.


Even though the omegas and betas were just as competitive and aggressive with hero training and school work, the alphas competed on a dynamic level as well, something Aizawa hated almost as much as the nickname he was dubbed. It was barbarian almost, even if it was hidden behind childish laughter and sarcastic remarks, the underlying messages were completely primal and crude. And they’d fight over absolutely anything.


At first it had been territory, but thankfully at this point it had been passive aggressive and Aizawa could pretend he didn’t notice. He was quick to ignore the spike of Midoriya’s scent whenever Kirishima sat in his desk to speak with Bakugou, or how Yaoyorozu had once let out a nasty snarl at Mineta for inching too close to her (okay, so he couldn’t lie- everyone heard that one, but in all fairness it was well earned).


This was the period in time in which they set up their hierarchy of alphas, deciding who was at the top of the chain- who deserved the most. Aizawa should've stopped them then.


Todoroki, Midoriya, and Kirishima had ended up heading the class alphas from what he could tell. Over the years each of them had trained hard and grown into the stereotypical forms of alphas, with buff builds and confident speech.The three of them split the class evenly, claiming parts of the room, different office supplies, times of the day- anything nameable had been split between the three.


At this point Aizawa didn't care. They could play their games of power for all he wanted, all it did was slightly irk him and give him headaches. And overall, Yagi had convinced him it was beneficial for training since it made them work harder and that it was just “alphas being alphas”, so he let it slide.


For several months hearing ongoing disputes between the three and watching them destroy practice grounds haunted his daytimes, but the situation reached a new low when Courting Season creeped up on them.


Aizawa wouldn't consider himself an omega activist. He didn't avidly fight against the injustice of society and laws that forbid omegas from wedding or going off on their own without an alpha involved in the entire process. Sure, he was strongly opinionated, but he had never let his views slide into the public the way many of his co-workers had.


But there were certain situations where he would put his foot down. And the day he walked into class to smell Bakugou Katsuki's distressed scent and see three confounded alphas, he slammed it down.


They were fighting over mates now. God, he hated teenage alphas.


The entire class had seemingly gravitated towards the group of them, observing the situation with varying degrees of discomfort and amusement. Bakugou had his arms crossed, a passive look on his features as he studied the three of them. Matching eyes with the irritated Yaoyorozu however, confirmed that the situation needed to be dissolved quickly, because thought he looked calm, the omega was ten seconds from losing his shit.


“Kacchan, we didn't mean anything bad from it…” Midoriya started, his voice cautious and hesitant, as if he was afraid of setting the omega off immediately. A worry warranted, because the blonde was quick to cut him off. “We were going to ask-”


“Fucking after its too late? What the fuck is that supposed to do?!” Bakugou demanded, and his tone was strained, not menacing or terror invoking the way it usually was whenever he was mad.


He was hurt .


Aizawa's eyes narrowed.


“W-we can still reverse it! I mean, I just thought you'd wanted this? We've talked about it before and you always seemed down for it. You said you were okay with courting and stuff,” Kirishima admitted, rubbing his shoulder and frowning slightly. “Oh fuck, Katsuki, it really wasn't meant to be like this…”


“Yeah, no shit,” Bakugou snarked, but the words held no menace. He just sounded exhausted. Aizawa didn't like it. “There's a big difference between me being fucking okay with something and actually wanting to do it Kirishima.”


And there was a brief pause as Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero collectively took a breath, because they were dramatic fuckers and Kirishima Eijirou had been demoted to last name basis. Todoroki smirked slightly at the ceiling, but the smug action was quickly caught and reprimanded.


“The fuck are you laughing at Todoroki?! You didn't even bother to see if I was okay with this shit,” Bakugou demanded, causing the alpha to glance down for once and meet his glare.


“You've seen every season of the Bachelor and watch it on repeat. You're into sappy courting shit like that,” Todoroki responded monotone, in his defense.


Bakugou snarled back, but didn't bother denying his claim. There were more pressing concerns. “The point isn't whether I'm fucking okay with it or not, it's the fact that you should've asked instead of- shit, fuck! Instead of going to my damn old man like I'm some piece of fucking furniture for you to take off his hands!”


The three of them bowed their heads at that, guiltily, and Aizawa clucked his tongue from the doorway after finally piecing together the situation.


He was pissed .


“And did you fucks do any research fucking at all?! Do you know how badly that shit hurt?!” he demanded. “What the fuck do you mean just undo this shit?”


All three alphas glanced at one another confused, and Bakugou let out a hysterical laugh.


“Oh my fucking,” the omega cursed, gripping onto the desk behind him as squeezed his eyes shut, as if he didn’t want to see the trainwreck before him. Aizawa couldn’t blame him, it was painful just feeling the perplexity come off of them in waves.


It was very clear none of them knew what they were doing when they decided to un-consentingly court Bakugou Katsuki.


God, he was pissed .


“Kirishima, Midoriya, Todoroki, as you should know, omegas go through immense pain during the courting process as they are being ripped from their family,” Aizawa interjected, stepping fully into the room and approaching the group of four. He almost snorted at the way all three alpha’s heads snapped up at the sound of his cold tone immediately. Good, let them be afraid. At least then they’d be prepared to run when he let loose.


“Since there are three of you, Bakugou was split three ways, or three times at once. I don't know what the pain is like, as I've never experienced it, but I do know it was used as a method of interrogation torture to get answers out of prisoners,” Aizawa let his words sink in, watching in glee as the three faces paled and eyes went wide.


“And as easy as it would be for you to get out of it by undoing the courtship, Bakugou would unfortunately go through what is known as a Rejection Phase, which can last years depending on the person. Many omegas commit suicide or develop a mental disorder during this-”


“Fuck, stop,” Bakugou cut him off. “ Fuck ,” and he looked alarmed, rubbing his temples and opening his eyes to glare at the three across from him. Still even as he glowered, he addressed Aizawa. “Thanks, but I for one don’t need a goddamn reminder,” he snarled, but it still held more pain than heat.


Aizawa sighed, as much as he appreciated watching the three dumbass alphas slowly figure out where they went wrong, he didn’t want to stress the omega out any more than he already was. Nonetheless, it seemed as though they were finally becoming to comprehend the actual gravity of the situation, so he supposed he could cut it off there.


“Bakugou, you can be excused for the rest of class,” he offered, already knowing what the snappy response would be by the way the blonde turned his glower on him. His lip trembled upwards at the familiar expression, at least some things would never change.


“Huh?! The fuck?! I’m not fragile, fuck off. I said it fucking hurt, not diabilitated me,” he snarked, pushing off the desk he had been leaning against. He stumbled unhelpfully to his claim, but was quick to straighten and shoot one more nasty glare, daring anyone to comment on it. Midoriya looked like he might of, reaching out, but the alpha thankfully thought better of it and shrank back on himself.


Aizawa frowned slightly as the class watched the omega take his seat, realizing that the dreaded season had already begun- and they hadn’t even reached the Spring Festival yet. This was the worst part of dealing with every graduating class, the period in which every student was anxious and hormonal, all anticipating proposals and the more-awkward-than-romantic talks to come. It was a three month horror story of mistakes and heart breaks, but, as cherry blossom bloomed, so did beautiful amorous tales.


The public adored butting in and the journalists were more persistent than usual the second any alpha so much as breathed in the direction of an omega. They’d eat this up. The most powerful students at UA intertwined in a courting game to try and win the heart of the most desired bachelor this year. Aizawa could already see the disastrous headlines and news articles.


He almost ran out to get Midnight then. Every year the woman gave a speech to warn of the underbelly of the season and correct what the media publicized as the most passionate time of their lives, because all of the flowers and candied hearts covered up devastating events. They tried to stop the broadcasters from taking pictures of how in love the couples were and tracking them, tried to stop them from making their relationships look dreamy and picturesque, tried to stop them from pressuring the students into mating so fast, but they were never able to stand in the way of freedom of speech.


And so each year they ended up with issues like this. Mating complications that would end with more than one person hurt and a juicy drama for society to cling to and follow along with. A situation that fruitfully left one miserable couple and numerous distressed bystanders, and an overjoyed audience. It pissed him off, but as an instructor there was nothing he could do but watch as the teenagers fucked up their lives and made stupid decisions.


Or at least that had been his mindset until this class came along, with students he had grown fond of over the years and allowed to call him their dad of all things. Aspiring heroes that had already been through so much as they desperately tried to make their wishes realities. Kids that he believed could truly make the world a better place.


He pressed his lips together tightly as he realized he wasn’t prepared to let them fuck up without a little guidance, watching as everyone slowly took their seats before making up his mind and approaching the front of the class.


He stood awkwardly for a few seconds, considering what he was going to say. Studying them, he sappily realized how much each and every one of them had grown in the past four years, and just as quickly tossed the thought away because ew he was not giving life advice and telling them he was proud of them all in the same day. When did he become such an over sentimental bastard?


“I’m only going to offer this once, but my doors are open for any issues or questions you may have during Courting Season. I know there’s a notorious popular stigma surrounding the season, but please don’t make any mistakes you’ll regret,” Aizawa stated, pleased he was able to keep it short and simple. He directed a pointed look at Bakugou who huffed out a breath and turned to the window, before turning to the three courtiers in the room.


He’d appease to the belief that he was overprotective just this once he supposed.


“And, to the alphas that keep scenting my things, this room is mine and I’m going to protect all that’s in it. Don’t fuck this season up, or you’ll be dealing with me in my office.”


And with that he started his lesson with the small crack of an explosion, the temperature dropping, and Ashido’s soft snickering.



Chapter Text



Bakugou Katsuki was stress baking.


Kaminari Denki was starving.


Ashido Mina was gleeful.


Sero Hanta was done with this shit already.


And Kirishima Eijirou just wanted to get in the kitchen to apologize without getting his head bitten off.


“I think you should give him some time,” Kaminari admitted, crossing his arms over his chest as he tried to tempt the major cock blocker away from the kitchen. The only reason he didn’t have his mouth full of the divine soft muffins and warm cookies set out on the counter beckoningly was because he was currently conversing with the enemy. And honestly, by the time Bakugou had taken the third tray of brownies out to cool he was ready to end his sweet, long lived bromance with the redhead if it meant he could get even a single bite. The omega’s treats meant far more to him than the alpha’s feelings.


Ashido smirked at the beta’s antics and attempts to get the alpha to stray away, and then quickly demolished them. Always one for drama, the pink girl had been trying to pressure him into stepping into the room for the past hour despite Katsuki’s clear aura that politely warned everyone that he would flay the first person to disturb him without hesitation.


“No way! Remember Kat hates cowards. He’ll forgive you easier if you man up now and just go and apologize, at least before ‘Zuku and Shou do,” she mused, and Kaminari inwardly cursed, knowing fully well she’d won by the last part of her statement. He shot the smirking girl a well deserved scowl behind the suddenly stiff alpha’s back.


