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Written in Blood

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It was a warm night. The air was light and breezy and it ruffled V’s hair slightly. The different smells of the smoke, roasted meat, sweat, flowers and horse dung were all present on the ground, but V could barely sense it all the way up the tall tower. He loved high abandoned places. He loved the peace and quiet. He would usually close his eyes and concentrate on the sounds around him, listening carefully. His senses were sharper than the rest and his eyes saw perfectly well in the dark. He looked unreal, ethereal almost in his dark outfit and long leather coat. The only bright thing on him was his blond hair and icy blue eyes. He was a gorgeous man, a bit proud and unnerving if you look at his eyes long enough. His gaze was deep. It reached inside someone’s soul, baring it naked and vulnerable. The only small number of people could be in V’s vicinity for a long time and not feel the chills in their bones. But he loved that, he preferred solitude instead of a company. He loved to hide in the shadows, listening, observing, hunting, it was in his rare blood. The nights and shadows were his best companions.

Only three persons in V’s life were strong enough to be around him all the time and don’t feel the maddening pressure of his presence and those were his Mentor and the brother figure Seokjin, Jimin, his best friend and his twin brother, Tae.

As V was cold, calculated, unnerving and proud, Tae was his opposite in many ways, warm, friendly and approachable. Even though they were identical to the mole on their beautiful face, Mother Nature had a weird inspiration when creating the brothers. As V’s hair was blond and his eyes blue, Tae was dark-haired, with warm chocolate eyes and gentler features. Their characters, although very different, completed each other almost entirely. What one lacked, the other one had it in abundance and vice versa. V couldn’t imagine his life without his twin and he knew that Tae feels the same.

Their mother used to say that she had one son of the Night and one son of the Day. She said that Sun gave V a sunny hair and sky blue eyes to always keep him warm at night and brighten his sight so he can see in the dark, while the Night gave Tae dark hair and sparkly dark eyes to always manage to find shade and safety during the day and to charm people around him. They loved their mother and they missed her terribly, but the death took her quite early and since they never met their father, they had to survive on their own.

V took a deep sigh as he remembered their childhood past, their hardships after their mother died. The memory was vague now, but still, cut in deep into his memory. He will never forget the promised fate that they nearly evaded. It was soon after their mother’s burial, that the government took them and place them into an orphanage. As they were strikingly beautiful and so rare looking from a very young age, they quickly caught the attention of several brothel owners, who were regulars at the institution, buying young boys and girls to sell them as sex slaves to the wealthy people. They fought among themselves who’s going to have them. It was rare for identical twins to have different hair and eyes color and each was magnificent in his own unique way. On the day of their auction, they tried to escape, but were caught and tied up together. They were sold to the worst of them all, the man known in their secret circles as the man who loved to fuck children. Everyone hated him, but he had the money, lots and lots of money and he used that to rule them all. That night they were bathed, placed in the clean white tunics, perfumed and fed. They were tied up to the bed, arms, and legs next to one another to wait for their master. Tae was crying, shaking from fear, but V looked around, trying to wiggle himself out, but with no avail.

Soon their new master came. V forced himself during the years to forget his image, but even now, after all this time, blurry features of the man’s face surfaced and V gritted his teeth at the memory. The man was bile, sadistic and disgusting, with small eyes, wobbly under-chin, and short mustaches. His hair was short and receding and he wears the wig during the day, but for this occasion, he didn’t mind showing his real face.

Tae started sobbing, completely terrified. V, however, growled at him, baring his small teeth at the man.

-‘’Oh feisty one…mmmm…I like that.’’ – He licked his lips disgustedly, while he hummed in the most cringing way. – ‘’…yes…yes, yes, yes… I like that…mmm… the feisty ones are always interesting to break.’’ – He laughed, while his fingers ran across the twins tummies. He placed his hand on the inside of each of their thighs, sliding the tunic up to see what gift awaits him, but he managed to raise it only a few centimeters, before the blade pierced his throat and he choked, his scream cut by the steel. His small eyes went wide, almost popping out, as his hands gripped at his neck, fingers cutting at the point of a blade. The twins watched in horror as the man choked in his own blood before the blade was yanked out and his massive body pushed from the bed and on the floor to die. The man’s fat body jerked a few more times, before it went still, dead.

The dark figure stood at the bottom of the bed, looking at them and still holding the bloody dagger. He was dressed all in black, body filled with different kinds of blades and weapons. His face was covered with the mask and a hood, while only his eyes were visible. Tae stopped crying now, too scared to make any sound. V just starred at the man, who starred him back calmly. The boy was surprised, since no one could look V in the eyes for long, except for his mother and Tae. Even the people in the orphanage would gaze at his face, avoiding his eyes, but this man, he was different. V didn’t feel danger from him, even though he just killed the man right before their eyes.

-‘’You mustn’t be afraid of me.’’ – He said gently, his voice sounded melodic and V nodded. The hooded man cut their bonds, wiping his blade of the sheets of the bed and tucking it into its shield. He went to the wardrobe, rummaging through. He returned with two blankets, a dark gray one, while other was burgundy color. They both looked black in the night.

-‘’Quick, wrap this on around you. I will get you out.’’ – He told them and the twins listened. V took burgundy one to wrap around Tae’s shaky body first, and then he wrapped himself in the other one. They had only slippers they gave them as they walk them to their master chambers, which were too big on their feet.

-‘’This will not do.’’ – The man said and looked at V. – ‘’What’s your name?’’ – He asked.

V looked at him for a second before answering. – ‘’My name is Vante and this is Taehyung, but our mother called us V and TaeTae.’’

The man nodded. – ‘’V, can you hold onto me tightly?’’ – He asked and V nodded.

-‘’Good, climb up my back and hold tight.’’

V jumped back on the bed and waited for the man to turn his back. He jumped and wrapped his skinny arms around man’s broad shoulders while wrapping his legs around the man’s middle. When he was satisfied that V was holding on tightly, the man took Tae into his arms and the boy quickly imitate his brother, by tugging at the man’s neck and wrapping his legs around his waist. Intertwined like that the man sneaks out into the hall, avoiding being seen and went to the lower levels. He knew the underground tunnels that ran under the villa very well as if he was studying the plans for a long time before. With twins completely silent, they disappeared into the darkness.

V didn’t know how long the man walked, turning left and right, but he saw the eyes of the many small creatures in the darkness, watching them. Finally, the stench of the tunnels became lighter, as the fresh air started mixing and V knew they were close to the exit. A couple of minutes later they reached the night sky and V’s eyes shined at the stars.

-‘’TaeTae, look.’’ – He whispered and Tae raised his small face to look up. He beamed when he saw the night sky sprinkled with tiny diamonds.

-‘’So pretty.’’ – He said quietly and snuggle to the man better, so he could keep his eyes on the stars.

The man reached his horse and put both boys down. After making some alterations, he hoisted Tae up first, then V behind him, before seating himself behind them both, guarding them with his arms as he held the reins.

-‘’Cover your heads, it will be windy.’’ – He said and the boys listened. Tae admired the strong elegant animal under him and was bending on the horse’s neck most of the time, patting it and whispering gentle words to it. The men saw what Tae was doing, but he didn’t stop him, since the animal, as it seemed, ran even faster. He looked down at the other twin and was surprised to see his face. V never felt this feeling of freedom before, he was completely in love with the speed from that night on. They rode long and fast, leaving the nasty city of La Croix, behind them.

V smiled at the memory of Seokjin. On their surprise when he took off his mask and pull his hood down. The twins were mesmerized by his young beautiful face and strong, broad handsome body. Seokjin gained their trust slowly, during their long trip at sea. He procured clothes for them and the cabin for them to sleep, with enough food and water.

During the day he would test them, learning their talents and natural skills, teaching them useful things, such as how to sail the ship, how to tie a sailor’s knot, how to hit the most vulnerable spots on human body and how to escape if they ever find themselves tied up again. During the night, before the twins drifted to sleep, he would tell stories and listen to their own. The twins quickly enough started seeing a brother figure in Seokjin, while the man, who insisted they call him Jin Hyung, saw a lot of similarities between their pasts and took upon himself to protect the boys.

Seeing huge potential in the twins, Seokjin took them to the training center to become what they were always destined to be – the Assassins.


V took a large breath, exhaling it slowly through his nose as he leaned his head back at the stone wall. His life is not an easy one. Both he and Tae sacrifice a lot to protect of what Jin created for them – a so-called normal life. It was anything but normal, but they kept pretending, just for the sake of their sanity. Between pretending they are younger brothers of a wealthy merchant and secret missions, their Order sent them on, the twins could say they lived better than most of their brothers and sisters in the Order. It was unimaginable for the Assassin to stay at the same place for more than a year or two, other than the Assassin’s Bureau, but Seokjin made it work somehow. He was careful and very smart. He kept a tight grip on the twins when they did stuff for the Order, but gave them free reins when they pretended to be ‘normal’.

They quickly learned that Jin was highly respected and slightly feared among the Brotherhood and that gave V a sense of pride. When they first came to the Assassin’s Bureau Jin left them under the strict and careful guidance of his own Mentor, Balthazar, as he left for the mission.

Because of their street knowledge and strong gut feeling, they learned with ease and quickly rose above other, much older Novices, advancing through the first two Ranks rather fast. The others didn’t like them very much because of that and after two years of their lives in the Order, Jin came back and took them away with him. They moved onto a small island called Bangtan and since that day, their lives truly began.

During the years Jin made sure to expand their knowledge and open their mind for other things besides the Order’s teachings. Even though following the Creed, Jin always thought there is more to life than rules and he filled their heads with everything and anything that could help them move through life with more ease. The twins were not easy apprentices, they were rather mischievous and energetic so Jin had to send them on the easy missions, to keep them in check, to give them a sense of importance and responsibility. They reached the Rank nine as Elite Trainee’s when they were only fifteen.

V will never forget the first time he killed the man, he was thirteen. He didn’t suppose to cross that step for a long time, but the bastard attacked him in the abandoned ally and V stabbed him to the death. Seokjin found him hiding on the roof, bloodied and shook. Tae said that V’s eyes changed from that day. That they lost their innocence and became cold as ice and he was right. Tae managed to keep his innocent eyes, for two more years, before he was sent on a mission, to kill the snitch. He was never the same after that.

Their lives seemed chaotic, filled with constant danger and death, but it was far from it, at least when V is concerned. He met his best friend a few months after they came to Bangtan. He went on hunting when he met Jimin. The first animosity followed with a fight was soon replaced by a lasting friendship. Jimin, the eleventh son of a nobleman, was witty, energetic and loyal and he was very important to V, almost as Jin Hyung.

Glancing up to the stars again, V wondered about their destinies and what future will they bring, when a sound of footsteps and hard breathing filled his ears. V’s body stiffened, but only for a second. The familiar grunt set his mind at ease instantly, when Tae’s dark head came out the small window and stepped out on the small wall. Seeing his twin, siting so leisurely at the edge of the small wall, one leg tossed over the edge, while he scanned the town below them, made Tae grunt again.

-‘’I don’t think I will ever understand your need to climb the tallest buildings and towers, brother.’’ – Tae said breathlessly, walking carefully towards his twin.

V quirked the corner of his mouth, still looking at the town bellow, his icy blue eyes scanning every street, every roof, every dark corner of the streets.

-‘’You breathe like a charging boar.’’ – V spoke calmly, still not looking at his brother.  ‘’ I could hear you from the way down.’’ – That was a lie, but V loved to tease him. Tae’s eyes furrowed and he bit back the words as he tried to gulp more air.

-‘’If you fucking make me climb a 100m tall tower, no wonder I would be out of breath, you asshole.’’ – Tae managed, setting himself down next to his twin. V’s mouth twitched in good humor, but otherwise, he didn’t move a muscle to greet his brother. – ‘’Did you get it? How’s Yoongi?’’

-‘’I did and Hyung is fine.’’ – Tae responded. – ‘’Tired as hell, but he still refuses to sleep.’’

V’s brow furrowed at that. – ‘’Maybe he should take his own sleeping draft and sleep.’’

-‘’He doesn’t want to sleep. He said sleep is a waste of time.’’ – Tae said, adding with a smirk. -  ‘’He did send you to Hell though and said that if you ever use his stuff like the last time, he will skin your ass bloody.’’

V chuckled at that. – ‘’He always had a soft spot for this ass.’’ – He tapped the side of his butt.

-‘’You know, you never told me what happened between you two and why he doesn’t want to see you anymore.’’ – Tae asked, looking at this twin. His breathing now under control, as his eyes shined curiously.

V smirked. – ‘’Oh we were just fooling around with him. He liked it though.’’

-‘’We who?’’ – Tae’s brows furrowed slightly.

-‘’Jimin and me’’. – V answered, glancing towards his twin for the first time to see his reaction. He wasn’t disappointed.

-‘’Oh my, you didn’t! Poor Yoongi Hyung, no wonder he hates your guts! Jimin is the worst.’’ – Tae said and V laughed.

-‘’Why? Jimin is the best swordsmen... in and out of bed.’’

-‘’Oh God, my poor friend…why V?’’ – Tae groaned, leaning his head back to the wall. – ‘’ Why would you let Jimin get his small hands on him? Why?’’ – Seeing his twin’s unperturbed expression, Tae added. – ‘’Don’t look at me like that. I don’t like him. I tried, I did…but I can’t like Jimin… he…he is…’’

-‘’He likes you very much you know.’’ – V said licking his lips, while his icy blue eyes twinkle in mischief, the common trait that both brother’s had. Tae wasn’t amused.

-‘’Oh I know he does…he literally humps me every time I see him.’’

V chuckled again.

-‘’His newest ambition is to have sex with twins and you are far too bad for refusing to make his wish come true Tae.’’ – V’s voice was raspy, deep and contained a dose of dark humor, just like Tae’s, but Tae’s held a slightly gentle note, more playful. It didn’t sound playful now though.

-‘’He has Godfree sisters. They are identical to the mole’’. – He said through gritted teeth.

-‘’Oh, but he had the Godfree sisters, he loved it. Now the new target is us.’’ – V said and Tae blinked dumbfounded.

-‘’Is he insane? You are his best friend, he knows you since we were all little.’’

V shrugged and then grinned mischievously at his twin.

-‘’ I said I would be down with it if you ever say yes.’’

Tae gasped. – ‘’You did what?!’’

-‘’Well I know you will never agree, so…’’ - V said nonchalantly, scratching his jaw, watching the town again.

-‘’Yoongi is right, you are the worst.’’ – Tae said, shaking his head in disbelief.

V grinned again. – ‘’Oh, Yoongi liked it…’’

-‘’Oh shut up.’’ – Tae huffed, turning his face towards the night, slightly shaking his head.

-‘’He did though.’’ – V added. Tae groaned in exasperation and V laughed again.








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They were seated in Seokjin's huge library. Tae occupied almost entire table area with a bunch of opened books and maps, running his eyes from one to the next in high concentration.

On the other side of the study, in two comfortable chairs near the window, sat V and Jimin. The window was made as a mosaic, each part was painted a different color, so the sun rays played a magnificent game within the room, filling it with different color lights.

V twirled his wine glass in his long slender fingers, watching the bits of dust lazily floating around as the sound of paper rustling and quill squibbing on the parchment raced to meet the sounds of a nearby ticking clock. The clock soon started ringing at three o'clock, filling the room with its sound. Jimin, who was meditating for a while now, something quite unusual for him, groaned and stretched his limbs like a cat on the other chair before reached up to take a huge gulp of his wine, his eyes following his twin's every move. Jimin observed Tae's bent form on the working surface and he let a small groan. He placed the glass back on the small table and stood up, going straight towards the other man. V, already prepared for the shouting and bickering, took a deep sigh.

-''When are you going to give your sweet plump ass to me Tae?'' - Jimin asked seductively while hugging the dark-haired boy around the waist, pressing his groin on the latter's ass.

-''Aaagh fuck Jimin, get off!!!'' - Tae smacked his arm and pushed him hard. Tae hated when a smaller man sneaked up behind him like that when he is deeply immersed in his work. It's his fault in some way he didn't pay much heed on the voices that just came in the room. He presumed it was his brother, but he forgot about his annoying best friend. Jimin giggled and let him go. He loved to tease him.

-''Oh, c-mon Tae, just admit, you like it when I grind on your ass.'' - Jimin grinned teasingly, biting his plump lower lip to stop from laughing at Tae's expression. Tae wanted to slap him.

-''You wish! Not everyone wants your small dick in their ass!'' -Tae spat and V and Jimin roared with laughter. It was like that for a while now, V thought, ever since Jimin got that insane idea in his crazy head of fucking him and his brother at the same time. Tae refused right away, not particularly liking the other man, but V just smirked and told Jimin he will do it if his brother agrees. Damn asshole, Tae thought. That only brought tons of annoying advances of other man and Tae seriously started to lose all patience.

He could feel Jimin's eyes on him all the time, lusting for him, gritting his teeth on dirty comments sent his way, growl every time Jimin's hand grope his ass or grind on him, like he just did a minute ago, with his entire body.

Already snappy and on edge, Tae had no patience what's so ever to stay quiet and allow Jimin to rattle his cage again. He returned his gaze on the maps he was trying to figure out and was rudely interrupted when he heard his twin's voice.

-''Little Chimmy is everything but 'small' brother.'' - V said. – ''It has girth too.'' - He added and winked at Jimin, who was grinning like Cheshire cat now.

-''Oh you know I do.'' - He said and licked his lower lip. V chuckled, but Tae signed exasperated.

-''You two are disgusting.'' – He said. He didn't know in which way V's and Jimin's relationship has progressed nor how V knew so much about Jimin's dick, but he didn't really care to know. Those two were always weird ever since they met fourteen years ago.

Tae took a deep sigh, his finger following the path on the map, trying to find the easiest way. He checked the castle plans and route around it, trying to memorize it. He always kept his maps in his head. His memory was great when pictures, faces, and maps are involved, but give him text and numbers and he would stare at them for hours, not remembering any of it. V, however, was much smarter, he remembered everything. All of the plans, information, strategy, scroll after scroll, book after book, everything was safely secured in his brain. The twins never left a trace in paper behind them.

Jimin, however, had difficulty staying calm, as he starred at Tae's bent form, his eyes following the perfect curve of the man's ass. Jimin's breathing became shallow, while he was watching him. His mind was already far, far away, naked and sweaty, pinning the dark-haired twin on the mattress. He groaned, tossing his dark head back and then turned it to V to whine.

-''V, buddy, soulmate, shield to my sword, man... look at him!'' - Jimin said exasperatedly at Tae's bent form. – ''Look at his ass!'' - He made the round shape with his hands, groping the air and biting his lip. – ''His ass is born to be eaten. I want it so bad! Please do something! Make him say yes!''

V just laughed, eyes twinkling with mischief, Tae, on the other hand, paid no heed.

-''I wonder what else he is hiding there.'' – Jimin continued, coming closer to Tae again, his eyes burned in the leather of Tae's pants. – ''If he is anything like you V, well...'' - Tae gritted his teeth, while Jimin's warm breath tickled the nape of his neck.

-''Give yourself to me Tae.'' – Jimin's voice was much deeper than usual. – ''I will be so good to you.'' - He latched his lips on tanned skin and wrap one of his hands around Tae's chest, while others slid dangerously close to man's groin. Tae went rigid and untangled himself from Jimin's grasp with such of speed that Jimin's breath hitched in his throat. Tae's hands were on his collar and he yanked the other man to his chest, growling dangerously low into his face.

-''This ass will never be yours Park Jimin. Try to get that into that thick head of yours. ''

Jimin's eyes went wide, glistening with arousal. Tae's angry raspy voice sent waves of shivers down his spine. Tae glared at him murderously, faces so close they could feel their breaths on each other's faces. Tae spoke again.

-''Stop fucking harassing my ass, stop staring at it, talking about it, stop touching it before I hurt you very badly.''

-'' That's so fucking hot Tae.'' – Jimin breathed, smirking wickedly and almost biting his lower lip off.

-''I'm warning you Jimin.'' – Tae growled. – '' I fucking swear I do. Don't test me again. I will bury you for good.''

Jimin moaned, bucking his hips closer to another man. He chuckled. –''Oh feel free to bury yourself in me anytime. ''

Tae growled loudly and yanked at him harshly, tossing Jimin's muscled body flat on his back across the maps on the table. Jimin yelped and look at raged Tae hovering above him and before he was able to do anything Tae got a knife under his throat.

-''Jimin I will say this one more time...quit it.''

-''Tae put the knife down.'' – V's voice was heard somewhere behind them, observing quietly. V knew that Tae never draws his knives out unless he means to use it and he knows pretty well just how big sucker for danger Jimin is.

-''What will you do Tae? Slit my throat?'' – Jimin asked starring at Tae's lips while licking his own. Tae hummed low in a sort of agreement. Their bodies were on top of one another that Jimin almost sensed the vibrations in Tae's chest. He squirmed slightly, brushing his hips on Tae's thigh, breathing heavily. After a few moments and Tae's intense starring, Jimin sighed.

-''Fine, fine...'' – He said, flicking his eyes on Tae's. The mischief gleamed in them and smirk grazed Jimin's lips again. He always loved to play with danger, he lived for the thrill. Good fight, near death and a great fuck, made him a happy man. It was a simple life. He knew he shouldn't push Tae more. He never saw him lost his nerves like this before, but he simply couldn't resist.

-''...but will you fuck me afterward?'' – He added grinning.

Tae made a quick movement with his knife to slice at Jimin's throat, but his brother had his hand firmly grasped and held in place.

-''V let go...'' – Tae was grinding his teeth together, eyes burning, his entire body shook from fury. His brother was strong, but so was Tae, their hands trembled as their muscles flexed against one another. Tae wanted to draw the knife down at Jimin, while V pulled the hand up. V spoke calmly, but the tension could be heard in his voice.

-''No Tae, as much as you want to slaughter my best friend, he is still very dear to me.''

Tae snapped at that. -''He is pissing me off for months V! For months!! He is doing it on purpose!! He is rattling my cage and I'm going mad!''

-''If you just fuck me...'' - Jimin started.

-''Jimin.'' – V warned.

-''...I would leave you in peace.'' - Jimin said heavily, rolling his hips on Tae, mischievous glint in his eyes made him look gorgeous and wicked at the same time.

Tae growled again and tried to send his knife down with new fervor, so V tighten his grip on his brother's hand, even more, his mouth on Tae's ear.

-''Jimin, hush. Tae, you don't want to hurt Jimin.''

-''Yes I do.'' – Tae said stubbornly.

''-He is your friend.'' – V said calmly.

-''No he isn't.''

-''Well he is my friend.'' – V insisted.

-''That's too bad.'' – Tae answered and Jimin silently watched the twin's calm quarrel, blade still hovering above his face and the weight of two men pressed against him, did not soothe Jimin's wicked tongue, but he knew better than to push Tae too much.''

-''I will be sad.'' – V said, but his voice showed no sadness what so ever.

-''You'll get over with.'' – Tae was merciless.

-''I will have to search for a new best friend. ''

-''You have Yoongi Hyung. He is much better anyway.''

At the mention of Yoongi's name, Jimin gasped longingly. – ''Ah Yoongi Hyung.''

Tae's eyes darkened even more, but V's voice interjected whatever Tae was about to say.

-''Yoongi hates me.'' - V sighed sadly, but Tae knew his brother through and through to believe him.

Jimin, however, could not be stopped. – ''Oh, his tongue was a heaven send.'' – He moaned, closing his eyes and arching his back. The image was so sinful, that V groaned. Tae however let go of his knife suddenly, letting it drop from his right hand and caught it midair with his other one and slammed it down, point first.

V's heart froze for a second before he saw the tip of the knife wedged in the table, bare inches from Jimin's head, hilt still held tightly by Tae's fingers. There was a fear in Jimin's eyes for the first time. He swallowed audibly, breathing through his nose in deep inhales, lips closed and serious.

-''You stay away from Yoongi Hyung, do you hear me Jimin?'' – Tae growled dangerously. – ''You will not mess with him, tease him or even talk to him ever again or the next time it will be your head instead of this table.''

He shifted suddenly, shaking his brother off and moved from the table to grab his weapons belt and put it on around his waist.

Jimin silent only for a few moments recovered from his previous shock and sat on the table. His natural spunk and cool were brought back rather quickly, like the incident with the knife didn't happen at all.

-''Now, now Tae, that's not fair. You refuse to give yourself to me...not even for one night and now you have the audacity to stop me to get Hyung too.''

-''Careful now Jiminie.'' – V warned playfully. He knew the danger has passed and that Tae won't hurt Jimin now, but it's best if his friend stops teasing him. Tae just glared at the other man, grabbing his coat from the chair and putting it on.

-''Jimin the only reason you are alive now is because of my brother, but don't mess with me, because the next time he won't be here to save your ass.''

-''My ass don't need saving you punk! If you have any sense you would drool over it like everybody else, instead of being this bottle up sexual tensed raged maniac! Get laid Tae!''

Tae chuckled, straightening up the collar of his coat. There was something strange happening with Tae in the past few weeks, V thought. He was quiet and tense, snapping suddenly on one second and laughing on the next. V knew his brother has his strange periods, but it was never like this, not with Jimin. Sure, they were always bickering like cats and dogs, but never before did V saw his brother lost his temper like that...but then again Jimin was a natural talent for mischief.

-''Tae you can't stop me to make my move on Hyung you know that...'' - Jimin said acidly.

-''Try me Jimin.'' - Tae said, crouching down to open a medium-sized trunk and get few things he needs from there. Jimin pursed his lips tighter and changed his tactic.

-''Oh very well then... I will just try my luck with a certain virgin then, shall I?''

Tae froze only for a moment, but then continued what he was doing. Seeing the sudden change Jimin purred, leaning back on his arms, legs spread with an obvious tent in his pants, tilting his black-haired head back so his neck was showing. His eyes were heavily lidded and full lips pinkish and swollen, shiny from his own spit. He looked like some pure creature of lust. Jimin was a beautiful man and he knew that. He relished in it. Being the eleventh son of a high nobleman, Jimin would never inherit the title or wealth, but his family well connected with the wealthy society was enough for him. Jimin knew how to walk among the social cream de la cream as well as among the common folk, using his family influence and his own beauty and youth to get whatever he wants. Jimin knew he has to marry money up some point, but for now, he enjoyed his life and all the pleasures that he could get his hands on, gambling, racing, dueling, fucking, drinking and dancing. He loved the danger and adrenaline pumping through his veins and V often wondered how someone so wild could have the softest soul. He loved Jimin as he is and he couldn't fathom why his brother disliked him so much, but then again, some mysteries are bound to stay hidden.

Tae's stood up and said calmly. –''I don't care who you fuck as long it's not Yoongi Hyung or me.''

Jimin's jaw clenched, but he played it off, forcing a smirk on his lips again.

-''Oh I didn't think you will be so cool about it Tae. I applaud you.'' – Jimin clapped his fingers gently together in small applause. Tae frowned.

-'Why would I care?''

Jimin acted all innocent. –''But isn't it well known to me that you got your eyes on certain knight Tae.''

Tae blinked and Jimin ready for another outburst filled with jealousy from a dark twin was unpleasantly surprised when Tae burst out laughing.

-''Jeon!?'' – He laughed. – ''The Virgin Knight!? You!!!?'' - He roared with laughter, clenching his stomach. Jimin stared at him, mouth open. He glanced quickly at V and saw that he is biting his lower lip to stop himself from laughing as well.

-''Oh Jimin...'' - Tae said, brushing the tears from his eyes. – ''Oh please... ''– He gasped for breath. – ''I would love for you to try.'' – He chuckled. – ''Please do that by all means. ''

Jimin pursed his lips harshly together, his nostrils flared with anger. Tae just chuckled again.

-''Oh I can't wait to tell Yoongi Hyung about this.'' – He imagined Yoongi's reaction and burst into laughter once again. He went out with a small wave of his hand. The sound of his deep laughter echoing the hall and Jimin snarled, yanking the knife that was still jabbed in the table, jumping on his feet and screamed at the door. – ''I'm going to get you one day and fuck you with your own knife Tae!!!'' – He threw the knife at the door, where it rammed itself in the wood. V rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatingly.

-''Was that really necessary Jimin?'' – He asked calmly. Jimin still starred at the door, breathing heavily, body tensed like some kind of wild animal before he composed himself enough to look at his friend.

V sat calmly on the chair, legs spread in front, ankle crossed, while his hands hang limply on each side of armrests. He looked bored and tired.

-''You know V, I like your brother, but I want to beat the shit out of him sometimes.''– Jimin said and V smiled. – ''Oh I believe his feelings are mutual.''

Jimin huffed and moved to the mirror that was hanging on the wall near the bookshelf.

-''Where are you going?'' - V asked, not caring much.

-''I'm going to have a drink, start a fight and fuck someone.'' - He said angrily, brushing his jacket and ran his fingers through his dark hair. –''Want to come with me?'' – He asked, glancing through the mirror at V.

V shook his head and Jimin trailed his eyes on his own face once more. V observed him quietly. His normally light skin was blushed, from his cheeks to his ears, which only showed just how much Tae managed to mess him up. V didn't know in which measure Jimin desired his brother. Was it only because Tae keep refusing him or it's because of something else? One thing was certain though, Jimin was angry and horny and that was never a good combination.

-''I'm off then...see you later?'' – Jimin asked and V nodded, sending him off with a wave, not moving from his chair.

Once he was finally alone, V sighed deeply, closing his eyes for the moment, enjoying the silence. The ghost of Seokjin's words echoed through his mind even after all those years.

