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The one where Rumi finds out

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Dabi woke with a start, soft crimson feathers smothering his face to the point where the line between suffocation and warmth was blurred. He then let out a groan, pushing the soft feathered wing of his partner off of his face, taking a deep breath in. He took his burn-scarred hands off of the wing he had so delicately moved, expecting it to stay in the position he had placed it in, but the blanket of red came right back down to stifle his already bad breathing. Awesome. After attempting this act a couple more times with the same results he decided waking the winged Hero up would be his next plan of action. While Dabi could just get up and let Hawks sleep, leaving out the back door like always, the flaming Villain resolved to being ever so slightly domestic for the sake of his winged lover's happiness. He then moved the wing one more time, himself rising from the warm mattress with a slight creak from the bed-frame.

 Dabi moved a warm, scarred hand from the crimson wings attached to Hawk's shoulder blades down his bare back and settling on his sides. He would never say this out loud, but he loved the look of his sleeping lover, his back turned to the ceiling as to let his wings flop freely over the soft bed, and tousled hair despite the fact it barely touches the grey pillow he had his pale arms curled around. He looked so peaceful. Despite the fact that those soft wings nearly suffocated Dabi every time he stayed over. The previous night, his Hero had told him that he had the next day off, and to not run away too soon. That may have also contributed to his compromise with himself to stay and at least wake Hawks up. Dabi dragged his head up to the Hero's ear, biting it with a muffled squeak coming from Hawks that sounded like an injured bird. Before the other's hand could slap his face away, he backed away as Hawk's arm flailed behind his head. that twisted around to reveal the signature scowl of a pouty bird face.  

"There are better ways to wake me up, crackhead." The sleep tousled blonde quipped, honey-colored eyes narrowing at his scarred face. Dabi smirked, partially lidded eyes looking fondly at his partner.

"Like what, Bird Brain?" Hawks rolled his eyes, a smile emerging on his face. "A morning kiss perhaps?" he said, fluttering his long eyelashes.

"Whatever you say, Tweety Bird." Dabi mumbled, a light hum emitting from Hawks as their lips met lightly for a second or two before the hand that was at the winged Hero's side slid down further, resting on his ass. A light slap met his hand as Hawks flipped himself over so his wings were facing towards the bed. As they parted Dabi was met with another lighthearted glare from the tired blonde, the ghost of a laugh escaping his charred lips.

"I'm going to take a shower, don't run too far, ashtray." Dabi kissed the other's forehead, a smile expressing itself on his normally cold, glowering face.

"With that nickname I just might." Hawks scoffed.

"When has a nickname ever stopped you, Flam-bae?" his smile turned more into a smirk as Dabi's eyebrows raised.

"That was bad. Even for you." He rolled his golden eyes again, shaking his head lightly.

"Don't act daft, you love me for it." their lips met again, briefly. 

"Have fun wallowing in your denial, I haven't showered in two days," he rolled out from his position slightly under Dabi, using his large red wings to glide over to the bathroom door instead of walking, like a normal person. Meanwhile, Dabi scrunched up his nose. "You nasty pigeon, I slept with you! Gross!" He heard a laugh from the ever so slightly ajar door.

The shower eventually turned on, Dabi taking this as a chance to ravage Hawk's stuffed, rich-person pantry for whatever he felt like eating. Today, his sweet tooth decided to take over his appetite, grabbing a box of those chocolate truffle things left over from the holidays, the ones people decide to hand out as a last minute gift, but ended up conveying the person was just too lazy or didn't know enough about them to get the receiver anything nice. He kind of wanted to meet the person who had given Hawks three whole boxes of them, all the same brand. Discovering that none of the three boxes had been opened, he decided Hawks wouldn't really care if any of them were gone, so Dabi was set on if not finishing one of the small boxes now, at least taking one back to the League, maybe emptying one out to serve as a decoy for the food-and knife-grabbing hands of Himiko. He hat sat down at Hawk's two-seated table, when he heard the unmistakable sound of bottles crashing in the shower, and a muffled "Damn it!" from Hawks, His wings probably knocking the stuff over. Dabi smirked, reminding himself to comment about it later.  

