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Burning Up

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“Mommy! Wake up!” Yoongi was jolted awake by two small weights landing right atop him, a tiny grunt punched out of him from the impact.

With a soft sigh, he blinked open his bleary eyes, unable to feel even remotely annoyed at having his sleep cut short when he looked into the faces of the two boys he loved most in the world.

Taehyung and Jimin were kneeling atop him, both children somehow managing to fit themselves on Yoongi’s tummy and stare down into his face, bouncing up and down and shaking his shoulders with his tiny hands until he finally addressed them, unable to help the sleepy grin that cracked across his face.

“Good morning,” Yoongi croaked out, voice rough from sleep as he gently rolled the twins to the side. They fell on top of each other in a puppy pile, clumsily trying to detangle themselves as Yoongi struggled to get out of bed while still being wrapped in his comforter, cold as it was in this damn house. Hoseok, annoyingly hot-blooded, always insisted on having the air conditioner blasting at all hours of the day and sometimes forgot to turn it off before he left for work. Today was one of those days. Yoongi didn’t get too far, he’d waddled maybe five steps before both boys were clinging to him again, holding on to his blanket and his legs as he went to turn off the air conditioner.

“Jesus-” Yoongi gasped out when he almost tripped over the smaller, older twin, the chubby boy refusing to stay still as he wiggled around.

“Christ. Are y’all trying to kill me?” The question was rhetorical, mumbled under his breath with no real bite. How could there be any? These were the two sweetest children in the world he was talking about. Well, he might be just a little biased, having carried them for nine months and all.

Jimin, though, didn’t seem to understand the rhetorical-ness of the question, already huge eyes going even wider, round as saucers as he clung to Yoongi’s leg even harder and stared up at Yoongi.

“Never! I love you, mommy!” As if to prove it, he dramatically kissed Yoongi’s leg from where he clung to it, beaming up at his mother. Taehyung pouted at this, quietly sulking at the lack of attention.

“Taehyungie loves you too,” He stated, kissing Yoongi’s other leg. Yoongi laughed, squatting to their height to ruffle their hair. Taehyung got upset if Jimin had Yoongi’s attention for too long, and vice versa. Jimin was just far more vocal about it, but Yoongi made sure he gave both of them all the love in the world. How could he not?

“And I love you both so much,” he cooed, kissing both boys all over their faces until they were squealing with cute, high-pitched giggles that had to be the most adorable sounds Yoongi had ever heard in his life. He finally managed to make it to the air conditioner, pressing the off button with a vengeance as though the machine had personally wronged him.

It had, judging by the fact that his own bedroom felt like the inside of a fucking igloo.

First problem of the morning handled, Yoongi leaned down to scoop up both boys, one held in each arm.

They made these cute little sounds of delight, snuggling into him, and Yoongi almost forgot how heavy they were to pick up at the same time, especially for someone as slightly built as Yoongi.

Seriously, he had to have put on some muscle from picking up these two all the time. Not that he cared, he absolutely loved how affectionate the pair were. He knew it was typical for children this young, but he couldn’t help but hope that they’d stay this clingy to him forever.

“You guys ready to go eat?” Yoongi asked, hiking them up higher onto his hips as he continued to waddle, this time towards the kitchen. It would be quite a sight to see, a tired omega swaddled in a blanket with two children seemingly attached to his sides.

“Yes!” Both boys answered enthusiastically, excited at the thought of eating. That was probably why they’d come to wake him up in the first place, Yoongi realized, but they’d probably forgotten in their excitement. Cute.

“Alright, we gotta brush our teeth first, though,” Yoongi reminded them, and they agreed reluctantly. Yoongi laughed as he took them into the bathroom, throwing his blanket onto the couch in the living room on the way.

He herded both boys into standing onto their stools; they were still, of course, too small to reach the sink by themselves. Making sure that they would stay put, not squirm around and potentially get hurt, Yoongi focused his attention into squeezing toothpaste onto both of their little toothbrushes and handing them to their owners. They made quick work of brushing their teeth, would’ve been out of there in half a minute if not for Yoongi monitoring them and helping them. Still, they made quick time and were scrambling out of there the second Yoongi allowed them to leave, making a ruckus as they ran to their room to watch cartoons again while they waited for their mother.

Yoongi inspected himself in the mirror as he brushed his teeth, his messy blond hair with very noticeable brown roots growing out (he needed to get them retouched) and face puffy from sleep. Well, he’d like to think that some of it was from sleep but generally he was rounder. Certainly rounder than he had been before he got pregnant, he thought, his toothbrush hanging from his mouth as he pinched at his own cheek.

He frowned. He really should start going to the gym or something...

He shook his head, snapping himself out that train of thought. Hoseok would scold him if he knew he was thinking of himself that way.

