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Aeris's Circle

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"Honored  Moonstreem , I 've had enough!  


Poor door. That's the third time this morning.  

Flipping over a page from her book, Aeris find it quite amusing when no one had actually realized she was the first to come here this morning, not even Niko looked at her direction.  

"Did you see that lightning? Finally meeting Sandry. 

"It's only lightning. " The boring tone from Tris. 

If this goes well, she will be moving to the Discipline cottage with both of the girls, hopefully. The dedicates will be having a strange time if they are going to send her any place other than Discipline cottage. 

The office door opened.  

Finally, it's already passed noon and she is hungry.  

"…... Niko, will you escort Lady Sandrilene and  Trisana  to their new home? "  Asked The Honored Dedicate Moonstream.  

As Niko walks out from the office, Aeris saw him looking at the direction of Sandry and Tris, but seems like unable to notice that Aeris was just sitting at the bench beside the office door.  

"I don't want to settle in," muttered Tris.  

Niko grinned, "It's my pleasure to take them to Discipline".  

As the entire group starts to walk towards the main door, the dedicate responsible for Aeris frantically look around for the little girl who likes to play the hide-and- do-not-let-you-seek game. 

"Honored Moonstream!" She shouted panickily. "There is still another girl!"  

Everyone in the room turned and all eyes were on her. 

"Who?" Asked the slightly confused Moonstream.  


Every eye was on the girl who seems suddenly appeared from thin air. Especially Tris and Sandry, who was shocked by the fact that both of them never saw her there for the past one hour. 

"You... you were here all the time?" Moonstream swore that she never saw the girl before. 

Aeris shuddered. 

"It's normal for people to forget me."  

So please do not look at me as if I have grown three horns on my head. Closing the book, Aeris stood up and walk towards the group. 

"I hope you do have a place to put me into." Aeris look at Moonstream, "I don't think anyone wanted me to go back." Unless they were forced to I guess. 

The only and one dedicate whom I knew shocked her head violently while waving her hands frantically, is the best response that I am absolutely NOT welcome there. 

Moonstream, who had resume back some calmness, "I think the Discipline has enough room for another one." Looking at Niko who was frowning. " Niko, could you escort this young lady as well?" 

Nodding his head, Niko walk towards Aeris and squat down, eye levelling her. 

Golden red pupils stared into Niko's eye. 

"You were wrong, it's just the same as it was." Except for the library. "And no one mentioned about the educated and learning thing you told me once." Please do not tell me the Lady Etiquette Classes is the one you mentioned, or else she will inform Uncle Rym the next time he comes. 

Niko signed, "Sorry about that, I was distracted."   

Standing up, Niko extends his hand towards Aeris.  

"Trust me this time." 

Aeris looked at the opened palm in front of her.  

Well, maybe one more time.  

As Aeris place her hand into Niko's, she gazed into his eyes and said, "Trust is earned when action meets words."  

Please do not disappoint me again this time.