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JJBA X Reader

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Hi! I love Jojo's bizarre adventure and I have a bunch of ideas for these cuties. I'm going to update this part as I write a new part and come up with ideas.

I'm also in ao3 (gucci_rip, guccy_restinpeace, and Louis Vuitton Homicide) and deviant art (guccyrestinpeace) so don't be alarmed if you see that and think it's copied because it's still me 😁.

So with that mentioned, here are the ideas I currently have.


✨Jonathan Joestar

- Some hoodlum tries to flirt with you but once he sees your boyfriend he quickly leaves.



✨Joseph Joestar

- You give the ultimate sacrifice to save him. (male!reader)

- Joseph's childhood friend helps save Caesar, but their love is not realized until many, many years later. (male!reader)



✨Hol Horse

- His best apologies are always with flowers.


✨Daniel J. D'Arby

- Sometimes you have to gamble with someone's life to help them live better.




- He finally gets to reference his supermodel girlfriend.


✨Akira Otoishi

- You're a singer/ songwriter looking for a guitar player. (Your pet name is songbird)


✨Mikitaka Hazekura

-he thinks you're an alien but psyche you're not and he needs to learn how to be a people.



✨ The Passione Gang

- You always need help with the zipper on your dress

- Gang mom has to keep the boy's nipples covered

- A stray is taken in by the gang.

- Being the bartender for Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children is quite interesting. (I was watching Deadpool and got this idea)

- Salon au



- When he met the singer at the big gang party his breath is taken away.



- You've been with him while he was a cop and when Bruno gave him the choice to join the gang. (Soft goth man that only likes you and lets you play with his hair and kisses your nose)

- you've been with the gang for a while (after abba) and you seem happy-go-lucky but after a night of drinking the facade shatters



- you listen to asmr sounds to sleep and they help him too


✨La Squadra

- Gang mom has to keep the boy's nipples covered

- A stray is taken in by the gang.

- Being the bartender for Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children is quite interesting. (I was watching Deadpool and got this idea)

- Salon au

- Walking in on a game of strip poker is never fun.

- Chain-smoking can't be any easier when you have a fire stand.



- this new member just trips on everything



- He makes sure your ok, but he needs to be taken care of too.



- he's a c u d d l e m o n s t e r



- "Why the fuck do you open cans like that?".

- He finally found the one person that isn't bothered by his screaming because she can't hear it. (deaf!reader)


✨Risotto Nero

- You're the getaway driver and you have got the tunes.

- Order pizza to torture someone but everyone eats it. (torturer au)

- tough guy with the boys, softie with his girl (Inspo from a meme)

- La Squadra gets their revenge for sorbet and gelato (torturer au)

- Ghiaccio refuses to go to the dentist so now you have to use your stand to get the root canals he needs. (torturer au)



- He's scheduled for a dentist appointment and someone is not happy.



- The Interesting Phone Chronicles



Hope y'all are as excited as I am, thank you. Also sorry to anyone that doesn't use she/ her because those are to pronouns I write with. Also, requests and recommendations are open!

Characters I want to write for but don't have an idea (if I don't feel like I'm ready to write this character yet a 🔜 will be next to it):

- Straizo

- Esidisi

- Wamuu

- Santana

- all of the Pillar men together


- N'Doul

- Vanilla Ice

- Yuya Fungami

- Tonio Trussardi

- Narciso Anasui 🔜

- Weather Report 🔜

- Gyro Zeppeli 🔜

- Diego Brando 🔜

- Funny Valentine 🔜

- Josuk8 Higashikata 🔜

- Joshu Higashikata 🔜

- Jobin Higashikata 🔜





🌟Dio Brando

- the most popular single lady in town has all of her suitors try and catch her cat to catch her heart ✔️




- He meets a princess on a rock in a meadow. ✔️




- y'all just chill and play some Mario Kart (he lets you win) (this was a character recommendation)✔️



- Jotaro locks himself in his room after coming back from Egypt and you're the only person he'll talk to✔️




- You help him communicate with his dad. ✔️



- He helps you through a nightmare.✔️



- You take Shinobu's place.✔️




- The gang needed a nurse. ✔️



- You console number 5 when he gets bullied. (This was inspired by a meme 😊)✔️


🌟La Squadra

- You always need help with the zipper on your dress. ✔️



- Pesci needs pinecones for his kindergarten class✔️


🌟Risotto Nero

- A torturer has been added to La Squadra. ✔️

- torturer story spin-off: one of your targets give you herpes on your lip. ✔️

- Someone tried to break into the base. ✔️

- He has to wake you up for a mission. ✔️

- your first time seeing Metallica could have gone much better (big nose bleed)✔️



- You get sick and he says "I was a doctor, I can take care of this" and you say "all of your patients died."✔️



- You want to hold him, but he doesn't know if he can trust that. ✔️

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🔥What's finished🔥

🌟Dio Brando🌟

🔥What's to come🔥

⭐️Jonathan Joestar⭐️


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All my ears can persevere the loud purring from my beloved cat upon my chest and my thoughts.

"Oh, Minnie, all of these suitors around me all the time... what am I to do," I talk to her like she'll talk back. The Himalayan Persian only responded with her loving chirps. I look into her scrunched up face before I occupy myself with twirling her baby blue ribbon around my fingers. After a moment of rubbing the soft satin, an idea pops into my head.

"Minnie! I just got an idea," she chirps to attention, "whichever suitor can catch you is the one!"

She loudly meows with excitement almost telling me she can't wait for her fun to start. She bounces off of me and runs to explore outside. With her gone, I start writing my letter to all of my suitors. This is going to take quite a while.

I seal the last letter and hand them over to be mailed. Now it's all a waiting game for the one special man to knock on my door with my sweet Minnie in his arms.


"Master Dio, you have a letter," I hear from behind me. I turn to see the letter in question and snatch it from the butler's grip. The front had a sweet, delicate 'To Dio Brando" handwritten on the front and a wax seal closing it. I look closer at the small monogram within the baby blue wax and I realize the letter is from the only woman I truly want to pursue in courting. I open the letter and find the same delicate handwriting.

Dear my dearest Dio,

I have been struggling recently with an overwhelming amount of suitors. After lots of contemplation, I believe I have come up with the perfect solution.

The first suitor to catch my cat, Minnie, and unlock my front door with a key on her collar will be the one I marry.

Though we have not known each other very long I feel a deep connection with you and I genuinely enjoy the time we spend together. I wish you the best of luck.

Sincerely, (y/n)

She's almost making it too easy to win her heart over. If I wasn't able to win her over with my charm, catching a cat should be child's play. I shall arrange my visit immediately.


After a few days and the mischief has begun. I've so far caught glimpses of three local suitors all chasing Minnie around. All so close to catching her many times before she narrowly escaped.


This damnable feline! Continually eluding my grasp. I don't understand; I thought this would be a walk in the park, but she's a clever little thing. I sit down on a nearby bench with an exasperated sigh. I'll have to think of a new strategy to catch Minnie. After thinking of a new plan for quite a long time, I hear the quick latter of little feet against the stone path. I try something new and stay still. She gracefully patters closer and hops onto the bench next to me. Her gracefulness runs out before she flops over onto her back wanting me to pet her belly. I give in to her demands and pet the soft fur on her even softer belly. She soon pops back up and trots her way into my lap and falls asleep there. Maybe it was a walk in the park. I release the key from her collar and cradle her closer to my chest before standing and going to claim my true prize. As I walk towards her door I notice a loud sound, like a carriage driving over a cobblestone road. I look down and realize the sound is coming from the little fluffy cat in my arms! How can such a small being produce such a loud sound? No matter, I am now on her doorstep. I maneuver the sleeping animal so I can open the door without disturbing her. I step in and try to find someone, but to no avail. Until I look into the living room to see (y/n) has fallen asleep. I sit in the chair next to hers and savor the moment a little longer. After I realize if someone saw this from an outside perspective they would most likely call the constable, I gently tap her shoulder to wake her. Her glittering eyes flutter open and she sees her precious cat still sleeping in my lap. A smile graces her face when she realizes I had caught her.

"You caught Minnie! Oh, Dio, I knew you would be the one to win," she rejoices.

"Yes. I, Dio, am the victor of your cat and your heart." Her smile widens and she lightly giggles. She scoots over in the loveseat and beckons me to sit next to her. I accept and bring Minnie with me. We sit there in silence for a moment before the Persian makes a strange chirping noise and settles between us.

I take her hand in mine and press a gentle kiss to the back of it.

"I'm happy you're the one that caught her. I knew you would be the one," her eyes hold a loving gaze. She grabs onto my forearm and cuddles into my tricep. I smile and grab her unoccupied hand. After one more loving gaze, we both fall asleep.

902 words

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🔥What's finished🔥



🔥What's to come🔥




⭐️Pillar men together⭐️

⭐️Joseph Joestar⭐️

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Being the heir to the royal crown isn't the perfect life everyone thinks it is. Being primped constantly, constantly trying to be courted, and having to be perfect all the time takes a toll on you eventually if you don't find somewhere to rest and think. I eventually found a time and place I could do that when I ventured out into the forest behind the castle. My parents, the King and Queen, knew I was a wayward soul and loved to explore the world around me. Almost every night I would sneak out and walk to a certain clearing where I could see the moon and all the stars. The only people that knew I would go out were the guards and my personal maid.

One cool summer night, I snuck out like I did every night. My trek to the meadow went on with no bumps or problems. Following the path my feet had beaten in after using it so many times, I come across the massive rock in the middle of this clearing. A while ago I had snuck a hammer and chisel out to make steps in the stone. I situate myself to a comfortable spot and just stare at the stars for hours. The only thing that broke my focus was very loud branches snapping. I could feel the little nip of fear and anxiety crawling up my skin before I saw the man in a trench coat and head wrap.

"Who goes there," I ask trying my best to sound confident; I think I succeeded, but who knows. He looked around for a moment before his eyes found me on the boulder. He stayed silent and started to walk towards me. He got about five feet away from me before he stopped and just stared at me.

"Who are you," I said once more. He looks me down one last time before he speaks.

"None of your concern, I am no danger to you," he said he said before he found my make-shift stairs and began to climb up them. Once he was on top of the rock he stood over me as if I could read his mind. After a moment I realized he wanted me to scoot over so he could fit next to me. I rolled my eyes slightly and scooted about two feet over. His towering stature slumped over next to me as he also looking up at the stars. There was a long silence before I decided to break the ice.

"What your favorite constellation?"