Kirishima quickly glanced around the room, his scent spiking threateningly and causing the electric blonde beta to groan and pinch his nose, still not used to the alpha’s strong, unsuppressed usage of the Bakugou family scent.


Once again, he was thankful the blonde had presented as an omega and had enough sense to wear blockers. Thinking about it, the omegas he knew were so much more considerate of others than alphas when it came to scents, quick to repress theirs in order to stray from causing frustration with the nauseating smells.


Tsuyu always had an extra suppressant on her and Kouda apparently replaced his scent nullifiers twice a day, four times when he was closer to his heat. As for Bakugou, the beta had never actually felt the full impact of his scent until now, and though he could easily say he loved how warm and loved it made him feel- too much of anything was hazardous.


“Do you think they’ve already apologized?” Kirishima asked lowly, eyes trailing over the living room as he searched for the two, paranoia clear in his tone.


When the borderline murderous gaze stopped on her, Jirou looked up from the couch from where she was snuggling with Momo to arch an eyebrow in question. Kaminari sighed and mouthed a plea for help, and predictably, she only smirked and snuggled closer to her lover, effectively ignoring the issue completely. A luxury she could afford.


“No, I think Todoroki went out to spar after class. He seemed pissed , and Midoriya is with Uraraka in her room or something,” Mina explained, because of course she knew where the others were. She probably had them get lost, manipulating them into some sort of master plan in order to get a juicy Kirishima and Bakugou confrontation. Kaminari couldn’t help but feel slightly irked at the prospect, considering her morals for what must have been the millionth time.


He knew they all cared about each other, for a while it had even felt a bit like a pack almost.

At first it had just been Eijiro dragging them to meet up with the scary loud-mouthed boy in their class so he could drill the lessons into their minds, and since everyone had been failing, or borderline, they agreed to getting harassed into memorizing notes if only to pass. But soon, after presentations definitely, they began to hang out beyond simple tutorials and study meets, drawn to each others familiar and comforting scents like moths to a flame. They joked around a lot and got on each other’s nerves a considerable amount of time, but away from prying eyes they’d had many heart to hearts and secret discussions that bonded them.


They all cherished each other, and even when Katsuki was a bit too abrasive or Ashido pushed too hard to get her hands on a secret, they never had any bad blood. So the fact that the perky pink alpha was pressuring Kirishima to walking to his death and aggravate Bakugou even more, was slightly off putting.


Some things just shouldn’t be taken so lightly, and a situation like this was one of those things. The blonde needed time , it was so obvious even idiots like them could get it. So Kaminari didn’t really enjoy standing in the hallway next to the kitchen watching the omega tense up and rub his neck vexed, and even if he was sure he wouldn’t mind giving him any food (though their relationship had started off rocky, Kaminari could know effectively cuddle with the omega in a non suicidal sense).


Briefly he considered the prospect that this was just another thing alpha’s weren’t able to wrap their head around, afterall they weren’t on the hard end of the mating and didn’t experience the strings attached all too greatly. They normally meant well, sure, but the highest dynamic was easily the most block headed as well and weren’t able to sympathize very well. That’s why Kaminari could proudly state that Bakugou would seek him or Sero out whenever he was troubled instead of the two of their group.


He was about to voice his concerns when Todoroki Shouto walked down the stairs, a towel around his neck as he made his way towards the group.


Kirishima bared his teeth ever so slightly, and if the beta hadn’t been looking for it he wouldn’t have noticed the tense exchange since the redhead quickly replaced it with a curt smile, a mocking excuse for a welcoming expression as he greeted his fellow courtier. Kaminari had noticed a long while ago that the redhead was concerningly good at creating falsetto personas and acting kind and courteous to people he couldn’t stand. Meanwhile, Todoroki’s expression remained blank as always, but there was a passive aggressive look in his eyes that was unsettling.


“Todoroki, my guy, what’s good?” he cut in quickly. Surprisingly, despite his lacking grades, the electric blonde was skilled in social interactions in a few certain ways that could rival any brilliant debater. Living up to his title as a beta, he was good at quenching tension and halting aggression, whether it be with a distractingly stupid question directed at Bakugou whenever he was about to blow up or by acting obliviously friendly. Sometimes it was useful to be seen as the idiot who didn’t understand the status quos, it allowed him to take a less threatening role and hid his intentions well.


The alpha in question gave him a bland look, never one for his theatrics or chitchatter in general. Kaminari didn’t consider him cruel, just distant and more selective of his words. He made it a point not to make idle small talk and the things he did say were valuable and offered an immense amount of advice to anyone who listened. Every now and then he’d pointlessly argue with Bakugou, but with the situation they were in now, the beta had realized that was the alpha’s strange way of trying to woo the blonde.


“Kaminari. I’m just getting water, so if you don’t mind, could you step out of the way of the door?” the dual haired boy questioned, voice steadily neutral as he tried gracefully to side step the beta. And the electric hero had never been very quick on his feet, one of the slowest runners in the class next to Aoyama and Hagakure, but he had to check to see if he left a buffering image behind with how quickly he jumped in front of the icyhot hero. He almost felt dizzy momentarily, squinting through vertigo in a way that made Sero snort at his “extra ass”, before he could form words.


Plastering a wide, dumb smile on his face, Kaminari shook his head. “Ah, sorry buddy, the room’s reserved right now, so no entry,” he claimed, toothily, reaching out and patting the boy’s right shoulder reassuringly. When he felt his fingers freeze up he quickly dropped his arm, deciding to just awkwardly laugh the situation away to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, and pretty obviously considering many of his past experiences, his best ability was pretty shitty.


Todoroki arched an eyebrow, his passive expression morphing into one of a curious surprise as he peered around the electric hero. “By who- oh,” he began, cutting off when he caught sight of the blonde pulling out another tray of an assortment of pastries from the oven. For a split second, Kaminari watched as a dozen emotions swept across the alpha’s face, all equally confusing and guarded. It was the most feeling he had ever seen on the stoic character, and it felt like something he shouldn’t be observing. Like Present Mic and Aizawa kissing in the classroom after class observing.


God , how he wished he’d never forgotten his damn fidget spinner on his desk after school. He had mental images that scarred the fuck out of him.


Thankfully it ended quickly, but what replaced the tidal wave of expressions was much worse than the original passive aggression. It was determination, the beta noted bleakly, feeling his will to live sink a little as he did.


“Oh, well, I’m just getting water so I won’t be in his way at all,” Todoroki reasoned, very logically. Except Bakugou considered anyone within a six foot radius of him ‘in his way’ and that distance probably tripled when it came to his courtiers.


Additionally, the blonde had migrated to the middle of the kitchen as if he owned the whole damn thing- which he could claim he did, since no one else used it except to make ramen noodles, coffee, and mysterious mixtures that were supposedly able to fend off evil spirits (and clog the drain, judging by the recent screaming match Bakugou had with Tokoyami about the “Bird Brain’s fucking emo issue getting out of hand”)- and Todoroki would have to cross him at least once to get his drink.


Kirishima seemed to have made the connection quickly after, his expression souring as he followed his current rivals gaze to Bakugou. He didn’t even bother to lighten up when he addressed the other, mouth tilted in a thin line when he spoke. “I’ll go get it for you,” he stated, stonily, only stopped from immediately barging into the kitchen by Sero, who sacrificed his toes to being stepped on by the boulder that was Kirishima Eijirou. Kaminari winced for his fellow beta, unnoticed by either raging alphas even after he cried out in pain.


“No, it’s fine, I can get my own water,” Todoroki assured, his voice just as assertive as the other courtier. Behind him, Mina had pulled out her phone, and by the way her face practically glowed with anticipation, was looking forward to catching a fight on camera to post to her snapchat (which had accumulated mass popularity after she began posting their everyday hero antics). Kaminari couldn’t help but cringe, realizing how bad it would be for their reputations if the public found out their future heroes were fighting over water.


And it seemed as though he would be seeing memes about the great water fight later, since Kirishima’s glare only got darker. “Really it would be my pleasure,” the redhead responded through gritted teeth, and his smile looked bloodthirsty. Sero moaned, clenching his right foot in his hand as he curled in on himself on the floor next to the alpha, and no one but Kaminari seemed to notice.


“No, it’s fine, I wouldn’t want to trouble you,” Todoroki said pleasantly as he began to lightly smoke.


“You couldn’t trouble me at all, don’t worry about it,” Kirishima guaranteed kindly as he began to slowly harden.


“I can get my own water Kirishima ,” Todoroki snarled slightly, but still maintained a passive expression.


“Are you sure? You had servants get it for you at home right?” Kirishima responded lowly, finally breaking the reserved nature of the room. Todoroki let out a menacing cackle, and it was the first time Kaminari had ever heard him laugh. The beta shivered and Mina zoomed in on a zit on his forehead.


“I’m certain, either way with a quirk like yours, you wouldn’t be able to regulate the water’s temperature,” and it seemed like a casual fact out of context, but there were undertones that screamed your quirk’s useless to the other alpha. Kaminari hoped dearly to every single deity on the planet that Kirishima would not take it that way.


He did.


“Oh my bad, I didn’t realize your water had to be perfectly in temperature,” Kirishima snarked, all attempts at a falsetto chivalry completely gone. “How can you expect anything to be enough if it all has to be so damn perfect all the time, huh?”


Some people like things perfect,” Todoroki stated simply. Behind him the hallway was beginning to fill with the other students, Kaminari watched Jirou pinch her nose to block out the overpowering alpha scents and Yaoyorozu scowl next to her. Meanwhile, Hagakure had also taken out her phone and Shouji transformed all his limbs into eyes that he held above the group of students to get a better perspective of the impending fight.


Some people don’t like over controlling assholes,” Kirishima denounced his claim, his hands now blades practically. Kaminari wracked his brain for something to say to diffuse the situation, but nothing came up before it was too late.


Some people don’t like useless dumbasses who don’t try,” Todoroki implied curtly.


Some people don’t want to mate with pricks.”


“You would know.”


And Sero and Kaminari met eyes, one gaze full of pain and one of remorse, before several things happened at once.


Kirishima pounced the other alpha, now completely hardened, and Todoroki lifted a wall of ice to the ceiling in response. Unfortunately, the redhead managed to easily burst through the ice- but in the process sent shards everywhere .


Mineta’s scream signalled the burst of sticky balls from his head that went flying around the room, but slammed most detrimentally into Aoyama’s stomach. The french hero let out an indignant howl when his laser belt was blocked, before proceeding to shoot five times into the floorboard from his quirk, disintegrating the ball at the first try, but continuing to ruin their tiles.


