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Stumbled Upon

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She doesn’t know what she is doing. She never does. So when she is standing in front of her new school, she wonders what on Earth did she do to deserve be in this position. The school was all about psychology, her favorite subject. It feels like a dream come true, too good to be true.

She has always enjoyed psychology, ever since she was a child. She was always borrowing books from the library that were about human relationships, how emotions work and why people act the way that they act. Psychology has interested her, because everyone knew something about it. Everyone has experienced it. But no one has experienced it at the same time, as others. And now she got to study it. To major in it.

She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, counts to ten and relaxes her shoulders. Then she starts her journey. She walks to the school’s porch, opens it and gets inside. It is going to be a lot to handle, but she will manage through it. She always has. Nobody knows her here. Nobody knows all the mistakes that she has made. It is a new beginning.

Her name is Therese. She is 22 years old and that’s about it. That is everything that Therese knows about herself. She also knows that her parents named her after her mother’s mother, who died when she gave birth to Therese’s mother. She knows that she is witty and intelligent in some spectrums. She also knows that people forget about her easily.

“Hello! You must be a newbie! My name is Genevieve and if you have any questions about the university, I would be more than happy to answer”, a brunette young woman smiles. Therese smiles back in a friendly manner, all though she knows that she will never meet this stranger again. Or remember her name after this conversation. But being a decent human being couldn’t hurt, could it?

“Hey, I’m Therese but you can call me Terry. That is very nice of you, I will keep that in mind! Thank you, Gillian”, she smiles, nods politely and moves past her.

“It is Genevieve, actually!”, the girl quips after her. Therese waves to her over her shoulder and apologizes. Oh, maybe she has worse memory than she can recall. How ironic.

She is so caught up in the situation that she does not notice someone standing in front of her until it’s too late. They bump into each other. Therese curses under her breath and falls backwards, while the stranger stands in front of her, as if nothing ever happened.

“Oh my! Are you alright, dear? I am so terribly sorry, I didn’t watch where I was going”, a smooth voice, full of concern, rambles over her. Therese takes a deep breath and lifts her gaze upwards. Her mind goes blank.

In front of her is the most breathtaking woman that she has ever seen. She doesn’t know how to respond, how to act nor what to do. So she just sits up and stares the woman a bit longer than necessary. The woman frowns.

“Can you hear me, darling? Are you feeling okay? Can you get up by yourself?”, the woman keeps asking her so many questions that it is difficult to understand what she is trying to say. She sounds like the people in The Sims, it seems like she is speaking but Therese cannot put a finger on the meaning of the words. She is awestruck.

Then the beautiful and elegant woman offers her her hand. Therese doesn’t hesitate, she just grabs it and within seconds she is standing up in front of the woman. “Hey there. Are you feeling well?”, the woman asks the same question, but in a different form.

“Yes… Yes, I am. I am terribly sorry about the collision, I should have looked where I was going instead of just… Yeah”, Therese rambles. To her surprise, the woman just laughs. A hearty laugh that Therese would love to record, just so she could play it over and over again.

“You are just basically repeating everything I was saying a minute ago. But please, do not apologize! It was as much my mistake, as it was yours”, the blonde woman smiles and squeezes Therese’s hand. They haven’t let go, and Therese doesn’t even want that to happen.

“Oh… I guess that I was a bit out of it a minute ago”, Therese laughs nervously and feels the blush starting to cover her face. Damn it. The woman seems to enjoy this awkward show that Therese is putting up in front of her.

“It seems awfully like it, doesn’t it?”, she smirks. It makes Therese blush even more, which only causes the older woman’s smirk to widen. “I am Carol, by the way. Carol Aird”.

“Carol…”, Therese repeats quietly, only to herself. Just to test out how the name feels in her mouth. “Oh, how rude of me! I am Therese Belivet”, she says quickly. They don’t need to shake hands because their hands are still in contact.

“Therese… What a beautiful name”, Carol smiles warmly and squeezes Therese’s hand one more time until she lets go of it. “So, I assume that you are feeling alright?”

Therese is feeling more than alright. She is over the moon. “Yes, thank you for asking”, she replies instead. “I just got here today and apparently I was too excited to learn psychology so I decided to walk blindly”, Therese laughs a bit awkwardly.

“Ah, yes. The famous Bird Box-challenge has found its way to the campus”, Carol gives a laugh. Therese cannot help it, but laughs as well. “But I should let you go and find your courses! I am teaching ethics in the second floor. So if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to come and visit me”, she smiles.

“I won’t”, Therese smiles back to her. “See you around, Therese”, Carol says and with that, she is gone.

Therese breathes in deeply and starts to walk to the opposite direction. What the hell was that? Should she think something more of it? Well, whether the answer to that question is positive or negative, Therese will be overthinking the situation anyways.

Carol Aird has walked into Therese’s life less than a half an hour ago and she has already messed it up. If it is a good thing or a bad thing… Well, the future will tell it to her. But for now it feels like a good thing. Therese’s blouse smells like Carol, her ears keep repeating her voice over and over again and all her senses just scream for her.

“This cannot be normal and I need to tone down the gay”, Therese mumbles to herself, fixes her bangs and walks to one of the study rooms. The tile on the door said that it was the class for social psychology. Therese’s timetable said that it would be held by Professor Gerhard.

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Therese sighs and tries to find her way back to the campus-area at the end of the day. She had arrived late on the first day, so she needed to go straight to her lecture without even taking a second glance at the campus. She only had time to drop off her one, pathetic suitcase to her dorm room. Therese doesn’t even know her roommate. She knows that she has one, but didn’t feel the urge to know more about them beforehand.

Her lectures had went well. Professor Gerhard had been very professional, but also much goofier than Therese had expected. She had insisted that everyone calls her Abby, but there was many more odd cases. For example, when they had talked about group behaviours, she had compared Laissez-Faire leadership to the leadership that her last workplace’s principal used. “He surely gave us directions, but it was another story when there was a question if he could take a part in the ‘Why is almost the whole staff complaining about positive clap-results’-discussion… It was the only positive thing that we had in that work environment, I will tell you that much kids”, she had smirked.

Finally, Therese finds the right door. She opens the door and looks around. Someone has been there, but thankfully the place was empty now. Therese looks horrific, it had truly been a long day. She goes straight to her suitcase and starts to unpack the most necessary equipments. When the brunette has emptied most of her stuff, she cannot help her curiosity.

Therese walks over to the other half of the room and studies her roommate’s things. There are polaroid-pictures, a guitar, a lot of makeup and their bed is full of different kind of pillows. There must be at least fifteen of them, all different sizes and colors. “Great, it will be an indie millennial who listens to some odd music about murdering the World”, she murmurs to herself. Just when she is about to dig in a bit deeper, the door opens.

Therese jumps and stares at the door wide eyed. She bet that she looks like a creep. Her hair is messy, printed t-shirt is, for sure, tainted with tears and her jeans are, as usual, broken. Therese must look like a homeless person. A young woman is standing at the door and looks at Therese with a smile on her painted red lips.

“Oh, hey it’s you again! Terry, right?”, the striking woman asks and closes the door behind her. Her voice is warm and welcoming, which makes Therese feel a bit more at ease.

“Yes, hi… I am sorry, but have we met before? And I don’t mean that in a rude way! By all means… My memory just sucks and my two brain cells just spin around without making any contact...”, Therese rambles. To her surprise, the woman only laughs.

“Please, do not apologize! We met outside this morning. I am Genevieve, you can call me Gen though, and I tend to remember everything… It is not unusual that people forget about things, it is how normal humans work. I am just a person that remembers when that bitch Hannah forgot to invite me to her birthday party when we were eight”, Genevieve chuckles, which makes Therese smirk widely.

“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you again, Genevieve. And I wasn’t snooping around, I just…”, Therese starts to ramble again. “You were watching my things, and it is understandable. I was going to do the same thing, but… Well, your suitcase was locked”, the long brunette ended the sentence for Therese. Both women shared a laugh at this.

After a minute, there is a knock at the door. They both don’t suppress their wonder and curiosity. Genevieve opens the door, and greets the person behind it. Therese walks over to her bed and sits down on it. Genevieve is chatting away with the stranger at the door, and Therese decides to fold her own clothes.

“Oh, how rude of me! Therese, this is Dannie. We met at the lobby this morning, he is studying moral philosophy! Dannie, this is Therese. She’s my roommate”, Genevieve smiles and gestures between the two of them. They exchange greetings and smiles.

“Oh please, moral philosophy… It sounds way too fancy, even coming out of your mouth, Gen. I like to say that I study ethics. It sounds more understandable and not that braggy”, Dannie snorts and walks into the room. He goes and sits on Genevieve’s bed. Therese notices that he tosses some of the dozens pillows down to the floor and tries to suppress her laugh.

“I never had the chance to ask you, Genevieve… But what are you studying?”, Therese asks and turns her gaze to the other woman, who is now picking the pillows from the floor. “Oh, I am studying mostly developmental and child psychology”, she smiles at Therese and hits Dannie with one of the purple pillows.

“That is so interesting! I am studying mostly social psychology, but if I’m being honest… I study basically everything that has even something to do with psychology. Everything is just so different, but still the same. They all seem to have this one wire that connects all of the aspects together! But still… They are completely different in their own way. Just like humans, we all share the same basics but nevertheless, none of us are the same”, Therese rambles. Dannie and Genevieve just stare at her, which makes her blush. “I am sorry for rambling”

“Don’t be! That was basically all my thoughts put together”, Genevieve exhales and smiles. Dannie gives Therese an encouraging smile as well.

“But anyways! Ladies, I need to tell you something about my day. This ethics professor, Mrs Aird… You two will not believe her! She just radiates this warm energy. Like everyone wants to do something for her. Anything! Hell, I would even be honoured to polish her shoes! I heard one girl whisper that she could drive over her and she would just say thank you”, Dannie laughs. Therese forgets how to breathe in seconds.

“And she is making teaching interesting. It is like she actually cares about our wellbeing and that we actually understand these things. This one girl coughed in class and she told us her best tips to avoid flu”, he continues. Therese can’t hide her smile. Carol is such an interesting person and she wants to know everything about her. She wants to know her Starbucks order and her shoe size. She wants to know if her hair is naturally blonde, or what she was like in high school.

“But anyhow, I am hungry. Would you two like to go out and eat some sushi?”, Dannie sighs and gets up. Genevieve agrees immediately and they start to walk towards the door. “Therese? Are you coming?”, she asks.

“Sure, let me change my shirt and I will be right behind you”, Therese smiles. Dannie tells her that if she doesn’t hurry up, he will eat her like a slice of pizza. She rolls her eyes at him. With that, they leave Therese alone in the room.

Therese can’t stop thinking about Carol. The fact that she is so friendly to everyone makes her heart swell. She is so beautiful, inside and out. She is unbelievable. Therese takes a deep breath and changes her t-shirt to a hoodie. She will get updates from Carol daily, it seems. Dannie feels like that kind of person, whom needs to vent about everything to everyone. Therese smiles to herself.

She has met three people today and they all seem to make a change in her life, sooner or later. She couldn’t thank her lucky stars enough. Therese closes her eyes for a bit, and sees those blue eyes again. Those delicate smile lines. She opens her eyes and shakes her head. Therese then grabs her phone, wallet and shoes, and springs after her two new friends.

