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"This is it," Renan breathed out softly seemingly struck in a mix of awe and shock, "This is REALLY it, Fen'Harel's sanctuary. And.. You found it, lethallin." "Well, from clues that my parents left behind," Solasan noted softly. "Well, your folks had quite a strong secret on their hands," Cassandra noted softly. "And I think it might have gotten my father killed just by knowing it," they Solasan note lowly looking down at the silverite ring on his finger.

"Your father was killed over this place," Renan asked softly. "In part," he said softly looking up at her eyes, "My mother told me that shortly after we had returned from here, my father was killed while he protected us from someone who wasn't too keen of him knowing this sanctuary's location. Thinking back on how the Evanuris reacted after we slew those demons a few days prior, I think they might have something to do with my father's death." "Whoa, whoa," Cassandra chimed up in a worried tone, her hands up in defense, "You're saying your dad was killed for simply knowing the location of a ruin? That's a bit extreme isn't it?"

"The Evanuris are more dangerous than most would like to believe, Cassandra," Renan assured looking worried, "This is Fen'Harel's sanctuary, and during his time warring against the Evanuris, they often attacked this place and he fought back with a fury that couldn't be matched. He even gave Elgar'nan a near-death fight just to protect his followers and those held safe inside his sanctuary, including his own family." "Geez, if it was all that bad, how'd it all end," they heard Cassandra ask as she scratched at her head.

Stepping downward toward another eluvian that had the image of a bridge on the other side, the two youths explained the war and its end to Cassandra as they stepped through; telling her details on how Fen'Harel & Asha'Fen were struck down by one arrow and how his generals kept the war going until they arranged a truce with the Evanuris to stop more bloodshed. They even noted that they had asked for Divine Victoria personally to reside between the two factions to maintain the peace talks and oversee the truce as a witness.

As they crossed the bridge, they could see the massive white banners showing tribute to the war from long ago; some had gashes in the fabric, others had burns, and very few remained untouched from the clashes between the warring factions. Reaching the large entrance, they could see the inside was greatly intact, save for the murals that were aligned on both walls inside. Murals depicting the Evanuris but a majority of them were greatly weathered away or damaged barely showing which elf they represented.

They even spotted the pillar-like monument that was shown in the drawings found inside Skyhold, and they found its eluvian intact, but inactive for some reason. "Strange. If all the others are active, how come this one isn't," Renan asked softly as she laid her hand upon the glass. "That's a good question," Cassandra said stepping over and looking at the monument a bit more.

"Is this mirror important to Fen'Harel somehow," Renan remarked softly, "Perhaps he was the only one who could open it with a passphrase of his own creation and secret." "Perhaps," Solasan mused softly, "But, have you both noticed something.. off about the air here?" Hearing his remark, the two girls paused to take in their surroundings a bit more, and in the massive halls, they could feel a sort of mixture in the air; a mixture of emotions.

Keeping even more still, they could hear a faint trail of voices, whispers, and even laughter echoing through the halls. "Tell me I'm not the only one who heard all that," Cassandra remarked softly, suddenly looking tense and wishing she had her crossbow. "We did as well, Casi," Renan remarked, "The Veil must be very thin here. It is a ruin that's been steeped with so much emotion and death over the centuries, it's no surprise echoes of the past linger here."

"Think we'll see something if we wait," Solasan asked to which Renan shook her head softly, "I don't think it'd work as well as you'd think it would, lethallin." That's when Cassandra perked up as if she just remembered something. "Wait here! I've got an idea that might assist in this little show," she noted before taking off again toward the eluvian on the other side of the bridge and passing through it. The two young elves left a bit dumbfounded at her sudden departure but decided to wait and explore in the meantime.

Going past the monument, they looked further down the hall and saw the statue of a great wolf as it faced toward the large mural of Fen'Harel removing vallaslin from the elves with his followers behind him. Placing her hand upon the paint, she had a soft smile as if in wonder. "You seem like you're reminiscing on memories of this place even though this is your first time here," she heard Solasan chuckle out softly as he came up beside her making her turn toward his direction. She gave a nod, "I know, lethallin," she paused to look back up at the painting, "But, there's just something about this painting that's nostalgic for some reason, and sad at the same time. I'm not sure why.."

