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The Viper

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Nishiki had done a mess. Punching someone who was a superior in the Dojima Family was stupid, but Nishiki couldn’t help himself after that asshole had made a nasty comment on Yumi’s body and the things he wanted to do with her.

Nishiki had bolted away after he had realized what he had done and told Kiryu everything with a shaky voice while he clung down a glass of whiskey. Kiryu had immediately grown worried over him, but what could he do? He was new just like Nishiki was, this wasn’t a big between kids.
“If they ask me to cut my finger off it’ll be a great end for this mess…” Nishiki whispered, his voice broken by his obvious worry.

“Maybe you’ll only have to apologize…” Kiryu tried to cheer him up. He had no idea how to make it better for Nishiki. If he could, he would trade places, but it didn’t work like that in the yakuza world.

“I’m screwed… I’m completely screwed…” Nishiki gulped down the alcohol, scrunching his nose. It tasted so bad, but it was the only thing that could ease his heart in that moment.

“Maybe if you told Kazama-”

“I don’t know.” Nishiki cut him off suddenly. It looked like his mood had soured even more. “I… I don’t want to get him involved in my mess…”

“Nishiki…” Kiryu sighed and squeezed his wrist comforting. “Nishiki you… you should really think about it, it’s your life after all I-”

The beeping sound of Kiryu’s pager stopped their conversation. Kiryu clenched his jaw, he wanted to say more but experience told him not to ignore a message, especially if it was important.

He took it out his pocket and read the numbers. He furrowed his eyebrows and a confused expression formed on his face.

“So… did you screw up too?” Nishiki asked nervously, stealing a glance of the pager too. His face turned confused too when he understood who was calling Kiryu, it literally made no sense.

“What does Shibusawa-no-aniki want with you?”

Kiryu bit his lower lip. “I… have no idea… I have hardly talked to him at all…”

Nishiki watched him nervously as Kiryu stood up from his chair, screeching it against the floor loudly. “Just… don’t make him wait… he doesn’t like when people are late…”

Kiryu didn’t want to leave Nishiki there, drinking himself to death but Shibusawa was still the Dojima’s family lieutenant, he couldn’t ignore him and get away with it. “Will… will you be alright?”

Nishiki squeezed his wrist and gave him a trembling smile. “Y-Yeah… I’ll think about something, come on, don’t be late…”

Kiryu nodded and put his pager away. He will try to find a solution for Nishiki’s problem, but right now he should focus on not having ones of his own. And making a lieutenant wait was going to give him just that.


Kiryu didn’t particularly like the Shibusawa’s family headquarters. They were too small and there weren’t that many people around, making the place cold and unfamiliar. It looked too much like an office if you asked Kiryu, but it was better if he kept that thoughts to himself or he would get more than a punch in the face.

The members of the Shibusawa’s family were always busy with some papers here, some paper there, but the man that stayed behind the counter who greeted Kiryu after he had marched through the front door seemed to realize who he was and bowed a little to him, giving him some of his time.

“Kiryu-san, our boss is waiting for you in his office… it’s on the last floor, please take the elevator.”

Kiryu nodded in thanks and went up the elevator. This place smelled like fresh pages of a new book, it was strange, seeing yakuza behind like normal office men, but that was kinda Shibusawa’s job, making sure all the business was run as it should be without problems for the main family.

When he entered in Shibusawa’s office, he immediately noticed the older man sitting on his leather couch, smoking a cigarette during a break like the papers on his deck suggested. He didn’t look tired, just bored out his mind but a spark of interest came in his eyes as Kiryu entered in the room. It was like he had just entered in a preator’s den.

“Shibusawa-no-aniki.” Kiryu bowed deeply at him. Even if he didn’t exactly like him, Shibusawa needed to be treated with respect, he was still his superior after all.

“Kiryu.” Shibusawa leaned back on the couch, looking at him behind the lenses of his glasses. “Come here, I’m glad you came so quickly, I thought I would have had to wait the whole day for you… come closer.”