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It has been almost two weeks since Therese had stepped into the university lifestyle. Which basically only means studying late, getting less sleep than usual, eating take out more than necessary and hanging out with Genevieve and Dannie. The three of them have spent many hours together, they usually even study in the same room, just to avoid feeling lonely. Dannie is like a third roommate to the two women, and no one seems to have a problem with it.

Therese’s alarm rings at quarter past eight. She groans and buries her face in a pillow. It is too early for getting ready, yet alone learning something new. “Good morning, sunshine. I’m leaving now! Gosh, I will never understand how you can get ready so fast… Anyways, I will meet you in the lobby before our lectures start! Dannie has your jacket and he said that he will bring it to you today”, Genevieve’s voice interrupts Therese’s mourning. She only grunts in response. And with that, the other woman is gone.

After five minutes, Therese gets herself out of the bed. She changes her old and grey t-shirt to a black top, and throws a warm-toned cardigan over it. She checks the time. She has less than ten minutes to be in the other building. “Fuck”, Therese mutters and starts to put her ripped jeans on faster.

She gets out of her dorm in two minutes, because she decided to wear a beanie today. There is no way that she would have the time, nor the patience, to deal with her hair at this right moment. She is running to the main building and trying to put her shoes on at the same time. The task seems to be a lot more difficult than a person could think of.

Therese is almost at the main building when she hears a laugh. The laugh. The laugh that she has missed during these few weeks. She turns her gaze to the general direction of the sound. Then she sees her. Carol is getting out of a silver car, and next to her is Abby. Carol is wearing a suit, of course. It is a soft pink suit, and Therese feels like her cheeks match the color.

A lot happens in that moment. Carol lifts her head and brushes some of her hair out of her face. Then their eyes meet. Blue ocean meets green forest. Both of them seem to freeze for a moment. Carol offers Therese a small smile, which Therese returns immediately. The younger woman is scared to breathe or blink. This moment makes her feel at ease. Like it is something that she has missed her whole life and now she is receiving it.

After what feels like an eternity, Abby says something to Carol that makes her look at the other professor. Therese sighs, runs a hand over her bare face and continues her path to the university building. She needs to control herself, it is not that big of a deal. She needs to accept the fact that she is going to see Carol many times. She cannot freeze everytime their eyes meet or she hears her inviting voice.

“Terry! Took you long enough!”, Dannie yells when Therese wanders in the lobby. She lifts her gaze and meets Dannie’s eyes. Genevieve is standing right beside him and she is eyeing Therese suspiciously. “Yeah, I didn’t realize that time goes by so quickly”, she huffs and walks over to her friends.

“Here, thanks for borrowing this! My date with Peter went well, thank you very much for asking… Now he thinks that I have a good style because of your wardrobe”, Dannie rambles and offers Therese the ripped jean jacket. She grabs it with a smile and stuffs it into her bag.

Then she smells it. The perfume. Therese turns her gaze from the bag to straight in front of her. She meets those waiting blue eyes instantly. Carol walks past her, but it feels like she had planned this whole eye contact-thing. Or Therese is just a desperate girl, who wants to believe that the hot professor has a thing for her. The last option seems to be more believable.

“Hey, Mrs Aird!”, Dannie yells, when Carol has walked past them. The blonde woman stops, turns around and walks next to their little group. Therese’s eyes widen and she wants to punch Dannie for talking to her. Why is he talking to her in the first place? He is not worthy, none of us are. “Yes, Dannie?”, Carol asks with a little smile on her red lips.

Then Dannie starts to ramble about the next essay, and how he will be a bit late from some lectures because of he needs to help his brother move this week. Whenever Therese has the courage to glance at Carol, she seems to sense it. Her eyes are always there to meet hers. Therese shivers each time.

It feels like they are communicating. They are silent, but the gaze seems to tell more than words themselves. Therese wants to die, because she looks so messy and bad today. If she had gotten up a bit earlier, she would look a lot better. And maybe Carol would notice that she isn’t that bad looking. All though, compared to Carol everyone looks like trash. Even Beyoncé for that matter.

“Everything is alright, Dannie! Thank you for sharing this information with me. I won’t question your absence”, Carol says and offers Dannie a warm smile and squeezes his arm.

She starts to walk away again and Therese follows her with her eyes. Then the blonde woman turns around. “I like the hat”, she mouths to Therese, smiles brightly and turns to another hallway, leaving from the blushing girl’s view.

Finally, Therese turns to look at her two friends. They both stare at her with shocked expressions. “What? What did I do now?”, Therese asks and cocks her left eyebrow.

“Oh, don’t act stupid! You truly thought that you could hide this from us, didn’t you?”, Dannie squeaks. “Therese Belivet, what has happened between you and Mrs Ocean Eyes? How dare you keep this kind of information from us!”, Genevieve smirks and punches Therese on her forearm.

“What… What are you two talking about? Nothing is happening between me and Carol… Mrs Aird! We talked once and that’s that”, Therese mumbles and massages her forearm. She squints her eyes at Genevieve, whom just laughs and shrugs.

“Oh, they are on a first-name basis!”, Dannie smirks, which makes Genevieve gasp excitedly. Therese huffs and starts to walk away. “You are both stupid, nothing is going on between me and Mrs Aird. She is just nice, that’s all”, she states.

“You must take one of her classes! We must make this thing happen! Oh my god, then me and Dannie can say that we were there for you two ever since the beginning”, Genevieve smiles and starts to follow Therese. She just rolls her eyes, but can’t help the smile that has formed on her lips.

“Let’s get this bread!”, Dannie yells excitedly and throws his fist in the air. Therese calls him an idiot and laughs. She is just glad that her friends are like this and they are not judgemental. Lord knows what is going to happen, but it is good to know that Therese has people that have her back.

- - - - - - - - - -

“They are talking about you, you know?”, Abby smirks as she approaches Carol. The blonde woman huffs and rolls her eyes. “Abigail, you are such a comedian”

“No, for real! I walked past them after you left. First of all, I see why you prefer the short brunette. It is easy to make her blush and stutter, it’s charming. Second of all, they were all totally checking you out!”, Abby claims and gets shushed by the other professor.

“And nice move with the hat-thing, you nitwit”, the brunette says, more quietly this time. Carol chuckles and turns to look at her dear friend. “It is all fun and games now, Carol. But please, tell me that you know what you’re doing. What you’re sacrificing and messing around with”, the other woman says seriously.

“I don’t. I never do”, Carol says earnestly. “But there is something about her, Abby. I can’t describe it, but as soon as our gazes met for the first time… I just knew that I can’t turn back”, she says quietly.

Abby looks at her friend and offers a small smile. “She truly is something special, isn’t she? Just be careful, she’s young and seems to be smitten already”, she warns and walks away.

“Then I guess it makes two of us”, Carol mumbles to herself.

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The campus library has become Therese’s second favorite place, after her own dorm. The library was always full of different people, but still everyone looks like they belong there. Everyone has a task to accomplish. A dark skinned young woman with space buns was always sitting in the corner with her orange backpack, a bit older pale man with round glasses, trashy blonde hair and a beanie was usually on his laptop on the couch and Therese was most of the time seated in a red seat, which was around a circular table. She always had multiple notebooks and textbooks open, papers all around the table and multi-colored markers lying across everything.

Therese remembers studying cults when she was younger. Every child has had this odd passion towards something. Genevieve told Therese that she was obsessed with Bermuda’s Triangle, whereas Dannie wanted to know everything about Cleopatra and her luxury. Today Therese supposed that she would only take a glance at some cult articles, for old time sakes, but suddenly she had been searching information about them for hours. It is amazing to the young woman to read about them, now in social psychology’s point of view. Therese just can’t decide which one is more fascinating, the way that the leaders’ minds work, or the way how the followers decide to submit to the cult. Maybe childhood obsessions never die after all.

Therese is reading about one of her personal favorite cults, Heaven’s Gate, when her phone buzzes next to her on the table. She glances at the screen and notices that it’s a text message from Genevieve.

9:02PM - girl where are u?? i swear to god if you don’t get here asap i will tell mrs ocean eyes that you fancy her suited body and then dannie will empty your wardrobe

Therese smirks and writes her friend a reply. It says that she is in the library and she hopes that she would have a normal roommate. Then the brunette starts to gather all her things together and puts them into her black and white patterned bag. She didn’t even notice how the day has already gone by and night has arrived.

The young woman walks out of the library to the hallway. Some of the lights have already turned off, which makes the building look a lot cozier and welcoming. Therese takes her time and looks her surroundings a bit more closely. She has seen the paintings that highlight the walls multiple times before, but she has never paid that much attention to them. The paintings are mostly just different colored brush strokes, but now Therese sees more than just green paint meeting a swirl of blue. She sees a story.

Therese shakes her head a bit and continues her journey back to her dorm. She has always been a thinker. A dreamer. She can fall into this set of mind, where she doesn’t even notice her surroundings. It is a blessing and a curse. Therese takes a turn to left to enter another hallway, but suddenly her journey has been distracted.

As Therese turned to the other hallway, a certain older woman has just closed the door to her lecture hall. She turns to walk away, but meets Therese’s gaze instead. It feels like the time has been frozen. Therese can’t get herself to move to one way, or another.

“Well, good evening, Therese! What on Earth are you doing here during these hours? Shouldn’t you be sleeping already?”, Carol asks and smiles warmly. She is wearing black rimmed glasses and Therese can’t turn her gaze away from the subject of her daydreaming sessions.

“Good evening, Carol. I was studying in the library, and didn’t realize how the time flew past me. Psychology can be so exhilarating”, Therese manages to answer and returns Carol’s smile. Carol is leaning her back against the wall now, and Therese does the same to the opposite wall. They are now completely facing each other.

“Oh, yes… I had the same problem with grading some papers. The time seems to be playing tricks with us, doesn’t it?”, the older woman smiles shortly and moves her left hand through her blonde hair. “Are you usually staying here during these hours, dear?”

“To be honest, I’m not even sure. I just tend to study without thinking much about it”, the brunette replies and sees the concern cross through Carol’s features. “Oh, but don’t worry! I would never study too much and burn myself out. I just enjoy reading. Too much, probably… But I still get enough of sleep and feel motivated”

“Know your limits, Therese. If you start to feel, even a bit, uneasy with all the work… Never hesitate to come and chat with me”, she says assuringly. “Or to any professor, I mean”, she adds quickly and smiles, more timidly this time.

They are quiet for a while, but their eyes never change location. They study each other, whether they know it themselves or not. For the first time in weeks, Therese is looking at the woman that she has dreamed of for the past weeks. It feels so wrong, but still like it is worth it. What “it” means in this concept, she doesn’t even know. But she knows that she would risk it all, if it made Carol happy.

“Your glasses suit you”, Therese blurts out after a minute and blushes immediately afterwards. She can’t believe that the first compliment that she has ever given to Carol is about her eye glasses. How about her eyes? Her smile lines that make the younger woman’s knees weak? Her elegant hands that always have red nail polish to accentuate them even more?

“Oh, thank you, sweetheart. You are way too kind. The old age comes with downsides only”, the professor chuckles and touches her glasses, as if to prove a point. Therese furrows her brows. “I don’t see any downsides, at least on the outside”

Carol cocks her eyebrow and smiles, so her smile lines are visible. If Therese’s blush had disappeared, it made its way back to cover her face. The younger woman thinks that her tiredness has made her blurt out her thoughts to the whole world. After all, after some point tiredness and drunkenness are very similar states. Therese remembers reading an article about it, and now she feels like a guinea pig to this study.

