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Stumbled Upon

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She doesn’t know what she is doing. She never does. So when she is standing in front of her new school, she wonders what on Earth did she do to deserve be in this position. The school was all about psychology, her favorite subject. It feels like a dream come true, too good to be true.

She has always enjoyed psychology, ever since she was a child. She was always borrowing books from the library that were about human relationships, how emotions work and why people act the way that they act. Psychology has interested her, because everyone knew something about it. Everyone has experienced it. But no one has experienced it at the same time, as others. And now she got to study it. To major in it.

She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, counts to ten and relaxes her shoulders. Then she starts her journey. She walks to the school’s porch, opens it and gets inside. It is going to be a lot to handle, but she will manage through it. She always has. Nobody knows her here. Nobody knows all the mistakes that she has made. It is a new beginning.

Her name is Therese. She is 22 years old and that’s about it. That is everything that Therese knows about herself. She also knows that her parents named her after her mother’s mother, who died when she gave birth to Therese’s mother. She knows that she is witty and intelligent in some spectrums. She also knows that people forget about her easily.

“Hello! You must be a newbie! My name is Genevieve and if you have any questions about the university, I would be more than happy to answer”, a brunette young woman smiles. Therese smiles back in a friendly manner, all though she knows that she will never meet this stranger again. Or remember her name after this conversation. But being a decent human being couldn’t hurt, could it?

“Hey, I’m Therese but you can call me Terry. That is very nice of you, I will keep that in mind! Thank you, Gillian”, she smiles, nods politely and moves past her.

“It is Genevieve, actually!”, the girl quips after her. Therese waves to her over her shoulder and apologizes. Oh, maybe she has worse memory than she can recall. How ironic.

She is so caught up in the situation that she does not notice someone standing in front of her until it’s too late. They bump into each other. Therese curses under her breath and falls backwards, while the stranger stands in front of her, as if nothing ever happened.

“Oh my! Are you alright, dear? I am so terribly sorry, I didn’t watch where I was going”, a smooth voice, full of concern, rambles over her. Therese takes a deep breath and lifts her gaze upwards. Her mind goes blank.

In front of her is the most breathtaking woman that she has ever seen. She doesn’t know how to respond, how to act nor what to do. So she just sits up and stares the woman a bit longer than necessary. The woman frowns.

“Can you hear me, darling? Are you feeling okay? Can you get up by yourself?”, the woman keeps asking her so many questions that it is difficult to understand what she is trying to say. She sounds like the people in The Sims, it seems like she is speaking but Therese cannot put a finger on the meaning of the words. She is awestruck.

Then the beautiful and elegant woman offers her her hand. Therese doesn’t hesitate, she just grabs it and within seconds she is standing up in front of the woman. “Hey there. Are you feeling well?”, the woman asks the same question, but in a different form.

“Yes… Yes, I am. I am terribly sorry about the collision, I should have looked where I was going instead of just… Yeah”, Therese rambles. To her surprise, the woman just laughs. A hearty laugh that Therese would love to record, just so she could play it over and over again.

“You are just basically repeating everything I was saying a minute ago. But please, do not apologize! It was as much my mistake, as it was yours”, the blonde woman smiles and squeezes Therese’s hand. They haven’t let go, and Therese doesn’t even want that to happen.

“Oh… I guess that I was a bit out of it a minute ago”, Therese laughs nervously and feels the blush starting to cover her face. Damn it. The woman seems to enjoy this awkward show that Therese is putting up in front of her.

“It seems awfully like it, doesn’t it?”, she smirks. It makes Therese blush even more, which only causes the older woman’s smirk to widen. “I am Carol, by the way. Carol Aird”.

“Carol…”, Therese repeats quietly, only to herself. Just to test out how the name feels in her mouth. “Oh, how rude of me! I am Therese Belivet”, she says quickly. They don’t need to shake hands because their hands are still in contact.

“Therese… What a beautiful name”, Carol smiles warmly and squeezes Therese’s hand one more time until she lets go of it. “So, I assume that you are feeling alright?”

Therese is feeling more than alright. She is over the moon. “Yes, thank you for asking”, she replies instead. “I just got here today and apparently I was too excited to learn psychology so I decided to walk blindly”, Therese laughs a bit awkwardly.

“Ah, yes. The famous Bird Box-challenge has found its way to the campus”, Carol gives a laugh. Therese cannot help it, but laughs as well. “But I should let you go and find your courses! I am teaching ethics in the second floor. So if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to come and visit me”, she smiles.

“I won’t”, Therese smiles back to her. “See you around, Therese”, Carol says and with that, she is gone.

Therese breathes in deeply and starts to walk to the opposite direction. What the hell was that? Should she think something more of it? Well, whether the answer to that question is positive or negative, Therese will be overthinking the situation anyways.

Carol Aird has walked into Therese’s life less than a half an hour ago and she has already messed it up. If it is a good thing or a bad thing… Well, the future will tell it to her. But for now it feels like a good thing. Therese’s blouse smells like Carol, her ears keep repeating her voice over and over again and all her senses just scream for her.

“This cannot be normal and I need to tone down the gay”, Therese mumbles to herself, fixes her bangs and walks to one of the study rooms. The tile on the door said that it was the class for social psychology. Therese’s timetable said that it would be held by Professor Gerhard.