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this is sappy (but it's true)

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There’s a new dish towel hanging from Nico’s stove. Levi only notices because it’s the third night that week he’s cooked in there with Nico, and there was a different towel yesterday. The new one is dark blue, with a goldenrod stitching, and it says In this kitchen we laugh. A small heart in the same color is stitched under it.

“You spent your day off going shopping for novelty linens?” Levi teases, using it to wipe his hands after he’s washed them, then going over the the vegetables waiting for him on the cutting board.  

Nico looks up from where he’s placing the lemon-and-thyme chicken breasts Levi started marinating that morning into a casserole dish. Shrugs, smiles with no shame.

“I saw it while I was out and it made me think of you. I thought you’d like it.”

Levi’s heart thumps hard against his ribs, breath leaving him for a moment. He forces himself to roll his eyes. “You bought me a dish towel for your kitchen.”

“I bought you a dish towel for my kitchen,” Nico agrees, smile getting bigger, softer. Levi’s eyes widen as they meet his, his hand setting down the knife he’s only just picked up. “So, you like it?”

A month. They’ve been doing this a month. Exactly a month, Levi realizes, biting his bottom lip for a moment.

“You’re so…” Nico’s smile somehow softens even, and Levi huffs, returning the look with a fond grin of his own, “cheesy.”

Nico laughs, reaching for Levi, grabbing him by his hips and pulling him at the same moment that has Levi winding his arms around Nico’s neck and pushing up for a kiss.

Still laughing, just a little.