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In his apartment in Jamaica, Queens, New York, Michaël 'Mickey' Villanueva narrowed his eyes, scanning the sidewalk. He leaned forward, swerving his head from left to right. In his neighbourhood, he watched civilians walk past his home, completely absorbed in their personal lives.

However, he chuckled, realizing they were none the wiser, as he nodded his head. 'The coast is clear.'

With a sigh and a toothy grin, Mickey spun with a flourish. Nestled in his hands, he brandished a nifty device. “Alrighty! I don’t know how long I got until Miles finds out, but here it is. Gwen’s little wristwatch!”

Mickey presented the device to Katherine Luna ‘K.L.’ Townsend, his adopted step-sister, as she rested over the couch. He attached the interdimensional transporter - the signature device of his Champions teammate and fellow band member, Gwen Stacy - around his wrist.

“Awesome, right?” he said, raising his eyebrows with a cheeky smile.

K.L., though, was none too pleased. She fixed her round glasses hanging on the edge of her nose, her eyes wide with shock and curiosity. “Did you even ask her?”

“Yeah, I asked if I could borrow it for a bit after we had our gig in Berlin," Mickey replied in a nonchalant manner.


"She said no, of course.”

K.L. shrugged. “So, what happened next? Did you just...take it from her?” 

Mickey shook his head with a shocked expression on his face.

“No, no, not that night." He chuckled. "It was the next morning. That’s when I took it from her!”

“Mickey! You’re such a little shit!”

K.L. playfully smacked her step-brother on the arm, shaking her head while she chuckled in disbelief.

“What? And, hey, just because I can swear..." Mickey watched K.L. pout, raising his arms. "Hey, them's the rules. And I’m just borrowing it! I’m curious! Besides, I gave her a little note.”

Katherine crossed her arms. “A note?”

Back in her dimension of Earth-65, a slightly miffed Gwen Stacy arrived in her room. After the events of the day, she hurled her backpack to the side. Taking off her headphones, Gwen suddenly noticed the contents of her computer desk strewn across the wooden floor. She gasped as she read a note plastered on the monitor:

Sorry, borrowing your watch. Hey, don’t worry, Gwen. I owe you for this. Thanks. By the way, keep that device of yours somewhere safe next time. - Mickey V.

With pursed lips and widened eyes, Gwen clenched her fists. “Mother--”

“Yeah, a note!" Mickey shrugged. "I’m sure it’ll be okay."

He heard a voice in his head as Grey - Duchess Agares - made her pleasure known.

I’m positive Gwendolyn’s 100% okay,’  she said before a malevolent chuckle echoed in Mickey's mind.

'I blame you if shit goes sideways, Grey.'  Mickey responded. 'Not even Duke put me up to this!' 

And much like the old adage, the resonant, fiendish voice of Duke - Duke Agares - emerged as they made their hopes clear.

‘Hell, I just wanna see it blow up in both of your faces,’ they said with a chuckle. ‘Give it time, Boss.’

The voices faded, leaving Mickey's thoughts to himself. He shook his head with a sigh before noting every detail of Gwen’s device. Sporting a teal blue and black design, the transporter was a bit clunky but stylish. He weighed it on his wrist, bobbing his arm and down with an impressed smirk.

K.L. scoffed. “I honestly can’t believe you’re getting away with something like this.”


“Why?!” Tilting her head to the side, K.L. gestured to the device. “What if something happens to you...again?”

“Call Ava or Jenny,” Mickey said nonchalantly. "Yo, be nice to Jenny, though. You know her."

“Okaaay...what if they can't help?”

“They’ll let Miles know through the fancy room and he’ll call Gwen.”

“And if things get worse?”

“Call Seol. She’ll do her ‘Luna Snow’ thing and before you know it, I’ll be home in time for take-out.”

K.L. shook her head. “And if you and Seol scream through the portal thingy? What if things go south?”

“At that point, freak out and call Stark. He'll figure it out.” Mickey sighed, shaking his head. “Actually, don’t. I don’t want Tony to rub it in my face again. Call Melissa. But only if it’s--”

“A ‘last resort kinda thing’, I know. You owe me for this.”

"I got you. Honest." Mickey winked, smiling as he hugged K.L. close. "Check up on Elvira, okay?"

"I'll take her out for a walk, don't worry." K.L. hugged him back. "Be safe. I don't wanna go back and know."

Mickey nodded, giving K.L. a peck on top of her head. With a press of the button, he tinkered with the device, pushing buttons carefully before a portal suddenly opened. It was vibrant, multicoloured streams around the edge, paired with a sonorous tone. Through the portal, it revealed a peculiar location; however, it was obscured by a thin, liquid-like material, similar to scrunched-up Saran Wrap.

'What is that?'  Mickey leaned forward, ever the curious soul. 'That looks...weird...and fun.'

K.L. turned to Mickey, attempting to say something before she noticed him leaping through the portal. “Ooh. I--Mickey? ...Mickey?! C’mon, man…”

 The World of Verdia

Near the hub of Toleen, a lively faun kicked up her hooves as she leapt across the countryside, enjoying the wind under them. With her avian companion Maxwell perched on top of her head, the faun stopped, taking the time to stop and admire the scenery. Blossom, the Princess of Silverdeep, looked up at the cloudless skies, feeling the crisp breeze across her fur. With the light and the beauty of the great Golden Skygem above her, she beamed before looking up at her friend.

