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Strong Enough (from his head down to his toes)

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Jimin blames exactly two people for his current crisis: Jeon Jeongguk, for his recent obsession with the gym, and Kim Taehyung, for being himself.

Everything had been normal. Practice was normal. The sharp sting in his muscles as they danced this old routine was normal. The low swooping sensation in his stomach as Jeongguk lifts him up to run along the backs of his hyungs (and Tae) is normal. Jeongguk deciding to just keep him in his arms and giggling to himself about it? Not Normal.

Jimin had played it cool while everyone laughed at the maknae’s antics - looped his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders and belted out his high note.

Here’s the thing though: Jeongguk had somehow, in the time since the last they performed No More Dream, grown twice his size. Jimin is fairly sure his arms had never been so thick, shoulders never quite that sturdy, chest not nearly as wide. The Jeongguk of yesteryear would have put Jimin down immediately, this one had just kept rocking Jimin slightly side to side like he could carry him forever if he really needed to.

Sungdeuk had eventually told Jeongguk to put Jimin down so they could finish their rehearsal - thank god. Jimin had spent the rest of their time in the studio trying to get the memory of his dongsaeng’s fingers gripping tightly to the underside of his knees to rattle its way out of his head.

Now though. Now Jimin has a problem with a capital P.

Jimin storms into Taehyung’s room - does a flying faceplant into the soft pillows. To his credit, Taehyung takes it in stride because this is not the first time Jimin’s flair for the dramatic has brought him to this particular spot.


Jimin makes a very dignified sound reminiscent of a dying whale.

“Oh boy is it that time of day again? Whose dick are you angsting about now?” Taehyung sounds like he’s laughing and Jimin makes to slap at his stupid, arrogant face. His best friend just catches his hand and curls their fingers together. “Seriously, Jiminie.”

“Taehyung,” Jimin whines. “When did Gguk get so big? I don’t remember his arms being like that. Help me.”

Taehyung raises his eyebrows and crawls his way across the bed to flop his heavy head on Jimin’s stomach.

“Please, like you’re one to talk. The both of you spend more time in the gym than any of us combined.” Jimin scoffs. “What is the problem here though? Scared he’s going to beat your chin up record or something?”

“No,” Jimin drawls out. He can feel the flush starting to make his ears hot. “I just. Have you noticed Kookie's shoulders are really wide now?”


“What do you mean ‘okay’?”

“I mean,” Taehyung lifts his head a bit so he can give Jimin a weird sideways stare. “Okay as in okay what does that have to do with you storming in here like he stole your favorite toy?”

Jimin licks his lips, tries to find the right words to express his problem. “I, uh, it didn’t really hit me until recently how strong he’s gotten? It’s...I don’t know but I feel weird about it.”

Taehyung boggles at him.

“Jimin-ah. Jimin. My best friend and soulmate,” Taehyung sits up to grasp both sides of Jimin’s face in his huge as hell yaoi claws. “My baby boy,” Jimin grimaces out a small “don’t call me baby boy you fuck” but is ignored. “Did you just figure out you’ve got the hots for our maknae?”

Jimin makes a high pitched noise (which he will deny until his death) and flushes down to his chest. “No! I just never noticed how much bigger he is now and it’s weird! Everything is so weird! He’s supposed to be the baby of the group but he looks like he could snap me in half.”

Taehyung smirks. “Yeah I bet you wish he would.”

Jimin hisses and wriggles his way out of Taehyung’s death grip. He gets out of the relative comfort of his best friend’s cologne soaked pillows to huffily make his way back into the hallway. “I’m going to find Yoongi-hyung, he’ll listen to me without being a pervert about it.”

Taehyung cackles at him. “Dude, Yoongi-hyung is just going to try to make you drink a gallon of water for that thirst of yours.”

“Whatever!” Jimin stomps his way out of the dorm. If Taehyung is going to talk nonsense, he may as well go find the one hyung who’d be on board. Yoongi would commiserate with him about crazy buff dongsaengs. Maybe he could get some cuddles out of it if Jimin played his cards right - could take a well deserved stress nap on that shitty couch Yoongi refuses to replace.



Jimin’s hopes of someone else agreeing Jeongguk should calm the hell down with the weightlifting are dashed when Min Yoongi - his soul brother, his same height hyung, the one person he could count on in a storm - listens to his story and immediately begins looking around his studio.


“Hold on, I think I’ve got a bottle of water around here somewhere.”

“Ugh,” Jimin kicks out at his hyung’s flimsy office chair. “Why are you and Taehyung the literal worst? Support me!”

“I do support you,” Yoongi rolls his chair just out of reach of Jimin’s legs. “But we all know you want to climb Jeongguk like a fuckin’ tree, kid. How is this a new concept for you? Namjoon constantly bitches about running interference for the both you.”

Jimin pouts. “That’s just fanservice, hyung.”

“Shut the fuck up, it never was and never has been fanservice.”

Jimin picks at a loose thread hanging near his knee. This couch was seriously starting to fall apart, someone needed to run an intervention and get it out of here. Hoseok could probably convince Yoongi. Hoseok could probably convince the police he wasn’t a murderer even if he was covered in blood, murder weapon in hand, victim at his feet. Jimin snickers a bit at the mental image.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. It’s just,” the thread is starting to unravel the edge of a cushion, “I seriously hadn’t considered Kookie as someone I could be interested in, you know? He’s always just been my dongsaeng I love and want to protect or whatever. The fanservice is fun but it’s not serious. It was never supposed to be serious.”

Jimin can almost feel the weight of the gaze Yoongi is leveling him with right now but can’t bring himself to return just yet.

“Jimin-ah. You’re an actual moron.”

He whips his head up so fast Jimin feels like maybe he’d given himself whiplash. “Hey-”

Yoongi holds up a hand to silence him. “No, you are. Or a coward, I honestly don’t know which. Might be both. You seriously acted like that with our maknae and didn’t have even an ounce of romantic interest in him?” Jimin gives him a helpless look. “Look, just...think about it for a minute okay? Humor me.”

Jimin huffs but does as his hyung asks.

Jimin supposes, maybe, he had been a little overzealous with his jokes about going on dates with Jeongguk or begging for kisses anytime they let him have control over the Bangtan Bomb camera. The maknae was just so cute when he was flustered. And he was small. So, so small.

He thinks back to all the times Jeongguk had playfully rejected his advances, remembers the thick knot of disappointment that had settled in his chest every time. Remembers the days when his dongsaeng was so quiet and shy, back when Jeongguk barely looked anyone in the eyes without turning a bright red. The Jeongguk that just wanted to be part of something bigger than himself and so unsure of how to get there.

That Jeongguk was gone, replaced with one that stood behind cameras going “ooooh, I want you” while Jimin pretended to eat fruit. Replaced with a man whose arms were twice the size of Jimin’s own and cradled him to his chest like that’s exactly where Jimin belonged. This new Jeongguk had a chest that was so broad and sturdy Jimin could imagine fitting himself there in the curl of his arms. The embarrassed flush he'd managed to tamp down on the trip here makes its way back to Jimin's face at the thought.


“There we go.” Yoongi has scooted close enough to reach a hand out to give Jimin’s ankle an affectionate pat.

“Fuck, I’m so fucked.”

“I mean, you probably could be.” Yoongi gives him a leer. “Jeonggukkie is of age now. I’m sure he’d be up for it if you asked.”

“Oh my god, hyung. He probably doesn’t even like me like that.”

Yoongi lets out a particularly unattractive snort. “Please, that boy wants to bang you like a screen door in a hurricane.” Jimin whines into his hands. “Jiminie, would hyung lie to you?” Yoongi dutifully ignores the “yes” Jimin accuses and continues. “Just trust me, idiot.”

"Even if that's true, what if he rejects me and everything gets super tense with the rest of the group? I don't think I could handle being the reason we disband, hyung!"

"Oh for fuck's sake," Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Most of us have already had a discussion of how to deal with the two of you dating - excluding Bang PD and the managers. I'm pretty sure Taehyung has a betting pool going on the where and when it happens. No one is going to care if you decide to start fucking, we kind of expect it at this point."


“Seriously, Jiminie,” Yoongi gets up. “Even if, god forbid, Gguk doesn’t want to bone down, he’s not going to treat you any different. The kid loves the fuck out of you. Even Namjoon-ah will tell you to go for it and he's the most neurotic out of all of us. Now move over, I want a nap.”

Jimin sighs but makes room. Yoongi tucks himself into the space next to him and curls his hands into Jimin’s hoodie pocket. It’s kind of nice to be snuggled so close to his hyung, they don’t really get a chance to nap together anymore now that the company can afford better housing for all of them. Plus, Yoongi is the only one who willingly lets him be the big spoon, so. Bonus.

