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I need you to feel alive

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When he was freshly turned eighteen, Jeongguk’s grandmother had made sure to remind him that younger people around his age were, in conclusion, total idiots.

He had taken offense to it at the time, convinced that she was nothing short of wrong. However, now at the age of twenty-two, as he stares out the passenger’s side window of Taehyung's – of all people – car with a frown etched into his face, he thinks his grandmother was completely right.

After 4 months of gruelling university academia and work, Christmas break has finally rolled around. So the annual Christmas vacation in Hoseok’s family’s cabin has arrived with it. Unfortunately, things haven't started out as smoothly as Jeongguk would have liked.

They had bought groceries on their way to the cabin because there's an annoyingly long distance between the cabin and the store, and they figured they’d be killing two birds with one stone by taking care of the shopping and getting settled in on the same day. Except Jimin and Seokjin decided they wanted to cook dinner together, and somehow, both the eggs and flour ended up on the floor and neither men wanted to take the blame for it. One of those birds seemed to have revived itself.

Their cooking skills don't exceed past sunny-side up eggs and noodles and other simple dishes, which means that even if they don’t have flour, they do need those eggs to survive these next two weeks.

Being the good youngest of the group that he is, knowing that Yoongi and Hoseok were probably exhausted from driving separate cars all day and that Namjoon wouldn't be able to drive anyway, he offered himself up to go back to the store and grab the eggs (along with some snacks to keep hidden in his room).

Seokjin and Jimin were okay with him going out as long as someone else was with him. The sun was setting and the temperature dropping along with it, and the weather forecast called for a snowstorm in the later hours of the night. Probably the worst one of the season. Circumstances no one should be under by themselves.

Which was fine for Jeongguk. He was sure Namjoon would be cool with accompanying him. Before he was given time to expand on that suggestion, Taehyung, as fate would have it, decided to walk into the room and interrupt them. At the worst possible time, too.

The man— excuse Jeongguk— vampire paused at the entrance when Seokjin and Jimin’s eyes lit up at him. Jeongguk watched this silent interaction unfold with dread bubbling up in his stomach, because of course this would happen .

It was almost too convenient how it came to be. Jeongguk needed to go the store but couldn't go alone, Taehyung had to make a trip to blood blank in town, and not only that, but, “ Taehyung being there will be good for you in case anything bad happens ,” Seokjin told him.

So that leads to where they are. The two of them on a seemingly endless highway, Taehyung driving and Jeongguk sulking. It’s silent in the car aside for the quiet sound of music coming from the speakers. They’ve never spoken too much before because Jeongguk has made his dislike for vampires very clear, which has him wondering why Taehyung agreed to go when he knew this would be nothing but awkward and uncomfortable for them.

This holiday trip has been tradition for the past four years, and before, it was only him, Jimin, Hoseok, Namjoon, Seokjin, and Yoongi. But this year, Taehyung is the new addition that’s been tacked on to their small group. He had joined as a new employee in Jimin’s workplace a while ago and clicked easily with Jimin, then with the rest of the group once he met them too. Except for Jeongguk.

Throughout high school and university, Jeongguk read news articles on people his age being killed by people like Taehyung. Vampires killed a few of his classmates, and he spent too many nights wondering when it would be him. His parents had raised him telling him to love everybody because hating others would take a toll on his caring heart, but some people just didn't deserve love, not when they were out there killing people for food and fun.

And, sure Taehyung is a really nice guy who refuses to drink human blood and won’t even hurt a fly, but Jeongguk thinks it's better to be safe than sorry. Taehyung’s bright smile had deterred Jeongguk when they first met, but it was quick to fall when he realized that Jeongguk was going to hate him before even getting to know him.

Now they're both fairly hostile with each other. There’s no coming back from what's already been solidified. Enemy lines drawn and other things that were settled in silent agreements.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Taehyung becoming a little fidgety. He ignores it and shuts his eyes for a moment. A few seconds later, Taehyung speaks up for the first time since they left the cabin.

“How much more of this do I have to drive before we get to town?”

Jeongguk opens his eyes and sighs. “About 11 miles. Somewhere around there,” Then Taehyung lets out a hushed grumble, and Jeongguk quirks an eyebrow. “Why did you come when you knew it would be a long drive? I could've gotten Namjoon instead.”

“I need to go to the blood bank. Did you forget already?” Taehyung scoffs, amber eyes set in a glare and his teeth grit between words. “Guess I shouldn't expect anything better from a human.”

The thing about blood banks is that only vampires are allowed inside. If a human were to go in there, they probably wouldn't come out. At least not in the same state they were in going inside. Jeongguk didn't forget. He knows he sounded stupid. The snarl in Taehyung’s tone still has him sitting up properly in defense.

“What the fuck’s your problem now? I haven't even done anything,” He spits. When Taehyung huffs but doesn't answer him, he kicks back in his seat again and props his feet up on the dash in spite. He doesn’t fucking care if it's Taehyung’s stupid car. A stupid car for a dickhead owner.

Eight minutes before they get to the exit that leads into town. Eight, grievously long minutes that consist of Taehyung shifting in his seat every third second and gripping onto the steering wheel much harder than necessary. Jeongguk tells him which turns to take and soon enough, they're pulling into a parking space in front of the store.

There’s an overhead light by the entrance that flickers and buzzes as they walk in. Taehyung grabs a trolley and leans against it, weakly gesturing for Jeongguk to get in front of him and lead the way. Even in the shitty lighting, Jeongguk thinks Taehyung looks a bit paler than usual. He ignores it for the meantime. They have eggs to hunt for.

