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Vikings // Headcanons

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This work is a collection of headcanons for the characters in the tv show Vikings. Requests are open if you'd like to ask for something, more chapter will be added soon, however, I will warn you that I have 'lost' interest in Vikings, don't get me wrong I still love the show but my eyes and imagination have drifted to over fandoms.

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- Your marriage was arranged between Harald and your father, they were going to attack your small kingdom anyways, so an alliance seemed like a reasonable compromise. He couldn’t ask for more you were perfect in his eyes, even that weird snort you do when you laugh sometimes.

- Harald was a little bit of a control freak. According to Halfdan, after swearing to secrecy, this was something Harald had looked forward to since they were younger, ever since he’d seen the wedding of a former Queen when he was but a boy.

- It seemed like everyone was invited, or at least everyone you knew and then some. The entirety of the hall was filled with people, with more people stood outside looking through the open doors.

- Harald saved no expense, having the finest robes made for the two of you. Your gown was gorgeous, a deep red long-sleeved floor-length gown, fur lining the sleeves and collar that lay loosely off the shoulder. You had to dress warmly given that it was a winter wedding. the crown was the best part though, or should I say crowns, your favourite being the one with crystals and the odd ruby, fitted together with the finest detailing along the bottom.

- There was a wide range of cows, goats, pigs and other animals, ready to be sacrificed to the gods in exchange for there blessings and good wishes. Around the base of your new throne where hundreds of gifts of all different varieties, small wooden carvings for the farmers to the finest dresses from the other Earls and Kings.

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- He wasnt there to protect you, away raiding with Ragnar in Paris, whilst a usurper tried to overthrown Vestfold, taking your life in the process. He and Halfdan had returned home to find the streets pathed with flowers your body lying on the banquet table, dressed in the finest of gowns, surrounded by offerings of your people.

- The guilt ate away at him piece by piece until it was all he could think of. though he knew better, you’d wish to stay at your home instead of travelling all over Norway acquiring more land.

- He had to get Halfdan to ask the healers how you had died, which wound had been the fatal blow, though neither of the brothers could ask if you had been assaulted before your death, though the look on the young healer’s face seemed to give then there answer.

- The funeral was massive, by far the biggest one anyone had seen. Twelve handmaidens and two of your finest shieldmaidens wished to be sent off with you. The streets where pathed in flowers, multiple animals slaughtered, yet through all of this Harald didn’t show his face once. it was halfdan who sent you off and set the boats alight.

- They rode out to Earls camp in the highlands that night as everyone was feasting in your honour. They slaughtered everyone in the camp and moved onto his pathetic excuse of an earldom.

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- It was like a dream come true, what every young girl wishes. Well not exactly, the whole marrying a king thing was the dream, but the situation as to which your arrangement came about was more like a nightmare.

- Your courting wasnt exactly traditional, you didn’t fall in love like your parents or sisters, your engagement was a political move to stop a war between the two kingdoms. And it was clear to Harald that you weren't happy with it.

- He tried his hardest, to win you over. Gifts upon gifts upon gifts where bestowed upon you. Dresses, jewellery, flowers, wooden carvings, your favourite; a small dagger for emergencies that came with a small leather holster for your thigh to hide it under your dress.

- But you still weren’t convinced, it took a rather long conversation with Halfdan and a very deep heart to heart for you to even consider that one day you might actually love him. Things were easier after Harald confessed about his Princess Ellisif, the realization that you both had some reservations was a little reassuring.

- You found yourself falling for him more and more each day. But the real tipping point was that day he drunkenly told you that you were the most naturally beautiful woman he’d ever laid his eyes on.

- By the time you’d become familiar with one another, the wedding was only days away, but you were pretty content with working it out after the wedding.

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A - Aftercare

(What they are like after sex)

Harald loves to snuggle, savoring your company and memorizing every detail of you for when he leaves again. It’s hard when he goes raiding with his brother or off to persuades another earl to hand over his lands, but alas someone had to say in Vestfold and keep things in order.

B - Body Part

(There favorite body part of theirs and their lovers)

Your face but mainly your smile. He just can’t get over how beautiful you are in everything you do. the way your entire face lights up with this glow, how your eyes twinkle.

For you, you can’t seem to pull your eyes away from those tattoos. tracing then with your fingers every chance you get, loving hearing the story of how and why he got them over and over again.

C - Cum

(Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

Inside of you, he loves to fuck you a little afterward for your mixed liquids to cover his cock and then he likes to watch it drip out of you when he’s done.

D - Dirty Secret

(Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

Honestly, he likes it when you dominate him. Nothing serious just seeing you with such strength and power above him really does things for him.

E - Experience

(How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

He’s a good ten years older than you, and he definitely wasnt a virgin when the two of you started courting. He knew his way around your body like the back of his hand, showing your pleasure you didn’t even know where possible.

