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How to activate a Quirk by Bakugou Katsuki

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Katsuki and Izuku decided to have special phrases to establish when they're going to have another special meeting (a.k.a Tea Party) with All Might or just the two of them, always remembering to speak in code so no one else finds out.

''Kacchan, high FIVE!'' Even when Katsuki doesn't respond to the high five, they both know they're going to meet at their special place at 5 pm.

''Gonna take a walk at six.'' Katsuki says nonchalantly one day at the common room. Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero look at him, confusion clear like water on their faces. Katsuki waves them off, threatening anyone who decides to mess with him. Little explosions forming in the blond's hands are usually enough to keep the others quiet for a while.

These phrases are repeated more and more by the two almost every day. The students of class 1-A noticed these patterns and some started to get slightly concerned. Katsuki and Izuku don't really care, as long as no one actually finds out where they're heading and what they do, everything is fine. Well, at least for Izuku. Katsuki is stricter about keeping things a secret, and usually complies to the green-haired boy when he's not being discreet.

But Katsuki stops caring too much as well after some time. They start to lack imagination, so their phrases and coded language is limited to just expressions about tea and the hour of the meetings.

''Drinking tea at 7 must be fun!'' Izuku says one day out of a sudden when their lunch break starts. Katsuki hummed to show his agreement, stands up and leaves the classroom. Izuku smiles at him. Then he realized Uraraka was watching him like he had spiders on his face.

''I... guess so?'' Sweet Ochako says, raising her eyebrow. Izuku tells her not to worry, that it was just a random thought, and maybe his mumbling is becoming a little louder nowadays. Uraraka wants to believe him, but it's a little hard.

''A good tea could keep me awake until 9 pm.'' Katsuki stretches and says as Izuku, Todoroki, Mina, Yaoyorozu, Sero and Ochako are making themselves comfy on the couches, about to watch a movie. He's still getting used to people looking at him like he was crazy, so he glares back at Sero when he feels his gaze.

''But... Isn't coffee the drink that keeps you awake?''

''Shut up, plain face!'' Izuku watches the exchange from the other couch, chuckles and nods at Katsuki. Well, at least that's a yes. Katsuki hopes this meeting is going to be worth it, because he hates losing sleep.

Yaoyorozu starts to suspect of their sudden interest in tea; she theorizes that maybe they have a special club to just chill and drink tea together. How dare they start a Tea club and don't invite her? But no worries, Momo is going to make a plan to join them someday. They won't be able to escape her amazing skills at making the drink! Or else, she will start her own Tea club with the girls.

Todoroki is pretty sure Midoriya's dad owns a tea company; it all makes sense. The boy's talking about tea and how amazing it is all day. His dad probably told him to use a subtle way to promote his company to his classmates. Todoroki doesn't blame Midoriya; he knows how difficult it is to have a strict father. He will talk to his friend about this later, he just needs to get more proofs first.

But things start to get a little more... weird. Now Katsuki and Izuku have special gestures and are very direct with their petitions. They don't seem to mind though. Nobody's noticing it, they couldn't. Nobody at UA acts like a normal person, so they're probably not standing out. Or that's what they thought.

One day, some students decided to hide and they witnessed an exchange between the two. Midoriya and Bakugou found each other in the living room and they got closer for a moment.

''Hey Kacchan! Today at seven?'' Midoriya put his two hands on his hips, his arms simulating the handles of a cup, and bowed at Bakugou. The latter, strangely enough, did the same without a complaint.

''You know it, nerd.'' They both smiled, Midoriya showing his teeth and Bakugou faintly smirking. They turned around and walked to different rooms.

Those students told the others what happened and everyone was pretty weirded out. They all pretended they didn't see/know about the exchange and joined the suspicious boys some hours later. They quickly realized Bakugou and Midoriya disappeared from the common room around 7 pm. They weren't in their rooms or the bathrooms.

Finally, the class had enough and cited a special meeting to figure out what was exactly happening.

''Maybe they have prohibited magazines and are keeping them from us!'' Kaminari exclaims after they are reunited in Todoroki's room. They would be surprised that Todoroki of all people actually offered his bedroom for the meeting, but Bakugou and Midoriya's case is way weirder to be affected by something else.

''Kaminari, don't let Mineta contaminate you. Y'know that's not manly!'' Kirishima scolded Kaminari, who was sitting next to him. The electric blond shrugged. ''Maybe it's just some weird coincidence. After all, they are childhood friends. Sometimes people who have known each other for a long time acquire each other's habits!''

Everyone hummed at the thought. No, it was too recurrent to be a coincidence. And they don't just leave, they also say weird things before disappearing.