“This couch really sucks.”

“Insult my couch again and I’ll tell Kook you want to suck his dick myself.”




Jimin is debating on inviting some of the other BigHit trainees his age for a group dinner when Taehyung sends him a snap of his left nostril with the caption: “come home now or seokjin swears he’s going to turn all your shirts into crop tops”

Jimin sends one back of his sweaty armpit with “omw tell him if he even thinks of touching the balenciaga i’ll replace his shampoo w hair remover”

The walk back to the dorm is uneventful and, unfortunately for him, gives Jimin time to contemplate his Jeongguk dilema. Should he pretend he’s not having an existential, gay crisis? Should he walk in like normal and start throwing his clothes at Jeongguk’s head like every other day of the week? It’s hard to really come up with a way to express interest when the person he’s suddenly found himself interested in has helped him wax the hairs of his happy trail before a shirtless dance off with Block B, someone who was also there when Jimin dripped snot all over himself after their first win.

Jimin just sighs quietly to himself. Jeongguk had always been his brother, his link to home in Busan when Jimin felt especially homesick, but now he’s firmly planted himself in the “very obviously an attractive man hello” part of Jimin’s brain. It feels a little weird and incestuous to think about if he’s honest.

The memory of Jeongguk’s hands gripping just above his waist floats back to the forefront of his brain, the flush from earlier coming back full force. This is going to be a problem.

Jimin groans, still on the street, and gives a half embarrassed, half apologetic smile to an ahjumma glaring at him. Maybe it would be best if he stopped thinking about this out in the open.



He should have known something was up when he walks in to see Seokjin still stirring a pot on the stove, Hoseok clearly trying to look casual playing piano tiles at the table.

“Hey, hyungs,” Jimin straightens his shoes into a neat stack by the door. “What’s for dinner?”

Seokjin clanks his spoon harshly on the countertop and spins around. “Jiminie, come sit, come sit! Hyung has missed you.”

“Um,” Jimin narrows his eyes as he makes himself comfortable at the table. Hoseok is staring at a ‘game over’ screen. Suspicious. “You literally saw me this morning. I watched you brush your teeth.”

Seokjin makes a vague hand waving motion. “Not relevant. I missed you anyway.” His hyung sets himself into a chair opposite Jimin so he can reach over and grab Jimin’s hands like a concerned halmeoni. “We need to have a discussion my precious dongsaeng.”

Jimin is used to Seokjin’s theatrics and expects him to start ranting about the laundry not being done properly. He’s ready to defend himself since Jimin knows for a FACT Taehyung was in charge of stain removal in the last loads.

“About your dicklust for Kookie,” Seokjin starts.

“Oh my god!”

Hoseok continues for him, “We need to set some boundaries so you two don’t scar the rest of us.” Seokjin is nodding along eagerly, Jimin thinks his soul is actually leaving his body. There is no way this is happening. “You guys can’t make out in communal areas while we’re here and if you’re going to have sex, you have to do it when most of us are gone. Or all of us. Preferably all of us, but I know you.”

Jimin can only gape his mouth like a fish at his hyungs’ serious expressions. “I, what...why are you acting like we’re going to make out at all? What the actual fuck!”

Seokjin gives his hands a small shake. “My Jiminie,” he coos. “Taehyung told us you were drooling over him earlier. We’re just trying to be proactive before you decide to try and ride him in the living room or something.”

He has no response to that. The white noise filling his head drowns out any thought he could possibly have - please leave a message after the beep.

Hoseok starts laughing his ass off, which, he’s an asshole so Jimin expects it but good fucking god this is not what he signed up for when all he wanted was some food. He should have just gone to get bbq when he had the chance, fuck his 2016 fall/winter balenciaga sweater. Jimin finally snatches his hands away from Seokjin who’s taken up cackling into the wood of their dining table. “I’m not going to have sex with Jeon Jeongguk! What is wrong with you two?”

That should have been the end of it, but fate is a bitch.

“Wow, rude.” Jeongguk sniffs, choosing that exact moment to wander in to get something from the fridge. “I’ll have you know a lot of people would give their right arm to have sex with the Jungkook of BTS.”

Shit. Jimin knocks his head into the table and gives a pathetic sounding whine. “Go back to playing your dumb computer games, this never happened.” Hoseok continues to laugh his ass off. Jimin vindictively hopes he chokes on his spit and suffocates right here.

“Why are you talking about sex with me anyway?”

“Jin-hyung is a fucking pervert that’s why.”

“Okay, weird.” Jimin feels Jeongguk’s fingers idly scratch at his scalp and tries desperately to stop himself from letting the pleased hum escape his throat. “Stop smashing your face into the table, you’ll just hurt your nose.”

Hoseok has finally calmed down enough to giggle out a stilted, “Jeonggukkie-yah, our resident heartbreaker wants you to bend him over” before he and Seokjin burst into more raucous laughter. Jimin just groans louder against the grain of the wood and prays for death. Jeongguk is making a choking noise behind him but Jimin is resolutely Not Looking at him. If he has to see those dumb, thick (so thick) arms one more time today, Jimin is going to fucking riot in the street - right outside the dorms so everyone knows how rude Jeongguk is just by his mere existence.

“I hate both of you, I want you to know. I really, really, really do.”

Jimin feels Jeongguk place his hands firmly against his shoulders, lets him start shaking Jimin a little even though he’s still facedown on the table and it does kind of hurt his nose. “Hyung, seriously lift your head up.”

Jimin does, because he’s a weak man with no self preservation instincts, and instantly regrets his life choices. The sight of Jeongguk leaning over him just so that his shirt gapes enough to show off a muscular pectoral sends Jimin’s brain spiraling. He can feel the blood pooling rapidly in his face, heat spreading quickly from his ears down to his neck. Fuck. He’s so goddamn easy it’s ridiculous.

“I’m going to take a shower!” Jimin stands quickly, knocking Jeongguk back a bit in the process, and makes his way to the bathroom as fast as his legs can carry him. He resolutely does not look Jeongguk in the face or the shame will kill him instantly.

“Make sure it’s a cold one!” Seokjin yells after him. He can hear Hoseok make a high pitched squealing laugh and vows to add something gross to his roommate's drink the next time Hoseok isn’t looking.

Once in the bathroom, Jimin leans his weight against the door and curses at himself. Just the sight of one kinda muscular looking pec and his dick is already half hard in his jeans. Jimin glares down at his traitorous body. He was doing just fine last week not imagining being held up (or down) by one of his bandmates, now here he is running away from Jeongguk because the sight of his muscles is making Jimin hot under the collar.

“Fuck.” He quickly strips down, may as well actually take a shower since he’s announced it. The arousal is still swirling low in his gut, now suddenly fully hard and starting to ache.

It’s aggravating how quickly he’s managed to get himself worked up over, essentially, nothing. Just a glimpse of a muscle and he’s fucking gone . The desperation he feels as he slips into the stall a testament to how long it’s been since Jimin’s been with another person - under another person.

Standing beneath the spray of the showerhead does nothing to calm the fire in his blood. Jimin bites his fist to muffle the whine threatening to spill from his lips at the first touch of his fingers against the head of his dick, precome already beading at the tip. He tries to imagine anything, anyone, other than Jeongguk as he strokes his cock - a faceless man pressing him into a soft bed, thick arms holding Jimin flush against a solid body thrusting hard into himself, the soft wet of a willing mouth.

There’s a lotion bottle situated in the stall everyone uses but graciously don’t talk about - replenished quietly by the last person to empty it. The hazy warmth of the hot water in the shower has heated the lotion a little but it’s still a sudden cool against his hole when Jimin slips two fingers in without preamble. He never likes to go slow when he’s alone, knows what he needs to get off as quickly as possible. No one had the luxury of a long jerk off session when you shared a bathroom with six other men.

The faceless nobody of his fantasies morphs into Jeongguk just as Jimin fucks his fingers hard into his body, the tips scraping at his prostate. He can only shove the fingers of his other hand into his mouth to stop the guilty moan that sits thick in his throat. Jimin lets his imagination wander - Jeongguk holding him down and fucking him into the mattress of his stupid bunkbed, looking down at Jimin as he shoves his cock as far down Jimin’s throat as he can manage.

It takes just a few more harsh thrusts into his hole for Jimin to finally, mercifully, come hard against the wall of the shower. His knees shake as the cum washes away, body jittery from the rush of endorphins. He leans against the wall trying to catch his breath and just barely manages to tamp down the hysterical laughter.

“Guess this is my life now, huh?” Jimin mumbles to himself.

