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As Skyscrapers At Night

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Spring days had just started to blossom under Seoul’s blue sky, the streets full of people walking along the parks and enjoying the finally warm weather.

Well, not exactly everyone.

In that sunny day, Kim Taehyung wasn’t staring at the white petals carried by the wind nor relishing in the pale sunrays hitting his skin.

No, because, in that moment, the grey haired guy was too busy staring with astonishment at the fashion magazine he was squeezing between his hands, his heels fastening step by step on the sidewalk as he scrolled through the article while he spoke on his phone.

“This is a catastrophe.”

“Come on Tae, don’t you think you are overreacting a bit?” He could almost picture Jimin rolling his eyes on the other side of the line.

“Overreacting, you say?” Taehyung answered in shock to his best friend “How can you even be so calm when the whole fashion community is talking about the so called-” He read the title written in capital letters “The so called “Dating Scandal Of The Year” all over the tabloids?”

“I guess it had to happen sooner or later.”

“Well, I don’t know about this Sooner and Later, but certainly it didn’t need to happen at Seoul Fashion Week’s eve. Couldn’t you wait, like, until Tokyo’s event?”

Well, it’s not like I had planned to be caught from the paparazzi, you know?” Jimin bit back, his harsh words addressed more to the unknown responsible of the scandal than to his best friend.

At that, Taehyung lowered the magazine and softened both his expression and tone.

“Yeah, of course, I know and I’m sorry for that. You just caught me off guard. I didn’t even know you were dating someone. I mean, you’ve been in India for what? A month? And you come back like this with a boyfriend” And, okay, maybe he was a bit hurt the other hadn’t told him about that mysterious guy “We’ve always shared every detail and secret, hell, we’ve been declared the “Single Couple” of every public event: the fabulous, unreachable gays that everyone wants but no one gets.”

Hearing their nickname, Jimin smiled from the other side of the line “We still are and will always be” Then, although Taehyung couldn’t see him, he fidgeted with his hands “And, I mean, I’ve been hanging out with him for a few months by now but I wasn’t sure how to tell you and then the work, the events, the Fashion Week-”

“Ok. That’s what we are gonna do” Taehyung interrupted him, sensing he was starting to panic as the news began to crash over him “Tonight, I’ll come at your place, bringing champagne and strawberries, and you’ll tell me everything. Or we can just get drunk and forget about the whole thing. How does it sound to you?”

“You are the best.”

“Yeah I know.”

“Anyway, shouldn’t you be at Prada’s right now?”

“Probably” Taehyung pondered calmly, glancing at his watch and noticing he was twenty minutes late.

“God, your manager is a saint, you know that?”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll get going now, see you later ok? Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Taehyung hung up and sighed, closing his phone and slowing his walk.

The grey haired boy looked at the photo in the cover page, showing Jimin exiting an expensive restaurant with a guy wearing black sunglasses. Who was that stranger? A model? A stylist? Maybe someone outside their circle? His expression winced when he noticed a small paragraph, reporting the disturbing question: how will the other half of the “Single Couple” take this news? Are their golden days over? Will he face the forthcoming Fashion Week alone or will he show with a partner too?

Taehyung didn’t even bother finishing the article, throwing the newspaper in the nearest trash can.

Right now, the only thing that mattered was that Jimin was happy. Screw the rest.

And screw the asshole who had published those photos.

Anyway, since he was already late, he may as well be later. Therefore, he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and raised his gaze, watching the sky through the branches full of flowers and taking a second to relax, fluttering his eyes shut and breathing in-

“Watch out!”

A shout interrupted his temporary pause, making him snap his eyes open and widen just in time to see a boy with a beanie crushing against him.

Well, crushing wasn’t the exact term since the stranger, who had just bumped into him, had fluently shifted so that he had landed on his back, bringing Taehyung down with him, buffering the impact in the process.

“What the-?” The grey haired boy yelled, finding himself on the ground in a blink of an eye.

“Shit” The stranger cursed, throwing his head back against the asphalt and panting underneath him, his chest raising and falling as if he had just ran a marathon. Then, as if noticing just in that moment Taehyung was literally straddling him, he added “Hey, you okay?”

The older gaped, not believing the other’s behavior “Well obviously I’m not since I’m lying on the ground while I should be on my feet, don’t you think?”

“Doesn’t seem like you are lying on the cold asphalt to me” Jungkook pointed out, looking meaningfully at Taehyung, who was basically sitting on his lap “ I mean, make yourself at home, it’s not like I have to move.”

The boy pressed his lips together and glared at the stranger “Well, I would gladly move if you’d free me from your death grip.”

Only in that moment, Jungkook realized he was still holding the other’s waist, which he quickly released.

Without hesitating one second more, Taehyung stood up, his heels ticking on the sidewalk as he composed himself while the other guy got up too.

Then, he crossed his arms.

“What?” The younger asked, fixing his beanie and checking if the impact on the bare asphalt had caused any injury.

“I’m waiting” Taehyung pointed out, preventing himself from tapping his feet on the ground.

“For what?” The guy raised his eyebrow, stretching and flexing his arms, which seemed to be just fine.

“An apologize.”

“For what?” This time, ‘beanie boy’ furrowed his brows, not understanding what that stranger was implying.

“You literally assaulted me.”

At that accuse, the stranger scoffed, smirking in what seemed an amused expression and, stopping his wounds check, he finally took a proper look at the guy standing in front of him.

Previously, when they were lying on the ground, he hadn’t had the chance to notice the other’s figure nor his outfit, which he could now appreciate at full. His gaze travelled down, leaving that firm jawline and raised chin, to slide across a black crop top, the tanned skin partially exposed and showing the glimpse of a belly button piercing. Nonetheless, the grey haired boy’s navel was partially covered by a pair of shorts which hugged the perfect curve of his hips and thighs and ended with two garters, miles of bare legs fully in display and towering on a pair of golden- wait were those heels?

“Cat got your tongue?” Taehyung asked in a smug expression.

“No” The boy with the beanie fluttered his eyelids a few times and regained quickly his composure “I was just thinking you should actually thank me.”

“Thank you? For what exactly?” The other answered in a bewildered tone, not believing his ears.

The fucking audacity.

“Well you seemed pretty lost in your world” He reasoned, recalling the scene of a few minutes before “You weren’t even watching the street. It’s a miracle I have good reflexes while I jump.”

“Jump? And why, for the sake of god, would someone jump in the middle of the way?”

“Parkour?” The boy answered as if that was enough of an explanation.

“Sorry what?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is.”

“Nor really” Taehyung sharpened his eyes in a skeptical expression, thinking the other was just tricking him.

In that moment, their little bickering was interrupted by a shout “Come on Jungkook” Someone, precisely two guys, called from a nearby building. The scene could have seemed normal if not for the fact that they were sitting on the verge of a ten meters high beam, legs hanging in the air as if it was nothing.

The model widened his eyes and opened his mouth to say something, but he was soon interrupted by the stranger “Well, you can always follow me on my Instagram page and find out” He suggested, tapping his beanie with his finger. Taehyung’s gaze followed the movement to find the word “GoldenJ” written above it. Then, he winked “Bye bye princess.”

Afterwards, without giving him other time or sparing him another glance, the stranger took a run-up and crossed the street, making a front flip and landing easily near the building where his friends were waiting for him. Once there, he turned and, noticing Taehyung was still looking at him, he smirked and started to climb the wall with his bare hands, moving fluently and fast, reaching the two guys effortlessly under the model’s shocked stare.

Taehyung gaped and blinked a few times, not believing what he had just witnessed.

That stranger had just left him dumbstruck.

And he rarely was.

Glancing one last time at the boy, he turned on his heels (literally) and walked along the street until he found a taxi and took it, giving the driver the address he should have reached almost an hour before by now.

Too bad.

His manager would have just added another reason to kill him on his agenda.

Once inside the cab, Taehyung tapped his fingers on the locked screen of his phone for a solid minute before opening the Instagram app and typing the nickname GoldenJ.

















Jungkook entered his apartment and kicked the door close, crushing on the couch right after.

He knew he needed a shower, but he was just too tired to care.

He quickly glanced at his phone and, when he noticed the display showed more than the usual three notifications, he locked it again and groaned, rubbing his eyes with his hands and deciding to take a quick shower before reaching his brother at the pub.

I told you not to push yourself that much.

Yoongi’s words echoed through his mind.

Lately, he was having quite a hard time trying to balance his work with his passion. Since when he and his brother had moved from the small town in which they lived, they had worked their asses off to open a gym in Seoul and continue parkour in the meanwhile. The idea of an Instagram page had born to promote both the gym and the free running activity, which were strictly connected. It had taken him a few time to enter and be known in Seoul’s buildering circle, but, when he made it, he had started to gain followers and, now that he looked at his 90k subscribers, Jungkook felt pretty satisfied.

Recently, a sponsor had even contacted him. It was just a niche company, which had offered him a paltry amount of money to promote their energizer drink.

He had said he would eventually have thought about it.

First of all, he wanted to talk about it with his brother, who he knew would have disagreed, and with Hoseok, who was the co-owner of the gym.

It wasn’t about the money per se, (hey, who said no to cash nowadays), nor about the fact that he didn’t like energizer drinks that much, but because he had started free running just for fun and had begun recording his crew just to improve, not to make a business out of it.

All his life, he had always loved being outdoor, with every weather condition, and do acrobatics, not to speak about climbing. Add some illegal buildering to that, and there he was, teaching as a gym trainer at day and climbing over buildings at night.

Fifteen minutes and a cold shower later, the boy realized it was too early to go out already, so he opened the laptop and connected his camera, wanting to take a look at the shoot of that morning.

It wasn’t that bad.

He and Hoseok had started with some simple skills in the park, not wanting to disturb Yoongi, who was studying the Banghwa bridge from a bench, scribbling all over his sketchbook.

Usually, he woke up at dawn and ran to warm up a bit before heading to the city streets with Hoseok, Yoongi reaching them just in a second moment. His brother liked more to film and plan their projects than the activity itself.

Therefore, here they were in the display, flying from a rooftop to another and then descending quickly, jumping on the ground and along the street. They were following an usual itinerary when Hoseok had paused to drink some water. Jungkook had turned to check why his friend was missing by his side and, seeing the older had stopped, he was about to turn too when his feet had missed the support of the ground and his whole body had twisted in the air. And here was the moment when he had crashed into the stranger.

Those bastards.

They had recorded the whole accident.

Ok so maybe it had been partially his fault.

As the video went by, he heard the comments of his brother in the background, wondering what the hell he was doing and complaining he was taking too long, and laughed a bit at the memory of the bickering with that stranger in the morning.

Glancing at the clock and noticing it was already late, he stopped the video and headed to the pub. Once there, he spotted easily his brother and his best friend at the usual table, a beer already waiting for him while the two ate burgers and chips.

“About time” Yoongi commented, unimpressed by his delay.

“Who does give a fuck about time” Hoseok shushed him and turned expectantly to the younger “Well? How did you do it?”

“Do what?” Jungkook asked as he took a long sip from the stein and stole a few chips from his brother’s plate.

“Don’t play dumb with me. First, you reach 100k followers only in a few hours and then one of the most famous fashion models of the whole South Korea follows you on Instagram.”

What?” The younger almost choked on the food, taking a long sip of his drink to breathe again.

“Have you even opened your phone tonight?”

Furrowing his brows, Jungkook rushed to take out his phone and unlocked it.

“This could also explain the reason why you didn’t answer any of my text.”

“And when I even do that, really” The boy answered absent-mindedly, not really paying attention to his friend as he scrolled through the notifications of his Instagram page.

Too many notifications.

Only then, he noticed the number of his followers had considerably raised in what? Three hours? How could that be even possible?

It had taken him three years to reach 90k and, at the beginning, he allowed himself only to dream numbers like those. And now 18k in a day.

What caught his eyes as he scrolled, though, was a verified account, whose name he didn’t recognize.

Bewildered, he rushed to click on the profile. The first thing he saw was the beautiful face of the stranger from that morning, the only different feature his hair, blue instead of grey. The second detail he noticed was that he had 3 million followers.

The description was simple: V for Vogue.

“Holy shit.”

“How do you know him??” Hoseok asked curiously, peeking up from his shoulder and looking at the profile. That morning he was probably too far to see the guy clearly or recognize him from their video.

“I… Just met him” Jungkook answered vaguely, too focused on scrolling the ton of pictures portraying the beautiful boy in long dresses and elegant clothes. When he was met with a particular photo, which showed the model in the center of a runway with a pair of wings, he rushed to lock his phone, feeling a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Oh my god! He is the one you were talking about!” His friend exclaimed, making the younger snap his gaze back on the two of them.


“And you are not even denying it! You’ve been telling us for weeks you had this big announcement to make and now this.”

“What??” Jungkook gaped, gesturing hurriedly to deny the other’s absolutely wrong theories “No! You got it all wrong.”

“Then explain why an impossibly famous fashion model started following you all of a sudden” Hoseok challenged him, crossing his arms and waiting for an explanation.

The younger blinked, taken aback from that straight question. He had the suspect that telling the truth, which was “I bumped on him on the street and kinda asked slash dared him to follow me on Instagram without even knowing who the hell he was”, wasn’t exactly the best option.

Those two would have mocked him for the rest of his miserable life.

He could have lied. Or, better, he could have omitted the truth.

Nonetheless, before he could come up with some fake excuses, noticing he was hesitating, Hoseok declared in a shocked expression “Oh my god. You two are seeing each other, aren’t you?”

“Hyung, we aren’t seeing each other what the fuck” Jungkook laughed and rolled his eyes at the absurdity of that statement. Although, he was having fun in seeing his friend all suspicious, making wrong theories and ridiculous assumptions.

“Does he know who you are?”

“Yeah but-”

“Have you guys talked in person?”

Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek, not wanting to admit that because he knew Hoseok would have misinterpreted the whole thing “Yes but that’s not-”

“Ok. You two are dating” His friend declared, half joking and half serious.

“Ok, you know what, think whatever you want I’m out of this” Jungkook decided to end the conversation there, grabbing a bunch of chips and heading to the billiard table in the center of the pub.

“You know that leaving this conversation like this makes all of this even more suspicious?” Hoseok screamed from behind, following the younger with his eyes. Then, he sharpened his gaze and shifted closer to the older, who had kept silent until that moment “What do you think?”

“Don’t care” Yoongi stated. Afterwards, taking his own bottle of beer, he got up too and reached his brother, taking a pool cue and nearing the green table.

The younger had already started playing by his own, hitting a good shot which had knocked five balls into the pockets “Seems like my little brother  has done a big shot” He whistled, referring both to the game and the Instagram guy.

“Are you gonna torture me too?” Jungkook asked, picking up the balls and setting them aside.

“Nah” His brother said, taking a sip of his drink and putting the bottle on the table. Then, he grabbed two white balls and placed them near the baulk cushion.

“You in?”




“I’m listening” The younger conceded as they both bent over the table to do a lag.

“I win you tell me the truth about this Kim guy” Yoongi offered, gripping the pool cue harder and preparing to hit the ball “You do and I’ll show you my next project.”

Jungkook widened his eyes.

His brother rarely talked about his ideas nor shared them until he was sure he had checked every risk and detail.

“Thought you didn’t care.”

“You in?” Yoongi smirked, repeating the other’s previous question.

“Always” Jungkook smiled as then they hit the balls at the same time.










“Cheers to us.”

Taehyung and Jimin clicked their flutes together and drank the champagne right after.

The two friends had been sitting on the white sofa of Jimin’s penthouse for a few hours now and that was the umpteenth toast they made. As the champagne kept free-flowing, the grey haired boy listened to his best friend, who was telling him how he had known the mysterious guy who had become his boyfriend, Kim Namjoon.

Apparently, Jimin had met the guy while he was making a photo shoot in India, where the older was travelling because he was writing a book set in those places.

“How did it happen you two started talking?” Taehyung asked curiously, lying his head against the back pillow of the sofa.

“Promise me you won’t laugh.”

“’kay” Taehyung took a sip of his drink, eager to know the whole story.

“I fell in front of him.”

Taehyung burst out laughing a moment later, earning a smack on the shoulder from his best friend.

“You promised!”

“Sorry sorry I’m serious” Taehyung forced his lips together, keeping a blank expression for one and a half second before starting to laugh again.

“It was raining ok!” Jimin tried to justify himself “And the street was slippery.”

“Sure” The grey haired boy nodded, tears prickling in the corner of his eyes.

“Now enough with me, your turn.”

“Don’t think you can change subject that easily.”

“I can and I’ll do” Jimin shifted closer with a glint in his eyes “So. Who is this GoldenJ?”

“I have no idea who you are talking about” Taehyung suddenly averted his gaze, focusing on the furniture around the room and feigning innocence “Is that a new chandelier? Never noticed it before.”

“Kim Taehyung.” Jimin called him slowly, pointing dangerously a finger at him “You literally follow five people on Instagram and if we exclude me, Yeontan and you mother that makes them two.”

The model sighed.

He knew he had screwed up the moment he had pressed the following button. But he was bored and he just wanted to have some fun and he had promised himself he would have unfollowed that boy soon after. Just the time to see one video or two of that guy… ok make it all of them. Plus, that stranger had basically challenged him to follow him so it wasn’t Taehyung fault but Jungkook’s.

“My finger must have slipped-”

“Uh uh” Jimin commented sarcastically, arching his eyebrow. Then, noticing the other’s expression had suddenly shifted to an evil grin, he warned “Don’t you dare.”

“Like you did in front of Namjoon” And he burst out laughing again.

“If you think your bad jokes will distract me from the “beanie boy” matter you got it all wrong.”

“Oh I call him like that too!” Taehyung exclaimed, realizing in horror he had just admitted he was someway connected to the guy.

“So you do know him” This was Jimin’s turn to smirk.

“I didn’t say that.”

“But you do.”

“Who knows” Taehyung smile and winked, deciding to change approach and play a bit with the other.

“Is he interested in you?”

 “My lips are sealed.”

“Oh my god, are you interested in him?”

“Not gonna tell.”

“Come oooon” Jimin pleaded, pouting a little.

Honestly, there was really nothing to talk about, but he liked torturing the other a bit,  making him think he was keeping some sort of secret from him. Call him petty but he was still sulking for having known about Namjoon from the newspapers.

There was nothing wrong in omitting the truth after all, wasn’t it?

“Oh my god you two are dating, aren’t you?”

Ok not so far though.


“Yes!” Jimin clapped his hands enthusiastically “I knew there was something about you lately. I just thought you were focused on your work but this would explain everything.”

“Jimin I-”

“Oh my god, I am so happy for you and I mean, I was also kinda worried cause I wanted to ask Namjoon to come to the Fashion Week but, at the same time, I knew that is our single iconic event and I didn’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable but, on the other hand, I wished for Namjoon to see the ambience I work in and meet you and-”

“Jimin, stop, you are rambling” The grey haired boy said, placing his hands on the other’s shoulders. He could easily read the distress in his features and he felt bad for having been the partial cause of that mood.

Ok and now how he was supposed to confess him it was all a joke?

Great job Taehyng, really.

“So is it true? You are seeing this guy?” Jimin asked with an hopeful expression, so bright and shining that Taehyung didn’t have the courage to tell him the truth.

“Y-yeah kinda” He lied, cursing for the mess he was already seeing ahead of him.

“Yayyy I knew it!” Jimin threw himself atop of the other “We could hang out all four together!” Then, noticing Taehyung’s panicked expression, he hurried to add “Or not, of course. I mean, you don’t have to take him if you are not comfortable enough and-”

“Rambling” The grey haired boy smiled against his best friend’s shoulder and relaxed when he felt the other’s arms circling him.

“Sorry I was too caught up” Jimin smiled sincerely at him “Do whatever makes you happy Taetae. Just… let me know if you’ll bring him to the Fashion Week, I’d really like to meet him.”

At that, Taehyung bit his bottom lip and shrugged “I’ll think about it.”

“Can you believe the two of us really got someone?”

“No I can’t” Taehyung answered bitterly downing his drink and refilling the glass right after.









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Taehyung woke up to a lick on his nose, soon followed by others, on his cheeks and front head.

“Stop” He giggled, rolling on the bed and hiding his face under the duvet “Just another minute, would you?”

In answer, he just got a loud bark and a whine, feeling a snout against his head and paws on his pillow.

“Ok, ok, I got it jeez” He whined, turning his head to be met with a Yeontan with hanging tongue and shining eyes “Don’t look at me like that, no cuddles for little monsters who wakes their owner this early in the morning.”

At those words, the dog tilted his head to the left and Taehyung just melted, not able to resist him “Come here you little evil ball of fluff.” Immediately, as if understanding him, Yeontan jumped happily between his arms.

“Today we got a mission to do, you know that?” The grey haired boy stated seriously while holding the dog above his head.

“Because your owner has decided to send to hell his perfect single life, not to speak about his dignity, to promise he would have asked a perfect stranger to come with him at the Versace premiere next week.”

At that, Yeontan playfully bit his finger “Dumb move, I know, but what else could I have done?”

The dog just watched him pitifully, or that was the interpretation Taehyung gave to those eyes “Don’t look at me like that. Life plays hard but this bitch plays twice harder, you heard me?” He stated firmly, earning an approving bark from the dog.

Thus, he took his phone and, after having checked the news on the various social, he opened “Beanie Boy”s Instagram page and started one of the jobs he was better at: stalking. Well, not that it was any fun since the guy seemed to use the social as his journal, updating news from day to day and, most important, always tagging the location he was training in. This way, Taehyung easily found out “Jeon Jungkook” ( this was the name on the caption) seemed to often train at the “MetroRock Gym”, in the outskirts of the city. Therefore, he decided to start from there and see what he could have find out.

“Now, let’s get ready to slay” The model announced, sliding out of the sheets and heading to his walk-in closet.

After having stared at the shoes area for a solid minute, he declared “Ok, I’ve basically nothing to wear for the occasion, that’s clear” He huffed, annoyed, walking down the closet and skimming his hand through the countless dresses hung there. 

When his finger brushed against a silky cloth, the grey haired boy stopped and furrowed his brows, taking a few steps back. The model studied the Burberry’s squared brown skirt for a few seconds, already thinking about a pair of stockings to match.

Then, he changed his mind.

“Maybe for another time. Let’s keep it sober” He spoke aloud, choosing a simple black, loose tee and a striped grey and white shirt, together with a pair of large black trousers instead “But” He added, opening a drawer and taking something from the inside “If you think I’m gonna forego the Trussardi beret you are totally wrong.”

Once he put on those clothes, he watched himself in the mirror, satisfied with the result. He liked comfy garments and, even though they hid the most part of his shape, still, that particular outfit made his collarbones stand out, together with his face.

Lastly, he decided to add a pair of Ray-Ban, hoping that he would have passed unnoticed.

Afterwards, he turned and spotted Yeontan, who was sitting in a white pouf and seemed not to have the intention to move anytime soon “Don’t look at me like that. You are coming too. I need backups.”

Then, seeing his dog’s expression, he added “And try to behave.”









Yeontan started barking as soon as they stepped into gym.

“What did I say about behaving?” Taehyung hissed, noticing every people in the room had turned to look at them.

“Dogs aren’t allowed here” A voice came from the desk on the entrance, where the stranger from a few days before was bent, busy on filling out some documents with the usual beanie on his head.

Well, that had been easy.

“Ok, you have the right to bark at him” Taehyung whispered while walking closer to the other, certain he would have heard him. Then, he greeted “Hello Beanie Boy.”

At those words, Jungkook furrowed his brows and raised his head, not able to mask his surprise in seeing the model standing in front of him.

“Princess” He greeted back “Didn’t think to see you again so soon.” Then, he smirked, placing his elbows over the counter and lying closer to the other “What can I do for you? Fallen in love with parkour and want me to give you some lessons?”

“Not really” Taehyung answered cheekily. 

“Missed me already?” The guy winked with a smug expression and ok, what was with this straightforwardness? Taehyung wasn’t really used to people acting so openly with him.

“Definitely not” The model bit back, hiding the smile which already threatened to creep through his lips. He was a sucker for flirting, sue him “Ok, this is kinda complicated so I’ll cut the bullshit and go straight to the point. Perhaps, this way I’ll avoid embarrassing myself further than I already did: do you wanna come with me to an event next week?”

What he had become.

Kim Taehyung, fashion model, unreachable single gay icon, asking a guy - a stranger - to go out with him on a fake date.

He was sure Yeontan was judging him in that moment.

He was judging himself too.


Taehyung blinked.

Not that the grey haired boy was expecting a refusal, of course, but at least a little bit of hesitation, some doubts, a few questions, a shift of surprise in the other’s  seemingly impassive expression.

“That’s all?”

“Yeah, I mean you don’t have to make up excuses if you wanna ask me out.”


“I don’t wanna ask you out” Taehyung underlined and, seeing the other’s quirked brow, he added vaguely “It’s just I have this plus one and my best friend asked me to bring someone.”

Rather die than admitting he had basically told his best friend they were dating just not to seem a complete loser and make him enjoy the Fashion Week premiere night with his brand new boyfriend.

“And you thought about me” Jungkook asked skeptically, crossing his arms. Actually, the younger was having the time of his life in teasing the other.

On the contrary, Taehyung was quite struggling, not having considered the other could have acted difficult or, worse, rejected his offer. The model was pondering the not attractive option to confess him the truth about his desperate condition and even beg for his help, when someone shouted from his behind his shoulder.

“Holy shit.”

For a moment, Taehyung feared someone had actually recognized him. The model was already on his way fight whatever journalist had had the guts to follow him there, when he was met with a gaping boy staring at him in awe.

“Oh my god sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, but it’s true then” He exclaimed, seemingly not believing his eyes.

“What is true?” Taehyung repeated confused, noticing Jungkook had just frozen in his spot.

“You are Jungkookie’s boyfriend!”

The boy was too excited to notice Taehyung’s expression faltering for a second before morphing into an evil grin while he turned and looked at the younger with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Oh, so you talked about us, Jungkookie?” He asked expectantly, placing an elbow on the counter as well and fixing his gaze in the other’s eyes.

“Yeah, it came as a surprise to the all of us” Hoseok rushed to explain, noticing Jungkook was literally sending him daggers through his eyes.

“You don’t say” The grey haired boy arched his brow, amused in sensing the other’s struggle.

“Are you gonna introduce us or what?” Hoseok asked expectantly, ignoring the glare he was still receiving, which could be interpreted as something between “go away” and “you are dead” at the same time.

“Yeah, sure, of course.”

Jungkook seemed to want to do anything but that. Nonetheless, he muttered through gritted teeth “Taehyung… Hyung” He flinched, knowing the two of them didn’t have that level of familiarity. At all. “This is my best friend, Jung Hoseok and Hoseok this is my” He hesitated a moment before continuing “boyfriend, Taehyung... Hyung.”

“Oh, look at him, so shy. He wouldn’t tell us anything, you know?” The older commented sadly “I had to do all the job. But I trust you will tell us how this whole thing happened.” Then, he leaned closer to the model and whispered “I made a bet with his brother and I don’t wanna lose it.”

“Hyung!” Jungkook protested, wanting both to shoo Hoseok and dig his own grave at the same time.

On the contrary, Taehyung was having the time of his life, laughing in amusement at the funny behavior of the two friends.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I have lesson and I can’t be late. Nevertheless, I hope to see you soon Taehyung-sshi. It was really a pleasure to meet you” And, by saying that, the boy headed to one of the numerous rooms downstairs.

As soon as the other was gone, Jungkook rushed to say “I can explain.” All his previous smugness suddenly disappeared.

“I’m all ears” Taehyung challenged him, interested in hearing the whole story behind their supposed relationship.

“It all started as a joke.”

“Uh uh” The model raised his brows, clearly not believing him.

The younger sighed, glancing one last time at the papers around the desk before closing the documents and telling the other to follow him.






“So, let me get this straight” Taehyung resumed fifteen minutes later in the gym’s bar, where the two guys were currently seating with a croissant and a vanilla latte for the older, who had just remembered he hadn’t had breakfast, and a black coffee for the younger. “We both lied to our best friends and told them we were seeing each other because they were bitching about me following you on Instagram?”

“What can I say?” Jungkook shrugged, lying unconcerned against his chair “I just hoped this way they would have left me in peace. I thought lying would have been fine… How would they have find out anyway? But then you showed up today…”

“Yeah, I did.”

Silence fell between the two boys as Taehyung sipped his drink, the both of them thinking about the strange situation they got their selves into.

“So, is there a code or something for the party thing?” Jungkook asked after a while, making the other widen his eyes.

“You mean we should actually go for it?” The model asked, surprised. Not that he wanted to abandon the plan, but he was just taken aback by the other’s resolved attitude.

“I mean, yes? Aren’t you here for this reason?” The younger furrowed his brows, not understanding the model’s sudden hesitation.

Taehyung bit his bottom lip. Maybe having met the other’s friend and having lied to him like that, easily and smoothly, had made him realize what he was really planning to do and made him feel guilty too, a sensation which would have only worsened if Jungkook would have ever met Jimin. Besides, he had thought the whole affair would have been more difficult: finding the guy, persuading him to go to the event, eventually revealing him his plan…

Wait, was he complaining because it was going too smoothly?

Still undecided on how to feel about the whole situation, he decided to ask “How are you so calm and cool about this?”

“Why shouldn’t I?” The younger simply answered “It’s not like we killed someone. And, I mean, what would we gonna tell them anyway? Sorry, it was all a joke?”

“Yeah, you got a point” The grey haired boy admitted, cupping his mug thoughtfully.

For the first time since their meeting, the model took his time studying the other’s expression and features, trying to read as much as he could from them. With a work like his, Taehyung was used to judge people from the first glance. As he scrutinized those big, brown eyes, which seemed both gentle and lively, the grey haired boy decided that yes, maybe, it could have worked.

The guy had got potential, indeed. Taehyung’s trained eye could already picture him in a suit, easily estimating his measurements in the meantime.

Jungkook felt suddenly very naked under the older’s inquisitive gaze, so he lowered his eyes and shifted his attention to the dog, which was sitting in a chair between the two of them. He was about to break that awkward silence and ask at least what was its name, when the other spoke resolutely.

“Ok then, let’s do it.”

Jungkook let out a breath, feeling like he had just passed some sort of test, and nodded “Great. So, how are we gonna proceed? I mean, will we have to see each other often or…?”

“Nah, don’t worry, we don’t have to do too much” Now that Taehyung had made his decision, his mind was all focused into planning the deed.

Deed? Seriously, Taehyung? Well, there was nothing wrong in a little drama.

“Actually, the less we do, the better it will be. Rumors will spread fast. Just seeing us together will be enough, we don’t have to go pda or anything” The model reflected, making the other choke on his drink. Taehyung hid his smile behind his latte, amused by the other’s reaction “About the duration of this relationship, how many weeks do you think would be good? A few? A whole month?”

“A whole month?” Jungkook repeated, not showing enthusiasm but neither discontent. “I thought this would have been just one night stand” He teased, looking smugly at the other.

This time, it was Taehyung’s turn to choke on his drink.

“It will be” The grey haired boy underlined slowly, trying to hide his coughs but failing “Maybe two, who knows if you will be able to handle me that long” He winked.

“Is this a challenge?” The younger suggested, lying closer to the table, a glint of interest shining in his eyes.

“Anyway.” Taehyung rushed to change topic, dismissing that gaze rather quickly “About the period, after Seoul Fashion Week, I’ll have to leave for other two different events all over Asia, which will approximately last two weeks. Therefore, if it’s not a problem, I’d say to fake this relationship until I will come back. After that, I’ll leave for France and we will part our ways like the strangers we were, are and continue to be. Besides, I tend to get bored of boyfriends pretty fast so my best friend wouldn’t be surprised.”

“Should I feel offended?” Jungkook wondered, not expecting the other would have come up with such a complex plan.

“Nah” Taehyung laughed “What about you? Will your friend buy it?”

“I think Hoseok would be surprised if we last a week.”

“Why is that?” Taehyung asked curiously, lying one elbow on the table and placing his chin on his hand.

“He just cannot believe I got to go out with a beautiful model, his words not mine” Jungkook explained, sipping his black coffee.

“Hmm” Taehyung nodded comprehensively “Any other request?”


“You sure?” Since the younger sent him a questioning look, he added “Don’t know, you friend before mentioned something about meeting them…. It wouldn’t be a problem for me.”

Honestly, Taehyung could have used some time in another ambiance, a normal one. It would have been fun, changing locations, seeing new people.

“Nah, it’s fine” Jungkook just shrugged.


The model hadn’t expected that reaction nor he understood the reason why he suddenly felt something similar to rejection. Taehyung was used to be exhibited - a thing that he had learnt to both hate and love - not to be someone’s secret or fake boyfriend. If anything, people usually dreamt to be with him. Thus, he didn’t really know how to handle indifference towards him.

“Are you disappointed?” Jungkook inquired, tilting his head.

“No, of course not” Taehyung answered too fast in defense.

“Believe me, Hoseok would suspect something was wrong if I seriously took you out with me and my friends. I’ve never introduced him my exes. Besides, my brother knows we are not dating seriously. Said he hadn’t any doubts.”

Fucking billiard and fucking bets.

“So, about the party thing-” The younger changed topic.

