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The mirror jury

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Jason Bull put the papers down and looked up. „We should start to build the mirror-jury right away.“

Marissa looked surprised. „You think it is necessary in this case? It's obvious that she is guilty.“

„It is?“ Bull smiled slightly.“So you would send this young woman into prison for years without hesitating?“

„Well.“ Marissa was new in the team, but she knew her boss well enough to figure out where this would go to. But even if she quickly had learned to trust his instincts, this time she wasn't happy about his decision. The town would run mad when it became generally known that TAC would take over the advocacy in this case. Everyone seemed to hate Bibi Monroe, as much as they had loved Danny Winchester. „Several witnesses have seen her at the hotel during that night. And she is the only one with a motive to kill one of the most popular guys in town.“

„Not everything obvious is right. And I guess Barbara Monroe can need every help to prove this. Let's get started. Mirror-jury; try to get them ready until tomorrow. Time is running.“

Marissa shrugged, what else could she do than to give in. „You are the boss. I will do my best, as ever.“

„I know.“ Bull grabbed his leather jacket. „Chunk, what do you think about a visit at the remand prison? The first we need to change is her look. The jury should see her true self, not the prostitute, coming from the slums.“