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Nothing Else

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It started with blood, death, fire, and gold.
And just like that, he had nothing.

He was the sole survivor of his village, a village of criminals and thieves. Everyone he knew had been sacrificed, his home was destroyed, and the only thing he could feel was despair. Overwhelming despair. He had lost everything, and he was just a child.

Growing up was hard, and fast, and since he had nothing, he decided that he would take everything he wanted. It was only fair.

Something started growing in his heart.

He grew up bitter, angry and resentful. By the time he was a young man, he had acquired almost everything there was to have. That's when he realized there was only one he needed.

That's when he first thought of Her, that's when his heart...

She became his purpose in life.

She became the mother, the thought of which soothed him to sleep. For he was still too young, and he should not even know of Her.

But he knew,
some are afraid of Her, and some think Her vile.
How some scream Her name in passion, and how some utter it in fear.

But he knew,
She is demanding, She gets what She wants. Her touch is gentle, but firm, She reaches deeper than your skin.

She will have your heart.

And once She has you, She will never let go.

Every morning, every evening, and every moment in between,
She spoke to him, of things to come, how all will be better.
She whispered, tender caresses, how She was all he would need.

She promised much, and he believed, for he had nothing.
And even though he would never have everything, the thought of Her gave him strength, and he was long sick of feeling powerless.

And just like that, he was tied for life.

To the temptress called Revenge.