“Ok, let’s make this clear” The grey haired boy stated firmly, interrupting him “First of all, don’t you dare calling the Fashion Week premiere ‘a party thing’. Ever again.” He warned and Yeontan barked from his chair in support “Secondly, yes, of course there is a dress code. Usually, it’s suit for men and dress for women.”

Jungkook was about to ask if that meant he would have had to actually buy something like an elegant jacket for the occasion, when the model widened his eyes as realization hit him “Oh my god, you seem exactly the type of guy who has, like, a collection of black and white tees, aren’t you.”

“I have some grey too” Jungkook answered in defense.

The older shook his head and sighed “I’ll see what I can do about that. I’ll have to call the whole team.”

After that, they arranged some other detail and decided to meet in the next few days to find a proper outfit for the premiere and get to know each other a little better. Taehyung was about to leave the gym when a sudden and dreadful thought crossed his mind.

“Oh my god” He stopped in his tracks.


“I just realized you’ll have to meet Jimin.”

“Who is he?”

“My best friend.”

“Is this a bad thing?”

“Yes” The model turned and looked at him with a serious expression “I need to prepare you.”

“Your wish is my command, princess” The younger mocked him, leaning against the door and crossing his arms as the other gave him his back and walked away.

“And don’t call me princess” Taehyung shouted, not even turning to see the other, certain he was watching him.

“Sure thing, princess.”

“I heard you” Taehyung smiled.

Jungkook smiled too “I know.”
















“What’s my cousin’s husband’s name?”

“Listen princess” Jungkook didn’t miss the scowl he received for the nickname, seeing the older’s expression reflected in the mirror “I don’t’ think Jimin will ask me that.” Then, noticing Taehyung was still glaring at him, he rolled his eyes and added “It’s Lay, you happy?”

The two boys were currently in the changing room of an atelier which belonged to a certain friend of Taehyung, who happened to be a stylist too. The model had asked the man to free the place for him for the whole afternoon, since he didn’t want anyone to snoop around and find out about his secret-fake-boyfriend.

He wanted Jungkook to be his surprise for the premiere.

Thus, the model had ordered twenty suits and called to boy to try them out.

In fact, in that moment, Taehyung was lying on a loveseat, eating marron glasses while he waited for the other to change into the umpteenth tuxedo.

“How did you know my measurements, anyway?” The younger asked from the inside of the changing room.

“I just did” Taehyung answered while leafing through Vogue, reading news about colleagues and collections. After a while, he asked “How did we met? We haven’t decided that detail yet.”

“Well, we don’t have to lie about that: you bumped on me in the street and you couldn’t resist my handsomeness” Jungkook explained smoothly without missing a beat.

“Ok, first of all, you bumped on me” Taehyung underlined “And, if I remember correctly, you were the one who couldn’t tear his eyes away from me.”

“I must remember a different scenario, then, a scenario in which you were left stunned while watching me climbing over a building.”

“Points of views.”

“Whatever makes you sleep at night, princess.” In that moment, Jungkook exited the changing room, covered in a pinstriped suit and stated “I don’t like this one.”

The model tilted his head to the right side and grimaced “Me neither.”

The younger sighed and turned to try the next outfit, which was, in fact, the tenth. Actually, he thought he would have bored to death if Taehyung hadn’t talked – and interrogated – him during the whole rehearsal.

“What about first kiss?” Jungkook asked then, wanting to take part in the creation of their fake relationship too.

“Third grade, not my best performance but I blame it on the other kisser” Taehyung answered from the other side of the curtain, earning a laugh in response.

“No, I was talking about our first kiss.”

“I don’t remember it” The model declared nonchalantly, curious to know what the other would have answered back.

“I think it’s an important matter. We should at least decide when and where it happened” Jungkook stated while putting on a black shirt.

“Didn’t peg you for a romantic.”

“M’ not” He scoffed, struggling with the necktie but not wanting to surrender to that damn monster.

“How long is it gonna take in there?”

“Almost done” Jungkook shouted back, on his way to open YouTube and look for a damn tutorial on how to knot neckties when someone, well, the only other person in the room, i.e. Taehyung, opened the curtains wide impatiently.

“Hey! I’m half-naked” The younger protested, his hands flying to cover he didn’t know exactly what, since his upper body was clothed but he hadn’t worn the trousers yet.

“I had no doubt about that. Don’t worry, anyway, with the work I do, I see more men naked than dressed” Taehyung announced nonchalantly, studying him for two seconds before deciding that no, that wasn’t the right suit.

“Don’t even bother with the necktie. Hmm” The grey haired boy glanced around and, once he found what he was looking for, he took the bag and handed it to him “Try this.” And, by saying that, he shut the curtains close and got back to the loveseat.

Now that he was alone, Taehyung could concede himself five seconds to mentally appreciate what he had just seen.

It was true, he was used to see models every day, but not everyone had a body like that. Where did those glorious thighs even come from? Damn, he wished he had ordered a pair of leather pants too.

The model snapped out of his thoughts, though, the moment Jungkook exited the change room, leaving Taehyung gaping at the sight.

The suit was simple per se. A pair of black trousers hugged those perfect, muscled legs so tightly that it seemed they were sewed on and made for him. On the upper body, the black haired boy was wearing a simple black shirt and a blazer with golden frills. Taehyung smiled slightly when he noticed the other had left a few buttons opened, so that he could catch the sight of his neck and collarbones.

“I feel like I’m wearing a carpet” The younger just said, looking at himself in the mirror.

“It’s him” The grey haired boy announced, not minding the other’s comment.


“Listen, he is a Valentino. He deserves a pronoun.”

Taehyung had a satisfied and proud expression, that Jungkook could easily see reflected in the mirror, a glint in his eyes which the younger found suddenly really interesting.

“I feel like we are in ‘Pretty Woman’. Obviously, with inverted roles. You make a horrible Julia, if you ask me.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Should I take that as a compliment or…?

Taehyung gasped in horror, covering his mouth with his hand “Oh my god you haven’t seen it” He realized. The model took a few steps back, wanting to distance himself from the other “I don’t think I can fake date a boy who hasn’t seen the basic lifetime film package.”

“Sorry” Jungkook didn’t seem sorry at all. If anything, amused.

“Mean girls?” Taehyung asked, feeling worry growing more and more.

“Never heard of them but I bet they are funny.”

The grey haired boy closed his eyes dramatically and decided to give it another try, fearing what the other’s next reply could have revealed “I’ll give you a full minute to think about this answer: The Devil wears Prada.”

“If you are talking about the horror, then I saw it.”

Taehyung dropped his face into his hand in dismay.

This was a nightmare.

This was the karma punishing him for all the times he had stolen a cover from that envious bitch of Choi Haneul.

“Meryl Streep didn’t lose an Oscar for you to ignore that masterpiece.”

“You can’t be mad at me, these are niche films” The other protested, making Taehyung shook his head in despair “I mean you can’t compare them to, for example, Titanic, because I don’t think there is a single per-” He stopped, noticing the grey haired boy had suddenly looked away, biting his bottom lip.

“No, it can’t be” Jungkook widened his eyes.

“Listen I-” The model tried to justify himself in vain.

“How. Just how.”

Titanic was a movie he would have never grown tired to watch and, even though Jungkook didn’t say it out loud, every time he re-watched it he could notice and feel new details and emotions. Not to mention that film had been his bi awakening.

“Let’s make a deal” Taehyung suggested before the other could filmshame him any further “I’ll watch yours if you’ll watch mine.”

“Deal” Jungkook agreed, ready to bear anything if that meant the other would have watched his favorite movie. Also because the boy had the feel the model would have liked it.

Lastly, Taehyung dared to ask with a glint of hope in his eyes “Amelie?”

“A masterpiece.”

“Ok, we can work on it.”

They both laughed in the mirror.



















The cold night wind was blowing through the enlightened buildings and streets of Seoul, making the few people around at those late hours shiver in their coats and fasten their walk.

Thus, nobody seemed to notice or care about the boy who had just started to climb a building with his bare hands basically in the center of the street.

“Move your ass down here, I’m freezing.”

Yoongi and Jungkook were wandering around the city when the younger had noticed a small edifice in front of them and couldn’t help himself from entering the alley on its side, clambering the wall right after.

During winter, there was too much snow for him to scale at night, so the boy hadn’t been able to climb for three whole months. He had missed it like crazy and , now the ice had finally melted and the weather allowed it, Jungkook could finally be back on the rooftops. So, yes, maybe he was taking more time than usual on that building, wanting to enjoy every moment up in the air. 

“Just ten minutes” The younger brother protested, jumping upwards and finding easily the next handhold.

“Let’s make them five” The older said from the street, shoving his hands in his pockets and watching his brother disappear from his sight.

“Come on, don’t be grumpy. This was just waiting for me to climb him.”

“Oh please, don’t call “climb” a building it’s 10 meters high, it would be an offence” Yoongi shouted back “And stop calling buildings with pronouns, that’s weird.”

“You are weird.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. 

Once he reached the top of the edifice, Jungkook tapped quickly his hand on the surface of the roof and descended down quickly right after, jumping from a terrace to another. 

“Come on, we have work to do tonight.” 

“Yes boss” Jungkook said once back on the ground. 

The two brothers walked silently side by side, immersed in their own thoughts. Jungkook had no idea where they were heading but, as soon as he caught the glimpse of a blue bridge, he smiled and understood.

The Dongjak Bridge was towering over the Han river, enlightening it together with the cars speeding above it. His brother usually went there when he had a project on his mind and, sometimes, he asked Jungkook to come too to keep him company. 

Thus, Yoongi took the lead and guided him along the footpath on the left side of the bridge, stopping near the street lights in the center of the bridge.

“Let’s see who makes it faster” He suggested, glancing at the top of the lamppost. 


As soon as Yoongi started the chronometer, Jungkook squatted on his legs and jumped high, reaching a good eight and hosting himself up right after, using his feet as leverage and gripping the post firmly. It didn’t take him to look before reaching the lamp base and shift along its arm. Once there, he straddled the bar and waited for his brother’s turn.

Yoongi just smirked, not even bothering making his chronometer start. He simply turned and jumped on the parapet in front of the street lamp, pushing himself off there to leap over the post a moment later.

“Don’t need to tell me I won” The older stated, sitting on the tiny surface of the pool and letting his legs hang in the air.

“Show off” Jungkook scoffed, securing his hands and legs on the bar and letting his back fall in the nothing, hanging there just by the legs and watching the streets underneath him.

“You are the one to talk” Yoongi glanced pointedly at him “Someone is gonna see you.”

“Nah, it’s too dark and people usually don’t stare at street lamps while driving.” Then, he turned his head and stared at the blue bridge on their left “You remember? It was my first bridge here in Seoul.”

“Yeah, I remember” Yoongi said, following his gaze “You didn’t wanna listen to any of my advice.” 

“Some things never change” Jungkook laughed, memories of his first scaling in Seoul filling his mind. That time, he had been so eager to reach the top of the bridge that he had just begun climbing it without waiting for instructions, under his brother’s terrified gaze. 

“I think it’s time to upgrade” His brother’s words snapped him out of his thoughts. 

“I’m listening” Jungkook put his hands on the bar and pushed up, sitting next to the older, curious to know what he had been planning for the last month.

“I’m working on a building but, before that, I want to see us on the Banghwa Bridge.”

Jungkook just nodded, knowing his brother always wanted to be a hundred percent sure of his projects. 

“I finished studying it” Yoongi added then “I’d say we can go within the next weeks.” 

“Perfect” The younger could already feel the adrenaline burning through his veins. God knows if he had missed that sensation. 

“Won’t be a problem with the fake boyfriend?” Yoongi asked after a while, making the other furrow his brows.

“Why should it?” 

“Have you told him?” 

“Why should have I?”

“I don’t get it” Yoongi suddenly spoke, turning his head to stare at his brother with a judging look “Why did you even agree with that deal? We both know you could have just said Hoseok to mind his own business.” 

Jungkook sighed.

He knew he couldn’t have fooled his brother any longer, but he was also aware that Yoongi wouldn’t have liked his explanation either. 

“I received an offer after Taehyung followed me on Instagram. A sponsor contacted me. A good one” He fidgeted with his hands, knowing how much the older despised businesses like those. “We could afford the buy gym. And, whether we decide to sign for the contract or not, it would have been thanks to Taehyung. I feel like I owe him this opportunity and I just wanted to do something to pay him back.”

Yoongi didn’t answer immediately, pondering the other’s words. He wasn’t a fool and he wasn’t even too proud to turn down a good offer, but he didn’t like the idea of someone having any kind of control on them. All the money they had earned and the achievements they had reached through those years, they had been possible thanks to their own sacrifices so he didn’t like the idea of sell himself. Still, ideals didn’t pay bills.

“Fucking capitalism.”

Jungkook laughed at that. He was pretty sure his brother had that phrase tattooed somewhere on his body.

Well, he hadn’t taken it that bad after all.

Now, he could reveal him who had made the offer and, hopefully, his brother’s attitude towards that sponsor would have changed a little “Maybe you won’t be this reluctant once I’ll tell you who this sponsor actually is.”

“Test me” Doubt dripped through his tone.

“Fucking RedBull bro.”

At that name, Yoongi widened his eyes, not believing his ears “Are you kidding me? I’ve been drinking that shit for my whole adolescence. That company basically owns me its life.”

“You remember when it was banned from South Korea and you kept ordering it through illegal ways?” Jungkook recalled.

“My golden days” The older commented, smiling slightly at memories of his teens. 

“Will you think about it then?” Jungkook turned his head to ask. 

“I will consider it” Yoongi conceded, not wanting to give up that easily “And, for the records, if a sponsor contacts you, you don’t have to thank anyone but yourself.”

“Is this some sort of compliment?” Jungkook joked, both surprised and pleased by his brother’s words.

“Whatever” The older shrugged, standing upright on the bar “Now, enough with the sappiness. Time to go home before someone notices us.”

After that, Yoongi climbed down the lamppost quickly while Jungkook lingered up there for a few minutes, not wanting to leave already. The black haired boy threw a last glance at the enlightened blue bridge next to him, breathing in slowly the cold hair of the night and admiring the sight.

Then, with the promise of the Banghwa bridge in his mind, he turned his back at the Donjak and reached his brother on the ground.








Chapter Text










Jungkook stared hesitantly at the hotel suit’s number in front of him, undecided whether to knock at the door or just enter the room. The day before, the black haired boy had received one, simple yet cryptic text from Taehyung:

Park Hyatt. 15 o’clock. Don’t be late.

The young man took a deep breath and, finally making up his mind, he turned the doorknob.

“About time” A familiar voice greeted him.

Jungkook furrowed his brows and checked his clock, which showed he was perfectly on time.

“You said to be here at  3 p.m. and…” He began to speak on defense while entering the suite. The second his eyes landed on the huge twin-sized bed in the center of the room, though, his thoughts ran straight in a direction he hadn’t even considered until that moment. Anyway, realizing his voice had trailed off mid-sentence, he quickly put himself together and coughed “-And why did you need me, anyway?”

“Beanie Boy, you will be the ruin of me” The model rolled on his chair, wearing nothing but a silk robe. Noticing where the other’s eyes were focused, he smirked and commented “To get ready, obviously.”

“Obviously” Jungkook repeated, trying to process the fact the model was almost completely naked in front of him except for that bathrobe and that he seemed to know exactly what was passing through his mind. But, once he processed what the older had just said, he spoke in a perplexed tone “I have literally to put on a suit.”

“Oh, you are so funny, really” Taehyung laughed but, seeing the other’s puzzled expression, he took pity on him and explained “And what about the make up? The hair?”

This time, Jungkook widened his eyes and shook his head, rejecting the sole idea of someone putting something on his face “Nobody touches my face. Or hair.”

“As much as I appreciate that rebel look of yours, we need to take care of it. Angelo will think about you” The model stated unbothered, rolling again on his chair and giving him his back.

“Who is Angelo??” Jungkook asked, suddenly worried, taking a step back and trying to find the handle.

In that moment, a man with a long beard and toned body appeared apparently out of nowhere, smiling sincerely at him and inviting Jungkook to follow him in another room.

“Bye bye, have fun” Taehyung waved his hand, giggling.

Five minutes later, when the model and his make-up artist were into a deep section of skin care, the grey haired boy received a text from Jungkook from the other side of the suite.


Beanie Boy

I will kill you.


Taehyung smiled, amused by the other’s behavior.


Just relax, it will be fun!

Beanie Boy

There is eye shadow on my eyelid.


See? You are already learning model world’s basic terms.

Beanie boy

Angelo taught me that.


That’s not the point.

Taehyung bit his bottom lip, a habit he had when he was nervous. The grey haired boy knew the other was just joking and playing with him but, still, he wanted to make sure Jungkook wasn’t doing something that made him feel uncomfortable.



You sure you feel like doing this?


Since the other didn’t answer, Taehyung started fidgeting with his hands, gnawing harder his lip with his teeth and beginning to feel anxious. Maybe he was forcing the other to do that, maybe he had been too egoist, maybe-

Two hands made his chair roll, startling the model, who was met with Jungkook’s face, big, doe eyes staring at him with and inquisitive and tender gaze.

“Hey” He spoke, squatting close to the older “What’s happening?”

The sight of the younger was quite funny, per se. Although make-up covered half of his face and his hair were full of hairpins, somehow, the boy still looked beautiful.

“I am freaking out. Maybe.”

If there was a thing which had always characterized Taehyung, that was his straightforwardness.

“I just want to make sure I’m not imposing you something you don’t wanna do. You will be exposed to all those people and the tabloids and-”

“Taehyung” Jungkook took his hands between his fingers, the warm and unexpected touch sending sparks through the older’s body. The grey haired boy was so shocked that he didn’t even notice the lack of honorific. “Calm down, would you?” Then, since his words didn’t seem to have the soothing effect he had expected, he added “I promise no one ever forced me to do something I didn’t want to do in the first place.”

“I’ve been told I can be really convincing when I want” The model mumbled, half pouting and half smiling.

“I have no doubts about that” Jungkook retorted, getting up and letting go of the other’s hands “Now, I’d better go back in there or I think Angelo will kill me.”

“Probably” Taehyung gave him a sincere smile, hoping it would have conveyed how grateful he actually was.

One and a half hour later, Jungkook was ready, his skin glowing and his blazer shining under the lights of the suite while he waited for the model to get prepared. Honestly, the boy was really curious to know what the other would have worn. Sure, he had seen (read, stalked) Taehyung’s Instagram profile and had noticed the boy seemed to have a passion for long dresses and miniskirts, but he wasn’t sure what to expect for that night.

Anyway, whatever idea he might have had about the other’s outfit, it couldn’t even come close to what the model had actually chosen to put on.

Taehyung appeared in front of him wearing a sleeveless golden dress, which left his shoulders and collarbones exposed, the silky material sliding at every movement and looking like a golden wave. Sparkling decorations covered the cloth, matching with the ones Jungkook had on his blazer, as if the two clothes were mad to be worn by a couple.

“So? What do you think?” Taehyung asked expectantly, pirouetting slowly on his heels and showing the entire dress.

And, wow. 

A V-neck descended along Taehyung’s back, leaving the skin from his shoulders to his lower back on full display and ending with a ribbon right above his ass. The silky material was just tight enough to underline each curve of that perfect body to such an extent that Jungkook had to prevent himself from stretching his hand and touch the golden fabric, together with the soft skin underneath it.

Taehyung looked stunning and Jungkook was pretty sure he had kept his mouth opened for a full minute by now. Nevertheless, the only comment he was able to formulate was:

“Won’t you be cold?”

Congrats Jungkook, really. He could hear an invisible crowd clapping for him from an imaginary background.

“So much effort for so little appreciation” The model was teasing him, since the other’s face spoke like an open book.

“There are literally 10 degrees out at night” The younger retorted, wanting to justify his previous statement.

“Don’t worry, Beanie Boy, I will barely feel it” Taehyung winked “You look good too, by the way.”

And it was true. Taehyung had to congratulate Angelo together with the other’s parents because really, was that jawline even real? It seemed sculptured by some Renaissance artist. Also, the grey haired boy was pretty sure he had seen statues in Florence which would have resulted imperfect if compared to the other’s body: although his shirt was black, Taehyung could easily see the younger’s abdomen through it. Not to speak about the tight trousers he was wearing, which showed the flawless profile of his muscled thighs.

God bless Valentino.

Noticing Taehyung was standing still without making a move, Jungkook offered him his arm, hoping the gesture wouldn’t have resulted too old fashioned. He really was a romantic cliché, after all.

“What a gentleman” The grey haired boy commented, pleased, not having expected such treatment from someone who was basically a stranger.

“Ready?” The younger asked, tilting his head.

“Ready” Taehyung nodded, exiting the hotel suite arm in arm with the other.


















As soon as the two men stepped outside the car, a crowd of reporters and photographers surrounded the “couple”, greeting and cornering them. Previously, Taehyung had informed Jungkook that would have happened, so the younger left momentarily the older’s side, happy to fade into the background.

From where he was, he could easily see the other on the red carpet, modelling for the people around him, elegant, proud deportment and captivating smile. How could the other be so relaxed in front of all those people and, in the meanwhile, not freeze to death, was a whole mystery to him.

Once Taehyung reached him again, they entered the fancy venue, walking along a hallway decorated in classical style, which leaded them to a large room surrounded by columns and statues.

“This is unfair.”

“Cut the whine Beanie Boy.”

“I just saw a man wearing a tracksuit” Jungkook protested, not believing how randomly everyone around them was dressed: he swore he had seen a woman with sneakers.

“Ok so, first of all, that is a Fendi tracksuit” Taehyung explained, his gaze travelling around the room to spot any of his colleagues “And secondly, you are my partner tonight and the only person who is allowed to look more gorgeous than you it’s me.”

“Yeah but-”

“No buts.”

Jungkook was about to reply but, as soon as they stepped into the room, he shut his mouth, left speechless by the view, not having expected to end up in a place like that.

Suddenly, the young man felt like he found himself in another reality, far away from the busy and noisy Seoul he was used to.

The center of the area was occupied by a catwalk, which leaded to a staircase surrounded by white columns. Atop the stairs, a temple towered over the room, the words “Versace” written in capital letters on the frieze. A light music played in the background, inviting people in.

“Tonight, we are gonna attend the launch of the Versace fall collection 2019/20” Taehyung whispered, leaning closer to the younger “Since the creations are inspired by ancient Greece and its myths, the designers have decided to set it in a Greek temple. This is also the reason why I have chosen us to wear these clothes.”

So those frills all over his jacket had an explanation.

Still, he didn’t like them.

“Wait” The black haired boy spoke, processing just in that moment what the other had told him “You said this is the fall collection but we are literally in spring.”

“Yeah, that’s true” Taehyung nodded, pleased to explain the other how fashion world worked “Each collection is presented during its opposite season. Spring and autumn are not that bad, if you ask me. The usually good weather allows us to wear clothes without feeling too cold or warm. The bitches are winter and summer. Imagine wearing a fur coat with 40 degrees outside.”

“Can’t relate” Jungkook answered, glad not to know the sensation.

After the two boys reached their seats, a few people came greeting Taehyung, who stopped to say a quick hello or dismissed them instead, smiling politely and sitting in the front raw right after. In the meanwhile, he searched his best friend with his eyes, already knowing he wouldn’t have found him since he tended to be late. They tended to be.

Only in that moment, Taehyung noticed the younger’s fascinated expression.

“So, what do you think about it Beanie Boy?” The model asked, turning suddenly and expectantly, wanting to get distracted from his thoughts.

“It’s enchanting.”

The grey haired boy smiled, satisfied. He liked to talk with someone stranger to his world. Someone who didn’t take anything for granted or boring because he had seen and witnessed the same events a thousand times. Someone who hadn’t a judging look while watching at the first model walking down the runway but, on the contrary, stared at everything in awe.

“Won’t you be on the catwalk tonight?” The younger asked after a while, realizing Taehyung was still by his side and didn’t seem to have the intention to move anytime soon.

“Oh no, honey. Not tonight at least” The model revealed, eyes focused on the catwalk where women in long dresses passed by one after another.

“Oh, I see” Not that Jungkook was disappointed, really. The thing was he had somehow ended up watching one or two (make it a dozen) “Kim Taehyung 10 Best Catwalks” compilations on YouTube. For the sake of his own culture, of course.

“Are you disappointed?” The grey haired boy smirked, mocking him.

“No ” Well, he couldn’t really complain when he had such a beautiful man by his side.

“You seem tho” Taehyung commented lightly.

Jungkook didn’t reply to that, not wanting to give the older the satisfaction of teasing him any further.

“Oh my god” The grey haired boy heard Jungkook exclaiming after a while.

“What” Taehyung whispered, his eyes not leaving the models walking in front of him.

“That’s Gigi Hadid!” Jungkook declared eyes not leaving the girl as she passed them by.

“Yeah, it’s her” The older confirmed nonchalantly “Do you know her?”

“Well, who doesn’t.”

“I mean, you know her but you didn’t know me.”

“Dude, she is Gigi Hadid” Jungkook emphasized, as if the other wasn’t getting the point.

“Ok. First, don’t call me dude. And second, shut up” The older replied, feeling slightly annoyed by the other’s words. He knew boys were less recognized than girls in fashion industry but, all those years, he had tried to fight against that kind of prejudices and stereotypes. For this reason, Taehyung was busy sulking inside when he sensed lips brushing against his hair “Bet you prefer when I call you princess, uh?” Jungkook murmured to his ear, leaning closer to distance himself right after.

“Just put yourself together and don’t drool over the Valentino” The model just shrugged, focusing his attention back on the catwalk, thanking his job for having taught him how to keep a straight expression even with racing heart and blushing cheeks.

As the fashion show went on, the grey haired boy noticed a few people taking pictures of him and Jungkook but, instead of minding them, he kept looking for his best friend, who seemed nowhere to be found, the place too crowded and dark for Taehyung to spot him.

Therefore, it was only when the event finished and Jungkook and Taehyung were in the hall of the venue, that two arms hugged the older from behind.

“Taehyungieee” The grey haired boy recognized his best friend’s voice calling him and rolled his eyes, a smile already creeping through his lips. The model turned to be met with the sight of his best friend, who was wearing a soigné silver suit.

“Hey Jiminie” Taehyung smiled, hugging the other back.

Then, they both leaned in and peck each other on the lips, leaving the relative boyfriends, fake and real one, gaping in astonishment.

“Don’t pull that face, you two. We’ve always kissed like this and will keep doing like that no matter what” Taehyung stated nonchalantly, not minding them.

“Wow, you are glowing” Jimin commented, taking a step back and looking properly at him from head to toe.

“But” He peeked out from his shoulder, averting his attention to Jungkook “You know who I want to meet.”

“And you know who I want to meet” The grey haired boy underlined, spotting a tall man with an intellectual look wearing flowing black clothes which Taehyung identified as Chanel.

Wow, Jimin had to be serious with that one, if he had chosen a Chanel for him.

Also, it was a majestic outfit, Taehyung had to give him that.

“Taehyung-shii, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I’ve heard so much about you” Namjoon greeted, bowing politely right after.

However, the model didn’t answer immediately nor gave him any sign to want to introduce himself too. Instead, he just took his time scrutinizing him with a blank expression.

If fashion world had taught Taehyung something, that was first looks and impressions were essentials. This way, the model had learnt to trust his own instincts, which he always used as a standard for comparison when judging both people and things.

Thus, he took his time studying silently the man in front of him as he had done with Jungkook a week before. He didn’t give him bad vibes but Taehyung was well known to be able to find even the tiniest negative side of someone. Also, although the grey haired boy would have never admitted it out loud, he was already biased against the other.

Nevertheless, when he noticed Jimin looking at the two of them with so much affection and expectation, he sighed and, swallowing his pride, he decided to give the other a chance. Just for his best friend.

At least for now.

Therefore, he nodded and, finally, he introduced himself as well, sensing Jimin breathing out in relief, as if Namjoon had passed some sort of test. Well, technically, he just had. The grey haired boy knew how much important his approval was for his best friend.

“Good, now it’s your turn!” Jimin exclaimed, glancing expectantly at the model’s back, where Jungkook was standing silently, witnessing the strange exchange which had just happened.

Now, it was Taehyung’s time to hold his breath, tensing slightly and throwing a glance at Jungkook. When the younger nodded silently, the older breathed out and proceeded introducing the two of them “Jimin, meet Jungkook. Jungkook, this is Jimin.”

“I thought you said you didn’t date models” Jimin commented with a mischievous grin, scrutinizing painstakingly the other’s boyfriend from the top to the bottom with an approving look.

“In fact, he is not” Taehyung rolled his eyes at those lame words. If he hadn’t known better, he would have thought his best friend was actually trying to flirt with his fake boyfriend.

“Well, he should think about it. Have you seen that strong jawline? And the cheekbones?” Jimin observed, leaning closer and studying his features. “I have a few contacts if you are interested” He winked at Jungkook “What does a handsome man like him do in his life, then?

Jimin turned to his best friend, waiting for him to answer.

Taehyung blinked.


Although he had spent entire days training the younger, he hadn’t thought about preparing himself too. Jungkook knew everything about him, even Yeontan’s favorite brand of food, but Taehyung didn’t know anything about the other.

The grey haired boy was starting to panic when he sensed a hand on his waist, fingers barely brushing the dress, as a voice came to the aid of him “I run a gym” Jungkook spoke smoothly.

“Woah, that’s cool” Jimin flashed him a smile, which faltered as soon as realization hit him “Don’t tell me you are Taehyung’s new coach! Now I understand why you are missing all our training lately.”

Jungkook was about to open his mouth and answer but Taehyung beat him to the punch “Yeah, in fact, he is. We met in his gym” He lied, turning expectantly to the other and giving him a pointed look to confirm his version.

“Yeah, that’s exactly how it went” Jungkook replied with a suspicious teasing tone which Jimin didn’t seem to notice.

“Bet you do a lot of exercise” His best friend wiggled his brows.

“Jimin!” Taehyung exclaimed, shocked, smacking his best friend’s arm.

The two friends were used to make jokes like those, but Taehyung was afraid his fake boyfriend wouldn’t have appreciated the idea that much.

“You have to excuse Jimin, since when he has spent six months in Italy he has become-” He rushed to explain and apologize, turning to check Jungkook’s reaction just to be met with a smug expression.

“You can bet we do” The younger interrupted him, answering Jimin’s previous statement.

Taehyung was left gaping.

Ok then. Straightforwardness it was. Good. Was he blushing? 

“See, Taehyungie? You are no fun” Jimin joked. Then, noticing the room had emptied down, he added “We’d better go before Choi Haneul ends up drinking all our alcohol.”

Damn Choi Haneul.

The four of them were walking down the hallway, heading to the exit, Namjoon and Jimin ahead of Taehyung and Jungkook, when the grey haired boy spoke “Namjoon-shii, I heard you are writing a book.”

“Is Jimin saying that?” Namjoon turned to the other, dimples showing on his cheeks.

“Can’t I praise you?” His boyfriend smiled, getting closer to him and taking Namjoon by the arm.

At the sight of the couple in front of him, seemingly so enamored, Taehyung felt the sudden urge to avert his gaze, not wanting to intrude that intimate moment.

A strange sensation invaded the model, making him grimace.

Taehyung had always been a romantic person, loving cheesy clichés so he couldn’t really understand that unforeseen aversion to that scene. Perhaps, not having been in a relationship for a while had changed him. Or, maybe, there was something else. Something akin to… jealousy?

The model was so caught up in his thoughts that he almost jerked when he sensed a hand touching lightly his side, barely brushing the skin on his back, careful not to break any boundary. Still, somehow, that warm, unexpected contact soothed him, partially alleviating his tension.

“Everything ok?” Jungkook leaned in and whispered as they reached a series fancy cars on the outside.

Taehyung opened his mouth to answer that he was just fine when he was interrupted by his best friend, who grabbed the younger, forcing him to leave his side.

“Boyfriend exchange!” He exclaimed, opening the door of the first cabin he found and dragging a confused Jungkook inside right after.

Taehyung stared in horror at the scene in front his eyes, unable to do anything but stretching his hand, trying to stop them “No, Jimin, wait-”

“You two take another car, we will wait you there” His best friend instructed, already closing the door.

Oh no.

The last thing Taehyung saw were Jungkook’s eyes behind the car window, gaze telling him a silent ‘don’t worry’ before disappearing into the street.

The grey haired boy sighed dejectedly and shook his head in despair.

“Italy did really change him, uh?” Namjoon chuckled and headed to the next car, inviting the other to do the same. Taehyung hesitated a moment, more worried about his cover to blow than to enter and have a talk face to face with Jimin’s boyfriend. Still, there wasn’t so much he could do at this point, couldn’t he?

Thus, he entered the car and proceeded in what he did best: intimidating.

“Namjoon-sshi” He spoke once they were seated inside the cabin.

“Hyung is just fine.”

“Namjoon hyung” The grey haired boy quickly corrected himself, not losing the thread “I heard you are working on a book about the importance of self-love” Taehyung began, studying his hands and playing with one of the numerous rings on his fingers. He liked to come prepared for a match. “Is it true, though, that, in a recent interview, you declared, I’m quoting, ‘you should always love yourself before loving somebody else’?”

“Did Jimin tell you?” Namjoon questioned, raising his brows, taken aback by that statement.

“No, I did my researches.”

The moment Jimin had revealed him his boyfriend’s name, Taehyung had immediately started to dig into the past of said man. He had even read the other’s published essays but he hadn’t found any weakness nor criticism to make. Much to his regret.