In the process he had nearly shot Tokoyami, who was now trying to manhandle Dark Shadow back into hiding and convince him not to murder the blonde and that it was a mistake, and Kouda, who’s cry of fear had attracted several birds to their windows- all slamming their bodies against the glass. All the while, Mina, who had been too busy capturing everything on camera, didn’t see Hagakure approaching her until it was too late, and sent a spew of acid all over the hallway, dropping her phone with a painful shatter when she did.


Yaoyorozu, the goddess, had thankfully managed to protect everyone with her quick thinking (a mass improvement from her freshman year), when she dived between Kirishima and Todoroki to stop the fight from continuing any further. Kaminari couldn’t help but thank god for lesbians when Jirou yanked him away from a flying puddle of acid with her earlobes.


And this is what Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka walked into, all wide eyed as they slowly took in the mess that was the hallway. Kirishima and Todoroki snarling at each other from behind Yaoyorozu’s grip. Kaminari on his knees, staring up at the sky as if he was praying. Mina uploading a video with her newly shattered phone. Hagakure trying to stuff Mineta into one of the holes Aoyama had renovated into the floor.


And Bakugou, staring at the mess unimpressed.


Yaoyorozu stepped aside when the omega approached the two, bearing frosted pastries in his hands. Kirishima and Todoroki turned dark red as they realized what they had done, at least having the decency to look ashamed. The rest of the room went silent, watching the exchange curiously (and excitedly, in Mina’s case).


“Hey, dumbasses,” Bakugou mused, staring up at them passively. He held a cupcake in both palms, each frosted artistically, with intricate designs of chocolate and strawberry. They were gorgeous. “Ever heard of fucking off?”


He then smashed the beautiful treats into the alpha’s faces.


Satou whistled, being that cupcake smashing was probably one of his kinks with his quirk, and Kaminari smirked slightly, watching as the omega shoved the icing onto their features angrily. Todoroki’s mouth was agape by the time the blonde let the cupcake fall, frosting tainting his perfectly regal features. Kirishima on the other hand kept his mouth in a grim line of acceptance as a strawberry stained his forehead.


It was then that Bakugou admired what he had done, dragging his thumb over the icyhot hero’s cheekbones and tasting it in a way that left the alpha gaping. “You both smell like shit,” he noted calmly. Before turning on his heels and leaving the room, making it a point to stop and smear the rest of the sugary substance off his hands and onto the green haired boys shirt when he passed him. Midoriya didn’t seem to mind though, face flushed the same way Todoroki and Kirishima’s were.


It was silent for a few staticky moments, before Kaminari finally realized that there was one thing he could say when regarding the Courting Season and the mess that it already was.


“We’re fucked.”

Chapter Text




“I am very disappointed in you, Midoriya-kun,” Iida admonished, crossing his arms over his chest as he sat stiffly on the edge of the alpha’s bed. Even after four years his stubborn manners persisted and restrained him from ever being completely comfortable in any situation. He remained just as awkward and reserved as he was when they first met.


It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and his intended- Hatsume Mei- could care less about cuddling, so it didn’t really matter overall whether he’d prefer to sit on the very end of the bed alone over joining everyone else. Briefly, Midoriya wondered whether his personality was a side effect of having engines instead of calves, maybe he needed oil to loosen up his nerves. Then again, he’d never exactly seen Iida drink oil, but it had always been a theory of his that the class president secretly addictively consumed the substance-


Uraraka’s pinch pulled him out of his analysis, making the green haired boy wince slightly as the girl next to him admired the irritated mark she had created on his bicep momentarily before rubbing it consolingly with her palm. Contrasting to the ravenette, the beta was relaxed enough for the bed to be mistaken as her own, snuggled up in the comforter and hogging all the pillows greedily in a way she had done almost half a million times before.


“I am too. I know you’re like, head over heels for Kat, but this really isn’t the way of going about it. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you put him through,” she chidded now that she had his full and undivided attention. The brunette curled her glossy lip slightly, as if to emphasize her distaste for him at the moment, but it wasn’t very convincing since she was still trying to sooth the forming bruise she had left on his arm.


However, her words did get across to him easily and he bowed his head shamefully in acknowledgment.


It was never his intention to hurt Kacchan. Hell, it was never his intention to even start the mating process without his consent. The last thing he wanted was for his omega to go through any pain, and if he could go back, he would try his best to change the way things occurred.


But he had panicked in the moment the same way he had so many times before and the results were appalling.


Unbeknownst to the vast majority of the public, his biggest fear was not disappointing the symbol of peace or failing at his dream of becoming the number one hero. No, it didn’t come anywhere close to that. He had bigger, much more important things to worry about, because his most influential phobia he’d had, since childhood , was losing Kacchan.


He wasn’t sure when it started exactly, when he started to consider his best friend as mate material, but the thought process never stopped after it began. Before their fallout, he used to go over to the Bakugous’ residence almost everyday, and he could vividly remember growling at Masaru whenever he entered Katsuki’s room to tell him it was time to go. At the time, no one thought much of it. Mitsuki had thought it was cute- because she was Mitsuki and all aggressive things were deemed adorable to her for some deranged reason- but even during his younger years he knew what he was doing. He was threatening Kacchan’s alpha.


Afterwards, in middle school, he could remember how it ripped his heart out whenever the blonde would looked doey eyed at some upperclassmen, or accepted a date from a gang leader with wandering hands and bad intentions. He had been in denial then, telling himself he was just worried for his childhood friend’s wellbeing overall, and just wanted to make sure he was safe, but he solemnly recognized the burning feeling in his chest as jealousy when he caught Katsuki getting fucking eaten alive by an older student behind the school one day. Kacchan still doesn’t know where the head principal got the anonymous tip that wound up with his nasty lover in a jail cell for possession of drugs.


In high school it got considerably worse, since now he could look the omega in the gorgeous eyes without being ripped to shreds once their relationship started to mend itself. He’d found himself tracking down one of the many alphas that had caught the blonde’s attention far too many times. Katsuki assumed he just came off as too forward during their first dates and that they were too pussy to date him, when in reality, Midoriya was well aware that they were too scared to ever even look at the omega again because of his own descriptive threats.


Overall, he would never want to hurt Kacchan. He wanted the exact opposite actually.


To keep him safe, to keep him as his own, and occasionally those two priorities got intertangled and lead to decisions like these. Choices that made Katsuki ground his teeth as he lowly whispered to Kaminari when he thought no one else could hear, questioning if he was truly that undesirable for alphas to run from the thought of a second date with him. Choices that made the omega skip their school dance entirely because his would-be-date was serving a juvenile detention sentence and, despite anticipating the dance up until a few days before it, elected to call it a waste of time to hide the pain in his tone. Choices that probably made it much easier for the omega to kick him out of his room and slam the door on his tail whenever he growled at his father.


Decisions that overall managed to keep the omega as his own thus far, but hurt him along the way. And Midoriya easily recognized that this time the affliction was more tremendous than ever before.


“I know,” he sighed, running a hand through his green locks and shutting his eyes as he did. He had hurt Kacchan. It stung just thinking about it, how furious the red gaze had been when it pierced him, how they narrowed as he scowled. The expression he was wearing- the one he wore when addressing a villain or facing an enemy- directed at him . “I know, but-”


But letting Todoroki and Kirishima claim him was out of the question.


They didn’t know Kacchan like he did. They didn’t suffer through their younger years just to stay at his side. They didn’t grow up with him, they didn’t- and couldn’t- love him the way he did.


He thought he made it clear that Kacchan was his intended. Of course he had always received some form of rejection to his claim by Kirishima- Bakugou’s best friend who assumed he was his saving grace- but he never considered the alpha to be that serious. He assumed the redhead saw Bakugou as a fling and would get over him quickly, he never thought his advances would end up with both of them competing for the position as his mate.


And Todoroki, Todoroki was a surprise attack. He had seen the way the alpha looked at the blonde, it was open and wanting for anyone to notice; however, Midoriya didn’t think he was looking for a mate in the omega in the long run. He still didn’t see him as a huge competitor, figuring he was just seeking someone to fuck and breed so his pups were strong and carried on his lineage- not someone to love.


But the thought of either one of them courting his intended made his blood boil, and he couldn’t just stand back and watch it happen, so he joined them with ease.


“No buts ‘Zu,” Ochako huffed, shaking her head and wiggling her finger as if she were chastising a toddler. Her voice was brittle when she continued, a major contrast to its normally sweet tone. “What you did was out of line, and really disrespectful. It was messed up,” she announced factually, resting her head against the wall as she pulled the All Might blanket over her chest tiredly.


“I’ve never seen Bakugou-kun so distressed, he didn’t even yell once in class, and Kaminari-kun kept trying to rile him up,” Iida admitted, looking rather disturbed at the prospect that the blonde hadn’t made an outburst at all during the entire lecture.


And it was admittedly off putting to not hear the familiar screams once throughout the day. The blonde remained expressionless in every class, his countenance remained unnervingly blank even after the electric beta tripped in front of him. And he always laughed whenever any misfortune fell upon Kaminari.


Izuku ran his hand down his face, already well acquainted with Bakugou’s abnormal attitude during the day. But it wasn’t like he could’ve done anything about it, the omega didn’t seem like he wanted to talk at all to anyone, and he at least owed him time to process everything. He didn’t have the right to disturb him, not after everything he had done. So he had let him go when he stormed out of class during the end of the day, had gone to his dorm for lunch to avoid the chance of meeting the omega in the cafeteria, and hadn’t left his room once so he could give the blonde his space.


Whenever Kacchan got mad he just needed time to cool off, it was something he required when they were kids and even after they got older. It was just one of the things that never changed about him- when he was stressed, irritated, embarrassed, he wanted time alone to think over everything and decide on his reaction. It’s why he seemed so abrasive and aggressive upon first meeting, because he acted on impulse without thinking. Why he shut down whenever he lost a fight and became closed off- he was analyzing, considering what he could’ve done better and how he could implement his faults into his training.


And just because he knew that, he was also aware that he’d be the best made for Katsuki. He wasn’t like Kirishima who immediately called off after the omega after he took off after class, or Todoroki who didn’t understand the blonde’s dismissal of them and had been in a sour mood for the majority of the morning. He knew immediately to just leave him alone and not take the neglection the wrong way. He knew immediately how to interpret his actions. He knew him best.


Uraraka slapped him in the back of the head. Hard.


“Ow!” Izuku yelped, pointedly. He shot the girl a questioning expression, wondering what that was for.


“You were muttering,” she scowled in response, not offering an ounce of comfort as she glared. “You can’t possibly think that you’re the best person for Kat just because you’ve known him longest, can you?” she snarled, rolling her eyes at Midoriya’s oblivious expression.


“Well, I mean, statistically if Midoriya-kun knows him best, wouldn’t that mean-” Iida began to comment, pulling through with his logical thinking. Izuku gave him a wide grin for trying before the expression was knocked right off his face by a harsh karate chop. The ravenette yelped as he received the other end of the blow when Ochako kicked him hard enough to knock him off his end of the bed.


