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Disneyland, Now the Gayest Place on Earth

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Hitoshi had spent so much time in his life staring at the tiny writing printed on his wrist that he hadn't actually expected it to happen. When he was little the words had been a lifeline, helping him through the rough foster homes and the bullying he had faced at school before the Yamada-Aizawa household had finally adopted him. Until he had had his parents, the idea of his soul mate was all he had. With the way he had been dreaming of the moment, the way that his heart was crushed with every new person he met that wasn't them, he was shocked when it finally happened.

It had happened, of course, on a family vacation.

His family had decided to go to Disneyland, a birthday present for his little sister Eri, and he had been given permission to break off from the group to go on some of the more 'big kid rides' as his Pa had called them. He wasn't planning to be gone all that long, he just had no desire to stand in hour long lines to meet the different Disney princesses like his little sister did. So he had trekked his way over to the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, formally known as Tower of Terror. He was a big fan of the weightless feeling he got on the ride, so he was quite excited to ride it. He was less excited when he realized it was a forty minute wait time, but he decided that it was probably the same amount of time that it would take to walk to a different ride and wait in a shorter line, so he decided to take a spot in line. He had decided to not play on his phone like he wanted to in efforts of wanting to keep charge so he could text his family to meet up with them later, so he was a little bored. Within seconds the line behind him filled up. He was surprised to see that the person directly behind him was a single rider as well as most people at Disneyland traveled in groups. Once the slight surprise had worn off about the single rider issue, he was filled with a different kind of shock- a "holy heck, this person is literally the most perfect person I have ever seen" kind of shock. The boy was much shorter than him, though it wasn't it wasn't hard to be shorter than him as he was on the taller side, but this boy would probably have to look up to him quite a bit. Despite his short stature, he looked as if he would have no problem bench-pressing Shinso. He was wearing a pastel rainbow cropped sweater that read the words "cry baby", abs showing from under the fabric. The muscles looked rather nice on the boy, more lean than bulky. He had green hair and green eyes, and his face was coated in freckles. He found himself staring at the boy who was texting someone on his phone.

The line started moving again, so he pulled his eyes away from the boy. Not watching the boy anymore, though he really wanted to, he was not expecting for the boy to run into him. The boy hadn't been looking up; too busy texting to pay attention to the fact that the line had stopped moving. He looked up from his phone, his face flushing from embarrassment.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I totally should have been paying more attention but like my friend is trying to help me not third wheel them anymore without hurting my other friend's feelings so I'm trying to keep an eye on what he says, though that's not a good reason to like knock into hot guys, though I totally wish it was I would totally third wheel more often. Not that I would date someone who wasn't my soul mate but there are some really nice people to look at and -Oh god that sounded weird, don't mind me I'm just going to pretend I don't exist now." The boy said in a flurry of quickly uttered words.

Hitoshi stood there gawking for a second, not expecting to hear the jumbled mess that he had printed on him.

" Holy fuck it's you." Hitoshi said dazed but happy.

The boy's eyes widening dramatically, and then suddenly Hitoshi was being hugged. Hitoshi wasn't usually the biggest fan of physical contact from people outside his family, and even from his family some of the time, but he was in literal heaven as he felt the boy locking his arms around him. He wrapped his arms around the boy, and the two stayed like that for a second. When they pulled away, he saw that the boy had a huge grin on his face and looked like he was crying a little. Shinso could feel his cheeks hurting from his smile, as he wasn't one to do it very often.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya by the way! You can call me Izuku if you want- I mean we are soul mates? You don't have to though, I totally get if you want to be more formal though since we just met and-" Izuku chattered nervously.

"I'll call you Izuku if you call be Hitoshi? Trust me, it's a good deal. My last name is Yamada-Aizawa and that's a bit of a mouthful." Hitoshi said, somehow able to keep his voice calm as he said this.

"Kind of an awkward question, but is do your parents happen to work at U.A.? They just match the names of a couple of my teachers?" Izuku asked.

"You go to U.A.? I do too. And yeah, my parents teach there." Hitoshi said, excited that his soul mate didn't come from too far of a distance away.

"That's awesome! I'm not surprised we didn't meet before though- it's such a big school! I've gotten lost a few times on the way to classes admittedly." Izuku gushed. Hitoshi noticed that despite them no longer hugging, Izuku was standing very close to him. He felt his cheeks warm at the realization. He still couldn't believe that he was standing here with his soul mate.