"I think it's because it shows the past of a man who had done many great things only to be selfishly struck down just for caring for his people," she heard him remark softly as he looked up at the painting as well, "He freed them from slavery to would-be gods only to be killed by the tyrants he freed them from. Thankfully, his generals were able to prevent any more slavery to the Evanuris. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are those who still serve the Evanuris, but no longer under the terms of slavery and no longer bear their vallaslin.

"But, I'm sure they see it as just another job much like my own," he noted softly looking timid and he heard her with a soft chuckle making his cheeks flush a bit. "But, you're an apprentice to Librarians," she noted with a light-hearted tone, "I don't think that's an easy 'job' as much as it would be to wait on those high-up mage snobs hand-and-foot." The remark made him chuckle softly and nodded. "Yes, I can imagine serving the Evanuris while under the context of servitude wouldn't be an easy ordeal, seeing as how some of them have been known to have fierce tempers," Solasan remarked.

"Much like Andruil," he heard Solas remark flatly in his ears with an unimpressed tone. Or was it disinterest? Solasan couldn't help but chuckle at his remark toward the huntress.

His laugh didn't go unnoticed, however; when he looked back, he saw Renan eyeing him curiously. "Sorry," he said catching himself, "I just remembered reading a story of Andruil having such a temper toward Fen'Harel. Something about how he angered her by hunting when she said not to? And as punishment, he had to serve her in bed for a year and a day to pay her back," he remarked with a chuckle making Renan laugh as well, and he could hear Solas groaning as if from humiliation or maybe embarrassment? Solasan couldn't help but laugh harder as he kept explaining.

"She had him bound to a tree as she made camp for the night, and that's when Anaris showed up demanding Fen'Harel's neck for angering him as well so the two had to fight for him," he finished and Renan had to catch her breath before speaking up. "Who won that fight," she asked between chuckles. "Neither," he replied, "Fen'Harel told Anaris a weakness in Andruil's armor and when he said that Anaris owed him a favor, he was so appalled by the gall he gave off, that he didn't notice Andruil strike him down with her golden bow. They both slept to rest from the fight, only to find that Fen'Harel had escaped in the middle of the night by chewing through his ropes."

The two shared another hard laugh as Solasan could hear Solas let out another groan, and through his laughter, he couldn't help a snort or two that came out of his nose which made him cover his face in shock with his eyes still visible but couldn't contain his laughter. Renan giggled softly at the display as his cheeks were flushed a bit redder and their laughter started to settle down. "I'm sorry you had to hear that," he apologized softly with a soft laugh.

"Don't apologize," Renan noted with a soft laugh of her own, "It's just a feature of yours that shows how you sound when you're having a good laugh." He nodded uncovering his mouth a bit more with a timid smile and heard heavy footsteps in the distance making them glance over and spotted Cassandra as she rushed back panting a bit. The two rushed down the steps and toward her stopping point at the monument again seeing her panting lightly and had their bags on her person. "What'd you retrieve our bags for, Casi," Renan asked softly.

"One, I think you guys will need your stuff for whatever you find here, and secondly, I got my bag 'cause of an artifact I found in my travels," she noted before handing them their bags first, then pulling out a crystal shaped item from her own bag that had spiral-like markings engraved into the stone, "I'm not sure what it is, but from what I could tell, it had some sort of reaction to the Fade where I found it. It showed a glimpse of the past and I think the same might happen here. The question is how?" "That looks similar to a Foci that were used to channel magical energies of the past," Solasan noted softly taking a closer look at the artifact, "I read about these in the Vir'Dithara but why is this one shaped like a crystal instead of an orb?"

"Beats me," Cassandra shrugged handing it to him to inspect closer, "All I know is that it looks odd and it's a powerful artifact to make the Fade show me crazy stuff." "Like what," Renan asked softly. "Well, I found it not far off the coast from an Avaar tribe on a tiny island and it was just buried in the sand of its beach with a lone house as its only occupant and when it activated, there was a burst of green magic then it showed me the Inquisitor Ameridan with his group out there as he was talking to them and he addressed one of them as his lover.

"When it deactivated, I was back on that beach where I found the stone. I think that item will show you bits and pieces of the past around these parts. The problem is getting it to work," she said softly. "Strange," Renan noted softly before gently taking the artifact from Solasan and looked it over before a faint green magic enveloped her hands, and they could see the spiral markings on the stone glow brightly before it released a gentle burst of energy around them, and in that instant, they could see a massive shift in the area around them.

