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Solasan felt himself stir awake from his slumber, thankfully no nightmares again and his ward was still going at a light pace with its gentle humming from the magic that kept it going. But checking his sundial, he saw that he only slept for a few hours, evident by the lack of sunlight outside and Thedas's two moons were starting to rise outside. Getting up stretching, he checked his things in his bag finding his food was intact, but in need of some quick preparation otherwise, it was going to go bad.

Getting a small dinner fixed together, he took the chance to also read one of the books he had brought home and read the contents of the small book. The beginning quote was of interest, "There is precious little we know of Fen'Harel," and the book he held in his hand was so thin, that was no joke. Entries written by different scholars and Dalish Keepers were basically compiled into this one book telling of how he was kin to the Creators as a brother and friend to the Forgotten Ones before he sealed them away. Future entries tell that he sealed them away as an act of vengeance for them murdering his oldest friend and fellow goddess, Mythal.

"'They killed Mythal," Fen'Harel had once spoken to Inquisitor Lavellan," Solasan had narrated aloud while he let his food cook over the flame, reading the text & he noticed it seemed to be written in a newer hand from previous entries, "'A crime for which an eternity of torment was the only fitting punishment.' When she questioned about Mythal being one of the Evanuris, he replied, a crack in his voice, 'She was the best of them. She cared for her people. She protected them. She was a voice of reason. And in their lust for power, they killed her.'

"Fen'Harel admitted that the People fell for what he did to strike the Evanuris down, to prevent them from destroying this world, but he still held onto the hope for restoring what was lost. And so he did, restoring what was long lost to the People and while the Evanuris and Forgotten Ones did return, he noted to Inquisitor Lavellan he had plans for them." Solasan had a pause with an arched brow before checking on his food, "Seems that didn't go so well, seeing as how they're still around after three Ages while he is gone & buried," he noted flatly before going back to the book and started to read silently to himself on the entries inside.

He gathered his food together and after reading the five books he had so far, he let out a light disgruntled sigh running his hand over his hair then down his face. Most of what he read, he already knew about Fen'Harel but he had no answers as to why he was having nightmares about him in the Fade. He could try the more frightening method of finding out first-hand what the Dread Wolf wanted, but it meant confronting the beast in the Fade before he could have a chance to speak with the ancient god. If that was even the case..

Solasan shook the thoughts from his mind before eating at the last bite of his food as he racked his mind for more thoughts and possible means of finding answers if he couldn't find any in the Vir'Dithara. Even if he were to ask the Archivists, their answers would be hugely vague as their thoughts and memories were one jumbled mess between one another. What he had available was only a few of a large number of books with the mentions of Fen'Harel inside, and he was pretty sure they were just going to mention old Dalish stories and legends of the Evanuris in the times they were referenced as the Creators.

He put the books away in his bag and set his dishes aside on the mantle before giving his forehead a light rub feeling a bit of pressure build up. Perhaps a bit of fresh air would help clear his thoughts from all this mess. With a light resolve, he got up making himself a bit more presentable before heading out leaving his books and bag at home to roam the streets. No destination in mind, just wandering to take in the night air and letting his feet do the work.

He did his best to avoid crowds while on his venture outside, and he spotted various sights among the city that he had grown accustomed to. Old aravels traveling through from neighboring cities all pulled by the majestic halla that the elves were often associated with, he also saw old shops selling their wares, and even children playing in the streets with their parents close by. Solasan managed to avoid larger crowds of people and it was as if his feet took a shortcut to the central eluvians and reached his usual south entrance, but paused.

He looked at the mirror debating on whether he should step through for.. whatever reason his feet had brought him there. The young man saw very few people coming and going from the enchanted mirrors, but he was wondering if he should step through and.. to where? Where did he want to go? Where could he go? He had no destination in mind, he just wanted to roam and clear his thoughts. Gathering a breath, he stepped through and into the Crossroads seeing the winding paths again.

He wandered the Crossroads calmly this time for who knows how long, his mind wasn't in control, he let his feet do the navigating this time. His feet then stopped in front of a locked eluvian, its glass dimmed and dark from inactivity but still maintained its sheen showing it was still intact. But, when he looked around the eluvian, he saw statues of howling wolves and large white banners flowing in the light breeze as well as the sound of rushing water nearby.

He was at the entrance of Fen'Harel's hidden sanctuary.

But why would his feet take him here? The eluvian is locked as it has been for three Ages now, for hundreds - if not thousands - of years. Letting out a disheartened sigh, he reached over gently setting his hand on the dimmed mirror feeling its energy resting dormant inside before looking up at one of the statues of the wolves. "What led me here," he asked softly, "What are you trying to tell me? Why do you scare me out of the Fade all the time with such a beastly form? Are you trying to kill me or is it.. Something else? Why approach me in the Fade, much less like.. that? I thought you were laid to rest after your duty was done. Not in Uthenera, but death this time.. It's not like I can find out, all your secrets are locked away, you made sure of that.

"But, if there's one thing I can do, it's to keep trying," he said lightly before closing his eyes letting out a deep breath as his hand curled into a fist against the mirror, "You never gave up, even with challenges in your way. You were often evoked as a curse but now you're practically honored as a god you never wanted credit for.. Ironic, isn't it?" He opened up his eyes looking up to his reflection in the darkness of the eluvian as if trying to find an answer, but none came.