“What a strange girl you are…”, Carol states and studies Therese’s face. “Flung out of space”, she adds more quietly this time. Therese holds her bag a bit tighter, since she feels like floating away.

They fall into a comfortable silence. The lightning in the hall makes it look like Carol is glowing. Therese has no doubt that she would glow, even without the lightning. Then Therese’s phone starts to ring. The noise fills out the whole hallway, interrupting the silentness. She sighs and shows Carol an apologetic smile, which she returns. Therese takes her phone and sees Genevieve’s caller ID on the screen.

“Hey Gen, what’s up?”, Therese answers to the phone and glances at Carol. She is still looking at Therese, which makes the younger girl feel flustered, but in a good way. In a way that she wants to live in the feeling forever.

“Oh dear God, so you are alive? I thought that someone kidnapped you and got you into human trafficking! What takes you so long to get here, I was super worried! And don’t tell me that you are still in the library…”, Genevieve rambled, Therese has noticed that she does that when she’s nervous. It makes the other girl smile. It is always good to know that someone cares about you this much.

“Calm down, I’m on my way! And please, the way that I look at this right moment… Even traffickers would only offer me some help, a place to sleep and a makeover. This look is called tragic”, Therese smirked and tried to make Genevieve feel better. She guesses that it worked, since Genevieve let out a laugh.

“Okay, but seriously hurry. It’s already dark outside and you know how much I hate the dark. And you are alone oh my god… If you don’t show up in fifteen minutes, I will… Oh well, I will make Dannie to come and get you”, Genevieve says jokingly, but Therese knows for a fact that she is serious. She promises to see her soon and then hangs up.

“Someone is waiting for you eagerly, I assume?”, Carol smirks after Therese has put her phone away. The younger woman rolls her eyes. “My roommate can be overly protective. She thinks that if I walk alone in the campus area during the dark hours, someone may come and sell me to a man in Serbia”, Therese answers.

Carol looks at Therese with a glint in her eye. “Well, if you want your friend to be sure that you get home safely, maybe I should walk with you? Just to make sure that you get there safe and sound”, she proposes. Therese feels the blush creeping its way back to her cheeks.

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to burden you with this nonsense, Carol… I mean it’s late and I bet that you would love to leave as soon as possible...”, Therese starts to ramble, but Carol lifts her hand up to silence her. “I insist, Therese. And it would make me feel a lot better too. To see that you get home, I mean”, Carol adds the last part quickly and brushes some of her blonde hair out of her face, behind her ear.

“If it really isn’t much of a trouble, then sure”, Therese finally answers, which makes Carol smile brightly. “Then that’s that”, Carol decides and starts to walk down the corridor. Therese has no other option, than to walk by her side.

Therese doesn’t want to admit it out loud, but she feels a lot safer to walk with Carol than by herself. Carol seems to know exactly what Therese needs, even without the verbal communication. Carol’s presence makes the younger woman feel comfortable. At ease. Like everything will work itself out, eventually. Little does she know that the professor feels the exact same way about her.

Chapter Text

“Come on, Terry! Don’t be so dull, it’s Dannie’s birthday”, Genevieve pleads. Therese rolls her eyes at her friend. “I don’t know, Gen. I’m not that type of a girl who goes to bars in general. There are drunk, old men who look at women as if they are objects that they can collect and own”, Therese says and switches her attention back to her first copy-edition of The Handmaid’s Tale, one of Therese’s personal favorites.

“There can also be older women who want to claim you as their own”, Genevieve says. Therese isn’t even looking at her friend, she doesn’t bother, but she can hear the smirk in her voice. “Who would love to walk you back to your dorm… Just so they can see that you get there safe and sound”, Genevieve sighs overdramatically and bats her long eyelashes at Therese.

“Who will make sure that you are feeling alright… And not stressed… And if you are, maybe they can make some arrangements…”, Genevieve starts but doesn’t have a chance to finish her sentence, because Therese throws a pillow at her. “Jesus Christ, Gen! Stop”, Therese giggles, but she can’t hide her flushed face.

“So is that a yes!?”, Genevieve squeaks. “If it makes you shut up, then yes”, Therese finally gives in. The new information makes Genevieve jump on top of Therese, which makes the shorter woman drop her book. “You shithead, now I lost my page”, Therese laughs when Genevieve clings onto her. “Like you would’ve been lost if Mrs Someone didn’t walk you back to your dorm… So brave of her”, Genevieve giggles and rolls to lie next to her friend.

It has been exactly a week since Carol and Therese stumbled into each other at the university corridor. Carol and Therese had walked back to Therese’s dorm, and the journey had been pleasant. To be quite frank, it had been one of the best moments in Therese’s life.

They had talked about Therese’s studies and Carol’s teaching. Therese had learnt that Carol wanted to become a doctor when she was younger, but moral philosophy had lured her in college. Therese told Carol about her passion to help and understand people. That’s why she loved psychology, it helps her to understand and be there for everyone. With that, Carol had squeezed Therese’s arm. She had explained that Therese was so very wise and she admired her passion towards people. She didn’t let go of her arm until they were in front of Therese’s dorm. Carol had wished her a wonderful night and kissed her cheek gently. With that, she was gone.

Therese can still feel the kiss if she focuses hard enough. She smiles stupidly each time, but she couldn’t care less. The brunette’s mind has been filled with Carol, more than ever, for the past week. Her blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, delicate smile lines. Her perfume, soft hands, laugh that sounds like a lullaby. The warm feeling that fills Therese’s whole body when she is near her. How she could just cry, because she treats Therese with this certain tenderness and adoration. She makes her feel special. She makes her feel like breathing is easier.

In the evening, Therese finds herself in her light turquoise dress, nude pumps and face full of makeup. She doesn’t even recognize the woman from her reflection. Therese walks out of the bathroom to meet Genevieve, who is waiting her at the door. She is wearing black dress with long, see through sleeves. She has also black stilettos with red bottoms and red lipstick to make it seem a bit more colorful.

“Damn it, Therese! You look smoking! Wow!”, Genevieve gushes and hugs her friend. Therese laughs and hugs her back. “Me? Have you seen yourself! Absolutely gorgeous!”

There’s a knock at the door. “You two little bats, why did you tell me to dress up! Open up or I will use my gay magic to open the door myself! All gay men are witches, and I’m the fucking supreme”, Dannie shouts behind the door and keeps banging at the door.

Therese and Genevieve smirk to each other and open the door. “We’re going to get hammered, baby! Happy birthday!”, Genevieve yells and Dannie screams in response. If someone was sleeping somewhere in the campus, they must’ve been awake by now because of all the yelling.

“And you got Terry to go as well! You two little dykes! I love you both so much, let’s go get some D and tea”, Dannie says and everyone laughs. “Come on now, we all know that you will only get a lawsuit because you are a homosexual with mimosas in his system”, Therese smirks and they all start to walk out of the building.

The Uber ride was chaotic to say at least. Dannie decided to open a champagne bottle, since he couldn’t wait ten minutes. He got already tipsy and tried to talk with the driver. He asked the driver’s zodiac sign, and gagged when he replied that he was a Virgo. Once they were at their destination, Therese tipped the driver more than necessary. He deserved it.

Once they get inside the bar, Therese decides that she likes it. The bar was fancy, but not too fancy. You can still dance when Kylie Minogue is playing through the speakers, but it’s not full of teenagers with fake IDs. They decide to order drinks first, all though they have all started drinking in the car. But as Dannie has said, body needs lots of fluids.

Therese takes a seat at the bar stool and looks around. The darkness fills up the space, but lights keep flashing through it. Pink, green, blue and red keep filling Therese’s gaze, one at a time. “Someone who has epilepsy has probably died at this very bar”, Dannie comments, which makes Genevieve cackle.

After two or three drinks, the trio has made their way to the dance floor. Ariana Grande is blasting through the speakers, and Therese can feel the music making its way through her veins. Dannie is screaming the lyrics and dancing his worries away, Genevieve is chatting away with some blonde woman with legs for days and Therese is making sure that her two friends won’t get kidnapped.

After a couple of songs, Therese decides to go to the bathroom. She feels like her makeup looks awful and her eyes need to see some real light. The brunette woman stumbles into a large bathroom. It has multiple sinks, and above them is a huge mirror. There are many stalls behind her, and the walls have inspiring words written in calligraphy.

Therese starts to fix her makeup and straightens her dress. She hears chatter coming outside the bathroom, and the door opens. Then the smell hits her like a truck. The perfume. Her eyes widen and she looks at her reflection. She looks like a child, not like a wise and well educated adult. The women linger at the doorway, so Therese does what anyone would do. She goes to one of the stalls and locks the door.

“Abigail, would you be so kind and shut the hell up? You must admit that this bar was a mistake, but why would I be surprised? You just want to hit on younger woman, it’s like as if they give you more youth and strength”, the familiar voice scoffs and the door closes. Therese closes her eyes and bites her lip.

“Oh, like you don’t enjoy this show that the youth is giving to us? Don’t be a prude, Carol. For example, I know that you fancy a certain someone… And their age isn’t…”, Abby starts, but her sentence gets interrupted by her own scream. “Stop hitting me, you nitwit!”

Carol’s laugh fills up the entire bathroom, which makes Therese smile. “Our situations are completely different. You just want to check out some drunken women, who could be your own children agewise. Meanwhile I crave for something lasting… With this person. I just want her to be safe and happy”, the older woman claims.

Therese’s eyes widen. Her? Carol likes women? “But it will never work out”, Carol ends her speech, and Therese knows that she is smiling a sad smile. She can hear it from her voice, and it breaks her heart.

“Oh, stop it with the pity party. Come on now, let’s go! We will have fun tonight so you can forget about her. It’s not like the campus squad is going to be here tonight”, Abby snorts and then the bathroom door falls shut. They are gone.

Therese exits from the stall and pushes herself against the sinks. Carol has a crush on a woman? What did Abby mean by referring to some people as campus squad? The brunette’s head keeps spinning, and for once, it isn’t because of the amount of alcohol that she has been drinking.

After a while, Therese decides that it’s time to leave the bathroom. She opens the door, but her mind is not with her. Her mind keeps playing the conversation between her two professors. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she gets startled, when someone is opening the door at the same time as her.

“Oh dear, I am so sorry if I spooked you”, a soothing voice embraces her. Therese feels like faith is playing games with her. “Oh my, Therese?”

Therese lifts her gaze and smiles warmly at Carol. She is not prepared at the sight in front of her. Carol is wearing a short, white dress and a bit longer fur coat. Her whole body looks like a statue made out of marble. Her breath hitches. “Hey Carol, lovely to see you”, Therese finally blurts out.

“Likewise. You look absolutely ravishing”, Carol states. Therese blushes and avoids Carol’s gaze. “Oh, you are way too kind… Thank you”, she smiles and crosses her arms around her middle. She feels like a crushed dollar bill standing next to Carol, whom looks like a million bucks.

“Only stating the facts, sweetheart”, Carol points out and brushes her hand through Therese’s hair that has fallen to her face. Therese stops breathing and gets lost in Carol’s eyes. Carol lowers her hand to the brunette’s cheek and strokes it lightly.

Therese thinks that the alcohol is still present in her blood system, because she lifts her hand and starts to stroke the smooth fur that covers Carol’s ribs. “Your jacket is very elegant, it suits you very well”, Therese whispers and turns her gaze from the jacket to the blonde’s eyes. She swears that the light blue has turned a bit to a darker shade.