They saw a large crowd of elves seemingly in a festive environment, and one woman was singing a song loud and proud with musicians playing in beat with her song as they looked toward the center of the room, and when the youths did as well, they saw its only dancers: Solas and his wife. The two were in a solitary dance on the large floor and they were dressed elegantly in whites as if for a wedding, his wife adorned with a thin veil to match her gown in beauty as he had robes befitting nobility. Solas seemed to be leading her well in their dance and she matched his movements with a graceful fluidity as he pulled her along in a few spins and twists.

"I remember this day," Solasan could hear Solas, voice sounding joyful and endearing, "Our wedding festival. Ma'vhenan and I had arranged it to make it a momentous day for us before we continued to war against the Evanuris. Many of our old friends attended, even those from the Inquisition and even Leliana- the Divine helped join us together. Not as a Divine, mind you, but as a close friend of the Inquisition." "I remember you telling me about it," Solasan relayed his thoughts to Solas with a beaming smile.

He looked over to see past members of the Inquisition there enjoying the festivities, as well as the song, changed and others around them started to join into the dance as the beat had shifted sounding more active and moving. Sera was enjoying a drink with Thom Rainier, Iron Bull & his Chargers, as well as Varric. Even Cassandra was showing to enjoy the festivities a bit, at least showing she liked the music a bit as she clapped to the rhythm as well as Josephine. He even spotted Inquisitor Assan and his lover, Dorian, joining in the dances as well, much to Dorian's dismay which soon grew into joy from dancing with his lover.

He looked over at his companions and spotted Renan pointing out Varric to Cassandra and she had a bright-eyed look of awe spotting the memory of her ancestor. Solasan had a soft chuckle and he could hear the same from Solas in his ears. "Seems a glint into her ancestor's life brings her a sense of joy," he heard the elder remark softly, "I can't blame her. Seeing such great memories brought me great joy as well when I stumbled upon ancient ruins and seeing their memories in my explorations of the Fade. They were much like what you see before you: glimpses of the past based on which emotions press stronger against the Veil."

"The memories of joy were strongest here," Solasan said softly to which he heard Solas confirm, and Renan looked up at him as Cassandra took a closer look at Varric still in awe. "Indeed it does, lethallin," she remarked softly, "This is a very joyous occasion after all. Weddings usually are a very happy occasion, others not so much, but I'm glad this was a happy day for Fen'Harel and his family & followers."

"After going to war with the Evanuris, I'm sure they needed it," Solasan remarked as they saw the song had ended making the dancing end, as well as light applause, had spread a bit through the dancing crowd. That's when they spotted two smaller elves, most likely children, dash from Varric's side and toward the newlyweds, to which the two lifted with laughter of their own. Solas was shown rubbing his head against the little one he held in his arms while his wife was embracing the other in her arms as the other child hugged her around her neck. Both children had snowy white hair just like their mother had and from what they could see, they had blue eyes like their father.

"Our children," Solas chuckled softly, "The twins, Revas and Melara." "Your children seem like they're a few years of age, five at the most," Solasan remarked to the elder with eyes glancing back for a slight second then back to the family in the middle. "They were four when we were married," Solas explained softly, "I didn't know she was pregnant around the time I had left the Inquisition; I'm not sure she knew either until a few months afterward. After finding me, she had explained that she tried to tell me about them the last time we were pursued by the Qunari.

"When she found me, they were three years of age, they turned four shortly before our wedding. Apparently, after parting ways from her a second time, she wasted no time in trying to find me again regardless of my efforts to mislead her. I had seen the twins before in my visions of the Fade, but I never knew who they truly were until they arrived. They were wonderful children. Well-tempered just like their mother, but impulsive much like myself," he paused to let out a soft chuckle, "My son even developed a dislike for tea, much like I did while his sister thoroughly enjoyed it as her mother did. Both were also gifted with magic at a very young age."

"They sounded wonderful at such a young age," Solasan noted with a soft smile and Solas nodded seeing the scenario shift around them showing a calmer environment but it showed Solas checking on warriors as they seemed to have suffered some battle damage and was aiding the mages in the healing process. "They were, and the arrival of their other sister brought more joy to my life," Solas noted softly as they spotted his wife come into view with the twins beside her and a baby almost a year of age in her arms with light brown curly hair, "Little Samahl."