“We had a great breakfast with Lucie, didn’t we, Max?” Blossom said cheerily. "It's nice to take a break from fighting every now and then!"

Maxwell squawked happily, acknowledging his friend's question as Blossom giggled.

“Good! Glad to hear it! Well, we still gotta find a way to save Silverdeep.” Staying in place, she closed her eyes. “And I think I know just the place!”

With nature all around her, Blossom tapped into her magical reserves, using the world as her focus. The winds whipped around her, imbued with a magical aura. The grass below her hooves swayed with rhythmic movements before they stopped. And seconds later, as if a compass was inserted into her head, Blossom opened her eyes as her floppy ears twitched in excitement, looking up at Maxwell once again.

“The nearest arena is close to home. Orman Temple!” She giggled, wiggling her tail. “It’ll be nice to...whoa!”

Suddenly, Blossom spotted something weird appear right in front of her It was a phenomenon that was all but ancient to her; before the faun, a strange grey-and-blue portal appeared out of thin air, complete with a sound like no other. Not one to stand around when random events happen, though, Blossom retreated behind some nearby trees, watching closely with great interest.

The faun gasped, seeing the reward of her patience. She saw a figure emerge through the portal - Mickey.

“He looks so...strange,” Blossom uttered to herself as Maxwell tilted his head. "Do you think those markings make him magical?"

To her, the stranger was indeed strange, to say the least. Blossom took in his curly, unique locks, intrigued by his tall yet deceptive physique. Although she spared a passing glance at his strange clothes, it was the peculiar device wrapped around the stranger's wrist that fueled her curiosities even further.

She narrowed her eyes with an impish smirk, an idea creeping in her mind. 'He looks like he could fight in the Arenas.'

“Well, Max, he seems fun! What do you say?" Blossom heard Maxwell squawk, albeit with a bit of uncertainty to it as she sighed. "Oh, don't be so glum. Let’s say hi!”

With a spring in her step, the eager faun hopped forward…

After a brief time crossing through the Divide, Mickey stepped through the portal, seeing a strange land before him. With hills of verdant green off to his right, trees and shrubs to his left, a paved road of amber laid beneath the soles of his slippers. The sun beamed down on him, but it was a different feeling compared to the sun above his world. It was similar, but there was a peculiar presence that he couldn't quite place. And after seeing a small home off in the distance, Mickey knew one thing.

He had no idea where he was.

Without warning, though, Mickey had little time to process what was going on before a strange humanoid woman, boundless with energy, leapt in front of him.

“Oh, shit! Holy…yo.” He rubbed his eyes, thinking it was an illusion. However, his eyes opened, noticing the entity - Blossom - once again. 'Whoa.'

Blossom waved. "Hey!"


"Hiya! Hehe."

Mickey's adventures across the multiverse and beyond made his mind malleable, a mind that could explain things he couldn't normally explain. However, seeing a creature like Blossom made him utterly speechless. It was a rarity to those who knew him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing...and as she spoke in Mickey's mind, her tone quite alarmed, neither did Grey.

'Hm. I guess that’s a thing here, apparently,'  she uttered to Mickey.

'You're stunned too, Grey?'  asked Mickey.

'I've existed for quite some time. Trust me, Michaël. I'm stunned myself, yes.'

'That's a shocker...'

Suddenly, Duke chimed in, chuckling to themselves.

'Speak for yourself, Boss. Took a while for me to recall, but that’s a faun right there. A pretty hot one, too, judging from your thoughts."  Duke laughed in Mickey’s head. 'I haven't seen one in a while. This is going to be fun. Don't fuck it up...”

'How do know what? Never mind. We'll talk later.'  With a nervous smile, Mickey waved, addressing the figure before him. “Quick question: who are you?”

Blossom tilted her head slightly, a slight twinkle - one of interest - forming in her emerald eyes.

"I’m Blossom!” Ever the bubbly faun, she gestured to Maxwell. “This little guy is Maxwell. Say hi, Max.”

Maxwell flew away from Blossom, flapping his wings in the air. As he tilted his head, with a bit of a nonchalant gaze up and down Mickey's body, he squawked at Mickey. Unimpressed, Maxwell flew back, nestling on top of his friend’s noggin.

“Hehe, stop. He's a bit wary of new faces, but he says hello. It’s nice to meet ya!” Blossom smiled, ever eager to meet new friends. "By the way, what was that portal you just...popped through? It looked weird."

"It was weird. I-I don't even know, though." Mickey chuckled sheepishly, though seeing Blossom laugh made him feel a bit better. With her name in his mind, he placed his hands on his hips. “Blossom, huh?”

“Yeah-huh!” Blossom's eyes twinkled while Mickey smiled, comparing his eyes to the skies of blue up above. "That's my name!"

'She is kinda cute,'  he thought to himself before he sneezed. 'Wow. Good shit, Mickey.'

'Am I right or am I right, Boss?'  Duke chuckled. 'And you sneezed right in front of her, too. You're a regular Casanova.'

'Shut your ass up.'

'Oh, please, don't mind me.'

Mickey tried to form a grin. “Sorry."

Blossom hopped over, giving Mickey a pat on the shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. It's just a sneeze, I ain't worried. Heh." Mickey sniffed. "But the name fits. I like your daisy."

"Aw, thank you!" Blossom said, looking up at the somewhat gentle giant with a friendly smile. "What's your name, outsider?"

"Mickey. A pleasure to meet ya.” He pointed all around the verdant peaks and valleys of the countryside. “Where am I?”

