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Upon meeting the ancient elf, Solasan had so many questions to ask but calmed himself to asking them one at a time as to not overwhelm the elder before him and heard him answer them as best as he could and with complete honesty. They had walked & talked for an undefined amount of time, and in the distance, they could hear the cries of his companions' silence either from being awoken or have found one another and returned to the waking world. Solasan was reassured that his friends were safe and was growing to enjoy the conversation with the ancient elf and had more questions for each answer he got. He learned so much that wasn't in any history book and was amazed at each new piece of information.

The ancient rebel revealed his first name as "Solas" and how Fen'Harel came later as an insult he took as a badge of pride; his own name was even mistranslated from ancient to modern translations. How it was hinted that modern elven translates the word "harel" to mean "dread" however the ancient term "harillen" would mean opposition, so in short, his name literally meant "rebel wolf" instead of "dread wolf". It truly made sense to his title as a god of rebellion now.

On top of that, he heard the intimate first-hand account of details that no scholar would know of; information such as his time in the Inquisition until he revealed himself as Fen'Harel to the twin Inquisitors, and how he grew close to the twin Inquisitors befriending them both. He even offered the truth about their vallaslin which they both bore the full-set vallaslin of Mythal and even offered to remove them with a spell. Solas even told details of his wife & family, how they joined his side and his cause, and even recalls a temporary truce long enough for their wedding to proceed, with previous members of the Inquisition - and even the Divine Victoria herself - there as friends to which he noted a few of the group were quite rambunctious, like Sera, Iron Bull, and even Varric teased around a bit.

He stated how afterward, he led his rebellion with his wife at his side, even when she was pregnant with their third child, and even how long the rebellion lasted up until his death. And, even more personally, he even recalled the last memory he had alive: the day of his death. It was actually the death of him AND his wife struck by one arrow shot by Andruil meant for him, but his wife wanted to protect him from the shot. She underestimated just how strong Andruil's shot really was and it skewered through the both of them like it was slicing through bread.

On top of that, the arrow was enchanted and made out of a single piece of crystal and when they were struck, its magic activated and froze them over completely, immobile and frozen in time in a long-lasting embrace of lovers. His last memory was holding his wife and telling her how much he loved her as she had said for him. Since waking up in the Fade, he's been trying to reunite with her having been separated by the Evanuris, most likely as their own act of vengeance for what he had done to them and the Fade has always kept them apart for countless centuries. Solasan could hear the pain in his voice at the mere mention of their deaths, but he wouldn't press the matter more. He would try to move onto another subject.

"Why have you been pursuing me all these years," he asked softly and saw his expression shift from grief-stricken to an all-knowing sideways smile. He straightened up and looked down at the youth, "You possess a very powerful spirit, da'len," Solas responded gently, "And one that I know you doubt, which I feel is very often. You have so much potential locked inside, you just need the right key to unlock your true power." "And I supposed you know how to help with that," he heard the youth ask making him chuckle a bit. "I do, but I will not force it upon the unwilling. Words once spoken by Mythal herself," he said softly.

"I offer you this, a chance to unlock your fullest potential with me as a spiritual aide of sorts," the ancient elf offered, "I would ask that you not speak of our connection, however. Many would hear of your story and think you were connected with a demon when I am far from it." "And what would you gain of this," Solasan asked with piqued interest. "A chance to see the modern world through your eyes," he replied honestly, "I had been in searching for ma'vhenan for so long here in the Fade that I have not had a chance to peek into the modern Age." "Well, it has been three Ages since your rebellion, hahren," Solasan noted.

"Exactly. Having the chance to see the world of the elves through your eyes will give me insight that I might need later," he said lightly, "Perhaps in exploring the modern world through you, I can find a potential way of finding my lost wife." "I can help you in any way I can in finding her," he heard the young elf offer, which made a soft smile grow a bit bigger on the elder elf's face. "Thank you, da'len," he said gently before extending a hand to him, "So, I offer my aide, my wisdom, my guidance for a simple tag-along in spirit, and I will even provide some aide when it comes to your magic. Will you accept, da'len?"

