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All Eyes On You

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Chapter 1: Jimin's POV

It was no secret that the Park pack was suffering a brutal blow after another group of alphas had gotten into a fight with alphas from the Min pack.

It was a ruthless cycle of their packs getting in fights. There was always something going on, one pack accusing the other of luring omegas away.

Or one pack accusing the other of causing violence in the others territory. Not to mention the struggles that came with the businesses trying to work together.

There was always tension. Even when they were supposed to be in neutral ground, Jimin and his friends always felt on edge if there were unfamiliar faces.

He wasn’t even surprised when his appa called a family meeting to discuss the matter.

“We can’t keep going on like this. The pack is suffering. We’re losing alphas to these fights. We’re losing money left and right,” His appa had sighed wearily.

“What will we do?” Jimin’s omma had grabbed onto his appa’s arm.

“I actually received an official letter from Alpha Min with an idea. It’’s a big sacrifice...but it might be our only chance.”

“What is it appa?” Jimin asked curiously.

Jimin’s appa took an audible swallow, “He suggested a pairing between Jimin and his son Yoongi.”

“What?” Jimin could hardly believe his ears.

“Sweetie, let your appa explain.” His omma put her hand on Jimin’s shoulder reassuringly.

“If you were to become mates then it would solidify a bond between our packs. Yoongi is supposed to take over his pack someday and with you at his side they would always have to look out for us.”

Jimin rubbed at his eyes which had started to water. The reasoning was sound, but his appa hadn’t lied when he’d said it was a major sacrifice. Everything in his life would change.

“It would be a sure thing? If we mated they would have to make peace?” Jimin couldn’t believe what he was even asking.

His appa nodded, “They wouldn’t be able to back out of it. But of course, no one can force either of you into this. It’s not even a done deal. I haven’t heard much about Min Yoongi because he doesn’t involve himself that much with the dealings of his pack.”

“So we don’t know anything about him?” Jimin asked.

Shrugging his appa said, “I can try to find out more if you’re interested. We don’t need to answer back right away.”

Jimin nodded and by the next day his appa had emailed him a list of information about the alpha that he’d never even met before.

Min Yoongi

Birthday: March 9

Siblings: Min Joonki

School: SNU

Major: Business

Hobbies: Music

Friends: Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Jeon Jungkook

[Image Attached]

He didn’t really gain any useful information from the list. It didn’t tell him what the alpha was like at all. Though he was interested to see music listed as a hobby, which seemed at odds with his business major.

With nothing else to read he clicked on the attachment and actually let out a gasp at how devastatingly handsome the alpha was.

He wished that he hated Min Yoongi on sight, that would make things so much easier. But something about the male’s lighter skin tone, bleach blonde hair, and fine bone structure really worked well for him.

It made him even more curious and he ended up opening up his own Instagram to see if he could find the alpha’s account. It didn’t take long for him to find it, but he was annoyed to find that it was set at private.

Not one to give up that easily, Jimin searched some of his friends names next and got excited when he found them and some more pictures they had posted of Yoongi.

Although it looked like he didn’t really like having his picture taken, judging by some of his annoyed faces, he looked just as attractive in them. Which meant that the picture he’d been emailed wasn’t a fluke.

Sighing Jimin tossed his phone aside, was it possible that this could actually work? He didn’t know the alpha but at the very least he thought he was cute.

Feeling completely overwhelmed, Jimin ended up deciding to call his best friend and roommate to talk about it. He’d already filled Taehyung in about the whole situation earlier so it wouldn’t surprise him.

“Hey Jimin!” Taehyung’s voice sounded through the speaker.

“Hey Tae, I was wondering if you knew anything about Min Yoongi?”

“Yoongi?” Taehyung sounded confused for a second. “Well I know he does that whole underground rapping thing.”

Jimin coughed, “I’m sorry what?”

“Yeah, I had a class with his friend Jungkook last year and the kid did this whole video edit on one of their shows. It was pretty badass actually.” Taehyung said thoughtfully.

“Umm how would I find something about it?” Jimin asked.

“Hold on a second,” Taehyung started to shuffle around. “Actually it looks like they might be doing a show tonight. Jungkook just posted something about it.”

“Can we go?” Jimin asked without thinking.

“Is that a good idea?” Taehyung asked. “It’s on the Min’s territory.”

Jimin paused, “We’ll just get in and out quickly.”

Laughing Taehyung replied, “Alright we can go but if anything bad happens it was your idea.”

“Deal,” Jimin agreed.

That was how they found themselves at a random bar in the Min’s territory. It was filled with other college aged students so they blended in pretty well. As long as no one recognized them they would be fine.

He’d even thrown on a snapback cap to try and hide his face a little, but with the crowd in the place he was pretty sure no one was even paying attention to them at all.

There was already some rappers on the stage when they got there so he hoped they hadn’t missed anything. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait long before Yoongi’s group was being announced on stage.

“Ladies and Gentleman get ready for the Cyphers to hit the stage,” The MC was saying into his microphone before the crowd went a little crazy.

Jimin looked back over at the stage a an aggressive beat started to play through the sound system, and the crowd seemed to try and push even closer to the stage.

He watched in amazement as the three rappers came onto the stage at the same time and instantly had control over the crowd.

They were all dressed in black from head to toe with caps pulled down low as well. Really you could barely see their faces. That didn’t seem to matter to the crowd at all who was cheering along the lyrics they apparently already knew.

It didn’t take long for Jimin to pick Yoongi out of the three of them. The alpha was pumping up the crowd by hyping up his friend that was already rapping and jumping around to the beat of the song.

His blonde hair was peeking out the back of his cap as he moved around, and even though he wasn’t rapping yet Jimin couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

As soon as his part came on, the crowd was yelling again. Jimin couldn’t believe his ears, there was something about Yoongi’s voice that was just mesmerizing in a way that he couldn't explain.

“You're all just big talk with your mouth, but that's rapping
The spirit of my heavy king rap that hits towards the lies of the solicit nompaengis
Rappers who act arrogant
My flow job that takes them all and toys around with them
If you try to damage me with simple words like that
I only become stronger
The mysterious me is a bulgasari who grows by eating your jealousy and envy
Like you all know my voice turns people on”

Suddenly, Yoongi looked his way and their gazes locked. It sent a chill down the omegas spine and he grabbed onto Taehyung’s hand who gave him a worried look.

However, Yoongi just kept on rapping without even missing a beat. It made Jimin think that there was no way the alpha had recognized him. He didn’t even know if Yoongi had been approached about the whole thing.

It wasn’t until his eyes tracked back to Jimin’s with purpose once he’d finished his lines that Jimin thought Yoongi must have recognized him.

Suddenly, a fight was breaking out in the crowd and people started to shove at each other at an attempt to either get closer or farther away. Jimin grabbed on Taehyung’s hand harder so they wouldn’t get separated as they tried to get out of the crowd.

It seemed like each time they were making some progress they would get pushed back as more people got involved in the fight.

Out of nowhere, Jimin felt someone grabbing at him and pulling him back. His first instinct was to try and fight back but he heard that voice that sent chills through him.

“This way,” Yoongi was tugging on Jimin’s arm and leading him to the back of the bar.

“Where are we going?” Jimin yelled back but didn’t get a response so he looked over at Taehyung who just shrugged.

Yoongi pushed through a door that was marked for staff before he let go of Jimin’s arm.

“There’s a back exit. It’s safer,” Yoongi said and motioned for them to follow.

“Thanks,” Jimin mumbled and followed the alpha.

His heart was still racing from the situation that they’d just left but he was also nervous about following someone who was basically a stranger. All he knew about Yoongi was that he was hot and that he was the son of the pack alpha that rivaled his own.

And also apparently, he had the most tempting scent. Maybe it was because he’d just been running around on stage or maybe it was because of the threat at the bar.

But Yoongi’s pheromones were hitting Jimin hard. If he wasn’t so nervous he’d probably be turned on by the smell alone.

When they finally got to the end of the hall, Yoongi turned around and eyed Jimin.

“You shouldn’t have come out here,” He said seriously.

“How was I supposed to now a fight was going to break out,” Jimin stood his ground.

Yoongi sighed, “Either way it wouldn’t have been safe for you here. Did you bring a car?”

Jimin shook his head, “We took the subway and walked.”

“Do you want me to walk you to the subway? It’s late,” Yoongi asked.

“No, we’ll be fine.”

Yoongi was nodding but he didn’t look convinced, “If I give you my number will you let me know that you made it home safe?”

Jimin nodded and pulled out his phone, storing the number that Yoongi gave him.

“I’ll let you know,” Jimin promised and finally Yoongi opened the door for them so they could slip out into the alley way.

When they had made it out of the alley, and down the street without any issues Taehyung let out a deep breath.

“Remind me never to listen to your crazy ideas again,” He said.

“Sorry,” Jimin cringed. “I was just curious.”

“I get it,” Taehyung said. “He seemed...I don’t know..nice but grumpy?”

Jimin nodded, “Yeah, I don’t know either. But I mean we also barely talked to him.”

“He did help us to escape. Wait how did he know who you were?” Taehyung suddenly grabbed onto Jimin’s arm.

Jimin shrugged, “Must have seen my picture just like I saw his.”

“This whole thing is so weird Jimin. Are you really considering it?”

Sighing Jimin shook his head, “I really don’t know what to do yet.”

For the rest of the way they walked in silence. Once they was safely back home Jimin sent off a text to Min Yoongi as he’d promised.

Jimin: I’m home

Yoongi: Thanks for letting me know

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Chapter 2: Yoongi's POV

Yoongi ran his hands through his hair after he'd texted Jimin back. All he'd wanted to do was relieve some stress tonight and it had all been messed up the moment he'd spotted Jimin in the crowd.

He'd been so sure that the image his appa had sent him was too good to be true. But one look at the omega up close had proved him wrong.

Park Jimin looked like a real live angel. That only made his decision harder. The moment his appa had come at him with the plan to bring the packs together he'd shut it down.

Which was why he hadn't trusted the information he'd been sent. Surely his appa had just been trying to trick him into something.

Then spotting Jimin there in the crowd prove him wrong as his heart had started to race immediately. Both with excitement and worry. He didn't know why the pretty omega had shown up but he knew it wasn't a safe place for him.

And when the crowd had started to fight he hadn't hesitated to abandon the stage and run to the rescue. Something inside of him had automatically wanted to protect Jimin.

Partly because they didn’t need anymore trouble between their packs. But also because the idea of someone hurting Jimin made him simultaneously furious and worried.

Which definitely wasn’t the norm for him. Usually Yoongi couldn’t be bothered to worry about anyone that he wasn’t close with. And he didn’t know Jimin at all.

He opened up his phone's email app again until he found what he was looking for.

Staring at Jimin's picture again he tried to will a flaw to jump out. But the omega still looked perfect in the picture.

He wondered what the omega might smell like if Yoongi pressed up close to him. And were his lips as soft as they looked? He wanted to test them out with his teeth and his tongue.

Groaning, Yoongi closed down his phone before he let his thoughts get too carried away. To distract himself he went into his bathroom take a scalding hot shower. It helped to calm him down and wash away the sweat and grime from the show.

When he got out of the shower and had dressed he ended up sitting at his computer to write some music.

It was the best way he knew how to work though his problems. Even if it didn't give him the answers he needed it helped him sort through his feelings.

Early for his class a few days later, Yoongi took a seat on one of the benches outside to check his phone and drink the last of his coffee. It was still cool enough outside that he could get by with just wearing a hoodie.

His appa was using nagging at him for not dressing better, but he was going to dress comfortably for as long as he could until he really had to start worrying about the way he looked.

When he noticed he’d gotten a text from Hoseok, he opened up his messages.

Hobi: How’d it go with your omega the other night?

Yoongi: I won’t hesitate to kill you

Hobi: I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

Yoongi: No you’re not

Hobi: I mean kind of? You did literally jump off stage to go to him Yoongi

Yoongi: Yeah because it would have been bad news for the pack if he got hurt on our territory

Hobi: Sounds suspicious but okay

Yoongi: 🙄

Trying to remember that he liked his friends, Yoongi put his phone away before he just got more annoyed. His eyes just so happened to land on the very omega that Hoseok had just been bothering him about.

Jimin had a hat pulled on over his head as he walked down a path with his fingers typing away at his phone screen. It looked like he was probably texting with someone too.

Yoongi pressed his lips together and pulled out his phone quickly again to shoot off a text before thinking about it.

Yoongi: Hey, look up

Jimin: What?

Yoongi: Over here 👋

The alpha watched as Jimin scrunched up his nose and looked around before he spotted Yoongi waving over at him from the benches. He blinked rapidly like he couldn’t believe who he was seeing before he started to make his way over to Yoongi.

“Weird to see you on campus,” Jimin said softly once he was close enough to the benches.

“I didn’t mean to creep you out,” Yoongi said hoping he didn't come off like a weirdo.

“No it’s fine, I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before?”

Yoongi shrugged, “I never bothered to know what you looked like until a few days ago either so maybe we have seen each other.”

“I’m pretty sure I would remember you if I did,” Jimin squinted his eyes a little bit as he spoke.

Laughing Yoongi nodded, “Maybe you’re right.”

Jimin fidgeted a little with his phone in his hands and it made Yoongi look down at them.

It was the first time he was realizing just how small and delicate they were. For some reason he just really liked the way they looked and reached out to brush his own finger against them.

“Cute,” He mumbled out.

Jimin pulled his hand protectively towards his chest, “Don’t make fun of my hands.”

“I wasn’t,” Yoongi reached for one of Jimin’s hands again and the omega let him grab onto them.

They really were adorable, which shouldn’t have surprised him because it seemed like everything about Jimin was adorable.

He spread out his own hand and pressed their fingers together, marveling at the size difference. Already he was thinking about what the dainty fingers might look like touching other parts of him.

“What are we going to do?” Jimin asked and let his fingers move to grip Yoongi’s wrist.
“My appa called me again to talk about all these fights that keep breaking out. Everyone is so worried.”

Yoongi titled his head a little bit to look at Jimin’s fearful expression, “Are you that selfless?”

“What do you mean?” Jimin asked.

“You don’t really know me but you’re asking me what we should do to help everyone else. Don’t your feelings matter?”

“I mean,” Jimin licked his lips. “I think they do, otherwise I wouldn’t have cared at all what you were like.”

“That’s my point,” Yoongi said. “I don’t really know you so there’s no way you know me either.”

Jimin sighed, “So then we do nothing? Why did you bother helping me last night then? And why talk to me now?”

“I didn’t say we had to do nothing,” Yoongi twisted his hand so that he could grab onto Jimin’s again.

“Then what?” Jimin shook his head. “Can you just tell me what you’re thinking?”

Yoongi chuckled, even though Jimin was getting annoyed with him being evasive he still looked so cute.

“What are you doing later? Maybe we can hang out?” Yoongi said.

Jimin’s eyes went a little wide, “Oh I was going to study at the library tonight. I have a test coming up.”

“Text me, I’ll meet you there.” Yoongi let go of Jimin’s hand and stood up, which actually brought them closer together. “Unless you’d rather study alone?”

Jimin shook his head again, “That’s fine, I don’t like being alone actually. I’ll text you.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later then.” Yoongi gave him a small smile and started to walk away, knowing the omega was probably watching him.

Now he just had to worry about staying focused on his classes for the rest of the day and not think about the omega too much.

For the first time ever, Yoongi was actually excited to head to the library later that day. After Jimin had texted him what time he’d be there, Yoongi made sure to stop at a store to pick up some food and drinks.

He wasn’t even sure if it was the best idea to be meeting up with Jimin, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to make a good impression.

“You got a private study room?” Yoongi asked when he arrived at the spot Jimin had told him he’d be at.

The omega was already bent over a textbook with a pen in his hand.

“I wasn’t sure if we’d want anyone seeing us studying together,” Jimin bit down on his lip like was nervous and it was very distracting.

“Oh, that’s smart. I didn’t think of that.” Yoongi said.

Yoongi took off his backpack and put it down on a chair, already pulling out some food since he hadn’t eaten dinner yet himself.

“Are you hungry? I brought plenty,” Yoongi asked.

Jimin was already nodding, “I can always eat.”

“Good,” Yoongi smiled. “They should still be warm but I can look for a microwave if it’s not hot enough for you.”

He handed over some noodles, chicken, and chopsticks to the omega.

“I’m sure it’s fine, thank you.”

Yoongi finally let himself sit down to take a mouthful of noodles, trying not to eat too sloppily. Maybe he should have thought of something else to bring.

“The first thing you should know about me is that I can actually cook real food, not just college style microwave meals,” Yoongi told him after a few bites.

Jimin looked surprised, “Oh really?”

“Yeah, my omega appa used to always make me help him in the kitchen when I was younger.”

“I don’t know how to make much of anything, but my omma is a good cook. Maybe that’s not a good thing for an omega to admit?” Jimin sounded nervous still.

Yoongi shrugged, “It shouldn’t matter if you’re an omega or not, some people are just better at cooking than others.”

Jimin seemed to relax a little more after hearing that, “Some people still have those old homemaker ideals they push on omegas though. It’s good to know you don’t care.”

“People should just be allowed to do what makes them happy,” Yoongi said but then he looked down at his lap like maybe he was thinking better of it.

“Like your music?” Jimin asked.

“I guess,” Yoongi rubbed at his neck a little before eating some more.

They went to finishing up the rest of their quick meal in silence. Yoongi remembered he’d brought drinks too and handed one over to Jimin.

His eyes slid over to the omega as he tilted his face up, exposing the slender column of his neck. Apparently Yoongi couldn’t go long without having inpolite thoughts when he was around Jimin.

While Jimin started to read from his textbook again, Yoongi took away the mess they’d made and found a trash can to throw it all away in.

“You’re not secretly good at math are you?” Jimin asked when he came back in the room.

“Depends what kind?” Yoongi leaned over to look at Jimin’s book and thought he heard Jimin take in a deep breath. “Algebra’s not that bad.”

Yoongi was a little more discreet in letting himself take in the omega’s scent. Jimin smelled wonderful to him, like something sweet but not in an overpowering way. It made him want to get closer but he reigned in those instincts.

“I’m awful at it,” Jimin was pouting adorably when he turned his face up to look at Yoongi.

Even though Yoongi had brought some of his own things to work on, he ended up going over a few different concepts with Jimin. It wasn’t that the omega couldn’t get it, but he seemed to just need a little extra help understanding what he needed to do.

Once Yoongi had walked through a few different things with him, it seemed like he was getting better at it.

“When’s your test?” Yoongi asked.

“Later this week,” Jimin sighed. “I’ll probably be studying as much as I can but I also have dance practices some days.”

“You’re a dancer?”

Jimin smiled sweetly, “Yes, I’m majoring in education and dance.”

Yoongi knew that his new mission was to find a way to see the omega dancing. But he was a little worried that it would make him obsessed with Jimin.

“Well if you need help any other time this week just let me know and I’ll make time,” Yoongi offered.

“Maybe tomorrow?” Jimin sounded like he was trying not to be too eager and failing.

Yoongi nodded, “Sure, just text me.”

He was already worried that he would do whatever the omega asked of him.

Normally he would have offered to walk the omega home since it was already late. But Jimin lived in his pack’s territory and like the omega had pointed out it probably wasn’t a good idea for anyone to spot them spending too much time together.

It would be very suggestive if anyone saw Yoongi walking Jimin home. That was definitely courting behavior and if they weren’t actually going to do anything like that it was better to lay low for now.

Of course, he made sure to let the omega know he expected a text when Jimin was home safe.

As soon as Yoongi got home himself, he ended up looking up Jimin’s instagram account. He was surprised to find that it wasn’t on private and he could easily look up anything the omega had posted.

It didn’t take him long to find a video that Jimin had uploaded just from last week of some sort of dance routine. Judging by his casual outfit and the mirrored room, it must have been from practice.

Just the short clip showed how much control he had over his body as he moved fluidly with the music.

As soon as it was done, Yoongi looked for another one. And then another one. He had been right to guess that he would become even more enamored with the sweet little omega after seeing how he could move his body.

Right in the middle of watching a video his phone screen lit up with a text.

Jimin: I forgot to text you I’m home!

Yoongi: Thanks

Yoongi: Your Instagram isn’t on private

Jimin: I know?

Jimin: Oh...what did you see lol

Yoongi: Nothing bad

Yoongi: You’re a good dancer

Jimin: Thanks 😊

Jimin: I feel like that’s not fair though, I can’t look at your page

Yoongi: Go ahead and request to follow

After a minute Yoongi got the alert and accepted Jimin as a follower. He had no idea if the omega would like what he’d find there or not, it wasn’t like he posted that much. But he took the chance to follow Jimin back too.

Jimin: You color your hair a lot??

Yoongi: I get bored of it sometimes. And it annoys my appa

Jimin: Well I really like the blonde 😳

Yoongi: Really?

Jimin: It’s hot

Yoongi was blushing himself and no one was even around him. The omega actually thought he was hot? Or at least his hair.

Yoongi: Well I’m glad I didn’t end up coloring it last week

Jimin: What color were you thinking?

Yoongi: I was going to go back to a darker color. Keeping up with my roots isn’t fun 🙃

Jimin: Well anytime you need help I volunteer 🤓

Yoongi: I’ll keep that in mind 😉

“Who are you texting with that goofy from on your face?” Namjoon asked as he walked into the room.

“No one,” Yoongi automatically answered and locked his phone.

Namjoon raised an eyebrow, “That's totally not believable hyung. Is it that omega?”


Namjoon sounded surprised, “Are you really thinking of going through with this? It's not like you to listen to Alpha Min.”

Yoongi grimaced, “I just... Jimin is really sweet and gorgeous. I don't like the situation at all trust me. But…”

He shrugged not knowing what to say.

“You have a crush, that's cute.”

“Oh my god shut up,” Yoongi covered his face with embarrassment.

“You should be careful though. It's nice that you're interested in someone but if anyone finds out and then it turns out you don't want anything serious you're basically screwed,” Namjoon advised.

Sighing Yoongi nodded, “I know I'm trying to be careful.”

“That's good, let me know when we get to meet him.”

Namjoon gave him a wink and Yoongi grabbed one of their couch cushions to throw at him.

“I hate you so much!”

But they were both laughing.

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Chapter 3: Jimin's POV

Texting Yoongi was quickly becoming Jimin's favorite thing. Even when it was nonsensical it just felt easy and fun.

He'd been eating breakfast the next morning when first started texting Yoongi again.

Jimin: What's your favorite breakfast food?

Yoongi: Usually I just eat fruit. You?

Jimin: Anything sweet especially something chocolatey

While he was getting ready for the day his phone had gone off again and he quickly started to giggle at the latest texts.

Yoongi: If you see a sleepy alpha on campus today say hi

Yoongi: [image attached]

Jimin: I will!

Jimin: [image attached]

Yoongi: Cuteee

He looked for the alpha on his way to his first class but didn't spot him. It actually made him a little disappointed but he got a text from him again not to much later.

Yoongi: The coffee in the student center tastes like battery acid

Jimin: It really does! How do you like your coffee

Yoongi: Black like my soul 😈

Jimin: I like caramel macchiatos 😇

Yoongi: Does that count as coffee??

Jimin: Yes!!

At lunchtime Jimin met up with Taehyung to grab some food in the cafeteria. Since they went a little later than most of the students it wasn't terribly busy and they were able to grab their food and get seats easily.

“So how was your study session with Min Yoongi?” Taehyung asked and wiggled his eyebrows.

Jimin laughed, “It was good actually. He brought me food without even asking and then showed me some helpful tricks.”

“Sounds cute,” Taehyung smiled wide. “Maybe he can introduce me to one of his friends.”

They were both laughing when Jimin's phone went off.

Yoongi: On a scale of 1-10 how creepy would it be to say I can see you?

Jimin: 1?? Where are you?

Yoongi: In the lunch line with Jungkook

Jimin put his phone down to take a look over there and easily spotted Yoongi's blonde head.

The alpha gave a little wave while he bit on his bottom lip and Jimin could feel the smile tugging on his own lips.

“Jungkook is so hot,” Taehyung was saying as he noticed the alphas too.

“You think so? Isn't he younger than you?”

“Not by much!” Taehyung said defensively.

They were laughing when Jimin's phone went off again.

Yoongi: I wish we could sit together 🙁

Jimin: Me too 😔

Yoongi: How's your lunch?

Jimin: Meh it's okay. Yours?

Yoongi: Same

Jimin didn't want to be rude so he chatted some more with Taehyung about what was going on in their classes. He felt distracted though and was tempted to look around to see where Yoongi had sat down.

Yoongi: Jungkook is saying you're too pretty for me

Jimin: Well tell him he's wrong

Jimin: I wanted to lick my phone today when you sent me that selca

Yoongi: As opposed to licking me in person?

Jimin: Yoongi!!! Don't make me blush!!!

Yoongi: But I like your blush

Jimin: Blushing more now

He took the chance and looked up and around the room. Because Yoongi was smacking at Jungkook's arm it was easy to see them.

“Why are alphas like sexy adult children?” Taehyung mused as they watched the two.

“Good question,” Jimin laughed as Jungkook tried to steal Yoongi's phone.

It seemed like they were so distracted with their bickering that they didn't even notice Jimin and Taehyung getting up from their table.

The two dumped their trash before making their way out of the room. But not before Jimin subtlety ran his fingers across Yoongi's back as they passed by.

Yoongi: Tease

Jimin: 😉

Yoongi: Are we studying later?

Jimin: Will you really help me again or just distract me?

Yoongi: #1 Tudor right here

Jimin: Okay tudor I'll text you

For the rest of the afternoon Jimin did his best to keep his phone in his pocket. It was all too easy to let Min Yoongi distract him and he needed to focus thanks to his crazy busy schedule.

But before he headed into a dance practice, he let himself pull out his phone to text the alpha quickly. Reasoning that it would probably be a good idea to let him know he’d be having a late session.

Jimin: Just wanted to let you know I’m heading into dance practice now

Yoongi: Okay

Jimin: I *should* be done in 2 hours or so

Yoongi: Damn, won’t you be tired after?

Jimin: Yeah but I still need to study 😔

Jimin: You don’t have to wait for me if you don’t want to

Yoongi: It’s fine

Yoongi: I’ll just get my work done while I wait

Jimin: Okay!

By the time he got out he was a sweaty tired mess. Since he didn’t want to keep Yoongi waiting any longer, he did his best to change and wash up in the bathroom before heading to the library.

He found Yoongi already waiting in the same room they’d used the night before. Headphones were plugged into his ears as he was typing something on the macbook in front of him.

Smiling softly at how cute the alpha looked, Jimin ran his fingers over Yoongi’s shoulder blade as he passed by him to take a seat.

Yoongi immediately pulled out his headphones, “I didn’t even hear you come in.”

“How do you listen to music and write at the same time?” Jimin asked curiously as he put his bag down.

“I like the background noise,” Yoongi shrugged. “Are you hungry?”

“Always,” Jimin smiled again, already wondering what Yoongi might have brought this time.

“I picked up some cold noodles this time, just in case you ran late.” Yoongi pulled out a restaurant bag that he hadn’t noticed before.

Jimin eagerly accepted the takeout container Yoongi slid over to him, “You’re an angel.”

The alpha let out a little chuckle as Jimin dug into his dish, letting out appraising sounds as he filled up his empty stomach. He hadn’t even stopped to think about how hungry he might be after practice.

“Is that better?” Yoongi asked when Jimin had finished rushing through his food.

“So much better, thank you.”

Yoongi smiled again, “No problem. Why don’t you show me what you wanted to study tonight?”

Jimin had almost forgotten that he had come here to do some actual work. Begrudgingly he pulled out his notes and textbook from his bag.

He opened up everything from where they’d left off and passed it over to Yoongi so he could see. The alpha started to scratch at his head while he read over the list of things that Jimin had left to go over.

“Are you still feeling good about what we went over yesterday?”

Jimin nodded, “I think so but I didn’t have any extra time to look at it again today.”

“Why don’t we quickly go over the concepts from yesterday then before we jump into this stuff. I don’t want you to get confused by trying to add on more if you’re not ready yet.”

So Yoongi wrote down some of the sample questions for Jimin and the omega slowly worked through them, only needing a few reminders from Yoongi on parts he wasn’t sure about.

The alpha made notes on what he should go over again when he had time and then they started the more annoying task of going over the remaining study items.

It seemed like Jimin’s tired brain just didn’t want to take in any of the things that Yoongi was trying to go over with him. For what it was worth, the alpha was being extremely patient with him.

His voice was so deep and soothing that it almost started to make Jimin even more tired than he was before he came into the room.

“Maybe I should just accept that I’m not going to do well on this test,” Jimin pouted after he got frustrated trying to do a sample question on his own.

“Are you saying I’m a bad teacher?” Yoongi poked at Jimin’s side making the omega laugh.

“No I’m just saying I’m awful at math and clearly my brain just doesn’t want to learn it.”

Yoongi leaned on the table and put his chin on the palm of his hand, “You could just be pushing yourself too hard. It might be better if you gave yourself a break tonight and headed home. Start fresh tomorrow.”

Jimin shrugged, “I wanted to get another dance practice in tomorrow too.”

“Can you get out of it for the day? I’m guessing you don’t need to practice dance as badly as you do math.”

“Hey!” Jimin playfully swatted at Yoongi.

“You’re the one that said you’re awful,” Yoongi laughed.

“I know, you’re probably right. I can just explain that I have a big test coming up. I just hate backing out of things.”

Yoongi didn’t hesitate to try and soothe him, “It’s for a good reason though. You shouldn’t feel bad for needing the extra time to focus on a hard subject.”

“You’re right, but that doesn’t really make me feel any better about.”

“Come on let’s pack up. I have an idea that might cheer you up.”

Yoongi stood from his seat and started to put his own things away so Jimin followed suit. He didn’t know exactly what the alpha’s plan was but he was certainly interested to find out.

Without explaining things any further, Yoongi motioned for the omega to follow him and they headed out of the library. It was a little cooler now than it had been earlier so Jimin shoved his hands inside of his pockets as he followed Yoongi.

“Are you warm enough?” Yoongi asked when he noticed what Jimin had done.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

Yoongi pressed his lips together but didn’t say anything, it didn’t escape Jimin’s notice though that the alpha started to walk a little bit closer to him though so that their arms started to brush up against each other.

Somehow, Yoongi seemed to be radiating body heat and it made Jimin want to press in even closer to him. He didn’t want to embarrass himself though so he stayed put.

They ended up going to one of the little snack bars set up inside a building that Jimin so rarely went into that he forgot it was even there. Yoongi went right up to the student that was working the late shift.

“Can we get two hot chocolates?” Yoongi was already pulling out his wallet as Jimin watched on.

“Hot chocolates huh?” Jimin smiled as Yoongi brought him over a cup.

“You said you like sweet things, and you don't need caffeine this late at night.”

Jimin took a sip from his cup and hummed in appreciation, “I do love chocolate.”

“Let’s get you home now so you can rest,” Yoongi held open the door for Jimin as the omega was taking another sip from his cup.

“Do you just like to spoil me?” Jimin asked as they started to walk back down the path that was virtually empty at nighttime.

“It’s not spoiling if you earn it, you’re working hard and I’m just giving you energy to keep going.”

The omega blushed at Yoongi’s words. Others had complimented his hard work before but for some reason he found it endearing coming from Yoongi who he’d only just met a few days ago.

Usually whenever he met a new alpha they just continually complimented his looks. It was just nice to have Yoongi noticing special things about his personality as well.

And if he was being honest, he liked that the alpha seemed to want to look after him as well. Too often Jimin found it easy to let his self care go when he was so busy with life. Having someone to lean on, even just a little, made him feel better.

It also made him a little worried that he might get used to it too quickly when he didn’t even know how long Yoongi might be a part of his life. Things could change tomorrow and he might not see the alpha again.

“Thank you,” Jimin finally found the words and reached out to touch Yoongi’s free wrist.

The alpha just gave him another smile and shifted his arm so that he could hold his palm up, giving Jimin the chance to slide his smaller fingers into the alpha’s hand.

“I probably shouldn't walk you all the way home but I can go with you a little ways if you want?”

“Yeah I’d like that,” Jimin smiled and gave his hand a squeeze.

They kept walking and drinking their hot chocolates. The hot drink and Yoongi’s warm hand helped to chase away the chill in the air.

The alpha walked him as far as he could go until they reached the edge of Jimin’s pack territory.

“Text me when you make it home?” Yoongi asked.

“I will,” Jimin promised and gave the alpha’s hand another squeeze before they had to pull their hands apart to go their separate ways.

Even though Jimin had to go the rest of the way alone, he was still smiling thinking about his night with Yoongi.

Once he was home he made sure to pull out his phone before he did anything else.

Jimin: Home!

Yoongi: That was quick

Jimin: I didn't have to go that much further!

Jimin: I'm going to hop in the shower really fast though

Yoongi: Okay

Plugging his phone into to charge and putting it aside, Jimin headed into his bathroom. Normally he liked to take his time in the shower.

Today though he made a quick job of washing down his body and hair. He didn't even bother to blow dry his hair out before getting dressed and jumping back into his nest.

Jimin: Are you still up?

Yoongi: Mhm

Jimin: Thank you again for helping today

Jimin: And for all the food 😊

Yoongi: No problem, I had fun

Jimin: All we did was go over math problems though that's not very fun

Yoongi: But the company was good right?

Jimin: True

Yoongi: Shouldn't you be going to bed?

Jimin: Technically I am in bed

Yoongi: I meant asleep in bed

Jimin: I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes

Yoongi: So what helps you to sleep?

Jimin: Sometimes I watch those ASMR videos to make me sleepy

Yoongi: ASMR?

Jimin: Yeah you know where people talk softly and stuff

Yoongi: Never heard of it before

Jimin: I actually really like your voice 😶

Yoongi: What about it?

Jimin: It's all deep and soothing, even when you were rapping I was like woah

Yoongi: lol I think you're sleepy brain is making you very honest

Jimin: Oops probably

Yoongi: Do you want me to call you? I'll give you some personal ASMR

Jimin: Why does that sound dirty?

Yoongi: That's definitely not what I meant

Jimin: 😇

When his phone started to buzz in his hand Jimin didn't hesitate to answer it.

“Hey sleepy head,” Yoongi's voice rasped out.

“Hi, what are you up to?” Jimin asked a little shyly.

“I'm in bed too. I think my roommate is already asleep.”

Hearing that Yoongi was in bed too only made him wonder what the alpha’s own room might look like. Would he ever even get the chance to find out?

“Who do you live with?” Jimin tried to pull himself out of his dreary thoughts.

“Kim Namjoon, I've known him the longest of all my friends.”

With the mention of Yoongi’s friends Jimin suddenly remembered what his own roommate had talked about earlier in the day.

“Oh that reminds me, Taehyung seems to have a crush on your friend Jungkook.”

Yoongi sounded confused, “Kookie? He's practically still a baby.”

“Tae doesn't seem to care,” Jimin laughed.

“Well I doubt Jungkook would do anything even if I told him. We're technically not supposed to go near omegas from your pack.”

Jimin bit his lip, “Except for you and I?”

“I mean, I guess.” Yoongi said with trepidation. “But then again I still haven't filled my appa in on the fact that we're talking.”

“Me either,” Jimin said.

“I'm supposed to be making you sleepy not stressed,” Yoongi sighed.

“It's fine,” Jimin burrowed into his nest some more to comfort himself. “Are you reading any books right now?”

“Yeah I have one right next to my bed,” Yoongi said.