“You're in the world of Verdia! Technically, you’re near the city of Toleen. It’s a big city, but it’s pretty neat!" Blossom laid her staff on her body as she held Mickey's wrist with the transporter. "Oooh, what’s that?”

Mickey paused, taking the time to check out Blossom’s peculiar looks while she was fascinated with Gwen’s device. She was a striking young woman, humanoid in her appearance. Strands of short golden-brown hair draped around her impressively-sized horns in a braid, winding down near the side of her head. Her beige skin and reddish-brown fur were dressed with little, but her staff and jewelry caused Mickey to connect the dots. 

“It's a teleporter! Well, it's a transporter, but I ain't smart." Mickey snapped his fingers. "Blossom?"

Blossom tilted her head up towards Mickey. "Yeah-huh?"

"You said you lived in the forest, right?”

“Oh! Yup!” Blossom nodded, waving a finger in front of her. “But not just any gorgeous forest. My home is the great Silverdeep Forest! It’s wondrous, a place of absolute beauty! I’m actually the Princess of Silverdeep.”

Mickey smirked. “Oh, a princess, huh?”

“Well, me and my sisters, but yeah. And don't underestimate me, Mickey. I'm pretty tough, y'know!" Blossom smiled. Unbeknownst to Mickey, his chuckle made her happy. "I’m actually travelling with Max because my home’s struggling against something.” Her hooves picked up the pace as she hopped with Mickey, walking together with him. "It's quite the undertaking..."

“What is it? I kinda know a thing or two about helpin' entire worlds in chaos,” Mickey said with his toothy grin, prompting Blossom to don an earnest smile.

Together, the two talked about their histories, their battles, and their journeys. Blossom laughed and was intrigued, listening to Mickey talk and weave interesting stories about his adventures with the Champions. As they travelled up and down rolling green hills, Mickey paid attention to Blossom’s tales of her home and of Thorn, the blight that encroached upon her home.

“So that’s why you go to these Arenas, huh?" he frowned. "You want to protect your home and your people, so you get stronger, right?”

“Yeah.” Blossom noticed Mickey's arms as they made their way into and out of the forest, looking down with a pout. “Is training rough for you as it is for me?”

The faun pointed towards Mickey’s arms, surprised by the number of small scars and his tattoos over them. Mickey followed Blossom’s eyes, chuckling as he rubbed his arms.

“Yeah, sometimes,” he said, grinning at Blossom’s perceptive nature. “These scars and stuff, they...they come with the job, y'know? In my world, they called me many names. One of them is a ‘superhero’, but I don’t--”

“A superhero?!” Blossom’s eyes widened with curiosity. “So, like, these ‘superheroes’ - these 'Champions' of yours - are they like the legendary Champions of old here?”

“Nah, not really. We're new but pretty well-known in my world,” Mickey replied before he noticed Blossom’s ears wiggle with excitement. “I’m definitely not old, though. Yo, you know I got moves.”

He winked, causing Blossom to giggle.

“No way! Well, I sure hope so.” The faun smiled. “But that’s great! And you're certainly not old, that's for sure. Are you legendary, though?”

Mickey laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Well…not really, no. Actually, depends on who you ask.”

He suddenly heard Grey’s voice echoing in his head.

'Normally, I’d tell you to be dishonest, Michaël,’ she said in his mind, ‘but you should tell the truth. It’ll be quite amusing for me, seeing Blossom’s reaction to your infamy. What could possibly go wrong?’

'Grey, not now,'  Mickey replied. 'Don't embarrass me more than you already do.'

'Hmph. Fine, brüderchen, you asked for this.'

Mickey suddenly felt a slight stinging sensation in his mind. As he closed his eyes, muttering obscenities under his breath, he knew he would be remiss talking to Blossom about his abilities. Noticing this, though, Blossom made the first move.

"Are you alright?" she asked Mickey, rubbing his shoulder with a worried look.

"Yeah, I'm good," Mickey replied, appreciating Blossom's support. “Just going through a bit of a grey area in my mind." Hearing Grey curse at him in Spanish, he continued. "Alright. I lied. I’m kinda legendary...but for a variety of reasons. Some of them are bad, but the rest is all good!”

His words spewed out of his mouth like a waterfall as a sheepish smile curled across his lips.

“Bad reasons?” Blossom held on to her staff as she frowned, somewhat worried. “Why? What are they?”

"For one?" Mickey stared into Blossom's eyes, seeing a faint smile from her. Unwilling to see a pretty face frown, Mickey sighed; with a whistle, he opened his hand. "This."

In an instant, Blossom discovered an orb of radiating blue-and-white sonic energy appearing in MIckey's palm. It manifested out of nowhere; with white, wispy strands from the inside, and hues of blue warbling on the outside, it emanated with a soft, gentle melody. For Blossom, it was a level of magic she was unaware of, magic that not even Lucie can deduce.

Suffice it to say, the faun was stunned.

" wondrous!" Blossom said, amazed. "You can do that?!"

"Yup." Mickey walked before Blossom stopped him. "Anyways, enough about..."

"Whoa, whoa, hold on!" Blossom laughed. "You can't just walk away after dropping a surprise on me like that!"

"Uh-huh! Let's just say it's a blessing and a curse, amiga."  Mickey shrugged with a grin. "Why? Do you have powers? What ya got?"