We had a long, mostly one-sided, talk about the stars before I had to leave and go back to the castle. For many more nights, he can back and decided to sit next to me. So much so that the conversations began to get less and less one-sided and I learned his name.


It's a very interesting name, but I decided to not ask about it too much. One night he even took off his head wrap and let his hair down. And, after a few more nights he let me brush it, play with it, and braid it. Now many nights after he lets me put multitudes of braids and flowers in his hair.

This night was after my father had me engaged with a boy who only wanted to marry me for the throne. He treated me like dirt and now I was just ranting to Kars about him.

"He doesn't treat me right and he acts so differently towards me in front of my parents. He acts like a prized jewel, but on the other side, it's caked in stinky mud. I don't care if he gets the throne. I just don't want to be around him." Kars says something I never expected next.

"Run away with me."

Could I actually do that? Do I trust him enough to run away from home with? He can obviously see the surprise, worry, and debate going on in my head.

"I'll give you time to think about it, but know that I couldn't stand seeing him treat you less than your worth."

His words were full of support and gentleness. I gaze into his eyes for a moment and think about his proposition. They say the eyes are the window to the souls and the longer I look into his eyes the more of his soul I can see.

"Tomorrow... I'll run away with you."

A surprised smile washes over his face and he wraps his arms around my waist in a hug. He's never hugged me before.

"I love you (y/n)."

His words were so abrupt that I pull back. I didn't realize those are the words I want to hear over and over again until he actually said them.

"I love you too Kars. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Then we will meet tomorrow and your wish will come true."

830 words

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🔥What's finished🔥

🌟Noriaki Kakyoin🌟

🌟Jotaro Kujo🌟


🔥What's to come🔥


⭐️Hol Horse⭐️


⭐️Vanilla Ice⭐️

⭐️Terrence T. D'Arby⭐️

⭐️Daniel J. D'Arby⭐️

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Two months since the remainder arrived back to Japan from Egypt. It has been a slow, uphill climb, but we all are making it through; almost all. Jotaro still hadn't come to school once and I had only seen him a handful of times, all just passing moments. Holly, his sweet mom, had asked me to bring him his homework and I got to have tea with her every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Winter had finally broken and the sun had started to peak through. It was Friday and my walk towards the Kujo household was like a breath of fresh air. But, when I arrived it wasn't just Holly. She was joined by her father, Joseph. My breath was taken away at the sight of him. In Egypt, he was the sweet father figure to everyone, myself especially. Once the shock has worn off, he's standing and I run in for a hug.

"It's so good to see you around, (y/n)," Joseph said while he squeezed me and lifted me off of the ground," sit, let's drink some tea and talk." He sets me back to earth and we all sit at the table.

After a few laughs are shared before we get on the topic of Jotaro homework. Holly and Joseph share a knowing look and I finally realize there's a reason the loveable old man is here. Holly looks me in the eyes, her own holding a worried gaze.

"(y/n), we're worried about Jotaro... he hasn't come out of his room since you all came back."

I had the feeling he hadn't been doing well. Holly always made an excuse for his absence when I would come over. Joseph speaks up.

"On that trip, I could see how close you two were and I think that you're the only one that could get through to him."

It's true. Jotaro only hung out with Kakyoin and I. It started out because his English wasn't fluent and we were the only ones he could completely speak to, but the more time we spent together it changed from common language to friendship to possibly more. It had pained me to not see him after we returned, but I knew I had to give him space to process everything.

"Of course... I try and talk to him," I said before we all stand and make our way in front of his door. I take a deep breath and beat my knuckles against the door. No reply. I knock again, but Holly calls out his name. A muffled, "leave me alone bitch," is heard; this can't be the first time she's tried to pry him out. After another moment of silence, a lightbulb goes off.

"Holly, is there a window in his room I could get to."

Her eyes widen, but she lets out a tiny giggle once she realizes my plan. She leads the way until we arrive outside and in front of his window. The curtains are drawn and dark. I run my finger along the perimeter to activate my stand, Changes, to allow myself to pass through the clear glass.

I try to carefully crawl over the desk, but I slip over a loose paper and fall on his floor. While I lay on the floor, I hear rustling from the corner his bed is in and I try to look, but it's too dark. I stand and get my wits back until I hear the gruff voice I was looking for.

"What are you doing in here," he says in the dark. I can see the flame of his cigarette move as he looks away. I walk over and turn his overhead light on. He squints like the only light he's seen was enough to light his cigarette for the past two months. I gaze at the state of his room; simple, but obviously in disarray. Apart from the room, he looked normal to an untrained eye, but not to me. The abnormally dark circles under his eyes am overflowing ashtray on his nightstand, and the messy hair with his hat absent from his head. Even his pajama that I had seen many times were out of sorts. I expected him to be a mess, but I had never seen him this bad.

"Everyone's worried about you," I say. He looked back at me for only a moment, soaking in my image as much as he could.

"They shouldn't be," he chided, "now leave me alone." I let out a huff of frustration.

"God damn it, Jojo, we aren't just worried about you... we miss you... I miss you, so much."

He looks back at me from his corner. I quickly feel the tears welling up in my eyes and dropping down towards the floor before I can do anything about them. I wipe the tear away and cross my arms. Silence ensues before I hear a weighted sigh leave Jotaro's lips. He scoots over in his bed and pats a spot next to him. I take the invitation and plop myself on the bed. Another teardrop and he swiftly wipes it away with his thumb. There's another long silence before he opens up.

"I miss him... so much," his voice is strained and tense. His aquamarine eyes look like the ocean from the tears building up. I tried not to think about what happened to Kakyoin. But, I guess he had done to the opposite and that was all he could think about. My tears started to fall again and Jotaro's looked threateningly heavy.

"Me too," my voice was more choked up than I had intended. I look over and it looks like he's memorizing my face at this moment. Once he seemed to realize I was looking at him as well, we shared a moment of mutual understanding. Then one full and strong tear runs down his chiseled cheek. So fast that it was running down his neck in a second. My heart clenched and I instantly pull him towards me to try and comfort him. I held him for a few minutes before he pulled away to look at me.

"I missed you too," he looked finally relieved to say that and he had a genuine smile after he finished his last word. Hearing him say that relived me too and put a smile on my own face that reaches ear to ear. I look down at him for another moment and lovingly brushed a strand of hair out of his face. He reaches his own hand up to cup the side of my face. His massive hand almost encasing one side of my head; looking even larger when I rested my hand on top of his. He slowly used that leverage to pull me closer to him in tandem with him leaning up to bring our faces millimeters apart. Our foreheads rested on each other and our noses conjoined. He held me there for only a moment more before he pressed the gentlest, loving kiss he could muster into my lips. It lasted only a split moment before he pulled away and pressed a few feather-light kisses to my cheek. He pulled away this time to look at me and I mirror my hand to his cheek. Admiration was strong in the look we gave each other. I lean forward this time and quickly gave him another kiss before cuddling up, foreheads still pressed together. We both must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know my eyes open to a broad chest in my face. He must have woken up before me and reached for the closest piece of reading material because his face was trained on something just behind me. I smile and snuggle deeper into his muscular torso before Holly and her perfect timing opens the door with breakfast. She smiled knowing my plan must have worked and seeing her son rested and happier than her last encounter with him.

"I'll just leave these here," she says before leaving us to probably fall back to sleep. I could still see from the purple around Jotaro's tear ducts he needed a few more hours.

1347 words

Chapter Text

School fucking sucks. At least the last bell before spring break is about to go off and I can leave this hell hole. Ring Ring. I run out of my class and almost sprint to Kak's house. I get to his house before and wait until he gets home. I hear the door open, his shoes dramatically thrown, and a loud and pained groan. I get up to meet him at the door, but as soon as I stand up he's already thrown himself on the couch. He lets out another loud, comical sigh causing me to laugh at him. He sits up and motions for me to cuddle up to him and of course, I take the offer.

"Thank god it's spring break now," I say getting copious amounts of agreement. He turns on the TV and boots up Mario Kart. He hands me a controller with a sly smirk knowing he's gonna win. I begrudgingly take it. I always try to beat him even though he is incredible at the game and I have never won in the two years we've known each other.

We pick our characters and what map we want to play and the competition begins. I focus as hard as I can and start climbing the ranks. He's been in first place from the start though. We're coming up on the last lap. I'm in second and he still holds first place and I see that I'm gaining on him. Halfway through the last lap, we're neck and neck and I hit a previously places banana causing me to fall back slightly. One-fourth left to go. I get back to where I was and pass him and take first place, but only for a moment. I hit an item box and get the red shell sent from heaven. I hold it for a moment before I'm just next to him, but the finish line is quickly approaching. It's now or never. I let the shell go as a put the pedal to the metal and finish in first place. I burst up from his lap and scream my victory. A triumphant shout that could have been heard from space.

"Let's see if you can do that three more times." Damn it, I forgot about the other rounds and I know he won't let me win again. The next map loads and the race begins again. I make sure to keep myself in first for as long as possible and I do until the last lap. But, he hits a banana peel and spins out into third place and I cross the line in first. He rolls his eyes but I can see the flush on his face showing his frustration. Then the same thing happens the last two rounds and I have beaten him in Mario Kart for the first time ever. I yell and hug him in all of my excitement. Little did I know my first two wins were the only real wins. He let me win the last two rounds because he wanted to see me get excited again. Little did he know I was going to bear hug him once he had let me win. The rest of spring break was spent cuddling, playing various video games, and eating junk food.

555 words

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🔥What's finished🔥

🌟Josuke Higashikata🌟

🌟Okuyasu Nijimura🌟

🌟Yoshikage Kira🌟


🔥What's to come🔥

⭐️Mikitaka Hazekura⭐️

⭐️Rohan Kishibe⭐️

⭐️Akira Otoshi⭐️

⭐️Yuya Fungami⭐️

⭐️Tonio Trussardi⭐️

Chapter Text

The warm summer day in Morioh had turned into a murky night. So I decided to get to my boyfriend, Josuke's, house to play video games and get out of the humidity. I knock on the door and his mother answers.

"Hi Mrs. Higashikata is Josuke home," I ask hoping the answer was yes.

"He left to get ice cream with Okuyasu about an hour ago, but he should be home soon. You can hang out in his room until he's back," she said before letting me into the house. I thank her, take my shoes off, and head to Josuke's room. About twenty minutes later I can hear the front door open and Okuyasu's loud voice saying goodbye to Josuke. I hear a series of loud, heavy footfalls coming up the stairs and a moment later Josuke enters. The look on his face told me that Mrs. Higashikata hadn't told him I was here. He lets out a dramatic sigh and shed his uniform jacket and threw himself on the bed next to me. I gently stroke the hair above his ear as to not mess up hid precious pompadour.