-Calm your mind young one, let go of any thoughts and focus on the sounds around you.

And V did just that, listening carefully, his rare sense he and his twin inherited from their mother wasn't strong as hers, but it was catching up on slightest of sounds: little scratching noises of mice in the walls, shouts and talk of the people down on the streets, horses hooves on the cobbled stone, a women's laughter, sound of butcher's knife on the wooden board as he cut the meat down... further down, into the tavern, where the murmur of voices and laughter could be heard. V tried to concentrate more, to understand the quiet talking, but the sound of the door opening jerked him from his meditation. Their housemaid, Nanni, the old lady with a kind face and soft round body, entered bringing a candle to light up the lanterns in the study room. V hasn't even noticed how dark it became.

-''Oh master V.'' – She spoke startled. – ''I didn't know you are here. You gave me a fright.''

-''I'm sorry Nanni I didn't mean to sit in the dark. I just dozed off for a bit.'' - Both he and Tae cared for her. She was a good house servant and they treated her with respect and care. It was Seokjin who brought her into his household when the twins first came. She looks after them and Seokjin ever since.

-''That's alright Master V. You should get some more rest. I keep telling you and Master Tae that you have to look after your health more seriously, but you boys never listen. Would you like some dinner now?'' - She asked.

-''No, no. I'm heading out, thank you Nanni. Don't wait for us.''

She chuckled. –''Oh I stopped doing that for a while now.''

V smiled and stood up. He kissed her round cheek and went to his room to get ready. V thought about the things that should be done, of the task Seokjin left for them to do in his absence.

V had no idea where their eldest brother was or when he will come back, but he surely won't disappoint him by not doing what he was told. Seokjin was probably the only person that V would obey, the only person, besides his twin that he trusts with all of his beings. He loves Jimin, but he doesn't trust him enough to divulge their secret to him. Jimin has no idea of twin's true identity or the Brotherhood. He doesn't need to know of yet and V hoped that he never will.

He looks through his window to assess the surroundings for the evening. Nothing was out of the ordinary, so he slipped through and onto the roof. V never liked the streets and so many people like Tae did. He much more preferred to stay out of the sight, plus the air was much cleaner and less smelly up on the roofs. He let the breeze ruffle his blond hair as he gazed on the evening sky. The Sun has set some half an hour ago, but the sky was still dimly colored and only a few stars peaked up so far. The night was so very young and full of promise.


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It's been almost a month that Jungkook and Hoseok came to Bangtan, the city known for the riches, artistry, and trading. They agreed to stay there for a while, tired of constant traveling. Hoseok fitted right in with the crowd, gaining his popularity quickly and finding out that his lover making reputation arrived even before he did.

As for Jungkook he was glad that he can relax a little. At least he did try to since his own unwelcoming reputation followed him as well wherever he went. Plenty of very beautiful and handsome people threw themselves at him, but he refused them all. None of them had his attention, not one, that is until he saw – them.

The first one he saw was blond, with icy blue eyes and chiseled face of a Greek God. His proud and cold baring was a bit turn off for Jungkook, but even he couldn't deny that this man was very, almost unrealistically beautiful. The other one, though, was perfect. He looked just like the first one, except for the dark hair and brown eyes, his features were softer and his body more relaxed. He smiled and waved at someone in the crowd and Jungkook was done. That man was perfect in Jungkook's book.

-''Who are they?'' – He asked the old innkeeper, in which Hoseok and he were staying at, at the time being. The man scrunched his eyes to see to whom is Jungkook referring to. The recognition flared his features and he smiled.

-''Oh, those are Master Vante and Master Taehyung, but everyone knows them as Master V and Master Tae, they are Lord Kim's younger brothers. The dark haired one is Master Tae, the other one is Master V.''

Jungkook nodded, eyes round and still glued at the twins, who came to a stop when another pretty man jumped from the crowd to welcome them. Jungkook noticed that the smile from Tae's face disappeared and disapproving feature replaced the kind gestures on his face. The blond one, however, hugged the approaching man tightly, smiling slightly.

-''That's Master Jimin, the Lord Park's 11th son, the youngest one. He is one of the most famous swordsmen in Bangtan. They call him the first sword of Bangtan, although Master V is the best shot, with his blades, arrows, and guns. He and Master V are the best friends, but strangely Master Jimin doesn't get along with the other twin, Master Tae.'' – The old Innkeeper kept talking, filling Jungkook's ears with information he really wanted to know, without seeming too eager.

-''Oh, how so?'' – He asked, pretending he didn't care much. The old man was delighted to have someone he could share the gossip with.

-''The stories go around that Master Jimin threw his eye on Master Tae, but Master Tae doesn't feel the same way, which Master Jimin do not accept. Everyone knows he is trying to woo Master Tae with every chance he got. Here, look.''

And surely, there it was, Jimin who leaned closer to Tae, saying something to him, while biting his lips and undressing him with his eyes. His hand sneaked to grab Tae's booty and Jungkook felt the urge to break the other man's hand in half. Tae hissed at him and knocked his hand away. He was in Jimin's face spitting curses while the other man smiled. He sent Tae a kiss and Tae rolled his eyes, shook his head and left the Inn. Jungkook's eyes followed him all the way. The shaky laughter of the old Innkeeper jerked Jungkook back to reality.

-''It's the same every single time. Master Jimin will try and Master Tae will reject.''

-''It seems to me that Master Jimin...''- Jungkook almost spat at the name. – ''...don't know when to quit.''

The old man laughed again. – ''Oh but here the stubborn ones usually take the prize and Master Jimin is the most persistent one. Some people speculate that they will get married by the end of the next year. Especially since the other twin would be Jimin's best man.''

-''You speak so easy about two men together.'' - Jungkook said, looking at the old man, who eyed him suspiciously now. – '' Here in Bangtan, we don't care about what other people think it's unnatural. Here if two people fit as a couple and they love each other, should be together, whether that's a man and a woman, two men or two women.''

-''Oh I'm not the one to judge.'' - Jungkook explained hurriedly, wanting to stay in the old inn keeper's good books. – '' I think everyone should be allowed to love to whom they chose. It's just that I've traveled through so many places where they are not so acceptable about that, so I was a bit surprised by your words, that's all. I'm glad here is not the same.'' - The old man smiled and ruffled Jungkook's hair.

-''You seem like a nice fellow. I could introduce you to Master Jimin. He loves new people and could help you make some friends.''

-''Thank you, but I love to keep quiet. My friend compensates for the fun I'm missing since he is always full of stories and jokes.''

-''Ah yes, the young minstrel. My inn was never so full before until he started to sing in the evenings. Great fellow.''

-''Yes Hope is a great Hyung.''

-''He sure is, well I need to get back to work. That pig on the steak will not roast itself. The secret is in the careful fat bath. You need to wet the crackling skin with hot fat that drips down, that way the skin is more crunchy and the meat tastes better.'' – The man winked at Jungkook, who gave him his bunny smile and went off.

Later that night, when Hoseok was performing, Jungkook sat in the corner eating slowly and drinking hot milk. He knew all the Hoseok's songs by heart and was often the first one to hear any new one the minstrel came up with and was more interested in the crowd, secretly hoping that he would see the dark-haired twin again.

-''You are new here.'' – The sensual voice interrupted Jungkook from his thoughts. He raised his eyes in mid-chew and saw it was Jimin. Something in Jungkook raged. Whether it was the fact that he was so persistent in his unwanted pursuit of Tae, or that he was so pretty, that everyone was voting for him and Tae to be together, awoke a surge of jealousy inside Jungkook, that he couldn't hide his annoyance when he spoke.

-''What of it?'' – He spat and Jimin was taken aback. He did not expect such a response from the handsome man.

-''First of all, learn some manners boy, I'm pretty sure I'm your Hyung. Second I thought since you are new, I should introduce myself and show you around if you would like. Now I'm prepared to forget this little insolence and start fresh. I'm Jimin.''

Jimin said, starring sharply at Jungkook, who finally swallowed his bite. He had to tell the old Innkeeper, that the pork was delicious. He finished his milk and brushed his mouth with his sleeve, before rising to his feet.

-''I'm not interested.''

Jimin gasped, turning red as he clenched his jaw sharply. Jungkook didn't stay to see his response, he just left.

The cold night air cooled Jungkook's head and he went to the nearby barrel to wash off the oil from his hands. He was shaking his hands dry, cold droplets of water falling everywhere.

-''You know you are the first one that rejected Jimin's hand in friendship. I was impressed.'' – The deep velvety voice spoke from the shadows and Jungkook jumped a little. His hand running towards the sword on his hip.

-''Easy there.'' – The voice spoke again and with his raised hands, the man stepped from the shadows. It was Tae. Jungkook stops breathing for a moment after seeing him so up close. He gathers himself quickly, so Tae wouldn't think he is some kind of dumb ape.

-''I don't think that's true.'' – Jungkook said quietly. Tae's brows furrowed in slight confusion. He crossed his arms on his chest and observed Jungkook silently. Jungkook went on. – ''I heard you refused his hand in friendship as well.''

The sudden smile spread wide on Tae's face. He licked his lips and kept smirking. – ''And what else have you heard?''

-''Oh plenty of things...It is amazing what can you hear if you just keep your mouth shut and listen carefully.''

-''Oh is that so? Care to share some stories with me?'' – Tae asked, tilting his head and using his best seducing voice. Jungkook nearly gave him everything, but he did spend a hell of a lot of time with the master of seduction himself, to know that this was the information extracting technique.

-''Oh but where is the fun in that now? You should try it yourself.'' – Jungkook said, smiling teasingly and Tae blinked in a surprise. He tried to suppress the smile forming on his lips but failed miserably. He giggled with his beautiful box smile and Jungkook was just a bit more in love. He grinned as well, he couldn't help it.

-''Maybe you could teach me how.'' – Tae said. Jungkook's heart jumped at that.

-''I could try. Are you a good student?'' – He teased, which made Tae biting his lower lip before he shook his head. – ''No, I never was. I always fell into troubles.''

Jungkook was delighted.

-''Oh thank Hellheavens, me too.'' – They giggled together. Jungkook observed the silliness of the whole situation. He, the brave knight, giggling like some young boy, with the most gorgeous person in this world. He didn't know what's happening to him, he just knew that he wanted Tae's company.

-''So... Are you ready for lesson one?'' – Jungkook asked, touching the back of his head to ruffle his own hair. Tae's eyes followed his every move.

-''Now?'' – He asked and Jungkook nodded. – ''Yes, now, why not. Do you have somewhere else to be?''

Tae shook his head. – ''No. I mean yes I'm ready and no, I don't have anywhere else to be.'' – He sounded nervous slightly, which was unimaginable to Jungkook. If anyone should be nervous it should be him, Jungkook. He took a deep breath and huffed with a smile.

-''Good. Shall we?'' – He said, pointing for Tae to start walking and when he smiled and went, Jungkook followed him into the night.




The smell of chemicals and herbs were overpowering in the small dungeon, but Tae didn't mind it. He loved all those different aromas of the apothecary herbs and mysterious chemicals. It's been the same for years. The sounds of boiling drafts, the clinking of the glass and dull tapping and grinding of mortar and pestle were constant in this small, overstuffed place, but Tae felt safe here, even though the half of the things here could instantly kill you. He was browsing through small jars of dried herbs and colorful powders while listening to the deep drawling voice.

-''You know...there is one thing I don't quite understand.'' – Yoongi said while he carefully added few drops of some oddly looking liquid in measuring cup. – ''That kid...why? Why him Tae?''

-''Why not him?'' – Tae asked back, tracing his long fingertips on a small bottle of medicine. – ''Are some of this poisonous?'' – He asked and Yoongi raised his eyes from the task he was working on.

– ''Are you kidding me? Of course, they are.'' – He returned his gaze and added a pinch of black powder. –''Every medicine if not taken in a careful small dosage is poisonous. So, the kid? Why the Virgin Knight? And cut with the bullshit, don't answer with another question! Simply humor me with the answer.''

Tae sighed. – ''There is just something about him that draws me towards him.'' – Tae remembered the great time he spent with Jungkook last night. They joked and talked almost until the late hours.

-''He is not that interesting.'' – Yoongi said, measuring the powder on the scale and then carefully adding it into a concoction. – ''He is just rookie knight. They say he is a good fighter, but he seems a bit dumb.''

-''He was smart enough to refuse Jimin's friendship.'' – At that Yoongi glanced toward Tae, pausing for a moment whatever he's been doing. – ''He did? Why?''

-''He doesn't like him.'' – Tae said and Yoongi hummed, returning back to work.

-''Just because he doesn't say much, doesn't mean he is dumb.'' – Tae protested. – ''Just look at my brother.''

-''Your brother is the slyest weasel I have ever met and he doesn't need to speak at all... his wicked eyes do the talking for him, but sometimes he doesn't shut his mouth! That's one hell of a mind he has and even if he speaks it freezes my blood.''

-''Oh Yoongi if I didn't know any better I would say you have a crush for my brother.''

Yoongi snorted. – ''That's so ridiculous that I can't even snap at you. We are talking about me here...the guy who had a furious internal fight in his mind whether or not to save your brother's ass or let him rot. You I can stand... him though... well...''

Tae laughed. – ''Well I am eternally grateful for saving my wicked twin.''

-''I am not.''– Yoongi mumbled to himself, but then spoke more audible. – ''I still don't understand how you two can be brothers. I mean you do look alike, fine, but in character, you are like bad vs. evil...fucking unbelievable.''

-''So you say I'm not good?''

-''Tae, you are planning to take kid's virginity, so no you are not are quite bad yourself, just not as evil as your brother, so be content with that.''

Tae was laughing loudly now. – ''Where did you get that I want to take Kook's innocence?'' – He manages through laughter.

-''Tae, why else would you be interested in the kid? He is tall, bulky, stubborn as a mule, knows only to use his sword, practically mute and he must be an idiot if he travels with that loud smiley weasel. Damn, if there is something I can't stand, it's the minstrels. I fucking hate them.''

-''I thought you hate my brother.''

-''No I just don't want to see him ever again, that's not the same. Minstrels keep smiling and talking even when you tell them to get lost. They are loud and annoying.''

-''People love them.'' – Tae interjected.

-''People are I said...loud and annoying and 99% of them, are thieves, so you end up annoyed and robbed at the same time.''

-''Hope is different.''

-''There isn't something like a different minstrel. Plus, his name is what? Hope? Damn, there's his wickedness...people always tend to think that someone is good if it has a good name...Hope...oh Lord... you can hope I won't ruin you.''

Tae chuckled. – ''I think he goes on the line 'I'm your hope, you're my hope.'"

-'' is he still alive?! Oh right, he has the virgin kid to protect him...sly man...sly...'' - Yoongi said shaking his head while lighting the small fire to brew the potion.

-''He is actually quite cool...they both are. You might like Kook...Oh, I would need more of that...umm...knocking off...liquid silver stuff... I forgot the name.''

-''What?! Already?! What the Hell are you trying to do, put entire city to sleep?'' - Yoongi grunted. – ''You are not planning to poison the water supply, right? That won't end well, let me tell you...'' - Yoongi said in a matter of fact way, mixing whatever he was making with long glass stick. – ''Trust me, I've tried...but with something else in place of...umm...okay moving on...''

Tae grinned widely, his dark eyes shined mischievously. – ''What place?''

-''It doesn't matter...''

-''Oh but it does...''

-''No, no, nothing to concern you Tae...''

-''Oh I beg to differ....''

-''Moving on...''


-''I said moving on! Do you want this or not?''

Tae laughed, shaking his head. – ''Of course, I do. Hurry up, I have things to do.''

-''Well if you stop interrupting me with nonsense maybe I would... now shut up...let me concentrate.''

Tae chuckled silently and moved around the room, browsing through shelf after shelves of bottles and powders and strange instruments. Yoongi's laboratory was a small basement, stocked with so many things, that Tae kept wondering how Yoongi function down here. He was a brilliant healer during the day, but at night, he was that insane chemist that is responsible for creating some of the most deadly poisons that Tae has ever seen and he had seen plenty.

Tae observed his quiet friend for a while. Yoongi would disagree and say that he didn't have friends and he considered Tae just as a loyal customer, but to Tae, Yoongi was someone who saved his and his brother's life on several occasions. Plus his medicines, poisons, bombs and other useful stuff really helped the twins with many things in their dangerous job.

Yoongi's highly concentrated expression as he took one deep breath before stopping it entirely for a small brink of time as he carefully poured two drops of something transparent into the mixture, made Tae wonder how Yoongi manages to be so calm and concentrated when he knew he didn't sleep enough. The round circles around his dark eyes and a tired expression on his youthful catlike face give away so much information to Tae's expert eyes that Yoongi cared to admit. Tae wasn't sure how old Yoongi was. He looked young, but sometimes he sounded like a hundred years old.

-''Have you slept like at all last night, or the night before?'' – Tae asked, but Yoongi continued with his work, ignoring it. After the prolonged silence, Yoongi finally spoke.

-''Do you want me to lie to you or do you want me to tell you to keep your nose out of my business?''

Tae smirked. – ''Lie.''

-''I don't need sleep.'' – Yoongi's deep slurring voice answered immediately.

-''Well...that is a lie.'' – Tae said and Yoongi fought the urge to roll his eyes. – ''That's what I've said.''

-''Hyung you need to sleep.''

-''No I don't.''

-''You are only human. Humans have their limits and they need to rest.''

-''Unfortunately.'' – Yoongi sighed. – ''Why does anyone need sleep? It's a waste of time and time is much to be done....''

-''I partially agree with you. There are more interesting things to be done than sleeping, but a small nap after lunch and deep sleep after good sex is so refreshing.''

Yoongi snorted. – ''You can do all of it and still don't sleep... I do.''

-''Woow, I'm surprised...I thought you are virgin too.'' – Tae was grinning like Cheshire cat, teasing his friend, but Yoongi's face didn't change as he observed his concoction on the fire, making sure it doesn't overheat. He did answer though.

-'You know one prick of a needle in the right spot and you won't be able to get your cock up for a month.''

-'You can't do that.'' – Tae said, eyeing Yoongi carefully. He knew the twisted dark mind of his friend, but he hoped he was just joking.

-''Oh yes I can.'' – Yoongi poured the heating liquid in warmed up glass bottles. – ''Can you imagine all that cum not be able to come out...oh that would be painful for sure.''

-''I keep trying to find the excuse for your wickedness, but my brother is right, you are wicked little imp.''

-''Your brother is wicked as he is stupid, which is a terrible combination. I would not listen to him unless you want to end up dead. ''– Yoongi grunted as he was corking the small bottles. - ''He's been known for ridiculous decisions and I kept asking myself how you two are still alive? He is right about one thing though, I am wicked...the rest? I won't even waste my breath to comment.''

-''I thought you said that my brother is extremely smart.'' – Tae bit his lip to stop himself from smiling.

-''No, I said he has one hell of a mind, that doesn't include in which way. He is genius as he is an idiot,'s like gambling, you never know what awaits you, the genius or idiot.''

-''I thought I was an idiot?''

-''You sane person would ever do a one-third of the things you did under your brother's command. You have to be an idiot, but still... you are a good idiot, that counts for least for people to have soft spot for you.''

-''So I am good?'' – Tae asked, eyes sparkling with teasing.

-''What?'' – Yoongi raised his head to look at the dark-haired handsome man that leaned over the small table while Yoongi energetically fanned the freshly made concoctions to cool them down.

-''I thought you said I'm bad.'' – Tae said and Yoongi blinked.

-''You are.''

-''But you just said that I'm a good idiot...make up your mind.''

-''Tae I'm seriously considering turning you into porcupine with my acupuncture needles right now.''

-''I would hug you then.''– Tae said.

-'You will hurt yourself more like that, you bloody idiot.'' – Yoongi packed the bottles into a wooden box, filled with hay to keep them from breaking.

-''My brother will have your blood then.'' – Tae said, still smirking.

-''Let him try. I would tie up his ass down and whipped him bloody if he tries.'' – Yoongi said quite seriously while reaching under the table for a new box to take dozen other small vials that Tae asked as well. He packed everything and put it in the box with the rest. – ''Careful with these.'' – He pointed at small green vials full of sleeping draft. – ''Don't use them so much. People talk, let's not draw much attention.''

-''I will tell him.'' – Tae said, placing a moderate bag of coins on the table. – ''Always pleasure doing business with you Hyung.'' - Tae tucked everything under many pockets on his outfit and went towards the door. – ''Oh and Hyung, be careful, don't go around talking about tying down and spanking the First Knife of Bangtan, he might like it and then you've screwed...quite literally.''

Tae went out laughing at Yoongi's shocked expression.

-''I don't like your brother!'' – Yoongi yells after a few seconds, making the last point, which made Tae laugh even more.

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-‘’Your brother hates me.’’ – Jimin said seriously, staring at his wine cup for a whole minute now. V noticing his best friend’s calmness, simply moved his head slightly to show his acknowledgment. It’s been a few days since the incident, Tae and Jimin didn’t speak and V just waited to see how long Jimin will keep his silence. Apparently not anymore.

-‘’Why is he hates me so?’’ – Jimin asked, raising his eyes to look at the man sitting next to him. V sighed deeply and spoke quietly, his deep voice sounded dark. – ‘’Tae doesn’t hate you Jiminie. He just…’’

-‘’Hates me!’’ – Jimin said and slapped his hand on the table, making the plates and cups clatter.

-‘’Jimin.’’ – V warned, but his friend simply emptied his wine and reached to fill his cup again. – ‘’He hates me V…every single time I come closer to him, he pushes me away. I know I can be a bit hard sometimes, but even when I’m on my best behavior, he pushes me away. Why V, why? What is that I do that makes him wrinkle his nose in disgust and roll his eyes?

-‘’It’s nothing Jimin, Tae is just like that…he likes who he likes and don’t care for anything else. He picked that up from Jin Hyung. It’s an annoying habit of theirs. Just ignore him and he’ll get around.’’ – V said, knowing that his brother would welcome the break from his best friend’s company more than it will change his mind towards the other man. V didn’t know why Tae disliked Jimin that much, Tae has never told him and V never really cared enough to ask. But Jimin cared. Jimin cared very much so. V knew it was more the fact that Tae ignored and refused him, than anything else, because in the whole truth, Jimin hates is being ignored.

-‘’And I like him, I really do V…I really do. He is just like you, but more… softer, more…prettier… no offense mate… I would definitively bang your ass, but his…damn…I want to make love to his booty, softly and tenderly, you know.’’

-‘’Jimin you would wreck his ass like you usually do to the others…’’

Jimin pouted his lips slightly in a though. – ‘’That’s maybe true…but not at first. He will have to beg me first. I would be a real gentleman.’’

V snorted. – ‘’That would never happen.’’

-‘’See…even you think so… he hates me.’’

-‘’Jiminah.’’ – V sighed exasperatedly. – ‘’If you stop trying to hump his ass every single time when you see him maybe he would be more polite to you.’’

-‘’Not hump Tae’s booty!? Are you mental? How can I not? It’s perfect!’’

-‘’I thought you said that Yoongi had the most perfect butt.’’

-‘’Ah Yoongi…’’ – Jimin said dreamily. – ‘’He did have a perfect ass. The way it pulsated around my cock…oh fuck I have to have him again. V I do…’’

-‘’Make up your mind Jiminie…is it my twin you want or Hyung?’’

-‘’Can’t I have both?’’ – Jimin asked hopefully, smirking.

-‘’Only one Jiminie, but as it seems you will have neither.’’

-‘’Oh what a poor sport you are V when you sound all reasonable. You are everything but that.’’

V smiled slightly, his eyes still looking at the opposite side at one smiling figure across the tavern, who was currently playing his guitar and sang some teasing song, filled with dark humor and filthy words. His fiery red hair and heart-shaped lips spilled such filth with a smile and teasing gleam in his eyes. The man was naughty as much as he was charming. V couldn’t take his eyes off him. The redhead finished his song with a grandiose high note, remotely reminding V of a female moan before the played the last of the notes on his strings. The men in the room roared with joy and women hide their red cheeks in amusement and slight embarrassment. The redhead bowed several times.

-‘’Thank you, thank you. I’m Hope.’’ – He bowed to the ladies, honey-sweet voice dripped as he spoke to them suggestively. – ‘’I’m your Hope, your Angel. My ladies.’’- He winked at them and they giggled. One of them crane her neck and exposed more of her cleavage in a very tight dress. Hope bit his lip and smiled, his eyes promising a night of fun. V smirked at that. He was so focused on the minstrel that he missed half of the things Jimin spoke. A sharp jab of Jimin’s elbow jerked him back.

-‘’Are you even listening to me?’’ – Jimin asked annoyed.

-‘’No.’’ – V said honestly. – ‘’You were whining, I lost interest after a while.’’ – He added savagely and Jimin gasped. – ‘’You asshole! I wasn’t whining!! I don’t whine! And I was saying that I might enter a dueling match, but fuck if you care.’’

-‘’Is that supposed to be something new? You always enter dueling matches.’’ – V shifted his eyes to meet his friend’s glare.

-‘’Yes I do…’’ – Jimin said seriously. – ‘’But never against ’The Virgin Knight’.’’

V raised his eyebrows at that and Jimin added. – ‘’Who is, by the way, a friend of the one person that managed to occupy your entire attention this evening and made you forget your best friend, me…so I thought you might be interested to know.’’

-‘’Why would I be interested to know that information?’’ – V asked with calmness, but it wasn’t enough to fool Jimin.

-‘’Oh, don’t you bullshitting me V. I know you love to watch that minstrel singing his naughty verses and smile cheekily at every man and woman here.’’

-‘’You know nothing Jiminie. It’s not true.’’ – V said, raising his cup to his lips when he felt Jimin’s hand on his arm. – ‘’Come now V, you know you can’t lie to me, I know you too well.’’ – V wanted to laugh. There was so much that Jimin didn’t know about. Especially about himself and his twin and who they really are and where they belong. It was better that way. That way V could make sure that Jimin is protected, that he is safe.

The world was a dangerous place and being around V and his twin was a dangerous game itself. It was fourteen years since Seokjin brought them to Bangtan, awaiting his mission. He insisted on bringing the twins with him, which was barely allowed, but Jin wouldn’t have it any other way. For years Jin waited for his target to move. For years he managed to keep the twins safe, allowing them to take only small missions around the home and giving them the chance to have somewhat life here in Bangtan. V would never have met Jimin otherwise, and Tae would never come across Yoongi, who, even though the older man denied it, became his friend.

Being an assassin is a seriously difficult life. You are bound by the creed and brotherhood, but being more than assassins, V and Tae also had some mystery to them, which made them desirable to others. Not only for their beauty but their skills as well, the twins were a high commodity. They were memorable and noticeable, which proved difficult when trying to hide their true identity. But through Seokjin’s careful guidance and skill in disguise, they managed to live quietly or at least tried to live quietly for a while. And even though V trusted Jimin very much, he still didn’t tell him who he really is.

Yoongi knew only that they are in some tricky business, being in contact with Seokjin first, who ordered potions, bombs, sleeping drafts, and medicine on a daily basis, but as he was the person who never asked too many questions, he was the only person who could remotely guess the truth.

Now with Seokjin being away for almost a year, V grew restless. He wanted to go on the mission or have some change. Being at the same place and having a home was nice, but he needed to feel the wind in his face and a tinge of adrenaline in his veins. Tae, on the other hand, was different. He was quite content staying on one place and visiting other places as long as he can come back ‘’home’’ as he said. V knew though that Tae would go wherever V goes because the idea of them being separated was unbearable.

V took another sip of his wine, eyes lost in the crowd, not really watching them, but more looking through them, when sudden movement on his left jerked him back from his thoughts as Jimin leaned forward suddenly, eyes round and attentive as he followed a new person that just came in. V’s eyes shifted on Jimin’s target and he saw a tall, broad young man, with raven hair and strong jaw. His big doe eyes scanned the room, coming across V’s, only to shift to Jimin’s and grew harder.

-‘’It’s him.’’ – Jimin said quietly and V watched as the young man started walking towards them. Jimin’s body tensed in anticipation, eyes glued to the newcomer’s face. The young knight approached their table and tossed the parchment and a dagger on the surface in front of them, among cups and plates. His voice was pleasant and manly when he spoke to Jimin.

-‘’Are you the fool that left me a dueling challenge nailed on my door?’’ – V raised his eyebrows at that and look at Jimin, whose nostrils flared in a flash of annoyance.

-‘’That’s how we do things here pup, you better learn fast.’’ – Jimin said, voice seemingly fine and dangerously low, which was nothing new to V, who has seen his friend getting angry or irritated on others before, but to others, it was a plane warning not to mess with him. The young man, however, was unimpressed.

-‘’Well then, you should explain to my landlord that and stop him for charging me the extra coin for the damage that you caused on the wood…if that’s how you do things here. In my country, we are more gentlemen’s like.’’

-‘’Are you saying that I’m not a gentleman?’’ – Jimin glared at the young man. The knight blinked and then nodded. – ‘’Yes I do say that.’’

-Why you little…’’ – Jimin starting to rise on his feet, when V’s hands caught him and he stopped in the middle of standing up. He composed himself quickly, taking a large breath before continuing more calmly, slowly sinking back on his chair again. – ‘’I don’t know the customs in your country, but this is how the real man doing things around here. We tend not to be so….innocent and pure…’’ – Jimin made a deliberate pause to make a point on those two words, before continuing. – ‘’Here, the real men know the real pleasures. There is nothing better than to have a drink and a fuck after a good fight or swordplay, but you wouldn’t know anything about that, won’t you Virgin Knight?’’