She sat up, crossing her arms and puffing out her cheeks as she waited for them to turn their attention to her. “You, sirs, are absolute idiots,” she stated bluntly, shooting the class president a menacing look when he tried to bring up his GPA. “Just because you’ve known him the longest and know certain facts about him the others don’t know doesn’t mean jackshit.” Iida gasped, appalled at the language, as Midoriya tried to grasp her reasoning.


“Think about it, Toga is obsessed with you practically, she says she’s in love with you and you’re meant to be with her. She knows all these random facts about you, memorized your medical records because of that one time the league broke into school and stole information. You could say she knows you best , but does that mean you should immediately fall for her and return the feelings?” Uraraka said, starting to make a lot more sense.


“You shouldn’t just dismiss Kirishima and Todoroki as opponents because you don’t understand their relationship with Kat. If they both care enough to risk their lives in an attempt to mate him , they clearly care about him and want to be with him,” she pointed out, watching as the realization flashed in the alpha’s gaze. She nodded, pleased that she had managed to get it through to him, before falling back against the wall completely satisfied with the fruits of her labor.


“Sorry,” Midoriya muttered sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m doing all of this completely wrong, aren’t I?” he chuckled, tired suddenly. He didn’t get any of this. Everytime he thought about it, he made the situation worse and read everything completely wrong. Everytime he thought he had the upper hand, or thought he had everything covered, it was pulled from beneath him like a cheap party trick.


Iida cleared his throat from his spot on the floor, effectively bringing the alpha out of his internal conflict. “If it makes you feel any better, when I first asked Mei out I panicked and attempted to… uhm, seduce her with my knowledge of motor engines,” he mused, knowing his own relationship struggles would offer comfort to Midoriya’s own.


Uraraka snorted. “Nice wording Ten, he screamed ‘vroom vroom’ at her and bolted, Mei told me about it during one of my costume adjustments,” she corrected, laughing when the taller stared back at her mortified. Izuku chuckled, resting his hand on the side of his cheek as Iida stuttered out excuses and attempted to cover up his embarrassment.


He watched Ochako tease him further for it until the ravenette had enough and reminded her that she was the one to tell him to go up and talk to Hatsume in the first place, to which she replied that she didn’t mean to scare her off by yelling at the poor beta. The alpha found himself laughing along to their antics, completely forgetting about his earlier focus of distress and slipping into a happy obliviousness for a few pleasant seconds.


And that’s when they heard the crash and screams from the floors below them.


Immediately upon hearing Mina’s loud cry, Uraraka had hopped completely off the bed and slammed the door open. She was already halfway down the stairs and breathless by the time Iida and Midoriya caught up, both equally panicked. It wasn’t uncommon for their friends to get loud, they were annoyingly so most of the time, but that wasn’t the familiar friendly shout they were all used to. That was a horrified shriek, one that kicked their hero training into motion and sent them flying.


“Wh-what happened down here?!” Ochako exclaimed, softly as she was breathless. Beside her, Iida blubbered, unable to form his familiar reprimands through the shock as he stared at the mess that was the common room and their classmates littered throughout it.


But Midoriya didn’t take in the site of Hagakure shoving Mineta into a acidly formed hole in the ground or Tokoyami wrestling Dark Shadow into submission. He didn’t notice where Asui was hanging from the ceiling above them, having jumped the second she heard the danger, or where Aoyama was currently petting his stomach and whispering sweet nothings to it as if it were his lover. His eyes were glued on his fellow courtiers, and the omega approaching them.


Bakugou Katsuki looked as emotionless as he did before, his ruby eyes tinting an orange shade  as they flashed under the hall lights that had somehow all survived except for one that had been struck by one purple ball. When he stepped towards the duo, the mates behind them stepped back, but remained close enough to where they’d be able to jump in if things became hostile. Jirou had glanced over the three, tugging on her choker lightly before she spotted Uraraka’s questioning look and smiled tiredly back.


She looked as though she was about to mime it out for them, lifting her hands to do so, but before she could even start all attention fell back onto the omega and two alphas when Kacchan spoke up. And Midoriya couldn’t help but be slightly bemused upon the words, shooting Ochako a winning smirk.


“Hey, dumbasses. Ever heard of fucking off?” he had questioned, before he shoved the gorgeous treats in their faces. Midoriya had to suppress a grin from growing on his face at the sight of the perfect Todoroki Shouto dirty with icing coating is countenance and Kirishima’s begrudging acceptance of the embarrassment.


But the expression quickly dropped when Katsuki tasted a bit of the sugar from his cheek, the action seeming strangely arousing before the omega opened his mouth and ruined it with an insult. “You both smell like shit,” he snarled, before turning and setting his firey gaze on his next victim.


Izuku could only stand still, paralyzed in the lethally alluring glare Bakugou Katsuki had him ensnared in. He didn’t even try to stop the hands from running down his chest, his breath catching in his throat as the slender fingers brushed against his chest and the muscles beneath. He didn’t notice what he was doing either, dirtying his favorite All Might shirt before the omega had slightly shoved him back and stalked off.


He agreed wholeheartedly when Kaminari announced that they were fucked, before bolting up back to his room. Followed closely by a red faced Kirishima and Todoroki and the groans of the rest of their classmates.




Bakugou Katsuki was not crying.


Bakugou Katsuki did not cry.


Bakugou Katsuki was a very bad liar. Because he was in fact, sitting on his floor, tissue and brownie crumbles littered around him as he sobbed into a pillow.


This wasn’t like him. He was the epitome of strength and not giving an utter fuck, so why the hell were tears leaking out of his eyes and snot from his nose every time he tried to do any damn thing? He could face getting kidnapped, being attacked by villains, suffering though various types of training and disappointments- but apparently he met his end the second a few alphas came in and fucked with him? It was humiliating. Fucking Bullshit. Pitiful.


God, he hated feeling pitiful .


He was a badass bitch. Had spent years building up his reputation. He couldn’t be caught crying over this like some overdramatic loser. That would not be badass at all. And yet, even knowing all of this, he couldn’t seem to stop for a single second.


Hours had passed since he had shut himself up in his room after the cupcake incident, and he’d been crying for so long that he had a headache. A while ago the frog face had knocked on his door asking if he was going to come out to eat, and he had promptly ignored her. But he couldn’t stop himself from opening the door the second Candy Land had shown up with a tray of brownies that smelled so sweet it wafted in through his room and managed to tempt him out just to get a few. No one could say no to his cooking, not even a badass bitch who was not crying.


He liked the beta enough, he didn’t ask him if he was going to be okay or offer some shitty advice- simply handed him the tray and ruffled his hair before rushing off before the omega could blow him to pieces for touching the blonde locks. And if he noticed the glassiness of his eyes, Bakugou trusted him enough not to say anything to the others. He did have blackmail afterall, he was very talkative when they cooked together several times, and he was very well aware that he preferred to wear fancy undies on his own free will because the lace made him feel liberated. ( And if Katsuki had agreed impulsively in the moment he couldn’t prove shit, because unlike the sugar freak, he wasn’t dumb enough to bring a pair anywhere near campus ).


After him, no one had been brave enough to disturb him if texts (cowards) didn’t count. Sparky had sent him a total of twenty messages before he responded and told him to shut up and eat the treats he left littered across the kitchen for dinner. Soy Sauce had been more laconic, sending him a video of some kid tripping down the Great Wall of China steps as if it was supposed to cheer him up (he laughed more than he wanted to admit). And Raccoon Eyes had sent him a Snapchat of Shitty Hair falling into one of the holes the French Fuck had formed with his stomach (he wished he could’ve laughed more and hadn’t been so concerned for the dumbasses wellbeing).


The rest of the irrelevants (friends?) had sent messages of concern he promptly ignored- except for Koudas’. Because it just would’ve been plainly rude to ignore Koudas’. But even then he only responded to his fellow omega’s sad emoticon with the same one copied and pasted, so he was really pushing it.


He was about to go to sleep, after the invisibitch had sent a long consoling message ridden with advice from her “past relationships” (which consisted of an on and off again romance with Tails and a childhood crush on some foreign popstar so he didn’t really trust it), when his phone started to ring.


He considered ignoring it at first, he had already shut his eyes and plugged the device in after all, but then it rang a second time. And a third. And a seventh. And suddenly he was irritatedly yanking the phone up and answering, figuring it didn’t matter which one of his idiot classmates decided it was okay to call and comfort him, but whoever it was was going to fucking pay.


“What the fuck do you want?!” he snarled into the phone, pleased his voice didn’t crack once as he harshly wiped his nose with his sweatshirt sleeve.


He didn’t even get a loud sound warning before his ears felt as though they were split in half by a round of shouting that could rival Present Mics.




“Mom,” Katsuki whined, and then he froze, because Bakugou Katsuki never whined.


His mom seemed to realize as well immediately. “Oh my god, who the fuck are you and where the fuck is my son?! KATSUKI!? CAN YOU HEAR ME?! OH MY GOD!” she began to scream again, her tone bordering hysterics, but this time he had thankfully felt it coming and yanked the device away from his face before it could cause any more harm.


“MOM!” he yelled back into the phone, one hand pressing the pillow against his ear. He’d have to sacrifice the other, he supposed. “It’s me, holy shit, shut the fuck up, you old hag. You don’t have to fucking scream for me to hear you, goddammit,” he snarked, thanking the heavens above when his mother finally stopped crying out upon the familiarity of his vulgar language.


“Oh!” the woman exclaimed, and there was a rare, tranquil silence that passed between them before she started to shout again- only her inside yelling voice this time. “Katsuki, did you whine?! I haven’t heard you do that since you were a fucking baby! What the fuck!” she laughed then, a loud and boisterous sound that had embarrassed him gravely when he was younger. He could still remember ducking his head and trying to slide under the table at restaurants whenever her loud, bounding cackles would attract the attention of nearby tables. Remembered the nasty snarls over the fact that an omega was making such a noise. “Are you okay?! Something happen?!” she asked, loudly.


And this was the part where Katsuki would yell back at her, would call her a bitch or some other indecency and hang up the phone, offended at her for even asking something so preposterous. Bakugou Katsuki didn’t need anyone’s shitty concern. He’d always be okay. He had opened his mouth to tell her just that but-


God fucking no .


“Katsuki?!” his mother screamed. “Katsuki?! ARE YOU CRYING?!”


Fucking christ.


It sounded like his mother was the one breaking down on the other end of the line, her cries going shrill with shock and breath quickening. “Oh, baby!” she called out, and Katsuki could almost see her somewhere in France, calling over one of her interns or some shit and telling them to fucking record it as she proudly mouthed that her son the soon to be debuting hero was sobbing . “Baby! What’s wrong?!”


And he tried to tell her to fuck off, but all that came out was a jumble of words and phrases that made him horrified . What was he? Fucking Deku?


