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Aeris's Circle

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At Winding Circle Temple, Emelan:  

It has been two weeks since Aeris mor Sylva arrived at the most famous Winding Circle Temple in Emelan.  

Apparently, the life Aeris though would be a little bit different from Hill Circle, was wrong. It’s just as boring as it is when she was in Hill Circle.  

The only merit of moving so far away from Lairan, enduring the long bumpy journey on wheels with only horses to talk with, was the library.  

Winding Circle's library was famous for its an enormous amount of books and scrolls that were collected from the beginning of the Circle. The library was huge enough to be lost in it for days, Aeris though it was the perfect hiding place.  

It took three days for Aeris to familiarize with the surroundings of Winding Circle and then, she simply disappeared from the watchful eyes of the Dedicates responsible of her dormitory.  

For light and dark’s sake, why can’t those Dedicates understand the word “privacy”. I am not a three-year-old child who needed to bottle feed every three hours, Aeris though as she turns a page of  The Introduction to Elements.  

Hidden at the back of the west wall of the library, there was a narrow service stair that leads to a small balcony which could not be seen from below. The eaves of the roof were wide enough to cover an area for a straw mat and a big round pillow for her to lie down, creating a perfect place for afternoon naps and reading time. Cool air circulating the library eventually finds its way out through gaps of the wooden door, creating a natural fan system. 

Putting her book down, Aeris positioned herself comfortably on the big, round pillow she manages to smuggle up.  

Sighed, being Aeris in this strange world is hard when you have memories of your past life. Harder when she found out this unknown world was the fiction world of  The Circle of Magic , by  Tamora Pierce .  Imagined what your reactions would be when you found out you were   reincarnated  into a world you are familiar  yet  not familiar with.  

Reborn to this world, Aeris grow up with books and nannies. As research scholars in Lightsbridge University, her father and mother were always busy with their research and experiments. Giving up their passion for their child was never an option for her parents. Mandarrarn nor Sylva, her father was already in the birth ward discussing research facts with her mother Elis fer Norm, few hours after she was born. Within a week after labour, her mother was back at the University's laboratory lab, leaving Aeris with a nanny in their house. When she was three, her grandmother visited and realized that her granddaughter was partly abandoned in an empty house, with only books as companions, the Matron of the Sylva family gave her parents a piece of her mind that could be heard from the University.  

Learning that her son and daughter-in-law will never give up on their passion, the Matron decided to bring Aeris back to Lairan. For the first time ever, in two lives, Aeris get to enjoy a carefree and happy childhood, to be able to run and roam freely on grass and streams to play with was truly the first experience for her, as she was bedridden for 18 years before her final breath due to heart defect from birth in her previous life and in this life’s early age, she was bound inside her house all the time.  

Unfortunately, when Aeris was eight, her grandmother went to bed without waking up the next morning. After the funeral, her parents sent her to Hill Circle without any comfort words, telling her that she will be there for early education until twelve, only then she will reunite with them again at Karang.  

I bet they would have totally forgotten about her existence if not for the letter of transfer send by the Dedicates in Hill Circle and the letter of arrangement from her uncle, Aeris though. Thankfully her Uncle Rym, who inherited the Sylva's family business of silk and tea, loved her dearly. He was the only one to visit her when she was in Hill Circle every month, giving her pocket money and provisions while making sure the Dedicates treated her well. That’s the reason why the Dedicates have yet to chased her out after freaking them on the first week. Her parents will never remember her unless she sent them a letter. 

When Aeris told him that she was being transferred to Winding Circle, he delayed his trip to Karang and went straight to Niko, questioned him about her future arrangements in Winding Circle. That talk lasted for an hour, when they came out from their meeting room, she smirked at the sight of Niko rubbing his temple and her uncle winked at her, signalling that she will definitely have a comfortable life in Winding Circle. 

With the arrangement that her uncle will have his assistant to check up on her every month, and he promised to visit every three months, Aeris left Lairan. 

 I just hope everything turns well, though Aeris, as she picks up her book and turns a page of the big tome .  

 For those born with the gift of elements, or known as ambient magic, will be able to see, feel, listen,  create, replicate, understood  and to the extent of touching the elements whom he/she  favours. Yet,   even the most experience  academic mages/scholars  will not be able to identify ambient magic, if the said academic mage/scholar  was   not trained in the field  of ambient magic. Misidentification of ambient magic occurred often with unknown elements such as spirit possession, child of god, etc. Without proper guidance from a qualified ambient mage or well-trained academic mage with ambient magic experience, accident, destru ction or even death may occur  when  he/she could not understand or controls the nature of their ambient magic. —Laura  Kigney , Ambient Mage of Wood  Element .  

From a very young age, Aeris has noticed that she could see in the dark, and call upon strings of light. At first, she thought she had superpowers, only when she saw the world map in her children’s storybook, she realized she was in the world of a book, thus ambient magic.   

Niko, or Niklaren Goldeye, who was needed somewhere else, immediately left after enrolling Aeris into Moon dormitory, one of the dorms for wealthier girls.  

Sighed, Aeris was grateful though to whoever that had brought her to this world, giving her a healthy body. 

Focusing on her inner mind, she waved her hand. The air in front of her ripples, forming an image which she named this skill as “Mirage”.    

During her time at Hill Temple, she has done enough experiments to confirm that her magic forms around light and dark elements. With light elements, she can absorb, released, formed and bend light; while dark elements gave her abilities to created shadows and darkness. Together, light and dark elements gave her the ability to hid and concealed without people noticing even if she was within a foot range.  

Mirage was one of her abilities with light. Light bents naturally with heat, and she can create mirage to form around her as long as she stays in the sunlight. Too bad mirages could not transfer sound waves, if not, she will have natural satellite cameras around.  

 The mirage in front of her shows a girl lying on her bed in the dormitory while being lectured by one of the Dedicates. Then the copper curled hair girl yanked away from the hand of the dedicate and started running out from the room.  

Then, the mirage started to distort and blur, as if the light around were being disturbed by some force.  

Seconds later, the floor begins to shake violently, books drop from shelves, decorations from the top of the registration counter tilted and shattered on the floor. Candles went off as the glass holder started to swing back and forth, causing the entire library to turn pitch black with only sunlight from windows at the north wall.  

Steadying herself by holding on the binger of the small air window, Aeris sighed. Although she already knew the storyline by heart, but to experience it, is a totally different thing. She just hoped that nothing drastic will change in the storyline because of  her  in this universe.  

The tremor has stopped.  

Flopping back towards her pillow, she can't help sighing again. As  Shikamaru  would have said, this is getting troublesome.