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Aeris's Circle

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The Hill Circle, Lairan


“Dedicate stone, I swear she was here when I left her just moments ago!”

and noisy…

“… and so you are telling me that the GIRL just vanished into thin air while you call us, Dedicate Treebark?!”

Blue skies and white fluffy clouds, such a perfect day for afternoon nap, maybe she should just hid here at the cliffs until supper time to avoid the nagging from those you-should-listen-to-me Dedicates. She is getting a little tired of them poking their noses into her own free time.

Laying down on a pillow which she bought to her hidey hole at the cliff sides which acted as west border of the temple, covered by old oak trees, it is just impossible to noticed Aeris, even with her shiny golden red hair.

“Master Niko, please understand that she is the first case that we ever had since the beginning of our Circle, we had tried our best to cope with her, yet after Two years of effort, we have come to the conclusion that our Dedicates just could not handle this situation.”

… Master Niko? The name sounds familiar.

“The mages in the capital told us that they detected not even a trace of magic in her, yet there were times that she would suddenly glow at night…” The head of Hill Circle Temple voice shuddered at the memory.

My hair glows because it is releasing light absorbed during day time, dolt.

“And her hair will changed colour from time to time, I do not know whether she is born part elemental, or she has the blood of the gods or whatever other reasons, the Hill Circle Temple is not suitable for her to stay on!”

Seems like she really has given the Dedicates in the temple such a fear that people as calm as The Dedicate Superior would end her sentence with a squeak like a kitten.

“We could not find her unless midday or supper time, where she will always be there at the dining hall before everyone arrives.” Dedicate Treebark whispered as she is always the one looking for her. “Strange enough because the workers who were there preparing meals never notice her, she would just appear out of thin air, like a ghost…” Face paled.

“Silence!” Dedicate Stone snapped at the young dedicate whom has just enter the temple three months ago, her own hands trembling at the mention of the word ghost.

“Honored Stone, Dedicate Treebark, there are times where our eyes play tricks with us using light, you just might have miss the right angle to spot whatever is hiding behind.” A crisp male voice voiced out.

Aeris nodded, true yet not good enough. Things could not stay hidden with only light, you need other elements such as darkness to create shadows. That’s why when she hided something, she make sure that nobody, absolutely NO ONE will ever found it.

Sound of grass being brushed by something can be heard from the direction below the big oak trees where she is hiding.

“Aeris mor Sylva, could you please come down from your hiding place, I need to speak to you.”

Shocked, but Aeris decided to ignore the calling from a man whom she does not know, thinking that even though he might have found out her hiding place, but this does not mean he can reach up to her, not without some sort of equipment, unless he possessed the magic similar to her.

“The Dedicates are packing your bags now, you might want to take a look in case they miss out something.”

Now that’s a threat!

Aeris scampered up from the cliff and leaped down, landing with light and softness as if there were something cushioning her feet, with her pillow tucked under her arm.

“Excuse me, why am I packing?” Aeris rush forward to chase after the mage who has already turned his back towards the temple. “And may I know who are you to order for my bags to be packed?”

The mage stopped and turned around.

A girl with glowing golden red wavy hair stood in front of him, frowning.

“Aeris mor Sylva, finally. My name is Niklaren Goldeye.” He smiled. “You are coming with me to the Winding Circle Temple at Emelan, a place where you will be educated and learn about your abilities.”

“The best mage in the capital said that I do not have magic.” Stared at the man in his fifties, his long loose white over robes and round pendant handing in front suggest he was either a scholar or mage. “You will need my parent’s consent and permission in order for me to move.”

“Honored Stone has already received your parent’s permission to transfer you to Winding Circle.”

Aeris’s eyes widen with anger, how could them!

“I think the Dedicates meant to tell you after I confirmed your case.”Niklaren Goldeye, or Niko, shrugs. “No matter how, it was still better than staying here with people who do not understand you, isn’t it?”

Aeris’s eyes narrowed.

Although she would not want to admit it, but the offer that she no longer need to play hid-and-seek with the Dedicates who-just-shout-at-her-for-nothing was very attractive.

Besides, she knows more about Emelan than her own hometown of Lairan, the fact that she was from…

“So, shall we proceed?” Without knowing, Niko has reached the stairs leading to the main gate of the temple.

Standing at the clearing of the hallway, her eyes look at the mage in front of her.

This time, this period, if she is not wrong, seems like she is going to be part of the main circle in this world. Maybe she will have some fun with the characters… no, people without causing any major timeline shift.

Brushing her sunlight color wavy hair with ivory long fingers, Aeris started to walk towards Niko who was still standing at the stairs waiting for her patiently.