"They're precious," he said in accidental unison with Cassandra as she saw the little ones approach a bit older than before and the sister, Melara, seemed like she was watching her father's actions closely as he helped in healing the soldiers and she was bouncing lightly on her tip-toes as if wanting to help. "Seems the little lady wanted to help daddy," Cassandra noted with a chuckle, "I don't think she was able to just yet. Maybe when she was older, huh," she said while pointing to the little one to which Renan had a giggle before nodding.

The power from the artifact shifted the scenario again, but this time showing a darker environment; they saw more fallen warriors with mages trying to heal as best they could as more kept falling in, and the three could feel a powerful linger of magic hanging over the area. They could hear the sounds of a battle just outside the entrance and they looked ahead to spot warriors, rogues, & mages alike fighting against warriors and spectral beings being launched by one of the Evanuris: Andruil as she watched on with a smirk as if she had won.

Leading the charge, however, was a tall and brazened elf about 30 years of age wearing armor similar to Solas' own but wore a thick black cloak around his shoulders and a reddish-brown wolf pelt looped over and around his left shoulder & torso. They could even spot the elf's hair very similar to Fen'nan's: snowy white hair detailed with a warrior's shaven cut and in a high ponytail. This must have been one of his generals, but Solasan could feel a sense of curiosity and confusion from Solas meaning it was a general that Solas didn't recognize. They saw the elf was a skilled and powerful mage as he launched attack after attack he could muster from his staff and even aided his charges with spells of protection.

After putting up an Aegis of the Rift providing some cover, he turned back to aide one of his warriors, and they could see his sculpted features and that's when they got a better look; spotting his blue eyes, Renan had a sense of realization wash over her. "That's his son," she breathed out softly before speaking up a bit louder, "That's Fen'Harel's son, Revas." Solasan could feel the huge wave of shock and dread rush through him from Solas when the realization hit making him gasp softly as Solas did as well.

"HE was a general of his father's forces," Cassandra asked in light shock seeing him help a warrior as they limped inside before he rushed back out with his staff held back ready to strike, "Looks like he had quite the big shoes to fill, and he filled them well." "He shouldn't have had ANY part of the war," Solas remarked bitterly, "I thought my children were kept safe from the battles while my armies fought on against the Evanuris!" "Seems the war wouldn't end so long as your lineage persisted, hahren," Solasan noted to Solas softly before seeing Revas cast a barrage of fire spells, "And it seems your son really did gain your temperament."

Revas continued his magical assault from the Aegis of the Rift, but when it lowered, he had a smirk before he started to display a very familiar scenario. He spiraled his staff above his head as it started to spark with electricity and the clouds above them started to shift as well in a very similar pattern that Renan and Solasan recognized. They heard the loud buzz of lightning above them, and when Revas stopped his staff at its highest, the bolts struck down in the song that the two elves had cast that had gotten them spotted, to begin with. They heard the song strum loudly as Revas cast his glaring eyes through to Andruil and her forces were struck down with each bolt of lightning before she could call a retreat.

Seeing her army fallen, Andruil took the chance to flee through the mirror, but Revas had a growl and started to charge like he was after her blood. He started to pursue but dropped to his knees after taking a few steps forward and was panting heavily, spent from using a great deal of magic but had enough breath to yell after her as she stepped through the eluvian. "Get back here and face me like the warrior you claim to be, you cowardly bitch!! You'll pay for your heartless murder against my family," he yelled as loud as his voice could carry, his voice deep and seeping with rage as the clouds cleared overhead, but the scenario as well had cleared up as well as the magic from the artifact wore off.

Seeing the scenario, Solasan couldn't stop the dread and despair that hit him from Solas and when he saw the magic fade, he turned his eyes to Renan and saw she was heavy in tears from the scene. Cassandra took notice as well and rushed over to assure her, gently grabbing her arm catching her attention. When she saw Cassandra's expression of concern, she sniffled before wiping at her eyes and gave an assuring smile. "I'm alright, Casi," she reassured softly, "It's just a heartbreaking scenario. He had to grow up knowing he'd be a force driving his father's armies forward, and he also had his eyes on one for revenge that I'm sure could rival Elgar'nan's vengeance.