“Thank you, Therese. I love the color of your dress. Is blue your favorite color?”, Carol asks with a glint in her eyes. “I didn’t think much of it a while ago, but lately I feel inspired every time I see something blue. It’s such a rich color”, Therese answers, and blushes when Carol looks at her with an unwavering look.

“You are very wise, Therese. And I mean it, from the bottom of my heart! I asked you such a simple question, and you gave me an answer. An answer that is so wholehearted and beautiful… You truly are something else”, Carol moves her hand to Therese’s shoulder and starts to massage it. Therese notices that whenever Carol touches her, she is very gentle. As if she would break. It makes Therese feel giddy that someone thinks like that about her. She could just cry because she feels so lucky.

“I could say the same thing about you”, Therese answers after a moment of silence. Carol smiles so that her smile lines become visible. Therese wishes that Carol would smile as much as possible, that she would be truly happy. If not with her, then with someone else. She only cares about Carol and what’s best for her.

Therese wishes that she could be able to touch Carol whenever she wanted. To wake up next to her when the morning has arrived and painted the whole bedroom with different shades of orange. To make Carol see herself like Therese sees her, a perfect example of the word perfection. Carol brings so much joy to Therese’s life and she only wishes to return it back to her, somehow.

“What are you thinking about, dearest? You have been quiet for some time now”, Carol asks and a look of concern crosses her face. Therese feels like she has two options, to lie or to tell the truth. The alcohol screams for the truth, as does her heart. But her brain is telling her to lie.

“You”, Therese says quietly. So quietly that she wonders if she even said it out loud at all. Therese figures that she did, when Carol takes a shuddering breath a second later and scoffs. “Why on Earth would you be thinking of me, Therese?”

Therese closes her eyes for a moment and exhales. Here goes nothing. She opens her eyes and looks deeply into Carol’s eyes. “I think about you, because you are such a wonderful person, Carol. You make me feel like I’m something else than ordinary, and it makes me feel… Well, it makes me feel that maybe I am. People say you rule me with one wave of your hand, and if that’s so… I have no regrets and I’m not scared of it”, Therese finally blurts out her thoughts. Thoughts that keep her up at night.

Therese notices that Carol’s eyes twinkle more than usual. Her eyes look like they have constellations in them. “Therese, I… I don’t know what to say…”, she whispers and rubs Therese’s arm in slow circles.

“You don’t need to say anything… Carol, I’m so sorry, I should go…”, Therese says quickly and starts to walk away. Carol tightens her grip on Therese’s arm and pulls her back. “Please, don’t”, the older woman pleads. Therese can’t say no to her, so she turns to face her once again.

“Thank you”, Carol smiles a bit. Therese isn’t sure why she is thanking her, for the words or for staying instead of leaving. The brunette decides to smile and nod. It doesn’t matter what she has done right, she’s just glad that Carol approves it.

“You truly are something else, Therese, aren’t you?”, Carol wonders out loud and looks deeply into Therese’s eyes. “I must say that your feelings and thoughts make my heart filled with joy. For crying out loud, you seem to be much wiser than I am”, she smirks, which makes Therese laugh lightly. She starts to bite her lower lip, because this sounds like Carol will tell her to stop dreaming about her. It would be more than understandable, damn you shots and margaritas.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you or whatsoever. I want to do, whatever this is, properly. Because please know, that I want all of this as much as you do”, Carol says quietly, as if talking any louder would break this bubble that they live in at this right moment. “Would you like to go and have a coffee with me on Sunday?”

That’s not what Therese expected to hear at all. She starts to smile unwittingly and nod her head. “Yes, I would like that very much”, she finally manages to say, which makes Carol smile as well.

“Well, that’s that then”, Carol says simply and offers her phone to Therese. She types her number in Carol’s phone and gives it back. “I will text you the details tomorrow, alright?”, she smiles and puts the phone back to her purse. Therese can only nod, she can’t even form any words anymore.

“Well, I should get going. Abby must be wondering where on Earth did I go. See you on Sunday, Therese”, the blonde woman shrugs and squeezes Therese’s arm one last time. “Have a lovely night”, she smiles. “You too, Carol. See you on Sunday”, Therese smiles back. With that, Carol is gone.

Therese needs to lean to the wall, because her legs would surely give up on her otherwise. This surely wasn’t how she thought her night would turn out to be. She wouldn’t change anything though, this was perfect. For once, Therese felt like maybe dreaming is not a waste of time after all.

Chapter Text

After Friday, comes Saturday. It takes around 48 hours for Friday to become Sunday. These hours feels like forever to Therese, but it has all been worth it. When Therese opens up her eyes on Sunday morning, she feels like a ray of sunshine. The first warm breeze that greets you in April after a cold winter describes the brunette’s mood perfectly. Therese checks her phone that lays beside her bed and sees a notification.

7:28AM - Hello Therese! Does 3PM sound alright to you? Hope you slept well! -C

The smitten woman cannot hide the blush that has creeped its way to her cheeks. After the magical counter with Carol on Friday night, the professor has made sure to keep contact with Therese. On Saturday morning she made sure that Therese got back home safe and sound and that she has enjoyed lots of water. During the day Carol has sent Therese the oddest and funniest replies from some test that Carol had held to her students. The test was about behaviourism and what some famous philosophers would say about that.

7:52AM - Morning Carol! 3pm sounds lovely :) I (Immanuel) Kant wait to see you. -T

Therese looks at the message. It was absolutely awful and she has lost the last ounce of respect that she once carried. But it was too late now. The brunette decides to get up, since her excitement and nervousness rates are getting higher than Snoop Dogg.

She looks at the other bed, where Genevieve is still asleep. Therese hasn’t told about the encounter with Carol to Genevieve nor Dannie. She decides that it’s for the best. It’s not that she doesn’t trust her two best friends, it’s just that she wants to know what all of this is before getting her hopes up. Therese also wants to appreciate Carol’s privacy and wishes, so she must keep her mouth shut for now.

Her phone vibrates again, which makes Therese smile even wider.

7:55AM - Oh, how come I didn’t come up with that myself… That is so (David) Hume-liating. But the feeling is mutual. See you in seven hours or so, darling. -C

Therese wants to scream. Darling!? She decides to put her energy into something, it is worthless to just stand in the middle of the apartment and stare at her phone. So she changes her clothes, puts sneakers on and decides to go for a run.

- - - - - - - - - -

“Oh, come on! You barely ever even brush your hair, Terry! Just tell me, where are you going on this fine Sunday afternoon?”, Genevieve groans as Therese is applying mascara. “While I appreciate your curiosity, I need to let you down once again. I am not meeting anyone, I am just going outside! That’s all”, she hums in reply.

“But you brushed your hair! You are applying makeup for crying out loud!”, Genevieve exaggerates and throws her hands in the air out of frustration. Therese smirks to her behaviour and adds pink toned blush to her cheeks.

Finally Therese starts to fix her hair. “I am sorry that I don’t have some juicy gossip for you. Trust me, I feel more sad than you do. I’m just going to this coffee shop and study a bit”, she looks at her friend through the mirror. Genevieve only sighs and accepts her loss. Therese smiles to her kindly and messes up her hair a bit to make it look more natural. It looks better than the reality, where she has started to get ready three hours before meeting Carol.

“Okay… But just so you know, I will invite Dannie around! And we will write fanfictions about your lesbian life with the professor and everyone else… See, we can have fun too”, Genevieve smirks. Therese decides to roll her eyes and laugh. Only if she knew what was really going on… Then Therese’s phone beeped. She grabbed it faster than light.

2:24PM - Everything is ready over here! I will make the basic apology how my house is messy, but in reality I have cleaned it up since morning. Please, notice it when you enter. -C

After that message there was another one, which was Carol’s current location. Therese couldn’t help it but let out a laugh. She is so mesmerized with Carol and adores her sense of humour. She types a reply quickly.

2:25PM - I will make sure to say the usual you-should-see-my-place-comment at the door. I’m going to leave soon! -T

“Who was it?”, Genevieve asks from her bed and glances at Therese behind the phone that she’s holding. “Oh, just a notification from Twitter”, Therese lies and gets up. “You and your memes…”, Genevieve mumbles and turns her attention back to her phone.

Therese puts her ankle boots on and grabs her purse from the table. “I’m going to leave now. If anything happens or you just simply need me, call me”, she says and checks her makeup one last time. “And you remember the rules? You just simply text something that has the word jail in it, and I will come and rescue you”, Genevieve states. The system is something that Genevieve, Therese and Dannie have made up. It has saved all of them from situations, for example bad dates or uncomfortable events. “I remember. Love you, have fun”, Therese smiles and exits the apartment. The young woman looks at the shared location when she’s at the hallway. It’s not that far away, only 10 blocks or so from her current location. So Therese decides to walk.

- - - - - - - - - -

Therese doesn’t know what to expect, but when she’s standing in front of a small, white detached house, it seems pretty accurate. The apartment looks like it has fiveish rooms and it’s very modern. The windows are large and the younger woman can already see a glimpse of one of the rooms. Therese takes a deep breath and walks to the front door. The door is yellow, which makes her smile. The house seems to sum up Carol’s personality, modern, elegant, but still playful. She knocks the yellow door three times, afraid to come across as eager.

The door opens and Therese is greeted with Carol’s bright smile. “You made it here safe and sound! Hello and welcome to my cave”, Carol says as she checks out Therese’s outfit. Therese does the same to Carol. The professor is wearing a beige knitted sweater with a v-neck and black jeans. Therese notices how Carol has put her hair up with a clip, and her eyeglasses are on the top of her head. “Thank you for the invite”, Therese finally manages to say. “The pleasure is all mine”, Carol winks and Therese is sure that she is hallucinating.

“Oh, how rude of me! Please, come in”, Carol laughs lightly and steps out of the way. Therese smiles as a thank you and steps inside. Her arm brushes Carol’s in the process which makes the younger woman’s breath hitch. “You look lovely today”, the blonde muses as she closes the door. Therese is glad that she decided to wear blush, maybe her natural blushing isn’t so visible this way. She’s only wearing a black turtleneck and, her favorite, light blue paper-bag pants. “Thank you, I was about to say the same about you”, she smiles.

“Please, make yourself feel at home. Do you want anything to drink, Therese?”, Carol asks kindly. Every single time Carol says Therese’s name out loud, it makes butterflies fly wildly inside of the younger woman’s lower abdomen. “Water would be great, thank you”, Therese smiles and gets a smile in return. “You can go ahead and wait me in the living room. It will only take a second”, the blonde woman points behind her and walks to the left.

Therese takes her time to the living room. There are many paintings covering every wall. Many of them are colorful, but some have only different shades of black and grey. Therese almost gasps when she sees a vinyl recorder. She drags her fingertips gently through the wood and needle. She closes her eyes and imagines Carol using it on late Friday nights, when she doesn’t have anything else to do. She can almost hear the smooth jazz filling up the living room.

“I see that you found Vinnie the Vinyl”, Carol laughs softly. Therese startles and opens her eyes quickly. Her gaze goes to Carol’s eyes that radiate warmth. “I’m sorry that I snooped around… I am just curious”, Therese laughs awkwardly. Carol sets two mugs to the marble table that is in the middle of the room. “Don’t apologize, darling. You can ask me anything and as I told you before, make yourself at home”, she says softly and walks behind the brunette. Carol reaches behind the recorder, so her cleavage is pressed against Therese’s back. The younger woman swears that she has died and this is heaven. Warmness fills up Therese’s veins and the feeling is intoxicating.