The knight’s eyes grew darker and he tensed his jaw tightly. – ‘’Real man doesn’t have to say that he is ‘the real man’, he just is, but listening to you I kept wondering do you even feel like a man at all, or simply as a little boy who wants to grow up so fast.

Jimin growled and jumped from his chair, pulling his sword at the Knight, but the younger man moved so fast that he blocked Jimin’s blade in a blink of an eye. The promising duel, however, was stopped by V and another person.

-‘’Gentlemen, gentlemen, not in front of the ladies.’’ – A sinfully sweet voice filled V’s ears and he wished he could see the man who spoke them, nearly losing the grip on tossing Jimin when he tried.

-‘’Jimin-ah enough!’’ – V spoke annoyed.

-‘’V let go of me, that pup needs a lesson!’’ – Jimin screamed and lunged again. V held him in a tight grip, so the scene was quite ridiculous.

-‘’I have a name, it’s Jungkook!’’ – The Knight spoke through gritted teeth.

-‘’I don’t give a shit what your name is you…’’ – Jimin yelled again but was interrupted by the sweet voice. -‘’Well that’s not a nice thing to say.’’ – And V could finally see the man, as he came to stand in front of tossing Jimin. It was Hope, the minstrel and Jungkook’s friend. He was so beautiful, V thought. His skin had a certain glow, and his smile was wide and honest. His eyes, however, twinkled mischievously as he stood between his friend and Jimin, which gave Jimin a pause. However, Hope continued speaking.

-‘’My young friend is not so good with words as well as he is with his sword…no puns intended.’’ – He smiled widely and V wanted to laugh but kept his expression checked.

-‘’You see, we travel across the world, going from one place or another. We meet new people, learn new customs and have fun. What my friend tried to say is that he didn’t encounter your custom as of now and was somewhat taken aback, but please forgive him, since he is surely learning.’’

-‘’Hyung…’’ – The latter said, slightly annoyed and relieved at the same time at his friend's interruption. Hope looked at Jungkook.

-‘’Now there Kook, we are not here to cause trouble of any kind. Your achievements and famous swordplay travel far and if I heard correctly, you just might be outmatched by Master Jimin here, who is also famous swordsmen.’’ – He turned his head to look at Jimin again. – ‘’First sword of Bangtan if I’m not mistaken?’’ – He blinked charmingly few times and V felt Jimin relaxed, bringing his old flirty self as his ego was expertly stroked by Hope’s carefully chosen words.

-‘’You are not mistaken.’’ – He said and tapped V’s hand to let him go. Recognizing the calm demeanor in his friend, V removed his hands and went to stand a bit at the side, still not trusting the Knight.

-‘’It’s all well… no damage.’’ – Jimin spoke calmly, smiling at minstrel, but his eyes glared as they run across the Knight. – ‘’But some rules must be followed. You are, young Knight, challenged to a duel, by me. I expect you tomorrow morning at eight in the alley near the river bridge.’’

-‘’No.’’ – Jungkook answered.

Jimin’s eyebrows raised up high. - ‘’What did you just said?’’

-‘’I said no, the time doesn’t suit me. I’m obliged elsewhere.’’

-‘’Reschedule it.’’ – Jimin hissed.

-‘’No, that’s more important than you surely. If you are so insistent to get your ass beaten by me, then chose another time and by that, I mean the day after tomorrow.’’

Jimin was fuming, V sensed the danger and came closer, as well as the minstrel, who spoke hurriedly.

-‘’Now, now Kook, you have to be more lenient. Is there no way you could rearrange your meeting tomorrow for some other day?’’

Jungkook looked at him. – ‘’No I don’t want to.’’

-‘’Hmmm maybe our young friend here simply wants one day with his ladylove before he clashes his sword with you Jiminie. He might not live the day, give him a chance at least to lose his virginity.’’ – The entire tavern laughed at V’s words, as everyone stopped what they were doing to look at the spectacle. Jungkook nostrils flared and he was just about to say something when Hope step in front of V, very closely. He still has a smile on his face, but his eyes were dangerous.

-‘’Now aren’t you a clever one, hmmm? Well, we shall certainly see who will….kill who at the end.’’ – Hope’s words spoke ‘’kill’’ but his eyes meant ‘’fuck’’ and V smiled wickedly.

-‘’Oh kill, fuck, what’s the difference?’’ – V said quietly so only four of them could hear and Hope’s smile grew wider. He bit his lip and tilt his head. – ‘’We should see that in two days now, won’t we?’’ Jimin and Kook watched this weird exchange of words silently until Hope turned to face Jungkook. – ‘’Kook you have a duel in two days, I suggest you prepare yourself accordingly.’’ – Jungkook huffed at that and murmured that he does not need to prepare for anything, before turning and leaving the room. Jimin took his cup, emptying it, still glaring before he left as well… and only V and Hope stayed facing each other closely. Seeing that nothing more interesting would happen, the rest of the crowd returned to their own entertainment.

-‘’You know I have met your twin, he is quite a candy, but I must say, you are breathtaking. V I presume?’’ – Hope said seductively and the corner of V’s mouth curled upright.

-‘’Now I think the real thing you are trying to find out is can we or can we not fuck now or do we have to wait for two days and see if our hotheaded friends will hurt each other sufficiently enough so that we would be forced to hate each other out of loyalty and then have really angry sex afterward.’’

Hope laughed delightfully. – ‘’Oh you are spot on, although I must say the other suggestion sounds just as hot as the first one. Alas, I do have other arrangement tonight. The Duchess of Harley asked for a very special lullaby tonight, she will be returning to her husband soon, so I can’t break my promise, especially when she is paying for it so gallantly.’’

-‘’Oh but of course not, the ladies come first.’’ – V said, enjoying himself immensely.

-‘’You could come and watch. I’ve heard that the Duchess loves an audience.’’ – Hope asked, his voice seductively low as he stripped V with his eyes.

-‘’I’ve seen that play before. Once is enough.’’ – V answered and Hope smiled widely.

-‘’Not with me in the main act you didn’t. Besides wouldn’t you want to see what awaits you?’’

V curled one of his hand around minstrel’s waist and drew him closer, burying his nose in Hope’s neck, inhaling his smell all up to his ears. – ‘’I would rather be surprised when that moment comes.’’ – He could feel Hope’s hand on his nape, pressing V’s mouth on his skin. – ‘’Call me V.’’ – V murmured kissing the exposed skin right under the man’s ear. Hope hummed contently and reach down to feel V over his trousers. Satisfied with what he felt under his hand he spoke. – ‘’Only if you call me Hoseok in bed.’’

V smirked and grazed his teeth on Hoseok’s neck. – ‘’Hoseok? I like that.’’ – He kissed Hoseok’s jaw before pulling away to look at the man’s eyes. He nearly moaned by the amount of lust and hunger in them. Hoseok’s face changed and he was ready to attack V on this very table and fuck him senseless, or be fuck by him, Hoseok really didn’t care unless is some kind of fucking was involved, but he remembered where he was and that the Duchess awaits and he almost groaned. Removing his hands from V and stepping away slightly.

-‘’Are you sure you don’t want to watch?’’ – He asked, but V just smiled and nodded.

-‘’Very well then… until we meet again.’’ – Hoseok turned and left V, swaying his hips deliberately as he felt V’s eyes on his ass all the way.

V took a deep breath and shook his head. He was excited, which didn’t happen for a while now.


Chapter Text



Yoongi was deeply immersed in his work when someone knocked on his door. He rolled his eyes at the interruption, but yelled... – ''Come in!'' - ...never the less.

It was Jimin who came barging in, slamming the door behind and went towards Yoongi, smiling wickedly. – ''Hello Hyung, you look sexy tonight.''

Yoongi rolled his eyes again.

-''What do you want?''- Yoongi grumbled exasperatedly.

-''Why do you presume I need anything?'' - Jimin asked playfully, even though he was not in the mood to play games, not tonight anyway. Not after that knightly brat behaved towards him. Jimin was too angry for games, he needed something else entirely. Something that he believed only Yoongi can fulfill right now.

-''Then why are you here Master Park?'' - Yoongi kept his eyes fixated on his work, choosing not to give Jimin attention he wanted. That might have worked if not for Yoongi's trembling hands and quickened breathing, which didn't miss Jimin's hawk-like eyes.

-''Do I make you nervous Hyung?'' - Jimin came nearer and Yoongi shifted uncomfortably, still not raising his eyes from the task he stopped doing ever since Jimin came in. There was something in Jimin that made Yoongi glitch. Everything the young nobleman did, made Yoongi wish to kick the shit out of him and kiss him at the same time. He couldn't stand the guy and his spoiled loud and presumptuous behavior, but then again, he couldn't stop being in love with him. He couldn't stop watching his beautiful face, the sweetest smile and words that were like dripping honey mixed with venom. Jimin reminded Yoongi of something gorgeous and lethal, something that would devour your soul while giving you the best orgasm in your life. Yes, that's what Yoongi felt each time he was near Jimin, danger and pure lust. He couldn't stand to be that weak in front of a young man.

-''Why don't you turn around and leave.'' - Yoongi tried. - ''I have nothing that you would want.'' – He said, his voice shivering slightly and he wanted to slap himself for that. Jimin smile widened.

-''Oh Hyung, but you have exactly what I want.'' – Jimin drew nearer. – ''What I need.'' – He was standing next to Yoongi in a blink of an eye. – ''I want you Hyung.'' – He whispered in Yoongi's ear, which made the latter drops the measuring cup with audible clang, spilling the powder that was inside all over the papers on the table.

-''Shit.'' – Yoongi hissed, trying to collect the powder when a smaller hand covered his.

-''Hyung.'' – The voice was so soft and gentle that Yoongi was momentarily taken aback. He raised his eyes to look at the younger man and was startled to see just how close their faces are to one another. Jimin was so beautiful to him. A small sound nearly escaped Yoongi's lips and he gulped, taking a deep breath trying to calm his racing heart.

-''Hyung, I need you, please.''- Jimin said softly again and Yoongi bit his lips. They were so close. Yoongi needed only to move slightly forward and they would be kissing, as they did a few times before. Just one little movement and Yoongi could be lost in Jimin's embrace yet again, moaning his name and seeing the stars. He might have avoided V ever since that night, but Jimin was something else. Jimin didn't scare him that much. Jimin was someone Yoongi wanted, that he needed.

He glanced down to Jimin's plump lips, wanting nothing more but to devour them. He loved how addictive Jimin's kisses were. How soft his lips are and how playful his tongue is, but the sad fact Yoongi also knew was that the moment Jimin got what he came for he will leave him again and Yoongi hated it. He hated to be used, to be played with. He hated the fact that Jimin used him only for sex and nothing else. It happened all the time. Jimin would come, he would take and then he would leave, leaving Yoongi to pick up his broken heart and pride.

He starred at Jimin's eyes and saw that they are glossy, probably from all the wine the young man consumed that night, which made the situation even worse. Yoongi furrowed his brow, his mouth set in a disapproving line.

-''No.'' – That was all he said, pushing him away and going to the other side of the room to open his front door. – ''I have a lot of work, so if you are not here to purchase something, I suggest you leave.''

Jimin's eyes flashed dangerously across the room, glaring at Yoongi with every attention to do exactly opposite of what he was asked to. His face contorted from flirty to angry in a second and he spat venom in Yoongi's face. -''How much for you then? How much for a night with you Hyung, hmm?''

Jimin's entire body bristle with anger, his hands gripping the edge of the table. He didn't like to be ignored or refused, especially not by Yoongi.

Yoongi starred at him in his own fury, feeling the sting of Jimin's words. The words that he probably have said in anger and didn't really mean them, but still, they've hurt like hell. Blinking back the tears, he hissed back. -''I am not one of your whores for you to bat your money at, you asshole! Get out!''

Jimin was rigid, his chest was heaving. -''I don't like the tone of your voice Yoongi!''

-''I don't give a fuck what do you like or don't like Jimin! Get the fuck out!''

Jimin was in front of him in three long steps, pining Yoongi on the door, making them hit the wall loudly.

-''Now you listen to me Hyung! I hate when you of all people speak to me like that like I'm nothing. I hate it...hate it Yoongi! I hate it!'' - Jimin hissed through clenched teeth, gripping Yoongi's chin and robes to keep him still and leaning his face so close that Yoongi could feel his warm breath. - ''I worth something!'' - Jimin continued. - ''I matter! I am something! I am the best swordsmen of Bangtan and not some low life scum you've been known to associate yourself with!'' – Yoongi was trembling at his words, at his dominance, his energy. He felt getting aroused and hated himself for being such a sucker for dominant men. He whimpered when Jimin pressed his body on his, pushing his leg between the other two, separating them and drawing closer, making their erections touch in the process. Yoongi made a small noise at the same time Jimin breathed out a groan, the smell of wine from his mouth hit Yoongi's face and Yoongi recoiled, wanting to push Jimin away, but managing only to pin himself closer.

-''Oh look at you Hyung, how nicely you reacting on me.'' - Jimin said, his hand sliding down to cup Yoongi's ass, while he rolled his hips at Yoongi's, eliciting more rugged breaths from the other man. - ''Don't you lie to me and tell me that you want me gone, when everything tells me otherwise.'' – He kissed him almost painfully, pulling his hips on his own and griding his clothed cock on Yoongi's, making him cry from the electrifying feeling he felt. For a briefest of moments, Yoongi wanted to give in and to enjoy being manhandled by Jimin. Heaven's knows he doesn't get enough sex as it is, but he didn't want to be Jimin's toy again. In the end, that very same thought won over his confused senses and he yelled. -''Jimin fuck off!!!'' – Doing his best to push him away, Yoongi soon realized his attempts were useless. With one swift movement, Jimin gripped his hands and pinned them above his head.

Jimin was strong and Yoongi was amazed just how quickly the younger man overpowered him. Somehow managing to hold both of Yoongi's wrists with one of his hands, Jimin slid the other one across Yoongi's chest, finding his way down into Yoongi's pants, wrapping itself around Yoongi's length. Yoongi groaned low, tossing his head back with the audible thump at the wooden door. He closed his eyes and bit his lip while trying to hold himself together, his head swimming with the heat and lust. Jimin smirked in his neck, licking at it, sucking it gently while murmuring. -''You are so good to me Yoongiah.''

-''Jiminah p-please... no... no more...'' - Yoongi tried, feeling his resolve starting to crumble over lust. Jimin just chuckled.

-''You want me to stop Hyung? Hmm?'' - He kissed his jaw and then his cheek, nuzzling his nose in Yoongi's skin. - ''Don't you like it?'' - His hand squeezed Yoongi's cock, sliding it up an down slowly, letting his thumb brush across the tip. Yoongi whimpered while twitching in Jimin's hand. The other man groaned again, his tongue sliding to lick at Yoongi's jugular. - ''Fuck Hyung, you are pulsating in my hand so wonderfully.'' - Jimin found Yoongi's lips and kissed him deeply, moaning in his mouth. - ''You make me so hard Hyung.'' - He said between the kisses.

-''Feel me.'' - He brought one of Yoongi's pinned hands down, pressing it between his legs. Yoongi could feel the outline of Jimin's cock in his palm and he hesitantly bent his fingers to feel it better. Jimin kept breathing in his mouth, his tongue wrapped around Yoongi's, sending the electric wave of pleasure through Yoongi's spine. He could feel Jimin's hips buckling fervently into his hand, while Jimin's own hand squeezed tightly and stroked him faster.

-''Jimin...d-don't.'' - Yoongi whined. God how much he wanted him, Yoongi wanted to scream. His plan to avoid Jimin is backfiring into his face, his own body betraying him because of the raw need. He needed to stop Jimin. He needed to break free. It hurts too much to be ignored afterward.

Yoongi groaned, trying again, but this time a bit firmer. - ''Jimin... yah enough!'' - Yoongi pushed him hard and Jimin's hand slipped out of his pants. He tried to get away, but Jimin caught him and this time turned him around so his face was on the door and his ass on Jimin's groin.

- ''Oh Hyung I forgot that you like it a bit rough.'' - He chuckled darkly in Yoongi's ear, his hand slipping into Yoongi's pants once again. Yoongi arched at the touch, his cheeks were red and he felt hot. -''Jimin....s-stop...fuck...stop... let me go...'' - Yoongi clawed at Jimin's hands, but the other man was relentless.

- ''Just relax Yoongiah.'' - Jimin whispered and kissed his neck. - ''I'll make you feel so good Hyung.''

Yoongi grunted, brows furrowed as he felt his self-control crumbling into pieces when the deep voice spoke from their right. -''I think he was pretty clear of wanting you to leave him the fuck alone now Park!''

Jimin jerked his head towards the door only to see Tae. Yoongi let out a long breath of relief, the sense of gratitude and slight embarrassment filling his chest. Jimin pulled his hand from Yoongi's pants as he stuttered sheepishly. -''T-Tae...what are you doing here?''

Yoongi knew then that Jimin would never see him as he sees Tae. He knew about his obsession with dark-haired twin, everyone did and it hurts... it hurts badly. Yoongi lowered his eyes to the ground, the sadness gripping at his heart when Tae's angry voice spoke.

-''I should ask you the same thing. Why are you harassing my friend Jimin? Are the others not enough for you?

Jimin's slightly embarrassed expression went dark again. -''It's not of your damn business of what I do Tae.'' – Jimin quickly recovered from slight embarrassment. - ''You made sure not to make it your business, so don't play jealous now.''

Tae's eyes narrowed as he retorts in a dangerous tone. -''One thing I hate Park, are bullies. Bullies that come and try to take something that's not theirs or to force themselves onto someone who doesn't want them.'' – He slightly pointed at Yoongi. Jimin clenched his jaw at that, his body was shaking slightly in silent fury. Tae continued. – ''Now, my brother might like you, but I don't and neither is Hyung.''

-''Oh I think you made your opinion towards me perfectly clear Tae, but as for Hyung, I think you will find yourself very much mistaken since Hyung likes me very much.''

Tae's mouth spread in a sneer. -''The delusional world you are living in Park is not mine to comment, nor do I care, but I suggest not to force yourself on Hyung again, or I will confront you, only this time I'll make sure my brother is not there to protect you from me.''

-''I don't need V's protection from you Tae!" – Jimin bristled. – ''You and I already have some serious problem and you are not the one to tell me to leave.'' - Jimin's eyes were glaring at Tae, who returned his stare in an equally dangerous measure. They were like two dogs ready to rip each other's throat, but beforeYoongi could speak, Tae growled.

-''Leave Jimin.'' – Jimin shook his head at that. – ''Only Hyung can tell me to leave.'' – He said, smirking wickedly at his best friend's twin.

-''I think you should leave Jimin.'' – Yoongi spoke quietly. Jimin's eyes instantly shifted to Yoongi's and he saw a tired expression on the man's face.

Yoongi cringed at the sudden pain on Jimin's face. He felt like he kicked a puppy.

- ''Hyung.''- Jimin's voice sounded so weak, that it gripped at Yoongi's soul tightly. He hated sending Jimin away, but it was better this way. Yes, it was for the best, he tried to convince himself, while his heart screamed.

Tae's mouth spread in a wicked grin. – ''You heard Hyung, leave.''

Jimin's expression hardened at Tae's words. The wine made his blood boil and even though he wanted to fight Tae, some grain of sanity made Jimin grit his teeth and glance at Yoongi once more. Seeing no change in the other man, Jimin nodded slowly, casting his eyes down and biting his lip in frustration and then stormed pass Tae out of the room without a word.

Yoongi stood silently for a moment or two, feeling like the worst human being.

-''Hyung, did he hurt you?'' - Tae asked, taking a few steps towards Yoongi, but Yoongi raised his hand to stop him, keep him at bay.

-''No, he didn't.'' - He answered quietly, looking at the ground in embarrassment. He heard a deep sigh. -''Good.'' - Tae said, heating up again. - ''I can't believe the nerve he has. He is truly shameless...Hyung, I....''

-''I think you should go as well Tae.'' – Yoongi spoke slowly, interrupting Tae's tirade.

Tae was taken aback for a moment, because even though Yoongi was always grumpy towards him, he never sent him off, not like this. Seeing the hurt on his face, Yoongi spoke again, explaining. – ''Thank you for being here when I needed you...but now... I need to be alone please.''

Tae was silent for a few seconds, thinking over Yoongi's words, trying to decide whether or not he should leave his Hyung or stay. In times like these, it's better not to be alone, but Tae knew Yoongi very well by now, so he nodded once, tilting his head aside.

-''Alright Hyung, but please send a message if you need me for anything.''

Yoongi nodded and thanked him. He locked the door after Tae left and went to his bed. He lied down, curling under the covers. His cock was soft for some time now and he felt empty. The tears sting his eyes and he felt a sob choke him. The entire situation, his feelings, the embarrassment, his powerlessness and love towards Jimin, it all came out in a gushing wave, drowning him in the deep emotional pain. He couldn't remember when was the last time he cried like this. Cried a cry filled with sorrow and pining and shattered pride. The cry of anger and lust. The cry of a broken man. Yes, Yoongi was broken. Ever since he was a child he was broken. He knew that and that made him feel so alone.

His thoughts flew towards Jin. Yoongi wondered where he was and when he would see him again. Yoongi needed his guidance, his comfort, his calmness. He needed him to say that nothing would be better and that everything would still be fucked up tomorrow and the day after, but that the pain would lessen, that he would adapt more to life and became more resilient with every passing day. The brutal naked truth, that's what Yoongi needed and that's what Jin always gave. Jin would slap him and shook him, making him do something useful. Oh, how much Yoongi needed him right now.





Later that night, after Jimin's reckless challenge, V found his thoughts often fly towards the naughty minstrel. As much as he wanted he couldn't get the man out of his head, and his bold, erotic invitation, sent nervous tingles down his spine. He couldn't find his calm, he was restless for the rest of the evening. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find something else to occupy his mind, he decided to go for a walk, which proved futile since he soon found his way to the Duchesses' home. It was not his first time visiting one of her's establishments since he was an old acquaintance of hers. He had often came for a night visit with Jimin whenever she was in the town. He stood in front of the high fence that partially hid huge richly decorated villa, still deciding what to do. As the minstrel's words ''The Duchess loves audience...'' and ''...not with me as the main act you didn't...'' echoed in his mind, the curiosity took the best of him and he found himself going the familiar secret path to Duchess's rooms. Not wanting to let himself known, he slid in through her guards like a shadow.

Recognizing the window of her bedroom where the timid lights were lit, guessing that that's the most obvious place for them to surrender to their passion, V quickly found his way up on the roof. The darkness was his ally and the decorating facade on the walls gave him excellent grip near the ledge of the window. The luck was on his side since the window was open and covered with the heavy curtains. Gripping the ledge strongly, he climbed up and perched himself up and sat on the edge of the window. Still hidden in the shadows, he leaned in slowly and carefully pulled the curtains a bit to peek inside.

He had to bit back a moan at the sight. There on the vanity table among her many bottles of perfumes and rouges laid the Duchess, bent in half, her big breasts squashed by the wood as her hands were tied up behind her back by one of her silk stockings. Her face was facing the ceiling, eyes rolled back from pleasure as Hoseok pounded fervently into her, making her back arch beautifully. Her moans, restricted with a rosy silken scarf around her neck, which was pulled by Hoseok’s veiny hands, were swallowed by a lewd sound of their skins slapping against one another. V could see the deep concentration on the man’s face in the mirror, as he carefully observed every whimper and gasp that left her lips, hips never missing the beat.

He looked so powerful and dominant that V became aware of uncomfortable tightness in his pants, which made him shift slightly and moving the curtain a bit too much.

Hoseok’s eyes snapped through the mirror at the movement behind him. His eyes found V’s gleaming blue ones in the dark and the spark of recognition burned into his brain, making his mouth part as he sighed loudly. Licking his lips before he bit down harshly, he bucked his hips deeper and faster into the Duchess. The woman's muffled screams were heard and her knees started to give up. A loud smack on her butt and tightening of the scarf around her neck set her straight again. – ''On your feet your Grace. I'm still not done with you.'' – His voice was so demanding and so sinfully sexy. V ran his hand over his bulge, discovering he is fully hard already.

-''Show me.'' – Hoseok spoke, eyeing V's hand between his legs, before snapping up to dig deep into V's eyes again.

The muffled sound from the women under him answered, but V knew to whom was Hoseok speaking to. V reached down into his pants and gripped his erection tightly and Hoseok groaned, quickening his pace. The hand that was holding her in place, slid towards the scarf around her neck, pulling it off. Soon it was wrapped around her eyes instead.

-''You have watched me long enough tonight sweetheart.'' – He said sexily, bucking his hips harshly, so any protest that Duchess might have had soon died down. Seeing that the coast is clear, V entered the room silently and leaned on the wall next to a window, still stroking himself in his pants.

-''Show me how much I turn you on.'' – Hoseok said looking at V, while the Duchess, thinking he was talking to her, started rolling her hips seductively.

V's mouth quirked in a smirk, eyes shining with lust. He took a deep breath before he pulled out his length in all of its glory. This entire hot and nerve-racking situation made V so alive and powerful, that Hoseok's breath hitched and he moaned loudly, jerking his hips deep into the women without a pause. He watched as V lazily stoked himself, taking his time to play with his slit before sliding down to cup his balls, tilting his head on the side and biting his lips, teasing. All of that made Hoseok ruthless and the poor Duchess was now so spent that she barely stood on her weak feet.

Not be able to resist the distance V moved like some exotic cat behind Hoseok, not breaking the eye contact with him in the mirror. His hands wrapped around Hoseok's waist, palms sliding up his chest as he kissed the man's neck. He could taste the sweetness of his skin mixed with sweat. He smelled of some flowery soap and V buried his nose in his neck, inhaling him, putting the fragrance in his memory for future jerking use. His hands ran across Hoseok's chest, flicking his buds a few times, before sliding down to his stomach, around his hips and back on his tight ass whose muscles worked hard to keep up with the pace. V wrapped his fingers around Hoseok's ass, spreading his cheeks with his thumbs. Hoseok groaned at new sensation, slowing down only for the few seconds before continuing as before. V took that opportunity to slid the tip of his cock in between, squeezing his ass together. The vibration of Hoseok's thrusts and the press of his butt muscles around V's tip felt like heaven to him. Hoseok moaned long and deep, digging his nails into the Duchesse's skin when he felt V's mouth on his neck, nibbling at his skin and V's cock touching his rim ever so often.

V pushed Hoseok forward, making him impale deeper into the woman, who was now moaning in a high-pitched voice, babbling nonsense and begging for more.

-''Make her scream.'' - V whisper directly into Hoseok's ear, which made the man smile wide. He moved his hand from her hip and place it down between her legs finding her clit. The perfect pressure and rub with his two fingers, while his cock kept hitting all the vital pleasure points inside her made her scream, bucking her hips in ecstasy and whimpering weakly.

V's hand went up Hoseok's spine, entangling in his hair to yank his head back, V's lips now at Hoseok's jaw, kissing it. Suddenly Hoseok moaned loudly, hissing and gritting his teeth as he felt the tip of V's cock entering his rim.

-''Fuck!'' - He growled, rolling his hips especially hard and deep into the Duchess, making her cry out. - ''Oh yes, yes, yes...there...yes...there...''

V's deep low chuckle echoed in Hoseok's ear as he felt his ass stretched painfully around V's cock without a prep. Hoseok grunted again, breathing heavily, fighting to control the pain, to relax his muscles. He could feel him rubbing his inside walls, his tight muscles sucking V's cock in and out as the man rocked inside him at a slow pace.

-''Oh faster....p-please...faster...f...faster oh...'' - The woman begged as Hoseok's pace was now too slow, too focused on V. Hoseok shut his eyes, concentrating at his body, willing him to relax. Just then V rolled his hips in the right way and Hoseok moaned. Again and again and again, V kept abusing his prostate and the pain was replaced by bliss.

-''Ah...fuck me...'' - Hoseok breathed quietly, tilting his head to find V's lips and then they kissed for the first time. V snapped his hips in Hoseok over and over again, who used the movements to keep burying himself into the Duchess, his fingers resuming the rubbing of her sweet spot as he licked deep into V's mouth trying to taste him as much as he can. He was deeply regretting the lack of opportunity to wrap his mouth around the V's cock and suck him dry.

V growled deep in his mouth, pulling his head away by his hair to bite at Hoseok's neck, angling his hips just the right way to keep hitting that very special place. The Duchess felt no change in dynamic, she was already nearly passing out from exertion after who knows how many faked and real orgasms. Her body was shaking again. The orgasmic wave got her and she started clenching her vaginal muscles around Hoseok who was now so lost in pleasure. V was big and wide, making the stretch of his rim muscles too satisfying, while the man's raw and dangerous dominance shook Hoseok to the core so much that he nearly forgot to pull out before his orgasm hit him. Hey spilled his seeds on the Duchess's back, panting and groaning, his muscles clenching around V's length. It took V only a few more sharp rolls of his hips to do the same, muffling his groans in Hoseok's shoulder and mixing his cum with Hoseok's on the white skin.