“Why don’t you read me some,” Jimin suggested.

The alpha laughed a little, “Like a bedtime story?”

“Why not!”

That was how Jimin came to find himself listening intently as Yoongi started to read to him. He had no idea what was going on in the plot but it didn’t really matter.

The sound of Yoongi’s gentle yet deep voice was enough to make him sleepy enough to drift off.

The next morning he woke up to find the phone still pressed to his ear even though the call had been ended long ago.

Chapter Text

Chapter 4: Yoongi's POV

Reading to Jimin was strangely calming for Yoongi. It wasn’t something that he’d ever done before.

But once he got started he liked that his voice had the ability to get the overworked omega’s body to finally calm down and fall asleep.

He read until he stopped hearing the omega shifting around in his nest. He read until the soft sounds of deep breaths filtered into his phone’s speaker. He read, not wanting to end the connection.

Hearing Jimin’s little breaths was almost enough for him to imagine what it might be like if the omega was next to him instead of across the city. He liked that idea.

It probably should have freaked him out but he wanted to believe that Jimin was as sweet as he came across. At least for now he wasn’t going to think too much into it.

He read until his voice started to feel dry. Finally, closing his book and whispering a goodnight to Jimin before ending the call.

Waking up groggy the next morning was the price that the alpha had to pay for staying up to read to Jimin. Still, the first thing that he wanted to do was grab his phone and send the omega a text.

Not wanting to come off needy though, he forced himself to get up and take a shower instead. The heat of the water and the effects of the soap washing him down helped to wake him up a little more.

And the coffee that he made in the kitchen afterwards helped to do the rest of the work. He was finishing up getting ready when his phone went off with a notification.

Jimin: Feeling well rested today!

Jimin: [Image attached]

Yoongi: I’m glad 🙂

Jimin: Selca for a selca please!

Yoongi: You might be too pretty for me after all

Yoongi: [Image attached]

Jimin: No you look good 😉

Yoongi: If you say so

Jimin: So I took your advice and I’m taking the day off from dance practice

Yoongi: See I’m full of good ideas

Jimin: Since I have the free time now I emailed the TA to see if they would go over some things with me before the exam too

Yoongi blinked at his phone for a full minute. He wasn’t sure why but for some reason that made his stomach fall.

It wasn’t quite jealousy but it was something like disappointment that their little study sessions might be ending.

Yoongi: Oh that’s a good idea too

Jimin: Yeah I’m still waiting to hear back though 🙏🏻

Yoongi: Well I’ll cross my fingers for you

Jimin: Thank you!

Going into campus that day, Yoongi was a little on edge. It was dumb to feel thrown off by Jimin’s possible change in plans. Hanging out with the omega had been the best part of his week so far though.

“What’s got you so grumpy today?” Hoseok asked as they walked to a local shop to grab some lunch.

“Eh nothing,” Yoongi said as he checked his phone.

“Pfft that’s not convincing at all and you know it hyung!” Hoseok poked Yoongi in the face.

“I’m just waiting to hear from Jimin about something,” He admitted.

Now Hoseok looked really interested and Yoongi immediately felt like he’d made a mistake.

“Oh, what about?” Hoseok asked.

“I’ve been helping him study for a test but he might meet with his TA today instead,” Yoongi scratched at his ear.

“Are you that bad of a tutor?”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at his friend, “Oh okay, fuck you.”

Hoseok laughed, “I’m just teasing! He probably just wants to do well, don’t take it personally.”

“I’m not, I just liked having the excuse to see him I guess.”

They finally got to the shop and picked out what they wanted before taking seats to start eating.

Since they were busying shoving food into their mouths, Yoongi hoped that the other alpha would just drop the subject.

But as soon as Yoongi’s phone went off he knew that he wouldn’t be able to ignore it and therefore Hoseok would have a reason to ask him more about it.

Jimin: Are you eating at the cafeteria again?

Yoongi: No I went out with Hoseok to get something

Jimin: Oh I’ll tell Tae to stop watching for Jungkook then

Yoongi: I think Jungkook went out with Namjoon

Jimin: Well anyways I hear back from the TA and got a spot later today

Yoongi: That’s good

Yoongi looked over his phone to see Hoseok was watching him carefully.

“You look disappointed,” Hoseok pointed at his face before popping more food into his mouth.

“Jimin got that meeting set up,” Yoongi admitted.

“You could always ask him to do something afterwards,” Hoseok shrugged. “Then you won’t be grumpy anymore.”

Yoongi squinted, “Would that be too forward?”

“Not if you just go do something casual.”

“I have been feeding him every night,” Yoongi bounced his foot nervously as he tried to decide what he should do.

“Oh my god just ask of I’ll take your phone and do it myself!” Hoseok laughed.

Yoongi rolled his eyes but took the warning seriously. He wouldn’t put it past Hoseok to actually steal his phone and meddle.

Yoongi: Do you want to do something after?

Jimin: What do you have in mind?

Yoongi: Maybe we can get something to eat?

Yoongi: I know how studying makes you hungry

Jimin: It does 😁

Jimin: So I’ll text you once I’m done?

Yoongi: Sounds good

“Look at you, being a big boy and taking chances!” Hoseok laughed.

“I swear I hate you guys so much.”

“Nah, you love us!” Hoseok gave him a silly kissy face and Yoongi was tempted to throw the rest of his food at him.

Since Yoongi didn’t want to go back to his apartment after his last class just to come all the way back to campus he ended up hanging out in one of the student centers while he waited for Jimin.

He was already caught on all the work he needed to get done so he mostly just listened to some music and browsed the web on his phone.

When his phone went off he was automatically excited and then annoyed to see if was just Namjoon texting him.

Namjoon: Did you move out? You never come home in the afternoon’s lately

Yoongi: Very funny

Namjoon: So I take it you’ll be back late again?

Yoongi: Are you my omma now?

Namjoon: Just asking!

Yoongi: Idk when I’ll be home but I’m definitely eating out

Namjoon: Takeout for me again then I guess

Yoongi: One of these days you’ll have to learn how to survive without me cooking for you

Namjoon: Do you want me to burn the kitchen down?

Yoongi: Takeout is a good idea

Just when Yoongi thought that Jimin might have forgotten about him his phone went off again. This time it really was the omega.

Jimin: Sorry I took so long!

Jimin: I’m just leaving now!

Yoongi: It’s okay

Yoongi: Want to meet me in front of the bus stop?

Jimin: Okay meet you there!

Slipping his phone away, Yoongi packed up his things and headed out the door to go walk towards the bus stop. He didn't’ know exactly where Jimin was walking from and he ended up getting their first.

It was only a few minutes later that he spotted the omega making his way towards the bus stop. His hands were shoved in his pockets again but at least it looked like he had on a light jacket.

“Hey,” Jimin said breathlessly as he approached.

“Hey, are you cold?” Yoongi asked.

“A little,” Jimin ducked his face inside of his jacket making Yoongi laugh.

“I have some things,” Yoongi said.

He twisted his bag around to open it up and pull out a grey scarf and gloves that he always kept on him just incase.

You never knew when it would randomly start to get cold with how weird the weather could be. He started to hand them towards Jimin and then hesitated.

“They’ll probably have my scent all over them though,” He said unsure of himself.

Jimin reached for them anyways, “That’s okay, thank you!”

Yoongi watched as the omega wrapped the scarf around his neck and then slipped on the gloves. They were a little big on him but Yoongi didn’t dare comment on that.

“So where are we going?” Jimin asked.

“I was thinking we could go to the market and gorge ourselves on street food.”

Jimin bit down on his lip a little bit, “I love street food but should we be worried about someone seeing us?”

Yoongi smiled and slipped up his mouth mask to cover the lower part of his face and tugged on his hat a little to make it slip further down.

“I think we’ll be okay and we’ll stay in neutral territory,” Yoongi replied, his voice a little muffled now.

“But now I can’t see your face either,” Jimin made a dramatic pout that just ended up making him look cuter.

“It’s better than nothing right,” Yoongi tugged on the scarf hanging off the omega’s neck now.

Jimin was nodding when the bus started to roll up and they both got distracted. Yoongi hopped on the bus first and pulled out his card, paying for both of their tickets before Jimin could complain.

A lot of people were heading home or out right now so they couldn’t find any seats and ended up having to stand. Their hands clasped onto the rails that hung from the ceiling.

They didn’t bother to try and carry on a conversation with how packed it was. That didn’t stop Yoongi from smiling at Jimin whenever they looked over at each other.

When they got to the stop, Yoongi held out his hand for Jimin and then helped him to get off the overcrowded bus. Though the gloves he’d given the omega stopped him from being able to feel those soft fingers against his.

As usual, the market was buzzing with people looking to give into their cravings of all the fantastic options. Yoongi made sure to keep a grip on Jimin’s hand as they started to look around for a booth that didn’t have too long of a line.

“Do you like skewers?” Yoongi asked spotting a place.

“Yeah,” Jimin licked at his bottom lip as he replied.

Yoongi knew it was probably from hunger but he liked it nonetheless. Getting in line, he ordered them a few different skewers to try out and handed over some cash to the attendant.

Jimin had to slip off his gloves before he could grab one of the sticks, and Yoongi had to slip down his mask a little to take a bite of his. The flavor that hit his taste buds made the wait totally worth it.

“This ones good,” Jimin hummed before taking another bite and Yoongi nodded in agreement.

When they had finished those up, Yoongi went on the hunt for something a little different.

“Do you like spicy food?” He asked.

“Depends how spicy,” Jimin said. “I can take a little bit of spice but not too much.”

“Okay,” Yoongi pointed at another booth. “I think this one should be okay?”

Jimin nodded but this time he took the chance to get in line first to order some for them to share. Yoongi wasn’t actually used to omega’s offering to pay for anything so it threw him off at first.

“You’ve paid for so much already,” Jimin explained when he saw Yoongi’s confused look.

They ate the chicken morsels covered in a spicy sauce with picks and had them finished in no time at all.

Next they found them some sweet potatoes to balance out all of the meat they’d already had and Jimin was excited to have something more suited for his taste buds.

“I love sweet potatoes,” Jimin happily took some big pieces from the container Yoongi held in his hand.

“I’ll have to remember that,” Yoongi let Jimin take most of them after that.

After they were all finished Jimin started to rub at his stomach, “I think I ate too much already.”

“You don’t want any desert?” Yoongi was surprised.

“Oh well when you put it that way!” Jimin laughed.

And they went on the hunt for something even sweeter. As soon as Jimin spotted some dragon’s beard candy he pointed it out to Yoongi.

“I’m definitely going to be full after this,” Jimin happily bit into the candy until it was all gone and then reached for another piece.

“I don’t usually like sweet foods but that’s good,” Yoongi agreed as they finished it off.

It seemed like neither of them were ready to call it a night yet so they walked around for a little while. Checking out some of the buskers that were performing near the market and entertaining the crowds.

After a while the omega closed the space between his body and Yoongi’s back seeming to search for some body heat to fight the cold. Whatever the reason was, Yoongi liked it.


“Yeah,” Jimin mumbled as he pulled the scarf tighter around his neck.

“We can head back over to the bus if you want,” Yoongi suggested even though he didn’t really want to.

“That might be a good idea,” Jimin said.

Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s gloved hand again and kept the omega close as they walked over to the bus stop. They made it just at the right time as a bus pulled up and people started to fill it up.

It was at least warmer on the bus thanks to all the people, but again they couldn’t really talk. Yoongi couldn’t stop smiling at how cute Jimin looked with his cheeks reddened from the cold air and all bundled up in his scarf.

Not able to take it anymore he pulled out his phone and typed a quick text.

Yoongi: You look so cute right now

Jimin: Oh yeah?

Yoongi: It’s really tempting to kiss you right now

Jimin: Maybe later?

Jimin bit down on his bottom lip and Yoongi couldn’t help but stare. Was the omega trying to torture him?

Yoongi: Are you trying to tease me with that biting?

Jimin: No 😇

Yoongi growled softly and let go of his handlebar so that he could grab onto Jimin’s and get even closer to the omega.

It was too bad that the crowd of people made it hard to focus on Jimin’s sweet scent, or maybe it was for the better so he wasn’t even more tempted to do something stupid.

When they finally got to the stop for the campus, Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s hand and led him off the bus again.

Only a few others got off with them and they all headed in other directions while Yoongi tugged Jimin down a path towards their universities buildings.

“Where are we going?” Jimin laughed.

“You’ll see,” Yoongi said.

It didn’t take long for him to get to the semi-secluded area behind one of the buildings. There were benches and a little garden that was meant for students to take breaks at between classes. But Yoongi had a different idea in mind.

Careful not to push too hard, Yoongi pressed Jimin up against one of the trees that was used to bring shade to the area during the day. Right now it made a good spot to bring their bodies close together as Jimin let out a little gasp.

“Is this okay?” Yoongi asked, ready to let go if the omega wanted him to.

“Yeah,” Jimin pulled off the gloves before bringing his fingers up to pull on Yoongi’s mask until it was back under his chin again.

It felt like Yoongi’s heart might explode out of his chest as he gazed into Jimin’s eyes. His thoughts only focused on how much he wanted this, without any worries about what it might mean.

When Jimin’s tongue peaked out to lick at his bottom lip Yoongi couldn’t wait any longer. He dipped his head closer until he could bring their mouths together, just the barest of touch.

Even with the coldness, Jimin’s plump lips were still warm and soft. The omega let out a little whimper before slanting his face slightly and pressing forward more.

Yoongi was intent to commit to memory the feeling of Jimin’s mouth on his. The omega’s lips were arguably one of his most attractive features and Yoongi could already tell that they could easily become addicting.

Pulling away a little, Yoongi looked at Jimin again and the omega’s cheeks were still red. Though if it was from the cold or the kiss he wasn’t sure.

Shyly, Jimin brought his hand to the back of Yoongi’s neck and pulled him back in. Tentatively licking at the alpha’s lips before Yoongi parted them to let Jimin entwine their tongues.

Their kiss was a shy and uncertain one, both seeming a little nervous. Nonetheless Yoongi was eager to figure out the omega liked. He would pull away to gently peck Jimin’s lips before sliding back inside.

The taste of honey still lingered from their snacks making the kiss that much sweeter.

Suddenly he felt Jimin shivering against him and Yoongi pulled away, worried the omega was getting cold again.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Jimin said a little breathlessly. “”

He let out a little laugh and Yoongi couldn’t help smile at the sound, “Maybe we should get going? It’s probably getting late.”

Jimin leaned over to kiss Yoongi’s lips again, pressing firmly before pulling away, “Okay let’s go.”

Yoongi had to step away from Jimin to give the omega space to lean away from the tree they’d been kissing under.

It was easy to take Jimin’s delicate hand in his and start to lead him back the way that they’d come, a little bit slower this time.

When they parted ways Yoongi was reluctant to let Jimin go, the only thing that made him feel better was that the omega looked remorseful too.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5: Jimin's POV

Even though Yoongi hadn’t told him, Jimin was sure to text the alpha once he was safely back inside of his apartment. It was really sweet that Yoongi always wanted to know that he was alright.

Jimin: I’m home!

Yoongi: Now you can warm back up

Jimin: I might dig into my nest and never come out 😛

Yoongi: But then I won’t see you 😕

Jimin: You’ll just have to come with me then 😘

Yoongi: Deal

“What are you all smiley about?” Taehyung asked as Jimin tucked his phone away.

“Yoongi,” Jimin smiled at his roommate.

“Ah, what did you kiddies get up to this time?” Taehyung plopped down on the sofa while he munched on some snacks.

Jimin debated how much he should tell his roommate. But honestly he was bursting with excitement and knew that he couldn’t keep it a secret.

“Well he brought me to the market to get some street food and we held hands and walked around and it was so much fun!” Jimin felt his cheeks heating up again remembering everything.

“What’s with that face? What else happened?” Taehyung leaned forward.

“Umm...we might have kissed too,” Jimin put his hands on his face to hide the blush.

Taehyung’s eyebrows shot up, “Wow really? It must have been good if you’re turning bright red like that!”

“Tae!” Jimin laughed and started to try and playfully hit his friend.

“You can’t even deny it! Oh my god!”

“Okay I’m going to my room now!” Jimin ran off before Taehyung could try and stop him.

Jimin: Warming up now!

Yoongi: Wish I was there

Jimin: Wish you were here too

Jimin: Then you could give me a kiss goodnight

Yoongi: Definitely

Jimin: 😊

Yoongi: Do you need some ASMR again?

Jimin: Yes please!

As soon as his phone started to ring Jimin picked up. It probably wasn’t a good idea to get used to being lulled to sleep by the sound of Yoongi reading to him. But he couldn’t help it.

He still had no idea what was going on in the book that Yoongi was reading though. So it didn’t take long for him to drift off to sleep.

The sound of Taehyung pounding on his door loudly woke him up abruptly the next morning. Jimin was barely awake when the other omega was bounding into his room with his phone clutched in his hand.

“Jimin you have to see this!” The omega was shoving his phone at Jimin.

He had to rub at his eyes a few times to get rid of the fuzzy vision that came with being half asleep. When he could finally see better he grabbed Taehyung’s phone and then dropped it.


“It’s everywhere, people are going nuts Jimin!”

“Oh no,” Jimin clutched at his face again.

Someone had posted pictures of him and Yoongi on the bus from last night.

It must have been on their way back to the campus because they were pressed together so closely there was no mistaking that they were anything other than romantic in nature.

“Do they know who it is?” Jimin asked, not sure he really wanted to know the answer.

“Well in this picture they didn’t, but then someone put up another one,” Taehyung said carefully.

“Oh my god,” Jimin immediately worried that someone had taken a picture of them kissing and that was just so creepy.

Taehyung searched through his phone and started to make a face, “It looks like it’s from another day though, your outfits are different.”

“Let me see!” Jimin grabbed at Taehyung’s phone again.

It looked like someone had snapped a picture of them that first time Yoongi had seen Jimin on campus and was playing with his hand.

It wasn’t really intimate at all, though Jimin was clearly blushing in the picture as the alpha compared the size difference in their hands.

“What’s wrong with this one?” Jimin asked.

“Nothing,” Taehyung answered quickly. “But with Yoongi’s bleach blonde hair they connected the dots that he’s the same guy in the other one. Really, it’s all over social media. People obviously think that something’s going on.”

Jimin was back to groaning and wanting to sink into his bed and pretend this wasn’t happening.

“What are the chances my appa won’t hear about this?”

“Slim to none?” Taehyung said sympathetically.

“Why can’t people just mind their business.”

“Is it really that bad, I mean, aren’t you guys basically kind of courting already?” Taehyung asked.

“We haven’t really talked about what we’re doing,” Jimin started to chew on his lip nervously.

“Well you’re going to have to figure it out soon,” Taehyung said.

As Jimin was getting ready that morning his phone started to go off and he was immediately nervous.

He didn’t know if he should be worried about Yoongi’s reaction or not. He was shocked to see that it was his appa calling him though.

“Already!?” He groaned, knowing that it wasn’t a coincidence he was getting a call.

Knowing he had to just get it over with Jimin answered the call, “Hello?”

“Jimin,” His appa said.

“Yes Appa?”

“Is it really Min Yoongi?” His appa didn’t waste any time.

Sitting down Jimin rubbed at his face again, “Yeah it’s him.”

“What’s going on Jimin?”

“We’ve just been hanging out a little, trying to get to know each other.” Jimin said, of course leaving out a lot.

“It looks like you know each other pretty well to me,” His appa sighed.

Jimin was blushing again, he didn’t really know what to say. He could deny it but what was the use? Especially when there was more to it than what the pictures even showed.

“I do like him, or at least what I know about him so far. He’s really sweet to me,” Jimin explained.

His appa let out a little sound that almost sounded pleased, “You know we’re either going to have to confirm or deny this Jimin.”

“I know,” Jimin said softly.

“Get in touch with your alpha and let me know what to do. I’ll wait until I hear back from you but don’t take too long.”

Jimin had a pit in his stomach as he got off the call with his appa. He didn’t have any answers on what he should do and felt like more weight had been put on top of him.

It also made him anxious that he hadn’t heard from Yoongi, and yet he was too scared to reach out and text the alpha.

Afraid that the public figuring them out might mean the alpha would put an end to whatever it was they were doing.

Getting through the morning was a little torturous, Jimin kept checking his phone to see if he’d gotten any texts or calls.

Other than his social media blowing up with people continually tagging him in things, his phone was radio silence.

It wasn’t until he was heading to lunch with Taehyung that he felt his phone go off. He practically ripped the device out of his pocket while the other omega laughed at him.

Yoongi: Don’t go to the cafeteria

Jimin: Why?

Yoongi: Because I’m here and everyone is watching like a hawk

Jimin: ☹️

Yoongi: We should talk later though

Jimin: Where?

Yoongi: That’s a good question

Jimin: You could come over to my place?

Jimin: I’m pretty sure people don’t know where I live 😑

Yoongi: Maybe. Let me think about it

Jimin: Okay

They took the alpha’s advice and went to one of the smaller student centers instead to pick up something to eat for lunch.

Jimin found that he wasn’t that hungry anyways. His stomach felt off from all the uncertainty.

It wasn’t any easier to focus on his classes the rest of the afternoon.

Since he still hadn’t heart from the alpha by the time he was done for the day, he just headed home to try and get some work down while he waited.

Once it was dark outside he finally heard from Yoongi again.

Yoongi: What’s your address?

Jimin: [Address location dropped]

Yoongi: I’ll be there in a bit

Jimin: Okay

Not knowing how much time he had, Jimin became a flurry of activity. He picked up his room really quickly and straightened out his nest before running into his bathroom to check on his appearance.

The result was that he was a little flushed by the time the buzzer to their apartment went off and he dashed into the living room.

Taehyung gave him a puzzled look from the kitchen where he was getting a drink.

Jimin didn’t even bother to offer an explanation before he opened the door to reveal the alpha waiting.

Already the omega felt a little better than he had just a minute ago. Yoongi gave him a small, unsure smile.

“Come in,” Jimin motioned for him to enter and stepped aside.

“Thanks,” Yoongi came in and started to take off his shoes.

“Hey there Yoongi!” Taehyung called from the kitchen with a groofy grin on his face.

“Hi Taehyung,” Yoongi replied easily.

“Let's go into my room,” Jimin grabbed Yoongi's wrist and started to pull him down the hall.

When they got into Jimin's room the alpha started to look around curiously.

His eyes landed on Jimin's nest before quickly looking away to glance at the omegas desk that was covered in his textbooks.

Jimin took a seat on his nest and pulled his legs up and into himself.

“So that picture…” Yoongi finally said looking uncomfortable.

“Yeah,” Jimin ran his hand through his hair.

“You didn't have anything to do with it right?”

Jimin frowned immediately, “Of course not! Why would you even ask that?”

“Sorry I had to ask,” Yoongi was rubbing at his neck.

“We can just deny it's you if that's what you want,” Jimin offered, his stomach twisting as the words left his mouth.

“If we do then that's probably it, we won't be able to get away with sneaking around.”

Jimin nodded, “I know.”

Yoongi sighed and Jimin got tired of the awkwardness so he reached forward and pulled the alpha closer by gripping onto his hoodie.

He came easily and Jimin leaned in to press his head against Yoongi's abdomen. Letting the alphas scent calm him as his hand came up to run through Jimin's hair.

“I should have asked if you were okay. It’s pretty creepy that someone saw you with an alpha and automatically decided to invade your privacy like that.” Yoongi said.

“Honestly I’m not really surprised. I don’t really date often and I’ve never courted with anyone before,” Jimin kept his face pressed into Yoongi so he didn’t have to look at the alpha.

“Why not?”

Jimin shrugged, “I usually get annoyed with the alpha’s that show interest. It seems like they either just want me for my face or because of my family.”

“I get that,” Yoongi shifted a little bit. “Well maybe not the face part but the family thing.”

Jimin peaked up at him, “Yeah?”

Yoongi nodded, “I was courting an omega once but it didn’t end well because I figured out that they liked the idea of me better than the actual me.”

Jimin frowned, “I’m sorry that sucks.”

“I’d like to say that I’m over it but you’ll understand why I’m hesitant to go through that again,” Yoongi said softly.

“Do we have to decide tonight? I mean my appa said I’d have to let him know soon but maybe we have a little bit of time,” Jimin really didn’t want to push Yoongi.

“I don’t know how much time I have,” Yoongi answered honestly.

“Can we just ignore it for a little while at least? I missed you today,” Jimin pleaded.

Yoongi smiled a little bit, “I missed you too.”

Jimin pulled away to scoot back on his nest until he was leaning against his pillows. After he patted the empty spot next to him Yoongi climbed on top and came over next to him.

The alpha leaned on his elbow to look over at Jimin who bit down on his bottom lip.

Despite everything that was going on, he couldn’t help but be happy that Yoongi was here with him. He’d actually never invited an alpha into his nest before.

“You know what it does to me when you bite on that lip,” Yoongi rasped out.

“I would say I’m sorry but...” Jimin smiled and did it again.

As Yoongi leaned over to get closer, Jimin grabbed onto the alpha to encourage him on. Still, the alpha kept his movements slow like he was giving Jimin time to stop him.

Jimin didn’t stop him.

Yoongi’s lips pressed against his lightly at first, and when Jimin licked at his mouth the alpha seemed to give in.

In the next moment Yoongi’s tongue was plunging inside his mouth, seemingly desperate to help them both forget the stress of the day.

All Jimin could focus on was the feeling of the alpha’s hard body pressing him into the softness of his nest. His mind was clouded with the heavy scent of Yoongi’s budding arousal starting to fill the air around them.

It was impossible for the omega to keep silent, soft little sounds left his throat each time Yoongi would sweep his tongue against Jimin’s or pull away to focus on playing with his lips.

He wanted to know what it felt like to have the alpha’s mouth on other parts of his body.

It seemed like the alpha barely had to touch him to drive him crazy with lust. That was certainly a new feeling he was having to learn to deal with.

If Yoongi had tried to start touching him anywhere else there wasn’t a doubt in Jimin’s mind that he would happily offer up his body for the alpha to play with.

Instead, Yoongi was pulling away to catch his breath and look at Jimin.

“We probably shouldn’t get too carried away,” The alpha was panting lightly.

“Hmm,” Jimin knew he was right but he leaned into nuzzle at Yoongi’s neck where his scent drew the omega in.

Yoongi let out a soft groan that sent a thrill through Jimin as he gently rubbed his face and neck against Yoongi before pressing a soft kiss there.

“You’re going to kill me,” Yoongi said even as he tilted his head to give Jimin better access.

“You probably shouldn’t have given me your scarf the other day then, I’m already addicted to your scent.”

“Is that so?” Yoongi asked.

“Mhm,” Jimin hummed.

He started to press kisses to Yoongi’s jaw and cheek until the alpha turned his face and Jimin could press one to his mouth again. Jimin couldn’t seem to help himself where Yoongi was concerned.

Jimin’s hand dug into Yoongi’s hair as he tried to press closer to the alpha and kiss him deeper. He was sure he could happily kiss Yoongi all night long but too soon the alpha was pulling away again.

Yoongi gripped Jimin’s chin and ran his thumb across the omega’s reddened lips, “Are you trying to seduce me into courting you?”

“No,” Jimin laughed lightly. “But I’m not sure if I’d even be able to stop myself from being near you at this point.”

Yoongi let out a little sigh of defeat, “Yeah me neither.”

“I wish we’d just met normally and then we wouldn’t even have to worry about anything,” Jimin said pressing his face back into Yoongi’s neck.

“That wouldn’t have changed the fact that our packs don’t get along and things still would have been complicated.”

Jimin sighed, he wished things could be different but Yoongi was right. There wasn’t anything that they could do even if they were able to go back in time and start over.

The omega didn’t have all the answers but he knew that right now he would whine if Yoongi left his nest.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6: Yoongi's POV

It was disorientating to wake up somewhere unfamiliar when you didn’t even remember falling asleep.

Yoongi’s muscles were a little sore and he quickly realized it was because his arms were tightly wrapped around Jimin where the omega was sleeping peacefully on his chest.

He had no idea what time it might be, but he hesitated to move and wake up Jimin. Not when he looked so cute and smelled so lovely on top of him.

There was also the matter of his morning chub, that he was trying to will away and not encourage.

The last thing he needed was Jimin waking up and thinking that he had been trying anything while he was asleep.

When Jimin’s alarm suddenly started to go off, the omega dazedly started to pat around him and then must have realized that he was actually just hitting his hand against Yoongi.

Jimin yawned and leaned up a little, “What?”

Yoongi shrugged and tried not to smile at how adorable the sleepy omega was, “I think we fell asleep.”

Jimin shifted and grabbed his phone to turn it off before stretching.

“I actually feel well rested,” Jimin shyly laid back down in his nest and brought his blankets up to cover his face.

“I guess it’s a good thing I help you sleep?” Yoongi scratched at his hair and hoped it didn’t look like an awful mess.

“Unless I never sleep again without you helping me,” Jimin laughed a little.

Yoongi actually thought he liked the sound of that a lot but they were interrupted with a knock on the door.

“Jimin, did Yoongi forget his -” Taehyung started to open up the door and then let out a dramatic noise at the sight of them in bed.

“Stop it Tae,” Jimin tossed one of pillows at the other omega making him duck back out of the room.

“I better get going. All my stuff is at my place,” Yoongi started to climb out of the nest.

“I’ll walk you out,” Jimin stretched some more.

Conscious of the fact that he had to get over to his place and still get ready before his first class Yoongi made quick work of putting his shoes on.

“Thanks for sleeping over I guess,” Jimin shyly leaned up to press a kiss to Yoongi's jaw.

“No problem?” They both laughed and then Yoongi really had to go.

In order to actually get back to his place on time Yoongi had to grab a cab back to his apartment.

In all of his life he hadn’t gotten ready so quickly. He had to jump in the shower, get dressed, eat, and brush his teeth before running out the door again.

It was a good thing his portable charger was already in his backpack so that he could plug his phone into it.

He wasn’t very happy to see a text from his appa waiting for him so he decided to just ignore it for the time being.

He did send a text to Jimin though as he waited for the bus to take him to campus.

Yoongi: I think I might actually make it on time today

Jimin: That’s good!

Jimin: I’m sorry you had to rush today but I liked that you slept over

Jimin: Does that make me selfish? 😔

Yoongi: No because I liked it too

Yoongi: We just have to actually plan it next time so I can be prepared

Jimin: 😊

Apparently, waking up next to Jimin was the way to start the day. Because Yoongi was feeling a lot lighter than he had yesterday.

Even though he was rushing and might not make it to his first class on time he at least felt like he had more clarity on where he stood.

The alpha definitely did want to the chance to see where things could go with Jimin. If he walked away now then he’d never get to learn more about the omega.

Already they seemed so compatible and he had the feeling that if he walked away now he’d regret it down the road.

All through his first class he couldn’t stop thinking about it. And how badly he wanted to see Jimin even though he’d just seen him that morning.

As soon as he was done with the class he pulled out his phone.

Yoongi: Are you free?

Jimin: For a little while

Yoongi: Do you want to meet by the benches?

Jimin: Won’t everyone see us though

Yoongi: I don’t care if you don’t care

Jimin: Okay I can be there in a few

Yoongi: See you there

Quickly, Yoongi made it across campus to get to those same benches he’d seen Jimin at just a few days ago.

Already people were keeping their eyes on him, much like they'd done the day before. But Yoongi didn't care, he was too focused on watching for Jimin.

As soon as he spotted the omega a smile was tugging on his lips. Jimin had his hands tucked away in his pockets and seemed to be nervously looking at the others in the area.

Even though Yoongi wanted to rush over to him, he made himself stay put until the omega came over to him.

He was happy to see that Jimin had put on his scarf again, so maybe the omega was already letting himself be claimed a little bit.

“Hi,” Jimin said shyly as he stepped towards Yoongi.

“Cute scarf,” Yoongi smiled and tugged on it.

“Some alpha gave it to me,” Jimin teased.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow like he was surprised and stepped closer to Jimin.

“Should I be jealous?”

Jimin bit down on his lip and shook his head a little bit before closing the rest of the space between them to press his face into Yoongi's chest.

It wasn't as intimate as true scenting, but Yoongi still heard people around them starting to murmur in surprise. As though the small affection was scandalous.

In reality it was their pairing that had people shocked.

“Everyone is watching,” Jimin said shyly as he tried to bury further into Yoongi.

The alpha wrapped his arm protectively around the omega and looked up to glare at everyone around them that was staring.

He even saw a few brave souls that had decided to take pictures with their phones.

“The show is over you can all get going,” Yoongi was practically growling at them.

Jimin let out a little whimper in reaction and Yoongi sighed. At least some of the students got the message and started to walk away.

“Why don't we go get some coffee? I didn't have time for any this morning,” Yoongi suggested.

“Okay,” Jimin let Yoongi reach for his hand before leading him away.

People were definitely still watching and Jimin was blushing.

The shop that Yoongi wanted to go to wasn't very far, thankfully. It was worth the walk because the coffee on campus really was awful.

There also wasn't much of a line so Yoongi was able to get their orders quickly.

“Do you have time to sit for a little while?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded and went over to a table with Yoongi.

The alpha laid one of his hands on the table palm up and Jimin slid his hand over it without hesitation.

“Will you be okay with all the attention?” Yoongi asked before taking a sip of his coffee.

Jimin chewed on his lip a little before responding, “I would rather have privacy but since that's not an option I guess I will just have to deal with it.”

“You could still walk away now,” Yoongi pointed out.

“I don't want to,” Jimin gripped Yoongi's hand a little tighter.

“Let's enjoy our coffee while we still can then,” The alpha suggested.

Yoongi had only been able to take a few more sips of his coffee before his phone started to buzz.

Jungkook: Hyung you blew up social media again

Jungkook: #Yoonmin

Yoongi: Wtf is a Yoonmin?

Jungkook: It's your ship name!

Jungkook: Yoongi + Jimin = Yoonmin

Yoongi: 💀

Jungkook: It's kinda cute

Yoongi: Goodbye

He pulled open his social media accounts though and sure enough people were posting about them again.

Without saying anything Yoongi flipped his phone around to show Jimin.

“At least they're cute pictures?” Jimin didn't sound so sure.

“You're always cute,” Yoongi assured him.

Jimin still seemed nervous, “How long do you think we have until we hear from our parents again?”

“Who knows,” Yoongi shrugged. “Do they even need to confirm anything at this point though?”

“Maybe not,” Jimin gave him a small smile.

Yoongi was doubtful that their elders would let this whole situation slide, but he didn’t want the omega to be stressing out about it all day.

He let the topic drop and once they had finished drinking their coffees he took Jimin’s hand once again and walked him to his next class.

It was a little annoying that people couldn’t seem to stop looking at them, but Yoongi just did his best to ignore it.

He hoped that no one would bother Jimin while he wasn’t around. It seemed like Yoongi was able to handle people’s stares a little bit better than the nervous omega.

As it turned out, Yoongi didn’t have to wait long to hear from his appa. A text went off during his next class with instructions to contact him as soon as possible.

Yoongi was already internally rolling his eyes.

He really had no choice but to give him a call, so once Yoongi was able to find a private area in between his classes he rang his appa.

“Yoongi I saw you caused quite a stir again today,” His appa greeted.

“Did I?” Yoongi replied sarcastically.

“I’m sure you already know. Anyways I’ve called for a meeting with Alpha Park and I’ll need you to come too.”

Yoongi was already rubbing at his temples, “Okay let me know when.”

“Tonight, we need to figure this out as soon as possible thanks to you.”