"When did you get here," he asked while wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my chest.

"About twenty minutes," I say while getting myself comfortable in this position. He raises his head to look into my face. He sighs again and raises one hand to my face.

"I love you... let's take a nap," he says. I giggle at his antics before answering, "I love you too and that sounds great." We turn off the lights and pull the blankets over us, but stay in the same position. We both fall asleep quite quickly; Josuke was out within a minute.




I had to have been asleep for about an hour before I feel (y/n)'s chest moving my head at a faster rate. I wake up more and look up to see her face scrunched up. Her breathing was erratic and every few moments she would twitch. I finally realized she was having a nightmare when I heard struggled voice let out some unintelligible words. I let go of her waist and pull her towards me. I stroke the side of her face and gently shake her shoulder to try and wake her. After a moment it walked and her eyes flutter open with fear and worry front stage within them. She blinks rapidly and soon a tear rolls down her cheek. I feel my heart clench before I press her head into my chest and stroke her cheek. I see her chest gently rose and fall, a welcomed change from a few moments ago and she's back to sleep. I hold her tightly and fall back to sleep myself.

468 words

Chapter Text

Ever since the first time I met him in his mysterious house, I developed a soft stop for him. It could have been the oblivious attitude he showed. Or, it could have been having to witness the gruesome death of his brother. His only role model. In that moment, I saw him as a human being and not someone who had just tried to kill my friends and I. I saw him as someone who just lost the person closest to him. Seeing the pain and tears on his face compelled me to comfort him any way I could. I hugged his side since he was taller than me, but he soon pulled the rest of me into a bear hug while he cried on to my shoulder. I pat his back while we migrated back inside away from the sad scene. It seemed his father also developed a soft spot for me because when I entered with Okuyasu sobbing it seemed that he knew the reason immediately. I offered him a hug as well which he quickly accepted. Soon the weight of them both, mostly Okuyasu, got to me and I had to lower the bunch to sit on the floor. The amount of morning and pain showed between the two had made me start to cry. Both looked at me with concern and confusion glazing over their tears, not understanding why some stranger was crying with them over someone that just tried to kill her.

"I don't like watching people cry... quit staring at me," I sniffle out, earning a laugh from the Hawaiian shirt dad. I can only roll my eyes and hug them tighter while I hiccup from my own tears.




Josuke opened the door with a huff after just finishing his hair to see Okuyasu and I giggling and ready to start our commute to school.


"What are you two dopes doing here," Josuke says even though he knows we're there to walk to school, he just wanted to call us dopes.

"We're here to get you to walk to school, duh," I say basically in a headlock from Okuyasu. Josuke lets out a signature eye roll and sigh combo before he walks back into his home to collect his books.

"See you later Ms. Higashikata," I yell into the house as we all leave.

"Goodbye Ms. Higashikata," yells Okuyasu before he turns to Josuke and tells him how hot his mom is.

"She is really pretty Josuke," I say to add fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, all we get is a shove and a buzz off thrown our way.

"How are you two already such good friends? You've known each other for two days," Josuke asks us while we walk.

"I spent most of the weekend helping spruce up Oku's house, we could have used some of your help, but I was too focused on painting I guess," I tell Josuke to try and answer his question. We arrive at school just before the morning bell, like usual. But, we make one quick plan to hang out after school before we were all late.

"What does margin even mean," Okuyasu ponders while we walk to his house to hang out for the afternoon.

"I don't know either and I don't really wanna talk about school outside of school," I say not to think about that stress anymore.

"Let's go get some ice cream," suggests Josuke earning a cheer from the two of us. We buy our ice cream before Josuke has a realization.

"I just remembered I have to help Jotaro with something and I can't hang out. I'll have to hang out some other time," Josuke reluctantly admits while he jogs in the other direction. Okuyasu and I yell goodbye while we continue down his street. We hang out for the day and just watch TV and play video games. The amount of time hanging out with Okuyasu has made my soft spot grow and maybe develop into something more.




As time went on Okuyasu and I hung out together more and more until it was almost everyday of the week. And, we grew closer and closer. It really only took about a week and a half before I knew I liked him. Even as far as saying... love him. But, I didn't have to dwell on that feeling for long before he confirmed his feelings as well.

"(y/n), do you wanna be my girlfriend" he asked out of the blue one day while we were hanging out and watching TV. And, of course, my dumbass was so engrossed in the movie I didn't hear him almost at all.

"What did you say Oku," I say tearing my eyes from the movie to see him closer than he was the last time I looked over at him. Which was an embarrassingly long time.

"I asked if you wanted to be my girlfriend," I look at him slack-jawed trying to see if he being genuine.

"O...of course. I would love to be your girlfriend Okuyasu," I was completely astonished that he actually shared my feelings. His signature childish smile graced his face while he pulls me into a big bear hug like the one he gave me the first day I met him. I stay there not wanting to leave his embrace and eventually fall asleep on him. While I was asleep, his father came down and saw what his son was doing. He quickly gave a smile and a grunt of approval.




"Do you think your dad could hold a pencil and write what he wants to say," I ask.

"I don't know, I've never tried that," he responds deep in thought of if that could work or not.

"Let's try when I hang out today," I say before closing my locker to go to my next class.
He waits for me outside of the school when I come out five minutes after the last bell.

"Ugh, Mr. Smith is on my ass about the paper again," I groan after being late from him asking me every question he could.

"It's ok babe, his still on my ass about the first thing he gave us," he says to try and make me feel better about the lecture I just got from the teacher.

"Let's go see if your dad can still write so I don't have to think about writing this paper," we giggle and he slings an arm over my shoulders while we walk back to his house. We had been dating three months at this point and I was basically a part of the family. We arrive and we see Okuyasu's dad bundled up in a blanket watching daytime TV and sipping a warm drink. I would say the cutest thing I've ever seen.

"Do you guys wanna order pizza," I ask getting two cheers of excitement. I pick up the phone and order the pizza while Oku sits next to his dad. I sit on the other side of the little deformed man and pull out a few different writing utensils and a notebook much to his confusion.

"Mr. Nijimura, I want to try and see if you can still write. Can you try and write something," the little man's eyes widen having never thought to try my idea when he hastily picks up a pencil and neatly writes 'I love you Okuyasu and (y/n), thank you.' My eyes immediately well up with tears at just what the first thing this man decided to say after years of silence. I look over to see Okuyasu in the same boat as me and hugging his small father. Both of them look at me and invite me into their hug while we all cry like the first day I met them.

Extra: It's been five years since I help Okuyasu communicate with his father and now we all live together as one true family ever since Oku and I got married a few months ago.

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Chapter Text

I married Kosaku three years ago and it had been smooth sailing the whole time, but not very exciting. The one thing our relationship lacked was... love from his side. But, one day he started acting differently. He held more conversations with me and cared about what I said. He never held much of a conversation the entire time I knew him. He even leaned down for me to kiss him on the cheek before he went to work. He was even having fun sometimes. He had never done that. He was becoming more and more lovable. I always wondered what went on in his head, but now I was wondering for different reasons.


Why am I feeling like this all of a sudden? She's not my wife and I've never felt this way towards another person. At least another living person. Yes, her hands are soft, delicate, and well manicured, but it was her personality that I was so entranced with. Every morning she helped me get ready in any way she could and when I returned home she would support me if I had a stressful day. She showed her kindness in every way through a warm hug, soothing words, or a delicious meal her love seeped in it all. And, how caring she was with Hayato. She is the beacon of motherly love and even made me start to love him like he was my own flesh and blood.

There are two memories that stick out when I think of her. Hayato always came home about fifteen minutes before I did and I would always come home to him at the table eating an after-school snack. But, when I was walking up to the door I could hear music and laughter. I open the door and saw her holding him and dancing around while the radio played one of their favorite songs. I just watched them spin around and giggle while I took my shoes off until Hayato noticed my presence.

"Mom look, dads home," he points at me gaining her attention as well.

"Hi sweetheart, how was work," she says as she walks over to me with Hayato still in her arms and kisses my cheek. She leans back and the smile on her face breaks my normally stoic facade with a smile of my own.

"Better now that I get to see you two."

Why did that smile compel me to say that? Before I can even comprehend what I've said the two have their arms around me. She rests her head against my chest and before my conscious knows my arms naturally wrapped around them. It felt like time slowed down. A war in my brain started. Why do I feel like this? She's not my wife, he's not my son, and this isn't really my life. So why do I feel like this towards both of them?

After dinner, we all started to prepare for bed and I got to ponder on my feelings. I looked like I was reading a book, but in reality, I hadn't turned a page in ten minutes. I had slowly come to the realization that this was my life now and they were my wife and son. I then realized that this was my chance at a quiet life. I thought about my old girlfriends and what I would do about them. Until (y/n) walked in after putting Hayato to bed. It finally clicked in my head that I had her and didn't need the dismembered hands now that I have all of her. I close my book and turn off my bedside lamp. I look over and see that she's already doing the same and getting comfy.

"Good night sweetheart," she says with a tired smile on her face.

"Come here," I open my arms to her. I never had cuddled with a whole person before and we hadn't been very close before. She muttered an 'ok' before nestling in my chest. I rest my chin on the top of her head.

"I love you (y/n)."

I bury my nose in her hair and quickly press my lips on her head. She lets out a badly audible 'awwww' before she pressed a quick, sweet kiss to my collarbone.

"I love you too, Kosaku," she nestled even further before her breaths evened out and she was asleep.

The next memory happened later that night. I was asleep until I felt her get out of bed. My tired eyes slowly adjust and I see a crying Hayato in the cracked doorway. (y/n) is smoothing out his hair in a motherly way.

"I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you guys," he gently sobs. (y/n) looks back at me to see my reaction and I scoot further to the side to try and make enough room.

"Of course sweetheart," she said while she picked him up and laid him next to me. I reach over and gently wipe one of his tears off his face before (y/n) lays back down with us. She places a hand on his head and gently strokes his hair until he falls asleep.

I look up to see her still awake and still stroking his hair. She must have noticed because she switched her gaze to me. She gently placed her hand into my messy bed head like she just was with Hayato. Her motherly touch nearly making me fall asleep. I fight the feeling of sleep and look to see her smiling face. Grabbing her hand, pressing a kiss to her palm, and holding it with Hayato between us we gaze at each other for a moment before my mouth moves faster than my brain.

"I love you two."

