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The next morning, Kara woke to an empty bed. She crept out to find Lena in the middle of a yoga routine. Lena paused, but didn't break form as she offered a wan smile-- an echo of the plethora apologies she’d issued the night before.

"Morning. Did I wake you?”

"Not at all." Kara leaned against the doorway, watching Lena complete her routine with a tree pose. When she returned to both feet and began rolling up her mat, Kara risked probing. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah." Setting her mat aside, Lena toweled off the back of her neck. She met Kara’s gaze with solemn eyes. “I’m sorry again, for the way I snapped at you. You were just trying to help.”

“Thank you,” Kara acknowledged. “I just hope I was able to help, even a little.”

Lena nodded, her features curling in a quiet smile. “When I get like that, just being checked on would have been enough. The fact that you stayed… I can’t thank you enough. Truly.”

Kara found herself believing it. The change in Lena was palpable, and while the quick rebound threatened to give Kara whiplash, she was glad for it. The idea she even had a hand in it made her stomach flutter with happiness.

“To be honest, when I didn’t hear from you, I thought you might have been less okay with meeting Alex than you let on.”

Lena’s smile turned pained. “No, but-- to be honest… it didn’t help.” Lena shrugged half-heartedly. “Talking to my mom so soon after seeing a family who actually loved each other was an uncomfortable wake-up call.”

“I’m so sorry, Lena. You deserve better than that. Especially from family.”

As they parted, Kara watched Lena roll up her mat. "What are you going to do?" She asked.

Lena shrugged. "That's a problem for future-me. Today-me wants a poptart." Lena padded to the kitchen. "Want one? They're frosted strawberry, the best.”

It was a distraction if Kara ever heard one, but she took it readily, as much for herself as it was to give Lena a needed break.

“Um, excuse me?” she drawled in righteous indignation. “ Wild berry is the best. It has the most frosting.”

“But no sprinkles.”

“Sprinkles, shminkles. Icing or bust.”

Lena scoffed as she pulled open the pantry. “Right. Why enjoy a pleasant contrast of texture when you can have icing thick enough to chip a tooth?”

Kara laughed, and the sound of it broke up what remained of the heavy pall. “That’s the spirit!”

“Whatever, weirdo.” Lena’s fingers crinkled the silver wrapping, pinching precisely to break the seal. “Toasted or raw?”

“Toasted, duh. ” Kara sniffed haughtily. “What kind of heathen do you take me for?”

Lena heaved a theatrical breath of relief. "Oh thank god. For a second there I thought I was going to have to dump you on principle alone--”

She stiffened when Kara’s arms wrapped around her waist but melted against her in the next moment. Kara didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything but bury her face in Lena’s shoulder. She only loosened her grip when Lena turned to face her, looping her own arms around Kara’s neck. Their foreheads touched, and Kara kept her eyes closed against the urge to cry.

“Thank you,” Lena murmured softly. “For being here.”

Kara nodded, her thumbs rubbing circles wherever they lay. This time, she was the one who needed the contact.

This time, Lena was the one to give it.

Pulling her head back, Kara pressed a tender kiss to Lena’s forehead.

“Thank you for letting me.”

They stayed there until the toaster popped their pastries up, and then they ate seated side by side on the bare counter, fumbling too-hot pastries between their fingers. 

“You’re still coming to the wedding, though, right?” Kara mumbled around a mouthful of steaming strawberry filling. “I wasn’t kidding about getting disowned if you don’t.”

Lena glanced at her. “You still want me to come?”

At the very least, Kara knew better than to respond with incredulous assurances. Instead, she shrugged dramatically. “Yeah. My cousin will probably be there, and I kind of want to prove that I’ve got the hotter girlfriend.”

Laughter bubbled out of Lena, confirming Kara’s approach had been the right one. “All right. I’ll break out the big guns. Just for you.”

“Sadly, you do have to wear clothes-- ack!”

“Brat!” Lena accused, poking Kara in the side. It was swiftly chased by a kiss: brief, but lingering. “You’re lucky I love you.”

Kara smiled.

“I know I am.”

The remaining weeks to Alex’s wedding passed quickly. Kara found herself caught up in a whirlwind of last minute preparations, but never let a day go by without checking in with Lena. Often it was just a text here and there, relaying the trials and tribulations of the brides-to-be. In return, Lena kept her sane with words of confidence and solidarity. 

Maggie and Alex chose to spend their final unmarried night together, a decision Kara took as a blessing. It let her camp out on their couch to keep an eye on both of them, as they sat, silently, coiled tight with nerves. Still, they sat together, hands linked, and Kara felt the pang of missing Lena.

With a quiet sigh, she pulled out her phone and swiped it open to the chat window already open. Things have mostly calmed down , she texted. After a beat, she sent another. Wish you were here.