''Midoriya and Bakugou obviously have a Tea Club. They're always talking about it.'' Yaoyorozu says confidently and a little frustrated. They really are cautious to keep their Tea Club hid! Todoroki looks at her and hums with a hand on his chin.

''Hmm. Do you know if any owner of some tea company in Japan has the surname Midoriya? I've been looking for it but I find nothing.'' Everybody in the room sent a confused look at Todoroki. That boy really was amusing when it comes to his intricate theories. After a while, Ashido broke the silence and continued.

''Maybe they're conspiring to prank us!'' She says loudly, extending her pink arms to make an emphasis.

''I really doubt Bakugou and Midoriya are the type for pranks, kero.'' Tsuyu contradicts Ashido with a logical response. As always, she's touching her lower lip with her index finger, organizing her own thoughts. Right next to her, Uraraka grabs everyone's attention.

''Okay everybody, calm down. I think the best form to figure out what's happening is to follow one of them right when they disappear!'' Everyone raises their head in curiosity and great interest.

''Uraraka-kun!'' Iida adjusts his glasses and looks at her, disappointment very clear on his face. Uraraka gives him an apologetic smile and shrugs.

''No, she's right. Everyone here is curious, after all. This can be our chance to figure out what's happening so we can go back to our routine.'' Jirou speaks for the first time since they entered Todoroki's room. Kaminari is the first one to support her and, moment by moment, everyone but Iida is agreeing.

''Alright, let's do it!'' Ashido says excitedly.

''I already told you guys, this is not correct. We would be violating their privacy and that's not something good heroes do!'' Iida is the voice of the law and politically correct things as always, but unfortunately, he is immediately attacked by the girls right after he talked.

''Iida-kun, pleeease!'' Uraraka pleads, holding Iida's sleeve and tugging it in repetition. The other girls do it as well with other parts of his shirt. Totally defeated by popular vote, Iida reluctantly accepts and everyone cheers. Now things were going to be really interesting.

The next day they acted as usual until the long-awaited exchange occurred. Midoriya did that weird gesture to Bakugou again, but this time it seems they were going to leave at 6 pm.

Around 5:57 pm., Midoriya excused himself saying he was going to the bathroom. After some seconds, Bakugou said he was going out and left too. Perfect.

The students decided to split in just as they planned, one half following Midoriya and the other Bakugou. Ashido and Kaminari were giggling out of excitement. ''It's like a secret mission!'', they exclaimed.

Uraraka, Todoroki and Iida were ahead of their group, leading the rest of their friends and keeping everyone quiet. After some minutes of walking in silence and hiding every time Midoriya looked back, they finally saw how he sneaked into... the gym?

''It's weird to drink tea in a gym...'' Yaoyorozu whispers, trying to figure out in her mind how they manage to do this almost every day, and wondering if the tea even tastes well.

''I don't think they're just drinking tea, Yaomomo. Kero.'' Tsuyu says quietly behind her. They kept walking around, waiting for the others. It's very probable that Bakugou enters the gym as well, but they need to be sure. They hide around the area, near the door into which Midoriya entered.

The Bakusquad felt like they were in some sci-fi movie. They barely managed to follow Bakugou without getting caught, because Kaminari and Jirou wouldn't stop laughing at everything and Ashido almost ended up making more noise every time she shushed them. Besides, the blond was looking back every few minutes and it was a damn odyssey. They watched as Bakugou entered some building and released a relieved breath. Wait, the gym...?

''Oh! Maybe they're sparring!'' Kirishima exclaimed, thinking about how much they have improved in their relationship to go and spar together almost every day. But his thoughts were quickly interrupted by Sero.

''But... alone? Why would they train alone?''

''I repeat, they have forbidden stuff they don't want anyone else to find out.'' Kaminari says between them as a mischievous smile appeared on his face. After all, their secret was about to be discovered.

Ashido almost screamed when she saw someone in the distance, but she realized it was Uraraka with her group just in time. Everyone reunited together again, outside the gym. Iida adjusted his glasses.

''Alright guys, we already know where they go all the time. Now it's time for us to go back.'' Just as before, everyone groaned.

''C'mon Iida! We are so close to discovering their secret! We'll just have a peek inside the gym and then we go.'' Jirou says, trying with her best negotiation voice.

''Yes, exactly! Please, Iida-kun!'' Uraraka joins her.

Everyone made puppy eyes at Iida (even Todoroki and Tokoyami were trying to convince him). So, at this point, the class president gave up again.

''But it'll be just a peek.'' Iida feels like he's failing his whole family right now.