 The shower was cut off sometime in the middle of the second box of those truffles, Hawks stepping out in the same sweatpants he had on earlier, wings miraculously dry as a bone. Dabi had noticed that Hawk's wings were waterproof when he had asked the red-winged Hero to meet him somewhere when it was raining pretty hard. He hadn't thought of the fact that birds cant fly in the rain and had just remembered when Hawks stepped into their usual meeting place, shaking his wings, water rolling off of them. He decided not to mention it afterwards, it didn't really matter. Hawks walked over to the table, draping his arms over Dabi's shoulders. Dabi sitting down created the rare occasion that the Hero was taller than him, the bird-man usually noticeable shorter by about a foot. "Rummaging through my pantry, are we?"

Dabi grunted in response, the blonde resting his head on Dabi's messy black hair. "I hate chocolate anyway, take as many of those as you want." he chirped, his wings folding around the both of them. "Good," Dabi retorted, "because i'm taking the rest back to the League with me."

Hawk's head shifted slightly. "Going back so soon? At least have a real breakfast. Chocolate truffles aren't a real breakfast, I hope you know." Dabi shrugged.

"Could've fooled me." Hawks nuzzled into Dabi's dark hair, walking away to make some sort of meal out of the leftovers he had of not-junk-food in his kitchen.  

 Hawks ended up having enough for the two of them, the scarcity of actual food in his house be damned. Hawks sat back in his chair, stretching his wings out and yawning.

 "Tired already? It's nearly noon, pretty bird." Dabi quipped, smirking to himself. Hawks rolled his eyes, muttering a whatever. The winged Hero ended up putting the five boxes of those damned truffles in a plastic bag with the english words "Thank You" printed on it for whatever reason, Tourists probably, for the flaming Villain to take with him. After all, Hawks was a generous bird despite his sidekicks and Rumi saying otherwise.

 "Shigaraki's going to have a bitch-fit if I don't get back soon." Dabi had said after the two migrated to Hawks' couch, the blonde laying on Dabi's burn-scarred chest, wings draping over the front and back of the sofa. His face turned into a pout, leaning down to kiss Dabi.

 "Don't leave..." Hawks whined, a light chuckle coming from Dabi.

"I'll tell that little demon Toga you said hi. Now get up." Hawks sighed, pecking Dabi's lips and rolling off of the burn-scarred man and onto the floor, his wings splayed out dramatically.

"And thus with a kiss, I die." He brought his arm up to his forehead.

"You're so fucking dramatic. Christ." Dabi extended an arm to help him up. Hawks took it, standing up and intertwining their hands.

"We do resemble that Shakespearean Tragedy..." Dabi rolled his eyes.

"Elaborate."  He humored the bird-man even though he knew exactly what he was talking about. 

"A Hero and a Villain... forbidden to be together. Yet against all odds, in love. Rather poetic, no?" Dabi shrugged. 

"No." A light hit from Hawks. "Don't be such a meanie!" He complained. Dabi pulled the Hero into a kiss, his red wings fluttering.

"See ya, pretty bird." They let go of each other, Dabi grabbing the bag of truffles and going to exit.

"See you tomorrow?" Hawks called down the stairs to his apartment that conveniently went down to ground level and to the back door. Dabi looked up the flight of steps.

"I don't know, Shigaraki would be pissed." Hawks laughed. "And when has that ever stopped you?" Dabi thought back, and he legitimately couldn't remember a time where that man-baby had ever kept him from Hawks. He smirked, realizing whatever complaining Shigaraki had done never had. "Guess you're right."

 He then opened the door, not expecting someone to be there. The rabbit-eared girl hadn't noticed the creak in the door where Dabi stepped out, the earbuds in her strange ears most likely being the reason why. Her long white hair was pulled up into an awkward  side ponytail, her eyes occupied with inspecting her short black nails, salon done, he guessed, by the quality. Dabi was slightly confused at first, wondering if she was some Winged Hero Hawks fangirl that had found his address and knew about the back entrance. But then he matched her ears and face to the Pro Hero Mirko. Shit. This kind of garbage is what Dabi was so afraid of with his lover being a Pro Hero and all. Her head snapped in the direction of Dabi, who was frozen in place despite his brain screaming bloody murder at him to start running. Her eyes widened in recognition, yanking her earbuds out of the long rabbit ears.