Her smile widens and she squeezes my hand. She even brought my hand up to her and pressed a gentle, loving kiss to my knuckles.

"I love you two, too."


I had been a few years after the day he seemed to change and the only way to describe that time is perfect. We all had a fun, quiet life together. I don't know what made him change, but now we're a happy family.

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Chapter Text

Today was one of the rare free days the gang was allotted and I had unfortunately not planned anything to do. While sitting on the couch, alone, bored, and nothing on TV, I hear the sobs of a certain bullet. A certain motherly instinct awakened with in me, I go to find number five crying on a shelf with no Mista or five other bullets to be found.

"Hey, what's wrong buddy," I comfort him while bringing him into my open palm.

"Number three punches and bullies me all the time, I feel left out from the rest... I feel like I have no one to talk to," the little bullet rubs his face aggressively while tears continue to fall.

"Look here, you can come and talk to me anytime you want, I'll never ignore you," I look into his tear stained little face.

"How about you hang out with me for the day," the tears begin to dry and a bright look appears on him.

"Really, are you sure I'm not too much of a bother?"

"Never will you be a bother to me, let's go watch some TV."

Sitting back down onto the couch, I set him on my chest like a cat and flip through the channels and settle on a movie I've seen before and mildly enjoyed. I looked down to see him already asleep and curled up within my cleavage.

"Of course he ended up there."


I had stayed in my room the entire free day. Nothing better to do really. Normally Sex Pistols run around freely, but they don't wander too far. Upon taking a head count, I find that number five is missing. I groan as I realized that I'll have to search the house to find him. I call his name through out the upstairs to no avail. Decending the stairs, I check the kitchen to see if he's ravaging the pantry. Still no five.

"Five, where the fu-," I turn the corner of the living room to see (y/n) sleeping on the couch to an old movie she's probably seen multiple times. Seeing her there so peaceful and serene makes my fingers tingle. Then I look a little closer and see the one bullet I've been looking for nestled between her breasts asleep as well. What do I do! I can't wake her up and I defiantly can't grab him. I weigh my options and decide to wait until she wakes up and endure the end of the movie.

As the movie finishes, the next one starts and she begins to stir awake and lets out a deep sigh. Still dazed from her mid- afternoon nap she begins to realize the change in her surroundings.

"Oh hey Mista, did you need anything," her sleepy, angelic voice rings out making my fingers tingle again.

"Kinda, but it looks like number five has taken a liking to you," I respond pointing towards the bullet on her chest. She looks down, remembering the events from earlier while looking at the snoozing bullet.

"Oh yeah, I found him crying earlier. I guess three keeps on bullying him. I couldn't stand seeing him so upset so I let him watch a movie with me, but looks like neither of us could make it through," she recounts to me. While she speaks she rubs her finger tip gently on his cheek causing him to nuzzle closer towards her and simultaneously making me realize I could feel her rubbing my cheek gently through my stand. A quick flush invades my usually calm demeanor around her. I turn to see her motherly face caring for my bullied bullet. I feel pins and needles in my fingers.

"I can feel that you know," I say, unfortunately a little to harshly.

"I'm sorry, do you want me to gi-,"she quickly speaks in a rushed tone, worried she has made me uncomfortable or offended me in some way.

"No, it's ok, he's asleep so I don't mind at all," our eyes lock for a long moment. My eyes flick towards her plush lips and feel her gentle fingers brush my own filled with now dissipating pins and needles. She scoots towards me slightly, queuing me into lean further towards her. I look in her eye once more, making sure I'm not over-stepping her ground. She continues to lean in and our lip mold together perfectly. The kiss was quick but no less loving and passionate. She moves so she is now leaned up against me instead of the other end of the couch, all while making sure not to wake up the sleepy bullet. I rest my toned arms around her and let her fall back asleep resting her head on my chest as I soon follow suit.

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Chapter Text

Bruno walked into the resterant before me, but I could still hear what he says to the rest of the gang.

"Since we've been having a lot serious injuries, I was forced to enlist a new member to help treat our wounds. She will accompany us on important and dangerous missions and be home to treat anything else. Everyone meet (y/n)." I assumed this was my cue and walk out to see a round table of mafia misfits, all eyeing me with suspicion.

"She's been a part of the gang for a few years and is know as one of the best nurses in the gang," Bruno says to try and warm them up to me a little. The boy with golden rings in his hair stands and greets me first.

"Welcome to the team, I'm Giorno Giovanna," he simply says with the hint of a smile and a firm handshake.

"Thank you Giorno, I hope I can be helpful... I hope I can help all of you," I spoke for the first time, getting a few reactions. The next to come up is the excited boy who I soon find out is Narancia, followed by two others. One with a suit covered in holes and the other wearing a cheetah print cropped sweater, Fugo and Mista.

"It's good to know I won't be the only girl around," I say to the young lady who approaches me after those boys.

"I'm Trish, nice to meet you," she says seeming to not be one of many words. That soon leaves one dark and brooding man left at the table. His heavy and skeptical gaze making me feel like I was drowning. Not to mention being intimidated by his handsomeness and stature as he rises from the table.

"I won't need your help," he sneers as he passes me. My feeling of early acceptance being squashed with one comment.

"Don't worry, he's always been cold, he doesn't like new comers very much," Bruno erasures with a gentle hand on my shoulder. The whole gang began to move towards a car to travel back to our base and I'm berated with question about everything and anything about me, mainly asked by Narancia and Mista. Once we arrive, I'm given a tour and shown to my very bare room next to the cold Abbacchio lair. I was allowed to store my things in the trunk of our transportation, I only brought the three suit cases I needed. Clothes, other personal items, and all of my medical supplies. They couldn't go to a regular emergency room since we were in the largest gang in Italy, and the few 'trusted' doctors weren't very trustable.

In the next few weeks we got a few missions, none dangerous enough for me to come along, but I was always needed when everyone came home. A cut on Narancia's arm, a broken finger on Fugo, and several bullets out of Mista. Bruno had a large cut that needed more attention than the quick fix from Sticky Fingers, but Abbacchio had been hurt a few times but refused any help.

After a mission that was deemed 'not dangerous' took a deadly turn, I revived a frantic call from Bruno informing me that Abbacchio had several bullet wounds and many deep slashes. I prepare everything I need in record time in the front room and anxiously wait their arrival. Once they screech in Abbacchio is surprisingly still conscious.

"I set up in the front room, I need to get started right away," I frantically tell everyone currently keeping him upright.

"I don't need help, get off of me," he protests though his speech wavers in his normal strength. I could tell he was fighting to stay aware.

"Abbacchio, you're in bad shape and you might die," I plead with him to try and keep him alive.

"I said I don't need help," he intimidates with all the strength he had left. He was standing right near my medical setup, so I had to use everything I had. I call out my stand 'Keep Yourself Alive' and start my evaluation. My stand enters an injured persons body and shows me every injury, but it makes the affected person pass out. This was the first time the gang had seen my stand and seen the effects it had, quite shocking.

"What the fuck (y/n), what did you do," screamed Mista with agreeable grumbling from the others.

"If I hadn't used my stand he would have died, I did what I had to do," I yell as I begin dealing with the worst of his injuries, a severed artery. After hours of fixing bullet holes, deep slashes, actually reattaching his hand, I take him to his room while he's still unconscious. After a few hours of bated breath, I hear commotion in the room next to mine. I release a sigh of relief, until I hear a knock on my door. I open the door to see a flustered Abbacchio, "I need to talk to you." I accept and let him sit on my bed to talk.

"I said I didn't need your help but you knocked me out and fixed all of my injuries," he says not looking me in the eyes.

"Why," he looks me in my eyes. I look at him trying to decipher his emotions and motives.

"I wasn't going to sit and watch you die," it was the only answer I could think of but there was so much more I could say. Over the few weeks I had began to feel more mushy feelings even I wasn't used to. Maybe it was because he's so mysterious or my caring instincts but I felt like I needed to help him more the more he pushed me away.

"I feel like I need to help you... I want to help you and I don't want to see you hurt," the words fell from my mouth with little to no warning. He continues to eye me, deciding what to do.

"You're not telling the whole truth," I roll my eyes lightly as I had been subject to this question a few times before.

"Well," I say unsure of how my next sentence will come out," when I see you hurt I feel like I'm hurt too, I care a lot about you Abbacchio." I had stood up to escape his gaze meandering around my desk.
"I car about you too, very much so," his words are surprising to me.

"Abbacchio," his name left me for unknown reasons as he continued.

"I don't know or understand why I care for you so much but I can't deny that strange feeling," he was facing away from me as he said that, still sitting on my bed. I walk around and gently place my hand on his shoulder causing him to look up at me. I sit myself next to him and I wrap my arms around his stiff form. He rest a hand against my upper arm, accepting my embrace.

"I don't want to see you hurt... I love you Abbacchio," I say abruptly, feeling a stiffening reaction. He loosened up and brings his other arm around me.

"I think I love you too," he says still looking away. I look up into his tinted cheeks and our eyes meet. Energy filled the room as our lips met for just that brief moment.


1241 words

Chapter Text

Ever since Risotto brought me into the team I've worn a similar outfit that has a long zipper that I need help to zip all the way up. Stopping just at the small of my back, I norm ally ask the first person I find to zip it the rest of the way. The first time it was my next door neighbor Formaggio.
I have been on the team about two days and I forgot about one thing, my zipper. I had a way to zip it myself before in my apartment but now I'm going to have to find some help. I peek my head out to see if anyone is leaving and, thank god, Formaggio is shutting his door.
"Hey Formaggio, can you help me real quick," he turns to see only my head out of my door. He shoves his hands into his pockets.
"Yeah, what do you need," he says very nonchalant.
"Can you zip my dress please," I say as I turn around to show him my open back. With my back turned to him I don't see his eyes widen for a moment.
"Oh... ok," he says before he takes the zipper and brings it up until my (h/l) hair gets in the way. I feel his warm finger tips shift my hair over to one side. I hear the zipper meet it's end and I turn around and thank him before returning back into my room.

On the other side of the door Formaggio was more flustered than he would want to admit. 'She's been here for two days, pull yourself together,' he thought. But, damn did he want to zip her dress everyday.
Then the next day I find help from my other next door neighbor Illuso. He's walking by my door and I catch him before he walks down the stairs.
"Hey Illuso, can you zip up my dress for me please," he turns around to the sight of my bare back towards him. He starts walking towards me and I turn around and see a very cocky and sly grin on his face.
"Of course," he says when he much closer to me. I turn my back fully to him and I feel his one of his hands grab the zipper and his other hand touch the skin on my lower back right above the zipper causing a shiver to run up my spine and make the nerves under my skin hypersensitive. As he pulls up the zipper I can feel his hand drag up with it. My hair gets in the way again and he removes both of his hands and sweeps my hair to one side. I can feel his fingers brush my shoulders while he moves my hair. Once my hair isn't a problem he finishes my zipper and places my hair back in its place and I thank him.
"Anytime," he says while he looks me up and down. I could tell he liked what he saw.

