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Louis never thought he’d be one of those people whose life revolves around their significant other. He considers himself a very independent person who doesn’t need anyone or anything to dictate his life, and he still doesn't. But he can’t imagine going through life without Harry.

If someone would have told Louis two years ago that he’d be sharing a life with one of the loveliest and kindest humans he’s ever known, he wouldn’t have believed it. But, alas, here he is, standing on a beach next to one of his close friends, serving as best man on his wedding day, and he can’t stop thinking about the man standing on the opposite side, the best man to the other groom.

Harry looks delicious in his suit that fits him like a glove and accentuates all of his curves and muscles. It’s taking everything in Louis not to jump and ravish him in front of all the wedding attendees. But he doesn’t, because he has self control… well, most of the time.

Louis concentrates on the ceremony and hands Zayn Liam’s ring when it’s time; he can’t help but glance in Harry’s direction and catches him doing the same. They exchange smiles and continue listening to Niall as he declares Liam and Zayn husbands. Everyone claps and cheers as Zayn and Liam kiss and begin to make their way down the aisle.

He stares at them and thinks of all the obstacles they’ve been through. Louis still remembers the moment Zayn talked painfully about Liam and regretting the love he’d let go. Now they’re all here, celebrating their declaration of love to each other, and he couldn’t be happier for them. It makes him long to share a day like this with Harry in front of all of their own friends and family. Harry would probably want something custom made with sparkles, because that’s just who he is, and he’d pull it off, too. Whenever that day comes, Louis will need to have tissues inside his pocket, knowing full well he’s going to lose it as soon as he sees Harry walking down the aisle.

Louis sighs at the daydream his mind just built and his gaze falls on Harry, who’s throwing flower petals at the happy couple. They’ve talked about marriage, both of them knowing they’re it for each other, but they haven’t solidified anything yet. Being here, celebrating two of their best friends, though, pushes Louis to want to start looking for engagement rings, because Harry deserves the sparkliest and most expensive one he could find.

He shakes all thoughts of marriage aside for a later time and goes to find his boyfriend. Louis loops his arm through his as they walk down the aisle following everyone else.

“That was a lovely ceremony, wasn’t it?” Louis asks Harry. Harry seems to be lost in thought for a few seconds before he seems to gather what Louis just said.

“It was.”

“What time is the reception, anyway? Do we have time to go home for a quickie? That suit looks amazing on you and I can’t stop thinking about your arse,” Louis tells him with the most seductive voice he can muster. He knows Harry can’t resist his voice, and he really wants Harry to fuck him. All these thoughts about marrying him have gone straight to his dick. Apparently, committing to the man he loves is a huge turn on.

Harry laughs. “You’re ridiculous. And actually, I was going to ask if you wanted to go watch the sunset with me. I know just the spot you’ll love.”

Louis considers Harry’s suggestion, and he figures that watching the sunset isn’t the worst thing in the world. He’s a very reasonable person and a great compromiser, too.

“Fine. But only if I get to blow you in the car afterwards.”

Harry pecks him on the lips with an adoring smile on his face. “Deal.”

Harry takes them down to a more secluded path where they won’t be disturbed by anyone else. It’s very peaceful down here, just the roar of the waves crashing into each other and the faint sound of seagulls chirping in the distance. Louis and Harry find a spot to sit and admire the view as the sun makes room for the night sky. It brings Louis back to when he and Harry were in Puerto Vallarta watching the sunset. It seems so long ago now, when Harry was worried that his album wasn’t going to turn out on time. But here they are now, with a Grammy and a world tour under Harry’s belt. Louis couldn’t be more proud of him.

When Louis turns to look at Harry, he finds his boyfriend already staring back at him.

“I’m really proud of you, you know?” Louis voices out loud.

Harry grins, his eyes shining with so much joy Louis is almost blinded with it. He leans in to capture Louis’ lips in a kiss, this time softer and with more intent.

“I’m proud of you too, love. You’ve accomplished so much. You’re still accomplishing so much and helping so many artists achieve their dream,” Harry says.

Louis loves and hates the way that Harry’s words always affect him, and right now it’s no different as his cheeks flush. He looks down at the sand and digs his bare feet into them.

They remain in comfortable silence, admiring their surroundings. Louis leans his head on Harry’s shoulder and lets out a happy sigh. This is where he wants to be for the rest of his life, with Harry by his side no matter what.