The response came a few minutes later. 

That’s a relief.

Almost immediately, a knock rapped on the door, echoing in the quiet apartment. Kara exchanged a look of confusion with Alex and Maggie. Maggie was the one to rise, padding to the door and lifting onto her toes to peer through the peephole. 

With a cough of a laugh, she thudded back to flat feet and opened the door with a wide grin. Turning, Kara caught a glimpse of Lena in the doorway, dangling a small baggie next to her own head. 

“Call it an early wedding gift,” Lena greeted. 

Maggie accepted the weed with a cry of delight, and thanked her guest with a two handed kiss to her cheek. 

“You are a godsend.”

“Is that pot?” Alex asked. She stood to join them, with Kara close on her heels. “Babe, I think I found a new girlfriend.”

“Sorry, I’m taken--” Lena’s drawl halted in the kiss Kara pressed to her lips. She kept it short, in exchange for looping her arms under Lena’s and melting into her. “Hey, you.”

“Hey,” Kara mumbled back. Lena’s arms tightened around her shoulders, and hugged her for long, long moments. “Missed you.”

“I heard it’d been a tough week, so I figured in my role as plus-one of the maid of honor I could help you guys unwind before the big day.”

Already halfway through rolling a joint, Alex and Maggie. “Much appreciated,” they confirmed, not looking up. “You just got bumped up to usher.”

“No, you didn’t,” Kara whispered, toeing backwards towards the couch without disengaging. “You get to relax and do nothing. Have a good time.”

The back of her legs hit the couch and she folded, with Lena collapsing with an off on top of her. “So long as it’s with you.”

Kara tipped onto her side and rolled, until Lena was underneath her. A glance towards her sister revealed that Alex and Maggie had already curled into the armchair, legs tangled as they passed the smoking joint between them, smiling and visibly relaxed. 

She nodded, letting her head pillow on Lena’s chest. When Lena giggled, Kara’s head bounced, pulling a laugh to her lips as well.

“After the ceremony, I’m all yours.”

“Hey, now,” Maggie warned on the exhale. “That’s our line!”

It didn’t take long for the pot to work its magic, leaving the brides melting together on the single armchair, murmuring to each in low voices Kara was fairly certain neither of them could truly discern what the other was saying. It was cute though, Kara watched her sister from where she cuddled silently with Lena. It was a comfortable quiet, one that spoke of their casual trust and a bond that didn’t require conversation. Kara reveled in it, perhaps slightly buzzed on a second hand high, and cherished it for the belonging it was. 

Maybe she should thank Alex and Maggie for getting married in her maid of honor speech. If they hadn’t had their bachelorette party, after all, she never would have walked into a sex shop and met Lena. Maybe she should curse them for not having that party sooner.

She didn’t notice she’d fallen asleep until Lena’s nudging coaxed her back to wakefulness. 

Kara groaned, and cuddled closer. “Stayyyyy,” she whined.

“Bit late for that, love,” came the rumbling reply. “It’s morning.”

Kara opens her eyes to the soft glow of morning. Blearily, she registers that Lena is still on the couch, warm under her cheek, but both Alex and Maggie are nowhere to be seen. 

“They left to get ready,” said a soft voice from below. Kara turns her head, and sees Lena’s gentle smile looking down at her. “Good morning.”

“Morning,” Kara returned, blinking sleepily. 

Lena laughed softly. Bending low, she bestowed a soft kiss to Kara’s temple. The movement brought more of Lena into contact than just her lips: soft breasts pressed against the back of Kara’s neck. A flush rose to Kara’s cheeks as she realized Lena was without a bra. The warmth in her cheeks promptly traveled down her neck to her chest, then further down when Lena ran her fingers through Kara’s hair.

“You’re cute in the morning,” Lena murmured.

Kara turned into Lena’s lap, leaving her own kiss on Lena’s thigh. “Thank you for coming.”

“Maybe you could make it up to me.”

The suggestion came low and teasing, rumbling against every one of Kara’s senses. Fire raced down her spine, pooling between her legs. Kara bit her lip in a moment of hesitation, the smoothly straightened to slip into a straddle across Lena’s lap.

Lena received her with a sultry grin. Tipping her head back, pink lips purse in a playful pout. “Looks like you have something in mind.”

“Maybe I do.”

Deep in the bottom drawer of her bedside table, Kara still kept two coils of the same burgundy rope she’d once used to tie knots around the delicate wrists Kara ran her hands over to link their fingers together. 

She dreamed about using that cord again, winding it around the same wrists she did so many months ago, fulfilling the wish that had been growing in her thoughts as the weeks progressed and the trust between them grew. 

