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Coming out of his daze, he didn't notice that all eyes from the family unit were on him, adults and children alike. Did he mutter that last part out loud? It must've slipped out, but surely there was an explanation for it.

He tried relaying his thoughts to Solas but he wasn't getting a response; they were a jumbled mess and no doubt Solas couldn't make out what all he was trying to say to the ancient elf. If Solas could see through his eyes, then no doubt he's seen his descendants in the large family unit. He must've been in shock from seeing his three children descended to so many, but surely upon the revelation that Solasan might have been part of his family line, he would have said something about it by now.

Looking around at the large family, Solasan was at a loss for words but he had to say something. Before he could say something, the mother to his left spoke up keeping her baby close in her arms, "You said your mother's name is Vunin?" "Y-Yes but it's a very common name," Solasan stuttered out softly, "Much like.. Like Samahl, Melara, Renan, and many others. I'm sure there's an explanation for this," his anxiety was starting to grow immensely and it was starting to show as he ran his fingers through his hair and started to pace around as he continued, "There HAS to be an explanation. Surely, there HAS to be. My mother might have the answers."

Seeing his growing panic, the young from earlier that led him through the halls approached and gently grabbed onto his arm to stop him and caught his attention. Looking down at the young teen, they could see the clear display of mixed emotions in his expression, and the best he could do is rub his arm and back to give gentle reassurance. Taking deep breaths, Solasan felt himself slowly calming down before hearing another set of footsteps coming through and looked over to see Renan awake walking in with the elf that had guided them there.

Renan looked over spotting Solasan and saw his face in a light panic urging her to rush over and find out the problem. Gently rubbing his other arm, she gave a gentle look of concern and he gently rubbed her hand with a faint smile. "What's wrong, lethallin," she asked softly, "You look like you had discovered something devastating." "Not so much devastating, just.. life changing," Solasan said softly seeing her expression shift slightly and even saw her look around at the large family unit taking her by surprise.

"Are all these," she breathed out softly to which Solasan had a small nod smiling bigger. "These are the families descended from Fen'Harel and Asha'Fen," he said softly, "They're still going strong." She had a look of wonder in her eyes and the little toddler, Sulahn, reached over to her with a giggle taking her mother by surprise. "There, there, da'len," she assured before looking to Renan, "Ir abelas, da'len, is it ok," she asked motioning to her daughter. With a smile and a soft chuckle, Renan nodded before gently taking the toddler into her arms feeling her latch one arm around her neck quickly with the other holding her doll close.

Solasan watched the endearing sight, but he had to tell Renan soon about the revelation. Stepping toward Lahtym, he asked the taller man for a moment in private. Stepping out the chamber's entrance and into the inner sanctum, he could hear Lahtym speak lightly, "Such a revelation must be a shock." "It seems like it, but I said that Vunin is a common name," Solasan replied softly, "My mother's name is Vunin but I'm sure she has an explanation for this. She's bound to have answers to clear this up." "Doubt is a very uncomfortable thing, lad," Lahtym noted lightly, "Don't let it cloud your judgment as it lets your fear grow."

"I know, I know," Solasan breathed out as he ran a hand through his hair, "It's just.. It's a possible family that I had no idea about for over 20 years, and I'm now figuring out a part that my mother might've hidden from me." "I'm sure she had a reason, such as to protect her son," he heard Lahtym explain lightly, "After all, as you heard, the Evanuris wouldn't take too kindly to Fen'Harel's family line coexisting amongst the people of Arlathan. It'd be a constant reminder of their humiliation against the Dread Wolf and the people's constant reminder of their murder against him & his wife as senselessly as they did for Mythal."

He paused to let out a soft chuckle, "As if they would let them forget nowadays. But, the stories of Fen'Harel and Asha'Fen are just that among the people: stories; for there were but a few witnesses to such an event. But, the words spoken of their misdeeds are never forgotten by the people." Solasan had a small nod rubbing at the back of his neck feeling the shaven part of his hair starting to grow back out a small length. "But, why keep the truth from me? And does it have something to do with my father's death? His murder," he asked in a single breath, "I have to know."

"All in due time, lad," Lahtym assured lightly before giving his back a light pat before heading back inside. Solasan was more eager to get home, or more desperate, he couldn't tell which. Either way, he wanted answers badly, and staying in the temple wasn't helping matters. He had to get home. He called out to Lahtym one last time and saw him pause just short of the door. "Is there an eluvian here in the temple? I read long ago when Inquisitor Assan claimed the Well of Sorrows that he used an eluvian to escape from Corypheus," he asked lightly, "Do you know if there's one still intact in this temple?"

Lahtym had a shake of his head, "I do not. And if there is, I have not seen it, nor would I know of its location. The three eluvians connected to the Well are all shattered." "I see," Solasan breathed out softly, "I-I'm sure I'll think of something then." Lahtym gave a small nod heading back toward the room and Solasan started to catch up seeing a few of the kids had taken an interest in Renan and she was taking their company well. He watched with a small smile, but he soon had to ask Solas.

"Is it true," he asked lightly through his thoughts to the elder elf, "If this family is of your line, does that mean I am as well?" "I cannot say, da'len," Solas replied gently in his ears, "While you said it is true that your mother shares the same name as their missing sister, you did point out as well that her name is a very common one as well. You do tend to venture more through the capital in hopes of finding her, I take it?" "Of course," he replied softly, "I said I'd help once I returned to Arlathan, and I keep to my word."

Meanwhile, in Arlathan, one of the Evanuris was growing more unsettled..