"Do you live on campus?" Hitoshi asked. He was currently rooming with a boy named Monoma, and holy fuck; he was so incredibly ready to not live with that jerk. Not that he was expecting Izuku to immediately want to room with him, but it would be cool if they could for the next school year.

"I do! Not in the dorms though, I'm in an apartment on campus with a few friends from high school- we were all able to get in by the grace of god to be honest. I have three roommates. They're all really nice! I'm actually here with two of them!" Izuku told him.

"Oh yeah, you mentioned third wheeling earlier?" Hitoshi remarked, remembered the initial spill of words.

"Oh yeah! My friend Iida decided to take his soul mate and I here for our 'friendship anniversary'. Our other friend, Todoroki, was suppose to come so it wouldn't have been a pair plus me, but it didn't work out for him, but I had already agreed to go and Iida had paid for a ticket for me so it wasn't like I could do a takes back? Though I wouldn't have, Disneyland is like the best place ever to be honest. But it was starting to get awkward because I was sitting next to a lot of strangers on rides and trailing behind them. So I uh told Iida that I was going to wander on my own so that they could hang out. We told Uraraka- that's his soul mate and my other friend- that I wasn't feeling well so I'd meet them back at the hotel, and so he's been texting me updates so that we don't run into each other." Izuku told him, taking a deep breath after he finished his spiel.

"Understandable. I'm here with my parents and little sister." Hitoshi told him while trying to store away all the information Izuku had just gifted him with.

"You have a little sister? That's awesome! I always wanted a little sibling. " Izuku told him, eyes brightening. Hitoshi could feel his heart melting. He quickly pulled out his phone.

"Here I have some pictures of her on my phone, she is actually the cutest kid to ever kid. She's waiting in line to meet some princesses." He opened up the photo app on his phone, and went to the picture he had taken of her that morning. She was wearing a Cinderella costume and was finger gunning at the camera like Hitoshi had taught her to do, much to the chagrin of his parents.

"She's so precious, oh my gosh." Izuku squealed, and Hitoshi felt his heart melting at the sight of Izuku excited over his family. "I'm guessing she's the reason you are currently decked out in Disney gear? Though, it's completely understandable if you're just a big Disney fan- I know I am! I've memorized the scripts to most of the Disney movies at this point." Izuku said.

Hitoshi felt his face flush, he had completely forgotten about that. Here he was, in front of his very cute soul mate, wearing a tank top that said "Fairest of them all" in pale blue with a color match sequenced mickey ears. He was wearing a leather jacket too, but the coolness of the jacket did not overcome the very Disney look to make it look less dorky. Seeing him turn a few shades of red, Izuku giggled. "I think it's a good look on you! And your shirt is quite accurate; you are the fairest of them all. Hopefully there isn't some evil queen out to get you though, I'm not really into the whole kissing what looks like to be a dead person thing."

"Man, I could go for a Snow White style nap though." Hitoshi said wistfully.

Throughout their conversation the two had been walking through the line, the talking making line go by much faster. Eventually they made it inside the building part of the line. They got up to the part of the line where they were asking for group size, and Hitoshi quickly offered that they were a pair. They filled in the area outside the preamble to the ride, a video that was meant to introduce the concept of the attraction to the riders. A voice sounded over, asking everyone to raise their hands for 'security clearance'. Hitoshi peered over at Izuku who had raised his hands excitedly, pulling up his crop top. Hitoshi felt his mouth go dry at the sight. How did he possibly land such a babe? What did he do that fate decided he deserved someone who was clearly nice, smart, and very good looking? Literally all he did all day was run his shift at the cat shelter, school stuff, and watch vine compilations on YouTube well into the night. He realized that everyone had started entering the room while he was lost in thought, and felt Izuku grab his hand to lead him into the room. Throughout the little explanatory video, Izuku laughed several times, and Hitoshi could swear his heart stopped. The line after the video passed quickly, and soon they were seated on the ride. They were in the very back and right next to each other.

"This is my first time on here- I'm a bit of a screamer admittedly. Sorry about your eardrums." Izuku apologized to him in advance. Hitoshi wasn't too worried, his pa usually talked at a volume that always seem to go over a safe decibel level.

