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You may be loved aren't you

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It was a long day since new travellers we're came of visiting the jedi temple, Newton saw some Jedi in front of them; Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Ahsoka Tano and others jedi apprentices and jedi masters. Sackboy was not sure about 'The negotiator' has a sith feelings, confused and curious about him. Serial things may be different or something different. He whispered himself, Why should Obi-Wan Kenobi might hide his sith lord's eye in brief? Should i tell the council about him? Sackboy was not sure about the jedi and the sith. How could he almost treated Obi-Wan?

The cyborg and bird hybrid "66-666" was has quite feelings about both Sackboy and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"What's the matter Master?" Kenobi heard his former padawan; Anakin just said at meetings of new travellers.

"I'm fine, young one," Obi-Wan lied to ALMOST everyone, he was cried in blood.

"How chould you lied to almost everyone?! You almost gave me a heart attack, Master Kenobi!" Sackboy with his voice rough.

Newton was just entered the jedi council to see the whole view inside, curious he feels, walking around in the council, then Nana Pud's son saw the chancellor of the republic.

"Elder man," what all Newton said, "Who are you and why are you in both; light and dark side?!"

"Young Pud, i am Sheev Palpatine, the chancellor of the republic, don't mind Kenobi's apprentice, he is Cat and Human hybrid" Chancellor replied.

Newton was just confused when Palpatine was moved to his office, Sackboy is going to hurt me, the lightbulb teen said in his mind.


Sackboy was at the council meetings with Anakin about the proof as he sees Obi-Wan cries in blood.

"For the reason is i was sick of seeing a jedi who cried in blood," Sackboy snaps out at serial jedi masters, "Well EXCUSE me?! Obi-Wan Kenobi has his OWN life," 66-666 scout at cloth kid.

"Better be calm down and be calm," both who snapped or scout just received Yoda's words to have passion.

"Fine," Sackboy and 66-666 just replied fast.

Anakin wasn't sure of there's a discovery between them, "I'll be back in a hour at more or less," he just leave but seen his own mother and Arc Trooper Fives in front of him.

"Everything okay cyare?" Fives asked.

"Yeah.. I-i'm just s-scared of a duros bounty hunter," Anakin shivers. "P-protecting me please? I-i am just-"

Shmi just hug her son of shivers and comforts him. Yes, its comfortable for Anakin. Very comfort for the chosen one. Oh the caressing and projections. Obi-Wan wishes he was a normal jedi, not cried in blood, staying on the light side, not to be a fallen jedi but it's not what he thinks of it, a grey jedi, cried in blood before and after his knighting, half trained by a sith lord. What Duchess Satine Kryze thinks he was?!

Shmi just hug her son of shivers and comforts him. Yes, its comfortable for Anakin. Very comfort for the chosen one. Oh the caressing and projections. Obi-Wan wishes he was a normal jedi, not cried in blood, staying on the light side, not to be a fallen jedi but it's not what he thinks of it, a grey jedi, cried in blood before and after his knighting, half trained by a sith lord. What Duchess Satine Kryze thinks he was?!

Anakin's beta padawan Ahsoka Tano just came back from a mission with Master Fisto and Knight Secura, but she just saw Master Kenobi briefly crying in blood. He was feeling both better but sad.

"Having a flever, Master Kenobi?" Ahsoka just asked him.

Obi-Wan just reply her while he was rubbing his eyes, "Nope, i never have a flever but since i saved Anakin from scientists who made Grievous but there's a failure experience on my former padawan. Like Sidious forces me to get trained by Count Dooku and this time i am a grey jedi.

Too much alphas and betas. TOO MUCH ALPHAS AND BETAS! 


Quinlan Vos was a fallen jedi and Maiara(or Sweet Peater) is almost a jedi master, not a alpha or neither omega but a beta jedi, Oddsock just came from them.

"Welcome back jedi knight and fallen jedi. How's the mission?" Oddsock asked them. But how was possible he was available to talk?

"Well it's fine," Quinlan replied while Maiara just chatting with Commander Cody and the 501st legions.

"Have you all heard of Cad Bane?" Toggle gives them a question and gave Sweet Peater speechless.

" Cad Bane? Well he's was a duros bounty hunter-", Cody was about to finish his answer while Maiara just cut off the line.

"I was about to told him that," she reply at Cody. I don't know why i never get a chance of talking with Chancellor Sheev Palpatine?

