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This is random but-

I'm starting a One-Shots book series thingy mabob and so here I am.

But I wanted to let you guys know that you can request in the comment section- quotes, concepts or something and I will write it and give you credit for whatever you request. And the times there's no one tagged are the times I found a really good quote and wanted to use it

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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Veronica smiled at JD and kissed him a bit deeper. JD kissed back happily and wrapped his arms around Veronica's waist and she smiled, holding his face gently. After a couple more minutes, she pulled away, giggling, leaving JD confused.

"What's so funny?" He watched her try to contain her giggles but fail miserably.

"I-" She giggled harder. "You remind me of a dog because... you're eager and I'm like your owner." She wiped her eyes and JD smirked. He let go of her and got on all fours. Before Veronica could process what was happening, he started to pant and woof, pretending to be a dog. Veronica laughed and patted his head.

"Good dog." JD pretended to wag his tail and barked. He suddenly got an idea when Veronica got up. He licked her hand.


"...Did you just lick me?" Veronica's laughter had gone, but she did look a bit like she was going to go into fits of laughter again. JD nodded.




There was silence for a moment before Veronica looked at her hand then JD again.


"Babe, that's fucking gross!" She started to laugh and JD laughed as well.


Let's just say, they had another proper make-out sessions but JD wasn't going to lick Veronica's hand anytime soon.

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JD sighed softly, taking off his shirt, before climbing into bed. He’d locked all of his doors and was about to fall asleep before he looked up and saw a Veronica tumble into his room and he immediately sat up, turning his lamp on.

“V-Veronica? What are you doing in my room?” He watched her get up and wobbly stand up, holding onto the wall for support.

“I know I just broke into your apartment in the middle of the night but there are some bad people after my special power over alternate universes and I’ve decided to put all my faith in you to save everything.” She looked at him so dead seriously, it took all JD had not to laugh.

“Okay… and how much have you had to drink?” he asked. His voice made it obvious he was trying not to laugh. Veronica glared.

“This is not a joke! I only had 34.5 shots!” She crossed her arms as if she wasn’t drunk and JD started to laugh.

“Oddly specific. Come here.” He opened his arms and Veronica went into them. JD held her close and stroked her hair soothingly. “Babe, first of all, we share this apartment, so you did not break into it. Secondly, you do not need to drink that many shots and don’t blame me when you have a hangover. Finally, please don’t use your special power over alternate universes to hurt me.” He smiled a bit when she rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes.

“Okay…” About 20 minutes later, they were both fast asleep.

The next morning, Veronica groaned and held her head. JD smiled and kissed her cheek.

“You had a hangover.”

“No shit... Did I do anything stupid?”

“…Nope.” JD would keep that to himself. For now.

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JD ran to Veronica and handed her the homework for the Maths class she missed.


“Thank you so much JD!” She hugged him and he hugged back. They acted a bit like brother and sister even though they both had more stronger feelings for each other than that. JD sighed softly and pulled away and they just stared at each other for a bit before JD broke the silence, clearing his throat before speaking.

“I- Um maybe I should go…” He sore the pain in Veronica’s eyes as she held back her emotions. He didn’t want to let her love him even though he was never leaving… he just didn’t want another person to leave him.

“Wait! C-Can I ask you something?” Veronica grabbed his hand as he turned away and he turned back.

“Sure. What is it?” He looked at her and she blushed and looked down, pulling her hand back.

“What if… I don’t wanna be friends anymore?” JD only just caught what she said because she was talking so quietly but when he did he turned her face up.

“You wanna leave me…?” He sounded so wounded. Veronica’s eyes widened and she shook her head vigourously.

“What?! No! I meant… more than friends…” JD looked at her and silence was shared before something happened.

Neither knew who came first, but before they knew it, their lips were connected and they had become one. It lasted for a couple of minutes before JD pulled away, holding Veronica close to him by her waist.

“I told you never to love me because… I didn’t want my heart broken. Especially if we moved away but… we’re not moving away and, well, Veronica Sawyer… I’m 100 percent sure I love you…”

“I never thought you’d say that. I love you too, Jason Dean. I don’t think I want to let you go. Ever.” She kissed him again, softer. “So… are we friends?” JD chuckled.

“No, darling, we’re soulmates. I promise.”

And that promise was sealed by a very long and deep kiss.

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JD held Veronica’s hand tightly. Veronica squeezed his hand gently.