“If people just minded their own business it wouldn’t have been an issue,” Yoongi said.

“Being an important member of this pack comes at a price you already know this,” His appa said.

“Whatever, just text me the details when you have them.”

Yoongi got off the call as quickly as possible before he got in an even worse mood.

He was tempted to try and find out where Jimin was to see if the omega’s presence would calm him down but he didn’t want to risk rubbing off his bad mood on Jimin either.

But he did text him when he got the chance.

Yoongi: I guess I’m meeting your appa later?

Jimin: Oh really? 🤭

Yoongi: Should I be nervous?

Jimin: I don’t think so?

Jimin: I mean from the start he wanted me to consider this so I can’t imagine he’d have anything bad to say

Yoongi: Unless he’s not happy about the pictures?

Jimin: Maybe I can come too, I’ll text him

Yoongi: You’re an angel

Jimin: 😇

After his last class was over Yoongi had to head back to his apartment to get ready. His appa had insisted that he played the part and dressed nicely for the meeting.

It was probably good to make a good impression on Jimin’s family anyways, but it always just rubbed Yoongi the wrong way when someone tried to order him around.

Yoongi: I was intrustructed to dress nicely for this

Yoongi: [Image attached]

Jimin: Oh no I might drool at the table

Jimin: [Image attached]

Yoongi: So I’ll see you there?

Jimin: Yup!

Yoongi: At least I have that to look forward to

Jimin: 😁

Not wanting to deal with his appa any longer than he had to, Yoongi only agreed to meet him at the restaurant.

They’d chosen one in a neutral territory that had a separate room reserved for them to have the privacy that they’d need.

Even though Yoongi arrived right at the time he’d been told, his appa had still beat him there and had glasses of beer ready and waiting for them.

The first thing his appa did was give him a look over, seeming to at least accept his outfit.

“How long until you dye your hair to a normal color?” His appa asked first.

Yoongi shrugged and took the empty seat next to his appa, “Jimin likes it so probably not for a long time.”

At that his appa seemed to gain more interest, “Do you really like this omega?”

Yoongi nodded at the older alpha, “Do you think I would be here if I didn’t?”

His appa actually let out a full laugh at that, “That’s true.”

They were interrupted when the door was opening and another alpha came in, followed closely by Jimin.

Yoongi was quick to get up from his seat and give the man a bow before offering a small smile to Jimin.

Their appa’s didn’t waste any time in starting to talk, though they seemed a little tense.

Yoongi probably should have been paying better attention but he was distracted as Jimin shyly came to take a seat next to Yoongi.

It was obvious that the omega was nervous, so Yoongi held out his hand and Jimin slid his fingers into the alpha’s with a smile.

He was still a little in awe of Jimin each time he saw him in person, especially now that he’d dressed up a little more than usual.

During the day on campus he was usually adorable in his simple outfits for the classroom, mainly layers of warm clothing.

It was almost deadly to see how even more perfect the omega could look when he was trying to look his best.

“These two obviously seem to be in agreement about becoming mates,” Yoongi’s appa spoke up and caught his attention.

“We’ll court,” Yoongi said quickly but firmly. “But we’re not rushing into anything.”

“Yoongi, what makes you think we’ll agree to this if we’re not given assurances.” Alpha Min was giving his son quite a look.

“You’ll agree because you’ve already seen how excited others are by it,” Yoongi said simply. “You have my assurance that I’m taking this seriously. So seriously in fact that I don’t want to risk anything by making a rash decision.”

Jimin was biting on his bottom lip when Yoongi looked back over at him and the omega gave his hand a squeeze.

“How do you feel about that Jimin?” Alpha Park asked.

The omega nodded, “I agree with Yoongi. We’ll help out our packs by courting but we’ll help ourselves by taking our time.”

It made Yoongi’s heart warm to hear Jimin agreeing with him, like they were already becoming partners.

Even if that meant they were teaming up against their parents to make sure they felt comfortable with the situation they were put in.

“You’ll have to be sure that your relationship is known at least, to encourage the packs to get along better.” Alpha Min said and Alpha Park nodded in agreement.

“I doubt that will be a problem,” Yoongi rolled his eyes, thinking of how they were already having trouble just around campus.

“Will you be allowing others in the packs to start courting with each other?” Jimin asked and Yoongi raised his eyebrow. “Taehyung told me to ask,” Jimin explained to Yoongi.

The alpha laughed, “Of course he did.”

The two older alphas made confused faces at each other like they didn’t understand their sons at all.

“That is the point to help our packs be able to do end the conflict and start to work together,” Alpha Park replied.

“Well maybe we’ll have a couple to double date with,” Jimin gave Yoongi a silly grin.

“Poor Jungkook isn’t going to know what hit him, will he?”

Jimin shook his head and laughed, which made Yoongi laugh too while their appas both took sips of their drinks and watched.

Event though this was a plan that both of their families had wanted, the dinner still continued to be tense between the two pack alphas.

Yoongi wanted to roll his eyes at his appa so many times, it was obvious that he seemed to think that he was holding some kind of power play here since Jimin’s pack was struggling a little more.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, Yoongi made an excuse that they’d had a long day of classes.

It wasn’t until the elders realized that Yoongi wanted to take Jimin home that they seemed to agree to let the two leave early while they continued to work out the finer details of their new peace treaty.

There was a bite in the air once they stepped outside, but Yoongi wanted to walk around for a bit. Partly because he just wanted an excuse to hold Jimin’s hand but also because he wanted to get out some of the stress from the day.

“Are you alright with everything?” Yoongi asked once they’d walked down the street some.

“I think that went pretty well,” Jimin replied though he still sounded a little nervous.

“But?” Yoongi asked, worried about what might be on the omega’s mind.

“I just hope they don’t try to push us into anything down the road,” Jimin said. “It’s not like we never have to deal with our parents again.”

“We’ll just have to deal with that if it happens,” Yoongi told him. “There has to be a balance between helping our packs and staying true to what we want.”

Jimin moved closed to Yoongi so that he could lean on him, “I hope you’re right.”

They continued to walk together until it was too cold to stay out any longer and then Yoongi reluctantly caught them a cab to drop the omega off at his apartment before going back to his own alone.

Chapter Text

Chapter 7: Jimin's POV

It didn’t really hit Jimin until the following morning that he was officially part of a couple for the first time in his life. Thinking about being courted by Yoongi brought a smile to his face instantly.

Already he had the urge to reach over and text the alpha, and since he didn’t have to worry about what it might look like anymore he gave in.

Only to discover there was already a text there waiting for him from Yoongi.

Yoongi: Morning

Jimin: Good morning!

Yoongi: Did you sleep well?

Jimin: I did!

Yoongi: Good, what are you up to today?

Jimin: I’m not sure yet, what are you doing?

Yoongi: I have a show later with Hoseok and Namjoon

Jimin: Oh really, where? 👀

Yoongi: It’s on our territory again, idk if it’s safe enough for you to come yet

Jimin: But I barely got to see you last time ☹️

Yoongi: I’m not saying you can’t come I’m just worried about your safety

Jimin: Let me talk to Tae and see if he can come with me again

Jimin: Will Jungkook be there? I’m sure he’ll ask me

Yoongi: I can check, he usually does

Jimin: Okay 😘

Excited that he might get to spend another night out with Yoongi, Jimin hopped out of his nest and went right off to Taehyung’s room.

The door was already open and he could see Tae cuddling up with some of his stuffed animals like a rather large child.

Without hesitating, Jimin jumped onto the other omega’s nest and started to tackle him.

“Wake up Tae!”

Taehyung groaned tiredly, “Go away!”

“Would you wake up if I told you that I might be able to bring you to hang out with Jungkook later?”

“What’s that?” Taehyung abruptly leaned up in his nest making Jimin laugh.

Taehyung’s hair was still a tangled mess and it took Jimin a while to calm down from his laughter before he could explain what Yoongi had told him.

“I’ll go with you as long as Kookie will be there,” Taehyung smiled dreamily.

“Let me check,” Jimin pulled out his phone again.

Jimin: Taehyung will come if Jungkook is there

Yoongi: He just texted me back, he’ll be there

Jimin: Perfect! Send me the details ❤️

With a boost of energy from knowing what their plans were later that evening, the two omegas got ready for the day and decided to go out and do some shopping.

Taehyung insisted that he needed a new outfit to impress Jungkook and Jimin wasn’t one to turn down shopping either.

Even though Jimin had fun spending time with Taehyung, he felt antsy throughout the afternoon to see Yoongi.

It seemed like he’d already gotten used to seeing the alpha during the day on campus. Which made that afternoon seem incredibly long.

He just tried to remind himself that it wouldn’t be long until he’d got to see Yoongi and he was being rewarded with the special treat of getting to see him perform.

Jimin: Excited to see you!

Yoongi: Me too I’m so lucky

Jimin: I wish you were here so I could kiss you right now

Yoongi: Don’t tempt me to come get you

Jimin: Sorry ❤️

Yoongi: I’ll see you soon ❤️

Jimin did his best to distract himself until they could leave for the show. It mostly meant looking at stuff on his phone to kill time. Which actually resulted in him looking up more things about Yoongi.

For some reason he’d never thought to look into it before, but it seemed like they had a whole following of fans that posted about them on social media.

This lead him to finding their actual accounts though it looked like Hoseok and Namjoon posted more than Yoongi did there.

There was still so much for him to look at and watch. It was interesting to him to find out that their followers had also seen the images of Jimin and Yoongi that had been going around.

Replies to some of their most recent posts had a bunch of people asking if Yoongi was off the market. It made Jimin nervous to find out what might happen at the show if people recognized him.

At campus people just wanted to watch them, but they hadn’t really had to deal with how others might react in other places yet.

Even though he was nervous, it wasn’t enough to stop him from going. He was too excited to see Yoongi to be scared into staying home for the night.

Taehyung and Jimin were out the door as soon as it was a reasonable time to leave their apartment. They didn’t want to get their too early and have to wait around for the show to start.

But they also had to take the subway to get there and since it was a new location from the last time they needed some time to figure out where they were going.

By the time they got there, some people were already on stage but Jimin knew that Yoongi and his friends would be going on last. So they grabbed some drinks from the bar while they waited.

“I wonder where Jungkook is?” Taehyung was already looking around as they waited.

“I’m guessing he’s with them until they go on?” Jimin assumed, knowing that the younger alpha was their unofficial photographer.

While Taehyung was looking around for Jungkook, Jimin was scoping out the area to see if anyone had noticed him.

It was a relief to see that no one was paying them any attention. Most of the others there were either already up by the stage or busy socializing and drinking.

They got through their first drinks and were starting their second ones before the MC was on stage and introducing Yoongi’s group.

Quickly, people started to rush towards the stage so Jimin and Taehyung tried to find a reasonable spot off to the side where they could still get a good view but stay away from the crowd incase anything happened.

“Oh there’s Jungkook,” Jimin pointed out the alpha that was crouching off to the side on the stage with his camera as Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok came out.

Even though Jimin had been waiting all day he still wasn’t prepared for the sight of his alpha when he appeared on the stage.

The combination of the sound of his rough voice filling the place through the speakers and the visual of his blonde hair pushed back by the bandana practically had Jimin weak at the knees.

Since they’d come out on the opposite side that Jimin and Taehyung were standing at, it took Yoongi a little while before he made his way over to their side.

He was busy spitting out lyrics faster than Jimin’s brain could process them all, but the alpha’s eyes were still looking through the crowd.

Jimin had to hold back the urge to raise his hand so that the alpha could find him easier since he didn’t want to draw any attention to himself by the others.

When their eyes finally did meet, Jimin bit down on his lip and smiled as Yoongi placed his hand over his heart. The omega knew it was a signal just for him.

Throughout their performance, Yoongi kept coming back over towards them whenever he could.

Making sure to hold Jimin’s eye contact in a way that thrilled the omega. The longer they were on stage, the more Jimin was sure that he’d made the right decision.

Already he felt helplessly obsessed with Yoongi. It didn’t even bother him how hard he was falling in such a quick amount of time, because it all just felt right.

When their time was up, Jimin was actually a little bit sad that it was over. Though he was excited to get to see the alpha close up finally. They joined along with the rest of the crowd in clapping and shouting as the alpha’s left the stage.

A few minutes later, Jungkook came out and found them.

“Hey guys, do you want to follow me backstage?” Jungkook came close enough so that no one else would hear and Taehyung leaned in even closer to the alpha.

Jimin had to hold back a laugh at his friend, “Yeah!”

Jungkook motioned for them to follow him and he led them through a door that brought them down a hall.

Without knocking, he opened the door to a random room and inside they found the group of alpha’s hydrating themselves with water.

Without hesitating, Jimin quickly walked over to Yoongi and wrapped his arms around the alpha.

“Hey baby, I’m a little sweaty,” Yoongi let out a little laugh but pressed his chin onto the top of Jimin’s head.

“I don’t care, you did great!”

Yoongi smiled, “Thanks, I’m glad you came after all.”

“Ahem,” Hoseok was clearing his throat which made Jimin peak over at the other alpha.

“Oh, this is Hoseok and Namjoon.” Yoongi pointed over at his friends.

“Nice to finally meet the omega that has our Yoongi wrapped around his fingers,” Hoseok was smiling until Yoongi splashed water over on him.

“I’m speaking the truth hyung!” Hoseok wiped water off his face dramatically.

Namjoon laughed but cut in before the alpha could argue more, “Don’t mind him, we’ve heard a lot of good things about you already.”

Jimin gave the tall alpha an easy smile, “I’m glad to meet you both, and this is my friend Taehyung! Of course Jungkook already knows him.”

Taehyung and Jungkook seemed to startle at the mention of their names and Jimin noticed that they’d been leaning into each other.

“Oh hey,” Taehyung said a little shyly all of a sudden.

Before Jimin could think too much about it Yoongi was pulling on him, “Let’s sit, I’m beat.”

There was an old leather sofa pushed against the wall of the room that Yoongi brought him over to. Jimin sat as close as possible to Yoongi without actually sitting in his lap.

Despite his strong desire to rub himself all over the alpha, he had to hold back with the others in the room.

That didn’t stop him from letting his hand rest on Yoongi’s jean clad thigh though, enjoying the heat of the muscle beneath his fingertips.

For a while, they chatted with the others about the show. Taehyung and Jimin were quick to talk about their favorite parts.

And Taehyung was interested to see the preview images and videos that Jungkook started to show him.

Eventually, Namjoon suggested that they go get some drinks from the bar and everyone was in agreement except for Yoongi.

“You guys go ahead, we’ll be out in a minute.”

“Oh okay hyung,” Hoseok gave Yoongi a wink that no one missed and the alpha just rolled his eyes in response.

They did leave without making a fuss though, and Taehyung was happy to follow Jungkook out without Jimin.

As soon as they were alone Yoongi let out a sound of relief, “Finally.”

There wasn't even time for Jimin to respond because in the next moment Yoongi was tugging him closer and crashing their mouths together.

Immediately a sound of pleasure escaped Jimin's throat and he made quick work of climbing up and into Yoongi's lap so he could get better access to the alpha though he was careful to leave some space between their bodies.

Yoongi pulled away slightly to run his gaze over Jimin's heated cheeks and wet lips, “I've been waiting all day to kiss you.”

“You've been more patient than I have,” Jimin leaned forwards to kiss his alpha again.

Gently running his lips across Yoongi's before pressing more firmly into the kiss. It was the alpha who first licked at Jimin's mouth, silently asking for entrance. And Jimin was happy to oblige.

Even though they were both obviously overtaken with lust, Yoongi was so careful in the way he kissed Jimin.

His movement were precise and tuned in to what drove the omega crazy. While his hands guided Jimin's head to move just the way he wanted it to.

Never before had Jimin felt this needy. Already his body was engulfed in the burning desire that was overtaking him.

Before he knew it, Jimin was leaning closer to Yoongi and ground down against him without thinking.

It made them both moan loudly at the rush of pleasure from the friction. Yoongi even pulled away from the kiss to lean his head back on the couch.

“You're killing me baby,” Yoongi groaned.

Jimin gulped, “Sorry I'm not used to getting so worked up.”

Now that they'd pulled apart Jimin could smell how thick the scent of his arousal was in the air around him.

It was startling to know how easily Yoongi could turn him on.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi ran his fingers through Jimin's hair gently.

“I...umm…I've never really been that interested in an alpha before and that includes fooling around with them too.”

He was already blushing heavily and wanted to hide his face but tried to fight the instinct to burrow into Yoongi's neck.

This was a conversation that was probably better off happening sooner rather than later.

He did, however, manage to avoid looking at Yoongi directly. Though he felt Yoongi's hands slide down to grip at his hips in response.

“Jiminie, I don't want to make assumptions here.”

That was the alphas subtle way of asking for a better explanation. He knew it and he tried to find the words.

“I'm not experienced in courting or anything that goes along with it, I’m still a virgin.” Jimin admitted shyly. “I haven't wanted anyone to touch me before because I knew that was all they were interested in and I hated that.”

Saying the words out loud only reminded Jimin of how much he'd hated when others had shown interest in him. Because they'd never cared about getting to know him first.

Jimin bit down on his lip and gave into the instinct to press his face against Yoongi's neck, letting the alphas scent start to calm his nerves down.

“Baby, you know it's not like that for me right? Obviously I think you're gorgeous but I like your mind and heart too, not just your body.”

Yoongi started to run his hand over Jimin’s back, trying to calm the omega further.

“I know,” Jimin mumbled into Yoongi's neck. “I think that's part of why I'm so drawn to you. I liked your looks for the beginning but the way you treat me makes me want you even more.”

“It's good that the attraction is obviously there but we don't need to rush it just because our bodies want us too,” Yoongi added.

Jimin nodded weakly and pressed himself a little closer to Yoongi while wrapping his arms around the alpha’s neck. When Yoongi hugged him back the omega just wanted to melt into him.

“Can I ask what you usually do during your heats? You don't have to answer if you don't want to i'm just curious.”

“My heats aren't that bad so I just suck it up with medicine. I think that since I've never had a knot before my body doesn't know what it's missing.”

Jimin felt Yoongi tense up underneath him, “God don't say knot when I'm trying to stay calm.”

Jimin let out a little laugh, “Maybe we should go find the others?”

“Good idea,” Yoongi nodded quickly before they climbed off the couch.

Finding their friends was a bit of an adventure thanks to how packed the place was. With the show completely over, people had spread out into the various tables and booths as well as all around the bar.

It was a good thing that there was a fresh round of beers waiting for them already when they found the group chatting at a larger table.

Jimin had to hold back a laugh at the way Taehyung was so obviously trying to flirt with Jungkook.

Yoongi had to grab extra chairs from another table before they could actually sit down.

“Hyung you missed a group of omega’s came over to drop off their phone numbers!” Jungkook pointed at a bunch of scraps of paper sitting on the table.

“I think there’s one with your name on it Yoongi,” Hoseok laughed and picked one of the papers up.

Jimin felt a flare of jealousy but he was pleasantly surprised when Yoongi simply grabbed the paper and ripped it up without saying anything.

“Hey, what if I could have used that!” Hoseok called out.

“Pick one of the others then,” Yoongi shrugged.

The talk turned to school as Namjoon told them all about a philosophy paper that he was working on. Honestly it went over most of their heads but it was interesting to try and follow along with anyways.

When Jungkook told them about a project he was working on that he needed models for, Taehyung was quick to volunteer.

“I can help you!” Taehyung said excitedly.

Jungkook actually did perk up at that, “Really? That would be great”

While they were chatting about the project Jimin started to get the feeling that they were being watched.

Sure enough, when he turned his head there was someone that seemed to be trying to subtly catch them on camera.

Yoongi was quick to catch onto his tensing up and followed his line of vision. As soon as he looked over, the person scurried away into the crowd.

“Can we leave?” Jimin asked nervously.

“Sure,” Yoongi sounded annoyed but the omega knew it wasn’t directed at him.

They all ended up leaving together, and at the very least Taehyung was excited that Jungkook tagged along with Yoongi to make sure that they got home alright.

But when they tried to invite them up to have more drinks, Yoongi said that he didn’t want to get a hangover because he had a paper to work on the next day.

Jimin wondered if Yoongi wasn’t more worried about controlling themselves but reluctantly said his goodnight without pushing it.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8: Yoongi's POV

Trying to take things slowly was harder than Yoongi realized it would be. The problem with hanging out in public places was that they easily drew others curiosity.

Especially once their parents had released a joint statement that they were in fact officially courting and they’d signed a new peace treaty between the packs in celebration.

Local news stations had even picked up on it, and seeing their faces up on the tv screen was not something Yoongi had been prepared for.

There were only so many places that they could go and still get some privacy, which seemed crucial to making the situation work for them.

They still studied in the library together at times, but they couldn’t do much else there together. There was an advantage to doing things outdoors because they could wrap up in their coats, hats, and scarves but again that was limiting and eventually they’d get cold.

Yet, Yoongi hesitated at the idea of them hanging out at either of their places. Worried it would be too easily for them to fall into bed and forget themselves. But at the same time it was frustrating not to get alone time together.

That’s why when Jimin texted him that afternoon he was so conflicted. It seemed silly to avoid being with his omega just because he was too irresistible though. That was hardly any way for them to get closer.

Jimin: Do you want to come over later?

Jimin: We can order in 😇

Yoongi: Better yet I can pick something up on my way over

Jimin: Deal 😘

As soon as Yoongi got out of his last class for the day, he went over to one of his favorite restaurants nearby to order some food to go.

Even though he’d never brought Jimin there before he already had a pretty good idea of the types of things the omega liked to eat. And he was hungry enough that he wanted to order a variety of dishes to choose from anyways.

Yoongi: On my way

Jimin: Okay 😄

It was only a few minute walk over to Jimin and Taehyung’s apartment, which was a good thing since he was loaded up with bags. The omega even laughed at the sight of him as he opened up the door.

“Did you get enough food?” Jimin tried to help by grabbing a few of the bags so that Yoongi could take off his shoes.

“You can never have too much food,” Yoongi scoffed.

“There’s no way we’ll eat all of this,” Jimin said as he put the bags down on the table and started to look through what Yoongi had brought.

Yoongi shrugged, “You can give some to Taehyung too.”

Jimin gave Yoongi a funny little smile, “Tae’s out with Jungkook! I’m surprised he didn’t tell you.”

Yoongi was a little surprised to hear the news and also a little more nervous to find out that they had the whole place to themselves. He was kind of counting on the omega’s roommate to keep them on their best behavior.

“Oh really? What are they up to then?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin shrugged, “I think something for that project Jungkook mentioned the other day.”

That made sense, but Yoongi wondered if his friend knew what he’d gotten himself into by spending some time alone with the eager omega.

“So how long do we have until Tae convinces Jungkook to court him?”

Jimin laughed again, “Probably not very long.”

The omega went into the kitchen to grab them some drinks, plates, and chopsticks to eat with. Then Yoongi got busy loading up their plates with a bunch of different foods.

He really did get a lot, but that was okay. Everything he’d ordered tasted amazing, and Jimin immediately started to praise the food.

It still felt good to provide for the omega, it spoke to that ancient instinct inside of him to provide for his mate. Even if Jimin wasn’t really his mate yet, he still liked looking after him and proving that he could.

As their bellies started to fill up and they slowed down on the eating, they started to chat a little bit more.

“Did you ever get your score back on that math test?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded, “I did better than I thought actually. I ended up with a B-.”

Yoongi beamed at him, “That’s good, if you keep up with your studying you shouldn’t have a problem passing the class.”

“Thank god this is the only one I have to take, it might kill me.”

“You’ll be fine, you’re smarter than you give yourself credit for,” Yoongi assured him and the omega started to blush a little.

It was true that the more time he spent with Jimin the more he learned just how much of a perfectionist and harder worker Jimin was.

Though he tended to doubt himself more than he should, which was why Yoongi tried to keep reminding him how well he was doing whenever the chance arose.

“Can I ask you why you’re majoring in Business? You never really talk about it,” Jimin asked curiously.

Yoongi scratched at his hair a little bit, “Mostly because that was what my appa wanted. I don’t hate it and the work isn’t too hard but it’s not like it’s my passion.”

That sounded a little lame but it was the truth.

Jimin nodded, “My parents urged me to major in education next to dancing so I would have options so I get that.”

“You like kids though, right?” Yoongi asked, he’d just kind of assumed.

“In highschool I used to teach little kids dance as part of a way to pay for my tuition and that was fun. It’s a lot more fun at that age, less stress about perfection to be honest.”

This was the first time Jimin had mentioned that to Yoongi and the alpha was a little surprised.

“That does sound like fun actually. And you still have time to figure out what you want to do after college, whatever makes you happy makes me happy.”

Jimin smiled, “Same goes to you, maybe it’s not too late to add on a minor in something you already like?”

Yoongi had never thought of that before actually, “Maybe? I’ve never looked into it.”

“Hold on a second,” Jimin got up from the table and padded away.

He came back a minute later with his computer in hand, so he must have gone into his bedroom. The omega put it down on the table and opened it up, which actually revealed that he had a picture of Yoongi set as his desktop background.

“Aww,” Yoongi pointed at the screen.

“Oopsie,” Jimin blushed and quickly pulled open his internet browser to pull up the school’s website.

It only took the omega a minute to find the listing of the minors they offered at the school and how many credits you needed to take in order to get it.

“That might actually be doable,” Yoongi looked at the programs. “Maybe I could even do a double major like you.”

“You could email your advisor about it for more info too,” Jimin suggested.

“I think I will,” Yoongi leaned over to press a quick kiss to Jimin’s lips. “Thanks baby.”

That just made the omega blush even more so Yoongi got busy clearing up the mess they’d made.

As he packed up the leftovers to throw in the fridge Jimin grabbed their plates to rinse off and put in the dishwasher. Once they’d finished cleaning everything up Jimin grabbed onto Yoongi’s hand.

“Let’s go watch something in my room,” Jimin suggested and started to lead the way.

“Okay,” Yoongi swallowed thickly and hoped that the omega didn’t notice his nervousness.

As soon as they entered Jimin’s room, the omega’s sweet scent become much stronger and Yoongi was hyper aware of it. While Yoongi kind of hovered at the edge of Jimin’s nest, the omega crawled right over to the middle where his TV remote had been sitting.

He got busy turning it on and flipping through the stations until he gave up trying to find something so early and switched over to streaming to see what movies were available.

“What do you want to watch?” Jimin asked casually.

He looked over at Yoongi and only then seemed to notice that the alpha was nervously rubbing at the back of his neck. A small smile played on his lips and that didn’t help the butterflies in Yoongi’s stomach at all.

“I don’t care,” He likely wouldn’t be able to pay that much attention to it anyways.

Jimin nodded and looked at his TV to go back to searching, “Why don’t you come here?”

Yoongi nodded and carefully moved to sit against Jimin’s headboard, watching as Jimin seemed to settle on something and then started to focus on getting comfortable while the program started.

At first, Jimin kept some space between them and Yoongi was actually able to start getting into the movie he’d put on. It was a thriller that he hadn’t seen before.

When Jimin moved to lay down instead of sitting up, Yoongi followed suit and relaxed into the soft pillows and blankets in the omega’s nest.

But as the action picked up in the movie Jimin started to make small noises of fright each time the scenes got tense. Yoongi really couldn’t hold back his instinct to pull Jimin in closer until the omega was right up against him.

Jimin even took to tucking his face away into Yoongi’s body whenever he didn’t want to watch what was happening on screen.

“Why did you pick something scary if you don’t like it?” Yoongi was running his hand over Jimin’s back as he hid his face in Yoongi’s neck.

“Because everyone has been talking about this movie and I’ve been too afraid to watch it alone,” Jimin mumbled into Yoongi’s skin.

The way the omega’s lips unintentionally rubbed against Yoongi’s skin as he spoke made the alpha shiver a little. Even with the characters screaming on the TV he was still affected by even the smallest of touch from Jimin.

He kind of hoped that the omega was too frightened to even notice his reaction. That hope got shot down really quickly when he felt Jimin’s hand slip under the hem of his shirt so that his delicate fingers teased over the skin of his abdomen.

Even as the omega’s hand moved upwards, Yoongi distinctly felt every touch affecting him down below the belt. He didn’t dare stop Jimin though and just tried to lay as still as possible as the omega learned his body.

It wasn’t until he felt Jimin’s fingertips brushing against the sensitive nerves of his nipples that Yoongi let out a small groan.

“What are you doing?” He asked, putting a hand on Jimin’s arm lightly so he didn’t move it again.

“Just touching my alpha,” Jimin said innocently though his lips brushed over Yoongi’s skin again.

“You’re making it very hard to behave,” Yoongi warned him.

Jimin let out a little laugh, and that should have been enough warning that he wasn’t about to stop.

The omega leaned in to press his mouth more firmly against Yoongi’s neck.

It wasn’t quite a kiss. It was more like the omega was testing the waters to see if Yoongi would react again, and of course he did. Then he really did start to press kisses against Yoongi’s neck. Very lightly at first, in a way that drove Yoongi a little crazy.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Yoongi quickly leaned over to kiss Jimin in a way that had a surprised noise escaping Jimin’s mouth before it turned into a soft moan.

Yoongi was already focused on nibbling and sucking on Jimin’s bottom lip while the omega let his hands continue their tour of the alpha’s chest.

He did his best to keep his mind on the kiss alone, diving deeper until Jimin had no choice but to let him control the kiss. Making sure to carefully tease at the omega’s tongue before pulling away again. Intent on driving Jimin just as wild as he felt.

It was a good plan, until Jimin’s hands made their way back down his chest and stomach slowly until they landed on the belt buckle of his jeans.

Technically Jimin wasn’t touching him at all, just the belt. That didn’t stop his body from reacting like the omega had reached inside of his pants

Without even thinking about it he was pressing against Jimin until he could feel just how hard they both were. He tried to pull away immediately but Jimin’s hands just pulled him back in by his belt.

“No give me more,” Jimin whined lightly against his lips.

When Yoongi’s tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip it ended up licking Jimin’s as well.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you into anything.”

“You won't,” Jimin leaned in to kiss him again and Yoongi had no trouble getting back into it.

Jimin’s hands tugged at Yoongi’s belt again until the alpha gave in and moved to lean over the omega without even breaking their kiss. Without hesitation, Jimin was widening his legs so that Yoongi could fit right in between them.

He tried his best not to rub against Jimin, but it was difficult when the omega was doing his very best to get Yoongi as close as possible.

It didn’t take very long before Jimin was raising his hips off the mattress and pulling Yoongi down by his belt at the same time to get the friction that he was looking for.

Yoongi had to pull away from Jimin’s mouth to tip his head back and let out a groan as the bolt of pleasure shot down his spine. Underneath him Jimin was panting and already moving his hips again to seek more.

There was a special kind of thrill in knowing that Jimin wanted to use his body to get off. It made Yoongi pull away briefly, only to grab onto the omega and flip them around so that Jimin was straddling his hips now.

With Jimin’s hands propped on his chest to keep himself steady, Yoongi could see the flush that was painting Jimin’s cheeks pink.

At first he thought it might have been from embarrassment, but that thought left his mind as soon as Jimin leaned down to suck on his neck before grinding against him again.

The alpha had to bite down on his lip to stop himself from being too loud. His hands slid from Jimin’s hips down over his ass, helping the omega to ride him even better.

It was actually a blessing that the friction from his jeans on his hardness hurt a little bit, it was the only thing stopping him from coming in his pants too quickly.

Jimin looked devastatingly sexy when he pulled away from Yoongi’s neck, his eyes were half closed from being lost in pleasure and his mouth was swollen making his lips appear even more lush.

Yoongi couldn’t help but lean up to kiss him again, already pushing past his drive his tongue inside. There was no being gentle now and it only spurred Jimin into grinding against him faster.

When Yoongi gripped him tighter, his fingers pressed into the crease of Jimin’s jeans where he could feel the wetness soaking through.

That tight feeling of pleasure building up hit Yoongi just a moment before Jimin made a desperate sound.

The omega pulled away from their kiss to pant out a few words, “Yoongi I’m going to-”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence before he was letting out a deep moan and his hips stuttered in a way that let Yoongi know exactly what was going on.

“That’s it baby,” Yoongi moaned as he felt his own release barreling through him and emptying into his jeans.

Jimin ended up collapsing on his chest, his hot breath hitting Yoongi’s skin as the omega tried to calm down. Still breathing heavily himself, Yoongi rubbed his hands all over Jimin’s back and arms.

The omega let out small sounds of happiness at the affection and after a few minutes Jimin was able to peel himself off Yoongi to head into the bathroom for a wash cloth.

They got into cleanup mode for a few minutes and Jimin even ended up giving the alpha some clothes to change into when a wipe down didn’t seem like it was going to be enough.

He couldn’t help but smile at the way Jimin blushed even further when he saw the wet stain that had dampened the front of Yoongi’s jeans.

When they were able to curl up again in Jimin’s nest the omega nuzzled his face into the spot where he’d sucked a love bite into Yoongi’s skin.

The alpha had noticed it there when he went into the bathroom to change. Even though it was just a temporary mark, he liked the idea that Jimin wanted to do that to him.

“Was that okay?” Jimin asked softly after a moment.

“Yeah you can do whatever you want to me,” Yoongi assured him, running his hand through Jimin’s hair gently.

“I meant did I do okay? That was a first for me and I want to be good for you,” Jimin sounded embarrassed to have to explain himself.

Yoongi pulled away so that he could see Jimin’s face as he responded, “Don’t feel self conscious okay? You’re gorgeous and I still feel lucky that you want to touch me at all.”

Jimin’s cheeks were still pink but he nodded at Yoongi’s words, “We don’t have to finish that scary movie do we?”

Yoongi laughed, “No we don’t.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 9: Jimin's POV

Jimin was starting to feel like a teenager presenting for the first time. If he thought he’d been obsessed with Yoongi before, it got to a whole new level after they’d fooled around just that little bit.

Whenever he was alone he couldn’t stop thinking about the press of Yoongi’s fingers against his jeans and what that would feel like on his bare skin. Or what they might feel like pressed inside of him.

It seemed like he was in a constant state of arousal and it wasn’t even time for his heat yet. Which wasn’t convenient given how busy they’d been with school. And it wasn’t like they could freely do anything on campus with how many eyes were always on them.

Even now when he was supposed to be working on an essay he was just sitting at his computer daydreaming about his alpha.

Unable to take it anymore he pulled his phone out to text Yoongi.

Jimin: I miss you 🙁

Yoongi: I miss you too ❤️

Jimin: I wish you were here so I could kiss you

Jimin: And touch you 👉👈

Yoongi: Baby I would come over if I could but we’re both supposed to be getting work done

Jimin: I know I just really want you 😢

Jimin: I’m sorry if I’m being annoying

Yoongi: Stop it you’re cute

Yoongi: I promise I will let you have your way with me when our grades aren’t in jeopardy

Jimin: Pinky promise??

Yoongi: Yes I pinky promise

Jimin: I guess I can wait then

For a while, Jimin was able to get back into his work. Intent on getting everything done so that he wouldn’t have to try and catch up during the weekend. If he could buckle down now then he would be free to spend as much time with his alpha as he wanted.

Sometime later, his phone went off and he thought that it might have been Yoongi so his heart did a little flip. But when he checked the screen it was actually his appa calling him.

“Hi appa,” Jimin answered.

“Hello Jimin, I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time?” His appa asked.

“I was just working on some homework but I can take a break for a little bit,” Jimin said, not sure what this call was about.