The guilt lasts only as long as it takes to dry himself off. So what if Jeongguk was his bandmate? So what if pursuing a relationship with the maknae would ruin the band dynamic? So what if Joengguk has never actually confirmed his sexual orientation?

Jimin glares at his reflection, new determination zinging through his veins.

“I’m going to seduce Jeon Jeongguk.”



Seducing Jeongguk, he finds out later, is a lot easier said than done. For one, the maknae holes himself in his room to play video games or “edit videos” for a large portion of his free time not spent in the gym. Jimin is pretty sure that second one is just code for masturbating and he wants in so desperately he can taste it. For two, Taehyung.

Just. Taehyung.

Jimin had finally managed to drag Jeongguk into the living room for a chance to cuddle up under the thin guise of an Iron Man marathon when Taehyung decided to poke his nose in.

“What are you guys doing?”

“Iron Man marathon!” Jeongguk’s enthusiastic reply warms Jimin’s heart a little. Seeing his dongsaeng happy always lifted his mood even before Jimin had decided to try and get into his pants.

Taehyung just makes a face at them both. “Sounds boring. You should come play Overwatch with me, you’ve seen Iron Man like five thousand times.”

Jimin makes a face at Taehyung behind Jeongguk’s back, Taehyung just smirks in return. Jeongguk, ever the oblivious one, misses the exchange to glance back at the television currently showing Tony Stark’s shiny red suit. “Yeah but it’s a classic, you know?”

“Whatever. They just released a new hero in Overwatch, I’m going to go master their moves before you can.” Taehyung wanders back down the hallway. Jimin sighs as Jeongguk glances back and forth between his obvious mancrush and his gaming obsession.

“Just go. We can always hang out some other time, Kookie.”

“You sure?” Jimin nods and tries not to be too hurt when Jeongguk immediately takes off behind Taehyung, calling after him about some team name or somesuch. He doesn’t even look back once to wave or say thanks or anything. The bitter taste of disappointment lingers on his tongue so Jimin decides to head to the studio, maybe dancing for a few hours will help clear his mind and make him feel better.

Hoseok joins him during hour two and they spend a long time giggling at each other over ridiculous girl group dances. A camera is set up and they take turns trying out some moves they hadn’t practiced in a while for vlive.

“Jiminie, show them that thing!”

“What thing?”

“You know, the thing only your noodle body can do. The fans will love it.” Jimin laughs at the greasy smile sent his way and gets into position. Hoseok loses his mind when Jimin sends the camera a sultry look before dropping down into a full split. They practice a few more faux-sexy moves for the camera before deciding to call it an evening. Schedules are set to start soon and time for extra sleep is precious.

When they return home a few hours later, the pair are greeted by the sight of Taehyung and Jeongguk cuddled on the couch with Yeontan between them looking at something on Taehyung’s phone.

Hoseok wastes no time in teasing them and shouts from the entryway, “Well don’t you three look cozy!”

Joengguk’s head whips up lightning fast and Jimin swears his face is flushed red. From being close to Taehyung maybe? There’s a sickening twist in his gut, blood rushing in his ears.

If there’s a reply, Jimin doesn’t hear it in his haste to remove himself from the room. He nearly trips on his way to the bathroom to get his quick shower in before Hoseok bangs down the door for his turn.

Jealousy, Jimin decides later lying face down in his bed, is the absolute worst. Watching Tae and Kookie cuddle had never made his stomach twist so hatefully. He had never had a sudden visceral need to get away from his two best friends just because they were sharing skinship to pet Yeontan or watch whatever it was on someone’s phone.

It sucked.

Jimin hated both the feelings and himself.

A knock at the door has him flipping over onto his back, still sulking. “Come in, I’m decent.”

“You’re never decent,” Namjoon laughs, opening the door. “Hobi said you ran off before he could mention needing you for dish duty later.” Jimin hummed in assent. “You okay?”


Namjoon lifts Jimin’s legs to settle them in his lap as he sat on the bed. “What’s up? Wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.”

“You sure?” Namjoon’s large hands give his calves a squeeze. Not for the first time Jimin laments in his choice in men, clearly Joon-hyung was the only decent person in this house and his dick was an idiot.

Suddenly overwhelmed by his stupid jealous emotions (over Taehyung! His best friend!), Jimin leans up to wrap his arms around Namjoon’s neck and lets the first of many tears soak into the neck of his hyung’s shirt. “Jiminie?”

Jimin can only shake his head, not wanting to talk or else he’ll start crying in earnest. Namjoon is silent a moment before telling him some gossip one of the managers had let slip earlier in the day, graciously rubbing circles into Jimin’s back and ignoring the hitching breaths Jimin was trying so hard to get under control.

He doesn’t know how long they sit there, Namjoon quietly murmuring shitty bathroom gossip about some of the makeup noonas the managers were crushing on at the moment. Namjoon is saying something about the male gaze and the commodification of women’s bodies when Jeongguk barges into the room, arms full of snacks. “Jimin-ah, we should - oh.”

Jimin hastily tries to wipe the blur of tears from his face but he knows he looks like a mess. None of them were pretty criers (except maybe Seokjin when he wanted something from management), but Jimin knew his crying was especially hideous. Ugh, he’s sure his plan of seduction had just been kicked down a few notches from the sight of his puffy face alone. No way Jeongguk would want to make out with him now, not with the memory of Jimin teary eyed and undoubtedly snotty so fresh. Namjoon just gives him a small pat on the back, noticeably does not loosen his grip on Jimin’s legs.

“Ah hey, Gguk. We were just having a little talk.” Namjoon gives the maknae a thin lipped smile. Jimin blinks. He doesn’t know if a dimple could be threatening but he’s kind of sure Namjoon just managed it. The fuck?

“Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, it’s just Jimin-hyung promised to watch Iron Man with me earlier. I figured he’d want to finish it now that he’s home?” Jeongguk is giving Namjoon a narrowed eyed look, tongue poking harshly into his cheek. And now the maknae decides to call him with respect? Weird. Maybe it was just wannabe alpha male posturing.

Jimin wriggles his way out of Namjoon’s hold. “Sure thing, Jeongguk-ah. Hyung has to do dishes first though, you can get it set up in the meantime.”

“I’ll help!”

“Oh my,” Namjoon is making a weird face. Like a smirk mixed with trying to hold in a fart, it’s literally the least attractive thing Jimin has seen in his life. “You never offer to help when I do dishes.”

“Yeah well. Faster they’re done, the faster we can watch Iron Man so.” Jeongguk toes a design into the carpet. It’s so cute, and so reminiscent of a younger, more innocent Jeongguk, Jimin can’t help himself. He just has to reach up to squish the maknae’s cheeks together and coo at him.

“Awwww, so cute our Jeonggukkie,” Jimin forces the ugly jealousy from before out of his system. There was no room for it when he felt so full of love for his bandmate. He grins at the embarrassed flush taking up residence on Jeongguk's ears. “Thanks for earlier Namjoon-hyung. I’m going to go make this brat work before he can back out.”

“Anytime, Jiminie.” Namjoon gives him an over exaggerated lascivious wink. Fuck, it’s so greasy Jimin can’t stop the laughter that bubbles out, has to lean his weight against Jeongguk before he falls over. Jeongguk just steadies him with a hand against his waist which is unexpected, normally he’ll just grab Jimin by the shoulder to keep him steady. Jimin lets himself bask in the intimate warmth there for a beat longer than necessary before shooing the both of them to the kitchen for chores.

Jeongguk doesn’t move his hand until they’re standing by the sink.



Jimin wakes up sometime later with a crick in his neck and a warm body along his front. It takes him a little longer to remember falling asleep on their couch during Iron Man 2, the hazy fog of sleep clinging to his memories.

Jeongguk is still asleep and Jimin finds himself in such high spirits he can’t even muster annoyance at the fact there’s a small puddle of drool sitting near his navel. Someone had come in sometime during their sleep to turn off the television and drape a blanket over the both of them.

It’s quiet in the dorm. The only sounds being the steady flow of traffic outside and the soft wheeze Jeongguk lets out on an exhale. Jimin brushes aside some hair that had fallen into Jeongguk’s eyes, fingers softly tracing the slope of his nose, the curve of an eyebrow, the sweet bow of his upper lip. He looks so young like this, sleep soft and unconcerned with anything but his dreams. Jimin chest aches a bit at the sight.

Jeongguk makes a noise then, scrunches his nose up a little bit like he’s pissed, so Jimin runs a soothing thumb between his brows. He selfishly hopes it chases away the bad dream and they can stay cuddled together for a little while longer.

No such luck. Jimin feels Jeongguk’s arms tighten around his waist briefly before the maknae makes an ugly snorting noise and startles himself awake.