“Baby, its okay. Our students won’t get mad.” Veronica kissed JD’s cheek comfortingly. JD nodded weakly. Veronica smiled a bit before the principal called them on stage. JD walked to the microphone and Veronica waved to some of her students.

“So… as, um, most of you know… Ms. Sawyer and I have a rivalry going on…” He looked at her and she nodded. “Well… to the students who think we look good together… We’re married.” JD showed the picture of his and Veronica’s wedding day to the whole assembly.

There was silence before clapping and cheering started.

JD sighed with relief and backed up from the microphone, letting Veronica have the microphone.

“Yeah so… there’s that. Some may be surprised, some may not. I’m only a Ms because I liked my old last name but I’m a Dean at heart.” A few ‘aww’s’ were heard before Veronica continued. “Yeah, it is cute. But that’s not the only news. Mr. Dean and I won’t be here for next year because…” she showed a picture of an annotated ultrasound that was hers, “I’m pregnant. This baby’s due in 4 months. No, Jessica, I am not fat.”

Veronica winked at her student Jessica, who smiled, and the whole hall applauded and laughed. JD wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close before kissing her deeply. People awed before JD pulled away and quickly kissed Veronica’s stomach.

“I love you,” JD whispered in her ear. Little did they know, the microphone somehow picked it up, causing people to cheer louder. Veronica blushed and buried her face in his shoulder. JD smiled a bit and held her close.

“I love you too, beautiful.” This time, the microphone didn’t pick it up. JD got to keep Veronica’s love to himself. She was all his.

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Veronica crossed her arms and glared at him.

“No. I am not coming to you.” She was mad at him. They were fighting again. JD had promised her he’d be at her performance where she was singing (she won) but he didn’t even come. Because he’d gone to the 7/11. And, as you can probably tell, Veronica was very pissed about that.

“Babe please… I’m sorry! I forgot!” That wasn’t a lie. He did forget. But Veronica clearly didn’t want to hear that.

“How did you forget?! You brought me the dress, I reminded you, and you forgot? What kind of boyfriend does that?!” She had started to cry but only realised when she saw a tear, that was most definitely hers, land on the beautiful blue dress JD had got her.

“Babe I’m sorry!” He watched her cry but knew she wouldn’t let her hug him so he stayed where he was, tortured by the fact he couldn’t comfort his one true love.

“I don’t love you…” Veronica muttered. She was clearly pissed off, she knew she didn’t mean it but she didn’t mean to say it out loud. Her eyes widened and she stepped back, seeing JD’s facial expression exchange from a mix of guilt and sadness to anger and sadness, except the anger was more prominent to see.

“I’m sorry, what? Could you repeat that?” It was JD’s turn to be pissed off.

“I said I need to… poo?” She stepped back again and JD’s hands fisted.

“Say it again, Veronica. Say it!” He was getting angrier by the second and Veronica was so scared, she only cried harder.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! I love you so much!” She fell into a ball and started crying on her knees. Burying her face. She was crying out everything she had in her. She didn’t mean to hurt JD. Veronica loves JD.

And JD knew that. Because he immediately bent down and pulled Veronica into his arms, rubbing her back gently. He kissed her head and hummed ‘All of Me’ to her.

“I love you too baby… I love you so much… I love you more than anything…” He felt her kiss his cheek softly and smiled softly, breaking away from the hug, watching her watch him, and gently opened a ring box.

“Will you marry me, Veronica Sawyer?”

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JD smirked and looked at the closet door.

“I’m counting to three, darling. One…”

The door didn’t budge.


JD looked at the door. No sounds. No… nothing.

“Fuck it!” JD smashed the door down and saw Veronica’s limp body. He teared up and looked at her. “Wh-Why did you do this? Veronica… You were so young and beautiful and… well, sure I was coming up here to kill you but… I mean, I didn’t want to… you know… actually kill you.” He sighed softly and touched Veronica’s hand. He was surprised to find it warm. “Beautiful… as always…” He kissed her hand before Veronica moved and jumped down from where she was and grinned.

“Babe I’m fine!” Veronica giggled and JD slammed her against the wall, causing Veronica to wince. “Woah, I’m sorry!”

“Excuse me for freaking out, I only thought you were dead.” JD said it as if it was a sentence you’d say every day and Veronica got fearful, shrinking down a bit.

“It was a joke…” She watched his angry, inflamed brown eyes go suddenly softer.

