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when izuku can't sleep, he watches the news

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Heights Alliance is silent. Everybody is presumably asleep. After all, it is a school night and the grueling training of U.A. requires a full night’s rest.

Everyone except Izuku is presumably asleep that is.

Instead of being in bed, U.A’s resident problem child is watching the news on the couch at 3 AM. His eyes are droopy and he’s ready to pass out.

Izuku always did this before the dorms. When he couldn’t sleep he would sneak past Inko’s bedroom and to the living room to watch the news. The monotonous news always had him out like a light.  

Except for tonight.


Izuku watches the TV with wide eyes, slightly trembling and fully awake.

“We have news that a man with a fire breathing quirk has attacked a neighborhood. The whole block is currently up in flames. Pro Heros, as well as firefighters and police, are on the scene stopping the fires and looking for the suspect,” The news reporter says with a neutral face.

Izuku knows that fire breathing quirks are rare. He also knows his deadbeat father has one. But, he was working overseas. He couldn’t be a villain.

While Class 1-A is presumably sleeping, Izuku Midoriya understands.

When he was very young, before he was diagnosed quirkless, there were gaping holes where Hisashi was supposed to be. And after he was diagnosed quirkless, why their small flat burned down. The cause of the fire was a “faulty stove.”

Why he never saw Hisashi again after the fire. Inko always saying he had left on a “work trip” and never speaking about him again.

“There is no official number of casualties, but some say there could be at least five dead and more injured. Witnesses say the suspect had wild green hair, mid-forties, and around 170 centimeters tall. If you see this man please call...”

Izuku knew it was Hisashi now. His phone buzzed next to him. Inko was calling, she must have seen the news. He turned the phone off, ignoring Inko’s calls.

“We will give you more updates as the story progresses. In other news…” The reporter drones.

He should answer Inko’s calls, should sleep, shouldn't let his father who he barely remembers, affect his day. Should do a lot of things.

Instead, he continues to watch the news, the monotonous voices not doing anything to help him fall asleep.

6 AM approaches rapidly. Heights Alliance is no longer presumably asleep. Soon, Bakugo would be making breakfast and yelling, Ida would be on his morning run, and the rest of Class 1-A would be getting ready.


And as night became day, Izuku Midoriya understood the truth.