As the ride started, Hitoshi realized that Izuku had not been exaggerating. He did scream quite a bit. What he hadn't warned him about however was that the first time the ride dropped them, leaving them falling through the air, Izuku had grabbed onto Hitoshi's arm in fear. Hitoshi's face felt warm as he realized that Izuku already trusted him enough to protect him from whatever danger this ride presented. Or maybe he just found him comforting. Either way, Hitoshi was elated. Soon, Izuku's screams turned into half screaming half joyous laughter, and it was beautiful, in Hitoshi's opinion. As the ride finished, Izuku stumbled off. Hitoshi offered his arm to him to help steady him so that he wouldn't fall. Izuku gladly accepted the help. Then, as they entered the gift shop, there was a loud dinging noise, and Izuku took out his phone.

"Oh geez, Iida and Uraraka are headed this way, do you mind if we skedaddle? Maybe go on another ride? Unless you need to get back to your family. Oh, can I also get your number? " Izuku asked. Hitoshi realized that he was going to have to get used to filled silences fairly quick, as it seemed like his soul mate was one to talk quite a bit. He was definitely not against it though; it was nice to have someone want to talk to him.

"Yeah, here give me your phone and I'll put my number in." Hitoshi told him, and Izuku handed the phone over eagerly. He put his contact name in as "ya boi <3" and took a quick photo of himself so that Izuku wouldn't be confused over the non name contact. He then texted himself so that he would have Izuku's number. "Okay, now that we have covered that, I would very much enjoy continuing to hang out with you. Let me text my parents real quick so that they know that I haven't like died or something. They'll probably want to meet you though? I can probably convince them to let us hang out for a bit longer before meeting up though? " Hitoshi said, quickly getting out his own phone. He added Izuku's number as a contact, and then texted the family group message. He explained the situation, with probably more exclamation points than he had ever used on all his time on his phone put together.

His parents gave him permission to hang out with his soul mate, but told him that they needed to meet up in a few hours so that the family could get dinner. They told him that he could invite his soul mate if he wanted, and man did Hitoshi want to.

"They want to know if you'll come to dinner with us?" Hitoshi asked Izuku.

"I'll have to let my friends know, but yeah that sounds really fun! I don't want to be intruding though?" Izuku said, sounding a little insecure.

"They really want to meet you- I mean you're my soul mate? You're a new addition to the family, so it's only natural that they want to meet you. Though it sounds like they might already know you from your classes." Hitoshi reassured.

"Okay! I'll tell my friends and family later though- we wouldn't be able to hang out if they knew, they'd be on top of us within seconds." Izuku told him, laughing a little.

The two had been walking aimlessly, so Hitoshi asked Izuku where he wanted to go next. Izuku had requested that they go on the Little Mermaid Ride, telling him that it was a favorite of his. And also, that it was one that his friends had already been on so it was unlikely that he would see them on in, not to mention his friends were headed over to where they currently were, so the chances of them running into them on the ride were low. So the two headed off to the attraction.

Now Hitoshi was admittedly not the biggest fan of the little mermaid ride, but he was becoming a rather big fan of Izuku, so he was eager for them to start walking over. Izuku then grabbed his wrist and started weaving them through the crowd, Hitoshi trying not to bump into too many people, as he was quite a bit bigger than Izuku was. Which honestly was presenting another problem for him, because as they made their way over to the ride, trying to avoid the crowd all he could imagine was how he'd have to bend down to kiss Izuku. Other scenarios flitted through his head, until he was broken out of it as they arrived at the ride. They quickly got into line, though this one was practically a walk on as it was not the most popular ride. They climbed into the shell cars and Hitoshi became acutely aware of the fact that Izuku was still holding his wrist. Izuku seemed to realize this as well, as he quickly let go off him, cheeks going red. Hitoshi took a deep breath, and tried to convince himself that dying wouldn't really bother him, and put his arm around Izuku. Praying that he wouldn't creep him out or overwhelm him. Honestly, Hitoshi felt a little overwhelmed with how much he wanted to touch Izuku, how he wanted to never let Izuku leave his sight again now that he had found him. To his astonishment, he wasn't pushed off the seat and into the tracks like he was half expecting. Instead, he felt Izuku press into him, resting his head on him. Hitoshi could officially die right now and not even feel like bad about it, like it would be a really happy death. The ride went by in a blur. They spent the whole time making fun of the old animatronics, their faces being more than a little creepy looking. There was an odd dancing turtle animatronic that was dancing by moving it's arms up and down one at a time. Next to him, Izuku started doing the same, and Hitoshi chuckled. As they got off the ride, Izuku declared that it was Hitoshi's turn to pick the ride.