He finished up brushing his teeth, running his fingers through his hair to make it “somewhat” presentable, and went into the boys’ room. They actually had separate rooms to start, but they kept visiting each other and they’d always find one room empty and both in the same bed, so they just decided to put them in the same room, moving both beds in there. Even then, they had insisted on having their beds pushed together so they could be as close as possible. Still, it was a better alternative to when they both decided to crawl into Yoongi and Hoseok’s bed at night. It had been cute, but Yoongi didn’t miss having various (often pointy) limbs jabbed into his spine.

“Taehyungie, Jiminie,” he called, voice low. Their heads immediately snapped up in his direction and they dutifully (adorably) followed him out to the kitchen, marching behind him silently in a straight line. Yoongi let them, trying not to laugh at how serious they looked, their little chests puffed out. Finally, they managed with some struggle to climb up onto the barstools as Yoongi started washing the dishes from the night previous, and burst out into laughter. Yoongi startled at the sudden noise, looking back at them.

“What?” Yoongi asked softly, eyes wide with surprise but lips curling up in amusement.

“We marched,” Jimin announced seemingly proud of himself.

“Like soldiers,” Taehyung added, very serious.

“I noticed,” Yoongi replied, watching the pair via his peripheral vision as he continued to wash.

The twins started to laugh again, more out of some glee than amusement. Glee that Yoongi didn’t understand, but he found himself smiling at their cheeriness anyway.

“Are we good marchers, mommy?” Jimin asked, leaning his little body over the counter until hardly his feet were left in the barstool.

“Careful,” Yoongi warned, immediately going to gently ease the excited boy back into his seat. “And yes.” He responded with a fond smile.

“You’re great marchers.”

Even though I’m pretty sure that’s not a word, he thought as he turned back to the task at hand.

“See, I told you we could be soldiers,” Yoongi heard Jimin tell Taehyung, and he felt yet another smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

After maybe fifteen minutes of washing dishes and listening to his sons’ conversation about the soldiers they saw on television (so that’s why they were so obsessed with the idea), Yoongi finally finished with the dishes and turned to face the boys.

“So, what do my soldiers want to eat today?” He asked, not at all surprised when he got his answer in unison from both boys, equally excited little voices screaming the same answer.


Well pancakes, it was, then.

Pancakes that took him so long to make because he was dead set on making them into the shape of kittens this morning.

After god knows how long, they were finally finished, and he balanced both plates in his hands as he walked slowly toward the table.

“Okay, breakfast is-” Before he could even finish the sentence, the boys had darted across the room and into their seats, eagerly awaiting their pancakes.

“Ready,” He huffed out in a quiet laugh as he set down their plates in front of them.

“Kitties!” They squealed, clearly excited over the unexpected shape of the pancakes.

“Yes, kitties.” Yoongi echoed, watching them ooh and aah over their food like they’d never seen animal shaped pancakes before. This certainly was not the case, and Yoongi had no idea why they were always so blown away. But their reactions were certainly worth the effort, so he wasn’t complaining.

Making sure that they were settled, Yoongi went to get his own breakfast from the kitchen. If Taehyung and Jimin got to eat kitten-shaped pancakes, then why shouldn’t he?

Breakfast was very lively as usual; there was never a dull moment with Taehyung and Jimin. Currently, Yoongi was washing up (again) from breakfast and had shooed the twins off to go play outside after getting them dressed, seeing as their backyard was carefully gated off and he could see them through the kitchen window right in front of him. He watched them as he washed the dishes; he could hear their loud yelling as they chased each other around; he felt dizzy from how quickly they were moving around.

Actually, he felt dizzy in general out of nowhere, and his hands faltered, dropping the dish that had been in his hand. Fortunately, it had only been a plastic cup. Blinking down at the sink, his brow furrowed in confusion as he tried to shake away the sudden dizziness.

“What the f…” He mumbled under his breath, the last word trailing off. It was weird; two seconds ago he felt perfectly fine and now he was struggling to stay upright, his brain felt like some kind of cotton candy mush and his thoughts were hazy, limbs suddenly feeling heavy.

Well, this isn’t good. He at least had the presence of mind to call the boys inside, and within seconds they were bounding back into the house, expressions first confused and then concerned when they sensed there was something wrong.

“What’s wrong, mommy?” Jimin asked, immediately padding over to his mother and looking up at him with a worried look on his face.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Taehyung asked, quieter, following suit and clinging to Yoongi.

Yoongi couldn’t scold them for not taking off their shoes before coming in, even as he looked at the muddy footprints that tracked from the door to their current positions, leaves and tiny stick fragments  embedded in the mud.

“Mommy’s… just not feeling well. So be good and stay inside, okay?” He explained, trying to be reassuring and collect his thoughts at the same time. It was difficult; his breaths were coming harsh and uneven and his mind was all over the place.

“Okay,” The pair replied simply. “But mommy, are you alright? Do you need…?” Jimin paused, looking at Taehyung like he didn’t even know what to offer, like he didn’t know what Yoongi would need. Taehyung shrugged, equally confused. “A… doctor?” Taehyung suggested, unsure, and Jimin nodded, both of them turning to look at him expectantly.