Solasan looked down at his extended hand for a moment and even considered accepting. The doubt must have been showing on his face, for Solas then spoke up softly, "I will not interfere in your own personal affairs, but I will offer words of wisdom now and then. I can even aide in moments of trouble and dismay if you merely ask for it." Hearing more details of his offer, the young elf slowly raised and extended his hand into the elder's own, and gave it a firm shake.

Solasan could feel a powerful energy surge through them both, from Solas into himself and looking up, he saw the ancient elf's smile grow bigger. With the smile, he saw his eyes glowing a greenish-blue color, as well as four more adjacent eyes opening over the two into a set of six glowing eyes as if it was the sealing of the deal. And then, he awoke with a gasp of breath, but not before his eyes glowed a shade of green-blue for a split second.

Sitting up in bed, he rubbed his head a bit, feeling more rested than he had in the past few years, but looking over, he didn't see Renan on the couch and the blankets seem pushed off, as if in a hurry. Listening closely, he could hear some concerning sounds outside: sounds of an attack somehow, but where and why now? He practically leaped up out of bed and upon stepping out, he saw that Fen'nan & Theneras were also gone in a hurry. He grabbed his custom made staff from his locked shelf and rushed outside to see a concerning scene.

He saw it was still early morning, the sun barely rising up when their region of the city was attacked seemingly by demons of varying kinds; wrath demons, ash wraiths, and even shades were attacking driving people from their homes and attacking the streets. It didn't seem like a coordinated attack, but purely random which was odd. Looking closer, he could see other elvhen struck down by demons, some burnt and some even gashed through, all of which weren't survivable. He did spot Renan and Theneras trying to heal those that were barely clinging to life while Fen'nan protected them from demons that weren't smart enough and got too close.

"Why are demons attacking," he mused softly before rushing over, using his staff once to launch a strong ice attack at an incoming wrath demon, freezing it in place before making it to Renan and Theneras. "How long has this been going on," he asked in concern. "We awoke to it a short time ago," Renan answered, "We don't know why this is happening or how! No one's cast any sort of spell or ritual to bring forth demons!"

"This cannot be a random accident either," Solasan noted, "Something or someone was responsible and I don't sense a tear in the Veil that would cause demons to enter our realm. I'd swear this was deliberate.." "Fight first, questions later," they heard Fen'nan yell out as he struck down a shade with his twin daggers and they caught the faint trace of electric magic applied in his strike as it was stunned before disappearing in a burst of green energy, "We'll find out the means of these demons once Vir'Vhenas is safe! If this isn't stopped, it will spread throughout all of Arlathan!"

"He has a fair point," Solasan noted before turning back to Theneras, "When you're done helping here, return to your Clan and see if they need assistance in this madness. I'm sure the Keeper will wonder what became of her First and Second." The twins nodded at his gentle demand before he stood up and assisted Fen'nan with a protection spell followed by a barrage of ice magic onto the demons while Fen'nan used his elements interchangeably with his blades.

As they fought the onslaught of the spectral forces, Solasan noticed Fen'nan sheathe his twin daggers and grab another weapon that on his person: a hilt of a sword that held no blade inside but also had a large gemstone embedded in the hilt. With another glance, he saw that it was actually a magical item similar but not exactly like the Blade of Tidarion wielded by Inquisitor Assan Lavellan in his fight against Corypheus. Once Fen'nan's magic manifested through the enchanted hilt, Solasan saw what appeared to be a large two-handed greatsword and the blade appeared to be made of fire.

With a fanged smirk of sorts, Fen'nan reared the magical blade back and charged forward slashing down one demon after another. Solasan even noticed he had blinks of different colored magic showing that it was quickly changing between elements which certainly gave him an advantage against certain demons. Fen'nan was definitely proving that despite his claims, he was a worthy warrior not just with a blade but with magic as well.