Blossom, smirking at Mickey, raised her eyebrows. A quick twirl of her staff caused the winds to whip, causing the grass to dance as Mickey braced. He watched as Blossom summoned an acorn infused with a strange energy. In one fluid motion, she lobbed it in the air, kicking it with her powerful hoof before seeing it explode with a flourish. Content, the faun sighed, smiling as she turned to face Mickey.

"Boom! Hehehehe." Blossom winked, proud of her abilities. "How was that?"

After staring at the decent display, however, Mickey's seemingly nonplussed expression told a different story.

"Huh." With a cheeky smile, he shrugged. "Decent."

And after that brief statement, Mickey walked away, hearing a surprised gasp from Blossom.

"Decent?!"  The faun laughed, hopping while giving Mickey a friendly nudge. "C'mon! That was a teensy bit better than your 'whooshy-swooshy' orb, wasn't it?"

The orb disappeared as Mickey, sporting his own stunned expression, looked at Blossom. "Oh, woooooooooooord? 'Whooshy' what?"

"Hehe, you heard me!"

"Oh, no, you don't! C'mon, Princess!"

"You wanna fight?" Blossom giggled, hopping away in a defensive stance. "C'mon!"

Mickey nodded. "Can you handle--hey! Stop hoppin' around!"

The pair frolicked in the forest while they proceeded to talk about - and showcase - their powers.

After their friendly 'conversation', Mickey and Blossom - slightly bruised but happy - approached a small village. It was unremarkable but pleasant, perfectly content existing within nature’s splendour. The villagers stopped and looked at the strange duo, mouths agape with interest.

“See that face? Let’s just say that’s typically the reaction I get in my world,” Mickey chuckled, subtly pointing at the villagers as one of them - a young boy - pointed to his pyjama pants. With a slight bow, he presented himself before the boy. “I’m kinda infamous, heh.”

"I see." Blossom slowly nodded. "Well, now I know, huh?"

"And knowing's half the battle, Blossom.'

"You were the loser in our battle. Don't you remember?" Suddenly, Blossom, disregarding Mickey's frown, heard a commotion emanating from one of the houses near the edge of the town. "Hey. What's that?"

Eager to investigate, Blossom and Mickey looked at each other before the former crept her way around.

“Do you hear that, Mickey?” Blossom whispered to Mickey, her ears perking up to hear the sounds. Maxwell laid prone on top of her head as she humorously skulked her way to the back of the house. "Sounds like someone's in trouble." 

However, due to his enhanced hearing, Mickey blushed, tiptoeing along with her. “Um, B-Blossom, they're not fighting...”

“Mother’s Mercy!” Blossom watched Mickey cover her mouth as he crept up behind her. "I--ooh!"

They watched quite the engaging scene: a young couple, naked, writhing along a bed draped in rose petals.

The man’s kisses dotted along the side of the woman’s neck, holding his lover in his arms. The woman chuckled and purred, rubbing her hands along her man’s back, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. The two fought for control as they tossed and turned on the bed, caught up in their throes of passion. It was a feverishly passionate embrace, one filled with love and adoration for each other.

Suddenly, the woman purred as she mounted her man, pinning him to the bed while she rode him - looking down at her majestic stallion of a husband.

Blossom was silent; observing every little moment, she covered her mouth, too stunned to process thoughts, let alone words. She suddenly felt her hand over Mickey's. Her fingers delicately touched his, feeling his warmth with his palm over her lips. Before she pulled back with a soft gasp, Blossom unknowingly rubbed Mickey's hand, prompting Mickey to stand up straight.

"Oh, goodness! Sorry," she whispered to him, though Mickey was too frozen to react “Are they...are they in heat?”

Mickey’s face was flushed crimson as he watched the woman bouncing on top of the man, moaning in delight.

“Damn. They’re red hot, alright. Must be their anniversary, heh." He subtly watched Blossom biting her lip. 'Fuck, she's gorgeous for a faun.'

The couple's passion never seemed to stop as Blossom watched. Too interested in seeing the display of passion, she failed to see Maxwell tilting his head to look at her, trying to snap her out of it. Unfortunately for Mickey, his mind was also rife with impure thoughts, fueled by both Duke and Duchess Agares' diabolic influence. It wasn't long before Blossom's body rested against Mickey, her hand on top of his, his other hand pressed against the flat of her tummy -- fur and skin pressed against his skin.

"Um, Blossom?" Mickey uttered, trying not to stand 'firm' at attention. "I..."

Blossom's breaths were heavy, casting her gaze towards Mickey. "Yeah? W-what?"


Suddenly, the woman in the bedroom stopped; hearing the pair's commotion, she started to turn towards the window, looking at Mickey and Blossom’s current position.

"Oh, shit," Mickey shouted, running away. "Yo, Blossom, let's bounce!"

"What does that mean--" Blossom gasped, seeing the woman's furious husband approach her. “Yeah, let’s go!”

Blossom backed away from the house as she laughed, sparing little time to hop behind Mickey as they made their way inside a nearby forest.

Silence lingered throughout their journey as Blossom and Mickey tried to focus on anything except each other’s eyes. The sun dipped beneath the clouds before night, slowly but surely, started to make its presence known.

Blossom spoke up first, hoping the darkened skies would prevent Mickey from seeing her blush. “Um, Mickey?”

“Yeah?” Mickey noticed Blossom before he gulped, not really wanting to address what happened. However, given his new friend’s personality, he sighed in defeat. “That was--”

“I know, I know. I--"

"That was wild, right?"

"Oh, jeez.” Blossom started to giggle and blush as she turned to Mickey. “They were really going after it, weren’t they?”