It was all happens; Anakin got kidnapped by the scientists and about to begin the experience of him.

"Please don't do this! I don't want to do this just let me go!" Anakin begs them for let go for him but they disobeying.

"Silence, young Skywalker," Sidious told the chosen one to be silences and just leave.

Padawan Kenobi and Jedi knight Jinn just arrived just in time to get Anakin safety.

"A jedi!" a droid exclaimed.

"We must send other droids to attack them-" other droid commended but he got slices by Obi-Wan.

Qui-Gon ordered his apprentice, "Forget the droids and you must save Ani from the scientists, may the force be with you, Apprentice."

Obi-Wan obeyed his master's orders just in time to save Anakin.

A failed experiences on The chosen one was becoming a cat and human hybrid, young Anakin Skywalker was saved by Obi-Wan Kenobi and his master Qui-Gon Jinn, but quite was transgender neko.

"What happen?" Anakin gave them a soft question.

"You're a cat and human hybrid," Qui-Gon announced.

Obi-Wan just believed that that just happen. Why should he?

"What Padmé will think this?!" Qui-Gon Jinn and the Negotiator just heard a young crying Anakin Skywalker. They conforting him.

"Obi-Wan Kenobi what the force what you're doing?!" Qui-Gon exclaiming that's not how it works, Obi-Wan hugs the chosen one softly.

'Hello there, dear one' Obi-Wan told him while Anakin feels him kindness. "Anakin must need this didn't he Master? He such a cute one."

"O-Obi-Wan, are you trying to break the jedi code?" 

"An omega you are, Anakin?" Anakin nodded at Qui-Gon.

At almost evening, Cad Bane(Alpha Duros) was behind the jedi temple and his droid friend, Todo 360 arrived at thier mission; capturing young Skywalker. Why the force they will do this?!

Sackboy and his serial friends are busy on a mission with Kit, Aalya and Alpha Jedi Master Plo Koon while Alpha Ct-7567(know as Rex) are protecting with beta padawan Barriss Offee and Ahsoka.

"Are we going to get Cad to prison?" Offee asking while hunting the duros bounty hunter.

Bane heard them while talking about to go inside without getting caught.

Anakin just returned to the jedi temple, "Master?", he just looking around to found his own master. "There's a council meetings, master." He just heard a word from a duros, stopped at the library, "Hello adorable."

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Anakin wasn't willing to fight him but he got kidnapped by a alpha duros bounty hunter. But why he got a blindfold over his eyes? He shrugs off the chain that cutted him from the force. 

Fives! Please help me! I don't want to cheat on you! Get me out of here! I'm scared of a duros! I don't want to do this! He whisper himself and don't like when Cad did this to him in trembling of fear.

"Young Skywalker," he could heard a similar voice. He imminent a snap, "Cad! I knew it i was captured by you! I-it's not what you doing this to me!"

"I was only thinking of you jedi," Cad explains while put a gag on Anakin's mouth, "Well, Anakin, while Obi-Wan Kenobi was forced to be trained by Sith Lord Dooku, he should be known as Darth Venge, but at his young days he was trained by his own master Qui-Gon Jinn but he shouldn't save you, i will mark you as mine. Like you're mine."

N-no, Anakin tried to get away from Bane but he actual hates it when that duros will rape him.

Bane kiss roughly on his neck, it makes Anakin whimpering, why does he loves him and the chosen one scared for him. 

"You're kinda interesting to do this young Skywalker," the duros bounty hunter smirked at him.

Mom! Fives! Qui-Gon! Obi-Wan! Rex! Cody! Snips! Padmé! Please! Save me from him! He was going to rape me! I am really scare of him, he begs and wishes they help him from Bane.

"Eyes contacts," Cad said while rips off the blindfold, Anakin disobeying.

The young man gasped when his leggings are off, scare when the duros bounty hunter spreads his legs. "I said eye contact," Bane repeat.

It actually made Obi-Wan Kenobi's former padawan whimpers. Why should Anakin don't want to do this?

Rather leaves the Scientists alone, Qui-Gon Jinn thinks he doesn't sure if Anakin was a beta, but actual an omega. Obi-Wan Kenobi was next to him, make sure if he is warm.

"Obi-Wan, are you sure if he was not an alpha?", Obi-Wan's master asks him. He nods, comforting Anakin, he feels warm with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.

Feel the warm. Feel the warn! FEEL THE WARM! Whoops, heat incoming.