“Kitten,” and he almost gagged. “Tell me what the fuck is wrong before I drive up to the school myself!”


And he couldn’t help but snort at that, pressing his hands against his eyes as he tried to control his breathing. He couldn’t do this shit anymore- he was a bad bitch. Why the fuck hadn’t he hung up on her yet? “J-just shut up an-and get back to your damn shoot,” he managed weakly, wincing at how soft his voice sounded. Gross.


“Shoot?” his mother repeated, her tone more confused than frantic now. “Your father didn’t tell you? I got home this morning,” she explained, perplexed, and he could almost feel the frown on her face, cringing as he realized he had basically sentenced his father to a torturous death by exposing the fact to her.


Katsuki squeezed his eyes shut, rubbing his temples as he sniffled. Realizing his mother was in the city had an embarrassing way of calming him, something he’d never admit publicly even to save his life. “Wh-why? I thought you were capturing French heroes in action f-for the next month?” he questioned, tone still weak.


“Hah?! Katsuki, your mating means so much fucking more to me than some damn photo shoots! Of course, I’m a bit mad that you or your father failed to fucking let me know before the news outlets caught wind, but I refuse to be a world away from you while you go through this pivital point in your life!” his mother ranted factually, and he could just see her crossing her arms over her chest and smirking arrogantly. And he would’ve easily shot down her attempts at sounding like an amazing human being for a mediocre announcement, but something she said had caught his attention and was far more pressing.


“News outlets?” he echoed darkly, his stomach getting a horrible feeling once again.


His mother hummed in response, “of course! You’re one of the Big Three UA students, Kitten, it’s all over the news,” she snickered slightly. “My baby’s famous!”


He dropped the phone with a loud clatter, ignoring her shouts as he raced out of his room and down several flights of stairs to the living quarters.


He shoved past Ponytail and Glasses, snatching the remote from Pink Cheeks and flipping through several channels before he finally landed on the one he wanted, ignoring her and Black Eye’s enraged cries for him to wait his turn.


He fell to his knees at the sight of his own face staring back, along with Deku, HalfnHalf, and Shitty Hair- horrifying captioned with saccharine words too blurry to read with his glassy eyes.


Bakugou Katsuki did not cry.


Uraraka Ochako and Mina Ashido would beg to differ.

Chapter Text


“We’re going to go see my mother,” were the last words Bakugou Katsuki ever wanted to come out of his lips during the entire length of the courting situation. Hell, they were the last words he ever wanted to say at all when addressing any alpha.


And yet, as he was aggressively yanking on his combat boots under the gaze of three dumbasses of the highest dynamic, he found himself announcing the horrifying concept.


It wasn’t as if he had much of a choice. 


After his mental breakdown in the living quarters the night before (in which he threatened everyone who saw with a nuclear war if they ever chose to speak of it), his enraged mother called him an astounding total of thirty seven times before he had the strength to pick up and listen to her gripping about being hung up on. In between her shouting, and worried inquiries he decisively ignored, she had brought up the mortifying request that lead to the current bane of his existence.


She wanted to have lunch with his courtiers


He had adamantly refused, rightfully. Who he was mating with wasn’t even a solidified factor yet, so it made no sense for her to meet two extras who had nothing to do with his future at all. And she already knew Deku and Shitty Hair anyways, so it’d just be an awkward first meeting for HalfnHalf- and he wanted to watch them suffer together . Not gloat over their advantages in this shitty arms race. So he tried everything, begging, demanding, crying , anything to get her to change her mind. 


It was truly unfortunate she was just as stubborn as he was and simply clicked her tongue before informing him that she’d see him at 1PM and not a second later the next day.


Originally, he had intended to simply crawl under his covers and ignore it, letting noon pass the next day quietly with only the sheets of his bed as his company. It wasn’t often that he let a Saturday slip away unproductively, but he felt as though he was more than warranted in relaxing when the most amount of emotional trauma he had experienced throughout the entirety of his highschool career had just been hurled at him in a single day. 


This was far more mentally scarring than the time his karaoke duet with Kaminari was posted to Mina’s public Snapchat story “on accident”.


Ten times worse than when the foreign movie Aoyama selected for movie night turned out to be a borderline porno (and he had wondered how anyone had the audacity to be surprised when it was fucking called Le Penetrator ).


Way more painful than the awkward discussion Aizawa had tried to give him about abstinence when he found a mustard wrapper on his desk and mistook it for a condom. 


Yeah , he deserved a day off after experiencing something worse than hearing his alpha teacher drone on about how he was proud Katsuki at least awcknowledged that safe sex was the best sex- but you do know condoms break, Bakugou? When an alpha starts to knot their, uh, reproductive organs enlarge and-


But, although he had disabled his alarm clock with an explosion the night before, he still found himself waking up at approximately 7AM in a cold sweat as he realized that there was no way he’d survive to the light of the next morning if he stood his mother up. 


There was not a doubt in his mind that the woman would waste no time running a dozen miles to the school building in her Louis Vuitton heels just to smack him upside the head with her purse for disrespecting her, and then take the three alphas out on her own. His fate had been decided the moment her bitchass had decided she wanted to have a meal with his courtiers, and his only choice in the matter was whether he wanted to be yelled at in front of the entirety of the UA campus or in the privacy of his own home.


His resolve wasn’t difficult to form. 


Which was the only reason he had willingly sought out the three alphas- if yelling at the top of his lungs for Shittyhair, fucking Deku, and IcyHot Bastard to get their asses in the living room could be considered seeking. Iida, unsurprisingly, hadn’t thought so, but there was only so much arguing he could do with Katsuki before Hagakure bounded down the stairs to screech about how some people were still trying to sleep (and in doing so, effectively woke up anyone left judging by the loud groans that followed it).


So he shoved shoes onto his feet, watching indifferently as their dorm mates dragged themselves into the kitchen, moping about their stolen hours of slumber, as his three courtiers comprehended what he had just said.


“What?!” Deku was the first to shout, his hair an absolute wreck from just sliding out of bed. An AllMight shirt that used to hang off of his shoulders now loosely stretched over his muscles as the nightshirt he had worn. Hot , Katsuki considered, before remembering that the hot bastard was currently courting him without his consent. 


That fact alone took a lot from how attractive someone was, he thought drearily. “You couldn’t tell us last night?! I haven’t even taken a shower yet!”


Shittyhair bobbed his head in agreement to the indignant cry, his eyelids drooping in exhaust. “Seri-” he cut off with a yawn, and Katsuki hardly caught a coo from escaping his mouth. 


He was so mortified by the thought alone, he had almost cooed , that he nearly missed the redhead’s next words. “Seriously, Katsu, I’d like to at least look nice when meeting up with a fashion designer ,” he managed, sliding a ponytail off of his wrist to tie up his messy locks.


“And I would’ve liked to buy a gift,” HalfnHalf mused, and though he looked as kept and orderly as ever (had he successfully gotten ready in thirty seconds?), the omega couldn’t help but admire the way his gaze seemed softer and less piercing. 


And then he felt nauseous because he had just described the most unemotional bitch in their class’ face as soft . If courting was going to turn him into some type of lovesick airhead, he may have to end it all then and there.


Crossing his arms over his chest, and glancing off to the cutlery block on the kitchen counter in consideration, he sneered. “Un-consentingly courting me, and now complaining about meeting my parents? Man, I can’t wait till one of you mates me, I feel so seduced right now,” he said, his voice dripping in sarcasm. He briefly registered a low whistle from the kitchen, and Sero’s dumbass choking on his cackles.


It was a low blow, he realized, for so early in the morning as well, however he felt as though they deserved it after everything they continued to put him through. 


Especially after they managed to take the insult in the wrong way completely.


“Wow! You decided that you’re really going to mate with one of us, Kacchan?!” Deku exclaimed, suddenly very much awake. “Give me a few seconds and I’ll be down! I just have to change!” he beamed, already halfway up the steps before he even finished the phrase.


Katsuki gaped after him momentarily, failing to grasp the sudden change of mood. It was only when the loud stomps were out of earshot that he finally snapped back into it, his face heating up at the very loud misunderstanding. He could handle reporters saying it on live newscasts, his own mother shouting it in his ear, but with Deku announcing that he was going to mate someone - his entire composure crumpled.


“That’s not what the fuck I meant!” Katsuki shouted helplessly after him. And then he realized- it technically was what he meant, it just wasn’t his main point at all


Fuck, bad bitches did not lose their composure that easily.


He was so distracted by the revelation that he found himself focusing back in on two mismatched eyes. And he blanched when his head immediately supplied him with an intricate description on how deep and memorizing each color was.


“Cute,” Todoroki mused, suddenly all too close when he leaned closer to inspect the pink dusting the omega’s cheeks. And though his expression remained stubbornly neutral when the blonde shoved him back, Katsuki could swear on his life that there was a hint of mirth in his gaze. 


“I’m going to see if I can find something in my room for your mother,” HalfnHalf said, and then he was gone too, leaving him to vigorously try to rub the color from his face and wonder what the fuck could be spared from a teenage boy’s room that could be even considered a present to a grown ass omega. 


And then he remembered, Todoroki Shouto was rich.


“How does your mom feel about ties?” Kirishima questioned, snickering slightly when Katsuki glared at him through his fingers. Yeah laugh, the omega thought, one push away from blowing up the entire city. “Ah, nevermind, I’ll figure it out. And I’ll make sure Midoriya takes a shower,” he decided, stepping away and giving Katsuki a clear view of the crowd of their classmates that had stood behind them listening as the omega’s whole world as he knew it fell to pieces. 


Yaomomo, at least, gave him a sympathizing look.


And Kaminari, from where he was tiredly pouring orange juice into his cereal, had the decency to say, “make us eggs.”


Someone is going to die today , Katsuki decided.


Eggs turned into pancakes, and pancakes to bacon, and suddenly Katsuki was making the entire dorm breakfast. 


He was not doing it because Soy Sauce and Dunce Face went out of their way to beg for it, despite what they immediately claimed as soon as he snatched a pan out of their eager hands. Rather, it was because- after waiting five minutes for the trio to come down stairs- his nerves had overcame him and he needed something to distract himself.


“So, meeting the parents,” Hagakure brought up, the first to speak in the silent kitchen since the blonde omega had picked up a far too large knife for a recipe in which it was completely unnecessary. She was either brave or stupid, and leaning strongly towards the latter at her next words. 


“You know, in that message I sent you, I said it wasn’t a good idea to have them meet your parents before a month into the relationship at least,” she informed him, holding up the one sided text conversation from the night before in which she had sent him a few long, overly detailed messages about her past relationships (which included Ojirou and an idol she had lusted over). 