Therefore, he had decided to focus on the new subject, hoping the topic would have given the other a hard time.

“Yes, it’s true” The older confirmed, curious to find out what the model was getting at with that conversation.

“So, I wanted to ask you: aren’t there any cases in which you have to put the love for somebody else before the one for yourself?”

Taehyung was being unfair. And he knew it.

He himself had no idea of how he would have answered to a question like that, nor he knew what reply he would have accepted. Obviously, to him, the matter was only related to the actual relationship between Namjoon and Jimin.

For this reason, the response he received left him speechless.

“You got a point with your question. And, I have to confess, sometimes I wondered the same. But, as time passed and I kept reflecting on it, I realized I was asking myself the wrong question” Taehyung listened carefully to that serious yet calm tone, paying deep attention to each word as if he was witnessing a lecture “Think about parents, for example. They would answer yes without even blinking. Then, think about your friends, your lover, would they? And, most of all, would you really want someone to put their love for you before their love for their selves?”

When Namjoon finished speaking, Taehyung didn’t reply nor say anything else. He just remained silent, reflecting on the other’s question.

When he thought about love, the first person that came to his mind, together with his parents, was Jimin. Sometimes people wrongly thought Taehyung was the egoistic one on their duo, but, if they watched closer, they would have find out Taehyung would have given literally anything for his best friend. He would have put his love for him before everything else without hesitating. But asking the other to do the same? He could have never.

“May I ask you a question too?” A question made his snap out of his thoughts.

The grey hared boy just nodded, intrigued.

“I would like to know what you think loving yourself actually means.”


Taehyung took his time reflecting on that request, trying to avoid any banal definition. Thus, he spoke basing on what he knew better: his own personality.

“This is really subjective but I think the time I feel I love myself most is when my soul flourishes following the waves of my personal inclinations.”

 Namjoon seemed positively impressed by his definition and Taehyung felt suddenly proud for having got such reaction “This is one of the most beautiful and accurate descriptions I’ve ever heard on this matter” The older praised him “And, although I think there is no right or wrong answer, as I did my researches, I came to the conclusion that one of the most important points in loving yourself is loving yourself for the choices you make, and, most of all, for the mistakes related to them. Actually, I think that’s the part you should love more, since it’s the hardest to accept.”

Of all the scenarios the model had pictured in his mind for that conversation, no one could have ever come close to the one they were actually having. Taehyung was so caught up in that discussion he barely noticed when the car stopped in front of a building. 

“I liked talking with you” The grey haired boy admitted.

“I’m glad, it was a pleasure for me too” Namjoon smiled sincerely.

“I’ll look forward to reading your book.”

As soon as they stepped out of the car, they easily spotted their boyfriends waiting for them in front of the venue, busy on talking animatedly together. Jimin had already a glass of wine in his hand and Taehyung wondered where he could have found it since he hadn’t entered the party yet.

Sighing in relief, Taehyung flied next to Jungkook just in time to catch the words “-And Taehyung jumped off the pool completely naked.”

“Ok, ok quit with the anecdotes” The grey haired boy interrupted his best friend, preventing him from revealing more of his embarrassing moments.

Then, the two models exchanged a meaning look and they both exclaimed “Time to party!”


















Vogue’s party was, in fact, an event taking place in a private house, hosted by someone apparently famous whose name Jungkook couldn’t recall. As soon as the couples stepped in, the two models were surrounded by a crowd of people, greeting and welcoming them, so the boyfriends decided to wisely head to the open bar.

“Tell me you don’t understand any of this either” Namjoon commented while Jungkook looked around at the fancy and elegant furniture enshrouded in darkness, enlightened only by the occasional blue and lilac lights coming from the ceiling. Loud music filled the room as people chatted about the Versace collection previously presented.

“None” Jungkook answered, taking the drink the bartender was handing him “Shouldn’t you be used to it, though? Aren’t you a writer?”

“Yeah, but that’s quite different. Writing is quite a solitary activity. The only exceptions are when I display a new work or do a conference about it, but I don’t really mind them, since I have just a small and niche public” He confessed. “If anything, I prefer it. Here, I feel like everything I do is object of some kind of criticism.”

“Don’t tell me about it” Jungkook agreed, taking a sip of whatever whiskey they had chosen to give him.

“We should do team work, you know? About the boyfriends out of the fashion circle.”

“Yeah, sure” Jungkook nodded, downing his drink and looking for another right after. Luckily, in that moment, he caught the glimpse of a familiar face and rushed to change topic “Isn’t that Kim Hyuna?”

Good thing the party seemed full of celebrities.

“I think she is” Namjoon widened his eyes, not having expected to see such a famous singer at that event.

In that moment, Jimin and Taehyung reappeared out of nothing, giggling loudly and walking so closely they seemed glued together. Once they reached their respective boyfriends, the two models detached, Jimin throwing himself to Namjoon while Taehyung took his side next to Jungkook.

“Are you gonna leave your gorgeous boyfriends in the dance floor all alone and at the mercy of everyone or are you gonna dance with them?” Jimin pouted, leaning closer to his boyfriend and nuzzling his neck with a mischievous grin.

“You are right, babe” The older agreed, kissing the younger’s temple. Jimin pecked him on the lips and took his hand, dragging his boyfriend on the dancefloor. Nevertheless, when he notices his best friend wasn’t following him, he stopped, giving the other a questioning look.

“I don’t know…” Taehyung tried to protest, biting his bottom lip and turning to check Jungkook’s reaction. He didn’t want to drag the boy into something he didn’t feel at ease doing.

“I think we should dance” Jungkook spoke without missing a beat, answering the silent question in the older’s eyes.

Actually, in that moment, dancing seemed the best option to ease the tension accumulated through that night. And the black haired boy wasn’t only thinking about himself. Sure, a part of him had been nervous to stand by the side of such a charismatic person, fearing not to be able to impersonate his role. However, he had the feel the older was the one of the two struggling more with that whole deal.

Therefore, without waiting nor stopping to see Taehyung’s reaction, the younger took the other’s hand and headed to the dancefloor.

Since the place was crowded, the two boys tried to stay as close as possible, not wanting to lose their selves in the multitude of people. At the beginning, they just moved to the rhythm of the music, not minding anything else. Jungkook danced with sharp and energetic movements, putting passion in it as he always did. On the contrary, Taehyung swayed sinuously, head thrown back and arms above his head, his elegant fingers tracing imaginary lines in the air and hypnotizing Jungkook.

From time to time, the dim lights in the room enlightened the other’s tanned skin, making the younger catch the glimpse of different details each time the lilac colors hit that angelic face.

He was so charming that, for a second, Jungkook wondered if that grey haired boy was actually a deity descended on Earth.

In that moment, Taehyung opened his eyes and stared right back at him, not missing that intense gaze, breath catching in the younger’s throat.

“I think I just spotted Gigi over there, wanna meet her?” The model spoke without breaking eye contact.

“No, I’m fine here” Jungkook teased him with a smug expression “Besides, I’ve already got a princess by my side tonight.”

“Not bad Beanie Boy. Saved at the last” Taehyung conceded, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck and shifting closer to him.

They kept dancing like that, enjoying the sensation of their bodies swinging to the rhythm of the music and smiling at each other from time to time, Taehyung’s dress brushing on the floor and following every movement.

“How did it go?” The model asked after a while, taking advantage of the temporary pause of the music. Their faces were so close now that the younger could distinguish every shade of that honey-like yet deep voice.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t ask me that much” Jungkook reassured him, placing his hands on the older’s waist to steady him “Aside from your cousin’s husband.”

“I told you he would have done that! I suspect he has a crush on him” Taehyung joked, feigning not to have paid attention to that innocent gesture which had made his heart flutter. “You think Jimin bought it?”

Jungkook glanced at the two boyfriends dancing together not far from them, Jimin’s head pressed against Namjoon’s chest. When the other noticed he was looking at them, he smiled and winked at him.

“I think he did.”

At those words, Taehyung breathed out and relaxed between his arms, tightening  the grip around the other’s neck and brushing his nape with his fingers. Suddenly, the two boys found their selves just a few inches away from each other, Jungkook’s gaze falling on the older’s tempting lips while the model kept looking at him.

Taehyung’s sweet perfume invaded the younger’s nostrils, making him lean involuntarily closer…

“Come with me” Taehyung spoke out of the blue when their lips were about to touch, taking the younger by surprise and grabbing his hand, dragging him away from the dance floor. While exiting the house in a hurry, the grey haired boy stretched his hand and grabbed one of the numerous bottles of alcohol on the table.

“Where are we going?” Jungkook asked, half confused half curious.

“Out!” Taehyung answered as a matter of fact, leading him downstairs, into the cold night of Seoul.












Once on the street, the model turned, fingers still gripping the other’s hand, and smiled “The best part of a fashion event is the after party” He stated, taking a sip from the bottle and handing it to Jungkook right after.

 “How much does the bottle I’m holding even costs?” Jungkook wondered, noticing the word “Vogue” written on the glass and numerous Swarowski encrusted on it.

“Looots” Taehyung giggled.

Without thinking too much about it, the younger shrugged and took a long slug of what he realized was vodka.

“I love staying out at night” The grey haired boy confessed airily out of the blue.

“Do you? How is that so?” Jungkook asked curiously, intrigued by the other’s statement.

“Everything is different under the night lights” He simply answered. When he sensed the other staring at him with an indecipherable look, he just flashed him a smile with the unique shape of a heart, as if it was all he needed to explain. 

“It is” Jungkook whispered in agreement, even though the older didn’t hear him. The model couldn’t know how much those words meant to him. He had spent half of his life dreaming about night lights.  

The grey haired boy was walking a few steps ahead of him, pirouetting casually on the sidewalk, his golden dress raising and falling, showing the elaborate high heels he was wearing. 

“Aren’t you cold?” Jungkook asked, not able to cast his eyes away from that charming sight in front of him. 

“I told you I’m used to it” Taehyung stopped and waited for the other to reach him. 

“You have literally goosebumps on your skin” Jungkook noticed, brushing his fingers absentmindedly along the other’s bare arm and sensing him shivering under his warm touch. 

“I can perceive it, of course, but I like the feel” The grey haired boy explained distractedly, eyes focused on the other’s hand, which was still tracing random patterns on his arm.

Jungkook hummed in agreement, fingers leaving the other’s skin. 

“You are freezing to death, aren’t you?” The black haired boy mocked him. 

“Totally. But” He added quickly, noticing the younger had already begun to take off his jacket “Don’t even think of going for the romantic cliché you are about to do. If someone sees us and decides to photograph us, I want to be at my best. Besides, I’m not wearing a Versace to cover it with a non-matching jacket.” 

“You couldn’t just shut up and take my offer, could you?” Jungkook shook his head, even though he found the other’s behavior rather amusing “And, for the records, I was taking off my jacket because I am hot.”

“Yeah, you are” The grey haired boy couldn’t help himself. The other had basically dared him to say that, it wasn’t his fault. 

“What?” Jungkook turned his head so fast his neck hurt.

“What?” Taehyung smirked and stole the bottle from his hands, taking a long sip “Anyway. This is not even comparable to that one time when I had to make a photoshoot on the top of an ice lake during winter, wearing nothing but a see-through dress.”

Jungkook raised his brows and gaped. 


He couldn’t even imagine how that felt. Once, he had tried to walk on an icy parapet just in his briefs and had regretted it for the next two weeks. Totally worth it though.

Who thought model’s life would have been that tough? 

“I have one question.” 


“Why are all models so serious?” Jungkook asked, turning his head to watch the other in the eyes “Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a hard job but usually, when people make a work out of their appearance, they also try to show their selves at best, you know, always smiling and shit like that.” 

Taehyung blinked, taken aback by those unexpected words. 

He had dated almost exclusively models and famous people in the past and no one had ever had a doubt like that nor had bothered to ask his opinion, looking at him keenly and waiting for an explanation like Jungkook was doing in that moment.

Maybe he was starting to understand what Jimin meant when he said how great and different was having someone from the outside by his side.

“I think there are two reasons behind that” The grey haired boy raised two fingers “First, of course, is because models need and want to be professional. But, second and most important, we are so anxious up there, so many thoughts running through our mind that we try to mask them under that blank expression.”

“Anxious?” Jungkook repeated, wanting to understand what the older meant.

“Yes. Anxious to fall on the heels, to change fast enough into another outfit, to fit in the clothes. Sometimes I have to work for 14 hours straight and, at the end of the day, I feel like a robot on the catwalk, slipping into autopilot and hoping I’m still keeping my eyes opened while walking.”

“Is that how you feel when you are on the catwalk?”

“It is. But it’s also so much more. It’s beautiful, terrifying, incredible, crowded, lonely, all at the same time” Taehyung confessed, staring at the night sky above them.

After that, Jungkook kept asking him questions, curious to know more about that unknown, fascinating world and to see the sparkle that enlightened the older’s eyes each time he started speaking about his life.

Thus, Taehyung revealed him which runway he had enjoyed the most (Victoria’s Secret one) and which he had wanted to forget (his first Gucci). He was so excited and flattered to have been chosen by his favorite brand that he had completely messed up.

“Still” He added, winking with a wide smile “I ended up becoming their testimonial so I guess I did something right too.”

Nevertheless, Jungkook wasn’t the only one who seemed interested in learning more about the other’s world. The model asked questions too, still feeling slightly guilty for not having even known what the other did but also because, he realized, he really wanted to get to know him better.

This way, he found out the other was two years younger than him, an information which surprised him, since, at that age, the boy had already been able to buy and run a gym on his own.

“It’s not only mine. I share the business with my brother and Hoseok” Jungkook corrected him, not wanting to take credit for something he hadn’t achieved alone.

Unlike the younger’s previous questions, the older’s ones were more specific and random, shifting from an innocent ‘what’s your favorite animal?’ to a ‘have you ever tried bungee jumping naked?”

At the end, the model decided to ask something which had left him perplexed since their first meeting.

“Is parkour even legal?”

“It depends, of course” Jungkook replied enthusiastically, noticing the other showed such interest towards that topic. 

“On what?”

“On where you do it.”

“What do you mean?” Taehyung titled his head, not understating that cryptic answer.

The two men had kept walking until that moment and, somehow, they had reached the bank of the Han river. Catching the sight of a familiar red construction, the younger stopped, drawing the other’s attention and pointing at the Banghwa bridge in the distance.

“You see that?” Jungkook moved closer to Taehyung to show him the bridge he was indicating “Let’s suppose I’d freerun over that bridge. That would be illegal.”

“Who would do it?” Taehyung widened his eyes, not knowing there were people out there willing to do something like that, risking their own lives to climb over a building.

“People who like challenges. People who try to push their own limits. People who want to feel the thrill of doing something they aren’t allowed to do” Jungkook stopped and turned, fixing his gaze in the other’s eyes before saying “People who wish to feel something beautiful, terrifying, incredible, crowded, lonely, all at the same time.”

“Crazy people” Taehyung summarized jokingly, even though his heart was beating like crazy, a deep emotion invading him as he recognized the words he had previously used.

“Yeah I guess you can say that” The younger chuckled, averting his gaze and attention back to the Banghwa bridge.

The model wasn’t wrong. You had to be a bit crazy to do that, indeed.

“Would you do that?”

Jungkook hesitated for a few seconds, undecided whether to reveal Taehyung the truth or not. At the end, not wanting to risk any troubles, he decided to make another question instead and ponder the older’s reaction.

“Don’t you think it would be a little too dangerous?”

“I’ve always been into danger anyway” The other answered smoothly, winking at him before starting to walk again.

They kept wandering side by side for a while, staying in silence, each of them lost in his own thoughts.

At some point, Taehyung realized that somehow, maybe unconsciously, had had reached his own neighborhood and halted.

“I live just a few blocks away” The grey hair boy explained, biting his bottom lips and fidgeting with his hands, not really knowing what else to say. 

“I can walk you to the door” Jungkook proposed without even thinking about it. Then, seeing the other’s expression, he rushed to add “Because safety, you know.”

“Safety, sure. What an altruist” Taehyung commented in a mocking tone, accepting gladly the offer.

“I do what I can” Jungkook bit back bluntly “Besides, how could I leave a princess all alone at night?”

The model just snorted, hiding a smile, and leaded him along the way, spotting his apartment complex rather soon.

“I hope you enjoyed tonight” Taehyung spoke once on the doorstep, lying against the gate.

“I did” Jungkook replied honestly, thinking more about that second part of the evening than about its beginning.

“You have been really good” The model added.

“Hey, careful with those words, I may also take that as a compliment” Jungkook joked scratching his neck, not really knowing how to handle the other’s unexpected statement.

“You should. I mean it. You were out of your environment and, yet, you made it. Not everyone could have done it” Taehyung confessed, eyes showing both gratitude and admiration.

“Well-” Jungkook started to reply but he stopped as soon as he noticed Taehyung was leaning closer. The black haired boy froze, not having seen that coming.

Soft lips pressed delicately on his cheek, lingering there for a few, mere, seconds, just the time for their gazes to lock and their heart skin a beat. Taehyung stared at Jungkook until he saw the younger fluttering his eyes shut and, in that moment, he detached, leaving a faded, glittering, spot on his skin.

“Thank you for tonight, Beanie Boy, you have been a perfect partner” The model smiled and turned, disappearing from Jungkook’s view like some golden nymph who had to return its reign before the sun rose.













Chapter Text









Taehyung’s working day started early that morning, precisely at 5:30 am.

Not that the grey haired would have spontaneously woken up at a hour like that if not for his clock, which kept ringing every 4 minutes, preventing him from continuing his sleeping routine.

The model groaned, eventually stretching his arm with eyes still closed and stopping that annoying beep. Although he would have died to stay cuddled in the comfort of his warm bed, he also knew he should have started to change before Jimin arrived.

The room was still a mess, clothes scattered all over the floor, memories of the previous night, when he had stripped and then collapsed onto the bed.

While getting up, he scrolled through the various time lines of his socials, thumb moving fast on the screen as he watched photos from the Versace fashion show and Vogue party. When his eyes landed on a particular post, though, his finger stopped and quickly opened the article, which was entitled “A Golden Couple has risen in Seoul” and showed a blurry picture of him and Jungkook walking on the streets of the capital, laughing unbothered by the hidden presence of paparazzi.

Smiling, Taehyung saved the photo without thinking too much about it and then locked his phone, noticing he had already received 5 messages from Jimin.

Therefore, he took a quick shower and, realizing he didn’t have time for breakfast, he immediately headed to his walk-in-closet, hoping his best friend would have brought him something to eat as he often did.

Knowing he would have had to change outfit at least four times that day, the model decided to wear a beige loose shirt, matching with large, high-wasted trousers, elegant yet comfy enough to run from a fashion show to another.

When he heard his phone vibrating, he took the call without even checking the user, already knowing who that was.

“Good morning! I’m downstairs” Jimin’s cheerful tone greeted him.

“Coming” Taehyung mumbled, still half asleep. He would have never understood how his best friend could be so joyful even at dawn.

Finally, the grey haired boy wore his favorite moccasins, grabbing a pair of high heels as well and putting them inside his bag.

He loved heels, really, but he loved his feet more.

Once on the street, he finally spotted the familiar black cabin Jimin usually rented and quickly opened the handle.

A few years before, he and Jimin had made an agreement: since Taehyung tended not to remember his schedules or, worse, pretended not to, his best friend had started to pick him up with a cab at sunrise, so they could head together to whatever fitting or fashion show they had to attend.

It was also a way to relax the both of them.

Also, since the two best friends didn’t always work nor cast for the same brands, the only time they could spend together during their job was between a catwalk and another, eating in the car or speaking about people, collections and stylists. And, now, apparently, about boyfriends too.

“Good morning” He announced once inside, pecking the other on the lips.

“Hey” Jimin greeted, handing him a vanilla latte, his favorite, and a bowl full of fruit.

“Bless you” Taehyung thanked him, taking a long sip from the drink “Where are we heading to?”


“Right” The grey haired boy nodded, eating some berries “How were the castings yesterday?”

“Oh, you know, the usual” The other spoke with a vague tone, munching nervously one almond.

“Have you met Sehun?”

“Not yet.”

Taehyung furrowed his brows, sensing something was off with his best friend. Sure, fashion week represented a source of stress so maybe Jimin was just tired or anxious, but the grey haired boy had the feel that wasn’t the case.

Therefore, he decided to go for one last try.

“How was Chanel?” The model asked nonchalantly, looking at his best friend’s reaction with the corner of his eye.


Chanel never failed to reveal the truth.


“Fine” Jimin stated not even looking at him, too busy fidgeting with his hands and bouncing his legs.

“Ok, spit it out” Taehyung ordered, turning his head and placing his hand atop of the other’s knee, preventing it to move.

“So…” Jimin chewed his bottom lip and finally looked back at him “What do you think about Namjoon?”

Taehyung raised his eyebrows, not having expected such statement. Not having even considered that topic.

“He… seems a good guy” He conceded, recalling their conversation inside the cabin.

“He is” Jimin smiled fondly and then confessed “I’m really relieved you like him. I was so nervous for you two to meet.”

“Were you?” Taehyung joked, even though he knew how much his best friend cared about his approval.

“Of course! I thought you would have scared him away or something. I’m such an idiot, I should have trusted you better” Jimin confessed, making the other cough. He hadn’t behaved that bad, had he? “Besides, you have high, if not impossible, standards.”

“Hey!” The grey haired boy protested, smacking his best friend’s shoulder.

Not that he was wrong.

Although… Was he that hard to handle?

“It’s true! But I’m glad to see you proved me wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Taehyung retorted, confused.

“Well, I think I haven’t seen you in public with a guy in ages. Not to speak about the fact you and Jungkook seem a very close couple.”

“I beg to differ. What about Michelle?” Taehyung dared him with a challenging look, shifting the subject as far as possible from his fake boyfriend.

“Oh please. Are you kidding me?” Jimin scoffed, rolling his eyes.

“It was a serious relationship!”

“It lasted literally three days.”

“Yeah but they were three intense days” Taehyung pointed out, winking. 

Jimin laughed, finally relaxed “Maybe you just had to find the right person to be yourself with.”

Those simple words hit Taehyung way more than they should have had.

“Anyway, which appointments do we got today?” He rushed to change topic, not wanting to give too much importance to that statement.

“Lots” Jimin sighed, opening his agenda “Morning is full until 13 o’clock. After that, we will have more or less 9 minutes to eat before going… You to Moschino and me to Armani. And, lastly, we are both invited to Kang Dong Jun’s dinner.”

Taehyung closed his eyes and shifted on the seat, leaning more comfortably against the headrest and stretching his muscles, as if anticipating the long day ahead of him.

“Let me see your cards” Jimin spoke then, already looking for the photo-book in the other’s bag. The grey haired boy opened one eye and glanced at his best friend, who had an approving look on his face “I had told you to choose the ones with the blue hair.”

“Yeah, seems like your tip was right” Taehyung smiled.

Everyone had loved his portfolio that year.

“What about yours?” He asked, taking his best friend’s curriculum as well and leafing through the amazing pictures Jimin had taken in India “The colors are so bright, the outfits on point… And you, well, you shine.”

The other slightly blushed at that, smiling widely.

The two friends always judged honestly every matter related to their job. Once, for example, Jimin had openly declared he would have refused to approve any photo shoot which would have included any whitewash of the other’s tanned skin. Another time, Taehyung had openly insulted a stylist because she had told Jimin she would have never hired him unless he would have lost weight. The grey haired boy had showed up at her debut and humiliated her to such an extent that no one had ever seen or heard about her in years.


This was one of the reasons why Taehyung had received the nickname ‘V’, V for vendetta.


“Ok first stop!” Jimin announced as the car slowed down “Good luck!”

“Good luck” The other answered, pecking him on the lips “See you at 12.”

“At 13” Jimin corrected him, shaking his head.







As soon as Taehyung stepped into Ralph Lauren’s venue, he was met with a crowd of models and stylists already busy running around, so no one really paid attention to his arrival. Thus, the grey haired boy took his time arranging his belongings and choosing a decent and quiet spot for his make-up session. Nevertheless, he knew that was just the calm before the storm, especially the moment he spotted a familiar face in the reflection of the mirror.

“Hello Sehun” He greeted, happy to see his friend but too tired to handle a proper conversation before 10 am.

“So, new boyfriends?” The other went straight to the point.

Especially this type of conversation.

“Oh my god, are you serious?” Taehyung wanted to roll his eyes but his make-up artist prevented him to do so.

“Everyone is talking about it. Probably Ralph himself” Sehun commented, wanting to have some fun with the other, since, for once, he was the one involved in a scandal. Usually, it was Taehyung who mocked him for his dates and partners and, now that his turn had finally come, he wouldn’t have missed the chance to tease him.

From his seat, Taehyung didn’t even bother answering.

When he and Jungkook had made their agreement, the older had informed the younger there would have been gossips and consequences but, still, he had hoped they wouldn’t have been so explicit for everyone to notice or speak that much about them.

“I think you and Jimin contended yesterday’s gossips.”

“Oh yeah? Who won?” Taehyung asked imperturbably.

“Tell me… Who’s him?” Sehun pried, moving closer to the other and facing him. 

Suddenly, Taehyung felt really interested in his fingernails.

“Oh, you know, someone” He spoke vaguely, watching everywhere but Sehun.

“Never seen him before. Is he a newbie?” The older continued with his interrogatory.

“He is not a model.”






“Yeah, you got it” Taehyung lied, seeing the other exulting for his right guess “He made that song… What was its name?” He paused and tapped his finger against his chin, pretending to think about it “Oh, I remember it! It’s called ‘Mind your own business’. It’s a masterpiece. You should listen to it.”

After the umpteenth attempt, Sehun stopped, taking some seconds to think about a possible alternative. Usually, Taehyung dated… Well, usually Taehyung didn’t date anyone but he guessed the other would have chosen someone famous or, at least, rich.

“A prince?” He tried desperately, making the younger laugh so hard that he finally gave up “Fine. Keep your damn secrets then.” 

“Oh, don’t get mad” Taehyung placed his hand on the other’s arm in sympathy “You wouldn’t have guessed anyway.”

“You are such an ass sometimes” The older shrugged and decided to change topic “By the way, are you and your soulmate coming to tonight’s party?”

“Which one?” Jimin hadn’t mentioned it before.

“Choi Haneul’s.”

Here’s the reason why his best friend hadn’t told him about that event “Definitely not.”

“Oh come on” Sehun insisted “It will be fun” Noticing the other’s skeptic expression, he added “If you will come at least.”

“You know I hate her.”

It wasn’t even a secret. Everyone in fashion community was aware that, for some mysterious reason, the most popular Korean male and female models hated each other to the guts.

“Yes and that’s exactly the reason why you should come.”

“I’m missing some logic in your statement.”

“Just think about it… You will show up in all your glory and gorgeousness, wearing something Haneul wouldn’t even dream to put on. Plus, you could take the mysterious boyfriend too! You’d make her green with envy, for sure.”

The idea was appealing.

Obviously, without the whole involving Jungkook part. He may as well just showed up with Jimin, made a wonderful appearance and then go away, leaving everyone gaping.

“We will think about it.”

















“Remind me one more time the reason why we are here” Jimin complained five minutes after having entered the house.

“I wish I had a valid excuse beside wanting to make Choi Haneul jealous but I haven’t” Taehyung confessed, spotting soon two glasses of wine and handing both to his best friend.

“Five minutes” Jimin underlined, deadly serious.

“Five minutes” The grey haired boy confirmed “Just long enough to snoop around.”

“This is even worse than Jackson’s party in 2016.” 

“The one he didn’t show up?”

“Yeah. And aren’t those the same decorations Cara used for her birthday in 2015?” Jimin asked perplexed, watching the lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

“They are! Just wait for her to find out Haneul copied them” Taehyung smirked, taking a picture and casually posting it on every social he had.

Chatters and whispers followed the two best friends while they walked around the house, no one having expected them to attend that event. However, since Sehun was nowhere to be found and Taehyung had already spotted his eternal rival fuming in the living room, he considered his job done and suggested to leave.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already called for backup” Jimin winked.

“What do you mean?” Taehyung asked distractedly while his gaze traveled one last time around the room.

“I’m talking about our boyfriends, obviously.”

Taehyung almost choked, turning with a horrified expression painted on his face “You did what?”

“Don’t look at me like that. We both know we would have sneaked off anyway. We may as well have some fun like the good old days: limos and boys.”

And, without waiting for the other to process his words nor agree to the idea, Jimin walked out of the room.

“How did you even have Jungkook’s number, by the way?” Taehyung asked once he reached him downstairs, massaging his temples, already anticipating a headache.

“I asked him the other night” Jimin explained lightly.

Of course he had.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t do the same with Namjoon” His best friend challenged him.

Well, to be honest, he had. Just for precaution. Just to make sure he had a way to contact and threaten the guy in case he did something wrong.

“Good evening boyfriends!” Jimin exclaimed cheerfully once he spotted two men in front of a black limousine.

Taehyung took a deep breath before raising his head and looking at his supposed boyfriend, not really knowing what to expect. Anger? Annoyance?

When their gazes locked, though, Jungkook’s eyes shone with something the older couldn’t quite figure, something which didn’t seem akin to any negative emotion. If anything, the opposite. Under that intense stare, Taehyung held his breath, his cheeks flushing with a darker shade of pink. He knew he looked good, of course he did, but, seeing someone looking at him like that, felt different, made him feel different.

For that night, the model had chosen to wear another v-neck dress, more captivating and alluring than the golden one of the premiere. His body was enveloped in red, soft chiffon, slits on both sides of his legs, showing miles of tanned skin.

Unexpectedly, though, Jungkook was wearing an elegant outfit too: a simple black suit with a loose necktie, which made Taehyung quirk his lips up. He bet the younger had fixed it himself.

The model decided he liked it.

“Something tells me you are the one responsible for that Louis Vuitton” The grey haired boy whispered to his best friend.

“I have no idea what you are talking about” Jimin feigned innocence and headed to his boyfriend, greeting him with a kiss while the other moved closer to Jungkook.

“You didn’t have to come” The grey haired boy whispered as he leaned closer to the younger’s face, hoping that particular angle would have misled Jimin, making him think they were kissing.

“I hadn’t anything to do anyway” The black haired boy reassured him sincerely, giving him a wide smile.

Better saying that than confessing the truth, which corresponded to something like ‘I’ve spent one of the best and craziest nights of my life the other day with you and, I mean, I climb buildings as a hobby.”

“Before we go on, though, I have just one question to make” Jungkook stated seriously.

Taehyung’s heart skipped a beat, anxiety suddenly taking over him: what if the other had decided to dump him, what if he had realized they couldn’t keep on with the plan, what if-

“How do you all know my measurements?”

At those words, the model breathed out in relief and chuckled, showing once again that unique smile with the shape of a heart.

“It’s a secret” He winked and then turned hesitantly to the limousine, where the other couple had already took seat. Although it was just the four of them and Taehyung could have just made up an excuse and left, still, he couldn’t help but feel guilty, having caused troubles to Jungkook once again without even warning him.

Nonetheless, the black haired boy was already walking ahead of him, heading towards the car, when he stopped and turned “Are you coming or what, princess?” He smirked, the familiar nickname pulling Taehyung out of his thoughts and worries and making him move.

Once inside the limousine, the first thing the model did was to put off his shoes, touching the soft surface of the leather seats with his bare feet and loving the sensation of freedom from those high heels. The cabin was spacious enough to allow the four of them to sit comfortably so Taehyung stretched his legs, resting them a few meters away from Jungkook.

“The fitting was so stressful today. I thought the catwalks wouldn’t have ever ended” The grey haired boy whined, massaging his calves and sensing the tensed muscles relaxing under his fingers. When a particular low and throaty sound of pleasure escaped his mouth, Taehyung perceived a pair of eyes fixing on him, lingering on the movements of his hands as they rubbed that golden skin.

Even when the model raised his head and caught Jungkook staring, the younger didn’t avert his gaze, looking intensely at the older while he traveled his finger slowly up and down his thighs, making sure to show his legs through the slits in the process.

“-a special list of things to do, right Tae?”

Hearing his name, the model snapped back to reality and turned his head, not having heard a single word of what his best friend had just said. To be honest, he had totally forgotten there was someone else in the car too.


“I was telling Namjoon hyung about The List “Jimin repeated slowly, not having noticed that exchange of looks between the other two.

“The list right” Taehyung nodded, still feeling a little dizzy while Jungkook sneered at him “The list? Oh god, The List!” The grey haired boy finally realized, shifting closer to his best friend and intertwining their hands.

“Care to explain to the neophytes here too?” Namjoon asked, both amused and confused by his boyfriend’s words and behavior.

“You see” Jimin addressed to the two men “A few years ago, Taehyungie and I created The List.”

“Of?” Jungkook asked curiously, eyes not leaving Taehyung.

“Of things to do before dying, obviously” The older explained, shifting his gaze to Namjoon.

“Like, seeing the pyramids or travelling around the world?” The writer tried to guess.

“Something like that, yes” Jimin confirmed “For example, number 56.”

“Have a threesome with Lucky Blue Smith” The grey haired boy revealed.

The two best friends smiled to each other “Done.”

“Didn’t know he was gay” Namjoon commented dumbfounded.

“In fact, he wasn’t” Jimin smirked.

