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Wall Guardian

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Back arched, holding its body upright with a stiff disposition. The gaping maw of a man long forgotten Lurches forward with a choked wail. It nearly topples me over with it's dead weight. Those hands are knives, ripping and slashing away at every single fibre. Those empty, hallowed sockets will never leave me, nor will the agonized cries as I realize that creature... That thing was still somewhat human. Human insides begging, pleading for me to stop:

"Oh God! It hurts! Please God, no! It hurts! You're going to kill me!" It pathetically mewls. It keeps growing. Clinging to the walls like a parasitic lichen. I remove "it"... Him...

Little by little. Day by day.

Until he was finally down from that wretched mass of pulsing flesh. But he has gone silent.


His agony is gone, but I am now alone.