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Stumbled Upon

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The sunlight paints the whole room with a beautiful mix of orange and yellow tones, which makes Therese’s eyelids fill with light. As she opens her eyes slowly, she is greeted with beige satin sheets, a warm arm wrapped around her middle and blonde hair in her eyes. Her smile comes naturally as she gently pushes Carol’s hair away from her face and turns to look at the sleeping woman. Therese never thought that waking up would feel this much better than dreaming. Even though her dreams have been lately filled with scenarios that feature Carol, nowadays reality is much better than she could’ve ever dreamed of.

If Therese could pinpoint one point in her life that she felt completely balanced and relaxed, it would have to be this morning. She still cannot believe that this is her life now. She really did spend the night with the most gorgeous woman that she has ever seen, which was filled with stolen glances and playful fighting over the smallest things. It felt so domestic that Therese wanted to cry right there and then. For the longest period of time, Therese has felt like she never belonged anywhere. She was always in the crowds, but never felt the feeling of belonging. Always everyone and her, not everyone with her. But for the first time in her life, she felt like she belonged somewhere. Carol with her.

Therese doesn’t realize that her fingers are still brushing delicately through Carol’s blonde strands. The strokes aren’t intentional by any means, but they are still filled with love and affection. The constant movement makes Carol peek behind her eyelids, and she is soon welcomed with the sight of the brunette. Therese is looking outside the window and her other hand has already found its way on top of Carol’s. “Stop thinking so loudly.”

The brunette startles as her eyes find Carol’s. “Stop scaring people. You aren’t a paid actor at a haunted house.” Therese smirks as she feels Carol pulling her closer. “What were you thinking about?” Carol asks with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

Therese’s hand falls from Carol’s hair to her cheek and strokes it gently. “How lucky I am to experience this morning.” Therese answers as she feels her cheeks warm up. She was never used to being so blunt about things, but with Carol it seemed more than natural.

“Darling, believe me… I’m the lucky one.” Carol smiles as she kisses Therese’s palm gently. Therese rolls her eyes, it’s a reflex to her. “You don’t get it.” She puffs as her eyes wander from Carol’s eyes to her lips. “Care to explain?”

Therese’s gaze lifts back up as she falls silent for a moment. She doesn’t even know what she wants to say, but at the same time it’s all clear in her head. “I guess that I feel lucky, because for the first time in my life I feel this… Attachment. Like I can trust someone and I don’t have to be careful with my wording of things or my actions.” She starts quietly.

“Like we share this mutual respect towards each other and I have never felt anything like it before. It makes me appreciate everything more, like whenever it has been raining for many days and then you see the Sun for the first time. You feel as if you will never take it for granted again.” Therese says and her eyes thrift to the window again. She basically just explained Hatfield’s theory of compassionate love.

They are silent for a minute or two. Therese feels Carol stroking her ribs with comforting circles and her eyes are there to meet hers when she gets the courage to look back at the blonde. “Well then I think that I understand exactly what you mean. So it would make two of us.” She states, which makes Therese show her dimples.

They stay like that for a while. The glowing sunshine makes the whole room glow, but it doesn’t even compare the light that Carol has in her eyes. Therese just knows it in her bones that if she ever will have a memory loss of sorts, this will stay in her mind beyond the damage. It is just one of those moments that will greet you whenever you feel sad. It will be the reassurance of better times.

“I’m so fucking hungry.” Therese states, which makes Carol laugh. “You ate all the take-out last night. For a small and fragile woman, you eat like a starved cat.” Carol muses, which makes Therese slap her upper arm. “You said that it was cute!” She defends herself. Carol only smiles and kisses Therese’s arm again.

“Do you have any stuff in your kitchen that would make bomb pancakes?” Therese asks hopefully. “Your eyes sparkle every single time you talk about food, you know that right?” Carol smirks as she stretches her arms.

“I love food, of course they do! It’s like a fact or something that gives you away… Your eyes tell the truth.” Therese says. She wonders whether her eyes tell the same thing whenever she talks about Carol. “But yes, I do have the ingredients for pancakes. I don’t know whether they will be bomb or not though.” Carol smiles after a moment of silence as she sits up.

- - - - - - - - - -

“I’m afraid that I’m not too familiar with the Spice Girls to answer that question, dear.” Carol laughs lightly as she eats another blueberry from her plate. The two of them had made a pile of pancakes topped with fruits and chocolate. Basically, emptied Carol’s entire kitchen cabinet. Carol then suggested that they would eat in bed, since neither of them wanted to start their day just yet.

“You don’t… You don’t know your Spices?” Therese gasps, which makes Carol chuckle. “I’m so sure that no one refers to them as Spices. But I would say that if I had to kick one out of the band, it would be the redhead.” Carol answers the question. The two of them decided to ask questions from each other, since they want to know everything that there is to know of one another.

Carol’s answer makes Therese gasp, which makes the blonde think that her answer was wrong. “Ginger Spice shall never get disrespected like that again.” She mumbles as she rolls her eyes.

“You want your virginity back then?” Carol smirks, which makes Therese choke on a strawberry. “Hey, we are close but that was over the line!” Therese squeaks as Carol cannot contain her laughter. “So uncalled for…”

Therese cannot help it, but laugh along. After all, it was an amazing timing of a joke… And the best and the worst part was that it wasn’t even a joke. It was a statement. “Plus it didn’t even come with a receipt so…”

“I think it did come…” Carol starts, but is met with Therese’s overlapping voice. “I knew that you would say that as soon as I finished my sentence! I have to think about my words with you, am I right?”

Carol just smiles and pops a cherry in her mouth. “You don’t. Then I would have like… Zero joke material in the future and that’s like my whole thing. Always the funny one, the comedic relief.” Therese just rolls her eyes, but doesn’t even bother fighting the smile that forms in her lips.

“Doesn’t know the Spices and disrespects me first thing in the morning… Maybe I should rethink my life choices?” Therese mumbles, but is met with a pillow in her face.

“It’s not even a morning, the clock says fifteen minutes past two.”