“Before us, at least” Taehyung gave them a mischievous grin. Then, he quoted another to do on the list “Prove the existence of aliens.”

“Number 103” Jimin confirmed knowingly.

“Haven’t done yet” The other commented deluded.

“Not yet, no” Jimin said. Then, suddenly, he clapped his hands, realization hitting him “But we can do number 17 now!”

Taehyung widened his eyes.

“What’s that?” Jungkook asked cocking his head, interested in that matter.

“In the rare and impossible case one of us finds a fiancée, dare him to follow you wherever and whatever you do” Jimin recited solemnly “What do you say, Jungkook?” He proposed with a challenging tone.

“I say I’m definitely in” The younger grinned, turning to his boyfriend “What do you say, princess?”

“Why not” Taehyung conceded tilting his head, intrigued by that unexpected proposal.

Immediately, the model put on his heels again and shifted on the seats until he reached the diver, telling him resolutely an address the younger didn’t recognize. Afterwards, he took a compact mirror from his purse and started fixing his make-up unbothered by the inquisitive gaze of the other three men. Lastly, the grey haired boy took off the numerous rings on his fingers, leaving just one on his left hand.

“Let’s have some fun” The model announced as the car stopped, opening the door right after.

Jungkook nearly choked when he saw the Grand Hyatt Hotel towering in front of him.

“Just follow the script” The older simply stated before walking away from him, inside the hall.

“Wait. Which script?” The younger shouted.

Without bothering to answer him, Taehyung headed straight to the reception, walking through the hall with a confident stride, as if he was strutting along the runway.

When the grey haired boy finally spotted a man at the reception desk, he stopped and leaned to the counter, flashing him a charming smile.

Bonsoir” He spoke fluently making the younger, who had reached him in the meanwhile, widen in eyes in bewilderment “Excuse-moi, je voudrais réserver une chambre pour la nuit.

Hearing those words, the hotel assistant looked at the two men in front of him from the top to the bottom, arching faintly his eyebrow “I’m sorry messier, but I can’t speak French. I can call my colleague, though, I’m sure she will be happy to help” He had already a hand on the phone.

“Oh beg my pardon, that won’t be necessary” The model shifted to Korean smoothly “My husband and I here, we are on our honeymoon, you know” He stressed his statement by showing the ring on his finger and clinging to Jungkook’s arm enthusiastically “And tonight we’d like to book a room to celebrate.”

“Congrats” The man said sarcastically, the cold tone contrasting with his words “However, I’m really sorry to inform that you we don’t have any free room.”

“Oh, you heard him honey? They don’t have any” The model pouted, turning to Jungkook, who had witnessed that bizarre exchange without saying a word. The older quirked his brow and gave the younger a sly smile, passing the ball to him.

The black haired boy hesitated for a moment before straightening his shoulders and pulling a serious expression “Listen to me, Mr?”

“Mr Jun” The receptionist answered, feeling slightly intimidated by that sudden authoritative tone.

“Mr Jun, I’m the Ceo of the Jeon enterprises, I bet you have already heard of me, haven’t you?” Since the assistant had a confused expression, Jungkook pulled his wallet out of his pocket and took a card inside it, keeping it between two fingers “This is my business card” He fanned the piece of paper in front of the man “I’m willing to pay any price to have the most expensive and large suite of this hotel and treat my beautiful husband as he deserves” He ended his speech placing firmly a hand around the other’s waist.

The receptionist hesitated, clearly conflicted, before giving in “Maybe I can make a phone call and see what I can do for you-”

“That won’t be necessary” Taehyung cut him off “I bet the Savoy will treat us better than you just did. Thank you very much. Adieu” And, with that statement, he took his fake husband slash fake boyfriend’s hand and dragged him away, feigning an indignant expression.

Once outside the hotel, the two men burst out laughing until they were out of breath.

“That was-”



They spoke at the same time and smiled to each other, still giggling.

“Jeon enterprises, uh?” Taehyung mocked him.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. Actually, for a moment, I thought he would have bought it.”

“Me too. Who knows what would have happened if he had” Taehyung spoke mysteriously, wiggling his brows, but added soon “Although… I didn’t know you kept a fake identity card in your wallet. You are full of surprises, Beanie Boy.”

“This?” Jungkook showed him the badge he had previously pulled out “You mean my public transport pass?”

“You have to be kidding me “Taehyung goggled at the younger, taking the card between his hands and examining it “You are twenty four??”

“And?” Jungkook asked, mildly confused.

“You are a fetus!” The other exclaimed in shock.

“Excuse me? Thought you knew I was younger than you.”

“I thought you were like... A month younger than me or something.”

In the meanwhile, the younger had reached the limousine and opened the door, which he rushed to close immediately right after. 

“Seems like the car is... Uhm... Occupied” He stuttered, trying to delete the images that were now filling his mind and would have probably remained there for the rest of his life.

“Oh well, guess we had to expect that” Taehyung commented, not really surprised nor angry. If anything, the opposite.

Now that he and Jungkook were alone he could have finally… What? Freed him from the burden of spending time with him? Yes, of course. Or, better, Taehyung knew that was the right answer but he also realized he didn’t want that night to end yet.

Therefore, he called another car, choosing to ignore what his conscience was telling him and deciding to chat with the other instead.

“So, you can speak French” Jungkook noticed distractedly at a certain point, as if he hadn’t kept reflecting on that particular detail until that moment.

“Apparently, I can” Taehyung replied lightly, not adding any other explanation.

“I think it’s really sexy” Jungkook commented, specifying soon “The accent.”

“Is it?” Taehyung asked, taking a step ahead, closer, his sweet perfume invading the other’s nostrils.

In that moment, though, a white Hyundai arrived, interrupting that exchange and breaking the momentary tension between the two men. Neither of them moved, though, staring at each other in the eyes for a few seconds before Jungkook let out a sigh and distanced himself from the older, not noticing his disappointed expression.

Thus, he opened the car door and watched Taehyung walking past.

“I’m sorry again for Jimin and, you know…” The model apologized once in front of the car door, gesturing with his hands between the two of them.

“Don’t think too much about it. Besides, I wanted to prove I could have handled you for more than one night” He joked, recalling the other’s challenging statement from their second meeting.

This was it.

This was his cue to say goodnight, enter the car and leave.

Still, Taehyung couldn’t resist.

“Well, it is…” He checked his clock “Half past midnight right now, which means you didn’t exactly  spend the whole night with me, don’t you think?”

He was just asking, right?

After all, Jungkook had accepted to come, hadn’t he? He had even dresses up and everything. Besides, Taehyung could have just given him a ride home, right? An innocent ride. Home.

At that proposal, the younger made a surprised but no less pleased expression, which morphed soon into a grin “What are you suggesting, princess?”

“That it’s up to you, Beanie Boy” The model winked and entered the car.









Chapter Text








“Where are we heading?” The driver asked a few seconds later, when Jungkook got in the car as well.

At that question, Taehyung turned on the headrest and whispered to the younger “Surprise me.”

Jungkook took a moment to reflect on a possible destination, his gaze travelling around the cabin to find a source of inspiration, when his eyes landed and stopped on the rooftop, an idea suddenly popping into his mind. Thus, he leaned forward and told the driver which place he had chosen, adding a special request right after.

“You know” The model spoke once the other was back on his seat “The Grand Hyatt is one of the most expensive and famous hotels in Seoul. Not to speak about the fact people usually have to book a suite a year before actually going there.”

“Then why you did it?” Jungkook asked, mildly confused yet, at the same time, amused by the other’s attitude.

“Just curious to see what would have happened” The grey haired boy tilted his head, looking at him “There is nothing wrong in a bit of recklessness, isn’t it?”

Jungkook smirked at that statement: Taehyung had really no idea of what he was talking about.

Outside the car windows, the city ran unnoticed past the two young men, each one too intent in stealing a glance at the other while chatting about everything and nothing, like they did on the streets a few nights before.

“Wait” Taehyung exclaimed all of a sudden, after a session of questions involving how Jungkook had happened to end up in jail “Where is the hyung?”


“The hyung, the honorific. You have never used it with me” The grey haired boy pointed out.

“Oh that” Jungkook laughed, scratching his neck. He  guesses that was probably due to the fact he barely used it with his friends too.

It wasn’t his fault if Hoseok had spent a whole year wrongly thinking Jungkook was older than his brother.

“I must have lost it on the street that time you bumped on me” The black haired boy pondered, mocking him. Then, just to see the other’s reaction, he leaned closer and murmured “If you care about honorifics that much, you can always call me hyung.”

The shade of red which colored Taehyung’s face was a gradation darker than the magenta of his dress.

Nonetheless, before the model could have the chance to reflect on his reaction or start questioning his life choices, together with his kinks, fresh and cold air hit his flushed cheeks, making him momentarily forget his embarrassment and raise his head, to be met with the starry sky of Seoul.

“What-” The grey haired boy exclaimed, gaping while slowly getting up from his seat.

Previously, Jungkook had noticed the car had a sunroof so he had asked the driver to open it as soon as they would have reached their destination.

Amazed, Taehyung climbed up until his hands were firmly gripping the rooftop of the car, staring in awe at the city running past his eyes in a blur of lights and noises.

“Wow” The model whispered, as if speaking louder would have somehow ruined that moment.

A radiant smile bloomed on his face as he turned and found Jungkook next to him, the younger’s eyes wandering eagerly around, as if he could have embraced the entire view with just one look. Suddenly, Taehyung felt a sparkle, a sensation hitting his body, rushing through his veins and making his heart flutter. It was like an unexpected sense of happiness had pervaded him, the concrete idea to be exactly where he was supposed to be, as if the whole universe had written a secret plot and now he had finally begun following it.

Flowing away with that stream of thoughts, the grey haired boy threw his arms in the air “Hello Seoul!” He screamed, voice carried away by the wind “I’m Kim Taehyung!”

By his side, Jungkook laughed, shaking his head.

“Come on do it too!” The older encouraged him.

“What should I say?”

“I don’t know… First thing in your mind!” When he saw the other hesitating, the model placed his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders and stated “Don’t think, just act.”

“I’m the kind of the world!” The black haired boy shouted, cupping his hands around his mouth.

“You are terrible” The older chuckled.

“That’s a reference for intellectuals only.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Look, Taehyung” The black haired boy raised his finger, pointing at the sky.

“Don’t try to change topic-” The model stopped talking as he followed the direction the younger was indicating, lips slightly parted but no word exiting from them: a huge bridge towered on their left, the high, blue arches glistening under the night lights, shining so bright it seemed unreal.

The sight left him breathless.

Of course, Taehyung knew the Donjak bridge. Hell, he had crossed it a thousand times with cabs or cars but, as crazy as it seemed, he now realized he had never really seen it.

The grey haired boy breathed deeply in, keeping his eyes wide open not to miss any single moment of that spectacular view.

Again, that feel of unexplained euphoria settled on his body.

“You didn’t tell me” Taehyung spoke all of a sudden, eyes still trailed on the bridge.

“About what?” Jungkook asked, enraptured by the view as well.

“About our first kiss” The grey haired boy stated blatantly “How did it go?”

Silence followed, an infinite moment in which the two young men just stared at each other, the question lingering in the older’s eyes while the younger looked for an answer in that shade of brown.

“I took you to one of my favorite places here in Seoul” Jungkook finally spoke, watching closely as Taehyung bit his bottom lip and fluttered his long eye lashes “It was a spring night and you had a beautiful dress” He placed delicately a hand on the other’s waist, the slow movement contrasting with the speed of the car, the bridge long time gone past them but neither of the two seemed to care, too intent into looking at each other and enjoying that moment.

“Then, I slid my arm around your waist” Taehyung sensed the other’s fingers brushing his hips as he listened, enraptured by those words “And took in the view of the most handsome man I had ever seen.”

Jungkook looked at every emotion passing through the other’s face as he talked and leaned closer and closer, until their lips were just a few inches apart.

It was like the black haired boy couldn’t physically tear eyes eye away from the other, nor when they rubbed the tips of their noses together, nor when Taehyung cupped his cheek with a shaky sigh. Thus, he kept his eyes open until the very last moment, noticing the way the other held his breath in anticipation, the small smile he made just before parting his lips and how his features relaxed when their mouths finally met.

Then, collecting that memory, Jungkook closed his eyes too and let himself be carried away with the kiss too.

Their breathes mingled as their mouths brushed one upon another, sliding smoothly and softly together, the slow pace allowing them to enjoy the sensation at full.

Taehyung’s glossy lips were so addicting that Jungkook couldn’t have enough of them, their sweet flavor inebriating him and making him nibble at the older’s bottom lip. In response, the grey haired boy opened his mouth, intertwining his tongue with the other’s, eager to deepen the kiss.

Despite the uncomfortable position on the sunroof, the cold wind hitting their faces and disheveling their hair, Jungkook pressed tighter against the other, hands travelling up and down the model’s body, caressing his skin. The model’s fingers were carding through his black locks, stroking his nape gently and slowly, a strange pace if compared with the speed of the car.

“Thought you had said no to pda” Jungkook detached slightly to catch his breath, a wide grin plastered on his face.

“Yeah, well I don’t see anyone staring at us” Taehyung retorted breathless, wrapping his arms around the other’s neck, keeping them close enough for their lips to brush.

 “You wanna…?” The younger suggested lasciviously, his fingers sliding down the model’s dress and brushing the slits along his legs.

“God yes” The older answered eagerly, kissing him again while the other laughed against his mouth.




As the car sped up, Jungkook held Taehyung tighter in his arms, millions of night lights shining all around and above them, witnessing that unpredictable turn of events.




















Fifteen minutes later, the two boys stood in front of the door of Taehyung’s penthouse, not really sure how they had made it to the apartment still fully dressed since none of them could keep his hands off the other.

“You are distracting me” Taehyung complained when he pressed the wrong pass-code to enter his apartment for the third time. Thus, he decided to close his eyes and take a moment to enjoy the younger’s touch along his sides, together with his hot breath fanning against his ear. 

“I’m not even started with you” Jungkook smirked, tracing the profile of the other’s bare spine with his finger and making the grey haired boy shiver.

As soon as they finally stepped into the penthouse, the younger gripped the other’s waist tightly and crashed their mouths together again.

What had started as harsh and hurried open mouth kisses turned soon into more heated ones, lips not detaching and making the both of them pant in lack of oxygen. Taehyung’s tongue slipped into the other’s mouth, exploring it eagerly and earning a bite on his bottom lip in response.

Without wasting any second, the younger pinned the older against the wall and squeezed the flesh along the older’s curves. Taehyung hummed lowly in approval at the sensation, encircling the younger’s neck with his arms and wrapping his legs around his thigh.

Panting against Jungkook’s mouth with a pleasured smile, Taehyung started to grind his groin slowly along the other’s thick thigh, feeling the muscle tensing under that contact. Each thrust was measured and deep as the younger accompanied the other’s movement while mouthing at his jawline.

Taehyung threw his head back, a low cry escaping his lips as the black haired boy pushed his thigh roughly between his legs, sensing the model’s prominent bulge rubbing faster against him as he fucked himself on his thigh.

In that moment, though, Yeontan appeared in the living room, drawn in by the sounds Taehyung was making. Thus, when he noticed the stranger in his house who was threatening his owner’s life, he started barking, running around their feet and biting Jungkook’s trousers.

“He is jealous” Taehyung smirked against Jungkook’s lips.

“Bedroom?” The younger suggested, half panting and half chuckling.


Taehyung guided him across the living room, not giving the younger any time to watch around but dragging him into another kiss instead. Once they entered the bedroom, he sensed Jungkook’s hands gripping his waist, firmly yet gently, ready to lift him again.

“Wait wait” Taehyung stopped him, detaching a little, and the younger immediately complied, slightly confused.

“Be right back” The model only explained, still out of breath, disappearing into the bathroom.

Jungkook followed him with his gaze, furrowing his brows, dumbfounded by the other’s attitude. He thought they were on the same page, since it was the older who had suggested to go to his apartment in the first place. Maybe the model had suddenly realized that was a bad idea, maybe he had changed his mind.

On the other side of the door, hands placed against the sink, Taehyung was having a little, personal crisis.


This was a mistake.


A tempting, alluring, pleasurable mistake. But, still, a mistake.


And the worst part was that Taehyung knew it. He knew that would have happened from the moment they had arranged the deal, when he had seen the way Jungkook was looking at him, his eyes reflecting his own challenging gaze.

So why was he panicking now?

Perhaps for the fact they were supposed to fake date and not to actually fuck? On the other hand, though, this was just a hook up, right? Nothing different from the other strangers he had fucked in the past.

Except for the fact he had never taken anyone to his place.

Nevertheless, he and Jungkook had both agreed to end that deal in a few weeks. Plus, the younger seemed  to be fine with the whole situation, not asking him to see each other outside the official events nor behaving like the clingy boys Taehyung had dated in the past.

Maybe he was just overreacting.


Yes, this was a bit fucked up but would he allow some little, futile doubts to ruin an otherwise perfect night?


Definitely no.


Therefore, he swallowed his worries and took a deep breath, blessing the time he had decided to place some spare lube and condoms in the drawer of his bathroom. Lastly, he took a quick look at his reflection and, satisfied with what he was seeing, he raised his chin and finally exited the bathroom.

Once outside, he threw the bottle of lube and the condoms on the bed, under the younger’s still inquisitive stare.

“I didn’t want to interrupt us later” He explained, tugging immediately at Jungkook’s hair and dragging him into a heated kiss, tongue tracing the profile of his lips and making its way inside his mouth, intertwining with the other’s. After a moment of hesitation, Jungkook relaxed and got back to the kiss too, hand flying spontaneously on the other’s waist, caressing the red silk under his fingertips.

In the meantime, Taehyung was busy unbuttoning the younger’s shirt with his right hand, quickly and skillfully, while squeezing his muscled biceps with the left one.

As soon as his knees hit the footboard, the model lied down on the sheets, crawling across the huge bed and smirking at the younger, legs swinging slowly along the covers, partially showing what the red dress covered.


He seemed like the reincarnation of pure sin.


Jungkook took a moment to appreciate the sight before pulling off his blazer fast and reaching the grey haired boy on the bed, hovering over him, craving to touch that tissue and the skin underneath it.

Nevertheless, when the younger was about to lean on and kiss the hell out of the older, he felt a pressure against his crotch and glanced down to find Taehyung’s heel pushing dangerously close to his bulge, preventing him to move any further.

“Before we start” He warned, slightly breathless. Still, he needed to underline that point “Rules.”

“Seems like we have already started to me” Jungkook answered cockily, sliding his hand under Taehyung’s legs and travelling them upper, noticing goosebumps raising on his skin.

“I don’t do relationships-” The model stated nonetheless, closing his eyes right after and parting his lips, wanting to formulate a coherent statement but too distracted by the other’s fingers, which were slowly tracing the profile of his inner thigh “Real relationships” He finally managed to say.

“Me neither” The younger replied, stroking the tanned skin in the meanwhile and feeling Taehyung’s legs shivering at the touch.

“No attachments” The model continued persistently, tone weak and faltering while his heel slid from the other’s crotch, across his hip and to his back.

“None” Jungkook murmured, leaning closer, unbothered by the pressure of the stilettos on his back and starting nibbling at the other’s neck.

“And about hickeys-“ Taehyung added, feeling wet mouth on his skin and teeth grazing his neck. However, before he could have the chance to conclude his request, Jungkook crushed his own mouth against his, preventing him from finishing the sentence.

Then, he detached, making the other whine for the sudden lack of proximity, even though the black haired boy was basically speaking against his lips.

“I have one rule too” He declared, fixing his gaze into Taehyung’s eyes, which were reflecting his own desire. Brushing his mouth on the other’s jawline and breathing in his sweet perfume, Jungkook shifted and pressed his lips against the older’s ear, whispering “The only words that will leave your mouth from now on will be the ones I’ll make you scream.”

Taehyung writhed at that statement, his whole body reacting to that honey-like, lustful voice. Thus, their lips found each other again, the younger’s lips modelling on the other’s soft ones, tasting their sweet flavor, both nibbling and licking them. Their irregular breaths filled the air as the model’s fingers clutched the other’s black hair, making him groan while tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

In the meantime, Jungkook’s hands started roaming over the Taehyung’s body, clinging at the dress and trying to touch as much skin as possible while the model wrapped his legs tighter around his waist, forcing the other closer to him, completely adhering to his body.

“God, the things I wanna do to you” The younger voiced his thoughts without even realizing it, light headed and intoxicated by Taehyung’s sweet perfume and taste.

“Then do them” The older panted, too turned on to mind how wrecked he already sounded.

Hearing those words, Jungkook quickly flipped them, manhandling the other easily so now Taehyung was straddling his groin, tanned legs still wrapped around his hips and dress falling over them.

The black haired boy slid his right hand between the other’s parted legs, moving the left one along Taehyung’s back in the meanwhile, his fingertips brushing along his spine and stopping at the intertwined strings over his ass, caressing the skin right above it.

“I was wondering what you were wearing under this dress” Jungkook said against Taehyung’s lips when his right hand brushed against a pair of laced panties. Thus, the black haired boy started tracing slowly the rim of the lingerie, inserting a finger around the strap on the curve of the other’s ass and making it snap, causing Taehyung to gasp.

When Jungkook’s hand slid across his lower back, the grey haired boy threw his head back, enjoying the sensation of the other’s fingers moving closer and closer to ass, until the younger slipped his index into his panties and circle his rim teasingly.

“Were you? Really?” Taehyung murmured with half closed eyelids, moving his ass against the other’s hand, feeling the friction between the lace panties and the other’s fingers.

“Why don’t you show me how sexy you look in these, hmm?” Jungkook breathed against his neck, gripping the lace tighter and letting it go right after.

Taehyung grinned and complied happily, disentangling from the younger’s grasp and straightening up, heels on each part of Jungkook’s stomach.

Without detaching his gaze from the other, the younger lied on his back, admiring the sight in front of him: the model was putting on a real show, swinging his hips sensually, letting the two shoulder straps fall down slowly, together with the dress, walking out of it and turning his back to the other.

Then, Taehyung straightened his whole body, stretching his arms upwards, so that Jungkook could see his elegant hands, his shoulders, the perfect arch of his back, his perky ass, hugged by black lingerie, his sinuous, slender legs, which seemed even longer thanks to the high heels.

Enraptured by that heavenly view, Jungkook unconsciously started travelling his hands along the other’s thighs, stroking the golden skin and kissing in the process. Then, he pressed his face closer to the black panties, nuzzling Taehyung’s lower back.

The younger craved to bite that perfect skin but, remembering the other’s previous rules, he opted to just lick it, kneading the flesh between his hands. Thus, he hooked his fingers under the panties and slowly pulled them down, making them slide along Taehyung’s legs.

Then, without hesitating, he spread the other’s ass cheeks and licked past the rim, tracing the puffy circle with the tip of his tongue and feeling the other tremble at the sensation. His hot breath fanned over the hole, making Taehyung push back, desperate for more of that warm, silky touch.

Nevertheless, Jungkook was taking his time, wanting to enjoy every moment at full, leaving soon his rim to trail kisses all over the model’s back.

“Touch me already” Taehyung half begged and half ordered, arching his back.

“Since you are asking so gently” Jungkook conceded chuckling. Taehyung was ready to bit back with a sharp answer but he shut up as soon as he felt the other’s tongue pushing inside his hole, lapping his walls eagerly.

Despite his uncomfortable position, standing still with high heels still on, the grey haired boy didn’t want to move nor complained, too immersed in the way the younger was pleasuring him to care.

Soon, though, the younger stopped, detaching his mouth and speaking breathless, having noticed the other’s discomfort “Wanna ride my face?”

“Are you serious?” The older turned, surprised and seemingly perplexed, even though the glint in his eyes said otherwise.

“Always” Jungkook smirked, lying on the sheets and inviting the other to sit above him.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Taehyung asked doubtful, looking at Jungkook, who was waiting eagerly underneath him.

“Don’t worry princess, I’ve done worse.”

As soon as Taehyung sat on Jungkook’s face, the younger started to tongue his rim as a starved man,  his previous kittenish licks turning now into hungry and greedy ones while his fingers grasped tighter at the older’s cheeks.

Every time his tongue pushed inside his rim, swirling against the inner walls, Taehyung relaxed more and more until he started to follow the movement as well, riding the other’s face.

The air was a mixture of the younger’s muffled sounds and the older’s moans, each one going straight to their dicks.

Jungkook was pleasuring him with his tongue in a way that was making the older literally shudder, his thighs slightly trembling and causing the grey haired boy to place his hands on the younger’s bare chest to steady himself.

Therefore, when Jungkook started to push one lubed finger inside his hole, caressing the rim and thrusting deep right after, Taehyung groaned loud and clenched his fists against the other’s skin, his fingers both brushing and gripping his nipples. At that touch, the younger groaned underneath him, humming in approval and holding tighter his ass cheeks while his hips thrusted into nothing.

“Sensitive, are we?” Taehyung smirked breathless, throwing his head back as he kept fucking himself on the other’s tongue, his left hand playing with the younger’s bud while the right one travelled up to his own abdomen, finding his nipple and stimulating it too.

When he noticed the other’s prominent bulge, though, Taehyung shifted slightly from his position, his hands sliding down the younger’s torso, across his abdomen, to finally reach his waist, fingers tracing teasingly the rim of his trousers, merely brushing against the other’s half hard cock.

Not wanting Jungkook to stop but, at the same time, craving to touch him too, the grey haired boy detached from the younger’s mouth and leaned down, unzipping his pants and finally freeing his aching cock. Then, without hesitating, he wrapped his hand around the base and started giving it a few strokes, knowing that slow pace wasn’t enough to satisfy the other, who was, in fact, hissing while buckling his hips.

Trying to prevent the older from teasing him any further, Jungkook moved his right hand to the other’s balls, grazing them and earning a loud, lustful moan in response, the sound going straight to his dick and making it twitch in the model’s hold. 

“You like that, pretty?” Jungkook murmured, detaching his mouth from the other’s ass and licking slowly a stripe from his balls to the rim, working in another finger in the meantime.

“Seems you like it even more” Taehyung panted, so aroused he couldn’t even register his own words. Therefore, before the younger could somehow bite back, the grey haired boy bent down and took the tip of his cock between his lips, swirling his tongue around it and tasting the precum in his mouth.

At that sudden and unexpected movement, Jungkook rested his head on the sheets, still breathless from before but not stopping pleasuring the other, thrusting his fingers in and out his hole and relishing in the lustful sounds Taehyung was making around his cock.

While pushing back against his fingers, the grey haired boy swallowed the younger’s length more and more until it hit the back of his throat, lapping it enthusiastically in the meantime.

There were both keeping their selves on the edge, waiting who would have surrendered first. When Jungkook curled his fingers inside him and hit his prostate, Taehyung sucked hard, earning an approving and rough spank in response.

“Ah- yes” Taehyung hissed, detaching from the younger’s cock just to start kissing it from the base to the tip.

“Fuck” Jungkook just panted, turned on just from the sight of the model’s shining lips, covered both in slick and precum.

“Fuck me” The older retorted cockily, turning his head and watching him with a dark and aroused gaze, mirth filling his eyes.

The black haired boy didn’t need to hear that twice. With quick moves, he pulled out his shirt, together with his pants and briefs. In front of him, Taehyung shifted on all fours on the sheets, wiggling suggestively his ass in the air and bending over the mattress.

Hypnotized by the view of that perfect, arched back, Jungkook stroked himself, searching the lube and the condom in the meanwhile, which were lost between the messy sheets.

“You are so beautiful” The black haired boy spoke, still dazed. Then, he leaned closer and bent over the other, pressing their bodies together.

Jungkook’s honeyed and hoarse voice crawled under the model’s skin, its sound so pleasant that Taehyung moaned just from those words.

“Do you like to be praised, pretty?” Jungkook wondered, caressing the model’s sides with his fingers, wanting to edge him, to make him shiver under his touch once again.

“Stop teasing” Taehyung just answered, not wanting to give in. Nevertheless, when he felt the younger’s abdomen adhering to his back, his hard cock between his ass cheeks, the model couldn’t help but whine, a silent plea escaping his mouth as he clenched his fists against the sheets.

Jungkook chuckled at the other’s eagerness but still complied. Therefore, he held the model’s waist and aligned his cock with his entrance, pushing in slowly until he bottomed up, the two of them both groaning in pleasure.

“Tell me when you are rea-”

Taehyung didn’t even give him the time to finish the sentence before pushing back, adjusting a little in the process but keeping fucking himself on the other’s cock.

“Am I going to do all the work here?” The grey haired boy mocked him with a wide smirk plastered on his face.

Those words seemed to put Jungkook out of the spell of bliss in which he had momentarily fallen.

“Haven’t I told you” He spoke lowly while gripping Taehyung’s hips tighter “The only words which will leave mouth on will be the ones I’ll make you scream?” He murmured, pushing his cock out and thrusting in so suddenly and roughly the other cried out loud.

“You won’t complain anymore once I’m done with you” He continued without giving the older the time to reply nor to catch his breath.

Anyway, judging the amount of precum which was leaking through the other’s cock, he was enjoying that maybe even more than Jungkook.

Therefore, black haired boy encircled the model’s waist, lifting him up and pressing him closer to his chest, changing their position, so now the younger was sitting on his knees while the older was basically straddling him from behind.

Thanks to their closeness, Jungkook could now see the model’s ecstatic expression. His red lips were parted, low and sensual sounds escaping from them each time the younger moved inside him, the new angle allowing him to hit the older’s sweet spot over and over. Craving to look at him closer, the black haired boy placed a hand under his chin, making him turn slightly to his side.

The two boys panted against each other, Taehyung’s gaze fixed in Jungkook’s eyes as their sweaty bodies moved at the same time, grinding back and forth one against another.

When he sensed the older’s fingers carding through his hair, both tugging and playing with his locks, the black haired boy shivered, his pace turning more erratic and frantic. Immediately, Taehyung took him into a sloppy kiss, tongues licking messily while he bounced on the younger’s cock.

Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from roaming his hands all over the model’s body, squeezing the soft skin from time to time until he reached the red high heels he was still wearing.

“So gorgeous” The black haired boy murmured against his hair, Taehyung’s delicate and floral perfume invading his nostrils and making him close his eyes in bliss. His praise went straight to the older’s dick, which twitched in excitement against his abdomen.

Urging to release the heat coiling through his body, the model lowered his right hand to touch himself, even though Jungkook forestalled him, wrapping his fingers around the older’s shaft and giving it slow, measured strokes.

“More” He whined against Jungkook’s lips, urging him to go faster, desperately trying to fuck himself on the other’s hand.

At that plea, the black haired boy snapped his hips faster, feeling the other’s nails digging into his thighs but loving that unique mix of pain and pleasure too much to care.

Still, his fist moved slowly, too slowly if compared with the mad pace he was fucking the older.

“I’m so close” Taehyung breathed, stretching one hand and reaching Jungkook’s nipple from behind. When he pinched slightly at his bud, the black haired boy finally sped up his rhythm, both inside and around him.

“Come for me pretty” Jungkook whispered to his ear, sending shivers along Taehyung’s body and making him come all over his fist.

The grey haired boy threw his head back, resting his neck on the other’s shoulder, overwhelmed by the orgasm which had just hit him. After a few more thrusts, Jungkook came inside him too, the sensation of the older’s warm walls clenching around his cock driving him crazy.

After that, the two boys remained silent, the room filled with their pants as they tried to catch their breaths, chest raising and falling while their bodies were still tangled together.

“Where can I?” Jungkook asked awkwardly after a while, detaching from the older and getting up.

“Bathroom” Taehyung answered, pointing distractedly at the door on his left with his finger.

“Do you wanna go first?”

“No, I’ll come right after you. Just closing my eyelids for a moment” The grey haired boy mumbled, shifting more comfortably on the sheets.

When Jungkook returned a few minutes later, he was not surprised to find the older already half asleep.

Taehyung was lying between the sheets completely naked, the moon rays entering from the window giving his body an unusual pale shade, something more similar to silver than to his usual golden skin.

Once again, Jungkook found himself speechless, mesmerized by that sight and undecided on what to do, not able to tear his eyes away from Taehyung.

“You can take a picture. I’ll autograph it later” A muffled voice suddenly raised from the pillow.

That sarcastic statement deadened Jungkook’s momentary tension and hesitation. Therefore, since the other seemed too worn out to get up from the bed anytime soon, the black haired boy decided to head back to the bathroom and take a towel for him.

“Here” He spoke, shaking the model slightly and handing him the towel.

The grey haired boy turned, slowly and sleepily, but still thanked him and started cleaning himself while Jungkook looked for his clothes around the room, spotting soon his trousers and wearing them right after.

“What are you doing?” The older asked, tilting his head, mildly confused.

“Uh” Jungkook just said, fingers already closing the button of his pants “Leaving?”

“Listen, you just fucked me senseless” The grey haired commented, closing his eyes once again and throwing the towel on the floor “I don’t even have the strength to get up and take you to the door. My bed is large enough for the both of us so…” He didn’t even finish the sentence, his heavy eyelids refusing to flutter open once more.

“If you insist…” Jungkook conceded, tired himself but not wanting to intrude.

“I do” Taehyung confirmed with a surprising firm tone “Now sleep.”

“Ok then” The younger agreed, taking off his pants once again and reaching the other on the huge twin sized bed in front of him.


“Goodnight princess.”


