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Fuck(Love) you too

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Why was he crying? Today he had announced to his fans that he was leaving Dogsica and now he was hugging his members goodbye, tears pouring out of his eyes. “We’re going to miss you so much...” Kai whimpered and Baekhyun felt so bad, Sehun had just left them after years and now he was doing the same thing in a matter of months. “I’ll miss you guys too but, we can still talk and meet if you want. I’ll graduate soon so I can have lots of time okay?” Baekhyun wiped his eyes and leaned into Lay’s hand which was petting his head gently and holding onto him, Chen on the opposite side and Chanyeol far away, watching it unfold with wet cheeks. Minseok was picking him up and he wanted to get the most of out his few minutes with everyone but, when he turned to look at Chanyeol he was gone. “I.. I’ll be back.” Baekhyun mumbled as he pulled away from his friends and walked into the room that wasn’t his anymore. “Yeol...” Baekhyun saw Chanyeol sitting with his head in his hands and his heart just kept cracking. They hadn’t talked since the night he caught Baekhyun on the phone and had been sleeping on the couch to avoid him, this was the first time they were even within 3 feet of each other. Baekhyun went to Chanyeol and crouched down, pulling his hands away from his face. It only too a second of Chanyeol looking st him for the taller to yank Baekhyun into a hug. “I don’t want you to look at me.” Chanyeol sobbed in Baekhyun’s neck while muffling the sound to the best of his abilities. “I want to look at you.” Baekhyun said, pushing Chanyeol away softly to look at him, wiping the tears away from his face.

”I’m so sorry, Chanyeol... this is for the best... for me and for you.” Baekhyun said gently, petting the boys soft hair with a sad smile. “Baekhyun... will you at least listen to the song?” Baekhyun had refused this entire time, he wasn’t listening to or watching anything that had to do with Chanyeol or Sehun until they were over him. He didn’t even go to the premiere of the film. “Chanyeol I—“ 

“Minseok is here...” Lay came through the door and sighed, looking at the two with a forlorn expression. Baekhyun nodded and Chanyeol stood up to hug him once more. “I love you.” Chanyeol whispered to Baekhyun and Baek just nodded, leaving for good. 


Baekhyun never saw Sehun before he left, he ignored the calls and texts from both Sehun and Chanyeol until they reduced down to nothing. He kept in touch with Kai and Chen and Lay just to make sure Chanyeol was okay at least and to ask how things were going personally. He often asked Kai about Sehun and hoped he didn’t break him. Luckily they seemed to be doing just fine and Baekhyun didn’t need much time to return to himself, except for all the questions he was asked about his experience or why he quit, some people hated him for it and other were understanding but, only Minseok knew the whole truth. Minseok who had managed to keep his dating Chen a secret from the media and it made Baekhyun happy that his best friend was in a good relationship for once. Baekhyun finally watched his film with Minseok and loved it, recalling the moments that were improv or the ones where they kept messing up for one reason or another, it was a fond memory that Baekhyun intended to love for a long time. And every night before he went to sleep, he listened to Chanyeol’s single while scrolling through Twitter mentions of his time in Dogsica. His heart felt heavy with every post he liked, every guy he talked to, every question asked but, it was worth it. His heart could break a little more if that meant that Sehun and Chanyeol’s hearts could be rebuilt. Maybe all those months back he should have never auditioned.