They walked to one of the doors and Uraraka opened it ever so slightly to see inside. Jirou inserted her earpod in the wall, listening carefully to whatever was happening inside. Confusion spread over Uraraka's face and everyone asked her what was going on through impatient whispers.

''I'm... not really sure,'' she replies.

The rest of the class accumulated over the door to see for themselves. The freckled boy and the blond were sitting close with their legs crossed, in front of the other.

Bakugou had his arms folded on his chest as he glared at Deku. He had a very serious look on his face, as he was scrutinizing Midoriya in front of him. The latter had an uncertain expression instead. Midoriya opened his mouth to talk but the blond shut him up. After some seconds -which seemed to feel like hours for poor Midoriya-, Bakugou talked.

''Worms can't play Tag because they got no hands and legs.'' Bakugou said, very casually.

''W-Why are you saying that?!'' An expression of horror invaded Midoriya's face at the sudden -and sad- fact. What the hell, someone in the group whispered.

''Well, you said it activated with your feelings, didn't you? You are always a dramatic shit, so yesterday I searched for stupid sad facts on the internet to try with you today.''

''That's... You're not wrong Kacchan, but that's not how it works.'' Midoriya gave him a little apologetic smile.

''How the hell does it work, then? I thought you didn't know shit about it either!''

''It only activates when I'm feeling something really, really strong. And even if those facts you're going to tell me are very sad, they aren't so deep.''

Bakugou made a little sound as he contemplated something. Then, he stood up and asked Midoriya to do it too. They were still in front of each other.

''Um, wh-''

''You're incredible.'' Midoriya's eyes opened widely.

''Wh- Kacchan, what-''

''I respect you and that's why I need to surpass you.''

Ashido whispered Midoriya looked like a strawberry and Todoroki hummed in agreement, contemplating the scene. Midoriya became more and more flustered at every suddenly kind thing that escaped Bakugou's mouth.

''I've never really hated you.'' Izuku's heart was beating extremely fast now. He felt something awakening inside him.

''Kacchan! What is this?! Why are you saying so many nice things all of a sudden??''

''I'm trying to trigger a heavy emotion, you idiot.'' Midoriya's mouth was hanging open at the surprise. Was he really...?

''Y'know, I finally understand you're not looking down at me. So, if everything you say is true, that means you value my opinion and everything I do, don't you?'' Izuku couldn't help but nod.


''I'm not an expert, but I know that 'nice' comments from a person you admire can produce a lot of good feelings, and knowing the positive moron you are I'm most likely to trigger positive emotions rather than negative ones. So, is it working?'' Was Kacchan really asking if it worked? He couldn't be serious! Izuku ran out of words and common sense.

Almost everyone in the group aww'd quietly. According to Kaminari, Midoriya looked like he was Internet Explorer processing everything Bakugou just said. After some seconds of gasping, his green eyes glowed and he closed his trembling mouth, smiling widely. His big eyes filled with tears of joy.

''You weren't supposed to cry, you dorky weeb...-''

Katsuki's eyes opened more when Deku tackled him in a light hug. When he recovered his balance, he looked at the boy with a low-key amused expression and he waited for Deku to calm down.

Then Katsuki realized. No, Deku doesn't need to calm down. He's supposed to experience a really strong feeling to activate his quirk. This is Katsuki's opportunity to finally activate it!

Determined, the blond surrounded the freckled boy with his arms and put him closer. Multiple squeals could be heard. Katsuki was sure not only Deku -who was gently rubbing Katsuki's back now- was producing sounds and he swore he heard a voice similar to Kaminari's in the distance, but he ignored that when something else got his attention. Black whips emanating from Deku's body were surrounding him. Finally! He managed to activate Deku's quirk right after the hug.

Katsuki was about to step back to protect himself but then he realized that the whips weren't trying to hurt him. In fact, the fractions of dark energy were... No way... The less weird thing Katsuki could think of was a hug. Yeah, cuddles.

The whips were petting and embracing him gently. These weird forms of energy were a representation of Deku's feelings and his wish to capture, launch or grab something... or someone. Katsuki, suddenly a little flustered, looked at the responsible. The nerd was still hugging him tightly with a stupid smile on his face. He seemed so pleasant and comfortable in Katsuki's chest, between his arms...

Fuck. This is not what Katsuki planned.

But he doesn't step back nor releases his embrace over Deku.

''Thank you, Kacchan.'' Deku said, his voice muffled against Katsuki's chest. He shifted and put his adorable, squishy cheek on Katsuki's shoulder. ''I also think you are sugoi.''

''Hah. I figured, Deku.'' More black whips started to embrace Katsuki, but he didn't feel uncomfortable. In fact, he had never been more comfy and relaxed in his life.