“You’ve not only helped me achieve my dream, you’ve surpassed that. You’ve shown me what it’s like to love someone with everything I have,” Harry continues.

Louis lifts his head to look at Harry. Harry is still staring at the view in front of them, but when he feels Louis’ gaze, he cranes his neck to meet his eyes.

“Lou, I love you so much. You make me the happiest person in the world. The luckiest person alive, even. I wake up every morning with you in my arms and I pinch myself to make sure it isn’t a dream. You are my dreams come true. You’re my everything. There’s no one I can imagine spending the rest of my life with, and I don’t want to. I only ever want you.”

Every word that slips out of Harry’s mouth makes Louis’ throat tighten more and more. He doesn’t notice he’s tearing up until Harry is reaching to wipe his cheeks with his thumb. Harry reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out a velvet box and Louis can’t help the gasp that escapes his lips.

“Harry..” Louis’ voice is so low he doesn’t think Harry even heard him.

Harry opens the box to reveal a beautiful silver band with a black diamond.

“Louis Tomlinson, will you marry me?” Harry’s voice is shaky but so so sure that Louis finds himself nodding before he even finishes his question.

“Yes, yes. Of course I’ll marry you.” Louis jumps on Harry and wraps his arms around his neck, kissing him everywhere he can reach. “I love you. I love you so much, Haz.”

A breathy giggle comes out of Harry as he catches Louis. He returns every kiss that Louis gives him until their lips finally land on each other’s. Louis kisses him deeply, swiping his tongue into Harry’s mouth.

They break apart and Harry leans his forehead against his. “You didn’t even let me put the ring on you,” he chuckles.

Louis laughs too. “Sorry. I got excited,” he says. He removes himself from Harry and sits next to him as Harry takes the ring out of the box. Louis extends his hand and lets Harry place the ring on his finger. It fits perfectly.

“It’s so beautiful, Harry. I love it. I love you.” Louis kisses him again, reaching with his other hand to hold his cheek.

“I love you too, baby. I can’t wait to marry you.”

Their little moment is interrupted by Harry’s phone ringing.

“Shit. It’s Liam asking where we are,” Harry informs him.

Lous pouts. “What about the blowjob in the car I was going to give you?”

Harry laughs and kisses Louis again. “I’m sorry, but we don’t have time. The reception has already started.”

Louis lets out a long sigh. “Fine. But I’m only letting it go because you proposed.”

Harry stands up and reaches a hand out to Louis which he accepts and pulls himself up. They wipe the sand off their trousers, but neither of them could care less at this point.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you later tonight,” Harry promises.

They walk hand in hand back up the path they came from towards the reception area.

“You better.”

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I think I’m worn out,

frayed and stretched across the day.

I think I need you.

Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson






2 Years Later


The plane shakes violently as it begins to descend. The seat belt signs went on a few minutes ago, but Harry is gripping the armrests so hard his knuckles are white. He shuts his eyes and takes deep, calming breaths.

God, he wishes Louis were here. He’d be helping him through it so that he wasn’t on the verge of a panic attack. Liam isn’t much help, too busy on his phone even though they were told to turn off all devices as they prepare to land.

Harry may be a household name, but he’s still deathly afraid of flying, no matter how often he does it for work. He can usually cope with a couple of pills of Dramamine, but he didn’t realise he’d run out until it was too late.

The impact of the plane hitting the ground makes Harry’s heart jump, but then his shoulders relax. Knowing he’s on solid ground eases a lot of his anxiety, and his heart beat goes back to normal.

“You alright?” Liam finally manages to unglue the mobile from his hand to look over at Harry. It’s too late now, the worst has already passed.

“I’m fine. Just want to get out of here and see Lou.”

One of the many perks of flying first class is that they’re the first to deplane. Harry thanks the staff and shakes each of their hands before he and Liam get escorted by security to their awaiting vehicle. The driver opens the door for them after helping them load their suitcases in the boot.

“It’s going to feel weird not being on tour anymore,” Liam mutters as the car begins to move.

Harry hums. “Yeah. But I’m also just happy to be home for a while.”