Yoongi shook his head, not expecting that slight movement to make him as disoriented as it did. “No, no. I’ll be fine. I just need to sit down for a little bit. Go play in your room, okay?” They hesitated for a good minute, lingering around before they finally decided to agree, running off to their rooms.

“And take off your shoes!” Yoongi called after them, weakly. He sighed at the new footprints caused by their beeline for their room.

As it turned out, Yoongi certainly did not just need to ‘sit down for a little bit.’ All the sitting down in the world wouldn’t have helped him.

He sat on the couch, the heels of his palms pressed into his eyes as he tried to steady himself, to get rid of the spinning of his head. And seemingly the spinning of the world around him, but that was a completely different issue. He needed to think.

It had occurred to him a few minutes ago that these were heat symptoms, but that just seemed so ludicrous to him. The last heat he’d had was right before he’d become pregnant with Taehyung and Jimin, and he didn’t have the mental power to do the math in that moment but… the nine months he spent bearing them plus the six and a half years old that Taehyung and Jimin were… It had been over four years since his last heat.

His doctor had told him that his heat would take a few months to return, but when it never did Yoongi just figured that it wouldn’t come back, and after his doctor confirmed there was nothing physically amiss he’d been fine with that. He and Hoseok didn’t want anymore children anyway, and less time spent worrying about his heats meant more time spent looking after Taehyung and Jimin.

And he didn’t have any real problems with his heat returning, but for it to return after four years was just annoying. And unusual, but mostly (and more importantly) annoying. He had thought he’d been done with this shit, but no, his heats had only taken a four year break.

And it seemed to be coming back with a vengeance, too. From what he remembered his heats had started out more gradually before, working themselves into their full intensity. There was no warming up here, just a constant ache throughout his body and intolerable heat that seemed to burn from the inside out, as if the vicious cramps taking place in his core weren’t enough.

As much as he was tempted to, as much pain as he was in, he didn’t want to call Hoseok from work, didn’t want to bother him during the only hours of the day that he really got to spend away from him. As much as Hoseok insisted otherwise, he knew he could be annoying sometimes. Then again, he might just be thinking this because the hormones were fucking with his head and making him insecure.

Either way, Yoongi wasn’t about to call Hoseok. He was in pain, yes, but he wasn’t in that heat-crazed desperation that was honestly quite frightening to be around.

Foolishly, Yoongi decided that soaking in a cool bath would make him feel any better. If there was anything Yoongi should’ve remembered about his heats, it was that they didn’t give a shit whether or not he sat in a bath of cool water or a bathtub full of straight ice cubes. His heats did not ease until he had a knot in him.

But still, Yoongi was stubborn. In the back of his head, he already knew Hoseok was going to lecture him and say some shit like he should’ve called him right away, but he ignored that thought. The omega in him wasn’t happy, though, probably as annoyed with Yoongi’s hardheadedness as Hoseok would be.

Yoongi was sitting in this cold bath, shivering and burning up all at the same time, when his phone rang. Even though Hoseok always called around this time (when he was on his lunch break) to check in, Yoongi’s mind was working kind of slow that day and he wondered who was calling.

“Oh.” He said dumbly when he saw Hoseok’s name on the screen, pulling the phone to him and resettling in the bath.

The second he swiped to answer, putting the phone to his ear (and praying his dizzy ass wouldn’t drop it in the bath), Hoseok’s voice, low and calm, was heard, right next to his ear. Yoongi shuddered a little, apparently already that far gone into his heat.

“Hi, baby,” Hoseok greeted, tone cheery but also kind of absent, like he was multitasking. He probably was; Hoseok didn’t ever seem to stop working.

It took Yoongi a second to realize he should actually formulate a response with his semi-functioning brain, and he just blinked before responding, knowing immediately Hoseok would be able to tell something was off; his voice was too breathy and he sounded way too out of it. “Hey.” He sounded really dazed, he realized.

He could practically hear Hoseok’s brow furrow over the phone. “Are you alright, Yoonie? You sound really out of it.”

As expected. Yoongi wanted to give some sarcastic response, but hearing Hoseok’s voice triggered the heat in him even more and he just whimpered quietly, before breathing out a quiet “No,” shaking his head like Hoseok could see it.

“No?” Hoseok echoed, sounding confused and very concerned at the same time. He could hear shuffling, voices in the background as Hoseok told his coworker he’d have to leave early.

Leaving early before he even knew what was wrong, Hoseok was dramatic.

“Talk to me baby, tell me what’s wrong.” Yoongi just whimpered again, a pathetic noise in the back of his throat. He still wasn’t at the point of begging for a knot, but he just wanted Hoseok to be with him really bad. He’d definitely arrived at the clingy stage.

“Heat,” He explained, using as few words as possible.