“Goodnight Beanie Boy.”





















The next morning, Taehyung didn’t wake up to the usual licks of his dog, feeling the presence of a warm body pressing against his own instead.

The model blinked a few times, squinting his eyes at the light sunrays entering from the window, enlightening both his tanned skin and the stranger’s paler one.


A stranger in his bed?


Around him, the whole room was a mess, clothes scattered everywhere between the floor and the bed, each piece recalling a particular memory from the previous night.


Suddenly, Taehyung remembered.


Widening his eyes, the grey haired boy quickly got up from his position and looked at the guy who was sleeping peacefully next to him.

Jungkook’s black locks were messily falling on his forehead, pink lips slightly parted while his naked torso raised and fell in time with his breath. When his eyes travelled down the younger’s toned body, Taehyung couldn’t help but notice the scratches he had left along his sides and thighs, averting quickly his gaze as his cheeks flushed.



A tempting, alluring, pleasurable mistake, wasn’t it?


A mistake which wouldn’t have happened ever again.



In the middle of his miserable thoughts, two ringtones started to ring in the otherwise silent room, startling the model and making the boy by his side grumble against the pillow.

“It’s ass o’ clock” Jungkook complied, burying his head deeper under the sheets. Sure, the black haired boy was used to wake up at dawn but  not when he had managed to sleep barely for 3 hours.

“Your phone is ringing too” Taehyung pointed out nonchalantly, turning off his own alarm and standing up from the bed.

With a loud snort, Jungkook opened his eyes and got up as well, trying to find his phone before that damn ringtone would have driven him crazy.

“Hey Hoseok” He greeted, voice still hoarse and sleepy “Yeah, I’m late, sorry I haven’t told you yesterday but something unexpected came up and-” He massaged his temples while his friend spoke on the other side of the line “Yeah, yeah ok, thank you. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Early riser?” The model asked once the younger hung up, tilting his head, curious to know what kind of appointment the other could have had at dawn.

“Yeah, need to go too” Jungkook dismissed him quickly, looking for his clothes around the room in the meantime.

The black haired boy’s appearance was even better in the daylight, his glorious lower back in plain view as he stretched towards the floor to gab his trousers.

When Taehyung realized he was staring openly at the younger, he turned fast and headed to the door, trying to spoke casually as he suggested “I can make you a coffee-”

He stopped midsentence, though, when, walking past the huge mirror on his wall, he noticed something which caught his eye.

“You are a fucking animal!” Taehyung exclaimed, his face morphing into a horrified expression as he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

“Look at my butt, there’s literally your handprint on my left ass cheek!” He gaped, turning to the other just to be met with an unexpected satisfied expression “Oh my god, don’t look so proud! At least try to hide it.”

“Does it count as a mark? I think it should” Jungkook commented, amused, while buttoning up his shirt, staring smugly at his work “Anyway, I haven’t heard you complying last night.”

“I was distracted” Taehyung retorted vaguely “I can’t believe it. I have a photoshoot in  two days” He sighed, covering his face with his hands.

“You could use photoshop” The younger suggested, trying to keep a straight expression but bursting out laughing right after.

“You-” Taehyung threw a glare at him, followed soon by a pillow, which the younger easily grabbed.

Outraged, Taehyung put on a robe and headed dramatically to the kitchen, feeling the sudden need to drink a tisane.

“What’s the point in wearing a robe if it doesn’t cover you at all?” Jungkook commented once he reached him in the living room, now fully dressed.

“The aesthetic” The model replied, as if that was an obvious answer “Besides, you’ve already seen me naked, what are you? Complaining?”

“I could never” Jungkook smirked, raising his eyebrows suggestively and flashing the older a dark gaze.

“Do you want something?” Taehyung offered with an unusual high pitched voice, changing topic too fast to pass unnoticed, not giving the other the time to reply as he turned and opened the cupboard “A tea? Coffee?”

“Nothing, thank you. I’m already late” The black haired boy refused politely. He was about to open his mouth and mock the older for that weird behavior when a familiar and loud bark rose from the couch.

A few seconds later, Yeontan ran in the kitchen, ready to attack the younger and bite his trousers.

Taehyung had never loved his dog more.

“He really hates me, doesn’t he?” Jungkook smiled, squatting closer to the dog and trying to pet him with poor results.

“That’s his way to show affection.”

“Really?” The younger asked hopefully.

“No, he just hates you” Taehyung laughed when the other’s expression faltered.

“I think that’s my cue to go then” Jungkook spoke as he stood up “I mean, he is literally kicking me out.”

“I can’t do anything, can I?” Taehyung shrugged jokingly, showing the younger the way to the door and opening it.

Then, they both stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“Well, let me know if you need me some other time” Jungkook finally spoke, breaking the silence and stepping out of the apartment.

“I will” The model confirmed, lying against the door frame and busying himself with the belt of his robe.

“See you around, then” The younger finally, flashing him one last, charming smile before leaving, walking down the hallway without turning back.

“Goodbye, Beanie Boy” Taehyung murmured as he closed the door, one hand still around the handle as he leaned against the wooden surface.



A tempting, alluring, pleasurable mistake, indeed.

















“Is that a hickey?

“That is an attempt of an hickey” Taehyung corrected his best friend as they entered the restaurant, trying to hide the faint spot on his collarbones by pulling up his jeans jacket’s collar.

The model already regretted that lunch break.

“I want to know everything” Jimin announced the moment they took their seats.

“Liked De La Renta’s collection but preferred the one of two seasons ago” Taehyung  replied leafing through the menu, aware that his best friend wasn’t asking about that.

“You know I’m not talking about the fashion show” The other placed down the menu “By the way, I agree.”

The grey haired boy sighed.

He had to see that coming. That night at Vogue, Jimin hadn’t interrogated Jungkook that much, which was a relief, but, on the other hand, it also meant he would have tortured him instead.

“Where did you even find that handsome boy?”

“Oh, you know, I have my ways” Taehyung spoke vaguely, eyes lingering with interest on a particular pizza, even though he knew he couldn’t allow to step out of his diet. Not during fashion week, at least.

“You are not gonna tell me?”

“Nope” Taehyung merely answered, underlining the p with a popping sound and turning the menu pages to the list of the salads.

“Not even a tiny detail?” Jimin insisted with a whiny tone, leaning in and peeking out from the menu.

“None” The grey haired boy retorted firmly.

“One question” His best pleaded.

Taehyung huffed and rolled his eyes, finally shifting his attention from the menu and placing his elbows over the table “One.”

“How was sex?”

It wasn’t a weird question. At least, not for them. Jimin and Taehyung were used to talk about their hook ups, sharing every detail of they did and tried with their different partners and, sometimes, even competing against each other on who had the best sex.

For this reason, Jimin had spent half of their morning car ride describing painstakingly thoroughly the kinkiest things he had done with Namjoon, something involving a daddy petname mixed to some vanilla sex which Taehyung couldn’t really understand nor wanted to.

Thus, the grey haired boy expected his best friend to insist to be informed about him and Jungkook as well.

The only problem was that he didn’t know what to say.

Taehyung could tell this time was different, both for him and Jimin.

When his best friend talked about Namjoon, his eyes shone with something the grey haired boy couldn’t recognize nor copy, something too pure and spontaneous to be faked.

Therefore, Taehyung stayed quiet for a few seconds, undecided whether to lie or to tell the truth, which, he realized, would have meant lying too.

Nonetheless, somehow, a twisted part of him was dying to talk with his best friend about his fake boyfriend

“Not bad” He stated with a vague tone.

“Kim Taehyung” Jimin pronounced his name slowly “I can read your features since that Maldives photoshoot, when Testino asked you to swim with the sharks and you tried to keep a straight expression while you were dying inside.”

Taehyung was still trying to get over that shooting.

“Ok, fine. It was one of the best hook-” The model bit his tongue, correcting himself before the other could question his lapsus “-Laids of my life, even better than Lucky.”

“Better than him?” Jimin nearly screamed, gaping.

“I’m telling you” Taehyung wiggled his brows.

Jimin raised his brows, impressed. Only a few men had been able to reach their high standards after their threesome with Lucky Blue Smith.

“Well, try to keep him close then.”

At those words, Taehyung felt a sudden sour taste in his mouth, his expression twisting at the mere thought. Luckily, in the moment, a waitress approached them to take their orders, giving him a chance to change topic.

“I wanted to ask you about something about our trip in Asia” The grey haired boy blurted out, suddenly nervous. He had been afraid to deal with that particular subject for some time, not sure if he would have been ready to hear whatever his best friend might have answered.

“Are we travelling together?” He finally gathered the courage to ask.

“Of course we are! What kinda question is that?” Jimin confirmed immediately, furrowing his brows.

The truth was Taehyung had thought he could have handled everything on his own: the Fashion Week, the events, Jimin’s new boyfriend, his own fake one… Nevertheless, now that all those things were crashing over him, the grey haired boy had realized that the absence of his usual partner, of his best friend, by his side was tougher than he would have ever imagined.

“Is this because of Namjoon?” Jimin asked, biting his bottom lip, unsure.

“No, of course not!” The model rushed to deny “I just wondered what where you planning to do, since we are leaving in a few weeks.”

Inside, Taehyung was praying his best friend would have come alone.

He knew he was behaving selfishly, but he just needed a pause, a safe place where he could have found the comfort of a normality which he now missed and craved.

Those dark and random thoughts spinning through his mind suddenly stopped as he sensed the presence of a warm hand closing around his fingers, squeezing lightly his hand in comfort.

“Don’t worry, Taehyungie. Nothing has changed.”

The grey haired boy felt a sudden knot in his throat, realizing those words weren’t referred to their trip around Asia. In response, he didn’t say a single word, but just held the other’s hand tighter, giving him a reassuring smile.




Maybe everything would have been fine, after all.









Chapter Text





Yoongi and Hoseok were sprawled over Jungkook’s sofa, scrolling through Netflix catalogue to select a movie for the evening.

“So? Have you chosen which one we are gonna watch?” Jungkook asked, appearing from the kitchen and taking with him the three bowls of instant noodle he had just prepared, which he placed on the table near the huge television in the living room.

“Hmm, not yet” Yoongi didn’t even avert his eyes from the screen as he answered, films and tv-series sliding relentlessly under his bored gaze.

“You aren’t even looking at the titles” The younger brother protested.

“I am but they all suck.”

“Free solo?” Hoseok tried, catching the glimpse of the familiar documentary.

“Already seen” The two brothers answered in choir.

“Pulp fiction?”

“Not in the mood.”

They spent a few minutes like that, bickering about the movies sliding under their eyes until Jungkook finally spotted something which caught his interest.

“Is that” The younger interrupted him suddenly, recognizing a particular title on the screen “The Devil wears Prada?”

“The horror?” His brother asked, shifting back with the remote.


Thus, Yoongi paused that seemingly infinite selection and read the movie’s plot together with Hoseok and Jungkook. Afterwards, the two guys turned towards the younger with a judging look plastered all over their faces.

“Is he serious?” The older brother asked.

“I think he is” His friend commented, studying Jungkook with a serious expression.

“Bet I know where this idea comes from” Yoongi mocked his brother, sneering.

“He is so whipped already” Hoseok confirmed.

“You know I can hear you, right?” Jungkook retorted annoyed, pocking the inside of his cheek with his tongue “Watch whatever you want.”

“You have to know our Jungkookie here gets really touchy when people are right about him but he is in denial” Yoongi whispered, leaning closer to Hoseok.

“I’m not, shut up and choose a goddamn movie.”

“No, now I’m curious” Yoongi smirked.

“Yeah, me too” Hoseok agreed.

“I hate y’all” The younger huffed, taking a beer and sitting on the couch with his arms crossed, ready to sulk for entire duration of the film.




One and a half hour later, the three men were watching attentively the screen, sitting on the verge of the couch, eating eagerly snacks in the meanwhile.

“Can you believe Andrea just behaved like that?”

“Poor Emily” Hoseok nodded, pitying the character and her fate.

“And why leaving Nate? I mean, have you seen his eyes?” Yoongi pointed out, making the other two turn towards him with raised brows.

After a while, they decided to take a break, pausing the film since Yoongi needed to go to the toilet and, his words, “didn’t want to miss any second of the movie.”

Therefore, while waiting for him, Jungkook took his phone and scrolled through Instagram, watching the new posts of free runners and building climbers on his timeline. Among the numerous pictures and videos, his finger stopped above a particular photo, which portrayed his fake boyfriend wearing a silver, short dress, the caption saying “Tonight’s outfit. What do you think about it?”

Taehyung had explained him the premiere they had participated was just one of a series of events that he would have attended. Every day, the model posted new photos, showing clothes and accessories, which Jungkook hadn’t missed to notice.

Nevertheless, the two young men hadn’t seen nor texted each other after their night together, the both of them too busy with their schedules to worry or talk about what had happened.

Was there something to worry about, though?


Was he trying to convince himself?


Most of all, did he regret it?


Definitely not.


Did Taehyung regret it?


That, Jungkook couldn’t know. He hoped not.


If there was a personality trait which characterized Jungkook most, that was passion. He put passion in everything he did: when he taught, he taught with passion; when he climbed, he climbed with passion and when he kissed, he kissed with passion.

Therefore, when he and Taehyung had found themselves on the bridge, so close their lips were merely brushing, he had let passion take over him and guide his actions, everything evolving so spontaneously and fast that Jungkook hadn’t had the chance to reflect on it nor question it.


Our first kiss, how did it go?


Taehyung had just flirted with him and he had flirted back. That wasn’t so much to reflect on. After all, their situation was nothing different from a normal hook up between two strangers met casually in a pub. With the sole difference they were supposed to fake a relationship not to actually try to get into one.


Thus, there was no reason to be awkward, right?


So why was he hesitating now?


Resolutely, the boy decided to stop that pointless trail of thoughts to act boldly instead, seeing what would have come from there: he made a screenshot of the model’s picture and sent a text to Taehyung.


Beanie Boy

I don’t like it


The three men had just restarted to watch the movie when he received an answer from the model in the form of an audio of 4 seconds. Confused, he placed the phone near his ear, even though he couldn’t really hear anything but silence.


Beanie Boy

What was that?



That was me gasping in shock


Jungkook chuckled, earning a loud ‘Shh’ from his friend and his brother, who were still completely focused on the movie. Then, remembering a specific scene from before, he googled Miranda Priestly, looking for one in gif in particular.


Beanie Boy













Don’t you dare using THE pouting against me


Oh my god

Does this mean?

Did you actually watch it????


Beanie Boy

Andrea has just flied to Paris



I don’t know whether I should be happy you have seen the movie

or sad because you don’t like my dress


Beanie Boy

Hey, it’s only my humble opinion, it doesn’t count that much.

I’m not even an expert, it’s just…


Jungkook hesitated, fingers stopping typing over the keyboard. Although he highly doubted Taehyung would have taken its criticism seriously, still he didn’t want to offend him in any way. Maybe the model had spent days choosing that particular dress, maybe he had hope everyone would have liked its choice, maybe-




Cat got your tongue?


Who cared about offenses anymore, anyway.


Beanie Boy

It seems like you are wearing a mirror shattered into pieces.

Won’t it heap misfortune upon your head?

Besides, its shape disturbingly asymmetrical.


This time, Jungkook received in response an audio 10 seconds long.

What he hadn’t expected, though, was to hear ten seconds of Taehyung laughing, a sound so low yet warm that he couldn’t really help but smiling back at his screen, careful to ignore his fastened heartbeats in his chest.

They continued talking like that long after the film finished, the model keeping asking Jungkook’s opinion on his dresses while the younger replied with frank comments.



Is there something I wear you even like?


The black haired boy pursed his lips, thinking about a honest answer. The other’s style was dressy, indeed, and he liked that, even though the model’s clothes were sometimes bizarre. Jungkook didn’t even care whether Taehyung wore women or men dresses, since he looked astonishing in both.

Thus, he opened the model’s Instagram page and scrolled through his profile until he found a particular photo he remembered from the first time he had seen it.

The picture portrayed Taehyung’s angelic face, unusual and bright blue hair surrounding his delicate features while blue lens made his eyes stand out as he walked confidently along the catwalk. On his back, two beautiful wings were spread out, the black feathers matching with the laced lingerie the model wore, his longs legs covered in tie up heels.

Go big or go home, right?

Without thinking too much about it, Jungkook took a screenshot of the photo and sent it to the other.


Beanie Boy

Does lingerie count too?



I had to see that coming.

You are quite predictable, you know?

Beanie boy

Lingerie is fashion, isn’t it?

What’s wrong with that?




In that simple reply, somehow, Jungkook could perfectly picture the older’s skeptic yet amused expression, as if he had been right there, next to him.


Beanie Boy:

Are you like Miranda?




What do you mean?



Beanie Boy

Someone who presses his lips together and

makes stylists cancel their entire collections


On the other side of the city, Taehyung smiled sadly at the screen, shaking his head at the mere thought.

Models hadn’t any right to judge a fashion piece nor question the stylists choices. Rare were the times when they could afford the luxury to decide what they would have worn during a show.

Still, it wasn’t the first time he received an observation like that. People usually had this wrong image of him, inclined to judge him just from the outside, just from his appearance. He had been portrayed as intimidating and provocative, vulgar and tasteless.

Sometimes, those bad comments stuck more than the good ones.



A cold heart bitch?


Beanie Boy

I didn’t get that idea

She seems anything but cold hearted


You seem anything but cold hearted Jungkook just thought without writing it.



Why do you think so?



Jungkook wasn’t sure they were still talking about Miranda Priestly.


Beanie Boy

She just seems someone

who struggled a lot to be accepted


The black haired boy had googled Taehyung’s name enough times to get a partial idea of what the model had been through. Although he had tried to skip them, some articles just couldn’t pass unnoticed. A few of them disapproved his feminine dresses, others his sexuality, making headline news out of the model’s private matters on their stupid front pages.



Because she is a woman?


Beanie Boy

Because people are mean


Jungkook was so immersed in the conversation that he didn’t even realize how late it had become until his brother patted his shoulder.

“Try to sleep a bit kid, we have to leave before 3 am” Yoongi reminded him, heading to the bedroom and inviting the younger to follow him while Hoseok stayed sleeping in the sofa bed.

“I’m coming” The black haired boy answered, checking the phone one last time.

Noticing the other hadn’t answered his previous text, he just set the alarm and locked the phone, letting tiredness take over him and guiding in a dreamless sleep.







“It’s time.”

It was 2.30 am and the three men were all reunited around the table in Jungkook’s kitchen, three backpacks lying on the top of the wooden surface, each one filled with different tools.

They nodded in unison and left the apartment soon after, taking Yoongi’s car and driving to their destination. The ride was quite silent, each of them lost in his own thoughts: the older brother was thinking about the eventual setbacks they could have found along the way while Hoseok hummed lowly a song which he was listening in his headphones, isolating from the world as he usually did. Lastly, Jungkook was watching outside the window, his mind wandering far away from the car, losing himself in every building which ran past his eyes.

It was a quiet night, the ideal for what they had to do, no wind nor rain disturbing their mission. As always, Yoongi had been right: there was no way they could have done it in the daylight.

When they finally arrived, the older brother chose carefully the right place to park the car, hidden enough for the police not to fine it but close enough for them to reach it if anything had happened.

Above them, the Banghwa bridge was shining in its peculiar orange color, giving the Han river a bright shade of yellow.

Jungkook was staring at the bridge agape, his eyes travelling from its base to its highest peak, his hands hitching, eager to climb it.

Next to him, his brother had taken the map of the structure, which he had accurately studied and drew in the past weeks, and had already started instructing them, as he always did.

“Ok so. Firstly, we will proceed along the barrier rail but, since I want us to stay on the street as little as possible, we will immediately climb down it and descend here” He pointed his finger at the girder of the bridge, which was signed with a red circle in the blueprint “This way, we will reach the main construction from the substructure. The hard part will come once we will arrive at the center of the bridge” Yoongi explained, showing the itinerary he had planned “That is when we will start climbing the superstructure. Let’s try to do the first part quickly so that no one gets to call the police. Once there” His finger finally stopped at the apex of the two arches “It shouldn’t be that difficult and, hopefully, no one will see us.”

“Cameras?” Hoseok inquired, studying the map with a focused expression.

“Nope, we are lucky they are working on the security system on these days, so they are deactivated.”


“Order?” The younger brother asked.

“Hoseok you go first, then me Jungkook to follow.”

“Why I have always to be the last one?” The black haired boy complied.

“Cause you are the maknae. Nevertheless-” His brother added, since the younger had already opened his mouth to protest “Once up there, you’ll lead the climbing” And, by saying that, Yoongi handed him the video camera he had previously taken from his backpack.

When he saw the familiar head camera, Jungkook smiled, happy to have the chance to record that night.

“Hoseok, take yours too and record the first part” Yoongi ordered.

“Yes boss.”

“Considering there are not too many cars, I suggest to go now and wait for the best opportunity to  run up the arches.”

The other two nodded.

“Ready?” Yoongi asked before they wore three black masks, each one unique and personalized basing on their own tastes.

“Ready” They answered, putting on their hoods and running along the street.

They walked fast on the left side of the street, the few cars passing by luckily not minding them. When they arrived at one third of the whole length of the bridge, Hoseok turned and, with Yoongi’s approval, he leaped over the barrier rail and climbed down quickly until he reached the girder, followed soon by the two brothers.

Now, they could have proceed slowly, taking their time while sliding across the huge piers, the orange metal bars stable enough to let them shift, easily but still carefully, from a pillar to another, until they arrived at the center of the Han river and the bridge itself.

Once Hoseok could finally spot the arch of the bridge above him, he stopped and waited for the two brothers, who were a few meters back. He had just sat between the trusses when Jungkook reached them for last.

“Good” The older brother commented, raising his head to glance at the street “Now, I’ll go check the traffic. At my signal, Jungkook, you start to climb up, understood?”

The younger nodded, fixing the camera on his head and stretching his arms to warm up, his hands wrapping naturally around a close bar and hanging there, the familiar feel of muscles hurting while he dangled loosely above 10 meters of void.

Once on the street, Yoongi glanced attentively at his left and right and, after a few seconds, nodded “Now.”

“It’s your turn, Jungkookie” Hoseok smiled at him.

The black haired boy didn’t need to be told twice. Immediately, he moved fast and reached his brother on the rail barrier. Then, without wasting any more time nor turning back, he started to scale the main cable of the Banghwa bridge.

Luckily, the bridge was illuminated enough to guide him along his path, making it easier for him to see and record his climb, a luxury which he rarely had the privilege to get.

He clambered up on all fours, feet moving securely and fingers finding naturally one handhold after another. Underneath him, the cars kept zipping along the road, oblivious to the three black figures hanging from the arches of the bridge, shadows moving furtively in the dark, hidden by the night.

The cold breeze coming from the river was freezing his hands and slipping under his clothes but he didn’t care, the adrenaline rushing through his veins and making him fasten his climb, eager to reach the top. Nonetheless, while scrambling up, the young man made sure to record every part of the ascent, turning his head to point the camera on the left, right and, especially, down, trying to convey the whole experience at full.

Each of them had his own way when they climbed. Hoseok was the chattier, always talking as if there was a public listening to him right there, making question and giving answers to no one in particular. Yoongi was more contemplative, usually interested in explaining technicalities: the reason why they had chosen that place instead of another, the ideal and worst weather conditions they might have got, what the structure offered and what they had to work on by their own. Among the three men, Jungkook was the quieter. He climbed in silence, as if that was a sacred activity which he couldn’t violate with his voice.

Instead, he needed to hear the rhythm of his heart and breath, isolating himself in the silent night, the noises of the city disappearing as if he was immersed in an imaginary bubble.

Moreover, he liked to think people held their breaths while watching him so he didn’t want to break the spell.

It didn’t wake him too long before reaching the top of the construction, shifting fluently to the left side of the arch and sitting on the its verge, finally resting and enjoying the panorama at full.

Jungkook’s eyes were fixed on the horizon, where the purple hues of the night were slowly replaced by the golden shades of the sunrise.

A familiar sensation took over him, something akin to an inexplicable mix of belonging, melancholy and reverence, a feel which always left him breathless, making him realize how small he was if compared with everything else around him.

Every time he experienced that emotional catharsis, the young man felt like the deepest part of his soul was shaking, as if he had returned where he truly belonged, a place in which he was right for him to be, somewhere closer to find responses to his unanswerable questions.


Something beautiful, terrifying, incredible, crowded, lonely, all at the same time.


People didn’t usually understand what he did nor the reason behind that but how could he have explained when he himself couldn’t find the words? Certain things, you must live them.

Once he came back from his reverie, Jungkook wiped away the silent tears which had started to stream down his cheeks and shook his head, coughing a little before speaking.

“The sight is stunning” He commented, pulling out his mask, wanting to give his audience an authentic review.

Thus, noticing Hoseok and Yoongi were still far behind, he opened the backpack and took his drone from the inside. Then, holding the the flight controller in his right hand, the black haired boy hooked his legs steadily around the bar of the bridge and let himself fall in the void.

As the drone flied around the Banghwa bridge to create an aerial film, Jungkook threw his head back and watched the lights reflecting on the water under his feet, enraptured by that unique view.

“The framing will suck if you’ll keep hanging there like that” His brother commented once he and Hoseok finally arrived at the peak of the construction too.

“About time, thought you had lost yourself in the way” Jungkook mocked him, lifting himself up effortlessly and handing the controller of the drone to the older.

“Was it necessary to go that fast?” Yoongi asked taking a seat on his right.

“Oh let him live, he was having the time of his life” Hoseok said, sitting on his left.

They stay there for a few minutes, silently enjoying and contemplating the breath-taking panorama in front of them, each of the three men immersed in his own thoughts.

After a while, Hoseok opened his backpack and took three bottles of Redbull from the inside “I thought we could have celebrated the new sponsorship in style” He winked, handing the drinks to the other two.


“To Redbull” Hoseok smiled.

“To Banghwa” Yoongi added.

“To us” Jungkook completed.

Before climbing down, the three men put on their masks again and climbed down the trusses, floating over the bridge to take their traditional photo together.

Although their followers couldn’t have seen it, Jungkook’s smile was wide underneath his mask.



















Taehyung couldn’t sleep.

It rarely happened, always so busy during the day that he needed the whole night to recharge his energies. Nevertheless, in that particular evening, the grey haired boy felt like he couldn’t prevent thoughts from running through his mind, spinning so fast and so randomly he didn’t know how to stop them.

It wasn’t a bad sensation, just a weird one, like he needed to set his mind into the right order.

And the middle of the night seemed the best time to do it.

As he stared at the ceiling, Taehyung travelled back in his memories, pondering recent and past events, fascinated by the curious idea of how life can turn so fast and unexpectedly in a couple of seconds, days, or years. Of how, of all the infinite possibilities and paths he could have taken and chosen, he had become the man he was now.


Was is by chance? By destiny?


Sighing, the grey haired boy shook his head and rolled on the bed, knowing he wouldn’t have found any response to those unanswerable questions nor would have fallen asleep anytime soon. Next to him, Yeontan was snoring lightly so he patted his fluffy head and tried to leave the bed quietly to get outside the bed room.

Although the living room was immersed in the darkness, he didn’t turn the lights on, liking the way the moon rays enlightened the whole ambience. Instead, he just sat on the couch and curled up on a blanket, stretching his hand to the library behind the sofa and taking a photo book from the copious volumes exposed there.

That particular album had nothing to do with his work but, still, it collected the pictures he cherished the most.

His grandma had given him that present when he had decided to move from their little farm nearby Daegu to travel to Europe.


This way, you’ll always bring a part of us with you She had explained.


As always, she had been right.

His grandma had been the first to notice his creative side and had encouraged him to follow his passions ever since. Therefore, when, at the age of 7, Taehyung had asked her to teach him how to sew, she had just nodded with a smile, as if expecting it.

From that time, although his family wasn’t poor, Taehyung had started to make clothes by his own and as he liked them most, from skirts to dresses, from blazers to trousers. The major part of them was destined to his younger sisters but, since one of the twins seemed to be quite the tomboy type, she and Taehyung had took the habit of switching their clothes.

Every time he leafed through those yellowed pages, a nostalgic smile grew on his lips, his mind travelling back to his idyllic childhood, when he ran breezily through the woods and the fields near his house.

The first pages were full of old, black and white pictures, showing his great-grandfather with serious expression as he stood next to his sons and daughters. The next photo portrayed the same man with a quite different look, laughing in colors at the little girl he was holding in his arms.

She was Taehyung’s mother.

As he kept browsing through the huge binder, memories appeared in his mind, under the form of his farm, his dog Alaska, a big Australian shepherd, his younger sisters, the twins.

Among the numerous photos, there was Taehyung.

His birthday, his first day of school, that time when he was 6 and had insisted to wear a pink princess dress for his recital… The last picture had been taken at the airport the day he had left; a shy, extravagant, guy with a pair of orange glasses and a flowered shirt, a tiny luggage in his hand and the whole world to discover.

The grey haired boy wondered what would have happened if he had the chance to meet his 17 year old self.


What would he have asked him or thought about him?


Would he have recognized him?


Would he have been proud of what he had become?


Honestly, Taehyung wasn’t sure of the answer.


Of course, he was satisfied with his life so far, his career was proceeding well and the future was bright ahead of him. Nonetheless, despite the numerous and great opportunities he was receiving, he felt like something was missing.

Having a career in the fashion industry wasn’t easy, especially for men. They weren’t as famous as women nor as much paid as them. Sure, Taehyung had managed to build quite a great reputation but creating his own name, V, out of nothing hadn’t been easy. And the worst part was that he felt like what he had worked so hard to obtain could have easily slipped from his hands in a few, mere seconds.


Beauty was ephemeral, wasn’t it?


Thus, lately, he couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else out there, waiting for him. Something which could have represented him and not someone’s else work.

Sighing, he closed the album, placing it gently on the table in front of him. Only in that moment, he noticed a piece of paper which had fallen from the book to the floor.

Stretching his hand, he picked up the crumpled scrap and hold it carefully between his hands, as if it was a fragile object.

And it was, indeed.

His heart fluttered at the sight of those familiar thin yet firm lines; the design elegant and colorful on the otherwise white page. 

It was the first time he saw one of his designs after almost ten years.

The model had never shown anyone his sketches, not even Jimin. Somehow, he had always felt like they were too intimate, as if they showed some part of him that Taehyung wasn’t ready for the whole world to see.

He used to draw when he felt alone, when he was stressed, when he had a hard time, when he was happy, when the sun hit his skin under the sky of Paris.


To Taehyung, drawing meant transferring into colors his own personality, random, messy, shy, confident, and everything in between.


His own persona.


During his period in France, he had put a huge effort into gathering all of his works together in a sketch book, which he kept close to his family album, the both of them representing a different part of his soul.

Secretly, he had always hoped that, sooner or later, someone would have wanted to collaborate with him on his projects, to help him creating his own collection, leaving a mark, an impact in the fashion world.

He had never told anyone that was the reason why he decided to leave South Korea in the first place.

Nevertheless, as time passed and his schedules increased, the model had started to leave his passion behind to focus on that new, beautiful world which was disclosing under his eyes, full of opportunities he had only dreamt of until that moment.

Then, one day, he had taken a pencil in his hand and found himself unable to even touch the page with the graphite.

All of a sudden, the inspiration was gone, as if his passion was somehow trying to take revenge on him after having been ignored for so long.

Hurt and sorrowful, Taehyung had started to sell all of his works at the cheapest prices, wanting to get rid of them as soon as possible, not even standing the sight of the colorful sketches he had used to love so much.

When he felt tears prickling at the corner of his eyes, the grey haired boy adverted his gaze from the paper he was holding tightly in his hands, as if he could have turned away from his memories as well.

Taehyung closed his eyes for a moment, breathing in slowly.

When he opened them again, a light beam hit his face, making him squint for the sudden flash.


It was like an epiphany.


Taehyung got up from the couch, following that one, single ray, which was entering from behind the curtains, guiding him through the living room until he reached the huge windows wall.

Once there, the grey haired boy opened the curtains wide and stared at the  mesmerizing sight in front of his eyes.

Seoul skyscrapers were plunged into an unusual and hypnotic violet shade, which conveyed the Han river a magical atmosphere, making it shine like a galaxy on Earth.

Dawn lined the horizon in a faint golden hue, its light rays shining above the towers of the city and caressing the bridges above the river.

A sparkle of electricity jolted his body, that unfathomable perception of being in the right place at the right moment, of freedom, happiness, possibilities and belonging, which reminded him so much the sensation he had felt on the Donjak bridge some nights before.

And then, suddenly, it was back there, the inspiration he had sought and craved for so long, that itching feeling, that need to portray what he was seeing, to color it the way it hit his soul.

Unconsciously, as if under a spell, Taehyung stretched his arm and, with a shaking finger, started to trace the profile of the skyscrapers along the window. His hand merely grazed the cold surface as he painted invisible lines and doodles, imagining the different shades of purple and golden behind his closed eyes.


He didn’t even realized the night had passed until the sunrays hit his skin.





Chapter Text








Fashion week passed in a blur.

Despite its brief duration of just seven days, during that event, the time usually seemed to slow down and last longer, expanding between an outfit an another, a runway and a party, always a place to be in and a gala attend.