Kiryu didn’t really want to stay there for long, but saying no wasn’t an option. With hesitance, he took nervous steps towards Shibusawa and stood in front of him, making sure there was a bit of distance between them. Damn, he wished there had been a chair there so he wouldn’t have to be that close. Shibusawa’s expensive cologne only made him frown. He didn’t like when something was that strong and he could smell it easily from this distance.

“You look impatient… I was too at your age.” Shibusawa chuckled but his voice was really cold and it made Kiryu shiver. He looked like a viper, venomous and ready to kill.

“Well, let’s get down to business, shall we? I heard that your kyoudai has messed up badly.” Kiryu felt cold sweat starting to form on his forehead. He balled his hands in two fists and gulped. He didn’t like where this was going at all, Shibusawa had certainly something in mind if he mentioned Nishiki.

“S-Sir… I-”

Shibusawa raised his hand to stop whatever stupid thing was going to come out from Kiryu’s mouth. The older man stared at him from head to toe, his lips pursued before he met Kiryu’s eyes again.

“Do you want to protect Nishikiyama?” Shibusawa took a long drag of his cigarette, his eyes lingering on the few inches of skin that Kiryu was showing on his cleavage. “I can help you with that.”

Kiryu felt a shiver running down his back, his palms started to sweat and someone in his mind screamed at him to run away. But running away meant that Nishiki would be in trouble and he couldn’t have that.

Between the three lieutenants, Shibusawa was the most mysterious. It was easy to deal with Kuze, you got punched a few times and that was it while with Awano you had to suffer through an entire night with him around clubs or being the guinea pig for some new drug. But Shibusawa? Kiryu didn’t know much about him, better, no one knew much about him. Stories went around, Kiryu knew he was clever and was the business side of the Dojima family (without him, they would be broke as hell). Many said that he wasn’t as powerful as the other two, but right now Kiryu knew that those were all lies. If Shibusawa wanted something, he got it, no matter what he had to do to obtain it. It was scary, how he wouldn’t stop for anything.

“What…” Kiryu licked his dry lips, trying to find his voice. “What do you want me to do…?”

Shibusawa placed the cigarette on the ashtray and lifted his hand. He curled his fingers, signaling to Kiryu to come closer. Kiryu hesitated for an instant, whatever Shibusawa wanted, he knew he wouldn’t like it. Yet his feet moved, he took three long steps until his legs brushed against Shibusawa’s knees. He looked down, waiting for the man in front of him to speak.

Shibusawa’s lips curled into a small smile, like a predator in front of his prey. He placed a hand on Kiryu’s hip, curling his fingers until his nails dug in the material of his black jacket. Kiryu jumped in surprise and nearly made a step back but Shibusawa stopped him with a firm glare. Kiryu gulped, he was so tense he could feel his heart beating inside his chest so hard it was hurting him. “S-Sir?”

“You aren't a kid anymore, Kiryu.” Shibusawa’s thumb stroked his hip and it stopped when it reached the waistband of his pants. “Do you want to help Nishikiyama? Then it's easy... just throw yourself at me and I’ll take care of everything.”

Kiryu’s breath stopped. He wasn’t stupid, he knew what Shibusawa meant with “throwing himself to him”. He regretted it wasn’t Kuze the one who called him there, the man would have wanted only a fight and that was it, he was a man of honor after all, but Shibusawa? No, he didn’t have a honor, or at least not one that would stop him in a situation like this.

Shibusawa’s fingers tightened their grip on his waist and Kiryu realized just how much time he had stood there, watching him dumbly. He opened his mouth, trying to speak, but his voice wouldn’t come out.

On the other hand, Shibusawa’s patience was starting to grow thin. “So? Yes or no?” Kiryu swallowed heavily. He could turn around and forget about this, leave Nishiki deal with his own shit, but as he thought that, he knew he would never do something like that. He would never leave his sworn brother to himself, no matter what he did, Kiryu would be at his side.

“I…” Kiryu looked down ashamed, feeling an ugly red colouring his cheeks. His legs began to quiver, he curled his back towards Shibusawa, blinking his eyes a few times before he regained his breath. He placed his shaky hands on Shibusawa’s, squeezing it tightly hoping to get the message across, but Shibusawa didn’t seem satisfied.