“It wasn’t funny… I’m just glad you’re okay.” He loosened his grip on her waist and Veronica kissed his nose.

“I am…” She looked at him. “You can make out with me now.”

JD smiled and did exactly that.

Chapter Text

Veronica growled and tried to unlock the door again. “For fuck’s sake! Why the fuck wont it work?!” She kept trying the handle but it wouldn’t work. JD gently pushed her away.

“Let me try again…” He started to pull on the door but it wasn’t working.

See, JD and Veronica were making out (as per usual- nothing weird about that) and JD went to get a condom from the closet so they could take it further, they weren’t in the mood for getting Veronica pregnant, when they realised the door was jammed. And they couldn’t open it.

“Can this thing just fucking open?!” Veronica was getting mad. She’d been angry, which had led them to angrily making out, and now she was ready for angry sex but the door wouldn’t open. “Life is really fucking happy with me right now, isn’t it?” she growled. JD looked at her.

“Babe calm down! It’s just a door. With condoms inside, but just a door. I’m sure one time can’t make you pregnant- woah!”

Veronica had grabbed his shirt and yanked him towards her so their faces were really close to each other and they could feel each other’s breath. Usually, this would be romantic and lead into a make out session but today, Veronica was too mad for that.

“I’m not risking getting pregnant until we’re married.” She threw him down and grabbed her purse.

“What are you doing? Google can’t help us, babe,” JD stated. Veronica gave JD a look as if he was the most stupid person in the world.

“I know that! I’m not a fucking idiot…” She rummaged through it.

“I never said it…” JD muttered.

“You implied it,” she replied, not looking up. JD rolled his eyes but they quickly widened when he saw what she pulled out of it.

“Woah! Should I ask you why you have a knife in your purse?” JD looked at Veronica as she smirked happily and sauntered to the door, jamming the knife between it and the wall to try and open it.

“It’s a dagger, actually. And no, you shouldn’t.” She winked at him and basically tried to pry the door. Surprisingly, it worked, and they looked into the closet. “Well, I’m never closing it again.”

JD was aghast and his mouth was open before he closed it and nodded.

“I agree. Nice one, Ronnie.” She glared at him and he corrected himself. “Veronica.”

“Thanks. Now, let’s continue.”

Let’s just say, they didn’t use the condoms and a little something appeared in Veronica’s stomach.

Chapter Text

Veronica sighed softly and tried to finish her school work. But she could barely concentrate. Why? Because a very desperate-for-attention JD was throwing pieces of paper at her head and Veronica couldn’t handle it anymore.

“What?! What is possible more important than me concentrating on studying for an exam that is tomorrow?” she snarled at him. JD wasn’t gonna lie but he could be really scared of his girlfriend when he wanted to be. She could be pretty scary sometimes.

“…Guess what?” Yup. He was an idiot. Veronica could add that to the list of things she knows about her boyfriend.



“I am guessing. What?”

“No! Guess!”

“You said ‘guess what’ so I’m guessing ‘what’. What?” Veronica smirked. JD sighed and gave up. He’d been outsmarted.

“I can help you figure out that practice math problem.” He looked at her and Veronica stood up from her seat and gestured to the paper.

“Take the floor.”

JD strutted over to the seat and sat in it. He read the maths problem then got to working. Within five minutes, JD had finished.

“There. Beat that, Sawyer.”

Veronica’s mouth was open and she looked down at the paper but what she saw was… unexpected. She looked at his working then the question then him then the working then the question then back at him.

“I am fully convinced you never graduated kindergarten. Would you like to explain this?”

Instead of an actual solution to the problem, which was definitely wrong, JD had written ‘W1LL Y0U 60 2 PR0M W1TH M3?’ and Veronica was dumbfounded. JD smirked at her.

“Well, I couldn’t figure out the question, so I wrote down a question.” He watched her eyes go sparkly and before he knew it, her arms were around his neck and she was hugging him. Tightly. “What’s this mean, Ronnie?” Veronica smiled.

“Yes. I will go to prom with you.”

Veronica finished studying and JD got the love he wanted from the moment he walked into the room.

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So just a quick announcement-

I'm typing this Heathers fanfic at the moment and i'm thinking of posting it all in one day so that
A) you guys won't get tortured
B) I won't forget
C) it's kind of really good

it should be released later today. I really hope you guys like it and this will be the only story I post the full thing in one day so yeah. Enjoy it when it releases! An actual update will be up soon! Feel free to leave requests!

