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Be Mine, or, Happy Singles Awareness Day!

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Babs had a few quiet moments at work and browsed through the daily newspaper, there was something classic about the feel of a real newspaper. 

In it there was a featured article on being single in Gotham at Valentine's Day that caught her attention.

Hmm, there were plenty of listings of events, concerts, movies, late night museum tours, and bars with special cocktails.

Gotham always had an abundance of culture available.

Newspapers just felt so much more tangible than scrolling through a cellphone app.

She turned the page to the movie section, it had been a long time since she'd treated herself to a night out at a movie theater, it was usually just Netflix and takeout food. 

She could seriously get into an action or adventure movie today.

Anything but a love story, anything but that.

She still hadn't heard anything from him socially in a while, only summonses to a crime scene, and that wasn't exactly a romantic night out.


Hmm, Alita Battle Angel; Spider-man, Into the Spider-verse; Ralph Breaks the Internet... oh, Bohemian Rhapsody was still playing at the midnight movie over in Bludhaven!

She hadn't seen that one yet, and she really could get into some classic Queen music.

Okay, she figured that sounded like a plan, she checked online to see if tickets were available, and they were, this night was beginning to turn out better, and was going to be a lot of fun. She reserved herself a ticket at the box office.

Well it's not like she wasn't safe there all alone at night? Barbara could still kick ass anywhere at anytime. 

But Bruce's ass would make a great target right now. 


Now to find where she could eat dinner near the theater.

She saw there was an Indian restaurant a few blocks east that had its own parking lot.

That sounded like a good idea, and they had  reservations open, she chose an early dinner leaving her plenty of time to catch the movie.

'I think I've got myself some solid plans for tonight, dinner and a movie out,' she thought.

She wondered what she should wear, but as long as it was fun and sharp looking it didn't matter that much.

Not like she had to impress anyone but herself. 

Bludhaven was so much like Greenwich Village, anything goes there.

Her apartment was walking distance from work, and she could get home in plenty of time for a quick shower and to change her outfit before leaving for the evening.

That was a plan, leaving her no extra time to think about her latest over too soon love 'em and leave 'em night with mister tall, dark, and broody.

The hell with him, all that money he has still couldn't buy him a heart.

With her...

Keys in hand, about to shut the lights and lock the doors a late customer appears at the front door of the library just as she's getting ready to leave for the night.

Damn it, she just wanted to get the hell out of here and celebrate Singles Awareness Day all on her own. 

She'll need to politely explain they're closing,  good bye, and have a good night.


"Yawn". Whoops, that one snuck out. Maybe a short nap in case she gets another late night call that she's needed.


Damn him!


To be continued---