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Star Trek Imagines (reader inserts)

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Saru would rely on your input greatly—always turning to you for your advice and thoughts on any given situation. He valued your insights and feelings surrounding your circumstances, and he would listen intently to your thoughts before making a decision, even if he didn’t like what he was hearing. You would respect his authority over you and would follow his orders, even if you disagreed with them. Should he ask, you’d voice your opinion about his decisions and would question them when appropriate. You wouldn’t, however, ever question him in front of the crew or belittle his authority around others.

Just because you’re his best friend doesn’t mean the two of you would goof off or not take your work seriously. When you were on duty, your friendship would be pushed aside and you would do your best to only see him as your commanding officer. He would do the same, trying to decompartmentalize your close bond from your work.

It would be difficult, though, if one of you was in danger or injured. You’re both humanoids prone to experiencing feelings, so it wouldn’t always be easy to push aside your fondness for one another. You’d both be quite protective over the other and would do whatever you could to help each other.

Some people would wonder if you got the job as first officer because of your friendship with Saru. Their assumptions were completely inaccurate, of course, but that wouldn’t make them sting any less. You wouldn’t like people assuming that you only had your position because you were best friends with the captain. You were a hard worker and fought for your right to be the first officer. If Saru ever heard anyone questioning whether you deserved the position, he’d be quick to set them straight.

You would be quite close with Michael as well. The three of you would get together often, having meals together or just hanging out in your quarters and talking about your days or weeks.

The bond you and Saru had would be nothing like what you had with anyone else, though. You two could just tell each other anything and could go to one another with any problem. You’d lean on one another in times of struggle and would rely on each other for support and advice in any given situation.