"His heartache drove him to push forward to avenge his family, and strike down the Evanuris," she finished softly. "But, something stopped him," Cassandra noted, "If the history books from your people are true, then something had to have calmed him down long enough for that truce to take place. From what we saw, Fen'Harel's boy was like an archdemon ready to take down a giant. He couldn't be stopped so easily, I figure. So what did it? Was he not a part of the talks or was he forced to play nice long enough for it to happen?" "That might've been what happened," Renan noted lightly, "But, we didn't see his sisters among the fighting so they might've stayed back the whole time this fight happened, or worse, they could've been killed too."

"Something tells me they must've survived, it was just their parents who were slaughtered by Andruil's arrow," Solasan noted softly to which Renan nodded in confirmation. "If they did survive this war, they would've aided their brother in the battles, but when it came to the People they cared for, their parents' need to protect them came through, and they calmed their brother's temper long enough for it to happen, however bitter it might have been." "We still don't know for sure," Solasan noted softly, "I wish we could get more answers, but it seems that the artifact needs time to regain its energies before showing us more. That was quite a powerful display it showed us."

"It was quite powerful," Renan replied softly wiping at her eyes a bit more, "And we did the same spell to protect the people against those demons." "Get out," they heard Cassandra chime up in surprise, "You two did what ONE elf cast? He must've been very powerful to cast all those spells AND that one, so how'd you two pull off a spell that one guy did on his own?" "We're not sure," Renan replied timidly as she held the artifact close in her hands, "But, we were able to cast it and we protected the city from an onslaught of demons." "Well, regardless of this crazy magical shit, that was pretty cool," Cassandra remarked with a soft smile, "And I heard the song it made too, that was awesome too."

"That's the spell that has the Evanuris hunting for us in Arlathan," Solasan noted, "It's why we went into hiding when we met you at Skyhold." "Wow," she breathed out softly, "With something that powerful, I can see the appeal. So to speak." The two nodded before Renan handed the artifact back to Cassandra to which she shook her head a light 'no'. "You keep it," she said softly with a smile, "You got it to work somehow, so you can hold onto it. Besides, you guys know more about this magic artifact stuff than I do, so it's better off in your hands," she offered with a big smile.

Renan gave a nod with a tender smile before giving her a gentle hug around her head feeling it press against her torso taking her by surprise as they heard her let out a soft yelp. "I know this must be a lot, but thank you for helping out with all this, Casi," Renan said whole-heartedly as Cassandra stood frozen at the sudden hug. It didn't take her long to return the hug but only used one arm reaching up around her torso and gave her back a light pat as she had a soft smile. Solasan had a soft smile at the endearing sight but felt something pulling him back inside.

Looking back into the sanctuary, his eyes fell upon the eluvian that rested in the monument, and his feet made him turn back inside before stepping back toward the enchanted mirror. Catching the girls' attention, they followed him back as he made it to the mirror. Looking up at the dimmed eluvian, he relayed his thoughts to Solas hoping he had calmed a bit from seeing the display earlier. "Where does this eluvian lead," his thoughts asked the elder.

After a moment of silence, he heard Solas reply seemingly calmer from earlier. "This was my own personal eluvian which led to the quarters that held me and my family while we stayed here," he replied softly, "Nothing too lavish, I assure you." "Seems Renan was right, this was your mirror," the youth noted, "Can you open it for us? I can have them promise not to disturb anything personal of yours." "Hey, Chuckles," he heard Cassandra chime up behind him making him turn around to face the girls seeing her in mid-wave up at him.

"Mind filling us in," she asked flatly, "Or you gonna leave us in the dark again?" "Apologies," Solasan said timidly, "I just.. Something still feels like it's missing, somehow. I know we already made a deduction about this eluvian, but something tells me it'd be a lot easier to open than we originally thought." "How? You heard her," Cassandra asked motioning both hands to Renan, "If that was his mirror, only HE had the password for it, and he took that with him to the grave." "But, keep in mind, he was also one to use simple Elven code phrases used among his most trusted people," he interjected softly, "I'm sure this one is no different, we just have to.. guess the right phrase."