The place is a lot less lively than it was this morning. Everyone else is probably staying in at home like normal people do on nights such as these. Because only Jeongguk and his friends would risk getting caught in a snowstorm for a carton of eggs.

On his way to the back of the store, he goes through different aisles and picks up small snacks here and there that Hoseok wouldn't let him buy earlier. A waste of money, Hoseok said. A happy stomach, Jeongguk counters. There aren’t too many items on the shelves due to people stocking up on their own supplies, but there’s enough left for his small scavenge.

He can tell Taehyung is delving deeper into this mood of his, simply going by the way he looks more irritated with each step and how at some point he just starts dragging his feet instead of lifting them.

“Jeongguk, we came here for eggs. Not this junk,” Taehyung says while Jeongguk is in the middle of adding five cups of spicy ramen into the trolley. “Can you hurry up already?”

It wouldn't have phased Jeongguk. He would have continued being a little brat and drawing this out. But Taehyung’s eyes go red when he speaks and change back as soon as he blinks. It knocks Jeongguk off kilter.

The unusual grouchiness (even odd for being in the presence of Jeongguk), the fidgeting, the paleness, and now his eyes. So many details in between bold lines were basically throwing themselves at Jeongguk, looking him right in the eye, and yet, he’s been so oblivious to all of it.

“How long’s it been since you fed, Tae?” He asks.

“Don't call me ‘Tae’. Jimin can call me ‘Tae’. You , cannot,” Taehyung mutters, nudging the trolley into Jeongguk so he gets the hint to move, except Jeongguk doesn't budge in the slightest. “Do you mind?”

Taehyung .”

The older covers his face with both hands then sighs into them before running one hand through his hair. “Ugh. I don’t know. Nineteen days? Maybe twenty? Can’t remember. It’s fine, though.”

Jeongguk raises an eyebrow. He knows that is definitely far from being fine. Knows that Taehyung was probably going to attempt going on a diet just so none of the others would have to walk in on him chugging blood at some point during the vacation. Only now he's realized that he can't do that, because he needs it to survive. What an idiot .

The thought of Taehyung drinking blood does disturb him, but the thought of being mauled by a hungry vampire because he tried putting his need for survival aside for too long is even more disturbing. There are some dangerous things that Jeongguk has dared to tamper with, but a starving vampire is not one of those things, and won’t be one of things.

He places his hands on the front of the trolley, opposite to Taehyung, and tilts his head. “So, if it’s fine like you say, then surely we don't need to be in too much of a hurry to leave?”

Taehyung picks up on the unspoken challenge and glares at him. “No. Not at all. Unless you want to be the dumbass who gets us caught in a snowstorm.”

Huffing, Jeongguk turns in the other direction and strolls further down the aisle. To be fair, he doesn't want that either. “Fine. We’ll get the eggs and go. Happy?” To which Taehyung hums in response.

Upon paying for their things and exiting the store, the two of them realize that it wouldn’t have mattered how long they took. Snow is already coming down and adding onto what is still on the ground from the previous snow the area had underwent, even beginning to blanket Taehyung’s car. It seems to have only just started, but it shouldn’t be too long before it becomes heavy and unsafe to be in the middle of.

“Shit,” Taehyung hisses, rushing to the car with the trolley. “Take my keys and start the car. I’ll load everything up.”

“Want me to drive?” He takes the keys being held out to him and stands outside the driver’s side door, waiting for an answer.

“Does it really look like I care at the moment?” Scowls Taehyung, not even bothering to spare him a glance as he puts the last of the bags in the trunk.

“Whatever,” Jeongguk grumbles under his breath and hops in. The car comes to life when he turns the key in the ignition, and a sigh of relief escapes him when warm air fills the car. He takes back what he said to himself earlier, that the car was stupid; he’s never loved this thing more than he has now.

It isn’t long before Taehyung joins him, his body sinking into the seat and eyes shutting. He opens one eye when he notices they haven’t started moving yet. “What are you doing, Jeon? We need to go now .”

“You haven’t put your seatbelt on,” Jeongguk states with a pout. “It’s dangerous.”

Taehyung stares at him in a mixture of disbelief and annoyance for a brief moment. Then he rolls his eyes and reaches for his seatbelt, angrily tugging on it. “Can’t fuckin’ believe this. I have to be the first vampire in history to let a human tell me what’s dangerous. I’ll put my fucking seatbelt on ‘cause some pouty little brat told me, a monster , to. Fucking hell.”

With how low in volume the words are spoken in, Jeongguk assumes that they’re not meant for him to hear. But even as he finally sets the vehicle in motion, he can still hear Taehyung’s repeated mutters of, “ I’ve gotten way too soft . What’s with me? ”. He holds back a giggle by biting his bottom lip.

Due to the snowfall picking up, Jeongguk keeps the speed they’re going at measured. In other words, a speed that Taehyung evidently isn't too satisfied with. The elder carries on with his garble of hushed complaints and at first it was entertaining, but now Jeongguk just wants to be able to catch a break.

“Listen, I don’t want to be out here with you either – especially for this long – but I'm only trying to make sure we don't crash and possibly die,” He retorts.

They’re on another long stretch of road once again. If under any other circumstances, it would be a quick trip to and from the next town over, but luck is not on their side tonight.

“You could at least go a bit faster than this,” Taehyung argues. He appears to be in much worse shape than he was while in the store, hair completely tousled at this point and head tilted back against the headrest as he takes deep breaths in through his nose. “I knew I shouldn't have let you drive.”