Jeongguk blinks up at him, eyes bleary. “Hyung? Time’s it?”

“Dunno, my phone is still in my room.” Jimin can’t resist wiping away some of the drool clinging to the side of Jeongguk’s mouth. “You can go back to sleep if you want, I don’t mind.”

“Mmmm,” Jeongguk flops his head back down. “Can we sleep in your bed? I like it better.”

Jimin bites at the inside of his cheeks to keep from laughing. This time of the morning, when Jeongguk is especially tired, the Busan satoori comes slurring out and it’s so fucking cute Jimin feels like his heart is going to burst.

“Yeah, baby. We can go sleep in my bed. You gotta get up though.” Jeongguk grumbles something unintelligible into Jimin’s stomach and finally sits upright. Together they manage to stumble into Jimin and Hobi’s shared room without waking anyone up, thankfully. Hoseok gets extremely cranky when woken before his alarm.

Jimin makes to crawl into bed when Jeongguk gives him an offended sounding whine. “Jiminie, take your pants off. No one sleeps in jeans, your hips are going to hate you tomorrow.”

“I’m too tired, Kookie. Just let me go to back sleep, don't worry about my pants.” Jimin flops himself down, it’s not like this is the first time he’s slept in his jeans and it is for damn sure not going to be his last. That is, until he feels uncoordinated fingers start to work on the button and zipper. “What are you doing? Stop that!”

Jeongguk ignores him in favor of wrestling the jeans off Jimin’s hips like it’s an everyday occurrence.

“Jeon Jeongguk!” Jimin whisper shouts, mouth dry and insanely embarrassed. “Quit it, I can do it myself.”

“Too late, already done.” Which is true since no amount of batting at Jeongguk’s hands managed to get the man to stop and Jimin’s pants, along with his dignity, are now laying in a heap on the floor. Jeongguk gives a pleased hum, decides to kick off his own sweatpants before climbing into bed with him - both now clad in just a shirt and underwear. “Go back to sleep, I’m tired as fuck.”

Jeongguk wastes no time in cuddling up behind him, arm clamped firmly around Jimin’s waist. His dongsaeng drops back into dreamland almost immediately if the heavy, even breathing puffing against the back of Jimin’s neck is anything to go by.

Jimin, on the other hand, is pretty sure sleep is going to be hard if not impossible to find. He indulges in running a hand along the muscles in Jeongguk’s arm, vein somewhat bulged along the surface. It had been so easy for him to just...hold Jimin in place to get his pants off. Heat pools in his groin at the thought, makes his breath hitch just the tiniest bit.

God, Jimin’s dick is so hard from this whole exchange he could probably crack diamonds with it. Maybe if he shifts gently enough he can scoot from under the arm around his middle to take care of his little problem without waking his dongsaeng up.

Jeongguk mumbles an affected “hyungie go to sleep” at the first twist of Jimin’s hips and pulls him tighter into the cradle of Jeongguk’s chest. A hand sneaks up to smack into Jimin’s face in an attempt to close his eyes and Jimin can do nothing but laugh quietly to himself. Fine, if that’s what Jeongguk wants then he’ll just have to force himself to rest - hard on be damned.

He’s lulled to sleep by the steady rise and fall of Jeongguk’s chest against his back, by the comforting warmth of a body he knows and loves.

“So how goes getting into Kook’s pants?” Taehyung whispers in his ear one day during group practice. The sensation of his breath sends a shiver down Jimin’s spine and he squeals, slaps at Tae’s head in retaliation. Everyone else pretty much ignores the two of them - too used to the pair of them playing around during breaks.

“Taehyung! Shut up, how do you even know about that?”

“Jimin-ah, please,” Taehyung is laughing at him. “I know you. I had you figured out the moment you started crying about baby boy’s arms.”

 His best friend wiggles his eyebrows in the direction of Jeongguk standing off to the side with the rest of the hyungs. Jimin looks over in time for him to catch a glimpse of the maknae dribbling water down his chin in his haste to rehydrate. He can see a droplet slowly work its way down Jeongguk’s neck before soaking into the collar of his shirt.

Jimin can only let out a defeated groan and flops dramatically to the floor. There should be a legal limit on how attractive one person is allowed to be. No one should look that hot drinking so fast they spill down themself like a toddler, it’s just not fair.

“I can’t do this, Tae.”

“Sure you can.” Taehyung has joined him on the floor. Solidarity in the face of adversity he supposes. “You could literally go up to him right now, offer to suck his dick and he’d probably let you.”

Jimin grimaces at the ceiling. “Excuse me, maybe I want romance first instead of diving headfirst into gargling his nut. And anyway, I don't know why you're all convinced he'd go for it. He acts the same as always, he might not even be interested in me.”

Taehyung snorts at him. Jimin’s view of the fluorescent lights is suddenly obscured by Hoseok’s stern face leaning over their impromptu puppy pile. “Stop rolling around on the floor and stretch. We’re back to practicing in five minutes.”

“Hobi-hyung, Jiminie is being a coward. Tell him to just go for it, he’ll listen to you.”


“Aw,” Hoseok crouches down so he can reach Jimin’s cheeks to pinch them; it also means Jimin has a front row seat to the waft of sweaty ballsack. “Is this about what we were discussing at the dinner table the other night? That’s so cute, Jimin-ah!”

Jimin hates everything and everyone in this five foot radius. He’d sack tap his hyung to make him go away but Jimin was sure the punishment would be 100% worse than smelling unpleasant body odor. He can only sit up to get away from the contamination zone. 

“Leave me alone, I’m working on it.” By ‘it’ he means a possible 12 slide powerpoint presentation on the finer aspects of buttplay with your very pretty hyung who was born in Busan first. It has three different transitions per page just to be annoying because he’ll be damned if Park Jimin is anything but Extra.

Hoseok’s arms come around his neck so his hyung can effectively cling to his back like a koala. “Do you need me to find a way to lock you two in an empty room? I’ll do it if it’s for my favorite dongsaengie.” He makes exaggerated kissy noises over the sound of Taehyung’s indignant shouts.

Jimin finally looks back towards the rest of the group as Hoseok rocks him back and forth, Taehyung still whining about favoritism. Jeongguk is giving the three of them a weird look in the mirror - his tongue in his cheek and water bottle crumpled in his fist.

“Kookie? You okay?” Jimin calls.

Jeongguk seems to snap out of it and flushes down to his neck. It’s kinda cute how easily embarrassed the maknae is, Jimin has to resist the urge to coo at him.

“I, uh, yeah. Just spacing out.”

“You know you’ve got water on your neck.” Jimin grins while Jeongguk rolls his eyes and wipes it off with the bottom of his shirt. The flash of his abs is an unexpected but welcome bonus, Jimin has to surreptitiously pat his face to make sure he’s not drooling. 

Yoongi throws him a discreet thumbs up in the mirror.

Jimin takes it upon himself from then on to be as clingy as possible with Jeongguk during the breaks of their ramped up schedules. Just before one of their comeback stage performances he offers to give the maknae a shoulder massage - in part because he desperately wants to get his hands on Jeongguk and partly because Jimin’s worried their maknae has been overworking himself. Jimin spends long nights himself in the dance studio, but lately his dongsaeng has been staying later and he worries.

Jeongguk will always be his baby, regardless of the fact he can make Jimin’s dick hard just by drinking water now.

“When did your shoulders get like this, mmh? I can barely give you a massage anymore, Gguk.” He pouts. “Maybe if I do it enough my hands will get a workout and grow to normal size.”

Jeongguk makes a weird noise at that, stares at Jimin through the mirror the makeup noonas have situated him.

“Your hands are fine!”

“Yeah but my fingers are still kinda small for someone my age, don’t you think?” Jimin isn’t actually overly concerned with the length of his fingers but it’s funny to joke about sometimes. The fans think they’re cute. It’s fun when fans walk up giggling to compare pinky sizes at fanmeets. He’s come to terms with them.

Apparently Jeongguk isn’t in on the joking atmosphere Jimin’s trying to cultivate because a serious look settles onto his face. He grabs one of the hands sitting on his shoulder to curl their fingers together and squeezes. “Hyung, your fingers are the perfect length. Fuck anybody else that says otherwise.”

Jimin feels a familiar wave of affection surge through him. Jeongguk might push him away on camera but he’d always been the first one to offer up a caring shoulder to cry on or a supportive comment. He smiles and leans his head down to Jeongguk’s other shoulder. “You’re so nice to me lately." 

Adorable red tomato Jeongguk is back in the mirror, visible even underneath the layers of makeup. It takes all of Jimin’s strength not to cackle like an asshole at him.