Chapter Text

Veronica woke up, sweating. She’d had a nightmare. Another one. This time, she got killed by her own parents. She held the blanket closer, crying, not sure if she’d be able to sleep again or not. Veronica was shaking a lot. It was clear to anyone who could see except she was on a camp. And everyone else was asleep. Except for one person. JD.

“Nightmares keep you awake too?” JD’s voice broke through Veronica’s thoughts and she jumped a little, frightened by the sudden sound even though it was in a soft voice. Veronica looked around at the other sleeping people in their cabin and nodded, not wanting to wake them up. JD smiled softly and moved over, watching his girlfriend. “Come here.”

They’d only been dating for about two weeks but the teachers didn’t know that so they put them in the same cabin. Mind you, having Veronica as a girlfriend would mean that there probably wouldn’t be sex anyway. Especially because she’s a virgin.

She got up and climbed next to JD who wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Veronica rested her head on his chest and he stroked her hair comfortingly, trying to calm the shivering figure down.

“What was it about? If you don’t mind my asking.” JD pulled the blanket over them and Veronica was now just shaking a little bit.

“My… parents tried to kill me… and it reminded me of… how they’re getting a divorce…” She started to cry and buried her face in his chest. JD rubbed her back and whispered soothing things to her before she eventually stopped and wiped her eyes. “Sorry about the waterworks…” She chuckled humourlessly and JD kissed her softly.

“It’s okay. You had a good reason.” He stroked her hair and she sighed softly

“Can I sleep with you tonight…? I don’t think I can sleep alone…” JD just nodded in reply.

“Of course, you can, darling.” He didn’t admit that he wanted her to stay as well.

Veronica closed her eyes and eventually her breathing evened as she fell asleep. JD smiled and continued to read his book using the dim lamp light. Eventually, he went to sleep.

The next day, a teacher walked into the cabin. They turned the light on and everyone got out of their own beds except JD and Veronica who got out of the same bed. The teacher hid a smile and walked out.

Camp was meant to bring people together. And I guess it did.

Chapter Text

Veronica sighed and did her work. “JD, fuck off!” She was really pissed at him after the Chandler and Kurt and Ram incident. Who wouldn’t be?

“C’mon baby… please?”

“No! I said no and guess what I’m saying now? No!” she yelled at him, making JD mad. He growled.

“You’re so fucking rude! Shut the hell up! You’re my girlfriend, you’re mine! You listen to me, not the other way around!” he screamed back and Veronica started to cry.

“You stress me out sometimes, you know that? Maybe we’re not meant to be together!” She yelped as his hand hit her cheek and he glared at her.

“Shut the fucking hell up, smartass. You don’t have a brain, or parents because they died, all you have is me so be thankful you have something!” he snarled. Veronica wiped her eyes and glared at him.

“Oh god, you’ve insulted me! Whatever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scarred for years!” she snapped and got up. “We’re breaking up.”

JD softened and looked wounded. “Wh-What?”

“JD, you know we keep fighting. It’s not good… we really should stop. It’s not good for us or for anyone! I love you but… it just shouldn’t happen.” She sighed softly and watched his face harden.

“I hate you!”

“No, you don’t.” She wiped her eyes. “We both know you don’t mean that.”

“Okay, maybe I don’t. But I’m not breaking up with you.” He pulled her close. “I love you.”

“I love you too…” She sighed. “Look, let’s just forget this ever happened. Just… don’t ask me to get oranges from the grocery store when you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself.” JD saluted her in response.

“Aye aye, captain!”

And with that, he kissed her.

Chapter Text

“What? Why are you giving me that look?”

“What look?” JD crossed his arms, still giving Mac the look.

“The ‘what the bloody fuck are you going on about’ look. It’s rude. And people are watching.” She pouted and JD chuckled.

“Fine.” His face returned to its normal expression. “But seriously; who is she?” He gestured to a girl, sitting alone, wearing a blue dress, a black denim jacket and black boots with lovely, long brown hair. Heather McNamara smiled when she saw her then looked back at JD who was eagerly waiting for an answer.

“That’s Veronica Sawyer. She’s new to the school this year.” Heather watched as the girl, referred to has Veronica, picked up her phone and started to talk into it. A lovesick sigh escaped JD’s lips.

“She’s so beautiful…” he muttered, only loud enough for Heather to hear and she perked up.

“Talk to her.”