“Oh, as if you're in any state to be driving right now!” Jeongguk scoffs. “You know what, Taehyung? I’m so sick and tired of you being such a—”

The car jerks forward.

Their bodies lean with the car’s movements and slam against the seats when it comes back. Taehyung opens his eyes in full awareness and Jeongguk simply blinks in a bout of surprise.

“What was that?” Taehyung questions.

“How am I supposed to know? This is your car.”

“You’re the one driving it!”

“And that suddenly makes me a car expert?!”

It jerks again. Then they begin to decrease in speed even though Jeongguk’s foot is most definitely pressing down on the gas pedal.

And as if things couldn’t get worse, the engine light comes on and a funny smell floods the car. Jeongguk makes sure they pull over to the side of the road, but he doesn't think it would matter given how vacant the area currently is.

The engine gives out with a sound resembling a deep sigh and everything shuts off. For a while, they try to comprehend the fact that the car has more than likely kicked the bucket and that they've broken down on the side of the road. In the middle of a snowstorm at night. Silently attempting to wrap their heads around it.

“I – I think we’re stuck,” Jeongguk whispers. He unlatches his seatbelt just so it gives him a bit more room to breathe. The space feels more stuffy all of a sudden.

“Wow, I wonder where that idea came from,” Taehyung drawls, following suit in undoing his seatbelt as well. He pulls his phone out from his back pocket and says, “I’ll message Jin and tell him what happened.”

“Oh, uh, good thinking,” He mumbles, beginning to shiver as the car cools down and snow covers the windows. All he put on before leaving was a t-shirt and a thick flannel, but had he known they’d end up in this predicament, he would have worn something warmer.

Jeongguk pulls his flannel tighter around himself and tugs the ends of the sleeves over his hands. He listens to the sound of Taehyung’s fingers tapping on his phone and the sound it makes when a message comes through. Taehyung lets out a groan as soon as he’s done reading it, and Jeongguk looks at him in concern.

“They're snowed in at the cabin. They probably won't be able to make it to us until the storm lightens up,” Taehyung explains, voice gravelled with exhaustion. “Fuck.”

“That could take hours,” He frowns. “And it's already getting cold.”

When he's not paying attention, a thick, fur-lined jacket is being placed in his lap. He glances over to Taehyung who gestures for him to put the jacket on. “I bundled up like a normal person does this time of the year. Take it.”

“You couldn't be a normal person even if you tried,” Jeongguk comments with a snort. Reluctantly, he accepts the cozy feeling jacket and slips it on. Instant warmth envelops him and he sighs with a small smile. In a much softer tone, he thanks Taehyung.

“Don’t remind me,” Taehyung grunts. He runs his tongue over his teeth, and Jeongguk catches a glimpse of a sharp canine tooth that he’s only ever seen dull-tipped. “Maybe I should walk there.”

By ‘there’ , Taehyung means the town they were originally headed to. And he doesn't seem to be kidding, either. Jeongguk’s eyes go wide. “No, you shouldn’t. You’ll die out there. Are you crazy?”

“I haven't fed in almost three weeks. I’m starving and losing my patience. You and I both know if I don't do something, it won't be good for either of us,” In other words, I am extremely tempted to suck you dry right now because you're the only human in my vicinity but I'm holding back because you're the best friend of my best friends and they’d kill me if I killed you.

This time, Taehyung is looking at him. His eyes have specks of red in them, and his fangs are just barely peeking from behind his lips. He's waiting for Jeongguk to kick him out, to tell him to get out and risk his life to save his own. Because that's the type of person Taehyung knows Jeongguk to be. Rude, stuck-up, and selfish.

“I don't care. You're not leaving this car,” He states. Surprise is evident in Taehyung’s expression, and Jeongguk starts to feel guilty for leaving such a heartless kind of impression on him. That’s not who Jeongguk is. “So just...stay. Please. A-and if you do decide to go, then I'll go with you.”

A chuckle breaks past Taehyung’s lips as he shakes his head. “You're sure something, Jeongguk. I don't know if it's stupid or special, but it's something.”

“Says the one who suggested walking through a snowstorm,” Jeongguk huffs out a breath of laughter. Another chill runs over his body, and he cups his hands over the lower half of his face to warm it up with his breath.

Taehyung is smiling at him, but then he's not, and his eyebrows are furrowed in thought. It leaves Jeongguk to wonder what he did this time, and he becomes even more confused as Taehyung gets out of the passenger seat to maneuver into the backseat. “Come on,” He pats the spot next to him as an invitation. “I'll try not to bite.”

“Is that supposed to be reassuring? Because it's not,” Jeongguk responds.

When he finds himself crawling through the narrow space between the front two seats to join Taehyung in the back, he comes to terms with the possibility that the coldness is making him lose his ability to think before committing to an action.

Before Jeongguk can plant himself in a spot, Taehyung grabs him by the waist and sets him down in his lap. He wraps his arms around Jeongguk to try to compensate for the lack of warmth on the side not pressed up against him.

“Figured we should try to stay as warm as we can ‘til the others get here. Is that okay with you?” Taehyung explains.

“I — um. Yeah,” Jeongguk nods, fairly aware of the warmth breath fluttering over his neck and jaw. “So, uhm, o-on a scale of one to ten, what would you say your level of self control is right now?”

“A solid seven. Maybe,” Taehyung answers in a low, unsteady voice. “It might be wavering a bit. Six point-nine.”