From the premiere to the closure, Taehyung’s schedule was filled with dresses, encounters, models and stylists. Nevertheless, in that particular year, although the grey haired boy was surrounded by people most of the time, he had never felt more alone.

It was like something was off, even if he couldn’t figure out what exactly.

Unexpectedly, though, the grey haired boy had found someone who seemed to be able to distract him from by that weird sensation and keep him company in those long days.




Someone the others would have expected, since he was supposed to be his boyfriend.


Fake boyfriend.


But still.


From the night in which Jungkook had watched The Devil wears Prada and in which Taehyung had experienced what he had called his personal “Purple epiphany”, the two boys had kept texting, messaging one another more and more frequently as days went by.

At first, they only talked about the model’s outfits, which meant the younger teased and mocked him about those eccentric dresses while the older pretended to be offended, when he actually smiled amused behind the screen of his phone instead. To be honest, Jungkook tended to be a little concise in his descriptions but Taehyung didn’t mind at all, compensating with his own spontaneous loquacity.

Nonetheless, as time passed, the two boys had started to talk about random topics and the younger grew more opened too: how they had spent their days, what they were doing or planning to do, how their acquaintances teased them about their supposed relationship.

Taehyung was truly glad to be able to talk so lightly of that specific subject, meaning both he and Jungkook were on the same page: fine with the deal despite their night together.

Also, the grey haired boy was grateful to have the chance to speak about topics which weren’t strictly related to the fashion world, a matter that the model didn’t know how to appraise in that particular moment of his life.

Moreover, Taehyung was truly interested in Jungkook’s activity.

Every time the model noticed some new content on the younger’s Instagram account, he immediately clicked and watched it in awe, gaping and holding his breath as Jungkook vaulted swiftly and fluently from an obstacle to another. Although Taehyung didn’t understand anything about those exercises, he always got excited and asked Jungkook about them, secretly hoping the younger would have eventually invited him to one of his practices sometime.


But it never happened.


Actually, Taehyung and Jungkook hadn’t seen each other ever since their night together.


Which was good, really.


It was not like they needed to meet again, right?


Especially now that the model was about to leave for two weeks.


In fact, in that moment, Taehyung was busy packing, frantically walking back and forth between the bedroom and his closet, since the day after he would have flew to Shanghai. Despite over a decade of business trips around the world, the grey haired boy hadn’t ever found the right technique to pack his belongings without forgetting something back home and bringing all the necessary in the meantime.

Buried among chiffon and heels, Taehyung sighed in defeat and decided to take the umpteenth pause of the day, grabbing his phone and answering all the texts he had ignored in the past few years, going back in time until Christmas 2016. He was starting to catalogue the photos of Yeontan in his gallery when a notify popped up on the screen, showing a new video of Jungkook.

Curious to see what kind of content would have surprised him this time, Taehyung opened quickly the link.

Vaguely, he registered that, for the first time, the video was sponsored. The model recalled the younger had mentioned some kind of partnership but he had never explained him the details nor who the sponsor was.

An unexpected close up of Jungkook’s face opened the video, the younger’s eyes focused and his expression serious while he stared at the horizon. Then, the camera zoomed out, showing the dark haired boy was walking in equilibrium on a bar, the inevitable beanie on his head and a Redbull in his hand.

Taehyung watched with wide eyes as the raven haired boy put one feet after another, not ever faltering nor hesitating until he arrived at the end of the bar and jumped down, landing gracefully on the street underneath.

A smile bloomed on his face and he opened the bottle of Redbull and took a sip of the drink before winking with a smirk at the camera, making the model’s heart flutter.


Without questioning his actions, the grey haired boy found himself typing on their chat.



Redbull? Are you trying to become famous too?


Beanie Boy

One celebrity is enough in this relationship


The answer came after a few minutes, making Taehyung chuckle.



You could always take my place when this all fake boyfriends thing will be over


Beanie Boy



Noticing the other didn’t seem too eager to talk, the model realized he might have been a bit rude, not even congratulating for the new partnership, which he knew was a big deal for the younger.



I liked the video btw!


Beanie Boy



Of course!


Taehyung tapped with his finger against the screen, biting his bottom lip, undecided whether to keep texting or just give up for that night. On one hand, he would have liked to say goodbye to the other before leaving but, on the other, he knew his will didn’t make any sense.

The grey haired boy was about to give up and return to his miserable packing when he spotted his dog busy playing and biting his pink boa, an accessory of primary importance for his trip.

“Yeontan!” He called with the intention of scolding him. When he saw the dog’s penitent expression, though, Taehyung simply couldn’t resist and opened his arms for him to jump in.

Yeontan had always been able to perceive when the model was about to leave, starting weeping as soon as he spotted the familiar luggage on the floor.

They both knew they would have missed each other like crazy.

What Taehyung didn’t notice, though, was that his dog had walked over his phone, pressing his paws on the screen and inadvertently making a phone call.

“Taehyung?” A voice was, in fact, calling from the ground.

“H-hey” The grey haired boy rushed to answer, trying to sound casual but stuttering in the process of falling in the pile of clothes scattered all over the room.

“Something happened?” Jungkook inquisitive tone reached his ear.

The model pursed his lips, glaring at Yeontan, who was watching him with an innocent look.

“Uh no, not really” He replied when he realized the silence on his side of the line had become too heavy.


Brilliant Taehyung.


“Did you need m-?”

“Actually… I was wondering if you’d like to meet up” The grey haired boy blurted out, surprising both the younger and himself.


What the fuck.


These weren’t the pacts. At all.


Taehyung gnawed his bottom lip when he didn’t receive an answer within the next minute, his eyes travelling around his messy bedroom, trying to get distracted by thinking about what he should have put inside the suitcases.


Maybe it was better like this, maybe he should have just stayed-


“Sure” Jungkook finally replied in a flat tone “I’m working right now, so if you wanna come here-”

“Yeah, of course, it’s perfect” The model answered immediately, interrupting the other for the second time.


What was with him tonight?


Nonetheless, realizing he didn’t know exactly where Jungkook was, he added “When you say ‘here’ you mean…”

“At the gym.”

“Right, sure, the gym. I’m coming.”

“Ok” Jungkook just said before hanging up.

Standing still, Taehyung threw one last glance at the pile of clothes scattered all around the floor and then turn on his heels, headed to the walk in closet.















One and a half hour later, the grey haired boy was staring at himself in the mirror, pretty satisfied with the result.

He had chosen an outfit by Yves Saint Laurent, a pair of white, loose pants which matched with a peculiar open front blazer, which left his navel piercing on full display. Golden jewels adorned his neck and wrists, large bracelets sliding down his arms, tinkling one another.

Lastly, the model decided to add some color, painting his lips with a shade of bright red and smacking a kiss against the mirror.

“What do you think, Tanie?” The grey haired boy tilted his head, earning a bark in response which he interpreted as an approval answer.

Nodding silently but resolutely, Taehyung watched his messy bedroom once again and, before he could have regretted it, he exited his apartment and called a cab.



Thus, almost two hours later, Taehyung found himself in front of the gym in which Jungkook worked, having a flash back of the first time he had been there, almost a month before. Although, instead of a bratty boy wearing a black beanie, this time he spotted a smiling guy waiting for him at the reception. If he remembered correctly, that should have been Jungkook’s best friend.

“Taehyung-ssi” The man exclaimed, clearly recognizing him too “Welcome back! Came to see your boy at work?” He winked.

“Hoseok-ssi, right?” The model smiled sincerely “Yes, I kinda wanted to see him in action.”

“Hyung is just fine” He beamed, leading the way along a short hallway “Jungkookie is currently teaching but you can reach him in the practice room. He should finish soon.”

“Teaching?” The grey haired boy wondered for a moment, not sure to have understood completely.

“Yeah well, he.. you know.. to the children?” The other replied, turning slightly to face Taehyung, furrowing his brows in confusion.

“Yeah, of course. The children.”

Before Taehyung could have investigated any further or, worse, made some other bad impression, the two men entered a large, enlightened room, where a group of children was sitting on a colorful foam flooring. Each face was looking up at Jungkook, who was scaling an artificial rock wall while explaining the right way to do it.

Taehyung couldn’t help but gaping at the sight.

The model had never been to a climbing gym so he didn’t know what he should have expected from it.

Certainly, he would have never imagined to see a man climbing nearly in parallel to the ground.

Although Jungkook seemed to hang loosely and effortlessly, at the same time, his muscles were tensed and his face focused, strong arms gripping solidly the colored holds while his veins stood out on the sweaty skin.

“It’s quite a catch, isn’t it?” Hoseok commented as he sat on a bench, watching the model’s astonished expression.

The grey haired boy was pretty sure he had been staring at Jungkook with open mouth for two solid minutes.

He is quite a catch Taehyung wanted to correct the other but he just nodded silently and took a seat too, his eyes not leaving the black haired boy.

“I really admire that kid, you know?” Hoseok spoke after a while “He is so young and yet he works his ass off like no one else. He trains, runs the Instagram page, does vlogs and still finds the time to teach children.”

“Vlogs?” The model repeated, both confused and intrigued.

“Yeah, you know, for our YouTube channel.”

And, well, as always, Taehyung didn’t know.

He was such a poor excuse of a fake boyfriend.

However, he was pretty sure Jungkook had never mentioned something like a Youtube channel or vlogs. On the contrary, all the content Taehyung had been able to see were the short videos the younger posted on Instagram. The model had basically to beg the younger to send him some unreleased content.

“Now I have to go” Hosoek announced after a while, standing up “Hang out with us sometimes, yeah?”

“I’d love to” Taehyung smiled, thanking him.

Then, the grey haired boy and remained there alone staring at Jungkook with his chin on his hand, following each movement as if he was hypnotized, the black haired boy shifting fluently and elegantly under his eyes, almost dancing in the air.

When the boy returned to the ground, he started to talk to the children, explaining what he had just done and asking if there were questions about it.

Taehyung could see the passion the other put into teaching and the affection he showed towards the children.

When Jungkook finally spotted him, he announced “Ok kids, five minutes break. Study the course together with the holds. Try to find the easiest and fastest way to the top.”

Then, he grabbed a bottle of water and walked towards Taehyung while drinking eagerly half of it, drops wetting his already sweaty body, making his tank top adhere even more at his ripped abdomen.

“Hey” The dark haired boy greeted with a smile and a tone so soft that Taehyung felt his heart beating faster.

“Hey you” The model greeted back, his lips curving spontaneously up.

“Wow, are you going somewhere important? Did I forget a gala or something?” Jungkook joked, looking at the outfit the other was wearing, scanning his face, his eyes lingering in particular on the older’s red lips.

“Not really” The grey haired boy answered vaguely, a pink flush coloring his cheeks under the other’s scrutinizing gaze.

“So? Wanted to meet me?” The younger asked while taking another sip of water, his expression turning serious.

“Uh y-yeah” He stuttered.


Well, now he was fucked.


All of that time spent drooling over the other and he didn’t even come up with a decent excuse.

“Haven’t I the right to say goodbye to my fake boyfriend before I leave for two weeks?” He finally managed to say, playing confidently and hoping the younger wouldn’t have questioned the reasons behind his answer.

“Seems fair” Somehow, Jungkook seemed to understand, although Taehyung didn’t miss his momentarily puzzled expression.

The fact was that the model himself couldn’t explain the reason why he was there.

“I didn’t know you teach” The older decided to change topic, not wanting to explore his incomprehensible actions any further.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me” The younger retorted mysteriously, winking “Now I have to come back to the lesson but we can grab something later, maybe?” He suggested, even though it ended up to be a question.

“Of course!” Taehyung answered a bit too fast and too eagerly.

It was not like he had to take a flight at 6 am in the next morning anyway.


Thus, the model stayed there and kept looking at Jungkook as he taught a little boy the right path, indicating him where to put his hands, watching his movements and correcting them, always careful for him not to get hurt until the kid reached the peak of the wall.


He was really a good trainer, or so he seemed in the eyes of the model.

When the lesson was over and the kids were dismissed, a little girl stayed close to Jungkook, the both of them turning towards Taehyung as she stood on tiptoe to whisper something in her teacher’s ear. After the black haired boy nodded, the both of them headed to the place where the grey haired boy was sitting, the girl half hiding behind his back.

“Tae?” Jungkook called once they were close enough for the model to hear him “This is Hyejin. She wanted to ask you something.”

Taehyung tilted his head, curious “Hello Hyejin” He greeted, flashing her a wide smile.

Noticing the girl was waving shyly but silently, Jungkook shifted a little and encouraged her to speak.

“You are V, aren’t you?” She nothing but whispered.

“I am” He confirmed at the familiar nickname.

“Could I ask you an autograph?” She asked with a tiny voice.

Taehyung, who, for some reason, had remained tensed until that moment, felt his heart melting in his chest while his expression softened, not having expected such request.

Of course, people usually recognized him on the streets and in public places. At the beginning it was nice but then some people had started to bother him, some others to touch him without his consent and, which was the worst part, a few of them had even openly and loudly insulted him.

On the contrary, Hyejin seemed truly genuine and polite, not even daring to stand too close or behaving somehow disrespectfully.

“An autograph, you say?” He asked, shifting his gaze from the girl to Jungkook with a smirk “And where should I write it?”

“Where, indeed?” Jungkook played along while she watched confusedly between the two of them.

“I say we should ask Jungkook to take a picture of us together, so I can autograph it later, what do you think?”

At that proposal, the girl widened his eyes and gaped, turning towards her teacher as if asking for permission.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea” Jungkook agreed, taking out his phone.

“Come here” The model invited her to take a seat next to him.


They both nodded, Taehyung tilting his head so he was closer to the girl, the both of them making the famous V sign which distinguished the model.

“Ok, done!” The younger exclaimed, looking at the picture as Hyejin reached him, excited to see the result. Nonetheless, the grey haired boy remained seated, not sure if he had been more focused on the camera or on Jungkook.

“Thank you so much, Taehyung-ssi” She bowed gratefully.

“Don’t even mention it” He winked.

“Now go, Hoseok is probably waiting for you.”

After she was gone, Jungkook took a seat next to the model, lying comfortably on the bench and stretching his muscles.

“Well, at least your students know me” Taehyung joked, making the other laugh.

“V uh?” The raven haired boy asked, recalling the nickname Hyejin had used before.

“Yeah, it’s kind of my signature” The model explained “I wouldn’t have imagined to be recognized by someone here. She seemed really sweet.”

“She is” Jungkook agreed, a fond smile on his face as he glanced at the door she had exited a few minutes before “You’ve seen her behaving shyly yet she is so determined, especially when she climbs. Really talented too” He turned to face the older, whispering sneakily “Don’t tell the others but she is my favorite.”

“She seems to be deeply affectionate towards you too” Taehyung noticed.

“Really?” Jungkook smiled widely, making the corner of his eyes wrinkle “Her mum is a single parent and she works double shifts to allow Hyejin to attend our courses. Also, she spends the major part of her day here. I think she sees me as an older brother. You should see how’s Yoongi with her.”

“Your brother, right?” Taehyung recalled that name in his mind.

“Yeah, he is so protective. She is basically a member of the family” Jungkook explained. Then, he put his hands on his thighs and suggested “You mind if we stop a moment at the bar to eat? I’m starving.”

“No” It’s s not like I have a flight tomorrow at dawn and half of my wardrobe is on the floor waiting for me to pack it “Not at all” Taehyung smiled.





















In front of a strawberry milkshake and a sandwich, the two boys found themselves chatting for almost an hour, speaking of what they had only followed through their socials and making up for the lost time.

Unsurprisingly, the raven haired boy was as straightforward as he had always been, a quality of him that Taehyung deeply appreciated. Jungkook didn’t hide behind a screen nor a façade and his expression was always open for him to read.

“So” Taehyung said after a while, his finger tracing the rim of the glass “Tell me about this partnership with Redbull.”

“It’s really huge, for us at least” Jungkook explained excitedly, glad to share his ultimate project with the older “Challenging too. They asked us to shoot the most daring and particular spots we could create. Moreover, I was thinking about shooting here at the gym for the next promotion. It could bring popularity too. I think you’ll like it.”

“I know I will” Taehyung answered sincerely and firmly.

Jungkook bit his bottom lip.

Somehow, he still felt like he should have thanked the older for having made it possible, even if Taehyung didn’t know. Their hands were so close on the table, if he had just stretched his finger he could have brushed the older’s palm…

“When did you start climbing?” Taehyung asked all of a sudden, curiosity sparkling in his eyes as he leaned closer, his right hand now only a few centimeters far from the younger’s while the left one was under his own chin.

Unexpectedly, that question seemed to make the other’s expression shift, his eyes turning suddenly sad as he retracted his hand fast.

“When I was young” Jungkook answered evasively, regaining his composure even though his lips were still pressed tightly “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t climb.”

Sensing the other’s discomfort, Taehyung felt the sudden urge to stretch his hand, his fingers hitching to reach  the other’s to give him a sign of solace but he kept still, deciding to say instead “Must be good” He gave him a soft smile “Being so passionate about something.”

“Do you feel the same about fashion?”

This was Taehyung’s turn to grimace, since Jungkook had involuntarily hit a weak spot for him.

“Sometimes I do, some others I wonder if it’s enough, if there’s something else for me out there” He admitted, confiding in someone on that subject for the first time, not having openly talked to anyone about the doubts which had been hunting him for the last week.

“Just follow your heart.”


Taehyung widened his eyes.


Jungkook had pronounced those simple words in such a serious tone, like he deeply believed it, not because they were banal or to bring him some mere comfort, but as if he was really trying to help him.

The model was speechless.

Obviously, the other couldn’t know it but those were almost the exact words his grandma had told him before he left to Europe.

“I’ll try to” He nothing but whispered, tone barely audible, even though Jungkook seemed to understand, watching him with something unreadable in his eyes as he nodded.

“I’ll go get some French fries” The raven haired boy announced all of a sudden, getting up and leaving a confused Taehyung staring at him.

A few minutes later, Jungkook came back with a portion of French fries.

“Isn’t slightly unhealthy to sell something like this in a gym?”

“This is a rock climbing gym not a fitness center” The younger retorted on the defensive “Besides, kids need to eat after training.”

“Chill, didn’t want to offend you” Taehyung joked, taking one fry himself and dipping it in his strawberry milkshake.

“That’s disgusting” Jungkook declared, watching him with repulsion.

“Listen” The grey haired boy threatened, waving the by now pink fry in front of him “If you have never tried it you can’t judge me.”

Since the younger didn’t seem too eager to taste that junk food, the model sharpened his gaze, suddenly getting suspicious “Are you a Gemini?”

“A what?” The younger almost chocked on his food.

“That would explain a of things, Gemini tend to be a little skeptical” The grey haired boy pondered “Although, unfortunately, Capricorns and Gemini don’t get along very well.”

“I’m a Virgin” Jungkook declared, finally understanding what the other meant and hoping to end that conversation anytime soon.

“Well, I would have never pegged you for a virgin” Taehyung mocked him with a sly smile.

“Oh my god what are you, four?” Jungkook asked desperately, passing a hand through his face to hide the slight blush which had colored his cheeks despite the futile subject.

The grey haired boy laughed heartily, throwing his head back but regretting it as soon as he felt a stabbing pain on his back, which made him hiss in pain. His hand flew immediately to touch  his neck, turning his head slowly to the right and left.

“Everything alright?” Jungkook asked in a worried tone.

“It’s nothing, just stress accumulated” Taehyung explained, rolling his shoulders.

“Let me see” The younger stood up from his seat and moved closer to the older.

“See what?” The model asked, confused and slightly frightened for some reason.

“Come on, I’m a trainer, I know how to make a good massage.”

“I don’t-”

Before Taehyung could say anything else, the grey haired boy felt the pressure of fingertips on his shoulders, digging in the flesh and squeezing his muscles, trying to loosen them.

“Hey, it hurts!” The model complained, squirming and trying to get free from the other’s firm grip.

“If it hurts, then it means I’m doing it right” Jungkook dismissed him, keeping on his ministration unbothered.

The black haired boy began from the upper arms, kneading his thumbs in the tensed muscles and easing the knots there, the pressure intense but not too harsh. Afterwards, he travelled his fingers up to the older’s neck, sliding gently until he reached his nape and brushed Taehyung’s hair.

His expert hands glided down the whole length of the other’s neck, leaving a trail of goosebumps on their path. Eventually, Taehyung started to relax and actually leaned into the touch, turning pliant under the younger’s fingers, which were modelling his shoulders as if they were made of clay.

The grey haired boy hadn’t felt so relaxed in months, closing his eyes to enjoy the feel at full.

Taehyung was so caught up and lost in that sensation that, when Jungkook pinched the back of his neck, he involuntarily moaned in a low tone.

Immediately, the younger froze, his fingers hesitating for a moment before carefully starting again, the strokes turning longer and lighter.

Under him, the model threw his head back, an expression on pure bliss on his face, so inviting that Jungkook couldn’t help but leaning closer, his hot breath fanning over the other’s parted lips, spellbound by that tempting shade of red.

“Hey kid” A voice startled him when he was just a few centimeters away from the other’s mouth. Absent-mindedly, Jungkook noticed Taehyung’s half lidded eyes were looking at him.

The black haired boy drew back quickly, suddenly not knowing where to put his hands. Thus, he decided to just scratch the back of his neck, feeling for some reason both embarrassed and guilty under his brother’s judging gaze, as if he had just been caught him doing something wrong.

“Hello hyung this-”

“I guess this is the fake boyfriend or whatever” Yoongi interrupted him before he could finish, addressing to Taehyung, who looked confusedly between the two men.

Jungkook just rolled his eyes and sighed, incredulous at his brother’s rude attitude “This is Taehyung.”

“I figured” The older answered sharply.

“And, Taehyung, this is my brother, Yoongi.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Yoongi-ssi” Taehyung bowed politely, feeling suddenly nervous.

Yoongi just nodded, changing topic right after “Hyejin is waiting for you in the entrance to take her home. It’ Tuesday, if you forgot.”

“I didn’t” Jungkook bit back.

Without adding anything else, Yoongi gave them one last pointed glance before turning on his heels and shutting the door behind his shoulders.

“I think it went pretty well” Jungkook managed to say after a few seconds, making Taehyung laugh bitterly despite himself.

“Did it?”

“Yeah, it’s really hard to be in my brother’s good books.”

“Bet he just wants to watch over you.”

“Or he is only an asshole” Jungkook joked, knowing how deeply Yoongi cared about him even if he usually had weird ways of showing his affection.

“What did he mean about Hyejin, anyway?”

“Oh, on Tuesdays, we take her to her mum’s workplace since she works until late” Jungkook explained to then add “Do you want a ride home too?”

“Yes, thank you” Taehyung answered gladly, telling himself he had accepted just because it was late and not because he wanted to spend some more time with Jungkook.











The car ride home was calm, Taehyung and Jungkook speaking lightly between each other in the front seats, chattering so comfortably that, after a while, Hyejin added too.

“Have you ever climbed, Taehyung-ssi?” She wondered once she gained enough confidence to talk with the model.

“Never” The grey haired boy confessed “Do you think I should try?” He asked her but turned his gaze to Jungkook.

“I say you definitely should” The girl stated so seriously she made the two men laugh.

“Tell us, how come you know Taehyung?” Jungkook wondered, glancing briefly at her in the rear-view mirror.

“Well, who doesn’t” She replied as a matter of fact, making Taehyung quirk his eyebrow and give the younger a pointed look “My mum likes fashion catalogues and she loves in particular Taehyung’s style and dresses.”

“Have you heard her Jungkookie?”

That nickname slipped out of his lips so spontaneously that Taehyung didn’t paid attention to it until Jungkook snapped his head to look at him.

“I heard” He just answered with an indecipherable expression “We arrived, anyway.”

Taehyung kept their gazes locked for a few seconds more before averting his eyes and getting out of the car, just to be met with an unexpected view.

In front of him, a giant Ferris wheel towered over the Han river and dominated the skyline, the last rays of the sunset hitting the wheel and giving it an unusual shade of orange.

“This way” Jungkook called him, making the model snap back to reality and follow the other two, who were entering a small coffee shop with pink walls.

Once inside, Taehyung easily spotted a young woman working behind the counter, who smiled brightly when she spotted them at the entrance, her features looking just alike Hyejin.

“Who we got here?” She wondered, looking at the two men as her daughter ran into her arms.

“Taehyung-ssi is Jungkook oppa’s boyfriend” Hyejin explained resolutely before the other two could say anything, the both of them gaping in surprise.

They haven’t told her anything explicitly nor had behaved somehow affectionately towards each other, also because there was really no reason to be.

“I see the rumors are true then” The woman gave Taehyung a knowing smile.

“Rumors?” Jungkook repeated raising his brows, bewildered, hardly believing there were people gossiping about him.

“From the newspapers?” The model asked instead, very aware of the numerous gossips which had been around him and Jungkook lately.

“I was speaking about Hoseok but yeah, the news too” She confessed with a laugh, making Jungkook shook his head in disbelief and blush slightly.

He needed to have a talk with his best friend as soon as possible.

“Taehyung, this is Jung Yongsun, Hyejin’s mum” Jungkook introduced the two of them.

“Pleased to meet you, you have a such a lovely and kind daughter.”

“The pleasure is mine” She spoke sincerely “I hope my daughter hasn’t bothered you.”

“No, not at all” Taehyung rushed to say “Actually, I look forward to seeing her again for that famous autograph” He winked at the girl, who just smiled at her mum’s questioning gaze.

“I guess you’ll tell me everything later. Anyway, how did she do today?”

“Mmh how was she?” Jungkook repeated, pretending to have to think about the answer “Let me see…” He pondered, placing a hand under his chin.

“I was good!” Hyejin exclaimed.

“You heard her” The raven haired boy smiled and moved closer to pat her head.

Taehyung watched the scene in silence with a soft yet sad gaze, as if he was witnessing some kind of family reunion he hadn’t been invited to. For a moment, the model felt left out, as if that wasn’t the right place for him to be right now.

“Sorry again for the inconvenience” Hyejin’s mum apologized.

“You know it’s not” Jungkook reassured her, taking a step back and moving next to the model.

“However, thank you, again and always” She bowed, looking at the couple exiting the coffee shop soon after.

Once outside, Taehyung stood still and in silence, head raised to watch the Ferris wheel he had noticed before, which now stood out against the night sky, spinning its neon lights and shining under the moonlight.

There was something in the back of his mind, something he wanted to ask the younger but, at the same time, he knew he couldn’t, not having that kind of intimacy nor any right to express his opinions.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Jungkook interrupted his trail of thoughts, standing next to him.

“64” Taehyung decided to whisper instead, eyes not leaving the Ferris wheel.

“What?” Jungkook asked, mildly confused.

“Number 64 on the list: do a ride on a Ferris wheel” The grey haired boy explained, shaking his head soon after “Sorry I’m just-”

“Let’s do it.”

“Are you serious?” The model exclaimed with an incredulous look, finally turning to be met with the other’s serious gaze.

“Of course” Jungkook confirmed but, noticing the model’s still puzzled expression, he added more convincingly “May I have this ride, princess?”














“If we had met before, I would have probably finished the list by now” Taehyung commented once he and Jungkook had took a seat inside the cabin, tapping his heels nervously against the floor.

“Tell me some others of these ‘must do things’” The dark haired boy encouraged him, glancing excitedly around, looking at Seoul, shining outside the window, at the structure of the wheel, at Taehyung.

“Well, they go on a scale of importance, you know?” The grey haired boy explained vaguely, eyes trailed on the ground which had just started to distance slowly from his feet.

“And which is number 1, then?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Well-” The model started to answer but stopped immediately, freezing in his place and gripping tightly the seat as the wheels began to rotate “Oh, it’s moving.”

“Yeah well, you know, it is supposed to do so.”

“Mmh” Taehyung nodded, eyes closed and jaw clenched.

“Is everything ok?” Jungkook inquired, worried about the other’s reaction.

“Maybe I should tell you something” Taehyung confessed weakly between gritted teeth “I’m scared of heights.”

At that admission, Jungkook’s shook expression morphed into an amused one and the boy couldn’t really help but bursting out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” The model snapped his eyes open to give the other an outraged look.

“No no it’s not you it’s just- Nothing” He hadn’t meant to pass for a rude but he just imagined what the model’s reaction would have been if he found out he was climbing a bridge of 67 meters just a few nights before “Remind me to show you something sooner or later.”

The grey haired boy just nodded, shutting his eyes once again, only partially listening to the other.

Taehyung had always seen Ferris wheels as an incredible romantic cliché. Thus, of course, he loved them. Nevertheless, it was Jimin who had insisted to put that goal on their list, knowing how much his best friend feared heights.

The list was meant to be challenging for them, after all.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Taehyung sensed a feather-like yet warm touch on his temples.

When the model opened his eyes, he noticed Jungkook had shifted closer, his fingers rubbing gently the sides of his head.

“You have a thing for massaging or what?” He joked weakly, making the other chuckle.

“My mum always did this to calm me down when I was younger” The black haired boy explained, trailing his thumbs on the model’s forehead.

His strokes were soothing, brining so much relief that, for a moment, Taehyung forgot his fears and actually slightly opened his eyes.

“You know, the secret is not to look down-”

At those words, the model’s first instinct was obviously to lower his gaze, color leaving immediately his face as a shiver ran down his spine.

“Hey” Jungkook’s eyes found him “Look at me. Only at me.”

At those words, spoken ever so softly, Taehyung raised his gaze slowly, just to fix it into the other’s starry eyes, drowning into that galaxy which mirrored Seoul’s night sky.

In the meanwhile, the Ferris wheel had reached its peak, even though the grey haired boy had barely noticed it, too focused on trying to breathe properly, shaken both for the panic and the way Jungkook was staring back at him.

“You are missing a quite a sight here, you know?”

“Yeah? Tell me about it” The grey haired spoke keeping their gazes locked.

“The Han river” Jungkook started to describe the familiar scenery passionately “It has a special light at night, the moon rays giving it an unique shade of silver.”

Taehyung listened, enraptured by every word, following each movement of the other’s lips, of his eyes, which shone as if they could speak for him.

“The skyscrapers” The black haired boy added lowly in a honey-like voice, leaning closer, their noses almost brushing “They tinge Seoul of a peculiar golden hue, rearing high into the sky, reflecting the horizon through their mirrored walls.”

“You are not looking at them, though” Taehyung nothing but whispered, the movement of his lips causing their mouth to slide on each other for a moment.

“Don’t need to.”

Taehyung’s held his breath as he saw the younger’s gaze on his red lips, slowly leaning closer and filling the small gap which divided them.


Distant just for a flutter of eyelashes.


Close just for a heartbeat.


A sudden sound broke that spell, snapping the both of them back to reality, a reality where Taehyung’s phone was ringing in his pocket.

The two men stared at each other for an infinite second before Jungkook pulled back, although none of them averted his gaze from the other.

“Hello?” The model answered slightly breathless, not even checking who was calling him.

“Taehyung. Where are you?”

“I- Jiwhon?” The grey haired asked surprised, recognizing his manager’s voice.

“Did you finish packing your stuff?”

“When you say ‘finish’ you mean-” Taehyung spoke evasively.

“My god, why are you like this” Jiwhon sighed discouraged from the other side of the line “Anyway. We will take care of that later. Now I need you to come here at the agency as soon as possible.”

“At the agency? Why?” The model asked, mildly confused, making Jungkook furrow his brows too.

“We just got a job offer and we need to discuss it.”

“Now?” Taehyung complained, glancing at the time on his phone “It’s almost midnight!”

Not that it mattered until a minute ago.

“I’ll explain everything when you’ll get here.”

“But-” He tried in vain.

“No buts, I’m waiting for you” And, by saying that, he hung up, leaving a speechless Taehyung, who had long forgotten his fear of heights by now, too dazed by the rushed events which had happened in the last few minutes.

“I had to expect it, hadn’t I?” Jungkook commented as they finished their ride on the Ferris wheel.

“What?” The model wondered, hardly figuring out the other’s sudden bitter tone.

“Princesses usually run away when midnight strikes.”















Chapter Text







Jungkook had been sitting inside his car in the parking lot next to the Ferris wheel for what had become at least 15 minutes now, turning the engine off for the fifth time.

The raven haired boy sighed, glancing at the empty seat at his right, which had hosted a certain beautiful model slash fake boyfriend just a few hours before.

Honestly, when Taehyung had called him previously that night, asking if they could have met, the younger had thought it was to end their agreement, together with their relationship as well.

It seemed like the right thing to do.

After all, there was really no reason to keep that stupid pretense up, wasn’t it?

So yeah, Jungkook had been mentally prepared for that.

What he would have never expected, though, was to end up riding a Ferris wheels with said model by the end of the night, nor to feel his heart beating so fast he was sure the older could have easily heard it at their close distance.

And then, as if the odds were trying to play with him, that damn phone call from the Taehyung’s manager had interrupted them exactly when they were about to-

To what?

Had he been just imagining the glint in the older’s eyes, the way they were getting closer and closer until their lips had brushed?

Had he just dreamed that magic moment, that sparkle, shining brightly between the two them?

Were they really about to kiss?




“Princesses usually run away when midnight strikes.”

Jungkook’s words weren’t sad, deluded nor harsh, although the other could discern a little bitterness well hidden behind them.

While getting off the Ferris wheel, the raven haired boy kept silent, Taehyung walking in front of him as the younger tried not to think too much about what would have happened if the older’s manager wouldn’t have interrupted them a few minutes before.