Tell me , Kiryu, you have a mouth use it properly.” Shibusawa’s thumb followed the thin line of Kiryu’s lips, his eyes darkening while Kiryu parted his mouth slightly.

“I- well- just… please , do what you want with me…” Kiryu swallowed his pride and felt even more ashamed of himself when he heard Shibusawa chuckle amused.

“Not good at talking, are you?” Shibusawa’s hand curled around the back of his neck and he tugged Kiryu forward until he was straddling his lap. The other tried not to push all of his weight on him, but Shibusawa didn’t seem bothered by it at all, instead his eyes were following the line of his neck until they settled on his face. “It’s fine… I prefer when people stay silent instead of saying stupid things.”

Shibusawa’s lips were firm against his. They moved slowly with calculated moves. He didn’t have to hurry, he had all the time in the world, but it only made Kiryu want to cry. He wanted this to be over soon, he hated how slow Shibusawa was taking this.

The man pulled back slightly, clicking his tongue annoyed and stroked Kiryu’s cheek with his knuckles. Kiryu had to use all of his strength not to flinch away.

“I haven’t signed up to fuck a corpse, did I?” It was first time Kiryu heard Shibusawa say such crude words, somehow they didn’t belong to his face, it made him look scarier then he was. Swallowing thickly, Kiryu leaned his head down and crushed their lips together, grabbing the collar of Shibusawa’s shirt with his shaky hands.

He could feel the man’s cock reacting under him, pressing against the curve of his ass. Kiryu whimpered pathetically against his lips, but that seemed to please Shibusawa who pulled him close until Kiryu felt his glasses trail up on the bridge of his nose.

Kiryu forced his lips open when Shibusawa’s tongue demanded to enter inside of his mouth, that warm muscle felt disgusting, Kiryu had kissed other people before but it had never left him feeling so… dirty .

Shibusawa pulled back, a trail of saliva connecting them. Kiryu looked down, his cheeks were burning in shame. His chin was quickly caught by Shibusawa who forced him to look at him while the man took off his glasses and placed them on the table. It was strange seeing him without them, if Kiryu was honest with himself he preferred him with them on.

“You haven’t kissed a lot of people, right?” Shibusawa whispered, pushing his thumb inside of his mouth. Kiryu shook his head, diligently sucking on the finger while Shibusawa’s other hand sneaked under his shirt, his nails scratched his inked back making Kiryu wince in pain, but another feeling was blossoming in his abdomen. He felt betrayed by his own body, he couldn't believe this was happening.

“Seems like you're liking this…” Shibusawa chuckled amused, sliding his finger out Kiryu’s mouth, giving it an experimental lick to taste the boy in his arms. “I think I know why my kyoudais are fond of you, Kiryu.”

Kiryu flinched at his words but kept his mouth shut. He had noticed the way Kuze and Awano looked at him, but being told it so directly gave him goosebumps all over his skin.

“Well, it doesn't matter, you're in my arms now.” Shibusawa stroked his cheek before taking his hips in his hands and laid him on the couch. Kiryu’s eyes stung with tears while Shibusawa worked his shirt open and palmed his chest with his cold hands. His nipples were getting hard the more Shibusawa brushed against them, he was much gentler than Kiryu thought it would be but his touch hurt anyway.

“You have such a nice body, Kiryu.” Shibusawa commented, looking at the boy’s reactions while he teases him. “You should wear a better suit, though, I'll buy you a new one.”

The last thing Kiryu wanted was owning another favour to Shibusawa, but he couldn't say anything, not when he felt a hand on his crotch, slowly stroking him through his clothes. Kiryu jumped in surprise, a strangled moan left his lips and he unciously grasped Shibusawa’s arm to make him stop.

“I'll advise you to drop your hand.” Shibusawa said mercilessly, his tone cold and sharp as a knife. Kiryu whined pitifully, he didn’t want this, but he slowly loosened his fingers around Shibusawa’s wrist.