“Studying hard, that’s good!” The elder said. “I won’t keep you for long I just wanted to remind you that Seokjin’s restaurant is having it’s grand opening on Friday.”

With everything going on Jimin had totally forgotten about it and slapped his forehead.

“Good thing you’re reminding me, I must not have put it down on my schedule!”

His appa chuckled, “I figured you might need a reminder. I also wanted to tell you to bring Yoongi along too. I think it’s a good chance to have him seen out with our family and mingling in the community.”

Jimin was suddenly nervous but he wasn’t entirely sure why. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to be seen with Yoongi, but they had more trouble getting time alone than making sure people knew they were together.

“Okay. I’ll talk to him,” Jimin said despite his nervousness.

“Good, I’ll let you go then. Keep up the studying!”

Jimin hung up with appa and then found that he was too nervous to dive back into his work. So he decided to just go ahead and text Yoongi again, hoping it wasn’t a bother.

Jimin: My appa just called me

Yoongi: Good news or bad news?

Jimin: I’m not sure...he wants you to come with us to a restaurant opening

Yoongi: That’s fine with me

Yoongi: Are you nervous?

Jimin: Yeah a little

Jimin: I know people will want pictures and stuff

Jimin: Maybe I just have PTSD from what happened at the market

Yoongi: I’m sorry baby

Jimin: I just have to suck it up I guess

Yoongi: We’ll get through it together

Jimin: Okay ❤️

On Friday, Jimin was a hot mess. He couldn’t stop worrying about what might happen. Even though he knew that the situation was basically safe, knowing the spotlight would be on his relationship made his skin crawl.

Yoongi seemed to realize how nervous and upset he was without him even mentioning it again. He was actually grateful when the alpha asked if they could go to the mall to pick up some new clothes for the event.

He got to let his mind forget about everyone watching them for a little bit and just let his inner fashionista take over. The fact that Yoongi let him pick out clothes for both of them was even better.

Basically, he got to spend the afternoon playing dress up with the alpha. Picking out just what he wanted to see Yoongi in and making him try out multiple outfits before settled on which one they should go with.

Even though the alpha said that shopping wasn’t his favorite thing, he didn’t complain at all when Jimin brought him to multiple stores or asked him to try on clothes.

It was just a little thing, but it made Jimin so happy he couldn’t help but sneak in little kisses whenever he got the chance.

By the end of their shopping trip, they’d bought more than just what they needed. Which was how it usually went. But Jimin was ridiculously excited to see Yoongi wearing the clothes he’d specifically picked out for the alpha.

In a way it made him feel like a part of him would be with Yoongi even if he wasn’t. The thought definitely appealed to him.

When they’d finally left the mall, they had to head back over to Jimin’s to quickly get changed. Taking turns changing in Jimin’s bathroom so that neither of them got distracted, since they were on a timeline.

And then they had to rush over to the restaurant in question to meet up with Jimin’s family. They were so busy with all of the running around that Jimin forgot to be nervous until they were outside and he saw how much of the media had come to celebrate the grand opening.

He froze up before they got to the red carpet, and he felt Yoongi’s hand give his a little squeeze.

“Are you alright?” Yoongi stepped closer to ask.

Jimin nodded but his eyes were still looking at all of the camera’s lined up.

“I’ll be okay,” He wasn’t sure who was trying to convince.

Since his family had already texted him to just meet inside, Jimin knew they’d be facing the media alone.

“Do you want to just sneak in another way?” Yoongi asked as he looked around.

“No,” Jimin sighed. “That will definitely look weird. Let’s just get this over with.”

Trying to muster up his courage, Jimin gripped Yoongi’s hand harder and they headed off to wait their turn on the carpet. It seemed like most of the guests had already arrived so it was a quick wait and then they were up.

As soon as the media figured out just who was in front of them, the camera’s started to flash like crazy. Jimin gave a little smile and wave, while keeping as close as was allowed to Yoongi while still seeming polite.

Yoongi was the first to start to pull away, leading Jimin away from the carpet to head inside. The media tried to shout at them for more pictures but Yoongi just politely waved them off like they had to get inside and Jimin was grateful for it.

It was more crowded inside than Jimin had expected, but they were still able to locate his parents.

“Oh good you’re here,” Jimin’s appa said once they got closer to them. “Let’s get to our table finally!”

One of the hostesses lead them to their reserved table, and Jimin’s parents started to ask them how their classes were going. It was mostly light talk until waiters started to come around and take everyone’s orders.

Then Seokjin ended up coming over to give them a warm welcoming.

“I’m glad you were able to make it out, I brought some special wine just for my favorite family!”

Jin handed the bottle over to Jimin’s appa before his eyes moved over to Jimin. They hadn’t seen each other in so long thanks to Jin being busy with getting his restaurant ready and Jimin’s busy schedule as school.

The older omega made a surprised face at seeing Jimin’s hand holding onto Yoongi’s on top of the table.

“Have you met Min Yoongi before Seokjin?” Jimin asked playfully.

“I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure,” Jin replied smoothly.

“Your restaurant looks amazing,” Yoongi gave the compliment easily and the omega smiled brightly.

“Thank you, I hope you and Jimin can make it here often!”

“As long as the food is good hyung,” Jimin laughed.

Jin waved him off, “You know I’ll only have the best in my restaurant!”

They chatted with Jin for a little while longer until he had to go welcome other important guests. Thankfully, their food came quickly so they didn’t have to worry about trying to keep the conversation flowing.

“This actually is really good,” Yoongi said after they took a few bites of their food. “Here try mine.”

The alpha held out his chopsticks with a piece of meat on them and Jimin leaned forward to take the bite. The flavors bursted onto his tongue and he let out a little noise of satisfaction as he chewed.

“Maybe we will have to come again,” Yoongi smiled at Jimin softly before taking another bite of his food.

Jimin nodded at Yoongi as he kept chewing, but he didn’t miss the smiles his parents were giving him either.

Obviously they were happy to see their matchmaking was going over well. Whether that was because they were glad to see Jimin was happy or because that meant their plan he wasn’t sure.

When it was finally time to get out of there, they made sure to say a goodbye to Jin and congratulate him again. Jimin even made sure to snap a selfie with his old friend before taking Yoongi’s hand to leave.

But as soon as they got outside, it was like they were bombarded with the camera’s flashing again. Jimin hadn’t known that the media would stick around until the end of the night.

He didn’t have much time to even react, but luckily Yoongi immediately did. The alpha tugged on his hand to lead them forward, while holding out his arm so that any shot of them was basically ruined.

There was already a line of taxis waiting to take people home, so Yoongi went to the closest one and yanked open the door for Jimin to slide inside. By the time they were in and heading off, Jimin’s heart was still racing.

“That was insane,” Jimin ran his hand through his hair and looked back at crowd of photographers.

“Are you alright?” Yoongi asked, putting his hand on Jimin’s leg.

“I think so,” Jimin slunk back in the seat. “I just want to go home.”

Yoongi leaned forward to speak to the taxi driver, “I’ll give you a bigger tip if you drive faster.”

They made it back to Jimin’s building in no time at all, and Jimin was grateful that Yoongi took charge of things so that he didn’t even have to worry about it at all. He was more than ready to settle into his nest for the night and relax.

“Will you stay tonight?” Jimin asked as they got up to his apartment.

Yoongi looked a little surprised but didn’t hesitate to nod as they slipped off their shoes. As they were walking down the hall they got another little surprise. Taehyung's door opened but it wasn’t the omega that stepped out,

“Jungkook?” Yoongi sounded confused as Jimin felt. “What are you doing here?”

The younger alpha immediately started to blush and stammer, “Um, I was just -”

Taehyung appeared behind him and wrapped his hand around Jungkook’s waist before resting his head on the alpha’s shoulder, “Hey guys, how was your night?”

“It was okay,” Jimin blinked multiple times. “What have you been up to?”

“Just hanging out! We were about to get some beer from the fridge, do you want any?” Taehyung asked.

“I’m good,” Jimin said and started to head towards his door, giving Yoongi a look as the alpha still tried to get a read on Jungkook.

Jimin had to grab Yoongi’s hand to pull him into his room.

“Did you know they were hanging out today?” Yoongi asked once they were in private.

“Nope,” Jimin said and flopped down onto his nest. “I’ll ask Tae about it later.”

“You want some cuddles?” Yoongi was already pulling off his blazer to hang it over Jimin’s desk chair.

Jimin made grabby hands towards his alpha, “Yes please!”

Without needing to ask more, Yoongi laid on his side and pulled Jimin into him so that the omega could press his face into the crook of the alpha’s neck.

Breathing in Yoongi’s scent started to relax him immediately, and the feeling of Yoongi’s hand rubbing his back helped as well. After such a long stressful week it was just what he wanted, and needed.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Yoongi asked after a while.

“No,” Jimin mumbled into Yoongi’s neck.

The alpha just nodded and kept on rubbing Jimin’s back until the omega was practically purring from all of the attention.

After a few minutes, Jimin pulled his face out of Yoongi’s neck to press his mouth against the alpha’s. He was grateful that Yoongi always seemed to read his mood so easily, and was always willing to let the omega set their pace.

While others may have taken it as a sign that he was using kissing as foreplay, Yoongi didn’t make any assumptions. Jimin really just wanted to kiss Yoongi right now, to feel that connection.

Yoongi’s hand slid into his hair as Jimin pressed kiss after kiss on his lips, pulling away slightly at times to just graze their mouths together. It was so sweet, and he was greedy for the affection.

When Yoongi pulled away it was to press a light kiss to the tip of Jimin’s nose.

“Do you want to get changed for bed?”

“Good idea,” Jimin gave the alpha another quick kiss before they got up.

One of the things Jimin had happened to convince Yoongi to buy at the mall today was a pair of silken pajamas. Which meant that he didn’t need to borrow anything, just pull the tags off his purchase.

While Jimin had gotten himself a white set, Yoongi had opted for black. He still thought it was adorable that they kind of matched, even if they got different colors.

“These are really comfy,” Yoongi commented after he’d changed.

“I like them because they don’t get too warm either,” Jimin said as he got back into his nest.

Yoongi clicked off the lights and came back to curl around Jimin again.

“Thank you,” Jimin said softly after a while.

“For what?” Yoongi asked.

“Just for being here for me.”

Yoongi pressed a kiss to Jimin's hair, “Of course.”

They absentmindedly touched each other while they drifted off. Yoongi’s fingers played with Jimin’s hair, while Jimin stroked at the alpha’s arm that laid against his waist.

It was the perfect way to end what had been a crappy few days.

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Chapter 10: Jimin’s POV

Usually Jimin liked to wake up slowly on days where he didn’t have to be anywhere. Relishing the feeling of the warmth in his cozy nest.

This morning, however, he became almost immediately aware of the alpha that was plastered against him.

Facing away from Yoongi, the alpha had curled around Jimin’s back and wrapped his arm around him.

That meant that Jimin could feel the press of his hard chest against his back. The warmth from his body feeding into Jimin’s.

As well as the bulge that was snug against Jimin’s backside.

Realistically, he could tell that Yoongi was still asleep. So really it was just his body doing it’s thing. That didn’t stop Jimin’s body from reacting in kind though.

He shifted a little to try and get some space between them but that only ended up teasing himself with the little bit of friction. It also made Yoongi’s arm tighten around him in his sleep.

But the longer he laid there, the more aroused he was getting. He couldn’t seem to think about anything else but the thick weight pressing against him there.

A soft whimper was escaping his throat before he realized it, and Yoongi shifted behind him.

“Jimin?” Yoongi sounded like he was still half asleep. “Are you okay?”

“You’re teasing me,” Jimin shifted again so that Yoongi would feel exactly what he meant.

“Oh shit, sorry,” Yoongi immediately started to pull away and Jimin let out a little whimper again at the loss.

“No I like it,” Jimin tried to move again to get Yoongi back where he wanted him.

“So you just wanted me to wake up then?” Yoongi let out a little laugh, his voice still sounded rough from slumber.

“No,” Jimin felt a little guilty. “I mean yes I wanted you to wake up but I didn’t mean to do it.”

Yoongi let his hand slip under Jimin’s shirt to graze against the soft skin of his abdomen, making Jimin lean further back into him.

“It’s okay baby,” Yoongi assured him, his hand continuing to explore Jimin’s skin that was still warmed from sleep.

Jimin couldn’t help but get squirmy, he simultaneously wanted to press back into Yoongi’s hardness and press forward into his hand. It was frustrating.

It was a relief when Yoongi leaned over to press a kiss to Jimin’s neck. Peppering his mouth up along the omega’s skin until Jimin turned his face to give Yoongi access to his mouth.

Sleepy Yoongi was apparently a big tease, his fingers were still gently stroking Jimin’s belly while his lips grazed the omega’s softly.

All while he slowly pressed his hips against Jimin’s ass.

Jimin let out a noise that was half frustration and half moaning from the teasing.

When Yoongi brought his hand up to start unbuttoning Jimin’s shirt, the omega took over to get it done quickly. Making the alpha chuckle as he tossed it aside.

“Touch me,” Jimin didn’t even care that he was practically begging at this point.

“I am,” Yoongi ran his fingers up Jimin’s chest and pressed kisses along the omega’s exposed shoulders.

“I need more,” Jimin whimpered and tried to rub himself against Yoongi once again.

“Alright, I have an idea.”

The alpha gently pushed on Jimin’s shoulders until he laid down on his stomach. Not that it took much, Jimin would do whatever Yoongi wanted at this point.

He could see Yoongi pulling off his own shirt before he moved to lean over Jimin. Pressing teasing kisses along Jimin’s neck until he was whimpering again.

“Please Yoongi,’ Jimin begged again, trying to lift himself off the nest in an attempt to get closer.

Yoongi took the chance to slide his fingers over Jimin’s stomach until they were slipping under the waistband of his pants.

“Is this okay?” Yoongi breathed the words into the back of Jimin’s neck.

Once again Jimin didn’t know whether he wanted to push up into Yoongi’s erection or down towards his hand.

So he just let out a soft little moan and nodded as the alpha’s fingers wrapped around his length.

He jolted at the initial feeling of Yoongi’s rough fingers against his soft skin, he’d never felt anyone else touch him there before.

Already he was biting on his lip to keep himself from coming too quickly all over the alpha’s hand.

The only thing that stopped him was that Yoongi didn’t move his hand at all at first. Letting Jimin get used to the feeling while he pressed more kisses against the omega’s neck.

Distracted by Yoongi’s ministrations, Jimin almost missed the fact that the alpha started to slide the back of his pants down.

Until Yoongi’s fingers were touching the bare skin off his ass and it made him buck a little bit.

“I’m not going to fuck you, okay?” Yoongi said.

Jimin was confused for a moment, not sure what the alpha meant.


He wasn’t confused a moment later when he felt the hot press of Yoongi’s member sliding between his cheeks to slide against the wetness that had collected there.

At the same time, Yoongi’s fingers stroked against Jimin’s erection.

It was more stimulation than the omega could handle and he let out a breathy moan before he could think about how loud he was being.

“You feel so good Jimin.”

Yoongi let out a much softer moan as he pulled away, the friction making Jimin shiver in delight.

It was such a tease to feel Yoongi so close to his hole while knowing that the alpha wouldn’t be slipping inside like his body was craving.

He clenched at the emptiness but let out noises each time Yoongi thrusted against him. Making the wetness spread out against him and down into his thighs.

Jimin knew he probably looked like a hot mess, but he was too far lost in the pleasure that was taking over his mind and body to worry that much about.

The noises that were coming out of Yoongi let him know how much the alpha was enjoying himself too.

He got so lost in the feeling of Yoongi’s hand stroking him and thrusting against him, that Jimin didn’t even get a warning before he felt his climax barreling down his spine and releasing all over the alpha’s hand.

Thankfully Yoongi stopped moving against him to stroke Jimin through his orgasm. It wasn’t until Jimin had stopped whimpering that Yoongi pulled away from him a little bit.

“Roll over baby,” Yoongi directed him.

Jimin was still breathing heavily but managed to do as the alpha said, and his eyes immediately landed on the thick erection that was peeking out from where Yoongi had pushed down his pants a little.

He barely got to admire that part of the alpha before Yoongi was leaning down to kiss him hungrily. Unlike before Yoongi’s tongue dived right into Jimin’s mouth, eagerly devouring the omega.

Wanting to make Yoongi feel as good as he felt, Jimin blindly reached for the alpha’s erection.

He wrapped his fingers around the hardness, feeling his own wetness spread all over it, and started to stroke as best as he could.

Whatever he was doing, it must have worked because Yoongi let out a deep moan.

“Show how to make you come,” Jimin asked when Yoongi pulled away from the kiss to catch his breath.

Yoongi nodded into Jimin’s shoulder where he’d rested his forehead as he continued to breath heavily.

“Just go a little faster, I’m already close.”

Jimin did as Yoongi asked, quickening his pace which was easier than he expected. He still felt a little out of his realm of knowledge and was worried it wasn’t enough.

But when he leaned forward to nip at the skin on Yoongi’s neck before sucking away the sting, he felt the alpha jerk.

Yoongi’s moan was smothered into his skin as Jimin felt the alpha’s release hit the bare skin of his abdomen.

The feeling was so unexpected that he let out a little gasp of surprise which was mostly covered up by the sounds Yoongi was making.

They were both gasping for their breaths for a while before Yoongi was able to lean up and press another kiss to Jimin’s mouth. Pulling away again to look at the mess they’d both made of Jimin’s body.

“You might need a shower,” Yoongi suggested even as he dipped his thumb into the spot where his cum was running over the slope of Jimin’s stomach.

“Want to join me?” Jimin suggested as sweetly as possible, he did feel like getting cleaned up but he didn’t want to be away from Yoongi just yet.

“Yeah let’s get you washed up,” Yoongi got up before helping Jimin do the same.

It wasn’t until they were in the bathroom that Jimin realized this meant they’d be completely naked together for the first time.

Surprisingly, he only felt a little nervous. There was more excitement than anything as he tested out the water in the shower with his fingers.

He could already hear Yoongi undressing the rest of the way, not that there was much left to take off.

“It’s good to go,” Jimin announced before he stripped too.

As soon as he looked over at Yoongi a blush spread onto his cheeks and he hoped the alpha just assumed it was left over from what they’d done in bed.

Even with his bleach blonde hair mused Yoongi looked hot as ever without clothes on. And he wasn’t even trying to do anything, just stepping into the shower.

Yoongi held out his hand for Jimin to help him step in too. It was just adorable the way the alpha was always so thoughtful.

“Do you want to wash your hair or body first?” Yoongi looked over at all the bottles lined up on Jimin’s shower shelf.

“Normally I do my hair but…”

Jimin laughed a little and rubbed his hands over this stomach where the sticky substance was already getting rinsed off by the water.

“Body it is,” Yoongi said as he grabbed a bottle and squirted some onto a loofah.

The alpha spun Jimin around so that he could scrub his back and arms before working his way down. He was meticulous but gentle as he worked to clean every part of the omega.

When he was done with Jimin’s back, he hooked his arm around the omega’s waist to wash at his front.

This meant Yoongi pressed against Jimin and it just reminded the omega of what they’d done not even a few minutes prior.

Hopefully, the smell of the soap was enough to cover up the scent of his arousal getting stronger. It was a good thing that Yoongi finished up quickly and then switched to wash Jimin’s hair.

Though it was a test in Jimin’s control, he preened at all of the attention he was getting. It made him feel so loved to see how much focus Yoongi put into taking care of him like this.

He was glad that he’d waited for a lover like Yoongi. The alpha went from giving him mind blowing orgasms to treating him like a precious gift.

“You’re so quiet, what are you thinking about?” Yoongi asked after he rinsed out Jimin’s hair.

Jimin grabbed the body wash to take care of Yoongi now.

“Just about how much I like you,” Jimin replied shyly, choosing to focus on scrubbing Yoongi’s chest instead of looking him in the eye.

“That’s good though, right?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded, “It’s maybe a little scary how attached I am to you already.”

Yoongi gripped Jimin’s hip to pull him a little closer, “That just means it’s natural, like we were meant to be together.”

“But also if something bad happens it will really hurt,” he didn’t know where that thought came from but it was true.

At this point he was convinced he wouldn’t ever be able to find another alpha he liked as much as Yoongi. He was crazy attracted to the alpha, but he was also constantly amazed by his personality too.

“I can’t promise nothing bad will happen but I can promise to stay by your side as long as you want me there,” Yoongi titled Jimin’s chin up to press a sweet kiss to his mouth

Jimin wanted more, so instead of letting Yoongi pull away he pressed in harder. Licking across the alpha’s bottom lip until he gained access inside.

Yoongi let him have his way, giving Jimin the chance to control the kiss. But it was Yoongi’s hands that tugged Jimin closer until there wasn’t any space left between their wet bodies.

When Jimin did pull away he was breathing a little heavier, “Maybe we should get out so Tae doesn’t get mad at me for using all the hot water.”

A little reluctantly, they both got out of the shower and went back into Jimin’s room to dress.

By the time they headed into the kitchen to make some coffee they found Taehyung was already showered and dressed himself. He also wasn’t alone.

“You’re still here?” Yoongi asked Jungkook who was munching on some donuts with Taehyung.

“Um, look what I got hyung!” The younger alpha pushed the box towards them.

“Oh I love donuts,” Jimin eagerly picked up one of the sweets.

Yoongi looked like he was about to question Jungkook again so Jimin decided to interfere and point him towards their coffee machine instead.

With the promise of caffeine, Yoongi let the subject drop and got busy.

Taehyung gave Jimin a grateful look and it made him wonder if he’d be getting any answers later when they were alone.

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Chapter 11: Yoongi's POV

After so many of their dates had involved eating other people’s food, Yoongi was excited when he finally arranged to cook dinner for Jimin the first time.

There was something so much more special about planning it all out himself and putting in the work to feed his omega.

Maybe he should have felt guilty for indulging in the ideals of being a provider but since Jimin didn’t seem to mind it he didn’t dwell on it too much.

It was also the first time Jimin was actually coming over to his apartment. They usually sticked to Jimin’s place since it was closer to campus.

He was a little anxious at the thought of the omega walking on his packs territory alone. Since there will still some people that didn’t agree with their two families joining.

Jimin has promised he wouldn’t take public transportation though and would cover up his face just to be extra safe.

Still, there was an uneasy feeling in his stomach as he got ready for the omega to come over.

Jimin: I’m on my way!

Yoongi: Okay be careful

Jimin: I will 😘

Instead of waiting around and being nervous, Yoongi decided to start cooking to distract himself.

By the time he’d brought everything out, done the prep work, and started to cook there was a knock on his door.

He walked away from the stove to let in the omega quickly.

“Go ahead and hang up your stuff, I have to watch the food.”

Jimin pulled down his face mask to give Yoongi a big smile, “Okay!”

Yoongi was back at the stove quickly, stirring the food so it didn’t burn.

It was just a minute later that Jimin came up behind him to wrap his arms around Yoongi’s waist and rest his head on the alpha’s shoulder.

“You look hot cooking,” Jimin said before nuzzling against Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi let out a laugh, “What? I’m just making food.”

Jimin clucked his tongue, “And you look good doing it.”

“I’m feeding you either way you don’t have to try and sweeten me up.”

“I’m telling the truth, I could just eat you up instead of dinner!” Jimin exclaimed.

As if to punctuate his point, Jimin slipped his hands down the front of Yoongi’s jeans suggestively.

“Why don’t you get yourself something to drink before you seriously distract me,” Yoongi suggested and tried to ignore the fact that the omega was feeling him up.

Now Jimin was the one laughing as he pulled away to turn towards Yoongi’s fridge.

“I hung out with Jungkook earlier,” Yoongi decided to tell Jimin. “He wanted to ask my advice about Taehyung.”

“Oh really?” Jimin asked as he opened up his drink. “What about?”

“Well he’s interested in Tae, obviously, he’s just not sure about the whole inter-pack thing still.”

Jimin nodded, “That’s understandable I guess, though Taehyung doesn’t seem to have any worries.”

“I’m not sure what he’s going to do yet. I think he’s nervous it’s too soon to know if the packs will keep getting along,” Yoongi explained.

“Why did he stay over the other night then? Isn’t that kind of suggestive?” Jimin asked.

Yoongi shrugged, “He still wouldn’t really talk about what happened that day. Did Taehyung ever tell you?”

Jimin shook his head, “No he got all coy about it but he said that Jungkook is shy so they haven’t done anything really.”

Yoongi paused for a moment thinking of how to reply, “Jungkook can be shy but he could also be trying to stay cautious.”

“Well hopefully he doesn’t take too long or else Taehyung might get impatient.”

Jimin came closer to Yoongi again to sneak in a kiss against the alpha’s neck.

“Here try this,” Yoongi used his chopsticks to grab a piece of meat to feed to the omega.

Without hesitation, Jimin opened up and let Yoongi slip the piece of food past his lips.

Giving the morsel a few chews before giving Yoongi a thumbs up while he made a sound of appreciation.

“It’s good, can we eat yet?”

Yoongi took a piece to try himself before nodding, “Yeah let’s eat.”

Together they brought all of the food to the table before digging in. Yoongi got more out of watching Jimin enjoy the meal than he did actually eating it himself.

It helped that the omega didn’t hold back any of his compliments as he ate. Really, it made Yoongi regret not having cooked for him sooner.

“This is so good,” Jimin commented before taking another helping for his plate.

“I’ll have to cook for you more,” Yoongi replied easily.

“Anytime you want and I’ll repay you in cuddle and kisses,” Jimin licked his lips clean which distracted Yoongi a little bit.

“Does that mean you’re repaying me tonight too?” Yoongi asked curiously,

Jimin smiled teasingly, “Mhm.”

He could already feel his body reacting to the promise. Though he’d tried not to get himself worked up earlier, the thought of having Jimin in his bed was more than exciting.

It was still at the front of his mind that he didn’t want to push Jimin into anything too soon but he definitely wouldn’t be able to say no to anything the omega wanted from him. Jimin was just too irresistible for his own good.

“Where’s your roommate by the way?” Jimin asked, bringing Yoongi out of his thoughts.

“I might have bribed him to go out,” Yoongi admitted.

“I should probably feel guilty about that but I’m just glad we get some alone time together,” Jimin said.

Yoongi stood up to start clearing up their plates from the table, “Don’t feel guilty, my friends know what it’s been like.”

Jimin nodded but instead of responding started to help Yoongi to clean up. They hadn’t made that much of a mess so it didn’t take too long.

“Are you going to show me your room now?” Jimin asked eagerly when they were all done cleaning up.

“If you want,” Yoongi said carefully, not wanting to sound over eager. “You know I was just playing along earlier right? You don’t have to give me anything as payment for dinner.”

“You’re going to mess up all of my hard work flirting if you keep worrying about stuff like that.” Jimin laughed lightly and grabbed onto Yoongi’s hand, “Now show me the way.”

“Okay,” Yoongi tugged on the omega’s hand and led him down towards his room.

He was glad that he’d cleaned up earlier so when he flicked on the light to his room everything looked pretty neat and tidy. Aside from his desk that was covered in textbooks and notebooks.

“You have a lot of books,” Jimin said a little amazed looking at Yoongi’s full bookshelf.

“You know I like to read at night,” Yoongi teased.

“Oh right,” Jimin smiled and it made his eyes crinkle adorably.

Jimin let go of Yoongi’s hand to walk around, running his hands over Yoongi’s things as he inspected them. He kept his furniture pretty basic, and his things were mostly black so it didn’t seem that interesting to him.

“I wish my bedroom was as big as yours,” Jimin commented.

“Well that’s what happens when you live farther away from campus,” Yoongi replied as he took a seat on his bed.

Jimin paused to look at some of the pictures sitting on his dresser which were mostly of his friends.

“Taehyung would die if he saw this picture of Jungkook,” Jimin laughed and Yoongi already knew it was the one where they were all making silly faces in one of those camera booths they’d all squished into.

“He would kill me if you showed Tae that,” Yoongi laughed too, more so at the sound of Jimin laughing than anything.

Jimin abandoned the pictures to make his way over to the bed and suddenly Yoongi was nervous. He kept waiting to get used to the idea that Park Jimin liked him and it hadn’t happened yet.

Especially when they were alone and the omega was giving him that look like the wanted nothing more than to get his hands all over him. Jimin was just too gorgeous for him to ever really accept that he was lucky enough to be wanted by the omega.

The way Jimin was able to go from looking adorable as he laughed to looking like a sex kitten as he climbed onto Yoongi’s lap felt a little like whiplash.

“Can I get my kisses now?” Jimin asked as he laced his fingers behind Yoongi’s neck.

Words failed him, so Yoongi just gripped Jimin’s chin between his thumb and forefinger to pull the omega closer. Jimin eagerly leaned forward to kiss Yoongi, his mouth already opening up slightly to run his tongue against the alpha’s bottom lip.

It seemed like the omega was already intent on driving him wild. Unlike their other kisses which always seemed to start off slow, Jimin was quick to deepen the kiss.

Yoongi was happy to let the omega have control this time, letting Jimin test out what it felt like to drive the kiss. Tracing his tongue against Yoongi’s before drawing back to tease the alpha with his lips again.

Even though Yoongi didn’t want to rush him, he couldn’t help but slide his hands down the curve of Jimin’s spine. Loving the way the omega arched his back against the touch as he moved his fingers to wrap around Jimin’s hips.

Jimin pressed himself a little more desperately against Yoongi then, pulling away from their kiss to start mouthing his way down the alpha’s throat.

He alternated between kissing Yoongi’s skin sweetly, and sinfully licking at him. When a little groan left his mouth, he could feel Jimin smiling against his skin.

Out of nowhere, Jimin pulled away to tug on Yoongi’s shirt as he tried to pull it upwards. He ended up taking over the job to pull it over his head, only for Jimin’s fingers to immediately run over the newly exposed skin.

It wasn’t anything Jimin hadn’t seen before, but he still looked a little dazed as he bit down on his bottom lip while taking in the site.

“Lay back,” Jimin asked as he pushed on Yoongi’s chest a little.

The alpha basically collapsed back on his bed. Looking back up at Jimin might have been a mistake because it made him feel tight everywhere.

The omega’s mouth was swollen where he was still biting on his bottom lip, and his eyes were already heavy from arousal.

Yoongi’s skin practically burned where Jimin’s eyes roamed over his exposed chest, down to his abdomen, and lower to where his erection was pressing against the zipper of his jeans.

His cheeks pinkened a little bit, but he quickly covered it up by bringing his mouth down to kiss at Yoongi’s collarbone. As his lips started to work their way down Yoongi’s chest and onto his stomach, the alpha couldn’t help but tense up.

The teasing feeling of Jimin’s mouth against his skin was too much and Yoongi couldn’t stop himself from trying to grind up into the omega.

But the way that Jimin was leaning across him didn’t allow for him to really even rub up against him.

It did however, let the omega know where his mind was going because Jimin teased him even more by darting his tongue out to lick at Yoongi’s belly button.

Yoongi was groaning again when Jimin pulled away to slide off Yoongi’s lap and kneel between his legs again.

“Can I…?” Jimin brought his fingers to the button on Yoongi’s jeans.

Though his heart was racing, Yoongi nodded quickly and Jimin didn’t hesitate to undo the jeans that were constraining the alpha’s throbbing member.

At first, he thought that Jimin just planned to touch him again. His fingers carefully pulled Yoongi’s dick out from his jeans and boxers like he was unwrapping a present.

But instead of taking the chance to stroke him, the omega leaned forward to run his tongue along the sensitive vein on the underside of Yoongi’s hardness.

“Fuck,” Yoongi choked out and darted his hand into Jimin’s soft hair.

“I’ve never done this before,” Jimin nervously spoke like it was a warning.

“You don’t have to -” Yoongi was already trying to mentally reel himself back in.

“No I want to!” Jimin flicked his tongue over Yoongi again as if to prove his point. “Just tell me what you like.”

“Anything,” Yoongi could barely think right now let alone give instructions.

It was clear that Jimin was unsure in the way that he hesitantly brought his lips to slide against Yoongi’s tip. But it didn’t matter because Yoongi was already blown away just by the idea that Jimin wanted him.

The way he continued to press his mouth and tongue against Yoongi had the alpha wondering if he was a little afraid and he only wanted to make him feel better.

“Your mouth feels amazing,” he moaned again when Jimin experimentally sucked just his cockhead into his mouth, giving it a light suck before popping off.

“Yeah?” That seemed to give him a confidence boost and the next time he wrapped his lips around Yoongi it was to suck him deeper.

Though Yoongi’s brain was quickly fogging up and getting lost in the decadent feeling of Jimin’s hot mouth around him, he still wanted to make sure Jimin enjoyed himself too.

“Don’t push yourself to take too much baby,” Yoongi warned.

Jimin somehow manages to nod without taking his mouth off of Yoongi. He wrapped his hands around the base of alpha’s dick where he couldn’t quite reach with his mouth and tried to stroke and suck at the same time.

Yoongi had to bite down on bit lip again to fight against the urge to spill into Jimin’s mouth right then.

Jimin popped off again to move his mouth down to Yoongi’s base where his knot had already started to swell. The teasing licks of Jimin’s mouth against the sensitive skin there drove him crazy.

When the omega moaned softly as he swallowed Yoongi’s length back up it was too much for him to handle.

“I’m coming,” Yoongi barely managed to get out as he groaned.

Instead of pulling away like he expected, Jimin only sucked on him harder. When he pulled away a little bit of come was dripping from the side of his mouth but Jimin quickly licked it away.

“You taste so good alpha,” Jimin hummed before taking another lick at Yoongi like he was looking for more but Yoongi was already over sensitive and bucked reflexively.

“Come here,” Yoongi curled his fingers to direct the omega back up where he wanted him.

Jimin listened immediately, climbing back on top of Yoongi’s lap before ripping off his own shirt to get his skin against Yoongi’s.

The omega’s skin felt so much cooler against Yoongi’s heated skin and he shivered a little at the contact. Everywhere they touch felt electric and the alpha was drawing Jimin in closer to kiss him again without a second thought.

There was a little noise of surprise from Jimin when Yoongi plunged his tongue inside. Jimin’s mouth tasted different this time, the omega tasted like him and Yoongi liked it.

It was a reminder that the omega was giving so much of himself to Yoongi, he’d never be able to give his first times to anyone else. It made Yoongi feel honored, amazed, and also like he was really ruined for any other omega.

Would he ever really be able to give Jimin up after this? Not likely.

“What do you want?” Yoongi pulled away to catch his breath and run his fingers all over Jimin’s bareback.

The omega blushed even before speaking, “I want your fingers inside of me.”

“You might get sore,” Yoongi warned even as he moved his hands down to give Jimin’s ass a squeeze.

“But I know you’ll make it worth it,” Jimin said before kissing Yoongi again.

And Yoongi did want to make it worth it for the omega. If Jimin was going to bless him with his body the alpha needed to make sure he would never want for another.

It was both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

When Yoongi twisted so that he could move them to lay on his bed, Jimin went with ease. The omega dove his fingers into Yoongi’s hair as the alpha leaned over to press his teeth lightly against Jimin’s neck, loving the way it only strengthened the scent of arousal there.

He didn’t tease Jimin for long before moving down to his chest where he licked at the buds standing at attention from the cold air of the bedroom.

“Yoongi,” Jimin let out a little whine as he sucked one of them into his mouth.

By the way that Jimin was squirming against him he could tell that the omega liked it, even as he let out little breathy sounds. He alternated between licking, sucking, and biting at Jimin’s nipples as he slowly trailed his fingers down the omega’s body.

