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True mate or true pain on my...

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“Regina where is your manners.”the older read head said with a neutral face but you could barely see her lip twitch as if trying to fight off a smile

“I’m sorry mother. My apologize to the queen and king but I guess I’m just not use to that... interesting smell” the goddess named Regina smirked.

God she is truly a beautiful angel. Emma thought she was feeling the temptation run and kiss her. Then she she shook her head no how could she think of this about a vampire and not any ordinary vampire but the princess of New York. She has heard stories about her she is on the vampire council as well. To be in that council you would have to be at least two hundred years old and have such a strength it could take hundreds of creatures to take them down. Which brought a better question to Emma how old is Regina. Emma kept feeling her wolf fighting her mental barriers trying to get Emma’s attention.

‘Mate I want mate’ Emma’s inner wolf was shouting at her. Emma has not had to control her wolf since she was a child. She growled loudly making it known to her wolf she is not happy with this distraction. Growling was probably not the best idea to do during a tense situation like this because she felt her mother get closer to her and pinch her side.

“Calm yourself Emma you have heard worse from others. You are not a child anymore.” Snow whispered fiercely. Snow was begging to think maybe this situation was going to be a lot harder than she predicted if her daughter could not control herself and her wolf. She felt them having battle of will between each other.

She need to change that atmosphere and quickly she was sensing Cora’s anger rising at Emma’s growl. “Excuse my manners Cora. Let me introduce you to my daughter Emma Swan. She was unfortunately not here for our first meeting since she was on a mission.” Snow gave Emma a little push forward since she wasn’t moving. That seemed to shake Emma out of her musings.

Emma walked toward Cora and bowed. “It is pleasure to meet you all.” She knew of Cora and her husband Henry. They are suppose to be polar opposite of each other while he has been known as a king with a golden heart. Cora has been known to take off someone head for looking at her wrong.

“The pleasure is mine dearie.” The way Cora said that made chills go up Emma’s spine. She slowly picked up her head not feeling as if she could trust Cora not to sink her teeth into her.

Emma turned to look at Regina and she couldn’t help but feel like she was having a rush of adrenaline just by looking at her. Emma made a small smile at her and Regina just a sneer back in return. ‘Kiss mate, kiss mate, Kiss mate’ Emma’s wolf kept chanting. As much as Emma wish she could she had her suspicions that she would end up with bloody nose if she tried.

“Good afternoon Princess Regina. It is truly a pleasure to meet you. You look as radiant as when the moonlight shines upon a river.” Emma internally cringed what in the hell type of compliment was that. She is typically so smooth with the ladies but with her she is acting like a wanna be poetic idiot. Then she feels her wolf snicker that’s when it clicks to her that her wolf is trying to speak for her. God this going to be a long day Emma thought.

Regina raised an eyebrow at her. She choose to ignore Emma and turned to look at Snow and David. “May we go somewhere to sit and talk there are many things we must go over.” Regina was all business she did not want have to be here any longer than she needed to. She looked at her father to see him observing everyone.

Henry, Reginas father stayed silent proceeded to assets everyone before he speaks out. He could see the young blonde seemed hypnotized by his daughter. Hopefully, she will be able to pull down the walls of his daughter like he has done with his Cora. Speaking of Cora he looks at his wife and sees her eyes are twinkling she is enjoying being able
to make the wolf queen squirm. He can’t help but silently chuckle at his wife’s antics.

Snow turned to see King Henry looking as if he was holding his laughter. Snow tried her best this morning to make sure everything would go perfectly this afternoon and so far it’s turned into a disaster. At least Granny food will ease some of the tension. Snow just wanted to get everyone in the dining room and hopefully that will go smoothly.

“Please follow me to our dining room. I believe are food should be ready. Gra- Widow Lucas has everything prepared to your liking.” Snow forced a smile on to her face there is something about Cora that always gets on her nerves.

“Oh I hope it is not that same cook again that made that awful soup again. Truly I believe I became ill from it.” Cora twitched her nose at the thought of the soup. Truthfully, the soup was amazing but Cora just loved seeing Snow squirm.

“Sorry we aren’t savages and prefer to have normal food.” Emma mumbled once the words came out of her mouth she instantly regretted it and hoped no one heard that. But the chances of that being true with a house full of wolves and vampires is slim to none. She picked her head up to see everyone glaring at her.

“Watch how you speak to my mother you mu-“ before Regina could finish speaking Cora raised her hand as if to silence her. She obeyed but still gave a look to Emma that if she had the power to kill with her eyes Emma would be dead.

“Oh you are amusing one dearie. I see it will be fun dealing with you.” Cora smirked

Emma felt someone try to enter her mental barriers knowing it was her mother most likely to chastised her she blocked it out. Emma has always had problem of opening her mouth before thinking it has always lead her to trouble. This time she knew she is going to far. But a vampire killed her grandfather and was part of their council how could her mother forgive them.

“I apologize that was ill manner for me to say. I mean no disrespect.” Emma meant every word she said before but she rather try to not make this dinner as awkward as it’s going to be.

Snow turning her back on everyone “Please let’s keep walking. We wouldn’t want our food to get cold.” Snow walked quickly and everyone followed her. She sensed someone trying to enter her daughters mind. Which tell her one of her guest has the power to enter other minds. But which one of them does is the true question.

Everyone followed her and what everyone was thinking was this is going to be one hell of dinner