Still panting into his skin, V hugged Hoseok and found his lips again. They kissed shortly, but deeply before he tucked himself in and with another quiet peck on Hosok's lips, turned and went quietly through the window into the night. Hoseok's starred after him for almost a minute before a weak movement below him brought him back into the reality. His eyes fell on the cum on her back and he bent down to lick it, tasting V and himself. He loved their mixed taste on his tongue. Reaching to grab a piece of cloth from the chair, he cleaned the cum from her skin, untied her hands and removed the scarf from her eyes. She was very weak and her muscles were shaking, so he took her into his arms to lie her down on her bed. He kissed her brow and covered her body with the duvet, telling her to go to sleep. Her weak ''Stay.'' was the only thing she could whisper and he knew she wanted him close after a great orgasm before she falls asleep, so he stayed.

He lay next to her, playing with her hair and caressing her cheeks, whispering gentle words to her until she was vast asleep. Listening to the sounds of her steady breathing, he thought about V and everything that happened. That energy, the lust, the hunger, the raw passion...all of it...was so intense, so strong. He never felt anything like that. He never came across a lover that particular to his own taste. It was not just the fact that he was a gorgeous man, was more than that...Hoseok could feel the difference, the mystery surrounding him. He had to have him again.

Feeling that he could fall asleep at any second Hoseok got up and hissed at his aching muscles. He got dressed quickly, pocketing the small pouch with coins his lady so generously bestowed upon him beforehand and with his guitar in his hand left the room quietly.

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Jin entered a lavishly decorated room. It had a high ceiling, dangling sparkly chandelier and large gold statue of a dragon holding nicely engraved letter G, the name of the family. Huge pillows and cushions were carelessly thrown at the big bed, where the gorgeous cat lay. Her white fur spoke of an expensive breed, while her green eyes matched an emerald necklace around her neck. She hissed at Jin, who hissed back at her, holding the silent staring contest of will.

-''Why do you use such an informal language towards my precious?'' – Jin turned around to see the Count, sprawled at the sofa on the other side of the room. He eyed Jin amusingly. His 'precious'  however meowed and jumped from the bed, her tail raised proudly high as she graciously walked pass Jin and jumped at three huge puffy pillows to be near her human. Jin rolled his eyes.

-''I don't trust things that are pretty as me.'' – Jin said seriously and sat on the chair, opposite from where the Count was nearly lying, considering his relaxed pose.

-''Oh but then you are smart my darling.'' – The Count said, smiling gently. His eyes didn't smile though, no, they were sharp and alert, a complete contrast from his entire bearing. Jin thought it must be a tactic to trick people, to think that everything is fine and that there is no danger, but the Count was a very dangerous man and Jin knew that perfectly well.

-''I never trust beautiful things, although I wouldn't say exactly 'pretty' for either of you, but rather stunningly gorgeous.'' – The Count look first at his precious pet, then back on Jin. – ''I always knew there was something in you that I was drawn to from the very beginning.''

Jin titled his head at that and eyed the Count more carefully, observing his agile body, richly dressed in a lavish outfit and silks. Ruby rings on his long slender fingers and ears made him look like a masterpiece. The Count might look like a fragile thing, but he was far from it. Jin met him at one of his missions. They helped each other and continued doing so ever since, for a price of course. In many ways, the Count looked exactly like his 'precious' and Jin wasn't sure whether or not he like the man. The Count was useful and very expensive and Jin would rather be in his good books, than his bad ones, so he guarded his tongue carefully since the Count's specialties were information extraction. Only five minutes in his company, with his sweet words and clever nudges, you wouldn't even realize that you told him not only your life story but your secret codes, coin stash and the number of your bank account.

-''I didn't think you liked anyone besides the Countess.'' – He nodded towards the cat, who laid elegantly and observed everything with a proud poise and her emerald eyes. Her long white fur was perfectly brushed and maintained. The Count switched his gaze to look at her and she blinked slowly at him, acknowledging his existence with an aura of someone superior.

-''Oh, I am bound with my life to my precious love.'' – The Count said, stretching one of his long limbs across space between them, pointing his long finger to gently touch the cat's pink nose. – ''She is gorgeous isn't she?''

He returned to sit leniently, his eyes shining hungrily towards Jin. He let his gaze slide on Jin's face, his wide shoulders and handsome body and he let one of his fingers gently brush his lips.

-''You are gorgeous too my friend.'' – The Count said craning his neck. He was also very beautiful, almost unreal. He reminded Jin a bit, on twins. Like them, the Count also had something witchy in him.

-''Hmmm...'' – He hummed seductively. – ''How come we never fucked together, hmm?'' – He asked gently sifting his hips like he couldn't help it. Jin was not tempted.

-''You are not my type Count.'' – He said mater-o-fact. – ''But don't get me wrong, you are one exquisite specimen.

The Count laugh, covering his eyes with his hand from sudden shyness. When he first met him, he thought that the Count was pretending, acting up, but now, after a few years, he knew that the Count was a contradicting person. The person who could easily invite you into his bed and then be shy about it.

-''I don't know should I be worried or amused?'' – The Count said, his mouth spreading into a smirk. Jin took a deep breath a bit annoyed with the games, but it was the same every time. The Count loved to play, especially with Jin. To him, Jin was something gorgeous and rare, something worth possessing, but so far Jin was holding himself perfectly out of his reach. The Count was delighted and challenged by this, but he knew far too well not to push things when there is no trace of the income he desired. The Count was wickedly smart and was cruel as he was kind. He liked everyone, but he loved no one. With his exquisite taste in fashion, he was a true trendsetter, and his good manners and elegance, with a tinge of rebellious nature, were highly appreciated in high circles. The Count was something unique and desirable and he used that to the fullest.

Jin met the Count's other nature rather early into their short acquaintance - an exhibition. He knew that the Count's erotic desire was huge, but what Jin didn't expect was that he would be so open about it. Whether it was aimed to test Jin or to pull him in, Jin wasn't sure, but he was surely surprised the first time when the Count admitted him into his private chambers.

When Jin entered he was met with a sight that made his mind involuntary scream inside his head. His face, however, was a perfectly practiced mask of indifference. There was the Count, sitting on a big comfortable armchair, with no clothes on, aside of gold silken robe on his shoulders, his head tossed back and his mouth open in a silent moans as he gripped the hair of another man between his legs, who's mouth was tightly wrapped around the Count's cock, sucking it slowly.

-''Oh Jin, so glad you've decided bless m-me with your p-presence. P-please, h-haaaah, have a seat...'' – The Count licked his lips and then bit on the lower one, gazing down at the man on his knees. They shared the look that was so intense, that Jin was slightly uncomfortable. This wasn't just a blowjob, this was another level of intimacy and Jin didn't want to be here in the middle of it. The Count ran his fingers through the man's hair, letting them brush the man's cheek and then to push his two fingers in the man's mouth for him to suck, which he did, not breaking the gaze. He stroked the Count's cock slowly, playing with the tip and his slit while sucking his fingers. The Count panted heavily and then quickly pulled out his fingers and grab the man's hair to kiss him, pushing his tongue inside and humming into his mouth. The man closed his eyes and gripped the Count tightly, kissing him with everything he had. The Count broke the kiss and pushed the man's head down on his cock again, where the man's parted lips engulfed him whole to the hilt. The Count moaned, arching his back and gripping the man's hair.

Jin sat silently on another chair across them, observing carefully. The sight was arousing and the Count's gaze on his face told him loudly that he is welcome to join if he chose.

Jin observed the Count's face, his gentle, young looking facial features and dark hair that stick to his forehead from the sweat. His lips were parted, occasionally showing teeth as he hissed at the sensation, usually followed with a deep moan. His voice was very alluring and Jin felt his body flush, but he didn't move from his chair, not let any muscle of his body show that he is affected by this as well. The Count arched his lean, attractive body, his eyes went wide as the man swallowed him entirely, the tip of his cock buried deep into the throat. Jin observed the Count's, glistened from sweat, body contracts, his muscles shake and the images on his skin dance, like they are alive. Jin heard about the ancient artistry of the East, where the ink gets permanently written or drawn into the skin. He even saw a few tattoos among the pirates, but he never saw one on the nobleman before. The Count's body was covered with it. Colors and shades of reds, yellow and black filled the shapes so perfectly combined together to create a masterpiece on his pale skin. Jin saw scales and claws and trace of smoke here and there, one piece of leather wing and a long snake-like tongue. He knew what creatures were adorning the Count's skin, he saw it on the golden statue, caring the engraved letter G in his claws. The Count was proud of it, so much that he used the name of Dragon in his eminent circle and had it painted deep on his skin. Jin craved to examine his skin thoroughly, but he knew that would lead to something deeper and he tried to avoid that by all means.

The Count moaned again, back arched, toes curling as his eyes shut tightly. His rugged breathing left his lungs in fast intervals and he spilled his cum deep into man's throat.

-''Oh fuck...'' – The Count panted, stroking the man's hair. The latter watched him deep into the eyes while pulling the Count's cock from his mouth with a loud 'pop'. He licked his lips, not breaking the stare and Jin wondered how the Count could take it. The man's stare was so intense, so electrifying. He seemed very tall, even though he was kneeling. His body was strong and handsome. His naked wide shoulders and shoulder blades were gripped tightly between the strong muscles. Only wearing pants, Jin saw that the man's ass was very nice looking and his thighs were strong with long legs. With an attractive face, his stare was the most remarkable thing on him. He has one of those glares that take people's clothes off and draw them to their knees, with their faces on the ground and their asses in the air, ready to be fucked by this man. Jin never seen him before, he was sure of it. He would never forget him if he did.

-''Seunghyun is so attractive, isn't he Jin?'' – The Count said, caressing the man's lower lip with his thumb. Seunghyun kissed the Count's thumb and shifted uncomfortably, trying to elevate the pressure in his pants.

-''Take off your pants.'' – The Count said and the man jumped to his feet, hands going to the button of his pants, but the Count's voice stopped him. – ''Slowly. I want you to take them slowly for us. Give my friend a little show, will you darling?''

Seunghyun let his deep moan in confirmation and he went with the task. He turned his eyes and looked straight into Jin's and Jin felt something roll inside his stomach. Seunghyun unbuttoned his pants slowly, opening them up slightly and pushing one hand inside to touch himself. His voice echoed into the room, making the Count groan at the sight and Jin to grip the armrests more tightly. Seunghyun came towards Jin, still holding his gaze in place, he bent down and reached for both of Jin's hands, raising them to his hips and pressing them into his naked skin. He was so close, Seunghyun's cock was few millimeters from Jin's face, still inside the man's pants, but not for too long apparently, since Seunghyun started to push Jin's hands lower. Jin's fingers sliding inside the man's pants and pulling them down, until the man's cock sprang out from his confinement and bounced on his stomach before it stood full hard near Jin's lips.

Jin still held Seunghyun's gaze, the mask on his face wavered, but didn't move. Seunghyun touched Jin's lips with his thumb to part them slightly, his cock almost touching Jin's plump mouth. A bit of precum formed on his tip and Jin had to mentally slap himself to not give in into the temptation. Because once he crosses this line, there's no turning back and the wicked Count knew that. He was waiting for it and that's why he sent Seunghyun to him. The man was so hard to resist, his demeanor, his stare, his aura. Bloody Count and his schemes, Jin thought.

Seunghyun raised his eyebrow at Jin's lack of response, but then Count's arms wrapped around his chest and he rested his chin on Seunghyun's shoulder.

-''He will not join my darling.'' – The Count spoke gently. – ''He never does.''

Seunghyun hummed, tilting his head aside and watching Jin in another light.

-''Maybe he prefers only women.'' – Seunghyun spoke, still caressing Jin's jaw. – ''Shame. Such a beauty.''

Jin smiled at him and leaned back into his chair, away from his fingers. His gaze swept from Seunghyun to the other man.

-''Jiyong Hyung, can I speak with you in private? It won't take long.'' – Jin asked and the Count nodded, moving away from Seunghyun's back to standing next to him. – ''Of course.'' – He turned to Seunghyun. – ''Go and get yourself ready, I'll be with you shortly.''

Seunghyun bend to kiss Jiyong's neck and with a slight bow towards Jin, he moved in another room.

Their conversation was brief and Jin was turning to leave when the Count's voice stopped him.

-''Next time, feel free to join us. I could see that Seunghyun was dying to taste you, as did I.''

Jin smiled. -''Maybe next time.'' – And then he left.

After that spectacle, Jin met Seunghyun in the Count's chambers three more times during the years, but never again without his clothes. Each time, Seunghyun would stare him down, making him flush, making him wish to rip off his clothes and fall on his knees and each time Jin would stand his ground, resisting the urge and staying adamant into his desire not to give in to the temptation called Seunghyun.

Now sitting in the chair across the Count, with the Count's cat to stare Jin down instead of those intense dark eyes, Jin wondered where Seunghyun is now. But instead of voicing his curiosity out loud he asked instead.

-''Are there any news about the 'The Sea Monster' Jiyong Hyung?''

The Count hummed, as to remember that particular name when both of them knew that he had that information ready before Jin even asked, but for the dramatic effect, the Count prolonged his answer.

-''Hmmm...there was some rumors that it was seen near Whailen again.''

Jin thought hard about that. For years Namjoon hasn't got that close to Whailen, ever since that night. The night that the old Captain, Namjoon's grandfather got killed and Namjoon took his place as a Captain of 'The Sea Monster'.

-''The rumor also has it that he is looking for you Jin.'' – The Count looked at him, studying him intently, waiting for some sign or trace of emotion. Jiyong found out that Jin and 'The Sea Monster' Captain were connected somehow, but still didn't know how and to what extent.

-''Do you have any idea of why?'' – Jin asked calmly, even though he knew the answer to that question already.

-''I was hoping you might tell me why Jin.'' – The Count said, brushing his fingertip on his upper lip.

-''I'm afraid I'm in the dark about that just like you. I know why I'm following their movements, but not as to why they've decided to follow mine.''

-''And why are you following their movements?''

Jin smiled at Jiyong. – ''That's my private business, my dear Count.''

The Count chuckled. – ''Fine, keep your secrets but be aware that he doesn't look for you in a friendly way, but rather...more....'' – He paused slightly trying to find the proper word. – ''...more lethal way.

-''You think he is here to kill me?'' – Jin asked and Jiyong nodded slightly.

So Namjoon knew, Jin realized finally. The only reason he would search for him in the enemy matter was that he found out the truth. It must have been a real stab in the back from Jin's part, but Jin couldn't help it, he was on the mission.

Jin had no idea what he could possibly say to Namjoon once he sees him again. His feelings towards the man haven't ceased after all these years, not one bit. Jin remembered how devastated he was after his grandfather was killed and how big his fury for the faceless murderer was. He swore his vengeance that day in front of Jin and Jin helped him through a hard time. The crew voted him Captain and they were thirsty for blood. For fifty-three years did the old Captain ruled these waters as one of the most notorious pirates with his monster of the ship. For fifty-three years no one has managed to come near enough to strike down on the old sea wolf. He was always ready, always prepared, He knew it all, and yet, whether it was his old years or the fact that he trusted the wrong person, got him killed at the end and Namjoon blamed himself for not keeping his guard up more closely.

When Jin left him as well, Namjoon grew even quieter and brooding, but he didn't question Jin's decisions. He knew that Jin had to go, to follow his destiny. What Namjoon didn't know was that Jin was an Assassin on the mission.

So Jin returned back at the headquarters, to speak with his Mentor. The news about Old Captain's death traveled fast and wide. Everyone was surprised to see Jin still alive and changed. He matured and became wiser and more cunning. Jin didn't care about the rank, nor sudden respect he got from everyone. It didn't matter to him anymore. He thought about Namjoon, wanting to go back, but it was impossible.

So Jin went from one mission to the other, each time harder than the last. They called him 'Beautiful death' since his face was the last thing they saw before they died and he was quick and quiet as a shadow. Ever since he left Namjoon, Jin hasn't smiled. The fake smiles on his face when he was in one of his roles were carefully practiced, but the real sincere smile never showed up until he came upon twins. Jin's heart warmed a little as he remembered his adoptive little brothers and how much they grew now. He managed to keep them safe all these years, but that Namjoon knows...and now he will come for him and everything he holds dear – the twins as well.

Jin became aware that the Count was studying him carefully, trying to read his mind as Jin starred through the carpet in the room. Jin straightens his shoulders and cleared his throat.

-''I have to go now. Thank you for the information. Same as always?'' – He pulled a small pouch with gold from his pocket and place it on the table, but before he could retrieve it, the Count's warm palm covered his hand.

-''Maybe this time I require another way of payment Jin.'' – The Count said, eyes shining mischievously. Jin leans his head and squinted his eyes to look at him.

-''Such as?''

The Count rose from his chair and stood close in front of Jin. Jin could smell his cologne and it was expensive and arousing.

-''A kiss.'' – The Count said, looking at Jin boldly, a shy smile covered his lips. He looked almost innocent.

Jin raised his eyebrow, contemplating his options, but then lean forward and connect his lips with the Count's soft cheek. The kiss was sweet and short, but it had the desired effect on the Count, whose eyes fluttered and he released a deep sigh. Jin moved away from him, picking up his pouch with gold from the table and tucking it into his pocket.

-''You know that's not the kiss that I meant.'' – The Count spoke calmly.

-''Well you didn't precise which one and I don't read minds Count. Until next time.''

Jiyong smiled, biting his lips as he watches Jin's wide shoulders disappear through the door and he whispers to himself. – ''Touché my darling, touché.''

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The Sun was high up in the blue sky filled with big fluffy clouds, a slight breeze cooling down the hotness of the day. Someone would say it's a perfect day, but Jungkook couldn't care less about the weather. He was in the middle of whacking up the improvised enemy of wood, straw and filled the bag with sand. He was slicing through his enemy, mentally and physically preparing for the upcoming duel with Jimin. He heard stories about his mastery and even though he didn't doubt his skill, he still was wise enough to take the warnings into consideration.

Jimin even though smaller and less bulky than him, was still strong and as it seemed fast, but so full of himself, that his way to high ego might or might not play the partial role in the duel. Over the years with Hoseok, Jungkook learned not to judge a book by its covers, because the minstrel himself was a very enigmatic man.

Jungkook whacked the practicing doll one more time before he huffed, brushing the sweats from his brow and reached for the shade of the tree. He sat down, panting, gulping some water and leaning on the tree, closing his eyes.

He thought about his Hyung now, of how did they met and all the adventures these two had on their journey. It wasn't always easy though.

He remembers the time while he was serving Lord Daewo. He was just anointed into knighthood. Deasung and he were the last two that got that honor from their master knight Jinheung before he died. He always praised young Jungkook for his abilities and character, calling him a Golden squire.

-''You are going to be a Golden Knight one day son.'' – Jinheung used to tell him. – ''As for you Daesung, you will break all the ladies hearts.'' – He used to laugh at their shy faces, saying he never saw two squares that blush like girls before.

They were all sad when he died. The old knight was wise and skillful. They learned a lot from him.

Around the same time, two minstrels came to the Lordship's home, Panda and Hope entertaining and loud. They told jokes and sang a song that made Jungkook die from laughter and blush to the tips of his ears. They were an amazing duo. Jungkook and Daesung soon became friends with both of them. Their bright energetic personality sometimes overpowered reserved and quiet knights, but somehow they fit well together. They enjoyed watching the two of them performing. The blond Seungri, better known as Panda, always managed to make them laugh with his jokes and imitations, while redheaded Hoseok or Hope, was a master on his guitar, singing softly and provocatively his songs filled with double meaning, usually alluding on sex and mockery. He could make up the song on the spot and was an exceptionally talented dancer. Both of them were, Daesung admired them very much.

So when Daesung pledged his allegiance with Lord Yang Minsuk, Seungri left with him. Jungkook would never see either of them again.

As for Jungkook he didn't plan to leave anytime soon, but the youngest daughter of Lord Daewo was adamant to marry him or no other, even though she was only fourteen years old. She proved to be a sly little minx who made her advances on Jungkook often, going that far to sneak in the Jungkook's bed at night. Needless to say, Jungkook was petrified, scared of Lord Daewo retribution if he ever found out, but even more of forced marriage, so he decided to leave. Hoseok running from his own problems with women decided to join him, so he had a company.

They proved to be useful to one another, as Jungkook was perfectly capable to keep them safe on their journey, hunting in the woods, preparing the fire and decent dinner whenever they will stop for the night in the forest, while Hoseok's golden tongue and quick fingers earn them a shelter, food and warm bath at every household or inn in their way. The only problem was that they had to leave in the crack of dawn every time, before house awakes, which was the thing that Jungkook disliked beyond everything but was totally used to it by now. The thing was that they usually had to flee from the wrath of angry hosts once they discover that the young minstrel didn't just win the hearts of their wives and daughters with his songs and sweet talk, but actually filled their wombs with his seed during the night as well.

Now the two riders rode silently from one of those houses. The young Lady was more than welcoming, giving them a place to sleep and food to eat and Hoseok thanked her with songs and music. Through the entire evening, the Lord of the house and her old husband eyed them carefully, insisting for them to sleep in the barn, which both young men accepted gratefully. And while the husband slept soundly in their room that night, thinking that there's no danger from the strangers, since they are out in the barn, he didn't notice the absence of his wife in their shared bed. She tiptoed in the horse stall, where Hoseok and Jungkook slept on the hay and while Jungkook pretended to sleep, Hoseok enjoyed all the charms of the Mistress of the house, whose quiet moans and sounds of skin tapping one another echoed the room.

Pretty soon after the Lady left to her own chambers, Kook was able to get some short sleep, until Hoseok awoke him at the brink of dawn.

-''Jungkookah let's go. Wake up, get your horse ready.''

Jungkook grunted and for once, only once he wished he could awake when he chose and leave when he is ready, in the noon. Keeping his complaints to himself, he did what he was told and the two men quietly left the stables with their horses and ride out into the waking sky. They rode for most of the morning, pausing near the stream, to fill their water supplies and then they were off again, at the slow pace. Their horses under their strong thighs were well rested and strong, carrying them towards some new place, new town, and new people. They kept mostly silent, not talking much until Jungkook decided to break the silence and complain. He was tired and not in the right mood.

-''One of these days you will get your manhood chopped off Hyung.''- Hoseok just laughed wholeheartedly.

-''Ah Kook, don't be so straight-laced, 'manhood'... – He chuckled again and shook his head. – ''Say it as it is – cock, dick, length, sword, sausage, whatever...just don't call little Hoseok 'manhood' please.'' – He started again when Jungkook groaned exasperatedly from the embarrassment and the lack of Hoseok's tongue filter sometimes.

-''Do you have to be sausage... dammit Hyung...I would never be able to see sausage and not to think about your know what, forget I've said anything.'' – That just made Hoseok laugh even harder.

-''You are so adorable sometimes my dear Kook, honestly. I feel the need to protect you.''

-''First of all, I am not adorable. Second, you are the one that needs protection Hyung, considering all the mess you get yourself into all the time because you simply cannot resist not to get into someone's bed wherever we go.''

-''But why would I resist something delicious and free?''

-''Oh c'mon, half of that women and men you sleep with are not even remotely handsome and beautiful as you usually get on the big places and you know it.''

-''Just because they are not handsome or beautiful as you say, that doesn't mean that they don't know to use their hands and tongues young one. They work even harder because they need to prove themselves worthy since they are lacking in the beauty department. You still have a lot to learn. You would know this if only you allow someone to come close to you.''

-''I don't want to be close to them.'' - The young man said seriously, turning his head to the right towards his Hyung. – ''I don't want them to touch me and kiss me and....whatever... It feels disgusting having their mouths on me like that, I don't like it. And having mine on their body. You know that more than half of them are not taking care of their hygiene as they should and I supposed to kiss and lick that. No thank you.''

-''Oh my poor boy, when the right time and the right person comes you would want to lick and kiss every inch of their body and stick your tongue into a place that you never imagine you could. You would have that unimaginable thirst to taste cum or juices, trust me.''

-''Dammit Hyung, did you actually do that? Taste their... You know.''

-''It's called seeds or cum Kook, you should know, you produce one and women produces juices, that makes them slippery and warm for us to bury ourselves in and....''

-''Shit okay, okay, you don't have to be that precise, I know what that is, I just don't like to say it out makes me embarrassed.''

-''Boy snap out of it. You are a man, or at least you look like one, start fucking like one I beg of you. You do realize that Azzurro sisters started a bet of which one of them is going to take you to bed first? But you just fucked up their plan when you left. I never saw them so angry.'' – Hoseok looked ahead while he spoke, but he turned to look at his young friend, who face was shocked.

-''Are you joking? Please tell me you are.'' – He murmured, but Hoseok shook his head.

-''I'm afraid not. And now every town knows about it. I must say I didn't think it would spread like this, but the power of a good tale travels fast.''

-''Hyung what did you do?'' – Jungkook raised his eyebrow and stared at his older friend sternly.

-''It was nothing bad.'' – Hoseok said, his lips quivered in a little smirk.

-''Hyung, what did you do?'' – Jungkook's voice was stern.

-''I swear is nothing.'' – Hoseok said and then laughed seeing Jungkook's murderous glare. – ''Okay so you remember that old tale about elfish people how they come and mingled with humans?''

-''You mean the fairytale?'' – Jungkook interjected.

-''Yes, well...there are some people that still believe in supernatural might tell them something about you having a drop of elfish blood in you and that's why you are so good at everything.''

-''Hyung!'' – Jungkook shouted, but Hoseok just bit his lip and continued explaining. – ''It was fun, they were so thing lead to another and... oh it's so funny how people could have a vivid imagination and...''


-'' there's an a...certain rumor that you...umm... have a golden cum.'' – Jungkook was appalled, but Hoseok continued, acting nervous, but he wasn't. -''And that you might make golden warrior babies...and that's why you are holding on to your virginity....that's all.''


-''What? They call you 'The Virgin Knight' now.''

-''What the fuck!?'' – Jungkook was livid, but Hoseok was delighted.

-''There you go, I knew it won't be so difficult to say that word once you put your mind to it! I don't know if I should congratulate or kick myself for corrupting your soul.''

-''Hyung for fuck sake!''

-''Oh now I'm done it!'' – Hoseok roared with laughter, but Jungkook was not in the mood for laughter, he bellowed from the top of his lungs that even birds became quiet.

-''How could you do this to me Hyung?! Why? Why would you want to mark me as a....a... freak!''

The smile disappeared from Hoseok's face. -''Don't be so dramatic Kook, no one thinks you are a freak!'' – Hoseok shouted back, his once cheerful mood was now replaced by the anger. – ''What's more, I branded you desirable, you brat. You were always so bloody shy and quiet unless you needed to fight or win something, but when ladies or gents are in question, you are smaller than a mouse! No one with body and face like that should be a virgin, no one!''

-''Maybe I don't mind being a virgin! Did you ever stop to think about that?!''

-''Why on Earth would you want to live in celibacy?!''

-''Because not all of us is a bloody damn hoe that jumps in everyone's beds at night and because of whom, we need to sneak out in the crack of dawn so not to get caught!'' – Kook said and turned to urge his horse to pick up some speed when the small dagger flies next to his head and bury itself into the tree they were passing by.

-''Are you crazy!? You could have hit me!'' – Jungkook shouted, but Hoseok was quiet, his rage was fuming inside and he was in a murderous mood. – ''Dang, I missed.'' – Was all he said and then he speeds up and galloped forward, leaving Jungkook behind.

Half of the day passed with no trace and sign of Hoseok anywhere and Jungkook was starting to worry about him. The anger fumed down and certain dread took over. He knew that the cities and towns were Hoseok's paces, but the woods were full of unexpected stuff and creatures. Woods was never friendly towards Hoseok and minstrel knew that. Still, he was out there of his own.

He had no idea of where Hoseok left, in which way, he just knew that he wants to find him with all of his heart. Jungkook didn't want them to separate like this, not after a fight, so he continued his search after a short break where he ate a bit of dry meat and bread.

The night started to creep in fast and Jungkook knew he had to stop somewhere and prepare a shelter for tonight, but he needed to find Hoseok first. It was his fault that the man left. His words that insulted and hurt him, even though they are true. Jungkook knew he shouldn't have said it the way he did and he was regretting it now, because even though he does mind Hoseok's promiscuous nature and his perverted mind and tongue that made Jungkook blush more than he can remember, Hoseok was still a very good friend and a good Hyung and even though he did start a ridiculous rumor about him, he still didn't mean it in a bad way.

The night enveloped the woods into the darkness and Jungkook was grateful for his horse's sharp senses and good eyes. The horse was shivering slightly, not liking the darkness and all of the sounds that came from it, but the animal knew she was protected by her young rider. Soon Jungkook saw the light from the deep blackness and as he came carefully closer, he hears roaring laughter and the sound of the guitar strings.

-''Hyung.'' – Jungkook whispered to himself and urged his horse towards the light, until he saw the small clearing and nice big fire burning, with a few rabbits on the sticks above the flames, roasting nicely. The smell was inviting, and he saw his Hyung in the middle, with his guitar in hand, playing one of his famous and provocative songs, but what stopped Jungkook from approaching the fire were four dangerously looking men. They wore a knight's attire, but everything about them screamed danger in Jungkook's mind. They probably stole clothes and weapons from corpses, if not even killing them beforehand.

Jungkook, who left his horse to sneak closer to see better, met his Hyung's eyes for a briefest of moments before closing them as he finished his second verse. Jungkook could swear he saw a warning in his Hyung's eyes. The warning to stay away and hide and Jungkook did exactly that, but he hid close, very, very close.

When the night was late and the music stopped, their bellies filled, Hoseok yawned and found the most comfortable place near one bigger rock to sleep. He just started drifting into sleep, when a large hand muffled his screams and other large hands gripped his body.

-''Well now a pretty bird, do not fight us.'' – One man said while others added. – ''We just want to have some fun with you. You will enjoy, I'll be gentle with first...''