Bakugou gave her a well deserved blank look before flipping a pancake with a twist of his wrist. Over Kaminari’s and Sero’s shouts that rated the toss (a well deserved nine out of ten), Tsuyu spoke up gingerly. “It is quite strange, yesterday you wanted nothing to do with any of this, and now you’re introducing them to your parents.” And she was as wise and perceptive as ever, which was irritatingly detrimental to him at the moment. “What happened, Bakugou-kun?”




“Oh, that was definitely a three,” Kaminari evaluated, poking at the pancake that had landed on the center of the kitchen floor with the tips of his Pokemon socks. Mina tiredly bobbed her head in agreement next to the electric blonde, gazing dazed at the destroyed treat before taking a bite of her own. She stopped chewing after three bites, mouth frozen as she watched Bakugou scramble to grab napkins.


Ungraceful , the pink girl considered, frowning. That wasn’t a word she had ever described him as before. And yet as he fumbled with the paper towels, nearly dropping them at one point, the word came to mind.


The kitchen went quiet again as Bakugou Katsuki bent down to clean up the remains of a broken pancake, far too tense for anyone’s liking.


Katsuki fumbled with the gooey treat, staring down at the mess on the floor. His words were caught in his throat, too big to escape and express themselves. He shut his eyes. 


Mating, huh. What happened?


“We’re ready!” Kirishima shouted from far off behind him, he heard tumbling down the steps as three dumbasses raced down it, chasing after each other in order to reach the bottom first. Katsuki felt fatigued, but he swallowed the feeling back, ignoring the piercing gazes of his classmates as he turned to face the three alpha.


Right. He was a bad bitch.


“Fucking finally, I thought I had time to make the entire damn campus breakfast before you were done,” he sneered, standing and crumbling the remains of the pancake within the napkin. Decisively, he ignored Tsuyu’s soft, considering hum in favor of tossing the ruined meal into the trash can on his way to the kitchen exit.


“Awe, we don’t get to eat?” Kirishima moaned, mournfully. His eyes glazed over at the sight of the fluffy pancakes his classmates were scarfing through as if it were their last meals on earth. Even Mineta had one . And Mineta was banned from eating Katsuki’s cooking ever since the apron comment.


Bakugou smirked slightly, not even glancing back at them when he spoke. They didn’t need to see his face after all, his cocky expression was evident in his tone. “You gonna hold me back? Make my mother wait so you can get a fucking pancake?” 


And suddenly three alphas were pushing past each other to get down the hall to the entryway without uttering another word, all determined to get out the door faster than each other. The omega cocked his head to the side with a weary sigh, watching as the three forms disappeared in a fashion that could rival Iida’s Recipro Burst. If anything, at least he knew they wouldn’t be late with that determined speed.


“Bakugou-kun,” he faltered and finally halted mid stride at the sound of Tsuyu’s stern tone. If it were anyone else, he would’ve ignored them and just continued down the hall to join the dumbasses waiting for him at the end of it. But, in all fairness, anyone would have trouble ignoring the frog girl, and it didn’t help that he owed her for all the suppressants and gland blockers she let him borrow free of charge over the years.


Stupid fucking omega code .


Glancing back, he met solid, obstinate eyes and allowed his composure to melt momentarily in their pure honesty. “Tomorrow Kouda and I are going to town to pick up a few things. You’ll go?” she asked, expectantly, pinning him with a familiar, guilt inducing look. The one that said- we’re all omegas, we’re in this together . The one he never seemed able to ignore.


“Right,” he agreed, lighter than he meant to, before he turned on his heels and walked straight into the predictably horrible day to come.


Todoroki Shouto noticed them first.


Being the son of the infamous second ranked hero, he had been tracked by paparazzi since birth. Originally, when he was younger and his siblings managed to sneak him out to nearby parks, he saw the flashing cameras and overly invested strangers as potential friends, despite the nasty scowls his kin shot at them. He had openly informed them about anything they asked of him, from how AllMight was the best pro hero to confirming rumors about Endeavor’s athlete's foot (his father had been less than pleased, his siblings had pat him on the back pridefully). But as he grew older and realized that the journalists weren’t trying to get to know him and simply wanted something juicy to fill their columns with, he grew a rightful distaste of them.


Over the following years after the revelation, he had managed to develop a sort of sixth sense to knowing when he was being tailed. He was quick to question a pedestrian that looked twice in his direction far too casually, was suspicious of people who pulled their phones from the pockets the second he was in their lane of sight, was aware of their beady little eyes on his back the second they landed on him.


So he snorted when he noticed the sloppily hidden group behind a bush as they were at a stoplight only a mere streets away from Katsuki’s house. 


Despite leaving early, a delayed train had left them with only forty minutes to get to the said abode, leaving all four of the boys anxious and careless when they finally started on their way. But even with the nerves, Todoroki hadn’t failed to pick up the hidden flashes from cell phones around them the entire ride to their dropoff station. 


His intended’s scent had taken up a sour edge at that point so the alpha couldn’t convince himself to stress the omega out more by pointing out their stalkers. Instead he had done his best to block most of the pictures by shuffling constantly around their group, and at one point, tripping a far too obvious teenage girl as she was coming down the aisle to take a close up shot of Bakugou’s furrowed brows and stressed out expression.


Once they escaped the train, Shouto had hoped the bulk of their publicity for the day was over. As mere students, their stories were easily overshadowed by pros, who had much bigger and juicier scandals for tabloids to follow, and with Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods’ current affair the media was surely occupied at the moment. Or at least, if he was more naive, that’s what he would’ve thought. 


After spending hours the night before watching in horror as article after article about their courting was uploaded by the second, he came to the sullen realization that the media made room for everyone. Its motto could arguably be the more the merrier as it snatched their scandal and slapped it onto headlines next to others’ such as AllMight’s Secret Night Outs and An Interview With the Hottest Top Ten Bachelor: Hawks


If he were bolder, he would’ve sent a few of the columns to Katsuki with a warning tempting him not to go out for a week, but instead he had stayed silent and shut down his laptop, not wanting to cause the blonde any more trouble than he already had. Ironically almost, that resulted in their worst possible scenario as almost a dozen journalist burst through the shrub the second they crossed the street.


And they had been so close.


Katsuki lifted his head from where it had been buried in his device for the past ten minute walk. He had purposely done it to avoid conversation with any of them the same way he had since they left the dorms, and he had been completely triumphant in blocking out the world as he swiped through some mobile game up until that point. Shouto had no doubt that if the big, greasy man hadn’t been blocking the entire sidewalk he wouldn’t have bothered addressing him and simply would’ve sidestepped the reaking alpha instead. 


But since he was in the way entirely, the omega had no choice but to lift a sharp eyebrow demandingly and wait or walk straight into oncoming traffic.


He looked as though he was ready to choose the latter at the words the man slobbered out.


“Bakugou, will you be spending your next heat with three alphas?”


They were always so blunt.


Todoroki watched through have lidded eyes as Katsuki’s face lit up with an attractive pink blush, his eyes going wide for a split second before he managed to school them into angered slits. However, it was far too late, since the vigorously flashing cameras had already managed to catch his surprised slip up. Shouto had no doubt that picture would be all over social media by the time they arrived at the Bakugou residence, with Kirishima’s angered expression in the background and Midoriya’s own red face, it was quality meme material.


“Eyewitness reports tell us this mating is involuntary. Can you shed some light on that, Bakugou?” questioned a slender woman peeking over the fat man’s shoulder, before the omega could even open his mouth to answer the first inquiry thrown at him.


And after that, Todoroki held his breath as the dam broke and the flood of questions rained down on them.


“Midoriya, you’ve known Bakugou the longest. Can you tell us the exact moment your feelings went from puppy love to what it is today?”


“Bakugou, of the three courtiers, which family scent do you prefer?”


“Todoroki, when exactly did you decide that you wanted to mate with Bakugou?”


“At your third Sports Festival, you called Bakugou your ‘best bro’, Kirishima. Did your feelings change from then or have you always considered Bakugou more than that?”


“Todoroki, what made you fall for Bakugou of all your suitors?”


“Midoriya, have you grown up with a crush on Bakugou or did it recently start?”


“Kirishima, since your quirk is indestructable to Bakugou’s, have you ever tried dominating him that way?”


“Bakugou, the public wasn’t aware you planned to mate. Should we be aware of future pups as well?”


Todoroki frowned as their voices overlapped into nonsense, unfortunately accustomed to their headache inducing ways. When talking over each other didn’t work, they raised their voices to be heard. And when that failed, they started shoving and getting closer. It was a familiar story, and he knew all too well how it would end if he didn’t stop them as soon as possible. 


He’d learned a long time ago that it was better to address them forwardly rather than try to avoid them, otherwise they had a tendency to believe that there was something to hide and would get even more aggressive than they already were. 


Alas, none of the other courtiers or his intended, had the opportunity to figure that out for themselves. So before he could even begin to quench the flames of the situation, they had pourn gallons of oil onto it.


“Move the fuck out of the way,” Katsuki barked out, his contempt for the crowd ridden within the intensity of his tone. His beautiful ruby eyes were burning with a haphazardly contained rage, and a harried blush stubbornly dusted his high cheekbones. If Todoroki weren’t so busy internally regretting his existence at the sound of the words, he would’ve admired the omega’s justly acclaimed allure.


But, sadly, there wasn’t any time to exalt his intended when the crowd around them turned into a mob at the few notes of irritation.


“Bakugou, are you getting angry so easily because you’re closer to your heat?”


“Did you know feisty omegas are becoming a new trend thanks to you, Bakugou?”


“Are you so defensive about the idea of pups? Do you not want pups? What are your courtiers stances on that?”


Katsuki seemed taken aback slightly, far too used to being able to scream his way out of any situation. Shouto frowned as the omega tensed and took a tentative step away from the growing riot, the realization that he had met his match clearly dawning on his countenance. 


The media hushed for no one , not even a very angry Bakugou Katsuki.


Perhaps subconsciously, the blonde had stepped back right into Izuku and Eijirou, the surprise evident in his gaze when he looked up to find who he had run into. Briefly, Todoroki remembered being taught about how omegas instinctively turned to their mates in times of panic, and felt his heart flutter at the sight of his intended so vulnerable and in need of them for once.


But then Bakugou was scowling in that commonplace way of his, and all the thoughts of him being some sort of damsel in distress vanished at the sight of the bloodthirsty look. “Well, this is your fucking faults. Are any of you going to do anything about it?” he seethed, crossing his arms over his chest and turning on them expectantly. He offered no mercy when it came to volume, loud enough to feed the reporters with more juicy details for their tabloids.


Shouto could almost see the headlines now: Enraged Omega Snaps All Three of his Courtiers Necks when they Fail to Ward Off a Group of Journalists


And although being choked by someone as stunning as Bakugou Katsuki didn’t sound like a horrible way to go, he couldn’t help but cringe at the extremely potential prison sentence for his intended. No one that gorgeous should be locked away for life, and the blonde would probably have trouble going anywhere in the hero industry with a record of murder holding him back, Shouto decided reasonably.


