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Whiskey and Wine

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Sooyoung threw her head back, allowing her sixth shot of whiskey to burn her throat. She grimaced and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. The bar was loud, full of people, and not lit very well. She’d shooed dozens of men away, not being interested. She was only interested in forgetting about someone. Her girlfriend, actually. The filthy rat had been cheating on her for a while, but she’d only just found out. A look of strong resentment tainted her face. Only a few more drinks, and maybe she’d be in the bed of someone else, her girlfriend long forgotten. Quick fucks always did her some good, though she knew it was exactly why she was mad at her girlfriend. Hypocrisy. Except, this time, Sooyoung wouldn’t feel so guilty about doing it.

She allowed the cup to remain in her hand, lost in thought, and then slammed it on the countertop, snapping for the bartender and pointing at her glass demandingly. He shook his head. “Sorry, miss. Any more, and I’m sure you’ll be in poor condition to go home. If I recall, you came here alone.” She knitted her eyebrows in distaste of denial from having another drink, but let herself relax. Finally, a decent man. Not too many of those in existence anymore... As if there ever were. She noticed her head feeling heavy, and she seemed more irritable judging by her glare at the woman who had just sat next to her.

“A shot of whiskey.” the woman demanded, although her voice was soft. She was barely taller than Sooyoung, and her hair color was darker. Her lips were covered in a dark red-colored matte that matched the paint on her shortened nails almost perfectly. Her black dress fit her form very well, and the cut of it revealed some of her collarbone, albeit not too much. Her eyes seemed homey and safe to Sooyoung, whose glare had now softened into a questionably sad look. “My name is Lee Sunmi.” spoke the woman, in the same gentle tone as before. She smiled sympathetically, grabbing the glass that the bartender handed her and holding it out to Sooyoung. “You look like you need another one of these... I get it.”

“I... probably shouldn’t.” interjected Sooyoung, suddenly knowing her limits as the memory of the bartender’s recent words to her left their impression in her brain. She shook her head, but Sunmi insisted on it. She threw the drink back and slammed the glass on the table for a final time, and her head was absolutely buzzing. The bartender rolled his eyes and took the glass away, and Sunmi requested the usual, a small glass of Montoya Cabernet, for herself. When she received the glass, she swirled it around in her hand and took a small sip, tasting the familiar blackberry and plum notes as soon as the dark liquid hit her tongue.

“So. Tell me about yourself, miss...?”
“Sooyoung. My name is Ha Sooyoung. I’m 22 years old. I’m ahhh... Well, I’m here to forget about my problems. It’s kind of a long story, you know.” her words were only half-comprehensible, but the other woman understood.

“And? I’ve got time, missy. I won’t tell anyone... I promise.” Sunmi said, with a weirdly secretive look and a wink at the end.

Sooner than later, Sooyoung was spilling out all her problems to a totally random stranger who was now holding one of her hands and rubbing slow circles on her back in a comforting manner. She could tell this woman had probably been through a similar situation, what with how understanding she was being. Or maybe it was the alcohol deceiving Sooyoung. Either way, it felt nice. And the stranger smelled nice, too. “Say, Sunmi... Can I uh... stay at your place?” she slurred, and then paused. She started speaking again, more quickly than last time. “I know it’s on such short notice, but I’m clearly in no condition to drive, I don’t want to go home to the person I’m running away from, and I’m an emotional mess, too. You see?” She brought her hands to her face, dampened two fingers with her tears, and wiped them on Sunmi’s cheek, who, confused by the action, blinked it off.

“Sure, Sooyoungie. Is it okay if I call you this?” asked Sunmi in a playful tone. Much to her delight, she saw Sooyoung smile weakly and murmur out approval of the nickname. “Lovely. Let me pick up this tab. Jaden?” she said, calling for the bartender’s attention. She must have frequented here, thought Sooyoung, determined by the fact that she knew the man’s name and called her drink “the usual”. Jaden brought over the tab, allowing Sunmi to pay for it. With that, he wished the girls a nice night. “You too, Mr. J.” she replied warmly, while helping a drunk Sooyoung get her jacket on. She rested her palm on Sooyoung’s shoulder, which made her jump. “Shhh, it’s just me.” She comforted her in a quiet tone. “I was just going to lead you out the door. Come on, Sooyoungie.” With that, she held out her hand for the drunk girl beside her, to which she got a hand back in return, and they walked out of the noisy building together.