What neither of them expected was for Hoseok to stop struggling and make a little whine. They all stopped to look at him.

-'' like this don't you?'' – One of the men asked and Hoseok moaned, his body shivering. Large hands groped at his thighs and ass, squeezing him. He bucked his hips up, wanting more attention. He removed a hand from his mouth and whined. – ''T-touch me.''

He could feel the hunger and desire emanating from the four men above him. He didn't know which one was pulling his breaches down and his tunic off until he was completely naked in front of them. He felt large hands around his cock, his ass and someone's tongue on his nipples.

-''Oh pretty bird, we are going to fuck you so good. You are so good to us. We are going to keep your tight little ass.'' – The man said next to Hoseok's ear and went to kiss his neck. Hoseok could feel the man's beard scratching his neck and the stench of sweat and blood filling his nostrils. Hoseok's brows furrowed as he moved quickly. The men didn't know what hit him, only that sharp sudden pain and hot blood started oozing from their necks, loins, and veins where the deep cuts of Hoseok's blades, that he hid near the rock before he wants to sleep, were made. The rush of hot blood splashed Hoseok's naked flesh and he moaned. Deeper the cut, the quicker the blood was to leave the men's bodies and pretty soon the three of them were dead. The last man, still unaware of what had happened to his friends, had his lips around Hoseok's cock, sucking it with his eyes closed and one in his own pants, jerking himself.

Hoseok grabbed him by his hair and pulled him off. The man only then noticed the blood on Hoseok's body and he jumped on his knees. Seeing three of his friends dead, he screamed and attacked the minstrel, but the man was too quick. One carefully executed hit off the back of the dagger in the head and the man's world went dizzy as he falls face down into the ground and lost his consciousness. He woke up a moments later with his hands tied on his back and his pants down his knees as the searing pain filled his ass from the stretch he was not accustomed too. He screamed and grunted as Hoseok fucked him violently, snapping his hips deep and fast into him. The man started to cry and beg him to stop, which only spur Hoseok on to continue it rougher.

Hoseok enjoying the man's screams and whimpers, almost dried blood on his body mixed with his sweat, made his skin shiver on the night's breeze. The fire was the only thing that gave light and warmth to this massacre. Hoseok pulled the man's hair to raise his head from the ground, wrapping his hand around man's jaw to bend him higher and expose his neck.

-''Look at the stars, aren't they wonderful.'' – Hoseok grunted as he fucked him, the man cried and shivered. – ''I could make poems from this, honestly. Look at them!'' – He growled in the man's ear and quicken his thrusts even faster. The man sobbed and begged his Gods for quick release from this pain. He was too scared to actually enjoy this and he nearly shit himself.

Hoseok was near, still looking at the man's watery eyes and seeing the stars mirrored in them he squeezed his neck, making the man's muscles grew tighter, eyes wide from shock and lack of oxygen, squeezing hard around his cock and Hoseok's orgasm hit him strong. He filled the man with his cum, letting his weak body fall on the ground unceremoniously, gasping for air. He pulled out and groaned, seeing his cock was covered with fluids that he didn't want, but fuck, there's nothing to be done now, except jump into the water and washing down all the blood, cum and shit from himself.

The crack of the branches made him turn quickly, with his dagger ready to launch at the newcomer, only to realize that it was, very round-eyed and scared Jungkook.

-''I've told you to hide. Why are you here?'' – Hoseok spoke calmly, his breath still fast, but he was fighting to get the control of it. The young man didn't move, but the point on Hoseok's naked and covered with blood body. – ''The blood. Are you hurt Hyung?'' – Was all Jungkook asked and Hoseok's stern eyes grew softer.''

-''The blood is not mine.'' – He was observing the young man carefully, his reaction and behavior. The turmoil in Jungkook's brain was silenced by his self-control and he scrunched his nose at the smell of blood and shit.

-''Hate to break this to you Hyung, but you stink.'' – Jungkook trying to lighten up the mood, but failing though, since Hoseok stayed serious. Hoseok wanted to laugh. He wanted to be playful again, but he wasn't sure just how much traumatized Jungkook truly was. He needed to know what's in younger man's mind before he could relax.

-''Where were you all this time?'' – He asked and Jungkook touched the back of his neck.

-''I was close, waiting.''

-''For what?''

-''To see what are they up to.'' – He said, looking at Hoseok's eyes and then added. – ''I jumped when I saw they were surrounding you and was nearly there when you went still and moaned. That stopped me. I knew something was on, so I waited for more. Was....was I wrong Hyung?'' – He asked, looking even younger than he was. Jungkook was scared and seriously shaken.

-''No, you weren't wrong. I did tell you to wait. Did you understood that?'' – Hoseok asked, tilting his head slightly.

-''I understood. That's why I didn't approach you when I first discovered you are here.''

-''You watched everything?''

Jungkook's red cheeks were all the answer Hoseok needed. They were silent for a while until Jungkook's quiet voice interrupted Hoseok's trail of thoughts. – ''I was so worried Hyung. I looked everywhere for you. I am sorry, I really am.''

Hoseok's heart melted. He always had a soft spot for puppies, but Jungkook was his little puppy and he smiled. –'' I am sorry too, pup. I shouldn't have done it...the rumor I mean... but I just really wanted you to get laid you know.''

Jungkook smiled, his eyes watering slightly, which he would blame the ash from the fire and then scrunched his nose again. – ''No offense Hyung, but if sex is anything like what I just saw tonight, I don't think I wanted to have anything to do with it.''

Hoseok laughed this time. – ''You know it's not like this. This...'' – He spread his hands, showing the scene behind him. – '' more of an acquired taste.''

Jungkook's eyes went wide and he whispered. – ''Is that why we had to run each time? You were killing them when you finish with them?''

That made Hoseok laugh wholeheartedly, his laughter echoing the night around them. He laughed so much, that he was tearing up. All that time Jungkook was staring at him, confused.

-''Oh my...oh my stomach muscles...hurts...oh Kook, you sweet pabo...'' – He laughed more, holding his stomach, bent in half as he was trying to catch his breath.

-''Well did you!?'' – Jungkook asked, his brows furrowed.

-''Of course not, what do you think of me?'' – Hoseok said and Jungkook pointed at the three dead men behind him.

-''Oh well...I see your point, but no...I do not kill my partners in bed. This one is still alive.'' – He pointed at the grunting man on the ground, he still didn't move. – ''The Lady from last night, she left my bed freely, I know you heard it. You were awake through the entire ordeal.'' – Hoseok said and Jungkook blushed even more. –'' These four were very bad men.'' – Hoseok continued. – ''They would have raped me and kill me afterward, be sure of that. I just did that to them instead and saved some other unlucky innocent fool that might have come their way in the future.''

-''You spared that one.'' – Jungkook nodded towards the last man. Hoseok shrugged his shoulders.

-''But why did you have to...I could just kill them and be done with it, but instead you...'' – Jungkook struggled with his words, but Hoseok understood what he was trying to say.

-''You mean why did I fuck him?'' – He asked, pointing at the fourth man on the ground and when Jungkook nodded, he continued. – ''I get turned on by the danger and power play. The power over him, his life in my hands his body for me to do what I please. That's...hmm....arousing...and he is handsome.''

At that moment the man jumped from the ground, with one of the dead men's knife raised high in his first right above Hoseok's head.

-''Hyung! Behind you!''

Hoseok turned fast, the man's knife was halfway towards Hoseok's face and only his quick reflexes saved him from getting his face sliced in half. The man lunged again but failed to do anything more, as Jungkook's sword got buried deep into his stomach. The man stopped, confused, looking down at the steel in his belly, his eyes followed the blade, over his hilt and hands that were holding it, up the chest, all the way to Jungkook's eyes, that were blazed in fury. He turned his sword, rotating the blade and cutting the man's insides, before jerking it out in one swift movement. The man dropped on his knees, the knife was long forgotten as he died next to his friends.

Both Hoseok and Jungkook starred at the man for a few moments and then on each other in complete silence. Finally, Jungkook dropped his gaze on the ground and he spoke.

-''It's cold Hyung. Wash and put on your clothes.''

-''Thank you Kook.''

-''Always Hyung. I will protect you, always. Go now... you'll catch a cold. I'll set us a fire down there.'' – He pointed somewhere in the dark woods. – ''I'll get your horse as well.''

-''What's wrong with this fire?'

-''I will not stay next to the corpses and blood Hyung, thank you very much.''

-''It's just a bit of blood and mud.''

-''That's shit Hyung. Go and wash, you stink, I mean it.'' – He turned and left the warmth of the fire, disappearing into the night with Hoseok's shaky laughter echoing the woods.

That night strengthen their bond even more. They never separated afterward. Jungkook never feared for his Hyungs safety that much anymore and Hoseok did his best not to spur more of the rumors surrounding his young dongsaeng. They spend two years traveling around the world, visiting different places and meeting new people. Jungkook loved winning jousting and tournaments and Hoseok played, entertained and made redheaded children. That's when they found their way towards Bangtan town.

Since then things became good, really good if you ask Jungkook. He felt welcomed here. The Innkeeper and his wife were kind people and he was respected in the circle. Few tried to win his heart, but they didn't insist on it as if the rumor hasn't reached them yet, or maybe it was because Jungkook himself and his nature, he didn't know. He just knew that things became far more interesting and intense since he met Tae.

Jungkook let a shy smile play on his lips as he remembered Tae's face. He wasn't just beautiful, but fun and smart too. Tonight Tae promised him he will take him to his favorite spot and Jungkook couldn't wait. It must be a fantastic place if Tae like it so much.

He felt slight coldness as his body started to cool down from the wind and sweat. He should practice some more. He should be ready for tomorrow, so he rose up, holding his sword tightly and charged towards the doll.


Chapter Text



Jungkook and Tae rode in silence through the night. Tae wanted to show Jungkook his favorite place in the forest. It was a small lake, hidden deep in the cave, with the opened sky, filled with moonlight. It was truly magnificent. It was beautiful, just like Tae, Jungkook thought.

Full Moon gave enough light to make entire cave glistened with white light, it was magical. Jungkook never thought he would see something so beautiful in his life, but with Tae, everything was possible. The water looked cold but so inviting. Tae was the first who unashamedly took off his clothes and jumped into the lake.

-‘’Dammit it’s cold.’’ – He hissed. – ‘’Oh but it’s so worth it, get in Kook.’’

Jungkook needs to remind himself not to stare at Tae’s naked body before he starts removing his own clothes and pile it neatly on one rock.

He could feel Tae’s eyes on his chest and his abs. It made Jungkook blush. He turned and untied his pants letting them slide his hips and muscled thighs. He could swear he head Tae gasped, but he didn’t turn around to see. Trying to hide as much as he can, he crouched in front of the water, observing it.

-‘’Don’t look at it, just jump in.’’ – Tae’s deep baritone echoed around the cave walls. Tae looked so hot with his dark wet hair brushed back by his fingers, so his forehead was showing clearly. How could anyone be so breathtakingly beautiful? Jungkook had no idea.

He counted up to ten before he jumped into glistening water. It was cold, really cold and he felt his heart scream from the shock. He reached for the surface and gasped for air.

-‘’Ah it’s cold.’’

Tae chuckled at that. – ‘’Told you.’’

He swam closer and jumped suddenly at surprised Kook and submerged him completely under the water. Jungkook coughed and splashed, while Tae laughed and started swimming away from him, but Jungkook, competitive by nature, could not allow this to go unpunished, so he went on chasing him. They screamed, splashed at one another, and laughed like kids for several minutes. When Jungkook finally caught him, he pulled him towards himself, with all intention to duck him under the water, but he didn’t expect Tae’s back hitting his chest so harshly and for his own cock to slide between Tae’s butt cheeks so easily. They both gasped and Jungkook panicked. He moved away quickly, feeling embarrassed. They swam on the opposite sides, each to his own clothes.

-‘’We should go back.’’ – Tae said quietly after a moment of silently observing the other men, who didn't dare to raise his eyes from the ground. Jungkook agreed quietly.

What first wasn’t a trouble at all, riding on Jungkook’s horse together, now became a predicament that they didn’t expect. They had to ride together again, but the embarrassment was still fresh in Jungkook’s mind and he didn’t know how to address it.

-‘’You are shivering Tae.’’ – Jungkook said, looking at the other boy.

-‘’It’s cold.’’ – Tae answered, not looking Jungkook in the eyes.

-‘’Umm… you should sit in front then, I...umm…. I can warm you up.’’ – He said.

-‘’Are you sure Kook?’’

Jungkook nodded. He only wishes that he wouldn’t get a boner, but Tae was cold and he could not sit back. Jungkook is more resilient at the cold anyway.

-‘’Okay.’’ - Tae said and jumped first in the saddle, moving forward so Jungkook would have enough room to sit behind. When he settled himself, Jungkook cursed silently, the space between them was none existing and he was heavily pressing his front at Tae’s ass. He wondered how didn’t he noticed this before when they rode here. Sure, Tae was behind him, but still, it didn’t feel like they didn’t have enough room. Or maybe Jungkook just became acutely aware of how great Tae’s ass looked as he entered the water.

He cursed himself mentally for such thoughts as he felt tightening in his pants more profusely now. Tae leaned his back on Kook’s chest, while Jungkook hugged him around his hands, holding the rains. The other one tossed his back to rest on Jungkook’s shoulder as he watched the night sky.

-‘’The sky is so wonderful tonight.’’ – He said quietly. And it was, Jungkook had to agree with him, although he was thinking more of how gorgeous the man in his arms was, Tae didn’t need to know that. He was aware of how close they were, of how Tae’s back brush against his chest, brushing at his sensitive nipples, how his ass slide on his cock with every move of the horse. Tae must have felt it, there’s no way he didn’t, but he didn’t say anything.

They rode in silence for a while, and with each passing step, Jungkook grew more and more restless. His cock brushing at Tae now with every single move, straining in his pants to get out, go be attended for. He heard Tae’s hard breathing and glanced quickly at his hands. Tae had a strong hold on his own thighs, gripping nervously. Jungkook had to bit his lip to calm his nerves from the heat he felt from him. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and trying to gain control over himself when a whiff of something so alluring touched his nostrils and his head fell down on Tae’s shoulder, inhaling deeply. The smell of his skin ran over Jungkook like water. It was so calming, so sweet that Jungkook didn’t realize that he buried his nose in Tae’s neck until Tae giggled.

-‘’Your nose is cold.’’

Jungkook raised his face up, blushing. –‘’Sorry.’’ - He thanked the darkness for covering his burning cheeks.

-‘’Do I smell funny?’’ – Tae asked, his voice strangely deep and seductive. Jungkook shook his head.

-‘’No, you…you smell so good. It calms me.’’

-‘’No one ever told me that before.’’

He craned his neck more to place his hand on the back of Junkook’s head and pull him closer. He could hear the younger man’s breath grew faster as he inhaled the sweet smell of his skin.

-‘’You like it that much?’’ – Tae’s deep voice send shivers to Jungkook’s entire body.

-‘’I’m sorry.’’

-‘’Do not apologize.’’

Jungkook pressed his mouth on Tae’s neck, only to feel Tae’s fast heartbeat on his lips. The barely audible sound came from Tae as he whined weakly.

-‘’Kook…’’ – He whispered and ran his fingers through Jungkook’s wet hair. Jungkook hummed from pleasure and brushed his lips up and down Tae’s neck. The other man’s breathing quickened as he arched more into the touch. The smell and his warmth were intoxicating and suddenly Jungkook felt the urge to graze his teeth on the skin. He couldn’t help himself. He opened his mouth and bared his teeth, dragging them gently over Tae’s neck. A loud moan broke from the other man, his hand gripped Jungkook’s hair tightly as he bucked his ass back, right into Jungkook’s already hard cock.

-‘’Ah Jungkook.’’

Jungook moaned, licking the skin before the suck at it. Tae’s reactions were everything.

-‘’Oh, again...Jungkook…please…again.’’ – He rolled his hips back at Jungkook, panting. His eyes were closed, waiting for Jungkook’s teeth to scratch his skin again. Jungkook gave him what he wanted and was awarded yet another hard moan from Tae.

-‘’You sound so wonderful Tae.’’ – He drags one of his hands up Tae’s thigh, squeezing it.

-‘’Do you like it?’’ – Tae asked, his body moving, wishing to be touched by Jungkook. Jungkook let go of the reins to slid his hands on the insides of Tae’s thighs, pulling him back, so his ass would brush properly at his erection.

-‘’I do…very much.’’ - He said in low voice.

Tae groaned. – ‘’Fuck Kook… you make me feel so…so....’’

-‘’So? What Tae?’’ – Jungkook wanted to know, kissing and sucking gently at Tae’s neck, hands still kneading his thighs. Tae moved one of Jungkook’s hands between his legs, palm cupping the bulge in his pants, so Jungkook knew exactly how he made Tae feel. His inner animal purred, knowing that Tae wants him the same way he himself aches for him. He stroked him over his pants, grinding his own cock on Tae’s ass firmly, the road was long forgotten and Jungkook didn’t really care anymore. Tae turned his head to kiss him for the first time, his lips so sweet, that he lost his mind. He undid Tae’s pants and slid his hand inside to wrap it around Tae’s long, cock hesitantly at first, but Tae’s response gave him all encouragement he needed to carry on. They kissed, licking at each other's mouth, tongues wrapped together as Jungkook stroked him, fast, until Tae placed his own hand over his to guide him.

-‘’Slowly Kook, don’t rush it.’’ – Tae spoke in his mouth. Jungkook obeyed instantly and begin to stroke him slowly.

-‘’Put more pressure on it…yeah…oh, that’s it…. You are doing so good Kook.’’

If anyone passed by them at that moment, he would see two young men on a horse, completely lost at one another. Humming and moaning in pleasure. One stroking other’s cock, while grinding his own on the man’s ass. The poor animal had no idea of what’s been going on her back, but she grabbed ahead at a mild pace, listening to the grunting and light voices of her riders as well as the entire forest around her.

-‘’Ah Kook fuck…’’ – Tae arched his back when Jungkook digs his nail into Tae’s slit. His cock was on open now and a small amount of precum wasn’t enough, the dryness making the strokes uncomfortable.

-‘’Kook wait.’’ – He stilled the other man’s hand and bend his head slightly. A thin line of spit dragged from Tae’s mouth down onto his cock. Jungkook groaned at the sight, pressing himself on Tae more, searching for friction. Once satisfied he moved Jungkook’s hand again, now sliding it more easily.

-‘’Oh much better.’’ – He said.

They continued like that for some short time. Tae bucking in Jungkook's hand, feeling the tight pressure on his behind, until Junkook moaned weakly.

-‘’Tae… I can’t take it anymore.’’

Tae became aware of Jungkook shaking, his cock was pressing his pants tightly. Not knowing himself how he did it, Tae removed Jungkook’s hands, flipped his leg on the other side, while the horse was still moving, turning around slightly, before leaning back to toss his other leg on the other side, while Jungkook held him so he wouldn’t fall. Facing Jungkook now, he straddled his thighs and kissed him hard, pushing his tongue inside to wrap it around Jungkook’s ready one. The young knight, even though awkward at first, quickly learned all the tricks Tae was teaching him and used them perfectly, kissing him deeper. Tae went to unbutton Jungkook’s pants, groping at his abs in the process and freeing his neglected cock from his confinement. Jungkook groaned at the release and Tae lost no more time, but spit in his hands again and wrapped both around their cocks.

-‘’Oh Tae, my God… that feels so good…aah…’’ – Jungkook buried his forehead on Tae’s shoulder. He never felt this before. He never had someone else's hand around his privet parts until now and it felt like heaven. Junkook placed both of his hands on Tae's ass, sliding them inside of the pants to squeeze at the naked skin, kneading it. Tae cried out from the pleasure, wrapping his hands tighter around their members, stroking faster. Jungkook, still on the new territory, explored carefully, allowing his fingers to slip in between the ass cheeks, gently brushing across Tae's rim. The other man moaned deeply and hungrily, sending the vibrations on Jungkook's lips and it felt great. For Jungkook it meant that he was doing something good.

As a response, Tae quickened his strokes, making Jungkook groan more. It felt so divine. Junkook was close, almost at the end.

-‘’Oh how much I want to blow you.’’ – Tae said, sucking at the skin of Jungkook's neck. The words, the movement, the mouth, all of that was too much for Kook, who cried out. -‘’Aaaah TaeTae!’’ – He bit harshly at his shoulder as he cummed all over Tae’s hands and their cocks.

Tae kept stroking faster, the wetness of Jungkook's cum made the slide even easier. Jungkook whimpered at sensitivity, pressing his finger that was playing around Tae’s rim through the rings of tight muscles.

-''Aaaah Kook!'' - Tae hissed. Jungkook was immediately alarmed, pulled his finger out fast.

-''Did I hurt you Tae?'' - He asked, eyes wide as he tried to read Tae's face in the darkness.

-''No, don't stop...again Kook, again!''

Reluctantly Kook pushed back in and Tae moaned again, attacking his mouth to kiss him deeply. The tightness and heat were amazing, like nothing he ever felt before. Not even the furnace from the blacksmith's fire couldn't compare with this. Tae was squeezing so tightly around him, making Jungkook wonder what would be like if he had such heat and a squeeze around his cock. His member twitched again in Tae's hand due to overstimulation and the vivid image he created in his head. He whimpered weakly, pulling the man closer, his finger exploring Tae's inner walls.

-‘’Fuck Kook, dammit!!’’ – Tae grunted, his hand moved fast as he reached his orgasm, body convulsing violently. He arched his back and tossed his head back, spilling his cum with an audible moan. Seeing someone's ecstasy caused by his own hand was mesmerizing to Jungkook. Tae's body, voice, whimpers, the heat was wonderful to him. He was so amazed and he wanted to do it again and again. 

They both sat there, rocking slowly and panting in silence, while the horse rode forwards, who knows where. After a while, their breaths calmed down sufficiently enough and Tae raised his cum covered hand towards the moonlight.

-‘’It’s not gold.’’ – He said, grinning mischievously. Jungkook was confused. – ‘’What?’’

Tae grin became even wider. – ‘’Your cum, it’s not gold as they say it is.’’

Jungkook groaned and buried his face into Tae's neck as the latter shook from laughter. Somehow Jungkook didn’t mind the rumors anymore.



Jin sat on the balcony overseeing the sea. The small fishing boats and barges float lazily across the water. Sometimes one or two big ships will come into view, but they were mostly coming and going since the docks were on the other side of the island. Jin wondered when he’s going to see ‘The Sea Monster’ again, the legendary ship. He wondered how Namjoon looked right now, after all these years. It’s been twenty years since then, but to Jin, it seemed like it was yesterday.

Seokjin was only sixteen when he was sent on his first solo assignment in Whailen, a big trading town on the sea. His target was currently hiding on the island called Spine Breaker, which was named thus because of the sharp stones surrounding the island from all sides and was responsible for many shipwrecks over the centuries. It was said that island’s sharp teeth break ships spines like twigs and because of it, the place was perfect for smugglers, who managed to find the way through the deadly traps. Seokjin needed someone from the inside to get to that island.

He entered the back slum alley tavern, where all the scum dwelled, knowing that in places like this he might find the right man to take him on the desired place. The wrong assessment and tavern keeper bastard who sold him out had Seokjin ambushed. He killed a few of them but was still overpowered. The last thing he remembered was a large shadow and hard blow to the head. He woke up to slight lull. His head was hurting like hell, but at least he wasn’t bleeding. He was bruised and had a few cuts, but overall he was fine. The bad thing though was the fact that he was locked in a small cage that hung from the ceiling. The sound of the waves outside and crackles of wood told him that he was on the ship, in the Captain’s quarters no less, considering the wealthy interior of the cabin. A small movement on his right, made Seokjin turn his head quickly, only to see the young man on the floor in another cage, carved with runes. The cage was wider, so the man was able, unlike Seokjin, to lie down, lucky bastard, Seokjin thought.

-‘’Good morning.’’ – The man said, teasing. – ‘’Had a nice sleep?’’

Seokjin rolled his eyes but remained silent. The man chuckled and talked on.

-‘’You took your time waking up. The Baron came like three times and tried to wake you.’’ – “The Baron?! Who the hell was Baron??” Seokjin thought, but the man continued talking. –‘’You were so knocked out I thought you surely must be dead.’’ – The man smiled wide and Seokjin saw his dimples. They were irresistible.

-‘’Well… a good knock on the head sent me straight to my winter dream.’’ – Seokjin joked and tried to stretch his body, but there was not enough room, so he cursed under his breath. – ‘’Oh this damn cage.’’

The man must have heard him because the next thing he said was annoying as unsurprising to Seokjin. – ‘’You should be flattered. The Baron though your beauty deserves to be put on display, like some exotic bird.’’– He said smiling still, his eyes bore deep into Seokjin’s face. – ‘’A pretty bird.’’ – He added and if Seokjin could blush he would, but nature was always so gracious to him, so the rosy indicators of embarrassment and shyness never appeared on his beautiful face. He was aware of his looks ever since he was very young. Now, a sixteen-year-old boy already looked like a man, broad shoulders and tall strong constitution. His gentle facial features and luscious plump lips were a complete opposite from the rest of his body, but a sharp mind and charismatic nature managed to blend those two opposites to a perfect mix.

Seokjin bites his inner cheek to stop himself from laughing. – ‘’Well, good thing I had my beauty sleep then.’'

The man busted out laughing, covering his mouth with his hand. He looked so handsome, tall too, even though he was sitting. His long limbs were spread as much as his confinement allowed him. His face was soft, his lips full and kissable, but the man’s eyes were something completely different. They were soft amber and interested in one moment, but predatory and dangerous on the next, especially when they rested on Seokjin’s face. It reminded Seokjin of a wolf. He smiled as well, happy with the man’s reaction. The laughter abruptly stopped when they heard the footsteps in front of the cabin. The door was open and a very richly styled man entered the room. He was neat and fashionable, not too tall and not too thin either. He didn’t look like a Captain, but more of some high nobleman. Seokjin guessed that this was, indeed, the Baron.

As it turns out, the Baron noticed Seokjin when he was walking around Whailen three nights ago. His beauty prompted him to have Seokjin followed and brought straight to him. So the reason why Seokjin failed his assignment wasn’t because he miscalculated things or he was sold out, but that he was unlucky enough to catch an eye of one of the notorious beauty admirer, Baron Francis de Monroe.

-‘’Ah finally you are awake.’’ – The Baron spoke, his voice sounded snobbish in Seokjin’s ears. He didn’t like the man from a first glance and that had nothing to do with the fact that he was locked inside dangling cage because of him. The silence spread in the room. Seokjin just starred at the man, waiting for him to say something else, while Baron, apparently, expected Seokjin to confirm his words. The young man in the cage just silently observed. It was so awkward, Seokjin wanted to laugh, but he contained himself.

-‘’And?’’ – He prompted the Baron to continue, waving his hand in “go on” motion. Baron’s eyes widened for a few seconds, clearly not accustomed at such address, but Seokjin was so beautiful to him that he was ready to forget that insolence. He apologized in come way for the rough mistreatment and current position, but Seokjin, already cramped and annoyed about everything, had no patience, allowing his anger to pour out as gripped the bars of his cage tightly.

-‘’Care to explain to me why I’m I here on this ship? And even worse, why I’m I locked in this fucking cage?’’ – Seokjin’s spat. His voice was stern and bossy. Baron shifted uncomfortably. He was torn between anger and uneasiness but composed himself rather quickly.

-‘’You are here because that’s my express desire. The cage was necessary at first, but now that you are awake you might want to ease up the tone of your voice and consider your options for the future when I lay my offer to you.’’

Seokjin blinked and pushed his lips together for a moment, fighting to gain control of his temper. – ‘’What offer?’’ – He finally murmured and Baron Monroe smiled slyly, thinking that he finally got through the resistance.

-‘’For a pretty thing like you, life could be easy and nice. You don’t have to live like a scum anymore, crawling around with filth. You deserve to be ravished with gifts and beauty. “The ton” parties, nice, rich garments and delicious food, theaters, promenades…I can give you all of that. I can give you an easy life, pretty thing.’’

Pretty thing” Seokjin though, only one thing could come out from that line.

-‘’You want me to be your little whore? Is that’s why I’m here?’’ – Seokjin asked in disbelief.

-‘’Well I won’t call it thus, but in a way…I would expect certain compensation with your attention.’’

-‘’Oh, to be a pretty thing to warm up your bed at night and behave nicely when you parade me to your acquaintances, right?’’

-‘’Well yes of course. I would be so good to you. Ever since I lay my eyes on you I knew you would fit into a rich lifestyle so nicely.’’

-‘’No shit.’’ – Seokjin said somewhat quietly, but still enough audible for both men to hear. In his entire life, he’s been fighting the stereotypes. Just because he was so beautiful he was not considered good for anything but sex. He spilled his blood, sweat, and tears while he trained with the Order, proving himself each day, each year and finally, he was given the assignment on his own, for the final test and this bloody snob took that away from him and for what…to be his lover. Seokjin shook from inner violence he felt, gripping the metal bars and wishing he was strong enough to rip the cage apart and break the Baron’s spine.

-‘’You stupid snobbish prick.’’ – Seokjin said quietly.

-‘’I beg your pardon?’’ – The Baron raised one of his eyebrows in disbelief.

-‘’You beg?’’ – Seokjin raised his head to look at him, lips curling in a snarl as he lurched himself on the bars, making his cage sway. – ‘’You beg?! Oh, you will beg…you beg for your life when I get my hands on you out of this cage, you sad excuse of a human being!!’’