Katsuki decided this was good after all. Nobody else was watching them, and at least Deku seemed to be controlling his new quirk. Katsuki can't believe the black portions of energy the nerd is controlling were as sickly sweet as him though. Now he'll need to get used to some extra clingy Deku with his squad of whips every day.

But yeah, that is fine. Katsuki will let Deku continue with the cuddles some more minutes, just this time. Katsuki will even do his part, rubbing Deku's back every once in a while.

Everything was fine.

After some more bonding time, Katsuki and Izuku were back to the dorms. If they spend too much time there, people would start to get suspicious. For security measures, Katsuki entered the first some minutes before. He was about to go upstairs when he felt something really strange on his back. He turned around and discovered that literally everyone in the room was watching him. Some were smirking, others were giggling. Oh no. This isn't the time for their bullshit. Katsuki was finally in a good mood.

''The fuck is happening now you punks?! Do you all want to die?'' The blond threatened them as always, but with less effort than usual. He doesn't know why, but he just doesn't feel like insulting right now.

Kirishima walked up to him and put his two hands on each one of Katsuki's shoulders.

''I'm so proud of you, Bakugou. You're so manly! Keep it up!'' The red-haired smiled brightly at the blond, who frowned deeply. What the fuck.

''The heck are you saying, shitty hair?!''

''I really thought you had secret magazines. But it was still really impressive anyways, Kacchan! Congrats, dude.'' Kaminari appeared from behind with a shit-eating grin on his face and made finger guns at Katsuki. Forget what he said. He's already tired of this bullshit.

''If you keep talking nonsense I will blow up your fucking faces! What is this all about?!''

''I never thought you were like that, Bakugou. I guess you're romantic in your own way!'' Ashido winked at him and laughed, elbowing Kirishima at his side. The red-haired smiled, showing his sharp teeth. Oh yeah. Enough is fucking enough.

Katsuki passed the rest of the day chasing after everyone in the common room, threatening to explode the hell out of them. Those morons wouldn't tell him what the fuck was their problem, though. Katsuki doesn't know at this point if they are very brave or just idiots with luck. Oh, forget it. They are obviously idiots.

Deku was surrounded by his friends the moment he entered as well, but that damn nerd was already used to it, so it doesn't count. At some point of the night, he heard a high-pitched scream coming from the latter. It seems like Uraraka said something really effective to him. Katsuki glared at him from behind, begging that that event didn't make him manifest his quirk. Luckily, it didn't. Deku was suddenly a blushing mess, but without black whips emanating from him, so it was okay.

What wasn't okay was the first part though. How dare Uraraka think that she can just make Deku flustered all of a sudden? Fuckin' Round Face. Only Katsuki should have that power. Uraraka was laughing with sweetness at Deku's red face and looked at Katsuki, raising and lowering her eyebrows. Hah?! What does she think she is?!

(Katsuki didn't know Uraraka's comment to Deku had to do with him, but he didn't need to know because he wasn't jealous. No fucking way.)

Katsuki had to breathe deeply to avoid going and exploding Uraraka's face right at that moment. He had enough bullshit for the night and went to his room at 8:15 pm. Ugh. He didn't have tea with Deku... They didn't even battle! But it doesn't matter. He doesn't need to train every day, because he will defeat Deku anyways. Besides, they finally know how to release his quirk. Katsuki just needs to find ways to make Deku flustered/with the feeling of being loved more and more every day. Easy.

Katsuki didn't understand what those words really meant after some time later.

''Tomorrow it will be.'' Katsuki huffed and rolled on his bed, getting more comfortable and falling asleep easily.

He also didn't realize this process -hugging and petting- to activate Deku's quirk became a habit, even outside the gym. A 'thing' they started to make more and more often by pure instinct, and they didn't care if the others saw them. After all, it was just practice; if Deku doesn't let loose his quirk in public, nobody would find out.

(They were really convinced they were the best at keeping secrets, but the reality was that even Aizawa knew about them disappearing. He didn't say anything because he prefers that than having to capture them fighting each other every day.)

One day, they managed to activate it in the most powerful way till the date, and their training became more and more interesting.

He doesn't mind that he needs to kiss the nerd to release it completely. He's been doing it for four weeks already, and he won't stop until Deku masters it at its finest. After all, Katsuki is going to be the Number One Hero, and surpassing Deku is his first goal.

Deku is his first goal, and losing to him isn't an option. Either if it comes to regular Hero battles or Cuddles battles. Deku can have those black whips under control to attack him with cuddles and everything, but he's going to lose anyway.

Katsuki will never admit it, but he loves cuddles too.