He really would mess with that zipper anytime she wanted. All she would have to do is ask him.
The next day no one was in the hallway meaning I had to venture further out to find some help. I trek down the stairs and pop my head out to see Prosciutto about to sit on the couch.
"Hey Prosciutto, before you sit down can you help me with my zipper," I ask while quickly descending the rest of the stairs. He turns around seeing my figure and sets the water bottle in his hands on the coffee table behind him. One of his sharp, arched brows raise while he walks towards me.
"Ok, you need you turn around though," he said looking down at me. I quickly thank him and turn around. He pulls the edges that are currently exposing almost my whole back. His touch sends shivers down my spine that I hope he doesn't notice. My hair gets in the way yet again and he parts my hair down the middle. He drags his fingers down the back of my neck before he gently pushes it forward. He zips it the rest of the way before lingering to smooth out the fabric and place my hair back. Once he's finished I give him a kinda-shy-kinda-upbeat thank you and we part ways.

He wanted to be the only one that got to see her like that and zip her dress. Since the first zipper occurrence the word got out that she needed help with her zipper. The problem now is who gets to zip it next.
The next day I woke up late since my mission went into the early morning hours and the first person I saw was Pesci.
"Hey Pesci, I need help with my zipper, do you mind," I ask seeing the large man shake slightly before simply nodding his head. I pull my hair out of the way and turn my back to him. I can feel his shaking hands pull up the zipper trying to not touch me and cross any boundaries.
"Thank you very much Pesci, you're very helpful," I say to him causing him to smile and shake more before we part ways.

That's the closest he had ever been around a lady before. He had heard about her zipper but he never thought she would ask him to help!
I went out to look for help with my dress again and I found Melone doing something on his laptop.
"Hey Melone, will you zip my dress for me," I ask him. His eyes light up with excitement as he stood from the couch. He muttered a quick 'Di Molto' under his breath before accepting. He took the fabric and zipper in his fingers delicately, but he started dragging the zipper down instead of up.
"Umm, Melone I need you to zip it up not down," I say to him. He lets out a little sigh before he releases the zipper and moves my hair out of the way.
"You're hair is very soft and healthy (y/n)," he whispered the compliment into my ear. A heavy blush appeared before I thanked him. I must have felt the tip of his nose brush against my shoulder. He finally zipped my dress the right direction and went back to sit on the couch. I mutter another flustered thank you before I left.

Di Molto! She's perfect. Not just for his stand but in every way possible. He can't wait to be able to unzip that dress.
The problem arises the next day and I have go to the kitchen to find Ghiaccio making a sandwich.
"Hey Ghiaccio, can you help me please," he turns around and his angry expression turned soft with surprise for a moment.
"Might as well, you've already taken my attention away from my sandwich," he ranted as he walk towards me. I expected him to zip it as fast and even maybe get some of my hair stuck, but he was very gentle. He gathered all of my hair before setting it out of the way. He takes the zipper and carefully zips my dress. I thank him and get a quiet 'don't expect me to do that again' before he went back to his sandwich.

How could he let myself almost freeze up around her! She's been here for a week and she made him get flustered. He wished he could zip that dress everyday even if she does make him freeze up.
I got up quite early the next day and the first person I ran into was the leader himself, Risotto. His stature shadowing over me.
"Hey can you zip up my dress for me," I say turning my back to him. He lets out a quick 'sure' before he starts zipping my dress. He paused and parted my hair over my shoulders, grazing them with his finger tips. He finished the zipper and replaced my hair. I said a quick thank you as I turned to look at him. His stern, dark eyes had a certain warmth to them. And, his normally emotionless lips held a small smile.
"Anytime," he said before he went back to whatever work he was doing. (He was getting a snack.)

She was the first woman he had ever taken into the team. She was the first female applicant he had ever gotten and she had gotten his entire team flustered. Hell, she even made him flustered.
The next day I found the whole team at my door.
"Oh, hey everyone. Is there something wrong," I worriedly ask. It's not everyday seven men are standing outside my door.
"Everyone is fighting to zip your dress," Risotto says bluntly with his arms crossed.
"Oh my goodness, I didn't know I was causing a problem. I'm so sorry," I say before I quickly go back into my room to use the trick I used before La Squadra. I find a price of string, thread it through the zipper tab, and pull up on the string. Amazement flashed across all of the men at my door. What were they going to do now!

Ok so these are all separate events and where you get to choose the assassin you go on a date with.

Now that she can zip her own dress how am I supposed to get near her. That day went on normally until I was hanging out before a mission in the common area. She sat next to me with a bored expression. Maybe this wouldn't be as hard as I had thought.
"When's you're next mission," I ask to start conversation and because I was actually curious.
"In two days," she says seeming to scoot closer to me. I look opposite of her to try and think of what to say next. I look back to see her eyes on the TV.
"How did your first mission go," I ask her. She talks with energy and vigor about quite a brutal assassination. We all knew she was smart, but we didn't know she was this strong. She told the whole story with a massive smile on her face. I almost didn't hear anything. I was so captivated by her expressions and that smile. She finishes and looks up at me. The way she looks at me makes it feel like we're the only people in the world. Like, the world is so small it can only fit us on it. I was speechless from the story and just... her.
"What are you doing Friday? Risotto try's to let us have a day off on Fridays," I say trying to see if I can get a date with her.
"I had no idea! Well then I shouldn't have anything that day," she said with the same energy and smile.
"Do you want to go out to dinner," I ask with a smirk on my face. A shy smile graces her face and her sparkling eyes shift downwards.
"Yeah, that sounds like fun."
She looks at my hand before scooting over more and taking my hand in hers.
"Can I zip up your dress before," I joke and she rolls her eyes and giggles.

Now I'll have to find my own way to win her over. Everyone but (y/n) and I are on their own mission. So, I decide to cook for her. I dress casually and get all of the ingredients for (favorite food). I return home and notice that she must be in her room still, so I get started. After a few mistakes and substitutions, the dish is done and (y/n) comes out of her room at the perfect time.
"What's all of this, Illuso," she asks. I adore hearing my name said by her.
"We're the only ones in the house, so I made dinner," I said walking over to her and guiding to her seat.
" Illuso this is my favorite food! How did you figure that out," she said with a playful, but suspicious grin.
" I have my ways of finding out, so don't ask questions just eat it," I say before digging in which she quickly mirrors.
"This is absolutely amazing! I didn't know you were such a great cook," she says excitedly. Our conversation went one for many more hours until she began yawning.
"Illuso, this was very kind of you, but also very romantic. Are you trying to do something," she asks again with that playfully suspicious look.
"I was thinking this could maybe be kind of a warm up date... for when the real thing happens," I say closing some of the gap between us.
"Why don't we just call this our first official date," she says getting even closer.
"I like where your mind is heading," I say grabbing one of her hands.
"Well I also think I need to get to bed," she says leaning away quickly, "can you unzip my dress for me?"

Just a bump in the road. I'll be able to find a way to woo her over. It just so happened that we were paired up for a mission that night. We meet in the car and I start driving to our destination. We sit in silence for a short while before she starts a conversation.
"So, what's the down low on this mission, Pro," she asks the nickname caught me off guard.
"Assassinate a guy that stole money from the gang in a back alley bar. What's with that nickname," I ask.
"I don't know, just kinda felt right in the sentence. If you don't like it I won't say it again," she said apologetically.
"I actually kinda like that nickname,"I say and look at her only to see her looking back. Our eyes meet for a moment until I hear the honking of another driver. I correct the car and silence lingers once more.
"What are you doing tomorrow," I ask her.
"I thing that I know of... but that could change," she said giving me a sly look after her pause.
"I think those changes might include me... only if you want to," I say looking at her realizing she's been gazing at me the whole time.
"That sounds perfect."

How am I supposed to talk to her. I can barely be in the same room as her. I'm going to have to ask aniki for help. I knock on his door and moments later it opens.
"I need help bro," I say to him know he could be my only chance. He gives me a beckoning look and gestures for me to sit down next to him.
"What's the situation," he asks, fully attentive.
"Well, I really like (y/n) and I done know what to do," I leave it there because I know he knows the rest of the situation. He gives me a look of understanding and a hand to the shoulder before he takes a moment to formulate a plan in his mind.
"Here's the plan..." he tells me the plan and it sounds quite believable, so I decide to go through with it.
The next day the plan is set in motion. Prosciutto cooks breakfast early and I switch him places right before (y/n) walks into the kitchen.
" Pesci, did you make breakfast today," she asks in a sing-song voice that is truly music to my ears.
"Y-Y-Yes I did," I have to lie for the plan to work. She takes a plate and sits down to start eating while she says thank you to me.
"Oh my goodness, this is delicious Pesci," her eyes are widened in surprise. I let out a nervous chuckle before going back to the food. It not long before the others flow in and take their food to their rooms. I take my plate and sit down at the table with her.
"I had no idea you could cook like that Pesci," she says while finishing up her plate.
"Normally one of the other guys cooks in the morning," I say. That's true, but supposed to be misinterpreted.
"This is amazing, you could cook for me any day," she says and sets her soft and delicate hand over my not-so delicate and soft hand. It felt like a jumper cable was attached to our finger tips. Maybe we didn't need the rest of the plan.

I need to get near my perfect little farfalla (butterfly). I see her relaxing in the living room watching an old movie and take my moment. I set myself down next to her and steal a piece of the popcorn in her lap. I sling my arm around the back of her shoulders.
"What are you doing tonight," I ask confidently. She looks over and her face is just a few inches away. The close details of her face further engrains her perfection into my memory.
"Probably what I'm doing now for the rest of the night," she says before taking a piece of the now shared popcorn.
"Well then do you mind doing it with me," I say before gently caressing her face. She giggles lightly before saying, "I don't mind."
"Then do you mind us doing this more often," I can see the wheels turn in her head as she realizes my proposition. A smile graces her face once more. I hope I get to see that sweet smile a million more times.
"I think I would actually really like that."