“Talk to her!”

“What?! No!” JD suddenly looked panicked.

“And why not, JD?” Heather looked let down but also disappointed in JD. He shook his head.

“Because she- ah shit.” His eyes were locked on the girl. Heather tried to look over her tall friend who was blocking the way.

“What? What is it?”

“She’s crying. Oh god. Oh God! She’s crying, what do I do?” JD looked back at Heather, once again panicked but actually panicked this time. Heather rubbed her face before getting another idea.

“Comfort her!” Heather smiled but JD looked confused. Maybe he hadn’t heard her.

“How do I do that?” JD asked. Heather sighed and tried to think of something.

“With… I don’t know… hugs! Soothing words!” She brightened but JD looked even more confused than before.

“…With what?” He tilted his head.

“Oh God- Um…” She hugged JD. “You know… that! Has you dad ever done that before?”

“Heather, you’ve met my dad. He wouldn’t ever do that.” JD had a deadpan face and Heather sighed and nodded.

“True. But give those to her. It’ll help. As for soothing words… you know those. Stuff like ‘are you okay’ or ‘everything’s fine’. Shit like that. Now go!” Heather pushed him to Veronica’s table and JD slowly sat down next to her.

“Um… hey… are you okay?” JD watched her sit up a bit and wipe her eyes.

“Yeah… yeah I’m- I’m okay.” She smiled a little and looked at JD before blushing lightly. “Uh thanks for… asking.”

JD nodded. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

Veronica shrugged. “Nothing much to say… my parents just passed away…” She bit her lip and wiped her eyes, crying again. JD put an arm around her and held her close.

“It’s okay. My mum died when I was 6 and my dad is… a bitch so I guess I kind of know what it’s like to lose both of your parents…” he explained. Veronica looked at him, looking pained.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

“Don’t be. I’m fine. I got through. It’s nice to know someone knows how I feel. Veronica, right?”

“Yeah. And you are…?”

“Jason Dean. JD.”

“Nice to meet you JD.”

“You too, Veronica Sawyer.”

Neither of them could see how happy Heather McNamara was. And none of them knew how this relationship would grow into a bigger and better one.

Chapter Text

Veronica sighed happily and nuzzled JD’s naked chest. The night before, they’d had sex. They’d had a huge fight a couple days before and they’d re-done it last night but that led to angry kissing then angry make-out then angry stripping then, eventually, angry sex. They’d forgiven each other now but they’d had sex.

JD kissed Veronica’s head, eyes still closed. His arms tightened around her waist and he held her closer, rubbing her bare back gently. She let out a little moan and he smiled, kissing her head.

A minute later, JD’s lips were on Veronica’s and they were kissing. JD’s hands were roaming Veronica’s body, causing a couple of low moans, and Veronica tugged on JD’s hair, making him moan as well. They stayed entangled in each other’s arms until JD pulled away and looked at her.

“You are so beautiful… How did I end up with a girl like you?”

Veronica grinned. “You got lucky.”

“I did indeed,” JD agreed.

They both smiled before they were kissing again. This time, Veronia pulled away.

“Feel like another round?” She smiled.

JD chuckled lowly and kissed her forehead, whispering huskily in her ear, “of course I would, baby.”

Chapter Text

Veronica sighed and watched the Heathers dance with their dates.

Veronica had arrived at the prom alone. A lot of guys asked her, and by a lot I mean a lot, but she knew half of them just wanted sex and the others weren’t her type so she turned them down and that’s how she ended up coming to prom alone.

Prom was meant to be a memorable night of fun and freedom. Everyone had a date. But not Veronica. She didn’t want a date unless it was someone special but she hadn’t found that person yet so she came alone. Her parents were alright with that, especially because she’d managed to convince them she was happy.

On this magical night, Veronica was wearing a beautiful, long blue dress and her hair was tied into a Dutch braid that went into a ponytail. She looked really beautiful but she didn’t have a date although she did have a crush. Jason Dean. And he also came alone.

Veronica Sawyer and Jason Dean were both staring at each other. Jason walked over to her and smiled, sitting next to her.

“You look… beautiful, Veronica.” He genuinely looked breath-taken. He was in love and so was Veronica. But they both thought the other was just a friend.

Veronica smiled and blushed a little. “Thanks. You look really great yourself.” Their eyes locked for a second and JD smiled a bit, holding his hand out.

“May I have this dance?”

“Of course.”