“You know” The grey haired boy spoke suddenly, as if it was the most normal of the sentences “They call us taekook.”

“They- what?” Jungkook repeated vaguely, snapping out his trail of thoughts, his face morphing from a focused expression to a confused one, not able to see nor read the older’s expression since he was still giving him his back “What is taekook even supposed to mean?”

“I think it’s a cute name” Taehyung just smiled in response, pirouetting gracefully on his heels and turning to face him.

They were not as close as before but now a strange awkwardness lingered in the air between the two of them, the model fidgeting with his hands while Jungkook was unsure of what he should have said or done.

Just as the grey haired boy was about to open his mouth and speak, Jungkook began himself.



They said in unison, laughing sheepishly right after.

“You first” Taehyung encouraged the younger.

“Do you need a ride to…” Jungkook trailed off, not even sure about the destination, not even sure why he was asking.

“Nah, don’t worry, I’ll call a cab.”

If Jungkook was disappointed by that refusal, he didn’t show. Still, he remained silent, staring openly at Taehyung.

“Now I-”

“Yeah, sure” The raven haired boy worried to say, blinking a few times, as if he had been under some sort of spell.

“Thank you for…” The model gestured, pointing both at the Ferris wheel and at him.

“No problem.”

“Then…” Taehyung hesitated, lingering for another few seconds “I’ll… Go.”

“Good luck with-” The younger managed to stutter, not even knowing what he was exactly wishing for “Whatever. Yeah and, well, anyway, have a nice trip in China.”

“I will” Taehyung laughed at the other’s nervousness with his peculiar low, honeyed tone “ À bientôt , Beanie boy” He then added with a perfect French accent, a sly smile and a wink on his face as he took a step ahead and closed the gap between them.

Then, a sweet perfume invaded Jungkook’s nostrils, a feather like touch brushed his skin, a slight, mere press of lips on his cheek, before Taehyung turned and walked away, leaving a bewildered and stunned boy behind him with a faint, red lipstick mark on the corner of his mouth.







Jungkook sighed once again, looking around the parking lot.

Although the coffee shop had closed by now and the Ferris wheel had long stopped rotating, its lights were still shining brightly in the night, hypnotizing and mesmerizing Jungkook as if they were trying to call him.

The raven haired boy knew it was time to go home, to give his back to that place and, most importantly, to that whole situation.

Still, he didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to go back to his empty apartment, nor to be left alone with his own thoughts, which had the tendency to drift onto dark places he always craved to escape.

Therefore, Jungkook did the one, only thing which was always able to make him feel right: he climbed.


How could he have resisted, anyway?


Without hesitating more, the young man exited determinedly the car and, remembering he had some equipment left in the trunk, he took an old camera he and his brother used before starting to shoot at a professional level. It was a simple GoPro but it could have still worked for that night, especially to record a single performance.

Usually, he would have called Hoseok and Yoongi as well but this time, for some reason, he didn’t want to, as if he felt like that particular structure was too personal, as if it was just his to climb.

Moreover, the three of them had recently started to record and publish their single performances on their YouTube channel, always careful to be hidden by their distinctive masks and beanies. Hoseok and Yoongi had already published their own compilations but Jungkook was still undecided about his own video, sensing it was still lacking of something, as if he needed to add one last piece for it to be truly complete.

The Ferris wheel seemed the perfect opportunity to fill the last, missing part.

Plus, he had never climbed a structure like that.

Therefore, Jungkook grabbed the spare mask he kept in the dashboard of his car and put it on resolutely, walking towards the Ferris wheel and stopping in front of it. Once there, he threw his head back, watching attentively the structure and its chassis.

The wheel was around 50 meters high and, while looking at it, Jungkook’s mind started to wander automatically, his eyes beginning to climb on their own, spotting spontaneously both the right handholds to grip and the places to avoid, details normal people couldn’t see nor cared to notice.

Nonetheless, he was used to it, like his mind had been made for that.

Sometimes, Jungkook wondered how could people not pay attention, how could they not simply lose their selves in the magnificence of those high buildings, so majestic under the daylight yet so undeniably fascinating and breathtaking against the starry sky.  


How could anyone prefer sleeping and miss the spectacle, the magic the night worked on the skyscrapers?


Thus, while the raven haired boy was staring at the structure in front of him, worries and thoughts faded slowly away from his mind, as if the Ferris wheel had casted a spell on him.

Nonetheless, at the same time, Jungkook was both focused and fast in his reasoning, valuing pros and cons of one way up or another.

There were three possible options from which to choose, starting the climb respectively from the a-frame legs, the wheel support tower or going up through the cabins. He immediately discarded the last option, since he was more interested in reaching the hub of the wheel and not the top of it. In addition, that third alternative was the less safe, since each capsule was too unstable to handle his weight.

Therefore, Jungkook decided to begin from the plinth and proceed along the leg until he would have eventually reached the heart of the wheel, deciding to aim to the spindle and the hub, where the spokes converged.

Determinate, Jungkook pulled his hood down enough to cover half of his face and positioned the GoPro on his head, fixing it carefully. Lastly, he placed both of his hands firmly around the plinth and finally started to scale the Ferris wheel.

There were enough rungs to let him ascend without too many difficulties, the path uneven and the leg steep yet not enough to cause him any problem throughout his ascent. While scaling, the raven haired boy threw a glance at the strokes on the left, wondering if he could have reached them with a jump but he excluded that idea soon, not trusting the thin bars to hold him up.


So he proceeded, unnoticed, moving nimbly yet sinuously, like a black panther crawling down the branch of a tree.


When people asked him what he thought about when he was up in the air, Jungkook simply answered “Everything and nothing.”


And it was true.


That was the reason why he climbed in the first place.


To stop thinking.


To forget how to do it.


To space out.


To ponder.


To reflect.


To experience that unique, indescribable sensation, as if he could sense his mind emptying step after step, freeing from every burden, leaving it back on the ground while becoming able to see everything more clearly.


To feel something beautiful, terrifying, incredible, crowded, lonely, all at the same time.


A husky voice suddenly echoed through his mind, the words so clear in his head that he almost lost the grasp on the handhold he was trying to grip.


Skipping a heartbeat, Jungkook slipped a few centimeters down the leg of the Ferris wheel, instinctively seizing the nearest support and stopping his eventual fall. With a bit of effort, he hooked his right foot around the nearest rung and stood still, recovering from that accidental slip and trying to find his own balance again.

With heart running irregularly against his ribcage, the raven haired boy closed his eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly, knowing he couldn’t proceed until his beats wouldn’t have return back their normal rhythm.

Those words had come out of nowhere in his mind but Jungkook could perfectly remember the moment and the atmosphere in which they had been spoken and, most of all, the person who had pronounced them.


No one had ever described how he felt so well.


Putting those thoughts aside and feeling safe and focused enough to get back on his climbing, Jungkook stretched his arm and hoisted himself up, moving carefully until he finally reached the spindle which leaded straight to the heart of the Ferris wheel.

Once there, Jungkook sat down, straddling the hub and throwing his head back, admiring the enlightened structure from that unique perspective. His breath was still heavy in his chest and, as he wiped away the thin layer of sweat from his forehead, he realized his hands were slightly trembling, especially the left one, where blood was trickling from a little scape, probably due to the friction between his skin and the steel caused by his almost fall.

Shaking his head, angry at himself for the previous loss of focus, Jungkook dug his hands in his pockets, hoping to find a hanky or at least something to wipe the blood off when he realized he had his phone there too and took it to check if it there had been any damages. Luckily, the display seemed just fine if not for the three missed calls it showed, two from Hoseok and one from his brother.

Thus, he dialed the familiar number and waited until a raspy voice picked up with a simple “Where are you?” from the other side of the line.

“On a Ferris wheel” The younger brother explained as if it was the most common of the answers.

“I’m with Hoseok at the Den, you coming?”

“Yeah” He confirmed, closing the phone call right after. Then, the young man casted one last glance at his surroundings, making sure the camera was filming every detail before climbing down the wheel.

Once back on the ground, Jungkook spent almost 5 seconds deciding whether to reach the others by car or through rooftops.

Then, of course, he turned his back at his vehicle.





Therefore, he ran in the night, jumping from the top of a building to another, not losing rhythm nor balance, landing gracefully and smoothly between a flip and a dive roll, absorbing easily the impact with his arms until he went for a front hand spring which leaded him to the rooftop of an abandoned warehouse.

The old edifice had been left neglected for years until it had become a gathering place for street artists, from musicians and painters to skateboarders and traceurs. Slowly, as time passed, his bare walls had been filled with graffiti and colorful drawings, the ambiance now welcoming every person who entered his shattered windows.

The familiar smell of weed hit Jungkook’s nostrils as the boy walked inside the building, his eyes travelling around the huge space, looking for his brother and his best friend, whom he spotted easily on a beam not too far from where he was now.

“Look who has decided to show up” Hoseok greeted him with a huge smile as soon as he reached them up on the girder.

“Did you bring Hyejin back safe?” Yoongi asked instead, barely sparing him a glance.

At that tone, Jungkook rolled his eyes “Of course I did.”

“What about the other passenger?” Hoseok teased “Did you give him a ride too?”

“Oh my god” Jungkook sighed exasperated, passing a hand through his face “Could you please not?”

“What can I do? It’s so rare to see our Jungkookie all flustered” His friend teased, nudging him “Not to speak about being actually introduced to your boyfriend-”

“He is not my-” The younger stated, annoyed, but he shut his mouth as soon as he noticed Hoseok’s confused expression “Anyway, you literally forced me to introduce the two of you” He muttered under his breath.

“And what about the ol’ bro here? What does he say?” Hoseok continued, turning his head to Yoongi, who had kept watching silently the people who were exercising underneath them.

At that question, Jungkook bit his bottom lip and casted a rapid glance at his brother, knowing he didn’t like that fake relationship deal at all and remembering the other had caught him literally a few centimeters away from the Taehyung mouth just a few hours before.

“He doesn’t care” The older answered in an icy tone, which left Hoseok quite speechless, especially when he noticed Jungkook lowering his head at those words.

“Anyway” Hoseok started, trying to lessen the sudden tension in the air “Ferris wheel?”

“Yeah, wanted to try something new” Jungkook said vaguely, passing the go pro and letting his friend see the shooting of his scaling.

“How romantic of yours” Hoseok commented, amused yet focused while watching the younger as he climbed up the structure.

“I thought I could actually incorporate it in my own climbing compilation” Jungkook hazarded, scratching the back of his head.

“It’s great” Hoseok nodded once the video was over “The lights of the wheel give quite the atmosphere. You should definitely publish it.”

“I’ll… think about it” Jungkook smiling but still waiting for the reaction of his brother, who had imperceptibly tilted his head to be able to see the footage as well “Yoongi hyung?”

“Not bad.”

That was more than ok, if coming from his brother.

“Have you decided a nickname yet?” Hoseok wondered, giving the camera back to Jungkook.

“Oh- right. No I haven’t.”

They all used different nicknames while buildering: Hoseok was known as J-hope and Yoongi as Agust D, yet he had never cared or had the chance to choose one for himself.

While thinking, his gaze travelled around the warehouse, scanning the various graffiti until his eyes landed and stopped on a particular, giant panting of a beautiful black panther straight in front of him.

Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind.

“Maybe, panthergguk?”

“I like it!” Hoseok exclaimed, clapping his hands cheerfully “I think it really suits you.”

“Me too” Yoongi unexpectedly spoke, glancing at the same drawing Jungkook had noticed with an approval look.

“It’s set then.”

“However. There’s a reason why I asked for you to come here tonight” Yoongi began, catching the attention of the others “I want to talk about our next project. The huge one” He took a brief pause, eyes still trailed on the black panther on the wall “Lotte World Tower.”

If there was an adjective which had always characterized Yoongi, that was his straightforwardness for sure.

His statement left both Hoseok and Jungkook speechless.




“I know” Yoongi cut them “But I also think we can make it. I’ll give us two weeks to study the plan and other two to train enough.”

“Has anybody tried before?” Hoseok asked, not recalling if someone from their circle had ever done it.

“I talk to some friends. They said that, a few years ago, there had been one boy from Russia who had started but was caught too soon. So we need to be prepared for the security too.”

Hoseok whistled, still impressed by the project while, next to him, Jungkook couldn’t contain his happiness, his mind already focused on the plan and racing with ideas, a smile on his face as he dreamt about a 500 meters high tower behind his closed eyelids.










Later that night, once Jungkook had finally come back home, he opened his laptop, not tired at all despite the long day.

Since his brother had announced their next target, a rush of energy had hit his body, the young man feeling so excited that he found himself editing his footage of the Ferris wheel at 3 am in the morning.

It didn’t take too long before finishing the whole work anyway. His climbing compilation was basically ready and he had been hitching to publish it and have some reviews for weeks now.

Therefore, it was just 4 am when the video was uploaded online and Jungkook stretched his arms and yawned, satisfied with the result.

The raven haired boy was about to fall asleep on the chair when he suddenly remembered a particular dialogue he had had with Taehyung during that night.


What’s so funny?The model had asked indignantly once Jungkook had burst out laughing after he confessed his fear of heights.

No no it’s not you it’s just- Nothing. Remind me to show you something sooner or later.


What if-?


What if he sent him one of their videos?


Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek, unsure. Obviously, he wouldn’t have sent his own compilation, in case the model could have somehow understood it was him, especially since it contained the Ferris wheel video shoot.

Another video though… One of the three of them scaling a skyscraper… Why not?


There was no way Taehyung would have find out.


They were always covered by their masks and hidden by the night.


And what if Taehyung found out, eventually?


Fuck it, he would have probably regretted it the next morning.


Everybody made mistakes at night.


Yoongi would have killed him.


Before changing his mind, he typed fast on the keyboard:



Beanie Boy

Remember when I said I would have showed you something related to your fear of heights?

*link attached*


















“Weren’t you afraid of eights?”

Taehyung and Jimin were currently aboard of a plane headed to Shanghai, a pair of Ray-Ban covering the dark circles under the model’s eyes since he hadn’t basically slept the night before, too caught up between reflecting on the job offer he had received and finishing packing his suitcases.

In a sort of trance, the grey haired man was looking outside the windows as cities and landscapes passed by under his eyes, chin in his hand while random thoughts piled up in his head.

“I am” He answered distractedly without detaching his gaze from the view.

“You are literally looking at a landscape 7000 meters under our feet” Jimin pointed out with a quirked brow.

“Sometimes it’s worth it” Taehyung stated cryptically, still lost in the events of the night before.




“You got a new engagement” A calm voice greeted him as soon as the model stepped into the familiar office of his agent,  the only one still opened at that hour of the night, enlightened just by the faint light of a lamp placed on a desk otherwise full of documents.

Jung Jiwhon had been Taehyung’s agent for almost 8 years now, a period which covered almost the whole career of the model, excluding his first phase in Paris.

Through the time, the grey haired boy had learnt how to deal with and even appreciate the other’s sometimes cold and distant behavior and, now that he was considering the idea of retiring from fashion world, he knew he had made the right choice when he signed his first contract with him.

Nevertheless, there were still times when Jiwhon got on his nerves, his calm attitude crashing against Taehyung’s fiery and impulsive one.

For example now, when he had not only interrupted him during whatever moment he was having with his supposed boyfriend but he wasn’t also bothering telling him what was exactly happening, revealing just a few mysterious hints here and there and now announcing news with that flat, unreadable tone, which had always made impossible for Taehyung to guess what he was referring to.

“Well, hello to you too” The model spoke, taking a seat in front of the glass desk.

“Seokjin just called me from Paris” Jiwhon continued unbothered, shifting his gaze from the screen of his laptop to a pile of documents on the desk “Congratulations.”

“Sorry, could you be a little more specific?” The model insisted, massaging his temples, headache already rumbling in the background of his brain.

“You have been chosen as the official male testimonial for the new lipstick of Dior.”

Taehyung widened his eyes, no word coming out from his parted lips while shock took over his features.

“S-Sorry can you repeat?”

“You heard just right” Jiwhon nodded, still keeping his poker face “We are talking about a full campaign, including spots, billboards, even a commercial…”

At this point, Taehyung wasn’t even listening to him anymore, his mind moving fast-forward to the future, to his face, his lips all over Europe, The States but, most of all, South Korea, his home.

This was a dream coming true.

An international partnership was already a rare, if not unique, opportunity. An entire campaign? It was beyond the unbelievable. High fashion brands usually chose among actors, singers, even famous models sometimes, but they had never picked a Korean one, especially a male.


Especially for a lipstick.


At the beginning of his career, Taehyung had started promoting himself by his own, recording make-up tutorials on Instagram and shooting videos with dresses on Youtube for free, remaining without a sponsor for 2 years before meeting Jiwhon.

Sure, he had reached success and, by now, he could consider himself one of the most famous models of South Korea and one well known in Europe but he had never been the one chosen, nor for make-up nor for dresses promotions. He had had always to compete, to struggle, to fight. For his job, for his sexuality, for his appearing, for being himself.

And now, he finally felt like he had achieved something, like someone was giving him the opportunity to express his true self.


Maybe he shouldn’t have quitted. Maybe faith was telling him he was on the right path right now.


“Tell me you are not kidding” It’s all he managed to say, not even daring to hope something this huge was happening to him.

“No, I’m not” Jiwhon confirmed imperturbably, handing him a file containing the contract, together with all the info he had received from the brand a few hours before.

In the cover, that was a beautiful lipstick with a V on one side, its shape reflecting a shade of metallic purple.


It was hypnotic.


It was perfect.


It was made for Taehyung.


He felt tears prickle on the corner of his eyes, his heart beating faster in his chest.

“I’ve already checked and, luckily, this won’t disarrange your schedules, since they will be shooting during Paris Fashion Week…” And continued with an amount of details while Taehyung shook his head, still bewildered until something Jiwhon said picked his interest.

-It has been hard, though. There was an unexpected obstacle, let’s call it like that.

What do you mean?

Although everything had been already basically settled, we had to fight for the role because there was another candidate, one who seemed extremely interested in obtaining that particular job.”

At those words, Taehyung frowned. It wasn’t uncommon, especially for models who cared about their own brands, especially if they were their testimonials (Taehyung felt that particular connection with Gucci and he knew that for Jimin was the same with Chanel. They would have never stolen any work from the other’s brand).

Thus, the grey haired man searched in the back of his mind some colleague who was particularly close to Dior, even if he couldn’t really recall anyone from his group. Maybe a newbie? Maybe someone from the States?

“Who was he?”

“Another Korean model” Jiwhon answered vaguely.

As if sensing there was something behind that simple statement, Taehyung raised his brows. Although Asia had been taking over fashion industry in the last few years still, it was strange to hear about two Koreans fighting for the same job.

Suddenly, a bad sensation started to crawl under Taehyung’s skin.

“Don’t worry, she is not a problem anymore” Jiwhon revealed, shutting his mouth right after although now it was too late, judging by the reaction of the other, who had clearly put the pieces together.




“No” Taehyung almost whispered “Tell me it’s not her. Tell me it’s everyone but her.”

“I’m sorry” His agent gave him a supportive look, rushing to say right after “But it’s all solved now.”

“Like hell is solved” The model muttered under his breath, feeling suddenly both angry and nauseous.

Hearing that comment, Jiwhon flinched slightly, not used to hear Taehyung swearing, almost seething. Considering the case, though, he decided to let him be and not reprimand him for his rudeness.

“At the beginning, they proposed to do the campaign together, you know, making a commercial with two of the most famous Korean models-”

“No!” Taehyung almost screamed in panic.

“Of course” Jiwhon continued calmly, preventing the other from panicking further “I immediately refused, knowing your... precedents.”

Taehyung almost scoffed at that particular choice of words.


Everyone knew they hated each other to the guts but no one, not even his agent knew the reason why.

No one but Jimin.


It was always like this: when he thought he was finally close to achieve something, shehappened and ruined everything.



And not by chance.


Choi Haneul.


It was like she had made her personal cause to screw him, together with his career.

Taehyung sighed, feeling suddenly really tired and  frustrated. He couldn’t really elaborate what his agent was saying, still speechless by how the tables had turned.


 A few years before he would have had the strength to fight but not now, not with the different projects he had for his future.

Suddenly, everything crashed over him and even the job offer didn’t seem too appealing right now.


This episode just reminded him the reason why he had been wanting to quit in the first place. was the reason. Fashion world would have always been like that: fighting for a runway, for a dress, for a friend.


“You should have told me before giving my name” Taehyung finally spoke with an icy tone which didn’t really suit him.

“What do you mean?” Jiwhon questioned, finally pulling out his glasses and watching hm for the first time.

“I would have turn down the offer.”

That clear statement shook his agent, who just stared speechless as Taehyung got up silently from his seat. Jiwhon knew the grey haired boy could be difficult sometimes but he had never refused a good ob offer.



“I’ll give you more details in the next few days.”


“Mmh” He nodded, not even registering what Siwhon had just said.


“Try to sleep, see tomorrow you.”


“Tomorrow, right.”


Once back to his apartment, Taehyung found a message from Jungkook he didn’t even bother to open. He just threw his phone on the bed and packed his belongings silently.









“Taehyung?” Jimin repeated loudly, shaking Taehyung abruptly out of his thoughts.


“You were spacing out” Jimin noticed, a doubtful expression still plastered all over his face “And you are silent today. You are never silent” He continued, almost accusing him.

“Am I not?” The grey haired boy bit back almost with an annoyed tone.

“And you seem thoughtful since we took the flight” Jimin insisted, trying to meet his gaze “Has anything happened?”

Eyes still trailed on the puffy clouds outside the window, Taehyung bit his bottom lip, a knot forming in his throat as he prevented tears from streaming down his eyes.

The night before had messed with his emotions way too much, making him shift from euphoria, to misery, to something numb and neutral between the two sensations.

And Taehyung would have died to confess everything to his best friend: from his ride on the Ferris wheel to his new job offer and the problem Choi Haneul had started to cause again but, lately, he felt like he couldn’t confide in his best friend as he had always done.

It wasn’t the other’s fault, of course not.

It was Taehyung’s.

Because what had started as a tiny, innocent lie had turned into a huge mess the model had dug himself into and now didn’t know how to escape.

He couldn’t talk about his fake relationship with Jungkook, not sure of how to even start explaining it. He couldn’t talk about his crisis with fashion world, convinced that the other’s wouldn’t have understood or, worse, would have convinced him to stay in the industry. And, for these two reasons, now he couldn’t talk about the job offer he had received, cause he knew Jimin would have been way more excited than him, who was thinking about refusing the engagement instead.

In that moment, Taehyung didn’t know how to feel if not lost.

And the worst part was that he knew it would have been easy, just to confess, just to tell the truth.

But he didn’t want to.

And now he would have dealt with it.

“No, I’m just tired” He forced that umpteenth lie out of his lips, swallowing back the tears and the words that threatened to spill out of his mouth and eyes.

His best friend looked at him for a few seconds, undecided if keep on pushing, perceiving that there was something more behind those words but, at the end, he just sighed and nodded.

Not wanting to insist, Jimin decided to scroll through his phone instead, opening the gallery and looking at the photos in the album named ‘soulmates’, smiling when he found a particular picture, dated almost a decade before.

“Hey” He called Taehyung, who hadn’t moved from his position, turning his phone in his direction to show him the photo “Look at this.”

Despite his bad mood, the grey haired boy couldn’t help but quirking his lips up at the memory. He had the feel that his best friend hadn’t found it randomly.

It was a photo of he and Jimin, almost 10 years before. The ambiance was oddly familiar since it was a selca taken on a plane, even though it was an economic flight, so much different from the rich first class where they were sitting now.

Their first meeting had happened by a total chance.

For a 17 years old Kim Taehyung, taking his first airplane alone had been a trauma. It was a flight from South Korea to France with a stopover in Russia and he had been terrified for the whole time, spending every minute anchored to the poor woman who happened to be seated next to him. When they finally landed in Moscow he was already on his way to find a ticket to return back in Korea.

After almost 30 minutes of him walking helplessly around the airport of Moscow, a cute Korean guy had approached him and asked if he needed any help.

This way, Taehyung found out the boy’s name was Jimin and he was flying to Paris as well, hired by a model agency, just like him. They spent the three hours of their layover talking in front of Victoria’s secret shop inside the airport, sharing their dream of becoming two famous models and, maybe, who knew, one day, walk down the catwalk as an angel.


Who could have ever imagined they would have found themselves heading to Shanghai to a Victoria’s Secret exhibition which saw Taehyung as its brighter star?


And what about Jimin, who, at that time, was proudly wearing a hoodie where, instead of ‘Chanel’ was wrongly written ‘Channel’? Who could have thought he would have become their main testimonial?


Their features were so different in the picture, so young: at that time they both still had natural hair and they were almost the same eight.

“Do you remember that time” Taehyung spoke, deciding to put aside his worries and bad thoughts and chuckling lightly “When we were casting and that manager asked you what was your height and you answered with the most straight face ‘between 1.73 and 1,78’?”

Jimin burst out laughing at the memory, glad to see his best friend’s mood was getting better.

“And how about our first apartment? You remember? The one in the 19th arrondissement?”

“How could I forget?” Taehyung commented, mind travelling back to the horrible flat they used to share “We were, how many? Eleven inside?”

“Twelve” Jimin corrected him, making the other shake his head “ With one bathroom.”

Their lives had been so crazy in that period, when they desperately ran from a casting to another with no money nor secure job, trying to impress anyone at the first sight and failing for the most of the times.

“And Georges!” Taehyung exclaimed suddenly, remembering the kind old baker who lived at the end of their street.

“Georges!” Jimin shouted too “He gave us baguettes for free every Wednesday.”

“I miss those times” Taehyung sighed, speaking more honestly than he would have thought.

“Do you? Sure we had both good and bad experiences but it was so hard, never knowing if we could have been hired or not. See us now. See you now, heading to Shanghai to a Victoria’s Secret runway. The first angel male of Victoria.”

Taehyung just shrugged, feeling that overwhelming sensation again.

“You’ve been revolutionary” Jimin stated solemnly, his tone now serious “I hope you know it, right?”

“I will always need you to remind me that” Taehyung spoke so weakly that, for a moment, he thought the words wouldn’t have been able to leave his mouth.

Because there was so much behind a simple statement, so much behind a few seconds of catwalk.

There was criticism, there was envy, there was hatred, there was suffering, there was a mask.

And Taehyung wanted to throw it away for good.






















Once they landed in Shanghai and reached their hotel suite, Jimin announced he would have taken a shower while Taehyung said he would have preferred to take a quick nap on the huge queen sized bed, closing his eyes as soon as his body laid on the soft surface.

After what could have been days or just a few seconds, Taehyung fluttered his eyes open by the sound of his phone ringing, which made him groan and turn whoever was calling him down.

Now that he was half awake, though, the model scrolled through socials and conversations, one eye closed and one opened as he caught up with the missing text and news. In that moment, a certain name popped up through the various messages, making him realize that he had never saw what Jungkook had sent him the night before.

He furrowed his brows, noticing it was a video.

Thus, the grey haired boy rolled on his back and got comfy between the pillows before opening the link, staring in amazement as three guys started to climb a skyscraper in front of his eyes.






Omg what the fuck

This is incredible!

They are incredible!



Beanie Boy


Have you seen it?

Ps you landed safe?



U kidding I’m scrolling throughout the whole channel

These guys are nuts

Ps aww you are so cute worrying about me

Pps anyway yes



Beanie boy

Wow I’m glad you are so into that

You’ll have to tell me which one you prefer then




Mmmh lemme think


Quickly, the model opened another link, wanting to see each of the guys better. At the beginning, it was difficult to distinguish the three figures in the night but, after four videos, Taehyung was pretty sure there was one who talked about technicalities, the most skinny of the three; one who made funny comments which made him chuckle and, lastly, the silent one, who caught his interest the most. It was just a sensation but he seemed the more passionate among the three.

There was something, a sparkle in his eyes…




I think the one with the mask with a bunny on


Beanie Boy


Why’s that?

Ps it’s not a bunny





Don’t know, just a feel I guess

Ps I’m quite sure it is



Beainie Boy

Seems fair lmao

Ps it’s not. I can assure you.




Do you know him?



Beanie Boy

Yeah I kinda do




Don’t forget to introduce us sooner or later



Beanie Boy

Should I be jealous?




Mmmh maybe



Beanie Boy

I’ll tell him you have a crush on him




Oh my god

Ok, you are my favorite beanie boy, happy now?



Beanie Boy


How did it go with the job thing anyway?




Uhg another topic pls



Beanie Boy

That bad?




No, actually I got hired


Beanie Boy

Oh wow






Beanie Boy

You don’t sound so happy


Taehyung chewed his bottom lip.

Was he happy?

Good question.

In that moment, he honestly didn’t know.

Lucky, Jimin decided to exit the shower in time to save him from that uncomfortable statement and conversation, dragging him outside the hotel to do some shopping since the following days Taehyung would have been busy with the work.

The two of them were walking around the city when they decided to take a selca and Taehyung, wanting both to answer Jungkook's last text and change topic, decided to send him the photo.



*photo attached*

Which is the most beautiful?



Beanie Boy

Is that the Shanghai tower in the background?

Ps I see what you are doing



Well, thank you for notice it instead of me

Ps I don’t know what you are talking about


Beanie Boy

Don’t take it personal princess,

I mean look at her,

she must be at least 600 meters

ps you are changing topic





ps I am



Beanie Boy

Listen you call dresses with pronouns too


Taehyung giggled at the screen, shaking his head at the silliness of their conversation. He mentally thanked Jungkook for having dropped the topic of the job, since he was not ready to talk about it yet. Still, he was glad to noticed the other cared enough to at least ask about it.

“What’s so funny?” Jimin wondered, peeking up from his shoulder.

Taehyung quickly locked his screen “Just Jungkook.”

“Just uh?” His best friend commented in a sarcastic tone giving him a knowing look.

Back in the hotel, they decided to chill in the suite for the night, since the day after Taehyung would have started the rehearsals at five am.

“Wanna watch something?” Jimin asked, shifting from a channel to another.

“Of course” Taehyung nodded, cuddling among the soft pillows and waiting for his best friend to reach him in the bed.

“Do you think they have Pose here?”

“I seriously doubt it”

His best friend was still mindlessly zapping through the television when Taehyung noticed a particular title and screamed “That one!”

Jimin turned his head with a mildly confused expression “Titanic?”

“Yes!” Taehyung exclaimed “That’s it, that’s perfect.”

“If you say so.”

“Don’t forget the snacks!”

A few minutes later, the two models were sprawled on the bed, Jimin eating some snacks (he was on holiday, after all) while Taehyung held a huge ball full of salad leaves, which he crunched as if they had been chips (he was on a strict diet, after all).




Ok but is Kate Winslet a true redhead or not

Asking for science



Beanie Boy

Really? That’s the thing which captured you most?




Sorry I was trying to find some flaws

so I can get a chance with Leo



Beanie Boy

Can’t blame him tho

I personally like redheads too



And, just like this, Taehyung kept talking with Jungkook through the whole duration of the movie, especially after Jimin felt asleep on his shoulder, right in the moment the transatlantic had started to sink into the water.



Oh my god they are drowning


Beanie Boy

They are



Well protagonists never die


Beanie Boy

You sure?






The grey haired boy was eating a leaf of salad after another, eyes not leaving the movie as he commented every single scene that happened on the screen.




Ok now explain me why the hell

he didn’t climb up that fucking piece of wood






you’ll have to pay me back the tears I just cried


Fuck this movie seriously




 Beanie boy

I swear you should have your own entertainment show

Where you just record your reacs to movies

I’d love it

I mean the comments.

Well, it’s late

I have to go,


Good night



Are you in a hurry or what


Good night Beanie Boy,

thank you for having kept me company <3


Smiling dumbly at the phone as he scrolled through the conversation they had just had, Taehyung shifted on the bed, lying next to his best friend, cuddling with him, who murmured something like “Was the film good?”

“It was.”

“You could have called him, you know?” He yawned.

“Call who?”

“Jungkook” Jimin simply stated “I wouldn’t have minded. You two could have watched the movie together through the phone.”

“Nah, it was just fine like this”.

“I like him, you know?”

“Hey, are you trying to steal my boyfriend?” He joked, although a pang of something Taehyung didn’t really want to name nor investigate hit his chest.

“I’m serious” Jimin insisted, now more awake “I’ve never seen you behaving so intimately with a person for so long. Not to speak about the fact you are always happy when you talk about him.”


That’s because our relationship is fake. I make everything up.


“Are you in love with Namjoon?” Taehyung blurted out instead, too afraid of his thoughts spinning through his mind, trying desperately to change subject.

At those words, Jimin fluttered his eyes wide open, lifting up on his elbows and meeting his best friend’s gaze.

“Why this question?”

“Just curious.”

“Yes, I am” His best friend answered firmly. Then, he hesitated before asking the other “Are you with Jungkook?”

“Of course not!” Taehyung answered, too fast and too loud, making the other furrow his brows.

“But you like him, right?” Jimin continued, confused.

“We can say that” Well he didn’t dislike him.

“How is him for you?”

“He is…” Taehyung pondered, wanting to confess something true just for once “Refreshing.”

It wasn’t a lie. Actually, it was the closest to the truth he had been so far.