Hitoshi decided to go for a little competition, figuring that it was important to figure out how competitive his partner was now rather than later. And also, it was his favorite ride and when he ridden it earlier it had been essential to lose as he had been playing with Eri, and it was the family rule to 'let the wookie win'. So they journeyed over to the ride, getting into the rather large line. As they waited, discussing their interests and what they were studying at U.A., Izuku's ringtone went off.

"~You are my dad-you're my dad! Boogie woogie woogie~"

The phone sang, and Izuku flushed.

Izuku let it ring for a second, "My dad friend." He quickly explained to Hitoshi, and then answered the phone. "Hey Iida, what's up? "

"So I may have told Uraraka the minute you left the issue so that we could get you something to make up for the fact that you felt bad. What is your current location?" the voice rang out, loud enough that Hitoshi could hear it despite it not being on speakerphone. The tone of the voice was stiff but was soaked in fondness.

"Iida! You didn't have to do that! And actually, I was going to tell you tonight, but um there's someone that I'm with? I kind of found my soul mate?" Izuku said, and there was an enthusiastic "What" on the other side of the conversation.

"I promise I was going to tell you, I just got really distracted!" Midoriya swore to his friend.

"All the more reason to meet up. We would enjoy meeting them, along with giving you the object we purchased for you. I also understand if you would like us to wait a while so that you can spend more time with your soul mate first." Iida told him.

Izuku looked over to Hitoshi, clearly not wanting to overwhelm him with his friends when they had just met.

"Maybe they could meet us after the ride? I can crush you at the games, we can meet with your friends, and then it will probably be time to meet with my family for dinner?" Hitoshi suggested. Izuku nodded and told Iida to meet them in about twenty minutes outside the Toy Story Mania ride.

The two continued talking, right up until it was their time to ride. Hitoshi admitted that he was a little nervous about meeting Izuku's friends but he figured that Izuku was probably more nervous than him about the dinner.

Hitoshi would admit, that he totally thought he was going to win the ride, he was pretty good at aiming games. Clearly, Izuku was a sniper or something, because his face would get serious looking and than he would score a ton of points, rarely missing. It was pretty impressive, and by the end Izuku had beat him by quite a few points, and earned himself the title of best this week overall. As the two clambered out of the vehicle and started making their way into the gift shop, Hitoshi felt as if he was about to kneel over and perish. Noticing that he was freaking out a little, Izuku grabbed his hand and smiled at him. He led him over to a pair of people waiting outside the gift shop. One was a boy fairly tall and sturdy, had dark blue hair and wire-framed glasses, and was talking to the other person there with lots of hand gestures. The other person was a girl who looked around the same height of Izuku, and was decked out in a Minnie Mouse sweater and ears. Both were very attractive looking, and Hitoshi couldn't help but think that attractive people seemed to group together.

The two spotted them and started waving them over.

" Oh my gosh! It's you! Deku's soul mate!" The girl shrieked.

"Congratulations on meeting. May I suggest watching your language though? The first thing you said to Midoriya included some profanity, and Midoriya is much to pure for the presence of cursing in conversation." The boy said. The girl flicked him, chiding him for being rude, which the boy looked confused by. Izuku squeezed his hand.

"You guys, meet my soul mate, Hitoshi Yamada-Aizawa! " Izuku said happily."Hitoshi, meet Uraraka and Iida." He said, gesturing them in turn.

"It's a pleasure." Hitoshi said, shaking their hands. "Though I must ask, Deku? Doesn't that mean useless?"

"It used to. I was bullied when I was younger and people called me that. But these two helped me flip the meaning for myself." Izuku told him, and Hitoshi felt that he immediately approved of his soul mates friends- obviously they made him very happy.

"Oooo! Deku, you have to see what we got you!" Uraraka shrieked. She grabbed Iida's arm excitedly, and Iida in turn opened up the large plastic Disney bag they had been carrying.

"You guys really didn't have to, it all worked out! And even if it didn't, you shouldn't waste your money on me." Izuku told his friends.

"We wanted to, it's not wasting anything. Open it." Iida told him, handing him the bag. Izuku opened it, revealing Mickey Mouse Roller Skates.

"Thank you so much! Where did you even find these? I didn't see these in any of the stores?" Izuku asked them, looking extremely happy with them.

Uraraka just winked at him.

"Can I ask why?" Hitoshi piped in, intrigued.

"As you have probably noticed, Midoriya is on the shorter side. On one occasion he mentioned that I walk too fast along with my longer legs, making him need to jog to keep up. So when we have places to be I let him hold my arm while he is on skates so we can 'skirt' to our destination." Iida explained.