"You're that one fucking Villain! #2 on the most fucking wanted list!" She yelled at him, Dabi's brain wracking itself for some sort of escape. Maybe Hawk's stupidity was contagious.

"No i'm not." He said, stepping back and slamming the door, locking it so she couldn't get in. What the fuck was her quirk again? Dabi couldn't remember for the life of him.

 "Bird Brain! We have a problem!" He yelled up the stairs, yelling coming from the other side of the door. Hawks appeared at the top of the stairs, a frantic look in his golden eyes.

 "What?" his panicked voice rang out as he ran down the stairs.

"What the fuck are you doing at my friend's house! Don't make me use my Quirk!" the disembodied voice of Mirko called out. Hawk's wings flared in recognition nearly hitting the walls of the narrow stairway.

"Shit." He sighed, signaling for Dabi to get behind him as the door was kicked open, screws flying loose from the hinges, hitting Hawks to the floor, Mirko heroically stepping on the door where Hawk's red wings were flailing out from underneath. 

"OW! Fuck! Rumi get the fuck off!" He yelled, muffled by the thick door. She hopped forwards, forcing Dabi to back away up the stairs.

"There's a fucking Villain in your house, Hawks!" She yelled as the other Hero pulled himself out from under the door.

"I know that! Leave him alone please!" he then put a hand on Mirko's shoulder.

"Have you gone fucking crazy? He's #2 on the most god damn wanted list!" Hawks saw Dabi trying to make a break for it and shot a larger feather to keep him on the stairwell. He heard a "Damn it" from him.

"I thought he had fucking killed you!" she yelled back at her friend, her breathing becoming ragged with some sort of emotion. Probably rage or something of the sort.

"I can see how you thought that but I swear to you it was the exact opposite of killing! Please calm down, Rumi." She looked back at her friend for the first time in this encounter, looking him up and down for injury. All she found was that the bird-man's neck was littered in hickeys.

 "I should fucking say! Are you fucking a damn Villain?!" Hawks realized the state of himself and cursed under his breath. Dabi then sat on the stairs, grabbing the sides of his head, a blush visible from the angle Mirko and Hawks were at. Hawks looked down, rubbing the back of his neck.

 "You are! Oh my fucking god!" she face-palmed, dragging her hand down her face, the rubber band holding her side ponytail in place slipping even more out of her long white hair.

 "Why don't we sit down and talk about it? Not killing each other." Dabi let out an annoyed groan.

 The three of them migrated to the small beige-walled room just off of Hawk's kitchen that served as a living room of sorts, a charred sofa and a duct-taped coffee table with a fancy-ass TV on a equally as broken down TV stand, offsetting the whole aesthetic of the room. Rumi and Hawks opted to sit on the sofa while Dabi settled for the floor. Hawks was first to speak after about five to ten minutes of awkward silence and mildly hateful glances between Rumi and Dabi.

 "Rumi please do not tell the agency. It's already dangerous enough that you know, and I can get fucking arrested for this! Please Rumi." He dragged out the please a few more syllables, clear worry printed on his face. The rabbit-eared hero rolled her eyes.

 "Despite the fact that he's NUMBER FUCKING TWO! On the most wanted list, i'll spare your gay ass. But don't come crying to me when he roasts you like a rotisserie chicken." She shrugs, messing Hawk's already shitty hair up.

"Oh thank god! I thought you were gonna kill him!" He fell onto Rumi's side, pouty face accentuated.

"I might. We'll see." She pats Hawks on the back, narrowing her eyes at Dabi who just flips her off.

"Iv'e got to leave anyway. You furries do whatever you planned to do." Dabi got up, picking the white plastic bag up and exiting the room to the stairs. "Get this door fixed!" They heard him yell, reminding Rumi of the damage she caused.

"You're absolutely hopeless. Hear me, Bird Brain? H-o-p-e-l-e-s-s. Don't expect me to save your gay ass from burning in a fiery death." Hawks hangs his head in mock guilt.

 "Okay, Mom." she laughs at her feathered companion, pulling a few movie cases from her bag.

  "I brought The Princess Bride." Hawks immediately perked up. "You did?!"