Mickey nodded without saying a word. After a couple of seconds, he tried to flash his classic, toothy grin.

“Um, are you okay?" Mickey gestured to a nearby clearing. "You want another quick fight to take your mind off of it?”

Stopping in her tracks, Blossom turned to him. “W-would you like to spar with me again? Even though we’re not in an Arena?”

"I don't know where an Arena might be, but hey." Mickey shrugged. “It always helps me forget about stuff.”

Blossom paused, remembering the way of life in Verdia before her mind flashed to the couple making love in the house. Hearing the woman’s moans echo in her mind, she clutched on to her staff, shaking her head.

“I...I can’t. Sorry. I guess I’m kinda..."

"Feelin' out of it, huh?" Mickey said with a shy smile.

Blossom nodded. "I'm...I'm not an idiot, but I guess I'm...pretty new when it comes to seeing things like that. Are you?”

Mickey scratched his scalp as his eyes veered to the side. He looked back into Blossom’s emerald eyes as he shook his head.

“Really?” Blossom hopped forward. “Have you ever tried something like that?”

"A bit." Mickey slowly nodded. “Not all the time, but yeah. I…kinda call that a ‘training session’ for some stupid reason."

"That's not training," Blossom frowned, her nose crinkling. "I don't think that's even close to training.'

"I know. I’m weird like that." He pointed at the direction of the village with a chuckle. "To be fair, though, they’re going to be really tired after all of that.”

Blossom started to blush, clutching onto her staff.

“Does…" Her blush ran deeper. "…it feel good?” She slowly hopped beside Mickey. “When they - or you - do that?”

“Yeah. I ain't...I mean, honestly, it feels pretty great," whispered Mickey. "Why?” He stopped, seeing Blossom turn and face him. “Would you…? Are you…?”

Blossom blushed, letting out a soft chuckle as her nose crinkled. “W-would you try that with...with me? It’d be...kinda fun.”

“Heh, I asked you first, meine Freundin.” Despite being nervous himself, Mickey attempted to get over the mushiness of the situation, giving Blossom's nose a soft boop. “Would you, Princess?”

"Hey!" Blossom gasped, giggling as she hopped closer. Mimicking the gesture, she leaned forward. “Nope, nuh-uh! I asked you first!”

Despite her obvious lack of experience, her interest and passion flooded to the surface. After a couple of seconds, Blossom gently kissed Mickey, though it was less of a kiss and more of a friendly yet amateur peck. Nevertheless, she smiled as Mickey bit his lip.

“…Would you, Outsider?”

“Maybe…” Mickey shook his head. 'The hell am I talking about?'

'The hell are you talking about?'  Duke and Grey echoed, saying it in unison.

“Okay, I would be. A little bit…”

“Good.” Blossom smiled as she shivered, surprised by the sensations. She kissed him again to try to get used to the feeling. “…Kissing feels kinda great, hehe.”

Unbeknownst to Mickey, Blossom’s loins stirred – a feeling that was quite rare and yet, oddly stimulating for the faun. She blushed as she felt Mickey rub some of the soft furs on her cheeks. She tried to mimic what the woman did as she rubbed his chest. She cooed while a cute squeak escaped her lips, stopping herself with a giggle.

“Sorry. I feel…different,” Blossom whispered. “I feel…warmer. I guess…"

"Are you in heat?" Mickey teased as Blossom giggled some more.

"…I guess so, Mickey.” She leaned on Mickey’s chest, rubbing it slowly. "Just this once."

“Well, I think I might have an idea," Mickey said, hugging the beautiful faun. "Wanna feel better together? Just this once?”

Blossom bit her lip, staring into his piercing blue eyes before she nodded. “Heh, yeah.”


The two gazed into each other’s eyes as Blossom hugged Mickey back, her coy smile suggesting more than a hug and kiss. "Yeah…"



Blossom smiled. "Yeah?"

"Please tell me the angry crowd I'm hearing aren't chasing us right now."

After hearing Mickey's words, Blossom tilted her head to the side. Her worried, stunned stare speaking more than words, she looked at Mickey, silently confirming his fears.

"Screw it!" Mickey summoned a large sphere, though one bouncier than his usual spheres. Using his whistling to guide the two away from the angry crowd, he watched their pitchforks and torches high in the air. "Sorry."

Blossom blushed, both from want and embarrassment. "Let's just continue, okay?"

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Mickey nodded. "Yeah, okay."

As the early evening approached, Mickey and Blossom spent their day in a quiet part of the forest. Surprisingly, their heated exchange was relatively new for the duo, locking lips as the sun started to set. 

Blossom was always a curious faun, marvelling at the daily lives of other races - especially humans - since her journey began, trying to balance the quest of saving her home from Thorn. Mickey was always wrapped up in handling life-or-death situations with other superheroes with different personalities, too focused on saving the world from threats in and beyond his home cities of New York and Toronto.

So wrapped up in their own journeys, focusing on a moment like this was rare for the duo. But alone, though, Mickey and Blossom decided to have some fun.

After all, they were both known in their worlds to be a bit impulsive…

After witnessing the couple having sex with Mickey, Blossom's curiosities fueled her desires as she kissed him deeply, enjoying Mickey's apparent pleasure making out together.

“Is this okay?” she said as she moaned into their kiss.

“Yeah…as long as you’re okay,” Mickey replied, his arms wrapped around Blossom’s body.