Harry loves touring, it’s one of his favourite things about his job. He’s been on tour for almost a year, travelling around the entire globe, stopping in places Harry has never visited. It’s been a blast, and definitely one of his favourite tours by far. Louis has been able to make it to some shows. They have a two week rule when they’re both busy and travelling a lot, but this past month has been especially stressful for Louis. Harry hasn’t seen him in three weeks, and it’s the first time in the four years they’ve been together that they’ve broken their two week rule. Harry would pout about it, but he wants to be understanding and not add even more stress to what’s already on Louis’ plate. He’s just happy to be able to see his fiance, and to kiss him, and… stuff.

Liam gets dropped off at his house, and Harry asks the driver to take him to One Direction Records because he can’t wait to see Louis any longer.

The One Direction Records building has been upgraded to a bigger, more spacious one over the last couple of years. Harry remembers when Louis and Zayn rented that small office space when they had decided to start this endeavour. Now, seeing this two story building in front of him, he couldn’t be more proud of Louis and everything that he’s accomplished. They’ve signed some amazing artists who are all smashing the charts and getting the label’s name out there, making Louis busier and busier with every week that passes.

Harry is glad to be home with no pressure or rush to start recording his next album. He’d agreed with Louis and Zayn that they didn’t want to risk overexposure, so taking some time off to just relax was a good idea. Plus, he’ll finally start getting the wedding plans with Louis into motion, he hopes.

The label really took off not long after Zayn and Liam’s wedding, which unfortunately caused Harry and Louis to postpone wedding plans until things calmed down. Now, it’s been two years since Harry proposed to Louis at the beach at sunset, and they have yet to make one single decision when it comes to their wedding. Harry isn’t upset about it, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed that he can’t call Louis his husband just yet. Harry is nothing but patient though. If he can be edged for days and survive, he can wait as long as he needs to get married. Besides, he and Louis are already as committed to each other as they can be, all they need is a piece of paper to make things official. Well, that, and to throw a huge ass reception so that they can declare their love to the world. No big deal.

“We’re here, Mr. Styles,” the driver’s voice interrupts Harry’s thoughts, and he realises he’s been sitting here for minutes just staring at the building, not making a move.

Harry scrambles, grabbing his bag and strapping it on his shoulder. “Thank you, Walter.”

No one really notices Harry when he walks in, each person seemingly busy and too focused on whatever task they’re working on to even look up. Harry doesn’t mind. He doesn’t want to get in anyone’s way, so he heads straight for the lift.

The lift doors open at the appropriate floor and Hailee— Louis’ assistant— is on the phone, typing something on her computer and looking for something on her desk all at the same time. Harry winces just watching her trying to do about ten things at once. Her eyes glance at Harry and she stops typing, smiles and waves while still talking to whoever is on the phone. Harry chuckles and waves back, approaching her desk carefully.

“Yes. I’ll make sure Mr. Tomlinson gets the message. Thank you.” Hailee hangs up and jumps from her seat. “Harry!” She throws her arms around Harry and he hugs her back.

“Hey, Hails. How are you?” They break apart and Hailee huffs.

“I’m good, good. It’s just been a madhouse here, but everything's great! How about you? How was tour?” She crosses her arms and looks at him expectantly.

“Tour was amazing. Just got back actually. Thought I’d stop by and see Louis. Is he around?” Harry looks in the direction of Louis’ office, but he can’t really see anything from where he’s standing.

Hailee’s smile fades. “Sorry, he’s not. He got pulled into an impromptu lunch meeting by Niall. Apparently there’s an unsigned artist that has been creating a lot of buzz on social media, and Niall wants to make sure they grab him before anyone else does,” she informs him. Hailee is always great at keeping Harry up to date with the day to day goings of the label. Not only does she love to gossip, but she won’t hold anything back - unlike Louis, who Harry sometimes has to pry information out of.

“Ooh, I can’t wait to hear all about him,” Harry says. His mind wanders to that time when Niall and Louis discovered him playing at Multiply and how much his life has changed since then. Harry smiles thinking about how this artist’s life will never be the same once Niall and Louis swoop in. They make a great team and often make offers artists just can’t refuse.

“I’m sure you will. These boys have been all over the place, pretty much running around nonstop. I have trouble keeping up with them most of the time. They’ve been so busy I often have to remind them that they have to eat and go home at the end of the day. I’m glad you’re back so you can help me out with Louis,” Hailee continues rambling.

Harry hums. “I’ll definitely help you with that.”

“Do you want to wait for Louis in his office?” Hailee is already starting to move, but Harry shakes his head and waves her off.