Fuck! What am I supposed to do now! I'll have to get her on a mission with me. I ask Risotto to pair us up and he said he would give us the mission he got for that day and wasn't sure who to give it to.
"We have a mission tonight. I'll be in the car at 7, dont be late," I say to her before preparing myself for the mission. 7 rolls around and she's in the car before me. I start it up and leave to base.
Mission was easy but we both suffer from a cut on the arm. She rolls up my shirt and starts tending to my wound before she seemed to have even noticed her own.
"What the fuck are you doing! Fix yourself first. I'm driving anyways," I say taking my eyes off of the road. Soon my suspicion was confirmed.
"Oh, I didn't even notice my cut," she said before quickly and crudely fixing her wound. Didn't even take a minute.
"I can fix your arm while you drive, just focus on the road," she says before just taking off that arm of my shirt.  I pull off of the side of the road and she only notices once we're stopped.
"Why did you pull off," she says, looking up at me confused. I say nothing before turning to her to actually mend her wound.
"Ghiaccio, my arm is fine. Yours is the one that needs fixing," she say sweetly.
"Shut up, your arm is not fine and I don't want to see you hurt. It was my fault you got hurt in the first place," I yells a little.
"It wasn't your fault, Ghiaccio. I got in your way and got hit. Not to mention the cut on your arm is my fault. It's from my stand!" she said to me with the same intensity. I sigh and fully face her.
"Look were both hurt and I don't like it," I scream.
"Why do you even care so much anyways," she yells back.
"Because I really like you ok!" My mouth yells before I can even fucking think about it. Her cheeks light up a dark pink tone.
"Well I really like you too and I don't want you to be hurt either," she blushes more before taking my hand in hers.
"Lets take care of these once we're back at the base."


Since she let me zip her dress yesterday I've already thought out a plan to take her on a date. I call her into my office to give her a 'mission' later tonight. I hear the knock on my door and tell them to come in and of course it's (y/n).
"You have a mission tonight. Seven PM at the coffee house. You'll know what to do once you get there." She nods and thanks me before leaving my office. I look to the clock and decide to dress a little more casually.
I watch her walk through the door and order herself a drink, most likely to blend in. She turns around with her drink in hand and makes eye contact with me. Happy surprise is evident on her features and I signal her to sit across from me.
"Is this what you meant by I'll know when I get here," she asks with and optimistically confused smile.
"Yes, your mission is to have coffee with me," I say as sternly as always. She giggles and grasps at my hands, taking me by surprise and making my blood rush quicker.
"Risotto, if you wanted to take me on a date you could have just asked," she says with the brightest smile I've ever seen.

3555 words

Chapter Text

It was a surprisingly peaceful free day in the La Squadra base. Even on the free days there would normally be quite a bit of commotion, but it was later in the evening and no major events or fights had occurred. The whole gang was gathered in the living room watching something on TV. The leader, Risotto Nero, and his long term girlfriend, (y/n), were casually lounging on the couch. The rest of the group was strewn about the remaining furniture. All eyes were glued to the program, but a quick figure on the security cameras caught (y/n)'s eye.

"Someone's trying to break in the front door," she said alerting the others. The most of a response she got was a "So?," from Formaggio. She looked around, slightly bewildered by the lack of response to the impending intruder.

"I guess I'll go take care of it," she said with a slight huff. Risotto had known her for quite some time, but had never really seen her fight or kill for that matter, though he knew she was one of the strongest members. He had decided not to do anything to see her in action and thankfully no one else took action either.

As she walked out of the door, she picked up the baseball bat leaning against the door frame, placed there for quick equipment in times of need. The crew, Risotto in particular, watch as the woman battered the man savagely from the mounted camera system. Her display of raw anger and rage was much more entertaining than the show they were watching. She beat the mans head in until it was completely unrecognizable. Grabbing his head and ramming the bat through his chest was the icing on the cake of his violent death. They all watched as she stood there a moment huffing and releasing the excess adrenaline.

Moments later, she walked back in, set the bat back into its rightful place, and sat back down in the same spot she had been cuddling Risotto. They could smell the fresh blood that had sprayed on her while she was pummeling the man. The whole gang was slack jawed in awe of the sheer anger and strength the woman who they knew as the caring, mother-like figure had exhibited. Risotto only held her tighter, remembering just how much he deeply loved her.

402 words

Chapter Text

The boss had given a mission perfectly suited for (y/n) that had to be done tonight. She had been taking the day off in her room since her last mission was somewhat overwhelming. I would let her have the whole day off, but bosses orders.

As I walk up the stairs, I hear the normal rustling from everyone else's rooms but no sound is being emitted from (y/n)'s. I knock on the door and wait. No response. I knock again before opening the door slowly to see the angelic scene before me.

Her windows let in a soft glow around her peaceful, sleeping form. Her (h/l) hair was strewn about but was also being held out of her perfect face by the large headphones around her ears.

Now I really didn't want to put an end to her day off.

I couldn't help but stare at her for a few moments longer before I had to face disturbing her. I listened a little closer and realized she was listening to (favorite artist) on a record player. A chuckle bubbles up within me as a smile grace my features as well. Of course, she was listening to (favorite artist).

Finally, I pull myself fully into her room and shut the door behind me to drown out Ghiaccio's screaming. The closer I get to her the more beautiful she becomes before I kneel next to her. My breath is taken away now that I can see her peaceful expression up close. I notice there was one chunk of her (h/c) hair wasn't caught by the headphones. I gently brush away the stray strand and the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest changes as she brings in a much deeper breath.

Her long lashes flutter and adjust to the soft light before her gaze lands on me. She smiles before removing her headphones and stretching her arms. She's even more beautiful when she's awake.

"Hi Risotto," her voice was rough from her slumber. I look at her a moment longer letting her finish stretching before she turned over on her side to fully face me. She sleepily rests her hand on top of my own.

"What do you need," she finally asks. I don't want to tell her but the job has to be done.

"Boss has a mission for you. It should be easy and simple." She lets out a big sigh while she rubs her thumb around the back of my hand.

"I'm sorry I have to end your day off," I did feel bad about ending her day.

"It's ok, I'll make it quick," she says easing my nerves a little.

"On one condition," she says piquing my interest, "I get cuddles now and after the mission." I should have expected that answer. I roll my eyes at her cute innocence before I situate myself behind her. She rolls over before I pull her closer to me. She nestles her head against my chest before she says, "I love you, Risotto." The sound of those three words and my name coming from he brings me unmeasurable amounts of joy.

"I love you too, (y/n)."

550 words

Chapter Text

This has some torture and gore so you have been warned.

"We have a new member. She will be expanding us to interrogate and torture as well as assassinations. If you have any problems talk to me," Risotto states quite bluntly as he welcomes me into La Squadra di Esecuzione. I've never been very good with meeting new people and so far I've only said a few meek hellos to the members, but I've been able to hold a whole conversation with the leader Risotto.

I'm shown to the basement of the base where my torturing domain shall reside with my clean up team, Gnocchi, and Tortellini. We check out the bare, unfinished basement and plan out where everything will go. There's one entrance from the kitchen and one cellar door outside. Mainly using the cellar door to bring in all of my large equipment and other do-dads in their boxes I have everything set and organized. I'm found by Risotto and I'm quickly briefed about my first mission. Find a man who has been stealing money from the gang in a bar, get the confession, and kill him. The only catch is Risotto has volunteered to be my chauffeur for the evening. This makes me nervous, but he is the only person I've really talked to in La Squadra, but having others watch me while I work is a little nerve-racking. I tell him I will be ready in thirty minutes and go to prepare myself for the night.

I look over the man's measurement to make sure my stand, Bad Medicine, was prepared to sedate him. Coming back downstairs in an uncomfortably revealing outfit I go find Risotto. Thankfully, he dressed down so he won't draw attention. We leave in the car I own for missions, a simple black limousine, and I tell him what I need him to do. Drop me off, stay in front of the club, ignore me once I return. We arrive at the club quickly after that talk and I tell him I should be about ten minutes, he nods confirming his comprehension. I compose myself and put on my act as I walk in and immediately spot the target. I saunter across to the bar he's sitting at and buy a drink right next to him.

"What are you doing here, Mia more," he slightly slurs at me.

"Looking for someone," I eye him up and down to fully make sure he's the target," just like you." I scoot closer towards him and I can smell the alcohol on his breath. Bourbon, my least favorite smell.

"My chauffeur is outside, let us go back to my place and see where the night takes us," I say as I have his attention fully on me as I place my Chain in his drink.

"Whatever you say, Mia more," he confidently slurs.
"Then let's finish our drinks and go, wouldn't want them to go to waste," I say as I seductively bring my cup to my lips. He downs the rest, including my Bad Medicine, in a second. He bolts up and I lead him towards the limo. The moment the tinted windows give us some privacy he stifles me with his mouth and body. Sucking on my face sloppily I pray for my Bad Medicine to start their job as I taste the rancid bourbon on his tongue. I almost break my sexy demeanor when I taste the disgusting alcohol. The kiss slowly becomes sloppier and sloppier as the Bad Medicine starts to heavily kick in until he is unconscious on the limo floor. I roll down my window and empty my stomach from my reaction to the bourbon. I look and see the partition has been lowered.

"Are you alright," a surprising question left Risottos lips as I huff out and look at the man on the ground.

"Y-yes, he's passed out, how much longer till we're at the base," I ask taken aback from his concern braking through his cold exterior.

"Five minutes," he states. I readjust my Bad Medicine so he doesn't wake up on me. We soon arrive at the base and I begin to struggle to pull the man out of the limo until Risotto comes up behind me and picks up the man like nothing. I help him by opening the cellar doors and direct him to the iron chair. He puts him down with an unexpected force fueled by anger.

"Do you need any more help," he asks the third strange act of kindness today.

"No, you have been extremely helpful today, thank you," I say not knowing the reasoning behind his action as I watch him leave to the kitchen. I let out a sigh now that I'm alone. My stomach tied into butterfly knots around him and seeing his concern for me. I remember the task at hand and prepare the man for his torturing. Stripping him down to his underwear, binding his limbs down, gag him, and finally soaking him wet. I got to change into something a little more appropriate and easy to clean with my extra time before he wakes up, unfortunately, another revealing outfit. A black mini dress made out of latex and covered in white and red squares with little thin straps. I try to avoid the other members from my figure and go back to setting up my remaining tools. As I finish setting up he wakes up in a panicked flurry. He yells through the gag only making strained noises.

"You know what you've done... I'm just here to get the confession out of you and the longer this takes the worse it will get for you so I recommend you fess up quick," I tell him seeing the recognition in his eyes. He looks at me like he's ready to confess already, but I wasn't done having my fun.