When they arrived at Sunmi’s car, Sooyoung didn’t want to let her hand go. This was the first bit of closeness to anybody that she’d felt in a while, even if it wasn’t real. But, reluctantly, she unlatched her hand from Sunmi’s, and Sunmi opened the door for her, making sure she got in safely. She then went over to the other side, opening her own door and getting in. “My home isn’t too far, it should only take around 15 minutes.” explained Sunmi, who looked over to the passenger seat, seeing the occupant of the place already nodding off. A small curve tugged at her lips, and she let out a gentle chuckle. “Okay... Have a nice nap, you sleepyhead.” She put her car in gear and drove, trying to avoid potholes for her new friend. New... attractive friend. Every once in awhile, she glanced over and saw the woman sleeping, and she thought about how utterly peaceful she looked in comparison to when they were at the bar, despite her still looking a bit like a mess.

When they arrived at their destination, Sunmi slid her hand into one of Sooyoung’s, which were curled and resting comfortably on her lap. She squeezed it gently and watched her passenger’s eyes flutter open slowly, trying to bat away the drowsiness that was left. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to go away that easily. “Hey... good morning, sunshine.” teased Sunmi, that smile still remaining on her lips without any falter. “We’re at my house, honey. We should get out of the car and go inside, okay?” Sooyoung nodded, unbuckling her seatbelt. A headache was starting to form, and she knit her brows together in reaction to the pain. “Ah, and we need to get you sobered up, yeah?” Sooyoung nodded again slowly in response, her eyelids still so heavy. Sunmi got out of her side and put her hand on the handle to open the passenger door, except the other girl had her hand on the inside of it, and she pushed at the same time Sunmi pulled. Sooyoung almost stumbled out of the passenger door, any gracefulness that she had while she slept disappearing right there.

Sunmi snorted, asking if she was okay. “Yeah...” she mumbled. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” she continued bitterly, scolding her drunken self for lack of balance and making herself look like a total idiot in front of someone who was still barely anything to her but an acquaintance. This whole first impression thing wasn’t going very well, especially if she still planned to fuck her. Which, she wasn’t even sure if the other woman was attracted to women or not in the first place. It would seem too good to be true. Sunmi had been so soft and understanding with her that she’d almost forgotten the plan, and now, she almost felt bad for the poor woman. At least she seemed submissive enough to comply to what Sooyoung really wanted. But for some reason, she was feeling so unreasonably guilty, almost deceitful and deceptive. Whatever. She dismissed it, letting herself deal with the guilt sometime later.

As if on cue, Sunmi allowed herself to wrap an arm around her visitor, guiding her to the door and reaching into her front pocket to dig out her keys. A few seconds of jingling annoyed Sooyoung, and she balled her hands into fists, tensing up ever so slightly, but not enough for Sunmi to notice or worry. A small “aha!” signified that she found what she was looking for, and she inserted the key into the hole and turned it sideways, waiting for the click to sound so that they could go in. She swung her key ring around her finger a few times and then put it back in her pocket, then leading Sooyoung inside. “Please, take a seat.” she insisted softly, her hand motioning towards a large, gray couch and a coffee table that sat in what Sooyoung assumed to be the living room. It was nicely decorated, and the lights were only dimly lit at the moment. She let herself sink into the couch, taking one of the pillows and hugging it tightly as she heard Sunmi getting a glass and running the water in the background.

Something touching her leg surprised her all of the sudden, and she was pleased to look down and see a blue point siamese purring against her. “Ah, I see that you’ve met Ggotji. I often say he’s the only man who deserves rights.” laughed Sunmi, who returned with water for her visitor and more red wine for herself, looking at the pair before her. Sunmi set the glass on the table in front of her visitor, and Ggotji jumped into Sooyoung’s lap, nudging her hand as an invitation to pet him. She ran her hand along his head and his back in long, slow strokes, and he closed his eyes and fell asleep there, soon snoring quietly. Sunmi watched in admiration of Sooyoung’s carefulness with her cat and how well he took to her upon first meeting. “Drink your water, hon, you need to get sober.” urged Sunmi. Sooyoung muffled her laugh with her hand, and she was questioned as to what was so funny.