“No, no. You know what? Pretend I was never here. I want to surprise Louis when he gets home, so please don’t tell him I stopped by, okay?”

Hailee smirks at the implication and nods. “I’ve already forgot you were ever here.”

Harry leans in to kiss her on the cheek before turning around to leave. “Thanks. See you later, Hails.”

Harry has his driver pick him up and calls his assistant to let her know he needs her to pick some things up for him. When he gets home, the first thing he does is take a nice, long shower to wash away the stressful flight, wanting to be as relaxed as possible to prepare what he has planned for his fiancé.

A couple of hours later, his assistant, Molly, stops by the house with all the things he requested and Harry thanks her profusely. One of the downfalls of being a celebrity is being unable to do your own shopping without getting stopped by people to get a picture or  an autograph. Sometimes Harry does it anyway, but today he has no time for all that.

Harry gets to work as soon as Molly leaves, starting with boiling water for the pasta and marinating the chicken. He tells Alexa to put on his favorite playlists as he prepares the rest of the food. He loves cooking. It’s something he’s truly missed while being away on tour. Harry suspects that Louis has been living off takeaway or frozen dinners because he  doesn’t often have the time or motivation to really make anything himself, and he smiles at the thought of finally preparing him a homemade meal.

Harry’s phone chimes with a text notification as he’s finishing up the final touches.

Louis: Heading home soon. Can’t wait to see you *kiss emoji*

Harry’s stomach swirls with butterflies and his face warms up with affection.

Harry: Yay! See you soon, love *kiss emoji*

Harry scrambles up the stairs to change into something a bit less comfortable but a lot more slutty. He’s determined to make tonight all about Louis, so he wears his cotton shorts that are so short they leave very little to the imagination. Louis loves the way Harry’s thighs and arse look in them, so he can’t go wrong with those. He also throws on his Rolling Stones t-shirt that he turned into a crop top when a huge gaping hole ruined the bottom of it and Harry wasn’t ready to part with it. Harry looks at himself in the mirror and approves of what he sees. He runs his fingers through his hair— it’s got longer, almost reaching his shoulders because he loves that it gives Louis more to grip and pull at when they’re being intimate. He rolls on his favourite cherry lip balm that tints his lips the perfect shade and sprays on the aftershave he knows is Louis’ favourite. After taking one last glance in the mirror, Harry heads down to the living room to wait for Louis to arrive.

The click of the front door makes Harry’s heart race, and it’s ridiculous how Louis still has this effect on him and his body, but he loves it. Harry doesn’t move, just continues to lounge casually on the couch pretending to watch whatever is on TV, when in reality he’s waiting for Louis to appear so he can kiss him and touch him. Harry swallows hard at the sound of Louis’ footsteps approaching, and when Louis finally appears, he’s already grinning from ear to ear.

“Hello, love.” Louis has noticeable bags under his eyes and looks like he’s ready to sleep for the next week, but even in his state he is smiling all soft and beautiful, the way Harry loves.

Harry can’t take playing casual anymore and jumps from the couch, throwing himself into Louis’ arms, wanting, needing to have his boy in his embrace after three long weeks of not having him.

“Hi, baby. I missed you,” Harry murmurs. He pulls his head back and kisses Louis fervently on the lips before placing kiss after kiss all over his face.

Louis giggles, but clearly loves all the attention he’s getting and returns every kiss just as enthusiastically.

“Missed you too. So, so much.”

Harry runs his hands through his hair. It’s been growing, probably because he’s been too busy to bother to get a haircut, but Harry likes it. He likes the length, and he absolutely loves the scruff that has been growing on his face. He can’t wait for the beard burn that he’ll be sporting on his skin. Just the idea of it makes Harry’s cock twitch.

Louis’ hands roam Harry’s body, from his face to his neck, down to his shoulders. When his fingers trail down Harry’s torso, he shivers until Louis finally settles his hands on his arse. He squeezes his cheeks possessively and Harry preens. Louis licks into his mouth, biting onto Harry’s bottom lip.

When they manage to tear away from each other, Harry’s already breathing hard and they’ve only just been kissing. He forces himself to focus and remembers that he has certain things planned for tonight.

He takes Louis’ hand and tugs. “Come on, let’s get you into something more comfortable.”

Harry leads them to the bedroom, already having Louis’ trackies and shirt picked out for him and lying on the bed. He helps Louis with his tie, his mind wandering to the many times that he’s had it wrapped around his wrists. He shakes the thoughts away and continues taking the rest of Louis’ clothes off.