"Don't look at me like that yet. You're not getting off that easy," a flush of horror and fear run through him. I look to the clock on the wall. 11:23 pm... I decided to set up something to just leave him with. The loud drip drop begins to echo through the large basement and the mans stressed breaths grow as I leave him until 3:23 am.

I enter the kitchen to see Risotto, Melone, and Prosciutto sitting at the table playing some poker. I sit in the open seat next to Risotto and join in on the smoking.

"That didn't take long," mentions Risotto.

"He seemed ready right away, but I'm giving him some time," I say to him as he focuses back on the poker game at hand. The longer I sit at the table, the more I notice the men's eyes on me. It seems that Risotto also noticed my outfit and the other two members eyes on me and he slowly scoots closer towards me and our calves rest on each other. I look up into his dark scelaras and molten irises and find comfort in them and his touch. The same reaction takes him as well when we share that quick moment of eye contact. I watch the gambling and think about the events of the day, mainly about Risotto.

He's been so helpful in every way possible and knowing him for this short while I could tell that was out of character. And, what was up with the rage behind him putting that guy in the chair. Could he have seen that guy disgustingly making out with me in the back before he was unconscious and that made Risotto jealous? I look back towards the clock, 3:20 am. I let out a small sigh and rise from the table.

"He's had enough time now," I say as I descend to the basement. As I open the door the mans pained and muffled screams are loud and clear for the other men to hear. All three shift their attention to my figure in front of the open door, loud screaming audible to all. Once back in the basement along with the tortured man, I stop the water and take the gag out of his mouth. He's more than ready to confess.
"Ok, I've been stealing 25% percent of everything I make for the gang, I'll never do it again I swear, I'm sorry," he pours out, screaming and crying.

"Thank you for your honesty," I say to him. His eyes relax for a moment. I turn around and as his eyes open again I slash his throat, ear to ear spraying me and my surroundings with his blood. The few moments he is still conscious his eyes are full of guilt and fear. I walk back up the stairs to call my cleanup team, Gnocchi and Tortellini. I open the door and walk to the phone on the wall. I was defiantly a sight to see. A tight dress, covered in blood, and the knowledge and mystery of what happened in that basement. My call is finished and I turn back to the men staring at me with slacked jaws.

"Cleanup team will be here soon. My mission is complete. I... I think I'm gonna go clean myself up," I sheepishly scurry to my room to clean up and change as the adrenaline from the torturing wears off. I change into something more comfortable and go back down to the kitchen. The boys were still playing so I grab a drink and sit back next to Risotto as I wait for the arrival of my cleanup team. I sit back and watch until I hear the knock on the door and I lead them to the basement and help clean up the body. Unannounced to me, the poker game had ended and Risotto walked down to see the scene before him. He watches the three of us struggle to move him for only a moment before he intervenes like earlier, carrying him to the back of Gnocchi's van. I take the remaining water and water the outdoor flowers.

"You did well," I hear the low voice of Risotto behind me and the knots return to my stomach.

"T-thank you," I say not sure what else to say. Soon the clean up is over and everyone goes to sleep.

My next few missions go about the same as the first and Risotto is now my chauffeur for all of my missions. But, at the end of the cleanup Risotto approaches me in a different way this time.

"Those men are disgusting," he says abruptly, rage and malice behind his tone.

"It makes torturing them easier," I blankly say agreeing with him. He places a hand on my shoulder while he's still behind me.

"I hate seeing those men coming out of those clubs with you. I can't wait for them to finally pass out and get off of you," he's putting his heart on his sleeve, even if it's just for a moment. His candor surprising me for a moment, but I decide to answer with an equal amount of candor.

"I hate it too," I say as I timidly place my hand on top of his. I look up to see his scorching eyes looking at me with an emotion I've never seen from him up close. It's hard to explain, a mixture of protection, caring, and dare I say, love.

"(y/n), I care for you deeply. You've made me feel things I've never felt. I want you to be mine," he said giving me his heart on a silver plate.

"I couldn't ask for anything better, of course, I will Risotto," I can see his dark orbs relax and flush with happiness as a small genuine smile appears on his chiseled face. I turn and bury my face in his chest and he wraps his arms protectively around me. Since my first mission and seeing the jealousy induced anger towards all of my targets. The small touches we would exchange. His caring actions towards me that he didn't show anyone else. The thought that he genuinely cared for me and no one else made the butterfly's return but in an exciting way. I look up and he places a gentle hand to my cheek and I smile into the gentle kiss he places on my lips.

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Chapter Text

Some of the risks in my job aren't expected. Yes, there was a possibility of being found out and killed or the torturing proses going wrong. But, those are obvious dangers. No one warns you about the possibility of getting herpes from one of your targets. The target is long gone now, but the sore on my upper lip isn't. When I bring my targets back they always want to make out, annoying because most of them have been drinking or give me a herpes sore.

"What's on your lip, Tesoro," Risotto, my boyfriend of a few months, pointed out to me one morning. I give him a confused look before I go take a look.

"You're fucking joking," disbelief and anger wash over me as I see the budding sore near my Cupid's bow. Risotto slowly comes into the view of the mirror behind me. He sets his hands on my waist and looks back with concern.

"What's wrong," he says getting a better look at the sore.

"One of my targets must have given me herpes," I say to him groaning and thinking of ways to fix this.

"I have to go call a friend, she can help me get rid of this," I say before I turn around and sleepily hug Risotto. Resting my face on his pajama-clad chest, he gently embraces me and plants a kiss to the top of my head. I sigh as I release him and go to the phone to call my friend, Farmacia. I've gone to her for everything and she always warned me of this happening, but she would be there to help when I did contract the virus. I find my phone on the nightstand and dial her number. After a brief talk, she asks me to come in in about two hours. I tell Risotto the time and start getting ready.
I start to walk downstairs, my face adorned with a surgical mask to cover my mouth.

"Where are you going with that thing on your face," interrogates Formaggio.

"Um... I have a mission right now and... the air isn't very good where it is," I stutter and abscond as quickly as possible, not wanting to confirm Melone's silent and uncomfortable stare. Soon I arrive at Farmacia's office and she confirmed my suspicions. I have herpes sore on my lip. She gives me a cream and tells me it should be clear in about two weeks. These next two weeks are going to be hell.
I arrive back at the base and avoid as much eye context as possible.

"Risotto, my report is ready," I say so only he truly understands and with a short ok from him and I slump down in his office chair pulling the uncomfortable mask off. I relay the diagnosis to him and the terrible duration.

"Risotto, what am I supposed to do," I groan just thinking about the thought of the weird questions and stares from the rest of the gang.

"Don't worry vita mia, just act like nothing is different," he consoles me. Just having his support makes me feel better. I take his hands into mine and thank him for being there for me.

"And, we can't kiss on the mouth for two weeks," I inform him.

"That's the worst part then," he jokes back making me feel better. His humor may be dry but the thought that he only jokes like this with me makes me feel better. Just him being with me makes me feel better. We venture out of Risottos office and I discard the surgical mask and take his advice of acting 'normal'. But, the moment we sit down with Melone, Illuso, and Formaggio in the room a familiar question arises.

"What's wrong with you lip (y/n)," Formaggio asks almost immediately. I panic in my mind for a quick second not knowing what to say at first.

"Must be lipgloss," I shut him down effectively, but I can't help but feel the burning sensation I always get when Melone stares at me. I look around and confirm that he is staring at me with that face. The one he has when he berates random women for his stand. He doesn't say anything making me even more sure that he knows the lipgloss was a lie. The room is silent for a good few minutes before he opens his mouth.

"I know herpes when I see it," Melone breaks the silence, making my face go white not knowing what to do. I sit paralyzed for a moment. I can't say anything because he's right. If I get up he knows he's right. Well, at least I won't have to deal with the next comments if I leave. I run up the stairs as fast as I can, but make sure I give Melone a good kick in the leg. Soon Risotto comes in to hang out with me, also telling me he explained the situation to the others. This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life.

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Chapter Text

In my few years in the execution team, my childhood nose bleeds had been a bit of a problem. Whether it be getting blood in my diner, coming home from a mission looking much more injured than I was, or waking up stuck to my murder scene pillow. They had been a reoccurring event. Even when I was out on a mission my presence was always there with the emergency boxes of tissues scattered around the base. Many had interesting stories, but the first nose bleed was the most interesting.


I had been an official member of La Squadra for only a week or two and I had only gone on one mission so far. It had gone quite smoothly so that gained me some respect from the start. Sorbet and Gelato kept to themselves, but were kind and sweet. Formaggio had been fine, but he was quickly going from flirty to overbearing. Illuso was very mysterious, but sweet nonetheless. Prosciutto was like a stern mother to me and the rest of the members. Pesci was the same sweet nervous weak. Melone has always been quite creepy, but I've learned to not take him so seriously. Ghiaccio is the exact same, but now we can tolerate each other. And, Risotto was mysterious but sweeter than he looked.

The day was slow and no missions had come in, so we all hung out and watched tv. I was reading a book and just listening to whatever movie they were watching. That is until I felt a warm trickle out from my left nostril. I had some trouble adjusting to the climate so I just thought I had a little bit of a runny nose. But, the large red smear on my hand indicated differently and milliseconds later my other nostril erupted in a much higher volume. So much so that I didn't have time to react to the fat drop that stained a few pages of my book. That's when I noticed it. There were little metal blobs mixed into the dark substance. They definitely weren't clots because they were silver like the blade of a knife. No one around me had noticed my predicament... yet.

"Uhh guys," everyone in the room looks at me with surprise and Pesci passes out at the copious amounts of blood," I think we're under attack." Quickly everyone puts their defenses up and get on the lookout... other than Risotto. He calmly walks up to me before quietly chuckling to himself.

"We're fine. That's my stand (y/n)," he says taking my blood-smeared hand in his and showing me the metallic blobs who seemed quite fond of him. And seconds after that, a panicked Prosciutto is rushing me to the nearest bathroom.

The mother hen was there to take care of the situation and the stallion was there out of worry and support. I had started to feel my nose filling up and I didn't want to make anyone else faint when it started coming out somewhere other than my nose.

I leaned over the sink and let go of my nose. No matter how many times I've had to do that it's always as gross as the first. I look down and I could have gotten the same effect if I had slit my throat. I noticed an abundance of the cute little metal blobs all throughout the crimson sink and I'm less worried than the first time I saw them.

"Oh my god, what did you do," I hear Proscuitto shriek.