They've never been this close to each other before. Sometimes when their group would go to karaoke, the two of them would end up next to each other for a little while by chance, but neither would actually wind up in the other's lap. It’s weird and not what Jeongguk is used to and his body, ever the traitor, becomes visibly stiff.

One thing Jeongguk picks up on from inhabiting this newfound territory, is that Taehyung smells really nice. He’s not positive if it's a natural scent or cologne or body wash, but the smell of honeysuckle serves as a mild sedative for his racing heart. Has Taehyung always smelled this sweet? How could it be that he’s never picked up on it before when the aroma is so strong?

“It’s supposed to help you relax – the scent. We usually use it before, uh… You know, feeding off of someone so they don’t struggle or anything.” Taehyung tells him, noticing his growing confusion. “I’ve never had to use it before, but I guess there’s a first for everything.”

“Oh,” He swallows.

If Taehyung had enough strength to, his eyes would probably bulge out of their sockets when realizing how his previous statement sounds. “Not that I’m going to bite you!—If it makes you uncomfortable then I’ll stop, just tell me.”

“What if...What if I want you to?”

The brush of Taehyung’s lips against his jawline is faint and gentle like the touch of a butterfly. Just as it’s wings do, Jeongguk’s heart flutters the tiniest bit, and if not for the honeysuckle scent putting him at ease, his heart would have surely kicked from the confines of his chest.

Jeongguk takes a risk. Looks up from his lap to Taehyung’s face and sees that Taehyung is staring right back at him. The eyes boring into his are the same ones he’s hated since he first saw them, but it's different when they make contact this time around. No teasing glares, no harsh glances. All of that has been put aside for the half-lidded gaze Taehyung gives him as soon as they take in how little of space is between them.

The hand wrapped around the side of his thigh squeezes. Taehyung searches Jeongguk’s eyes for any clue of an answer. “To what? Stop?”

Even if it's just for now, even if things will go back to the way they were before tonight, to where he and Taehyung can't stand each other — Jeongguk wants this. A part of him believes that he's never wanted anything more than this. The other part is wondering, what exactly is it that he wants?

He shifts in Taehyung’s lap, throwing one leg over Taehyung’s so he’s straddling his thighs. His hands come up to Taehyung’s chest, gliding upwards to his shoulders where Taehyung places his own hands gently over Jeongguk’s. Not trying to pull them away, but not forcing them to stay either.

Their eyes meet once again and. Jeongguk knows . It might not be what he needs, but it's sure as hell what he wants. And, if anyone asks, he was just trying to save Taehyung’s life.

(Even though there’s more to it than that.)

“Bite me.”

Taken aback, Taehyung’s grip on his hands tightens, lips parted in shock. “Jeongguk, no-”

“Don’t fight me on this.” Jeongguk interrupts. “If there’s one thing we don’t argue about, let it be this.”

“But, I could lose control. I could kill you, Guk,” Taehyung’s words are grim, yet spoken so carefully in a hushed tone. He brings one of his hands down to Jeongguk’s thigh. “I don’t want you to die because I couldn’t help myself.”

“I’ll tell you when it becomes too much. You won’t hurt me,” Whether or not that’s true, Jeongguk can’t guarantee, but he’s willing to take the chance.

“You don’t know that.”

“I- no, I don’t, but. I trust you. I need you to trust me too. Do you?” He asks.

Breathing slowly, Taehyung curls his fingers around Jeongguk’s wrist. He keeps his eyes locked on Jeongguk as he presses a delicate kiss to the inside of his wrist.

“I trust you.”

“Okay…” Jeongguk blinks. Doesn't really know where to go from here. “Uhm, h-how…?”

“Your wrist,” Taehyung’s Adam’s apple bobs with the nervous gulp he takes.

And, oh. That makes sense. Okay. Jeongguk is quick to shuffle the jacket off and roll the sleeve of his flannel up his arm. He's thankful for the honeysuckle more than ever at the moment, knowing that without it, his arm would be shaking uncontrollably as he lifts it up for Taehyung to hold onto.

"Remember, if you tell me to stop and I don't, then pull my hair as hard as you can.” Taehyung reminds, waiting for Jeongguk’s hum of affirmation before dipping his head down and baring his fangs.

Taehyung sinks his teeth into his wrist and, it isn't how Jeongguk had expected it to be like. He was bracing himself to deal with a constant sting, or the uncomfortable feeling that comes when a needle is pierced through the skin. Instead, he’s met with an oddly pleasant warmth that begins to stir in his stomach.

T-Tae— hnn, is it s-supposed to feel like this?” He gasps, but of course, Taehyung doesn't answer because his lips are currently sealed to his arm and his eyes are closed shut.

His free hand comes up to Taehyung’s hair, but not to pull on it. He threads his fingers through the dark strands and holds onto them as his hips rut down against Taehyung’s on their own accord. It's not that he means to, but he feels so hot and so dazed and Taehyung is the one making him feel this way, better than he's ever felt before.

He’s taken off guard when Taehyung grabs ahold of his ass with one hand and guides him in a manner more rough than Jeongguk’s own attempts. Their hardening crotches brush together and the friction causes Jeongguk to moan. The car rocks and creaks with their grinding, and it encourages Jeongguk to rut down even harder.

“O-oh, Taehyung, please,” His head feels lighter now, his body slightly more sluggish in it's movements. It tempts him into a delirious state, pliant and quiet whines spilling out. “Okay, hngh – s-stop. S’too much, Tae.”