A barely there mumble of “‘m just tellin’ the truth” gets Jimin to snickering. Jeongguk just starts swatting at his back to make Jimin go away, pout on full display. He’s so cute Jimin is pretty sure it’s starting to give him heartburn.

“Aish, this kid is so hot and cold to his hyung! Gives me compliments and now he’s hitting me.”

“I was trying to validate you, dick.” Jeongguk huffs. “You always make negative jokes about yourself and I hate it.”

Before he can reply to that kind of touching statement, Taehyung bounds over to jump on Jimin’s back. “Jiminie! They’re letting me wear glasses for this one! Come help me pick out a pair before PD-nim changes his mind.”

The sudden added weight to his back makes his muscles twinge in a way that is Unpleasant, involuntary groan slipping out and he can feel Jeongguk’s shoulders tense beneath his palms.

The moment is ruined anyway so Jimin loops his arms through the legs around his waist and starts leading them away. “Alright, Tae. You can pick out my earrings if you want.”


“I’m coming with you guys.”

“You should probably rest though, Kookie-yah. Wasn’t your back aching earlier?” Not that Jimin is going to complain for having his company, but Jeongguk was genuinely hurt after fucking up a twisting moe that sent him sprawling on the ground. 

“It’s fine.” The stubborn lilt to Jeongguk’s mouth is back which means ‘I’m going to do what I want try me bitch’. Jimin just shrugs, Taehyung still a deadweight on his back. A deadweight that is giggling into Jimin’s fucking neck like a dickhead.

“Did you hear that, Jiminie? Baby boy wants to spend more time with you.” Taehyung whispers conspiratorially into his ear, just low enough so the maknae can’t hear. Jimin rolls his eyes, he’s pretty sure Jeongguk just doesn’t want to sit in a corner by himself for once.

“Stop breathing into my ear or I’ll drop your ass.”

“At least it’s a good ass.”

“Mediocre at best.” Taehyung gasps dramatically.

“Kookie! Do you hear this? Jiminie just said my butt is mediocre.”

“I mean, he’s right. You’ve got the flattest ass out of all of us next to Jin-hyung.” Oh boy, asshole Jeongguk has arrived. Jimin loves him so much, his favorite dongsaeng - it almost brings a tear to his eye. 

Taehyung sniffs, jumps down to grab two handfuls of Jimin’s ass and whistles out a long high note.

“Ah, at least we’ve got the Jibooty on our team. Right, Jeonggukkie?”

Jimin doesn’t turn around to see Jeongguk’s expression but Taehyung is making a choked sounding laugh leaning his head into his back so it must be funny. Jimin resists the urge to pout when there’s no obvious response from the maknae.

“Stop objectifying me and go get your grandpa glasses, dick.”

Taehyung just winks at him and flounces off to their accessory table. If there’s any justice in the world he’ll end up with the big round glasses that make Taehyung’s eyes look like a fucked up goldfish. Since he’s gone, Jimin supposes now would be a good time to complain about his own legs hurting or something. Any excuse to get his dongsaeng’s big hands on his body. 

However when Jimin turns around to address him, Jeongguk is making a hasty exit towards the bathrooms.


Jimin feels a little weird the morning of one of their concerts. Brushing it off as just a bad case of jetlag, he decides to skip breakfast in favor of going back to sleep. There’s no schedule today until the run through before showtime so he thinks he can afford the extra rest, he’ll just grab a snack before they leave for the venue.

He’s rooming with Seokjin this go around who shakes him awake what feels like only a moment after Jimin closed his eyes. 

“Jiminie, don’t you want breakfast? You haven’t eaten anything since the plane yesterday.”

“Mmm, feel weird. Jus’ wanna sleep, hyung.” A cool hand slips across his forehead, touches a cheek gently.

“You don’t feel warm. Want me to bring you something so you can eat before we leave?” Seokjin tucks the blankets a little more firmly around Jimin’s body. “There’s fruit, I know how much you like melon.”

Jimin hums. “Fruit sounds good. Thank you, hyung.”

Seokjin drops a kiss to his temple. “Anytime, baby. Call us if you need anything. Hoseok, Yoongi, and I are going to do some shopping but I think Namjoon is staying in. Not sure about the devil twins though.”

Jimin giggles a bit. Knowing Taehyung, he’s going to drag anybody and everybody down to the pool and that includes Jeongguk. A swim sounds nice but he’s so warm and drowsy though, the sleep is pulling his eyelids shut of their own volition. 

“Sleep, Jiminie. I’ll bring you some fruit in a bit.”

Jimin is pulled back under before Seokjin is even finished closing their door.

He’s startled awake some time later to Taehyung flinging himself bodily onto Jimin’s back, bed bucking under their combined weight.

“Chimchim, wakey-wakey,” he singsongs. “Manager-nim said we’ve got thirty minutes to get ready.”

Jimin groans into his pillow. He was having a perfectly nice dream about eating ice cream off a set of rock hard abs and Taehyung, the eternal cockblock that he was, interrupted before it got to the really good part. Not to mention his head now feels stuffed with cotton.

“I’m awake, I’m awake. Get off me, Tae.”  Taehyung rolls off to the side with one of the extra pillows clutched to his chest. Jimin slowly sits up, disoriented from sleeping so long, and blinks blearily around the room.

Jeongguk is giving him a wide eyed stare from his spot on the opposite bed.

“Jimin-ah, are you okay? You don’t look so good.”

“That’s hyung to you. And not all of us can look as good as you do, Kook. Gimme a break.”

“Um.” He watches Jeongguk’s cheeks pink adorably.


Oops, that wasn’t supposed to actually come out of his mouth. Subtlety thy name is not Park Jimin.  

He ignores the sound of Taehyung cackling into his pillow in favor of willing the blood from rushing into his own cheeks. “I’m going to take a shower.”

The three of them make their way to the lobby sometime later, Taehyung clinging to Jeongguk’s shoulders and making lewd faces behind his back.

The fruit sits uneaten on the nightstand.

Waking up disoriented on the floor of an unknown room surrounded by the panicked voices of their management team is pretty high up there on Jimin’s list of most unpleasant experiences. The light above him feels too bright. His head is pounding with the rise and fall of the voices around him, it makes his stomach roil with nausea.

Someone has his hand in a vice grip. 

“Wha’ happ’n’?” Jimin frowns at the slurred words. That’s not what he meant to say. Or, more accurately, that’s not how he meant to say it. He turns his head just enough to see who’s trying to break his fingers and is surprised to see Jeongguk crouched just to the side of the mat they’ve laid him on visibly upset,  his face blotchy.

“Hyung! You’re awake, thank god.” More shouting in the background. He thinks he hears Namjoon saying something but it doesn’t register.

“Kookie,” Jimin tries to use his other hand to wipe at his dongsaeng’s face but his arm only makes a feeble aborted jerk. “Wh’ happ’n’d why’re you cry’g?”

Jeongguk sniffs, an ugly snotty sound, and relaxes his grip just the tiniest bit. “You fainted on stage while we were practicing. They think you might have given yourself a concussion.”

“Ah.” That would explain the pounding behind his eyeballs. “Ssstop cry’ng y’ big babby.”

“Fuck you, stop falling and hitting your head.”

Jimin tries to laugh but the effort just makes the headache worse and he can only groan out in pain. Jeongguk’s grip tightens again, Jimin squeezes back.

“Sejin-hyungnim is bringing the car around. You think you can walk, Jiminie?” Ah, so it was Namjoon talking earlier. 


“Thought so. Here, Gguk, help me lift him up so I can carry him out.”

Jimin whines. “‘M not a baby.” 

“Of course not,” Namjoon’s big hand smoothes the hair away from his forehead. “But you’ve got to see a doctor. If you can’t walk, then someone has to carry you out, mh? Just let us take care of you for once, buddy.”

“I can carry him, hyung.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, he’s not that heavy.” Jimin whines again and tries to shake the grip Jeongguk has on his hand to slap his disrespectful dongsaeng in the face. Or in the dick. Whichever is closest. Instead, he’s lifted unceremoniously into Jeongguk’s incredibly sturdy arms.

If not for the apparent concussion Jimin is fairly sure he’d be getting hard just from the display of strength.   

He must drift in and out of consciousness because the next thing Jimin knows they’re loading him into the backseat of the manager’s car and he’s being whisked away to the nearest hospital. The sight of Jeongguk’s serious face through the window keeps him warm for the journey.