Hoseok seemed to falter for a second, confused. “Heat? I thought-”

“I know,” Yoongi whined. “I don’t- don’t know what’s going on,” He admitted, voice small. Hoseok made a comforting noise, almost a coo.

“S’okay, Yoonie. I’m coming home, okay? Give me twenty minutes.” They lived around thirty five minutes away from Hoseok’s job, so Yoongi had no clue how he’d manage getting here in twenty but he wasn’t complaining.

He just wanted Hoseok to dote on him and shower him in affection and reassurances even though he damn well knew he’d be fine regardless, not to sit in this cold bath all by himself.

But, until then he could wait. Impatiently, granted, but he could wait.

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Hoseok wasn’t typically a reckless driver, and he wasn’t trying to start being one now. He was always the one that scolded Yoongi for driving too fast or for not paying enough attention and honestly, he had every reason to. Yoongi drove like he was in a high speed chase at all times.

However, here he was, worryingly close to driving in a manner very similar to his mate’s, brain only filled with the thoughts of how distraught Yoongi had sounded. It was at times like this that being an alpha was annoying, when his judgement was clouded with pure instinct. Instinct to protect, to destroy whatever caused his omega pain. Which, at this point in time… was his own body.

So maybe “destroy” wasn’t the correct word to use.

Shaking his head in a futile attempt to clear his thoughts, his fingers drummed impatiently against the steering wheel as he waited for a red light to turn, watching the cars in front of them sail by quickly. Suddenly, something occurred to him, and he cursed quietly under his breath as he grabbed his phone before dialing a number.

He put it on speaker, listening to the loud ringing fill the otherwise car. A frustrated growl bubbled up in his throat when he got his voicemail, not bothering to leave one and immediately going to try and call again.

This time, fortunately, the phone was answered, and a familiar deep voice was heard in the car, tinny through the phone speakers.

“Hey Hoseok, what’s up?” He could hear movement in the background, shuffling and then a quiet, sweet voice mumbling something. Oh, Seokjin was there.

Not bothering with pleasantries, he responded just as the light turned green and he started to drive again, irritated with how slow the person in front of him was driving.

“Joon, I have to ask a favor of you.”

Namjoon made an intrigued sound, one that indicated he had his full attention now. “Okay, shoot.”

“I know it’s short notice, but can you and Seokjin please babysit Taehyung and Jimin for a week?” There was more inaudible words, and then Hoseok could vaguely make out Seokjin asking Namjoon to put the phone on speaker. This wasn’t surprising, Seokjin wasn’t exactly nosy, just… involved. Namjoon’s response to Hoseok was instant, accepting the request before he even questioned the reasoning behind it. But he did question it.

“Of course. But why?”

Hoseok’s brow furrowed in annoyance, chewing on the inside of his cheek to keep himself from getting too angry when a driver suddenly cut him off. He tried to ignore that, focusing his attention on the conversation at hand.

“Yoongi went into heat.” His response was short, clipped, eyes focused on driving as quickly as possible without getting into a wreck. It was probably clear to Namjoon from his voice just how stressed about this fact was, and he immediately went into “wise Namjoon” mode, despite the surprised noise and hailstorm of questions he heard Namjoon’s mate asking in the background of the call.

“Didn’t his heats stop for like... “

“Four years.”

“Oh. Well. That’s odd. You really should take him to the doctor after his heat passes, just to make sure everything’s normal.”

“Noted,” he replied, his voice coming out gruffly, kind of a half-grunt.

“And I’m coming to pick the twins up right now.” Upon saying this, Hoseok heard Namjoon quietly request for Seokjin to get out of his lap. Hoseok would’ve laughed if he wasn’t so focused on getting home to his own omega.

“Oh, and Hoseok?” Hoseok’s response wasn’t any real coherent word, just a sound of acknowledgment that showed he was listening.

“Remember to breathe. I can practically smell you stressing out through the phone.” Hoseok scoffed quietly, noticing he was getting closer to his and Yoongi’s house. He knew full well that Namjoon couldn’t smell anything through the phone; Seokjin’s dramatic tendencies must have rubbed off on his friends.

“Mhm,” He hummed, a noncommittal answer. He was a block away now, and the alpha in him was becoming increasingly agitated, telling him to drive faster, to go to his mate and please him, to take away the pain he had heard in his voice over the phone.

Currently, though, he was stuck behind another red light, and an irritated sigh that almost sounded like another growl escaped him.

He was very on edge at this point, having been in this car for what felt like far too long with only the image of Yoongi in pain to accompany him.

His jaw was set, lips pressed into a thin line as he squeezed the steering wheel, eyes boring into the traffic light as if staring it down would make it change colors faster. It did, funnily enough, and Hoseok was happy he was directly behind the light, no cars in front of him so he could drive down the block remaining and into their driveway. There was a mild relief about it, no longer having to sit through traffic and wait god knew how long to get to his omega. He was tempted to get out of the car straight away, but he wasn’t just worried about Yoongi. He took a moment -well, it was more like a minute because of how worked up he had been- to compose himself, not wanting to alarm Taehyung and Jimin by going into the house probably wound tighter than the twins had ever seen him. Then again, they had never seen Hoseok or Yoongi truly angry.