“Easy Living by Billie Holiday… Such a divine single, especially when you listen it with this beauty”, Carol sighs and grabs the vinyl that she’s talking about. “I would love to hear it”, Therese finally manages to muster. Carol seems to be delighted and puts the vinyl onto the platform. She does all of this while Therese is between her arms. The younger woman can smell her perfume up close and she decides that this is her new favorite scent. Even rainy mornings in the summer don’t compare to this.

Carol lowers the needle and soft notes fill the apartment. “Let’s sit down”, Carol suggests and takes Therese’s hand in hers. She walks them to the black couch and sits down, Therese following the lead. They don’t let go of each others hands. Therese looks into Carol’s eyes, a gesture that makes Therese feel at peace. The brunette feels the other woman stroking her hand gently.

“Thank you, again, for inviting me here, Carol. And thank you for being so kind to me at all times”, Therese says quietly. The music in the background makes Therese feel safer to say things out loud. Carol’s eyes fill up with emotion, Therese can notice it now easier than before. She squeezes Therese’s hand a bit tighter. “Of course, Therese… Anything for you”

Therese can feel that both of them just know. They know that this is exactly where they are supposed to be. That life has created this path and this is the final destination, so the new path can start. The affection that Therese feels towards Carol is so intense that it’s eating her alive. She keeps searching something, anything, behind Carol’s eyes. They radiate warmth and safety. Therese knows that she understands the meaning of home now.

The sound of needle being dragged through an empty vinyl is the only sound filling up the room. Therese swears that she can hear her heart pounding, it’s so loud and she is sure that she will burst at any minute now. “Carol, I just…”, Therese starts quietly, but doesn’t know how to end the sentence. “I know, honey”, Carol whispers and interlocks their fingers.

It has been mutual pining. Almost two months of sleepless nights, and when the sleep finally comes, dreaming of one another. Therese hates to admit it, but there isn’t a minute when Carol doesn’t pop up in her thoughts. When she sees something red, she thinks about Carol. When she sees a quote that is full of wisdom and deep thoughts, she thinks about Carol. When a stupid and cliche love song is playing on the radio, she thinks about Carol. It would be Carol, always.

“I’m going to be very honest to you right now, Therese”, Carol breaks the silence after what seems like hours, but must’ve been a few minutes. Therese can only nod. “You are something very special. Your wisdom keeps amazing me day after day, and I want to know everything about you. You fascinate me. You excite me in a way that no one has before. But I am afraid. I’m much older than you, and you have your whole life ahead of you… I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that I’m taking those years from you. I don’t want you to feel obligated to do anything or be a barrier in your life”, she says quietly and Therese can see the vulnerability in her eyes.

“Carol, please. You’re not taking anything from me… It’s the opposite, really. You have already given me so much, and I would love to receive even more. I would love to unlock more lockers of you and explore everything that you are willing to show me”, Therese answers and touches Carol’s cheek carefully. She leans into her touch.

“And I know where I’m getting into. I don’t have any other option, I knew that I was a lost case two months ago when I saw you for the first time”, the younger woman states and strokes Carol’s cheek gently.

“I have been feeling the same way… The first time I saw those green eyes I just knew that everything has changed. And I can’t do anything about it”, Carol says and shows a shy smile. Therese blushes and smiles back at the blonde.

“Therese, may I kiss you?”, Carol whispers after a moment of silence. “Like you even need to ask”, Therese answers immediately. Carol lets out a laugh, which makes Therese smile. Carol leans closer to Therese and studies her face, as if to notice even a tiny bit of doubt. When she sees none, she presses her lips gently against Therese’s. Therese squeezes their interlocked fingers and gets lost into the kiss.

It’s not fireworks or a volcanic eruption. It’s more like coming home after a long day of work. Or when you work really hard for something, and the work finally pays off. It’s like when a child finds their favourite toy that had went missing for a while. Everything seems to be okay and work itself out.

Carol strokes Therese’s ribs whereas Therese draws patterns with her fingers on Carol’s neck. After a few moments, Carol relocates her lips to Therese’s neck and presses a few kisses there. “I think that it’s impossible to go back to normal life after this”, Carol smiles against Therese’s skin. Therese lets out a breathy laugh. “I think that we should reconsider the word normal after this”, she replies.

Carol lifts her head and looks at Therese’s flushed face. “You look so beautiful”, she drawls. “As do you, Carol. Every single day”, Therese smiles and kisses Carol’s lips once more. The act makes Carol smile as well.

“So… Would you say that I shouldn’t John Locke into this, or if this was something that I should Karl Marx into my calendar as a special date?”, Therese says seriously after a beat of silence, but cannot hide her giggle. The apartment fills with Carol’s laugh and Therese receives a slap on her thigh.

Chapter Text

It has been a few weeks since Therese went to Carol’s place and changed her whole view of life. The orange leaves in trees started to fall and the ground was covered in a thin layer of snow. People in campus started to wear thicker jackets, which made it seem like everyone shared the exact body type. The seasons were changing, but Therese’s attraction towards Carol wasn’t going anywhere.

The two women had a little habit on their own, texting. Each time either of them had free time, messages were exchanged. News articles, corny jokes, gossip around the school, comments how good the other looked in the morning… Sometimes even storytimes from one’s day. Small things that held a bigger meaning to both of them.

“And that’s where you are wrong, Danny DeVito… You see, there is no way that Harley Quinn would be straight. I will make a PowerPoint-presentation to prove my point” Genevieve started to raise her voice, which made Dannie roll his eyes. “You are being so ignorant, as usual.”

Therese is watching two of her friends bantering over nothing, which has become a daily routine at this point. She glances at her phone and sees a notification, to be exact, a message. It makes her smile, but hides it as quickly as it has appeared.

9:10PM - Guess who got sick and cannot held her lecture tomorrow… And also, guess who is the greatest friend ever, who said that she could handle it? - C

9:10PM - that’s a tough one… knowing that you always compliment yourself way too much, i would say that the answer is you. we need to do something about it, really. - T

9:12PM - Shut up or I will tell Abigail to send you out of her lectures. I will not hesitate telling her that you disrespected your professor, but also told me that she looks fat in her suit.

9:13PM - as if you held that much power. the only person that you can fool into doing anything for you is me.

9:15PM - Is that so? Should I take that as an invite to explore my newly found powers, Miss Belivet?

Therese can feel her cheeks starting to burn, so she tries to cover her face with her hair. The last thing that she wants is her two friends ask stupid questions and getting invested. They have started to notice things lately, since Therese sucks at hiding her emotions. She has made up so many lies that sometimes she forgets that this thing with Carol is real.

She glances up from her phone and sees Genevieve and Dannie, arguing still. Therese starts to type again.

9:18PM - do as you please. i thought that the power that you hold has been clear since day one? i am all yours.

The quickening heartbeat inside Therese’s chest was making the woman feel flustered. The room felt a bit warmer and blouse a bit too tight. Before she could do anything, her phone informed her about a new message.

9:20PM - All mine? I like the sound of that. We should totally see whether your words hold a bigger meaning behind them. Or maybe you are just all talk and no action.

“What are you doing, Terry? You sexting or something?” Dannie’s voice interrupts Therese’s thoughts. She turns her gaze upwards so quickly that her neck cracks.

“What? No, of course not…” Therese laughs awkwardly and locks her phone. “Why would you even think that? I don’t even have anyone to do that stuff with”

Genevieve and Dannie look at each other, smirking. “Wow, Terry… That was a joke, but now I think that you really do have something to hide” Dannie laughs, as Genevieve nods her head beside him.

“Get that coin!” Genevieve eagers him on, which makes both of them snap their fingers. “Who are you talking to? Let us see, we promise to be nice!” Dannie ushers and tries to take Therese’s phone, but she snatches it further away from him.

“It’s no one! I was just scrolling through Twitter, that’s all… You know, politics… Memes” Therese gulps and runs her fingers through her hair.

“Sure, Jan” Dannie and Genevieve state at the same time, which makes them excited. Therese rolls her eyes and disappears into the bathroom. As she closes the door, she can hear her two friends gushing about twin powers, and possibly even witch powers.

9:30PM - please, let’s do that. i am more than ready. all of me is yours.

- - - - - - - - - -

The following morning is hectic, to say at least. Therese wants to look good, since she will see Carol, but she cannot look too dressed up. Since she usually just crawls out of bed, throws a hoodie over her head and leaves the building is her usual morning routine, everything seems a bit over the top for her. So she decides to put on a black top, dark jeans and beige cardigan. It’s simple, but the top makes Therese’s chest look great.

Whether or whether not Therese contoured her breasts will not be discussed about. “What needs to be done, needs to be done” She mumbles to herself, as she takes her contour palette with her to the bathroom. Of course, bathroom. It’s not like Therese could do that in front of Genevieve. She would interrogate Therese for hours.

Therese hears Genevieve’s alarm go off as she returns to her bed. “Miss Belivet, what’s the occasion? Why do you wear jeans?” Genevieve mumbles to her pillow and raises her eyebrow. “Or let me rephrase that… What are you doing up?” The sleepy woman chuckles as she stretches.

Therese looks at her friend and shakes her head with a small smile. “Today I felt like I wanna be early. I don’t always feel like running” She smirks as she pops her lip gloss open.

“You never fail to amaze me” Genevieve states as she stands up. “Alright, I’m gonna hit the shower. Maybe with a fist this time!” The taller woman cackles at her own joke, which makes Therese laugh. “You just laugh at your own jokes because otherwise the room would be silent.”

Therese can hear mumbling from the bathroom after her statement, but decides to ignore it. Instead, she checks her phone and sees a new notification. The brunette smiles warmly as she opens the message.

7:22AM - What a wonderful morning we’re having today, don’t you think Dearest? I hope you slept well.

The younger woman is glad that her roommate isn’t in the same room as her, since she cannot stop smiling. It isn’t the first time that Carol has called her by some corny nickname, but it never fails to make her body feel warm and safe.

7:23AM - this morning will only get a thousand times better. i will try my best and be early, so i can get a good seat… or maybe i will be late on purpose so i need to interrupt your lecture and make you watch me. i might wear something nice, or might not.

7:25AM - Therese Belivet, you will be the death of me. Please, never change.

- - - - - - - - - -

The snow is creaking beneath Therese’s feet as she is making her way to her morning lecture. She notices that her pace is quick, even though she has way much more time than usual. Just the thought of seeing Carol makes the woman’s cheeks burn. Luckily, she can blame it on the cold weather and makeup.

With each step, Therese’s mind is filled with different thought. Every thought is about her blonde professor and the way that she makes Therese feel. She has never felt more alive and such a large scale of emotions. Therese feels as if she is seeing colors for the first time or knows how to walk correctly. Carol has changed her whole life, without her even realizing it. And Therese wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maybe a bit too soon, Therese has reached the lecture hall. She takes a deep breath at the old wooden door, which she opens right after. The door creaks and Therese takes in her surroundings. A few students have already found their seats, most of which are in the middle or in the back of the room.

Then Therese looks at the front of the room and sees her. Carol immediately flashes her a smile, which the younger woman returns immediately. Therese finds her way to sit in the second row, near the table. She takes her woolen jacket off and reveals the outfit beneath it.