"I had to let it go. I didn't want it to come out of my eyes," I say nonchalantly. His jaw drops and I could tell he was trying to not think of that image. I pinch my nose once more and set myself on the counter. I look and see a less freaked out face on Risotto (from what his stand is I'm pretty sure he's seen much, much more blood at once), but he has a certain foreign look within his dark eyes. He still had a hold on my bloody hand and he soon started to wipe the drying stain off of my hand. Prosciutto was searching the cabinets for something to help catch the blood. I didn't feel like there's any more blood pooling above my nostrils anymore so I leaned over the sink once more and let go. There was only a drop or two from each nostril.

"Ok, I think the bleeding stopped," I said while sitting back upright.

"It has. I used my stand to find the source and stop it," Risotto's strong voice boomed in the small bathroom. I had removed my other hand from my face with minimal blood staining it; couldn't have said the same for the lower half of my face. My smile and thanks were delivered with two large and distinct streams of dried blood traveling from my nostrils, to my chin, down my between my breasts, and stopping down my stomach. In that smile, my teeth had a sheer curtain of burgundy across them. He accepted my thank you silently and his normally stern face lightened up with the ghost of a smile as he continued to clean the blood off of my hands. After Prosciutto found lots of cotton pads that he set onto the counter next to me.

"I have this under control. Go relax," Risotto said. He pulls out his pack of cigarettes before he shuts the door behind him leaving Risotto and I alone. He wets a cotton pad to clean the drying blood from my face and he gently grips my chin with his sizeable hand. The silence was comfortable, but definitely had a certain tension lying underneath. Once the cotton pads on my face started to get lighter and lighter the more I felt the need to apologize for not telling him about this issue before it became an issue.

"I should have told you about this before," I sheepishly said.

"It's not a big deal," he reassured. I didn't completely believe him and I wanted the tension in the room to break up.

"Pesci passed out," I said very plainly to make a joke. It worked and Risotto chuckled louder than before and he shakes his head to the side a little.

"He's kind of squeamish around blood and this was quite sudden," he said while starting to clean the thick stain going down my throat. He set his hand on the back of my head to tilt it back and stabilize what he's doing. But, any of the tension my joke broke up was multiplied in that motion. It felt intimate and made me feel vulnerable, but I wasn't uncomfortable. About ten more blood-soaked cotton pads later, he started to move lower and lower down my chest. He was very concentrated and seemed to not notice the intimate elephant in the room. Once he got to my cleavage he must have snapped out of his focus and realized what he was cleaning.

"This is going lower than I thought. You need to change anyway so you can get the rest, right?" That was the first time I heard him ask someone something other than outright ordering them to do something. I agreed and grabbed a hefty handful of cotton pads in varying shades of red and pink to help clean up the mess I caused. Once that mess was cleaned, I went and finished cleaning myself up.

I went back into the living room to find almost the same scene I had left, but now the only open seat was next to Risotto.

"Sorry for that scare guys. That happens sometimes," I said getting some response from the room. After everyone settled back into whatever they were watching, Risotto looked over at me and subtly grasped my hand and into his. I turned and looked up at him and gave him a less bloody smile before I placed my other hand on top of his and relaxed back into him and started watching the movie.

1331 words

Chapter Text

Kindergarten had been a breeze with Pesci so far. But, collecting one hundred pinecones was going to be tough. After learning to count they are about to get to their goal and it was time to have a big party. All the students had to bring one hundred of something and Pesci chose pinecones. It's a good thing our yard is filled with them so we can knock out some yard work too.

When he got in the car after school, he was bursting with excitement and couldn't contain himself. I lean over to look into the back from the passenger seat to see the little sprout looking child. I reach back and hold his little hand while I try and actually listen to what he's saying and not just watching him.

"Mr. Bucciarati told us to tell our moms and dads that we need to bring one hundred of something for our counting party but I don't know what to bring yet," he says almost faster than he can think. I rub my thumb on the back of his hand in gentle circles and his excitement is infectious.

"We can look around and get ideas when we go get groceries, how does that sound buddy," I ask him and his dark eyes sparkle at the proposed adventure.


He throws his little fists in the air and bounces in his car seat. I turn back around in my chair while I chuckle at his enthusiasm. Before long, I feel my husband, Prosciutto, grasp my hand while his other continues to drive. I look up into his angular face and pristine hair and nearly melt. We've been married for eight years but he never fails to make it feel like when we met in high school all over again. I grasp his hand with both of mine now and cuddle his forearm until we arrive at the grocery store.

After getting all of the groceries we need, we couldn't come up with any ideas. And, on the drive home we still didn't decide on what he would bring. It was only when we went home and Prosciutto said one thing.

"Where do all these damn pinecones keep coming from?"

Pesci's eye light up and he jumps in place.

"Mommy, Daddy, I wanna bring one hundred pinecones to the party!"

His jumping is rustling the bags on my arm. I look over and see a loving smirk directed at his little sprout-headed son before he connects with my eyes.

"Well then I think I know what we're doing tonight," I say getting an excited squeal from Pesci and a full smile from Prosciutto.

"Then let's get to it," Prosciutto says opening the front door.

After everything was put up, I find a cardboard box big enough to fit a hundred pinecones into and we head out to the back yard. I clear out a spot in the middle of the yard as a home base. The boys huddle around the box and we turn it into a little game.

"Ok so here's the game. This is home base and you have to count out every pinecone you put in the box; continuing after the last number."

I look over to Prosciutto and he looks like he's forming a strategy. I look over to Pesci and he looks like ready to speed off like a bottle rocket.





We all speed off in different directions and gather as many of those pesky fruits as we can hold. Prosciutto was the first one counting up to 11. Then it was my turn to bump the count up to 19. Then little Pesci came up to the box as fast as his little feet would allow him to add his... 4. I realized now that we were taking the game way too seriously. When his little voice yelled out, "23!", I look over to Prosciutto and he already knows what I'm saying. So, his next batch only brought the number up to 30. The game continued. 33, 37, 45, 67, 84, 99... thats where the numbers stopped. There were only 99 pinecones in our back yard.

I look over to Prosciutto and we give each other a look of exacerbated disbelief.


We both look to see Pesci with his arms in the air, jumping up and down. We look back at each other with a different look of exacerbated disbelief. We chuckle at each other and walk over to celebrate our little mans victory. Prosciutto bends down and scoops him up into his arms. It felt like time slowed down when I got the full view of the two.

"Where did you find that last one bud," I ask him.

"I got one from the neighbors yard," he said, triumphantly. Prosciutto and I give each other a knowing look. It's a good thing Ghiaccio and Melone are out of town right now or someone would have had a fit. And, we all know which someone were talking about.

"What a clever and sneaky boy," Prosciutto proudly says while he tickles him a little. Every time Pesci giggles my heart completely melts; especially when Prosciutto is the cause.

We close the box and keep it safe until the party. Which, the pinecones were an absolute hit.

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When I woke up I felt fine and even when Cioccolata left for a mission I felt great. But, within about two hours I started feeling feverish and a little woozy. About three hours after he left I threw up and knew I had caught the flu. I decided to make myself some soup, get some water, and bundle up on the couch and try to feel better.
Cioccolata and I met during orientation night at our medical school and really hit it off. He was in the class above me and we got married about two years after I graduated. Then his criminal acts got found out and he was picked up by Passione. He told me about his murders early in the relationship and it did scare me, but he had never done anything to me other than be the sweetest man I've ever known. About another four hours later I hear the front door open and close and a moment later I see him round the corner from the hall. The moment he sees my bundled form on the couch I can almost see the alarms go off in his head.
"What happened? You were fine when I left," he rushed over by my side and presses the back of his hand to my forehead and I can see another set of alarms go off.
"Miele, you're burning up. What else has happened," he says while tying his dreads back up off his neck. I recite the events and roughly the times of my illness to him and he stands up with a determined look.
"Well, good news for you I used to be a doctor so I believe I can help you," he says with that large smile standing proudly before he planned to leave and get me medicine.
"All of your patients died," I say with my own sly smile. He lets out a mixture of a sigh and a chuckle before he leans over towards me.
"Well the difference between you and all those people is I could never stand seeing you die," he says," and I would only have Secco to keep me company, not my stunning wife." I honestly didn't expect that answer and it makes my heart swell up. An 'awww' slips out and I grab the sides of his face and give him a kiss one the cheek.
"I love you, Cioccolata," I say to him before kissing his other cheek.
"And I love you (y/n)," he takes both of my cheeks and placed a kiss on my searing forehead," I'm going to get you your treatment." He leaves one last kiss to my forehead before he brings me more soup, more water, appropriate medicine, and he bundles himself up with me for the night.

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Everyone knew Doppio and I. We've been together for ten years, married for six. But, they didn't know about Diavolo. It's been hard dealing with his split personality, but I've learned how to deal with both of them and each of their little quirks. Doppio taking calls on thing that aren't phones (my hand included many times) and Diavolo's hard exterior. Though I still deal with opening up Diavolo quite a bit.

Doppio was a sweetheart and loved cuddling and being cuddled and all of the lovey dovey affectionate things. Diavolo was quite different. He showed his love differently; he wanted to protect me and hold me. He has always been extremely protective of me which I didn't completely mind. But, I always wanted to cuddle him.

After a long day of getting groceries and Diavolo doing copious amounts of paperwork and assigning missions to capos, I got him to leave his work long enough to sleep. After the changing of clothes and settling in he protectively wraps his strong arms around me like normal the thought forces itself to the front of my mind. I look up into his strong, black irises.

"Let me hold you," a rare emotion crosses his face. He hesitant. It's understandable; what major gang lord wouldn't have trust issues. Doppio was very different because he trusted me with his life after about six month into our relationship. Diavolo was obviously trying to trust me, I'm the person he trusts most in the entire world even though he still has plenty far to go. The hesitation and tenseness hasn't left his body.

"Please, you know you can trust me," I know that he knows that I have no ill will behind this action. All he has to do is accept. He suspiciously grumbled, most likely too tired to give a proper answer, and shifted lower. I gently place his head on my chest like he has done to me many times and what I've done with Doppio many times. After a few minutes of Diavolo finally relaxing while I lazily play with his bright hair.

"I understand why my Doppio likes to do this with you so much," he says once he finally nestled into me.

"Why," I press him curious for his answer.

"Your chest is really comfortable and soft," he candidly responds. All I can do is sigh and chuckle while I still stroke his hair. It's very easy to forget that Diavolo, the most powerful gang leader in Italy, still enjoys the small things. Or, maybe not so small.

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