Distracted by Yoongi’s ministrations, Jimin barely even reacted when the alpha unbuttoned his jeans. But he definitely noticed when Yoongi started to push his jeans down because the omega shifted his hips to help in the effort.

He didn’t even bother to try and get them off all the way though because he wanted to make sure Jimin stayed blissfully turned on.

It was easy for him to slide his fingers inside of Jimin’s boxer briefs then. The omega let out an audible moan as Yoongi licked at his nipple some more before gliding his finger along the wetness that had gathered as Jimin’s crease.

With the barest of press of his fingers against Jimin’s hole, the omega arched his back and let out a little gasp.

Knowing how sensitive Jimin’s neck was, Yoongi changed directions and brought his mouth up there.

Worried about leaving a mark that would have people talking he tried to be careful as he sucked lightly on the skin at the base of Jimin’s throat while teasing Jimin’s hole more with his fingers.

He waited until Jimin was squirming against him impatiently as little whimpers left his throat before attempting to breach inside.

Though the tip of his finger went in easily thanks to how wet Jimin had become, the omega let out another little noise of surprise.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked before making any other moves.

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded a little. “I’m just not used to the feeling.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” Jimin rushed to answer. “Just give me a second?”

Yoongi gave a nod before leaning over to kiss Jimin this time. Brushing his lips over the omega’s sweetly for a moment, then licking his way inside.

After Jimin shifted a little bit, Yoongi experimentally worked his finger a little more inside. Without any complaints from Jimin he was able to slide in until he could find the omega’s prostate.

As soon as Yoongi touched him there the omega let out a loud moan and tried to push the alpha deeper for more. Instead of giving him what he wanted, Yoongi pulled back out slowly before sliding his finger back inside.

It was a little difficult to stay slow and careful while Jimin seems intent on getting him faster and deeper. But Yoongi knew that the omega was just acting on lust and wasn’t thinking about how sore he would be later.

Jimin ended up pulling away from their kiss to let out a desperate sound.

“Please,” Jimin begged without any further instruction.

“You’ll get there,” Yoongi promised.

This time when he slid his finger back inside of Jimin, he lingered inside longer. Giving Jimin a few good strokes against that bundle of nerves that made the omega whimper and grind against him.

“Give me more,” Jimin whined.

“You’ll get really sore baby,” Yoongi warned him.

“I don’t care!”

Relenting to the fact that he would give the omega whatever he wants, Yoongi carefully works another finger inside of Jimin. It forced him go even slower, but the blissed out look on Jimin’s face as he bit down on his bottom lip made it seem worth it.

The sight was so powerful that Yoongi could feel his own erection coming back to life. But he tried his best to ignore his own desire. This was about Jimin now, and his only focus was to make sure that the omega got everything he deserved.

“I'm almost -” Jimin whimpered more as Yoongi gave his fingers a little twist, hitting the omega’s bundle of nerves from a different angle.

When Yoongi leaned over to press his mouth against Jimin’s neck, as he pushed his fingers inside again he felt the telltale squeeze of the omega’s body as his climax hit.

It wasn’t until Jimin had gone lax and was panting that Yoongi carefully pulled his fingers out. Peppering kisses along the omega’s neck and face until Jimin had caught his breath enough for a proper kiss again.

“That was amazing,” Jimin cooed as he ran his hands over Yoongi’s chest again.

“Please remember you said that tomorrow when it hurts a little,” Yoongi winced.

“Trust me if I wasn’t exhausted right now I’d ask you to do it all over again,” Jimin let out a little laugh.

“How about I get you cleaned up instead,” Yoongi leaned up to go grab a washcloth.

It only took him a few minutes of cleaning up the omega before he was able to pull him into his arms for some much needed cuddle time.

Jimin tucked his face into Yoongi’s neck while he played with their fingers that had twisted together against the alpha’s stomach.

“Would it be a weird time for me to say that I really like you?” Jimin asked nervously.

“No,” Yoongi chuckled a little. “You can tell me anything and I really like you too.”

“I’m already missing you because I know I’ll have to leave at some point, isn’t that too clingy?”

“You’re not clingy, you’re cute.” Yoongi kissed the omega to make his point. “But you can just stay over tonight if you want? Then we don’t have to miss each other.”

“Really?” Jimin was too excited to even try and hide it.

“Anything you want,” Yoongi nodded.

“You make me so happy,” Jimin sighed and nuzzled into Yoongi’s neck more.

Yoongi wanted to melt his heart felt so full, “Good.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 12

Jimin’s POV

Despite being sore for the next few days, Jimin still felt happier than he’d ever been. If he thought Yoongi had been caring before, he was even more attentive to Jimin after the fact.

He continually checked in on the omega to see how he was feeling and making sure that he was eating enough.

It was almost like the alpha thought he was sickly when in reality all that had happened was that he got fingered for the first time. Even though his body didn’t seem to like the intrusion all that much, Jimin definitely did.

Already he was wondering how long it would take before he’d be able to do it again without much protesting from his body, or his alpha. Yoongi had definitely been avoiding them being alone so they weren’t tempted to fool around before Jimin was healed.

It was both adorable and incredibly frustrating.

Especially when people were still curious about seeing what they were up to on campus. It seemed nearly impossible to for them to get any time alone there. But Taehyung was happy that it meant Yoongi brought Jungkook to their apartment when he came over.

When Jimin finally woke up one morning and didn’t feel any twinges of discomfort he was excited to text Yoongi right away. Because he was going to lose his goddamn mind if he didn’t get his hands on that alpha as soon as possible.

Jimin: I’m feeling much better today 😊

Yoongi: That’s good! But I have some bad news…

Jimin: Oh no, what?

Yoongi: I have to take a medical leave from school, my pre-rut started this morning

Jimin: Does that mean I can’t see you? 🙁

Yoongi: It’s safer to wait until it’s over baby, I’m sorry

Jimin: I understand I’m just really going to miss you

Yoongi: I’ll miss you too! We can still talk until my actual rut kicks in and then I will probably be MIA for a day or so

Jimin: Is there anything I can do though?

Yoongi: I’ll be okay, I’m going to go stay with my parents for a few days to ride it out

Jimin: Okay, I’m going to go get ready now but I’ll talk to you later ❤️

Yoongi: Can’t wait ❤️

Knowing that Yoongi wouldn’t be at school that day made it incredibly difficult for Jimin to get ready for the day. He was already upset that he wouldn’t get to see Yoongi in between his classes like usual.

It made him feel a little bit silly, since he’d spent years going to the same school without spending time with Yoongi. Somehow, he’d already grown dependant on the alpha to make his day and it was hard imagining being without him.

Even Taehyung noticed that he was feeling down and offered to treat him to breakfast as a pick me up. But Jimin still felt mopey as he headed for his first class of the day.

Even as he slid into a seat he couldn’t help but pull out his phone to text Yoongi again.

Jimin: Is it too soon to text an I miss you??

Yoongi: Of course not

Jimin: I miss you 😢

Yoongi: I miss you too 😘

Once his professor came in, Jimin had to slide his phone away again and pretend like he was paying attention. Really his mind was elsewhere worrying about the alpha and how he was going to get through the next few days without him.

That afternoon he decided to make use of his free time and get some extra dance practice in after his classes. Then he forced Taehyung to hang out with him for dinner and some trash tv time when he got back to their apartment.

He managed to wait to call Yoongi until he was curled up in bed, not even sure if the alpha would answer or not but wanting to try anyways. The sound of the ringing made Jimin’s heart race for some reason.

“Hello?” Yoongi sounded tired when he finally picked up.

“Did I wake you?” Jimin immediately felt guilty.

“Yeah but it’s fine. I took a long nap earlier,” Yoongi sighed.

“How are you feeling?” Jimin asked while he played with his blanket between his fingers.

“Not too bad...mostly just...yeah.” Yoongi coughed a little bit.

“Most what?” Jimin asked curiously.

He really never talked to an alpha about ruts before since he’d never had a reason to.

“Mostly just horny right now,” Yoongi said softly.

That piqued Jimin’s interest, “Have you been thinking about me?”

“Do we have to talk about this” Yoongi groaned.

“Yes,” Jimin said immediately.

“Of course I’ve been thinking about you. I want you even more than usual right now which I didn’t even know was possible,” Yoongi admitted in a pout.

“Really?! Why do I like the sound of that?” Jimin couldn’t help but run his hand down his own body.

He wished it was Yoongi in his bed touching him, but for now he would take what he could get with the sound of the alpha’s voice.

“Baby can we talk about something else please? I don’t want to get even more turned on,” Yoongi sounded like he was shifting around in his bed as he spoke.

“I want to see you as soon as your home,” Jimin said instead. “Does that sound too needy? Sorry, it probably does.”

Yoongi laughed, “I want to see you too, you don’t have to apologize about it.”

“I’ve never liked anyone this much so I don’t even know how I’m supposed to act,” Jimin complained.

“You can do and say whatever you want, you don’t need to impress me. I’m still half convinced you’re too good for me anyways,” Yoongi admitted.

“Why would you say that? I love everything about you!” Jimin bit down on his lip, not sure if that was going too far.

“Everyone knows how gorgeous you are and I’m just me,” Yoongi said softly.

Jimin was confused, “I don’t get it? You’re so hot, I want to climb you every time you’re near me.”

“Sorry sometimes I’m still self conscious from growing up. Before I presented a lot of other kids in the pack used to...bully me I guess you could say.”

That broke Jimin’s heart but it kind of made sense from the way Yoongi acted sometimes.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with that but they sound like idiots,” Jimin was adamant.

“It’s okay,” Yoongi said. “I think dealing with my lying ex made things worse though. He used to tell me he was attracted to me all the time and then I found out he was lying about it all so it makes it hard to believe sometimes.”

“I’m not lying at all,” Jimin swore.

“It’s still hard to believe sometimes,” Yoongi sighed. “Wow this is very unsexy to talk about. I think it’s actually helping deal with my hormones.”

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh and Yoongi did too.

They talked more about Jimin’s day, in which he skipped the parts about how sad he was about missing Yoongi. He didn’t want to make the alpha feel any worse than he already did.

Then when Jimin started to get tired, Yoongi pulled out his book and started to read to the omega until he fell asleep.


Yoongi’s POV

It was late when Yoongi woke up the next day. He’d slept like crap the night before thanks to not being able to really get comfortable. There always seemed to be that underlying scratch that he was trying desperately not to itch until he couldn’t take it anymore.

And by itch he meant giving into his hormones and touching himself.

He was feeling more crabby as a result and was glad that he hadn’t let Jimin talk him into anything crazy. He definitely didn’t want to take out the aggression or uncontrollable sexual appetite that came with his ruts.

It was nice to see that Jimin had texted him already though, it was the one thing that was keeping him a little sane.

Jimin: Morning! I hope you’re feeling okay!

Yoongi: Sorry I was asleep and just saw this

Jimin: That’s okay!

Yoongi: I miss you

Jimin: Oh thank god I’m not the first one to say it today, I was starting to feel pathetic 😅

Jimin: I miss you too! A lot!!!!

Yoongi: How’s your day so far?

Jimin: Meh it’s okay, I have math today though

Yoongi: Take good notes then

Jimin: I need my favorite math tutor back

Yoongi: Hopefully soon ❤️

Jimin: Ugh I have to go, I’ll text you later ❤️!!

After dragging himself out of bed to get some breakfast and force himself to eat, Yoongi went back to his room to shower. He was already feeling aches and somehow still incredibly turned on.

One wrong move in the shower and he knew that he’d be sporting an impressively hard erection. It felt like his whole body was vibrating with the need to relieve himself but at the same time it was also a little depressing because he knew that what he really wanted was halfway across the city sitting in on a class.

Somehow he actually managed to finish washing up without touching himself. Probably with all of his sad thoughts of missing Jimin.

He ended up just plopping right back down on his bed to annoy Hosek.

Yoongi: On a scale of 1 to 10 how creepy would it be to jerk off to a picture of Jimin?

Hobi: Idk? Ask Jimin

Yoongi: That’s even creepier

Hobi: OR maybe he’ll like it! Better than you watching porn of some other omega right?

Yoongi: I….guess? But that still feels like a weird question!

Hobi: Consent is important though right?

Yoongi: True 😑

Hobi: Suck it up and just ask so you stop being cranky

It took Yoongi a while to build up the courage, but really his body was just getting more worked up the longer he tried to wake. Already he was tempted to just give in and let himself rut against his blankets and pillows.

Yoongi: Can I ask you something really embarrassing?

Jimin: Of course, anything 🙂

Yoongi: Would you be mad if I used one of your pictures while I touched myself? 😳

Jimin: Well I wasn’t expecting that but omg that’s really hot

Jimin: Actually hold on a second

Yoongi: 😳😳😳

Jimin: [Image attached]

Jimin: I hope this helps 😘

Yoongi: fuckkkkkk

Jimin: 😊

The need that had been running through his veins all morning skyrocketed as soon as Jimin sent him that picture. All the blood in his body seemed to rush south and his sense of decency went right out the window.

It was like he couldn’t push down his pants fast enough to wrap his fist around his erection and hissed at the contact immediately.

Knowing there wasn’t any use in doing anything other than jerking off as fast as possible, Yoongi immediately started to pump himself in a fast rhythm.

Already he was leaking all over the place as his body tried to expel all of the extra semen in his system. He groaned as soon as his fingers felt the knot growing at the base of his erection, the skin becoming extra sensitive there.

Instinctually, he hated the fact that it was going to waste. He imagined how good it would feel to finally get inside of Jimin while he stared down at the picture on his phone.

It was a good thing the omega wasn’t there because all that Yoongi wanted was to mount him and pump him full of everything he had.

At the thought of that, Yoongi moaned helplessly as his orgasm suddenly hit and he tossed his phone to the side as he tried not to make too much of a mess. Already he was getting the hot cum all over his clean clothes.

“Damn,” Yoongi groaned as soon as his body started to calm down.

He momentarily felt a little bit better, though now he was exhausted from all of the fluid that had just left him.

Lazily, he grabbed his nearby towel and did his best to clean up before grabbing his phone again.

Yoongi: Thank you baby

Jimin: You’re welcome! ❤️

Jimin: I guess this means you’re cool with me doing the same thing to myself when I get home later?

Yoongi: Fuck now I’m turned on again

Yoongi: But absolutely

Yoongi: Can’t wait to see you again

Jimin: Me too

Jimin: I will come running as soon as you say the word

Yoongi spent most of the rest of his day alternating between taking naps, forcing himself to keep eating, masturbating, and texting Jimin in between all those things. He was ready for this whole thing to be over with already.


Jimin’s POV

Day three without Yoongi was the worst of all. As usual, Jimin texted his alpha as soon as he was awake enough to see his phone screen clearly. But even by the time he’d gotten ready and left his apartment with Taehyung he still hadn’t heart anything back.

At first he figured that the alpha was still asleep, but when a few hours passed he started to get worried.

“Do you think he’s okay?” Jimin asked Taehyung when they went to lunch.

“He probably just went into his full rut,” Taehyung tried to assure him.

Jimin was biting down on his lip and checking to see if Yoongi had posted anything online either. He knew it was basically a waste of time since the alpha rarely put anything up.

“I’ll text Jungkook and see if he knows anything,” Taehyung announced suddenly.

Jimin couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He knew that if he hadn’t heard from Yoongi than none of his friends had either.

Trying his best not to worry too much, Jimin refocused on his lunch and started to poke at it. Really he only managed to take little nibbles of his food because his stomach was too tied up in knots.

“Jungkook hasn’t heard a peep either but he said not to worry,” Taehyung said happily.

“Great,” Jimin commented and pulled out his phone just to check again.

When he looked back up, finding nothing new, he accidentally met the gaze of someone across the table from them that had blatantly been staring. They quickly looked away to pretend nothing had happened and Jimin just sighed.

It wasn’t the first time he’d caught someone watching him while Yoongi had been out. It almost seemed like there was more interest on him alone.

He didn’t know what people were assuming because he didn’t dare look what was being said online.

“Is it weird that I’m not with Yoongi during his rut?” Jimin asked, after all he had zero experience with this.

“Not really? You guys just started courting recently so it’s totally understandable,” Taehyung reasoned.

Jimin narrowed his eyes, “What if it was Jungkook?”

“Oh I would hop on that knot in a heartbeat. But I’m also not a…” Taehyung stopped but pointed at Jimin meaningfully.

“Yeah I don’t think my body could handle all that right now,” Jimin sighed even though the idea of it certainly appealed to him. “It makes me feel a little guilty though.”

“Yoongi probably wouldn’t want you to feel that way,” Taehyung patted Jimin’s arm.

He knew that Taehyung was right. That didn’t stop him from missing Yoongi and wishing there was more he could be doing for the alpha.

They ended up leaving not to long after, since Taehyung had already gulfed down all his food and Jimin didn’t have any interest in finishing his. They had some free time left so they ended up playing some games on their phone to pass the time in the student center before they each had to go their separate ways.

It seemed like as soon as Jimin was alone he became aware that something was off. There was a weird feeling that had the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. He figured that it might just be other students looking at him that was sending off his alarm bells.

But when he suddenly heard the telltale sound of a shutter, Jimin paused and turned his head quickly. There was a fast movement, but he definitely saw someone with one of those fancy camera’s moving to hide behind a giant tree.

Without hesitating, Jimin gripped his bag tighter and bolted off. It probably looked very strange, but his heart was racing and all he wanted to do was get inside the safety of the building he’d been heading to.

With shaky hands, Jimin pulled out his cell phone.

Jimin: Someone came on campus to take pictures of me!!

Jimin: Idk who it was but they definitely weren’t a student!


Jimin: I’m fine, but really freaked out 😭

Taehyung: Where are you??

Jimin: I’m already in the building for my next class

Taehyung: When does it end? I’ll come get you so you don’t have to walk alone

Jimin: Thanks! I just have an hour in this one!!

Taehyung: Okay wait for me inside when you’re done!!

Jimin: I will!!

Next he decided to text Yoongi. Even though he knew the alpha wouldn’t answer he still felt like Yoongi would want to know as soon as he looked at his phone.

Jimin: I’m really freaked out right now

Jimin: Someone was following me on campus and took pictures

Jimin: I wish you were here

It was nearly impossible for Jimin to focus during his class. There was a pit of anxiety in his stomach that just would not go away.

Thankfully Taehyung was already waiting for him by the time he got out, along with Jungkook who was by his side.

“I told Kookie what happened,” Taehyung explained once Jimin met up with them.

“Since Yoongi can’t be here I wanted to help,” Jungkook added.

“Thanks guys,” Jimin let out a little breath. “I think I just want to head home. I’ll email my professors and explain what happened.”

“I can walk you home,” Jungkook offered.

Taehyung nodded, “I’ll come with just so no one assumes anything.”

Jimin nervously fiddled with his backpack but they headed off a moment later. He couldn’t stop looking around to make sure they weren’t being followed.

Jungkook also seemed to be on the lookout while Taehyung tried to ease the tension with a funny story from one of his classes earlier in the day.

It was relief when they got back to the apartment and Jimin decided that day drinking was definitely called for in this situation. Though he emailed his professor before starting, to be safe.

For what felt like the millionth time Jimin checked his phone hoping for an answer from Yoongi. But there was no word from the alpha yet.

Chapter Text

Chapter 13: Jimin’s POV

It was the middle of the night when Jimin was awoken from his sleep by the distant sound of knocking. After sleepily sitting up in bed he realized that it was coming from the door to their apartment.

After tapping on his cell phone on his nightstand to check the time he realized that Yoongi had sent him a bunch of texts. Since he always silenced his phone at night he didn’t even hear it going off.

Yoongi: What?!

Yoongi: Are you okay??

Yoongi: Jungkook texted me he brought you home

[Missed Call from Yoongi]

Yoongi: I can’t wait I’m coming over now

Jimin jumped out of bed to find that a sleepy looking Taehyung was already out in the hallway rubbing his eyes. The omega didn’t even give his roommate an explanation before he went over to the door and quickly unlocked it.

“Thank god,” Yoongi said with relief when Jimin opened the door.

He wasn’t even sure which one of them moved first, but in the next moment Jimin was in Yoongi’s arms. It was the first time all day that he’d truly felt safe and happy.

“Sorry for waking you but I couldn’t wait after seeing your texts,” Yoongi said.

“It’s fine, I’m glad you came.”

Jimin nuzzled his face against Yoongi’s neck, and he suddenly realized just how strong the alpha’s scent was. It was overwhelming at first and he let out a little whimper in response.

He wasn’t even sure what bothered him the most. The fact that Yoongi’s scent was tinted with his fear, which Jimin knew was for him.

Or just how instantly he was turned on by the smell of Yoongi’s rut that was still radiating off of him.

Biologically, Jimin knew that it was meant to lure omega’s in. But he was still amazed by just how much he loved the alpha’s scent.

It wasn’t just the smell of the rut. It was the smell of Yoongi. The scent that he’d been missing so much for the past few days.

“Maybe you guys should shut the door,” Taehyung’s voice suddenly filled the air.

“Oh right,” Jimin pulled away from Yoongi a little to let him enter the apartment more and close the door behind him.

“Sorry I woke you too Tae,” Yoongi apologized to the other omega who just shrugged.

“It’s fine, I’m going back to bed now.”

“Night,” Jimin called after his roommate as he walked away before looking back at Yoongi.

“Can we go lay down? I’m exhausted,” Yoongi asked wearily.

The alpha did look tired, there were bags under his eyes and he looked a little like he was ready to topple over.

“Of course,” Jimin waited for Yoongi to toe of his shoes before leading him down the hallway.

Yoongi was collapsing on top of Jimin’s nest before the omega even got in himself. It made Jimin let out a little giggle.

“My poor alpha,” Jimin grabbed a blanket to throw over them before snuggling up against Yoongi’s side.

“Tell me what happened,” Yoongi said even though he didn’t open his eyes.

“There’s not much to tell since it happened so fast,” Jimin sighed. “One minute I was minding my own business walking to class and the next I heard some sounds and turned to see the photographer.”

“They didn’t come near you though, right?” Yoongi reached over to put his fingers on the back of Jimin’s neck protectively.

“No, they tried to hide and then I just ran away.”

Yoongi let out a breath of relief, “That’s good at least.”

“I think maybe your absence had people trying to figure out what was going on. Everyone kept watching me. Maybe that’s why someone started to follow me? I don’t know,” Jimin shrugged, it was all just guesses.

“I should have known that might happen,” Yoongi sounded annoyed but he pulled Jimin a little closer to press a kiss to the omega’s hair.

“It’s not your fault,” Jimin didn’t want Yoongi to feel guilty.

“I know I just wish I could have been there to keep you safe,” Yoongi said softly.

This whole conversation was just making Jimin a little sad so he nuzzled his way back into Yoongi’s neck.

Letting himself take in the alpha’s scent to help calm his frazzled nerves. He tried his best not to let his thoughts go anywhere other than PG, knowing how tired Yoongi was.

“You can go to sleep if you want,” Jimin whispered the words into Yoongi’s neck and felt the alpha nodding.

It really didn’t take long at all for Yoongi to pass out. The poor alpha must have been thoroughly wiped out from his rut. It took Jimin a little bit longer to settle.

Mainly because he just wanted to relish in the feeling of having Yoongi back in his nest. He couldn’t stop thinking about how much he’d missed the alpha and how happy he was now that he was here.

He wanted to memorize the feeling of the sleepy alpha pressed against him. Loving the weight of his body where it leaned against Jimin’s. If he could bottle up the alpha’s scent and take it with him everywhere it would be the best thing ever.

It was a struggle not to rub his whole body against Yoongi’s an attempt to get it on himself. He just had to keep reminding himself that the alpha really needed his sleep.

Eventually, he got too tired himself and fell back asleep with his face still tucked against Yoongi’s body.

At the sound of his alarm going off in the morning, Jimin quickly reached over to turn it off. Still half asleep himself, he peered over at Yoongi who he’d been wrapped up in.

Aside from shifting in his sleep to keep one of his arms around Jimin’s waist, the alpha didn’t seem to be waking up.

Even though he had classes, Jimin didn’t want to leave Yoongi’s side and he knew the alpha was still too tired to go back to school himself.

He quickly made the decision to shoot off a text to Taehyung to go off without him and then curled back up around Yoongi before dozing off again.

The next time Jimin woke up it was because his stomach was rumbling. After rubbing at his eyes, the omega checked on his alpha again. Yoongi still seemed to be passed out so he carefully climbed out of bed.

It made him a little sad to get out of his nest and look at the alpha laying there alone. In turn, that made him feel a little pathetic that he didn’t even want to go in the next room without Yoongi.

Realistically, he knew that it was just a temporary separation and a minimal one at that. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to whimper. He had to bite down on his lips to keep quiet as he left.

As he shuffled into the kitchen and tried to decide what to make himself his mind wouldn’t stop thinking about the alpha.

He wasn’t sure if it was because they’d been away from each other for a few days or if it was because Yoongi still smelled like his rut but Jimin was feeling even more obsessed with the alpha than normal.

Before he could figure it out, he felt an arm wrapping around him. The sudden touch made him jump a little bit but he instantly recognized Yoongi’s body as it pressed against him.

“You left,” Yoongi complained sleepily.

“Sorry I got hungry,” Jimin reached behind him to touch Yoongi’s face where it was dipping into the crook of his own neck.

“I can make something, maybe eggs?” Yoongi suggested.

Jimin let out a little laugh, “Aren’t I supposed to be taking care of you right now?”

“Nah, let me feel like I’m doing something useful finally.”

Yoongi didn’t wait for Jimin to reply before he moved to go towards the fridge. Jimin started to get out the pan and dishes that Yoongi would need.

They worked in comfortable silence for a while, Yoongi focusing on getting the eggs ready - he decided on scrambling them.

While Jimin got the table ready, poured them some drinks, and then cut up some fruit for them to eat along side the eggs.

It didn’t take Yoongi long to cook at all, and he wasn’t have it when Jimin tried to help him get the food onto the plates.

All Jimin could do was shake his head and smile, it was a little ridiculous that they both wanted to fuss over each other at the same time.

When Jimin tasted the eggs he wondered how he ever survived without Yoongi’s cooking before.

Somehow he made even the simplest of food taste even better than normal. He could technically makes eggs, but not as good as these ones.

“This is so good,” Jimin practically moaned around another mouthfull.

Yoongi gave him a smile but he was still eating himself so he didn’t reply. Which was perfectly fine with Jimin because he wanted to eat more too.

“Thanks for staying in today,” Yoongi said once he’d finished up his plate.

“I don’t think I could have left your side even if i wanted to,” Jimin replied.

Even now he was reaching out to touch Yoongi’s arm, unable to go any longer without some kind of physical contact. Yoongi must have felt the same because he turned his arm so that he could wrap his own fingers around Jimin’s.

“I really need a shower after this,” Yoongi already sounded tired again.

“How long does it usually take you to recover after a rut?” Jimin asked curiously.

“Depends,” Yoongi stroked Jimin’s fingers with his own. “Sometimes just a day of sleeping is enough.”

“Well I’m here to cuddle with you for as long as it takes,” Jimin promised.

After they finished eating and cleaning up, Yoongi went to take his shower.

Even though Jimin really wanted to follow him in there, he didn’t want to be tempted into pushing Yoongi into touching him while the alpha was trying to recover.

With the memories of how good it had been the first time they’d showered together it was extremely difficult to behave himself.

Deciding it was best to distract himself, Jimin went into Taehyung’s bathroom to wash himself there at the same time.

That meant that he didn’t get to use his favorite shampoos or body wash but he was happy to discover that Yoongi was already back to laying in his nest when he was finished.

“Feel a little better?” Jimin asked as he ruffled through his dresser for clothes.

“Yeah,” Yoongi’s eyes trailed down the omega’s exposed chest and stomach, which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Good, I’ll get dressed and come right back.”

Jimin took his time getting dressed, even blow drying his hair out so that it would look good for Yoongi. By the time he got back to his nest the alpha already had his eyes closed again.

After admiring how good Yoongi looked when he was asleep, Jimin slid back onto his nest and experimentally ran his fingers down the alpha’s back.

When he didn’t wake, Jimin continued to lightly stroke Yoongi’s back. It was more for himself than anything. There was no use in denying that he was a little touch starved.

He ended up pulling out his phone to look at stuff online aimlessly with one hand since he wasn’t tired, while the other continued touching Yoongi.

At one point the alpha shifted to toss an arm over Jimin’s lap. But it was done so limply that Jimin knew the alpha was still asleep.

It was hours before Yoongi woke again. Jimin only left his side to get a drink and to use the bathroom. The rest of the time he waited diligently for his alpha to recover.

“Hey,” Yoongi blinked his eyes open slowly and rubbed at them.

“How are you feeling?” Jimin shifted to press his face into Yoongi’s neck now that he knew it wouldn’t disturb the alpha.

Even though it had only been a little while, he could tell that the scent of Yoongi’s rut was already starting to weaken which was a good sign.

“A lot better,” Yoongi’s fingers carded through Jimin’s hair.

Taking it as an encouragement, Jimin started to scent Yoongi like he’d been dying to do ever since the alpha had shown up.

Running his lips and face against Yoongi’s neck so that his own scent blended in with the alpha’s. Yoongi let out a little sound deep in his throat that sent a thrill down Jimin’s spine.

Jimin leaned up a little to look at Yoongi, “I’m really glad you’re here.”

“I’m glad to be here,” Yoongi tugged Jimin a little bit closer but didn’t make any moves to touch him otherwise.

It still sent Jimin's heart racing. He knew that he was supposed to be behaving himself while Yoongi was so worn out but he couldn’t help but lean down to kiss the alpha gently.

It was barely a touch of their lips. But it made him hungry for more. Yoongi didn’t complain when he pressed forward for another kiss. And then another one.

“Sorry I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself,” Jimin pulled away even as he was running his fingers down Yoongi’s chest.

“It’s fine,” Yoongi let his own hands dip down over Jimin’s back until his fingers rested against the swell of Jimin’s ass.

“I’m supposed to be letting you rest,” Jimin complained even as he ran his mouth against Yoongi’s neck again, forever drawn to the alpha’s scent.

Yoongi tilted his neck to give Jimin more more to explore, “I’m rested.”

Jimin let out a little laugh that turned into more of a groan when Yoongi moved his fingers even lower to give his ass a proper squeeze.

“Mmm I missed your fingers,” Jimin full out started to suck on Yoongi’s neck after he spoke.

“What about them?” Yoongi asked a little breathlessly as Jimin moved to lay completely on top of him.

Jimin took his time to rub up against the alpha in a way that drove them both a little crazy.

“They’re so much longer and bigger than mine, I like the way they feel on me.”

“Like this?” Yoongi moved them to slide underneath the band of Jimin’s joggers so that he could feel the warmth and wetness that had already spread on the omega there.

Jimin just let out a soft little whimper and jerked his hips against Yoongi.

“I’m not going to touch you unless you ask me,” Yoongi warned him.

“Touch me,” Jimin wasn’t above begging.

He jerked again when one of Yoongi’s fingers dragged slowly over his hole, and watched in awe as the alpha pulled the same digit out to slip it inside of his mouth. Jimin had never thought what it might be like to see an alpha tasting his wetness like that.

It almost came as a shock to how much he liked it. Especially when Yoongi groaned around his finger as he licked it. In a rush, Jimin felt himself get even wetter.

“Maybe I should just eat you up instead,” Yoongi suggested and the sound of his voice getting even deeper made Jimin shiver.

In a sudden burst of energy from Yoongi, Jimin was pushed onto his nest and felt the alpha tugging on his pants. The omega quickly lifted up his hips and pushed on them to help Yoongi.

A sharp intake of breath left his mouth at the contrast of his smooth skin against Yoongi’s fully clothed body as the alpha leaned over him to run his mouth of the omega’s neck.

His mind immediately remembered how good it had felt the last time Yoongi had laid on top of him like this and used Jimin’s body to make them both feel good. Already he was trying to entice the alpha for more by grinding his bare ass against Yoongi’s clothed groin.

“Not today,” Yoongi gripped Jimin’s hip to push it back down against the nest and Jimin immediately whimpered in response.

He just wanted Yoongi to start touching him already.

“Yoongi,” Jimin whimpered and ended up wriggling against the nest, which only teased himself further.

With a little laugh, Yoongi leaned up and gripped the muscular globes of Jimin’s ass. Giving them a good squeeze against before running the tips of his fingers over the skin that had pinkened from his ministrations.

The light touches just drove Jimin crazier, and he tried to move again to present himself but Yoongi still wasn’t having it.

After pushing Jimin back down again he dipped his thumbs into the omega’s crease to spread him apart.

“Look how pretty you are, all wet for me.”

Jimin could feel his face getting red from the compliment, both because it embarrassed him and aroused him. He must have made a little sound because Yoongi’s hand was brushing down his back in the next moment in a comforting manner.

“Do you want me to stop?” Yoongi asked.

“No,” Jimin wiggled his hips again in a move that he hoped would entire Yoongi further.

He wasn’t sure if it was because of what he’d done or if the alpha was just taking pity on him. But Yoongi moved again until he could run his tongue along the base of Jimin’s spine.

Jimin didn’t know if he wanted to melt into his nest and let Yoongi have his way with him or push up into the alpha for more.

Before he could make up his mind, Yoongi’s tongue was on the move. Dipping lower and lower in teasing strokes until he could lap at Jimin’s leaking hole.

The sound that left Jimin’s throat was embarrassingly loud and he was glad that they had the apartment to themselves. He still blushed even more, almost unable to believe how desperate he sounded.

Thankfully, Yoongi just let out a soft moan in reply, “You taste amazing Jimin.”

The compliment lit him up inside and furthered the buzz of arousal that was already taking over his mind. So much so that he wasn’t even as embarrassed to push himself back into the alpha further, wanting Yoongi’s mouth back on him.

He only had to let out a little whine to get the alpha to give him what he wanted, and the moment he felt Yoongi’s hot tongue back on the sensitive skin of his rim the sounds turns into a softer sound of pleasure.

Really, Jimin never knew before just how sensitive he was there. Just how stimulated he could feel from the constant lapping and pressure from Yoongi’s mouth and tongue as he worked him over.

The sounds that Yoongi was making nearly drove him over the edge each time the alpha licked up more of his wetness and teased his hole. Could the alpha really enjoy what he was doing to Jimin this much?

As though he could read his mind Yoongi pulled away slightly to praise Jimin again, “Doing so good for me baby.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin whined again.

He wanted something, but he was having a hard time sorting out his thoughts with how good Yoongi was making him feel.

Even though the alpha’s tongue felt amazing, part of him was still aching. It was like his body was demanding to be filled now that he knew what it felt like to have Yoongi’s fingers inside of him.

“What is it?” Yoongi nipped his teeth on Jimin’s bottom when he hesitated to respond.

“I need more...I need your fingers.”

Jimin tried to press his face into his nest to hide his face but then Yoongi was turning his body so that the omega was laying on his back.

For the first time he was all the wetness that had spread on the alpha’s lips and chin. The sight should have been obscene but it only turned him on. Especially when Yoongi licked at his lips like he wanted another taste.

He wanted to see more of the alpha, so he reached up to pull off his shirt and Yoongi let him. Not without doing the same to Jimin though, which left the omega completely bare while yoongi still had on his own pants.

When he opened his mouth to complain though, Yoongi distracted him by nibbling at his neck and slipping his fingers right over Jimin’s wet hole.