Yet still, even as he had made the choice to bend to the omega’s will and just do as he pleased, he couldn’t help the slip of his tongue. 


He was never that good at controlling himself around Katsuki.


“Well, it’d be a lot easier to handle if you hadn’t yelled at them,” he antagonized, cursing himself inwardly at the immediate response he received in turn.


The omega rounded on him instantly, his face contorted in his ire. Shouto was sure he would’ve been shaking in his shoes if the blonde wasn’t almost a foot shorter than him. “Fuck you, HalfnHalf! It’d be a lot fucking easier if we weren’t in this mess in the first place at all!” he raged dramatically, to the audience’s utmost delight.


Kirishima had the audacity to nod along, still fairly salty from their fight the day before, but Midoriya was thankfully perceptive enough to notice the way doors were starting to creak open and blinds opening as the neighbors finally took notice of the scene happening in front of their households. Todoroki felt blessed momentarily that at least one of his fellow courtiers were kind hearted and helpful.


He took the praise back at once.


“Don’t stress Kacchan out more Todoroki!” Midoriya demanded, not bothering to give the growing amount of spectators a second glance. His frown was frigid, unyielding, and completely and absurdly serious. Shouto blinked back at him dully.


“Fuck off, I’m not fucking stressed out!” Bakugou snapped back, not even half a second later, completely stressed out.

“Bab-” Kirishima started, boldly.


“Finish that fucking word Kirishima Eijirou, I fucking dare you!”


“B-bakugou.” Kirishima finished, meekly.


“Bakugou, are you unhappy with this mating? Give us the details of how you ended up in this situation.”


“Bakugou, do you plan to put your hero career after graduation on hold so you can raise pups soon?”


“Bakugou, do you-”


And Todoroki Shouto truly thought his life was over in that moment. With Katsuki irritated beyond relief and just a foot away from him at most, he really thought for a second that the omega’s vivid red glare was the last thing he was going to see of this world.


But then, like a guardian angel, Bakugou Mitsuki burst through the crowd of journalists.


Chapter Text



Bakugou Mitsuki was a lot of things. Patient was not one of them.


Finishing school had taught her a great deal on the quality, as did her frustrated parents, and since she was younger it was as if everyone was attempting to drill the characteristic into her head. All of the cartoons she was allowed to watch as a child were stuffed to the brim with life lessons revolving around the act of waiting for a prince charming or being poised and silent in every situation. At every restaurant her parents took her out to, someone at the next table over would readily raise an eyebrow the second she spoke over her alpha. She was constantly punished at school for bossing others around and taking matters into her own fists, was continuously reminded how she’d get nowhere in life acting the way she did as an omega.


And yet, here she was. 


Fresh in thirties. Co-owner of a company that was currently dominating the fashion industry, the mother to one of the most anticipated pro heroes soon to graduate UA at the end of this semester, married to a prince charming that wouldn’t dream of ordering her around. 


All as an omega


All because she wasn’t some patient bitch who sat around and prayed for things to happen.


If she wanted something, she went out and got it. That promotion everyone was fighting over at her first job? It was hers. That handsome man she saw at during a convention all those years ago? He was hers now. A child with a spitfire spirit that could rival her own? Hers. 


She wasn’t a fan of waiting for things to happen, and even though she occasionally got a dirty look from elderly citizens and her mother never failed to gripe about how she was raising a deviant with the example she was setting, she didn’t mind showing it. Long lines made her irritated, rambling people who couldn’t get to the point made her skin crawl, and a stalling husband made her veins twitch. And she wasn’t going to hide her opinions or try to change her own mind, or simply hold her breath and count the seconds until whatever annoyed her passed away. 


She wasn’t going to confine herself to the whims of society or hop onto whatever bandwagon everyone had joined a certain week. She was going to act, not sit around waiting. 


Which was why she didn’t hesitate in slamming her elbow into the face of a reporter that was just a tad too close for her liking and snatching her son’s wrist in the same swift movement. No matter how unomega like the entire ordeal likely was, Bakugou Mitsuki was not patient , and was not going to wait for the crowd to clear.


Katsuki had the audacity to look stunned momentarily, as if he truly didn’t know how batshit crazy his mother was, before he immediately yanked his arm back and scowled in their usual manner of greeting each other. But Mistuki wouldn’t be fooled so easily, after hearing him over the phone last night, the slight crinkle of his eyes was enough to tell her what he was really feeling at that moment. 


“What? Were we fucking late?” her impossible demon of a child asked, feigning disinterest even with the sudden glossiness to his gaze. 


It took the entirety of her will not to pull her pup into her hold in that second, but, knowing the little idiot’s inflated ego well, it probably wouldn’t do much to soothe him with the cameras flashing around them. “Yeah, you fucking brat. I said noon, not 12:05,” she announced instead, turning on her heels so she didn’t have to see the way he was struggling to maintain his glare. Any longer and she would’ve destroyed whatever was left his pride on national television without any doubts. 


“Miss Bakugou, don’t you think the way you treat your son is rather harsh for an omega?”


“Miss Bakugou, which courtier do you think is best for your son?”


“Miss Bakugou, what’s your skin care routine?”


Ignoring the rapidfire questions, she pushed through the crowd mindlessly, not pausing once to check to see if the four boys were following her. And when one of the journalists attempted to intervene in their escape, a fierce growl from her immediately put them in their place and caused them to stumble several steps away. No one was getting in between her and getting her son to the security of their home. No one was getting between her, her pup, and their nest. And anyone dim enough to so much as try, was going to pay.


In the end it only took eight minutes to finally shove past all the reporters gathered along their street and make it to their front door, and Mitsuki was sure her expression was lethal enough to ward them away from their property for the next year. (She didn’t know at the time, but they’d be back by the afternoon. Afterall, the media didn’t halt for anyone, not an angry Bakugou Katsuki, and not an infuriated Bakugou Mitsuki). The woman wasted no time wrenching the door of her house open, letting it slam against the brick wall as she stalked into the short foyer leading to the living room, stopping abruptly in the entryway just before it.


Her turn was deliberately slow, meant to intimidate the alphas behind her (she was pretty good at stuff like that). And when she finally froze facing them, her expression was choicily frigid as she studied her son and his courtiers, the entrance coming to a close behind them with one last camera flash as the one she learned to be Todoroki Shouto, from the news earlier, seemed to have a bit of sense. 


She knew all three of them all too well. 


If not from babysitting them as a child (and during the years of highschool, since Kirishima Eijirou really had no means of self preservation and had almost blown up their microwave twice), than from emails about disruptive arguments her son had been engaged in during class. And even if she hadn’t known them as well as she assumed, her favorite gossip channels caught her up to date with them a few hours earlier. 


Midoriya Izuku had never been as secretive about his crush as he thought he was. 


When he was younger, it had been pretty clear that he had staked a claim on Katsuki. She had originally laughed it off with Inko, assuming it was just puppy love and finding her son’s flat reaction the other’s pinning hysterical. The flush of Izuku’s cheeks and his nervous stammering had been comical, and Mitsuki found herself cooing and snickering more than once at the adorable scenes of him turning into a cherry whenever Katsuki hugged him nonchalantly. 


Years later, as she watched her son go head to head against him at their final sports festival, it was hard to miss the passion in the green eyes, and realize that it wasn’t completely directed towards the match itself. And with the revelation came several more as she began to comprehend that he hadn’t ever grown out of his feelings for the omega the way she thought he would. 


His proposal had been almost expected. She assumed she had a few years though, since she never got the notion that he had grown out of his shy phase. 


But she wasn’t nearly as much as prepared for it as she was for Kirishima’s.


If it were anyone but her son, they would’ve immediately caught onto the way the redhead looked at them and claimed it for themselves. 


She had watched exasperated for many years as her son missed the way the alpha glanced at him across the dinner table, so full of compassion it made her husband’s cheeks rosy (because he was a romantic like that), or how much desire had been swimming in his crimson iris’ when he brought him home during his unexpected heat- how much restraint had been strewn across his screwed features as he helped him into the house and let him go. He wanted him, and though he had never made a big deal about it or written it out for them, there was an unspoken understanding that he’d be welcomed into their home one day as something much more than a friend .


Todoroki Shouto’s proposal had been the most surprising to her.


The most frequented topic for Katsuki’s calls home had been the famous child of Endeavor. Her husband had quite the laugh over listening to them, just barely holding in his giggles whenever their son said something particularly funny like “I swear to fuck he has the emotional capacity of a damn candycane, and this bitch has the audacity to tell me to work on my emotions?!” or “this bitch has the nerve to look fucking surprised as if he hadn’t just walked up behind me like a fucking ninja and tapped on my shoulder in the dead of night. Of course, I fucking drop kicked him, he literally looked like a Walking Dead extra!”  


With as much as he complained about him, she figured he was either her son’s mortal enemy or someone he would have hate sex with when he was older, and she tried not to think too hard about which it was


Meanwhile, her husband had teasingly told them one day over lunch, when Katsuki was home for his second heat of the year, that the two definitely had sexual tension. Mitsuki had watched indifferently over the rim of her coffee cup as Masaru mourned the loss of his favorite tie after the younger omega had dumped the entire carton of orange juice on his work clothes on his way to storming up to his room. 


Needless to say, at some point or another, she had guessed there was something between Katsuki and all three of them, either one way or both ways- it was anyone’s call. But she had still been shocked to hear, from one of her company’s newest interns , of all people, that her pup was being courted by not one , but all three of them .


When she heard, the first thought that had gone through her head was is this a joke? 


And after the young beta swore to her several times that it wasn’t, and pulled up a number of twelve articles, it was that she had to get home then and there .


Leaving her most trusted underling in charge, a man she had known since the start of her career and had only agreed to not joining her in seeing his self proclaimed “nephew” because the convention was important to branching out their company to another big name, she took off on a flight that very night. And the second she got home, after greeting her mate animatedly and a bit irritated at once since she hadn’t been told anything about the matings (at the time she had wondered why Masaru looked so pale), she called Katsuki. And after he didn’t pick up the first or third time, she raised an eyebrow.


It was only after her son had disappeared for a few moments that she demanded an explanation from her husband (who had attempted to make a run for it, muttering something about a headache early in the conversation), that she found out what was actually going on. 


And then she was pissed .


And a pissed Bakugou Mitsuki was a lot worse when it came to patience than her usual self.


How dare they. How dare her husband. Did they have any idea how much fucking pain that caused- to fucking be something her son didn’t even agree to in the first place?


She saw red .


She proceeded to demand a lunch with the three courtiers currently standing before her, all with their heads bowed before her as if she was some sort of monarch. 


If she was, she would’ve commanded them to be beheaded in that moment.