The Baron choked and screamed back. – ‘’How dare you speak to me thus….’’ – but was interrupted by Seokjin’s booming voice. – ‘’You dared to lock me up like I’m some kind of slave, so you could make me your whore!? I would rather die you bloody imbecile than have your cock anywhere near me!!!’’

Baron Monroe was livid. He crossed the room in two long steps and caught Seokjin’s collar through the cage, banging the boy’s head on the bars. – ‘’Oh we will see about that, boy.’’

With another hand, he gripped Seokjin’s thigh and squeezed it, while still holding the young man against the bars. He knew that Seokjin will put on a fight, but what he didn’t expect was just how efficient and strong the young man is.

Seokjin removed his hand from his thigh in one swift movement twisting it harshly, it almost broke. The Baron screamed and yanked Seokjin’s collar harder, cold metal hitting the boy’s right cheekbone. The hit made Seokjin hissed in pain and even though he held his composure, Baron’s hand clawed on his own, until he untangled himself from Seokjin’s grasp. The Baron stepped back with murderous glee in his eyes. He jumped to the door and opened then.

-‘’Knutt come here….and bring three of your strong men with you.’’

A big man, probably Knutt, showed up on the door, almost blocking it whole. Seokjin saw plenty of big men before, but this one was huge. He was very tall and very broad. Massive muscles adorned his entire body and his face had unpleasant features. Three other grimly looking sailors quietly came behind him.

-‘’Pull him out, strip him and tie him up.’’ – The Baron ordered. - ‘’I want him hanging by his wrists from the ceiling.’’

-‘’Oh that’s just brave Baron! Five against one young boy, what a real man you all are!’’ – The young man from the other cage shouted.

-‘’Quiet you mutt! You are not in my jurisdiction, but don’t think I won’t whip you bloody. I should deliver you alive, but no one said anything about being in one piece, so be quiet!’’

-‘’So why don’t you unlock this cage and come at me!!!’’ – The man snarled, but Baron ignored him, too focus on Seokjin, who by that time, put up a fierce fight and was now half beaten and half naked. One man laid on the floor, dead, with his nose crushed deep into his skull, while other two roared in pain, one holding his broken arm and knee, while other clutched at his groin, hissing in pain. Knutt, however, much stronger and surprisingly pretty fast knocked Seokjin down with one wave of his hand, making the young man’s neck crack involuntary, nearly losing his consciousness.

-‘’Not his face! Don’t hurt his face!’’ – Baron warned, already untying his breeches. Seokjin was on his hand and knees, gasping for air and fighting the white blotches that were blinding his vision. One of his eyes was swollen, and his lower lip was severely bleeding. Knutt ripped Seokjin’s shit off and pull on his wrists to tie him up, tossing the rope above the railing and pulled until Seokjin hang, hands up high. His toes barely touched the ground.

Baron discarded his coat on the chair and started unbuttoning his shirt. Seokjin tried to kick Knutt in the head, but the man evaded it.

-‘’Tie his feet as well.’’ – The Baron said and Seokjin could see from the corner of his eyes that another locked man was rattling his cage, eyes blazing. He was furious. Seokjin felt a pinch of respect for the man, who kept yelling at Baron and his men.

-‘’You bloody assholes!! Let him go! Fucking shits!’’

-‘’Shut him up.’’ – The Baron said, pointing on the other man and Knutt, who just finished tying Seokjin’s legs, went on to execute the order he was given. Loud muffled bang and choked gasp silenced the room again.

Seokjin was on the brink of losing his consciousness to the darkness. The stale air in the cabin touched his bare body, making him shiver. He felt so exposed and defeated. The Baron observed him, licking his lips, marveling at his body, until his eyes fell on the small mark on his upper left chest. He came closer and his eyes widened in horror. He recognized the small tattoo, the symbol.

-‘’No…’’ - He gasped. – ‘’It can’t be.’’ – He drew nearer and grabbed Seokjin by his waist to pull him closer, examining the symbol up close. His other hand brushed against it harshly, hoping it was just painted, but no, it was real. The Baron gulped visibly, his face suddenly drained from all blood. He stepped back from Seokjin so fast, like the touch of his skin burned him.

-‘’U-untie him… ‘’- He stammered to Knutt. – ‘’P-put his clothes up and… back in the cage…Lock him!’’ – He said and hastily left the room. Knutt just bowed and said something to other two. One left, jumping on one leg, while another helped him put Seokjin back. They picked up their dead crew member and left silently.

-‘’Hey, pretty bird.’’ – The young man with amber eyes called.

Seokjin groaned weakly.

- ‘’Are you okay?’’ - The man tried again, but he couldn’t reach the other man.

-‘’Can…you help?’’ – Seokjin asked.

-‘’Well no…I’m locked here, but…’’

-‘’Then shut….the fuck…up…'' - Seokjin spoke slowly, grunting from pain, becoming more and more quiet with each word. - ''Let me…get…my…b-beauty…s-sleep…’’ – He added and lost his consciousness.

Chapter Text




Seokjin twenty years ago


He was awakened by the sound of a cannon firing. Shouts and thundering ruckus, under and above, pointed at a fierce battle. The Baron was rummaging through the papers and pouches of gold, stuffing everything into a bag, together with a beautifully decorated box, that contained something valuable. The Baron put the box carefully into the bag and shut his safe. He placed the bag in an old sack and hid it behind the chair. The young man's eyes followed his every move.

At the same time, the officer barged in into the cabin.

-''My Lord, they have been restrained. The victory is ours.''

-''Damn bloody pirates. Are they all dead?'' – The Baron asked.

-''No my Lord, not all of them. We await your order.''

-''Kill them all. Fewer pirates mean calmer waters and the better and cleaner world.''

-''Yes my Lord, it shall be done as you ordered. And one more thing my Lord, we confiscated several crates of valuables, probably stolen goods from some trading ship no doubt. It's in the process of transporting it into our storage. You will have a list soon.''

-''Good, good, carry on then.''

-''What about the brig my Lord?''

-''Sunk it with the corpses.''

-''Yes my Lord.'' – The officer said and left.

Seokjin glanced at the locked man only to see his knuckles, white as snow from the intensity he was gripping the bars of his cage. His hate towards Baron was so intense that Seokjin wondered if the young man was tied more to the sea outlaws than his own personal vendetta towards the older man. He was important and obviously needed alive and without a scratch, which indicates that the Baron didn't lay finger on him yet, nor will he, in all probability, even though he threatened him the last time. However, the runes around the metal bars of the cage were mysterious. Seokjin saw something similar like that only with magical beings. He wondered if the man had some powers and were they the reason he was captured and locked here in the first place.

The Baron took the sack out again and went to his safe. Seokjin closed his eyes concentrating on the sounds around him. He tuned everything else down, but for the small ticking sound in the cabin. The safe opened and Baron put the content of the sack in it, closing it and leaving for the upper deck. The other man cursed, hitting the bars angrily.

-''Were they your crew?'' – Seokjin asked calmly.

The man huffed for a minute, closing his eyes and trying to calm himself before he spoke.

-''No, they were not.'' – He said curtly, but then added a bit less so. – ''But I might have known them before.''

-''Oh.'' – Seokjin said, shifting slightly. – ''Sorry mate.''

Silence followed. Seokjin ached to stand up and crack his spine, his entire body was hurting.

-''My name is Namjoon.'' – The man said. Seokjin gaze towards him and smiled. – ''I'm Seokjin.'' – He said.

Namjoon's wolfish eyes grew gentler and shy smile appeared on his lips. His dimples peeked out slightly and Seokjin was enamored. – ''Nice to finally know your name pretty bird. ''

Seokjin smiled shyly and turned his head to glance at the door.

-''You think he would be back soon?'' – He asked.

-''Who, the Baron? No. I don't think he will, there are stolen goods to be checked out and he always loves to choose the best from it.''

-''Hmmm...'' - Seokjin hummed. –'' Have you been here long?''

-''Few weeks, give or take a day.'' – Namjoon answered.

-''Hmmm... ''- Seokjin hummed again and then reached to take a small golden needle with an emerald top from the upper corner of his cage. He went to the lock.

Namjoon's eyes went wide. – ''Where did you get that?''

-''I stole it from our dear Baron when he so foolishly came too close to my cage. I hid it before those men came and dragged me out.''

-''You think you can open it?'' – Namjoon asked.

-''Hush now...'' – Seokjin said and closed his eyes, concentrating on the right angle. Soon the lock clicked and the cage door slid open. Seokjin climbed down carefully, letting his joints pop and crack. His legs were cramped and he had to close his eyes until the blood rushed down to it, rushing to every nerve. He let a long groan. The feeling was painful but so good at the same time.

Across the cabin, Namjoon shifted uncomfortably, blushing slightly. Seokjin only noticed then that he was still half naked from the waist up. The small symbol stood proudly on his left chest, right above his heart.

-''What's that symbol?'' – Namjoon asked, Seokjin just looked at him.

-''Why?'' – Seokjin asked and went straight to the Baron's liquor cabinet, opening up the bottle of wine and taking a long swig. His lips were parched and his throat dry, but there is no water anyway and he didn't care much. He drank some more.

-''The Baron seemed spooked when he saw it....'' – He craned his neck to see it better, squinting his eyes. – ''That's an Assassin's symbol, isn't it?''

Seokjin quirked his mouth. – ''And what if it is?''

-''You are too young to be Assassin.'' – Namjoon said, watching Seokjin from head to toe. – ''Too young and too...''

-''And?'' – Seokjin prompted, raising one eyebrow at the man. Namjoon shifted his eyes from him. He came closer to Namjoon's cage, a bottle of wine still in his hand.

-''And?'' – He asked again. Namjoon bit his lip and looked up.

-''Just....young....'' – Seokjin starred at him amusingly. –''...and beautiful. ''– Namjoon finally added.

-''Hmmm...'' - Seokjin hummed again. –''No, I'm not an Assassin. I just tattooed the symbol.'' - He lied. He didn't know Namjoon yet, and he wasn't foolish enough to admit who he really is. Not yet anyway, maybe not ever, period.

-''You know they could kill you if they find out. The assassins.'' – Namjoon added after a small pause and Seokjin chuckled. –''Oh I doubt they will ever find out. I might be dead soon before that ever happened. But it does have a helpful effect.'' – He said amusingly and went to unlock Namjoon's cage, but the other man's hand stopped him gently.

-'You can't open it, not with that.'' – Namjoon said when Seokjin looked at him confusingly.

-''Why?'' – Seokjin asked and Namjoon smiled tiredly.

-''Do you see that runes on the cage?'' – Namjoon asked and Seokjin nodded. – ''They prevent certain things to get out and could only be unlocked by a special, carved with runes key, which is now in the Baron's pocket.'' – Namjoon said, admiring Jin's face up close. Seokjin looked at him carefully.

-''To get anything out...what are you? Some kind of warlock?''

Namjoon chuckled. – ''Warlocks does not exist Seokjin.''

Now it was Seokjin's time to chuckle. – ''I know they don't. I'm just saying it's absurd.''

Namjoon smiled slyly. – ''Maybe...maybe not.''

Seokjin squinted his eyes, trying to size Namjoon's amber ones. -''If I get you the key, would you help me escape this damned boat?''

Najoon nodded at that. Seokjin started nodding his head as well in small movements, looking at the ceiling while he already made some plans in his head. – ''Alright, I'll knock the Baron off when he comes back and get you that key.''

-''We are in the middle of the sea, greatly outnumbered, we need help.''

-''So you suggest...'' - Seokjin said, giving the bottle to Namjoon, who accepted it with gratitude and took a long swig. – ''...that we let them land us ashore before escaping? It will be even more difficult then.''

-''Not exactly. I...I could call for help...''- Namjoon took another swig and gave the bottle back to Seokjin. Apparently, the runes didn't stop regular object to come out of the cage. That was interesting, Seokjin thought. – ''...but I need my things back.''

-''Where are your things?''

-''Probably somewhere here. Try...'' - The sound of the hurried footsteps approaching stopped him in mid-sentence and Seokjin jumped back across the room to his hanging cage. He climbed up quickly and closed the door, setting the bottle of wine behind his back, right before the door opened and the Baron entered. He looks at Namjoon first and then Seokjin, surprised he was awake. Without a word, the Baron went to his table and sat. He wrote something down and then raised his head to look at Seokjin.

-''You must be thirsty and hungry and you probably want to use the bucket. I'll send men to attend to it.''

-''You mean they are going to watch me taking a dump?'' – Seokjin asked calmly. The Baron scowled.

-''Exactly. They will follow your every move and if you try something funny, I will personally put a bullet in your heart.''

-''Oh how poetic. Hurry up, I need to ease myself.''

The nerve under the Baron's eye twitched viciously and he set his gaze down on the paper he was writing on. Seokjin wondered what to do with the damn wine bottle. He couldn't just toss it out, as it would probably break, but he couldn't also leave it there, because as soon as they got him out, they will see it.

Once Baron had finished his letter he went towards the door and yelled for his men to come, three of them, without Knutt, this time. They brought the bucket, the food and the basin of water. The Baron unlocked the cage and left the cabin, leaving his men with Seokjin and Namjoon to finish the unpleasant business. They placed things down and pulled Seokjin out. They gave him the bucket first. One of them noticed the bottle and took it out.

-''What the fuck?'' – He turned towards his fellow mates and Seokjin used the lack of their attention to attack. He killed them swiftly, using his hands and feet, hitting all the vital spots with such speed that Namjoon was amazed.

-''Wow.'' – It was all he said.

Seokjin ran his hands through the dead men's pockets, relieving them of their possessions and then went on rummaging through Baron's drawers. Some of them were locked, so Jin had to pick a lock to get them open.

-''Namjoon. Tell me what to look for.'' – He said quietly.

-''It's a small red leathered pouch.''

Seokjin looked carefully everywhere until he spotted her in the corner of the drawer. He pulled it out.

-''Here.'' – The tossed the pouch and Namjoon caught it in his hand. Seokjin didn't stay to watch what the other man was doing but went on rummaging for some more stuff. He found a few more things that could be helpful and remembered their location for later.

He then went towards the safe. He closed his eyes, remembering the ticking sound. Seokjin placed the ear to the safe, while he put his fingers around the small knob. Tick, tick....tick....tick, tick, tick....tick...clang...opened.

-''Is there anything you can't do Seokjin?'' – Namjoon asked in awestricken.

Seokjin chuckled and went to check out the content of the safe. He answered him without looking.

– ''Call me Jin...well...apparently, I've been told I have difficulty not to talk back... plus there is modesty trait...I have none.''

Namjoon muffled his laugh. His eyes fell on the box Seokjin was holding and he grew serious instantly.

-''Jin. Tell me what's inside that box please.'' – Seokjin raised his eyes. He saw Namjoon's face glued at the bars as he tried to glimpse better at the box. Jin held a small sheet of paper with some letters and numbers on it. For only a second Jin contemplated to hide it, but something in Namjoon's eyes changed his mind. Jin rose up and went to him with the box in his hands. He opened in front of Namjoon and the man gasped.

-''Oh thank the Hellheavens...'' - He whispered and went to pick the strange object out, but stopped and looked at Jin again. – ''May I?'' – He asked and Jin nodded. The object was like some kind of ancient puzzle. The engraved symbols and numbers on the small wheels hid some kind of puzzle that unlocked the secret inside.

-''It seems very old.'' – Jin said.

-''It is old.'' – My grandfather looked for these for decades. How did Baron manage to get his hands on it?''

-''By taking it probably... It's truly pissing me off that he accuses pirates of stealing when he's pretty much doing the same thing.''

Namjoon nodded. – ''Quickly put it back, until someone returns. Go and tell me if you see the old map there as well.''

Jin did as Namjoon said and indeed there was a very old tattered map.

-''Perfect. Put everything back and help me with this. ''

Strangely Jin obeyed again easily. He placed everything back on place, got rid of the wine bottle and went to Namjoon.

-''Open the window please.'' – Jin did and then starred as Namjoon took a small object from his pouch and set a small paper on fire. Murmuring something quietly, Jin watched, amazed as the ash float above Namjoon's hand, grouping together to make an outline of a small bird with flapping wings. The bird rose so fast in the air, made a circle or two inside the cabin and shot right through the window. Jin kept watching it disappear into the evening sky.

-''What the hell was that?'' – Jin asked.

-''Just something useful I've picked up from my mother.''

-''You mother was a witch?'

-''No, but she was very gifted human.''

-''I wonder what other talents you hide Namjoon.'' –Jin murmured while closing the window.

-''When we get out from here, I might show you.'' – Namjoon said slowly, his voice dropped few octaves lower and Jin shivered. Namjoon's eyes made Jin feel things, things he never felt before and he wasn't sure whether or not he likes that, or was afraid of it.

-''Is that's an invitation?'' – Jin asked seductively.

-''Could be.'' – Namjoon answered. – ''If you want.''

Jin felt his cheeks go warm and he bend his head, pretending to see something that interests him. He took the food from the table and gave half to Namjoon, while he literally swallowed the rest since he didn't eat anything for a few nights. He washed everything down with a half cup of water, while he took the rest to Namjoon. Jin's stomach rumbled, asking for more food. He was starving, but it wasn't desperately bad as it thought it would be.

-''Did they feed me while I was out?'' – He asked Namjoon. The man nodded. – ''Yeah, they made you swallow few spoons of some looked like shit.''

-''While thank you. That really erase any idea of eating for a while.'' – Jin said, scrunching his nose.

-''Shit, sorry. I didn't mean literally.''

-''Hah, I know you didn't, but since we are on the subject.'' – He picked up the bucket. Namjoon groaned and turned his head, slightly disgusted. Jin chuckled and went on with his business. He left the bucket in front of the door, later on, fighting the urge to go out and try to escape. He knew better though, knowing he would be a dead corpse long before that. He ached for a bath. The small basin of water wasn't enough, but he splashed the water on his face anyway, enjoying the coolness and he ran his wet hands down his chest, trying to get off the blood, dirt, and sweat. Water became almost black by the time he was satisfied with his hygiene enough. Next, he needed some shirt, but the man, who laid dead in front of his feet, wasn't much cleaner, so Jin crouched down, examining them carefully and then started unbuttoning his jacket from one of them. He took the cloth from the corpse and brought it close to his nose to take a whiff.

''It's not that bad.'' – He murmured more to himself than Namjoon and then proceeded to put it on. The door of the cabin opened and the Baron entered, followed by his first officer and Knutt. The Baron jumped and yelled an order. –''Seize him!'' – Which made both, the officer and Knutt to pull out their pistols at Jin. Jin paid them no heed, he didn't even glance their way, completely ignoring them. He finished buttoning the jacket up, stretched his limbs until small popping sounds were heard and then slowly went and climbed in his cage, setting his legs neatly and closing the door behind him with the click sound of the lock.

All eyes stared at him, but Jin didn't care. He felt better, still hungry, but less dirty, less cramped and less uncomfortable. He closed his eyes ready to meditate when the angry voice boomed in a small place.

-''You beast, what did you do!?! ''– The officer went over his dead men and raised his pistol towards Jin's head. – ''I will have your head for this, you filthy animal.''

-''Enough!'' – The Baron interjected.

-''But my Lord, my men.''

-''Your men were idiots who allowed themselves to be overpowered by one unarmed and weakened boy!'' – He spat and then turned to look at Jin. – ''What happened?''

Opening one eye to look at the Baron, Jin considered whether or not to tell him some lie, but deciding not to tell him anything. He closed his eyes again and took a deep breath, calming himself.

-''Fine, suit yourself!'' – The Baron yelled. – ''Consider your privileges revoked. No more bucket trips out of the cage.''

-''Fine, I'll just do it here.''

-''No need.'' – The Baroon said and Jin's jaw clenched.

-''I wonder how your superiors would react if you brought them the prisoner of great value, raped, starved and damaged.'' – Namjoon chimed in, from another side.

-''No one raped him!'' – The Baron snapped.

-''Well...they would have....'' – He pointed at the three men. –''If Jin wasn't faster.''

The Baron switched his gaze back at Jin. – ''Is this true?''

-''Like you fucking care.'' – Jin murmured back.

The Baron's expression hardened. – ''Knutt. You will be in charge of our prisoner here from now on. He must not be harmed, unless he causes serious trouble, got that?''

-''Yes my Lord.'' – Knutt bowed.

-''Now leave and take these bodies with you.''




It's been a week since Namjoon set that bird out. They were still on the deep sea, but very soon their recourses would have to be replenished, so Namjoon thought that they will be anchoring somewhere soon. The waiting was tedious, but they had nothing better to do anyway. Knutt made sure that nothing out of the ordinary happens each time he took care of Jin's and Namjoon's needs, but Jin continued getting himself in and out of his cage whenever he could. This time he sat in front of Namjoon's cage, his back turned towards the other man, breathing deeply as Namjoon's fingers worked at Jin's tensed muscles on his neck and shoulders. 

-''You have the magic hands, I swear.'' – Jin murmured and Namjoon smiled breathily, sending warm air on Jin's neck. They grew closer with each other while they waited. They talked a lot, laughed and even made plans for afterward. Jin enjoyed the other man's company and he felt Namjoon reciprocated it.

-''Yes, I've been told.'' – He said and Jin turned his head to look at him. – ''Oh, really? ''

Namjoon nodded, still smiling. Without realizing it Jin raised one of his hands up to gently stroke one of the dimples forming on Namjoon's face. The man gasped and closed the eyes, enjoying the touch. He put his forehead on the metal bars, caressing Jin's nape.

Jin trembled and moved his fingers on Namjoon's lips, tracing the cracks, formed from dryness. He pressed his head back on the bars as well, tilting it closer, but then his body turned slightly, pushing one of his hands inside the cage and on Namjoon's thigh. Namjoon breath hitched and his fingers find himself immersed in Jin's tangled hair. They were dirty, sweaty and smelly, but they didn't care. They enjoyed the warmth, the closeness and the electricity tingling between their bodies.

The abrupt sound jerked them severely and Jin jumped to his feet and went flying back with such force, that his cage swung back and forth when the Baron entered. He glared at Jin, but the latter simply continued to rock the cage, pretending he was bored.

-''Stop it!!'' – The Baron yelled and went to his table. He was about to write something down when the alarm bell was set off. The Baron raised his head and stood up when a loud bang exploded and a round shot broke through the window causing the massive sprinters to fly around. It hit the wooden wall near Seokjin's cage. All of a sudden the hell broke loose. The screams and other explosions could be heard from another side of the door and above and Baron ran outside to see what's going on.

-''Pirates!!!'' – Someone bellowed from above.

-''Cannon's ready!!'' – Another sailor screamed.

-''Do not let her ram us!!!'' – The Baron yelled from the top of his lungs and a thundering crash jerked the entire ship.

-''Jin! Quickly, let us out! I won't die in this cage!'' – Namjoon said and Jin reached for his golden pin.

-''Steady lads!!!'' – The man outside shouted. -''Fire!!!'' – Deafening explosions from the Baron's cannons shoot back, answered quickly with the series of connected enemy shoots.

-''I know these cannons!!!'' – Namjoon yelled. – ''Jin!!! The help is here, we got to go!!!''

But before Jin could unlock the cage, the Baron showed up, whiter than a ghost. His entire body shook terribly. He ran around the cabin like a madman, collecting valuable things and stuffing them into the leather sack. He went to his safe, unlocking it with shaky hands from the third try and started stuffing the things in as well. He didn't notice Jin standing behind him until he felt the knife under his throat. He yelped but was held by Jin's strong arms.

-''Bring him here!'' – Namjoon said and Jin forced the Baron towards the younger man's cage, shoving him on his knees. Namjoon reached to Baron's pockets for a key. Once he found it, he unlocked his door and let himself out. His dark eyes now shined with amber as he stood tall in front of the crying Baron.

-''Please! Have mercy! The boat is waiting for us, we could save ourselves! All three of us! Please!'' – The Baron Francis de Monroe begged pathetically and Jin smirked.

-''I told you you'll beg at the end.'' – He whispered into Baron's ear and the man cried harder, eyes almost jumping out of his sockets at the sight of Namjoon. Danger emanated from him as he reached with his two thumbs and thrust them deep inside Baron's eyes. High pitched scream escaped Baron's throat and Jin had to hold him tighter, so he won't break free.

-''Ready!!!! FIRE!!!!'' – The shouts were heard as more of thundering explosions. There was a responding fire and another round shot crashed through the cabin, sending things flying and Jin warned Namjoon to hurry.

-''Whatever you do Namjoon, hurry up!''

-''Almost done.'' – He said with ice-cold voice, while his amber eyes starred coldly through Baron's skull, reading his mind.

Soon Namjoon removed his thumbs from Baron's eye sockets and Jin let the older man's body drop to the floor, dead.

They look at each other only for a few seconds, both panting. Namjoon bowed his head ashamed.

-''I hate doing this! Even to him, I hated every second of it!'' – He raised his eyes to look at Jin's, expecting disgust. - ''I'm not like that Jin.''

Jin grabbed him by the back of his hair and pulled him close, face to face.

-''Namjoon I don't give a shit, that was bloody scary and cool and I love it. Now let's go and kill some more of the wicked Baron's men!''

They picked up what they need in the heist. Namjoon took the sack to grab the old map and box with a puzzle in it, putting it into a smaller leather pouch that lay around. He broke into Baron's table to take the rest what he needs. Jin went to pick up two swords that were hanging on the wall. They were sharp enough, good steel. They made a whooshing sound when he cut the air testing them. Together with few knives and Baron's boots, which strangely fitted Jin's feet, he turned to see Namjoon, standing there with a leather sack on his back and two axes in each hand. They nodded to each other and went out together, running through the corridors. It was chaos! Everyone was screaming and growling. There was blood and decapitated limbs everywhere, caused by cannon balls and round shoots. By now the enemy ship boarded and the fierce battle was on.

Jin was about to climb the ladder behind Namjoon when he was pulled back harshly. He fell on his back and saw Knutt with his sword up high. It came crashing down, missing Jin by an inch. They fought wildly, aiming for a kill. Jin was too weak for this beast of a man. Knutt nearly got the better of him when his ax came suddenly, spinning fast and wedged itself deep into Knutt's skull. The sailor fell face down and moved no more. Jin raised his head to see Namjoon standing on one ladder, holding a hand for Jin to grab. They climbed out, but before Jin could move on the deck, Namjoon pulled him into a small corner, away from the battle.

-''Can you fight them off?'' – He asked Jin.

-''Well rested yes, now? No.''

-''If I help you fight, will you protect me?'' – Namjoon asked.

-''With my life.'' – Jin answered instantly and he meant it. Namjoon's eyes softened and a dimple peeked. – ''Let's hope it won't come to that.''

He pulled their foreheads together and Jin felt the surge of energy entering his body, healing him and giving him strength. Only when Namjoon's knees buckled and Jin had to hold him up did Jin realized what Namjoon have done. He gave him what's left of his own energy.

-''You damned adorable fool, what did you do?'' – Jin asked and Namjoon just chuckled. – ''I just gave you some strength Jinnie... only enough for you to get us out of here.''

-''Can you at least hack the ones that come too close with that ax of yours?'' – Jin asked.

-''I can manage.'' – He smiled again and Jin pecked his cheeks several times, murmuring. – ''Adorable fool, brilliant adorable fool.''

Namjoon smiled and was about to answer something when Jin interrupted. – ''Don't say anything corny now. We have our skins to save. Let's go.''

They burst out on the deck. Jin swung both of his swords left and right, slicing and cutting every red coat sailor he saw. He didn't care, they were all Baron's men and he hated them all.

-''Joon!!!'' – Someone yelled and Jin turned for the second, to see one of the pirates running towards Namjoon.

-''Jakson, fuck it's good to see you brother!'' – Namjoon said, throwing his arms around the men in a tight hug.

-''God you stink.'' – Jackson made a disgusted face and Namjoon swatted him on his head. Jackson laughed.

-''C'mon let's get you back.''

-''Wait... Jin...''

-''Who's Jin?'' – Jackson asked, but followed Namjoon's gaze and saw the person Namjoon was talking about. – ''Jin. Oh, wow. ''

Jin was now in the middle of fighting four men, cutting expertly with his swords, turning and swirling around them in a beautiful deadly dance. He looked amazing and lethal.

-''Yes he is bloody awesome.''– Namjoon said proudly.

-And in a slight predicament. Jooheon!!! Hansung!!!'' – He yelled and looked up to the Scouts, then point on Jin. – ''Help him!''

Both men nodded and raised their guns to shoot at sailors near Jin.

-''Jin!!! Here!!! ''– Namjoon yelled and Jin turned, taking three more sailors down before ran towards Namjoon. One of Baron's men jumped right in front of him and swung his sword so fast that Jin barely had the time to deflect the blow, but was quickly put down by one of the Scouts.

Once on the other ship, he fought until the battle ceased. The rest of the Baron's men surrendered and Jin was able to breathe freely again. He felt someone's hand on his shoulder, so he turned, only to see it was smiling Namjoon.

-''We did it Jinnie.'' – He whispered.

-''So, what do we have here?'' – The raspy old voice spoke behind Jin and Namjoon.

-''Captain.'' – Namjoon bowed his head. – ''This is Seokjin, Baron's captive. He helped me send the message to you. ''

-''Who are you?'' – The Captain asked Jin.

-''Just a young nobody that had a misfortune to drawn Baron's attention. ''

-''Well...nobody or not, that was one amazing sword skill you have. ''– Jackson said, slowly approaching him.

