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Actions Speak Louder

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School was getting..better for Felix. He got his grades up and finally understands what is happening in math. He finally met everyone in the group chat and learned all their names. He was slowly, but surely, coming out of his shell even if only for a few people.


The rest of school was..less enjoyable. The people bothering him (Felix won’t dare say bullying just yet) ended up being on the roof the same day he was since it was sunny. He just wanted to eat his sandwich and listen to music in peace, but instead he got milk poured down his back, so he put his shirt in his bag and wore his hoodie for the rest of the day.


“Aren’t you hot?” Hyunjin asked once they were in their second and last break for the day. Felix shook his head. A lie. He was hot. It was February and the school was kept warm for comfort, but since Felix only had one layer one it was a bit more bearable. All he had to do was roll his sleeves up.

“If you say so then.” Hyunjin muttered, looking back at his phone. Jisung was tapping away on his DS playing Animal Crossing again. A great game in Felix’s opinion and he thought it suited the squirrel looking boy well.


Felix took out one of his earbuds and put it into Jisung’s ear. The action startled the other slightly, but he accepted it and adjusted it in his ear as Felix pressed play. Hyunjin smiled softly at them and turned back to his phone.


blues clues needs to come back (1:23 pm)


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big chungus

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You guys want to know something Minhomophobic?


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Minho- me

Homo- also me

Phobia- fear

Read a textbook.


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I am

So sorry.

I meant no offence


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its fine just dont do it again


Satan’s Summons

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minho what happened




My teacher lost all ten of my assignments and that ain’t even the start.


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“Hey Felix,” Jisung’s voice caught his attention before he even said his name. He snapped his head in the direction of said boy, waiting for him to continue, “wanna hang out after school? We can go to my place?” Felix smiled at the offer and contemplated it for a bit. He nodded and Jisung smiled brightly. “Great! Wait for you by the gates then?” Felix nodded as the bell rang signaling the end of their break. People slowly came into the room as the people already their put their stuff away and pulled out things for their last class of the day.


Felix hopped on each foot as he waited for Jisung to get out of the library. He had already told Chan he was going to be over at Jisung’s house, so to just go home without him.


You know? Felix really wasn’t sure why it was Jisung had Chan pick him up for school in the morning, but he walks home in the afternoon. It might be a preference thing or maybe Jisung was just lazy in the morning.


He heard footsteps coming from behind him and turned around to see Jisung. He smiled at the older. Felix linked their arms, a habit he picked up from the first time he had done it and they started the walk to Jisung’s home as he talked his head off.


“No one is ever home, so we have it to ourselves. My parents are always in our house in Malaysia, but sometimes they visit me here- oh speaking of visiting when I was playing that game during break-“


Jisung’s words slowly faded out as Felix focused on how happy Jisung looked to talk about his interests.


These were the times Felix wished he had been born with a voice. He liked seeing Jisung happy and he was sure if he could give more input it would bring an even brighter smile to his face as he talked. Felix really did like Jisung. He was a great friend.


The grip on Jisung’s arm tightened as Felix fondly looked at him talk about video games and random tangents he would toss in. They reached a familiar looking house, slightly bigger than Chan’s and Jisung reached for his keys.


Honestly, Felix couldn’t imagine being home alone all the time. Jisung made it seem like it was a small thing and maybe to him it was, but to Felix it sounded like a nightmare.


“So, we should probably do homework first unless you want to eat something?” Jisung broke the silence as they entered the house. He tossed his keys onto a table near the door. It was surprisingly clean inside.


‘He must keep it clean for his parents then.’ Felix decided.


The boys slipped their shoes off at the door and left their bags near their shoes, a problem for them when they do their homework. Jisung let out a small sigh as he walked into the kitchen, Felix following behind like a puppy.


“Sorry about Changbin,” he started, looking at Felix for a response only to be met with a confused expression, “about..saying you’re sucking my dick, I guess.” Felix only shook his head, he knew it was a joke, but it also sort of hit hard a bit. Jisung only shook his head and continued, “He acts that way sometimes, but he means no harm. He only does it to people younger than him really.” Jisung shrugged.


Felix smiled slightly. ‘ It’s weird he cares, but at the same time not?’


Jisung opened his fridge and started to search for something that could be a small snack, “What type of food do you like?”


Nothing spicy’


“I think I got kimchi?”


god dammit, Jisung.’


Jisung finally turned away from the fridge and saw Felix’s slightly annoyed face, “ah I guess not, huh?” Felix nodded and pulled out his phone typing a simple statement. “ Nothing spicy would be cool” Jisung read the message and nodded.


“I forget to buy food a lot, but I think I’ve got bread.” Jisung made his way to a cabinet and Felix helped himself to sitting on the counter, crossing one leg over the other. His house may be clean, but he still needed to take care of himself. Felix felt a bag hit his head and turned to glare at Jisung who only smiled back, “I found rice cakes.”


Felix smiled, he loves rice cakes. Even if they were bought at a convenience store and would never heat up correctly no matter what, that only added to the charm.


After a lot of screaming from Jisung and breathy laughter from Felix they had their overcooked, mushy, and burned rice cakes they began their homework while watching whatever was on Jisung’s tv.


“Aaaah! I’m so bad at history, I should’ve started with korean.” Jisung complained. Felix was rather good at history, so he scooted over to sit next to the other, who stiffened at the action (which Felix let go), to see if he could help out. He wrote little notes on his assignment to help Jisung remember the major things which would, hopefully clue Jisung into knowing the minor details.


“’re like..a super genius!” Jisung exclaimed.


‘No, you just never pay attention.’ Felix smiled and let out a breathy laugh, which Jisung smiled at.


Felix pulled out his phone and typed a simple question out, “ Where’s the bathroom?”