The couple refused to let their children see that side of them, though the sensitive boys would sometimes get upset at even the gentlest of scoldings.

Head finally (somewhat) clear, he sighed and let himself out of the car, locking the vehicle before quickly making his way up the front stairs and patting down his pockets in an attempt to remember where he’d put his keys. He could already smell a weak, very faint hint of vanilla even from outside the door, so he had an idea of what he was about to be getting himself into.

Finally locating his keys, he opened the door and was immediately hit with what felt like a wall of stifling vanilla, the scent tinged with a mix of arousal, distress, and desperation that could only really be associated with a heat.

He felt a pull in his chest, not only from their deep physical bond but simply from his equally deep love for the omega, but he wasn’t able to act on it before he heard two small voices, loud and excited.

“Daddy!” The twins squealed, barrelling into the living room from wherever they had been and attaching themselves to his legs, bombarding him with hugs.

“Hey Tae, hey Minnie,” he greeted, a soft, affectionate smile melting the worried expression that had been etched into his face.

He reached down, scooping up the pair and holding them to his chest as he pecked them on the forehead, one at a time. He made sure that he had locked the door behind him, doing his best to keep his breaths even and not take in too much of that intoxicating vanilla scent before his alpha became too difficult to hold back. It was already hard, every fiber of his being tugging him toward the source of that scent, wanting to hold him and comfort him and finally give him what he’d wanted.

He thought ‘finally,’ because knowing how stubborn his mate was, despite the fact that Hoseok insisted he never bothered him, he probably tried to stick it out himself, despite how much pain he was in.

Hell, Yoongi might’ve still been trying if Hoseok hadn’t called him earlier.

Carrying the boys further into the house, he figured he’d start getting their things ready for when Seokjin and Namjoon arrived. He wanted desperately to go check in on the omega right then, but judging by his scent he was already well into the throes of heat, and if only his scent was affecting him this much already, thick and cloying as it filled every crevice of the apartment, he could only imagine what the sight and sound of Yoongi might do to him.

No. He might desperately want to, but he wasn’t going to risk it.

Where is he, though? He wondered almost as an afterthought. It had sounded like he was in the bathroom when he was on the phone, judging from the sound of water that he had heard in the background.

“Where’s mommy?” He asked the twins as he set them down on the floor of his room.

“Mommy’s in there,” Jimin supplied helpfully, pointing to the master bedroom.

“Mommy’s feeling… not good.” Taehyung added, a small frown forming on his face.

Hoseok ruffled the clearly unsettled boy’s hair, trying to appear cool and collected so as to ease the boys’ nerves.

“I know, I’ll take care of mommy. You and Jiminie are gonna go stay with Uncle Namjoon and Uncle Seokjin, okay?” The pair’s faces lit up with excitement at this, their worry briefly forgotten.

They started to ramble about how excited they were to see Uncle Jinnie and Uncle Joonie, but more along the lines of how excited they were to see their kid, Jungkook, who they called Kookie.

“When are we going?” Jimin asked eagerly, and Taehyung seemed to think that asking this question had been a good idea because he was now focusing all of his attention on Hoseok as well, eyes wide and curious.

Hoseok chuckled, looking at his watch. “Soon, probably. They’re on their way now.” He watched as their eyes went wide, immediately going into a flurry, rambling about which of their favorite toys they were going to bring to share with Kookie.

Hoseok shook his head at the sight, starting to do the much more important task of packing the boys’ clothes into their overnight bags that they used whenever the went to visit Seokjin and Namjoon, not sure exactly how many days worth of clothes considering the extenuating circumstance. God knew how long this heat would last; it wasn’t as if it was a normal one.

Just as Hoseok finally managed to pull the zipper on Taehyung’s bag, far too many clothes in it, certainly more than recommended, he heard the doorbell ring and immediately stood, picking up the boys’ bags.

“Ready to go?” He asked the pair, who were currently struggling with their shoes. Fortunately they had no laces, so they actually did manage to get them on with each other’s help and guidance ( “No, the velcro goes there, Taetae ”).

They were immediately nodding, rushing out of the room before Hoseok could even take his next breath. Hoseok hurried after them with a small laugh, heading to the front door to let Namjoon and Seokjin in as the twins barged into the room where Yoongi was to say goodbye to him. The smell was much stronger when the door opened fully and Hoseok’s steps faltered as the vanilla aroma increased in intensity, unable to help himself from stealing a glance. Taehyung and Jimin were on the bed with Yoongi, saying something to him and pressing kisses all over his face.