-''We each have our skills, mine just cut deep that's all.'' – Jin said and Jackson laughed. – ''That's true. You probably had to learn how to use the blades to save that pretty face of yours.'' – He continued, tilting his head and eyeing him from head to toe. Jin smiled at him and added. – ''On the streets, it's kill or be raped and with the face like mine...'' – Jin left the rest unspoken and Jackson chuckled. Namjoon shifted near Jin, as to protect him from Jackson's eyes.

-''He helped me get my hands on the Baron de Monroe.'' – Namjoon said, looking at the Captain.

-''Is he dead?'' – The old man asked. Namjoon nodded. -''We have to talk. I've got some information for you.'' – Namjoon said, giving him the leather pouch from his back. The Captain took it and nodded.

-''Fine, let's talk...but first take a dip into the water, bring soap. You smell like shit boy. You too kid.'' – He turns to Jin as well and then he left, shouting orders.

-''Well you heard the Cap.'' – Jackson said, scrunching his nose, which gave him another slap on the shoulder. -''Ouch! Damn it! Why do you always hit me?!'' – Jackson protested, but Namjoon went pass him, holding Jin around the wrist.

-''Come, let's get cleaned up. I'll see to it to find us something good to eat.'' – He turned his head to look at Jin, smiling, dimples showing. – ''Welcome to the 'Sea Monster' Jin.''


Chapter Text





It was one of those nights when Yoongi had finished all of his work for that day. He didn’t know whether or not he liked those nights, because sometimes it seems like he was wasting his time, when he should be doing something useful, on others, he was welcoming the break from work. Tonight, however, he was glad. He stretched in his chair, hearing his joints pop as the relief surged through him. He had certain tension in his body that no amount of stretching could take away. It was quite a long time since he indulges himself in any sexual activity, not even a quick jerk off, so Yoongi decided it was about time to do something about it. He brushed his groin with his hand and felt a knowing warmth. His neglected cock was welcoming any affection he was given. He squeezed himself lightly and felt himself growing harder.

-‘’Hell yeah.’’ – Yoongi murmured, palming himself slowly and enjoying a pleasant sensation of his awaken member. After a while, he untied his pants and wrapped his hand around himself, squeezing again, and groaning low. He reached to grab a small bottle of herb oil he used for his dried and burned hands and poured a bit on his palm. The glide on his cock was heavenly and Yoongi leaned back on his chair, spreading his knees and, finding the right rhythm, started stroking himself. Small gasps and grunts could be heard as his pouty mouth were slightly open and his eyes shut close.

He was so immersed with his pleasure that he jerked violently when he heard a loud knock on the door. His breath hitched in his throat as he squeezed himself tightly on reflex, his face completely lost. The knocking was heard again, this time a bit louder and Yoongi jumped from his table, tucking himself in as he hurried to open the door. He let a small whimpering sound when he saw V on the other side. The blonde devil was standing there gorgeously, eyes gleaming with mischief, while his mouth curled in a sly smirk.

-‘’Nice to see you Yoongi. It’s been a long time.’’ – V said and Yoongi gulped, the certain image of V brought back memories that made Yoongi blush profusely. He could feel V’s hard stare on his face, noticing his red cheeks, and flustered behavior, sliding down his chest to the evident bulge in his pants. Yoongi shifted slightly behind the door, trying to hide from V’s gaze, still refusing the entrance.

-‘’What do you want?!’’ – He stammered nervously, which was one thing he hated tremendously, especially in front of V or Jimin. V’s smirk grew wider.

-‘’Oh but I came to see you. I need to order a few things.’’

-‘’You could just tell Tae what you want.’’ – Yoongi spat, still holding the outside of the door with his hand. – ‘’There is no need for you to come….’’ – But his sentences were interrupted by V’s hand covering his.

-‘’Oh but I’ve missed you. I haven’t seen you since…’’ – He made a small pause, the corner of his mouth twitched. – ‘’…the last time I was here.’’ – His eyes flashed lustfully as his devilish smirk made Yoongi tremble, jerking his hand from V’s touch. He would never admit that, but he was so weak for V, even though he was in love with Jimin. There was something in this blonde devil that he can’t place, some mystery and lust. V took a step closer, forcing Yoongi to take a step back. He could feel V’s warmth as he gazed up into his eyes. V’s voice was like velvet.

-‘’It’s not fair you know…for you to avoid me like that…especially since we had so much fun together the last time.’’ – V purred into Yoongi’s ear, making the latter shiver. Yoongi closed his eyes as another surge of memories rushed into his mind, making him hot.

-‘’I’m…n-not…avoiding y-you….I just…do not want to see you again.’’ – Yoongi managed to say, taking a deep breath and forced his eyes back angrily at V’s.

V chuckled and licked his lips. -‘’But you enjoyed it, I know you did.’’

Yoongi gulped at V’s words but stayed firm. – ‘’Give me your order and leave. I will send it through Tae, as always.’’

V took another step towards Yoongi, almost pushing him with his chest. Yoongi walked backward until he hit the table with the back of his thighs. V, who was moving with him, now stood so close, leaning his palms on each side of Yoongi on the table, caging him, their breaths mingled.

-‘’I will need a dozen of sleeping drafts.’’ – V’s voice vibrated deeply, as he stared down at a smaller man, watching his chest heave and his cheeks grew rosier. He was so beautiful, V thought. – ‘’One large box of that miraculous purple powder…oh…I must say, that one was genius invention Yoongi.’’

V pressed one of his thighs between Yoongi’s legs and brushed Yoongi’s bulge. Yoongi’s breath hitched in his throat as he tried not to moan. Quite amused, V continued with his order. – ‘’I would also need those small berserk darts…hmmm…around 30 would be enough.’’ – V hummed in contemplation. – ‘’Oh yes, the bag of that dried roots and that medicinal draft you always pack for us. If I didn’t know you better I would’ve thought you care.’’ – V’s deep chuckles drummed in Yoongi’s ears as he panted slightly from the heat that engulfed him. He felt V’s hand around his waist as he leaned closer. Yoongi reacted fast and V froze in place, hissing. His eyes went wide as he stared at the smaller man, who was now grinning widely, showing his gums. He moved V slightly on the side and stepped out from his confinement, leaving V frozen in place with one thin acupuncture needle in his right thigh.

-‘’Useful little things, the needles, aren’t they?’’ – Yoongi mused. He was still flushed and aroused beyond measure, but he had his control back. V watched him for a few seconds before he growled.

-‘’Yoongi get this thing out. I can’t move.’’

-‘’Oh I know.’’ – Yoongi chuckled darkly. – ‘’You are not supposed to.’’

He straightens himself and went towards the parchment and his quill, writing down the order.

-‘’How many berserk darts did you say? 30?’’

V glared at him, his nostrils flaring, but he didn’t say a word. Yoongi tilted his head aside and pushed his tongue in his cheek. – ‘’Let’s make that 50 shall we? Two gold coins per dart, that’s 100 coins. Hmmm, sleeping drafts, 6 coins…purple powder 90 coins, and medicinal draft 12 coins. That would be 208 golden crowns and since you are one of my loyal customers, I will give you a bag of roots for free. How’s that for a bargain?’’

-‘’I would say it’s a ripoff.’’ – V hissed, trying to move, but with no avail. His muscles didn’t want to listen to his mental command.

-‘’Well you should have sent Tae, he always knew how to bargain. Have that in mind for next time.’’ – Yoongi said acidly and walked towards V again, yanking the needle from his leg and V had to grab the table so he would not fall down. His muscles were aching now. V suspected that the tip was dipped into some nerve numbing mixture that Yoongi loved to make. The tight cramp left by the needle stabbed in one of his main nerves only a few seconds ago made him clench his teeth in endurance.

‘’You will have full power over your legs in a minute or two. If that’s all, I suggest you leave.’’ – Yoongi turned his back on him, pretending to tidy up a bit when V’s voice stopped him.

-‘’If you try something like that again Yoongi…’’ – V started, but he didn’t finish. His voice sounded dangerous though.

-‘’You will do what?’’ – Yoongi asked bemusedly.

V’s eyes flashed mischievously again and he smirked wickedly. – ‘’Remember…’’ – Was all he said. Yoongi gulped hard because he knew of what was V talking about.

-‘’It would be ten times worse.’’ – He added, tilting his head while staring at the older man’s face.

V hissed when blood finally reached his toes and he was able to feel his legs again. He moved towards the door, eyes still lingering on Yoongi’s, promise flying in the air above them, before he slowly walked out and closed the door behind him.

Yoongi let out the breath he was holding in his lungs and ran towards the door to lock it. He huffed, running his hand through his hair as he shook. It took him a few moments for him to stop pacing like a nervous wild animal. He went into his small room, rummaging through his cabinet, searching for some liquor. Gulping almost half of the bottle, he fell on his bed, pulling his pants down and wrapping his hand on his shaft once more. This time he didn’t hold his moans. The images of V’s hand in his hair, tugging him harshly, controlling his every move while he entered him, surged through his mind in a flash. Yoongi moaned at the memory, tugging at his dick fast until he came hard, spilling his cum all over his hand and stomach. He panted heavily, huffing as the memory kept repeating in his head, still strong. Yoongi used the corner of his sheet to clean himself before he dived under his blankets. Putting one of his hands across his forehead, still breathing hard, trying to calm down from his high, he allowed the thoughts of that night to overpower him again. As he closed his eyes he remembered it all so vividly, like it happened yesterday.

Yoongi never liked drinking in the large crowds, but from time to time, he loved indulging himself in some company and being a sucker for pretty things, that company would usually consist of Jimin and V. Jimin was much more interesting when he is drunk. His flirty nature is heightened even more and his laughter brought butterflies into Yoongi’s stomach on most of the occasions. V, however, was like Yoongi, rarely drunk and rather tipsy. His icy blue eyes would gleam and he would become quiet and observing, like tiger targeting his prey.

They were sitting in Yoongi’s small back room, drinking. Jimin was sprawled on Yoongi’s bed like a cat, one of his hands that held his wine cup, dangled carelessly from the bed, few centimeters from Yoongi, who sat on the floor, his back pressed on the side of the bed. V, however, sat across them, in Yoongi’s chair, lazily listening to Jimin’s story.

How exactly the subject of latest horse race winning score switched to provocative and rather erotic discussions of the things they like in bed, Yoongi couldn’t tell, but he was finding himself burning with heat. Jimin, who laid on his stomach, was kissing him passionately. He had his palm on Yoongi’s cheek, his tongue licking fervently inside as he breathed fast through his nose, producing a small sound that drove Yoongi insane from desire.

After some time they separated, panting. Jimin bit his lip, looking at Yoongi’s lips and then up at his eyes. Yoongi leaned in again and kissed him once more, but much shorter this time. They both turn to look at V, who sat with his legs slightly open and his arms resting on the armrests, starring at them intently. He was aroused and utterly gorgeous. Yoongi could see it clearly. The sight of the blonde devil sent heat wave in his stomach. The atmosphere inside the room changed drastically, it was filled with sexual tension. Yoongi wanted those man. He wanted them for a long time and now, finally, he might have his wish. Jimin shifted on his back, palming himself lazily as he looked at his friend. Yoongi, however, stood up and walked slowly, but determinedly towards V and sunk down on his knees in front of him, letting his palms rest on the latter’s lower thighs, stroking it in the small circles. He didn’t look away from his eyes. There was a silent need in them, mutual understanding, filled with desire. Yoongi wanted to be in this position, on his knees, ready to please, to be used, as he shifted his hands, stroking higher. He brushed V’s inner thighs lightly with his fingertips, sliding his thumb across the bulge in his pants. Yoongi heard slight movement behind him on the bed, telling him that Jimin must have moved in order to have a better view. V, however, parted his lips slightly.

Yoongi let his hands slide up towards the buttons on V’s pants, opening them swiftly until he saw the tip poking out. Pushing his inner cheek with his tongue Yoongi gulped, bringing his hands to V’s knees, spreading them and pulling them slightly down so his ass was closer to the edge of the chair, dick bouncing slightly from the movement. Yoongi glanced up at V’s eyes again, looking for any kind of change, but the only thing he could see was V’s biting his lower lip and breathing slightly faster, his eyes still glued to Yoongi’s face.

Yoongi wrapped his fingers around V’s cock for the first time and almost gasped at the size. V was nicely packed, as it suited him. Everything on V was perfect, Yoongi thought and he bends down to poke the slit of the cock with the tip of his tongue. Gripping the armrests tighter V clenched his jaw as he stared at Yoongi's tongue circling around his head slowly. Glancing once more at V’s face, Yoongi almost groaned. V was torn between enjoyment and annoyance at the teasing. That made the right corner of Yoongi’s mouth curve upwards in the smirk before he closed his eyes and wrapped his mouth around the head, sliding it down, tongue licking around the length. V gasped, arching slightly and tossing his head back, his hands gripping the wood tightly.

Yoongi pulled V’s cock out with an audible pop, opening his eyes and observing the man in front of him. Then, closing them yet again he went back down, engulfing the entire length in his warm and wet mouth once more, relaxing his throat, until his nose touched the pubic hair. V groaned deeply, his hand gripped Yoongi by the hair to hold him in position for a few seconds until Yoongi squeezed his thighs in the signal. Pulling his head up and allowing him to gasp for breath, V tightened his grip on Yoongi's hair to push him down again and again.

V was hissing and moaning now. The tip of his cock kept burying himself deep into Yoongi’s mouth, his muscles squeezing him tightly. Yoongi marveled at the feeling of the pulsating heart in his throat. His own cock was painfully hard now, so he begins to palm himself through his pants. There was some shifting on the bed and the sound of the light footsteps before Yoongi felt a pair of hands gripping at his hips and untying his pants, only to grip tightly at his aching cock.

-‘’Fuck, you two look fucking amazing together.’’ – Jimin almost moaned in Yoongi’s neck, kneeling behind him and latching his mouth on the skin while grinding his own erection on Yoongi’s ass. Yoongi moaned desperately at the sudden act, causing the vibration down V’s cock, making him buck his hips deeper. Tears were spilling down Yoongi’s eyes and his chin was glistening from the drool, but Yoongi swallowed more and more, letting V use him as he please, utterly enjoying Jimin’s right hand around his cock, thrusting in it. He was so horny, so completely lost in this that he barely noticed how close he was. The sudden spurt of warm cum from V’s cock hit the back of Yoongi’s throat and he swallows it all. He was sucking it thoroughly, until V jerked him on his hair, moving Yoongi’s mouth from his now sensitive cock. He kissed him deeply, forcing his tongue in and licking in his mouth. When he felt the trace of his own cum on Yoongi’s tongue, V sucked at it strongly, which made the latter roll his eyes at the back of his head from pleasure. The orgasm took him suddenly and Yoongi spilled all over Jimin’s hand and the floor.

-‘’Wow.’’ – Jimin whispered, eyes round, his hips still rutting on Yoongi’s ass, panting, as he licked at Yoongi’s cum from his hand. V, on the other hand, leaned back only slightly, still gripping Yoongi’s hair. He glanced down the floor and then back up at Yoongi.

-‘’Who told you that you can cum?’’ – He asked. His voice was so deep and so hot, that Yoongi felt his member twitch once again. That is too soon, Yoongi thought. He needed rest. He just came, he needs time. Yet his dick thought otherwise since Yoongi felt getting aroused once again by V’s hard stare and the dripping sound of his velvety voice.

-‘’Do you think we are done?’’ – V asked, arching his eyebrow at Yoongi, smirking. Yoongi gulped, the feel of Jimin’s erection on his ass and warm breath on the back of his neck, wasn’t helping his already tortured mind. His body wanted these pleasures, while his mind wanted to shut down and sleep after a strong orgasm. As if sensing Yoongi’s inner struggle, V wicked smirk grew wider.

-‘’Oh no, no, no…we are definitely not done yet.’’ – He purred. – ‘’You made Jiminie very, very hard.’’ – He glanced at his friend tensed expression and then back at Yoongi. – ‘’He made you feel good and yet you left him struggling.’’

-‘’I…’’ – Yoongi started, but V made a clicking noise with his tongue interrupting him, drawing closer to Yoongi’s face, still looking deeper at Yoongi’s soul. – ‘’You owe him an orgasm Yoongi.’’

Yoongi gasped at those words. He was pressed in between two bodies tightly and he felt hot all over again. The grip on his hair tightened, even more, when V asked again. – ‘’Did you heard me?’’

-‘’Y-yes.’’ – Yoongi managed to croak weekly, his throat still sore from the abuse.

V smiled, purring. – ‘’Good boy.’’

Listening carefully at this exchange, Jimin stood up, unbuttoning his own pants and pulling off his vest and tunic. V tugged at Yoongi’s hair, turning his head to glance at the man behind him. Yoongi let out a small whine when he saw Jimin. His dark hair was sticking to his forehead, so he brushed it back with his hand, making the muscles on his chiseled chest, flex and his cock slightly twitch with every move he made.

-‘’Go.’’ – V whispered to Yoongi’s ear, letting go of his hair, leaving the tingling feeling on his scalp. His words send shivers down Yoongi’s spine. Still kneeling, he crawled towards Jimin on all fours, his cock dangling from his untied pants. V made a choking sound when pants on Yoongi’s ass slid slightly down as he crawled, giving the small preview of what’s underneath. They want him just as much he wants them. Yoongi felt certain smugness at that thought.

He was now in front of Jimin, who gave Yoongi such sultry half-lidded look, licking at his plump lips that Yoongi felt dizzy. He let out a deep breath, heart thumping in high speed and he felt a clench in his belly.

-‘’Fuck Hyung, you look so good like this.’’ – Jimin breathed, standing in front of his kneeling form and Yoongi’s cock twitched. He licked his own lips once again, hooking his fingers in Jimin’s pants and pulling them down to his ankles. He wrapped his fingers around Jimin’s cock and sucked harshly at the tip. Jimin moaned loudly, his entire body arching as he gasped for air. Sudden warmth and tightness around his member were overwhelming, his legs were trembling as Yoongi kept bobbing his head, gripping at Jimin’s plump ass and pulling him deeper and deeper until he was deep-throating him, his tongue flat, cupping the length. Jimin moaned shamefully, bucking his hips. He wanted to move away, but Yoongi held him tightly, so he wrapped his hands in Yoongi’s hair instead, gripping the strands as he came deep into the Yoongi’s throat.

-‘’Aaaaah fffffuck….ah, aaaaah!!’’

Yoongi pulled back in a daze, a string of saliva and cum dripping from his mouth. He was fucked. His cock was hard once again and leaking precum, but it was worth it. Seeing Jimin’s legs shake as he took a few steps back and fell down on the bed, were the award itself.

Right then he felt V’s hand around his neck, pulling him gently, but firmly up on his wobbly feet. His back was pressed on V's chest and hot air hit his ear as the other man spoke.

-‘’That was so sexy Yoongi, so fucking hot.’’ – V said and a sense of pride filled Yoongi’s chest. He noticed that V never used honorifics with him, always addressing him with only his name. He knew he should be angry at this lack of respect, but deep down Yoongi liked being ordered around by this man. With Jimin it was different, but V had certain dominance that Yoongi found he liked very much.

-‘’Take off your clothes.’’ – Short command, but Yoongi hurried to obey, watching Jimin pushing his own pants off his ankles until he was entirely naked. He was as handsome as hell.

V took off his clothes as well and went to sit next to Jimin on the bed, his eyes never leaving Yoongi. Jimin hooked one of his arms around V’s shoulder, resting his chin on another as he also ran his eyes up and down on Yoongi’s body. Yoongi felt exposed and hot under their eyes. His dick twitched again, causing a small gasp from Jimin. Enjoying the attention, Yoongi ran his palms up and down his chest, over his buds, his neck and down at his erection, tugging at it few times, before returning it on his hips. He turned his back towards them, giving them the perfect view of his tight round ass while gazing at them across his shoulder. His hands travel back, cupping his ass, squeezing it and spreading his cheeks apart to show them the glimpse of his rim, before closing them back again. Jimin whined at the sight, biting V’s shoulder lightly at the lustful look Yoongi gave them. V inhaled sharply and let breathily chuckle, biting his lip, stroking his cock once more.

-‘’His ass is mine.’’ – Jimin whispered in V’s ear, making the latter chuckle darkly. – ‘’In your wildest dreams Jiminah.’’

-‘’We shall see about that.’’ – The dark-haired man said and V chuckled once more, not moving his eyes from Yoongi who was now sliding one of his fingers between his cheeks, running his fingertip over his rim.

-‘’Baby.’’ – Jimin called and Yoongi moaned deeply. – ‘’Show us how good you are.’’

Yoongi could not believe how pliant he was and how much he wants to please them. He was never like that. He would usually fuck strangers for sex itself sometimes and couldn’t wait for them to leave, but now…now he wanted to scream of how much he enjoyed this, being ordered and manhandled. His head fell back as he breathed sinfully and slowly sank on his knees again, spreading them and arching his back so both men on the bed could see his pink hole nicely. He gazed around his shoulder at them, raising his fingers towards his mouth. He closed his eyes as he let his tongue slid out and wrap around two fingers, coating them with his saliva nicely and sucking them deep into his mouth. Jimin moaned lustfully.

-‘’He is driving me insane V…fuck…’’

Yoongi looked at them through heavy-lidded eyes and saw that Jimin was now grinding his cock on V’s thick thigh, his arms wrapped around the blonde man, sucking at his neck as his eyes stayed glued to Yoongi. He was so lost, such a lustful man. Yoongi let his eyes wandered to another one, who sat there, hand gripping at his length, but not moving it, one of his eyebrows arched as he waited for Yoongi’s next move. The latter brought his fingers to his ass, arching more and sliding the middle one between his cheeks, rubbing at his rim gently. He hissed and groaned as it pushed through his muscles, shutting his eyes tightly. He could hear Jimin’s roughed breathing not so far away and the complete silence from V.

He pulled his finger and pushed it again several times before bringing his fingers to spit on them, only this time pushing in two. Yoongi’s back arched as he let a long moan. The stretch was uncomfortable at first, but Yoongi kept pushing in, bending his fingers here and there until he found what he was looking for. Sudden tremble took over his body and he panted and whined, bucking his ass down on his fingers as he tortured his prostate.

Jimin was behind him in the mere seconds. – ‘’Oh Hyung I want you so badly.’’ – He pulled Yoongi’s fingers out and pushed Yoongi’s neck down, until his ass was in the air, face on the floor and then Yoongi felt it, Jimin’s hot tongue.

-‘’Oh fuuuck… oh, oh….’’ – Yoongi cried out, his mind completely blacking out, not knowing whether to buck his hips deeper on Jimin’s tongue or move away from it. Jimin decided for him by gripping at his ass and licking in deep and Yoongi moaned…he moaned and shivered. – ‘’I’m gonna cum…’’ - And just like that, Jimin’s tongue left his hole. He felt pull on his shoulders and then Jimin’s mouth on his ear.

-‘’Not yet baby, I still need to fuck you.’’ - He felt turned and then Jimin’s lips were on his again, kissing him shortly, but passionately. –‘’Stand up Hyung and lie on your bed for me.’’ – Jimin said, standing up himself. He walked towards V, who still sat on the bed, watching them. Jimin went and wrapped his fingers in V’s hair to tug at it, arching his head back and kissing his lips. –‘’He is mine first V.’’ – He said, smirking at his best friend, pecking his lips once again and then turn to see Yoongi watching them, hand wrapped around his length.

-‘’Oh no baby…’’ – Jimin took Yoongi’s hand away and pushed him on the bed. He positioned himself between Yoongi’s legs and pushed inside Yoongi slowly, kissing him gently all the way. Yoongi whimpered at the intrusion but was somewhat distracted by Jimin’s tongue in his mouth. The man was so good, Yoongi thought and then mewled when Jimin started rolling his hips inside him. Yoongi wrapped his hand around Jimin’s back, another grasped at his ass, as he pulled him in deeper. They both groaned and panted at that, Jimin’s mouth kept sucking his neck as he rocked inside him faster, bending his legs so there were now hooked on Jimin’s shoulders.

-‘’Jiminie turn him over.’’ – V’s voice purred on their left. – ‘’Let him ride you.’’

Jimin thrust few more times before sliding Yoongi’s legs down and hooking his arm around his neck to roll them over. Yoongi gasped loudly because he could feel him much deeper now, the tip pressing straight on his sweet spot. He moaned and grind himself on Jimin’s dick, letting it press and slide across his prostate, making his body shake from pleasure. But then V’s hands found his neck, pulling his head back as he pressed his chest on him. Aroused from the sight above him, Jimin quickened his pace, bucking into Yoongi and watching the man’s cock bouncing on his stomach as he choked from V’s grip.

V observed him, his lips running from Yoongi’s neck to his ear, tugging on his earlobes with teeth. It was so sinful, so erotic, that Jimin couldn’t resist but to quicken his thrust, even more, panting and wrapping his hand over Yoongi’s member, squeezing at his tip and making Yoongi choke as his chest heaved from heavy breaths. His muscles clenched around him and Jimin moaned deeply, arching his back and closing his eyes.

-‘’Oh my fucking hell…Hyung… you feel amazing…fuck.’’ – He panted, impaling Yoongi on his cock over and over. Yoongi rolled his eyes at the back of his head, bucking into Jimin’s hand while fucking himself on his cock, he could feel V erection on his ass and V’s growling on his ear. He also felt V’s finger breaching his hole, making Yoongi groan loudly, scrunching his eyes, but V just kept sliding his finger next to Jimin’s cock, breathing deeply in Yoongi’s neck and grinding on Yoongi’s back. Soon he pushed two fingers in, spreading them, making him cry out. – ‘’Aaaah, too much…stop, stop…too much, fuck!’’ – He went to push V’s fingers away, but the blonde man held his wrists.

-‘’You can do it Yoongi, I know you can.’’ – V growled in his deep raspy voice, pulling his fingers out. Yoongi only then felt something sliding around his hands and binding his wrists together on his back.

-‘’V…w-what the fuck…what…what are you doing…ah fuck…’’ – He moaned, slight panic enveloping him as Jimin kept fucking.

-‘’Yoongi you are so wonderful, you know that.’’ – V purred in his ear. – ‘’Isn’t he perfect Jiminie?’’ – He asked, glancing at his friend whose body was hard and tensed below them.

-‘’Ah, yes… the best…uh…so p-perfect…oh…’’ – Jimin rasped through ragged breaths.

V’s fingers breached Yoongi’s hole again, making him yelp.

-‘’Tell me how does his hole feel Jimin…is it tight?’’ – V asked, licking the stripe on Yoongi’s neck, his other hand gripping at his hips to keep him steady as he bounced on Jimin.

Jimin groaned loudly. – ‘’Oh fuck, he feels so good V…so fucking good…you got…aaaaahh…got to t-try.’’

V smiled wickedly and chuckled darkly in Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi knew that smile was not good, it never was.

-‘’You took Jimin’s cock so nicely Yoongi…’’ – Yoongi shook from the proximity of his voice and the overwhelming feeling. He was stretched too much, the pleasure mixed with pain. His hands trying to break free, when V spoke again. – ‘’Do you think you could take another one hmm?’’

Yoongi’s eyes went wide as panic surged over him. He clenched around V’s fingers and Jimin so tightly that the other man moaned. – ‘’Aaaah Hyung, clenching so hard….oh…oh…’’

-‘’No, I can’t!’’ – Yoongi yelled. He has never done that before. He never took so much at the same time. He didn’t think he could stretch at that extent and V was big, he was truly big. His ass muscles continued clenching from sheer panic and Jimin tossed his head back, moaning loudly as he pounded into him fast.

V chuckled wickedly at that, pushing Yoongi forward, so he laid on Jimin’s chest, while Jimin’s hands gripped at his arched shoulder blade, fingers intertwining with Yoongi’s hair as he kissed his cheek, not slowing his thrusts. V positioned himself at Yoongi’s entrance where Jimin slid in and out at fast pace. –‘’Oh yes you can.’’ – He growled, chuckling.

-‘’No V, please… don’t…it’s….it’s too much…fuck…’’ – Yoongi mewled, pulling at his bonds, but they were too tight around his wrists. -‘’V…V fuck…don’t…aaah…V…no, don’t…aaaah’’ - He screamed when V’s tip entered him. The stretch was too much. Yoongi buried his face in Jimin’s neck, who also paused his thrusts, his eyes going wide as V pushed in deeper, tightness engulfing both of them so strongly, that Jimin stopped breathing for a few seconds before he exhaled harshly, moaning deeply, his mouth forming a perfect ‘o’. V grunted, his forehead pressed in Yoongis’s back until his balls touched the ass. Yoongi’s body shook violently, his teeth clenching as he hissed at the sharp pain. The stretch was savage.

-‘’Oh fucking shit, that’s tight.’’ – Jimin moaned, hissing as well, fighting to breathe. V waited for Yoongi to stop clenching so much, but as it seems that Yoongi didn’t plan to do that any time soon, V sucked at one of his fingers, coating it nicely before reaching down and pushing it in as well.

Yoongi screamed and tossed. V held him tight, wiggling his finger for a few seconds, before pulling out. Yoongi was gasping, tears streaming down his face. – ‘’Y-you….ass…a-asshole…’’

V bend down to kiss Yoongi’s back, trailing kisses up his spine. – ‘’It's better now, isn’t it? Less pain, yes?’’ – He asked and Yoongi, unwillingly, had to agree. He didn’t say anything, still trying to gain control of his breathing, when Jimin whined.