“Good. Kinda hoping you would say that.” Blossom giggled, wrapping her hooves around Mickey’s waist. She held on to him, running her slender fingers through his hair, prompting him to smile. "Let's have some fun 'training'."

Mickey stopped and stared at Blossom; flashing what could only be an unamused half-smile, his expression caused Blossom to laugh.

"I'm joking! Jeez, Mickey! You're so grumpy..."

"Don't you start, flower girl," Mickey uttered, causing Blossom to giggle.

They started to enjoy Mickey’s ‘training session’, retreating to a dense part of the forest. The area itself was already lush, covered by the undergrowth of the forest; but thanks to Blossom’s druidic powers, the flora multiplied, providing them with a natural hiding place. Ever the trusty companion, Maxwell rested on a nearby branch, allowing his friend some quiet time as he watched the colours swirl in the sky.

Blossom stared into Mickey’s eyes, blushing as he removed his clothes. Removing her cloth skirt, she glanced at Mickey's tattoos, curious and excited. Now only partially exposed, she felt open, willing to sate her curious desires. As she began to remove her bra, however, Mickey stopped her, intent on wanting the same thing.

“Leave it on,” he whispered in her ear, nose-to-nose with her. "Please?"

A half-naked, blushing Blossom nodded with a smile. "Mmkay. Slow and steady...okay?"

"Slow and steady."

Hugging him close, the two tossed and turned on the grass while they kissed. Mickey taught Blossom some nice love-making tips along the way, but despite Blossom's words, she was a quick learner. Their moans lingered in the air, taking the time to push the envelope, exploring and tasting each other. Minutes passed as hands and lips fused into an orchestra of passion and lust. Blossom, laying on the grass, wiggled her cute butt in the air before she turned her head to face him.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” she whispered, giggling before Mickey was above her, moaning with anticipation as he rubbed her butt.

Mickey grinned. "You're energetic as heck, eh?" 

He heard Blossom giggle before he guided the tip of his cock inside of her. For the pair, the feeling was - for lack of a better term - tight. It wasn’t super painful for Blossom. In the Arenas, she suffered much worse from encounters, especially from that 'scary tree man' -- Thorn. However, the slight discomfort caused the rather vivacious young faun to frown. In her mind, she wanted this, and she pushed for it, but she worried the pain was a bit too much to take so quickly. 

“You okay?” Mickey uttered.

“Kinda, yeah. A little bit. G-go slow, okay?” Despite the strange feeling, a hopeful Blossom slowly pushed her hips back, meeting Mickey's body. "Please?"

“Okay.” Inch by inch, Mickey gently held Blossom's hips, rubbing her back with the tips of his fingers. "How does that feel? Good?"

Appreciating his gentle support, Blossom moaned, smiling from ear to ear. “Uh! It feels…yeah. Kinda good, actually!”

Mickey’s cock slid into Blossom, deeper with each stroke. Each of his thrusts caused Blossom’s furry butt to jiggle, her short tail wagging in excitement.

“Yeah? It feels good, huh?” Mickey whispered in a soft and sensuous tone.

“Mhm.” Blossom nodded, a tinge of lust behind her moans. “This feels really good…”

After some time, the pain subsided, making way for instant pleasure. Blossom’s prolonged gasps of pleasure emphasized her emotions, amazed by the weird yet delightful sensations. With Blossom’s moans driving him, Mickey rubbed his hands down her back. Feeling soft skin and fur against his skin, he moaned as well; unable to hide his passion, he softly chuckled, burying himself to the hilt.

“I want you to feel good, too,” Mickey whispered to Blossom.

Blossom gasped and moaned, closing her eyes as she felt her lovely friend’s touch. “Yeah?"


Blossom's thrusts picked up a bit of speed. "Feel good for me…okay?"

Swept up in their lust, Mickey rested on top of Blossom, grinding with short, quick strokes. Hearing her trembling moans, he placed his hands under her cloth bra, rubbing her breasts. Mickey wasn’t too knowledgeable about fauns, but hearing Blossom’s approval was quite common for most races.

“Uh! M-more,” Blossom moaned. 

After fondling and grinding each other, Mickey cupped Blossom's chin, allowing her to meet his gaze. Her cute, wagging tail shouldn’t have been a turn-on for Mickey, but it was.

“Anyone held your antlers before?” he asked her.

“N-no,” she mumbled in a curious tone. Blossom’s eyes grew wider. “My sisters…wait. Why?”

A soft chuckle escaped Mickey’s lips. With Blossom's hands on the grass, he held one of her antlers to the faun’s surprise, keeping his rhythm at a steady pace as they bounced off each other…

"That's why."

Blossom gasped; for her, no one was bold enough to hold her antlers. Unknown to her, they were sensitive -- so sensitive that for someone like Mickey to do it, it aroused her to no end. Blossom's mind was frazzled, replaying the moment of seeing the married couple over and over again as she closed her eyes. Her cute grunts of effort grew quieter and softer but at a rapid rate, allowing herself to be submissive to Mickey.

After a minute, Mickey's movements slowed as he felt his hips slick with Blossom's quick movements. “You…taste like…sweet maple syrup,” he panted with a deep moan, stopping and rubbing Blossom’s side with his other hand.

Blossom’s inner walls massaged his cock thoroughly; the sensations were tantalizing with each purposeful thrust. Shivering all over, the same, soft moan escaped her lips.

“Really?” She stared at the ground, biting her lip as she tried to catch her breath. “W-wanna know…what you taste like?”