“Feel better, mommy!” He heard Jimin say kindly just as he made it to the door, setting the bags down. Before he opened the door he already heard shuffling and voices, unsurprised to open the door and see the mated couple with their child, who’d likely insisted on going with them.

Before he could even say anything to Namjoon or Seokjin, complete chaos ensued.

“Uncle Hoseok!” Jungkook cried, hugging Hoseok’s legs excitedly before seeing his cousins and letting go, darting past Hoseok into the house. The twins were equally excited, and they fell into a puppy pile (or more literally, a pup pile) on top of each other as they laughed and giggled. All three adults just watched the scene in mild shock, surprised at how a completely silent room could become so loud so suddenly, before Hoseok turned back to them with a smile on his face, the expression mirrored on Seokjin’s and Namjoon’s faces.

“Hey, thanks for agreeing to watch them on such short notice,” He said gratefully. It really was quite a relief to have good friends like them; god knows what he would’ve done if he didn’t have them to help right then.

Namjoon opened his mouth to say something, but Seokjin beat him to it, clearly almost as excited as the three chattering happily on the floor were.

“It’s no problem at all! Taetae and Minnie are so precious; I was going to ask you guys if we could have them over again anyway! And Kookie will spend more time with them instead of constantly being under us, so I’m not complaining.” His smile was quite possibly the brightest one Hoseok had seen in a long time, and he just looked at Namjoon, who shook his head, though his expression was fond as he looked at his mate.

“Yeah, it’s no problem,” Namjoon echoed, considerably calmer as he picked up Taehyung’s and Jimin’s bags from where they’d been on the floor. “We’ll get going so you can take care of Yoongi. Call us when you can to update us on how he’s doing, alright?” Hoseok immediately nodded in response, doing his best to herd the trio of children toward the door.

He crouched down in front of Taehyung and Jimin, getting closer to eye level with them as they immediately went to hug him, little arms wrapping around either side of him. He tucked them closer to him for a short moment, placing kisses on top of both of their heads before pulling away to look them both in the eyes.

“Behave for Uncle Namjoon and Uncle Seokjin, okay?” He said seriously, though his voice was soft and his tone was sweet.

They both nodded immediately, eyes all wide and earnest-looking.

“We’ll behave,” Jimin replied, looking at Taehyung. “Right, Taehyungie?”

“Yeah, we’ll behave.” Taehyung nodded even harder now, and Hoseok was kind of worried he was going to hurt himself.

He just smiled, though, standing as he ruffled their hair. “Okay, great. I’ll see you two in a week.” Hopefully a week, maybe only a little more than that.

And they were on their way, Jimin and Taehyung excitedly chattering to their uncles and Seokjin making big plans for their week together that Namjoon only sighed and rolled his eyes at, too whipped to disagree even though he’d be dead tired by the end of the week.

Hoseok locked the door behind himself, taking in a deep breath. This proved to have the opposite effect to the calming effect he wanted, because all he got was that mouthwatering, needy scent of sweet vanilla.

Well, fuck breathing. He didn’t need to breathe, he needed to go take care of his omega.

He did just that, finally able to stop denying his wolf what it wanted and stop struggling against it so much. He did try to keep relatively calm, though, wanting to be gentle with Yoongi. Even as he opened the door slowly, his mind clouding immediately when the scent of arousal and desperation increased, when he saw the position the omega was in, pale body flushed with heat and thighs trembling as he lay on his front, face shoved into Hoseok’s pillow as he whined pitifully and pressed three fingers into himself. His rim was puffy, reddened and swollen, but there was so much slick all over the place, on the sheets, on the backs of his thighs, dripping into the bend of his knees. It was even on the shirt he was wearing, a shirt that fit too long and exposed his dainty collarbones because it actually belonged to Hoseok- oh. His brain might have short-circuited a little at that.

Yoongi was too far gone to even register his presence at first; it wasn’t until Hoseok walked over to the boy and placed a gentle, careful hand on his side, feeling the heat of his body even through the shirt. Yoongi looked up with a quiet, pained mewl, eyes wet and bleary as he looked at Hoseok. He choked out a soft whimper, unable to form anything near coherent at that moment as he reluctantly removed his fingers from himself and instead leaned into Hoseok, sitting up on his knees to press against him insistently, shaky as he nosed against Hoseok’s scent gland and took in deep inhales of his scent.

Hoseok cooed comfortingly at the older male, his arms immediately going to wrap around his small form in a protective gesture, baring his neck so Yoongi could scent him all he wanted. Tempting as it was to just push Yoongi back into presenting position and give him what his body wanted immediately, he wouldn’t. He’d long since learned to control his instincts, to place Yoongi before his own wants.

But Yoongi didn’t seem to like this, tugging at Hoseok and whining again. “Alpha, it hurts,” He said, voice small and weak. He was so vulnerable like this, completely dependent on Hoseok to make him feel better.