His whole body bucked at the feeling and then tried to push against Yoongi’s fingers to get them where he wanted. He might have died if the alpha tried to tease him, but thankfully Yoongi quickly slipped one inside of Jimin as far as he could.

He was already a moaning, squirmy mess as Yoongi started to expertly fuck him with his fingers. But in the back of his mind he knew that he wanted to make the alpha feel good too.

Even though he really had no idea what he was doing still, Jimin basically shoved his hands down Yoongi’s pants and gripped the alpha.

The sound of Yoongi’s loud moan pressed against the skin of his neck gave him the courage to try and stroke the alpha’s hardness.

He could feel the leaking precum starting to drop onto his fingers as he sloppily attempted to find a rhythm while he slowly lost his own mind to what yoongi was doing to him.

Somehow touching Yoongi like this made his own pleasure elevated. Feeling how turned on Yoongi was by him only made the feeling of Yoongi’s stroking against his prostate that much better.

Part of him wondered if he couldn’t convince Yoongi to just take them both out of their misery and fuck him for real already, but in the next moment he felt the alpha slipping another finger inside of him and his whole world seemed to explode.

“Yoongi,” Jimin moaned loudly and gripped onto the alpha’s member even tighter while his orgasm hit him unexpectedly.

Jimin didn’t even realize that he’d stopped moving his hand in the middle of his climax until he felt Yoongi starting to fuck himself against Jimin’s hand.

He was only allowed a moment of self-consciousness before Yoongi was finishing, the wetness of cum squirting all over Jimin’s hand.

“Damn,” Yoongi was panting but still managed to kiss Jimin gently on the lips.

“Yeah,” Jimin said dazedly as he tried to shift his legs that were quaking from the force of his orgasm.

“Maybe we should have waited to shower, huh?”

Jimin let out a nervous laugh, “I wouldn’t be opposed to another one. Or maybe a bath this time?”

“Bath it is,” Yoongi said decisively before helping Jimin get off the nest and head into the bathroom.

Chapter Text

Chapter 14: Yoongi’s POV

It actually felt good when Yoongi returned to school. After being basically useless while he was going through his rut, it was a nice change to dive back into his classes and feel useful once again.

There was the added bonus that he always got to spend time with Jimin on campus between their classes.

What he hadn’t really been prepared for was just how many people were extremely interested to watch his every move. He wasn’t sure exactly what people thought had happened to him while he was out.

It only got worse when he met up with Jimin to grab some coffee. The omega eagerly walked right up to him, gently letting his face bury into Yoongi’s chest where the alpha had been waiting by the doors.

Yoongi let himself wrap his arms around Jimin quickly, but the prickling on the back of his neck made it hard to focus on the adorableness that was Park Jimin.

He was distracted pretty quickly, feeling a little threatened by all the gazes.

Some tried to sneakily look as they walked by, while others were more bold with their interest. Both ways annoyed him.

“Let’s get inside,” Yoongi shifted to lead Jimin towards the doors.

“I did warn you how much people were watching me while you were gone,” Jimin’s voice almost sounds amused, but also a little sad.

Yoongi shrugged, he was more worried about the omega than himself anyways.

“I can deal with it, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded. “I’m just glad you’re back.”

Jimin snuck in a quick peck to Yoongi’s cheek as they got in line to wait for their coffee.

For a moment it melted away his annoyance with the crazy people around them and he only focused on how happy Jimin could make him with just the smallest of actions.

“Can I buy this time?” Jimin asked sweetly.

“Why?” Yoongi poked as his adorable cheeks.

Jimin swatted at his fingers, “You always buy everything, I can spoil you too!”

“But I like buying things for you,” Yoongi protested and leaned over to distract the omega with a kiss.

It was more public affection than he usually went for in broad daylight. But what did he care, really? People were apparently waiting for them to put on a show or something anyways.

Jimin was blushing when he pulled away, even though it had been such a chaste little kiss.

“Okay you can buy,” Jimin relented as he bit down on his bottom lip.

Yoongi could practically see where Jimin’s thoughts were going and it made it hard to remember that he couldn’t maul the omega while his mouth with so many onlookers.

Jimin really was too attractive for his own good. It made it so hard to behave, especially when he was still getting over his rut.

It was a good thing that the line moved up and he had to stop his thoughts in their tracks to get their drinks ordered. He didn’t even complain about ordering Jimin something so sweet because he liked that he just had the chance to do.

While they sipped on their drinks, Yoongi walked Jimin all the way to his first class.

Maybe he was being a little overprotective but it was a chance to hold the omega’s hand and make sure that he didn’t have to deal with the annoying glances of others alone.

Then he had to book it across campus so that he wasn’t late for his own first class. He made it just in time to slide into a seat before his professor started going off on a boring lecture.

It reminded him that he needed to check in with his advisor about what classes he should sign up for next semester.

He’d decided to take Jimin’s advice after all and add on something to his education that he actually liked.

That meant he’d probably need to be in school a little longer, but since Jimin was younger than him he didn’t really mind having to be at the school longer.

He had a feeling that his appa wouldn’t be a fan of the idea, but he didn’t really care. Ever since he’d met Jimin it only reminded him how important it was to chase after what made you happy even if it was a little bit scary.

Yoongi spent much of the day running around campus to meet up with Jimin to walk him places before going to his own classes.

“You don’t need to walk me everywhere,” Jimin clutched at Yoongi’s hand as they made their way down a path.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” Yoongi teased lightly.

“Yeah right you’re stuck with me! I just feel bad that you’re having to do all the extra work!” Jimin got a little pouty which only made Yoongi want to kiss him.

So he did just that.

Stopping in their tracks to tug Jimin closer and bring their lips together in a way that made the omega let out a noise of surprise.

He was trying to remember why it was a bad idea to deepen the kiss when his ears perked up at the sound of a shutter. It was quiet but so distinct that it couldn’t be ignore.

The way that Jimin tensed up against him made him aware that the omega had heard it too.

Turning sharply, Yoongi searched the area until his eyes landed on someone that was trying to dash away.

Without explanation, Yoongi ran away him. Even though the man had gotten a head start Yoongi was quicker and was easily able to catch up and knock the creep off balance.

Yoongi breathed heavily as the man tripped into the grass after his shove. Looking up at him with wide eyes of shock.

“Who are you?!” Yoongi demanded, though the camera in the man's hand was kind of a giveaway.

“No one!” The man insisted with his hands up defensively.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and leaned down a bit to rip the camera out of the man's hands.

“That’s mine!” The guy tried to protest but he quieted at the sound of Yoongi’s growl.

Yoongi knew how to get the memory card out of the camera thanks to Jungkook and then tossed the camera back at the man. He pulled out his phone to take a picture of the creep incase he needed to report him too.

“Don’t come back here or I’ll smash your camera next time!” Yoongi warned him.

The guy nodded quickly before Yoongi backed up to watch the coward get up and run away. When he turned to go back to Jimin people had stopped to watch.

“Everyone mind your fucking business already!” Yoongi growled out and many of the onlookers scattered.

Jimin still had wide eyes when Yoongi got back to him.

“Baby,” Yoongi pulled Jimin into him and let himself calm a little while the omega burrowed into his chest again.

“Why can’t we be left alone?” Jimin sounded so sad and it broke Yoongi’s heart.

“Hopefully that won’t happen again,” Yoongi knew he couldn’t make any promises though.

Once Yoongi had calmed him down a bit more he finished walking the omega to his next class. Since he had free time, he stopped in a student center to take out his computer and slip the memory card inside.

Seeing all the pictures of Jimin on there and the ones from today made his stomach churn and made him want to punch something simultaneously.

After taking some pictures with his phone he showed them to his friends in their group chat.

Yoongi: I might murder someone

Yoongi: [images attached]

Hoseok: What happened?!

Yoongi: Some fucking paparazzi was following Jimin when I was out for my rut and came back today

Jungkook: Same guy?? Are you going to report him?

Yoongi: Haven’t decided yet

Yoongi: I threatened to smash his camera if he comes back

Namjoon: Other photographers could pop up too unfortunately

Yoongi: Why isn’t our campus more secure?!

Hoseok: Complain about it or tell your appa and maybe he will do something

Yoongi: Ugh but he might like the idea of us getting more attention

Jungkook: Why does this make me feel like l should cancel my plans with Tae

Yoongi: You better not or else he’ll get upset and then Jimin will get upset and then I will get upset

Jungkook: Jeez okay

Hoseok: Let us know if you need anything!!

It wasn’t until Yoongi was picking up Jimin from his dance practice that evening that he felt better.

Their day hadn’t cropped up any more surprises but Yoongi was ready to get his tired and anxious omega home.

Jimin was way more quiet than normal but Yoongi didn’t push him to talk, instead tried to be supportive with his time and affection.

He even ordered some dinner ahead of time and asked Taehyung to grab it when the delivery guy showed up. That it would be ready and waiting for them.

But when they got to the apartment Jimin claimed that he wasn’t hungry and just wanted to jump in the shower.

Yoongi was worried about the omega but he didn’t know what to do.

“Do you want me to leave?” Yoongi asked.

“No I still need cuddles,” Jimin insisted even though he didn’t sound like his usual self.

“Alright,” Yoongi scratched at his ear nervously.

He anxiously waited while Jimin went into his bathroom to shower. Not even looking at his phone, Yoongi just sat on the edge of Jimin’s nest and bounced his leg nervously.

When the omega finally came back out, Yoongi practically jumped up to get his hands on Jimin. It might have seemed silly, but he was more nervous now seeing how Jimin was acting than he had been earlier in the day.

Jimin let out a little sigh when Yoongi reached up to place his hands on the omega’s cheeks which were still warmed from his shower.

“Cuddle now?” Yoongi asked gently.

“Yes, please.”

Even though it wasn’t even his bedroom, Yoongi led Jimin over to the nest and pulled the omega down into the fluffy blankets and pillows.

Wrapping them both up until they were surrounded by the sweet scent that naturally rubbed off on all of Jimin’s belongings.

“I’m a little scared to ask what you saw on that memory card,” Jimin muttered after a while.

Yoongi hesitated to respond, “I think he was following you for a while before you realized.”

Jimin nodded a little before burying his face into Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi really wasn’t sure if he was trying to hide away or if he wanted to get closer to the spot where his scent was strongest. Maybe it was a little of both.

“We can report him, but I don’t know if it will do anything to be honest. I might talk to the campus police though, maybe there’s something they can do?” Yoongi suggested.

“I don’t want to start feeling like we need to look over our shoulders all the time at school,” Jimin said. “It’s one thing to have other students looking at us, it’s another to have people basically stalking us for pictures.”

Yoongi tightened his arms around the omega a little more, wishing he could protect him from anything and everything that could hurt him.

For a while they stayed like that, with Yoongi doing his best to comfort the omega. Holding him tightly, and intermittently stroking his hair or back until the anxiety that was tinting Jimin’s scent started to dissipate a little.

It was a relief when Jimin was shifting in his arms so that his could start kissing at Yoongi’s neck and jawline. Yoongi let out a sigh of relief, feeling like Jimin was acting more like his normal self.

“Are you hungry yet?” Yoongi couldn’t help but still worry about him skipping a meal.

“I’m trying to kiss you and you’re thinking about food?” Jimin scoffed.

Yoongi raised his eyebrow a little bit, “You know how I am about feeding you, why not just humor me and eat a little bit?”

“Hmm, what do I get if i’m a good boy and eat something?” Jimin asked while he trailed a finger over Yoongi’s collarbone.

“What do you want?” Yoongi wasn’t even sure if he had to ask really, not when Jimin was touching him in such a teasing manner.

“I really want to suck you off again,” Jimin somehow sounded innocent despite the words he was saying. “I want to learn how to drive you crazy.”

Suddenly Yoongi forget all about what food was. Did they really need anything else in life when Jimin was absolutely wrecking him like this?

“You already drive me crazy,” Yoongi lifted his hand to run his thumb across Jimin’s bottom lip.

Jimin automatically opened his mouth, letting the tip of his tongue come out to flick at Yoongi’s digit.

Despite his good intentions before, Yoongi found himself slipping his thumb a little deeper until Jimin took the chance to wrap his lips more firmly around it and start to suckle.

Yoongi groaned as he felt his dick start to stir in his pants, “See, you’re good already.”

The omega gave him a mischievous little smile that had Yoongi gulping.

Really, he felt powerless to the affect Jimin had on him when the omega started to move them so that Yoongi was laying on his back.

It struck him how much less hesitant Jimin seemed, not even pausing to question anything before he was pulling on Yoongi’s pants to get what he wanted.

Yoongi nearly lost it right away when the omega went from wrapping his soft fingers around the alpha’s already hard erection, to swallowing it down in moments later.

“Fuck Jimin,” Yoongi already felt crazy as he bucked into the tight heat of the omega’s mouth.

Jimin was expertly swirling his tongue around the girth as he pulled upward.

“I might have asked Taehyung for some tips,” Jimin licked at lips and smiled at Yoongi again before taking him back into his mouth.

“You’re trying to kill me,” Yoongi groaned as Jimin tried to suck the life out of him via his dick.

He was going deeper than he had last time, and Yoongi wanted to warn him not to push himself too much. But his mind had already wasted away from all the jolts of pleasure shooting up his spine.

Just when Yoongi felt like he was ready to blow, Jimin took away his mouth to dip lower. It’s almost more teasing to feel the kitten licks of the omega’s tongue on his swelling knot.

“Someday I’ll get to feel you’re knot inside of me,” Jimin practically purred the words like it was nothing at all before he moved again to give Yoongi a slow and decaden suck.

It was the image of getting to claim Jimin in that way that tipped Yoongi over the edge, he barely had the chance to mumble out a warning to Jimin before he was spilling what felt like all of his seed.

Eagerly, Jimin lapped it all up. Even sucking on Yoongi a few more times like he couldn’t get enough before he finally pulled away to start kissing at the alpha’s neck again.

“I did a good job?” Jimin asked, even as he was pulling Yoongi’s face to get a kiss.

Yoongi could barely even nod, he was still so blissed out.

“You know you did,” Yoongi pressed his mouth to Jimin’s lips, which were even fuller now from working him over. “This mouth of yours will really kill me someday.”

Jimin smiled widely from the praise, “I’m so wet now alpha, I love having my mouth on you too.”

Of course, Yoongi could already smell how wet Jimin was. The scent driving him to want to take care of his omega in a completely different way than he’d been thinking earlier.

When he slid his hands down Jimin’s back to grip his ass, the omega kissed him again before lifting his hips to push into Yoongi’s hands.

He didn’t even need to say the words for Yoongi to know what he wanted. As much as the alpha loved having his mouth on Jimin too, the omega didn’t make it a secret how much he loved Yoongi’s fingers.

At the first touch of Yoongi’s fingers against Jimin’s wetness they both let out a groan.

Knowing just how turned on the omega got from being with him was more than pleasing to Yoongi.

Even now Jimin was trying to encourage the alpha on by maneuvering his body so that he could give Yoongi better access.

Since the omega hadn’t teased him, Yoongi returned the favor and quickly slid a single finger nto Jimin. With all of the wetness, it was easy but Jimin still jerked.

“You okay?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded, “Just still getting used to it is all.”

“You’re so tight,” Yoongi experimentally twisted his finger which had Jimin moaning softly already. “Make sure you tell me if anything hurts.”

The omega nodded again but he already looked a little lost to the pleasure. He set a slow pace, sure to hit Jimin that spot that made the omega moan the loudest each time he stroked it.

Part of him wanted to see just how much Jimin could take, thanks to that thought of knotting the omega that was still fresh in his mind.

“More?” He asked first and waited for Jimin to bob his head before he added another finger.

Again, Jimin jerked at the feeling of being stretched but he didn’t complain. On the contrary, his sounds just got louder and he tried to push back against Yoongi’s hand again like wanted even more.

Instead, Yoongi twisted his fingers and spread them apart a little bit. Feeling himself getting excited by Jimin’s reaction.

“Please Yoongi,” He panted into the alpha’s neck when he was too distracted to do anything else.

Trying to be as careful as possible, Yoongi worked another finger inside. The omega stopped trying to move against him then.

Letting out soft whimpers that turned into moans when Yoongi finally reached his prostate to give it a good rub.

“You’re going to take my knot so well aren’t you baby,” Yoongi teased the omega like he’d done to him and nipped at his neck.

“I want it,” Jimin babbled out as Yoongi pressed deeper and the omega's whole body tightened up before he moaned helplessly.

He waited patiently as the omega writhed against him while he climaxed.

His tunnel squeezing Yoongi’s fingers tighter than ever before, which only added to his imagination of what it would feel like to be inside of Jimin for real.

It was also hard not to ignore the way his heart clenched at the way Jimin clinged to him. The emotions that were hitting him were hard to sort out.

He was still feeling protective over the omega but at the same time he couldn’t stop thinking about how fucking fond he was of him.

Obviously he was extremely attracted to Jimin, but that was only part of the reason that he was so enticed by the thought of knotting him.

That would be a giant step for them, especially since Jimin was a virgin, and that made it feel like they’d be committing to each other on another level.

Yoongi wanted that, he wanted to feel that even closer bond with Jimin.

“Let’s get cleaned up and get you fed,” Yoongi said when the omega had finally started to calm down from his orgasm.

Leaving the talk for knots and commitment for another day.

Chapter Text

Chapter 15: Jimin's POV

Jimin was really thankful when things started to get back to normal after a few days of Yoongi being back on campus.

It seemed like the other students were getting used to seeing them together as well which made their lives a lot easier.

That didn’t stop Jimin from being on edge. Even though he never complained about it, he couldn't help but look over his shoulder from time to time just to make sure they weren’t being followed.

But anytime Yoongi caught him doing it, the alpha’s face would look heartbroken. And then he would just feel guilty.

Really he knew that Yoongi was doing his best to keep him happy and safe but that didn’t just make his paranoia go away.

It didn’t help that they were both really busy with exams as well, that just added to all the stress. Plus the extra studying meant less time with Yoongi which stressed him out even more.

It was really just one big cycle of awfulness.

Jimin was in the middle of trying to get some of his own studying done, and trying not to bother Yoongi even though his phone felt like it was burning a hole in his pocket, when Taehyung burst into his room.

“I have some amazing news,” Taehyung was practically squealing.

“What?” Jimin wasn’t all that interested really but he did like the excuse to take a break from his work.

“My parents booked a trip for this weekend but now they can’t go so they’re letting me have it!” Taehyung did a little bouncing as he spoke.

“Oh cool,” Jimin knew he didn’t sound excited at all.

“You have to come with me obviously!” Taehyung told him.

“I don’t know,” Jimin said cautiously. “I wanted to hang out with Yoongi this weekend.”

“Well I was hoping you would invite him along too,” Taehyung smiled widely. “And maybe he could convince Jungkook to come?”

Jimin was already laughing at his friend, “Okay so you’re basically using me and my alpha so that you can try to seduce Jungkook?”

“Exactly!” Taehyung patted Jimin on the arm like he was genius.

He wished that he could be offended that his friend just wanted to get to Jungkook. But he was actually relieved to hear that they’d also have the chance to go away for a little while.

It would mean an escape from any prying eyes and a much needed break.

Not to mention getting to spend the weekend with Yoongi sounded like a dream come true.

“Alright, let me talk to Yoongi and I’ll let you know what he says!” Jimin told his roommate who was back to squealing excitedly again.

Jimin: What are you doing this weekend?

Yoongi: I didn’t make any plans yet, did you have something in mind?

Jimin: Taehyung invited us all to go away to his family’s rental 😊

Yoongi: Who is us all?

Jimin: Tae, me, you...and Jungkook hopefully? 😇

Yoongi: So I have to convince Jungkook?

Jimin: Yes please!

Yoongi: Okay, I’ll try

Jimin: Thank you ❤️

It took hours before Jimin heard back again from Yoongi. He wasn’t sure if it was because he was busy doing other things or if it was taking him that long to get an answer out of Jungkook.

The more that Taehyung started to bother him about it every few minutes the more Jimin worried that maybe it wouldn’t happen.

It made his stomach twist for his friend who was obviously very smitten with the shy alpha.

Once his phone went off Jimin was both excited and nervous.

Yoongi: All set

Jimin: Ah thank you, I owe you 😘

Yoongi: 😉

Jimin: 😳

Knowing that he couldn’t keep his friend waiting any longer, Jimin went right to his room to give him the news.

“Yoongi texted me,” Jimin told Taehyung.

“And?” Taehyung asked anxiously.

Jimin gave him a wide smile, “We’re good to go!”

Taehyung let out a laugh that was somewhere between hysteria and nervousness as he crashed back onto his nest. Jimin dove onto the other omega’s nest to look at his friend.

“What are you going to do with a whole weekend with Jungkook?” Jimin asked him.

“Whatever he’ll let me do,” Taehyung gave Jimin a cheeky grin and Jimin pinched his side.

“I think I’m ready to do it,” Jimin told Taehyung. “I want to have sex with Yoongi.”

Taehyung leaned up with a more serious look on his face, “Really? You’re ready to lose the v-card?”

Jimin sighed, “I’ve wanted him since I first laid eyes on him really. Now it’s just tortue waiting any longer.”

Nodding Taehyung patted Jimin’s leg, “Then you’re ready.”

“You don’t think it’s a bad idea? I mean we’re not mated yet,” Jimin asked shyly.

“Pfft,” Taehyung waved his hand in the air. “There’s no need to be old-fashioned about it. It’s healthy to want him and you’re in a serious relationship. I would bounce on Jungkook’s dick already if he’d let me.”

Jimin choked a little but it also turned into a laugh, “That’s too much imagery Tae.”

“You know what I mean though,” Taehyung told him.

Jimin nodded, “Should I...tell him ahead of time?”

“No,” Taehyung shook his head. “I wouldn’t, that could just put pressure on the situation.”

Jimin worried his lip between his teeth but nodded, that did make sense. He hoped that the opportunity would arise that he could actually make the move.

Knowing Taehyung though, there would probably be plenty of set ups in the work already.


After some negotiations, they all decided to ride out to the countryside together.

As only Yoongi and Jungkook had their licenses though the two alpha’s had to take turns driving.

While Taehyung and Jimin were in charge of keeping them all entertained so they didn’t lose their minds on the way there. This included a few rounds of car karaoke and playing some games.

Since they left early, they didn’t really hit any traffic on the way there. The only thing that slowed them down was stopping for gas and restroom breaks.

When they finally pulled into the driveaway of the rental they were all excited to jump out of the car and stretch their legs.

“Wow!” Taehyung and Jimin said together and then laughed.

Meanwhile, Yoongi and Jungkook got busy popping open the trunk of the car and grabbing the bags for everyone.

Getting inside only took them a few minutes and then they were all impressed with how cute the inside was. Plus it had a gorgeous view out the windows since they were on a hillside.

They all ended up dropping their bags by the door and went to go explore the place. Naturally, the first thing that Taehyung noticed was the hot tub that was sitting out on the deck.

“We have to go in later!” Taehyung had already opened up the lid to test the water.

“I didn’t bring any swim trunks,” Jungkook was frowning a little bit.

Taehyung gave the alpha’s bicep a squeeze, “You don’t need any.”

“This grill looks fancy,” Jimin distracted them quickly. “Maybe Yoongi can make something special later?”

“Sure,” Yoongi gave Jimin’s hands a squeeze where he was holding it.

“Why don’t we go check out the bedrooms,” Taehyung suggested.

Together they all went back inside and trailed up the stairs where the bedrooms were located.

“There’s only two rooms?” Jungkook asked as they ventured inside.

“Yeah,” Taehyung said simply. “I think they each have a bathroom though.”

Jimin gave Yoongi a nervous look as Jungkook looked a little taken back.

He felt badly that he hadn’t even thought to ask Taehyung what the sleeping situation would be like. But he couldn’t really say that he was surprised by it.

“I guess I can sleep on the couch,” Jungkook was rubbing at the back of his neck now.

“What?” Taehyung looked confused. “We’ve shared a bed before…”

“That wasn’t on purpose though,” Jungkook was speaking quietly.

Taehyung pressed his lips together before looking at Jimin, “Why don’t you guys go look at the other room.”

“Alright,” Jimin knew that Tae just wanted some privacy so he grabbed onto Yoongi’s wrist to pull him out of the room.

“If Jungkook doesn’t want to sleep in there than he won't,” Yoongi spoke softly to Jimin.

“Let’s just leave it to them to figure it out,” Jimin said as they walked into the other room.

“Looks the same as the other room,” Yoongi said simply as they took in the large bed and other furniture decorating the room.

“It’s really nice though,” Jimin ran his hands over the bedding and wondered if this was where he’d be having sex for the first time.

They went back downstairs to grab their bags, but not without noticing that Taehyung and Jungkook had closed the door to the other bedroom.

Neither of them said anything as they walked past it but they gave each other a look.

“If I’m making dinner we should go into town to buy stuff,” Yoongi told Jimin.

“I can text Taehyung but he might not answer,” Jimin replied.

Yoongi looked out towards the hall that was still silent, “Let’s just leave them a note.”

That was how they ended up leaving Taehyung and Jungkook there alone to go shopping.

It was much more enjoyable riding in the rental car with Yoongi alone into town.

He was able to lean across the seat into the alpha and hold his hand without feeling like they’d be bothering Taehyung or Jungkook with their affection.

Even more exciting, they were able to hold hands and walk into the grocery story in peace. Since no one knew who they were in this area, they didn’t get any second glances.

Jimin never thought he would be so excited to be ignored by people.

“What do you feel like having tonight?” Yoongi asked as they grabbed a cart and started to push it through the store.

“I don’t care,” Jimin really didn’t mind at all but it only made the alpha roll his eyes a little.

“Alright let’s go see what looks good here then,” Yoongi suggested.

First they went over to the butchers where there were plenty of options out.

They opted for a few different things since they really had no idea what Taehyung or Jungkook would be in the mood for either. And Yoongi was also sure to grab some seafood.

“We should grab some snacks too,” Jimin told Yoongi after they’d gone to pick up some rice and veggies to go with dinner.

It was fun to shop like this for the first time together, Jimin could already see their future of going to the grocery store together all the time.

Even though they didn’t always have the same taste in items, they never really argued about things and just got plenty of food to share.

After they’d checked out and loaded up the car they made a pit stop to the liquor store nearby to grab some drinks.

That was a much quicker trip and then they were sliding back into the car to go back to the rental.

By the time they arrived, Taehyung and Jungkook were situated in the kitchen with bottles of water that had been in the fridge.

“Come help with the bags,” Yoongi told Jungkook as soon as he spotted him.

The younger alpha was quick to listen and followed Yoongi back outside while Taehyung started to help Jimin put away the food.

“What happened?” Jimin asked quietly even though they were alone now.

“We just had a talk and stuff,” Taehyung smiled at his roommate.

“And stuff?” Jimin asked. “You smell like him now.”

Just when Taehyung opened his mouth to respond, the alphas came back inside with their hands full of more bags.

With all of them helping it didn’t take long for them to put everything away.

Somehow Jungkook talked them all into going for a hike since the weather was actually nice out. They still had to bundle up but at least the sun was shining and it was nice not to be cooped up indoors.

Of course, Jimin’s favorite part was getting to hold Yoongi’s hand as they walked through the trails. There weren’t that many other people out in the area, but those that they saw didn’t pay their group any mind.

By the time they walked back to the rental Yoongi decided it was time to start getting everything ready for dinner.

Jimin tried his best to help out, with instructions from Yoongi on what to do, but mostly he just stuck by his alpha’s side and watched him in awe.

Really, Jimin wondered how long it would take him to get used to the sight of Yoongi cooking for him. Everytime Yoongi did the simplest things, Jimin couldn’t help but want to stop and stare at him.

He really was head over heels for the alpha already. Thinking about it did funny things to his stomach. Jimin didn’t know if he was falling too fast, but he really didn’t care.

“What can I do hyung?” Jungkook came into the kitchen just as Yoongi was ready to go outside and grill.

“Why don't you guys set up the table?” Yoongi told him and nodded at Taehyung who’d just come in as well.

“Okay,” Taehyung gave Yoongi a thumbs up and Jimin had to try not laugh at him.

Trying to be helpful, Jimin helped Yoongi carry the plates of dishes to be grilled outside. Then it was back to being a voyeur as Yoongi got into the zone of grill master.

His sole focus was on making sure their dinner was cooked properly while Jimin’s sole focus was to observe his handsome alpha.

Of course, Yoongi’s cooking ended up being delicious. Half of their time eating was spent with everyone just complimenting Yoongi who kept trying to tell them all to be quiet and just eat the food before it got cold.

But that really wasn’t a problem as they seemed to finish the meal in a record time.

With everyone that Yoongi had made, Jimin had been sure there would be leftovers. It was impressive how much the four of them managed to eat.

While Jungkook and Taehyung volunteered to clean up the mess they’d all made, Yoongi complained about being worn out.

“Let’s go nap,” Jiming tugged on the alpha’s hand to bring him to the stairs.

“Do you think those two can survive on their own?” Yoongi gave their friends a glance who had stepped towards the sink to wash the dishes.

“They’ll be fine,” Jimin assured him.

As they walked up the stairs Jimin spared another glance towards Taehyung who had turned to look at them.

His roommate gave him a thumbs up and a big smile and Jimin had to bite on his lip not to laugh.

Chapter Text

Chapter 16: Yoongi’s POV

Even though Yoongi was a little concerned with how Jungkook might feel about being left alone again with Taehyung, the alpha was helpless to follow his omega upstairs.

It had been a long day and all he really wanted to do was curl up with Jimin and take a comforting nap together.

As soon as they got to the bedroom, Yoongi went over to the bed and crashed. He could hear Jimin laughing behind him, as well as the sound of the omega closing the door and locking it.

He was beginning to wonder why Jimin had locked the door when the omega came over and distracted him by laying down next to him so that they were as close as possible.

“I’m glad we got away this weekend,” Jimin was speaking softly as he reached up to slide his fingers through Yoongi’s hair.

Yoongi made a sound of agreement and closed his eyes as Jimin played with his hair, “Me too.”

But Jimin’s hands didn’t stay in his hair for long, soon they were trailing down his side until the omega’s hands slipped underneath his shirt to play with his bare skin.

“What’re you doing?” Yoongi peaked open an eye to look at Jimin.

The omega was giving him a teasing smile, “Just touching.”

“Hmm,” Yoongi definitely didn’t believe him and tucked his face into the crook of Jimin’s neck to take in his favorite scent.

He wasn’t even surprised to smell the hint of arousal coming off of Jimin.

Nor was he surprised when Jimin let out a whimper at the feeling of Yoongi’s mouth so close to his neck.

“You don’t want to nap?” Yoongi asked even though he already knew the answer.

Jimin was quick to shake his head, “Not yet.”

Yoongi raised his eyebrows, “What do you want then?”

The omega grabbed onto Yoongi’s hand and brought the alpha’s fingers up to his plush lips. In just a few moments he went from running his mouth against them to wrapping his lips around them so that he could run his tongue over them.

Yoongi nearly choked.

Jimin pulled Yoongi’s fingers out of his mouth with a pop, “I want you to open me up and then knot me.”

The alpha felt like all the oxygen had been taken out of his lungs. Of course he knew that they’d been leading up to this. But it still felt a little surreal that Jimin wanted him this much, when he’d never wanted anyone before.

“Are you sure?” Yoongi was surprised by how raspy his voice came out as he spoke.

“Very sure,” Jimin assured him and leaned forward to bring his mouth against Yoongi’s.

It was easy to forget about the implications of what Jimin was asking him when Yoongi felt the softness of the omega’s lips. All Jimin would ever have to do is kiss him and Yoongi would be a goner.

In no time at all, Yoongi was rolling on top of Jimin to get better control over the kiss. Drowning in the feeling of Jimin’s luscious lips and intoxicating scent.

He only pulled away to kiss his way down Jimin’s neck in the way that made the omega squirm underneath him.

Although Yoongi wanted to take his time and savor this, his omega was already whimpering again.

“Yoongi,” Jimin tried to push on his clothes. “Touch me more.”

“I’m trying to go slow,” Yoongi nipped at Jimin’s neck in warning.

“But I don’t want slow,” Jimin complained. “I’ve waited long enough already.”

Just as he opened his mouth to respond, Jimin took the chance to slide his hand right down Yoongi’s pants.

The sound that left his mouth was some kind of mix between a moan and growl as the omega gave his growing erection a squeeze.

“Clothes off,” Yoongi said the command promptly as he pulled off his shirt and helped Jimin to undress.

His hands were eager to touch all of the naked skin that the omega began to show off. But he didn’t touch Jimin in any of the places that the omega seemed to really want.

“I’m already wet,” Jimin ran his his own fingers through this wetness to drag it over the skin on Yoongi’s chest.

The alpha shivered at the feeling as Jimin’s scent hit him even stronger. It spurred him on to finish taking off the rest of his clothes quicker while Jimin gave him a devilish smile.

“You’re not innocent at all, are you?” Yoongi leaned over Jimin once more, this time taking in the feeling of being fully skin on skin.

“Not when it comes to you,” Jimin leaned up to run his teeth over Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi had to bite down on his lip to stop himself from telling Jimin to bite down on the skin there. It was a reckless thought but he couldn’t help but think about how much he’d love to wear Jimin’s mark.

To distract himself, Yoongi brought his fingers down to Jimin’s entrance and easily slid one right inside.

The omega jolted at the feeling at first but then he was moaning against Yoongi’s neck.

“More,” Jimin told him after just a few moments.

Yoongi tried his best to stay focused and carefully work on stretching Jimin out enough so that it wouldn’t hurt him too much. That was difficult with the way the omega was gasping and pressing into him though.

Already Yoongi could feel himself leaking, the pre-cum dripping out and dropping onto Jimin’s stomach until it was smeared between them.

He began to worry less about hurting Jimin and more about actually making sure that he didn’t spontaneously orgasm all over the omega that was too sexy for his own good.

“I’m ready,” Jimin tried to push away Yoongi’s hand so that he could get what he really wanted.

“You can still back out,” Yoongi tried to say the gentlemanly thing even though he might cry real tears if he didn’t get to fuck his omega.

“I want you,” Jimin try to push up into Yoongi to get him right where he wanted him.

“Okay but we have to try and take this slowly,” Yoongi warned him.

Jimin just let out an impatient whimper and Yoongi immediately wanted to comfort the omega with his body.

He worried that if he looked down at what he was doing that he would be too turned on by the sight of taking Jimin for the first time.

Instead, he held Jimin’s gaze as he pushed forward into the omega. Catching the exact moment Jimin first felt the stretch of his cock as he gasped while Yoongi slowly pressed inside.

It was hard not to be distracted by the sight of Jimin’s pretty lips opened up from the feelings taking over him. As soon as Yoongi was fully seated he leaned down to kiss Jimin gently.

He thought the kiss would be a good distraction while the omega got used to the feeling of being so full. But he was surprised with how quickly Jimin began to squirm again.

“Please alpha,” Jimin pulled away only to lick at Yoongi’s bottom lip teasingly. “I need you to move.”

Knowing that he couldn’t even form a proper response in the moment he gave in and pulled out for the first time. He had to close his eyes to shut out sensory overload underneath him.

Park Jimin was beautiful on any given day. But Park Jimin getting fucked? That was out of this world beautiful.

When he thrusted back inside of Jimin for the first time, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to escape from the sounds that Jimin was making. The soft gasps that turned into moans.

He’d always loved Jimin voice. Their was just something special about his tone that made you always want to listen in. The sounds of his pleasure was almost too much. Yoongi could probably come just from those alone.

