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Star Trek Imagines (reader inserts)

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It had been a long day. You and Elnor both worked nonstop for over twelve hours, first fending off an attack on the ship and then helping with the repairs. There hadn’t been any major casualties, luckily, but La Sirena had taken some heavy damage. It took a while, but she was on the mend.

When you and Elnor were finally allowed to get off duty, the two of you went straight to your shared quarters. You replicated a simple meal and the two of you ate in silence, just enjoying each other’s company. Then, you took a nice hot shower together. Not a sonic shower—a real shower with water. You’d ran your fingers across each other’s soft skin as you helped rub the soap in. Elnor had scrubbed your shampoo into your hair, strong fingers giving your scalp a massage. You’d done the same for him, letting him relax under the running water.

Now, the two of you lay in bed, arms wrapped around one another. Neither of you were wearing clothes, but you weren’t doing anything other than cuddling. You just enjoyed the feeling of his skin against yours, a simple pleasure in your hectic life. You felt more connected to him when you were skin-to-skin. Your bodies were covered in a thick blanket, partly to keep you warm but also in case anyone decided on barging into your room.

You had your head on his chest, listening to the steady thumping of his heart beating within his ribcage. He was on his back, one arm around you with the other outstretched on the bed with your hand in his. Your other arm was loosely draped over his shoulder and under his neck. He had his hand on your lower back and was tracing small shapes against your bare skin.

You sighed in content and pressed a soft kiss to his chest.

You lived for moments like this. When it was just the two of you. When every worry, every thought, every other intention just melted away and all you were left with was your love for Elnor. You two had been close from the beginning, so it had been no surprise to anyone on the ship when the two of you started dating. It just came naturally to you two: you could read each other with such ease, sometimes you swore you could have silent conversations with him; your bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, every curve molding against his; you knew exactly what to say or do to the other in nearly any situation. Dating Elnor was just so easy and simple, and at the same time so rewarding.

“I love you,” you murmured softly.

“I love you as well,” he replied, leaning his head down to kiss the top of your head.

You lifted your head and looked at him with a smile.

He moved his hand to your face, brushing stray hairs off of your cheek as he caressed your face. He tilted your chin up and pressed a feathery kiss to your lips.

Your smile widened and you settled back down. As he held you close you nuzzled your face into his chest, never wanting that moment to end.