"Are you in heat?" It was Obi-Wan said confuse. 

"I think i am.. M-must wait at one or two days when it's over, i wish i was a beta-" Anakin's words came undone when Qui-Gon kiss him.

Anakin Skywalker just woke up from a nightmare. Not really a nightmare but a wet past dream.

"Just a dream, i can't believe i got a nightmare. THAT KRIFFING DUROS BOUNTY HUNTER KILLED ME IN MY NIGHTMARE!" Maiara just arrived with Siri Tachi, Satine Kryze, Ferus Olin, Roan Lands, Jango Fett(The father of Boba) and his son. "I was so done with Cad!" Why the force should i been murdered by Cad Bane?


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Obi-Wan was not in the jedi temple; he was briefly a sith apprentice. What happen to his padawan days?! It made him cried in blood?! Who trained him? They all came but not Qui-Gon's apprentice?

Will Kanan or Siri explains to him? No, it was all hard to solved?

"Where's Obi-Wan? I saw him since the meetings of the council," Anakin continued explain where his master is, "He supposed to stay on jedi temple."

Yoda just told him, "Sith Warrior is he. Force to be trained by Darth Maul."

"I don't want my master completely be a sith lord," The Chosen one squarked, "Why he was like this?!"

Maiara kicked the door and scouts, "CLONES!!! GUYS!!! QUI-GON!!! HOLY SUCHIS!!! Something had gone bad of Obi-Wan! We need to talk!"

"General Jinn,  General Maiara needs you to talk with her," Fives ordered him.

"Whatever," Sackboy squeaks

Sweet Peater switched the holocron on and actually happens; contracted Kenobi and Maul since he got sliced in half for no reason.

"Darth Venge you're late instead of earlier to see my robotic legs, look i am sick when you're talking to jedi and clones," Maul growls anger. He made Obi-Wan scared and cried in blood. 

"Master Maul, i don't want to kill a jedi," He said with fear on him.

"Let a jedi live is not the sith way," Savage Opress punched his brother's apprentice on his right eye.

Ouch that was pretty painful. And a painful silent panic scream.

Maul and he just leave Obi-Wan as last word when they're going on a mission, "If you failed us again you'll see what happen."

"What," Sackboy squeaks.

"After Obi-Wan's knighting things was happen, Sidious forced him to  training by Maul, he is a fallen jedi but gray," Maiara explained to Qui-Gon. I'm sorry Qui-Gon Jinn. 

"He's a jedi. Not matter what, he don't have sith feelings since i train him," he told her.


"You both alphas?" Anakin asked to them.

"Yeah but people who lived in Naboo are no alphas, some of them was some of them wasn't," Obi-Wan explains, "Queen of Naboo and Padmé are a beta. Padmé is really Queen Amidala. I was from planet Stewjon while my master Qui-Gon is from planet Coruscant."

"But what about Jar Jar?"

"He's an alpha gungan," Qui-Gon replied at Anakin.

Soon Ani will become a jedi one day. 

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan loved him.

Anakin Skywalker just blushes just about thier status. Kinda embracing.

"But what about my heat?", he asked, one of Jedi knights we're move behind his back to take care of his heat when it was started, to feel more embarrassing ways, Qui-Gon behind him, Obi-Wan is in front of young Skywalker, "I need you too."

"We'll sure you need us Ani," Obi-Wan accepted.

Alpha cat Cat-Kentokrous and Maiara goes outside of the jedi temple but Maiara's brother Linn put too much transparent ribbons. Are these ribbons are trying to get a sith lord?

"Linn! What the heck are you doing?!" she shouted loud.

Willy and Aelina just come back from a mission.

"Then don't scouts at your brother Master Maiara," an alpha emo Nelvaanian said, smugly.

"Fine," she replied angrily.


Serial days when Sackboy didn't gets any sleeps because of Sidious. Man is he manipulative? No, there is a fake green blood over one of the walls on Jedi temple, it was possibly Cad Bane.

"Oh my God, a bounty hunter did wrote this? It's not Obi-Wan, a nightmare for Maiara was this, this is nightmarish. How could possibly a duros did that to haunt Sweet Peater's dreams?! I shall report the council or Clone Troopers." Sackboy was indeed it was one of General Maiara's dreams.

"Is there something wrong kid?" Quinlan Vos asked.

"Things happens," Sackboy's voice trailed.