“I should get in the shower first,” Louis says when he’s in nothing but his pants.

Harry leans to kiss him on his collarbones. “Mmm, not yet. Let’s eat dinner first.”

Louis doesn’t complain and lets Harry put the t-shirt and trackies on him. He puts both hands on Louis’ cheeks and pulls him in, kissing him slowly and softly, reacquainting himself with the familiar taste of his lips. It’s a mixture of tea and mint, something Harry finds so much comfort in and can’t get enough of. He pulls away before things can get too heated and they never make it out of the bedroom.

“Let’s eat dinner.”

Louis’ lips are shiny and swollen, and it looks like he wants to protest and instead pull Harry over to the bed to have his way with him. But he thinks better of it and nods.

Harry insists they eat in their living room in front of the TV because it’s been so long since they’ve been home at the same time and he wants to make the most of it. They put on a show on Netflix, and Louis thanks Harry for dinner before he tucks into it. He leans back on the sofa when he’s finished, rubbing his belly.

“I’m so full, Haz. I think you’ve killed me.”

Harry laughs. “You didn’t have to eat it so fast.”

“You can’t really blame me. I’ve been deprived of your cooking for months,” Louis retorts.

Harry rolls his eyes fondly as he finishes the last bites on his plate. “I guess not.”

They leave their dirty dishes on the coffee table, not bothering with them and instead cuddling on the couch, watching their show and making out. Harry can’t even remember the last time they were this domestic and comfortable in their home, and he’s loving every second of it.

After watching a couple more episodes, Harry turns to Louis. “Let’s go upstairs. I have something for you.”

Louis quirks his eyebrow in interest and Harry chuckles. “Not that. Well, not yet, at least.”

Louis pouts but Harry kisses it away before disposing of their dirty dishes in the sink and heading up to their bedroom.


Having Harry’s presence in the house is a balm to Louis’ heart. With all the craziness at the label, he hadn’t realised how much he missed his fiance’s presence until he walked in through the front door. There’s something so calming about it, like all of his worries have melted away and Louis’ shoulders feel instantly relaxed as he passes the threshold of their home.

Harry guides Louis up the stairs to their bedroom, and while he has no idea what he has planned, he doesn’t even care. He’s totally at Harry’s mercy, letting him take the lead on everything. It’s not something Louis knew he needed until he let Harry undress him and help him put his sweats on. Not having to think about what they were going to do tonight because Harry has already clearly planned it out another thing Louis unknowingly needed.

Louis knew Harry was landing today and had made vague plans to get out of work early, maybe even work from home so that he could be here when Harry got home. But then Niall called bright and early, raving about an artist he’d discovered, urging him to accompany him to the meeting with him and his manager. Niall had sent him a video of one of the boy’s performances, and he was right— the kid was brilliant, and they had to sign him.

Harry pushes Louis on the bed, making him completely disregard his thoughts.

“Don’t think about work, baby. Just focus on me and us and relax, okay?” Harry leans in to kiss him and Louis goes in easily, but before he can get lost in it, Harry pulls away.

“Wha-,” Louis begins to whine, but Harry places his index finger over his lips.

“Wait right here. I’ll be right back.” Harry climbs off the bed and disappears into their ensuite, closing the door behind him.

Louis throws his head back and stares at the ceiling. Thoughts about work begin to creep up again. God, he has to talk to Harry about what happened today. He lets out a deep sigh and closes his eyes, willing his mind to think about something else.

“Okay, it’s ready. Come in!” Harry’s delighted voice makes Louis open his eyes. Harry is peeking out of the doorway with a huge grin on his face.

Louis complies, rolling off the bed and joining Harry in the bathroom.

“Let’s take these off,” Harry says, moving to remove Louis’ clothing. Louis raises his arms and helps him get his shirt off quicker.

When he’s fully naked, his eyes trail over to see what Harry has done and sees their tub filled with pink water and petals everywhere.

“What’s all this?” Louis asks, voice nearly a whisper.

Harry takes Louis’ hand and guides him over to the tub. “I ran you a bath with some relaxing oils and a bath bomb to help you forget all about the stress you have going on at work.”

They stop right in front of the tub, and Louis wraps his arms around Harry’s neck and kisses him. “I love you so much. Thank you.”

Harry flashes a satisfied smile. “Hop on in.”

