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Actions Speak Louder

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It was only step one of Jisung’s two part plan.


  1. write a letter
  2. give felix the letter


It was simple, right? Well not for Jisung! This was maybe the thirtieth paper he ripped out of his journal this morning. Their teacher decided to give the class a period to themselves as long as everyone was quiet, which they weren’t but the teacher didn’t seem to care.


As Jisung ripped out the next paper he could hear Hyunjin laugh besides him and he could feel Felix’s amused stare at him.


“Aaaah! Hyunjinniee!”, Jisung whined, earning a giggle from the older, “how would you write your feelings for someone out?”


“Aww is someone going to confess to our lovely Lee Jeno?” Hyunjin teased to which Jisung rolled his eyes.


“Yeah, yeah, sure,” He replied with a smile. Felix’s smile was immediately replaced with a thin line and he suddenly looked bored. It went unnoticed to the other two boys and suddenly Felix couldn’t focus on the study guide he had been working on.


‘Jisung likes someone else.’


Felix pulled out his phone. They met when he walked Felix home earlier in the year and they exchanged contact information. He hadn’t talked to this person often, but he said if Felix ever needed advice they could talk, so he was going to take it.

Sugaa (9:34 am)


big chungus

hey yoongi?




Hello, Felix


big chungus


I have a small question are you busy?



I’m just in the library, so no

What’s bothering you kiddo?


big chungus


I like this guy

but he doesnt like me back

but ive noticed he treats me a lot differently than our other friends?


nicer and stuff ya know




How do you know he doesn’t have mutual feelings?


big chungus

hes writing a letter for someone else rn




I see

I say give it some time

Maybe try to get a bit closer, see what happens, and shoot your shot


big chungus

but what if he starts going out with this other guy?



Then you explain that you understand and accept he is in a relationship

I’m not saying you have to, but if I hadn’t with Jimin I think I would have regretted it


big chungus

what do you mean?




Let’s not make this about me

If you tell him and things get uncomfortable tell me, okay?

We aren’t that close but I’d probably be able to knock some sense into him for you


big chungus



thanks yoongi



Of course


Also Jungkook says “Hi”


big chungus

i dont know him but hi!





Librarian needs me

Hope to talk with you soon?


big chungus





Give Chan my greetings


big chungus


what is this the 1600s

just say tell chan sup




Tell Chan I say “Sup”


big chungus



smh ur an old man

“Earth to Felix? Hello?” Jisung waved his hand in front of Felix’s face trying to get his attention. It worked, but ended up startling Felix so much he banged his elbow on the desk, “Ah! You okay?”

Jisung asked, forgetting what he had been trying to say, concern in his voice. Felix nodded slightly. He felt funny, but mainly upset. He was upset he thought he and Jisung could’ve maybe had something special. They were the only two in their inner circle who isn’t dating anyone it almost felt like fate did this itself. But, no, Jisung has feelings for someone Felix has no idea about.


He was going to take Yoongi’s advice. He didn’t know much about Yoongi besides he had to grow up very quickly, so he gives wiser advice than most people. Even Chan listens to his advice. He also knew Yoongi was on student counsel and is a friend of Minho’s. Yoongi was very quiet and didn’t make situations about himself, but he was surprisingly funny behind his mature aura.

Felix was going to give this a week. If by the end of the week nothing happens he was going to tell Jisung about his feelings for him. It almost felt comical how Jisung studied Felix’s face for a second then wrote down something on his paper before folding it up and shoving it into his bag. Hyunjin whooped and gave the boy a high five. Felix turned back to face forward in his desk.