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Strings and Things

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Sakura knows that her birthday is coming up soon. Yuck. She hates it when things are all about her. She didn't want to be a princess, or a Lady, or -sama. But she knows it makes other people happy to call her those things, so she lets it go.

On occasion, Sakura can almost hear her mother's laugh and feel the warm summer breeze because Kaa-san always left all the windows and back screen door open. Even now, she can fully recall all of the stories of her mother's homeland, Kiri, and all of her stories of magical water nymphs who could use magic and make others see things the things that they saw.

And Sakura can clearly remember the time she told her Kaa-san about the red strings that she always saw- attached to the fingers of everyone.

"Kaa-san! You have a string attached to Tou-san's finger too! Just like with the secret person always in the trees!"

"Sakura-chan," her mother warned, suddenly serious, "you must never tell anyone that you see those strings. You cannot tell Tou-san or anyone. Do you understand?"

Afraid, she nodded, "O-okay, Kaa-san."

The strings were never mentioned again. Besides, that made Kaa-san happy, and Sakura always wanted to please those around her.


Okay, my chapters are starting to get a little blurry about the line in the sand on how many words are going to go into my chapters. I'm confused about everything. Send me some love. <3