She was about to dig in to them, grinding her teeth together the way her dentist warned her constantly against, fingers curling in on each other tightly, eyes narrowed to slits. She was fully prepared to tear all three of them down to the bone, ready to feast on their entrails and host a neighborhood barbeque featuring their flesh as the main course. And maybe her husband’s kidney as a side dish depending on whether she could find his hiding place later.


But, unfortunately, she never got the chance to murder any of them in that moment. 


Because, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the one thing that could get her to be patient.


Katsuki radiated exhaustion. 


The grey hoodie he wore used to belong to his father, the one from the university he had attended in his early twenties. The pup used to wear it on sick days when he was forced to stay home from school. He’d bundle himself up in the large thing, curl up in his parents' bed and sleep until he got better. After moving into the dorms, it was the one thing he asked to take from them, and she hadn’t seen it since. But still now, she noted, it was clearly a few sizes to big. 


His blonde locks were slightly more of a mess than usual and he was slouching slightly. All the fierce grace and confidence he normally carried himself with was lost in the tremble of his bottom lip and the frustrated tint to his cheeks. He was struggling to keep the tears at bay in his furious downcast gaze.


Her heart clenched. Fucking omega instincts.


As much as she wanted to beat the living shit out of every alpha within a hundred meter radius of her at the moment, there were a few far more important things to take care of first. She could tear them all to shreds, after she took care of her pup.


“We’re eating lunch in half an hour, do me a favor and go find my cowardly husband for me,” Mitsuki requested gravely, her eyes not once leaving her son. The trio shot up and followed her orders without hesitation, more than likely sensing the amount of bloodlust she was emitting and fearing for their lives over anything. Izuku hesitated briefly next to her, and it only took her glancing in his direction for him to bound off rapidly.


And then they were alone.


Katsuki sneered, making a flimsy effort at getting past her to rush to his room or wherever else he intended to hide, but she had him in her grasp in a lightning fast movement. 


He could’ve broken away easily. 


Just the past year she had received a notice about how the government required training for all third year highschool omegas ( and optional for alpha and beta, go figure ) throughout Japan, centered around self defense. Her son had complained about it like the brat he was, but it was eventually fruitful and he admitted to learning several new techniques that helped him get out of her hold on numerous occasions. So she only rolled her eyes at his melodramatic groan when she grabbed onto him.


“Let go, hag,” he snarled weakly, shaking the arm she was holding dispiritedly. She felt her own eyes beginning to grow damp at the futile act, how far he had fallen in just a mere day to not bite back and snarl as harshly as he normally would’ve. He sounded so tired. “I need to get shit from my room-” he started unconvincingly, his averted stare planted somewhere on the wall behind her.


It only took a single word to break him down in the end.




They met eyes for a second, red clashing with red, hopelessness clashing with despair. 


And for the first time in many years , her pup’s head fell onto her shoulder and he let out a broken sob that made her chest hurt.


Those alphas would pay




Living in a household with two ticking time bombs had taught Bakugou Masaru a great deal about restraint and submission.


Growing up an alpha in a pack that was just a tad behind the times, he had found himself surprised constantly that of his new pack, he- the head alpha - seemed to be the most accommodating and malleable. It had been a foreign concept for him to be taking orders from someone of a lower dynamic when he and Mitsuki had moved in together, and he originally had to be taught how to mop the floor properly since his mother normally took care of trivial things such as that. 


And when Katsuki came into the world, kicking and screaming, he was surprised about how easily he, who was supposed to be the strict and firmer parent, succumbed to whatever his little son asked of him (much to his wife’s frustration, who loudly complained about how it was turning their child into a brat, and was, as always , right).


Since mating, it was as if he had been stripped of every dominating quality he had ever managed to attain and turned to a simple beta, unable to do anything against the constant fights his lover and son had except watch and pray for it to end soon. But he had nothing against the factor, of course, he knew what he was getting into when he decided to mate a fiery omega who could bench press him while pregnant with a pup.


No matter how much his parents complained about their rambunctious daughter in law and the deviant son they were raising over holiday dinners, or how his coworkers would jokingly ask who the omega was in the relationship, he had grown accustomed to the life he was blessed with, and wouldn’t have it any other way. He didn’t need to be the powerhouse of his family to be happy in life, and would gladly share the title with his very capable wife. 


That didn’t mean they didn’t have their differences at times. Masaru had attained god tier status at the game of hide and seek (because he could not outrun an angry Mitsuki), and sometimes he even found himself sleeping on the couch, all because of the fights they occasionally had. And although sometimes it was irritating, he could always swear that their love was strong enough to get them through any situation thus far. There was no way his lover would cause him any real harm, no matter what the situation.


His mistake was forgetting how unruly his wife was when it came to revenge.


“No hard feelings! Of course not, dig in boys!” Mitsuki exclaimed, far too boisterously. 


It was Midoriya who had finally found him, tucked into the bathroom cabinet between their stock of toilet paper and their stash of heat and rut necessities. The boy had given him a sheepish smile before explaining that it was time for lunch, and it was almost as if he was bestowing a death sentence upon his shoulders. Masaru had gotten up anyway, despite the protests of his creaking back and terrified conscious.


His son had hugged him when he had finally gotten downstairs, burrowing his head into his shoulder and inhaling his fatherly scent. He didn’t have an answer when his child whispered “why?” so softly against his chest. 


How could you put your own son through that much pain, when he didn’t even want it?


Masaru felt ashamed of his simple excuse of: I didn’t know .


Maybe he had learned it at some point in school, maybe if he had paid attention back then he would’ve known how detrimental his simple agreement to the mating actually was. Maybe he would’ve known how much torment his son would] go through that night.


But he had been careless. He had been a stupid, uneducated alpha, who put his pup in harms way.


If Masaru had the sense to look any closer he would’ve seen the slight pointed edge to Mitsuki’s smile, the savage gleam to her gaze when she ordered everyone to eat. But, unfortunately for him, he wasn’t willing to look her directly in that moment, terrified of meeting the woman’s intense eyes and disappointed expression. 


He simply listened and submitted to her command, swallowing down a heap of noodles.


Kirishima was the first to start choking.


“Hoth- hoth- hoth-” Izuku screeched, scrambling for his cup of water.


Todoroki’s eyes had blown wide and he was struggling to maintain his composure.


Bakugou Masaru reconsidered whether or not his wife was willing to kill him as the food scorched his tongue.


“So boys. I want to talk,” Mitsuki mused, satisfied. The smile on her face was cold, coy, and promised much more pain to come.


Katsuki picked up his own bowl and left the room, not a hint of pity in his mirthful glare.




Living with the League of Villains had its drawbacks.


For one, the heater was always set at an absurdly low temperature because Shigaraki was a goth bitch who thought hypothermia counted as an edgy personality trait. No matter if Twice had been paces away from death due to this several times, because being that close to the afterlife was an accomplishment according to their deranged ruler. Dabi was sure he’d be much more concerned if he couldn’t regulate his own body heat, and since it wasn’t an issue for him personally, he didn’t mind much.


Toga’s obsession with watching telenovelas was a much more difficult thing for him to deal with. Honestly, he wouldn’t actually mind the ridiculous shows much, if she didn’t play them at full volume in the middle of the night. He didn’t bother her much about it after the first few times, because he rather listen to the outraged spanish cries then listen to her explain why she was watching them so late for the millionth time. Buying earbuds was a lot easier than listening to her cry over how lonely she felt for two hours straight.


Whenever Twice got ahold of the speakers in their living quarters he flipped rapidly between Nightcore and country music, and both were honestly equally as bad as each other, but they were much worse when they were being blasted and merged together in a malformed remix made entirely from the rage of a man battling himself. 


Spinner sometimes left his scales laying all over the bathroom floor, and when Dabi steps on them they crunch under his feet the same way a roach would and it almost makes him have a panic attack every time, standing naked in his towel as another member pounded on the door and demanded he hurry the fuck up. 


Mr. Compress liked to call his marbles ‘balls’ when they weren’t in public, and Toga purposely stole them and had him chase her just so she could get him to scream ‘ RELEASE MY BALLS’ in the middle of the afternoon when all Dabi came out of his room for was a shot of vodka.


Ujiko liked to show off his gucci belts every time he stopped by a visit, and more than once Dabi found himself wondering if there wasn’t an easier way for them to find funding. He didn’t mind stripping if that meant he didn’t have to fake astonishment everytime the man paraded around their layer in designer outfits just to show off his mass amount of money.


The League of Villains had a lot of drawbacks actually.


But it wasn’t like he had many choices on where to go now.


Running away from home originally was supposed to be a temporary thing. He figured he’d stay away from his father for several months and only go back when the man had chilled the fuck out. Unfortunately, the literal personification of a burning flame had a lot of trouble chilling out , and that was around the time he met Shigaraki and made his first mistake involving arson and a couple of charred bodies.


And with the scars the ordeal had left him with, going back to his family would be the same as walking straight into his prison cell.


So he was stuck like this now, living in a house full of actual crackheads and trying to conceal himself from his kin to the best of his abilities all the while taking park in this big illicit gang.


It was as hard as it sounded. 


And he had his empty bottle of hair dye to prove it.


“Toga, please just go out and get me a new bottle. You can literally disguise as anyone you want, and I’m literally one of the most recognizable members because of my scars,” he wasn’t normally one for begging, but tough situations lead to even tougher solutions, and he was not about to go to jail because of a hair product. 


The girl before him giggled in that creepy way of hers, her catlike eyes crinkling at the edges as her mouth settled into a wide grin. “No can do, Dabs. I’m on a secret mission for Shiggy tomorrow,” she exclaimed, bringing up a finger before her lips with a soft hush to remind him to keep it on the downlow. As if she hadn’t just announced it to everyone in proximity. “You can just wear a disguise! Want to borrow my teeths mask-”


“No, thank you,” he cut her off sharply, rubbing his temples, completely annoyed. She was right. Wearing a mask wouldn’t be weird during this season, but he still didn’t feel comfortable at all with the notion of leaving the security of their base for such mundane reasons. It had been too long since he last mingled with civilians without the intention to hurt them.


Toga seemed to have caught onto his concerns, brushing her finger against his cheek above the scar with a pout. “Are you scared, alpha ?” the beta dared, and though the look on her face was completely neutral and a poor imitation of caring, he could hear the taunting tone dripping off her tongue. Around them, Twice had perked up from his game of chess with himself, and Compress had lifted an eyebrow over his cup of some strange turquoise liquid.


Rolling his eyes, he flicked the girls fingers away, standing without wasting another second. “You wish, I’ll be at the mall tomorrow so please don’t decide to attack it,” he snarled back, heading for the exit as Toga blinked at his retreating form.


Whatever, he’d just be in and out anyway. All he needed was a little bottle of black hair dye for his roots.


What could go wrong.