Louis doesn’t need to be told twice as Harry helps him climb into their enormous tub. He submerges himself into it until the water reaches his neck— it’s hot, but not in an uncomfortable way, and the scent of lavender and other scents Louis doesn’t recognises fill his nostrils. The tension in his muscles begins to melt bit by bit. When Louis turns to look at Harry, he’s playing some music on his phone and taking off his own clothes, ready to join him, which makes Louis very happy.

“Budge up,” Harry says, and Louis moves to let Harry in. Harry settles behind Louis and rests his chin on his shoulder, wrapping his arms around his torso.

Louis leans against Harry’s chest and closes his eyes, taking a deep, calming breath. He relaxes so thoroughly, he would probably float if Harry wasn’t holding onto him. They don’t talk, just bask in each other, in the warmth of the water and the sound of the music. The music isn’t anything Louis knows; it sounds like the type of music you’d listen to relax with the soft hum of the harp echoing through the bathroom. He can feel Harry’s breath against his neck and it’s comforting having him this close against his body again.

Louis can never sleep well when Harry is away, and it’s really shown these past few weeks.

“Sit up a little bit,” Harry speaks softly, and Louis complies. He feels Harry’s fingers on his neck as he begins to massage him there, working his way down to his shoulders and back.

Louis loves how giving Harry is. He often doesn’t have to say anything and Harry will already be there, knowing what Louis needs. He appreciates it more than Harry will ever know, and tonight is one of those nights when he is drained and Harry is putting him back together without having to ask. A lot of times Louis doesn’t know he needs it, but Harry does and is there, always.

“How’s that feel?” Harry’s voice is breathy and syrupy.

“Mmm. Good. Thanks, love,” Louis nearly moans. His body is turning to jelly with how loose his muscles are getting the more Harry works on them. He’s pretty sure Harry will have to carry him out of the tub after this.

Harry’s lips kiss his shoulders and the base of his neck, making his skin prickle at the contact. It’s been so long since he’s had Harry like this, kissing him and touching him. His body has been so deprived of it that right now it’s thriving, like a hungry man having his first meal in days. Harry’s lips are like velvet against his skin, and it isn’t long before Louis’ half hard between his legs. He doesn’t move, though, just lets Harry continue to kiss him and have his way with him.

Louis just wants to be used for Harry’s pleasure tonight, not wanting to think or worry about anything but his boy’s body on his. It seems that Harry is on the same page as well. His hand trails from Louis’ thigh over to his hardened cock, wrapping his long fingers around it and gripping it tightly, making Louis bite onto his bottom lip at the sensation.

“Relax, love. I’ve got you,” Harry’s hot breath whispers against his ear. Louis shivers, but does just that, exhaling as Harry begins to move his hand in long, slow strokes.

Normally Louis would be telling Harry to just get on with it and go faster, but not this time. This time, Louis relishes in the way Harry touches him, the way his skin feels like it’s on fire, sparks going off on every inch of his skin. At this point in their relationship, Harry knows Louis’ body so well, knows exactly what to do to get him what he needs in that moment. Right now, Louis needs it slow like this, slow and so, so good.

“Fuck,” Louis moans when Harry’s thumb rubs over his slit.

“That’s it, baby. Let go,” Harry rasps encouragingly.

Louis closes his eyes, letting himself drift off to the edge. The heat inside of him builds up as Harry’s strokes increase, the feel of his lips on his shoulder, nibbling and sucking a mark there as he continues his relentless rhythm. Louis is so caught up in the moment and the way every part of his body is tingling with pleasure that his orgasm catches him off guard, and it’s like he’s free falling into the abyss with Harry at the bottom to catch him and be there for him.

“So beautiful, love. You did so good,” Harry praises, kissing him and working him through his release.

Louis lays languid against Harry, his breathing hard, making the water in the tub move in little waves. Harry’s fingers work through his hair and Louis leans into the touch, his body still tingling from the aftershocks of his orgasm. He doesn’t know how much time has passed when Harry is nudging him, and his eyelashes flutter heavily.

“Let’s get you dried up,” Harry informs him. He helps Louis get out of the tub and wraps him up in a warm towel, rubbing all the wetness off his skin before moving on to himself. Harry grabs ahold of Louis’ wrist and walks him to their bedroom, laying him down on the bed.

Louis is so relaxed, he could fall asleep right now, but he can’t. He has to talk to Harry.