Solasan rested temporarily to refuel his magic with a small lyrium potion and provided one last bout of cover for Renan and Theneras to rush out toward the direction of their Clan. He provided more protection spells and cover attacks for others that came along to help the surviving elvhen, but before long, he could spot Fen'nan getting exhausted. Not just from using up his magic, but his stamina as well.

"Fen'nan, you must gather your strength back," Solasan called out while casting a barrage of ice attacks, "You cannot hold out any longer against these demons on your own!" "Don't tell me what I can and cannot do," he started to bark out toward Solasan, but when he turned back to face a shade he was in battle with, it was much closer and had backed its hand for a backhanded strike. Before Fen'nan could react, he felt the arm of the shade hit him knocking him back quite a distance with a lot of force and he hit the ground with a strong impact.

Seeing his fallen companion drag on the ground a bit, Solasan rushed over and stood in front of him with his staff raised against the shade ready to face it head-on as Fen'nan gathered himself, still dazed from the crash. That's when he felt something come over himself. A primal urge, an instinct of sorts, and it was stronger than before.

It was in that instant, all demons within the radius were struck with large blasts of ice and frozen in place.

Despite the surprise, no one hesitated as the ice lasted long enough to strike the creatures down. The burst of magic had - admittedly - tired Solasan a bit, but he felt while it WAS his magic, at the same time, it wasn't. It was much greater magic than his own, but familiar like his own. "Solas?" he whispered softly and he could hear the ancient elf's soft chuckling in his ears before feeling what felt like a hand on his shoulder, but saw no one stand beside or behind him, just Fen'nan still on the ground now gathering to his knees.

"It was me, da'len," he heard him say softly, "I did offer aide as I promised, and that was just a taste of what I can help you with." "I see," he said lowly before looking around seeing almost all the demons gone with the exception of a few larger demons. He saw them going toward a different path, toward the direction of Renan and Theneras' Clan, and without hesitation, he dashed off in that direction with a tight hold on his staff. Fen'nan had called after him, but he didn't hear his words; his main focus was aiding the twins in protecting their Clan from the monsters.

Meanwhile, the Clan was working together in protecting not only their own but others nearby as well as their halla as they were all in danger from the creatures. Rogues worked their blades swiftly and struck at weak points, warriors used brute force to daze & knock down their enemies, and mages & archers attacked from a distance with spell and arrow alike. There were very few casualties, a few of their rogues and warriors who were a bit more reckless than the others, but there was a more pressing issue.

The Keeper was holding a barrier around the Clan to protect those who couldn't defend themselves and the more she held it, the more the demons pressed and fought against it. Theneras was helping her with his own magic and even that didn't seem like enough; they could feel the force they fought with, and they were very strong. Even a few Desire Demons tried to tempt and weaken a few of their forces, but thankfully others would intervene and block their control.

When Solasan arrived, he spotted the disarray and even noticed Renan outside of the barrier acting as a sort of battle-mage, fighting valiantly with her own magic as well as using her staff as a weapon with force. Rushing over, he felt a stronger pull toward the Clan but he was unsure of where the pull was coming from and what it really was. Was it the demons or something else? With his own focus, he would not be deterred and he felt himself charge through; cutting through with the blade at the end of his staff as well as blasting other demons away with his ice magic.

Reaching Renan's side, they stood back to back ready to face the onslaught of more demons as it seemed there was no end to them. Catching his breath, Solasan leaned back a bit, "Renan, how are you holding on," he asked firmly in a tone of concern, and she replied, "I've used so much so early in the day, it doesn't look like they're going to stop any time soon." "I fear the same," he noted lightly, "We have to find out where they're coming from and fast."

"Would it be possible they're coming from a rift," Renan asked trying to come up with some kind of idea as to what was going on. In his ears, Solasan could hear Solas, "If there was a rift nearby, then someone's using a great deal of magic and they might still be nearby after using so much energy to tear open a hole in the Veil. Such a feat is not so easily accomplished as Corypheus has proven that much so long ago. I highly doubt this is the work of another Tevinter magister, so it might be a blood mage or even a group of them summoning demons through blood magic to cause a stir." Solasan had a light 'Huh' before relaying what he heard to Renan and she had a look of confusion.

