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Crack My [REDACTED] Open

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Starting off as a Pro-hero wasn’t always the best especially for the Wonder Duo. They had a cheap apartment together and were too poor to afford more than one double bed. Due to this arrangement, the measly amount of media on their tail assumed that they were dating one another. They weren’t but trying to sway the media’s mind was a task too daunting for the two. So, they decided that they would, in fact, pretend that they were dating. It wasn’t too hard to fake it. With such a deep history together they knew each other’s likes, dislikes, secrets, and other personal information. Like how Deku has a raging boner because of Kacchan’s godly pectorals. Put a stone between em and you can bet those pecs can crack it. But Kacchan was a bit more secretive about his love for Deku’s bubble butt. With the number of squats, that boy did during training it was only inevitable. Not gonna lie but Bakugou has seen some nice posts online that featured Izuku’s ass. He didn’t spend his time beating his meat to it, nope, he was a good hero and a great role model for everyone.

Today they both decided that as a “couple” they would go to the mall together. Deku needed to get some more underwear, he was a huge idiot to continue to wear All Might shit but it didn’t hamper the nice booty curve so Katsuki is fine with it. He himself needed to go get some lube from the store as he was beating it so hard that he needed to buy a few so he’d last longer than three days. Sometimes a two-litre bottle wasn’t large enough. So, as they parted to go shopping separately, they gave each other a quick kiss.

Little to Kacchan’s knowledge Deku was going to buy some bomb ass panties that would make his ass look even better. Kacchan thought he was being extremely secretive, but with the amount of lube all over their bed accompanied by a few magazines opened to a page featuring Deku’s ass said otherwise. He really thought Kacchan was smart enough to hide his fap material better. Kacchan wasn’t the best at everything he guessed.

He had some criteria when I came to the panties he wanted. It had to be Kacchan’s colours, first of all, something that defined his butt in the best way possible. A thong would be best to showcase his ass. He made his way to the closes Victoria Secret, he gained a few stares, but no number of stares could prevent Izuku from his mission. You may wonder, if they’re really poor, why is he wasting money on panties? Well, why does Bakugou use so much lube that he needs to get multiple two-litre bottles of lube every three days? Anyways, Izuku found exactly what he needs and luckily the panties looked reminiscent of Katsuki’s hero costume. It was a black lace thong with a nice large orange x in the front. Everything should fit inside…hopefully. He went up to the cashier to pay for the panties then texted Kacchan that they’d meet in a few more minutes.

Bakugou was also done getting what he needed, how he was going to hide a huge, heavy bag from Izuku, only god knew. “Hi Kacchan,” Deku called waving his arm in the air like there was no tomorrow. Before Izuku met up with Katsuki again, he sadly threw away the Victoria Secret bag in shoved the panties in the back pocket of his jeans.

“What did you get Kacchan?”

“Nothing that concerns you, damn Deku.”

Izuku knew it was litres of lube, the huge bottle in Kacchan’s bedside table was close to empty. They went back home to spend time doing nothing. Kacchan, of course, went to their bedroom as Izuku caught up with the news about other pro-heroes. It wasn’t until the evening that Izuku decided he would present his fine ass panties to Kacchan. He got ready for bed and put the panties on. Kacchan had already fallen asleep since he had a ridge sleep schedule. Izuku hopped into bed and pressed up against those muscular pectorals. He tried really hard to shove his face into Bakugou’s chest only to wake up him up. Kacchan tried to swat him away only for his hand to swipe the lace of the panties.

“What the fuck are you wearing Deku?”

“Why don’t you feel it some more to find out hm?”

Kacchan proceeded to feel the area where his hand had rested. “Shit Deku is that lace?” Bakugou was now in big boner city. The ass he’s been dreaming of for years was right in his explosive hands. “Get your massive bottles of lube and then we can get spicy.” Kacchan moved fast, almost fell onto the floor but with better motor skills than a toddler, he got the lube he popped open the bottle. “Crack my ass open Kacchan.” Deku was too hot for words so I’m not going to describe him but imagine the hottest sluttiest Deku you can imagine and that’s him right now. Also, he’s pressing his face into Bakugou’s chest so hard that he may lose all the air in his lungs. He lubed up Izuku’s ass then lubed up his dick then trust himself in there faster than a bullet train. “Damn Kacchan, you got one big cock.” That boosted Katsuki’s ego so much that he nutted and filled Deku’s booty. Deku was making such an ahego face and came only a few seconds after he was filled. Katsuki slipped his floppy dick out of Izuku’s ass, come dripping out like a waterfall. “Kacchan, this might be a bit late but you wanna date?”

“Fuck yeah, s’not like I’ve wanted to for years.”

Izuku leaned towards Katsuki and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Both lied together in bed and only when they woke up the next morning did they notice that the bottle Katsuki open spilled onto their bed and soaked into the mattress.