A dark matter of a fake green blood on a wall by founding a hint where alpha duros write it while the jedi is not looking or hunting a bounty hunter and mostly the cause of the false blood was written by a duros bounty hunter. 

You will not touch young Skywalker.

- Cad Bane

"I have a bad feeling about this," Quinlan Vos was founded a clue about to report this at the council.

Female Beta Android Plasmia is look way more busy with Master Koon and Master Windu.

First, Obi-Wan broke the trust of Savage Opress and Maul, Two, the whole jedi masters are busy, NOW WHAT?!


Cyoots, small female omega sackbot and her alpha human could still hear the sounds at one of the jedi's quarters or something. Both just checking everywhere.

"Heya May," the guy with long blonde hair said.

"Funny, i was never get invited by  chancellor Palpatine at his office and i was playing with my own ping pong," Maiara said, "My step sister is made by a great scientist before he got killed by a duros bounty hunter, once the program is finish, she could remembered all the time."

Linn, survives from sicknesses.


When Fives kisses Anakin, General Skywalker could feel him, passionate kiss, comforting and much safe. Anakin could feel more shyness than spoiled brat, he loves him.

"W-will you protecting me like Ahsoka did to me before i met you?" he askes shyly.

"I will always like Commander Tano did," Fives replied.

He broke the kiss, he made Ani panting hard and melt.

Anakin mewls shyly.

Unit-222, Stewart a battle droid who got reprogrammed by a Nelvaanian trans girl Nina who knows as ND-44-127, both we're in legion of 501st, just coming.

"Are you two, dating?" Stewart asked with curious about them.

"Yes," Arc Trooper Fives replied.

Two of them leaves.

"We should do this," Fives kissed Skywalker's front head, "I will sure if you don't get in trouble. If you got captured by a sith lord or a bounty hunter just contacted me," he continued, eye contacts on the chosen one, "Do you actual love me?", Ani nods, it made Bane jealous.

Cad just stares at Anakin, "Very impressive he got, having a clone trooper with him, when Lord Tyranus, Jabba or Miraj and her henchmen captured young Skywalker, i will make him mine"

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Whenever Bane is leaved the chosen one alone and the Negotiator is back at the temple, Emeline reading serial horror Japanese Urban Legend books and Maiara is still not showing her mouth to the council, other jedis and the republic. 

Did she was almost got murdered? It's just all about Bane. Will she remembered since what happened? Did she almost died?

"Hey Maiara, what's happened to your mouth?" Anakin asked her but she is about to shows her mouth that was happening durning her mid-twenty years old, and he was one year younger than her, "W-who did this to you?"

"It was actual happened in my mid-twenty, since i am seventeen years old, teenager girl while Kenobi is possibly twenty-nine in his mid-thirties, thirty or thirty-one as i think, i got lost since the duel between me and that duros bounty hunter. When you get caught since you we're fifteen or sixteen, i was late to surrendered Cad Bane, i saw him rapes you with Master Qui-Gon Jinn before Obi-Wan see this happened, and then, he slit my mouth from ear to ear, in a painful way and Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was too late to stop this duros bounty hunter, he cried in blood when i was almost defeated, i was survived, one year later when i became eighteen, one of these kind doctors told me to wait at my twenty years to get a freedom, " Maiara said, calm, fear and dark, hiding her mouth with her mask, "Forgive me. I wish i can surrendered Bane early. I'm emotionless at nineteen after when he slit my mouth like this."

"I-i forgive you," he squeaks, still scared of a duros bounty hunter, trying to forget his fear, "You'll been always my friend, always trusted the council, always one year older than me, later of you will in a rank of master."

"M-master!" a whine camed from young Skywalker between his future master Kenobi and Master Jinn, they're all on a bed instead on the floor, "Master, p-please," he begged softly.

"So wet for us," speaked Obi-Wan, kissed his neck, "Such a good young boy."

"Master! M-master! Please m-make love to me!"

"You will always kind to us Anakin," Qui-Gon said firmly touched his apprentice's future padawan, "Soon you'll be strong with the force when Obi-Wan freed your mother Shmi Skywalker."

Obi-Wan licks on Anakin's torso, the chosen one moaned softly between them.

"General Kenobi, glad you're back you made go back with jedi council while i can have a talk with my brother Rex," Kenobi ignores Cody's talk, "General? Are you alright? You can explain what happened," General Obi-Wan Kenobi gives Commander no answer, "It was Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress?" That line worked, Kenobi nodded and answered him, half cried in blood.

