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Actions Speak Louder

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“I had fun, Felix.” Jisung smiled, porch light illuminating his face. Felix smiled and nodded.


Felix slowly closed the door with a small click as it shut and locked. He leaned against the door with a bright smile on his face. He let out a soft sigh as he pulled his shoes off, a smile on his face.


Most fun I’ve had in years.’


Felix placed his bag near the empty spot that Chan’s is usually at before being taken to his room. Felix jumped when he heard a door open.


“Felix? You’re home late.”


‘look who’s talking’


Felix looked up the steps to his cousin standing outside his room, “Were you with Jisung that entire time?” Felix nodded, slightly confused by the question. “Oh, okay. I wasn’t expecting you two to become so close so quickly.” he switched to english as he continued, “I’ve got to pick up mum from the airport tomorrow, so will you be okay getting to school on your own?” Felix nodded slightly.


Chan sounded so tired. This was the third night he had been coming home late and Felix recently learned he takes all AP classes, which is a lot of work. On top of all that, he knows Chan has insomnia so he falls asleep around 1:00 am if at all. Felix pulled out his phone and typed as he made his way up the steps to Chan.

“You should go stop pushing yourself and go to sleep earlier =(“  


Chan smiled slightly at the message, “You sound like Woojin, Lix..but you’re both right. I should go to sleep.”


Felix nodded, that was a start..Chan patted his head and smiled slightly, “g’ night, Lixie.” Felix smiled and gave his cousin a tight hug before going to his own room.