"Something tells me that's gonna take a while, so should I leave you two to it while I head back to Skyhold," Cassandra asked pointing her thumb behind her toward the eluvian, "Still got a lot of my things back there and I feel like I shouldn't leave the place unguarded." "We understand, Cassandra," Solasan nodded with a soft smile, "Thank you again for tolerating us." "I hope we can see each other again soon," Renan noted giving her another gentle hug, "You were delightful company to have." "Daaw, you're gonna make me blush, Snowflake," Cassandra chuckled out softly giving her genuine hug in return patting her back.

"But, let's hope it's not too soon," Cassandra said as they pulled apart from their embrace, "As much fun as it is traveling through magic mirrors and seeing Fade visions of the past and all that, I like the idea of letting Tall & Broody know that he and his old man are the rightful owners of Skyhold the next time he shows up." The three exchanged a soft laugh between each other imagining the scenario. "Well, we won't keep you much longer," Solasan noted before seeing her turn and walk off with her bag over her shoulder giving them a wave as she departed.

A moment later, the two spotted the glint of the eluvian as they saw her go through and the two turned their focus back to the dimmed eluvian before them. It took them a while to guess at the passphrase; Solas wouldn't admit what it was, admitting it'd be fun to watch them guess. But, once it started to get dark, they had to make a quick camp for the night, and just as Solasan turned to gather supplies for a campfire, he heard Renan declare one last phrase behind him, "Ar lasa mala revas."

The eluvian beamed brightly showing it had unlocked making the two blink in surprise, but Solas chuckled softly. "The phrase of my greatest memory," he said softly to Solasan, "An intimate memory of when I removed ma'vhenan's vallaslin after telling her the truth about them. She bore the vallaslin of Mythal it's true, but when she learned the truth about them from me, she wanted to stand by the tradition that she'd never again submit to the slavery of the Evanuris by bearing any marking of them." Solasan blinked in surprise, before seeing Renan step through making him go after her in instinct before he could say anything.

Stepping through the enchanted mirror, they saw it led out of a far wall and to a large room that had a short stairway leading up a few steps to a large open space, but in that open space, they saw a pool of water inside with a few flowers floating inside. "A small pool," Renan noted softly as she leaned down and gently rested her hand on the flower gently lifting it from the water. "Not quite," Solasan heard the elder elf note softly, "It was a pool, yes, but it was often used as our bath." Solasan had a soft chuckle hearing the fact and saw Renan turn to him curious after she placed the flower back into the water.

"Sorry. It's just I recognize this structure," he noted lightly, "It was portrayed in drawings of Elvhen bathhouses and the baths held this very same shape. Seems this was Fen'Harel's bath that he shared with his family." He saw her eyes widen in surprise before looking down at the waters and she seemed to have a head tilt with a small noise. "The water's so clear," she noted softly before standing back up and roamed a bit more. His eyes wandered around a bit too, spotting two murals on the far wall that was on both sides of the eluvian they entered from.

The murals of Fen'Harel and a newly made mural depicting someone else, perhaps his wife, Asha'Fen. Stepping closer, he approached the mural beside Fen'Harel's and inspected its details. He saw it was depicting an elven woman with what looked like a wolf's mane and ears around her head and she had a hand extended with spirals emerging from her hand and what looked like a large sheet of white behind her and the wolf mane that surrounded her. "Is this," he started to breathe out softly and he heard Solas.

"This was ma'vhenan's mural made by the People for her in her honor," Solas finished softly, "When they made it for her, they called her 'Asha'Fen'," he paused to let out a soft chuckle, "A title given to her most likely for marrying me. The bride of the dread wolf, Asha'Fen." "But, your first name was Solas before you were given the name Fen'Harel as an insult that you took as a badge of pride, you said it yourself. It seems that happened with her as well, so she will have most likely kept her first name as well. What was her real name," he asked lightly.

But, before Solas could reply, they heard Renan call for his attention which made Solasan jog back up the steps and to another part of the room. As he approached, he saw that the section of the room held desks and a number of beds arranged in a family unit, but she stood at one of the desks rummaging through some papers left behind. "What is it, lethallan," he asked on a heavy breath and she was holding up a thin journal. "I think I might know where they've gone," Renan chimed up with a tone of excitement, "They left clues to their whereabouts and possibly their descendants might still be there!"