The two went onto the dance floor but just as they arrived, the song turned to a slow song. JD took a deep breath and decided this was the moment. After tonight, they would never see each other again.

“U-Um, Veronica?”

“Yeah?” She looked at him and saw how nervous he was.

“I…uh… I think I love you,” JD admitted. Veronica smiled.

“I think I love you too…”

The pair looked at each other before JD gently put his hands on Veronica’s face and kissed her softly. They kissed for a bit, feeling the satisfaction they really wanted, and eventually pulled away. JD’s hands were around Veronica’s waist and she smiled a bit resting her head on his shoulder.

They danced slowly and continued to dance the rest of the night before they returned to Veronica’s house, after a lot of shared kisses, and JD met Veronica’s parents.

“Hi. I’m JD, Veronica’s… um…” He looked at her, not sure what to consider them. Veronica beamed happily at her parents, squeezing JD’s hand gently.

“My boyfriend. He’s my boyfriend.” She leaned on him gently. Veronica’s parents smiled and introduced themselves and JD went home happily.


3 years later

JD smiled and pulled Veronica close. In her beautiful bride dress while he was in his tuxedo.

“Oh my God, I’m in love…” He admired his beautiful, just-married-to, wife who he loved with all his heart. They were in the middle of the dance floor.

“I’d hope so because I am too.” She smirked. “Never thought I’d find a dress as nice as this.”

“Hardy har.” JD grinned and pecked her lips. “I love you too.” He stroked her waist gently, suddenly remembering something and pulled her to a table, sitting next to her. Veronica was really confused.

“You look… beautiful, Veronica.” He smiled and Veronica remembered, smiling herself.

“Thanks. You look really dashing yourself,” she replied, giggling a little. She giggled more when JD got up and bent over, holding a hand out.

“May I have this dance, m’lady?” he asked, smirking. Veronica pretended to be posh and put her hand in his.

“You may, good sir.” JD smiled and pulled her in for a long, deep kiss.

Once again, they danced the night away. But this time, they were husband and wife.

Chapter Text

JD sighed and packed his stuff up, walking towards his dormitory in the college.

He and Veronica had been in college for a couple of years, this was their last year, and they had somehow managed to keep their relationship going long distance, Veronica at Harvard and JD at Brown. Okay, it wasn’t that long distanced but it was for them because they only saw each other once every two days plus Saturday and Sunday on the weekend. And that was torture for them.

Anyway, back to the story. JD got to his room and dumped his stuff on the ground. It was only people who were almost graduated who could have their own rooms which JD had. He sighed softly and laid on his bed, closing his eyes. At that moment, his phone rang. He immediately sat up and looked at the caller ID. It was Veronica. She wanted to Skype.

“Hey babe.” JD smiled at his girlfriend’s face until he saw she was crying. “Are you crying?”

“U-Um… no.” She wiped her eyes, forced a smile, sniffled, then started to cry again. “Yeah… Yeah I am…”

“Baby what’s wrong?” JD went to wipe her tears but realised she was on a phone and his shoulders sank a bit.

“I- I miss you… and um… my parents… they…” She started to sob and JD watched her, pained he couldn’t do anything.

“They what, baby?”

“They died…” She looked down and played with her fingers, crying silently. JD sighs, stroking the side of the phone gently.

“I really want to wipe your tears away and hold you… and just tell you it’s gonna be okay…” JD whispered. Veronica looked up, eyes watery, and just stared at him.

“Why don’t you…?”

“That’s the problem- I can’t. I can’t wipe your tears through the damn phone screen!” He looked at her, breathing heavily. “I just wish I was with you right now…”

“Me too…” She teared up and JD smiled a bit.

“I’ll see you in an hour.” He hung up, grabbed his keys and trench coat and drove to Veronica even though it was 10pm when he arrived. He went straight to her dorm and held her. He held her until she stopped crying and until she calmed down. They laid on the bed and fell asleep. Before that, though, JD made a promise to Veronica. One he could never break.

“I’m never going to leave this relationship… I promise.” He stroked her hair. “Never.”

Chapter Text

Veronica held JD’s hand tightly, listening to the tormenting and unmistakeable sound of the heart monitor beeping, knowing JD was going to leave her any moment now. He was already so weak. Veronica had managed to hold her tears back, overlooking how hard it actually was for her, but that didn’t stop her from tearing up.