As though reading her thoughts, Lena stretched her arms up over her head, bringing Kara’s hands with her. Her wrists crossed, and Kara slipped her hands free to pin them there, then leaning in to devour Lena in a deep, languid kiss. Lena arched into her, pressing their chests together in wanton need.

Kara kissed her way down the column of Lena’s throat. The skin under her tongue tasted of sweat and the faintest tang of smoke. A buzz vibrated in Kara’s chest, filling her with want. With need.

“I want to tie you up,” she whispered. A flush of Lena’s own rose to meet the words that brushed the small hairs below her ear. Kara firmed her grip on Lena’s wrists, and felt tendons flex as Lena’s hands curled into fists.

She pulled back, risking everything to look Lena in the eye.

Her heart leapt to her throat to find hunger gazing back at her.

“What’s taking so long?”

Kara paused. Suddenly, the room yawned around them, filling the world with cotton. Her senses muddled, and her body felt leaden. “Whuh?”

“Wake up! We’re going to be late!”

Alex’s voice disrupted Kara’s dream entirely, snapping her to wakefulness in an instant. Kara bolted upright, earning a yelp from Lena underneath her. Blinking rapidly, the room focused around her, revealing Alex rapidly throwing items into a duffel bag in a full frenzy.

“What are you doing?” Kara asked.

“We’re going to be late! For our own wedding!” 

“Alex,” Lena said, only to be ignored.

“Where is Maggie-- Maggie! We’re late!”



Alex whirled on Lena, eyes flashing with irritation. Lena met her ire calmly. “What time is it?”

Brow furrowing, Alex’s features creased in confusion. “I--” She followed Lena’s pointed gaze to the clock. “Nine. In the morning. Ohhhhh, thank god.”

Alex deflated in a whoosh of relief, folding in half to brace against her knees. “Oh sweet Jesus.”

“Is there a reason my fiancee’s screaming like a banshee?” Maggie joined them finally, dripping in a towel, steaming faintly from the hot shower they’d apparently pulled her from. “Or can I return to my very nice, very relaxing shower?”

With Alex only able to offer a dismissive wave, Kara pinched out a smile. “I think we’re good, Maggie. Sorry.”

“Ooookay,” came the dry reply. “If you say so.”

After Maggie padded damply away, Lena and Kara quietly watched Alex until she finally straightened and took a deep breath. “I’m, ah--” She motioned to the bedroom. “Gonna just-- yeah.”

Alex disappeared as well, leaving the room in a pall of silence. Kara squirmed, her arousal demanding attention and leaving her unable to rise for fear of revealing the damp no doubt staining her shorts. Lena’s proximity was deliciously, unbearably close, and Kara’s voice caught between wanting to change the subject and asking the question she’s been dying to ask for weeks.

Before she could say anything at all, Lena beat her to the punch by pushing to her feet.

“I should get going,” she said. She stretched, arching her back and revealing a sliver of skin as her shirt pulled away from her waistband. Kara fought the urge to kiss the pale skin, an urge diverted to Lena’s lips when her girlfriend bent down to bid her goodbye. “See you there?”

Kara nodded numbly. “Yeah. ‘Course.”

“Love you.”

A little thrill traveled up Kara’s spine. Two little words never felt so good.

“Love you too.”


Despite the extra hours awarded by Kara’s clock, it didn’t take long for chaos to consume them as they focused on getting the last of their supplies to the car and the brides to the venue. Before Kara knew it, their hair and makeup was finished, and guests began to arrive. Kara tucked herself away with the rest of the bridal party, and didn’t see Lena again until she was walking down the aisle with a bouquet in her hands to match her peach chiffon dress. 

Lena had found a seat almost on the aisle, her lips ruby red and hair braided in a crown around her head. Draped in a sheer dress printed with florals, she was a vision of summer against the backdrop of the outdoor vineyard, and Kara felt herself flush when those red lips pressed into a smile of delight.

All through the ceremony, Kara’s gaze kept drifting back to Lena. Sometimes, their eyes caught, but more often than not she stole moments of watching Lena watch the exchange of vows, memorizing every crinkle of warmth, every sparkle of delight that glittered in Lena’s eyes like stars. 

They didn’t truly connect until dinner, when Kara dropped into her seat with a fervent kiss to the corner of Lena’s perfectly painted lips. “You are so gorgeous.”

“You read my mind,” Lena crooned with a slow smile. Her fingers stroked the strap of Kara’s gown, sending bolts of electricity when their skin met. Dark eyes took her in, from head to toe. “Peach is your color.”

Kara caught her lip in her teeth, letting her own eyes linger on the drape of Lena’s dress over her breasts. “Bet it’ll look even better on your floor--”

“Oh, you must be Lena!”

They both straightened sharply at the sound of a new voice, bright and innocent to the sudden turn their conversation had taken. Swallowing a snort, Kara leaned into Lena as she extended her hand to Eliza.