Therese makes sure to glance at Carol, surprised to find her eyes already glued to her. The fact makes Therese blush, but she doesn’t want to act foolish. Instead, Therese takes out her laptop and notebook from her bag. Just something to keep herself busy with. Then she feels her phone vibrate.

7:57AM - You just had to wear a top like that today, didn’t you? How am I supposed to lecture this class about things that I don’t even know anything about, while feeling your eyes on me?

The younger woman smirks as she raises her gaze to her professor. Therese just acts innocent and shrugs her shoulders as she begins to type.

7:58AM - you told me that i shouldn’t change, Mrs Aird. i am just following the rules that you gave me. good luck on your lecture, it hasn’t even started yet. who knows where all of this will lead us?

As she presses send, the auditorium starts to fill up with more people. Therese glances at Carol and notices her reading the message. She gives Therese a look. A look that is filled with smoke and darkness. It makes Therese shift in her chair.

“Good Morning everyone! As you may notice, Professor Gerhard looks a lot younger and prettier today… No, she didn’t get a nose job as you all were hoping for. My name is Carol Aird and I will hold Professor Gerhard’s lecture today” Carol smiles brightly to the class, which gains a few chuckles around the room.

- - - - - - - - - -

“Thank you so much for coming today, and especially for not turning away at the door when you saw me instead of Professor Gerhard. Have a wonderful day and remember to take care for yourself! Drink water and dress warmly, since it’s getting colder outside. Don’t do the same mistakes as Gerhard did, or… Well, it’s maybe obvious to all of you” Carol ends the lecture and everyone seems to be smitten with her. Therese is over the moon by the fact that everyone likes Carol, since she is a wonderful person.

Everyone starts to get out of the auditorium, but Therese decides to stay behind. She starts gathering up her things when most students have already left the room. Therese notices that a few students are talking to Carol, probably thanking about the lecture and asking a few questions.

Therese rises up from her seat and starts to lift up her bag, when she sees that the students are about to leave the room. She joins the group and smiles to Carol warmly. “Thank you so much for the lecture, once again. It was so awesome and we love the fact that you care about us. You’re the best, Professor Aird!” One of the students say before leaving the lecture hall.

“Thank you for listening, you are all important and capable of wonderful things in life” Carol calls after them and gets smiles and waves in return. After everyone has left the room and the door cracks closed, the two women look at each other. They study each other like it’s the first time that they have seen each other.

“It was so great to hear your voice again” Therese says and curses herself right after the words leave her mouth. She hasn’t talked to Carol in a week or so and these are the words that she decides to start everything out with. It doesn’t seem to bother Carol though, since she just reaches to stroke Therese’s hand gently.

“I missed seeing you. Even though, you can be impossible with your messages… And outfits… And just by being you” Carol smirks, which makes Therese’s lower abdomen feel as if there are flames. “But I don’t have the right to complain, since I quite enjoy it” She adds with a lower voice and winks.

Therese feels hot waves all around her body, and her thighs shiver. “I have missed you” Therese hears herself whisper. She has already said basically the same thing, but it seems to be the only thing in her mind at the moment. Therese has missed Carol like grass misses water during hot summer days. Her missing for Carol has been coming in waves, but lately she has felt like drowning.

“Oh darling, don’t you know that I have missed you as well?” Carol whispers and gently wipes away Therese’s tear from her cheek. Therese didn’t even know why she was crying, but at the same time she knew exactly why she was feeling all of these emotions at the same time.

“Can you come to my place? Today? Tomorrow?” Carol proposed as she glanced at the clock that laid above the door. “Today, please. I cannot bear another day being without you” Therese says gently, as if speaking louder would be a sin.

Carol offers her a gentle smile. “Today it is, dearest. Come to mine at any time, I will be free after three” She says as she squeezes gently Therese’s hand.

“It’s alright now. Everything is okay, Therese. I got you and you got me.”

Chapter Text

The hours pass slowly, but Therese has done a great job keeping herself busy. She has packed an overnight bag, changed clothes and managed to even have some schoolwork done. Therese feels nervous, even though she has been at Carol’s place before. She still feels as if something has changed… Like things are now getting more real. The feeling warms her heart, like the first ray of sunshine in March.

“I won’t probably come back home til tomorrow.” Therese says to Genevieve as she looks at her reflection from the mirror. She knows that she has to come clean at some point, and now the opportunity seems to be perfect.

“What? Why?” Genevieve asks as she puts her book down from her hands to give Therese her full attention. Therese feels her hands shake and heart thumping like a marching band inside her ribcage.

“I will… Stay over at someone’s place.” She mumbles as she fixes her outfit. Therese is wearing an orange knitted sweater and a jean dress that reaches to her knees. The look is simple, but it makes Therese feel comfortable and cute.

“With who? Do I know them?” Genevieve eagers her on, as she puts her reading glasses on top of her head. “Of course, you don’t have to tell me… I know that me and Dannie have a tendency to bribe and all, but… It’s just because we care about you, Terry. And I want you to know that there’s nothing that can break us. I love you.”

Therese looks at her friend, as she can feel tears wetting her eyes. “I’m staying at this woman’s house that I really like… Like, maybe an unhealthy amount. We are not an item, as long as I know. But… We will see, never say never I assume.” Therese says, which makes Genevieve smile and jump up from her bed.

Therese feels relieved that she can finally talk to someone about Carol. “Terry! I am so happy for you!” Genevieve squeaks as she hugs her friend. “You have to tell me more about her tomorrow, or whenever you feel comfortable with it. I’m here for you, and so is Dannie… Even though, he is probably on acid as we speak.”

Therese lets out a genuine laugh. “I promise that I will tell you the details, soon. You’re the best, Gen.”

Genevieve throws her hair over her shoulder as she smiles smugly. “I know, baby… But now, we must do something to your hair! We want you to look as fabulous as possible for your lady friend… Do you mind if I curl it for you?”

- - - - - - - - - -

After another hour or two, Therese finds herself standing at the other side of Carol’s yellow door. She didn’t realize how fast time went by after talking with Genevieve. The two roommates chatted about everything and anything, for example how they should have a movie night full of rom-coms and wine. Therese was worried about nothing, once again. Of course Genevieve would be understanding and happy for Therese. The brunette shakes her head and knocks the door, finally. She doesn’t know why, but her whole body tenses as she hears footsteps coming from inside the building.

As the door opens, it reveals Carol behind it. Therese doesn’t know it herself, but as soon as she sees Carol, her lips curve upwards. Her body relaxes. It’s a natural reaction to her, whenever she sees Carol. She knows that she will survive from everything and that she will always be safe with her. “Hello, dear.” Carol smiles as she lets her eyes wander around Therese’s form. “You look beautiful.”

Therese feels herself blushing and kicks herself mentally for it. “Hey there. You look perfect, but what else is new.” She states as she smiles. Therese swears that she can see Carol’s cheeks turn into a light shade of pink, which makes the brunette’s heart flutter.

“Oh, I’m being rude! Please, come in.” Carol curses herself, as she opens the door wider. This causes Therese to see her outfit better. She is wearing a dark dress, which has long sleeves and a belt. As Therese passes her, she can see her long legs and smell her perfume even better. This combination makes Therese’s head swim and heart rate quicken. “You already know where basically everything is, I assume. So please, make yourself at home, as usual.”

Therese puts her bag on top of a white cabinet and smiles to Carol. “You sound so nervous, this is not a business meeting… You know that, right?” She giggles as she makes her way to sit on the velvet couch. Even though it hasn’t been a long time since Therese last sat on this couch, it feels like forever. She has missed the feeling that this couch gives to her. The fact that it’s something that Carol has chosen and bought… That it’s only Carol’s makes it seem special.

“Well it is as important as one!” Carol quips from the kitchen, which makes Therese laugh. “It truly isn’t. You’re just being overdramatic.” Therese smirks and watches Carol walk towards her, this time her hands filled with two glasses and a bottle of wine. “Look at you, chatting and being cocky. Who are you?” Carol teases as she sits beside Therese.

Therese watches as Carol pours the wine into two glasses and hands the other one towards her. As Therese reaches for it, their hands brush against each other. The touch sends sparks into Therese’s veins, as if it makes her bloodstream fill with golden glitter and starry sparkles. Therese feels Carol stroke her hand gently, just once, before she takes her own glass in her hand. “You might be in for a ride…” Therese sighs as she sips the wine. Carol raises her eyebrow, which makes Therese smirk knowingly. “Wine makes me feel naughty, but in a good way.”

Therese swears that she can see how Carol’s eyes darken a shade or two, and her breath hitches. “Well… That’s that.” Carol smiles as she starts to drink her wine, taking a larger gulp of it.

Soon both of them have enjoyed a couple glasses of wine, they have lost count at this point. “I just think that you would be a wonderful clerk, that’s all that I’m saying.” Carol says as she puts her hands in the air, as if she surrenders. “But where did that come from? We were talking about politics.” Therese giggles as she puts her glass on the table, taking Carol’s from her hand as well. “I think that we both need a break from drinking… Especially you.”

Carol scoffs as she rolls a stray of hair between her fingers. Therese locks her eyes with her, completely enchanted by the other woman. “What?” Carol challenges and smirks at Therese. “I missed you.” Therese blurts out, for the second time that day, and drops her gaze to her lap. “Like… A lot.” Therese can feel the other woman shift, and soon a hand strokes her cheek. She leans her cheek upon her hand immediately. “I missed you too, darling.”

Therese lifts her eyes, and as always, is welcomed with Carol’s. Therese smiles shyly, as she mirrors Carol’s actions and strokes her cheek as well. “What if I want to be selfish and will never let you leave my apartment again?” Carol smiles as she leans an inch closer to Therese. “I would tell you to go for it. The apartment is very attractive, as well as the owner.” She states as she gets an inch closer to Carol, as well. “We will see what happens then, shall we?”

Therese’s eyes fall to Carol’s red lips, and the action doesn’t get unnoticed. Carol finally closes the gap, and their lips meet again. To Therese, it feels like she has been lost in the desert for weeks and she finally takes a sip of water. Like she is finally alive and filled with happiness again. It was then when Therese realized that she would be happy wherever. All she needed to be happy was Carol.

One kiss turns into two, and soon Carol lifts Therese to straddle her lap. “You look so lovely in my lap.” Carol says in between kisses, which makes Therese let out a small moan. “It’s my new favorite place now. How much was the rent again?” Therese smiles as Carol giggles and slaps her thigh. “Shut up, you’re such an idiot.” Therese leans further away from Carol and smiles even wider. “Is it corny to say that I’m your idiot?” The blonde just rolls her eyes, and kisses the other woman again. “It is.”

What Therese doesn’t know is that she calling herself as Carol’s made the other woman feel possessive. Carol puts her hands on Therese’s lower back as she presses her body even closer to her own. Therese feels Carol’s hands going under her knitted sweater and making contact with her bare skin. Her breath hitches as Carol starts to caress her sides. With each stroke, Therese feels like floating away. “You feel wonderful.” She whispers, which gains a smug chuckle. “Stop being so arrogant.” Therese chuckles.

“Oh yeah? What would you do if I didn’t stop? It’s not like you would leave.” Carol smirks as she starts to kiss Therese’s neck gently. The brunette suppresses a moan and squeezes Carol’s shoulders for better support. “I would… Fuck!” Therese starts, but gets interrupted with Carol tracing her teeth on her neck. “Sounds reasonable.” Carol muses, which makes Therese laugh and push Carol away from her.