“I’m getting sober while you’re getting drunk...” Sooyoung hummed. “Seems boring if both of us aren’t going to be drunk...” she raised an eyebrow, and the other woman mirrored the action. She shook her head quickly. “Sorry... I have a habit of fucking my depression away. Originally, that’s why I was at the bar. To get drunk and then to have sex. But I feel bad if I were to use you like that, even if you are this fucking sexy in that black dress, especially since you’re being so kind to me.” She didn’t mean to call Sunmi sexy in such a forward way, but she couldn’t be bothered to filter her words. She was still a bit on the drunk side. As if Sunmi minded the compliment. Her cheeks were rosy from the explicit words that came out of Sooyoung’s lips. She nodded slowly, a sly smile creeping up on her face. “Hello? Miss Lee?” She was shushed.

“If us both being drunk is what you desire...” Sunmi stood up from the couch, walking back into the kitchen and coming back with the rest of the bottle of wine and another glass. “... then so be it.” She knew she’d caught the other woman’s interest by the fact that she now nursed her lower lip between her teeth.

“Suave bitch she is...” thought Sooyoung, staring at the woman before her. She peeled her eyes off just to take Ggotji from her lap and set him on the couch right next to her. She allowed Sunmi to pour her a quite tall glass of wine, which would make her more drunk for sure. Meanwhile, Sunmi was barely even fazed by the alcohol she drank, at least for now. The more they talked, the more they drank... And the flirtier they got, and the more contact they made. Soon enough, they were both so drunk off their asses that they didn’t really care anymore, and they scooted ever so close to each other, and their lips brushed against one another’s. That was enough for both to want more, and Sooyoung took the initiative to deepen the kiss. What took her by surprise, what totally floored her, was that Sunmi immediately pushed her and pinned her down to the couch, making sure to fix Sooyoung’s legs in place by straddling them with her own. They were really about to fuck on a couch, huh? Right next to Sunmi’s cat?

Sooyoung fought against her, but she realized she wasn’t going anywhere. Being the teaser she was, she was still going to have fun being submissive to the incredibly gorgeous woman on top of her. Although they were drunk, she hoped neither of them would forget it. She definitely had a feeling she wouldn’t. Her thoughts were interrupted by Sunmi’s lips ghosting her neck, her hot breath the only evidence of them being there. Sunmi lowered her lips, allowing Sooyoung to feel how supple they were, and simultaneously feeling surprised at how amazingly soft the girl below her was. Her girlfriend had cheated on her? Sunmi already couldn’t imagine what kind of heathen would give up a woman so fine, and she was only just at the beginning of discovering how Sooyoung’s body worked... She could only imagine how she’d sound moaning, how she would feel writhing and struggling beneath her. Sunmi’s mind was racing at a pace that felt way too fast to be real.

“Tell me what you want, sweetheart.” Sunmi demanded, her voice taking on a completely different, sultry tone than earlier.

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I want you, no... NEED you. To fuck me right now. I need you to show me what you can do to me.” Sooyoung spat, her voice full of need.

“I see you’re the bratty type, baby? Are you aware that you’re just going to get it harder and more relentlessly? I’m not going to stop until you’re begging for me to stop.” teased the girl on top. “Does that sound good to you, huh? Do you understand?” Sooyoung nodded wordlessly, an unreadable mix of emotions plastered on her face. “Mmm... good.” Sunmi said, lowering her lips again, but this time to the ear. She breathed right into it, whispering all sorts of dirty things and allowing Sooyoung to feel a strong shiver wash over her entire body. Sunmi definitely knew what she was doing. She halted the dirty talk to suck on Sooyoung’s earlobe, and she let go of a hand to run her own along the jawline, neck, shoulder, and the rest of the arm’s length of the girl under her. Sooyoung shivered, but now that one of her hands was free, she took the opportunity to grab a fistful of Sunmi’s hair to keep her mouth directed in the same spot.

