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Three Taps

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It started when they were watching a movie in Kirishima’s room.

He was leaning on Bakugou’s shoulder, feeling him shift around from the spot where he was leaning on the headboard every so often. Bakugou had mumbled something like ‘My arm is gonna fall asleep ‘cus you’re leaning on it, shithead’ nearing the beginning of the movie, but Kirishima just grinned at that and didn’t move, thus earning no other complaints to leave Bakugou’s lips.

But they were nearing around halfway through the movie when Bakugou shifted his arm– and that was when Kirishima had the brief concern pass through him that Bakugou would push him off his arm. Instead, he moved his arm to wrap around Kirishima’s shoulders, a warm tingly feeling spreading through the places where he was making physical contact with the blond. It was a familiar feeling, and a wonderful one. It never failed to bring the same giddy grin to his face.

As Kirishima nuzzled his head further against his chest– Bakugou making a tiny ‘tch’ sound as if he was scolding him for his cheesiness– he was lulled into a sense of total comfort and a sense of happiness that always seemed to come along with being near Bakugou.

This was around the time when he felt the tiny little three taps on his shoulder. It was Bakugou tapping his shoulder; first with his pointer finger, then middle, and finally his ring finger. Maybe it wasn’t significant, but it manage to stir Kirishima’s attention. It was just… strange of Bakugou to do that. The touches were obviously purposeful, you can’t just tap someone three times with each finger, but what is the significance? He lifted his head off of his shoulder.

“What was that for?” The redhead asked. Bakugou turned his head a little, red eyes staring him down with curiosity.

“What was what?” Bakugou responded in a dismissive manner, essentially shutting any sort of conversation about the little taps down. So maybe it was nothing. Kirishima pouted, though it didn’t catch his boyfriend’s attention. He rested his head back down on his shoulder, continuing to just watch the movie.


After the little taps during their movie session, Kirishima just figured it was nothing. It probably was insignificant, right? Kirishima had decided, letting the topic slide off of him.

But then Bakugou kept doing it.

Like when Bakugou had his head in Kirishima’s lap after a hero training session, Kirishima running his fingers through his poofy hair that he liked so much all the while responding to Kaminari on his phone with his other hand, he felt Bakugou reach his hand up slowly to his abdomen and do the three taps: pointer, middle, ring.

Or as Kirishima was studying in Bakugou’s room, and he felt the tiny taps on his thigh. Or when he did them along the line of Kirishima’s back– against his neck, on his hands and arms and even his face a few times  when Kirishima was kissing him. They were always soft touches, ones that melted Kirishima’s big gay heart little by little, no matter the significance.

However, there was one time during this tapping saga that has really stuck with Kirishima.

It was during one of their little ‘sleepovers’– Bakugou is lame and hates it when he calls them that, though – in which Kirishima was laying on his back, Bakugou leaning on him, face pressed against his shoulder. They had decided it was lights out, and Kirishima had his eyes shut with the intention of sleeping (obviously). As he was just about to doze off– there went the taps again. On his chest, right over where his heart would be.

Pointer. Middle. Ring.

This time, it wasn’t soft like the times Bakugou had done it previously. It wasn’t particularly hard touches against his clothed chest, but firm, as if they meant something.

Kirishima fell asleep quite quickly after that.


A few more weeks passed by; the taps continued, though they were still the soft touches that Kirishima has grown to know– and love, just as he loves everything else about Bakugou. Kirishima continued to not ask what they meant with the thought that Bakugou would be all defensive like he usually is, or maybe just stop doing them altogether. But the little touches feel like a routine at this point.


“Bro, you’re an idiot.” Kirishima mumbled with a sigh. However, speaking at this point was essentially all for naught, considering he was talking to Kaminari, who overclocked his wattage– again. Mr. Aizawa presented him and Jirou with the task of leading Kaminari back to his room, as he’ll likely be useless for the rest of the periods they have left.

“Yeaaaah.” Kaminari responded in his dazed state, causing Jirou to chuckle.

“And people think he’s strong. Yeah, right.” She said. They rounded the corner to his room, Kirishima making sure to keep a grip on Kaminari’s arm in case he fell over himself, which was a very possibly outcome, as it has happened before.