Not pulling away, Taehyung hooks his fingers around the waistband of Jeongguk’s jeans and yanks him closer — something Jeongguk didn't realize was even possible. His breath hitches as the huge bulge in Taehyung’s pants rubs against his ass, and he presses down against it. He’s so big .

Jeongguk curls his fingers into Taehyung’s hair and tugs. He doesn't want to pass out when he feels so good. At least, not until something gets done about it. Taehyung gets the message, and while his fangs retract, the warmth built up inside of Jeongguk remains.

There’s blood on Taehyung’s mouth, and a little bit on his chin. His blood. Before, it would have scarred him for life and made him freak out, but now, he likes the sight of it. Likes that nobody else’s blood except his has been on Taehyung’s lips.

Taehyung licks the bite on Jeongguk’s wrist, and Jeongguk watches in awe as the wound heals itself, not paying attention to how Taehyung stares at him with a lustful gaze as he licks the blood off of his mouth. “You taste so sweet, angel.”

He looks at Taehyung when he says this, both of his hands returning to their perch on the elder’s shoulders. His eyes widen upon hearing the pet name for him, in the way that Jimin says is really cute, where his eyes smile before his mouth does. “I do?”

“Mhm,” With help of Taehyung’s hold on him, Jeongguk continues a slow grinding of his hips on Taehyung. He didn't even realize they had stopped, too immersed in everything else. “Didn’t want to stop. Wanted to eat you up.”

Oh fuck . Jeongguk’s cock twitches in his pants. That shouldn't turn him on as much as it does. But all he can think about is Taehyung pinning him down, teasing him before he attacks, claiming him for his own pleasure as a predator would with its prey.

A whine breaks past his lips. He uses what strength he has left in him to bounce up and down in Taehyung’s lap as if the elder was inside him, fucking him loose and making him do all the work. He wants that so bad. Doesn't know what's gotten into him. The ends of his hair have dampened with sweat and they've hardly even begun.

“You like that, angel? Want me to take you apart ‘til there's nothing left?”

“Puh-please. Want it so much,” He nods, placing one hand behind him on Taehyung’s knee and leaning back on it. His jeans are too tight on him, and he rubs his crotch against Taehyung’s stomach as incentive. “Taehyung, please . Wan’em off.”

Thankfully, Taehyung complies, popping the button and pulling Jeongguk’s zipper down slowly. “You're such a good boy for saying please. Who knew you’d be a such a little angel underneath all that brattiness, hm?” He shuffles Jeongguk’s jeans down his thighs, then lets the younger kick off his shoes before shrugging the denim off the rest of the way. Once the pants are discarded onto the floor, he taps Jeongguk’s hip. “Now, what do you say?”

“Th-thank you?” He tries, and feels relieved when the elder grins at him. Another moan works its way up his throat when Taehyung cups his hand over his dick and gives it a light squeeze.

“Aw, and look at this. Baby got so worked up over me biting him, and now his little cock is wet,” Teases Taehyung, rubbing his thumb right over the wet patch on Jeongguk’s boxers. “How cute.”

“M’not wet,” He weakly argues, whining when his cock twitches as Taehyung swipes his finger over the head.

Quirking an eyebrow, Taehyung gives Jeongguk one final squeeze before settling his hands on the younger’s waist. “Can Hyung see?”

Do I have permission to go further?

“Yeah,” Jeongguk nods.

Carefully, he's maneuvered onto the seat next to Taehyung so the elder can pull his boxers down his legs until they've joined his jeans, then he's returned to his spot in Taehyung’s lap. His cock is flushed red, sticking up against his shirt and leaking precum through the cotton around his belly button. The sight is embarrassing for him, but Taehyung seems to enjoy it.

Slender fingers clad in thin rings run up the skin of his thighs until they're bunching up his shirt to above his chest then going back down to frame his cock, sneaking beneath the curve of the shaft and touching everywhere except where he wants them the most. His body is warm in contrast to the rings, and he shivers each time the gold bands graze against him.

Taehyung hums with a small smirk, coming to trace tiny circles on the head of Jeongguk’s dick with his index finger. There’s weak spurts of precum spilling over and coating his finger, and Jeongguk watches in a mix of shame and arousal.

“What were you saying about not being wet?”

“Hnph, a-ah , shut up,” Jeongguk tries to chase Taehyung’s finger when he pulls back, but the elder tsk’s at him and uses one hand to hold him in place while the other works on getting his jeans undone and halfway down his thighs.

“I thought you wanted me to touch you,” Taehyung says, starting to stroke himself through his boxers while Jeongguk can do nothing but stare.

“I-I do! Please, Tae!” Drool gathers in the corners of his mouth. The outline of Taehyung’s cock alone is so thick. He wants it on his tongue, wants it inside of him.

“I only touch good boys, Guk. Not ones who are rude and disrespectful. Wanna be a brat for me some more and see where that'll take you?” Taehyung growls and digs his fingers into Jeongguk’s waist. “Because I'll tell you already, you won't be getting very far if you do.”

Jeongguk cries and leans forward until his head is resting on Taehyung’s shoulder. “I’ll be a guh-good boy, Tae. I promise! M’sorry. Please ,” His cock grinds helplessly desperate circles against thin air until it suddenly comes in contact with Taehyung’s, and another cry escapes him when Taehyung wraps his hand around the both of them.

A set of teeth nip at his earlobe, then Taehyung presses a soft kiss to the place he had bitten. “I know you're sorry, angel. It’s okay. Just do better from now on.”