She sat up slightly, taking her mouth away from Sooyoung’s earlobe, and she released her other hand. Sunmi’s hand immediately made contact again; this time it was joined with her other hand, both on Sooyoung’s neck. She added pressure slowly and gently, watching the breath drain out of her. She loved seeing her like this, so helpless under her power. “Pretty baby...” Sunmi muttered, before feeling Sooyoung’s other hand find its way next to her first one in Sunmi’s hair. She pulled her down to her lips, hungry to kiss her again. Both of them were moaning, Sooyoung’s noises being more strangled. The humming vibration against Sunmi’s lips only made her kiss harder and with more want and lust than before, and she began to slowly grind against Sooyoung. She wanted nothing more than to just take off her own black dress and let the girl beneath her take in her figure, but she was hesitant to go so quickly. She wanted Sooyoung to know her place in this household: the sub, willing to do absolutely anything to get her dom to completely wreck her. Willing to beg, willing to scream Sunmi’s name until her throat was sore if that’s what she had to do.

And Sunmi had engaged in more than enough intercourse with women in her lifetime that she could tell that this wasn’t Sooyoung’s normal position. She was quite a bratty sub, but not for the reason that would be most assumable. Being a sub just wasn’t her thing. But boy, did it get Sunmi extra riled up watching a woman with such a powerful aura being under her control. “Take off your clothes, right now.” Sunmi ordered, with a mischievous snarl on her face. She took her hands off of Sooyoung’s neck and sat up, crossing her arms and waiting with an expecting look on her face. Her sub only hesitated, teasing her more. “Didn’t you hear me, slut? Take them off before I rip them off of you all by myself.” Still nothing, except Sooyoung pursing her lips. “I warned you...” she said finally, and paid no mind to the fragility of the buttons on Sooyoung’s blouse. She ripped the blouse open and exposed her toned abs, almost immediately placing her hands on them.

Sunmi scooted away from Sooyoung a bit. “Lift your hips, princess. I wanna take off your pants so fucking bad...” Sooyoung wasn’t used to being called princess, but she had to admit it was a bit of a turn on in a tense atmosphere like this one. She finally obeyed to something, but only because she wanted this more than the woman on top of her did. Sunmi gripped Sooyoung’s pants after unbuckling her belt, and she pulled them down hastily. Now, she was only in her undergarments: lacy low-waisted boy shorts and a lacy bra to match. They were deep red, just like the color of the wine that had gotten them drunk enough to not care so much. Immediately afterwards, Sunmi stripped herself of her dress — it had built-in breast cups, so she had gone braless. Seeing her undress herself like that drove Sooyoung wild, but she wasn’t about to admit that to someone who was still practically a stranger she shared drinks with.

The first thing Sooyoung noticed was how flushed pink Sunmi’s nipples were, and how soft they were to the touch after she rolled one lightly between her fingers. Sunmi moaned at the unexpected contact, and the more Sooyoung’s fingers played with one of her nipples, the more they hardened, and the more Sunmi felt a strong, warm tingling feeling growing in between her thighs. And the more she felt that feeling, the harder it became to hide the moans she so desperately wanted to let out. So she grabbed Sooyoung’s hand and pushed it away from her breast hesitantly. She was going to tease Sooyoung so badly, and she knew exactly where to start. Not taking Sooyoung’s panties off, she began to massage her clit... Just one finger, in slow, soft motions. Her thighs flinched in response, and Sunmi could feel the heat emitting from Sooyoung’s core.

“F-ffffuck.” she cursed, feeling Sunmi’s finger touch her like that, and it wasn’t even that much. Maybe it was the fact that she was naturally a top, or maybe she was just easy to get off, but she was already so wet. “Please. More. I want it. I mean...” she was stopped by the loss of contact and the feeling of a tug on her panties. She lifted her hips again, without any second thought, and Sunmi tugged the article of clothing off until they were just resting around Sooyoung’s ankles. She gasped sharply when she felt her dom kiss her pussy. And, speaking of pussy, Ggotji had been woken up and scurried out the room. Sunmi kept giving attention to the area, but Sooyoung gasped again even harder as she felt a finger enter her. Sunmi thrusted her finger in and out slowly, wanting her sub to build up. “More... more...” she begged underneath, and Sunmi added a finger, and she began to curl them when they went further inside. Sooyoung uttered a moan that almost sounded like a cry.