Harry climbs on the bed next to Louis. “Haz, I…”

Harry’s fingers press against Louis’ lips. “Shhh. Don’t think about anything right now. Just let me take care of you.” His voice is soft and raspy and Louis closes his eyes and gives in, letting Harry take control and willing all of his worries of the day to go away.



Louis’ skin feels so warm beneath him, with every kiss and every graze. Harry loves this, loves having Louis all soft and open for him, trusting him to know what he needs in times like these when Louis doesn’t want to think.

A soft whine escapes Louis’ lips as Harry is already three fingers in, opening him up and taking his time. He’s going to tear him apart, yes, but he’s going to make sure he’s nice and prepped for it first.

“Harry please. I’m ready. Please, ” Louis babbles, writhing as Harry takes his nipple into his mouth. He takes the nub between his teeth and nibbles on it, sucking it hard. “Oh, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

Louis has always had a mouth on him, and Harry loves it, loves hearing the sounds Harry gets out of him.

“Harry come on!” Louis groans. Harry still hasn’t moved his fingers, he’s still fucking into him, making sure to get him nice and stretched out.

Normally, Louis’ mouth would be getting him punished, but Harry doesn’t want to take the time to do that now. He’s been wanting to be inside of his fiancé for weeks now, it’s all he’s been thinking about, the only things that’s got  him through the rest of his tour. Instead, Harry slicks himself up quickly and lines himself up against Louis.

Harry lifts Louis’ legs over his shoulders. “Hands on the headboard,” he tells Louis.

Louis looks like he wants to protest, but probably knows better than to argue and complies, wrapping his fingers around the bars of their headboard.

Satisfied, Harry nudges inside of Louis and they both gasp. Harry closes his eyes and concentrates on not coming, because Louis feels so tight and hot around him and he doesn’t think he can last.

When he finally, finally begins to move, Harry feels like he’s home. It doesn’t matter how long he’s been with Louis, getting to thrust into him like this, with Louis beneath him, writhing and moaning, is one of the best feelings in the world. Harry will never tire of it.

“Fuck yeah,” Louis grunts after one particular hard thrust. Harry snaps his hips harder, causing their bodies to make the most obscene smacking sounds that echo in their bedroom.

Louis is biting into his bottom lip, his eyes closed tight. He looks so beautiful with his skin flushed and getting sweaty by the minute. It only makes Harry go faster. Harry grabs hold of Louis’ thighs, nearly folding him in half, and rocks into him harder as they both moan.

One of Louis’ hands lets go of the headboard, and Harry slows down. “I said put your hands on the headboard,” he emphasises with a hard thrust.

“But I need…” Louis is interrupted by another hip snap from Harry.

“I said I’ve got you, love. Don’t you worry about a thing,” Harry reassures him.

Louis visibly swallows and nods. “Okay. Okay,” he pants.

Harry spreads Louis’ legs a bit to get a hold of his cock and begins to stroke it in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Oh god. Yes, yes, yes,” Louis begins to babble as soon as Harry’s hand makes contact with his dick. That only urges Harry on, chasing his own orgasm at the same time. It’s only a few more strokes before ribbons of white come splash between them.

Harry lets go of Louis’ cock and tightens his hold on his thighs, pistoning his hips until his own orgasm hits him. He groans and slows down his pace, filling Louis up with his release. Harry pulls out and drops next to Louis on the bed, each catching their breath.

When Harry turns over to look at Louis, he is passed out with his hand against his chest and his mouth parted open. Harry can’t help the smile seeing how adorable Louis looks. He gently moves off the bed and fetches a wet flannel to clean him up without disturbing him. He sets the flannel aside and gets a blanket from the linen closet to put on top of them. Harry wraps an arm around Louis’ torso and Louis, still asleep, moves closer into Harry. Harry places a gentle kiss on Louis’ shoulder before laying his own head on the pillow.

“Good night, love.”

Harry can’t help the disappointment he feels when the bed is empty next to him the following morning. He lets out a deep sigh and before he can manage to force himself out of bed, he notices a note on his nightstand. Harry picks it up to see Louis’ familiar scribble on it.

