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show a little lovin

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“would you rather eat shit that tastes like chocolate or eat chocolate that tastes like shit?”

kyungsoo sighs, rolls over to face his boyfriend, but too tired to pry his eyes open. “go to sleep, baek. it’s almost one a.m.”

the other whines and kyungsoo just knows he has signature pout on his face. “you didn’t answer my question!” baekhyun whines as he swings a leg over the other’s waist to pull him closer. “if your all time, ultimate, favorite celebrity crush asked you out, would you pick him or me?”

“that’s the tenth question you’ve asked me,” kyungsoo deadpans. “we both have to be up early in the morning and i want to sleep.”

“fine,” baekhyun grumbles. kyungsoo feels him pull his leg off and feels the bed shift, he assumes baekhyun has his back turned toward him. it’s what he does when he doesn’t get his way, like a child throwing a tantrum because his mom refused to buy him candy.

kyungsoo opens an eye to take a peek at the other to confirm his suspicions. he sighs before scooting closer and wrapping a arm around baekhyun’s waist to pull him closer until his back is flush with his chest. baekhyun continues to give him the cold shoulder, but still allows his boyfriend to pull him close. kyungsoo rests his chin on the other’s shoulder after pressing a soft kiss onto his neck. he feels baekhyun relax in his arms and he smiles. “i’d definitely choose you. i’d always choose you,” he whispers.

baekhyun’s quick to turn himself around to bury his face into kyungsoo’s chest. they stay like this for a minute in silence. kyungsoo grins and tights his hold on his boyfriend’s waist, allowing himself to finally relax and fall asleep.

“what about the shit and chocolate question?” he hears baekhyun ask quietly.

“shut up and go to sleep.”