“Yeah,” Mickey nodded with a chuckle, thrusting once.

Blossom giggled impishly, feeling Mickey’s steady thrust with a loud, stifling moan. “You taste like…cranberry hibiscus leaves. That’s a good thing…trust me…”

“Love to try some with you.” Mickey’s own grin curled across his lips; his movements slowed to a halt as he took a breather. “Blossom?"


"Can I go—”

“Faster?” Blossom’s eyes widened, a look of mischievous intent behind her gaze. "I don't know…maybe."

“…If you want to.”

"I think I do." Blossom's voice grew softer. “But, um…” She placed her palms flat on the grass, generating her own thrusts. “Be rough on me. Just like…those two in the house. Please?”

“Yeah?” Mickey immediately quickened his pace, his thrusts intense and pleasurable to a blissful Blossom with his hands around both antlers. "Want me to keep doin' it?"

Blossom nodded. “Keep doin' that…”

With a giggle, Blossom moaned, her cute moans of effort punctuating every thrust. Mickey suddenly rubbed one of his thumbs over Blossom’s bottom lip, causing her to smile. As she turned her head slightly to meet his gaze, her cheerful smile and those glimmering, green eyes only fueled his resolve. The frantic sound of slapping bodies provided an interesting contrast to the tranquil sounds of the forest; the birds chirping in the distance and the warm breeze around them provided an aura of tranquillity.

It wasn’t hard for Mickey to know he had a type. And Blossom was his type. Bubbly, attractive, and friendly; he took to her 'special' kind of charm, regardless of her interesting looks.

Mein…Gott, Blossom,” Mickey groaned as he pounded harder into her. His thumb slid into her mouth, rubbing her tongue.

He watched as the gorgeous faun sucked on Mickey’s thumb, loving the sexy sight. With her stifled grunts, he felt Blossom’s butt jiggle, willing to take more of his cock inside her. He felt Blossom’s heat stir with each passing second, their moans helping them chase their highs.

“Don’t stop! Uh!” Blossom moaned with a naughty giggle, feeling something wet coat Mickey's hips. “…Sorry.”

She formed a coy smile as Mickey shook his head.

“…No worries...princess,” he cooed, holding both of Blossom’s horns as they pushed their hips into each other. Her squeals of lust only gave Mickey more reasons to pound her harder, driving his cock inside her with a hungry need. He panted as he heard Blossom’s insatiable moans. “W-wanna get…magical?”

Suddenly, Mickey stopped as he received her answer in the form of a massive tree, growing out of nowhere. He watched the blades of grass around them start to grow, providing more shade. He heard Blossom’s moans turn into a heap of giggles and gasps, feeling the heat from her loins stir with intensity. His hands rubbed her back, feeling the sweat from his body splashing on her slender curves, hitting the grass like fresh dew. Blossom panted as she slightly turned around to face him.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, giggling with hints of desire. “We’re…all alone now.”

“Well, get ready, flower girl,” Mickey uttered before slowly pulling out of her.

Blossom frowned. “Why? What’s…whoa!”

In an instant, Mickey flipped Blossom over, lifting her legs over her head. She gasped, seeing her hooves past her ears.

“Mother’s Mercy!” Blossom gasped with a laugh. The tip of Mickey’s cock slowly slid back in, snug inside of Blossom’s inner walls as loud, pleasurable moans escaped her lips. “You’re…y-you’re so…”

Mickey chuckled as the sweat dripped from his chest. "Are you close?”

“Close to…what? You’re here…right?” uttered Blossom, half-giggling as she tried to hold on.

In an unfamiliar but pleasant moment for the faun, Blossom heard Mickey giggle, appreciating her somewhat clever and cheesy joke. She felt Mickey’s sweat hitting her body as it glistened his own, moaning as she panted, turned on by his intense gaze. However, deep inside of her, she felt this urge -- an urge to erupt with unwavering pleasure.

And Mickey could see it, grinning from ear to ear.

 “Yeah.” The sight of Blossom’s eager, sexually charged smile was so new and so wondrous, he couldn’t help but hold Blossom’s cheeks as her release was imminent. “…Guess you could say that.”

“Ahn, yes!" Blossom moaned, raising her hips. "I feel…”

Mickey panted. “Wanna stop?” 

The pounding was intense as she wrapped her arms around his chest, sweat pouring down their bodies.

“…Don't stop, heh--oh!” It wasn’t long until Mickey’s entire length plunged deeper into Blossom’s sex. Mouth agape, her body shivered, taking the scintillating situation in as she closed her eyes. “Oh! M-Mother? …Mickey? Help meeeee!”

Mickey felt Blossom shiver and tremble, hearing, quite possibly, the most passionate groans that could escape one's mouth. Her inner walls massaged and kept his cock firm, hugging it like a vice. The blades of grass around the pair swayed as the wind whipped around them. Hearing Blossom's squeals, interspersed with her moans, Mickey had a good idea of what was happening to her: it was her orgasm rising and falling like a crescendo, wild and unpredictable like nature itself.

In fact, Blossom's orgasm was so passionate, Mickey's body trembled, pushing himself with every deep stroke. It was that need that propelled him, causing him to gasp. For Mickey, his orgasm was almost here, ready to rock his world.

“B-Blossom?" Mickey stammered. "Hold…on.”

“Why? Hah…you okay?” Through her high-pitched moans, Blossom felt Mickey twitch inside of her. She stared at him, wide-eyed and surprised as she bit her bottom lip. “Mmm…you're…twitching.”