-‘’I can’t hold still too much longer V….it’s fucking too tight.’’

V started moving his hips in round motion, causing Yoongi to choke a groan, his body still frozen and tensed. Jimin spread his legs wider, propping himself on his heels and bucking his hips slowly in, curving them so they brush at Yoongi’s prostate. Yoongi moaned, his face was contorted in a silent cry. V pulled out almost to the tip and slid back in deep. Both Jimin and Yoongi screamed. V did the motion, again and again, each time slightly faster until he was pounding in and out in a decent pace, rubbing his cock on Jimin’s, while Yoongi’s hot muscles kept squeezing around them. Jimin kept rolling his hips at Yoongi’s prostate, swallowing Yoongi’s cries with his mouth. They kissed and licked each other passionately. V enjoyed the view too much. His eyes went down at Yoongi’s ass, watching it sucking them in each time. The sight was too much for V and he came with a deep moan, tossing his head back and gasping. His hands were gripping Yoongi’s hips strongly as he buried his own hips few more times, filling Yoongi’s ass and coating Jimin’s cock with his cum. Jimin, surprised at the sensation, quicken his rolls, hitting Yoongi’s sweet spot fast. Yoongi sobbed this time, moaning and shaking as he released his load for the second time on Jimin’s stomach.

V who was still positioned inside could feel the clenching of Yoongi’s inner muscles, as well as the pulsating heat of Jimin’s cock when he shoots his cum inside soon after, mixing it with V’s.

-‘’Aaaah fuck, feel so good.’’ – V purred deeply, closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling. They were all gasping for breath. V pulled out of Yoongi slowly and reached to take off Yoongi’s restrains. He lifted him slightly so Jimin could pull out as well. Yoongi felt his hole gaping, wanted to be filled again and then the warm cum dripping out between his thighs. V pulled him on his hands and knees, holding his ass up in the air while pushing his head down.

-‘’V…p-please…n-no more… please…’’ – Yoongi whined, his body shaking as he sobbed. V paid him no heed, as he licked the stripe of cum from his thigh, following its trail up his ass. He groped Yoongi’s butt cheeks and spread them wide, sticking his tongue deep inside Yoongi’s abused hole. Yoongi cried, trembled and moaned, begging him to stop and bucking his hips on V’s tongue at the same time. Jimin was hugging him tightly, kissing his cheeks and his mouth. V pushed his finger beside his tongue, curving it and pressing it down on the bundle of nerves again.

-‘’No! Fuck V, no, no more…’’ – Yoongi buckled and tossed.

-‘’V…’’ – Jimin began, but was cut by V. – ‘’Hold him still.’’

Jimin did what he was bid and Yoongi was shaking and screaming right now. V’s tongue kept lapping inside his walls as his finger rubbed his prostate fervently. It was too much, almost painful, but so fucking good. Yoongi didn’t know what hit him. He was so weak, he felt so used, so small. The sobs racked his chest as his mind panicked and his body trembled from the overwhelming sensation. He was close again, his cock was painfully hard, ready to shot the last drop of his cum out. A couple of minutes later, but to Yoongi it seemed like hours, the choke gripped his throat and his body convulse rigidly as he came again. He had nothing to give anymore, besides a few drops. He was aching, body and soul. He just wanted V to leave him alone.

Luckily he did and he felt Jimin shifting slightly, so Yoongi can lie down next to him, his hands still around his smaller frame, hugging him warmly. Yoongi held tightly at the dark-haired man, crying and unconsciously seeking protection from the blonde one. His eyes were heavy and he was exhausted. He didn’t stop shaking. Jimin tightens the grip around him as V cleaned Jimin’s stomach, but as he came closer to clean Yoongi too, Yoongi growled.

-‘’Touch m-me again…and I w-will k-kill you!’’

V blinked, lips slightly opened, his tongue poking the corner of his mouth before he smiled dangerously.

-‘’I wish you try Yoongi.’’ – He said and laid his hand on Yoongi hip, but Yoongi jerked from his grasp.

-‘’V…’’ – Jimin warned. – ‘’Don’t.’’

Jimin held a hand, asking for the cloth from V, which he slowly gave, chuckling darkly as he rose up to pick up and put on his clothes. He could hear Jimin murmuring comforting words to Yoongi, who sniffled and quietly cried. He turned his head to look at them and he saw that Jimin was cleaning him, then tossing the cloth on the floor tried to pull the blanket from under them and cover Yoongi’s shaking form, but it was extremely difficult as both of them were lying on top, Yoongi refusing to let Jimin go. So V quickly scanned the room, discovered another blanket on the small trunk and covered both of them with it. Jimin thanked him silently, smiling gently.

-‘’Stay with him Jiminie, he needs you right now.’’ – V said and Jimin nodded, snuggling next to the older man, but before V could reach the door, he heard Yoongi’s rasped voice. – ‘’I never want to see you again V….never come here again…never again.’’

V turned his head and saw Yoongi’s red puffy eyes scowling at him in hate and hurt. V’s icy blue ones flashed mischief, mouth spreading into a wicked grin. – ‘’I’ll see you around Yoongi.’’ – His deep raspy voice echoed the small room before he left, closing the door behind him.

And Yoongi shivered…yet again.


Chapter Text




-‘’I’ve head Park challenged you to a duel. When did you plan on telling me, Kook?’’ – Tae asked accusingly, looking at Jungkook.

-‘’It’s the stupid thing, but I can’t ignore it.’’ – Jungkook said and Tae shook his head.

-‘’Of course, you could ignore it. It would drive him insane. He hates being ignored. You should pay no heed.’’ – Tae said, gripping Jungkook’s arm to make him look at him. Jungkook’s gaze though stayed on the ground.

-‘’Kook…I don’t want you to get hurt.’’ – Tae hugged him tightly and Jungkook felt his heart flutter as it always does whenever Tae is too close. Ever since their trip to the cave and ride back last night, they were inseparable. They didn’t do anything more than kissing and cuddling, since then, but Kook didn’t mind. He had Tae and that’s all that matters. They were at the Inn’s attic now. It was otherwise locked and unoccupied, aside from few owls during the day and now them. They sat at the old trunk, very close to one another. Jungkook forced his heart to calm down sufficiently enough so his voice won’t shake as he spoke.

-‘’You think so poorly of my fighting skills Tae.’’

-‘’No, I don’t! I never saw you wield a sword, but I did see Jimin and he is good at it. Hell, he is great even. I know what he is capable of doing.’’

-‘’Maybe I’m slightly better.’’ – Jungkook said, smiling shyly. Tae’s eyes look at his gently, as he covered Jungkook’s hand with his own.

-‘’I hope you are Kookie, I truly do.’’ – Tae whispered and lowered his forehead on Jungkook’s shoulder. Jungkook’s nerves wanted to scream. He wanted to kiss him silly, but he was never one initiating it, ever since the last time.

-‘’You…you called me Kookie.’’ – He said quietly, grasping at the trunk so hard, that his knuckles went white. Tae raised his head to look at him.

-‘’Do you mind me calling you that?’’ – Tae asked. Jungkook chuckled, looking at the ceiling. – ‘’Tae you can call me whatever you want.’’

The smirk formed at Tae’s lips. – ‘’Whatever I want?’’

Jungkook nodded and Tae felt like a kid who just got his birthday present early. – ‘’How about a bunny.’’

Jungkook groaned, regretting his rash statement. Tae laughed.

-‘’You said whatever I want! Are you going to pull back your words?’’

-‘’No.’’ – Jungkook groaned again. – ‘’Why a bunny?’’ – He asked.

-‘’Because you look like one when you smile. You are adorable!’’

-‘’I am not adorable!’’ – The younger man said sternly, raising his eyebrow and shaking his head.

-‘’Mhm…very well…’’ – Tae said, fighting his smile. Jungkook nudged him with his shoulder.

-‘’You can call me like that…bunny…I mean… just….just don’t let others hear you, I have my reputation to keep.’’

Tae chimed delightfully. – ‘’No one but me…you are my bunny.’’

-‘’Yours?’ – Jungkook asked, looking shy, his confidence long gone forgotten. Tae drew closer and whispered into Jungkook’s ear. – ‘’Only mine.’’

-‘’O-okay.’’ – Jungkook took deep breaths, trying desperately to calm himself. – ‘’Tae…’’

-‘’Yes Kookie?’’ – Jungkook could feel the warmth of Tae’s breath on his cheek, his body so close to his. He smelled beautiful, so gentle, like lavender and chamomile. His body shook a little and Tae was quick to notice.

Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut as he exhales deeply. – ‘’I want to kiss you so badly Tae.’’

Tae smiled. – ‘’And what’s stopping you?’’

-''I’m afraid once I start, I won’t be able to stop until I see you cum.’’

-‘’Fuck’’ – Tae murmured and attacked the younger man’s lips. They kissed so roughly, moaning into each other’s mouths. Tae moved closer, gripping at Jungkook until he straddled his thick thighs and felt Jungkook’s hands wrapped around his ass. He bucked his hips, rolling it slowly to grind on Jungkook’s cock.

-‘’Shit I love when you do that Tae.’’ – Jungkook grunted, grabbing at Tae more roughly and pinning him to his body as if to melt him with himself. They licked inside each other’s mouth, tongues dancing together, with the occasional click of their teeth. Tae pulled Jungkook’s tunic from his pants and over his head. Fingers brushing at the younger man’s chest, over his nipples, that made the other man gasp, and then down across the abs.

-‘’You look so damn hot Kook.’’

Jungkook suddenly remembered Hoseok’s words, when he said that one-day Jungkook would meet someone he would wish to lick and kiss every inch of their body. He didn’t believe him until now. Seeing Tae rolling his hips against his, holding his face between his large hands, looking so lost in the pleasure made Jungkook feel the urge to do things to him.

-‘’I want to see your body Tae, to lick and suck every inch of it.’’ – Jungkook spoke and Tae’s breath stopped, his pupils went wide.

-‘’I want to suck your cock, taste you cum…and then I want to bend you over and lick that gorgeous ass of yours…fuck you with my tongue.’’

-‘’Holy fuck Jungkook! Where did you learn to talk like that? Aren't you a virgin still? Fuck. You’ll make me cum before you got a chance to do any of that stuff.’’

Jungkook chuckled. -‘’Hoseokie Hyung. Will you let me?’’ – He asked.

-‘’Oh Hellheavens yes… yes.’’

Jungkook reached to grab Tae’s legs and to wrap them around his waist and then holding his ass, he picked him up and carried him towards a table. Tae turned slightly, pushing stuff from it to make himself more room, as Jungkook gently put him down on it.

Tae sat, his legs still wrapped around Jungkook as he kissed him. Their hands sliding against each other’s body. Kook opened Tae’s leather vest and took it off…then kissing his collarbones he took off his shirt as well. He kissed down Tae’s chest and his tummy, untying his pants and pulling them down as well. He admired Tae’s naked body for a briefest of seconds before he took Tae’s cock in his hand and kissed Tae’s thigh.

-‘’Tae, I’ve never done this before.’’

-‘’Oh, you don’t have to do it.’’

-‘’No, no, I want this….it’s just… I might need….’’

-‘’Let me show you what to do.’’

Tae slide from the table, kissing Jungkook’s lips and undoing his pants, letting them slide down. He turned them around, so now Jungkook’s thighs were leaning on the table and Tae sunk down on his knees.

-‘’Oh fuck, you look so sinful down there Tae.’’ – Jungkook looks at the ceiling, afraid that he will cum before Tae actually put his dick in his mouth.

-‘’Look at me, Kook.’’ – Jungkook’s eyes found Tae’s and he groaned at the sight. His eyes never left Kook's as he took a hold of his cock and slowly let his tongue lick long stripe from his balls to his tip.

-‘’Aaaah Tae….ugh…fuck…’’ – Jungkook closed his eyes again.

-‘’Eyes on me.’’ – Tae’s low, but demanding voice brought his eyes back on Tae’s. Tae was now licking the long stripe up and down, wrapping his lips around Jungkook’s head, sucking it gently. Jungkook’s muscles shook, he was gasping, gripping the table for balance and fighting the urge to roll his eyes on the back of his head. Instead, he watched Tae as he was told.

Tae sucked him faster now, massaging his balls in the process. His head started to bob up and down as he hollowed his cheeks and slide lower and lower, allowing more and more of Jungkook’s length to slide deeper, until it reached his throat. Jungkook was moaning mess by now, gripping Tae’s hair and buckling his hips into Tae’s mouth, while the man moaned deeply, sending vibrations through Jungkook’s cock until it was too much.

-‘’Tae, I’m gonna….’’

Tae moved slightly, pumping Jungkook’s cock while sucking at the tip harshly. Jungkook grunted and spilled inside Tae’s mouth, allowing him to suck him dry. Tae swallowed all and let go of his cock with a gentle kiss on his tip. Jungkook fell on his knees in front of Tae and kissed him deeply, cupping his cheeks. He pushed him on the floor and send a trail of kisses down Tae’s neck, his chest, stomach, thighs and then engulfed Tae’s cock in his mouth.

Tae gasped, grabbing Kook’s hair, panting severely.

-‘’Kook slows down, you’ll choke.’’ – But Jungkook didn’t listen. The newly awaken desire was too great to be taken slow. He sucked him nicely, going further and further down until the tip reached the end of his throat and he gagged, coughing slightly.

-‘’Kook, don’t take too much.’’ – Ignoring the warnings he tried again, now more prepared. He tested his limits, swirling his tongue at the tip and then hollowing his checks as he slid lower, each time going deeper. Tae was biting his knuckles so he wouldn’t be so loud.

Kook flattened himself on his stomach, so he can reach Tae’s balls, sucking the sac gently. That earned him a deep groan from another man.

-‘’My God….so good Kook…so fucking good…mmmmh…’’

-‘’Turn around Tae, I want to taste you.’’

-‘’N-no Kook…not tonight.’’

-‘’Why? I’m I doing something wrong?’’ – His doe eyes were round as the worry creased his brows. Tae wanted to kiss him forever, but he quickly reassured him.

-‘’It’s not that Kookie. It’s just, I’m not clean enough down there. I need to prepare… next time.’’

-‘’I don’t care Tae.’’

-‘’I do Kook. I want to enjoy that, but now I’m just so close… finish me off like this baby... your mouth feels amazing around my cock.’’

And Jungkook accepted that praise and took him again deep, bobbing his head until Tae cummed with a low scream. It was the first time Kook tasted cum and even though it was salty and unpleasant at first, he did swallow it, just because it was Tae’s.

-‘’My God Kook, I like you so much.’’ – Tae said and Kook froze only for a moment, but then his lips spread into a huge smile and he leaned in to kiss Tae saying in his lips. – ‘’I like you too Tae.’’

Tae pulled him into a long and deep kiss.

-‘’To be honest…’’ – Tae spoke after a while, his cheek on Jungkook’s chest. – ‘’I think I fall for you the moment I saw you munching that food and drinking that milk downstairs… you were so cute…bunny sweet, my heart squealed.’’

Jungkook laughed. – ‘’Way to change the mood Tae.’’ – But Tae only laughed harder, turning on the side, one hand on Jungkook’s chest, while he held himself over the man to bring their faces closer.

-‘’I fell so harshly, you have no idea…’’ – Tae said seriously, making Jungkook inhale sharply. – ‘’Trust me Tae, I do…I have never been like this with anyone…’’ - He kissed Tae with more serious passion, trying to convey the deep meaning of his feelings, leaving the other man breathless.

-‘’Don’t fight Jimin tomorrow.’’ – Tae whispered and Jungkook sighed.

-‘’You know I have to. Tae, please don’t argue with me on this.’’

Tae bit his lips, raising his head to look at the younger man.

-‘’Then take me to be your second.’’

-‘’Hoseok is my second.’’ – Jungkook said, brows furrowed.

-‘’No, I am. My brother will be Jimin’s second, I know that. Let me be yours.’’

-‘’I can’t let you go against your own brother.’’

-‘’My twin would never hurt me and besides, I won’t be fighting him, but Jimin in case you don’t succeed, which I dearly hope you will, otherwise I will resurrect you only to kill you myself for allowing yourself to get killed in the first place.’’

Jungkook laughed at that. – ‘’You really should start to appreciate me more, you know. I am very good with my sword.’’

Tae pursed his lips, smile fighting to get out. – ‘’Pun intended?’’

-‘’What? Oh, Lord…no… I didn’t mean that… not in that way…the sword, with my sword…I’m good with it… oh, fuck it.’’ – By this time Tae buried his face in Jungkook’s chest and wailed with laughter, while Jungkook blushed proficiently.

-‘’You are the worst!’’ – He mumbled into Tae’s hair, a smile adorning his face as well.

-‘’Oh you love me for it.’’

There was a pause, both men froze for a second from the heaviness of the words. They know each other for only three days, but already their emotions were mixing like they’ve been waiting for each other forever. Once found, everything clicked instantly to its place.

-‘’I do.’’ – Jungkook said after a few moments, cupping Tae’s cheek and nudging his nose to brush Tae’s.

-‘’Good.’’ – Tae said, releasing his breath he was holding. – ‘’Me too.’’

-‘’Yeah? Good.’’ – Jungkook answered with a huge smile and kissed him again.




-‘’I see that you decided to join us, how lovely.’’ – Jimin’s voice echoed sweetly through once abandoned ally but now filled with people. Everybody loved good duels.

-‘’Nice place you’ve chosen. The rural aesthetic really brings up the chic of the place. ’’ – Hoseok chimed in while V’s eyes never left him. Jimin smiled. – ‘’Yes it brings the dramatics more nicely.

-‘’So, are you his second, minstrel?’’ – V’s deep voice rumbled on the clearing. Few people closer to him shivered from the sound itself. Hoseok’s eyes smiled, while he pouted his perfect mouth.

-‘’Oh no, I am here merely to sing an ode of his death or his victory.’’ – Hoseok spoke gently, pointing at Jungkook, eyes flashing mischief.

-‘’Then who’s your second pup?’’ – Jimin asked, squinting his eyes at Jungkook.

-‘’I am.’’ – The deep velvety voice, so similar to V’s spoke and Jimin’s eyes widen when Tae stepped out from the crowd. A sea of gasps and murmured filled the ally. V just raised his eyebrow at his brother, keeping his silence.

-‘’T-Tae… you…how? Why?! Why you?! Why to him?!’’ – Jimin stammered slightly, utterly confused.

-‘’Because Kook is my friend, that’s why Park.’’ – Tae said calmly, starring at Jimin.

-‘’I am your friend Tae! I will not fight you dammit!’’ – Jimin shouted.

-‘’What makes you think I would lose Park?’’ – Jungkook asked amused at Jimin’s reaction.

-‘’You stay out of this pup! This does not concern you!’’ –Jimin spat at him.

-‘’Oh but I think it does concern me a lot when Tae is in question.’’ – At his words, Tae’s head turned so he could look at him. He smiled gently at the knight, while his hand reached to take Kook’s. Their fingers intertwined as they look at one another. Seeing this, Jimin’s went livid. He pulled out his sword and swished around with it, cutting the air.

Tae squeezed Jungkook’s hand and let go. He stood across his brother, who looked at him curiously, a slight smirk on his mouth. Tae raised his chin up, staring at his brother for a moment before his eyes fell upon Jungkook, who got his sword out now and was patiently waiting for Jimin’s first move.

The attack happened so quickly. Jungkook didn’t expect for Jimin to be that fast, but the older man attacked him with a full blow of his fury, slicing at such speed, that Jungkook had a hard time to deflect all of the attacks. The sounds of metal hitting metal filled the back ally, loud gasps and screams from the audience muffled the grunts of the two man. Jimin was everywhere, in front of Jungkook, behind him, next to him, around, in front, the back. He attacked from above, under it, from the side, Jungkook started to feel dread creeping into his bones, he barely managed to deflect all of the blows. He never fought an opponent this skilled, this fast, so lethal with the blade before.

Jungkook was very good, but Jimin was simply better and there is nothing to it. Jimin knew that Tae knew that, and now Jungkook knew as well.

The one lack of the attention and Jimin’s blade cut through his defense, cutting his bicep. Jungkook hissed from sudden pain but attacked back. Their sword clashed again, making that screeching sound that gave goose-bumps, but Jimin deflects it easily and gave another series of attacks.


Another cut, this time on Jungkook’s thigh. Jungkook surged forward, sending one extremely hard and fast hit of his blade towards Jimin, nearly breaking his defense, when his blade slides down Jimin’s sword and straight towards Jimin’s shoulder, but Jimin’s agility and ability to bend his body into impossible positions escaped the blow without a scratch. The other man used Jungkook’s awe-stricken pause and kicked him in the knee.

Jungkook’s lost his footing, falling on one knee and raising his sword above his head, barely blocking it. He pushed Jimin back and rolled across his left shoulder to swipe his right leg at the back of Jimin's knees. Jimin cursed as he fell with a grunt, surprised for only a second before rolling on the side fast and nearly escaping Jungkook’s blade. He jumped at his feet but had to react instantly because Jungkook was on him again and again.

-‘’So the pup knows how to use a blade….good to know!’’ – Jimin thought, blocking yet another strong jab of Jungkook’s sword. Jimin grunted under weight of the blow since Jungkook was strong, very strong and Jimin had to think quickly. He spins fast, bending his sword down and as he watched Jungkook’s blade sliding down with an awful screeching sound, as he moved behind the knight’s back. Jungkook reacted on impulse, feeling his enemy behind him, drew his elbow right in Jimin’s sides, making him grunt in pain. He attacked him again, almost cutting through Jimin’s defenses when Jimin jumped and punched him in his face with his forehead.

Jungkook screamed. – ‘’Fuck!’’ – Holding his nose on a reflex, a stream of blood gushed from it as he was temporarily blinded. His mind was in shock from the sudden sharp pain, when he felt his sword kicked out of his hand, Jimin’s blade under his chin.

-‘’Surrender pup.’’ – Jimin said through gritted teeth. Not knowing how he did it, Jungkook leaned back in one swift movement shifting his head while the blade slid further over his shoulder, way to close for comfort and grabbed Jimin’s hand. He crouches and rolled on his back, pulling Jimin’s wrist with him, one of his feet digging deep into Jimin’s belly as he tossed him across his head.

What Jungkook didn’t expect was for Jimin to twist in the air and land on his feet like a cat, with his sword still in hand, angrier than ever.

Jungkook jumped on his feet again, hurling towards his sword. He nearly picked it up, when Jimin’s foot crashed on the blade and kick Jungkook in the stomach.

-‘’Naah a-a-a, you lost your sword, now you fight with your hands pup.’’ – Jimin said and Jungkook attacked like a raging bull, right in the Jimin’s middle. Jimin moved so fast to the side and slap Jungkook’s ass with his sword.

-‘’Too slow pup. Try again.’’

Jungkook’s eyes were livid now, but learning fast about Jimin’s way of fighting, he launched again and as Jimin respond with a smirk and slight movement to the left. Jungkook quit his previous attack in a last-second, changing it, taking Jimin off guard. As he moved, he set his elbow high, punching Jimin’s jaw and sending him on his back.

Agile as a cat, Jimin rolled across his shoulder, growling as he spits the blood from his mouth. Jungkook reached once again towards his sword. He gripped the handle, ready to face his enemy again.


Jungkook grabbed at his shoulder, his blade shaking in his arm as Jimin’s blade cut deep. He was bleeding, losing his strength and with that, his battle. Jimin punched him in his face, with his fist and Jungkook fell down, hissing in pain. His sword was once again kicked from his hand and the only thing he could see from scorching Sun above him, was Jimin’s silhouette, his blade, once again, under Jungkook’s throat.

-‘’Surrender pup… and know your place from now on!’’ – Jimin hissed, his jaw clenching.

Jungkook starred at him for one moment, gritting his teeth. The grip on Jimin’s sword handle tightened as he pushed the tip of his blade further into Jungkook’s skin, but not strong enough to bleed. It was a warning and Jungkook knew that. He knew he was beaten. The embarrassment and his pride were shaken and even though it was hard for him to admit, Jimin was better.

-‘’I a-accept my defeat.’’ – He panted the words out, his body was aching with every muscle of his body. His brow was sweaty, while his lip and his nose were bleeding severely where Jimin hit him. Jimin, on the other hand, looked perfect, except for the sweat that was gathered on his temple and was sliding down his cheeks and brows.

-‘’Never insult me again.’’ – Jimin added and removed the tip of his sword from Jungkook’s throat. As he turned to leave, Jungkook spoke. -‘’Then stop challenging me.’’

Jimin turned his head, anger flashing through his eyes. -‘’Stop provoking me pup.’’

-‘’Stop chasing after Tae.’’ – He pushed his chin up when he said it, glaring at another man. – ‘’He is mine.’’

-‘’He will never be yours.’’ – Jimin said through gritted teeth. They spoke so quietly that no one could hear them.

-‘’You are mistaken.’’ – Jungkook said in the same quiet tone. – ‘’He already was.’’

-''You are lying.'' - Jimin said, squinting his eyes as he tried to read Jungkook's face. Jungkook was indeed lying, but he wanted to piss Jimin off completely. The small revenge for Jungkook's bruised ego. He shook his head. - ''I gave him my virginity last night.''

At those words Jimin roared, raising his sword above his head and slashing down at his fallen enemy, but before his blade could reach his target something jerked Jimin in middle of his blow and he screamed. His sword went clanging down on the street as he clutched at his shoulder where the small arrow was sticking out. Jimin raised his eyes towards the crowd and saw Tae. He was holding small crossbow and his eyes were murderous.

-‘’He surrendered Park. What part of surrender didn’t you understand?!” – Tae asked furiously and went towards them, together with Hoseok and V.

-‘’You shot me! Tae! I can’t believe that you shot me!!'' - Jimin yelled utterly bewildered and then continued more quietly, still hissing. - ''You gave yourself to him…to him!? Seriously Tae?! Him, the small insignificant knight?!’’ – Jimin said disgustedly, holding his shoulder. The blood oozing out slowly between his fingers. Tae blinked at him with hate, his warm brown eyes now shooting fire.

-‘’And to whom should I give myself to? You? I would rather die.’’ – Tae said acidly, his finger already in the loop of one of his throwing knives, expecting Jimin’s reaction. Jimin starred at him with a mixture of hurt and hate now, his eyes glistening from angry, unshed tears.

-‘’Fuck you Tae.’’ – He hissed and turned to leave, picking up his sword and walk towards the bridge. The crowd moved to give him space and few people that came to support him, went with him. Others went their own way, now that show was over and only a few onlookers stayed, still curious. V, however, stayed behind, with Hoseok, knight and his brother.

-‘’I must say, young knight, you know how to rattle Jimin’s cage with such ease, I’m amazed.’’ – V said amusingly. His eyes flicker between, now pale knight and his brother and he smirked. – ‘’Very interesting.’’

-“Let’s go, Kook, you are pale... you lost a lot of blood, we need to patch you up. Can you stand?” – Tae asked worryingly. Jungkook nodded, holding onto Tae, who pulled him on his feet.

-‘’Here let me help.'' - Hoseok said, reaching for his friend, when Tae spoke seriously, putting his body between the two protectively and stopping the red-head in mid-track. - ''There's no need Hyung. I got him.''

Hoseok's eyebrows rose, his lips pressed together in amusement, but he said nothing. He just raised his hands in defeat and stepped away, still smiling.

-“That’s alright Hyung. Tae will take care of me.’’ – Jungkook said weakly and Hoseok nodded. - ''Take care of him for me Tae, will you? He is my best friend.'' - He said sincerely and saw Tae's eyes grew softer.

-''I will Hyung. Let's go Kookie.''

Slowly they left, walking between a few people that stayed behind to see the aftermath. Hoseok watched them walk away. -“So….my dongsaeng and your brother. I must say I didn’t see that one coming.’’ – He said, smirking and V hummed in response, his voice calm and deep as he spoke. – ‘’I must say I did expect it, but not this quickly that for sure. Your young friend seemed really taken with my brother. So much so, that he lied while Jimin's blade was on his throat.’’

-‘’You think he lied?’’

-‘’Oh definitely. The Virgin Knight lied, knowing it will provoke Jimin, but it’s not true. They are not there yet.'' - He said matter-of-factly. - ''Knowing my brother though, it will be soon.’’ – V said, smiling slightly, while Hoseok observed him.

-‘’Do you have anything else to do today?'' - He asked, coming closer to stand in front of V, looking at him seductively. - ''Do you care for some good breakfast and ale…among other things?’’

V’s eyes found his and he tilted his head a little, contemplating.

-‘’That sounds tempting.’’

-‘’Are you tempted enough?’’ – Hoseok went closer, tilting his head a bit and biting his lower lip.

V came closer, raising one of his hands to cup Hoseok’s cheek, bringing their faces closer. Their lips brushed lightly for only a second when V moved his to Hoseok's jaw and then to his ear. The warm breath and the sound of his deep quiet voice made Hoseok whimper. 

-‘’No, not enough darling.’’ – V said and stepped away, eyes shining mischief. Hoseok wasn’t discouraged though. On the contrary, he grinned even more. 

- ‘’Should I try harder?’’ - He asked cheekily.

V kept backing up slowly, smirking. – ‘’I don't know, can you?’’

Hoseok bit his lips, face glowing. – ‘’Yes I can.’’

-‘’Then try.’’ – It was all V said before he turned and walked across the bridge, disappearing between the buildings. Hoseok smiled, even more, his heart pumping at the challenge. He, as well, turned to the other side and start walking towards the Inn, contemplating his next move carefully.