“Tae” Jimin sighed, looking at him with a sad expression “It’s fine, you can loosen up sometimes, you know? You have this wrong, ideal of pure and perfect love but it really isn’t like that. It’s way more complicated and simple, all at the same time.”


“Falling in love is not easy as well as falling out of it. It can take years, or months or, sometimes, even seconds. Take, for example, love at first sight, ok?” His best friend spoke, as if he had been prepared that speech and was just waiting to use it “Can it happen? Can’t it? Do you believe it? Don’t you? It doesn’t matter. What they portray, though, is some unreal, perfect feeling between two strangers which has nothing to do with love itself.”

“I see the influence of Namjoon behind this theory” Taehyung noticed, making the other smile warmly.

“Yeah we’ve talked about it a lot. But, you see, when I was in Italy, I learnt another way of speech to describe the experience of this so called ‘love at first sight’: when or if it happens they will say you are ‘struck by a lightening’.” 

“Really? What is wrong with Italians?”

“Right?” Jimin chuckled “I thought the same at the beginning. But then, when I reflected on the concept, I realized it is the most accurate definition they could have found. Because love hits you, in so many ways, love wakes you, love changes you, love can bring light as well as darkness, exactly like a lightening. And, most importantly, you can’t escape either of them.”

After those words, they both kept silent, Taehyung lost so deeply in his own thoughts that he guessed Jimin had already fallen asleep by now.

“Before we sleep…” His best friend began in that moment.

The grey haired boy closed his eyes, praying the other wouldn’t have talked anymore about love or, worse, Jungkook.

“Can you give me a little spoiler of tomorrow’s show?”

Taehyung sighed in relief but still refused to answer, wanting everything to be a surprise “Mmmh my lips are sealed.”

“Do I have to remind you I’m your best friend as well as soulmate?” Jimin insisted, making the other roll his eyes.


“Just one word” He pleaded.
















Chapter Text








A light music could be heard distantly in the background as one of the numerous guests invited for that year’s show sang along with the models while Victoria’s Secret Angels ran through the catwalk.

In that moment, though, Taehyung was sat on a chair, focused in staring at his own reflection in the round, oversized mirror in front of himself, watching as 32 make-up artists, 27 hairstylists and 11 manicurists took care of him.

The model tilted his head, inclining his sharp jawline and pressing his lips in a thin line, ready to judge the result of hours of work on him.

His skin looked more flawless and tanner than ever, almost glistening under the lights of the mirror as he swirled his left foot absent-mindedly in the air, the entire length of his legs already covered in thigh high laced heels. The biggest change, though, were his hair, which shone with a bright shade of red, locks turning each hue from vermillion to ruby, depending on the light reflecting them.

“What do you think, V?” One of the many hairstylists asked him, slightly worried for the lack of reaction of the model sitting in front of him.

“Beautiful” The red haired man just murmured, eyes still trailed on the mirror, as if it was another person talking instead of him.



In fact, tonight he was not Kim Taehyung.



Tonight he was V.



V for Victoria.



V for Venus.



Actually, the two themes chosen for that year’s show were nothing other than Planets and Heaven&Hell, which meant Taehyung would have worn two completely different outfits.

The first one would have represented the darkness and attraction of the Underworld while the second dress would have incarnated the sensual essence of the planet whose name corresponded to the mythical goddess of beauty, Venus.


Seemingly satisfied with the result of the first look so far, the red haired model nodded and stood up, pulling out his robe and waiting for the dressers to start working and busying around him with black, laced lingerie and accessories.

Swarovski jewels shone on Taehyung’s neck and wrists as eyelash lace and satin bands hugged his waist, a flowered design covering both his crotch and chest. His golden skin stood out against the ebony harness, which had been tied around his neckline, the result sensual yet elegant at the same time, uniquely, like only Taehyung managed to make it appear.

Lastly, they put on his wings: a beautiful, long, sinuous, feathery handcraft work which extended from above his head to his high heels, barely brushing the ground.

This peculiar outfit was meant to represent the demon, the fallen angel from Hell in contrast with the pure, white Angels of Heaven who had run the catwalk until that moment.


Now it was the turn for the dark side to overshadow them and take control.


Behind the stage, the atmosphere was electrifying, models spinning on their heels while stylists hurried to check if even the tiniest and smallest detail was set in its right place. Too often, the outfits ripped, the wings lost their feathers and the countless accessories snagged in the laced lingerie, which caused the dressers to go crazy trying to make everything perfect.

Oddly enough, the only ones who seemed calm, even smiling brightly at the camera behind the scenes, were the protagonists of the show. Tall, fit, toned models wore a firm and secure appearance as they waited for their own turn, some of them swinging to the music coming from the main stage, others standing still but keeping a smug expression on their faces.



Tonight was their show.



Tonight was just fun.


Victoria’s Secret exhibitions were something completely different from the other fashion shows Taehyung usually participated and worked for. Unlike the other catwalks, the worst part of this particular spectacle consisted in its countless hours of practice, those including physical exercises and diets, fittings and rehearsals with the various singers who had been hosted for the event.

Thus, the real struggle of the show had happened a long time before it even came to life, a preparation long entire weeks, if not months, all starting from the castings.

“It’s your turn, V” A man with a mic instructed the model, guiding him in the direction of the main stage. Once there, only a black curtain remained to separate the red haired man from the public, allowing him to see just a glimpse of the audience, whose attention was directed to Halsey, who had just started to perform a new song.



Taehyung breathed in.



Just act confidently” The voice of Jimin echoed through his mind, three simple words his best friend had pronounced almost five years before, an advice which had revealed vital for the model, who had been able to use it at his own advantage. Therefore, somehow, what had started as a mere act had become a real part of Taehyung’s personality through the years.










“They won’t ever choose me” Taehyung complained, crossing his arms and biting his bottom lip “They won’t even look at me.”

This was all Jimin’s fault. If it would have been for himself, Taehyung would have never even dared to step inside that damn building, not to speak to end up in a small changing room, wearing nothing more than a pair of panties and a bra, waiting for his turn to do a casting for no less than queen Victoria.

“Well, that’s for sure, if you keep on with that attitude” His best friend scolded him, rolling his eyes, not even paying attention to the mantra the other had been reciting since that morning “Besides, I dare them to find someone with better legs, skin, body and, most of all, face than yours.”

At that, Taehyung, who had been on his way to reply, shut his mouth, even though he still didn’t looked convinced at all.

“Even Jiwhon told you: this year it’s perfect” Jimin insisted, walking around him to make sure his outfit fitted “Asian market is expanding, and models, especially male ones, are taking over the world. We have to take advantage on that. Victoria is looking for something new after last year’s scandal.”

When Jimin had proposed the absurd idea of casting for Victoria’s Secret, Taehyung had laughed and gladly promised to talk with his agent about the project, knowing Jiwhon would have turned it down immediately. Because it was crazy, wasn’t it?


What Taehyung would have not expected, though, had been his agent’s reaction.

“You should do it” Jiwhon had simply and neutrally replied, fixing his glasses after having pondered pros and cos.


Therefore, that was how Taehyung had found himself in the situation of having a both physical and mental break down, legs and hands trembling while his head spun with the worst thoughts.

“Remember” Jimin stated seriously, moving closer and placing his hands on the other’s shoulders, forcing his best friend to look at him in the eyes “You can make it. I believe in you.”

The young model swallowed.

“Just act confidently.”

Taehyung breathed in and nodded.



Taehyung breathed out.



“Just act confidently” He repeated and smiled brightly before stepping into the catwalk, even though there was no reason to pretend anymore.




















Jungkook and Hoseok were currently training at the gym, trying to set up a new obstacle course which recreated Seoul’s streets. Since their previous and first video had seemed to gain attention and success with the audience, their sponsor had soon requested a new one, with the only limit to ‘surprise the public’.

Thus, at the moment, the raven haired boy was thinking about experimenting something new and more daring, studying new ways and tricks, maybe adding some special effect too.

“Should we wear something different?” He wondered while staring at the course.

“For example?” Hoseok asked from the ground, wiping the sweat of hours of practice off his forehead.

“Just an idea” The younger answered vaguely, reaching for his phone to show the other what he had had in his mind for some time now.

Instead of looking for the right picture, though, his brows furrowed, noticing the 6 missed calls he had from nothing less than Jimin, or, as he had saved him on his phone, ‘Taehyung’s best friend’.

During those days, he and the model had texted sometimes. Nothing too serious, really, just the older sending him photos of the city and Jungkook responding with videos of traceurs which had climbed this or that building.

Shanghai was parkour land after all.

Jungkook knew his supposed boyfriend and Jimin were outside the country for some kind of fashion show or whatever but those calls left him perplexed, firstly because they were not coming from Taehyung and secondly because  he always felt scared when the other’s best friend contacted him.

Thus, the young boy dialed immediately the older’s number, with the result of being met with the monotonous tone of the other’s voicemail.

Maybe Taehyung needed something.

Maybe something had happened to him.

Maybe his mind was starting to run a bit too far but he couldn’t really help it. Since when he was young, had always had the tendency to be a little tragic.

Starting to feel slightly worried, Jungkook’s decided to try to reach Jimin. He had barely the time to press his phone next to his ear and hear the first ring when the older hung up from the other side of the line.


Ok, what the fuck.





Tae’s boyfriend


What the fuck?






Taehyung’s best friend


Well hello to you too




Tae’s boyfriend





Taehyung’s best friend


About time



Tae’s boyfriend


What do you mean?



Taehyung’s best friend


I’ve been trying to contact you for hours


Tae’s boyfriend


I was doing something


called work



Taehyung’s best friend


Yeah sure.




I hope you will change that attitude of yours pretty soon


Once you’ll see what I’ve illegally just did for you




Reading those words, Jungkook’s face morphed into a puzzled expression, which made Hoseok ask him “Is everything ok?”

“I don’t know” The boy answered chewing his bottom lip, eyes not leaving the screen of the phone.



That was why Jimin scared him.





Tae’s boyfriend


Care to elaborate?



Taehyung’s best friend


Wait a minute jeez


I’m trying to hide from the security


I didn’t manage to record the first part but





Perplexed, Jungkook waited for the video to download, not having even the time to reply before receiving another text from the other. 





Taehyung’s best friend


You can thank me later.


If you manage to survive.






At those words, combined to that creepy emoticon, Jungkook scoffed and finally opened the video, just to be met with the sight of Lady Gaga apparently descending into the stage from the sky. After three second of her performance, the raven haired boy closed the video and texted Jimin back.




Tae’s boyfriend


Sorry not a Gaga fan




Taehyung’s best friend


Omg are you always this impatient?


No wonder you and Tae are a good match




Reading that comment, Jungkook snorted and raised one brow, ready to bit back with a sarcastic answer when another text arrived.




Taehyung’s best friend


Believe me, you will be a huge fan within a few minutes


Just watch the damn thing




The raven haired boy rolled his eyes but still decided to give it a second try. Thus, he opened the video once again, looking at Lady Gaga who had just started singing a 80’s vibe song with two dancers on each side. Still confused about the reason why Jimin had decided to send him and insist so much for him to watch a clip from a concert, Jungkook was about to close the video and not ask any more question when an abrupt change in the music and in the atmosphere caught his eyes, the stage shining o glistening now under red lights.


In that moment, the camera shifted to focus on a model entering the stage, face hidden by a pair of majestic scarlet wings, which covered the person’s entire figure with their heart-shape if not for the long, tanned legs, barely brushed by the red feathers.


Jungkook knew Victoria’s Secret fashion shows enough to recognize their unique label.


This model seemed peculiar, though, not walking the catwalk yet but just standing still, far from the main stage where Gaga was singing, giving the back to the audience.

Following the rhythm of the music, the mysterious model started to slowly move, raising the left arm and sinuously swirling the hand in the hair, the wing following each gesture until the right one joined it too, both creating an hypnotic dance.

When Lady Gaga finished her solo, she turned and looked at the model with a sly smile, starting to sing in an anticipating tone.



Take me tour planet, take to your leader.



 At that signal, the model started to slowly turn, the mysterious identity now hidden by the shadows of the stage.



Take me to your Venus, your Venus.



The singer stretched her hand towards the model and announced in the microphone.






At that word, the model smiled in the darkness and, finally revealing his face, as well as his outfit, Taehyung entered the catwalk, raising his arms and cheering the public while throwing his head back, clearly enjoying the moment at full.

At that heavenly, or better, hellish appearance, Jungkook widened his eyes, almost not recognizing the man on the screen, who was nothing less than his boyfriend (fake boyfriend* his mind soon corrected him).

Taehyung was walking fiercely down the runway, placing on feet in front of another in long, sinuous strides, hips swinging from side to side, consistent with each step and following the beat of the music. With eyes pointed straightly ahead of him, the model shook his brand new red hair, which perfectly matched the scarlet wings that were wrapping around his slim figure.



Jungkook shook his head, aware that couldn’t possibly be Taehyung.



That couldn’t be the same stranger he had bumped in the street just a two months before.



He simply couldn’t.



He couldn’t be the same man who was now proudly wearing a vermillion lingerie set, from bra to low raise panties, not to speak about fucking wings.

Jungkook would have never thought lingerie could have fit a boy, not to mention making him look so sexy.

Nonetheless, staring at Taehyung right now and at the long line bra characterized by a pendant with a V, Jungkook decided that had just become his favorite accessory. Ever. 

As the red head model approached the end of the catwalk, his gaze morphed swiftly into something completely different, his previous jaunty and amused attitude replaced with a more predatory one, his round, smiling eyes now sharp and seductive.

Taehyung’s movements remained smooth and confident while he strut forward to then stop, both confident and flirty as he smirked, waiting for the right beat of the music to strike a pose as Lady Gaga started to sing the chorus.



When you touch me I die just a little inside.



Then, the model shifted his weight from one foot to another, leaning on from the left to the right hip and stressing the movement with a slow swaying of his waist, giving a mysterious and smug look to the public.



I wonder if this could be love



At that line, Taehyung sent a kiss to the camera, making Jungkook’s heart skip a beat or two in the process of watching that action.

The younger couldn’t believe he had had those lips just a few inches away from his own only a few days before; couldn't believe he could have kissed them, should have, because now totally regretted it.



Cause you’re out of this world, galaxy space and time



Taehyung turned, having the audacity to wink while biting his lips, the shape of the hearted wings the last detail Jungkook saw before the red head model disappeared from the catwalk on the notes of Gaga repeating:



I wonder if this could be love…



After Taehyung left the stage, Jungkook didn’t even notice the brief performance of the next model Jimin had recorded, still agape for the spectacle he had just witnessed.


Obviously, he rewatched the video.


Just once or twice.


Just to be sure not to have lost any detail.


Just for the sake of it.


“You okay there?” Hoseok inquired after 15 minutes of the other silently gaping at his phone.

“Peachy” Jungkook answered, eyes not leaving the screen, ears not even listening to what his friend had just said.

“You are drooling” Hoseok pointed out, quirking one eyebrow.

“I’m not” The other rushed to deny, pink flushing slightly on his cheeks as he hurried to close his mouth, which had been agape for a bit now.

Jungkook was about to finally trail his gaze away from his phone and turn to bit back with a proper answer when he received a new text.




Taehyung’s best friend


Just checking if you are still alive




Tae’s boyfriend


I am




Taehyung’s best friend


You answered too fast.




The entire show will be released in a month



If you happen to want to check the other outfit too






Tae’s boyfriend


I’ll take a note on my agenda






Taehyung’s best friend


Now the exhibition is over, you know


If you wanna call him



Or else





Tae’s boyfriend


Why should I?




Taehyung’s best friend


Uh? I don’t know?


Maybe because you are dating one of the sexiest man in the whole universe?


And cuz in this exact moment you are sure popping a boner


just from having seen one minute video of him wearing laced lingerie?





Tae’s boyfriend


I’m not popping a boner




Taehyung’s best friend


Yeah sure say that to your dick





Tae’s boyfriend


Why are we talking about my dick




Taehyung’s best friend


Right go speak with your boyfriend about it



The raven haired boy would have laughed at that crazy situation if Jimin would have been wrong but, unfortunately, as Jungkook ashamedly lowered his eyes to stare at his pants, he had to admit the other wasn’t that wrong. Therefore, the young man decided to put up his pent up sexual frustration into the gym, training for almost an hour with the result that, at the end of the practice, he had still the image of the red head model burning in his mind.



Obviously, he didn’t call Taehyung.



Unexpectedly, Taehyung called him.



Too bad Jungkook had just taken his Ipod and plugged his headphones into his ears to make sure to focus a bit more and delete certain images of a certain video from his mind, so he didn’t hear his phone ringing.

Nevertheless, noticing the familiar song of Jungkook’s ringtone, Hoseok called him from the other side of the room, where he was stretching.

“Yo” The older attempted to contact him, even though he didn’t receive any answer since the younger was listening the music so loudly Hoseok could hear the lyrics from meters away.

“I swear kids these days” He muttered, rolling his eyes and taking the younger’s phone to bring it to him.

“YO” His best friend screamed right into his hear, pulling the headphone out of the other’s ear.

“Duh, what the fuck?” Jungkook complained, annoyed for having been interrupted during his sacred gym routine.

“Your damn phone is ringing DUH” Hoseok retorted, placing right in front of his face the phone, which was showing the nickname Princess on the screen.

Noticing the ID, Jungkook jumped up from the bench and hurried to answer, grabbing fast the mobile from his friend and stumbling on the floor in the process of answering, with the mere result to be met with a dead call from the other side of the line. All of this, under the amused expression of his best friend, who was clearly enjoying the whole scene.

“Shut up” Jungkook mumbled, tapping on the now locked phone, the black screen reflecting his perplexed face.

“I didn’t say anything” Hoseok answered lightly, with a serene expression that clearly hid unspoken comments.

“Yeah sure” The younger answered sarcastically, getting up and gathering his stuff from the ground “I’m gonna take a shower.”

“So…” Hoseok started as the younger passed in front of him “Princess uh?” He mocked him, not able to refrain himself.

“Not gonna comment” Jungkook replied, fastening his walk to the door.

“Anyway, don’t make it too long” Hoseok reminded the younger when he was about to exit the room “I’d like to remind you’ve got an appointment at 9. And he doesn’t like to wait.”

“As I could forget” The raven haired boy responded  with a smile as the door closed behind him.



Under the warm jet of the water, Jungkook’s tensed muscles finally relaxed, together with his whole body, causing his mind to wonder in places he would have preferred to avoid. Fragments of red hair and vermillion wings started to arise from his closed eyelids, soon joined by older memories, memories which included a sinful dress and bare, golden, sinuous legs wrapped around his thighs, riding them together with-

Jungkook quickly turned the shower cold, slightly panting as he realized he had unconsciously  begun to touch himself, stroking his now half hard cock and making two hours of workout completely useless.

Therefore, after a quick and cleansing cold shower, which both cleaned his body and cleared his mind, Jungkook finally got out of the gym, his long, curly hair still a bit wet as the spring breeze blew through the streets of Seoul.

Backpack on his shoulder, he took the subway, heading excitedly to Hongdae, where he had managed to get an appointment with ‘one of the most talented tattoo artists in Seoul’, as Hoseok had described him.

In fact, while he walked through dark alleys enlightened just by a few streetlights, the raven haired boy realized he had never properly thanked his best friend, who had guaranteed for him with that notorious tattooist. Obviously, though, said person had demanded a meeting, which had happened a few weeks before at the Den.

Bang Yongguk, this was the name of the tattoo artist, had two jobs: one at day and one at night. Under the daylight, he was a simple clerk buy, when the sun went down, he transformed, performing tattooes in his own house.

Jungkook had liked him at first sight. Also cause he reminded him of himself and his kinda double life.



Since the night he had climbed the Ferris wheel and decided his own nickname, Jungkook had felt the need to make a new tattoo, not a doubt on the subject he wanted to ink permanently in his skin. Nonetheless, although this was not his first tattoo, it was his first one here in Seoul,  and Jungkook couldn’t help but feeling slightly worried as he entered a desert lane, enlightened just by the dimmed neon lights of a few seamy clubs.

The place wasn’t that bad, per se. On the contrary, Jungkook appreciated the underground atmosphere and vibe but he kinda didn’t feel completely safe, as if someone could have suddenly come out of a corner and shot him.

Anyway, after a little struggle and some fighting with google maps that didn’t want to cooperate, the raven haired boy finally managed to find the right address and, once there, he just waited outside the door, knowing in that moment a camera was pointed at him to check his identity.

Hoseok had explained him that would have happened for security reasons.

When Jungkook had had his first tattoo, instead, he hadn’t had any problem, since he lived in a small village and a friend of his was a tattooist. Also, the tattoo wasn’t that complex.


It was simply a date: six numbers and three points dividing them.


After a while, the rusty door on his left opened to reveal a stout man Jungkook had never seen before, who guided him to a basement without saying a word, the young boy following him silently as they entered a room in the underground.

The place was large and brightly lit, the walls covered in graffiti and drawings reflecting the white lights of the huge lamp which hovered the inkbed that would have hosted Jungkook for the next hours.

“Hey kid” Bang Yongguk greeted him from a black leather chair while taking a drag of smoke from a cigarette.

“Hey there” The boy waved his hand as the other, unknown man left the two of them alone, exiting the room.

“So” Yongguk began, leaving the cigarette in a close ashtray “We got a huge project tonight, don’t we?”

Jungkook just nodded, too busy admiring both the room and the tattoos covering Yongguk’s whole body. For a brief moment, he wondered if that guy had done any of them by himself.

“Do you got an idea of the whole thing? I received the pictures you sent me and they are pretty cool” The tattooist explained as he took his IPad and scrolled some images the younger had sent him some days before.

“Yeah, I also tried to sketch something but maybe you can add some details here and there” The raven haired boy said, scratching shyly his neck. Therefore, he opened his backpack and took the notebook where he had drafted a few drawings “I kinda want to mix all these styles with yours.”

When Jungkook handed him the drawings, Yongguk remained silent and focused, the younger boy not knowing if he should have sat on the inkbed or just kept on standing there like an idiot, waiting for some kind of approval. Then, the tattoo artist nodded and asked one last question “Where do you want it?”












After half an hour of lying still on the tattoo bed, the raven boy started to get bored.

Jungkook was an active, dynamic spirit, always ready and used to move and not to stop if not for sleep.

And, sometimes, not even for that.

Therefore, the idea of staying motionless for the next few hours didn’t appease him that much. Furthermore, Yongguk seemed the kind of guy who didn’t like to speak not only in social circumstances, but also, and mostly, during his work. As the professional artist that he was, the tattooist had kept focusing on his job and hadn’t said a word for the whole time.

Thus, trying to get out that awkward silence and hoping not to seem rude or offend the other, Jungkook took his phone and started scrolling through his various social medias. Firstly, he watched the opinions on his last video on YouTube as Panthergguk, which seemed to have got a positive feedback. Secondly, he attempted to answer a few of the countless texts he had kept receiving lately or, better, since the day Taehyung had decided to follow him on Instagram.

Some of them were positive comments and encouragements for his work, some others were messages regarding his and Taehyung’s relationship or, as everybody called them, ‘taekook’ and, obviously, there were some criticism too.

After that, satisfied with the number of people he had managed to reply, Jungkook scrolled his Instagram home and casually bumped into a new post which had just popped out of nothing, showing a picture of his supposed/fake/gorgeous boyfriend on a red carpet.

The red haired man was wearing something completely different from the usual elegant, long dresses Jungkook had always seen him on. On the top of his head, there was a leather cap whose material matched with the mini skirt characterized by numerous chains and belts. The model’s bare chest was merely covered by a satin bra and a see through chain halter metal sequin top, whose black beads hugged both his thorax and neck, as if he had been wearing a choker made out of diamonds. Above all, a simple black, long blazer, which almost hid a peculiar squared purse, characterized by a golden arrow.

Jungkook had barely the time to gape at that sight when a notification bumped on his screen, informing him a certain ‘V’ had just started a live.

Turning quickly to Yongguk, who was still focused on his back, Jungkook lowered the volume of his phone and opened the video, which showed a huge, fancy room, probably full of rich and famous people dressed elegantly.

Victoria’s Secret models, though, were gathered around a big table, their previous composure falling as soon as they caught the glimpse of some waiters bringing them food.

“PIZZA” A certain low, familiar voice suddenly screamed, making everyone turn, included Yongguk, who must have heard it despite the lower volume of Jungkook’s phone.

Afterwards, the camera switched to selfie mode, revealing Jimin, who was clearly recording the after party from Taehyung’s phone “Taetae always gets emotional at the traditional first slice of pizza” The best friend explained.

Only in that moment, Jungkook realized that, whenever they were together, Taehyung never ate. Nor at the gala (where Jungkook had literally devoured the whole buffet) nor at the gym, where he had just kept him company while slowly sipping a vanilla latte and a whole wheat croissant. God knows what kind of diet the model had been following until that moment. He hadn’t probably eaten junk food in a lifetime.

Jungkook promised himself he would have fixed that situation as soon as possible.

Lost in those thoughts, the raven haired boy realized that, in the meanwhile, the scenery of the party had now completely changed. No one was focused on the pizza anymore but everybody had gone wild on the dance floor, screaming and swinging to the rhythm of the music.

After having recorded the entire ambiance, Jimin decided to do a last close up on Taehyung, who was currently speaking with some beautiful guy in the corner of the room, sipping a flute of champagne while leaning closer and whispering something in the beautiful guy’s ear, an appealing look on his face and a sly smile curving on his lips before Jimin decided to end the live.

“Fuck” Jungkook burst out, closing his hand in a fist and making Yongguk stop his work behind him.

“Sorry, you have never complained before so I thought you were fine with the pain” The tattooist apologized, since he had just put the tattoo machine on the younger’s exposed spinal column.

“No worries, it was not about that.”

In fact, until that moment, Jungkook had felt only a slight chafe on his back, an unceasing sting which hurt just a little for a boy who was used to jump and fall from a street to another, often landing on his back and hitting the ground. With time, his pain threshold had become very low.

“Shall we take a pause?” Yongguk suggested anyway “I wouldn’t mind a cigarette and your skin needs some rest.”

“Works for me” Jungkook rushed to reply, glad to get up from the tattoo table and stretch his muscles. His peacefulness was interrupted, though, as soon as he received a text from a certain person, whose tone seemed a mix between anger and concern.





Taehyung’s best friend


What the hell are you doing?


Why haven’t you contacted him yet?


Are you crazy?


You wanna break up with him?


It’s full of sharks out there ready to take him.




Tae’s Boyfriend





Taehyung’s best friend


Yes, dumbass


So I candidly suggest you to call him.







Jungkook rolled his eyes, not even knowing why he had bothered answering that stupid text. Although, he couldn’t help but smiling, imagining Jimin’s worried expression as Taehyung danced or flirted with whoever he met on his way.


That beautiful guy, for example.


Unfortunately, or luckily, he and Taehyung had never spoken about meeting other people outside their fake relationship. Firstly because the pact itself had been made to be free and to do whatever they wanted and secondly because they were supposed to fake it for a brief period.


It was like an unspoken agreement, right?


So why was he so worried?


Why was he even thinking about calling him?


Nevertheless, since he and Taehyung were supposed to be together and stick with the plan, Jungkook decided to at least try to pretend to be a little jealous.

Just for the sake of their acting.

Just to make sure Jimin wouldn’t have suspected anything.

It would have seemed strange if the model’s boyfriend didn’t show any lack of reaction, right?

For a brief moment, Jungkook thought Jimin had made that live with the mere purpose of making him jealous and force him to do some kind of move.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this” The raven haired boy sighed, dialing Taehyung’s number and pressing the calling button before even starting to regret what he already knew was a stupid decision.


As an habit, Jungook leaned against the wall just to hiss in pain right after because of the contact between his bare, inked skin and that cold, coarse surface.


“Idiot” He heard Yongguk scoffing from the other side of the room as he lit a cigarette.


After five rings, when he was about to give up and hang up, the red haired model picked up from the other side of the line.


“Beanie boy” Taehyung sing sung, making Jungkook’s lips quirk in a smile and his heart flutter.


As Yongguk had just said: idiot.


“Hey Princess” He reciprocated, beaming dumbly and starting to walk back and forth.

“Sorry it took me so long to answer but the after party is a total chaos and I had to go outside to actually hear you.”

“No worries. So… How are you?” The younger asked, having clearly forgotten how to make a decent conversation.

“Peeaachy” Taehyung sighed seemingly slightly tipsy but sounding so happy that Jungkook could almost picture him gleaming under the night sky.

“You called me before” The raven haired boy said, gnawing his lip while scratching the back of his neck.

“I did” Taehyung confirmed, even though he didn’t give him any explanation of the reason behind that call.

“You changed your hair.”

Jungkook almost slapped himself.

He didn’t even know where that comment had come from but, for sure, he now hated that part of his mind.

“How do you know?” The other inquired, expression morphing into a smirk Jungkook couldn’t see.

“Did you do it to impress Leonardo Di Caprio?” Jungkook tried to preserve his own dignity.

“Don’t try to change topic with me Beanie Boy” Taehyung warned him with a provocative voice “Have you watched me?” He asked in a mischievous tone.

“No” Jungkook answered a bit too fast.

“No?” Taehyung pushed, lowering his tone and biting his bottom lip.


“Jimin told me he sent you the video of my catwalk.”





“Gotcha” Taehyung laughed, amused by the other’s lack of defenses.

“Guilty” Jungkook admitted with what he hoped was a neutral answer.

“Mmh” The model pondered in his low, unique, honey-like voice “You know bad boys go to hell?”

Jungkook blinked, clearly having missed the passage in which the conversation had shifted to the dangerous territory of flirting.


Real flirting.


Or fake one?


Maybe Taehyung was drunk after all.

Anyway, Jungkook was absolutely too sober for this.

“Do they?” He tried to slide from one question to another, not wanting to go any further into that conversation.

“They do” Taehyung confirmed in a mellifluous voice “And what do you think about me? Am I a good boy or a bad one?”

Jungkook closed his eyes and massaged his temples.


What was with Taehyung tonight?


Sure they had flirted since their first, strange encounter. Hell, they had had even sex but this? This was little too much.


A little too real.


“Are you planning to betray me?” Jungook blurted out the first thing that came into his mind.

“WHAT?” Taehyung almost screamed, clearly not having expected that accusation.

“Relax, I’m kidding” Jungkook laughed, glad to have somehow managed to change topic “Jimin was so worried he texted me saying I should have called you and saved you from, I’m quoting, ‘the sharks ready to take you’.”

“Oh my god he is such a drama queen” The red haired model shook his head, not believing his best friend had really done something like that.

“Reminds me of someone.”

“Who?” Taehyung dared him to admit it.

“Oh, you don’t know him” Jungkook answered vaguely.


This was better.


This was light flirting.


This was what Jungkook could handle.


“That’s better for you” Taehyung threatened him “So here’s the reason why you actually called me. And I thought it was because you missed me” He added, feigning to be hurt.

Jungkook was about to reply when Taehyung continued “I feel so guilty Jimin though. He really cares about us.”

“I do too” Jungkook spoke without even reflecting.

“What?” Taehyung explained, this time seeming completely serious and sober.

“Feel guilty, you know” Jungkook specified, wanting to avoid any misunderstanding.

For a moment, Taehyung was left speechless and, when he finally managed to find a proper answer, Yongguk decided to show up and end their pause, walking closer to Jungkook and announcing “Hey lover boy, come and lay down, it’s time to finish.”

“What was that?” The red haired model inquired suspiciously.

“Nothing” Jungkook rushed to reply, as if he had to somehow justify himself.

“Are YOU planning to betray me, Jeon Jungkook?” Taehyung acted dramatically, placing a hand above his heart.

“I could never Princess.”

“What a gentlemen.”

“Have fun tonight" The raven haired boy wished him sincerely. 

“You too, but not too much without me” Taehyung teased, ending the call with a strange feeling in his chest.

“Girlfriend?” Yongguk asked as they sat back down.

“Boyfriend” Jungkook answered automatically and almost bit his tongue at that stupid answer. For once, he could have said the truth and the idea hadn’t even crossed his mind.


After that, they spent the next two hours in silence, each of the two boys focused on a different matter. Yongguk was undecided whether to add one, last detail to his work while Jungkook’s mind was busy with reflecting on the strange conversation he had just had with Taehyung.


Not that any of their previous dialogue had been normal. Ever.


Nevertheless, this game of flirting they were playing was beginning to slide out of control. Or, maybe, it had been just like that from the very beginning.



After half of the night spent on his back, Yongguk finally announced his work was finished.

Thus, Jungkook slowly got up and headed to the huge mirror on the left side of the room, turning and staring at the reflection of his back, now covered in black ink.

Iced eyes stared at him from his shoulder blades, a mouth showing teeth and closing around a red rose while the panther’s body occupied the whole length of his back, tail brushing his dimples of Venus.

The animal was beautiful, conveying both energy and freedom, wildness and calm, exactly how Jungkook had imagined it.

“You like it?” Yongguk asked while cleaning the equipment, watching satisfied his work.

“Love it” Jungkook replied honestly, admiring the work of art he had now on himself.

Hoseok was right: that tattoo artist was a genius.

“You might want to do another one soon” Yongguk commented as Jungkook paid him.

“Why?” The raven haired boy asked as he put his shirt on, trying not get in contact with the tattoo, which had just started to hurt a little more.

“Because, you know what the legend says: an uneven number of tattoos brings bad luck.”