“Stop being such a brat, Mrs. Aird.” Therese fakes annoyance, only to push Carol’s buttons a bit more. She remembers Carol liking the nickname, which is rewarded with nails that are digging through Therese’s sides. “Wanna hear a secret? It’s actually Ms. Ross.” Carol makes it seem like it’s the biggest secret in the universe. For some reason, Therese is revealed to know that she is, in fact, not married. “Why do you go by Mrs. Aird then?” Therese wonders out loud. “I guess that it’s easier for me. I got divorced a year ago and the name just stuck. Besides, it’s only students that call me as such.” Carol shrugs, as she draws little hearts across Therese’s back. Therese smiles, because she doesn’t think that Carol knows that she notices the gesture.

“Carol Ross… I like that name.” Therese tests the name out loud. “At least now I know what you call you whenever I get in trouble, don’t I, Ms. Ross?” She says teasingly. Therese can swear that she hears Carol let out a tiny whimper, which makes her inner thighs quiver. “Yes, that would be very true, Ms. Belivet.”

They are quiet for a moment, just looking into each other’s eyes. Therese lets her hand wander around Carol’s features, gently and lovingly. She sees galaxies behind Carol’s pupils and constellations in her laugh lines. She notices how her usually perfectly put red lipstick has been smudged, and weirdly feels proud about it. She has left a mark. It all seems real now. Therese wants to say something, anything really, but it seems too sudden. Then she realizes that she doesn’t need words, she can just show it instead. So when Therese presses her lips against Carol’s, everything has been discussed and it all went well.

When Carol’s touch begins to feel like a flame melting down an ice cube, Therese cannot bear with the current situation anymore. “Carol, please. Take me to bed.” She whispers, as she toys with Carol’s belt that holds her dress together. “Are you sure, angel?” Carol asks as she lifts her eyes to meet Therese’s. “I have never been more sure about anything before.”

Therese rises from Carol’s lap with wobbly feet. The wine in her system and clear arousal make her head feel as if her head weighs more than the apartment. Everything is back on track when she feels Carol’s hand in her own, as she guides them to the bedroom.

The bedroom looks magical, with big windows and red colored theme. Therese doesn’t get a chance to admire the room much longer, since the most beautiful view on Earth is standing beside her. Carol pulls her closer and kisses Therese softly. “Can I?” Therese whispers as she holds the belt between her fingers. She receives a nod, and with trembling fingers she pulls the belt open. Like a beautiful flower in spring, Carol’s dress unfolds. Therese holds her breath, as she witnesses the act in front of her.

“Therese, please. Take it off.” Carol eagers her on with a whisper. Therese helps Carol out of the sleeves, and then drops the garment onto the floor. Carol is now in her red underwear, which makes Therese’s hormones go crazy. She takes in Carol’s figure, which seems to be sculptured by angels. “Carol… You are perfect. I have never seen something so beautiful… You look like you’ve flung out of space.” Therese muses out loud, which makes Carol blush. “Dearest, you truly know how to make someone feel as if they are the only important thing in the world.” She smiles as she kisses Therese again. “But you are.” Therese states quietly.

Soon, both of them are laying in Carol’s bed. Before Carol straddled Therese, she made sure that the brunette got rid of her own layer of clothing as well. As soon as Therese felt Carol’s skin against her own, she felt as if she would burst. The two of them seem to fit perfectly together, like the last two puzzle pieces that make the puzzle whole. “You are absolutely magnificent, Therese.” Carol whispers as she presses light kisses to her forehead, cheeks and finally, lips.

“Oh my word, I am being a terrible hostess…” Carol says suddenly as she kisses Therese again. “Have you eaten anything?” She asks, which gains a small giggle from Therese. It’s so typical for Carol to always care about anything and everything.

Therese feels the blonde woman’s lips trace against her neck, gently and lovingly. As if she is marking down a path that she wouldn’t get lost again. “I am about to.” Therese whispers, which is rewarded with a small moan and passionate kiss. Therese would smile smugly, if she wasn’t in the middle of euphoria.

Therese feels Carol’s warm hand stroking her bare sides. Carol has always been so gentle with her, as if she is made out of glass. She feels like she could be compared to being Carol’s most treasured ornament. The one that everyone else shall only watch but never touch. Therese feels it in her gut that Carol will never, even accidentally, break her. If she is ever about to fall, Carol’s soft hands would be there to rescue her.

“Can I take this off?” Carol whispers as she is massaging Therese’s breasts through her lavender colored bra. She searches for Therese’s eyes for approval, which makes the brunette smile and nod.

“Don’t you know that you can do anything to me?” Therese asks as she watches Carol take off the piece of clothing. “I just want you to feel safe and… Loved.”

They stare at each other, studying each other’s features. “I always feel that way when I am with you, Carol.”

Eyes glistening, they share a kiss. They pour unspoken words into that one, specific kiss.
“You mean a lot to me” . “You have saved me” . “I know that if I ever fell for you, instead of running, you would catch me” .

Carol drops her lips lower, from Therese’s lips to her neck and from her neck to her breasts. She places small kisses and licks through Therese’s upper body, which make her grasp Carol’s left hand and intertwine their fingers. She squeezes Carol’s hand a bit harder, when a small gasp escapes from her lips as Carol sucks gently Therese’s nipple.

“Carol, please… You feel wonderful.” She moans as she feels Carol massaging her other breast with her free hand. Therese feels small vibrations when Carol lets out a small whimper.

“More…” Therese finds herself whispering. Carol hums as she parts from Therese. “What’s the magic word, darling?” The brunette can hear the grin from her lover’s voice.

“Please.” Therese mumbles as she shuts her eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that…” Carol teases as she draws small circles around Therese’s nipple with her fingertips.

Therese wants to roll her eyes at Carol’s teasing, even though it is one of the many things that she likes about her. But right now, it feels rather torturing. “May I please get more stimulation, Ms. Ross? Please.” She finally lets out, overdramatically, as she opens her eyes and watches straight into Carol’s eyes. To her surprise, she sees them darken.

Carol smiles warmly as she kisses Therese’s lips. “Well, since you asked so nicely.” Then again, she starts her path downwards. Neck, rib cage, stomach… Then her stormy, blue eyes search for green eyes, again. The brunette meets her gaze and gives her a small nod. With that, Therese lets out a moan when Carol’s lips make contact with her clothed centre.

“You taste divine.” Carol states between her kisses. She then flattens her tongue and drags it through Therese’s vulva. Therese raises her hips from the bed, just so she could feel more of Carol. She feels like Carol is oxygen and she has been underwater for the longest period of time. She needs her to live. She needs her to survive.

“Clothes… Off…” Therese mumbles as she struggles to breathe. Carol doesn’t remove her lips, which have now found their way to Therese’s inner thigh, when she takes off her own underwear. She bites the soft flesh gently, which gains a loud moan. Carol soothes the bite with her tongue, gently and apologizingly. After that she drags Therese’s underwear down to her ankles, and then throws them to the floor.

Carol raises so she can be face to face with her lover. “Therese, my angel… If only you could see yourself right now… You look absolutely breathtaking.” She whispers as she brushes away Therese’s hair from her face. She can feel herself blush. Therese grabs her hand and kisses it softly.

“You look gorgeous as well, Carol. You always do.” Therese says quietly. They both share a genuine smile and caress each other wherever they can reach. Every move of one’s hand is like a brush strike. It is delicate, but well thought. Therese thinks that in that case, Carol is the best artist that she has ever known.

“I want you.” Therese whispers, when she feels Carol caressing her stomach. “Please, Carol… I’m yours. I have wanted you since I saw you for the first time.” She rambles as she feels Carol’s hand go downwards as the seconds go by.

“You have? Tell me more.” Carol smirks as she caresses Therese’s thigh. Therese lets out a whine. She loves Carol’s teasing, but yet again, right now she would love to knock it off. She knows that Carol enjoys teasing her, so she gives up.

“When I saw you for the first time… I knew that I was a lost case. There was no return. Your personality is wonderful, but also you have this aura… That just screams kindness.” Therese starts, and is immediately rewarded with Carol caressing her inner thighs. Therese feels her clit pulsing and she would love to close her legs, just to get some friction. But she knows better, so she waits.

“Then… I saw your face. Sculptured by Gods. Everything about the way you look is perfect. From your gorgeous hair to your manicured nails. I wanted you to destroy me right there and then.” Therese hears Carol chuckle, which makes her smile.

“But the thing that made me want you the most was your voice. It’s so… You. It made me sure that you are, in fact, perfect. Your way with words never fails to amaze me. Everything that you say makes my heartbeat spell out your name.” Therese whispers.

Therese feels Carol’s eyes on her, but she doesn’t dare to open her own. Therese can feel her heartbeat in her ears. “Dearest, I have wanted you since day one as well. As the days go by, I seem to want you even more. Hell, I didn’t even think that it would be possible.” Carol whispers as she strokes gently Therese’s folds.

Therese’s hips raise at its own accord and a moan slips from her lips. Carol takes her time exploring her, entering her a bit and then returning to circle her clit. The same pattern repeats itself, slowly.

“I remember the night, at the bar. You looked so beautiful, but in a different way than usual… There was fire behind your eyes. You have no idea how close I was just to take you right there and then, in one of the women’s bathroom stalls.” Carol purrs as she presses onto Therese’s clit a bit harder.

Therese whines softly at her words. “And when you touched me… Or my jacket, to be exact… I could feel the wetness that was dripping down my leg. And it all was for you, Therese. I had to leave the bar after that, I couldn’t get that feeling to go away.”

“Carol, please…” Therese moans as she reaches for the other woman. Carol links her fingers with hers. “What do you want, angel?”

Therese opens her eyes as she struggles to breathe, yet alone form words. “I want you to show me how much you’ve wanted this. I want you to take me like you wanted that night.”

Carol’s eyes darken as she slips one finger in Therese, without another word or thought. She gasps as Carol starts a slow pace, soon adding another digit. Therese tightens her grip in Carol’s hand as her hips start to match the phase that Carol is requesting.

“Therese, you are so wet… You look so wonderful.” Carol says, clearly aroused since her voice has went down an octave or two, which makes Therese moan a bit louder. She can feel herself dripping to her inner thighs and to the bed beneath them. “All of this is for you… Everything that I am is for you.”

A moan slips through Carol’s lips after hearing Therese’s words. She fastens her phase and leans over to suck Therese’s nipple. She scratches it with her teeth, which makes Therese wrap her legs around the other woman.

“I’m yours… Please, tell me that I’m yours. I want to hear you say it.” Therese pants, not thinking clearly anymore, as she presses herself against Carol. The other woman groans, as she bites the brunette’s neck. “You’re mine, Therese. Everything about you is mine.” After each word, Carol thrusts into Therese a bit harder, which makes her lover hold onto Carol tighter than before.

As Carol curls her fingers upwards, Therese lets out a high-pitched scream of ecstasy. Therese repeats Carol’s name, like it’s a mantra. She’s everything that Therese has been thinking about for the past few months. But right at this moment, all of Therese’s senses seem to be in sync with Carol’s. The feeling is magnificent.

When Carol flicks Therese’s clit with her thumb, Therese begins to see stars behind her eyelids. “Come for me, dearest. Show me.” Carol whispers as she begins to kiss Therese’s neck.