It's goes left unsaid, but Jeongguk has a feeling those words run deeper than simply him telling Taehyung to shut up. Maybe he's overthinking it, maybe there's nothing to it at all. The sentiment is still nice, nonetheless.

He can't stop shaking. Isn’t sure if it's from the feeling of Taehyung sliding his hand up and down on him in agonizingly slow strokes, or if it's from him not being able to stop crying. Taehyung shh’s him, whispers it into his hair, all the while digging his thumb nail into his slit and making him want to cry even harder.

“You smell so good,” Taehyung murmurs, biting back a grunt as Jeongguk releases a moan when he speeds his hand up on their dicks. “Fuck. Do you think I could have another taste?”

Bucking up into Taehyung’s grip, feeling Taehyung’s cock glide pleasantly against his frenulum, Jeongguk nods vigorously. If Taehyung bites him again, it might cause him to black out for sure this time, but he wants it so, so badly. “Hnf, yeah — yes,” He squeaks.

Just as the firey sensation in his abdomen begins to peak, it disappears along with Taehyung’s hand. He doesn't have time to utter a sound of complaint before he's being laid against the seat with Taehyung hovering over him. The lack of room in the back makes their positioning fairly awkward, but Jeongguk is too caught up in wanting that feeling to come back to care.

All of a sudden, Taehyung sits up on his knees and puts more space between them. Jeongguk frowns until he realizes the elder is shedding his jacket, leaving him in a long-sleeved shirt and the jeans he still hasn’t gotten rid of. There’s a sense of power that exudes from Taehyung like this. Something that feeds the fire inside of Jeongguk from being half naked while Taehyung is - almost - fully dressed.

Then, Taehyung leans over the middle console and Jeongguk hears the glove-box click open and closed. He comes back with a bottle of lube and a condom packet in his hand, both of which he sets on the console.

Even in his current state of mind, Jeongguk has the audacity to laugh. “Were you really planning on fucking someone during the trip?”

The elder shrugs, leaning down so he’s resting on his stomach in between Jeongguk’s thighs, legs bent against the car door behind him and his breath fanning out on Jeongguk’s inner thigh. “Maybe. I always bring them with me just in case. I didn’t think it’d be with you, but I’m not complaining.”

Jeongguk’s eyebrows furrow. “Wait, what?- Oh ,” His head slinks back against the seat when Taehyung envelops the tip of his cock in his mouth, tongue swirling over the slit and digging in under the head. “Oh fuck.”

He tries to push Taehyung’s head further down, wants the wet warmth of his mouth to encase him completely, but Taehyung has enough of it and pins his hands to his sides by his wrists. His fingers ache to intertwine with Taehyung’s, yet he shoves the inapt desire aside.

Taehyung grazes his teeth over the sensitive tip, and Jeongguk lets out another cry with a buck of his hips. The action causes Taehyung to gag on his cock, and he proceeds to glare at Jeongguk and pull off. Disappointment floods Jeongguk’s gut until he feels Taehyung nosing along his thigh.

“Do you remember what to do?” Taehyung questions, looking at him from under his eyelashes.

Throat going dry at the alluring sight, Jeongguk takes a deep breathe in. “Pull your hair if it’s too much.”

The atmosphere seems to have changed between them. A subtle shift in the air that drifts over them as they lay there. Taehyung gives him a soft smile that feels like some sort of award. He looks pleased with Jeongguk, and for what, Jeongguk doesn’t know. But he likes it. The silent praise.

“Good boy,” Taehyung murmurs, pressing a light kiss to his thigh. “So good for me.”

Jeongguk doesn't prop himself on his elbows to make sure Taehyung doesn't do something outside of his liking. He isn't scared. He trusts Taehyung. And when Taehyung holds one of his hands and entwines their fingers on his own account, it feels like comfort. As ironic as it may be in this type of situation, it's as if he's never been safer than he is right now.

His breath hitches when Taehyung’s fangs poke into his thigh. He’s a lot more sensitive there than he is on his wrist, and can feel every little ghosting touch. To keep his leg from moving away or jostling, Taehyung curls his arm around it, hikes it over his shoulder, and holds it in place.

There’s a moment spent with Taehyung trying to build anticipation, licking a stripe up his thigh and nibbling all over in different places. Jeongguk can feel his cock twitch each time, along with the trembling of the leg perched over Taehyung’s shoulder.

However, when Taehyung finally sinks his teeth into his thigh, his body pulls taut like a bow. The rush of pleasure that sparks through him is an instant ignition. His back arches away from the seat, hand squeezing Taehyung’s impossibly tight and his cock releasing more precum.

“M’gonna cum, oh god,” Jeongguk whines, going to wrap a hand around himself. Taehyung detaches their hands and bats away the one on his cock with a growl, then lays a heavy smack down on his other thigh. “ Tae—! A-again.”

The light-headed feeling has returned, like he's floating on a cloud. A familiar sensation pools underneath his skin once more, and spills over when Taehyung spanks his thigh again in the same spot. He screams as cum spurts out and coats his chest and stomach, his body thrashing with the overbearing pleasure.

As soon as his body collapses onto the seat, Taehyung retracts his fangs and repeats the same procedure he did with the bite on his wrist. Jeongguk is weak; more than spent, but it isn't enough . One squinted glance at Taehyung’s cock, thick and long as it rests upright against his clothed stomach, and Jeongguk is lifting his bent legs to his chest and begging for more.