“Blossom!" Mickey felt a pit of fire churning in his gut, his body as hot as their sex. "S-sweetie?”

His groan emerged, his cock moving like a piston, in and out of Blossom as their bodies trembled.

“Yeah?" Blossom pulled him close. "…Sweetie?”

Her smile and laugh - much like her voice - was so soft and soothing, it pushed Mickey over the edge. He smiled wide before he closed his eyes. He felt her light, bristly fur, providing a nice contrast to his skin. He felt her hands rub up and down his back; her moans rang in his eardrums like a siren’s call.

“I'm coming…”

It’s time.

Blossom wrapped her fingers in Mickey's hair, never letting go. With her hooves wrapped around him, keeping him snug inside of her, she pushed his hips down onto hers.

“C'mon! Do it! Do it, do it, do it! I want to…feel it,” she gasped, her voice hoarse. "Please?"

Mickey nodded as he held her body close. "…Okay."

As the pair embraced with an open-mouthed kiss, Mickey spent himself deep inside of her, his body feeling lighter with each hot burst. Blossom’s laboured moans were as cute as her wiggling ears; her nose crinkled as she rubbed Mickey's back, allowing the combination of his orgasm and her afterglow to wash over her. After a solid minute or two, they switched positions while Blossom rubbed Mickey's chest, looking down at him.

“Oh my…goodness. …That was good," Blossom sighed, almost breathless. “You were…great! I can’t believe…that couple felt something…like that. That was…new…and so…fun and so…”

As they tried to catch their breath, Mickey took the pretty white daisy Blossom wore, placing it back into her hair to the faun’s joyful surprise. Silent, he rubbed her cheek, responding with a subtle wink. Blossom smiled with glee as they kissed, enjoying their time now under the pale moonlight.

It was night as Maxwell appeared on top of Blossom. In unusual Maxwell fashion, though, he suddenly started to fly over to Mickey, resting on top of his head. Mickey grinned as he held Blossom in his arms, pressing his cheek next to hers.

“So, Princess…”

Blossom smiled, her bubbly personality shining once again. “Yeah? Sweetie?"

As she laughed, Mickey, with a surprised blush, tried not to stutter. “Hey, c’mon! S-shut up! It was in the moment…”

"Uh-huh," Blossom laughed. "It's okay, though." She kissed his cheek. "I liked it a little."

Mickey shook his head with a beaming grin before continuing. “I'd travel with you and help ya out, but I probably don't have a lot of time left. That portal might show up at any minute."

"Oh." Blossom frowned. "I-it's okay. Hey! I could show you so many things next time!"

"It's a date…I-I mean--"

Mickey smiled and Blossom gasped while the two blushed profusely.

"Promise?" Blossom said sheepishly, looking up at him as she rubbed his cheek.

Mickey nodded before they kissed.

"Mhm, for sure." He watched Blossom sigh contentedly before he held her close. "…But I gotta say something. How do you feel about maple syrup?”

Blossom’s ears perked up in delight. “Oooh, I love it when you gather it fresh from the trees! You gotta taste it, Mickey. It’s, like, soooooooo wonderful!”

"Hah!" Mickey chuckled as he kissed Blossom’s temple. “That’s why I like ya.”

Suddenly, Gwen’s interdimensional device beeped as his eyes widened. 'Oh, crap.'

Blossom’s eyes stared at the device before they lingered on Mickey’s look of fear. “What’s wrong?”

“I don't know, but judging from that sound, I think I gotta go. But, hey, listen…” Mickey placed his hands on Blossom's cheeks. “I don't need to say a lot because you're…you."

"Hey!" Blossom smiled, thumping Mickey's shoulder.

"Not like that, honest." Mickey chuckled. "But I know you’ll find a way to save Silverdeep. Your mother, your sisters, your people. They believed in you for a reason. You’re here for this, Blossom.” He softly kissed Blossom as she smiled wide. “And I believe in you too. Kick some ass for me.”

As a portal opened nearby, Blossom nodded as she quickly took an acorn from her bag. Connecting some twine with it and looping it around, she placed the makeshift necklace around Mickey’s neck.

“And I’m sure that no matter what, you can find the strength to protect the ones you love and more. Times can be tough, but I know you'll find a way to overcome it. If not, know that with this necklace, Silverdeep will be there with you in spirit. And with this…" She kissed Mickey back as he beamed, showing his toothy grin one more time. "…I'll be there, too. You gotta show me how you did that whistling thing next time.”

He nodded, wishing her well before putting on his clothes and peering through the portal. The next sight caused him to gulp as he noticed the rest of the Champions wait for him…with less-than-pleased looks on their faces.

“Katherine Luna Townsend!” Mickey walked up to the portal slammed his foot down, hissing silently to K.L. as she shrugged. “What the fuck? You called them already?!"

K.L.’s voice warbled through the portal as she pointed to Gwen. “Don’t blame me! They’re scary together!”

Gwen raised an eyebrow before she pulled Mickey through. As his eyes met Blossom’s, he whispered ‘See you later’ and smiled before he disappeared. Not long after that, the portal disappeared as well.

Blossom stared into the starry night sky. “See you later, Mickey,” she whispered with a soft giggle as Maxwell chirped. “Hehe, shush, Max. Don’t say a word, okay?”

Collecting herself and gathering her things, Blossom’s hooves carried her to Orman Temple and back home with a pep in her step...and a smile on her face.

The End