It was a blessing when Jimin started to claw at his back as Yoongi set a more regular pace. The sting of the omegas nails in his skin kept his orgasm at bay as he tried to keep himself from giving into pounding into Jimin quicker.

Already he could feel his knot swelling at the base of his cock. Without thinking Yoongi dropped his mouth to Jimin’s neck, dragging his teeth over the omega’s neck in the same way he’d done to him.

Suddenly Jimin moaned louder than ever before and Yoongi felt the telltale squeeze around his cock as the omega started to cum.

The harder he pressed into Jimin’s skin the louder he became until Yoongi had to pull away to toss his head back as he get his knot fully expanding just before his orgasm hit him.

Jimin let out a soft whimper at the feeling and Yoongi nuzzled at his neck to comfort the omega as best he could.

“Are you alright?” Yoongi had a hard time speaking through his heavy breaths.

Instead of answering with words, Jimin nuzzled his face against Yoongi’s neck as best he could and let out a contented sigh.

“Mhm,” Jimin eventually mumbled.

“This should only take a few minutes and then we can rest,” Yoongi promised.

As soon as he could, Yoongi pulled out as carefully as possible. Noting the way Jimin let out a little gasp from the soreness already starting to hit him.

It was a good thing there was a bathroom attached because he was able to go right there to grab a washcloth without throwing on clothes.

The omega’s eyes were already starting to close as he laid on the bed waiting for Yoongi. Barely even moving as the alpha wiped him up and tossed aside the cloth.

He was eager to get close to his omega again and Yoongi was pleased that Jimin curled into him as soon as he laid back down.

“Thank you,” Jimin mumbled sweetly into the skin of his neck.

“For what?” Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hand to play with it.

“Just for being such a good alpha for me,” Jimin replied.

“Jiminie…” Yoongi hesitated with exactly what to say and his heartbeat a little faster in his chest.

“Hmm?” Jimin still sounded half asleep.

“You know I love you, right?” Yoongi barely spoke above a whisper.

Suddenly Jimin was leaning up to look at him though, “You love me?” Jimin sounded like he was in disbelief.

All Yoongi could do was nod, worried now that Jimin might not say it back.

But the omega broke out into a smile and pulled himself on top of Yoongi to start attacking his face with kisses.

“I love you more,” Jimin said with determination and kisses.

Yoongi felt like his heart was going to burst with happiness so he didn’t even have to energy to disagree.

Instead he let out a chuckle and wrapped his arms around Jimin until he could get the omega’s lips on his for a proper kiss.

“You really should get some rest though,” Yoongi tried to convince Jimin.

“I think I’ll stay right here,” Jimin hid his smiley face back in Yoongi’s neck.

“Fine with me,” Yoongi reached over to pull the blanket back over the both of them before wrapping his arm back around Jimin.

It was a good thing Jimin was such a lean omega or else the position would be uncomfortable. But they were both able to doze off after a few minutes, comforted by their proximity and their scents mingling together.

Somehow the two managed to sleep entirely through the night. Whether it was because they were exhausted from the long week they’d had at the university or from attacking each other’s bodies wasn’t clear.

But when Yoongi’s eyes blinked open in the morning he felt happier than ever before. Jimin was still half laying on top of him and his sleepy face combined with bed head made Yoongi smile even more.

He wanted to bury his nose into Jimin’s neck and take in his scent even more but didn’t want to bother him. When he tried to sneak away to go to the bathroom though the omega started to stir.

“Where are you going?” Jimin rubbed at his eyes.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Yoongi assured him.

Jimin gave him a sleepy nod and curled back up in the blankets as Yoongi snuck away. After he’d emptied his bladder he turned on the shower and waited for it to heat up.

He’d only just stripped and stepped inside when he heard the bathroom door creak open.

“Can I join?” Jimin’s voice still sounded tired.

“Of course,” Yoongi had already started to wash his hair when Jimin came inside and immediately wrapped around him.

Yoongi didn’t even blame him, as soon as he could get his hands free he pulled Jimin in even closer.

“You could have slept more,” Yoongi told him.

Jimin shook his head, “Not without you.”

“Hmm,” Yoongi trailer his hands down Jimin’s back to sooth him. “Are you feeling sore?”

“A little?” Jimin sounded like he didn’t want to make Yoongi feel bad.

“Let's wash you up,” Yoongi changed the subject since Jimin didn’t seem to want to talk about it.

After grabbing the soap, Yoongi carefully washed Jimin down. He wanted to take his time to show Jimin how important it was to him and also to make sure he didn’t agitate any soreness he was feeling.

By the time they were done, Jimin seemed more awake. He was still happy to let Yoongi help him dry off before they grabbed some clothes to dress.

“Oh look it must have snowed last night,” Jimin headed to the windows to look outside when they got downstairs.

“Pretty,” Yoongi commented as he went for the kitchen.

His stomach was already grumbling and he knew that he wanted to feed Jimin as fast as possible too. While the omega got to taking pictures of the scenery outside he prepared the food to start cooking.

Obviously he noticed that Jungkook and Taehyung were still asleep but he decided to make enough for everyone so they could eat whenever they woke up.

Eventually Jimin wandered into the kitchen to hug Yoongi from behind and plant kisses on his neck affectionately.

“I love you,” Jimin spoke softly into Yoongi’s ear.

Yoongi couldn’t help but smile widely and twisted his face around to plant a kiss on Jimin’s mouth.

“I love you too,” Yoongi felt amazing to hear it and to say it.

It was distracting to have Jimin clinging to him while he tried to cook but he wasn’t going to complain, not when he loved it so much.

Even when they pulled away to set up their plates they ended up holding hands when they sat down. Yoongi just continued to happily play with Jimin’s delicate fingers while the omega kept smiling at him as they ate.

Distracted, they didn’t even notice when Jungkook started to come down the stairs until he was close enough for them to hear his greeting.

“Hyung,” Jungkook spoke hesitantly. “Can we talk when you’re done?”

Yoongi was instantly worried by the anxious energy coming off of the younger alpha, “We can talk now.”

He stood up and gave Jimin a kiss to the forehead before leading Jungkook outside to talk. It was cold but he figured his friend wanted privacy.

“Something bad happened last night,” Jungkook told Yoongi immediately once they were alone.

“What happened?” Yoongi scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

“It was accident,” Jungkook sighed. “I bit Taehyung too hard last night…”

Yoongi suddenly stood up a little straighter, “You accidentally marked him?”

“I didn’t mean to,” Jungkook rubbed at the back of his neck. “It was in the heat of the moment and I guess I was too overwhelmed or something.”

Yoongi left out a deep breath, “Did you guys talk about it?”

Jungkook shook his head, “Not yet but I feel awful and I don’t even know what to say.”

Yoongi tried to reassure him by gripping the younger alpha’s shoulder, “I’m sure Taehyung will understand and you’ll just have to figure out what you want to do next.”

Jungkook nodded weakly, “It’s not like there are many options.”

“There must have been a reason you wanted to do it even if it was subconscious,” Yoongi told him. “I’m sure you’ll be able to work things out.”

“You’re right,” Jungkook told him. “I’ve never been more drawn to anyone before but it still freaks me out.”

Yoongi laughed lightly, “I guess you just have to get used to it now.”

The wind outside picked up and they headed back inside before they froze their asses off. Yoongi wasn’t even surprised to see that Taehyung had arrived in the kitchen.

His eyes darted right to the omega’s neck but he’d thrown on a hoodie that must have covered up Jungkook’s bite.

Taehyung and Jimin had been chatting while the taller omega ate but then they got silent when they spotted the alphas.

“Do you want to go into town Jimin?” Yoongi asked so they could give the others space.

“Okay,” Jimin gave Taehyung a quick hug before heading towards the door.

Yoongi gave his friend another reassuring pat before gathering up his stuff to take Jimin out.

Hopefully by the time they got back Jungkook and Taehyung would have things a little more figured out.

Chapter Text

Chapter 17: Jimin's POV

This time when Yoongi brought Jimin into town they enjoyed looking at a few of the local shops for different clothes and some random souvenirs that they definitely didn’t need.

He ended up picking out some cute postcards with photographs of the local scenery that he already planned to put out in his room for decoration. That way every time he looked at them Jimin would remember his little escape from reality with his alpha.

“Do you want to grab lunch while we’re out?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin hesitated, “We never get to go out anymore at home...but how do you think Tae and Jungkook are doing?”

Yoongi shrugged, “Well neither of them have texted yet so they’re either still talking or just having sex again.”

The sound that came out of Jimin’s mouth was a little embarrassing and Yoongi laughed at him.

“Are you really that surprised it happened?” Yoongi asked. “It’s not like Taehyung hasn’t wanted Jungkook all along.”

“But I thought Jungkook might hold out a little longer,” Jimin admitted. “I guess I shouldn’t have doubted Taehyung’s seduction skills.”

Yoongi was laughing again and grabbed onto Jimin’s hand to start pulling him down the main street where some little shops were open for lunch.

“Let’s eat up and then we can go make sure our friends are still alive,” Yoongi convinced Jimin.

In the end, Jimin was glad that Yoongi had convinced him to stay out a little bit longer. He even got Yoongi to take some cute selcas with him which they never did and Jimin was excited to be able to post them.

But he didn’t want to do it until after their trip just incase someone figured out where they were and ruined everything. Maybe he was being a little paranoid, but Jimin was just loving their privacy too much to give it up just yet.

When they got back to the rental, Jimin was glad to find out that he didn’t seem to have to worry about the others at all. Jungkook and Taehyung were curled up together and taking a nap on the couch when they stepped into the house.

They must have started the fire because it was nice and toasty inside. Jimin really wanted to go sit in front of it but he didn’t want to disturb them either.

“We could try out the hot tub,” Jimin suggested to Yoongi.

Yoongi squinted out at it sitting on the deck, “I’m fairly sure they already fooled around in there.”

Jimin made another sound that had Yoongi laughing.

“How about a bath instead?” Yoongi asked. “You’re probably sore.”

Jimin blushed a little, “Okay.”

They headed back up to their own room where Yoongi started to mess with the giant tub in their bathroom. It happened to also have jets which the alpha figured out after some playing.

“Check if there’s any bath stuff under the sink,” Yoongi told Jimin while he tested the water.

Jimin followed his directions immediately and went looking, he was happy to find a nice little collection of bath bombs. After picking one out that smelled really nice, Jimin handed it over to Yoongi to throw in the water.

When Yoongi started to pull off his clothes though, Jimin’s mind quickly forgot all about the bath and how he might be able to convince Yoongi to knot him again.

As though his body knew exactly what his mind was thinking, Jimin felt a twinge of pain as he leaned over to start to take off his pants. He was glad that Yoongi was too busy lowering his own body into the bath to notice.

“It feels good,” Yoongi told Jimin as he the omega dipped his toes into the hot water.

“It’s so hot!” Jimin whimpered lightly.

“That’s for your muscles,” Yoongi pulled on Jimin’s hand lightly. “You’ll feel better after a few minutes I promise.”

Not wanting to disappoint his alpha, Jimin sucked it up and dipped his body as slowly as possible into the bath. The only good thing was that Yoongi pulled him closer so that Jimin’s back could lean against the alpha’s chest.

Even though his body was still getting used to the heat, the combination of the powerful jets and the comfort of being with Yoongi did make Jimin relax more.

And he was helpless to let out a soft moan when the alpha used his strong hands to start rubbing his shoulders.

“That I like,” Jimin cooed and felt his body sink a little deeper into the water.

The action caused him to rub right up against Yoongi’s groin though, and the alpha let out a low growl from deep in his chest automatically.

That perked Jimin right back up, he was already reaching and arm back to loop around Yoongi’s neck. It wasn’t even that hard to pull the alpha closer to his own neck, Yoongi was more than willing to rub his scent against the omega’s.

“You’re supposed to be focusing on relaxing,” Yoongi’s lips brushed up against Jimin’s neck as he spoke and made the omega shiver at the feeling.

“I’m relaxed,” Jimin replied, even though he was sure his scent had already start to thicken with the affect Yoongi was having on him.

“Hmm,” Yoongi didn’t sound convinced.

When Yoongi pulled away to lean back against the tub Jimin let out an unhappy whimper.

“Keep touching me,” Jimin complained and grabbed at Yoongi’s hands which had slid off to the side of tub.

“Baby,” Yoongi sighed. “We can’t have sex again yet, you need to let your body rest first.”

Jimin turned his face slightly to pout at Yoongi, “I just want your hands on me.”

“You mean here?” Yoongi let his hands glide down the omega’s stomach until he could grip Jimin’s thickening erection.

Nodding, Jimin shifted his hips so that he could push into Yoongi’s hands and then press back into the alpha’s own cock on his way back down.

“Stay still love,” Yoongi wrapped one arm around Jimin’s waist while he used the other hand to stroke him gently.

All Jimin could do was let out a soft whimper as the feeling started to take over his whole body.

He wanted to squirm, rub against Yoongi, or buck in his hand. Anything other than this, because it felt like torture to have to sit back patiently while Yoongi was content to drag his fingers over Jimin’s cock achingly slow.

Trying to calm himself, Jimin leaned his head back to rest it on Yoongi’s shoulder. It allowed him to run his nose over the alpha’s neck and take in more of Yoongi’s scent.

For the first time he wondered what Yoongi’s neck might look like with his mate mark there. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought long term before, because he had.

Maybe it was because of the situation with Taehyung and Jungkook, or maybe it was because what had happened with Yoongi the day before.

But suddenly Jimin realized how badly he did want that. He knew now wasn’t the right time or place, it was really something that they needed to talk about when they weren’t in the middle of fooling around.

That didn’t stop him from leaning in to press his teeth into Yoongi’s skin. Appreciating the low moan that left Yoongi’s mouth.

It was enough of a distraction that Yoongi loosened his grip around Jimin’s waist and the omega was able to pull away and turn around to straddle the alpha’s hips.

“Jimin,” Yoongi’s voice sounded pained as he let out the warning.

Ignoring him, Jimin brought his mouth back to Yoongi’s neck to nip at it some more until Yoongi was bucking his hips upwards.

He wanted nothing more than to sit himself down right on top of Yoongi’s knot and ease the emptiness he was feeling, but he knew Yoongi wouldn’t want that with how careful he was trying to be.

Instead, Jimin blindly reached for Yoongi’s cock so that he could tease him. Unlike what Yoongi had done to him, Jimin moved his hand hard and fast to make the alpha moan again.

He was still playing with Yoongi’s neck when he suddenly felt the alpha’s fingers reach over to run over his hole. The feeling of one of Yoongi’s long fingers slowing pressing inside of him was enough to make him start to cum.

Jimin was still dealing with the tremors of his orgasm when Yoongi pulled his finger back out slowly again. He hated the feeling of emptiness, his body craved Yoongi’s knot but realistically he knew the alpha was trying to take care of him.

When his breathing slowed and he was able to peel his head away from Yoongi’s neck he realized that he was still gripping the alpha but had stopped moving his hand.

Embarrassment flushed his cheeks thinking he was an awful lover, but Yoongi seemed more concerned about the state of the bath.

“Maybe we should move to the shower,” Yoongi was using the water that was getting cold now to rinse off the pearls of Jimin’s cum that had landed on his body.

He felt too shy to respond but he let the alpha help him out of the tub and quickly went into the shower to turn it on. Yoongi was unclogging the tub before joining him and the omega felt his nerves bubbling up.

“Are you sore now?” Yoongi looked concerned, having must smelled the change in Jimin’s scent.

“No,” Jimin tucked his face away in Yoongi’s chest.

“What’s wrong then?” Yoongi didn’t let it drop.

“I just -” Jimin hesitated but Yoongi’s hands started to run up and down his back to try and comfort him. “I’m embarrassed.”

Yoongi still didn’t understand, “Why?”

“I was trying to get you off but then you made me forget himself,” Jimin finally pulled away to look at Yoongi and mumbled.

“Oh,” Yoongi let out a little laugh. “That’s fine love, I always want to make sure you’re taken care of.”

“But it’s not sexy,” Jimin pouted.

“As soon as you’re healed up I’ll fuck you again really good and we’ll both be taken care of,” Yoongi promised and leaned forward to nip at Jimin’s bottom lip.

Jimin felt a weird mix of emotions, guilt that he hadn’t done his part and self conscious that he seemed less sexually knowledgeable than everyone in the house including the shy alpha downstairs.

Part of him thought he should just drop to his knees and try to make Yoongi lose his mind, but the alpha had already started to grab some soap to try and clean up. Really, Jimin wasn’t feeling confident in himself at the moment to do it either.

So instead he stayed silent and tried to enjoy his time with Yoongi as the alpha got them both cleaned up quickly so they could get out of the shower.


Downstairs they found that Taehyung and Jungkook had woken up and had tried to start dinner by themselves. It wasn’t exactly a disaster, but Yoongi was clearly worried when he saw the mess they’d made so far.

“Why don’t you let me help,” Yoongi offered and Taehyung stepped away from the stove to make room.

Jimin tugged on Taehyung’s sleeve and pulled him away from the kitchen.

“Well?” Jimin asked Taehyung.

“Well what?” Taehyung asked.

Jimin pinched his roommate, “Don’t play dumb you know what I mean.”

“We talked,” Taehyung supplied. “Hopefully things will work out but he’s still freaked.”

The omega nodded lightly and let his gaze go back to the alphas in the kitchen, “Well you looked cozy cuddling on the couch.”

Taehyung smiled widely at that, “That part I liked.”

The rest of their night was relatively uneventful, which was actually nice. Yoongi managed to salvage dinner and they all ate it without complaint.

Since they all planned on getting up early the next morning to drive home they ended up turning on a movie after dinner. As well as try to drink up the rest of the alcohol they wouldn’t be able to bring back home with them.

Jimin couldn’t help sneaking peeks at Taehyung and Jungkook who took up their spot on the couch again. Jungkook might have been shy but he still let Taehyung wrap all around him.

He just hoped that whatever talk they’d had would actually work out for them. Jimin would hate to see Taehyung screwed out of a mate and heartbroken.

“I don’t want to go home tomorrow,” Jimin complained quietly to Yoongi and pressed his face into the alpha’s neck.

“I know,” Yoongi rubbed at Jimin’s back. “But we don’t have a choice.”

“Maybe we can plan another get away soon?” Jimin asked hopefully.

“Whatever makes my omega happy,” Yoongi pressed a kiss to Jimin’s hair.

Somehow they all ended up passing out on the furniture. Probably because they drank too much booze. It made for some really sore necks the next morning when the light poured into the room are started to wake them all.

“We need coffee,” Yoongi was mumbling before his eyes were even open.

Jimin thought he’d never get over how cute Yoongi looked in the morning, his hair all muused and eyes sleepy. The omega nuzzled into the alpha’s neck happily until Yoongi leaned up to go start the coffee he wanted so badly.

Turning to check on his friend, Jimin saw that Jungkook was following Yoongi into the kitchen. Meanwhile Taehyung stuck his tongue out at Jimin and then they both laughed.

Trying to fight the cold in the air, Jimin dashed over to Taehyung on the couch to cuddle up with his friend. There was no way he wanted to get up until breakfast was ready, which he knew Yoongi would start shortly.

It was weird to curl up with Taehyung like this when they both smelled different. Taehyung smelled so strongly of Jungkook now thanks to the mark on his neck, and Jimin knew plenty of Yoongi’s smell was all over him too.

It was strange, but not in a bad way. Just something to get used to he supposed.

The rest of the morning felt like a blur, they ate quickly and then had to clean up just as quickly. There was a rush to get dressed, get packed, and get on the road so that they could make it back into Seoul at a good hour.

They all still had classes the next day and things to do to get ready for it. The more time the spent in the car the more a sense of dread washed over Jimin. Everything they’d left behind was still there to deal with. And it just made Jimin feel so tired to think about.

Even worse, was the sinking feeling in his stomach when they got dropped off at their apartment. Yoongi and Jungkook still had to bring the rental car back too so they couldn’t stay.

It left both Taehyung and Jimin in a pitiful mood. Jimin even whined when Yoongi pulled him in for a hug and kiss to say goodbye. He didn’t want to say goodbye at all.

“I’ll text you later,” Yoongi promised him. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jimin pouted even as his heart did a little fluttering from hearing the words.

That didn’t make him any less sadder as the omegas went up to their empty apartment. Everything seemed darker and way too quiet and Jimin ended up just dropping his bag to flop on the couch dramatically.

“Suddenly I want ice cream,” Taehyung sighed and went into their kitchen.

“Get me some too,” Jimin called out to him.

At least they were going to mope together it seemed.

Chapter Text

Chapter 18: Yoongi’s POV

Getting back into the swing of their life in Seoul was harder than Yoongi expected. They’d only been away for a few days and yet it felt like such a precious time that there seemed to be a cloud over their heads once they returned.

It didn’t help that Jimin was clearly still worried about Taehyung, and that in turn made Yoongi worried for his omega.

And it seemed like neither of them were very happy when they found out that their parents had planned a special unity event for the packs. Not that it wasn’t a good idea, just that they were going to be forced to attend and be made a spectacle of.

Yoongi was also slightly worried that they’d all agreed to hold it the Min pack’s part of the city. It didn’t matter how much his family wanted to bring the packs together, there were still members of the pack that weren’t into the idea at all.

There was too long of a history for some of them to accept it, and that made Yoongi feel on edge. He still prefered that Jimin stay away from his pack’s territory just to play it safe. So the idea of having him out in public like that really turned his stomach.

When he brought the subject up to his appa though he just got brushed off. Yoongi didn’t want to worry Jimin about it either so he just swallowed down the anxious feeling.

He was at least glad that their families agreed to let them show up together, instead of having to seperate to be with their respective parents.

Of course Yoongi knew that this was just for show but it still made him feel better to have Jimin by his side instead of wondering if he was alright.

They’d gotten ready together at Jimin’s apartment, Yoongi even let Jimin pick out his outfit because he knew that it made the omega happy. But on the ride to the event, Jimin got quiet.

When Yoongi took his hand to gently stroke his fingers, Jimin gave him a small smile.

“We won’t stay long,” Yoongi promised Jimin, he was sure they’d both want to leave as soon as they could.

“It’ll be fine,” Jimin replied back.

It was funny that they were trying to reassure each other even when both their scents were tinged with anxiety.

The first thing that they did when they arrived was go looking for their friends. Yoongi figured they had time to check in with them before they had to go report to their parents and be stuck with less than fun activities.

Unfortunately, it was so packed with people inside the building that it took forever to get anywhere. And there were the random people that wanted to try and stop them to talk.

Yoongi didn’t like it at all.

After what seemed like ages, they were finally able to get over to the area where their friends had camped out to try tasting some of the food that was being sold by different vendors.

It was a little mind boggling at first to see the group of their friends mixed in. Taehyung was sitting beside Jungkook who was feeding him a bite of something, while Hoseok and Namjoon were chatting with Jin.

“Hey guys,” Yoongi greeted them all and was met with five pairs of smiles.

Jimin was quick to let go of Yoongi’s hand to go over and give Jin and Taehyung a hug, even though he’d just seen his roommate that morning.

“There are so many people here today,” Hoseok was telling Yoongi as he looked around.

“I know,” Yoongi grumbled unhappily.

“It’s just one day hyung,” Namjoon patted Yoongi on the shoulder.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, “I know.”

“Try this food Jimin,” Taehyung was already shoving a snack towards the omega before he could answer but Jimin just laughed and opened up.

In the end, it was a good decision to go find their friends. A little bit of food and laughter had Yoongi feeling lighter and Jimin seemed to be in a better mood too.

But once Jimin’s phone went off and he pulled it out to look, his face dropped. Yoongi already knew what that meant even before he showed him his phone.

They had to say goodbye to their friends and then try to work their way through the crowds once again to get to their families.

Both of the pack alphas were waiting for their sons to join them so that they could greet everyone at the event formally and give their grand speeches about whatever.

Yoongi didn’t care about any of it. He just wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible.

As soon as their parents saw them, they seemed to be relieved. Yoongi greeted his omega appa with a hug even as he was giving his alpha appa a glare of annoyance, before he moved his eyes to watch Jimin greeting his own family.

They were just steps away and still Yoongi yearned to have Jimin right by his side instead.

“You’ll just need to stand behind us while we’re talking,” Alpha min told his son.

Yoongi nodded his head in understanding and waited for the cue to follow everyone on stage.

The way all eyes were on them already had Yoongi’s heart racing a little bit faster. Even as the pack alphas were stepping forward to address all the people, Yoongi could still feel attention coming his way as well.

He was barely paying any attention to what was being say as they started to speak.

There was talk about all the good things that had come in the past few weeks, the bettering of their packs as they joined together, and how Yoongi and Jimin’s courting had started to heal them all.

At the mention of their names, Yoongi turned to Jimin slightly and grabbed onto his hand.

The omega didn’t hesitate to grip Yoongi’s hand tighter and lean into him. Even though Yoongi could tell that they were both nervous, they were still happy to have each other to lean on.

Their moment was ruined when a portion of the crowd started to loudly make their displeasure known. Yoongi automatically turned towards them and could see that they were genuinely upset.

“It’s unnatural to force us together,” A burly looking alpha was yelling towards them.

“Yeah, we don’t want that Park trash near our pack!” Another shouted quickly after.

It didn’t take long for others to join in, and then members from Jimin’s pack were quick to come back with defending comments. The hall was filled with chaos before long and suddenly Yoongi felt his arm jerking.

Jimin’s family was trying to make a quick exit before things got worse, even as Yoongi’s appa was trying to yell over the chaos and calm the crowd down.

Yoongi was torn between looking at the crowd and looking at Jimin who didn’t seem to know what to do either.

He ended up giving Yoongi an apologetic look as alpha Park came over to grab him, and Jimin had no choice but to follow. But when Yoongi tried to go after him he was quickly pulled back by his own parents.

“You’ll make it worse Yoongi,” His appa hissed in his ear.

He felt helpless having to watch Jimin being pulled away by his family, while Yoongi was being held back by his own.

His heart was already racing when the crowd jutted out further into the room, effectively blocking Jimin’s family from leaving. More people were pushing into them and everything got louder.

With all of his strength, Yoongi pulled away from his parents to try and make his way towards Jimin.

But there were too many people, he couldn’t push through them all to get closer.

“He has a knife!” Someone shrieked and it seemed like time slowed down.

People were running away now, trying to get out of the room away from the fight. It cleared the way just enough for Yoongi to spot an assailant slashing his weapon towards Jimin’s family.

There was more screaming and Yoongi was horrified.

A group of people surged forward to grab onto the assailant and Yoongi could only assume that they were from Jimin’s pack.

Distantly, Yoongi heard his appas yelling his own name before he was suddenly jumped by someone else.

Not expecting the hit, Yoongi was easily tackled to the ground. He didn’t even know who was on top of him but that didn’t stop him from pulling his fist back and hitting them as hard as he could in the face.

When they scrambled off of him, all Yoongi cared about was getting up and trying to get to Jimin. But the omega and his family were nowhere in sight.

Still in a panic, Yoongi left the building as soon as he could and pulled out his phone. But every attempt to call Jimin failed as the omega didn’t answer.

He did manage to track down Jungkook who was still with Taehyung. They’d managed to leave at the first sign of trouble since they’d never gone in the room.

But they had no idea where Jimin was.

Yoongi was beside himself with worry. He called and texted everyone he could think of that might know what happened.

Namjoon and Hoseok hasn’t seen what had happened as they’d helped Jin to get home safely. Taehyung was on standby trying to get in touch with Jimin too.

He even called his parents to make sure they were trying to get in touch with Jimin’s family.

After not hearing anything for hours he decided to give in and check if any local news had picked up on what happened. Of course they were all over the situation. Taking interviews with different people who were there.

His stomach instantly dropped in horror when he read one report that Jimin and his omma had been rushed to the hospital with injuries. He checked a few other outlets that were reporting the same thing.

It took him a while of digging before he found one that actually named a hospital. He wasn’t even sure if it was right but he immediately put the location in his phone and headed off in that direction.

By the time that he made it there, he was out of breath from running from the subway station to the hospital. The attendant looked alarmed to see him entering, and he was sure that he looked like a hot mess.

“Park Jimin,” Yoongi was speaking way too loudly from his nerves. “I’m Min Yoongi looking for Park Jimin.”

“Let me check,” The omega looked down at the computer screen and entered the name before making a worried face, “Hold on a moment please.”

Yoongi nodded and started to rub at his neck anxiously while the omega stepped away to speak with someone else. When they came back it wasn’t with good news.

“I’m sorry but they’re not letting any visitors in right now,” The omega told him.

Yoongi was desperate though, “Can you call and check? We’re intended mates I need to see him.”

The omega looked like she felt badly for him, “I’m sorry my hands are tied. You should try calling his family.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi replied, knowing that his parents had already tried that.

He didn’t know what else to do so he headed back to his apartment and called his parents on the way there to confirm that they still hadn’t heard anything.

Finally he decided to reach out to Taehyung again.

Yoongi: Jimin’s in the hospital but they won’t let me see him

Tae: WHAT?!

Tae: Which one??

Yoongi: [Hospital location]

Tae: Let me go there right now and check

Yoongi: Don’t bring Jungkook though

Tae: Why?

Yoongi: I have a feeling they won’t welcome anyone from our pack…

Tae: Oh...okay

Yoongi: Can you text me when you’re there and let me know what happens

Tae: Of course

Yoongi: Thank you

He didn’t really know what to do with himself while he sat around and waited. There was no way he would be able to get anything productive done for school.

“Why don’t you have a drink and try to calm down hyung,” Namjoon suggested and pulled beer out of the fridge for the both of them.

“Thanks Joon,” Yoongi sighed and took a sip of the beer before he pulled out his phone to check it for the millionth time.

There still wasn’t any word from Taehyung yet though.

“He must be alright or else the news would be even more all over it,” Namjoon tried to reason.

“Not if they have no idea how badly he’s hurt,” Yoongi replied anxiously.

Namjoon gave a sad little shrug, “You’re just going to drive yourself insane if you keep thinking the worst.”

“I can’t help it,” Yoongi told him. “You don’t understand because you’re not with anyone.”

“Jin seemed really nice today,” Namjoon said out of nowhere.

“What?” Yoongi was instantly confused and there was really too much going on in his head to even think straight at this time.

Namjoon gave him a little smile, “We talked a lot and he was really cute.”

“Oh my god,” Yoongi sighed. “This is going to get too confusing if all our friends keep hooking up.”

Namjoon laughed loudly and it made Yoongi give him a small smile.

They were interrupted though when Yoongi’s phone went off and he nearly dropped it because he whipped it out of his pocket so quickly.

“Tae?” Yoongi answered the call from Jimin’s roommate.

“Yoongi,” Taehyung replied. “I just saw Jimin.”

Yoongi let out a loud sigh of relief and clutched at his face to try and keep it together, “How was he?”

“He’s alright,” Taehyung said hesitantly. “He had to get some stitches but the knife wound wasn’t too deep.”

“WHAT?!” Yoongi yelled way too loud in a panic.

“It was more of a graze than anything but I think his parents are being cautious and staying overnight,” Taehyung explained. “His omma actually pushed him out of the way so she got cut too.”

“Oh god,” Yoongi felt awful.

“There’s something else,” Taehyung said nervously.

Yoongi was already dreading whatever the omega had to tell him, “What?”

“His appa asked me to warn you not to try and come again,” Taehyung spoke softly.

His stomach promptly filled with unease at what Taehyung had said, was that why he hadn’t been able to see Jimin earlier? Was Jimin’s family blaming him for what had happened?

“Do you think Jimin will let me know when he’s out?” Yoongi asked.

“We couldn’t really talk much because his appa wouldn’t leave the room…” Taehyung edged. “He looked sad though Yoongi, like really sad.”

Yoongi felt like his heart was breaking and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

“Okay can you let me know if you hear from him or anything?” Yoongi asked.

“I’ll try,” Taehyung said.

“Thanks,” Yoongi sighed and hung up the phone.

Namjoon was watching him nervously and Yoongi was sure that he must have heard the entire situation. It wasn’t like he was trying to hide what was going on anyways.

“Any advice?” Yoongi asked him.

Namjoon shook his head, “Sorry hyung I think you’re just going to have to wait and see what happens tomorrow….but maybe you should warn Jungkook about what’s going on?”

Yoongi looked at the phone in his hand and suddenly felt even more guilty. The implications of what could happen to their friends if Jimin’s family suddenly hated him.

“Can you do it for me?” Yoongi asked quietly, he wasn’t sure he could deal with any more stress.

“Sure,” Namjoon tried to give Yoongi a reassuring smile but it looked forced.

He was glad that he at least knew that Jimin was safe, but there wasn’t anything else to be happy about at the moment.

Chapter Text

Chapter 19: Jimin’s POV

Having to stay in the hospital overnight was hell for Jimin. His appa refused to let him be left alone and had also taken away his cell phone.

Which meant he was more or less a prisoner.

He’d only needed a few stitches and yet his family was acting like he’d nearly died.

All that he wanted to do was get out and check in with Yoongi. But with the way that his parents were acting he was nervous about what they were thinking.

It didn’t make any sense to him that they wouldn’t let anyone else other than his roommate come see him.

They’d wanted him to mate Yoongi and now they were turning him away?

But when he’d tried to question his appa about it he’d only been met with a stern look that had his skin crawling.

He was excited when the nurses told him that he was being released and could get dressed in his own clothes. Yet after he’d changed he was promptly informed that he was going home with his parents instead of his own apartment.

“I just want to go to my own place,” Jimin tried to plead to his omma who was also being released.

But when she opened her mouth to respond, his appa just cut in instead.

“You’ll be safer at home Jimin,” He told him.

“I’ll be fine,” Jimin tried to convince him.

His appa raised his eyebrow, “We thought you’d be safe with the Min family too and clearly we were wrong.”

Jimin shut his mouth, worried that whatever he would say might just irritate his family further.

He was excited when they got to his parents home and his appa handed his cell phone back over, until he heard what the elder had to say.

“You can call or text Taehyung to let him know you’re here, but that’s it.” His appa warned. “I’ll be checking your phone when you’re done.”

“Why?” Jimin asked before he could stop himself.

“Just listen to what I tell you,” Alpha Park warned before walking away.

Jimin let out a shaky breath and took his phone into his room so that he could at least get some privacy for now.

He figured that it made for sense to call Taehyung, that way his parents wouldn’t be able to read any text messages. When he turned his phone on he was surprised to see that all of his messages had been wiped already.

Everything Yoongi had ever sent him was gone, and when Jimin went into the contact he saw that the phone number was blocked now. He was so tempted to unblock it but he didn’t want to get in trouble with his appa.

Instead he went to Taehyung’s contact and hit the call button.

“Jimin?!” Taehyung yelled into the phone as soon as he picked up.

“Yeah it’s me,” Jimin joked weakly.

“Are you still at the hospital?” Taehyung asked quickly.

Jimin sighed, “No I’m actually at my parents house.”

“Why?” Taehyung sounded as confused as Jimin felt.

“I’m really not sure,” Jimin admitted. “Supposedly to keep me safe but…”

Taehyung sounded nervous now too, “But what?”

“They won’t let me get in touch with Yoongi,” Jimin spoke more quietly now like what he was doing was forbidden.

His roommate let out a little squeak of a sound, “That can’t be good Jimin!”

“I know,” Jimin rubbed at his face. “I don’t know what to do. My appa just gets mad when try to ask questions!”

“Do you want me to pass along a message to Yoongi or anything?” Taehyung asked.

Jimin hesitated, “I don’t even know what to tell him.”