In addition to a nasty concussion, Jimin has also managed to hit his back hard enough that an old injury flares hot and searing at the base of his spine. They let him join the group on stage two concerts later but he’s been confined to staying seated in a chair someone has unearthed from some godforsaken storage closet. The downside is he doesn’t get the chance to perform any of the moves he’s practiced for so many hours - poured so much of his time and energy and soul into perfecting for the sake of the fans. The upside being, well.

The vantage point he has gives him a front row view of the muscles shifting in Jeongguk’s back and thighs. When the cameras aren’t focused on his face, Jimin can sit and enjoy the scenery as much as he wants. 

By the time the hip thrusts for the Bapsae choreo come around, Jimin thanks God and also Jesus for letting him fall on his ass just this once.

Someday soon he’s going to climb that like a tree.

Yoongi saunters over during a pause between songs to whisper, “You’re drooling, dumbass” and smacks affectionately at Jimin’s cheeks.

“Go away I’m appreciating Art.”

“You aren’t appreciating shit, you’re just being a pervert. Cut it out before everyone gets a hi-def eyeful of your hard on for Kook.” Yoongi winks at him before getting back into formation.

Jimin pouts at his hyung’s back and catches Jeongguk staring in their direction. He grins, gives the maknae a tiny wave in acknowledgment. Jeongguk just laughs and sends him a tiny finger heart in return.

Life is good.

On the last night of their worldwide tour, the seven of them pile into Hoseok and Yoongi’s shared hotel room to watch movies and have a few drinks. Jimin takes this opportunity to snuggle himself between Tae and Jeongguk in their blanket fort on the floor, throws his legs in the maknae’s lap just to be annoying.

For once in his life Jeongguk welcomes the intrusion into his personal space, only moves to adjust the angle of Jimin’s knees so they aren’t digging awkwardly into his stomach. Jimin fake yawns into a palm to hide the smile threatening to take over his face.

A quarter of the way through the second movie and two bottles of soju for himself later, Jimin is pleasantly tipsy. Jeongguk is playing some game on his phone so Jimin wedges himself a little farther into his lap, wraps his arms around the boy’s chest like a shitty octopus.

“Jeonggukkie-yah,” he whisper sings into his ear. “Stop playing on your phone and pay attention to your hyung.”

“Jiminie-hyungie should be watching the movie,” he mocks back, shit eating grin on his face and still playing on his phone. Jimin pouts.

“You’re not watching the movie either.”

“I’m about to beat a high score so I don’t care. This movie sucks anyway.”

He’s not wrong. It’s an Indonesian romcom and none of them can really follow the plot anymore. Namjoon is actually snoring into Yoongi’s arm, Hoseok and Taehyung giggling at something on a tablet. The only person actively watching seems to be Seokjin and his eyes are glassy enough that Jimin knows he’s too drunk to follow any of what’s happening on screen.

Jimin huffs as he leans his face into Jeongguk’s neck. “There’s a bonus, bottom left.”

Jeongguk hums and hits the bonus multiplier, gives the crown of Jimin’s head a quick kiss in thanks.

If they were younger the gesture would have been an anomaly; a surefire indication that the world was ending or someone was actively dying. Now the easy affection is just that - easy. Jimin kind of misses the days when asking for a kiss and actually receiving one pretty much required an act of god and an hour of obnoxious aegyo.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Jimin from flushing all the way down to his toes.

The soft tapping of the screen combined with the alcohol warming his blood is starting to lull him to sleep. It’s nice being able to relax in a room full of his favorite people; Jimin kind of wishes they had more time to just relax like this but such is the cost of fame.

He’s jostled awake when Jeongguk hoots in victory after he finally manages to complete the stage - high score flashing across the screen.


“Yeah, Jimin?”

“‘M tired.”

“Then go to bed.” Jimin clings tighter to Jeongguk’s chest.

“Don’t wanna.” The maknae brings his arms to rest around Jimin’s waist. His hands feel so huge Jimin has to bite the inside of his mouth to keep from making an embarrassing noise.

“Why not?”

“Wanna spend time with you.” Jimin moves his head just enough so that his lips can rest feather soft against Jeongguk’s neck. He grins when his dongsaeng tightens his grip on Jimin’s hips and clears his throat. Jimin might actually be a little more drunk than he originally thought, oh well.

“U-um,” Jeongguk coughs. “Maybe we should call it a night. Come on, I’ll take you to your room.”

Jimin whines. “No! I wanna sleep with you. Take me to your room, Kookie-yah.”

“Fine. Just. L-let go of me.” Jimin cheers and flops backwards just far enough to be out of Jeongguk’s lap.

“Piggyback me!”

“No. What are you, twelve?”

Jimin puts on his most convincing, most pathetic looking pout complete with sad puppy eyes. “I thought you loved your hyung. Piggyback me or I might faint again.”

“Don’t joke about that.” The dark look that takes over the maknae’s face sends a sick thrill down his spine. God, maybe he should take Taehyung’s advice and just actually offer to suck Gguk’s dick like the shameless hussy he is.

“Ok, ok.” Jimin hiccups a little, the alcohol still buzzing underneath his skin. “It’ll be fun though, humor me.”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes but inevitably gives in, pocketing his phone and crouching low enough for Jimin to climb on without risk of aggravating his back injury. He’s jostled a bit when the younger man adjusts his grip behind Jimin’s knees - gentle, gentle, gentle.

The flex of muscles against his front has Jimin praying his dick cooperates for once and he doesn’t end up rubbing himself off against his dongsaeng’s back. It’s mortifying enough being so into a person that almost seeing their nipple has him scrambling for a cold shower, he doesn’t need to add “jacked dick raw from back muscles” to that list.

“We’re heading back to my room, goodnight hyungs.”

Jimin snickers at the disgusted look Hoseok is throwing the both of them. Serves him right for being an asshole that one time. Taehyung is waggling his eyebrows at them because he’s a gross old man in a 20-something’s body.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Jimin shoots his best friend a rude finger before the door closes.

“Do you need anything from your room?”

“Nah, my phone’s in my pocket.”

“What about something to sleep in?”

Jimin nuzzles Jeongguk’s neck, the alcohol making him bold. “You’ve seen me in my underwear plenty of times, Kook-ah. Don’t tell me you’re going to get shy about it now, mmh?”

Jeongguk doesn’t say anything but Jimin knows he’s affected by the way his back tenses. Jimin hides a grin in the collar of his shirt.

They manage to get to the room without alerting management. Jimin was a little worried someone was going to poke their head out to scold them for being loud or drinking unsupervised.

Once in the suite, Jeongguk drops him off on one of the beds on his way to the bathroom. Jimin only manages to get his shirt halfway unbuttoned before the laziness settles into his bones, the drowsiness is hitting him especially hard without Jeongguk here to distract him. The bed is so soft he can’t resist curling up into the middle of the comforter like a cat.

Jeongguk comes back into the main room and Jimin just about swallows his tongue - fatigue making a hasty retreat in lieu of the fantastic view in front of him.

He’s shirtless.

Jimin has seen it all before but holy jesus lord he was not prepared .

Jeongguk is shirtless and his abs are like, there, and he’s shirtless . His fucking jeans are unbuttoned; the band of his underwear peeking just so above the zipper. For how much Jimin has seen him in various states of undress this shouldn’t be affecting him but Jimin’s dick obviously has a differing opinion because it’s hardening extremely quickly in the confines of his jeans. All he can do is quickly squeeze his eyes shut to feign sleep and curl into a tighter ball to conceal his erection.

With his eyes shut he can’t see Jeongguk approach but he can hear the extremely put out sigh the maknae releases at the foot of the bed. Oh god, not now, please go away. Jimin just needs five more minutes to get his dick under control. This is not how he wanted to be found out. He wants romance, dammit!

“Hyung,” Jeongguk shakes one of Jimin’s ankles. “You’re going to hate yourself in the morning if you sleep in those skinny jeans, get up.”


“I will in a minute, go away.” Jimin mumbles into the sheets. His ears feel so hot he’s pretty sure someone could cook an egg on them.

Apparently Jeongguk is Not Having It tonight, the hand around his ankle tightening enough to yank Jimin’s leg so that he’s pulled toward the edge of the bed away from his comfortable place in the center. This also means Jeongguk gets a good eyeful of Jimin’s very painful erection straining against the zipper of his jeans.

Jimin knows he’s been found out by the sound of his dongsaeng sucking a quick breath through his teeth - loud in the sudden silence of the room.

Jimin throws his arms over his eyes and whines as pitifully as he can manage. “Don’t say anything, Kook-ah. Just - just pretend this isn’t happening. Oh my god .”

“Hyung.” Jeongguk’s voice has taken on a deep, throaty quality that makes Jimin’s cock jerk just the slightest bit. Jesus, he’s so easy. “Hyung, look at me.”