This caught his and Solas' attention, and Solasan jogged over to take a look at the notes with her as she had a lantern lit nearby and she brought it closer to illuminate the pages a bit more. "And you were right, lethallin, Fen'Harel's daughters survived as well," she said chiming up softly, to which Solasan heard the elder let out a sigh as if in relief, "These were entries made by each of his children. There are three interchangeable names in here: Revas, Melara, and Samahl. I just read the last entry, and they actually used ancient Elvish for their handwriting."

"Perhaps only readable to trusted Elvhen," Solasan questioned to which Renan had a light shrug, "Perhaps. But, this is the entry."

'We can not stay any longer now that peace has been established. We might not trust the Evanuris any longer, but we can hope they live up to their end of the truce with the conditions we set with Divine Victoria and her Right Hand as our witnesses. Should they fail those conditions, they know the consequence. We can only hope that our people live on for what our father and mother fought so hard and gave their lives for and that we continued their legacy unto the People's restoration of their old homeland, Arlathan.

"'We will retreat into our own sanctuary as our father's old sanctuary is no longer safe. Should the Evanuris come after us, this will be the first place they will find us. But, it must be a place that not even the Evanuris will guess will be our haven from their vengeance just because we carry the blood of Fen'Harel. For those who seek us peacefully can only find us in the eyes of our parents, Fen'Harel and Asha'Fen. Until then, we rest and we carry on through our own lineage as Fen'Harel's bloodline continues strong through us and our children and soon their children's children.

Dareth Shiral,
The Children of Wolves,
Revas, Melara, and Samahl.'"

"'In the eyes of our parents'," Solasan mused softly and rubbed his chin in thought before his eyes turned back to the two murals, "What if they have the answer," he asked pointing his staff in the direction of the two murals to which Renan looked as well. She gently took the lantern and followed his lead down the steps and toward the murals seeing them up close, and looked them over with him hoping to find another clue of some sort. They looked around and on the murals for any sort of sign, like a switch or hidden panel of some sort, but found only nothing as it quickly got dark.

Solasan's staff illuminated the area a bit more as they explored the possibilities a bit more but came up short. Turning up with nothing, the two seemed at a loss and decided to settle for the night, but thankfully, not without grabbing a bite from Renan's reserves that she kept in her bag. As they shared a meal, they made use of the beds that they'd use for sleep that night and they pondered a bit more on what the clue might be.

"I thought those murals would've been like hidden doors, like the one we found in Skyhold, but it turns out that's not the case," Solasan said softly before taking a bite of his salted pork and bread, "Wishful thinking, I suppose, but I should've suspected they wouldn't use a repeated pattern in terms of their secrets." "You had a good theory, lethallin, and you tested it the best you could," Renan assured him as she finished her food, "We can probably find clues better with more light tomorrow." Solasan nodded lightly before finishing his food and water as well before settling down for the night as Renan did the same.

The two slept well through the night and the following morning, the two pressed on for more clues at the two murals of Fen'Harel and Asha'Fen as they finished off the last stores of food they had for breakfast. Still coming up with nothing, the two seemed a bit frustrated and Solasan ran his fingers through his hair a bit before stepping away a moment to gather his thoughts. Renan, however, remained at the murals looking them over a bit more repeating the phrase 'In the eyes of our parents'. She had a long hard thought before arching her back a bit looking high up at the faces of the murals, and her ears perked up as if a realization had hit her.

"Lethallin," she called out catching his attention on the small flight of steps, "I think I have the solution. We weren't supposed to be looking for clues, the murals already had the clue! 'In the eyes of our parents' isn't a literal hiding spot for the next hidden clue, they're pointing in the direction of their hiding spot!" Hearing her realization, he rushed down the steps back to the mural and stood in front of Fen'Harel's mural facing outward the same direction the great wolf was and Renan did the same in front of Asha'Fen's mural.

They both looked out over the horizon and saw the mountains in the morning sun, "Their hiding place must be past those mountains. But, what lies beyond that direction," Renan asked softly as she turned toward Solasan as he rummaged through his bag a bit. "There's no way of knowing, lethallan, until we explore it ourselves. And from the past Inquisitor wrote, this place is located outside of Orlais, and if my theory is right," he paused pulling out a compass and spread open two separate maps setting the compass on a corner. His hands then started to trace around on the pages before coming across certain cities in a trajectory, but none bore any significance until his finger reached the Arbor Wilds.

"And, there in those dense forests we'll find a place of high reverence to the ancient elves. The Temple of Mythal. That's where they're hiding."