Sorry, I have an important meeting this morning and didn’t want to wake you. Come by the office for lunch, there’s something I want to talk to you about. Love you xx

Louis isn’t even here and he still manages to make Harry smile like a lovesick idiot. He rolls out of bed and prepares for the day with a run and a quick shower. Harry goes into his walk in closet to decide on an outfit to wear. He wants to look his best, maybe a even a little revealing so that he teases Louis a little in the office. Ultimately, he settles on some white skinny jeans, a black sheer button up shirt he makes sure to leave half undone, and his blue bandanna wrapped around his neck. Louis gave him the bandanna about a year ago, something they agreed could be used as a day collar for Harry, and he loves it. He’s also aware how much Louis likes seeing it on Harry, which gives him more of a reason to wear it.

Harry prepares a couple of chicken salad sandwiches and packs them into a small picnic basket with crisps, fruit and sparkling water. On his way to the office, Harry makes sure to stop by Starbucks to get Louis’ favourite drink. He knows he’s a little early, but it wouldn’t be the first time Harry hangs out in the office, especially at moments like these when they’ve been apart for so long and just want to be around each other all the time.

When Harry arrives at One Direction Records, he loops his arm into the picnic basket handle and carries the tray with his and Louis’ iced coffees. Hailee is there to greet him when he makes it through the door, her face as bright as ever.

“Harry, hi!” she greets.

“Hey. Is Louis busy?” he asks.

“He actually just got out of a meeting, so he’s in his office. Go right ahead,” she waves at him towards the direction of Louis’ office.

Harry smiles and nods. “Thanks, Hails.”

Harry walks down the corridor, and he’s not sure why his heart beats rapidly, as if he didn’t just see Louis last night. When he gets to the doorway, he finds Louis staring at the computer screen in concentration as his fingers tap on the keyboard. He doesn’t seem to notice Harry, so he enters the office to make himself known. When he comes into Louis’ line of vision, Louis pauses what he’s doing to look up and his face instantly relaxes.

“Hi, love.” Louis stands to go around his desk and kiss Harry. He takes the tray of drinks out of his hands, placing it on the desk. “What’s all this?”

Harry shrugs, his cheeks flushing. “You said to come for lunch, so I brought some for you. I wasn’t sure if you’d be too busy to go out to grab a bite.” He takes Louis’ iced coffee and hands it to him. “Thought you could use a little pick-me-up.”

Louis takes the beverage gratefully, taking a sip and moaning. “Thank you, baby.” He leans in to kiss him again. Harry is pushed against Louis’ desk, his arse hitting the edge. He sits on it and welcomes Louis to slide in between them, making them get as close as they possibly can. Louis nibbles at his earlobe, making Harry whine. The door is still wide open, and a thrill goes through Harry at the thought of anyone walking in on them right now.

“Lou, fuck,” Harry whispers as Louis continues to suck marks on his neck. Louis’ hand comes down to palm him on the crotch, making him tilt his head back in pleasure. Just as Louis is reaching for Harry’s zipper, there’s a knock on the door.

“Louis, oh. Well, what do we have here?”

Both Harry and Louis jump, making Louis nearly drop the drink he had in his other hand. Louis’ face goes red, his eyes harden.

“Louis, I never pegged you for the type to frolic in the office with the door open for anyone to see. You sure have changed,” the man says. He has a smirk on his face that makes Harry’s stomach uneasy.

The man is older, but handsome. He’s got slicked back dark hair and scruff on his face. He’s wearing black slacks and a collared shirt with a few buttons undone. Harry’s never seen the man in his life, and he wonders if he’s the artist they’ve been talking about. The way he’s talking to Louis with such familiarity doesn’t sit well with Harry, though.

Louis sighs. “What do you want, Ben?”

Ben seems delighted by the reaction he’s getting out of Louis. He sees it as an invitation to get closer to them. He looks between Harry and Louis before settling on Louis again.

“Well, don’t be rude, darling. Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

Louis looks like he wants to be anywhere but here, and Harry doesn’t appreciate this Ben’s tone. He’s had enough.

“Who are you?” Harry asks, not kindly.

Ben raises his eyebrows, his smirk deepening.  “Oh Louis, you haven’t told your little boyfriend about me. How rude.”

Harry almost glares at Ben, who seems to have gotten the reaction he wanted.

“I’m Ben Winston. Louis’ label here is interested in signing one of my artists. Louis and I’ve got a bit of history. You see, back in the Hanover Records days some would say we were an item.”

Harry’s stomach drops as he shifts his gaze from Louis to Ben, unable to believe what he just heard.