“Okay, okay,” Hoseok said soothingly, catching Yoongi’s pouty, quivering lips and stilling them with a deep, sweet kiss, a small smile tugging at his lips when Yoongi calmed slightly, immediately looping his arms around Hoseok’s neck and letting Hoseok take over, licking into Yoongi’s heated mouth. His hands found Yoongi’s small waist, pulling him so they were pressed against each other and he could feel the soft curves of Yoongi’s body, one hand drifting down to stroke up and down his upper leg. The skin was soft under his hand, his thigh plump and fleshy.

Yoongi made a quiet, needy sound in response to Hoseok lightly squeezing the flesh, and he smelled the gush of slick before he felt it, dripping onto his hand.

Hoseok’s breath hitched at that, eyes flashing a dull, not quite gold color as he looked at the omega, helpless as he parted their lips with a wet sound, his lips all swollen, kiss-bitten and wet. He squirmed out of Hoseok’s grip, far beyond forming any words as he got back on the bed, chest heaving. His hazy eyes locked with Hoseok’s as he pressed his chest back to the bed, making sure he was watching as he presented himself to him, his slim fingers reaching back to spread his hole. Hoseok wasn’t even sure he registered himself moving closer, eyes fixed on Yoongi as he exposed himself, fingers opening the tight, entrance that quivered with want. The action caused slick to drip out even more, wetting his thighs and soiling the sheet under him even further.

He moaned softly, wiggling his hips as pressed his face into Hoseok’s pillow again, his cheek squished against it.

Hoseok liked when Yoongi begged with his voice; it was possibly the prettiest thing in the world. But, there was no doubt that this affected him just as much, how he arched his back and lifted his ass in the air, likely unaware of the breathy little whines that escaped from between his parted lips. No, this was definitely a form of begging too, just without words, and there was literally no way that Hoseok could have denied Yoongi, even if he wanted to.

Eyes blown nearly black and his jaw clenched with the restraint he’d been exercising, said restraint snapped like a rubber band and he moved away from Yoongi to get rid of his clothing, hushing the tiny whimper of protest the omega let out at the space between them.

A moment later was back over him, now frowning at the shirt that still covered Yoongi’s body. He put his hands under the shirt, getting distracted from the task at hand and running his hands up Yoongi’s sides and brushing against his sensitive, puffy nipples. Yoongi squeaked quietly at that, the scent of arousal spiking. Hoseok pulled his lower lip between his teeth at the reaction, finally pulling the shirt off of Yoongi. Yoongi shuddered slightly from being exposed to the air, the sudden change in temperature causing goosebumps to rise on his skin despite the fact that he was so warm. Hoseok fixed that quickly, pressing his bare chest against Yoongi, his face right at his scent gland as he nudged Yoongi’s legs further apart.

The poor omega was so sensitive that just having his legs spread more made him start to quiver in anticipation, whimpering and exposing his marked neck for the alpha as wetness trickled again from his hole, squirming in an attempt to feel any kind of pressure or friction against it.

Hoseok lightly nipped at his neck in warning; despite the gentleness Yoongi mewled softly and leaned into it. “Stay still,” Hoseok ordered, his breath hot against Yoongi’s neck, and the omega keened quietly, nodding obediently.

It would have been silly to ask Yoongi if he was ready with the way he was acting, so he focused his attention on lining himself up with Yoongi’s fluttering entrance, listening to Yoongi’s desperate whining and panting. The head struggled with Yoongi’s rim for a second despite the wetness before the tight pucker finally gave and Yoongi moaned, high-pitched and eager as he tried to push himself back on Hoseok’s cock himself.

Hoseok lightly swatted the omega’s ass at this, getting an instant reaction from Yoongi. He released a sound that sounded like a pleased squeal of sorts, the back of his neck flushing as he reluctantly stilled.

Hoseok mumbled some praise or another to Yoongi, something about him being pretty, a good omega- true on both accounts. Knowing how much Yoongi liked being praised, he wasn’t surprised that Yoongi blushed even harder, making a tiny noise in the back of his throat as he hid his face in the pillow.

“You’re so cute, Yoonie,” Hoseok mumbled absently, though Yoongi didn’t register the words. He wasn’t sure that Yoongi realized that his mouth was hanging open slightly as he pushed the rest of the way into Yoongi, eyes glassy and nearly closed as he was filled completely, making the prettiest sounds that had Hoseok growling softly against his neck. Yoongi was tight around him, though completely soaked and hot, his walls pulsing involuntarily. Hoseok’s eyes fell shut for a moment, his grip on Yoongi’s waist tightening.

Yoongi starting squirming under him after only a second, needy. “Seokkie, please,” He breathed out, circling his hips a little. It was bound to happen; it was only a matter of time before Hoseok’s self-control melted away completely. He knew in the back of his head to be gentle, not because he would hurt him now but because he already knew Yoongi would hardly be able to be move after this week so he should at least try to be gentle on him.

No such thing happened.