“Good…” Shibusawa looked ready to devour him, Kiryu felt truly scared of the man above him. He begged anyone to save him, he was already starting to tear up as Shibusawa unbuckled his belt-


Kashiwagi’s voice echoed in the room, making Shibusawa stop. He looked up at the scarred man with annoyance but Kashiwagi didn’t seem like he was impressed by what was happening in front of him and approached the two, not sparing Kiryu with even a glance, but Kiryu found that to be a blessing.

“Kashiwagi… why have you disturbed us? We were in the middle of a meeting.” Shibusawa lied casually with that smile plastered on his face, but it was clear he was annoyed.

Kashiwagi bowed respectfully and handed him some documents, his eyes never dropping on Kiryu, it was like he wasn’t even in the room.

Shibusawa took them and scanned them carefully. He clicked his tongue annoyed and looked at Kiryu. He didn’t seem happy, but that meant the Kiryu was safe for now. Or at least that was what he thought.

“I have to take care of this mess, I don’t have the time for you now.” Shibusawa stood up and patted his pants, cleaning up the inexistent dust from them. He placed a hand on Kiryu’s shoulder and smiled at him. “We’ll continue our meeting another time.”

Kiryu shuddered but managed to give him a shaky nod. “O-Of course… Shibusawa-no-aniki…”

Shibusawa gave him a serpentine smile and turned his head towards his desk. That was when Kiryu bolted up, buttoned his shirt up as best as he could and walked out the door, passing beside Kashiwagi, barely acknowledging him. He just wanted to get out of that office as fast as he could.

He immediately ran in the bathroom, feeling the urge to throw up but when he was above the toilet, nothing came out his mouth. He coughed and spit a little, but that was it. He went to the sink and opened the cold water.

Kiryu gulped some cold liquid to get Shibusawa’s taste out of his mouth, before spitting it out. Nothing, he could still feel Shibusawa’s tongue running against him and it made him gag.

“Kiryu.” Kashiwagi’s voice made him turn his head. He probably looked pitiful there, with his face red and his eyes filled with tears, but Kashiwagi didn’t look angry, instead he was handing him a bottle of juice with the most gentle expression he could muster (which wasn’t much but it was something).

Kiryu accepted it thankfully, bowing to Kashiwagi and snapping open the cap. “T-Thank you, Kshiwagi-san…”

Kashiwagi stayed silent as Kiryu drunk from the bottle, he spoke only when the younger man looked calm enough to hold a conversation without breaking down in tears.

“Don’t worry for Nishikiyama, he screwed up, but it’s not that bad, that guy was going to be disposed anyway, Kazama will make sure nothing happens to your kyodai.”

Kiryu blinked his eyes surprised. “How do you-”

“You’re easy to read and Nishikiyama has already told me everything a few hours ago, came to me nearly in tears after you left, seems like he decided to follow your advice…” Kashiwagi sighed and placed his hand exactly where Shibusawa had had his just few minutes before. “Kiryu, make sure not to cross Shibusawa if you don’t want that to happen again, okay? I was there just for coincidence, I didn’t come to save you… you have to be careful around him.”

Kiryu nodded shakily. He noticed that his belt was still unbuckled and managed to put it in place again even if he missed the right hole three times because his fingers were just trembling that much.

Kashiwagi squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. He didn’t judge, he didn’t try to hug him in comfort, but Kiryu was fine like that, Kashiwagi being soft with him would only make it even worse.

“I-I think I’ll go now… I have… I have some work to do.” Kiryu whispered, his voice still shaking but he wanted to get the hell out of here the fastest he could. Shibusawa’s strong cologne still lingered on him and he wanted to bathe.

Kashiwagi nodded and let his hand drop on his side. “Call if you need me.”

Kiryu smiled a little. The world he had chosen to live in was scary and many wanted to hurt and take advantage of him, but it was comforting to have someone on his side.

As he walked out of the building, he just hoped Shibusawa would never call him for a “meeting” ever again. That serpentine smile and those cold eyes made Kiryu think at a viper.

Maybe he was afraid of snakes after all.