F - Favourite Position

(This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

Cowgirl, but on his throne. He wants to see everything, feel everything, and then there’s the swell in his heart he gets knowing that in less than twelve hours there’ll be you people filling the hall to dine and drink completely oblivious to what their royals have gotten up to in the same room.

G - Goofy

(Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Your moments together are very intimate, he does not like it when you start to laugh because his beard is tickling you or if you find his dirty talk humorous. He ain’t having none of it.

H - Hair

(How well-groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

Right well, we’ve all see how Vikings cut their hair, littering there head with cuts, blood dripping down their forehead and as brave and fearless as Harald is I highly dought he’d risk it.

I - Intimacy

(How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He worships you. of course, there’s intimacy and romance when the two of you elope. Rose petals on the bed furs every now and then, warm baths together. As I said, he worships you.

J - Jack Off

(Masturbation headcanon)

Well given that you don’t go raiding with him, and almost every night he finds himself thinking of you, what’s he supposed to do pray no one will notice and it’ll disappear. His thought tend to drift to your last time together and he’ll finish himself in a matter of minutes sometimes even seconds.

K - Kink

(One or more of their kinks)

isn’t exactly a kinky person but he does enjoy a few things, like hearing you beg for one, or the sight of you in one of his shirts. Fucking you with your crown on and all glammed up in your royal attire really gets him going.

L - Location

(Favourite places to do the do)

You private quarters, sometimes the little cabin halfdan owns up in the highlands. You tend to get shy in public places, worried that someone might spy on the two of you.

M - Motivation

(What turns them on, gets them going)

You. if he lets his mind slip to the thought of you for more than a second and he’s usually ready to go.

N - NO

(Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Bringing someone else into the relationship even for a night. As he would say you’re king and Queen no only do you have a reputation to uphold if someone were to get pregnant be it you or another woman, the line of future successors might be put in jeopardy.

O - Oral

(Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Only likes giving it, he feels as through sucking someones cock is for a whore or slave nothing a queen should do, no matter how much he loves it. He’s made acceptions one or twice

P - Pace

(Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

prefers slow and sensual, your his world, his Valkiry, and he treats you as such, the thought of causing you a slight amount of pain even if it’s outweighed by the pleasure is just not something he thinks he can do.

Q - Quickie

(Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Given that instead of going raiding with him you stay a home and look after the kingdom, having quickies isn’t really an opinion, and, when he is there, Harald worships you like a goddess taking the time to memorize everything and pour all of his love onto you in that small amount of time.

R - Risk

(Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Used candle wax once, ended up accidentally burning you. your silent treatment after that was enough to put him of experimenting in that way again.

S - Stamina

(How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

He can go a few rounds, but he tends to draw it out. enjoying the look of frustration on your face when he doesn’t give into your desires, the way you panic not knowing how to find your release, so one round usually ends up being plenty for you.

T - Toy

(Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

Now given the time period obviously they hadn’t been invented. however, he did hear for a wander once that feathers were sometimes used to tease, the thought had slipped his mind until you’d accidentally split one of your pillows.

U - Unfair

(how much they like to tease)

Teases you like a motherfucker, thinks its sexy or alluring or something but all it does is piss you off to no end. Yeah but the little shit probably loves that part too.

V - Volume

(How loud they are, what sounds they make)

Harald himself doesn’t like to make much noise but boy does he love to make you scream.

W - Wild Card

(Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He really, really likes eating you out as you sit on his throne. It’s sort of his way of thanking you, and showing you how much he respects and loves you.

Y - Yearning

(How high is their sex drive?)

Through the roof, given that you’re a stay at home wife, well queen, he’s all over you the moment he makes it back to Vestfold making up for the lost time.

Z - Zzzzzz

(how quick the fall asleep afterward)

He stays awake for some time, given your moments together like this are small, he wants to do nothing more than watch over you and listen to the light snores and the way you cocoon yourself in the many furs.

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- You’re officially married to Harald, though you were shared between the brothers since the beginning. Harald wanted his heir to be legitimate so that there were no accusations of illegitimacy and grounds for a coup when his future sons would take the throne.

- Surprisingly Harald is a romantic, he loves to surprise you with gifts, late night walks, secret places he’d found like the waterfall cove hidden half a day’s walk from Kattegat. Halfdan isn’t really into that, well it would be if he wasn’t so uncomfortable with the situation. Always second guessing what you will and won’t like, feeling embarrassed speculating what people would think if they found out.

- The brother’s like to train you, trying to make you an exemplary shield maiden like your mother. On a few occasions, you’d tried hand to hand combat, though that usually turned sexual once one of the two had you pinned down in the dirt.

- You braid Harald’s hair almost every morning, but you have a think for braiding Halfdan’s. He’d permitted you to do it once, however, he was half drunk at the time not that you care, taking full advantage of his condition. You turned the usual flop of blond hair into numerous small braids falling over the side of his head. You were going to tie small ribbons to the ends, although he conveniently chose that moment to sober up slightly.