She put her other hand on the small of Sooyoung’s back, taunting her to sit up, and Sooyoung sat up obediently, her bratty behavior now dissipated and long forgotten. Sunmi ran her hand up Sooyoung’s back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall down her shoulders and tossing it away, out of sight. Her nipples were darker than Sunmi’s, and they were more firm, and her breasts were overall smaller, more petite. With that, Sunmi took out her fingers, frustrating Sooyoung. She got up and left the room, leaving Sooyoung confused and kind of upset that neither of them got off, but she was surprised when Sunmi came back in wearing a harness and a strap. But her obedient little sub wasn’t going to get it, not yet. Sooyoung was eager, but she knew it wasn’t going to happen right away. Unfortunately.

“I wanna watch you, princess. Can you touch yourself for me? Can you touch yourself and pretend Sunmi’s fingers are inside of you, hmm, baby?” Sooyoung, once again, failed to resist, as she slowly trailed one hand down her abs and placed it right by her entrance. Her other hand payed excellent attention to her own breasts, circling a finger around one of her nipples, and then brushing her thumb against it, and then massaging her breasts. Maybe this wasn’t so disappointing, even though it was hard to keep Sunmi’s dick out of her mind at the moment.

Sunmi swallowed, her throat feeling dry as she watched the woman in front of her slowly unravel at the thought of Sunmi touching her like this. And then, at once, Sooyoung felt a hand on the wrist of the hand that was ready to enter herself. Sunmi yanked it away, laid down on her back, and ordered Sooyoung to get on top of her. “Try this, here. Lower yourself onto it. It’s gonna make you feel so good, I’m gonna make you feel so good.” She eased Sooyoung onto her cock, getting a moan and a lip bite in return. Sooyoung now had both hands on her breasts, and Sunmi’s hands on her ass, guiding her as she was being thrusted into. The thrusts were slow, but they were still so deep, and Sooyoung was breathing so heavily. Meanwhile, all Sunmi could do was curse. That was all she could think of at the moment, besides the beautiful woman in front of her losing herself.

It was loud, and Sooyoung was loud. The loudness only increased with Sunmi’s pace, and Sooyoung’s face was red from making so much noise. It only fueled Sunmi, whose hips seemed to stop hurting every time she heard. “Fuck, yes. Yes... Oh my fucking — a-ah.” she swore, gripping Sooyoung’s ass harder and guiding her more demandingly each time she took the whole length inside of her. Sooyoung rode out her first orgasm, and it was an intense one. She was long lost, hadn’t been in control of herself since near the beginning. She kept gasping and growling and whimpering, and Sunmi stopped, took her cock out, and let Sooyoung adjust herself onto one of Sunmi’s thighs, because she was clearly very overstimulated. Both of their chests rose and fell very visibly. They were out of breath. “So... Do you... Wanna maybe go again?” Sunmi said, after breaking the kiss from a couple of minutes of just making out and having Sooyoung jack off her fake dick — which was slick from all of her cum.

“How do you feel about thigh riding?” asked Sooyoung, receiving a smile and a nod for confirmation. “Amazing, me too...” She began to grind against the thigh beneath her, excess wetness getting on it. All Sunmi did was touch Sooyoung’s abs and feel how they moved and flexed with every motion. It still felt electrifying to the girl on top of her.

The second orgasm came quicker than the first, and they were both tired, but Sooyoung had a complaint. “I... didn’t get you off. That’s usually my job.”

“Shhhh. It’s okay. Watching you go submissive for me was plenty enough to get me hot and bothered. Here...” Sunmi took off her harness and spread her legs ever so slightly, showing Sooyoung that she, too, had cum. “Now, you can take a shower. My guest bedroom is down the hall to the left, and it has a dresser full of night clothes. Feel free to crash here for as long as you’d like, and... You know, maybe you can do this...” She motioned to herself with a wink. “... plenty more times.” She paused. “Goodnight.”

“Thank you, and goodnight, Sunmi.”