With another sigh, he removed his hand from the glass and straightened up before looking back over to the wolf statue again and gave it a light bow before turning and going back on his path toward home this time. Stepping back through the eluvian, he found himself back in Vir'Vhenas and roamed a bit more through the streets until he bumped into someone taking him completely by surprise. After coming out of his daze, he looked over to see it was a young elven woman about his height, tanned skin with snowy white hair that went no further past her neck and pale blue eyes as she seemed in surprise as well.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you," he apologized lightly not noticing the burning feeling his cheeks, "I was just enjoying a walk out and I guess the night air got me distracted." The young woman had a soft laugh noticing him getting so flustered and gave a small dismissive wave, "It's alright," she replied lightly, "If anything, it shows you have a lot on your mind, or perhaps nothing. Ir abelas," she noted before continuing, "I'm Renan of Clan Ghilanassan." "Guiding arrow," he translated as his ears perked up a bit to which she nodded lightly in response.

"My name is Solasan, I reside here in Vir'Vhenas," he said in kind, "Your Clan name sounds like it can be referring to a compass's arrow. Are you travelers or have you settled in city limits?" "We've been wandering for some time now as we not only breed halla, but we also collect artifacts from the request of our elders. We're stopping to rest our halla and make trade with the merchants of the capital," she replied, "We've been needing the supplies desperately, especially since things have been.. strange as of late." "Oh? How so?"

"Well- No, no I'm sorry, I shouldn't impose my problems onto you," she apologized softly but Solasan shook his head, "Please, I insist. After all, we Elvhen must look out for each other." Hearing his kind offer, she gave a nod before speaking up, "We.. Have had odd things happen in our travels. Other than our halla acting odd, some of us have heard strange things in the forests as we've traveled. Whispers and what sounds like battles. The Veil must have been thin in those areas, but it's still worrying all the same."

"Sounds like that could be the case," Solasan remarked, "The forests surrounding our home capital is rather steeped in history from the ancient times. The chance of there being a battlefield in the old days wouldn't be too far out the realm of possibility for there to be activity to press so strongly against the Veil. Has anything else strange occurred?" he asked in light fascination, if not concern. Renan looked around lightly then back to Solasan, "I've told my Keeper about this, but she has come up with no answers. I've been.. having strange visions as of late, and with me being a mage, it's definitely been a mix of many different things at once, some of them are painful. Sometimes they're spirits, sometimes they're demons, and sometimes they're.. something or someone else."

"Someone else?" Solasan asked softly and she nodded, "It's been very vague as they've never had a certain form, but I can tell it's a woman's voice speaking from it. Sometimes it's an animal, other times it's a person, but she says the same thing each time. I dare not repeat them around my clanmates since they've been fidgety as of late," Renan paused to look around before urging him to follow her in a direction heading toward a secluded park, "She's told me to keep a vigil for her husband, for he's needed to be reborn. And.. that she needs help in finding him."

This stumped Solasan as he rubbed his chin in thought, "A spirit in need of finding her husband for a rebirth? That IS unheard of," he noted, "I've never heard anything like it in all of the Vir'Dithara.. but I can hope someone there has answers. If not the Librarians, then perhaps the Archivists.." "You're familiar with the Vir'Dithara?" Renan asked as her ears perked a bit as he responded with a light, "Yes. I'm under a Librarian's apprenticeship so I've read much of what the great library has to offer."

"Do you think it's possible for me to find an answer there," she asked lightly trying not to sound too eager, "I need answers, and my Clan can only provide so much. Can you help me find those answers?" "I'm in need of answers to my own dilemma, but I will help you in any way I can until you and your Clan have to depart. How long are you in town?" he inquired to which she looked over at her clanmates tending to the halla getting their harnesses off. "I think we'll be in town for a few days, a week at the most," she replied and he rubbed at his chin again. "That should be plenty of time to get at least SOME information as to what's been going on," he noted.

"Do you know how to reach the Vir'Dithara from city limits?" he asked before seeing her shake her head a light 'no' before he pointed toward the central eluvians, "Just follow into the Southern Eluvian and you'll enter a section of the Crossroads that will have the path to the Vir'Dithara. The eluvian leading to it will be surrounded by bookshelves littered with books and desks. It should be open to those who wish to learn."

"Thank you again for your willingness to help," she said lightly and Solasan had a soft chuckle, "Well, I must be honest. Your dilemma sounds most intriguing, no matter how odd it may sound for a spirit to ask for aid. Very rarely do they ask for help from the living, but when they do, it's mostly for simple matters such as a command or to give a sample of wisdom to one's questions."

"Indeed they have, given my experience in the Fade," Renan noted lightly before looking over to the eluvians, "You said the southernmost eluvian right?" "I did," he replied lightly, "If you'd like, I can accompany you until you find some sort of answer. I can even direct you around the Vir'Dithara with ease." She seemed in thought a moment before nodding, looking up to him with a smile, "I'd like that, thank you." He walked with her the few steps to the mirrors, and they stepped through to hopefully find some answers.

Not far, however, hiding amongst the aravels was a tall, thin figure that noticed them and heard their conversation taking note of their worries concerning the dreams and their emerald eyes seemed to glisten with anticipation.