Hoseok immediately appeased the omega, pulling out of the slick heat with a wet noise that would have embarrassed Yoongi if he wasn’t so far gone, quick to slam back into him, with the first of many thrusts that set at first a relatively quick pace, quickly becoming brutal and harsh at Yoongi’s loud moans and pleas.

The room was filled with the sounds of wet skin on skin, of Hoseok’s hips against Yoongi’s ass sure to leave bruises, and of Yoongi’s increasingly loud sounds, way beyond realizing that he should be quiet. And maybe Hoseok should’ve said something about it; they did live in a townhouse and there were other people on the side of this wall, but he couldn’t care less really.

Hoseok’s grunt were quiet, muffled by Yoongi’s skin between his teeth as he pounded into the omega, hands tight on Yoongi’s waist. Yoongi’s skin was sensitive; this would surely leave marks. Good. Hoseok thought.

The alpha lifted Yoongi’s hips slightly, the arch of his back increasing as he started to fuck into Yoongi again, at a different angle this time.

Yoongi’s voice increased in pitch as Hoseok’s cock began to strike his prostate repeatedly on each thrust back in, overwhelmed. His mind was spinning, focusing on Hoseok breathing hot against his neck and leaving marks all over, on how his alpha filled him so well inside, the repeated pulses of pleasure as he stabbed into the small bundle of nerves deep inside him, and on the sensitivity of his walls as Hoseok’s length stroked against him, feeling every vein and ridge.

Already hypersensitive from his heat, it became too much quickly and his moans were shorter, more breathy as he tried to gasp in ragged breaths. Hoseok seemed to sense this, releasing his skin, now tender from all the bites from his teeth to speak into Yoongi’s ear.

“Close, baby?” He asked, voice low and rough against the shell of Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi shuddered and mewled loudly, nodding as he pressed his ass back against Hoseok.

“Y-Yes, alpha p-please, knot,” He begged, words broken and hiccupy as Hoseok continued to thrust into him, his movements becoming less deliberate, losing his control as he came closer to his own release.

“Okay. Alpha will give you his knot,” Hoseok replied gruffly, almost a growl. Maybe seven thrusts later Hoseok actually felt his knot begin to form, the familiar odd pressure at the base of his cock, and Yoongi’s moans turned into loud cries that his neighbors (and possibly the people outside walking by) could definitely hear, unaware of the tears leaking from his eyes. There was heat starting to increase in the pit of Yoongi’s stomach with every thrust, every time the beginnings of Hoseok’s knot slipped in his rim and pulled out, which would inevitably leave him sore. Every time it pressed in it was a little bigger, but Yoongi was still caught off-guard when it was fully formed, locking Hoseok inside of him and his cock pressing heavily against his prostate, staying there.

At the sudden fullness that he’d been craving for so long, Yoongi came with a wet-sounding gasp followed by a series of soft whimpers as he shuddered through it, the clenching of his walls causing Hoseok to come deep inside Yoongi with a soft grunt, teeth clamped down harshly on Yoongi’s neck, right over their mating bite. Yoongi moaned, another small orgasm pulling a tired whine from his mouth, his hole fluttering around Hoseok’s knot.

Hoseok wasn’t saying anything, but Yoongi could feel the seemingly constantly growl coming out of the alpha from his chest as he pumped wave after wave of come into the omega under him. Hoseok’s mind was practically gone from the pleasure, dazed even after the first round stopped and Yoongi’s insides were thoroughly coated. Hoseok felt heavy to Yoongi, being as small as he was, but he didn’t mind, content to lay there for as long as Hoseok needed until he mentally returned. Of course he was content; he was in heat and tired out and he’d finally gotten knotted. Maybe five minutes later, when Yoongi was just starting to doze, Hoseok shook his head in an attempt to shake away the fog that had clouded his thoughts, looking down at the omega, sleepy and bruised, though sated.

“Fuck,” Hoseok cursed under his breath, running a hand through his hair.

“Yoonie, I’m gonna move, okay?” Yoongi hummed softly in response, not having enough energy to respond in any other way.

Hoseok, holding Yoongi by his waist, moved them until they were on their sides, both moaning quietly at the shift in pressure on Hoseok’s knot inside of Yoongi.

Yoongi pressed as close to Hoseok as possible, sighing happily when Hoseok pressed his face into the crook of Yoongi’s neck, scenting him.

After a few moments of silence, Hoseok spoke, wanting to make sure the omega was alright and comfortable. “Yoonie, you okay?”

No response. Hoseok’s brow knitted, and he turned his head slightly, a small smile replacing his worried expression. Yoongi was already fast asleep, features completely smoothed out and peaceful, a slight flush still on his cheeks.

Hoseok settled again, an arm draped over Yoongi’s hips. “I love you,” he said quietly, pressing a kiss over their mating bite, heart seeming to swell as he gazed at the other man.

The only response he got was a quiet snore.