“First door on the left” Jisung pointed down the hall where said room was at. Once Felix left Jisung pulled out his own phone.


ratatouille (4:48 pm)


Tippy Toe

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a marshmallow matey


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please tell in full detail


Tippy Toe

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not really


Tippy Toe

smile? good

laugh? breathy and cute

brain? smart

memes? in

personailty? CHE C K

also im p sure im taller than him


Satan’s Summons

k but what did he do to make you gAy


Tippy Toe


dont know


he scooted next to me while we were doing homework and my heart went ZOOM



you’ve known eachother for like a week?

and you are whipped


Tippy Toe

it takes 9 hours for a human heart to develop a crush


Satan’s Summons

love is felt in the brain



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Tippy Toe





Jisung shoved his phone back into his pocket as he heard the door to the bathroom open up. He pretended to be doing the rest of his homework as he saw the strawberry blond come back into the room and sit down next to him. He was typing something, but he wasn’t sure if it was for him, so he just continued to work.


When he noticed Felix was still on his phone after a few minutes he looked at the other’s face and saw worry on it, he was trying to type something out.


“You okay?” Jisung asked. Felix nodded his head in reply and continued typing something before showing his phone to Jisung.


Chan said his mom is going to be on a short business trip and that he was going to be home late so is it cool if I stay with you til he gets back?” Felix pulled his phone back and typed out something else, “ please?”


Jisung looked at him and nodded. Felix smiled and scooted closer to him. He’s like a cat, Jisung decided. It took him a while to warm up because he was scared, but once he did he got full trust in the older. Jisung was determined to keep that trust. He patted the younger’s head and looked at the clock on the tv. It was reaching closer to the time the sun would be setting and he figured since Felix doesn’t know the area as well as Jisung and that it would be more dangerous for Felix to go places by himself..”I can walk you home if you want?”


Felix whipped his head to look at Jisung (almost knocking into him during the process) with wide eyes. He nodded slowly, biting his lip slightly. A nervous habit he has, Jisung noticed.


Jisung smiled slightly, “Wanna watch a movie?” Felix smiled a bit and nodded. “I’ll make the popcorn if you pick one out on Netflix!” Jisung exclaimed before hopping up and going to the kitchen. Felix turned on the xbox and found himself at Netflix and found a movie before he could smell popcorn.


They had burnt popcorn and a halfway done The Incredibles 2 when Jisung realized he definitely did like Lee Felix. He very much so liked him. The lighting from the movie made him look stunning and he would let out small breaths at funny parts. Jisung pretty much was only counting how many freckles he could see on the left side of Felix’s face before the younger rested his head on the other’s shoulder. Jisung stiffened, as you do, and immediately started to pay attention to the movie as best he could.


Felix could probably just stay the night at this point in Jisung’s eyes. He knew it wouldn’t be fair since it was a school night and Felix didn’t have his stuff, but...Jisung was letting his feelings get in the way again. He did the same thing with Minho and in the end they decided to only remain friends, which broke Jisung’s heart and almost a year later he had thought he finally moved on because he met one of his best friend’s cousin. Except, he still hasn’t fully moved on.


Minho is Jisung’s childhood and closest friend, the first person he came out to, the first person he shares fries with, the person who he could cry to, the person he fell in love with in middle school..and not even two weeks when he meets a small, kind, mute Australian who avoided him for an entire week he changed all his feelings.


“Did you know it takes nine hours for someone to develop feelings for someone?” Minho asked as Jisung lied on the others bed.


“Why would I? And why do you know that?” Jisung asked not looking up from his phone.


“Well, I like psychology and I realized something about developing feelings for someone.”


Jisung almost dropped his phone on his face and immediately got his hopes up. Did Minho finally develop feelings for him? Did he maybe want more than just their one time thing?


Once Minho saw the younger’s interest he smiled slightly to the floor, “I realized earlier today that..I really like Changbin..he just really-“


Jisung didn’t listen to the rest, he couldn’t hear it over his heart breaking in half.


That had happened almost a year ago and Jisung was honestly so sure he wouldn’t feel the same about anyone, but he still wasn’t sure if he was wrong. He wrapped a hand around Felix’s waist, who nuzzled his head into Jisung’s shoulder in response.


“Hey-We should make a Thursday movie night thing, just the two of us!” Jisung said suddenly. Felix lifted his head from the other’s shoulder and nodded enthusiastically, smiling brightly. Felix loves movies and he loves them even more when watching them with someone. Jisung smiled at the Australian as he settled his head back onto his shoulder. This was more domestic than Jisung had ever gotten with Minho or his past boyfriend (fuck that guy).


The only thing that could ruin this evening was Jisung looking at the clock, 9:36 pm. After their movie they decided to play some video games and somehow Felix ended up on Jisung’s lap on the floor. Jisung immediately paused their game to which Felix whipped his head around to see the other (Felix was beating him in mario kart anyways).


“I need to get you home, bitch dick!” he exclaimed. Felix looked at the clock and only shrugged, standing up and stretching.


The walk to Felix’s house was nice. It was a cold night, but not too cold it made you not want to leave bed. Felix had done his regular habit of holding onto Jisung’s arm as they walked, but he seemed a little tenser than on their way home after school. Jisung wondered if it was possible Felix was afraid of the dark, he seemed jumpy from the amount of times he or Hyunjin would randomly start talking, so it was possible he just scared easily.


Felix hopped onto the steps of his house, bag in hands and smiled at Jisung, a silent thanks for walking him home (they were both sure Chan would be thankful too). Felix slipped into the house as silently as possible and waved a small ‘goodbye’ to Jisung.


“I had fun, Felix.” Jisung smiled, porch light illuminating his face. Felix smiled and nodded.

Felix slowly closed the door with a small click as it shut and locked. Jisung began his short walk home alone.