- They would follow you everywhere like two lost puppies, except they were more like two hostile, two very hostile wolves. To and from the great hall, down to the beach, even when you go to bathe, though that one isn’t really a problem, quite delightful in the end actually.

- You’d snuck off once to see your half-brother Ivar, they’d nearly lost their minds. Searching all off Kattegat for you. They were just about to start scouting the woods when you leisurely strolled into the Great hall hours later. There scolding soon turned into an on slaughter on attention, drowning you in their presence.

- Harald had lost his temper once, some issues with an Earl refusing to surrender his earldom to him, forcing them to fight. He’d taken it out on you reduced you to tears, claiming how he regretted taking you as his wife, and Queen. How you were just a bratty princess other than the woman he believed you to be. It had you begging a trader if he could sail you back to Kattegat, to your mother and brothers. You were there for about a day before they caught up with you. Halfdan was not impressed.

- Now due to the time period and obvious lack of contraception, they take turns finishing inside of you. For a cycle only Halfdan can relieve himself within you up until you bleed, signalling that you aren’t with child, then the next month would be Harald’s turn. So that if you are pregnant you all know who the father is.

- They don’t like to take you at the same time. They get into a competitive mood trying to one-up another, always out besting the other going around and around in this circle. Usually leaving your body tattered and worm come morning. Though sometimes they will, mainly after winning a battle or when you need to be taught a lesson.

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- Halfdan would be the one to get jealous easier, he knew his reputation and the stories of how he treated women and would always have an underline worry that you would leave him for Harald or possible leave the both of them for someone more suited to your timid nature.

- Halfdan’s the type to give you the silent treatment, opting for brooding in the corner rather than talking to you. Slipping away to secretly kill the man, attempting to shield you from his more violent side. It’d take him some time before he appeared at your side again, meekly pulling you closer to him, awkwardly soothing his own anger with your presence.

- Harald would be a little less obvious, at least to other people. He would grip your waist tighter pulling you closer to his chest, savoring the warmth and comfort you emitted. Soothing his temper for later that evening.

- His jealous side would take a little longer to show its self, unlike Halfdan he wouldn’t feel so insecure, he’d know that you were his wife, his Queen, and the thought of leaving them wouldn't cross your mind unless you were provoked. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get ticked off when one of his men linger a little too long or a visiting Earl thinks he has the right to touch the Queen of Norway.

- If their jealousy where to arise during a social event Their eyes would never leave you through the entirety of it, watching your small frame like hawks. Halfdan’s hand almost constantly on the hilt of his dagger ready to kill the next man who spends a little too much time in your company, who held your gaze for a little longer than necessary, who’s eyes flicked a little lower than comfortable.

- Later that evening you’d all snuggly up together, tucked safely between their large bodies. The fire would be lit, the bed would be covered in fur, you’d spend the night and next morning, basking in one another’s warmth.

- Now if the brothers thought that the actions weren’t one-sided, your evening would have ended a lot differently. They’d practically pounce on you once you reach the private confines of your room. Ravishing your body like starving men, worshiping and claiming every inch of your perfect skin.

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- You were a slave girl, brought into Kattegat at the age of 5 by a raiding party. You were so small and tiny Aslaug could hardly believe you’d survived the journey. Instead of being sold as a slave girl you were adopted by a family in Kattegat who’d just lost their daughter.

- A few weeks later you’d wandered into the great hall lead by the sounds of baby Ivar’s cries. Aslaug stumbled upon you as you gently hushed the young prince, it was the first time since Siggy’s sacrifice that Ivar had been soothed. You came back day after day, comforting the boy, Aslaug would stand there watching you in silence finally coming to the conclusion that she wanted to adopt you, for Ivar’s sake and her growing fondness to her.

- You grew up alongside the Ragnarssons, being taught everything they were taught. Eventually after a few years, you were known as the princess of Kattegat, a fierce and vicious shield-maiden in training, eventually taking the name Y/N Ragnarsdottir.

- The first time you met King Harald and Halfdan, was at the feast before Bjorn and Hvitserk left for Spain. You’d been resting your head on Ivar’s lap when the two approached, seemingly oblivious to their arrival. You were snapped out of your fantasy world by Ubbe’s tickling, falling off the bench as you cried out in laughter, taking Ivar down with you.

- You spend the rest of the evening with your brothers, in the company of Harald and Halfdan. The boys had been drunkenly play-fighting with one another, Halfdan had offered to fight with you out of sympathy before you flipped him over your shoulder and into the dirt. A playful giggle left your lips as you gazed down at his bewildered expression. Though seconds later you were pick up by Bjorn as he avenged ‘the great Halfdan the black’, spinning you around until you cried mercy.

- The next morning Harald requested an audience with Aslaug and Ragnar, offering an allegiance between himself and the Princess of Kattegat. To be wed as soon as they returned from the Mediterranean.