"It was Maul and Savage again, Maiara and my own master Qui-Gon contacted me as they watched i've been punched in the eye by Savage."

"Obi-Wan, General Skywalker is safe with Arc Trooper Fives, Maiara is still hiding her mouth not just one of Japanese Urban Legends which contained Kuchisake-Onna, slit mouthed women, who lived in Japanese village she'd asked everyone if is she pretty, the children said yes and one moment her husband caught her from cheating, slited her mouth from ear to ear, then she kills herself but this time she got revenge. If one of us lived on a country named Japan, if she asks is she pretty, no; she kills you, yes; if she take off her mask, how about now, both yes and no that's means she'll killed you but the only answer is average or so-so," Commander of 212th continued, "General Maiara is not what that slit mouthed women does, good thing she protects younglings."

"Sidious forces me to be trained by Maul," Obi-Wan told him since his twenty six happens; his padawan Anakin got actual raped by Bane, Sweet Peater got slit by a knife instead of a pair of scissors, but he exclaimed angry, "Does sith apprentices hates thier master and sith masters hates them too?!" 

Kriff that's quite painful or scary.

"Some Sith apprentices and Sith Masters might Kenobi," Cody's voice was calm.


Anakin was curious if the council allowed him if he was available to be feminization. Silence and he will give a surprises to one of Cody's brother, CT-27-5555, aka Fives.

"Hey," his voice was half silent, Fives has arrived, he grasps his arms around Fives' torso, torso to torso, hips to hips, "I-i think my full heat is in one or three days," he gently hugs him, continued explain, "I'm yours."

Quite romantic thing. 

"Always," Fives replied gently, "You can do anytime when you're with me."

A soft kisses was passionate, making love.

Both breathing after reached the bed, he told him, his head is next to Ani's next, "Cyare, i will mark you mine, promise?"


Bane was returned with Todo 360 and a alpha cyborg General Grievous at thier mission to about capture Anakin Skywalker at night, Maiara was shocked for it, she kicked out the door and scouts again, "COMMANDER FOX, COMMANDER WOLFFE, HOLY SMOKES!!!"

What a wild jedi, Fox through.

"This is serious commanders! Bane is back, he will capture the chosen one with Todo 360 and General Grievous who is knows as Qymaen Jai Sheelal knows," she scout.

"Okay this is not acceptable when that duros bounty hunter does," Wolffe commanded.

Once they're all behind Bane they are up to planned to get Bounty hunter Cad under arrest. It will be a trap when Bane will does to Maiara?

"Trying to surrender me?", Cad's voice is low and beholding his guns to duel with them and a anger smirk on his face, "Then fight me General Maiara, I've been waiting since you fail to surrender me."

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As the circles continued, Maiara could feel what Bane did to her, slit her mouth with a knife at her seventeen, emotionless at her eighteen.

"Bane, why did you tell Sidious wanted Kenobi as his apprentice?"

Smirking at her words he couldn't like Qui-Gon Jinn. 

"Your friend is quite impressive, knight Maiara, what's the matter, hating what i did to you?"

"Anakin Skywalker is not impressed to you, he's with Clone Trooper 27-5555," a single tear came on her throat she was in anger and fear, "At Obi-Wan's Twenty-nine, he saw you with a knife, Maul and Savage told me that I'm dead but in Obi-Wan's Thirty, he was feeling sorry to me as he begged his abusive master to having mercy but now what, I'm emotionless at Anakin's seventeen," she continued her explain, "Obi-Wan Kenobi did no do anything wrong-"

Her words came undone as Bane punch right on her throat like a mannequin. 

"General Maiara!" Wolffe exclaimed.

"This is not good, she was about to coughing in blood and we need medicaid droid," Fox told Commander of wolfpack.

Bane, the duros who almost killed Maiara. She still can talk, worried Anakin sees her to be emotionless or losing her voice. She hesitant, Bane is about to rape Anakin Skywalker, her best friend, Ahsoka's former master.

Sackboy was so done with Obi-Wan Kenobi for lying to him. Still hating Master Kenobi lied to him   'Why does Emeline reading Japanese Urban Legends like he don't care.' he whisper himself.

Plasmia stared. "Emeline read WHAT?!" She exclaimed in a smiles fused with anger.

"You shall calm down-"

"If Emeline reads Kuchisake-Onna's backstory and wake up Maiara from nightmares, i could beat him up." that's all Plasmia said.