She looked at his face and arms and legs and chest. All she saw was scars. Everywhere. From the car crash which made a nauseating sound as his left arm broke when he smashed into it as well as his sickening past. He didn’t deserve any of it.

JD was only seventeen and yet… Veronica still wouldn’t let go. She’d known him since they were toddlers and only recently realised that she had feelings for him. She wasn’t letting go yet but in this moment what she saw was the little boy she used to know. The happy, excitable, adorable one. The one who always knew witty comments. The one who could cheer her up. The one who ate ice cream with her. But he grew up and now he was so scared and he was so vulnerable. He was damaged. Her eyes shifted him back to his pale, weak form and Veronica teared up. Reality, Veronica, not hopes.

He was so obviously wounded and he’d been through so much and his eyes were so empty of emotion except sadness and pain. It hurt Veronica so much to see the one she loved in as much pain as he was. If only he hadn’t got hit by that car… Maybe the doctors wouldn’t have told her he was about to die. Maybe they wouldn’t be in the hospital. Maybe they would still be on the date. Maybe he would’ve gone to prom with her. Maybe they would’ve been together. Maybe he would’ve lived. Maybe he would’ve proposed. Maybe…

“JD, please… I need you to stay with me… please. You can’t leave me! You’re seventeen… you’re so strong… J-Just hold on a little longer, okay? I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” It was hard not to hear the raw desperation and pain in her voice. She didn’t want to let go. She was holding onto his hand as if, if she let go, he would disappear. Fade away. Be gone. Neither of them was ready to leave the other but… JD was almost gone. He was so close to being dead already.

“This isn’t goodbye, Ronnie.” His favourite name to call her, inspired by her hatred for that nickname. “I’m not saying it; therefore, it isn’t.” He touched her cheek as if she would smash into one billion pieces if he touched her. Veronica laughed through her tears and kissed his palm softly.

“I’m not saying it either.”

The lovestruck, dejected, anxious teenagers stared into each other’s eyes for a bit before Veronica almost broke down again and hugged him gently but soothingly to distract herself from the agony. The ache of him leaving her, once and for all.

JD felt comforted. He felt safe. For once. He could barely feel her arms around him but he felt it. It made him feel safe and loved. Knowing he accomplished that made him happy in himself. He’d never had comfort, he’d never had a life, he’d never had a loving mum. Veronica played all the comforting parts for him. She gave him all of that. She was the one who’d helped him through everything. The one who loved him for who he was, especially for his scars. She was the one who taught him to let go. At least he’d had a love of his life before he went.

JD rested his eyes on Veronica’s face, taking in her face. Her stunning blue eyes, her soft and long curly brown hair, her beautiful body and her freckles. He smiled a little just looking at her because he’d never loved someone this much in his life.

“I love you…” he muttered and felt her squeeze his hand gently.

“I love you too…”

JD leaned forward and their lips barely brushed because JD was so weak. Veronica took his face in her hands and kissed him softly but deeply, staying close. All JD desired was one final kiss.

He laid back and his eyes fluttered closed. Veronica watched his chest rise up and down slowly. She kept hoping he’d wake up and be okay. And everything would be okay. She wouldn’t have been through all this hurt. She wouldn’t be in this position. He’d be holding her and he’d be alive and healthy again. But none of that happened.

He wasn’t good enough for this world- he was too good. At least he was somewhere where he belonged and would be happy. Somewhere amazing. Somewhere happy.

His heart stopped. The flatline noise of the end of his life sounded. The reality kicked in.

Veronica felt the tears pour down her face. No sounds could be heard in her ears, though it was all so loud, she heard nothing. His death was too painful. She looked at JD’s limp body and smiled, realising how proud she was of him. He’d survived high school. He’d graduated. He’d lived a happy enough life. The life he wanted. And it was all because of her. She held her pinkie finger up and wiggled it three times.

“Adios, JD. Mi amor.” She smiled through her spilling tears and held his limp body close to hers. She could almost hear him whisper his response. ‘Au revoir, Ronnie.’

Veronica sobbed into his limp chest. As much as she didn’t want to leave him, she had to. And she wouldn’t forget him, but first… she’d stay and hold him. Hold him as long as it took, still willing him, waiting for him, to wake up. She taught him to let go, but she didn’t know how to let go herself.

She’d hold him until the pain went away, like he used to do to her. She’d hold him until he woke up. She’d hold him until he felt better, until he was better. She’d hold him until everything was okay. She’d hold him.

One last time.