But, before she could respond a Pride Demon had emerged from a large spiral of green and blue energies and started to stomp closer to them taking out a few smaller demons that were unfortunate enough to be in its path. The elves looked up in fear at the massive demon stepping its way closer with growls and the intent of attacking, but Solasan and Renan looked up at the beast with a different view. Solasan, while anxious about the new beast, could hear Solas in his ears, "It may appear a large and powerful demon, but just like the others, it can be taken down, da'len. I can help with this if you'll let me."

Hearing his offer, Solasan was in a debate but seeing the Pride Demon even closer and at a dangerous range, while the Clan's forces weren't doing much to scratch it, he knew something had to be done. Taking a deep breath, he gave his approval with a nod, and it was though he felt a gentle pair of hands over his own and his body felt like he was sharing the space with another. Not in a bad way, but it felt a bit strange as he let the ancient elf take control.

The last thing he felt was a wave of relief wash over him before Solas took hold of the young man's bodily controls and his eyes glowed a light layer of green-blue before he took a step forward with staff in hand and went past Renan toward the Pride Demon. Solasan could see and hear everything that was happening and it amazed & mystified him at the same time. The Keeper called out to him, but with Solas in control, he made no effort to stop his progression toward the demon. Staff raised, he mustered up a lot of magical energies and used a strong ice spell to freeze the Pride Demon in place before it could attack with a whip of electrical energies.

He could feel the presence of another mage step up beside him as he lowered the staff, but it was as if in unison, the two raised their staffs to make a spinning motion above their heads confusing some others as their staffs started to spark with electrical energies the more their spell built up. A moment later, it started to get dark from the sun's light, and looking up they saw why. Their spell was controlling the very clouds themselves into a spiral of dark grey clouds similar to that of a hurricane, but this storm held no eye in its center.

The darker the clouds got, the closer the Pride Demon came to cracking out of its icy shell which was worrying others around them in the brief moment of safety. A rumbling was heard, and a flash as well as a loud buzz from the bolt above. With the energies stored up, their staffs struck together into one large orb of electricity, and large bolts of lightning struck down with an interesting effect. The striking bolts conducted sounds upon impact, and to some, it sounded like it formed a song while each bolt struck down every demon in sight.

Onlookers from Clan and civilian alike watched in silence and seemed dumbfounded as to what was happening, but the powerful display of magic from the two elves gave quite a show as all demons were struck down by the immense magic. The Pride Demon was quickly breaking free of its icy confides, and with a clawed hand raised, its intent to strike was certain. But, nothing landed on the two mages. Instead, a much larger bolt of electricity held its note while it seemed to disintegrate the Pride Demon into ash. When the electricity dissipated, so too did the clouds as the spiral seemed to disappear while the magic holding them together faded off.

The two mages lowered their staffs and Solasan could not only see the display but unfortunately, he felt the effects of using such immense stores of magic. He was incredibly exhausted after such a display. As soon as he felt Solas release his control over his body, the glow in his eyes faded and his staff fell from his hand and he fell to his hands & knees exhausted before collapsing entirely onto his side. And beside him, he heard another do the same, but they had blacked out first from such an exertion of power.

Before his vision darkened, he saw Renan unconscious just steps away from him with the buzzing song still ringing in his ears..

Things were starting to quiet down in Arlathan now that the demons had been dealt with, but as for the electric spell, it drew quite a bit of higher attention. While the people in the city couldn't recognize the sounds, in Arlathan's Central Tower, a group of ancient elves could hear the commotion and the sounds from the lightning. They heard the sounds the lightning made and recognized the rhythm well. One elder elf had his fists balled up as if in anger and his teeth gritted hard upon hearing the mighty song ring through the city as he saw the chaos subside from his balcony in the tower.

"That was your rallying song, Fen'Harel. You traitorous bastard. Why won't you stay dead?"