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like gravity (so lucky that I fell into your orbit)

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Pang doesn’t know when it happens, but at some point it turns into a habit to do homework with Wave. It’s between Pang regaining his memories and going back to The Gifted program, and him and Nack drifting apart once again - this time a little less painful than the first time around because he already knows that Nack's jealousy goes deeper than their friendship.

Still, the way their friendship ended didn’t erase everything Nack had done for Pang. Nack had helped him and he wouldn't ever forget that. He didn’t think he’d find someone like Nack again, but Wave fills his former friend’s shoes pretty well. Honestly, he’s even better sometimes.

There’s something about Wave’s chilly personality that not just draws Pang’s attention, but also calms him down and helps him focus in whatever he’s doing. Somehow, it becomes easier to study when he can feel Wave’s elbow brushing against his every now and then. Pang doesn’t understand yet what is up with that, but it’s not like he is actually bothered by it. It’s fine. Wave helps him study and not just by sitting around him, too. Whenever Pang has a question, Wave can always answer him because he’s brilliant in everything, not just Math.

“Hey,” Namtaan’s voice interrupts Pang’s train of thought. “You guys are still here, huh?”

Pang looks up and she’s standing a feet away from their desk, a small smile on her lips while holding two cereal bars.

“You should eat something,” Namtaan says, pushing the cereal bars into Pang’s hand before he could say anything. “Just don’t let Miss Pattaya catch you two, okay?”

And just like she appeared, Namtaan is gone. Pang only has time to look at her and the cereal bars in confusion. It’s the feeling of eyes on him that makes Pang turn his head to his left and look at Wave.

He’s not surprised to find his friend watching him, but he’s a bit alarmed that Wave is giving the stink eye.

“What is it?” Pang asks in utter confusion.

“She likes you,” he replies in an accusative tone.

Pang only blinks. “I mean, I’d hope so, as she’s my friend?”

Wave tilts his head, pursing his mouth in annoyance - a look Pang is really familiar with. “What did I say about being stupid?”

Pang frowns and opens his mouth to respond, but Wave cuts him off.

“I meant she wants to be your girlfriend.”

“What?! No!” Pang shouts in dismay. There’s a collective shush that comes from the shelves, so Pang lower his voice when he adds. “She doesn’t want to be my girlfriend. We are like siblings! Are you insane?”

Wave watches Pang in silence for a couple of seconds before he gives Pang his lopsided smile. “Good.”

“Good?” Pang repeats, trying to understand why would it be good that Namtaan is like his sister and he really doesn’t want to date-  

Oh, Pang thinks when it clicks the possible reason Wave would like to hear that Pang wasn’t interested in Namtaan.

“ you like her?” Pangs asks, feeling something like dread settling in his stomach. Honestly, now he wishes he could take it back and not ask the question. He’s not sure he wants to know if Wave likes Namtaan.

Wave raises his eyebrows and there’s surprise in his expression. He opens and closes his mouth a couple of times before shaking his head. “You really are stupid,” and then he throws his eraser at Pang’s face.

“Aow!” Pang complains, massaging his nose. “Why did you throw your eraser at me? You could’ve just said no! No need for violence.”

“You deserved it,” Wave replies, then he takes one of the cereal bars from Pang’s hand. “Go back to your homework.”

Pang watches Wave unwrap and take a bite from the cereal bar before going back to his own homework. Pang knows Wave believes he doesn’t notice it, but it’s pretty obvious there’s a faint smile adorning Wave’s lips. For unknown reasons, that knowledge makes Pang’s heartbeat race a little.

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“No, you have to go to the room upstairs to get extra points before leaving the house!” Pang shouts at Ohm, shoving him aside to get the remote control, and trying to save their mission.

“I already played this game! No need for that,” Ohm nudges Pang hard in his ribcage.

“Clearly you did it wrong if you missed those points,” Pang leans away from Ohm, his eyes glued to the TV screen. He manages to go back and get the points they’d need later in the game.

“And this is how you get shit done, Ohm,” Pang says with a smug smile as he gets out of the house and is actually ready for the next level.

Of course, that’s when there’s a knock on the door.

“Go get it!” Pang says, nudging Ohm with his foot when his friend stands up to get the door. Pang is barely paying attention to Ohm, his concentration one hundred percent on the game.

That’s until he hears the distinctive sound of Wave’s voice saying his name. He never hit pause so fast in his life.

He turns to look at his friend and the stern look on Wave’s face makes Pang smile and wave in greeting. “Hey, Wave.”

Wave raises an eyebrow. “Let’s go before I change my mind.”

“Okay,” Pang says. He gets up and walks to the door, where Wave and Ohm are standing.

“Well, it was good while it lasted,” Pang tells Ohm as he puts on his shoes. Ohm laughs and shakes his head.

“Better you than me,” is Ohm’s only answer.

“Asshole,” Pang chides him, poking his side and making Ohm screech.

“Fuck you, Pang!”

Wave presses his lips together, trying not to laugh, but he’s clearly failing at that. Pang doesn’t understand why, even after everything, Wave still tries to keep up with this cool exterior. Pang likes watching Wave smiling, and listening to the cute sound of his laugh. Pang especially likes the warm feeling that rushes through him every time he sees it. It’s a nice feeling.

“Come on,” Wave says, his hand wrapping around Pang’s wrist and tugging him out of the room.

“Pray for me,” Pang tells Ohm, waving him goodbye.

“He really should,” Wave replies, when they are far away from Ohm’s dorm. “It’ll be a miracle if I manage to teach you everything you need to know before your test next Friday.”

“Why are you so mean to me?” Pang whines, sluggishly following Wave’s steps.

“Because you need someone to toughen you up,” Wave says, sending him a teasing look over his shoulder, his grip tightening slightly around Pang’s wrist.

“Aow, so aggressive,” Pang complains loudly, but he doesn’t try to take away his arm from Wave’s clasp.

Honestly, it doesn’t even cross Pang’s mind to pull away.