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"Chyuumi!",the little pink creature chirped as it fluttered around,hovering in Gyro's personal space.

"Tusk! Cut that out .Leave him alone",Johnny said partially annoyed and part embarrassed.

"Nyoho! I don't mind...I think its cute",Gyro said smiling fondly.He reached a finger out with intent to poke it and Tusk immediately flew up to him.

In the week since Johnny had joined the Steel ball run,everything had gone down hill quickly.With competing hard with other racers and stand users after their life,Johnny and Gyro barely had time to think.It was quiet moments like this with only the moon,the stars and the warmth of the campfire between them that gave Johnny some since of comfort.These moments were what he lived for.

"Chu chu",Tusk chirped as it reached for Gyro's fingers.

"Chuu!",he cooed back at the stand as he gently pet its face.The little stand brushed itself against Gyro's hand,then his face.And by extension Johnny could feel that too.

His hands were soft,nails perfectly trimmed.He didn't have the hands of a cowboy,a rancher ,didn't have hands made for bracing reigns.No,they were far too smooth like the skin on his face and arms,his touch far too gentle and delicate.His hands knew work but not labor,that much was true.He had heard Gyro's father was a doctor,so maybe he was too?

But as Tusk ran through Gyro's hair,Johnny could feel it as though his fingers were caressing Gyro's hair. Hair that was still luxurious from a recent wash...and the fabric of his clothes...

Johnny had no idea who Gyro was really,not besides being "Officer Zeppeli" and "a servant of the king" .That a he wanted to win amnesty to save a child's life by winning this race,that he had a good heart.But Johnny could tell he was out of his element,out here on a wing and a prayer.He could ride sure,but he wasn't on the level of Johnny and some of the others.

A cynical part of him thinks the other man was sent out here to die...


"Tusk!",Gyro was saying as the stand muzzled his shoulder,tickling him.And the sight of that made Johnny pushed those thoughts away.He wasn't going to think about that now,not when Gyro was bright eyed and smiling as Tusk danced around on his chest, scurried up a leg and settled on the curve of his hip as he sat back on his haunches.

The stand looked up sweetly,gazing into Gyro's chartreuse eyes.It then floated up and planted little horned kisses on Gyro's face,which Gyro very much returned,the ocassional flutter of long lashes at Johnny's finger tips.For every kiss Tusk gave Gyro,Gyro kissed back and Johnny could feel the sensations on his skin and lips.

He soon felt his eyes linger on Gyro's lips,and each kiss made Johnny's blood rush,his heart pounding faster.

"Alright,that's enough you",Johnny said with a smile.The stand just did flips in the air before zig zagging back to Gyro to kiss his lips making both of them blush while Gyro laughed.It then returned to crawl up Johnny's arm and disappear.

"Ah,your stands so cuddly and sweet and full of love...",Gyro said serenely,before cradling his own chhek in his hand. "I wish I could just pocket it and take it with me...",he saiid.

"Yeah? Sorry bout that,I kinda need him to survive",Johnny said.

"Good point...",Gyro said.

"You know I heard Mountain Tim say somethin' bout stands acting out their masters wishes subconsciously...",he said and Johnny froze.

"...but I doubt it.You're far too prickly anything like Tusk,no offense Johnny",he said with a grin as he kneeled down to poke his shoulder.To this Johnny leaned away,clearly offended.

"Shut up ,you",he said and swatted Gyro's hand earning a chuckle from the other man.

"See? That's the Johnny I know",Gyro said with a playful smirk.

"But that's quite alright,I don't mind",he said sitting back.

"I like you just the way you are",he said pleasantly.

"You've got a heart of gold...and balls of steel",he said ,spinning one of his steel balls on his finger before tossing it and catching it in the air.

"...that counts for more than you know,Johnny",Gyro said.

"You.just wanted to get that pun in,didn't you?",Johnny said with a knowing smirk.Gyro let out a chuckle and flashed his golden grin.

"Was I really that obvious?"

"Yeah,you were"

"Damn...alright,then ",Gyro said,but hadn't dropped smiling.

"Still...I couldn't have a met a better partner.We make a pretty good team if I do say so myself",Gyro said ,reholstering his steel ball.

"...I'm glad I met you ,Johnny Joestar",he added.Johnny felt a warmth inside him as the other man spoke.And for the first time in a long time Johnny felt a weight lift from his shoulders.

"Yeah? Well I'm glad I met you too",Johnny returned.

" put this fire out for somebody finds us.I don't know what suppplies you got,but if you need a tent,we can share,blankets and such too.
I had no idea it got so cold at night in the desert nobody told me about this! ",Gyro was saying as he clutched his arms ,huddling in on himself.

"Fine then.Set up our beds,we gonna have to share",Johnny said.

By the time the fire was out and Johnny made his way to the tent Gyro had a set up their beds and combined them with blankets before falling asleep.

And all Johnny could think was how pretty he looked with his hair splayed out ,those full lips slightly parted and long,thick lashes as his eyes lay closed for once in peace instead of agony.

"Damn...maybe Tim was right...",he finally muttered to himself as he tucked himself in and went to sleep.