“I can at least tell him that you’re fine and that you’re home with your parents,” Taehyung said. “I’m assuming I should also warn him not to try and come rescue you.”

It was too hard not to let out a little snort, he could totally see Yoongi trying to bust him out.

“That’s good,” Jimin said.

There was a rustling outside of his door and Jimin got nervous that they would be interrupted so he quickly got off the phone with Taehyung. Not before warning his friend not to text him anything that his parents shouldn’t see.

It was another day of being in the dark before Jimin got any more information out of his parents about what was going on.

His omma was the one to tell him to go into his appa’s home office which made him more nervous. It couldn’t be good news if he wanted to talk in there.

“Sit down Jimin,” Alpha Park tells him.

Jimin did as his appa asked and looked at his omma nervously but she avoided his eye contact.

“What is it?” Jimin broke the silence.

“After much debate, I’ve decided to end the peace treaty with the Min pack.”

“What?!” Jimin nearly jumped out of his seat in surprise. “You can’t do that!”

“I can and I have,” Alpha Park said simply. “Alpha Min has already been officially notified.”

“But why?” Jimin didn’t understand.

“It’s obvious that it just wasn’t meant to be, I’m not going to continue to risk the safety of my family over something that’s not going to work out.”

“You’re the one that said we needed to do this though,” Jimin was getting angry now. “You got what you wanted and now you want to rip it all away from me?!”

“Jimin dear,” His omma tried do speak. “I know that it hurts but your appa is just trying to look out for you.

“No you don’t understand,” Angry tears started to slide down Jimin’s cheeks. “I’m in love with him, I love Yoongi.”

“It’s already done Jimin,” His appa said sternly.

Jimin didn’t wait to hear what else they had to say, nothing they could have to add would make any of this alright.

He went straight up to his room and cried until he couldn’t cry anymore. His heart felt like it was breaking into a million little pieces.

All that he wanted was to be by Yoongi’s side so that his alpha could make him feel better. But it sounded like that was never going to happen again. And it killed him.


It was an amazing feeling to be able to return back to his own apartment after a few days under house arrest at his parents place.

However, his appa had made it clear that people would be on the lookout for Yoongi so he wouldn’t try anything he wasn’t supposed to.

As soon as he saw Taehyung though he felt even worse, it looked like his roommate hadn’t slept in days.

Despite that, Taehyung still gave him a big hug.

“I’m glad that you're home,” Taehyung gripped Jimin tightly.

“Me too,” Jimin at least got some comfort from the hug. “How have you been?”

Taehyung was sighing, “I could be better...Jungkook can’t come over and he won’t let me go over there.”

“I’m sorry Tae,” Jimin felt his gut twisting.

“It’s not your fault,” Taehyung tried to convince him. “How could you have known your parents would do this?”

Jimin sighed, “I still feel bad though.”

“Why don’t you tell me how you are?” Taehyung tried to change the subject. “Have you been able to talk to Yoongi at all?”

Jimin shook his head, “No not at all. My parents put a tracking thing on my phone too.”

Taehyung’s eyes went even wider, “Why are they being like this?”

Jimin shrugged helplessly.

“Do you want to call him from my phone?” Taehyung asked.

Biting down on his bottom lip Jimin tried to figure out what to do. He was so conflicted.

Of course he really wanted to talk to Yoongi. All that wanted right now was the alpha.

“It might make me feel worse to talk to him right now,” Jimin told Taehyung though. “I can’t see him so..”

The omega shrugged.

“How about we order in some food and try to drink our sorrows away instead?” Taehyung reasoned.

They did. They ordered in their favorite food from a place right around the corner of their apartment. And they even pulled out their favorite soju to help them calm down from all their problems.

Never mind that Jimin should probably be catching up on all the work he was behind on from being out of school. He would save that issue for another day.

Jimin was unprepared for the first time he saw Yoongi after the incident. He hadn’t even thought about it happening, which was dumb in hindsight. Yoongi knew all of his habits.

He’d just been walking to class, going his usual way and worrying about the fact that he didn’t have the assignment that was due that day to turn into the professor.

When out of the corner of his eye he caught the sight of bleach blonde hair.

Yoongi hadn’t even been looking at him, he’d been leaning up against a tree and looking down at his phone. His long fingers moving against the screen like he was scrolling through something.

Jimin could see that he had his headphones in and assumed that mean the alpha was listening to music too.

Not knowing what to do, Jimin just froze for a moment. If he kept going his usual way he’d walk right past Yoongi.

Looking around, he realized that people were watching what he was doing. Of course it was suspicious that he’d just stopped walking in the middle of the pathway.

When he brought his eyes back over to Yoongi the alpha was turning his way too, quickly leaning away from the tree like he had already made up his mind to come towards Jimin.

Panicking, Jimin quickly turned down a different way and headed in that direction. He was surely going to be late but he didn’t want to risk anything with all those people looking. There was no way his parents wouldn’t find out if he’d talked to Yoongi.

Later, he felt awful for what he’d done. He knew exactly what that must have looked like. What Yoongi probably thought of him.

And of course, what everyone was probably saying about it.

The next day Jimin expected to see Yoongi waiting for him again. But he wasn’t there, and Jimin didn’t run into him anywhere else on campus. It broke his heart all over again.

It happened again the next day, and the day after that too. It was like Jimin was back to the days when he didn’t even know they went to the same school.

Except that he did know. Even though he understood why Yoongi was probably avoiding him now that didn’t hurt him any less.

When he complained about it to his roommate he was surprised that Taehyung made a weird face.

“To be honest it’s a little weird you haven’t talked to him at all still Jimin,” Taehyung said honestly.

“It’s not like I have a choice, my parents are watching everything I do.”

Taehyung pressed his lips together thoughtfully, “Yoongi isn’t the type of alpha to force himself on you though, if it looks like you want space than he’s going to give you space.”

Jimin sighed, “I know it’s dumb to run away from him and have no way to talk to him but still complain about it.”

“You’re allowed to be emotional,” Taehyung said.

“Has Jungkook said anything about him?” Jimin bit down on his bottom lip nervously.

“He might have mentioned that they’ve all been trying to cheer him up,” Taehyung hesitated. “I actually haven’t seen Kookie in a few days either.”

“I’m sorry Tae,” Jimin frowned.

Taehyung pulled out his phone and started to play with it, “Oh it looks like they’re all together right now actually.”

“What do you mean?” Jimin scrambled to get closer to Taehyung.

All he had to do was peer over his roommates phone and he got a look at Jungkook’s Instagram and which had been updated with several pictures that Taehyung was swiping through.

“He dyed his hair?” Jimin said sadly as he looked at the picture of Yoongi and Hoseok together, the alpha sporting a new head of grey hair.

“Looks like it,” Taehyung replied and swiped some more.

“Who is that?” Jimin narrowed his eyes at the female that had squished next to Yoongi and flung an arm around him for a picture.

Taehyung tapped on the picture but no one was tagged, “I have no idea.”

Jimin made a disgruntled noise, his jealousy instantly flaring up out of nowhere.

“Could he have moved on already?” Jimin asked.

“I mean, if you’re acting like you’re not together….” Taehyung trailed off and shrugged.

“Tell me what to do Tae,” Jimin groaned and clutched at his face.

“Well are you okay with losing Yoongi?” Taehyung asked. “Because you might if you keep up this radio silence.”

Jimin shook his head, “But I don’t know what else to do.”

“I have an idea…” Taehyung tapped at his chin.

“What is it?” Jimin asked curiously.

He wasn’t sure that whatever his roommate had come up with would be the best idea, but he felt helpless and desperate.

“You’re worried about your phone being tracked right?” Taehyung said. “So we can just get you one of those pre-paid ones at the store. That way you can at least talk to Yoongi on the phone.”

Jimin still worried about the implications of what could happen. It seemed like such an obvious thing to do but at the same time he worried that the first thing Yoongi would want would be to run over.

And yet, Jimin didn’t think he could take anymore of this distance between them. He was quite simply heartbroken without his alpha.

“Okay,” Jimin replied to Taehyung with resolve. “Let's do it.”

An hour later they’d made a trip to the store and back. Jimin was so paranoid that Taehyung even pretended to pay for it just in case anyone had followed them.

Once they were back in the privacy of their own apartment Jimin scrambled tΩo get to his room and then he just stared at the phone, unsure of how to proceed.

He wanted to call Yoongi and hear his voice, but he was also worried that the alpha would be upset with him. And he didn’t think he could handle Yoongi being mad at him right now.

Not to mention he still had no idea who that female he’d taken a picture with was.

With nervous fingers Jimin opened a new text box with Yoongi’s phone number.

Jimin: Hi…this is Jimin

Jimin: I had to get a different phone to text you

He felt like a total idiot for having to text that, but he also didn’t know what else to start with either. For a long time he just stared at the message box willing Yoongi to text him.

As soon as he saw little dots, Jimin’s heart started to race.

Yoongi: How do I know this isn’t a trick?

Jimin: The bath bomb we used on our getaway was purple

Yoongi: Okay so it is you

Jimin: Yeah it’s me

Jimin: You colored your hair?

Yoongi: I did…

Jimin: Tae showed me Jungkook’s Instagram post

Yoongi: So that’s why you’re texting me now??

Jimin: Yes and no...I miss you and seeing those pictures made it impossible not to try and talk to you

Jimin: I saw that pretty female and I guess I got worried you were moving on 🙁

Yoongi: You literally ran away from me the other day Jimin

Jimin: I had to! You don’t understand, my parents are watching everything I’m doing and I’m not supposed to see you!

Yoongi: I’m not supposed to see you either but I love you so I don’t care what my parents say

Jimin: You still love me? 🥺

Yoongi: Of course I do, you really think I would just forget about being with you so fast???

Yoongi: I was ready to make you my mate Jimin

Jimin: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that!!

Jimin: There’s so much going on I don’t even know how to handle it all

Yoongi: I don’t care about anything else that’s going on I just want to be with you

Jimin: I love hearing that but how?

Yoongi: Can we meet? We should talk about this in person

Jimin: If you can figure out how to do that without anyone finding out…

Yoongi: I’ll have Hobi rent a room at a hotel in neutral territory, he’ll give me the keys and we can meet there

Jimin: Okay just let me know when and where

Yoongi: As soon as I work out the details I’ll let you know

Jimin: I’ll be waiting ❤️

Yoongi: One more thing...that girl was Hobi's sister

Jimin: I'm glad 🥺

Chapter Text

Chapter 20: Yoongi’s POV

It took Yoongi a few days to organize everything.

He went through checking out a few different hotels before picking one out, then sent all the money and directions to Hoseok to get the room rented.

Which was actually alright because it gave him time to sort out exactly what he wanted to do going forward.

All he needed was to see Jimin and find out what the omega wanted to do too.

It was difficult not to just text him everything that was on his mind. But Yoongi knew that they needed to do this in person.

That didn’t stop him from sending little texts to Jimin when he could. He still wanted to talk to him even if they couldn’t get together just yet.

It made him miss the omega even more in some ways, but it was better than nothing.

And it stopped him from panicking that Jimin had already changed his mind and was going to stay away again.

Honestly Yoongi was nervous as hell that none of this was going to work. He’d already lost one potential mate and he didn’t want to go through that heartbreak again.

That’s why he was determined to do this right.

When the day finally rolled around he was anxious but excited at the same time.

Yoongi: I have the keys from Hobi so I’ll see you there later tonight?

Jimin: As soon as it’s dark out I’ll slip outside!

Yoongi: Make sure no one follows you and be safe

Jimin: I will ❤️

Before Yoongi got to the hotel that night he made sure to pick up anything he thought they might need. Including food and drinks so that they wouldn’t have to go out if they didn’t want to.

Even though he knew Jimin wouldn’t arrive until later he found himself going to the hotel to set everything up.

Which took him all of ten minutes and then he just bid his time by watching tv and watching his phone nervously for any messages from Jimin.

Jimin: Leaving now!

Yoongi: Okay

He ended up nervously pacing the room back and forth until there was a knock on the door. When he quickly pulled it open, Jimin didn’t hesitate to slip inside fast.

For a moment they just looked at each other. Yoongi took in Jimin’s appearance as the omega pulled off the face mask and beanie that had been hiding his appearance.

While Jimin’s eyes seemed glued to the alpha’s hair.

“Do you not like it?” Yoongi asked nervously and touched his hair.

“I’m just not used to it,” Jimin said softly. “Why’d you change it?”

Yoongi shrugged a little, “I was sad and the blonde reminded me of you.”

Jimin’s eyes went wide, “Ohh.”

The omega reached his hand out but then seemed to hesitate like he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to touch Yoongi anymore.

The alpha took out the guesswork for him and pulled on Jimin’s wrist until his hand was close enough to slide through Yoongi’s hair.

“It looks good though,” Jimin admitted before biting down on his lip.

“Yeah?” Yoongi placed his hand on the omega’s waist and pulled him a little closer.

Jimin just nodded and took another step until he could tuck his face right into Yoongi’s neck.

“I missed you so much,” Jimin whined lightly into Yoongi’s skin.

Yoongi hugged Jimin impossibly closer, “We’re together now.”

“We are now,” Jimin whined. “But what are we going to do Yoongi?”

“That depends,” Yoongi pulled away slightly so he could cup Jimin’s cheek in his palm and look at the omega in the eyes. “Do you still want to be my mate?”

“Yes,” Jimin said without hesitation.

“Than that’s what we do,” Yoongi told him simply. “I’m ready to mark you tonight if you’re willing.”

Jimin’s eyes bulged a little, “But what about…”

“If it’s done our parents will have no choice but to accept it.” Yoongi told him. “I don’t care what they do about the packs, that’s up to them but it has nothing to do with our future anymore as far as I’m concerned.”

“And if they disown us?” Jimin asked nervously.

“Then we move to another pack until they get their shit together,” Yoongi shrugged. “I already plan on telling my appa that I’m not taking over the pack. I never wanted to but it wasn’t until I met you that I learned it’s important to chase after what makes us happy.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin’s eyes started to water.

“All I want is to be with you and everything else can be figured out,” Yoongi assured him.

Jimin started crying for real then and pushed his face back into Yoongi’s neck so that the alpha could feel the tears dripping onto his skin.

“I was not hoping for this conversation to end in tears,” Yoongi nervously wrapped his arms around Jimin.

The omega shook his head lightly, “You’re just so amazing Yoongi.”

“Is that a yes?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded his head but he didn’t stop crying just yet. So Yoongi rubbed his back as gently as possible and pressed kisses to the side of the omega’s face, his hair, and his neck.

Anywhere that he could reach until Jimin’s tears slowed down.

When the omega pulled his face away from Yoongi’s neck he trailed his kisses across his face gently. Wiping away the remnants of the tears with his thumbs as he went.

With everything that had happened he thought he’d never get to kiss Jimin again. Now Yoongi took his time brushing their lips together until Jimin was opening up for more.

It was a relief to feel that connection as their tongues twisted together and Yoongi gripped Jimin’s waist a little bit tighter.

They kissed deeper and deeper until they’d were devouring each other.

Jimin’s fingers had dived into Yoongi’s hair and twisted around the strands while the alpha let his hands slide down to grip the omega’s ass until he moaned.

Even as their hands got busy ridding their bodies of clothes, they fought to keep their mouths together. Unwilling to break that contact until they had to pull shirts over their heads.

It didn’t seem to matter that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives, in this moment Yoongi felt like he had to touch every inch of exposed skin on Jimin’s body.

Carefully dragging his fingers down Jimin’s chest and then running them up his back until the omega was shivering into his touch.

When he was whimpering, Yoongi pulled Jimin over to the bed and laid him down. Jimin was already pushing up into his body as Yoongi climbed over him.

But he ignored Jimin’s pleas for more touches to kiss him senseless again.

“You’re going to look so pretty with my mark on your neck,” Yoongi whispered the words against Jimin’s skin before he dragged his teeth down the omega’s neck.

“Please Yoongi,” Jimin craned his neck and jerked his hips up into Yoongi’s in an effort to get what he wanted.

He gave in and let his fingers drag down to Jimin’s wetness, making it easy to slip his fingers inside.

The omega was as tight as ever and the more moans and gasps that left his mouth the more Yoongi found it harder to keep his movements slow and deliberate.

He tried to focus on getting Jimin ready but it wasn’t long before the omega was trying to push his hands away and pull Yoongi closer.

“I can’t wait any longer,” Jimin complained.

Not wanting to wait any longer either, Yoongi listened to the pleads of his love and lined himself up until he could push inside. While they both get used to the feeling Yoongi held still.

Somehow Yoongi underestimated Jimin’s affect on him again and worried about fighting off his body’s desire to immediately release.

Meanwhile, Jimin was already getting greedy for him to start moving despite this only being the second time the omega had ever had sex.

He ran his teeth over Yoongi’s neck and it was only a reminder of what was to come.

With that goal in mind, Yoongi gripped Jimin’s leg to pull it over his hip and he set the slow pace that tortured the both of them.

He couldn’t pull his face away from Jimin’s neck the entire time. Wanting to drown himself in the omega’s scent and keep his mouth close to where his teeth were aching to sink into Jimin’s skin.

More importantly though, he wanted to make sure this was still a night they would both remember forever.

As badly as he wanted to finish so that he could mark Jimin up good and well, he wanted the omega moaning his name in ecstacy before they got there.

Yoongi could feel when Jimin started leaking cum all over his stomach, as his moans became louder.

The alpha angled his body so that he could thrust into Jimin and grind into his hardness at the same time.

Letting out a strangled sound at the new jolt of pleasure, Jimin leaned forward until his teeth were digging into Yoongi’s skin while his body tightened up with his climax.

The feeling of Jimin marking him was all it took for Yoongi to let go and follow his new mate into bliss.

His mind was hazy from the rush of pleasure that came from his release. Luckily his instincts lead him to complete the job and sink his teeth into Jimin’s neck until he tasted blood on his tongue.

While they waited for his knot to go down, Yoongi couldn’t help but admire the fresh mark on Jimin’s neck.

A certain thrill ran through his body that he hadn’t felt before from the knowledge that the omega really want his now, they belonged to each other officially.

He was running his tongue over the mark, soothing away the sting without even thinking about it.

“How does it look?” Jimin sighed as he let his body sink further into the mattress.

“Amazing,” Yoongi didn’t even have to think about it.

They both let out happy little laughs and when Yoongi was able to pull out he curled around Jimin.

His fingers went back to running over Jimin’s skin until the omega was practically purring from contentment and they eventually both fell asleep.

In the morning they went through the routine of showering and getting dressed again before the omega turned to Yoongi with questioning eyes.

“What are we going to do next?” Jimin asked.

Yoongi's eyes were drawn to the mark on his neck that was still reddened from the gentle cleaning they’d done.

“We’ll go out and get some breakfast,” Yoongi told him simply.

“Breakfast?” Jimin was confused.

“Mhm,” Yoongi pulled Jimin closer until he could plant a kiss on Jimin’s pouty lips. “No doubt we’ll be seen and so will our necks. Our parents will figure it out soon enough and they won’t be able to get away with trying to seperate us once everyone knows.”

Jimin smiled at Yoongi this time, “Can I borrow your phone first?”

“Sure,” Yoongi pulled it out of his pocket and unlocked it before handing it over to his mate.

“Come here,” Jimin pressed closer to Yoongi and held the phone out until it was far enough away that he could snap a selca of them together. “I’m going to send this to Tae so that he doesn’t murder me later for not telling him first.”

Yoongi laughed, “Why don’t you just make a group chat with Jungkook and send it his way while you’re at it.”

“Okay,” Jimin excitedly made the new group chat and sent the picture off to their two friends without an explanation.

With that taken care of they headed out the door to drop off the key at the front desk before heading off in the direction of campus.

There were a few places that they liked to go together already, and they already knew that they would be busy.

When Yoongi’s phone went off he pulled it out of his pocket and showed Jimin so they could laugh again.


Tae: This was your plan? You’re a sneaky one Min Yoongi

Jungkook: Congrats hyung


Jungkook: 🤷🏻♂️

Jungkook: Do you need me to come over and calm you down?

Tae: Yes please 🥰

“I guess Taehyung won’t be lonely anymore,” Jimin squeezed Yoongi’s hand happily while they continued to walk.

“You think anyone will stop Jungkook?” Yoongi asked curiously.

Jimin shook his head, “Probably not, anyone that has been watching our building for my parents was only on the lookout for you.”

“Hmm,” Yoongi was glad to hear that at least.

Their favorite little breakfast place was packed at usual, Jimin tucked himself closer into Yoongi’s body. He could tell that the omega was starting to get nervous now that they were catching attention.

Even if Yoongi had dyed his hair a different color that didn’t stop people from recognizing him, especially when the two of them were together.

“I’ve got you,” Yoongi wrapped an arm around Jimin’s waist protectively until they could get a seat.

They were able to eat breakfast mostly in peace.

Though Jimin still wasn’t exactly comfortable with the attention they pulled in, they were more distracted with spending time together and filling their bellies.

Yoongi was determined to keep in constant contact with Jimin, keep their fingers locked together even as they sat across from each other and tried to eat.

It was actually a little surprising that his phone didn’t go off until they were nearly ready to leave.

Yoongi only had to take one glance at it to see that it was his appa, but he didn’t care and just sent the call to voicemail.

He was pretty sure he already knew that his appa was going to say anyways.

“What do we do next?” Jimin sounded a little nervous again.

“Go somewhere to cuddle,” Yoongi told Jimin with ease. “I’d feel a little better going to your place to be honest.”

Jimin worried his bottom lip with his teeth nervously, “And if someone tries to stop you?”

“We’re going to have to deal with it sooner or later,” Yoongi shrugged. “And I care more about your safety than mine.”

Letting out a little sigh Jimin nodded, “Alright.”

Yoongi did his best to keep the omega distracted from his worries by pulling him in for kisses as they left.

Jimin was quick to wrap himself around Yoongi and let the alpha lead the way to his apartment with the promise of more affection.

“We’ll have to get our own place soon,” Yoongi told Jimin softly as they walked.

Jimin smiled brightly at Yoongi in response, “Yeah?”

“Of course,” Yoongi replied. “I need to see my mate every day from now on.”

Jimin practically melted into Yoongi and he loved it.

The closer they got to the omega’s apartment the more that Yoongi had to keep an eye out. Just to make sure that no one tried anything funny.

It was surprisingly quiet when they got inside the apartment safely and the two just exchanged looks at first.

“Maybe Tae and Jungkook wore themselves out?” Yoongi suggested.

Jimin let out a little laugh, “Maybe.”

They had just started to take off their shoes when there was a knock at the door and Jimin quickly looked at Yoongi again before going over to it.

“It’s my omma,” Jimin said with surprise.

“You might as well open up,” Yoongi told him.

Jimin took a deep breath and unlocked the door before opening it. He seemed just as surprised as Yoongi did when his omma was quick to pull her son into a hug.

“Jimin I was so worried!” She told him.

“Worried?” Jimin asked in confusion.

“I was calling your phone all last night and today,” she explained. “Finally we got word that you were seen and eating out this morning and I left right away.”

“I’m fine,” Jimin told her softly. “I was just with Yoongi.”

Jimin’s omma turned her eyes towards Yoongi for the first time since she’d come in. They quickly darted to Yoongi’s neck where his mark was surely sticking out.

“Are you happy?” she finally asked Jimin.

Nodding quickly Jimin reached for Yoongi’s hand and the alpha was just as quick to take it.

“I would never have been able to get over Yoongi,” Jimin told her. “He’s my everything.”

She nodded and turned to Yoongi, “You take care of Jimin and I’ll take care of his appa.”

“Deal,” Yoongi told her immediately.

After they’d ushered her back out the door, they were relieved to be able to make it to Jimin’s room without another interruption.

Yoongi was more than happy to be back in Jimin’s nest, surround by his favorite scent.

Though it did make him want to rub his own scent all over the pillows and blanket until they blended together.

“I love you so much,” Yoongi pulled Jimin closer when the omega slid onto the bed.

“I love you too,” Jimin happily traced his fingers over the mark on Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi was content to just hold Jimin and look at him for as long as he could.

He knew at some point he’d have to call his appa back. For now, he just wanted to revel in his new mate.

Chapter Text

Chapter 21: Jimin’s POV

The next morning Jimin woke to the sound of Yoongi’s phone ringing and his mate fumbling out of bed to look at it.

“I should have put it on silent,” Yoongi was grumbling unhappily before he settled back into bed.

“Your appa?” Jimin guessed and wrapped an arm back around Yoongi.

“Yeah,” Yoongi was running a hand through his bed head and using the other to rub Jimin’s back. “I’ll have to talk to him today.”

“That makes sense,” Jimin still felt a little anxious about it though.

“It’ll be fine,” Yoongi pressed a kiss to Jimin’s head.

They managed a few more minutes of cuddle time before they reluctantly got out of bed to get ready for the day.

Surprisingly, Jungkook and Taehyung were in the kitchen already when they made their way outside of Jimin’s room.

The two had picked up breakfast instead of trying to cook it, which had Yoongi letting out a sigh of relief that made the rest of them laugh.

While Yoongi fueled up on caffeine to wake up more, Jimin chatted happily with Taehyung.

For a while things just felt normal, which was a relief. Until Yoongi’s phone went off again and he looked at it before excusing himself from the room to take the call.

Jimin did his best to keep chatting with Taehyung but his mind was stuck wondering what Yoongi was doing.

He was relieved when Yoongi came back out and placed a kiss to his head.

“Do you want to come with me to go see my parents?” Yoongi asked him.

Jimin nodded, “Where you go I go.”

The alpha gave him a soft smile that made Jimin’s insides feel like goo.

“First more coffee though,” Yoongi told him.

Jungkook let out a little snort that had Yoongi squinting at him and made the omegas laugh.

When they had left the safety of the apartment Jimin couldn’t help but cling to Yoongi again. The closer they were the safer he felt and he needed all that security right now.

“Aren’t you worried about what will happen?” Jimin asked as they walked.

“Not really,” Yoongi shrugged. “I just want to get it over with so we can get on with our life together.”

That sent a flutter of warmth through him and Jimin squeezed closer to his alpha.

Since Yoongi still worried about keeping Jimin safe they were meeting his parents at a coffee shop on neutral territory.

It meant a lack of privacy again, but in some ways that might actually be a good thing. They couldn’t get into a loud argument if people would be nearby, right?

He’d kind of hoped that they would arrive early and have time to settle in. But Yoongi spotted his parents as soon as they stepped inside the store.

“Do you want to get anything?” Yoongi asked.

“No,” Jimin shook his head, he was too nervous to even drink anything at the moment.

Yoongi nodded his head in acknowledgment and led Jimin over to the table where his parents sat.

They had an awkward little greeting, but Jimin felt a little better that they weren’t ignoring him or anything like that.

“You look happy,” Yoongi’s omega appa commented with a smile on his face while he looked at the two of them.

“We are,” Yoongi squeezed Jimin’s hand.

“There’s no use in arguing with you over your decision to mate,” Alpha Min said a bit more tersely.

“I’m glad you see it that way,” Yoongi told him.

“But I am dismayed at your comment on the phone this morning Yoongi,” Alpha Min added. “You’ve been preparing to take over the pack since you were young and now you’re an even better candidate.”

Yoongi shrugged, “I don’t want it though. I appreciate your support in our mating but that doesn’t change my mind about the rest. I just want enjoy my life with Jimin.”

“And what about the pack?” Alpha Min pressed on. “Do you have no care for how this will all turn out for the rest of us?”

“I have to put my mate before the pack,” Yoongi replied without even having to think about. “I expect you would do the same.”

Yoongi’s omega appa let out a laugh at that, “You can’t fault him there dear.”

“I’m sorry appa but you won’t be able to change my mind on this,” Yoongi said. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while but almost losing Jimin just made everything that much clearer for me.”

Alpha Min nodded slowly, “I can respect that.”

Even though the meeting was a little awkward, it wasn’t exactly bad. They left knowing that Alpha Min was annoyed with his son, but not enough to disown him.

Maybe they didn’t see eye to eye on this, but they were still a family.

Jimin hoped that he could say the same for his appa, he still hadn’t heard from his omma and it was starting to make him nervous.

That afternoon Yoongi had to return back to his apartment, but only to grab some of his things. Because as he told Jimin, he didn’t plan on leaving his side anytime soon.

They indulged in takeaway that night for dinner, enjoying having the apartment to themselves when Jungkook took Taehyung out to eat for a little date.

The two were in the middle of cleaning up after themselves when Jimin’s phone went off.

He pulled it out of his pocket thinking that it might have been his roommate but was surprised to see that it was actually a text from his omma.

Omma: I’m still working on your Appa

Omma: He feels very betrayed but I’m doing my best

Jimin: 🙁

Jimin: Should we not look for an apartment on pack territory?

Omma: Maybe look at a few different locations just in case

Jimin: Okay

Omma: Keep your chin up, you got your alpha

Jimin: I know, I still feel lucky

Omma: That makes me happy to hear

Omma: I’ll keep trying to get my alpha to come around ❤️

Jimin: Thank you Omma ❤️

Jimin didn’t even have to tell the alpha what had happened, Yoongi had already come to his side to wrap his arms around him.

“It’ll be okay,” Yoongi tried to console him.

“You don’t know that though,” Jimin sad sadly.

Yoongi pressed a kiss into his neck making the omega sigh,“Give it time.”

Jimin nodded and let himself be distracted as Yoongi trailed more kisses along his neck and jawline. Until Jimin was turning in his arms for more.

It was easy to forget about the looming issue of his family while Yoongi led him into the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed.

At the moment all he cared about was getting their clothes off and getting Yoongi on top of him as fast as possible.

The feeling that he got being with Yoongi only reminded him why mating the alpha was worth all the baggage of their families issues.


It didn’t take much time for them to slip into a new normal.

Even with things left unresolved between the packs, and Jimin’s appa still giving them the cold shoulder they learned to take it one day at a time.

Without even really realizing it they had started to learn how to live together without it technically being true.

Yoongi brought over his favorite clothes and possessions after Jimin made space in his room because the alpha didn’t want to spend any night without his omega and Jimin was completely happy with that.

They had even started to shop for some new decorations for their first place together, which proved to be an adorable little bonding experience for them. Learning how to mesh their different styles together.

Actually finding a new place to live together proved to be much trickier though.

At first, it was a lot of fun to look up apartments online and think about the possibilities of what could be done with them. But once they kept having to go out and look at them it quickly became tiring.

Jimin learned that Yoongi liked to stay in budget at all times, which he admired but also maybe stomped on his dreams some.

Whenever he’d point out a cute place in the neutral territory Yoongi would always seem to turn it down because of the price. It wasn’t like he was wrong though, Jimin just got worried they’d never find anything.

Yoongi made it up to him by showering him in affection, like right now as they walked their way home with their arms full of bags.

Another unsuccessful apartment hunt ended in Yoongi offering to cook Jimin his favorite meal for dinner.

After a quick trip to the grocery store they were heading home and Jimin couldn’t wait for food and cuddles.

“I wish we knew where my appa stood on things so we could look in this area,” Jimin sighed. “I really do love this neighborhood.”

“I know,” Yoongi said softly. “Maybe he’ll come around soon.”

“Maybe,” Jimin wasn’t very hopeful though.

When they got home, Jimin really wasn’t surprised to see that Jungkook and Taehyung were lounging on the couch studying together. More often than not, the younger alpha would sleep over as well.

It didn’t bother Jimin at all though. On the contrary, he loved seeing how happy Taehyung was when his alpha was around.

“You’re cooking hyung?” Jungkook looked excited as soon as he saw the bags in their hands.

“For Jimin,” Yoongi clucked his tongue.

“We can share,” Jimin chided his mate.

Of course Yoongi would cook up plenty, already the alpha was giving him a look like Jimin had ruined his fun.

He’d learned that as soft as Yoongi was for him, the alpha still liked to tease his friends.

Yoongi sighed dramatically like it truly pained him, “Fine, but you better be on cleanup duty.”

Jimin rolled his eyes but Jungkook had already clapped his hands in excitement and eaglery agreed.

As usual, Jimin did his best to help out Yoongi where he could. If for no other reason than to stay close and admire the alpha working diligently on the meal.

As the delicious smell from the food filled the kitchen it was hard to tell who he was drooling over more, the meal or the alpha.

When they sat down to actually eat, Jimin started to retell the details of the place they’d looked at to Taehyung and Jungkook.

“It was really cute,” Jimin told them.

“But it was right above a salon and the smell was awful,” Yoongi finished for his mate.

“Yeah,” Jimin frowned. “It wa a good price too but I guess now we know why.”

“You’re really not having any luck,” Taehyung sounded like he felt bad for his friend.

Jungkook actually chimed in which surprised Jimin as he usually stayed more quiet, “It doesn’t help that this place is so cute. Must be hard to compare it to other places.”

Jimin nodded, “Of course I love this apartment but it’s Taehyung’s not mine.”

“Yeah I lived here first,” Taehyung told Jungkook. “Of course I wouldn’t mind if Yoongi just moved in with us. I mean, he’s always feeding us great meals.”

Jimin realized that he actually hadn’t really thought of that possibility, when Yoongi said he wasn’t them to get a place he assumed it was the right thing to do.

Now that he thought of it, maybe staying wouldn’t be so bad?

“I mean,” Jimin turned to Yoongi. “That would definitely make the budget part of things easier.”

Yoongi plopped a piece of food in his mouth while he was thinking.

“You could move in too,” Taehyung told Jungkook nervously. “If you wanted to I mean..that way Yoongi wouldn’t be surrounded by omegas here.”

Jungkook looked surprised and turned to look at Yoongi, neither of them said anything.

“We always have fun together as a group,” Jimin added. “Unless you don’t want to?”

“I basically live here already,” Yoongi shrugged casually.

It was a little surprising how excited Jimin felt by this idea. He could live with his best friend and alpha too?

It wouldn’t be a long term solution, of course they would want to move into their own place eventually.

But it gave them time to finish out school and not to stress about their living situation so soon after being mated.

He kissed Yoongi on the cheek happily and then turned to Taehyung who was smiling back at them too.

“If I moved in then Hobi and Namjoon could live together,” Jungkook blushed a little as he spoke to the table.

“Good point,” Yoongi told the younger alpha.

“Then Yoongi won’t have to worry about his lease,” Jimin tried to encourage them.

“And you’ll both be so much closer to campus,” Taehyung added.

Yoongi nodded thoughtfully, “So it’s decided then?”

They all nodded and then Taehyung and Jimin let out happy squeals before jumping on their alphas.

The next week felt like a flurry of shifting things around in their apartment. Taehyung and Jimin decided to purge a lot of things they didn’t need anymore to make more space.

Jungkook and Yoongi also insisted that they get a bigger sofa. So they found one used that fit the space but also fit more people on it.

Chef Yoongi bought some more stuff for their kitchen to make sure he had everything that he needed for cooking.

Then the alphas took on the task of bringing all their stuff over. By the end of it all their place almost looked like a totally new apartment.

Jimin even made up their nest with new bedding so it wouldn’t just feel like his anymore.

And when they were finally able to crash into it after a long day he felt complete contentment.

Yoongi had shoved his face into a pillow and was groaning tiredly. Jimin laughed at him and tucked into his side before pulling the blanket over the both of them.

“I love you,” Jimin spoke just loud enough for the alpha to hear.

“Love you too,” Yoongi replied sleepily.

Maybe their journey hadn’t been the smoothest, but Jimin wouldn’t give up the chance to sleep beside Yoongi every night for the rest of his life for anything.