In the central tower of Arlathan, the Evanuris were gathered into a room, and the twins seemed off. Dirthamen was fiddling with the sleeves of his robes, head constantly turning side to side as if there were multiple people even though there were few in the room, and even fidgeting so strongly to where his ravens couldn't keep their perch on his shoulders. Soft mumbles came from his lips, mumbled and mixed messages in a mix of common and ancient tongue that were hard to decipher; not even his brother, Falon'Din could calm his twin nor could he figure out what was going on but he had a hunch.

"Is he still in that trance," they heard a feminine voice snap lightly, and Falon'Din turned to see Andruil arms crossed but kept her golden bow strapped across her back. "He's not in a trance, Andruil," Falon'Din snapped softly, "But, I fear it may be serious. He hasn't done this in a very long time, since the ancient days of our empire of Elvhenan." "Oh? Care to recall that detail, because I'm afraid I haven't been witness to it." "It's due to his title as 'god of knowledge and secrets' if you'll recall. His sensitivity to magic is practically emphasized hundred-fold so that's why he keeps close to me," Falon'Din explained lightly, "My presence helps drown out the many voices whispered from the Beyond.

"Seems his connection is making him hear many whispers & secrets again and they're starting to affect him. The only one who could calm him aside from myself was.. All-Mother Mythal.." he said his voice trailing off softly before they heard Elgar'nan speak up as he approached on heavy steps. "You have your ways of calming your brother, Falon'din, and it should be of no hindrance again," he started lowly, "But, we can use this to our advantage. Wherever those mages are hiding, they are hiding in secret or have others who know of their secrets. You just have to help him.. filter through them."

"I can only try, All-Father," Falon'Din said dryly, "As I said before, he hasn't done this since the days of our ancient kingdom, so I'm not sure if it will work again." "Then, let us hope it does," Elgar'nan said lowly before Falon'Din let out a thick sigh and turned back to his brother setting his staff aside and gently grabbed his hands before talking to him softly in Elvhen. Hearing his brother, Dirthamen's focus was drawn forward rather than the side-to-side glances he was doing, but words were still soft on his breath as Falon'Din spoke to him more.

The Evanuris were still captivated in some ways at their complex relationship; they were twins, but behaved in ways that were unexpected for twins, or at least, not seen anymore. But, after Mythal's murder, it strained the twins when Dirthamen had started to claim that the whispers and secrets had significantly grown to where he was practically deafened by them most days, and it was hard for his brother to help ease his burden, but it wouldn't stop him from trying. He loved his brother, and he knew that Dirthamen loved him, so he would aide his brother as best he could.

Managing to raise his head up, Dirthamen seemed a bit calmer than before thanks to his brother's gentle coaxing, and his golden eyes looked up to see Elgar'nan beside them. "What secrets have you heard as of late," he asked firmly, but they could hear he was trying to sound gentle. Hearing his question, his soft voice responded, "Soft voices, children making promises, innocent words, some sullen, some words of joy, and others with ill intent. How could you do this? You cannot say this to my mother, she says, it will ruin us both.

"A years-long lie, a man who is unfaithful lies to his wife, but the wife discovered the truth. To save public face, they lie and save her husband's reputation, as well as her own. She couldn't help it. It wasn't her fault. She was with child when he slept with that other woman and then got her pregnant as well," he murmured softly again and Falon'Din seemed surprised at the specific secret he had spoken. "Who does this secret belong to, brother," he asked lightly giving his hands a gentle rub. Dirthamen replied, "A noble man, one whose family helped rebuild during Arlathan's rebuilding. His pride at his family's past history corrupted him, he grew entitled. He thought he could get away with it, but his wife found out.

"His secret, his lie kept behind closed doors, as the mother of his second child is long gone and only his wife knows. They lie and say they're twins, but they know the truth. Born a month apart from each other, it's easy to lie about in the public eye. These brothers, they know. Their words uttered in soft worry. They fear for their friends' lives. They have their own. Please, brother, we must help. We cannot let them be found. Should they be found, the Evanuris will most likely kill them just because they protected us." "There," Elgar'nan pointed out, "That sounds fairly recent. Continue, da'len." Dirthamen nodded continuing more.

"We have to keep lethallin safe from the Evanuris while he rests. The spell was very powerful, I haven't seen anything like it. That kind of spell is in no spellbook in the Vir'Dithara. It had to be something else. A demon perhaps? No demon could conjure that kind of power unless it was a Pride Demon. They were battling a Pride Demon, not possessed by one. The brothers worry, but they watch their fallen friend as he rests, his power sapped greatly and he sleeps for three days and three nights," he paused to let out a soft gasp.

"These brothers, they are kept quiet but aid their friend as they hid them from us. They.. They slipped past us, brother when we were searching among the Clan. The Clan that lingered with death," he said looking down lightly at his twin across from him. "Ah, that Clan I remember," Falon'Din said with a slight grimace and cringe of his nose, "But, how did they sneak past us?" "So many people, so many dead, they were taking care of their dead as well as those still alive, but they watched us. They saw a chance and ran past us when our eyes were averted.

"They ran to a friend who had a mirror. They hid in that mirror into a hidden storage room, but the storage was ancient. They return with one brother wearing an Elven Stone in a necklace around his neck bearing resemblance to a locket. Easy to hide, an easy secret to lie about." "Who's secret is it, brother," Falon'Din urged softly and Dirthamen had a soft whine while he tried to filter through the words. "Brother, friend, family. So many words, from friends considered family and from each other. Lethallin, lethallan alike. Many families, so much trust and as many lies & secrets," he breathed out lightly before his head lifted up and seemed to glow as his eyes locked with his brother's.

"One name I could hear. The little brother. He doesn't address his brother, but his elder brother calls him by name and by endearment. He calls his little brother lethallin, da'len, athim." "And where did you pick up on this secret," Elgar'nan asked seemingly eager now that they had a lead. Dirthamen had no reply, but he raised his hand up and looked in the direction his hand pointed: Vir'Vhenas.