Within a minute, Therese finds herself coming harder than she ever has. Her whole body tenses, but then relaxes. Every muscle pain that she has ever felt seems to be gone. The fingers inside of her doesn’t let up, until she is completely worn out.

Therese wakes up from her slumber when she feels kisses. They reach her forehead, cheek, neck, collarbone… She smiles as she opens her eyes and sees blue eyes waiting for her. They would always wait for her.

“You know… I had to excuse myself after that bathroom incident as well. I was glad that my roommate decided to stay at the bar, because I couldn’t contain myself in our room. I think that my neighbours know your name by heart at this point.” Therese smiles. Carol rolls her eyes playfully, but Therese can see her cheeks tint with the lightest shade of pink.

“How in the hell can you get even prettier as the days go by?” Therese muses out loud, which makes Carol smile, a genuine smile. “Watch out. If you keep talking like that, you will never get a break from sex, darling.” Carol warns as she presses her lips against Therese’s.

“Don’t even think about it. It’s my turn to show you how much I adore you.” Therese smiles as she starts to kiss Carol’s neck. “Spoiler alert, I adore you very much.”

The two women giggle, as Therese continues her journey downwards. Nothing is rushed, after all it’s only one night out of eternity. Both of them know it, but it seems to be obvious enough not to mention about it. Not yet, at least.

As Therese’s lips close around Carol’s nipple, the younger woman lets out a small moan. She never thought that giving Carol pleasure would get her turned on so fast, especially since she came so hard only a handful of minutes ago. Carol’s hands snake their way through Therese’s hair as she pulls it lightly.

Therese, to both of their surprise, whimpers loudly. Therese can feel her face get redder by the same second. She feels Carol rubbing her scalp, until she tugs at her hair again, a bit harder this time. Therese tries to suppress her moan, but fails terribly. She finds herself throbbing between her legs.

“Just when I thought that you couldn’t get any hotter.” Carol says with a raspy voice. Therese turns to look at her, and gasps. Carol’s eyes are filled with lust, cheeks blushed and every feature of her yells dominance. The view makes Therese bite her lip.

“Oh, please, don’t… It’s humiliating, really.” Therese mumbles as she tries to hide her face from Carol. She truly does feel utterly embarrassed that one of her kinks got revealed in such way. Therese fears that Carol might not like her as much after the incident.

“Therese, look at me.” Carol says, but the other woman looks everywhere else than towards her. “Therese. Look.” Carol repeats with a stern voice. Therese turns her gaze to her eyes.

Carol takes Therese’s hand in hers, as she guides it between her legs. Therese’s eyes widen as she feels the wetness that is coating her hand. Carol lets out a low moan as she moves Therese’s hand through her drenched folds.

“You have no reason to feel embarrassed, darling. You do this to me.” Carol whispers as she squeezes Therese’s wrist gently. The brunette whimpers as she moves her fingers to Carol’s entrance. She notices that her inner thighs glisten with the woman’s arousal, which is most certainly the hottest thing that Therese has ever witnessed.

“What… Do you want me to do?” Therese stutters. Carol looks down at her and smiles reassuringly. “Anything that you want. I’m all yours, darling.” Therese sighs as she locks her lips with Carol’s. After a while, her lips start their journey downwards.

Jaw, neck, collar bones, breasts, navel, thighs… As Therese licks Carol’s inner thighs gently, the blonde lets out a feminine whimper. This causes Therese to dig her nails into Carol’s thighs as she continues her path. Each stroke receives a moan from Carol, which makes Therese’s head swim. “Therese, please.”

With fluttering heart, Therese finally gives in. As soon as her lips make contact with Carol’s centre, Carol moans and grabs Therese’s hair forcefully. This causes Therese to moan as well and lick gently the blonde’s clit. Therese feels Carol’s leg close around her, which makes her feel somehow secure.

“Darling, you’re doing a great job… Please, don’t stop.” Carol eagers her on, and Therese does just that. She takes her clit in her mouth and sucks at it, flipping it gently with her tongue in the process. “Yes… Fuck, Therese.”

Therese feels lightheaded, like she is out of this world. When Therese hears Carol’s moans get louder and her grip tightening, she enters Carol without a warning with two fingers. The way that she feels around her fingers is undescribable. As Therese listens Carol’s moans as she picks up her pace, she can feel her own arousal dripping down her legs.

“Therese… I’m…” Therese feels Carol’s muscles tighten and then relax. She removes her lips slowly, and after a while, fingers too. Then she kisses Carol’s stomach, sides and lips. “How in the hell am I supposed to let you leave after that?” Carol whispers as Therese lays beside her. “I wouldn’t mind staying.”

They just lay next to each other, smile and caress each other’s bodies for a while. The sun has set and everything seems to be alright. The only light that pours into the room comes from the hallway, but it makes Carol’s golden hair glow like a halo. “So… Hair pulling, huh?” Therese rolls her eyes at Carol’s smirking and slaps her arm. “Was the shy girl only a facade?” She continues teasing.

“Shut up. That was the last time that I slept with you.” Therese laughs and pretends to look for her stuff. She feels Carol grab her hand and kiss it. “Since you are mine, I have to tell you that’s not appropriate. If you want to do something appropriate, it would be helping me order food and watch trashy reality television under many blankets.”

Therese smiles as she turns to look at Carol, once again. “You’re an idiot and I will never tell you anything again. However, I don’t need words to join you on that wonderful plan.” Carol smiles as she pulls Therese into a gentle kiss.

Chapter Text

The sunlight paints the whole room with a beautiful mix of orange and yellow tones, which makes Therese’s eyelids fill with light. As she opens her eyes slowly, she is greeted with beige satin sheets, a warm arm wrapped around her middle and blonde hair in her eyes. Her smile comes naturally as she gently pushes Carol’s hair away from her face and turns to look at the sleeping woman. Therese never thought that waking up would feel this much better than dreaming. Even though her dreams have been lately filled with scenarios that feature Carol, nowadays reality is much better than she could’ve ever dreamed of.

If Therese could pinpoint one point in her life that she felt completely balanced and relaxed, it would have to be this morning. She still cannot believe that this is her life now. She really did spend the night with the most gorgeous woman that she has ever seen, which was filled with stolen glances and playful fighting over the smallest things. It felt so domestic that Therese wanted to cry right there and then. For the longest period of time, Therese has felt like she never belonged anywhere. She was always in the crowds, but never felt the feeling of belonging. Always everyone and her, not everyone with her. But for the first time in her life, she felt like she belonged somewhere. Carol with her.

Therese doesn’t realize that her fingers are still brushing delicately through Carol’s blonde strands. The strokes aren’t intentional by any means, but they are still filled with love and affection. The constant movement makes Carol peek behind her eyelids, and she is soon welcomed with the sight of the brunette. Therese is looking outside the window and her other hand has already found its way on top of Carol’s. “Stop thinking so loudly.”

The brunette startles as her eyes find Carol’s. “Stop scaring people. You aren’t a paid actor at a haunted house.” Therese smirks as she feels Carol pulling her closer. “What were you thinking about?” Carol asks with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

Therese’s hand falls from Carol’s hair to her cheek and strokes it gently. “How lucky I am to experience this morning.” Therese answers as she feels her cheeks warm up. She was never used to being so blunt about things, but with Carol it seemed more than natural.

“Darling, believe me… I’m the lucky one.” Carol smiles as she kisses Therese’s palm gently. Therese rolls her eyes, it’s a reflex to her. “You don’t get it.” She puffs as her eyes wander from Carol’s eyes to her lips. “Care to explain?”

Therese’s gaze lifts back up as she falls silent for a moment. She doesn’t even know what she wants to say, but at the same time it’s all clear in her head. “I guess that I feel lucky, because for the first time in my life I feel this… Attachment. Like I can trust someone and I don’t have to be careful with my wording of things or my actions.” She starts quietly.

“Like we share this mutual respect towards each other and I have never felt anything like it before. It makes me appreciate everything more, like whenever it has been raining for many days and then you see the Sun for the first time. You feel as if you will never take it for granted again.” Therese says and her eyes thrift to the window again. She basically just explained Hatfield’s theory of compassionate love.

They are silent for a minute or two. Therese feels Carol stroking her ribs with comforting circles and her eyes are there to meet hers when she gets the courage to look back at the blonde. “Well then I think that I understand exactly what you mean. So it would make two of us.” She states, which makes Therese show her dimples.

They stay like that for a while. The glowing sunshine makes the whole room glow, but it doesn’t even compare the light that Carol has in her eyes. Therese just knows it in her bones that if she ever will have a memory loss of sorts, this will stay in her mind beyond the damage. It is just one of those moments that will greet you whenever you feel sad. It will be the reassurance of better times.

“I’m so fucking hungry.” Therese states, which makes Carol laugh. “You ate all the take-out last night. For a small and fragile woman, you eat like a starved cat.” Carol muses, which makes Therese slap her upper arm. “You said that it was cute!” She defends herself. Carol only smiles and kisses Therese’s arm again.

“Do you have any stuff in your kitchen that would make bomb pancakes?” Therese asks hopefully. “Your eyes sparkle every single time you talk about food, you know that right?” Carol smirks as she stretches her arms.

“I love food, of course they do! It’s like a fact or something that gives you away… Your eyes tell the truth.” Therese says. She wonders whether her eyes tell the same thing whenever she talks about Carol. “But yes, I do have the ingredients for pancakes. I don’t know whether they will be bomb or not though.” Carol smiles after a moment of silence as she sits up.

- - - - - - - - - -

“I’m afraid that I’m not too familiar with the Spice Girls to answer that question, dear.” Carol laughs lightly as she eats another blueberry from her plate. The two of them had made a pile of pancakes topped with fruits and chocolate. Basically, emptied Carol’s entire kitchen cabinet. Carol then suggested that they would eat in bed, since neither of them wanted to start their day just yet.

“You don’t… You don’t know your Spices?” Therese gasps, which makes Carol chuckle. “I’m so sure that no one refers to them as Spices. But I would say that if I had to kick one out of the band, it would be the redhead.” Carol answers the question. The two of them decided to ask questions from each other, since they want to know everything that there is to know of one another.

Carol’s answer makes Therese gasp, which makes the blonde think that her answer was wrong. “Ginger Spice shall never get disrespected like that again.” She mumbles as she rolls her eyes.

“You want your virginity back then?” Carol smirks, which makes Therese choke on a strawberry. “Hey, we are close but that was over the line!” Therese squeaks as Carol cannot contain her laughter. “So uncalled for…”

Therese cannot help it, but laugh along. After all, it was an amazing timing of a joke… And the best and the worst part was that it wasn’t even a joke. It was a statement. “Plus it didn’t even come with a receipt so…”

“I think it did come…” Carol starts, but is met with Therese’s overlapping voice. “I knew that you would say that as soon as I finished my sentence! I have to think about my words with you, am I right?”

Carol just smiles and pops a cherry in her mouth. “You don’t. Then I would have like… Zero joke material in the future and that’s like my whole thing. Always the funny one, the comedic relief.” Therese just rolls her eyes, but doesn’t even bother fighting the smile that forms in her lips.

“Doesn’t know the Spices and disrespects me first thing in the morning… Maybe I should rethink my life choices?” Therese mumbles, but is met with a pillow in her face.

“It’s not even a morning, the clock says fifteen minutes past two.”