“Fuck, angel, I can't. You're too sensitive,” Taehyung groans, although his resolve doesn't appear too strong.

“Nngh, no m’not! Want your cock, Tae. I can handle it. Please?” Tears well up in his eyes at the thought of not being filled with Taehyung. His bottom lip wobbles. “Want y-you to wreck me. Wanna feel you n’here,” He rubs over his lower stomach and bites back a grin when Taehyung curses under his breath.

“Dammit,” Taehyung sighs and grabs for the lube, popping the cap off and squirting some of it over three of his fingers. “You want my cock that bad, huh?”

“S’bad — wanna feel it tomorrow. Cuh-can I have it?”

Taehyung plants one hand by Jeongguk’s head while the other drifts down to his hole, his middle finger circling over his rim. “Of course, angel. Be patient, alright?”

“M’kay,” Jeongguk mumbles with a pout, absent-mindedly rotating his hips to get Taehyung’s finger in him. He whines when the first finger goes in, a mild thrumming of pain laced with pleasure sparking through him.

The first finger is easy, one minute of easing it in and out of Jeongguk, then gradually picking up speed as Taehyung prepares to add the second finger. Once he pulls out to align two fingers with Jeongguk’s hole and slowly pushing them in, he sees the wince Jeongguk tries to suppress and pauses.

“Don't be afraid to tell me to stop,” Taehyung tells him.

Jeongguk huffs and nudges himself forward so Taehyung’s fingers slide in deeper. “N-no, don't stop – mm, it feels good. I like the pain.”

“I guess I should've known that by now,” Taehyung chuckles. He scissors his fingers while going back and forth, and purposely lets them drag against Jeongguk’s walls. The younger draws in a breath and clenches his fists as Taehyung brushes over the gland he had been looking for. “Did I find it?”

Nodding, Jeongguk pushes himself back onto Taehyung’s fingers again and whimpers when Taehyung rubs over that spot again. This isn't something he recalls ever feeling so — electrifying . There's something about the way Taehyung’s fingers spread him out and fuck him the way he needs. No one has been able to treat him so well before, only Taehyung.

His head tips back and his mouth gapes as Taehyung curls his fingers. “More. A-another finger,” He gasps out.

It's an uncomfortable fit with all three fingers inside of him, especially when Taehyung is gifted with such pretty fingers that fill him so good. It takes a bit of Taehyung rubbing his thigh in a comforting manner and adjusting to get used to the stretched feeling. He eventually gives the go ahead for Taehyung to move his hand, and his cock gives a pathetic kick.

“You’re doing so good, angel. Sucking my fingers right in,” Taehyung whispers, fucking Jeongguk until the younger is crying out and grabbing onto his forearms to stabilize himself. He pushes his fingers in as far as they can reach and grazes over Jeongguk’s prostate again, milking it and grinning while Jeongguk’s body starts to shake in oversensitivity.

“Ah! Oh, oh, T-Tae. Need your cock, nngh. Fuh-fuck, fuck me,” Jeongguk sputters. His cock is leaking again, on top of the half-dried cum from earlier. He’s ready to cum again, but then Taehyung pulls his fingers out and leaves him devastatingly empty. “Tae,” He sniffles, clenching around nothing. “M’so empty.”

Taehyung, after sliding the condom on and lathering his cock in lube, grabs ahold of his waist and pulls him into his lap, back to how they originally were with Jeongguk straddling him. The elder kisses his forehead and wipes his tears away. “It's okay. I’ve got you.”

Jeongguk leans flat against Taehyung, moaning as Taehyung slips inside of him. His cock is wider than his three fingers combined, and the stretch steals the breath from Jeongguk’s lungs. He wraps his arms around Taehyung’s neck and hides his face there too.

He's so full, fits on Taehyung’s cock like he's meant to be seated upon it. He clenches down on Taehyung’s cock when he bottoms out, and a set of quiet grunts leave both of their mouths. “It’s so much,” he whines.

“I know,” Taehyung replies in an exhale. He digs his fingers into Jeongguk’s thighs. “I know it is.”

Just barely, Jeongguk shifts his hips forward. It's a small movement but it's enough to spur him on, and he does it again. His thighs squeeze tight around Taehyung’s, and when he loosens them, he sinks further onto his cock.

“I’m — I’m good now,” Jeongguk says, circling his hips and leaning back to look Taehyung in the eyes.

“Yeah?” Taehyung cocks his eyebrow, demeanor changing as he places a light smack against his ass. “Then ride me, baby boy.”

Jeongguk gasps at the sting that comes with the smack, and grinds his hips down onto Taehyung. He pushes himself up and comes back down with a moan as the cock rubs up against every part of him. One of Taehyung’s hands goes to his chest and his thumb flicks over Jeongguk’s nipple, sending a shiver down his spine.

“Tae, I don't think I can— hngh ,” Paired with the blood Taehyung had taken from him and the overstimulation, Jeongguk’s strength is lacking and can't hold up for too long. He tries bouncing on Taehyung’s cock but slumps into a grinding motion instead.

With a sound of acknowledgement, Taehyung guides him by his hips and takes charge. Jeongguk’s mouth hangs open in a quiet scream as he falls against Taehyung’s chest again. His hips slam down against Taehyung’s continuously. He lets a sob ring out against Taehyung’s neck when his cock brushes over his prostate.

Not once pausing or seizing his assault on Jeongguk's prostate, Taehyung proceeds to fuck him, call him pretty names through breathy whispers, make him cry glistening tears.