“No,” Jimin moans into the fold of his arms. “You’re just going to make fun of me, I don’t want to hear it.”

Jeongguk has stepped close enough into the space between his legs for Jimin to feel the body heat radiating from him. The hand not gripping Jimin’s ankle is steadily making its way up the inseam of his jeans and - what?

“I’m not going to make fun of you.”


The hand creeping up towards his thigh squeezes ever so gently. “I promise.”

Jimin takes a peek through the gap in his arms to see Jungkook staring at him with flushed cheeks - eyes so dark they look almost black in the low light of the room. God, god he’s so fucking handsome.

“Jimin-ah, is this because of me?” The hand from his thigh has snaked its way close to the outline of Jimin’s dick, barely strokes close to the edge where it’s pressing against the denim.

“Yeah. Sorry.” Jimin is, like, 90% sure where this is going but that doesn’t make it any less nerve wracking. “Jeonggukk, I-”

“Can I kiss you?”

Jimin swallows down the whine bubbling in his throat to choke out a “ please ” seconds before Jeongguk’s lips make contact with his own.

Jeongguk kisses him hard, almost like he’s angry, sucks Jimin’s bottom lip between his teeth and bites gently, licks into his mouth to tangle their tongues together.

Jimin moves his hands to the other man’s neck to hold his head more firmly in place. Their lips slip together, trading biting kisses amidst the barely there scrape of stubble against each other’s chin. A tug at his hair has Jimin breaking the kiss to groan loud against Jeongguk’s cheek, hips kicking upward from the sudden pleasure-pain making heat pool more urgently in his groin. Jeongguk just shifts slightly to the side to suck bruises into his neck, bites down a little on the curve of his shoulder.

“Jesus christ,” Jimin pants into the air, Jeongguk steadily removing the shirt from where Jimin has it tucked into his jeans. Jimin lets himself finally, finally run his fingers over the bulging muscles of the maknae’s chest. “Fuck, Kook. How are you so good at this?” 

Jeongguk grunts into his neck, noses his way down to place a kiss against the jut of a collarbone. “Thought about it a lot, watched a lot of porn.” The shirt comes free from the confines of his jeans. “Think about you all the time, Jimin.”  

“Shit.” Jimin yanks Jeongguk’s head back up so he can place a rough kiss to his mouth. “How long?”

Jeongguk groans. “Does that really matter right now?” He shoves a hand down to grip Jimin roughly through his jeans.

“Guess not.” Jimin scrapes his nails over the pebbled skin of Jeongguk’s nipples in retaliation, finds himself smug at the answering squeak.

Jeongguk makes his way down Jimin’s chest, bites at the ridges of his abdomen. He pauses when he reaches the edge of Jimin’s underwear, hands trembling where they sit on the button of his jeans. “Is this okay?”

“Fuck, yes it’s fine. Hurry up.”

“Eager are we?” Jeongguk shoots him an amused grin, bends to suck another mark into the meat of his hip while his fingers work on removing Jimin’s clothes - jeans and underwear both.

“Shut up, you’re the actual worst.”

“That’s not a very nice thing to say to the person about to suck your dick.”

Jimin gasps when his cock is finally exposed, a soft wet slap as the tip hits his stomach. Jeongguk traces a finger up the length, rubs gently at the head where precum has started to drip. “Shit, even your cock is pretty. You’re so pretty, Jiminie,” he coos.

“Tha-at’s ‘hyung’ to you, brat.” Jimin stutters. His thoughts are starting to fog from the intense burn of arousal in his gut, tears blurring the edge of his vision. Jeongguk has started to gently circle his dick in his hand, touch just light enough to tease it sets Jimin’s teeth on edge with want. Without warning, his dongsaeng sucks the head of Jimin’s cock into his mouth and tongues at the slit.


Jeongguk pops off to smirk at him, a line of spit still connected to his dick. “I’ll call you hyung when you act like it. Who’s spent the last two months jacking off to the thought of me holding them down like a pervert?” He clicks his tongue. “So dirty.”

Jimin can only whimper in response as Jeongguk holds his hips down to suck his dick down to the root. His hands grapple for anything to hang onto - the comforter, the edge of the mattress; feels like he’s going to fly out of his skin without something to ground himself.

Jeongguk’s mouth is so hot and wet and tight, Jimin feels like he’s going to lose his mind. He’s definitely not going to last anyway, not after being keyed up for so long without relief. “G-gguk ‘m gonna - I can’t-”

Jeongguk pulls off to breathe heavily into the cradle of Jimin’s hips who whines high pitched and needy.

“Kookie, please , let me come,” he cries.

“Not yet,” Jeongguk rubs at Jimin’s thighs. “Jimin-ah, are you clean?”

“What kind of question...of course I am! You think I’ve got time to sleep around with-”

Jeongguk leans up to capture his mouth in a heart-stopping kiss. “Good to know, but I meant,” He presses the tips of his fingers against Jimin’s hole. “Are you clean?” 


“Y-yes, I,” Jimin chokes, the fingers are pressing just so on his rim, a featherlight promise. “I-in the shower earlier, bef-before the movie I - fuck ” the tip of one digit had dipped just inside his hole.

“Yeah? Did you fuck yourself thinking about me again?”

“H-How-” Jimin gasps at the feel of a finger, totally dry, breaching his entrance. “How do you know?”

“Taehyung.” The statement is punctuated by a sharp thrust of Jeongguk’s hand, knuckles dragging against his walls. “Did you? Did you fuck yourself open wishing it was me? Wishing it was my cock? ”

Jimin can only nod frantically, mouth open - voice feeling useless in the face of the heat surging in his veins. He keens when Jeongguk removes his hands from Jimin’s ass to grasp at his hips again. “Good boy. Roll over for me.”

Jimin complies; hole clenching desperately around nothing and limbs shaking in anticipation. Jeongguk wastes no time grabbing two handfuls of Jimin’s ass, thumbs placed eagerly on either side of his entrance. “Tell me if you want me to stop, okay?”

Jimin nods facedown in a pillow, jolting when Jeongguk slaps one of his cheeks, laves over the sting with his tongue. “Use your words, baby.”

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you! Just plea-ah!” Jeongguk licks a stripe from his balls to his hole, presses a kiss to the sensitive rim. “Fuck what the fuck.”

Jeongguk only hums before eating him out in earnest, works the tip into the ring of muscle, fucks his tongue fast into his hole - slick and hot and perfect. Jimin reaches back to grab at the man’s hair, pushes against his face as best he can from the angle, moans garbled into the sheets.

Jeongguk stops just long enough to suck two fingers into his mouth to wet them before sliding them slowly into Jimin alongside his tongue, tucks the tips up just so they press against the bundle of nerves that sends shockwaves rolling up Jimin’s spine.

Jimin knows he’s wailing loud, pretty sure he’s drooling, but he can’t stop. The stretch coupled with the the feel of an unmoving weight against his prostate has him approaching that edge so quick he feels dizzy with it. His balls actually ache with how tight they’ve drawn up against his body, dick pulsing. Jimin tries to reach down to stroke his cock but Jeongguk grabs his hand, twists their fingers together, continuing to lick at his walls.

“Gguk I’m really - Please, I’m gonna come.”

Jeongguk pulls away just far enough to mutter “come for me, babe” before pistoning his fingers hard, sucks a bruising mark against the rim.

Time seems to slow to a crawl before it snaps back into place, orgasm shattering through him. Jeongguk doesn’t relent, keeps licking into him even as Jimin’s hole clamps down tight around his tongue, mind a long flatline of “oh” that doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

He stops only when Jimin cries from the overstimulation, body trying to curve away from the intense feeling.

“How the fuck...shit, you’re so good at that.”

He feels Jeongguk kiss his way up Jimin’s spine ending with his body draped languidly across his back, still clothed erection nestled in the crack of his ass. “Yeah?”

“Mmhm,” Jimin turns his head just enough to steal a kiss. “I promise I’m planning on returning the favor when I can feel my legs again.”

Jeongguk snickers into his hairline. “It’s okay, I wasn’t planning on you being able to move anyway.”

“Oh so you were planning this were you?”

“As much as you were.” Jimin sputters in protest, he didn’t plan any of this thank you very much. His drunk self was just an especially thirsty bitch. Who Jimin appreciates a lot. “I might’ve snuck lube on the plane ride over here.”

Jimin chokes on his spit. “You might’ve?”

“I mean,” Jeongguk bites gently on the lobe of Jimin’s ear who gasps. “I’ve got lube in my bag if you want to continue.”

“Do you ?”