“Guilty as charged,” she laughed. “And you must be Eliza. Pleasure.”

Kara watched their hands curl together, and watched her adopted mother’s eyebrow lift when Lena gripped her palm firmly. It seemed she wasn’t the only Danvers shaken by Lena’s tactile confidence.

“Wow,” Eliza gushed, swiftly recovering as their hands disengaged and Lena’s hand came to rest on Kara’s knee. “You are even lovelier than Kara said-- which is certainly saying something!”

“Oh, no, Eliza--!” 

“I’m only saying it because it’s true,” Eliza scolded without malice. “We talk every week, and for months it’s been Lena this, and Lena that!” She broke into a laugh when Kara waved her hands between them in disruption. She pushed them away. “It’s true!”

“Oh my god…” Kara reclaimed her hands and buried her face in them. 

Lena’s fingers tightened on her knee. “You should talk to my friend Sam. She’s had to listen to me wax sonnets about Kara every day at work. To hear her tell it, Kara’s turned me into Shakespeare.”

“Oh? And what do you do?” Eliza asked. “Kara’s never said.”

Kara stiffened, but Lena didn’t miss a beat. “I work retail part time. It’s mostly to fill my socialization quota while I wrap up my graduate degree.”

“Oh, how lovely. You’re nearly finished then?”

As the two of them fell into easy, superficial conversation, Kara forced herself to relax. Lena was an old hand at navigating these waters, regardless of how nervous she’d been to meet Alex. Perhaps she’d sensed that Kara cared more about Alex’s opinion of their relationship than Eliza’s would. Or maybe she’d had enough of the white wine in her glass for the buzz to keep her calm. Except…

The hand creeping up Kara’s thigh was more heat-seeking missile than tipsy fumbling. No, not a missile. A missile had zero stealth, while Lena’s fingers-- Kara jerked as warm fingers edged towards her groin. In an instant, they diverted to rest languidly on Kara’s hip beneath the table.

“Kara said you still live in Midvale,” Lena continued, her voice giving no indication of what else might be on her mind. “Do you like it there?”

“I do! The commute can sometimes be a drag, but the quiet and the view are well worth it.”

Lena’s hand stayed where it was, leaving Kara’s thoughts to wander on their own. Her mind drifted back to the dream she’d woken up to, and the vision of Lena ready and willing on her couch, all but begging to feel rope on her skin. Lena’s fingers shifted on Kara’s hip as she leaned towards Eliza, and Kara’s mind jumped to an image of Lena in her bed, naked save for the pretty burgundy cord binding her wrist and ankle to Kara’s bed frame.

“You better tie her up quick, sweetheart.”

Inhaling sharply at Eliza’s low voice, Kara choked on her wine, ears roaring. She blinked rapidly, reaching for a napkin, and accepted Lena’s when it was offered. Coughing, she turned to Eliza. 

“Ex-excuse me?”

Lena’s attention had been pulled away by Winn, who’d come to take up the chair on Lena’s far side. Eliza leaned in with a laugh, blushing at her slip.

“Oh! I meant-- snap her up or tie her down! Either one.” When Eliza smiled, her eyes were fuzzy with wine. Kara breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn’t suddenly developed ESP. “I like her.”

“Me too,” Kara returned honestly. 

“And with Alex married--”

“Eliza, no.”

“I heard my name,” Alex announced, dropping between them with a broad grin matched by her wife’s, who trailed at her side. 

Distraction successful, Eliza surged to her feet to wrap her daughter in a hug. On Kara’s other side, Lena rose to loop her arms around Maggie’s shoulders. Kara watched, smiling when Lena allowed the embrace to last, even giving Maggie a little wiggle. 

“Congratulations,” she heard in a soft voice. 

“Thanks, Lena. So glad you’re here.” Maggie sounded like she meant it. Off to the side, the photographer clicked a quiet photograph. 

When Alex disengaged from her mother, she shot Kara an inquisitive glance. At Kara’s silent plea for help, her sister seamlessly covered. “Y’know, Mom, Lois and Clark are here, maybe you--”

“Oh, they are! I haven’t said hi yet. Kara, honey, I’ll catch up with you later.”

Eliza disappeared in a flurry, leaving Kara to level a grateful look at her sister. Alex grinned. “Looked like you could use the save.” 

“My hero,” Kara said without an ounce of sarcasm. She could kiss Alex, but there was someone else she wanted to kiss more. Her gaze slid to Lena, who laughed at something Maggie had said.

Alex followed her gaze, and slung an arm around Kara’s shoulders. “She’s not wrong though,” she said softly. “You need to tie her down. For real.”

Heat bloomed low in Kara’s belly. 

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I know.”

If only Alex knew how much Kara wished she could do just that.