Jeongguk sits back up and leans back, bracing one hand on Taehyung’s knee. There's precum trailing down his cock onto his balls, leaking onto his abdomen as well.

Every thrust Taehyung gives, every one that makes Jeongguk bounce a little extra, makes his cock smack against both of their stomachs. Each time, Jeongguk whines with the intervals of feeble pain.

Taehyung readjusts his hips and changes his place. His thrusts come more slowly, but harder. Every sound of their skin slapping together is followed by a cry from Jeongguk, the sensitivity only building higher and higher.

“Oh god, Tae — it feels so good,” Jeongguk sobs, throwing his head back. Another ripple of heat stirs inside of him. “Love your cock.”

“I know you do,” Taehyung smirks, flicking his thumb over Jeongguk’s nipple again just to see the satisfied reaction it gets out of the younger. “Nobody’s as good as me, are they angel?”

His jaw slackens when Taehyung slams his cock into him repeatedly, quick and relentless. Taehyung pulls back on Jeongguk’s hair, tilting his head even further, and he sucks a mark low on his neck when the area's left open for him.

"Nuh-no, nobody,” He answers. “Only you.”

“That's right,” Taehyung growls.

Taehyung must notice how much more pliant he gets when he's closer to cumming. He curls his fingers around Jeongguk’s dick and jerks him off, thumb swiping over the tip and spreading precum over the rest of the length.

A few more strokes and Jeongguk tips over the edge. “T-Taehyung," He squeaks, body tensing up and stilling in an arch. "Cummingcummingcumming—"

Speeding up the pace of his hand as Jeongguk cums, Taehyung kisses all over Jeongguk’s shoulders and collarbones and whispers about how good he is. The feeling of Jeongguk clenching around him is enough to bring Taehyung to his own release, his groans soon flooding the car while Jeongguk’s body spasms.

For a while, Jeongguk stays pressed against Taehyung as their harsh breathing fills the air. There are fingers running through his hair and scratching his back. Once his body finally stops shaking, Taehyung slowly pulls out of him. He whines when his hole clenches around nothing.

After the condom has been tied and tossed somewhere on the floor, Taehyung wipes Jeongguk up with what tissues he can find, pampers him as he calms down, then helps him get his pants and jacket back on since the cold has crept back in. It can't cover up the smell of sex, which Jeongguk is thankful for. He likes the faint reminder of what happened, and thinks that Taehyung likes it too.

“So,” Taehyung speaks out of the blue, still cradling Jeongguk in his lap. “Do we want to talk about what happens next?”

“I dunno. Do we?” Jeongguk asks, his beady eyes glancing up at Taehyung. He’s nervous again. Misses the honeysuckle.

If they talk, it could go in two completely different directions. Either they go back to the way they were, or they acknowledge some of the unsaid feelings that were exchanged between them tonight and go from there. In a twist of events, Jeongguk really hopes they shoot for the latter.

“I think we do after all that,” Taehyung chuckles, brushing hair away from Jeongguk’s forehead.

Most of Jeongguk’s life has been spent living by the motto ‘go big or go home’. Yet, when it comes to admitting his feelings versus keeping them locked up and hidden, the going home option doesn't sound too bad.

He doesn't even know what he feels for Taehyung right now. All he does know is that he wants to be hugged and doted on by him for, maybe, the rest of his life.

So. Going big wins again.

“Well, Taehyung,” He mumbles, unable to look at Taehyung properly in the meantime. “I don't — I can't have us go back to hating each other. Not just because of the sex, but. You made me feel comforted. And safe, I guess? I don't know, but I liked it.. But if you don't want that, then that's okay too…”

Just as Taehyung opens his mouth to respond, there's a knock on the door that makes them both jump apart.

“It’s Jin-hyung!” Comes a voice from outside the car. “I’m here to rescue my damsels in distress.”

“Thank god,” Taehyung groans, and a pang of hurt strikes Jeongguk in the chest. Did he not like being with him?

The door opens up to reveal Seokjin and Namjoon. The ground beneath their feet is covered in layers of snow that go past their ankles, but the storm has come to a halt after who knows how long. The four of them grab the groceries from the trunk and leave the car behind.

“Did you guys get too cold?” Namjoon asks on their way to Seokjin’s car. Luckily the roads have already been scraped over.

Jeongguk watches his feet while he walks. He isn't in the mood for talking anymore. In the corner of his eye he sees Taehyung look at him for a brief second before looking away.

“Uh, no, not too bad. It'll be nice to be under some heating though,” Taehyung answers for them.

“Well, I tried calling the mechanic but no one answered, so I'll try calling again when the snow clears up to see if they can tow your car,” Seokjin informs.

After they put the groceries away, Seokjin and Namjoon get in the front while Jeongguk sits in the back with Taehyung. It's only Seokjin and Namjoon talking rather loudly to each other, and the two in the back stay quiet.

Jeongguk is gazing out the window to pitch black, still trying to avoid Taehyung in general, when a hand nudges his. He looks down and sees Taehyung trying to open up his clenched fist, then he looks at Taehyung.

The elder gestures down to his hand, grinning when Jeongguk gives in and flattens his palm out. Instantly, Taehyung holds it and intertwines their fingers just as he had while they were in the car a while ago. The way that made Jeongguk’s heart flutter, and still continues to do.

“I hope you guys didn't make each other suffer too much being stuck in such a small space for a long time together,” Namjoon snorts.

The two of them smile knowingly at each other, and Taehyung winks at him. He giggles.

“It wasn't so bad.”