Jeongguk sinks his teeth hard into the back of Jimin’s shoulder. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since you wore those fucking red pants in our War of Hormone MV,” punctuates the statement with a sharp thrust of his hips. “What do you think I want to do?”

God. Arousal blooms sudden and bright behind his navel, his spent cock twitching in interest. “Best go get it then.”

Jeongguk gives him a hard kiss, twines their tongues together briefly before he’s off to the corner of the room to dig through his carry on. Jimin rolls away from the giant wet spot he’s lying in, grimaces at the cum still somewhat wet on his stomach, throws a hand over his eyes in embarrassment. Jimin doesn’t know where this sex demon has come from - or where Jeongguk learned to eat ass like that - but fuck, he’s thankful.

The silence in the room drags on, only the sound of Jimin’s ragged breathing really audible so he whines and kicks a leg out petulantly.

“What’s taking so long? Fuck me already.”



There’s a hand suddenly gripping hard at the bend of his knee. Jimin peaks out to see Jeongguk holding single-use packets of lube and a condom in his other hand, hyper focused on the cum smeared across his abdomen and eyes dark as pitch.

“You’re so messy, babe.” Jeongguk growls out. “Let’s get you cleaned up, mh?”

Jimin’s lips pop open at the first touch of Jeongguk’s tongue to the dips of his abs, moan shocked out of his throat.

“Who are you, jesus christ.” Jeongguk has moved from licking the cum from his stomach to suckling at the tip of his dick, places tiny kitten licks down his shaft. “Where’d my shy dongsaeng go?”

“Shy dongsaeng is fucking starving and there’s a whole ass buffet spread out on his bed,” he rasps out, ripping a lubricant packet open with his teeth.

Jimin throws his head back on a moan at the feel of two lubed up fingers slipping into him without warning. He’s still loose from earlier, could probably take another finger with ease, and circles his hips to get Jeongguk’s fingers in deeper.

“Ah! ‘S cold.” The slow in-and-out is killing him. Jeongguk sucks another bruising mark into the milky skin of his thigh, fingers purposefully avoiding touching his prostate, focused on stretching him out.

“Sorry, I’ll make up for it soon. I promise,” Jeongguk’s voice is still throaty and dark, panting against his thighs. It’s doing terrible things to Jimin’s sense of equilibrium. When he looks down, Jimin sees Jeongguk staring intensely at the place where his fingers disappear into Jimin’s body.

It feels like an age before a third, then a fourth, finger breaches his walls. Jimin cries out at the stretch, just on the cusp of being too much - a tease of almost pain in the haze of pleasure fogging his brain.

Jimin kicks a foot against Jeongguk’s back in urgency. “‘M ready, Kookie. Come on come on-”

Jeongguk places a quick kiss against his ankle. “You sure?”

“Yes I’m fucking sure, you’ve been fingering me for a year!”

“Barely ten minutes,” he snickers. Jeongguk stands to remove his jeans, cockhead an angry red where it springs free from the confines of his underwear. He’s so long and thick, Jimin feels his mouth actually fucking water at the sight. “You that impatient for my cock, Jimin-ah?”

Jimin groans, knocks his head back against the bed. “Do you want me to beg for it or something?”

“Mmm, tempting,” Jeongguk has the condom wrapper in his hand, lubed fingers having trouble getting a grip on an edge. Jimin glares at it, hate it implicitly on sight. “Maybe next time though.”

Jimin reaches up to grab the condom and flings it across the room.


“Wanna feel you,” Jimin hooks his legs around Jeongguk’s waist, digs his heels into his ass to get him moving. “Wanna feel you fill me up so good, Kookie-yah. Think you can do that for your hyung?”

Jeongguk whispers out a curse and slicks himself up, pushes one of Jimin’s legs up just enough for a good angle. Jimin feels a little smug that he can knock the man off his axis a bit, especially after this unknown dominant sex fiend had popped out of nowhere.

The first kiss of Jeongguk’s cockhead to his hole has Jimin choking on his breath - has to force himself to relax against the intrusion that suddenly feels so huge. Jeongguk has a tight grip on Jimin’s hips to keep him from squirming.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Jeongguk hisses through his teeth. “I’m not gonna last at all.”

Jimin’s mind is blank when he feels Jeongguk bottom out, feels his balls slap harshly against his ass.

“Don’t care just - just fuck me, pl-please,” he whines, grabs at Jeongguk’s arms to feel the muscles tensed and quivering.

Jeongguk pulls out to the tip and fucks back in short, sharp thrusts. Jimin whimpers at the feel, can feel every inch of Jeongguk’s cock stroking against his sensitive walls.

“God you’re so fucking beautiful,” Jeongguk pants, fucking him in earnest now. “I’ve been in love with you for so fucking long, Jimin.”

Jimin wishes, wishes, wishes he could form any kind of reply but the steady pulsing in his groin has him so keyed up, forming words feels like an impossible task he can only let out a constant staccato of ‘ah-ah-ah’ in response. Jimin tugs hard at Jeongguk’s arms to get him to lean down for a kiss which has turned into more breathing into each other’s mouths at this point but Jimin needs it.

Jeongguk is groaning loud now, thrusts losing their rhythm, and reaches down to stroke Jimin’s cock - now hard again and leaking a steady stream against his stomach.

“Fuck, you’re so wet for me, baby,” a hard drag against his prostate, “You gonna come again? Hm? Come on, come for me, Jimin. Wanna feel you come on my cock.”

Jimin whines, overstimulated from the dick in his ass and the words falling from Jeongguk’s filthy goddamn mouth and slams head first into another earth shattering orgasm. Jeongguk pushes in once -twice- before he too is coming in long bursts, teeth clamped hard on the juncture of Jimin’s shoulder to muffle his scream. Jimin’s dick gives a feeble jerk at the feel of his hot come pulsing into his hole.

They spend the come down pressing soft kisses into each other’s mouths, sweet and gentle. Jeongguk places kisses against his cheeks, his eyelids, the dried tear tracks where he’d cried a little from the intense pleasure.

“‘M gonna pull out now, okay?” Jimin just hums and winces at the sudden emptiness when Jeongguk slips his cock out, the trickle of cum and lube dripping down his thighs.

Jeongguk leaves his side briefly to wet one of the hotel rags down to clean the both of them up - careful to be as gentle as possible against the puffy rim of Jimin’s abused hole. When he’s done, Jimin grabs him to pull Jeongguk down for a much needed round of post-coital cuddles, wraps Jeongguk’s arms around his middle and shifts close enough to rest his head against his pectorals.

“We should move to the other bed, this one is filthy.” Jeongguk whispers against his temple.

“‘M comfortable, don’t wanna move.” Jimin punctuates his statement with a leg thrown over Jeongguk’s hips.

Jeongguk kisses his forehead. “Hyung, about what I said earlier-”

“I love you, too.”

Jeongguk chokes and starts coughing. “Wha-I’m-Some warning would be nice!”

 Jimin looks up to smirk at him. “What like while we’re fucking?”

“No!” Jeongguk clutches at his own chest like a shy maiden.

Jimin can’t resist the urge to laugh at him. “Like you didn’t already know, Mister Oh-Let-Me-Just-Sneak-Lube-In-My-Carry-On-Luggage.”

“Listen,” Jeongguk narrows his eyes at him. “That was just me being overly optimistic. I had no way of knowing you even liked me other than Taehyung swearing you were having a gay crisis because I started working out more often.”

Jimin winces. “I mean. The muscle thing is what started it but,” he gently places his hands on either side of Jeongguk’s face. “Kookie-yah, I do love you, you know? It just took me a longer to realize.”

Jeongguk hums.

“I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to these things, Gguk. You know that.”

“Don’t call yourself stupid, hyung.”

“But I am stupid for you,” Jimin coos, laughs when Jeongguk makes a disgusted sound and flops a hand down Jimin’s face.

“Ugh, shut up and go to sleep.”

“Kiss me first.” Jimin props himself up just enough that can stare down into Jeongguk’s handsome face. He tries to keep from laughing at the scrunched nose the maknae gives him before being tugged down into a languid kiss.

They still haven’t discussed what exactly this is between them, what they are to each other now that they’ve gone speeding over the line of friendship and professionalism. Jimin does his best to tamp down the urge to overthink about the future when there’s a beautiful boy willingly kissing the air from his lungs, young and in love and stupid.

Tomorrow they’ll have to talk, might have to sit down for a mortifying band meeting to let everyone know about their new relationship, are definitely going to have to deal with a smug Taehyung screeching ‘I told you so’ at them both.

But for now.

For now everything seems perfect and the future is bright. Nothing is going to stop Jimin from loving Jeon Jeongguk.





"Don't think I'm not going to get my payback for you speaking informally to me, brat."