“Could you open the door?” Kirishima had his hands a little full thanks to the fool in his ‘care’. As Jirou opened up the door to Kaminari’s – ugly– room, Kirishima led his friend to his bed slowly. “Okay, bro. Lay down slowly, okay?” He said slowly so his words could maybe process in Kaminari’s fried brain. But as Kirishima moved to help the electric type Pokemon into bed, Kaminari immediately collapsed face first onto his bed once it was out of Kirishima’s control to get him on the bed.

“Seems good enough.” Jirou said, wavering near the doorway, likely ready to leave and get ready to head back to class. Kirishima poked him a few times on his back just to make sure that he was still, you know, alive.

As he heard Kaminari let out a few weird whiney noises at the feeling of Kirishima pressing on his back, an idea came to his mind. Slowly, he tapped three times: pointer, middle, ring. It was just out of curiosity to wonder what it felt like, mainly.

“He is a good friend, isn’t he?” Jirou spoke up again. He moved his hand away from Kaminari, turning his head to the side to look over at where she was standing. He was a little puzzled at her sudden comment. Where did that come from?

“Huh?” Kirishima blinked at her. She made a little gesture with her fingers in the direction of the brain dead Kaminari on the bed.

“Him. Weren’t you just saying that you love him?” She lifted her hand up, using her palm as the surface while tapping her fingers just as Bakugou does it to him. “It used to be a cheesy little thing I’d do with my parents to tell them I love them.”

Kirishima swears his poor little heart stopped beating in that second.

Bakugou was trying to tell him that he loves him.

Bakugou did it every time they were around each other– no matter where, sometimes many times in one period of time that they’re around each other– oh God, he’s going to cry; Bakugou loves him.

After realizing he had probably blanked out for a hard minute instead of responding to Jirou, he stood up slowly. “We better get going.” He said, clearing his throat a little. She nodded and began to walk out, Kirishima following behind with a bounce in his step that wasn’t there before.


Hours later, him and Bakugou were watching a movie. Kirishima’s heart was beating fast in his chest, both from seeing Bakugou and from the new information he had learned about his little taps. He was ready for the next time that Bakugou would do it; he was practically vibrating in total anticipation.

This time, Bakugou had his head on Kirishima’s shoulder as they watched– no complaints from Kirishima about having a dead arm, of course. Just like last time, it was about halfway through their movie when he felt Bakugou shift his hand to his thigh slowly. And there it was: pointer, middle, ring.

I, love, you.
Kirishima’s heart could have exploded.

He gently placed his hand on top of Bakugou’s, glancing down at their hands on his leg. That’s when Kirishima tapped back, his touch firm and slow like he wanted to emphasize it as much as possible: pointer, middle, ring, pinky.

I love you too.

He could feel Bakugou tense against his shoulder. Kirishima couldn’t help but giggle at the way he tensed underneath him.

“You’re always callin’ me the sap,” Kirishima teased, threading his fingers through Bakugou’s slowly. “When you’re the sap king.” He said, turning his head to press a kiss to Bakugou’s head. Bakugou moved his head off his shoulder, and Kirishima could quickly notice just how pink his cheeks were.

“Asshole.” Bakugou mumbled and Kirishima cooed as if Bakugou had called him a term of endearment.

“I love you.” Kirishima said– fuuuck, it felt so good to say out loud. Bakugou’s face was red at this point as he looked pretty much anywhere around Kirishima as long as it wasn’t the boy himself.

“...” Bakugou tilted his head down, staring at his lap. “... I love you too.”

Kirishima beamed.

He was quick to pounce onto Bakugou, moving to press tiny little kisses all over his boyfriend’s reddened face. Bakugou, in love or not, was not having it.

“Don’t think I won’t blow up this entire building, Kirishima. Fuck off!”

“Nope! You love me too much.”

“I take it back! I despise you!”

“No take backs!”

“I hate you! You don’t make me feel like I’m whole inside! You’re the bane of my existence, Shitty Hair!”

“Have I ever told you how much I love your pet names?”

“Shut up!!! Die!”