Laughing, Hitoshi just told them, "Understandable, have a nice day."

"So what are you doing here at the park alone?" Uraraka asked Hitoshi.

"I'm here with my family, it's my little sister's birthday." Hitsohi answered.

Izuku gasped, " You didn't tell me it was her birthday! I have to get her something oh my goodness."

"You don't have to? You haven't even met her yet." Hitoshi assured him.

"I'm going to have to disagree, your sister is both adorable and having a birthday, it's like a requirement to get her something!" Izuku said firmly, and Hitoshi knew that he wouldn't win this argument.

With that, they broke off from the couple to get to one of the Disney shops. The Overpriced merchandise flooded their vision, all sporting price tags that made the college students feel their bank accounts cry. Hitoshi couldn't help but wonder how much the skates had cost; though he also figured he didn't really want to know.

Hitoshi saw Izuku take a deep breath, and then he asked him what kind of stuff his sister was into. It took them around thirty minutes to pick something out, Izuku keen on making sure it was perfect. In the end they landed on a very fluffy Winnie the Pooh teddy bear, as Hitoshi had mentioned that they watched the Winnie the Pooh movie together sometimes. As they left the story with the toy in hand, Hitoshi could feel his phone start to vibrate from texts. When he checked his phone, he realized it was his family group message. His parents were telling him that he needed to be at the restaurant in the next fifteen minutes. This meant that they needed to dart to a building on the other side of the park. He told them to Izuku who paled a little. Izuku seemed to be nervous about the first impression of him being that he was late to the dinner.

"We have to run." Izuku declared. " I can run pretty fast, and you have long legs so you should be able to keep up. Though, I don't really know where the restaurant is? So you'll have to lead the way."

Hitoshi nodded, and then grabbed Izuku's hand. They started running through the park, before stopping as the crowd kept pulling the two apart.

"Okay, so I know I look like a noodle, but I'm stronger than I look. I think our best course of option is for you to climb on my back, and then we run slightly slower but we stick together." Hitoshi suggested.

Izuku looked like he wanted to argue for a second, but then nodded. "If it starts to hurt your back though let me know and I'll get off."

Hitoshi then bent down and allowed Izuku to climb on his back. The boy was very light, and it was obvious that what weight he had was muscle. He started to jog, being careful, as he didn't want to fall and hurt Izuku.

Soon they found themselves in front of the restaurant. As they walked in the building, Izuku still on Hitoshi's back, they saw his family. His sister eagerly waved to them, and his parents looked surprised that they recognized their son's soul mate. Hitoshi bent down, allowing Izuku to slide off his back. Izuku stayed close to Hitoshi, the nerves of meeting his soul mate's family kicking in full gear. Izuku awkwardly waved to them.

"Hello Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada." He greeted, and the two nodded.

"Hey there little listener!" His pa greeted.

"Figures that the problem child would be your soul mate." His dad said, and Izuku looked embarrassed.

Standing with their parents, Eri looked very excited. She shook off the hands that were holding hers, and ran the short distance over to them.

Izuku bent down a little to greet the girl. "Hello there! You must be Eri! It's nice to meet you, I'm Izuku."

"You're Hitoshi's soul mate right? That means you're my big brother too now?" The girl asked.

"I am indeed! And would I like to say yes to the second question, if that's something you would like." Izuku answered. Then, he exclaimed, "It's your birthday isn't it? I got you something!"

Eri's eyes brightened, and his parents looked impressed.

He reached into the Disney bag, revealing the Winnie the Pooh teddy bear. Eri squealed, and hugged the teddy bear tightly. She thanked Izuku excitedly.

Hitoshi noticed that his parents were looking at the scene fondly.

"So, Problem Child, we know that your words to Hitoshi were a bit of a rambled mess- what did he say to you? If you don't mind me asking that is." His dad asked

Izuku smirked a little, something that Hitoshi wishes he hadn't found as attractive as he did. "I'm not sure if some of the language used should be said in front of Eri- I know it got me in some trouble when I repeated some it when I was younger." All eyes turned towards Hitoshi. Despite the joke being at his expense, Hitoshi couldn't help but smile. His parents looked pleased with Izuku, Eri seemed to approve, and Izuku was smiling at him. Hitoshi had never felt more at place than he did at the moment. He couldn't help but think that the slogans for Disneyland were right, it truly was the 'happiest place on earth'.